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The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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2023.06.06 15:23 ThrowRASarmale I (23M) think my gf (22F) cares about video games more than she cares about me, should we break up?

As the title suggest, she seems to care more about video games rather than me, like most of our arguments are from games.
Me and my gf have been in a long distance relationship for 1,5 years. We are from the same country, but she moved with her parents in another country when she was in middle school. We still live with our parents, but we were planning on moving in together. We mostly hang out on discord, playing video games with our friends. Last month we were playing a competitive game and a friend A was watching when we started losing and my gf started screaming at me because I was not listening to her apparently and that bothered her because when I dont do exactly what she says I make her feel as if her opinion does not matter. She left, texting me “tonight i wont talk to you”, so I did not reply to her, assuming she wants to be left alone to calm down.
We had similar arguments before but this time she started complaining to A, calling me abusive. A tried to convince her to talk to me but she didn’t want to, saying that it’s my fault because I did not text her to apologize for not listening to her, since she said that she won’t talk to me, but that should not stop me from talking to her. So I apologized to her and she told me that it is too late now.
The next day we were hanging out again with A and F. F noticed that my gf is in a bad mood so he asked her what is wrong. She started complaining about the game to F, expecting him to understand since he is very good at that game, but he took my side and told her that what I did in game was correct and she shouldn’t have made a big deal about a video game anyway. A also said that it is not fair to scream at others because of just video games. My gf started screaming at them, punching the table and calling them names, telling that their opinion was uncalled for and that F is just a “male with opinions”. My gf stopped talking to both of them as well.
The story repeated and she started screaming again, not willing to talk to me and telling me that only her friend S, who was a random guy he met on the game, understands her more than I do and I should go to him to ask for advice.
I asked A for advice regarding the second argument and she told me that it is pointless to have arguments about video games.‌ She is the one that also suggested openly communicating to my gf about how I feel. I gave up on the idea since, in the past, when I brought up something that bothered me she told me to “suck it up”. For example, my gf is bi and I have nothing against that, but she started flirting with A, telling her how much she loves her and some explicit things as well while I was around them. I told my gf that it bothers me and she just told me that I cannot control her and that I am gaslighting her. The rest of my friends and A think that my gf is abusive and she is treating me like a doormat. After I told my gf that she asked me how dare I say such atrocity since she is the one that always sacrifices time and energy for me.
After another argument I decided to break up with her. She was playing a game with S and left me on seen a couple of hours until she realized that I was serious and that is when she started crying and having trouble breathing because of that. Later on, her mother called me to tell me that “We should stop with this stupid arguments and she is in exams and she doesn't need this right now.”.
I decided to take her back, under the condition that she will listen to all of the double standards that I noticed in the relationship and avoid them. For 2 days it was fine, but soon she came back to her old self.
I started doubting myself, thinking that maybe I am wrong, but I don’t know how to fix the relationship and if I can do something about it. I don’t want to lose the time, energy and emotion I invested in this relationship.
At the same time, I always had certain expectations from the future and when we started talking about the future I assumed we would both be employed, but she told A and F back when she was still talking to them that she does not plan on getting a job because she wants to focus on college(which is fully online and she expects me to be the sole provider which would be more doable in the country we are both from but she and her mom want her to stay there and be close to her mom. Her mom also asked me a few times about marriage and she demands we get married there so I can be “legally forced to financially support” my gf if we ever divorce. Also lately every time I bring up a subject we went over before she changes her mind.)
I have my doubts that she will actually focus on studying since she is still in school now and she plays video games all night and then complains that she has a lot to study and her teachers are against her. She even asked me to talk to my boss to ask if there is a need for a graphic designer and my boss offered her a job offer that she refused because she wants to focus on studying and she is afraid the government will make her go to jail because she doesn’t know what paperwork she has to fill for income taxes. When I told A about it she laughed because she told me it is a 5 minute google search.
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2023.06.06 15:23 Epicscrewup Seeking Assistance from Digital Marketers

Hi there, fellow Karachiites!
I hope this post finds you all in good health and high spirits. I am reaching out to this amazing community because I am eager to dive into the digital marketing field as a freelancer. While I have completed a few projects on Upwork, I am facing a challenge that many newcomers encounter: the lack of a portfolio.
This is where I could really use your assistance. I am a certified Mailchimp and Klaviyo user, with a strong understanding of email marketing and customer journey setup. However, without a portfolio, it has been challenging for me to land clients and showcase my skills effectively.
That's why I'm turning to you, the talented individuals of karachi. Do any of you have an ongoing email marketing campaign or one that you're planning to run soon? I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your team and contribute to the success of your campaign.
What I am seeking is a chance to learn and refine my skills by working alongside someone who has experience in email marketing. I'm passionate about this field and eager to grow as a digital marketer. Having a mentor or being part of a team would be immensely valuable to me.
If you're open to the idea of having a dedicated and motivated individual like me assist you with your email marketing efforts, please reach out. I am ready to put in the hard work and contribute to your campaign's success. Any feedback, comments, or suggestions you have are also most welcome.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I'm excited about the potential collaborations that may arise from this wonderful community. Let's support each other and thrive together in the world of digital marketing!
Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Thank you.
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2023.06.06 15:22 Soul-Reaper-of-Hell My Life Story (so far, no TLDR)

Well you see, nearly 10 years ago, my grandmother called CPS on my mother, for weed of all things. She was a good mother, she was nice, and CPS decided to take away her rights to me and my siblings.
I'm the oldest, I spent my life so far in 3 different foster homes, 2 mental hospitals, and 12 different schools. My father left when I was 4.
My life got fucked up, at the first mental hospital, it was like forced Christianity. They were psychotic.
Second one was my aunt and uncle's, aunt was just fucking rude, uncle was a drunk asshole.
Then a the first mental hospital, it was alright. Once got my toenail pushed in from a pull out chair there. A few days later I was tosses into an ambulance (not for the pushed in nail) and sent to another mental hospital, with a bunch of other kids up in North Dakota.
One girl there ripped her toenail off, me and another kid got someone's key card and ran to the door and nearly got out.
They got me, I had the card and they took it. Half a year later and I got let out and sent to the third foster home, good foster mom and great foster dad, and I loved my foster sister. Closest person I had. Things were great for 2 years, then a new kid game, a girl, an asshole named Marissa.
She played football, once I accidentally hit her leg, she got pissed, I ran all the way up to my room, she caught me and threw me at my wall and started just kicking me, full force. I hated her with all my being.
Then A got a boyfriend, (not even gonna censor his first name) Lee, I hated him. He drank and smoked all fucking day, and got A to start as well. S started becoming cold to me, and Bitch (Marissa) always hung out with her.
They hated me together. One day A blamed me for taking Lee's microphone for his headset, I didn't, they found it in my room. S and Bitch planted it in my room to get me in trouble. They took my Chromebook, I needed it for school work and without it I had nothing to do. And when I tried explaining why I wouldn't take it, because my Xbox controller was taken by them, they didn't care.
I ran away that day, it was raining. All I had was an umbrella, a hoodie, sweatpants, and my shoes that I'd worn all day. It was starting to become nighttime, and I had nowhere to go. So I started yelling, asking people passing by to call the police.
Eventually the cops got to me and brought me back to Hell, ("home") and I was shivering half to death, I got a warm shower, and S said "oh, so now he gets special treatment?!" By the way this was the early days of TikTok, after it was changed from
A few years before things got fucked upside down and up the ass, they asked if I wanted to be adopted, I said yes. Then things got fucked upside the ass and then I didn't. The last year, okay, short part of the year, I was asked by a new social worker (old one was a bitch who cares only for money) if I wanted to go back to my grandmother, I said yes.
Then when it was time, I said my goodbyes, Sis didn't care, and A was crying, oh and Lee was gone at the time, main reason I left then was because I didn't have any reason left to stay.
Anywho, then I was back with my grandmother and grandfather, things were okay. My mom came back and I cried then, tears of joy. We all were living okay. But I still didn't get to see my siblings.
My blood sister, I missed the most. I still do. I've been here for five years... closest I've gotten was talking with her father, Steve Litzau. I remember my mother's Boyfriend (I like him, he's cool) asking him when a good time is. Steve's answer was "never, he's never gonna see her." And Steve can kill himself for all I care. Oh, and my sisters grandmother is Lori La Bey. She may seem like a kind lady, founder of Alzheimer's Speaks, truth is she's a terrible person. She's the reason I can't see my siblings, she fed lies to CPS and they believed her. Or she paid them. One of the two.
Family is supposed to help each other, so why did my aunt adopt my brothers and my grandmother adopt me?! My mother's brother died at 9 years old, hit by a train. Grandmother recently said to my mother in one of their thousand arguments, which granny cries for sympathy after each one, she said to my mom "I wish you died instead of [uncle's name here]!"
I dislike my grandmother greatly, and she's always rude to my grandfather who is currently on oxygen, he has to sleep on the couch apparently. Many inconsistencies in my life story because I've stuffed those memories deep, deep down, I'd rather not remember.
Oh, and S died in 2021. (If you want the obituary link, ask) I cried for the rest of the year. And all the ones after. (Let's just say that Pneumonia and Asthma are not a good combination) I'm still fucked up, depressed, damn near suicidal. And I feel miserable, empty. I rarely eat. I don't cry anymore.
OH! and I know why things got fucked at my old foster home. Marissa Jasso or some shit, she fucked with everything, IF SHE DIDNT SHOW HER UGLY ASS FUCKING FACE THINGS WOULD'VE TURNED OHT GREAT! I WOULDNT BE SO FUCKING MISERABLE RIGHT NOW! EVERY OUNCE OF HAPPINESS THAT I USED TO HAVE IS GONE! I'M FUCKING EMPTY! and that emptiness is overwhelming...
I visited FMom, she was doing much better, and she knows she did wrong back then, plus she lost her foster license...
Steve still hasn't gotten any reprocussions, but he will... one day.
Welp, that's my life story! Do with that as you will.
Sorry if you read this and wasted your time.
-My Life Story (so far, no TLDR) by V.
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2023.06.06 15:22 Rupendra_kala Desert

21 July 2046
I left my Village 8 years ago, came here in the CITY hoping to make some name for myself, and earn good money, i kinda failed at both. Money isn't so bad, but it's nowhere near what i dreamt about when I was in my Village. Tho still After struggling mostly everyday. I'm happy actually more then happy, I'm my own man, my intrestes are my own, i can choose whatever poster I wanna hang on the wall, heh life's good. There, at the village literally nobody understood me, because everything I liked was different from my friends and family, well I had interest in other civilizations and their products Everybody liked keeping mustache, even if it was non-existent, but I liked either full beard or no facial hair at all. i would listen to metal or English songs instead of my local folk music or my native language music. But there's a song about a woman praying to her beloved about him coming back to her land after him being beguiled by foreign soil or something like that, I liked that song. Kinda resonating, anyway I'm glad I left THE DESERT. No more sandstroms, gosh I hate sandstroms. And snakes and other wierd looking plants there's nothing like that in the CITY. It doesn't have your regular plants either but I'm atleast away from Desert and its shenanigans.
13 August 2046 Hey guess what i found today in my storage box, my turben cloth. Yeah weird i didn't notice it before, we used to wear to save ourselves from the sun, but THE SUN is kind here, so I never really used it, hell i didn't even know it was sitting here all this time in my own storage box, a part of my past, A part of THE DESERT I don't wanna wear it tho, I'll just put it back or throw it away since I've no use for it,
27 August 2046
I was at barber shop today, and he was trimming my beard, and something came up in my mind, i asked him to not trim my mustache. And behold I actually was looking pretty good Yeah yeah I kept my Moustache. Looking pretty different from usual fashion sense in the THE CITY tho
14 November 2046 They were talking about some oil refinery that has been opened near THE DESERT, I'm glad they didn't ask me about it, since I know even less then them, and I'd make a fool out of myself by not keeping track of things from my own homeland, but then they don't know anything about my homeland, i never really told them, cuz I wasn't proud or anything of my heritage, and there was not much to talk about. I'm glad they pursued some other guy to go on that refinary survey, because I'm good here man.
23 December How the fuck did they find about me being from DESERT, Is it because of my mustache How the hell would they figure that out by mustache Nah no way Many people in the CITY have mustache... Probably But guess I gotta go back to THE DESERT, Ok you bastard you lured me right in even after all these years, sure I'll come back but know this, I'll not be there for long,
14 January 2047
Guess I'm going back Home, not much to write, you're coming with me too After all I don't wanna be left alone there I'll need someone
To be continued....
I may write part 2 in some days when I get good wording or good imagination of the DESERT Hope you liked it
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2023.06.06 15:22 Peul11 Second-Hand Zhiyun Weebill S

I am a beginner filmmaker using a Sony ZV-E10, looking to buy a second hand Zhiyun Weebill S. Found one in my area for around 190$. (It's 330$ for a new one in my country) The guy says it's completely functional but it has a few tiny scratches. I haven't used any gimbals until now so I'm open to other recommendations but I think this one is the best value for the price at least for me. I have a few questions: 1. What should I verify when I go to see/test it? Are there any flaws that are known for this gimbal specifically? 2. Should I go for the new one considering I get 2 years of warranty for the gimbal itself (6 months for the batteries) or should I 'risk' it and go for the second hand one? 3. In the worst case scenario, let's say I buy the second hand one and after using it a little it breaks. Is it repairable? (Talking about the gimbal itself not the batteries because I know they can be changed) Thanks in advance for the answers!
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2023.06.06 15:21 SuperTigerShark Will exercise cause my body to release THC?

I'm a real lightweight when it comes to weed, and currently consume 10mg a week in edibles. I will start going to the gym next Monday for weight loss, but I've read a couple posts where people claim that burning fat will release fat stored THC and will make you high while you're working out. I cannot have this happen, mainly because I would be going to work right after, which involves me using heavy machinery. I'm hoping that my consumption is so low that it's not something I'll have to worry about, but who knows. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.06 15:21 dannygbiggestfan8 if you are danny and/or a greg, please sit down and read this

hello. my name is chloe LA CROIX. yes folks. my last name is LA CROIX like the no no sparkle water. but this isnt about me. its about daniel. dan the man, danny boy. i had a dream about him and kurtis a few weeks ago and i have to say. it was unpleasant yet also very pleasent. i was at shoppers drug mart (canadian drug store lol) buying my special no no bum creams and dr pepper that i drink out of a cat bowl, and i saw danny. it was odd because i know hes a american soldier, fighting in war. i wonder why hes here in canada. itsprobably the dementia, i thought. nonetheless, i stare him down. we lock eyes. he charges at me with full speed and rips out my ears. he says "why are you in my home country, fella? you smell very canadian to me." in a thick texis accent. i say "danny, your in canada." he stops and starts violently crying like a baby. i am so flabbergasted that i pick him up and rock him to beddy bye bye time. then kurtis comes over because hes also a maple syrup drinker (all canadians know eachother) and we whisk daniel away back to the homeland (america) and he fights more people in war. anyways thats my story of how i met dan the man 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅 goodbye gregs.
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2023.06.06 15:21 cryptoshaman420 Is this how people ask for a threesome?

Is this how people ask for a threesome?
I matched with a slightly older woman and didn’t know how to open. So send that opener. Didn’t even bother asking me about anything, but straight up asked me to join her and her husband.
Couples who have done this on bumble, what are the etiquettes that you have followed?
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2023.06.06 15:21 eEndricc Safe Exam Browser (SEB) isnt saving the configurations of any .seb file.

when i download an .seb file, it normally says something along the lines of "you succesfully configured the client". and when that happens, the first .seb file you open after downloading SEB will be configured to the client directly. so then you can do the exam by opening the SEB instead of opening the .seb file everytime.
for some reason, this time, on a different computer that i normally use, the .seb doesnt configure on the SEB and you can only open it by clicking on that .seb file.
this .seb file that i am using does not allow me to edit the kiosk mode from the SEB Config Tool. if the .seb file can be configured to the client, i can edit the config and change the kiosk mode. please, does someone know the fix to this?
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2023.06.06 15:21 doritobimbo I’ve been up all night and my partner woke up to check on me in the bathroom

I went to take a dab and he woke up in the middle of his sleep to come make sure I was okay. Like his eyes weren’t even all the way open when he busted in the bathroom saying “are you okay?”. He’s now passed out again in bed.
I love moments like these because it’s basically like Negan from TWD taking his stick to my anxiety from behind. I never expect it and it just makes me feel warm.
That whole interaction threw me off and I forgot to actually pee so I’m gonna do that and go to sleep.
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2023.06.06 15:21 Teh_Best86 Expiration Dates in Grocery Stores seem awfully close in the recent year.

So is it just me, or are expiration dates on MANY items just so close the date stamped on the package?
Meats, packaged goods etc. For example, hot dog packages used to be like 3-4 months out if not more on their expiration date, if I go to the store today, the date in BJs, Meats Farms, Shoprite , Trader Joe’s etc could be literally within a week or two. And once opened, I’ve been having to freeze them because they just aren’t staying as fresh as they used to. Even canned goods, some expiring in a few months? Best by 2023 for a canned good means it’s been sitting for a whiiiiile, I just haven’t noticed this since before the pandemic.
Also, fruits and vegetables just aren’t staying like they used to also, I buy fruits and veggies, some go bad within two days, or even at the grocery store you can tell they are slowly going south.
I’m just curious if I’m the only one running into these issues, or if anyone knows what’s the place to shop where stuff will stay fresh decently without freezing. (Commack area)
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2023.06.06 15:20 y-o-y Older Players - How do you keep your body intact during tournaments?

After a nearly 20 year break, at age 46, I started playing in a local league this season. I am pretty healthy so despite my age (and the degraded speed that comes with it), I still play in the outfield and I run the bases pretty hard.
My team plays two games every Sunday, sometimes with an hour between games, sometimes back-to-back. Early season I was pretty sore the next day, but now my body has adjusted to the pattern and I am sure to get everything warmed up and loose before play with a focus on my lower half.
This past weekend, we had a 90 minute break between games and my body freaked the f out. Knees, hips, hamstrings all went nuts the first time I hit the gas to track down a liner in the gap.
I have 2 weekend tournaments coming up, 4 GG each. With more play and longer waits between games, I am not confident my body is going to hold up without employing some specific strategies and tactics to help.
What does the collective wisdom of slowpitch recommend I do to keep my body operational during these weekend tournaments?
(The answer for next season is "incorporate sprinting into my regular fitness program so your body is adapted" but that won't help me next weekend!)
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2023.06.06 15:20 labraduh What is this type of behaviour called? Or an explanation? Does anybody else’s dog do this?

He became dog selective at about 2.5 years old, no issues beforehand. He would get pretty grouchy at certain dogs following him around at the dog park, and began barking at dogs arriving at the fence so I stopped taking him and just walk him instead. He’s always been a barrier barker. Ever since adolescence he will go crazy if he gets close to a dog that’s behind a fence. We barely saw dogs on walks but he was similar with seeing dogs in the open whilst on a leash. He was attacked once at about 1.5yo, he stood up for himself and was unharmed. He didn’t seem traumatised at the time and continued socialising at the dog park without issues for another year (when he started becoming dog selective). He has lived with 2 foster dogs inside the house and was fine with them. That was before the reactivity started though.
My main issue with him now, that I’ve been working on, is that he reacts to ANY dog. ANY. And not in a friendly/excited way. He won’t bite, but one time he saw a dog right across the outside of our house, pulled so hard he escaped his leash, ran up to the dog and fiercely barked at it multiple times. He didn’t bite or harm this dog despite having the opportunity to do so, but it understandably freaked the owner (hell, even me!) out. He has never bitten another dog. Only growls of annoyance/warning and barking. He’s not people reactive in the slightest, he doesn’t pay humans ANY attention.
Why does he do that? He’s not happy. But not straight up intending-to-bite either. He doesn’t growl at other dogs on walks. He just starts getting worked up (hair rises on his back) and breathing heavy/laser focus & tries to sprint towards the dog. If I were to let him free, I think he would run up to confront and angrily bark at it until I either pull him back or it left. Why? If anybody could explain a dog’s perspective there. It’s literally as if he’s seeking confrontation for no real reason, which makes it an bit harder to train for.
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2023.06.06 15:20 MightBeneficial3302 Enterprise Group (TSX: E, OTCQB : ETOLF) Earnings Exceeded Expectations And More to Come

When you finish reading this article, you may well kick yourself. The good news is that the Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSX: E) (OTCQB: ETOLF) growth is just getting started. While hindsight is 20/20, the future looks very bright for this consolidator of energy services (including specialized equipment rental to the energy/resource sector), including one of the first companies to build and release systems and plans to drastically lower GHG emissions of resource companies. (Opened in Apr 2022).
Cool as that is, it isn’t the good part the graph below shows the price growth of Enterprise (orange line on the graph below) over the last two years against all the major indices (group like a rainbow at the bottom).
If you bought the shares a couple of years ago, congrats. The second-best time is today.
I will give you the most up-to-date info and stats. If you don’t come out with a positive attitude about the shares, I can’t help you.
I will list the salient reasons why a little (or a lot) of the Company should be in your portfolio. Over and above the fact it smoked the major US Indices.
These points will be in some order, but all are powerful forces to grow the Company.
  1. The shares closed on Friday, May 26th, 2023, at CDN 0.475 cents—a 52-week high.
  2. If you bought the shares two years ago, they cost around CDN 0.20 (Returns later).
  3. FY 2022 Earnings of CDN 0.05 (Next fact is impressive)
  4. Q1 2023 Earnings of CDN 0.06 a share.)
  5. To date, the Company has purchased and canceled nearly 11 million Enterprise shares at an average cost of CDN 0.24
  6. ENTERPRISE management puts much time and effort into the company’s growth, mainly for its shareholders’ benefit.
For more context of most recent earnings (and for those more visual investors among us) announcement’s power, comparing Q1 2023 to FY 2022 is productive.
FY2022 Numbers
Revenue: CA$26.9m (up 44% from FY 2021).
Net income: CA$2.28m (up from CA$2.38m loss in FY 2021).
Net Profit margin: 8.5% (up from a net loss in FY 2021). The move to profitability was driven by higher revenue.
EPS: CA$0.05 (up from CA$0.049 loss in FY 2021).
Factors That Will Drive Future Growth. A Lot.
Bottom Line
When shareholders and investors dive into the Company’s advances, they will note the following.
  1. Enterprise’s client base constantly grows, including several Tier One companies added in 2022
  2. Uninterrupted annual Cash Flow; a portion used to buyback market shares
  3. Response to Evolution Power Projects has exceeded corporate expectations.
  4. Offer clients custom technologies to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.
  5. Blueberry First Nations opens a vast opportunity to add significant business.
Here are the in-depth information assets.
Research Assets
Fundamental Research states that the Company blew through its previous estimates, raising its fair value from CDN1.02 to CDN1.12.
The latest Corporate Presentation is here
Latest Podcast
Enterprise Group Inc.’s Desmond O’Kell lays out the company’s successful business model in the Company’s most recent podcast.
YouTube Channel
It’s YouTube.
After reading all the foregoing facts, if you aren’t moved to pick up some shares, as I said at the outset, I can’t help you.
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2023.06.06 15:20 OptionStalker Buy Now or Wait For A Dip?

Buy Now or Wait For A Dip?
I have been working on a solution that addresses the age old dilemma of... "buy now or wait for a dip". Here is the issue. When a stock makes a major D1 breakout on heavy volume and it has relative strength, we know institutions are buying it. We add the stock to a watchlist and it continues to grind higher. Everything looks great, so we buy the stock. As soon as we enter the trade, the stock pulls back. Now we are wondering if we should take a loss or add to the position. We know from Hari’s “walk away analysis” that we need to give the trade some breathing room, but we can’t help but wonder why we always seem to enter the trade at the worst possible time.
First of all there is a reason why “walk away analysis” works. Stocks do not go straight up or straight down. If your market analysis is good and your stock selection is good, you need confidence and that comes with experience. Stick with the position and it will come back and start heading in your direction. There are two critical components to price action. The first is a breakout and that movement through a critical price point is what gets the stock on our radar. The second element is follow through. We enter on the breakout, but we need continuation to make money. Often the stock has exhausted a lot of energy on the breakout and when we enter the trade it is out of gas. The stock loses its momentum and it retraces. Now we are losing money and we start to question our initial analysis. The chart below is Nvidia. It is the strongest performing stock in the S&P 500 this year and you can see how the stock has a key breakout and lots of dips.

Even the strongest stocks have dips. Buying each of them would have worked beautifully.
I believe that alerts are the solution. Instead of taking a position in the stock, we can set an alert. It won’t cost you any money to do this. There is no capital commitment, no position, no emotional attachment and you are in complete control. Often conditions change and the alert gives you time to evaluate the trade from the sidelines. The problem is that alert lines and price alerts take time to set.
I’ve spent thousands of hours dropping alerts lines and they have been invaluable. Instead of chasing hot stocks, I set an alert below the current price and I wait for the alert line to be triggered. Once it’s been triggered, I set alerts above and below the current price. If the stock keeps moving lower, I set new upside alerts at lower prices. I want to buy this stock, I just want to enter it as best I can. There are times when the stock retraces more than I would like and that tells me that sellers are active and that the upside is limited. In these instances, I am glad I used alert lines instead of chase the stock because I would have a loss. There are other times when the first upside alert I set is triggered. Now I’ve had time to evaluate the stock and the market and I can decide if the trade still looks attractive. This method is effective, but it is extremely time consuming. There has to be an easier way.
Once I have identified a strong stock, the goal is to enter on a dip. Some stocks do not dip and they just keep going. The vast majority of stocks do retrace and I have to be willing to let the handful that don't go. We can't catch them all. Good stock searches put the best stocks in front of us, now I just need to find a way to easily place alerts on the stock. I would love to buy a 3/8 EMA cross, RS/RW, VWAP cross or an LRSI cross, but those indicators are already on buy signals. What if I could set a condition where the indicator had to go from bullish to bearish and then to bullish again? This feature would certainly make it easier to set an alert. What if I could use multiple variables at the same time? If the stock dips below VWAP and then rallies back above it on relative strength and heavy volume, that would be a good entry point. To take this a step further, what if I could set this alert on a stock search that contains the strongest stocks with just a few clicks? Now instead of spending time flipping charts and setting alert lines, I can spend my day managing alerts and buying dips on the strongest stocks.
This is a feature that I have just released for a handful of variables (LRSI, RS/RW and our B/S signals). In the example below you can see how this would help you to enter a trade. IOT was in our Green Royal Flush search. If you look at all of the RS/RW crosses M5 for the stocks in the list they performed well with a couple of exceptions even though the market closed near its low of the day. Not all of the stocks will work and that is fine. This method helps us avoid those dogs. We want the stock to preserve most of the gains and we don't want it to spend much (if any) time below VWAP. In the example below, IOT was a stock I highlighted in a video Friday. It had a great D1 and it preserved most of its gains during the day. When the SPY found support (double bottom), the stock regained its relative strength and it shot higher. This was and excellent alert.
Here’s where we can all use your help. What indicators would you use for these alerts? I know many of you use 3/8 EMA crosses and VWAP so those will be added next. What other variables would you use?
Are there platforms that offer this kind of functionality? If so, please share your method and the platform with the community. This concept is powerful and you should all add it to your trading regardless if you use my software or not.
BTW, this method also works well for swing trades. For swing trades on strong stock like NVDA, you would set an LRSI alert when the M30 goes < 20 and then > 20. That is a buy signal according to the rule base and I would use a slightly longer time frame like M30 because it is a swing trade. If the alert is not triggered, there is no opportunity to buy a dip - no harm, no foul. If it is triggered, you can evaluate the market and the recent price action in the stock. If everything still looks good, you will have an excellent entry point for a strong stock. I will be adding the alerts to the Portfolio screen so that you can set exit alerts on your positions. I believe these alerts will change the way we trade and I look forward to your feedback.
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2023.06.06 15:20 Chad_Wife Told I do not qualify for council housing registry

I am about to turn 25 and have been in “supported accommodation” under the council since I turned 19 - without it I would be homeless.
The accommodation is provided by my local council & managed by a group that works with young people who are at risk of homelessness. I “age out” this autumn.
I have significant health issues. I have three auto immune diseases including crohns and AS. My crohns makes me exhausted, my AS makes life painful and has a 60-70% chance of causing spinal fusion which will further reduce my mobility. I received the standard daily living PIP component for my disabilities.
I applied for the council housing registry around a year ago. I had first had an application with them “opened” 5 years ago when I entered supported accommodation- but I didn’t upload any evidence so I was not given a banding/priority level or any right to bid.
This last year I have added all of my information - PIP, current housing information, 5 years back information, care summaries from my doctors - everything but a (private) assessment of how my living state impacts my health as this wasn’t required.
I have lived in this city for 10+ years, all of my family live here, the specialists I see for my diseases (who are renowned) are here. I believe this is sufficient for the “local connections” portion of my assessment.
I have 0 savings, my income is low enough that I receive UC. I cannot afford rent and have been on housing benefits since turning 19.

I was recently assessed and told I didn’t qualify for the housing registry.

The email sent to me says :
You have not satisfied the qualifying person criteria as:
The reason for the decision is:
As you have stated that you will need to leave your room at (My Address) on (Autumn) 2023, please contact our Housing Advice team on (Phone Number) (option 1) or by email at (email address) who will be able to support and advise you on the housing options available to you.
——— (End of Email) ———
I have already appealed this choice but I wondered if anyone here could help me understand it (in context of my living and health situations).
Are they correct, that I do not qualify to join the registry?
Or does this seem like an error, given (to everyone else I’ve spoken to) I have a clear housing need?
Thank you for any help here.
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2023.06.06 15:19 SidereusEques Get €15 from Admiral Markets stock broker. Only €1 deposit and up to €750 possible with referrals (EU, EEA, Australia)

Get €15 from Admiral Markets stock broker. Only €1 deposit and up to €750 possible with referrals (EU, EEA, Australia)
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Important Remarks:
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Any questions, DM me when you are ready to complete this offer and I'll get back to you soon.
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2023.06.06 15:19 B298600 When do you know you are gay?

45, started off with women at 19 and had a few serious relationships for 10 years or so, had a bit of a dry spell while studying post graduate and at 32 ended up with a woman 10 years older than me, at 37 met an openly gay man through my business. I'd known him for more than 12 months through work and a little bit socially when he made a comment about how straight guys just love gay sex. I didn't respond at the time but I thought about it so much over the next 3 months and eventually started looking at gay porn online- my response to it was incredibly strong, but my female partner and I still had great sex. After that relationship finished I met a woman (26) and we dated for maybe 6 months before deciding to be fuckbuddies only, and that lasted for another 12 months before she went overseas; all the time I was becoming more interested in the idea of sex with guys.
Eventually I got onto Squirt and plucked up enough courage to meet up with a guy- I wasn't comfortable with him touching me. Still, I guided him into my hole and I did cum handsfree. Afterward I thought that it wasn't for me despite my response, but 4 weeks later I got talking to another guy on squirt and met him one Saturday. We talked quite a bit before clothes came off, I was excited but couldn't stay hard, we sucked each other off before he started rimming me, and I wasn't that excited by it and eventually asked him to stop. I wondered WTF was going on and dated another woman, the attraction to men didn't go away and I talked to my gay friend about it- he suggested I meet with an older guy he knew- he reckoned that if I didn't like his attention I wasn't bi or gay.
I met up with this guy (68) a couple of times over coffee and we got on very well; on the second occasion he invited me back to his place and the conversation became more sexual. I got hard quite quickly and after 20 minutes he was kissing and undressing me, no pressure- I just loved his attention and returned several times over the next couple of weeks for blowjobs and more.
I met another older man (73) through work and we started meeting on Saturdays for pleasure sex- this has been going on now for 9 months and during this time I haven't been with a woman, and recently noticed that I wasn't checking them out like I used to and wasn't really interested. I keep having sexual dreams about men and within the last 6 months have enjoyed multiple anal orgasms while being fucked; I actually feel good about it and much more sexually confident.
At what point do you know that your interest is exclusively men?
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2023.06.06 15:18 chrissypublic Always loved the idea , so I became a truck driver

Hey guys and gals ! Just wanted to rant/talk , ever since I could remember I dreamed of just packing up and leaving with whatever I could carry . Maybe it was my upbringing how we would always be moving around . Eventually we ended up in Texas , I grew up and that thought would always be in my head . I loved the idea of it ! Guess I was just to scared or cautious to do it . So in my opinion I did the next best thing , I became a truck driver. Keeps me moving and never really know where I’m gonna sleep .
I’ve been driving for many years now , I help out hitchhikers when I see them or just sit and talk to you guys ! Now with a daughter I know I could never live out my vagabond dream ( well at least til she grows up ) lol .
Anyways guys/gals y’all stay safe out there , and if any of y’all are near south texas and need a lift or some water or food let me know !
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2023.06.06 15:18 Acceptable_Egg5560 The Nature of a Giant [50]

Many praises to u/SpacePaladin15 for this universe.
Credit again to u/TheManwithaNoPlan for helping edit!
Memory transcript: Rolem, High Magister of Dawn Creek. Date: [Standardized human time] October 3rd, 2136
When Vulen first sent his proposal to the Magister of Land and Housing, it had almost immediately been sent on to me for full consideration. It was very intriguing. Enough so that I set up an actual meeting with him to discuss. He had some legal issues he wished to deal with through this proposal. All the more reason for me to talk in person.
Which resulted in both him and Tarlim’s lawyer sitting across from me in my office. Venric’s wool had been freshly groomed, apparent by the clean lines running across his body. Vulen…less so. It’s clear that the stresses of dealing with his former partners has taken a toll on him, but yet I could still see a determination in him. I doubted even the pressure of Venlil Prime’s core could break it. “Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, High Magister Rolem.”
I bowed to him respectfully. “The pleasure is mine, Vulen. I presume the ‘legal troubles’ you spoke of in our correspondence is why Venric is accompanying you today?”
Vulen looked like he wanted to spit. “My previous… ‘partners’ were much too used to my abilities of controlling and filing paperwork.”
“Your name was still on Tarlim’s employment contract,” Venric stated. “Thus you are still legally responsible for the illegal firing.”
“Yes,” the landlord bared his teeth, “and realizing that, my ‘partners’ decided to do the business equivalent of dragging my name through the mud before I got all the contracts fully broken. I left internal maintenance services and employment in the paws of Darula when we drafted our contract. You can see how that’s coming back to bite me now.”
I flicked my ears in polite sympathy. “Still, may you two explain Venric’s presence?”
The landlord glares at the lawyer. “Part of my proposal includes a… settlement to get me off the lawsuit.”
“And my client has given me a minimum settlement,” Venric adds, “with open field for me to agree to a settlement that exceeds on their behalf.” He bowed to me. “They felt it prudent to avoid coming here in person after the last… incident here.”
Ah yes, that was truly a regrettable circumstance, especially with the hindsight I had acquired since. I flicked my ears in the affirmative. “That is completely understandable. So long as all the correct forms are filed, that shouldn’t be an issue. Now, shall we discuss your proposal?”
Vulen’s mood visibly brightened when I said that. I would certainly be looking through the entirety of this document. “Certainly. We can begin with Section 1, paragraph 1.” With that, I started reading through the proposal. What I found ranged from reasonable to absurd, and I would certainly be making my thoughts on the latter clear to Vulen in due time. Once I had made it through in a little under a quarter claw, I cleared my throat to speak.
“Okay, let’s be clear first,” I pulled up a copy of his proposal on my data pad. “You say that you have 350 empty units that you are willing to set aside as housing for Gojid refugees.”
“Yes, and please note the specifics,” he responded. “That comes out to 150 single bedrooms, 75 double bedrooms, 75 triple bedrooms, and 50 flats. With two occupants per bedroom, that’s 1,450 Gojid that can be accommodated. And if you stretch it to three per bedroom, that’s 2,175 Gojid refugees who would then have roofs over their heads.”
“Indeed. A good range,” I tapped on my pad, “and in exchange for this, you would have this district pay you one-and-a-half rotations rent for all the units up front.”
I heard Venric whistle as they did the math in their head. It appeared that Vulen’s greed hadn’t abated even a bit since we last met. And going by the lawyers wagging tail, neither had theirs. Considering the settlement he got in Glowhallow with the human, even I would have thought his lust for credits would have been satisfied for the moment.
I leaned forward on my desk. “Can you please tell me how you can justify such a payment?”
“Well, your honor,” Vulen bowed, “for one thing, our economy has been in a rather sharp downturn. For the government themselves to purchase that number of houses, it would give a baseline for rent to stabilize around. A cap on the leak, if you will. As well as allowing me to use the influx of credits to construct and maintain even more houses and apartments.”
“Really?” I give my ears a skeptical flick. “You will actually use the money to build more?”
“It’s in section four of the proposal.” He stated, “as part of the five-rotation plan.”
That was correct. Which means he actually wrote much of this out himself instead of just tossing it to his own lawyer. Perhaps I was too harsh on his character. “Indeed it is. You must understand, though, that the sum you’re asking for is no small amount.”
“Oh, I’m fully aware, High Magister,” Vulen said, “But if I remember correctly, the Exterminators Office recently underwent some severe budget cuts, did it not?”
Venric seemed equally as enthused about the prospect of a payout, as per stated in Section 5, the settlement to get Vulen’s name off of the lawsuit would be going almost exclusively to him and his client. “I’ve run the numbers, your honor, and the costs should be zero-sum in the matter of as little as three Herds of Paws.”
The lawyer stood from his seat, standing to the side of the table. “It will be an investment, certainly, but if I may speak as a salesman for a moment, the PR potential for this is nothing less than monumental. Dawn Creek, as an industrial district, has little in the way of tourism aside from the A-Grav Arcade. With this, you could kickstart an entire sub-community, complete with the economic prosperity that is sure to follow!”
It was an impressive sales pitch, I had to admit. Of course, I wasn’t about to be distracted by the absurd parts. “Yes, an impressive sales pitch, Venric. However,” I turned to look at Vulen, “I can’t help but question the logic behind your decision on what the refugees will have to pay at the conclusion of the contract.”
Vulen, seemingly prepared for this, simply flicked his ears. “And what of it? Are you referring to the 50% increase over standard rent prices? Because there is an explanation for that.”
That was one of the absurdities to be explained, but I was interested to see how he rephrased that he wants money. “By all means, explain away.”
Vulen cleared his throat before proceeding. “We’ve already discussed that Tarlim’s wrongful termination was an attempt to drag my name through the mud, but that isn’t all that the other two have done. As mentioned, employment of the internal maintenance force was left to Darula, in one of my more questionable decisions. I figured that would be one of the first things to go after I severed the contract, so I already got around to hiring a third party to replace the jobs I knew I’d be losing. Sure enough, once the contract was severed, all of the maintenance workers stopped servicing my building. It was lucky that I had the foresight to plan ahead, but it left me at a substantial financial loss. The price hike is to pay for the more-expensive, but still necessary, external maintenance services once the sum granted by this deal has dried up.”
A good justification. Well thought out, well reasoned, almost seemed to be reasonable.
Too bad for him I saw the flaw. “And if this charge is to cover the new maintenance people, how are they being paid during the contract?”
Vulen couldn’t hide the grimace. It was subtle. A slight fall of his ears, a lip curl, a tail sag, just realizing I had caught him. “Well,” he began to try and justify again, “they are being… I am…” he fell silent under my stare. It was a telling stare. Reminding him that I already had read and would reread every word of the contract. He met my eye with one of his own for a few seconds before he signed acquiescence. “Fine. It’s to increase my profit margin.” He gestured exasperatedly. “This is still a massive risk for me. People could move because of the refugees! Brahk, I guarantee there will be people who will move because of them! “Tainted this, Humans that,” I know you’ve seen the consequences of that firstpaw. Despite the credit influx, I will still have to take loans for the new buildings, and they’ll take time to build! I need proof of future income to look good for what creditors I have left.”
“Really?” I asked, “then is that future profit the reason for the proviso that these refugees would not be able to live elsewhere for the duration of the contract plus a half rotation afterwards?”
He gave a huff before composing himself back to a professional position. “Only for the half rotation. I will be honest, the main reason for the proviso is to hedge against people like him.” He very obviously gestured to Venric.
The lawyer, on the other paw, seemed rather amused by the act. “Really? May I ask, out of curiosity?”
“I am entering into a contract with the Magistratta,” Vulen stated, “I am not about to have lawyers claiming I’m not holding up my end because some Gojid decides to abandon the housing I’m offering because of…because of Tarlim and his human friend.” He massaged his snout for a moment before continuing. “If I am to offer my rooms to refugees and humans, this upfront cost is all but necessary. You can’t expect me to take on such an undertaking without a safety net to fall back on. It’s just bad business. And besides, I’m already paying a portion of that back up front to the upfront payment in the form of my settlement. That has to count for something, right?”
I stare at him, unimpressed by his attempt to use my feelings around Tarlim to his benefit. “Your dealings with him have no relation to dealings with the Magistratta, Vulen. As for your safety net, you are correct. I cannot expect you to take such a risk without one.” I watched as his ears raised in confidence. “But a safety net, this is not.” His ears satisfyingly fall again. “The numbers you have given me would result in likely twice the profit you made as your own share in the last rotation just from the simple fact you would be filling every unit you owned. That is not a ‘safety net’ to fall back on. That is exploitation of disadvantaged peoples for your own gain, and you know it.
The landlord huffed in frustration. “Fine. I can drop the half rotation binding for after the contract is done.” I squint at him. “Don’t look at me like that! I have guaranteed in that contract that every unit could be filled! I will not be accused of breaching a contract because one of the residents decided to leave early, mark my words!”
I heard Venric whistle in amusement. “The possible payout would certainly be tempting.”
Of course he would say that. I suddenly get the feeling Vulen brought Venric here for more than just the settlement.
I shake my head to focus. “That would be acceptable, however,” I swipe my pad so it showed the rent hike, “this is also to be completely dropped. If the refugees decide to continue living in your units, it shall be considered a continuation of living rather than a new contract. Therefore, any rent increase would be done at the legally mandated rate of maximum 5% already set by the Magister of Land and Housing. There will be no negotiation on this account.” I recognize the need for changing rent. At least this way the refugees should be able to afford it after the contract is up. “Of course, you will continue to have control of the rent on the new buildings when those are built. So even without that rent hike, you will still be making a profit into the future.”
Vulen looked to be about to protest, but Vernic quickly pulled him aside and started whispering in his ear. I could hear some soft exclamations from Vulen every now and again until the two finally separated from their convenience. Vulen, with a defeated look in his eyes, addressed me. “That modification is…acceptable. On One Condition.”
I leaned back in my seat and raised my ears in interest. “You’re not really in the position to be drafting terms, but I suppose I’ll humor you. What is your condition?”
“You, and the Magistratta at large, must sign a separate, legally binding contract promising compensation for the construction of the new buildings. That was already part of my proposal, but I want a separate contract for that now, unbound by any of the terms of this current agreement.” He flicked his ears uncomfortably. I could tell that he still wasn’t happy about his profit margins being skimmed down. “If I agree to your amendment, you agree to mine. Fairs fair. Do we have a deal?”
I hold firm with my gaze. “I will have to actually read this amendment to agree. But for now, state your terms.”
“I will want to be funded 50% of total estimated building costs as gauged by a neutral third party, with another half of estimated maintenance costs for the first rotation of operations, also gauged by a neutral third party.”
I quickly thought over his proposal. “Add in a clause that you will have to pay for material overages, and in return we will allow a clause that we will pay for time overages. If that’s acceptable, we will have an agreement.”
Vulen’s face showed hopefulness once again as he bowed respectfully. “That is acceptable. You have a deal!”
I give him a professional bow as I delete and edit the appropriate sections on my copy of the contract. I then sent a quick request to the magister of Land and Housing to draw up the second contract. “Then let us reread our agreement to be sure there are no more disputes.”
Vulen sighed, seemingly annoyed that we were going through the contract once more. But it was for the best. By the end, the terms were found to be either mutually beneficial, or mutually neutral.
“Very good, Vulen,” I state, “the Magistratta approves of your proposal. Venric, if you would please also sign as a witness.”
With our paw signatures all set to the screens, the deal is done. Even though a couple thousand Gojid is only a fraction of the people rescued from the Cradle, that is still a couple thousand people who have a home once more. If other districts, or if Solgalick blesses it, other species see what we have done, perhaps they too shall follow suit.
Venric placed his pad in his lap and aimed an eye towards Vulen. “Now that that is done, there is the matter of your settlement.”
The landlord huffed as they began typing on their pad. I felt a slight amount of pity for him. It was due to the actions of his previous partners that caused him to be in this situation. But the results came for the best.
With a swipe of my paw, I saved the contract and sent off a copy for our Governor to review. The UN would work with her to find the appropriate amount of refugees to send, and we would get a message on when to receive them.
I pray to Solgalick that all goes well.

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2023.06.06 15:18 confessionado I feel really proud today!

I had my birthday recently and had some money to spare. I posted on this sub a WHILE back asking for tips when it comes to toys and enjoying myself. I have been tempted ever since but was too scared or intimidated to act on it.
Until yesterday! I got my first toy! For me and my pleasure. It came in a lovely box and i had a great time with it once i charged and cleaned it. It has a vibrating end and a clitoral air thingy, too.
I was mostly scared of the air thing (what if my clit got stuck...? Ik it is weird) but it was the best part of the toy for my needs, turns out.
I feel like this is the start of breaking down my unhealthy relationship with intimacy and starting to enjoy myself because i want to. From not being allowed to talk about sex and intimacy with my family (even out of curiosity or information) to not even "able" to use my fingers when i was in a toxic relationship (or i would be too loose for his baby pickle).
This is a thing between me myself and i. I could not have been happier! I cannot really share it anywhere else, so why not choose a sex positive place where i got help before? I want to thank this space for giving me the information that i need and normalising the most natural parts of a sexually active persons life. It opened my eyes and inspired me.
Have a great day everyone!
submitted by confessionado to sex [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 15:17 ThrowRAdjskwlecjv How do I (21f) tell my boyfriend (21m) that I have higher expectations?

I (21f) have been in a relationship with someone (21m) for about 10 months now but I want more. He is incredibly sweet, communicates openly (as do I) and makes me feel very loved.
I want him to be more ambitious, to have additional hobbies (not just gaming), to have goals in life, to want to improve himself. He doesn't like talking about political topics or moral conflicts which I really enjoy and he doesn't really have opinions on so many things. He doesn't seem to have that drive that I have.
I want to be with someone who I admire and who has their own opinions. But should I even have these expectations? I am looking for advice, since I am inexperienced.
There is nothing wrong with our relationship but maybe I just want more. And if I do decide on breaking up, how would I phrase that without sounding super mean? I care for him and I don't want him to feel as if though there is something wrong with taking a more relaxed approach to life.
submitted by ThrowRAdjskwlecjv to relationship_advice [link] [comments]