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Best OS for an NAS + Jellyfin use

2023.06.02 11:26 Proxiiimiity Best OS for an NAS + Jellyfin use

Hello everybody, this my first post on Reddit and I hope i won't mess it up

I will soon be receiving an Hp prodesk 400 g6 (i5 10500T - 8GB DDR4)
I will be pairing it with a Samsung 970 EVO+ 2To Nvme SSD

I plan on using it to store my medias (Mainly 4K movies) and the use Jellyfin to watch them on my TV / Tablet.
The goal is to do less transfers as possible, preferably being able to assing the remote "NAS" as the target of the Torrent software on my personnal computer, then have Jellyfin set up on the same directory so I can stream it (using quicksync).

The question is, What OS and documentations would you recommend and will this machine be powerful enough ?

Thanks a lot
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2023.06.02 11:24 AreaConscious7686 Is Blazor the right choice?

I'm looking for some advice about starting to develop an Enterprise application.
My Requirements are:
Is Blazor the Right Choice here? If not, would it be the Right choice to build two Applications, one for the web and reuse the Blazor components for a Web view in WPF/MAUI or Maui hybrid? Basically, my goal is to write and support as little as possible code for all the platforms. I also know that with js Interop it is possible to use NFC or USB but limited on browsers and not supported on IOS. I have little experience with Blazor, but never build a full scale application. My knowledge is mostly limited on WPF, winForms, MAUI/Xamarin and java, but I like to develop small things in Blazor lately. Also, I don't feel like MAUI is production ready for enterprise applications and Xamarin is nearly end of life.
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2023.06.02 11:16 ProOnlineClass 4 Ways For Hacking iXL – Get A Complete Guide With effective Tips

4 Ways For Hacking iXL – Get A Complete Guide With effective Tips
Often students wonder, ‘ How to cheat on ixl?’. But, another group of students are not familiar with the term’ ixl’. If you are one on this list, here is your answer. IXL is one of the internet-based apps that boosts students’ confidence levels. One must solve ixl answers language arts with efficiency. According to your degree, the program offers knowledge. Also, ixl motivates users and helps them reach their efficiency level. Yet, students wish to get practical hacks.

ixl hacks
Table of Contents
  • What Is IXL?
  • How Does IXL Work?
  • How to Cheat at IXL?
  • Manipulate time counter
  • Score edit to cheat ixl
  • Use IXL answer key
  • Help from other sites
  • Expert ixl problem solvers
  • How to get every ixl question right?
  • Why should you use ixl?
  • IXL is simple to use:
  • At-home education:
  • Assistance with homework:
  • Fundamental standards:
  • Mental math:
  • Practical tips for Hacking IXL
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Our Latest Blogs
What Is IXL?
IXL is an excellent software that enables the students to access their course material. Also, it helps clarify several doubts in the academic learning process. The app with interactive lessons boosts the confidence of the students.
Read more on how does honorlock work.
IXL questions are now available online, which helps learners prepare for their online tests. It removes all the rigidity of classroom learning and replaces it with enough flexibility. The platform does not concentrate on a single subject. Instead, you can get answers for Mathematics, Science, English, Language Arts, etc.
You can now get assignments help for your uncompleted essays and other tasks. Find all the answers here.
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How Does IXL Work?
IXL is an archive of endless educational expertise both for scholars and learners. As a result, students can shine in their respective subjects. It is such a platform that prepares each student to understand the concept of each subject. Following are the ways we can state its working:
  • The ixl website comes with a reward and point system. As soon as the student receives the reward, they get motivated. As a result, they can score higher grades.
  • IXL offers 100 points for each skill level. Also, the tip comes with a stamp.
  • Students have the chance to get a variety of virtual gifts with the point earning system
  • IXL smartscore system is another benefit of this learning platform.
  • The Sooner, a student, completes a level, the ixl automatically saves it. After that, the potential students get promoted to the next higher level.
  • The work of IXL is not only the rewards. Instead, the remote learning sessions help each student to complete their homework.
How to Cheat at IXL?
Some students look for online tools that can help them cheat on ixl. Also, some intelligent students focus on practical tips on ixl cheats. One hardship that most students face while appearing online for tests on the platform is the duration. At the same time, you sit for the test. You have to answer the question within 5 minutes. After that, your session will expire. It is one of the issues with most of the students. Thus, they look for cheat ixl. Following are some of the tricks on ‘ how to hack ixl’.
Manipulate time counter
One of the biggest problems that the students face while getting correct answers is the timeline. What if we trick the time counter itself? Think of the situation when the user leaves the main screen and searches for something else on the site. In such a situation, The timer gets tricked. As a result, it won’t record the practical time. Furthermore, to get all insights on accurate MyMathLab Answers, keep reading this article.
Also, when the activity gets unrecorded, the system is paused. When the user gets back to the main screen again, it will start re-recording the time. Also, it will calculate the time from the moment it is paused. It is a beautiful trick as the user gets ample time to solve the question. Stay with us and keep reading this article to learn all the essential information about What is a GED**?** We will answer all your queries in this article.
Score edit to cheat ixl
Did you have an idea that you can manipulate the score with the ixl answer key? Yes, you heard it correctly—one of the effective cheats on ixl is editing the score. Not every student can score high in every subject, whether in school or college. Each student has several constraints.
But, today, you have ixl hacks to help. One of them is editing the score. The next question that you get in your mind is, ‘ how to go about it?’ Following are the steps for ixl answer hack:
  • Go to the main screen of the particular page
  • You can see the score in the top right corner of the screen
  • Now, you must right click with the mouse on the score. You can see several options
  • Choose the option ‘ inspect; from the list
  • As soon as you click the checkbox, you can see various transcripts
  • Once you double click the transcription, it will open with a score.
  • Now, you can put the cursor on the score and edit it. You can put any score that you like.
  • When you are done, click on the box, and you will be returned to the main screen of ixl.
Use IXL answer key
Students knowing ixl math answers correct might not score high consistently. One of the reasons behind the factor is the speed. Here, you will get the solution on how to do IXL faster. Some users have combined the ixl problem solver with the answer key.
Most of you might not know, but you will get the answer key on a particular website. There is a separate dedicated website where you can answer keys for several skills. College students must be aware of it. Google is the best search engine from which you can search for a particular answer key.
Thus, getting the answer key for a particular skill comprehension will be one of the brilliant methods. Instead, it is one of the easiest and fastest ways for most learners. Getting hack means completing assignments in a timely manner and getting higher scores.
Here is the expert help for you to take my online class.
Help from other sites
Today, you will get several different websites that deal with the hack. Thus, online learning sessions have several hacking tricks that you can find on various websites. It eases the ixl questions with ixl answer bots. There is also some step-by-step process:
  • Type the ixl website in the address bar and see the home page
  • You will have a login option where you have to put the user id and password
  • Now choose the particular subject. For example, if you are willing to avail answers for ixl math then choose ‘ math’.
  • In the next step, you will get a screen where you can find tricky questions
  • Now, open a new tab and search for a website that deals in mathematics
  • In the next step, copy the question that you can see in the pop-up of ixl and paste it into the other math-based website.
  • Now click ok. College students can get their answers in just a few seconds. You can also access the ten tabs within the practice screen.
Expert ixl problem solvers
With the increase in online learning programs, the demand for expert writers has increased. Instead of cheating at ixl, you can approach expert writers. Even the brilliant students avail this service. If you have the burden of excessive homework, the quality assignment writing service is there for you. Also, they will ensure answer accuracy in each of the subjects. The professional writers will bring a big surprise to your academic record.
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How to get every ixl question right?
If you are not proficient with this program, you may require the assistance of an IXL problem solver for hire. Thus, you can cheat on ixl and earn an impressive mark from your educator, parent, or guardian. The team has highly skilled professional writers.
Additionally, they have a track record of assisting students with this task. The experts provide a low-cost assignment writing service of high quality. As a result, it should be accessible to students at all academic levels.
Our professionals pay close attention to your requirements when you seek our services. Additionally, they provide a customized answer to your issue. They are designed to assist you in achieving the highest possible score by successfully answering all or the majority of your IXL questions.
Why should you use ixl?
Perhaps you’ve attempted this program. But you are already exhausted. Also, your guardian and your parents require you to use it. But you believe it is pointless. There are multiple reasons for using IXL to practice various abilities.
These include the following:
IXL is simple to use:
The IXL website has the view in a table of contents format. As a result, navigation is straightforward. Additionally, it has interactive tutorials that are simple to follow.
The tutorials’ collection helps you to locate any information quickly. You can also have a family account with the program. Whether one teacher user or multiple, you get the full scope. If you have a classroom account, the subscription is for one whole year. You can also tap us for the finance assignment help.
At-home education:
By utilizing this application, you can maximize the value of any online learning sessions. If you find that classroom instruction is insufficient, this program enables you to engage in extracurricular practice. Also, this program allows you to study from home in comfort. Also, you can operate at any time.
Assistance with homework:
Your parents may become perplexed. That means you will have difficulty finishing assignments. Often you get confused with calculations and mathematics. With IXL, this process becomes significantly more straightforward. The tool enables you to evaluate several materials. Also, it determines the most appropriate technique or method for tackling math problems.
Fundamental standards:
The program incorporates content that is consistent with common core standards. Also, this section contains grades. You may get some material as offered in your textbooks. As a result, each learner maintains their academic level. The ixl solutions might not be compelling for most learners. Many college students hate ixl. But, students focused on remote learning platforms will prefer this program. You may also take help from experts. This is when they adopt ixl answers hack.
Mental math:
Using the IXL cheat sheet to solve math problems is a fantastic technique for learners to perform mental math. This instrument would require students to answer arithmetic problems in an ideal world. They must use their intelligence rather than paper and pencils.
But ixl enables children to get facts from simple inquiries. , they can answer mental math and complex queries. Thus, by using this app, you can boost your proficiency. Also, you become prompt during exams.
Worldwide, children, parents, caregivers, and teachers benefit from this program. Not every learner can use this tool; They can effectively solve assignment issues. Other students are sluggish and incapable of responding quickly enough to questions. As a result, some students prefer this program. Also, few seek online IXL homework assistance.
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4 Practical tips for Hacking IXL
Many students dislike IXL due to the complexity of the questions it assigns. Cheating on IXL consistently may lead to a high point total, but it will not result in any learning. As a result, we’ve developed some practical recommendations to assist you in responding to these questions. Additionally, these questions will alter your perspective regarding IXL, and you may begin to enjoy your practice sessions.
Errors propel you closer to success.
Errors are a natural part of learning; view them positively and use them to improve. For instance, if you receive a low grade on a subject, review your notes and repeat the test. You will see that your results are sure to improve. Similarly, the more you practice, the more opportunities you will have to get good points.
Establish realistic goals and commemorate them
A decent result of 80 indicates that you are knowledgeable about the subject. Similarly, a higher score indicates more excellent proficiency with the issue. However, it would be beneficial to begin with realistic and attainable goals to maintain self-motivation for a higher score. If you earn 100 points on every subject, you have mastered it. Celebrate your excellent score by taking a break from academics or doing something you enjoy, as a high score is what most university students strive for.
Between practice sessions, take breaks.
Between lengthy practice sessions on IXL, you must take pauses or obtain some fresh air. When you are inactive, IXL automatically stores your progress. Intervals between sessions will assist in recharging your energy so that you can resume your practice. When you’re ready to continue your work, you can return to the page and begin practicing. Especially math teachers are highly benefited. The program detects inactivity if you are inactive for a long time.
Keep notes and a pencil on hand to jot down math problems.
Solving than performing mental math on most questions is vital. Also, it is preferable to solve them in a notebook. This way, you’ll be able to answer more questions without exhausting yourself. Additionally, completing mental math problems needs more work; if the user answers problems in a notepad, he may do so more quickly.

Latest! IXL Answers Hack Extension cheat script
ixlWatch repos

Research interests

↑↑↑ Our research is primarily focused on hacks for IXL Learning, if you would like to use our auto answer script extension on this app, simply visit our web page on this profile.
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2023.06.02 11:13 KaramazovTheUnhappy Widowmaker is the Most Difficult DPS to Get Consistent Value With, Right?

As a sort of addendum to the big Hanzo thread, I thought I'd bring up my experiences with starting to try to get better with Widowmaker. As someone who recently has been playing a LOT of Tracer too, I think it's a bit odd that people talk up her difficulty so much when I feel like I can go into a game with her with my experience (around 57 hours), and if I play my best or even just decently, I can be very meaningful and even carry on occasion. I'm no amazing Tracer, but her versatility mean she's good against pretty much anything. On the other hand, I have 37 hours with Widowmaker and 36% winrate (playing in QP of course, no way I take her into ranked), almost always going negative K-D unless carried by teammates. I have 30 hours on Mei and a 63% winrate on her, by comparison. And in a thread I saw about skill floors on the main sub, someone actually described Mei as 'high floor, high ceiling' and Widowmaker as 'medium' floor; others will say that she needs 'no game sense'. What?!
I think a lot of the complaints about Widowmaker I see are almost literally nonsensical. People will complain about 'staying 50km away from the fight', but exactly which maps actually have spots so far away with good sightlines? Everyone talks about "Widow" maps as if the number of brawl-centric maps where she's nowhere near as good were not much higher overall than the three or so in which she's very good; even on those, like Circuit, the ranges aren't big enough a good Hanzo can't reliably duel her; nor are they so far away that a D.Va boost or Genji dash can't make the distance. People will also say she 'always has a pocket', but if she's so far away from the fight with a pocket, that's basically a support wasted in the team fight, and if she doesn't have one, the dive will be easy if she's really so far away. I know in my experience I have to assume I will never get heals at all.
Compared to Hanzo, the number of compositions that can dive her easily against is almost comical. A good Genji, Ball, D.Va, Tracer, Sombra, even a flanking Kiriko who uses her mobility well, the list of things that can make life hell for her is long. All with lower health, no good close range options like Hanzo's storm arrows, and with a single mobility on long cooldown compared to his wall climbing and much more frequent jump.
I've got some experience with every DPS (outside of Torb, to be honest). On none of them will I struggle to make any contribution at all as I almost always do playing Widowmaker, the only exception who is nearly as difficult is perhaps Echo, but she has other advantages.
Overall, I don't understand how people can even compare 'Hanzo and Widowmaker' because they feel to me like two entirely different things. Hanzo is a medium range Hero with decent long range capability marred by projectile inconsistency and short range that's almost stronger than his medium range. Widowmaker is a long range character almost exclusively, who can only play medium with no dive opponents or else being extremely circumspect about them. Obviously she can win short range with insane flicks if you're just that good, but that's outside the reach of 99% of players. The other 'sniper' would be Ashe, but she's also really a medium range character and much easier to get decent value with through hitting body shots consistently with just a smattering of head shots with smart dynamite usage. Widow HAS to hit head shots, consistently; Hanzo's closer effective range means his body damage is more meaningful by far, same for Ashe. Speaking for myself, even with much less time on Hanzo, I still find it easier to get headshots with him already, but maybe that's my Kiriko projectile experience helping. She simply has a hard mechanical skill floor that no other character has, and if you're below it, you can't do anything really at all; and in exchange you are basically the most vulnerable character in the game to dive, and highly map and comp dependent in a way that Tracer, for instance, or Hanzo for that matter, certainly is not.
Is my aim just so bad compared to the norm that I'm not realizing that it's actually easy to jump into her first time and do sweet 360 noscopes or something? I'm doing time in aim training, playing her a lot, and the grind to improve is nothing short of painful;
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2023.06.02 11:12 madroots2 Some ideas for saving. Appreciate your input as well!

Hello I found a ways to save a buck or two.
My main idea I follow is that the same stuff meant for businesses is cheaper than for an average consumer. Thats why I try to get industrial stuff rather than normal one from store.
Thus, looking for an ideas what else could I find with above in mind. Let me share what I have so far:
  1. Toilet paper! I am totaly sick of buying expensive toilet paper. Its getting way too expensive and you literally flush it down the toilet. I am buying Jumbo rolls which are huge and I also bought industrial dispenser which I use now. Its way cheaper, you can still choose quality you like and you dont have to change empty rolls all the time. This thing lasts 2 months and looks good since I bought nice dispenser.
  2. Shower gel Bought huge canister meant for hotels. Same as toilet paper, cheaper, you still get to choose quality you want and I just refil my dispenser once in a while (I like dispensers lol) This could apply for shampoo as well but I didnt try it yet.
  3. Soap Guess what - I have a soap dispenser :D and bought huge canister as well, not buying soap in the store anymore.
  4. Rice, brocolli, chia seeds, nuts and others This might not be so special, but where I live, you cannot get the big packs usually. Thats why I shop for these in the stores that are designed for restaurants, businesses etc. There is one that sells only to companies. I have business so I am allowed there and use it for personal shopping - its bigger with less people, prices are (usually) better and its good for things that lasts, like a rice, pasta, frozen stuff etc.
Do you have any other ideas/hacks ? Feel free to post them! :)
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2023.06.02 11:05 SlaveryGames Guitar scales app

Hi all, I created an app for learning guitar scales and note/interval/ear training. It is available for Android iOS
It has a lot of scales, tunings (it can have from 1 string to 14, bass included (sound for bass is different than for guitar)), you can add your scale or tuning, you can select the look of the fretboard and the look of scale markers. On each scale you can look what chords fit each scale degree "( i )" button. And you can select these chords that fit and app will display the notes of them on the scale.In the Menu -> Trainer there are different games to train notes/intervals/ear (also notes and intervals).In general app is very customizable. It is not a new app, so I had time to implement a lot of feature requests users asked for. Most of feature requests were implemented. Only some feature requests that don't fit the architecture of the app or principles were skipped.If you have any questions about whether the app can do what you want or you have some feature you would like to see let me know either by using "Menu -> Feature request" (via E-mail, this is preferred if you have very specific question because I would be able to provide instructions with screenshots as a response) or ask here. Any feedback is welcomed.
Also once you set up something on a fretboard you can save it as a picture (the whole fretboard or part of it) for later use. I think this would be useful for a lot of people who don't want to return to the app every time. Or just need a diagram to print.
By the rules of subreddit I see that advertising isn't allowed if the main purpose is to get money, but my app has everything free that anybody would ever need (all the main scales (all modes of Major scale, pentatonics, etc)? all the main chords). Only a small number of things are not free which you will never need anyway.I don't really make a lot of money from this app. 2h working as a programmer pays me more than I make from this app in a month and I spent a lot of months building it and improving. Just want it to be useful for somebody since I put so much effort into it.
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2023.06.02 11:05 batmanisabutch Children and impatient people

I work at a store that also sells furniture. I was doing recovery and this child was coughing so loud, not sure if they were covering their mouth, but because ~children~, most likely not. Child and brother go around climbing on EVERY SINGLE CHAIR AND COUCH. Control your damn kids, kids are gross.
Another story, this lady was picking up an order and I went to go look up her order on the computer. I'm still new so I ask a manager which screen to go to. She asks a couple questions which I don't know the answer to, so I reply "I don't know, let me ask," she replies "you don't know?" And huff and puffs her way through the rest of the transaction. I'm sorry lady but give people time to work shit out.
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2023.06.02 11:04 AccidentallyGood Does overload work with tied objects?

I wrote the following to play with tie. I overloaded the + operator and the add method is not being called. What's wrong?
#!/usbin/env perl use v5.22.0; use warnings; package My::Tie; use experimental 'signatures'; use overload '+' => 'add', fallback => 1; sub TIESCALAR ( $class, $value ) { my $self = bless \$value, $class; warn "Tied scalar $self"; return $self; } sub FETCH ($self) { warn "Fetching scalar $self"; return $$self; } sub STORE ( $self, $value ) { warn "Storing $value in scalar $self"; $$self = $value; } sub DESTROY ($self) { warn "Destroying scalar $self"; } sub UNTIE ($self) { warn "Untying scalar $self"; } sub add ( $self, $other, $swap = 0 ) { warn "Adding $self and $other"; return $swap ? $other + $$self : $$self + $other; } package main; tie my $scalar, 'My::Tie', 3; say tied $scalar ? 'Tied' : 'Not tied'; my $y = $scalar + 1; 
Tied scalar My::Tie=SCALAR(0x1390e0c28) at line 16. Tied Fetching scalar My::Tie=SCALAR(0x1390e0c28) at line 21. Destroying scalar My::Tie=SCALAR(0x1390e0c28) at line 30. 
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2023.06.02 11:01 Impossible-Change-39 Tiny living tips

Tiny Living Tips Here are some tips for living in a tiny space: 1. Keep it simple: Simplify your belongings and only keep what you need and use regularly. 2. Maximize storage: Use storage solutions like shelves, baskets, and bins to help keep your items organized and tidy. 3. Use multi-functional furniture: Invest in furniture that has multiple uses, such as a sofa that can also be used as a bed. 4. Use vertical space: Use your walls for storage by installing shelves or hanging baskets. 5. Get creative with storage: Use under-bed storage, hang pots and pans from the ceiling, or use a shower caddy to store toiletries. 6. Keep it clean: Tidy up regularly to keep your space clean and clutter-free. By following these tips, you can make the most of your tiny living space and create a comfortable and functional home. Link: the-best-kitchen-appliances-for-tiny.html
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2023.06.02 11:01 Impossible-Change-39 Tiny living tips

Tiny Living Tips Here are some tips for living in a tiny space: 1. Keep it simple: Simplify your belongings and only keep what you need and use regularly. 2. Maximize storage: Use storage solutions like shelves, baskets, and bins to help keep your items organized and tidy. 3. Use multi-functional furniture: Invest in furniture that has multiple uses, such as a sofa that can also be used as a bed. 4. Use vertical space: Use your walls for storage by installing shelves or hanging baskets. 5. Get creative with storage: Use under-bed storage, hang pots and pans from the ceiling, or use a shower caddy to store toiletries. 6. Keep it clean: Tidy up regularly to keep your space clean and clutter-free. By following these tips, you can make the most of your tiny living space and create a comfortable and functional home. Link: the-best-kitchen-appliances-for-tiny.html
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2023.06.02 11:01 Impossible-Change-39 Tiny living tips

Tiny Living Tips Here are some tips for living in a tiny space: 1. Keep it simple: Simplify your belongings and only keep what you need and use regularly. 2. Maximize storage: Use storage solutions like shelves, baskets, and bins to help keep your items organized and tidy. 3. Use multi-functional furniture: Invest in furniture that has multiple uses, such as a sofa that can also be used as a bed. 4. Use vertical space: Use your walls for storage by installing shelves or hanging baskets. 5. Get creative with storage: Use under-bed storage, hang pots and pans from the ceiling, or use a shower caddy to store toiletries. 6. Keep it clean: Tidy up regularly to keep your space clean and clutter-free. By following these tips, you can make the most of your tiny living space and create a comfortable and functional home. Link: the-best-kitchen-appliances-for-tiny.html
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2023.06.02 10:56 GreatBeloved The mental load is crushing the life out of me.

Husband(49M) and I (46F) used to make a great team, but it's gone to hell in a hand basket over the last few years. Recently he informed me that I was expected to do 100% for our daughter(9) all the cleaning and inside the house chores. He takes the trash out, mows the lawn/winter shoveling (unless he is out of town- and I think he checked the weatheplanned his away weeks so I had to clear the driveway nearly every storm this year- and the grass hasntbbeen mowed this season) He told me that we had agreed when I took my part-time (24-32hrs/week) job 2 years ago, that our daughter wouldn't be in daycare and I could do things at home. I missed the fact that he was going to stop doing ANYTHING around the house. I refuse to schedule his appointments or do his laundry. His schedule is erratic and he is too picky on the order his shirts get hung up in the closet. He also pays all the household bills. But if I ask him to grab a gallon of milk at the store on the way home you would think I sent him on a mission for a rare gem.
Everyday I get up at 6:30 with our daughter to get her ready for school. He rolls out of bed just after 7. I make sure she is fed, has snack, homework, book, water, shoes etc for school and we are out the door at 7:40. I drop her off at school, drive to the post office for work (15 min) and head to the office. I have to leave work by 2:30 to be home before the bus. Then it's snack, homework, maybe 1 hr of down time before supper prep, baths, and bedtime prep. daughter has severe anxiety and I sit with her until she fLls asleep. Somewhere between 4 and 6 he announces he is done with work (unless he gets a phone call) and he sits in his recliner and turns on the TV. I can't get him to see that my being home with our daughter after school.does not give me more extra rime in my day. He refuses to help.with cooking, and complains that he eats out too much so doesn't want takeout. He doesn't understand why there are always dirty dishes in the sink, or why I haven't had the chance to vacuum or put laundry away. I have to schedule all the appointments for my daughter. I have to follow up with the school. I plan meals and buy the groceries. I am trying to get a summer schedule set, and he refuses to sit with me and look at the calendar- because he doesn't know where he will need to be for work. I am just so tired.
2 years ago I started a new job. Super flexibility, good pay, part-time 24-32 hours a week. I can WFH or at the office, any hours, I just need to make sure the job is done. Hubby is a sales manager, he goes to his customers/ spends time with employees and finishes his paperwork/communication from home (his desk is between our living room and dining areas). Every 3 weeks or so he is out of town Monday-Thursday. His work is full time plus. He will always answer his work calls, no matter the time, or what activity the family is doing. 2 or 3 times a year he travels out of state for Corporate events- training and fun events, 1 week a year he has a guys vacation (hunting trip). 3 years ago I was working a full-time job (32 hours a week, our daughter (now 9) was in full time daycare, my disabled mom was living with us, she had helpers that regularly came to the house. Hubby had the same job, but was not managing others yet.
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2023.06.02 10:53 EbyteCD LoRa technology

LoRa is a long-distance wireless transmission technology based on spread spectrum technology. In fact, it is also one of many LPWAN communication technologies. It was first adopted and promoted by the American Semtech company. This solution provides users with a simple wireless communication method that can realize long-distance and low power consumption. At present, LoRa mainly operates in the ISM frequency band, mainly including 433, 868, 915 MHz and so on. As a low-power wide-area network communication technology, LoRa wireless transmission technology has the advantages of stronger communication radio frequency distance and longer transmission distance under the same power consumption. The communication distance is 3-5 times that of traditional wireless technology.
Semtech has developed a complete set of LoRa communication chip solutions based on LoRa technology, including different types of LoRa chips for gateways and terminals. In order to promote other companies to participate in the LoRa ecology, in March 2015, Semtech joined forces with Actility, Cisco, IBM and other manufacturers to jointly initiate the establishment of the LoRa Alliance, and launched the constantly iterative LoRaWAN specification, which gave birth to a network consisting of nearly a thousand companies around the world. The wide-area networking standard system supported by manufacturers forms a broad industrial ecology.
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2023.06.02 10:51 snehamahesh Arsis Developers Reviews Bangalore - Trustworthy Reviews

The made locales in Bangalore are creating with such a flood of speed that occasionally you see new Arsis Developers watching out, building one or various exercises of estates, homes, or selling condos, etc.
The market is unnecessarily full to the point that it is challenging to catch the ideal Developer and right land experience as an expected entryway. Countless Developers are not maintained or permitted by the public power experts to start improvement. A way they get it going, they sell properties, get from them, and in this way disseminate, staying away from the demolished buyers which they scarcely climb with respect to.
I had some knowledge of these things as I'm a news buff and I keep eyes on the close by and public business news. I have been working for quite a while and near the beginning of this continuous year, I bought a level in one of the known undertakings in the city. This attempt is named Arsis Green Hills and it is made by Arsis Developers. I'm content with the appreciation of the purchase and I'm one of those lucky people who put assets into the best land and an entryway at the best time.
I'm outlining this Arsis Green Hills Review KR Puram to help different people who could get sorted out inland cheats. This Arsis Green Hills Reviews KR Puram is to face the challenge of buyers or land buffs through my purchase interaction and help them with perceiving how it typically works.
Thus, last year in the hour of September, I started looking for a level to be bought in and around Bangalore. As I work in the city in an acknowledged connection, I wished to get settled here.
I told my close mates, neighbors, and office people about my objectives and alluded to them to share their getting a handle on in regards to this present circumstance. In the meantime, I was searching for reliable activities on the web as well. During my sales, I ran over various Arsis Developers Reviews Bangalore, yet I wouldn't settle down on one task out of nowhere early. I really took a gander at various developments, I conversed with various designers, I visited different regions, right now nothing had all of the stores of being ideal for myself comparatively as my lifestyle. During a comparable time, I was influenced by one Green hills Survey taking a gander at the exceptional headway segment entryway, open cushions, rich vegetation in the combining, sports, working conditions, and that is just a touch of something greater.
This was adequate for me to make the crucial choice and plan a course of action. The following week, I visited with the facilitator, and the accessories, they helped me with keeping an eye out for every one of my solicitations, requests, and questions. They informed me about the purchasing cycle, finance support from known banks, smooth vehicle of reports, and how straightforwardness stays aware of through the planned exertion. I was stunned and ensured the end result of organizing a site visit, which I did.
Moreover, clearly, the subsequent I entered the task I grasped that all of the Arsis Developers Review Bangalore on the web is veritable and the venture is palatable. It is an ideal fit in the event that you are looking for a spot as a home around here.
For More information:
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2023.06.02 10:48 Few_Individual5949 Help regarding GLS service

Hey! I'm currently living in Hungary and I found a reputable looking forum where people buy and sell mainly tech related items. I made a deal with someone to buy their item, and they said they can ship to my city using GLS with COD meaning I'll pay the price of the item and delivery when it gets to me.
The user has a few positive reviews as a seller that come from real accounts as far as I can tell (they're active and have bought tons of other stuff from other users, none of them have immediate red flags to me) and they have another listing on site, but they don't have any comments on the forum itself.
What makes me worry more than the user's activity though is that they didn't ask for my phone number. The few times I've had GLS deliver packages to me were through stores, and each time I get an email and a text with the delivery time. I also always pay with my debit card or Apple Pay, I don't use cash. However, this seller didn't ask me for my number or how I'm planning to pay and now I'm overthinking it. Do any of you know if GLS has a service where the seller doesn't have to provide the recipient's contact information, or is this going to be some elaborate scam?
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2023.06.02 10:48 sann540 (2/2)April 2023










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2023.06.02 10:41 NinjaRealist AITA for getting mad at a regular at work when they badly startled me banging on my car window?

I work front desk at a large furniture store and there is a regular at work, Becky, who seems to lack some sort of social awareness. She regularly causes disruptions by bringing their bike inside the store instead of locking it up outside, making a scene by yelling loudly to ask for something, yelling profanities at her grandchildren or over all being a nuisance with no respect for the business. My bosses tend to tolerate this because she lives in the neighborhood and in general our store can’t operate if we kick out every problem customer like this.
The problem started earlier this week when I was sitting in my car after work looking at my phone before I left. I saw Becky walking down the street and I admit I was already annoyed because she tests my patience enough at work and it had been a long day and I didn’t want to talk her. So I waved at her as politely as I could and then put my head down and kept looking at my phone.
A few seconds later I was badly startled by a loud banging on my passenger side window and Becky is standing right by door grinning. I was bullied pretty badly as a kid so when people startle me like that I tend to go into fight or flight mode. I angrily got up and got out of the car and she asked uf scared me. I angrily said that yes, she has scared me really badly, then get back in my car and drive off immediately.
I didn’t think anything more of it but then today before work my boss calls and says Becky has been by the store over a dozen times looking for me and is angry that I talked to her that way. They warned me Becky might come by looking for me again and said I should explain the misunderstanding and apologize for getting upset. I am willing to apologize to keep the peace but Becky is not a polite person and I deal with her behavior all the time andknow she will probably say something rude to me when I try to apologize and I told my bosses if that happens that I would be extremely upset and that to keep the peace I asked to take the day off and have my manager communicate my apology as a way of defusing tensions.
But the more I think about this, the more upset I feel about the way this customer is treating me. So AITA? Did I cause this entire problem by overreacting or did I have a right to be scared and angry after she banged on my car window and startled me? This is really causing problems for me at work and I don’t know if I am handling the situation completely wrong.
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2023.06.02 10:40 Lopsided_Bowl_3880 YA book

Okay, could be combining multiple books. I remember a faraday cage, possibly being kept in a tank of some sort? Traveling to a sort of save haven with stacked rocks near water. Astral projecting? A scene were they were sleeping in a van and slugs (like supernatural slugs) climbed all over the van and left trails. I want to say the main character is a girl, with a bad boy kind of guy. Like they’re in a mansion with a rich guy who turns out to be evil (so cliche) and there’s a lab connected to his office where the faraday cage is
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2023.06.02 10:35 TheLifeOfQuablo Looking to Split on Summer Storage

Sorry if this isn't allowed, but I wanted to see if anyone had a storage unit near campus they've already rented for the summer that has some extra space. I only have a few (3-4) medium-sized boxes I needed to store, and I can pay for half the monthly costs.
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2023.06.02 10:34 YouStillTakeDamage What do you believe to be the best and worst performance for each of Karasuno’s starters?

Throughout the series, we’ve been treated to a lot of great matches, and lots of key moments from the Karasuno players. Today I ask, what do you view as the best and worst performances from each of the starters over the course of the series?
Here’s my list, with a disclaimer that picking the worst for some of these guys was pretty hard. It’s not too often the manga has a player being actively bad, and usually when they do they end up making one hell of a comeback and being key to the Karasuno victory. So some of the picks for worst are admittedly less that they played bad, and more that they had a poor stretch, or that they were below their usual standards in the match. Anyway, without further ado, let’s proceed,
Best Game: Kamomedai
I think this is one that clearly goes without saying. Hinata was absolutely on fire in this game, playing like a kid possessed and just constantly upping the ante against what was easily the best blocking team he had ever faced. It was almost poetic, really. When we started with him, he wondered what it looked like behind the wall of blockers. And in this game, they couldn’t do a thing against him.
Worst Game: Nekoma
This is an interesting pick, because this was Hinata’s first game having a really solid grasp of receiving (to the point where it won them a set), and it’s where he first started to get the hang of his “Dun” jump, which was key to the win over Nekoma. That being said, that jump came near the end of the second set, and it was something that he needed Kageyama’s four set in order to accomplish. Before then, while he wasn’t playing bad, and had still got some nice kills, he wasn’t nearly as effective as he usually was, with Nekoma’s strategy doing an absolutely number to slow him down
Best Game: Inarizaki
It was acknowledged within the manga that Kageyama was on one during this game. Be it his serving, his setting, his blocking, he was constantly able to rise to the task. Be it his running under the net to still set the ball, his block against Aran, or his long set towards Tanaka + his service ace to force a deuce, Kageyama was the best player Karasuno had that day, and evolved constantly within the game to begin reaching his full potential.
I will say I also considered Nekoma here, just because I really liked the way he managed to free Hinata from the shackles that Nekoma’s gameplay had put him in.
Worst Game: Seijoh 1
Not much needs ti be said here, really. For the entire first set he was in his own head which pit Karasuno in a hole, and though he did great after he came back from being subbed out, it was still clear he had a long way to go before he could truly become the King of the Court.
Best Game: Shiratorizawa
It shouldn’t go without much surprise that this is Tsukishima’s best game, as it was this game that got him hooked on volleyball. Tsukishima stayed consistently on top of his game with his blocking and funneling, working in tandem with Nishinoya to make things much harder for Ushijima and the rest of Shiratorizawa. He was no slouch on offense either, with his delayed spike and his bluffed slide attack providing very key points for the team in clutch moments. Though his final plan against Ushijima didn’t work, it was still an excellent display of his analytical mind.
Worst Game: Wakutani
Honestly, I don’t think Tsukishima necessarily played bad either. However, Nakashima was simply a mad matchup for him, with his ability to tool blocks. This wasn’t the first time Tsukishima would face hitters who blatantly countered his blocking, but with Suna and Hoshiumi, Tsukishima was able to at least utilize larger strategies to neutralize them even a little.
Best Game: Inarizaki
Tanaka had a rough start to this game. Inarizaki were doing a great job blocking him, and his precision line and cut shots were still a work in progress. To make matters worse, he hit a bad mental block that only built up as he continued to struggle offensively. However, he got himself out of it, nailing an insane angle on a cut shot to win them the first set. Later on, down 24-22 in the third set, he was trusted to make the kill, and he did so while going the complete opposite way, saving his team with a sharp line shot. Tanaka came out of this match a much better player than before, clearly showing why he was Karasuno’s next ace
Worst Game: Date Tech 2
Full honesty? It was hard to pick a worst match for Tanaka. He was targeted early in the first Seijoh, but got himself out of it quickly enough and was back to his normal self before long so the damage was minimal. Instead, I had to just kind of raise my hands and point to the Date Tech match. it wasn’t even that he was bad, but with the focus on Asahi and Hinata, Tanaka was mostly left to the side and wasn’t as present. This is easily my weakest pick though, so I won’t fault anyone for completely disagreeing.
Best Game: Shiratorizawa
Similar to Tsukishima, this should go without saying. Faced with the best ace in Japan, Nishinoya made constant digs that almost no one else could. Not only that, but they were fantastic passes too, allowing Karasuno’s offense to still shine. Furthermore, his strong mentality meant that even as Karasuno came out weak in the first set, he was able to inject them with enough energy to keep them going, slowly building momentum towards a win.
Worst Game: Inarizaki
Inarizaki marks the only time Nishinoya was outright picked on. His weakness in overhands was exploited to its limit by Atsumu, and was something that troubled the team for all three sets. He gave up constant service aces, and made poor bumps that compromised Karasuno’s ability to control the fistfight. He was eventually able to work himself out of it thanks to Kinoshita’s help, but the damage that was done got very close to being too much.
Best Game: Kamomedai
Similar to Tanaka, Asahi had a rough early go against Kamomedai. They were like a superior version of Date Tech, the team that gave him absolute fits the previous year and almost broke him completely. He was in danger of falling into the same hole in this game but, backed by his team, he came out stronger than ever, breaking down the forest and opening the way for Karasuno to begin picking apart Kamomedai’s blocking.
Worst Game: Date Tech 1
Admittedly a cop out answer given this game wasn’t shown in full, but Asahi was pretty great in every full match we saw, which is fitting for an ace. So instead we point to the game where we’re explicitly told he was shut down, and even quit the club for a while.
Best Game: Inarizaki
I actually had Johzenji initially when I was typing this up. He proved to be a backbone for Kageyama and Hinata, preventing them from getting swept up in Johzenji’s rhythm and saving them from a few mistakes. He proved his role as captain there. But he does that again in Inarizaki, and contributes even more so with his scoring. In addition to being the solid foundation, he shows here how he embraces the team’s philosophy of scoring, which was noticed by Kita. Always a steady rock for Karasuno, Daichi went above and beyond in this game, showing that he too is just as capable at scoring.
Worst Game: Kamomedai
Similar to Tanaka, it’s hard to pick a bad game for Daichi because one of his main strengths is just how consistent and fundamental he is. While he isn’t a fantastic player able to control everything, his digs have saved Karasuno constant times to the point they took it for granted, as evidenced by the Wakutani match. So I choose the Kamomedai match solely on the concept that Daichi wasn’t as much of an offensive threat as he usually was. It’s still a pretty good game from him, though.
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2023.06.02 10:29 Kgan14 LLMs & autogpt

Has any one used some of these other open source LLMs as a replacement for chatgpt when creating an autogpt? Just curious if I can keep my information out of Thier hands and just store it on a harddrive or just a memory API to store the data in a cloud based service. There's a few mmls that work at nearly a 100 percent of what chatgpt does so, I figured it would be safer keeping my own information and training my own personal ai.
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2023.06.02 10:24 KaleidoscopeFew8637 Landlord storing possessions in our flat (Scotland)

We’ve just moved into a flat that was advertised as unfurnished but had a few bits of furniture left behind for our use.
We’ve since found out that the landlord is storing a large volume of items - enough to fill up more than half of our storage space. This wasn’t advertised and we’ve only found these once we’ve moved in. The majority have been very roughly inventoried (an entry along the lines of “several boxes”) but some items are not, though have been mentioned by email to the agent.
Some of these items are fabrics with mould on the surface too. So beyond the inconvenience it’s also unhygienic.
Do we have any rights here? It feels unfair that we’ve rented what we thought to be an empty flat but we’re constrained by the mess left behind by the previous landlord.
It’s a standard tenancy, non-HMO.
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