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2023.06.02 10:06 throwraFrequentRow2 Why would a nice guy change in this way?

He promised me he was nice and then treated me like this
I was quite terrified to date. I have a fear of getting hurt and trusting people.
So when I first met my ex boyfriend, I was so scared. I communicated this to him, as I felt nauseous all the time and he reassured me that he was a nice guy and I have nothing to worry about and that he really likes me and even if anything happens, we will always still be friends.
He was so nice, affectionate and constantly sending me soppy messages. Our dates were amazing and he seemed to adore me. We had so much in common weirdly, and he agreed with everything I said. We connected so well and it was just so fun
I relaxed and started to enjoy the relationship. He was a new immigrant to the country, and only 2 days after he moved here had me messaged me on tinder.
Because of this, I was the one planning all the dates. I planned picnics, walks, escape rooms, Cooked him dinners and picked him up in my car
There were a few red flags though and I brushed them aside. One being he never planned dates and the other the fact he constantly talked about his ex girlfriends. He had stayed very close friends with them and had only ended a situationship 3 weeks before he met me and still talked to her
Nevertheless, we got on so amazingly and our connection and chemistry was great. But over time it faded
A lot of things he did annoyed me because I felt he had no consideration for me. Like talking about his exes in front of my friends, not cooking me food when I went to stay at his, he talked about his future goals and I didn’t really fit into them it seemed
The big one was him telling me he broke up with his ex because he wanted a baby and she wasnt ready and she said he was pressuring him. When I told him I want kids in future he said ‘oh I don’t want them anymore, I’m going to book a vasectomy!’ In which I replied ‘wow that’s a permanent decision, I’d hold back on that one.’ And he seemed to get annoyed with my comment
He always started to get annoyed with me. I got little criticisms all the time and I’d I did the slightest thing wrong, I was met by an evil deathstare. He changed, he wasn’t nice like he was in the beginning. He accused me of not u understanding sarcasm and being indecisive with date planning. He called me manipulative when I asked for my needs to be met. He was extremely resentful especially when I brought up my needs
I became so anxious and sad and told him this and he said he couldn’t reassure me.
One day out of the blue, he phoned me up and said he’s ending things because
He was straight back on the dating apps. I’m confused as he didn’t even try and stay friends with me
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2023.06.02 10:06 Mobius572 I decided to write a podcast episode about my ruler...

(insert GarageBand Acoustic Picking 18)

Hello, and welcome to the History of Russia. Last week, we finished our discussion of Jarl Rurik's settlement of the Novgorod region and establishment of the region. This week, we will discuss the period of Rurik's rule, starting in around 867 and ending with his death.

Probably the best place to start is with Rurik's first round of conquests, as this will put into context much of the administrative goals he achieved during the interbellum before his second round of conquests. At about the same time that his brother-in-law Bjorn af Munso would set sail for the Viking conflicts in England, Rurik sent forces to the region just north of Novgorod known as Vodi. The defending forces were outnumbered, and the region fell quickly to siege. This is where the rule of King Rurik began. Shortly after the conquest, Rurik announced that with complete control over the Novgorodian region he was proclaiming himself as King and establishing a royal court in the new capital. The coronation took place on September 24, 867. To celebrate this achievement, a runestone was erected in the newly acquired land. In addition, a grand tournament was held where Valdemar af Aalborg would win the duels and earn himself a position as Rurik's bodyguard. It was in this position that he will go on to be recognized as the court's first "Champion of the Violet," commanding forces alongside Rurik.

After the conquest of Luki, Rurik would then deploy his forces northeast, marching through the Biarmiland in short order. Rurik's forces would travel along the rivers until they reached key holdings and sieged them down, trampling the much smaller forces of their opponents, controlling the jarldoms of Chudia by 870, Biarmia by 874, and Vologda 877. It was upon finally reaching Ustyg that his up-to-now unblemished record received its first blemish. Jarl Ulljoi called his son-in-law the Karelian Tuure and raised a mercenary host, and with a numerically superior force was able to dislodge Rurik's forces who had never fully recuperated from the constant warring. According to the skald Baldr, it was during this fight that Tuure let out a massive scream and entered a berserk slaughter, where he gained the nickname 'the Butcher.' Rurik would pull his forces back to the capital and recoup over the winter of 882-883 as well as purchase the services of a Lithuanian host. While Ulljoi would take this advantage to control the chiefdoms of Povonets and Pudozh, he would then attempt to ford the Belo Ozero where his forces were broken on the other side by a rejuvenated force in the spring of 883.

The consolidation of the Biarmiland region marks the end of Rurik's first series of conquests and his interbellum transition to administration, a period which would last for about 10 years. It is worth discussing Rurik's family now, as his handling of them will help set the stage for events to come. His first three children with Ingrid were all daughters - Umila, Iliana, and Ragnhildr who were wed to Krasimir of Starodub, Tarkatzus of Arpad, and Gauronas of Prussia respectively. In the summer of 883, about 9 months after returning to Novgorod during the rout, Ingrid bore her first son Sverker. With the knowledge of the Norse tradition of confederate partition, Rurik was well aware that if he had multiple sons his lands would be divided amongst them, and thus endeavoured to ensure that each of them would be a capable ruler in their own time. Thus, the Biarmiland was split up amongst Rurik's children as they were born - Biarmi to Sverker, Chudia and Vologda to the twins Sigurthr and Bergthor in 884, and finally Ustyg to Ragnarr in 891.

To say that the interbellum meant that Rurik's armies stood idle would be an incorrect assumption. Though they did not formally go to war at this time, they would still periodically raid the nearby holdings for loot, which was translated into increased development across Novgorod - in the capital as well as in the personal holdings of Luki, Vyangi, Tikhvin, and Vodi. Much of this money was also invested into developing cultural relations with the local Russian rulers.

Rurik's grand tour starting sometime in 891 and ending in 893 heralded the culmination of his adminstrative efforts, but also brought great personal tragedy. He set out first for Pallteskja, administered by his son Helgi, but learned shortly upon departing of a wave of consumption that swept through Vologda and would kill Sigurthr. On route to the court of High Chieftan Askell, his wife Ingrid was injured in a fire and would succumb to her wounds within the week in the fall of 892. Shortly after returning, in the winter of 894 the young Bergthor was found dead on a hunting trip, killed multiple times by archers. It would not be an overreach to make the assumption that this rash of death affected Rurik, as it was in 896 that he would commit himself to one last series of wars. At the age of 66, and still commanding troops into battle, it is not unlikely that Rurik envisioned himself dying with a sword in his hand.

In the same manner as before, Rurik's forces were able to blitz through much of the region of Vladimir in 897, capturing Suzdal and the holding which one day will become Moscow, the capital of Russia. Taking advantage of Ruslan's weakened state to the south, envoys were sent to request submission. The answer was no, and within the year Ruslan's answer had been changed to a yes. After this, Rurik set his eyes on the lands west of Minsk, to Pinsk and Kyiv. His second, and final, blot on his military record would come in a similar manner as the first - Pinsk, calling upon its allegiance with Chornobyl and Varmaland, was able to outmaneuver and crush Rurik in the field. Rurik himself was captured, and forced to end his war as ransom.

Rurik never would recover from his short prison sentence. A few days later, he would retire to his bedchamber from where he did not emerge. He was 69 years old, and had ruled Novgorod for 32 years. Next week, we will follow his heirs as they enter the octagon in what is now known as the Novgorodian Wars of Succession. Only one, his youngest living son Ragnarr, will survive the next 5 years.

(insert GarageBand Acoustic Picking 18)
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2023.06.02 10:06 rooting_4_anti-hero Desperate for healthy non-toxic women frienships in new city. How to go about it?

So, I moved to Bangalore some months ago for work and I dabbled on dating some men and got real bad experiences. And upon self relfection, I realised that I need good platonic women friends and it's horrifying to admit but I have none. Being an introvert with bad-to-alright social skills, I just never knew how to make women friends. I want to go do fun things like exploring the city, take trips with a girl gang etc. I feel like I have so much to offer as a friend but I have none to give and take. It's just making me feel sad. I have had traumatic experiences and in college, my days passed in depression and anxiety coupled with toxic home life and lack of money (because my parents had strict budget for my expenses and I didn't have anything at the end of month to spend on going out etc), I just couldn't explore anything and never had more than 2 friends in college. My school friends are all gone. I'm 23 and I just want to start making women friendships that are not just ephermeral. Because I tried being on bumble BFF section, it wasn't going anywhere. Maybe being friends for the sake of being friends is not a motivating factor to continue on I guess. But Idk how to proceed from now. Should I join group classes? or is there any something? I work in tech and code and maybe that's also a way to make friends but I barely have anyone in office. Everyone seems so busy and already have big circles. Hard to break into. I just wish I had natural social skills and just be a butterfly because I see how some girls make friends so easily. I feel so odd and like a misfit lot of the times.
So, my question is : How did you guys make friendships after college and outside work? Specifically women friends because all the men friends I encountered online develop feelings or just want sex, it 's so weird. I hope some good male friends in future prove that notion wrong but for now, I just want some girl time with some girls... dangg
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2023.06.02 10:05 VIPER_25635 [XB1] [PC] [PSN] Join rGc Fuse! Looking for active, fun-loving members

Platforms XB1 PC PS4 PS5
Region: US & EU Times: 4PM - 11PM ET
Size: 90+ members
Note: Community server shows over 3000 people, and we are included in that, the numbers provided are specific to our Destiny players and not all server members are registered, active, etc.
We are a branch of the Rapture Gaming family. We are open to New Lights and veterans alike, and play a little bit of everything, from patrols to endgame activities. That said, we are not built to be a "competitive" clan, we play for fun and are not here to judge skill. We provide a cheat-free and non-toxic fun environment for our members. Our main focus is assisting all of our members with whatever they may need - above all, we're a community and family, not a loose affiliation of people playing the same game, so say hello to your new friends for years to come! At Rapture Gaming, we treat each other with kindness, generosity of spirit, and respect - regardless of an individual's rank within our community. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members.
We distribute our members across two clans so everyone has someone to play with and everyone can benefit from clan rewards! Applicants from either platform are welcome at all times, we are always looking for new friends!
Our leaders and members are always happy to help!
WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: You need to be 17+ and emotionally mature! You must join the Discord and agree to the rules and guidelines within. You will not be allowed into our clans if you aren’t an active member of the server. Request to join FUSE for access to all our Destiny chats!
Stay active and have fun! Our new recruits have a 14-day period during which they must engage with our community and leadership - if that's going to be difficult for you, please let us know ASAP!
As we like to say: what you put in, is what you get out - don’t be afraid to chat with us, we don't bite! Play with us, ask for help and help others where you can.
Interested? PM me here, on Discord: VIPER 25635#7267
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2023.06.02 10:05 Every-Swordfish-9719 Orajel and pregnant?

Hi! I need some advice on toothache and pregnancy (I hope I don't sound ridiculous in this post)
I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and a filling has decided to fall out exposing the nerve at the exact same time my compounded wisdom tooth has decided to flare up. These teeth are directly next to eachother so in a world of pain. I have a dental appointment today so happy days.
However last night it was so bad I quickly reached for the orajel and used some. The leaflet didn't mention anything about not using in pregnancy so I went for it. However upon googling today it seems its untested in pregnancy so now I'm stressed about it. Its already an anxious pregnancy as its my first pregnancy after my T18 loss in January.
Has anybody used orajel in pregnancy? Is it likely to cause any harm? Is there anything else I can use instead from now on?
Thank you!
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2023.06.02 10:05 twhauthor Question for guys who like shelves / bookshelves: I'm building a bookstore and wonder how YOU'D do it.

Hi guys. I'm building a bookstore in rural Massachusetts and am doing a lot of the work myself. In the coming weeks I'm installing brand new wood flooring, and after that the next stage is to build shelving for the entire store.
The space is 20 feet wide and 90 feet long, 100% open with no interior walls or rooms. For that reason, I think continuous built in shelves mounted directly onto the wall would look incredible - think each row literally being 90 continuous feet long, totally flush, totally level. My thoughts with this is that I'd use large L brackets (we're talking 8x12 brackets rated for 600 pounds of weight) and simply float them down the whole length of the store, basically times 6.
How would you go about doing something like that? It's a one story building, but I'm concerned that this could put enormous strain on the walls and that it might actually be potentially dangerous to load up both of the walls with 10,000 pounds+ of weight. On the other hand, the building was built in the 1960's and is in incredible shape, steel beams / 2x10 construction etc.
To that end, I've also considered just building extremely simple bookshelves out of the same material - as wide as possible, each unit identical, all of which would still be pushed up to the wall and mounted to the wall for safety's sake (but would obviously be held up by the floor, rather than the studs, as the shelves in the first version would be).
This seems like a lot more work to me, and a lot more potential for messing things up (having to build every single unit exactly identical versus simply lining up all the L brackets to be level which would be pretty easy with a laser level). I also think the floating shelves - and I say floating realizing that you'd be able to see the L brackets, although the books would probably hide that - would look a lot better.
I'd love your thoughts / opinions on this. Thanks.
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2023.06.02 10:05 User_Researcher2023 Paid Online Research Project for Dispatchers - Earn $150 USD (Worldwide, 18+)

Paid Online Research Project for Dispatchers - Earn $150 USD (Worldwide, 18+)
Jumpstart your side income with this research study! ✍️🤳📱
  • Participants: Dispatchers who are part of a central dispatch team, and must be from a company with at least 200 headcount.
  • Compensation: $150 (USD) for a 90-minute online interview 💵💰
Click here to view the project details, sign up, and take the screener.
❗️Please take the screener after registering on the Respondent website to see if you qualify. If you meet the criteria, the study sponsor will contact you.
Respondent Inc. is the leading platform for connecting researchers and research participants for paid online studies. To know more about the company, visit
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2023.06.02 10:05 Dazzer667 Post removal explanation please

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2023.06.02 10:05 SNareHardDude 33m - I finally have day off! Send me love and attention and conversation, I'll give you compliments and virtual high fives in return.

I've worked a stupid long week in what's probably a haunted cinema. I have a beard if you want to stop my profile. Does anyone wanna chat? Or send selfies back and forth of the Zoolander face.
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2023.06.02 10:05 Broad_Childhood6113 GoFirst cancelled all my flights and has not refunded any amount even after 30 days

Booked flight worth 17k. through ease my trip. No credit notes, no refund. Made payment through icici cc.
Can anyone help the poor middle class get his hard earned money back ?
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2023.06.02 10:05 HeightCautious3974 I accidentally relapsed after 5 years sober

I want to apologize for my rambling and if this doesn’t make much sense my mind is a mess. I was in a car accident 8 years ago and ended up getting addicted to pain killers. The addiction took over quick but I seemed to still be able to function and no one in my family seemed to notice so I didn’t think it was a big deal. I never planned on getting sober I was happy with how I was living my life and thought I was doing well balancing everything. I was very wrong. On September 20th 2017 I was driving home from college while high and fell asleep on the highway. I woke up with enough time to realize that I was about to go off the highway and hit a car on another road. I was some how able to maneuver my car safely enough out of harms way of the other car and stop. I realized in that moment I needed to get my shit together or I was going to kill myself or worse someone else. It was tough but I entered rehab and started making changes.
This brings me to the other day as I mentioned I was in a car accident that started all of this. In that accident I broke my pelvis and herniated a disk in my lower back. My back causes me pain and I can normally tolerate it but it was so bad that I asked my girlfriend of 2 years to get me some Advil for the pain so she did. After I took the meds I got a old but familiar feeling and realized it wasn’t Advil. Apparently she had some meds left over from a dental surgery she had a few months back and put them in an Advil container without thinking since I never take Advil and forgot about it. I am so hurt and upset because the cravings for it that I haven’t had in a while are back full force and it’s all I can think about now. I haven’t been able to sleep because of this.
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2023.06.02 10:05 Logical-Building9513 Can someone tell what this thing on my tongue is???

Can someone tell what this thing on my tongue is???
My tongue is like this when after i wake up but during the day it gets better some days are worse some better.
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2023.06.02 10:05 partly_kiwi How to resolve late father's estate..

I honestly don't know how best to go about this, however I will start with the subject matter, being my father passed away late last year.
Sadly, he played a very small part in mine and my sisters life. Without going off subject, he was a heavy drinker, abusive man and left my Mum, when we (my sister and I), were very young!
I would be lying if I suggested there was no contact, because admittedly we did visit him on weekends/school holidays and I/we do have memories of time spent with him.
However, growing up through life, naturally my sister and I amongst everything else that comes with adulthood, matured and became wiser. As a result, if anyone has had a similar life scenario can relate, you wise up, you reflect on things and appreciate the traumatic and hard life our Mum experienced.
Therefore, consequently contact with our father became less and less and he made very little effort to change that, until basically the day he died. So much so, we didn't have any recollection of his death, until my sister saw a post on Facebook, and regardless of our opinions/relationship with him, it has hurt us.
Ok, enough life history and back to the purpose of this post and all the complicated stuff..
Upon retiring, my dad decided to jump ship and move to Greece (from the UK), which was ultimately his final place of rest. However, despite spending the majority of his life here in the UK, he was born in New Zealand, where with the exception of his ex wife and kids (my Mum, sister and I) all his family are.
How much contact he had with them, I simply don't know but very evidently there was enough for all the relevant documents that come with death, and personal things (bank cards/statements, passport, mobile phone etc) to end up in the hands of a sister of his.
This only came to our attention after my sister reached out to the sister in New Zealand via Messenger to express our sorrow at having no knowledge of his death at the time. Ordinarily, such conversation would be a niece and aunty speaking after losing their father and brother respectfully, but this is different. We have never met, spoken with or had association with any "family" in New Zealand, because such opportunity was never possible.
At the time, I specifically remember my sister's relief, surprise and general peace of mind after how the nature of the conversation turn video-call was so pleasant! Amongst the pleasantries, my sister was informed of, I quote, "a substantial amount of money" left by our father, thus being his children and not being married or having a civil partner will inherit his estate. The reason being, he died without leaving a will, therefore from a legal perspective, intestate.
The pleasantries soon turned very sour as our request to see any relevant paperwork or just have some kind of knowledge of our fathers assets, were met with what I can only describe as blackmail tactics, "only prepared to supply the requested information and documentation on payment of $10000 (NZD)".
Astoundingly, this request didn't come directly from the sister, but her lawyer in New Zealand. Furthermore, we were both subsequently blocked on messengeFB by the sister, a woman I must add, in her 70's who has absolutely zero knowledge on lives we have both experienced.
To confirm, we had no knowledge at the time of our Dad's death, and most definitely no knowledge of any assets associated with him. This was brought to our attention, upon nothing other than showing a little respect and expressing our sorrow.
I cannot emphasise it enough, both my sister and I, had no support let alone financial support from our father in our lifetimes, so this situation is so hard on us. We even mutually agreed to simply forget the whole situation and just live our lives the only way we know how..
But, why should we? Without any animosity, I'll-feeling or hurt towards our father, whatever he left, too right we take it, even more so due to the resulting behaviour of his sister.
To bring you up to date, we have instructed our own solicitor, based in Greece to avoid any further complications, whom has basically made no progress in what's now, 3 months. Admittedly, not the lack of trying, but more hitting stumbling blocks.
So, this is where anyone who has taken the time to read this comes in, literally ANY advice and comments will be truly appreciated beyond words. Honestly, life is not easy, that applies to each and every one of us, so all I actually wish for is peace and happiness as opposed to being held to some kind of ransom for my father's death, a man whom I will never get the opportunity to confess "Do you know what Dad, I actually needed you in my life!!" That's hard.. And will never ever accept someone making that harder.
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2023.06.02 10:05 Academic_Luck7253 How much time is needed to recover?

How much time is needed to recover after share my feelings to a "friend" and get rejected? It is happen few days ago, and so it's normal to still feel awful, but I don't know in how much time these feelings go away..
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2023.06.02 10:05 Dripskipper Prob first rant that isnt about voidwalker (this is from fandom btw)

"Well, today I felt like I had enough. So I had to write this just to get it out of my head. Before that, lemme predict some of your comments, and reply back:
1: "skill issue"
Okay, I may or may not have to say I have a skill issue, but somehow that only applies to Sharkos. I can somewhat take on a stone golem at level ~5, a stone knight at level ~8 and cheese threshers by just holding S.
2: "Just do trial of 1 it's not that hard"
Trial of 1 IS the reason why I'm making this.
3: "Stat check them then."
Well, apparently EVERYTHING I READ ON THE WIKI AND THE ADVICES MY FRIEND GAVE ME ARE ALL FAKE. Tank the swipes, dodge the kicks? Yea no shot I'm dying almost instantly. The kick has a narrow hitbox? The sharko kicked me from 100 STUDS AWAY.
4: "Are you okay?"
No, I am not. I am at the verge of quitting the game and the community as a whole as to how the toxic side (98%) treats others as "metamancers or free loot". The game's dry as hell as it's more because of how meta overshadows anything else creative and I get punished wildly for the SMALLEST mistakes like blocking a sharko kick (We'll get to that later).
Okay, now the discouragement comments are out of the way (Aside from 100 more I don't have time to talk about), brace and listen to my rant.
Part 1: Deepwoken Devs, gimme some of your marijuana you're smoking rn.
So, this is ages ago, but I just want to question WHY THE HELL DID YOU GUYS MAKE SHARKOS MOVE AROUND? At first it's said as a "Starter monster" but I feel like nowdays these little bitches are nothing but nuisances. I go mining at Vipers Jaw, they appear. I go hiking at Songseekers (Impossible), they appear. I DO LAYER 2, THEY STILL APPEAR AND COULD AND WILL FUCK ME OVER. JUST, MAKE THEM STAND STILL, PLEASE, LIKE THE OTHER MONSTERS WE FACE. IT'S A STARTER MONSTER, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WANT TO MAKE THEM SO UNIQUE?
Part 2: The moveset of the apparent "Starter monster"
So, lets revise what the sharko could do when you're close to it:
Simple, right? WRONG. Apparently it's this two SIMPLE ENOUGH MOVESETS THAT BREAK MY ADHD BRAIN CAPABLE OF ONLY MEMORIZING 1+1=2. People often times say to "memorize its pattern", but when the sharko's main method of attacking you can be mixed up so much I don't think memorizing is a good idea anymore.
One main reason why this moveset is so busted is because of the lack of its obviousness, or rather, how much you'd notice it when you're focused on attacking it. Sure, some people suggest hitting it 2-4 times after parrying or dodging its attacks, but to me it just doesn't work as it just starts attacking when I throw my 3rd/4th hit in and I forgot that feinting is a thing and I can just do that. Its swings are fast, it throws out kicks so unpredictably, and the fact that YOU CANNOT ROLL SHORTLY AFTER A FAILED PARRY (what) JUST MAKES THIS EVEN MORE BULLSHIT.
Part 2.5: THE KICK
If all Sharkos did was kick I swear to god it'd be the easiest monster to fight against. But hell, put an entirely different move that acts drastically different to the kick and suddenly Sharko becomes from attention seeking to FUCKING STRESSING. Just knowing the fact you getting kicked means you're gonna fly so far out the stratosphere you can't fight back and that dying means losing days if not months (Yes I am this bad) of progress just DISCOURAGES ME from learning to fight Sharko. What's the reward for defeating that beast you may ask? Its hide, small chance for it to be a jacket and even smaller chance for it to be shadow poop. It's just not worth it man, it's just not.
So far, we have:
Sharko by itself is already annoying. Unless you can stat check it, fighting it is always a chore rather than a fun interaction. However then, something weird makes these sharko variants different from the normal sharko:
They have gimmicks.
The Tacet sneak attack is a pretty good (but obviously obvious) attack that makes the Sharko fight trivial to fight against. Just stay a decent distance from it, wait for it to Tacet to you, dodge it and slam it continously for 2 seconds.
Ooh, the Mechasharko. The one that I actually like fighting. Sure it still has the swipes and kicks, but the extra attacks make it more of a live being than the normal sharko. (That's said when sharko is BIOLOGICAL while Mechasharko is just a bunch of cogs and an AI) These extra attacks are also the reason why I like fighting against them, as I don't need to focus too hard on these two punishing attacks and actually have fun. (Except for the flaming kick. I hate you)(I don't hate you as much as you don't really send me THAT far)
All these variants of the sharko, yet the normal one is the HARDEST to fight against. I'm starting to wonder what the fuck the devs are up to after this.
Part 4: Toxic fanbase
Do you know why the devs don't know that the normal sharko is hard to fight against?
Yea, the fanbase is so toxic to newcomers, that they LAUGH AT THEM for not being able to kill a sharko. (Remember the times when you got your asses kicked by them and learnt them in excruciating pain) This one thing, THIS ONE THING is enough to make the devs realize they gotta nerf the Sharko. Instead, they BUFFED THEM, because APPARENTLY THE TOXIC PEOPLE MAKES UP 98% OF THE PLAYERBASE.
I'm speaking of this as a return player, for the 3 times I've came back (First is when Layer 2 dropped, second was when a friend of mine persuaded me to, and the third and last is when I still had feelings for making builds and eventually got around to making a Minos prime build. (Still in the works)), never once have I actually skill checked a Sharko. Idk if it's because of me unwilling to learn, or that I have ADHD and cannot focus for long periods of time, but this alone should be a reason to nerf Sharkos as a whole.
Part 5: How I would nerf sharko (and buff other monsters)
So since the devs are so negligent on their newcomefreshie playerbases, I think it might be a good time to nerf that guy into the ground and make it easy to fight, as well as buffing others that could be potential candidates to replace the sharko as the "Starter monster".
Of course of course most you guys would think I'm malding. But just think about this, fighting the new sharko of above text. You'd be actually having fun and you know what's what and not get punished too hard for making a mistake.
Oh, and did I mention the stone knight? Apparently Tankfish flawlessed it first attempt so lets buff this guy.
And that's it. This is the only monster I want to buff. Also, if the devs are reading this, please add the red flash/audio cues to other unblockable moves of other monsters. (Golem's swing, almost all the possible monster kicks, DREAD SERPENT'S ICE BREATH)
Well, I'm feeling much better now, though I do have an extra idea to share. So if this post gets good enough reception, I may as well release this idea same day. So uh...
Thanks for listening to my rant.
I'm just, gonna go.
Gl on whatever you guys are gonna do, ig." - Kuduro "Lapiz" Cairo
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2023.06.02 10:04 Plus-Werewolf5037 We are better than Miami, but not Denver

Since life lost meaning, colors became dull and food lost its tast.....nah just kidding, but after watching game 1 it's clear that the Heat are ass, we played like fat ass against them and deserved to lose but Denver is on another level.
Jokic is the first person since 2018 Lebron that looks like he is watching the floor from the same TV angle that we see on the broadcast. The game comes slow to him, he doesn't panic.....its almost like he is the flash or quick silver where he pauses the game, walks around the floor, sees the best option, returns to his position to resume the game and then makes the optimal play.
And I think being European he has a strong disdain for American exuberance and flashy culture, so he doesn't give a flying fuck about what the American audience deems 'important 'because he low key thinks it's beneath him which is hilarious to me because he is a two-time MVP (something that a moron like westbrook will reference every time he feels threatened).
I think the C's are good, we will get better, our fit is good, just some better mental training and coaching will help greatly, but Joker scares me going forward.
This will not be his last time in the finals.
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2023.06.02 10:04 RoronoaLuffy I do not know if my ram is 8gb or 16gb?

I had bought a HP Ryzen 5600h laptop, which comes with 8gb ram as default. I had bought another 8gb ram, after checking whether it was compatible or not. As attached in initial screenshots, it does show 16gb everywhere. But if I code, easily it reaches 80-90 percent easily. As seen in 3rd pic, it shows google chrome is using around 1gb of ram. But in the 4th pic, when I see it in percentage, it is showing more than 20%. I don't know what to make of this. Please help.
I have windows 11.
pics -
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2023.06.02 10:04 elevenmile Weekly Ochiai's Interview Question with Naoki Yoshida Regarding Sales Projection and Simulation

General summary of the thread goes here
The following two questions discussed on how Naoki Yoshida (YoshiP) answered the following questions that involve the game sales, projection and predictions of how well FFXVI (or his knowledge on games today are sold.) This won't be summarized and will be given a full transcribe and translation due to how most people tend to translate pre-order or first week sales as the success of the game, but do note that I may need to do some paraphrasing as to minimize mistakes.
Ochiai: This might be a weird question to ask but since you have put so much passion and effort into creating this game, when it comes to management, how do you think about the sales aspect here (read: translate it into profits and sales)? In terms of timing and your target audience and so on. YoshiP: So when it comes to product, when I first submit my proposal, it's a given that I would attached together with the budget documentation, like this will be the platform where the game will be released, development wise it'll take a grand total of this amount, when the game will be released, the cost for marketing and PR will take this much, and the projected profit will be around this much...these will of course be included into the documentation...but I can tell you that I wouldn't want to look at the first week sales for FFXVI (laughs).
Ochiai: (laughs) But still, I take that the board of directors came together and approved the budget you're issuing during the meeting I assume
YoshiP: Yes that was indeed the case, but when it comes to FF, there are places where you can't turn back once you get into it. but I'm being quite drastic here, and precisely because I'm a creator here, I have to be particular about the business aspect, and if I'm just creating this game out of self-satisfaction, it will definitely not connect to the next. So even though if I get told that it was a fun game, but if this doesn't translate to sales then we won't be able to create the next game. So our policy at Creative Business Unit 3 here is that at the very least, create a game where you yourself think it's interesting, and make the game earn in black numbers (※A Japanese word meaning "profit", loss of profit is "red numbers"), even if it's just a little. By doing so, we will still get money and we'll be able to work on the games we like or things that we think are interesting so I think this time.......well......well if I think this wouldn't work out, I'd actually go destroy those projects myself, like, "I'm sorry this is impossible" and then work on other projects to supplement it, and yeah I would tell them to cancel this project. I mean, I've already done this numerous times throughout my career but still, yeah since I can't turn back this time when it comes to creating this game and I told them that we'll try to sell it all out so allow me to put this amount of budget I need for this game. The answer I got from them was "Yeah, do your best" But then I've been generating profits from FFXIV anyway, and manage to contribute a lot to the company and it was thanks to the Warriors of Light that made it happen, so it was hard for the company to say "no" to what I've proposed I assume (laughs).
Ochiai: Since I do not have any experience in game sales here, but you previously mentioned about if you went with the selling out pattern, then you can somewhat see the implementation on certain level, and sometimes there are cases where this isn't what's the approach taken when it comes to sales pattern so my question is how, or at which timing would you be able to grasp on how the sales of the game will end up when it comes to today's context? YoshiP: By the way, the system of lump-sum payment is applicable only in Japan※1 but when it comes to overseas, basically if you can just "break in" if you want to. This can be weird, but they basically just go "just purchase a shelf". What this means is that, let's take a street-level store for example: when release date approaches there will be other games released along with your game, yes? You can brush all of them aside and say you want to place one huge portion of the segment to sell, say, FF16, then you can ask them how much do you need to pay them to do so, and they'll do so. They would also tell you that you can ship them as many copies as you want to and they'll return the extra copies that they couldn't sell. Therefore to see how sales would fare will be starting from...the amount of pre-orders...but when it comes to pre-orders, anyone can pre-order whenever they want to these days and not many would do sales wise we'll look at the first week, to see how many have purchased the game digitally as well as from wholesale dealers, so the sell out starts there, and the rest will be predictions: How much the game has reached to the hands of gamers, so predictions will be made. So we'll use those detailed data in advance and create a simulation. The reason is because we'll have proof at hand on how much the copies have reached the players. For example, for FFVII Remake, we calculate based on what we can see how many user base do we have and calculate from there, so judging from the content we have this time, we can estimate that there are certain generation base that hasn't played a single Final Fantasy game purchased this game but since we are making it a full real time action, we can calculate once on how much it has dropped in percentage for certain player base who would prefer turn based Final Fantasy games and create a simulation based on that, but ultimately the results cannot be certain until we open the lid (read: release the game) so it can be hard to tell.
1 - YoshiP's original Japanese sentence was "ちなみに買取なのは日本だけなので”. 買取 in Japanese can be different depending on the subject discussion on hand, and the standard meaning for this word is buyback, as in trading in used goods to get back some amount of money. But considering that's definitely NOT what it means... See here for more info
Ochiai: Like for example when it comes to movies, as movies run a duration of usually 2 hours when it comes to content, so in a way we can easily see how it performs, but when it comes to games, it takes time to complete them from start to finish so it's tougher to grasp how the behavior would change. So this is my personal thoughts on the matter but how do you approach the post-release sales period like there's a change in certain behavior, and what kind of marketing strategy would you take after the game is released? YoshiP: When it comes to sales extension, well, this can slightly different from country to country, but when it comes to Japan, I can bring up one good example which is Slam Dunk (which is recently aired in theaters).
For the generations who are fans of the show, they would be extremely interested about it, but there was a commotion when it comes to the promotion prior to its release and this caused everyone to have doubts. But once the fans watched the movie, they'd go "You better watch this movie!", or they'd go recommend those who haven't watch the movie but expressed interest in it and nothing beats that kind of attraction when it comes to what PR can do even today. Though as for me, I'd go back to my roots, and convey properly on how the game has been made and released properly, and if people find the game interesting, streaming from all around the world who will be streaming this game will convey their comments and the louder those voices are, then it might encourage others who hasn't buy the game yet to give it a try, purchase a PS5 along. Another thing I've realized that younger generations don't tend to be particular about the release date, and tend to based their purchase on what's popular within their community circles, and what everyone is playing. In fact this is what happened when it comes to Apex, Fortnite, and this is definitely what the flow goes for today, so what I did is to make estimations on budget, laying out the plan saying "FFXVI is coming out", and making simple approach to try getting the staff members in the shop to convince gamers to buy FFXVI along when they purchase a PS5. So this time, I've laid out a plan on sales that would last about 18 months. Even when looking at the ownership ratio for PS5, there's no mistake that there will a drop in absolute ratio rather than looking at the games that are released for both PS4 and PS5.
Ochiai: Yeah, that's right.
YoshiP: I mean, yeah, it would be idiotic for anyone to not make these calculations beforehand, which is why it's important to consider the sales in a long term and extend them for as long as it can be, and then from the sales that have accumulates in these long months, we can see up to which extend people have played the game, and since we can see data in the achievements people obtain in game, we can tell how much people are stuck at certain aspects, and so on. From there we may make adjustments so that it'll be easier for people to obtain them, and we wouldn't need it to be an online game to do so. Therefore, I'm not looking at the short term sales at all.
This is it, this ends the all the relevant info you need to know from Weekly Ochiai's talk show with Naoki Yoshida.
As YoshiP encourages the collection of responses of how FFXVI, I figured that I could make some little advertisement (which I don't always do so), and if you want to help YoshiP see how his game would perform), do feel free to make a visit on my Youtube channel which I'll stream the game on Day 1. But only do so if you're:
A) Isn't planning to get the game just yet B) Doesn't mind spoilers
While there's no guarantee that YoshiP would even look at it, but at least the data will always be there. So do feel free.
That would be all. I apologize if the translation doesn't seem coherent, but hopefully it gets the point across.
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2023.06.02 10:04 Turkeys4 I think the other parent has sought legal advice. Sudden change in behavior

Hi, I am in Texas and I am the custodial parent. Our child is under two and we have had a visitation and custody order in place for over a year. We have never followed the standard visitation schedule prior to this month because we were in agreeance of our own version. Until now.
For the past year our child has only stayed overnight with the other parent 5 times. One of those times (in April) the other parent ignored my calls and did not drop her off as planned in the morning. Instead they took our child to court where they failed a UA. (You can't do either of those things). They dropped the child off to me and three hours later a CPS investigator knocked on my door to inform me of what happened and that he ran out of the court room with our child. Police and CPS had been looking for our child and worried about their safety with the other parent. I gladly signed a safety plan from CPS that limited his visitation to supervised visitation for 30 days. Cps investigation was closed before the end of the 30 day period. Other parent eventually went to jail for two weeks after running from warrants stemming from that court date. Bond was set at an amount higher than $300,000 and I did not think they would make bond. They did. I was not able to retain a lawyer before he was released.
Now the other parent is demanding their time and waiving the visitation order around. I unfortunately have to follow this order. They keep saying and sending texts that say "I am trying to keep the child from him and "it will bite me in the ass". Very obviously documenting pick up and drop off times, called in a welfare check on our child the day they got released from jail stating they "have a right to know where the child is since I didn't answer my phone". recording (and sending to me) video of our child playing and laughing while in their possession stating how happy the child is to be around them.
I have yet to not follow the orders or deny him any visitation.
How would you advise in this situaion.
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2023.06.02 10:04 DawnlightWarrior 27 [M4F] Spain/Europe/Online - Let's have a summer story

Hey you! Yes you, the one reading this message. I hope you like this message and here is a bit of information about me:
Who the hell I am?

Have you decided to talk to me yet? Maybe these opinions will help you
He is a really handsome boy - My grandmother
My brother is special and crazy, don't talk to him. - My brother
I want to make him mine, break up after a few months and write a song about him. – Taylor Swift
I wanted him as my padawan, but they imposed Anakin Skywalker on me and you know how it ended. - Obi Wan Kenobi
He was going to be the model I used for my sculpture David, but he's neither as handsome nor as strong. - Michelangelo
I was about to hire him to play Sebastian in La La Land, but he can't sing well or play the piano, Emma Stone preferred him to Ryan Gosling. - Damien Chazelle (La la land's Director)
I turned down Ted Mosby for so many years because I waited for him, he never came and in the end I had to stay with Mosby. - Robin Scherbatsky
I'd like to see him die in one of my movies - Quentin Tarantino
He has a good musical taste and at least he does not put the music to full volume - My neighbor
If you think we can get along, do not hesitate to send me a message or a chat invitation, you are pretty welcome. The chatting app that I use most now is Discord, but I can use any other app if you prefer or just chat on reddit. Please include some information about yourself in your message. If you're not sure how to break the ice, ~throw a iceberg at me~ include an interesting question you've been thinking about lately, a song you love or any interesting thing, if you can't think about a question, this is my question for you, What would be the last song you would listen to if you knew today was your last day on earth?
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2023.06.02 10:03 hidingfromnancy One of the Ones

I thought I was the abused little girl. I was One of them.
I thought I was the tortured teen with dark truths. I was One of them.
I thought I was the child of the one true God. I was the child of One of them.
I thought I was the smartest girl with the full ride to university. I was One of them.
I thought I was the aimless, self-loathing college student with no aspirations. I was One of them.
I thought I was the stupid pregnant girl with the Runaway Joe. I was One of them.
I thought I was the woman who married the Wrong Man. Then the other Wrong Man. I was Both, and One of them.
I thought I was the hero who saved my sons from abuse. I was One of them.
I thought I was the stepmother who poured my heart and soul into the child who turned her angst upon me. I was One of them.
I thought I was the woman who finally met my prince at the alter I swore I’d never stand at again. I was One of them.
I thought I was the mom who lost my lonely little boy to suicide. I was One of them.
I thought I was the one that Satan lusted after. His secret mistress. His marionette; his plaything to dance through hell, right here on earth. . His Bride to Be.
I laid in the dark and waited for him to tear out of hell and collect his due.
I forgot to look beyond my nose.
When I did, I saw that we’re all the One.
All these truths, I watched happen to me through others’ eyes, lamenting over their hatred, averting my gaze, when the shit of it is that they don’t see. . They have their own truths. Fears. Laments. Secrets.
Shitty underwear on the school lawn flagpole.
We all wade barefoot through the putrid shit, vomit, and cum that rolls through the sewer that is life.
I thought I was the one who would simply, casually, step in front of the train.
I was not.
I see, now.
I see that my shame is not their front page news. They don’t live for me. I don’t live for them. I will not die for them.
I see my other sons. And my mother, my sister, my husband. My gardens. My birds. My fish. Long rides with Willie Nelson while my blue eyes cry in the beauty of the rain. Gulf beaches. Mountain streams. Babies laughing. .
I thought I was the tortured soul who fought to exist.
I was my own torturer.
And I was only One of them.
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2023.06.02 10:03 Swimming_Good_8507 Vreal - of my Fateless story project

Vreal - of my Fateless story project
Hello everyone.
First time posting here - although I have a bit of a bit of experience in worldbuilding here and there.
I hope you enjoy what you see.
Welcome to Vreal
Fantasy-Dieselpunk world of steel, steam and bones of fallen titans.
I will give a bit of overview of the world (All maps were made by me - I'm not a professional, but I think they are relatively good)
First picture is how Vreal and her two moons: The Great Eye and The Little Eye
Vreal and her two moons
Vreal is Terran like world - altho with much greater number of tectonics plates and with that: more vulcanos, mountains and vulcanos. She is surrounded by 2 moons and ring of asteroids.
The Big Eye - is a closer, bigger - stone moon and reflects classical, silver light at night.
The Little Eye - is smaller and further - but - it's a metal moon. Little eye shines brightly and colourfully in the sky, like a rainbow - sunlight reflected from the surface shining in all colours. Moon is not only massive metal structure, but it also has lakes of mercury on the surface, which causes it to shine as bright if not brighter than her big brother.
Both moons - despite difference in size - have similar mass - and thanks to that they keep the Sky Ring stable.
Sky Ring - is always visible from the surface - it's a clean white line in the sky. Rings have a great meaning for many religions in my world.
Ancient tales - well over 10 000 years - speak that once there was only 1 moon once - great and timing with life - but during The First Catastrophe - it was ripped apart. The surface transformed into the Big Eye, it's heart (core) transformed into the Big Eye - and what was left, formed the Sky Ring.
Although validity of those claim is questioned by modern scholars.
As everyone can suspect: sea tides - are very strong on this world. In fact - each moon has strong enough gravity to create it's own tide. So there can be "small tide" - if moons are on opposite sides of the world - or "great tide" - if both moons are on the same side of the world.

Now - let's get the world itself
Geographical map of Veral
Political map of Veral
It's year 1907 of the Imperial Callendar at the start of my story.
And as everyone can see - world is very much divided.
500 Years have passed since The IV Catastrophe - When all magic in the world DIED. All political and social structure, built upon authority of those with magical powers broke apart. Even gods fell silent. To this day, no one knows how, or why, magic which was present for over ten millennia, suddenly disappeared in a single day, without a warning or much of a trace.
Once world of fantastical powers - fell silent.
It was the start of the Age of Silence.
After century of darkness the world was reborn - just to go back into struggle of influence and power.
New powers rose from the ashes of the old world - and grew with their desires. Colonialism, Imperialism - everything you could expect from the world, in which ambitious rulers wanted to rebuild empires of Old, would do.
Humans took over control over most of the world - pushing other races into lower classes.
Elves, dwarfs, cyclops and more races that once had greater connection to the magical world, now grew weak and found themselves under the boots of Humanity, just as Humanity was under their boots for most of the known history.
New empires rebuilt and exploited the world in the name of their ambitions for centuries. It was age of wonders, power, war and slave trade.
Until: 1848 - When The Shattering - shook the world
Fuelled by poverty, anger and new ideologies - Revolutionaries arose all around the world. Workers rose up in southern Zatrolia, overthrowing puppet kingdoms of the Northern Empires. Colonized people of Perra - rose up in the name of liberty.
The First Revolutionary War of 1848-1857, broke the status quo
Many kingdoms fell, many empires almost broke - but world revolution was incomplete. Revolution started to eat it's own children and internal conflicts halted the expansion of Revolutionary Order.
Old World empires rebuilt and re-organised, joining together in Great Coalition and starting Second Revolutionary War of 1867-1871 - when Old World Empires managed to reconquer much of their colonies in Perra - using division between Revolutionaries, to focus their attack on limited number of enemies.
The Success of the Second War would be however - short lived - as the same divisions used by the Old Empires against Revolutionaries, fractured their own Coalition.
Third Revolutionary War of 1885 - 1889 is for many a most defining event of the XIX century and the reason: Little Catastrophe happened.
It was true World War. Old Empires, young republics, revolutionary states, old and new rivals, friends who became enemies - everyone went after each other. It was total chaos and deaths were in the tens of millions.
Empires that stood even before the Great Catastrophe were about to fall, when far greater dealer of Death Would fall upon the entire world as a punishing blade from the heavens:
The White Death - a disease that spread through battlefields and logistics chains would bring death tall greater than the greatest of wars in modern history and stop the war at the same time.
Entire divisions - were found dead in their trenches - killed not by bullets, but by White Death. A virus that corrupted bone marrow and caused abnormal production of white blood cells, that then started to attack it's host:
Autoimmune disease - that world didn't know how to cure for two years since it's start in 1889
But it was enough - White Death killed enough to stop the war - units sent into the battle zone, simply fell over and died on the march.
Third Revolutionary War took around 71 Million people
White Death took around 114 Million
Adding the breaking of logistic chains, famine and chaos - Around 200 million people died in what became to be known as: The Doom War
Which constituted around 13% of the total world population
No continent was spared - usually at least 10% of total population of each region was lost due to White Death.
Most of the world had access to vaccine in 1893, but some hot spots survived all the way to the start of the XXth century.
18 years have passed since the "end" of the Third Revolutionary War and over a decade since the end of the pandemic.
The World still licks it's wounds... but there is no doubt among everyone, that another war will come sooner or later. The First War was a victory for Revolutionaries, the Second was victory of the Old World - the Third ended with a stalemate and devastation on the scale unimaginable in the past ages.
Even after all those years - there are still ghost towns and cities - spread around the world, left in ruin - as monuments to the Goddess of Death Herself.
Already new plans are being drawn, new alliances struck and new weapons created.
Some of those weapons might even try to find their soul...

All of this is observed by the Being of Laughter - who sees how all those plans might be for nothing if that which is dead - will be reborn once more.
Welcome to Vreal
World Shattered by Death of Magic and her own children both.
Welcome to the ending Of Age of Silence

[I hope you enjoyed this introduction - if you wish to ask a question about any subject regarding my world, please ask them in the comments bellow :)]
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