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2023.06.06 15:36 throwadickthrowaway Finding Higher command/reporting?

I was recently made aware that my recruiter, (who ghosted me after i traded my enlistment for an ROTC college program) was texting my 16 year old ex girlfriend asking to “meet up”. ive asked to speak with him in person to no avail. any advice?
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2023.06.06 15:36 Alive-Watercress6719 La Movida Madralina

The blog article about Bad Bunny helping you learn Spanish made me check out more Spanish language music in the styles I like. Then I found out about La Movida in Madrid after Franco's death and what a goldmine of great music! I had heard Paralysis Permanente and Tequila before but now I love Alaska (I can't stop singing "Bailando" and "Otra Dimension"), Olé Olé (I can't stop singing "No Controles"), Aviator Dro, los Gatos Locos, Loquillo, Hombres G, La Mode, y más! I also found out about Chilean band Los Prisoneros ( I can't stop singing "La VOZ de Los Ochentas") and truly with the lyrics turned on I am learning more Spanish. I even found a blog en Español with la historian de Los Gatos Locos and understood a good portion of it. Hopefully I'll get some dinero and courage to walk into my local Salvadoran restaurante and order pupusas todo en Español.
If you're not into modern music it would seem there's a Spanish language counterpart to many English language groups of the 80s thanks to La Movida. Like New Order? Try La Mode! Like the Stray Cats? Try Gatos Locos! Like Devo? Try Aviator Dro! Like the Damned? Try Paralisis Permanente!
Now to find all the Spanish language ska bands I had on a CD back in the 90s.
Gracias por leyendo, compadres.
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2023.06.06 15:35 wollstone92 Nutrition advice?

Hi all,
I joined my local CrossFit 8 or so weeks ago and I'm loving it. Problem is, I have no idea what I need to be eating in terms of calories and macros to lose weight.
I don't have a clue what my maintenance is and I'm incredibly hesitant to give myself a deficit at an educated guess for fear of undereating.
I'm going to CrossFit 4-5 times a week and I generally get a minimum of 7k steps in a day, but I work from home so I am sat down for a lot of the time.
I'm 28F, 5"3' & 183 pounds. I'd like to lose around 40 pounds.
Could anyone who has knowledge in this area possibly give me an idea of what calories and macros I need to be eating to be at a healthy deficit?
I'm also vegetarian which makes the protein a little bit difficult to get in, so any high protein veggie ideas are also welcomed!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 15:35 Sovereign_Tsuk Does anyone know how to get songs onto your files in Android? (Youtube or spotify)

I don't know how to download stuff onto my actual files, it only ever stays in the app, and i want to make "Heartbeat Heartbreak" from persona 4 my new ringtone but as you can see, i have no idea how to do that! I was tempted to use one of the apps but they consistently never have any of the songs i want, it sucks :(
Help is appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.06 15:35 Impossible-Range-505 2 urine cultures 1 Day aprt

2 urine cultures,
NAD. NO HEALTH PROBLES EXCEPT CROHN'S/49 female SO been dealing with A LOT since the middle part of March, UTI. Put on Cipro, April, Ear Infection/20 days of cefdni, a week and half later had a ear infection put in Augmentin 875 for 7 days, then ANOTHER UTI a week later after finishing the Augmentin out in Cipro for 7 days then had a tooth pulled a week after finishing that, took Augmentin a week after tooth pulled just took 3 days. Bc now they called me from my Dr office that I went to bc I thought my ear infection was back. So I asked him to do a urine culture to make sure UTI was gone he sent it off. The day before my Urologist sent off a Urine Culture, so Dr office said it was positive and UROLOGIST OFFICEE SAID NO GROTH neg. Just one day apart. Dr office has called in Doxycycline ANOTHER ANTIBIOTIC I don't know what to do, anyone ever go through this. Not really having symptoms. But been on Augmentin again. HELP
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2023.06.06 15:35 ClaireOfRuralia Was I just making up being trans the whole time?

For the past 2 months I've been struggling with a lot of things that fall under the category of dysphoria and I related so much to a lot of the things in the Gender Dysphoria Bible and NightlingBug's tweet thread (you know which one I'm talking about) and I accepted fairly early on that I was trans (took like 2 weeks) and, other than most of society hating my guts for no good reason and probably not being accepted by my family, I was fine with it; I mean, it did certainly explain a lot.
After about a month I had to go home from college and that's when the reality set in that a. I'm gonna have to tell my family about this eventually and b. I can't girlmode in safety at all because my room doesn't have a lock and I work night shift. I kinda just started spiralling as a result and it culminated in me feeling way more depressed than usual a couple days ago and I started crying because I hadn't taken my anti-depressants yet and the thought of coming out to my family hurt so much. The day after (two days ago) I just kinda lost the ability to think all too much and just laid in bed all day from feeling depressed and when the ability to think somewhat came back all of the trans thoughts that I had mostly didn't. I figured that they'd come back yesterday (still in my consciousness from yesterday because night shift) but they haven't and it's still hard to think about anything in general, let alone trans stuff. Usually the thoughts come back after a day and with a punch because it usually incites a good bit of imposter syndrome, but this is sort of uncharted territory. Paradoxically I kinda feel a little less depressed (like it's still there and it still leaves me bedbound most of the day, but I don't feel as bad when I have to do things), but that's probably because my brain isn't letting me think about having to come out to my family anymore.
Was I just faking feeling this stuff? I mean there were signs growing up (I have a list of almost 60 signs that I might be trans) but I feel like a lot of it could just be explained away as being a weird kid and/or hating my body and/or ADHD and/or not really being in a meaningful relationship in 6ish years and/or being bullied a good bit and/or being really mentally ill. Just last week I was planning on how to come out to my friends and now I'm having gigantic doubts. Was it all just a form of escapism from how shitty I've been feeling the past 2 years? Did my brain just see patterns where there weren't actually there? If I didn't have that one moment where I realized that I'm trans would I have thought the same things towards some of the questions that help answer whether or not you're trans (the button one comes to mind)? Am I just subconsciously repressing my feelings because I've been so depressed over losing my family when coming out that my brain finally had enough and turned off the thinking switch? I feel like I'm losing my mind right now.
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2023.06.06 15:34 excisiumm So I am new and I am afraid

Hello everyone!
I'd like to introduce myself to you a little bit before I get to the main topic. I am a 29 years old translation graduate for the German language. The conditions of my life had me work as a customer service representative, once for an average company and once for one of the world's biggest companies. However it was too stressful and the fact that I don't produce anything and simply just do the same thing every day over and over again, I wanted to get out of that career path and find a better one.
I learned html and css during my unemployed time and heard about digital marketing having something to do with knowing basic html (with my current knowledge I can now name it SEO), I decided to give it a shot and I have been learning about digital marketing for about 2 months from different sources such as YouTube, here, Google skillshop etc. And now I want to start working for a company or an agency, I applied to the junior positions and I haven't got a response from them yet. In case no one recruits me, I will have to start this business as freelance and market my own services. However as an all-theoretical-no-practice individual, I am afraid of fucking up. I am at this point between "I know all the topics about fundamentals of this job" and "I don't know anything and have no experience" dilemma.
What are the difficulties I should expect when getting into this business? What was your experience when you first dove into DM? Do you think I can manage starting with small projects with just my theoretical knowledge?
P.S. I might have sounded extra anxious because of the recent incidents in my life. It is hard but good days are close.
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2023.06.06 15:34 Alternative-Brain-83 Rock Band Drum dongle firmware update

I want to update my rock band drum kit dongle firmware, but the website to download the firmware is down, and i cant go to harmonix.com they ask for user name and password that i dont have. and there is no way to create an account. Please where can i at least download it and install it.
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2023.06.06 15:34 Prestigious_Will6356 [Loud PSU fan] - Is my PSU faulty or just crap?

Hi there.
I built my PC at the end of 2020, if you remember it was quite a difficult time to get your hands on the latest parts due to the massive shortage at that time, but I got lucky to get a 3080 and a 5950X right after launch for retail.
One thing that I didn't have much option to choose from was the PSU, so I got this SilverStone 1200W. I didn't need all that power but it was the only one available for a decent price in my area.
PSU works great, as you can see in my PC Part Picker, I'm using roughly 600W, so a 1200W should be working with no effort at all. The problem is when it turns on the fan... it is really loud, and it turns it on quite frequently, especially in the summer. Most of the times I have my headset on so it's no problem, but recently I got a cable to plug my TV to the video card, now I hear it all the time and I hate it!
Check this video (don't mind the dust lol), you can hear the fan going on... right at the start of the video you can hear it at the maximum noise, but I only managed to record the end of it. A few seconds after it turns it on again, not as loud as the first time, but still loud enough to bother me.
Is this just normal or my PSU sucks? Thought about replacing the fan but apparently it is already a "silent fan" according to SilverStone specs.
I tried:
Apparently, the orientation of the PSU didn't change anything, it keeps turning it on frequently and loudly. When I'm gaming it turns on more frequently, but even now, with just Chrome open tipying this, it turns on from time to time, sometimes very loud, sometimes not so loud but I can clearly hear it when it does.
Anything I can do or just buy a new one?
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2023.06.06 15:34 Nixght_ Possible AVPD? Looking for second opinions

Note: I AM going to get professional help, but there's a 4 month wait time. So I'm just spending that time asking around on the internet.
So all my life, I've had some sort of severe anxiety disorder, and was diagnosed with Something (GAD? Social Anxiety? Idk, I just know it was referred to as Severe Anxiety) when I was a kid.
Ive had caretakers all my life so I just dont have access to that stuff cause they've sorted out all the doctors appointments (also I dont remember my childhood! So I dont remember what age or why I was diagnosed.)
But it is SEVERE anxiety. I could never participate in most things during school, especially things like P.E. Cause the second any sort of attention was on me I would just freeze
I can never do things while being watched. If there's the slightest bit of attention on me, I just cannot do things. If I'm alone in my room and I'm doing something I consider embarrassing, I regularly glance at my closed door to make sure nobody is watching
At my mum's funeral, all of my siblings stood up and talked at the front of the crowd, and I couldnt. I stayed sat with the rest of the crowd
Mundane things like going on a bus with my brother, I cant go first because I find it embarrassing to pick a seat. I will freeze until my brother walks in front of me and picks a seat for me
My entire teen years, from what little I remember, have been wasted. I didnt have the life everyone else did. I had no friends, I would only go places with my caretakers, the idea of going out and hanging with friends or doing things like going out alone was so foreign to me. I felt like such a little kid even at the age of 18. I dont know what its like to be independent, I never will
Even small things like the time my school teacher was handing out chocolate muffins to the class, and I didnt get one because I was too scared to nod my head yes, even though I wanted one so bad (just like Ive always wanted a normal social life lol!)
I spent all the time I wasnt in school cooped up in my house, knowing nobody except my caretakers. And being too scared to do anything remotely embarrassing around them, which includes things like . Tidying up when someone's in the same room, in case I was doing it wrong. Brushing my hair in case I was doing it Wrong. Drawing. Literally Anything and Everything!
I realized this last year I have an inferiority complex. I feel inherently below and unequal to those around me. If I found myself in a situation where me and someone else were to have a differing opinion, I'd disregard mine and assume the other person knew better
Everyone else knows better, I am inherently socially inept. It is an ingrained feeling of uselessness, inferiority, inequality, I am simply below those I talk to.
I also have an Extreme fear of criticism and rejection. Any sign of criticism I assume the other person hates me, and I cant see them the same way after that.
I only ever had one close friend and that was because she was someone so non judgemental that (after a LONG time of getting comfortable) I knew I could express anything to her. And we mostly shared the same opinions (and if we didnt, I just. Wouldn't bring it up out of fear. I remember one time we had differing opinions on something and I was genuinely trembling with fear LMAO)
I think, now that she's gone, that I'm going to die alone. I cant get close to anyone. My brain is too broken. I'm going to be too much for them.
I have a history of lots of trauma, neglect as a kid, abuse as a teen, trauma from people mocking or not taking my anxiety seriously, etc. I also have Selective Mutism, and didn't talk ONCE the ENTIRE time I was in school from when I was a kid to when I left at 17.
I consider my brain to be broken, and Ive always wondered if its something more severe than social anxiety.
I feel inherently different to others. In a bad way. Like they all live in a different world to me, one that I'll never know how to live in. Ive felt this way for as long as I've known.
I live with my current caretaker and though he's shown to be a non judgemental, caring person, I still struggle with the embarrassment of asking him to do stuff like help me make food. And after 8 months of living here, I STILL cannot knock on his bedroom door.
Im so tired. Ive always been tired. Ive never known a life where I havent been terrified to do Everything. Its looking like I'm getting better with my new, non abusive caretaker, but its going to take years to undo 23 years of constant extreme social anxiety
I cannot get a job. Not only will I continue to be mute the whole time (its not willingly, its like I cant get words out no matter how hard I try.) I know I wont be able to do it. Itll be like my school days, where I was too scared to do anything. I NEVER got over the fear of doing anything while being watched. My body freezes and I cant move. And my brain tries to pretend its elsewhere. Meanwhile the people watching just dont understand, because whatever theyre asking me to do is such a simple task. Like grabbing an item from across the room that they are Literally pointing at. Because I'm scared ill grab the Wrong thing. Ive heard "its not difficult, just do it" so many times. Im tired Also I'm terrified of authority lol
Does this sound like AVPD? Not asking for a diagnosis, not wanting to self diagnose. Looking for other opinions. Just wondering if its something worth bringing up to a professional.
You know what's even funnier? I probably wont be able to bring it up. I dont know HOW well im going to do in therapy. If I am too scared to participate in therapy, am I just doomed?
I'm even scared about posting this here. In case I look stupid or have somehow got the symptoms of AVPD wrong. Crazy how the brain works
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2023.06.06 15:34 -dogtopus- Tips to lose weight/eat healthier as someone who gets too obsessive and has food texture issues?

Hi everyone! I hope some of you can help give me some tips, I've struggled with this my whole life and now that I'm nearing my 30s I want to be in better health as I get older. I've been overweight the majority of my life, and at this point I've accepted and love myself for how I am and I'm not agonizing over it like I was when I was a teen. However, the times I've (physically) felt best were definitely when I was losing a bit of weight and taking better care of myself physically. I also used to be able to keep it somewhat in check working at warehouses and various other physical jobs. But now I work from home and just feel constantly mentally depleted, leading me to not really take care of myself the way I should.

Anyways, growing up and even while I've been an adult, it's been REALLY difficult not to obsess when I'm "dieting". I also struggled with purging what I ate in my teens, and it definitely "flares up" if I'm restricting(thoughts, mostly). There's something about constantly tracking every little thing, weighing every bit of food, logging it, logging tomorrows meals, weighing myself, keeping a visual calorie goal, dealing with all these macros, etc. Seeing how much weight I lost this week turns into how much weight did I lose today...then how much weight did I gain after lunch? I just peed, how much do I weigh now? How many calories are in my vitamins? I didn't weigh my spinach today, I'm going to gain weight! Etc, etc, etc, until I can't take it anymore and drop it altogether.

When I'm not "dieting" I can eat pretty normally, don't feel guilty or anything like that but if you add in numbers to everything I become obsessive to a fault. I also have issues with the textures of a lot of veggies and all fruit except bananas (most of the time). I absolutely can't eat raw veggies or veggies that are crunchy, the texture will make me gag. Meat is generally okay, but if I find one weirdly textured bit I will not be able to eat the rest of it or anything else on the plate. Smoothies are VERY hit or miss, can't have anything that has any crunch or grit in it. Anything with oatmeal in it I will not be able to get down. This extends to a lot of other foods. I feel like all of the fitness info I find online doesn't take into account that some people are neurodivergent and can't handle it the same way as others might. Having such an issue with the textures of 90% of healthy food (veggies, fruits, etc) has made it much harder to eat healthy. I really want something sustainable, a healthy diet I can eat comfortably and not worry about numbers and textures. Sure I can lose weight eating crap, but I'll feel like shit and be unhealthy in the long run.

Please help a girl out :) for reference I'm 5ft 7 probably around 240lbs. I use to be a bit more "muscle" when I worked in warehouses, but I have an injured back now (don't recommend working in a warehouse) so lifting is not as easy as it was.
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2023.06.06 15:34 Corolo1 ULPT Request: Driveway asphalt company does a terrible job and wont take responsibility even after court

So as the title states, my dad hired an asphalt company to re-do their driveway. He said it cost almost $5k, so you would expect this company to do a great job. Well, they come around to do the job and the job ended up not being done well. The asphalt ended up being cold, which within less than a month made the driveway start to warp significantly and cause pretty large cracks. (I'm also not an expert on this stuff, but I would imagine that this should not happen).
My dad calls the company and has them come out to look at the work, and the person who came agreed that the job was done poorly and he would pass along the information to the company so they would handle the situation.So my dad keeps trying to get in contact with the company, he's calling, texting, emailing to no avail and he mentions that if they don't do anything, he will take them to small claims court which he eventually did. He brought solid evidence of their lack of communication, as well pictures and proof of their shitty job and was able to get $3k. Then this asphalt company appealed the case and the judge of the appeal completely disregarded and gaslighted my dads proof and evidence, saying things like "it looks like the driveway is fine" and "are you an expert on driveways". The amount the company had to my dad is now lowered to $600!
Now he wants to get his money but he can't even get in contact with this company and they wont send him the money. I don't know much about the legal system but this seems way off.
Curious to see what kinds of unethical life pro tips can be done about this situation.
tl;dr: dad hires an asphalt company who does a shitty job. He tries to get them to fix the issues and they don't communicate with him so he takes them to small claims where he gets a good portion of his payment back and the company appeals the case. The judge in the appeal takes the side of the company and now the company only owes him a very small amount of money but he still can't get in contact with them and they wont send him the money.

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2023.06.06 15:34 neoncrucifix Feeling devastated, I think I’ve lost the only two friends I had.

One of them dropped me out of nowhere, stopped replying to me, even when I said I missed her, she’s neurodivergent too. (Sorry for the long post, feel free to skip to the end and answer the question because I really want to know others opinions, or maybe I should make a separate post for a discussion on it?)
My other friend posted a picture of herself crying, I immediately asked what’s wrong, she said she’d speak to me when she’s in a better frame of mind and I understood that completely. I still felt really concerned and thought I conveyed that by letting her know I was here for her, and that I love her and I’d be thinking of her. I didn’t want to bug her, I gave her space. Perhaps I assumed wrongly that she needed space, but it’s not in my nature to pester somebody if they tell me they will speak to me when they feel up to it, because I hate when I tell somebody I need space and they start phoning me etc. So she left me on read, that was fine to me. But then she posted a picture of them hanging out with the caption “love spending time with this one” my heart dropped. It used to be the three of us.
I genuinely don’t know what I did. I’ve been given the silent treatment by the friend I mentioned in the first paragraph, we have always related due to our similar personalities and experience being neurodivergent, navigating life, relationships and friendships being neurodivergent. I have an inkling of where it started to go sour, but I have been completely frozen out with zero communication. She does have a lot of friends so maybe she considered me/our friendship ultimately disposable. I could just ask why she no longer speaks to me, right…?
Wrong. I’m too anxious to. Plus, it shouldn’t be my responsibility to confront somebody who has an issue with me. I know there is a reason she does not speak to me anymore, but I did see something the other day that was like “unless they directly tell you they have an issue with you, you should carry on as if they don’t”
At least I start my new job tomorrow and can hopefully start making new friends, the job is inclusive and has a good understanding of ND people!
P.s, does anyone have a hard time differentiating between when someone is open to being your friend vs just being courteous in a work environment etc?
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2023.06.06 15:34 Ok_Advertising6066 PESU Discord

Hey there, Reddit fam! Guess what? I'm Han, the "amazing" creator of the PESU Discord. Brace yourselves because we are the coolest community ever for all you "awesome" people from PES University (or that's what we tell ourselves before we go to bed every night, crying). We've got over 2000 members, including graduates from the batch of 2021 and current first-year students. Yep, it's like a huge never-ending party in there!

It's that time of the year again, folks! PESSAT season is upon us, and all you bright 12th graders who are considering PES University should ideally look away, but for some reason y'all are jumping with joy. Now, normally, you need a fancy Student Registration No. (SRN) to join our oh-so-exclusive Discord. But hey, I've made a "special arrangement" just for you guys. Aren't you lucky? Probably not cuz you're thinking of joining PESU.

Prepare yourselves for the experience of a lifetime. You can now connect with our current students, bombard them with endless questions, and get a teeny-tiny taste of what awaits you at PESU.

So, don't even think about missing out on this golden opportunity! Join PESU Discord, where you'll be surrounded by fun and support from the coolest of the cool. Get ready for a supposedly "great time," because apparently that's what we offer here. Make friends, learn about life at PESU, and brace yourself for the most unforgettable experience of your life. Can't wait to see you there... or maybe not. But hopefully not.

Link to the server: https://discord.gg/eZ3uFs2
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2023.06.06 15:33 Important_Macaron554 Performing arts as a person with social anxiety

Hi everyone! I have a very specific problem that I have not found a solution to as of yet and I wonder if any one you had a similar problem?
I've been interested in the arts and have been studying classical singing since I was 16. (I'm now 25). I was/am considered talented by my teachers and people in the field and was always encouraged to pursue it as a career. However, I have a big problem. Due to my social anxiety, I'm not able to express emotions well while performing. Most of my energy when performing goest into masking my stage fright and focusing on my singing and there's no room left for actual "performance". I don't know if this makes sense to you, I hope it does. I'm a person who struggled with SA since I was around 13. It's not severe, like I can leave the house, I can kinda socialize and now that I'm in universtity, I can give presentations with more or less success, however these tasks come with much more anxiety than the avarage person without SA and it affects the quality of these tasks and my realtionships as well.
But the problem is, although I can manage these daily tasks meaning I get them done - performing is an entirely different thing. It's not about getting it done, it's actually living it and expressing it. I have always had a problem expressing myself in my daily life as well, not just on stage. This thing is now affecting me so much that it's the reason I'm considering giving up this dream of performing as it comes with so much anxiety and the feedback is always "you sing so beautifully but I feel like you don't mean the words you sing". Phrases like this hurts so much because I'm trying but there seems to be little to no improvement.
Being on stage, people watching you and doing it as a profession - you can imagine it's incredibly hard for a person with SA. It's like my mind and heart are battling against each other daily and it's exhausting.
Thank you for reading my vent :)
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2023.06.06 15:33 AvgRedditUser29 Thinking of buying a rift s for pcvr.

I currently use a quest 2 almost exclusively for pcvr, but the recent update completely broke link and after waiting a month there's no sign of it getting fixed. Oculus diddnt even acknowledge that it was an issue when I spoke to them.
The issue is an overwhelming ammount of artifacts when using link via cable, Air Link, or VD. It's to do with an uncontrolled gpu usage on the quest side according to vd staff.
I've always had issues on link but this recent update broke it completely.
I'm also running mid range hardware meaning that in some games I have to minimise the graphics to get stable fps, concidering that compression is quite demanding taking about 30% of my gpu, leaving the game with only 70%.
Because the rift s runs off display port and has very little to break I'm hoping that I will have less issues. Considering that I can get it for under 100 if I look around will it be worth me buying one.
I'm sick of oculus breaking my shit and the quest 2 ui is buggier than ever.
Another reason is that I should get a nice performance, buff latency buff, and increase in visual clarity because there's no compression.
In my opinion it's a no brainier for £100, is there somthing I'm missing?
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2023.06.06 15:33 CrystalStarshine Please recommend series like: Irish village mystery by Carlene O'Connor

I recently got into reading cozy mysteries (my discovery of my library's Hoopla audiobook access has opened a new world of multitasking). I've ready cozy mysteries before, but always just picking up a book, not reading through a series.
I am steadily working my way through Carlene O'Connor's Irish Village Mystery series and I absolutely love it.
Can you please recommend similar series? Here are the particular things I love about this one:
*I love this type of romance - no love triangle, they always treats each other with respect, there's not a ton of will they/won't they or contrived situations to keep them apart. Its easy to love them together and believe they will make it and we are just following along and experiencing how the get there. *Siobhan is serious and dedicated to her family, village and career...I guess I'm super boring, but I'm a homebody and not particularly interested in nightlife or shopping or drinks with girlfriends or heart pounding chases. I want my protagonist sipping tea and reading books or baking bread while pondering clues, not doing things you'd have to pull teeth to make me do. *And she's smart! I hate it when a protagonist does something that makes me groan. I shouldn't be tense because the main character has no common sense. *I LOVE Ireland and really like England, but am also down for reading about small town US if the place seems cozy enough. Big city settings don't seem like something I'd enjoy, but I'm prepared to be proven wrong.
What should I read next? I would be grateful for any suggestions.
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2023.06.06 15:33 Jazzlike-Battle1758 Looking for a hunting buddy

I dont need help or anything but I'm lonely hunter who has decided it's time to find an animal abuse partner. I run switch axe and insect glaive but am open to branching out and even starting a new game fresh. I've rolled credits on iceborne and soloed every fight so far but I think the guiding lands is going to humble me hard. I'm open to playing with both new and experienced players because I know a good bit but I'm no where near knowledgeable on like alatreon or fatalis or other end game content.
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2023.06.06 15:33 Gentlemoth Is it time to junk it?

I drive a VW golf A5, 1.6l engine from 2004. Car is still serviceable and drives but it's starting to get a bunch of problems from it's age. It's been standing outdoors in a cold country(Sweden) for nearly 20 years so rust is starting to become a serious problem. Had to repair the load bearing beams a few years ago, quite expensive fix.
Mileage is still good for its age , 150,000km/93,000 miles. Timing belt replaced by 130,000km, clutch been replaced in the last 5 years(manual transmission).
In Sweden we need to do a yearly vehicle inspection, and if you fail on certain parts you need to fix them or it becomes illegal to drive the vehicle. This year's verdict is the left brake disc is damaged, and brake pads(?) pulsating, probably needs to be replaced as well. A failure on inspection and I have a month to fix the problem.
I'm assuming if you replace one disc you should probably replace the one on the other side. No problems reported with it but I assume it's standard practice? Right rear brake disc also got a notice for rust problems, but not critical enough to get a failure in inspection.
I'm starting to feel like the car is becoming a money sink to fix the problems, and I assume they'll get worse over the years as well. So the question is whether or not I should junk it, or if I should fix the problems and then try to sell it.
Best estimated is a car of that age and mileage will go for at most $3000. That would probably if it's good shape, which this most certainly is not. I don't know what the cost of a disc repair would be, especially if I need to do 2(or all 4?). I'm assuming around $1000. No idea what it'll go for if you junk it, I'd have to
Is it time to say goodbye?
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2023.06.06 15:33 Agammamon Why are there so many unskippable speaking sequences?

No offense intended, but I don't care about your story. Maybe I'll look at it in a later playthrough but . . . well, I went through the D3 story. Not exactly great.
I just want to play the game. Not be interrupted every couple of minutes and forced to sit there while some people blather on. Or, worse, long animated scenes with long pauses in the scene and nothing much happening.
NOTHING should be unskippable.
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2023.06.06 15:32 Narrow_Kitchen7603 Procrastinating to journal

For a few weeks now I don't journal anymore, before that I used my journal/bullet journal daily. Now I can even touch it. What can I do about it? I kinda feel like starting a new notebook, but I just feel awful. I miss journaling but just can't get myself to do it.
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2023.06.06 15:32 AlexKaut T480 error 0001, how to solve it?

When I turn the laptop ON, the screen is black, fan starts spinning and the speakers are playing a melody error Lenovo app says, that it is error 0001 and offers two solutions: take out all the batteries and charging, wait a minute and start the laptop. It doesn't help. The second tip is to replace the motherboard... I searched for this error on reddit, found several posts, but there is no direct solution there The warranty on the T480 has expired, but I'm still writing to Lenovo support, while I'm waiting for an answer I used Manjaro OS, grub2 did not start, I tried to configure it. And as a result, after one of the reboots, this error occurred. I don't know if there is a connection between these events or is it random
At the moment I'm thinking of trying to update the bios. Offer your ideas
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