Just finished Book 5, what are some of the most common theories I should know of?

2023.05.27 01:28 Askhai Just finished Book 5, what are some of the most common theories I should know of?

Not on the Patreon, but I assume from a bit of browsing this sub that these are a few:
  1. Carl is "going primal".
  2. Carl will die for the crawl to stop forever.
  3. Agatha has/is a brain worm and works for the Valtay Corporation.
  4. Carl's dad will become a dungeon boss.
My own theories that are probably mentioned before:
  1. Carl's Doomsday Device and the Bolt of Ophiotaurus will be used on Floor 9 to kill a god.
  2. Katia will die on Floor 9.
  3. Quan's celestial robe will be looted/traded to one of the warlords of Floor 9.
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2023.05.01 19:06 Benzgeg [Part 1 - Post/Subpart n°2] Who or what are the Ancient Weapons, The One Piece, The Great Kingdom or Laugh Tell? Drawing-Based, Fact-Based and Myth-Based Theory inspired by the One Piece logos and the sketch world map drawn by ODA. [Divided into multiple posts due to its length]

This is the post n°2 of a bigger theory. Here

The Geocentric Pantheon of the Gods of One Piece, a set of main characters using corroborative myths and legends from Aztec, Hindu, Greek Mythology, and Astrology:
In Part 1.1 of This theory, I showed how each main character could correspond to a main celestial body in a Geocentric model and how these celestial bodies are tied to Aztec, Greek or Hindu myths that inspired the characters created by E.Oda.This post will study the myths of 4 more characters Gods of One Piece (Mother Earth, Imu's Stolen body, Shanks and Teach) in addition to the 3 characters previously studied (Luffy, Enel and Imu's true personality).

Part I - Post/Subpart n°2:

Content for this Post:
The Case of the Earth Goddess
The Case of the Saturn God (Teasing)
The Case of Venus as the Morning Star, Shanks
The Case of Venus as the Evening Star, Teach and his twin(s)

The Mother Earth creature = The Earth Goddess

Character: Mother of Humanity
Associated Real or Hypothetic Celestial Body : Earth
Associated Greek divinity: Gaia
Associated Aztec divinity: Cōātlīcue / Tlaltecuhtli
Associated Hindu divinity (Navagrahas, Vasus, Dikpâlas): Bhumi (Prthivī) / Pārvatī
Associated animal (Manga + Mythology): Earth monster / Sea monster: Turtle or Whale
Associated mythological animal (Potential Zoan shape / ancient weapon partner): Aspidochelone or Leviathan: Kurma, the world turtle Jörmungandr, the world serpent
Associated Constellation/Zodiac sign: Cetus
Birth Place: Redline / Sea Floor / Earth-core
Birth Date: Unknown but a long time ago
She is the most speculative character in the list and is hard to corroborate. But there is still some hint left by Oda and the revelation of chapter 1069 was the turning point:

Imu's body = God Saturn's stolen body

Information without explanations is given as a teaser (details in Part 2.3):
All these Gorosei theories are wrong because Saint Jay Garcia is just a decoy and not the real Saturn but rather Satan, a.k.a the surbodinate of Imu the Devil itself (see parts 2.2 + 3.2). Instead, the World Nobles (including the Five Elder bodies) are related to the Natural moons of Saturn, and thus are related to the Greek Titans: Imu's body = Cronus, 5 Gorosei members = Theia, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Tethys, Doflamingo = Prometheus, Corazon = Epimetheus,...
Instead, I believe, as suggested by Nina2119 in her theory that Oda has planned a 4th Ancient Weapon that will be related to Imu. I will demonstrate this in Parts 2.1/2.2 & 3.8 with many corroborations.
Character: IMU’s stolen body thanks to Ope Ope no Mi (Former Great Kingdom ruler's personality)
Associated Real or Hypothetic Celestial Body : Saturn
Associated Greek divinity: Cronus / Tyche
Associated Aztec divinity: Tezcatlipoca
Associated Hindu divinity (Navagrahas, Vasus, Dikpâlas): Shani / Revanta / Virūpākṣa / Lakshmi or Gautama Buddha
Associated animal (Manga + Mythology): Snake (Master) + Flying Horse (Mount)
Associated mythological animal (Potential Zoan shape / ancient weapon partner): Shesha (Vasuki) / Seraph / Titans + Chimera / Cherub / Unicorn
Associated Creature in the Manga: Mother Earth + Space satellite (see Part 3.8)
Associated Ship in the Manga: Bege's Close Encounters of the Third Kind ship
Associated Territory in the Manga: Mary Geoise + Marine Institutions + Space
Associated Semi-divine Buddhist race & Manga equivalent: Nagas (Vearth's statues) + Kumbhanda/Guhyaka (Celestial Dragons)
Associated Constellation/Zodiac sign: Capricorn the Sea goat
Associated astrological traits of the corresponding celestial body: Discipline, patience, responsibility
Birth Place: Earth's underground / Skylands
Birth Date: "?"

Morning or Evening Planets?

The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed Venus to be two separate bodies, a morning star and an evening star. The Greeks used the names Phōsphoros, meaning "light-bringer" or alternately Ēōsphoros, meaning "dawn-bringer", for the morning star, and Hesperos, meaning "Western one", for the evening star. Though by the Roman era they were recognized as one celestial object, known as "the star of Venus", the traditional two Greek names continued to be used, though usually translated to Latin as Lūcifer and Vesper.

Shanks = God Venus as the Morning Star

Character: Shanks "Red-hair"
Associated Real or Hypothetic Celestial Body : Venus as morning star (Dawn)
Associated Greek divinity: Phōsphorus / Dionysus
Associated Aztec divinity: Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli / Xipe-Totec
Associated Hindu divinity (Navagrahas, Vasus, Dikpâlas): Ishana / Aruna
Associated animal (Manga + Mythology): Bull / Snake
Associated mythological animal (Potential Zoan shape / ancient weapon partner): Nandi / Lūcifer
Associated Constellation/Zodiac sign: Taurus
Birth Place: Somewhere on West Blue
Birth Date: 03/09
As an adjective, the word "phosphorus" is applied in the sense of "light-bringing" and "torch-bearing" as an epithet of several gods and goddesses notably the god Dionysus who pine torches and the day. Fortunately, Shanks's behavior and depictions are strongly related to these 2 Gods as well as their Aztec equivalents Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (for Phosphorus) and Xipe Totec (for Dionysus).

Teach = God Venus as the Evening Star +

Teach's Evil twin(s) = New Moon God (if only 1 twin) or Gods of Eclipses (South lunar Node & North lunar Node) (if 2 twins)

Character: Marshall D. Teach "Black Beard" (Multiple personalities): 1-Physical body twin personality (Marshall) + 2- Parasitic twin personality (Xebec's clone)
Associated Real or Hypothetic Celestial Body : Venus as evening star (Dusk) + New moon (1 twin) or Lunar Nodes (2 twins)
Associated Greek divinity: Hesperus / Zagreus + Hecate / Janus
Associated Aztec divinity: Xolotl / Tepeyollotl + Metztli
Associated Hindu divinity (Navagrahas, Vasus, Dikpâlas): Nirriti / Rahu + Trishira / Ketu
Associated animal (Manga + Mythology): Dog + Hippo
Associated mythological animal (Potential Zoan shape / ancient weapon partner): Cerberus / Vesper + Namazu
Associated Constellation/Zodiac sign: Libra + Draco (Head +Tail))
Birth Place: Somewhere on Grandline
Birth Date: 08/03
In opposition to Shanks, Teach is the personification of Venus as the evening star also known as Hesperus for the ancient Greeks, but also Xolotl for the Aztecs and he is probably related to Nirriti in Vedism.

For the next set of characters (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter) continue here, to navigate to another part of this theory, please refer to the hyperlinked table of contents here.
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2023.04.23 21:18 NightAngelRogue [Discussion] The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) Chapter 15: I Wrestle Santa's Evil Twin through Chapter 20: I Get a New Enemy for Christmas (END) Chapter Discussion

[Discussion] The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) Chapter 15: I Wrestle Santa's Evil Twin through Chapter 20: I Get a New Enemy for Christmas (END) Chapter Discussion
“There was a lot I'd wanted to say to Annabeth, but Athena had taken the confidence out of me. I felt like I'd been punched in the gut.
I do not approve of your friendship with my daughter.”
Welcome, readers! Our time comes to a close once again! This our final discussion for The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan, Book 3 in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. Today, we will be discussing the second of three sections of the novel, from Chapter 15: I Wrestle Santa's Evil Twin through Chapter 20: I Get a New Enemy for Christmas (END)
There are chapter by chapter summaries of the section down below. Answer any of the discussion questions below you want. Remember: only talk about things that occur in this section. If you’ve decided to read ahead past Book 3, feel free to respond in the Marginalia where discussions of any kind can be posted. Hope to see you in the discussion!
A note about spoilers:
The Percy Jackson series is an extremely popular brand, with movies, books, and an upcoming TV show. Keep in mind that not everyone has watched or read any of these items. This book may be the first time a person learns about it. Please keep bookclub's rules on spoilers, and the consequences for posting spoilers, in mind.
Everyone has a different perception of what is a spoiler, so here are a few examples of what would be spoilers:
- “Just wait till you see what happens next.”
- “This won't be the last time you meet this character.”
- “Your prediction is correct/incorrect.”
- “You will look back at this theory.”
- “Here is an Easter Egg: ...”
- “You don't know enough to answer that question yet.”
- “How do you first-time-readers feel about this detail that was intentionally not emphasized by the author?”
If you're unsure, it's best to err on the side of caution and use spoiler tags.
To indicate a spoiler, enclose the relevant text with the > ! and ! < characters (there is no space in-between).
For any type of comment or idea that may be a part of The Percy Jackson series, just use proper spoiler labels, for example “In ” then describe the connection between books. Please be mindful when posting.
If you see something that you consider to be a spoiler, you can report it. It will be removed and the mods will look into it. To do so hit the “report” button, click on “breaks bookclub rules”, “next,” “spoilers must be tagged” and finally “submit”.
Here is a link to the schedule. This is our final discussion of Book 3! I hope you enjoyed it!
Feel free to respond to all of the discussion questions or a few! Enjoy the chapters!
- Rogue
Chapter Discussions:
Chapter 15: I Wrestle Santa’s Evil Twin
Thalia is terrified as the winged statues fly them over the Sierras towards San Francisco. Percy told the group about the weird girl who could see through the Mist. Percy realizes his mom could see through the Mist as well. After being dropped off, the group set off to find Nereus, the old man of the sea which Zoe remarks to just ‘follow the smell’ Percy is disguised as a homeless man and checks the homeless around the pier. Eventually, he encounters a homeless man that smelled sea bad, who could only be Nereus. Despite his old appearance, Nereus is strong and holds fast to Percy, who tricks Nereus into dropping into the sea. Nereus transforms into different sea creatures to attempt to get rid of Percy, though it doesn’t work.
Eventually, Nereus agrees to answer Percy’s question, which he uses to ask about the monster Artemis was hunting, which Nereus reveals is Bessie, the serpent cow Percy saved, called the Ophiotaurus. In ancient times, prophecy promised if the Ophiotaurus was sacrificed and its entrails given to fire, the one who did it would have the power to destroy the gods. Suddenly, Thorn the manticore shows up, vowing to defeat the group. Thorn reveals that Kronos had brought Thalia back to life in order to sacrifice the Ophiotaurus and bring down the gods on her sixteenth birthday. The fight begins and Grover tells Percy to get word to camp. Percy sends an Iris message to camp, which Mr. D answers. After some back and forth, Mr. D summons his god power to break minds and summon grapevines to bind and destroy the manticore and the guards. He ends the message. Zoe points out their next destination; the garden of the Hesperides, her home.
Chapter 16: We Meet The Dragon of Eternal Bad Breath
The group quickly realize that they won’t make it to the garden by sunset, which is the only time the garden can be entered as the Hesperides are the nymphs of the sunset. Grover and Bessie the Ophiotaurus use Bessie’s water travel ability to travel back to Camp Half-Blood so Chiron can get the creature to Mount Olympus. Percy sacrifices the lion skin coat in order to ask Poseidon to protect the pair in the water. Thalia leads the trio to Annabeth’s dad’s home. They explain that Annabeth is in trouble and they need a ride to Mount Tamalpais. They also meet Annabeth’s step mom who insists they need to help Annabeth. Dr. Chase offers to drive them but also says that his plane would be faster, though it only seats two. Dr. Chase ultimately stays behind, the adventure being too dangerous.
The trio drives to the bottom of the mountain, through the mist, Percy spies Luke’s cruise ship, parked below the mountain. The car is destroyed by a lightning bolt and the trio manage to escape, going further into the garden. They spy Ladon, the dragon guardian, around the tree of golden apples. Against the wishes of the other Hesperides, Zoe wakes Ladon to distract him as Thalia and Percy make their way up the mountain. Zoe follows behind after escaping Ladon. At the top of the mountain, where the ruins of Mount Othrys, former palace of the Titans, is rising. Apparently this mountain, the Mountain of Despair, is where Atlas used to hold up the sky. Now Artemis holds it in his place. The General reveals that he is Atlas and Zoe’s father.
Chapter 17: I Put on a Few Million Extra Kilograms
Artemis forbids Zoe from taking the burden of the sky from her. Luke urges Thalia to call the Ophiotaurus to her, even summoning a pool for it to appear in. Thalia fights Luke, while Zoe and Percy attack Atlas. Percy is out of his league against Atlas and realizes that he has to take the burden of the sky from Artemis. He frees her and takes the sky on his shoulders. It's the worst pain he’s ever felt but his plan works as Artemis fights Atlas with Zoe. In his mind, Percy hears Artemis warn him to be ready, as Artemis knocks Atlas back under his burden. Thalia manages to defeat Luke and kicks him off the cliff, broken. Annabeth’s dad appears flying out of the clouds with his plane, firing bullets at the monsters from Luke’s ship, amazingly turning into dust. Zoe collapses, poisoned from her fight with Ladon. Artemis summons a silvery sleigh pulled by reindeer. Everyone gets on and they fly off.
Chapter 18: A Friend Says Goodbye
They land at Crissy Field where Dr. Chase meets them with his plane. He and Annabeth hug and talk. Zoe is dying. She is honored that Percy carries Riptide. Zoe’s body disappears and appears in the sky as a constellation. Artemis has to get to Olympus for the meeting to let them know what happened. Blackjack shows up with some Pegasi and the group fly to Olympus, leaving Dr. Chase on the field. Annabeth insists Luke is not dead and can be saved from Kronos. The group of Pegasi fly right up to Mount Olympus.
Chapter 19: The Gods Vote How to Kill Us
The Pegasi drop them off at the doors to the throne room. The group enters and sees the twelves Olympian Gods in their full giant forms. Bessie is in a magical sphere of water and Grover is giving a report to Zeus of what happened. Artemis gives her thoughts and wants the heroes to be rewarded. Athena and Ares both believe it’d be safer to destroy Thalia and Percy before they can be sixteen. The gods also think that Bessie the Ophiotaurus needs to be destroyed, though Percy points out trying to control prophecies doesn’t work and destroying the Ophiotaurus because of what might happen is like Kronos eating his kids because they might overthrow him. Artemis insists that they must be rewarded, though she first mentions she needs a new lieutenant. Thalia promises herself to Artemis’ service, no longer a part of the prophecy. The gods agree to protect the Ophiotaurus with all their powers. The gods throw a party for the heroes. Posideon confirms Luke is alive. Athena appears to Percy and says she doesn’t approve of his friendship with Annabeth. She vanishes and Annabeth and Percy dance the night away.
Chapter 20: I Get a New Enemy for Christmas
Percy calls Tyson who says he’ll visit over summer. He also calls his mom who’s hanging out with Paul Blofis. Percy asks if she’s happy with him, which she is. Percy goes back to Camp Half-Blood. Grover spreads word of his encounter with the power of Pan which spurs the satyrs into action. Clarisse has bad news from her secret scouting mission. Percy reveals Luke is alive according to his father. Chiron knows Luke will attack Camp Half-Blood as they’ll want to destroy the tools of the gods first. Nico runs in, looking for Bianca.
Percy tells him what happened to his sister and gives him the statue from the junkyard. Nico is angry, revealing he’d been having dreams and he knows she’s being evaluated by the judges of the dead in the Fields of Asphodel. The skeleton soldiers come out of the forest. Percy begins to fight them off but Nick summons a crack in the ground to the Underworld and destroys them, sealing the crack. Nico runs off, saying he wishes Percy had died. Percy trips on the statue Bianca stole, a statue of Hades, lord of the dead. Percy tells Annabeth and Grover about Nico’s identity as a Son of Hades, saying he takes on the prophecy, but keeps it from Chiron, just saying Nico ran off. Later, Grover has a vision of the god Pan saying I AWAIT YOU.
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2023.01.10 16:51 Benhunter504 Greek Region Huge Dex

Evil Team themed after the Titans Team Leader: Kronos: Dark Type Lieutenants: Atlas, Rhea (secretly helping the player), Phoebe, and Hyperion.
First Gym: Dionysus: Normal type Pokemon: Pancup, Holepop
Second Gym: Hermes: Flying type Pokemon: Peckoot, Cutphal, Reglure
Third Gym: Aphrodite: Fairy Type Pokemon: Onix, Frogurt, Royalant
Forth Gym: Ares: Fighting Type Pokemon: Skelmet, Kickrow, Boarchop,
Fifth Gym: Artemis: Bug Type Pokemon: Stalyre, Famihop, Vespiquen, Pegafly
Sixth Gym: Hephaestus: Steel Type Pokemon: Pyroar, Cyloth, Granbull, Liftrane,
Seventh Gym: time of day dependant, missed gym leader available in post game Demeter: Grass Type Pokemon: Wyrdeer, Pangoat, Thornplyta, Dunguk, Applin
 Hades: Ghost Type Pokemon: Charow, Applin, Maidagaunt, Hootspook, Cerberowl 
Eight Gym: Apollo : Dragon Type Pokemon: Tyrannogon, Titagon, Stratogon, Taroagon, Infragon
Elite Four: Hestia: Fire Type Pokemon: Rapadash, Charmera, Thirvul, Glarclops, Clopclang, Mudray,
Elite Four: Athena: Psychic Type Pokemon: Hootsight, Pardrap, Uneye, Finortune, Tapegy, Arbok
Elite Four: Poseidon: Water Type Pokemon: Shellee, Meroldier, Argust, Tidull, Captnose, Torterra
Elite Four: Hera: Ice Type Pokemon: Shiverhen, Eyegus, Milktank, Yofreeze, Blizagon, Aborown
Champion: Zues: Electric Type Pokemon: Kilopine, Raigon, Bravery, Joltalin, Nimbele, Amproch
Pokedex: 1 Hipoppy (grass starter, Wooly Rhino/Hippo inspired) 2 Rhilypad (evo of Hipoppy) 3 Reedoceros (evo of Rhilypad, adds ground 2nd type) 4 Coalf ( fire starter, Colchis bull, Minotaur inspired) 5 Belobull (evo of Coalf) 6 Minoforge (evo of Belobull, adds steel type) 7 Sparatan (Water starter, water rat, spartan, nutria) 8 Nutrilanx (evo of Sparatan) 9 Leonidria (evo of Nutrilanx adds fighting type) 10 Peckoot (Route 1 bird owl flying type) 12 Hootsight (Peckoot evo, pyschic Athena symbol) 13 Hootspock (Peckoot evo, ghost Hades symbol) 14 Holepop ( Route 1 "Rodent" Polecat Badger) 15 Badden. (Holepop evo normal/ground) 16 Tiant (Tiny Ant Route 1 bug, puppa stage) 17 Mediumidons (Tiant evo, Myrmidon, worker stage) 18 Guyant (Male Mediumidon evo, soldier ant stage add fighting type) 19 Royalant (Female Mediumidon evo, queen stage add fairy type) 20 Laepup (Regional dog normal type, Laelaps inspire) 21 Orthwoff (Laepup evo, 2nd head Orthrus inspired) 22 Cerberowl (Orthwoof evo, Cerberus, add dark type) 23 Hedgawatt (Pika-clone, electric normal hedgehog) 24 Kilopine (Hedgawatt evo, porcupine electric poison) 25 Echo-at (Regional bat, Echo/Minyades dark flying) 26. Miny-sound (Echo-at evo) 27. Sisyrock (Sisyphus ground type "geodude replace") 28. Rollphus (Sisyrock evolution) 29. Crackgades (Rollphus evo, add rock clashing rocks) 30. Litleo ( regional, steel/fire nemian lion) 31. Pyroar (litleo evo) 32. Stantler (Regional grass/normal Cerynein Hind) 33. Wyrdeer (Stantler evo) 34. Kicklet ( piglet normal fighting) 35. Boarchop (male Kicklet evo Erymanthian boar) 36. Sowpunch ( female Kicklet evo Crommyonian Sow) 37. Cutphal (Stymphalian bird, Skarmory pre-evo) 38. Skarmory (cutphal evo , flying/steel) 39. Ponyta (Mare of Diomedes, fire/ dark) 40. Rapidash (Ponyta evo) 41. Amasting (Amazon grass lady, grass) 42. Pricklezon (Amasting evo) 43. Thornpolyta ( Hippolyta, add fighting 2nd type) 44. Janiface (Janus, ground type.) 45. Headon (Janus evo, Geryon add fighting 2nd type) 46. Cuteobra (Medusa Fairy, ground) 46. Beautite (Cuteobra evo) 47. Goriper (Beautite evo, Poison ground, blessed and cursed forms) 48. Grimer (Poison grass regional Augean stables) 49. Muk (Grimer evo) 50. Stableunk (muk evo poision rock) 51. Staglyre (Cerambus, stag beetle, lyre, bug fairy) 52. Combee ( Melissa, bug flying) 53. Vespiquen (Combee female evo) 54. Honeyhive ( Combee male evo, bug ground honey pot/ Bee Hive) 55. Gatpony (Gatfly/ Pegasus Bug Flying) 56. Pegafly (Gatpony evo) 57. Rufflet (Regional, Zues's Eagle, Flying Electric) 58. Braviery (Rufflet, eater of Prometheus's liver) 59. Frostchick ( Peacock chick, Ice flying, Hera's symbol) 60. Freezter (Male Frostchick evo, ice psychic) 61. Shiverhen (female Frostchick evo, ice flying) 62. Harpury ( Harpy, flying/water) 63. Sirenury (Harpury evo, Siren) 64. Furytress (Sirenury evo, flying/dark) 65. Eyegus (Psychic / Ice, Argus) 66. Skiddo ( Grass) 67. Gogoat (Skiddo evo) 68. Pangoat (Gogoat evo, grass ground, Pan) 69. Burrotaur (Onocentaur, spade fighting ground) 70. Centatrench (Onocentaurevo, centaur shovel) 71. Surfshot ( centatrench waterstone evo Iothyocentaurs water fighting) 72. Bouffalant (regional, poison ground, catoblepas) 73. Ashleaf (Dryad grass) 74. Shellave (Nymph water) 75. Winday (Anemoi flying) 76. Uneye (Graeae sisters/ Fates psychic) 77. Grifluff ( Baby Griffin flying normal) 78. Chirage ( Grifluff evo, Chimera, flying fire) 79. Meowth (Regional, normal ground Sphinx) 80. Persian (Meowth evo, ground psychic) 81. Coltick ( hippalectryon flying normal) 82. Roostallion (Coltick flying fighting) 83. Fowlflow (Hippocampus normal water) 84. Mustwave (Fowlflow evo fighting water) 85. Calfoam (Ophiotaurus normal water) 86. Tidull (Calfoam evo ground water) 87. Kidool (Capricorn normal water) 88. Horntide (Kidool grass water) 89. Fishot (Merfolk water) 90. Meroldier (Fishot male evo add fighting) 91. Finortune (Fishot female evo add pyschic) 92. Skullapendra (Skolopendra dark water) 93. Skelmet ( Spartae, ghost ) 94. Riblate (Skelmet evo) 95. Armograve (Skelmet evo ghost fighting) 96. Crobright (Corvus, Apollo flying) 97. Dolmatey (Etruscan pirate water normal) 98. Porpirate ( Dolmate evolution) 99. Captnose (Porpirate evo, water dark) 100. Lapris (regional, water grass) 101. Argust (Lapris evo, Argo.) 102. Krabby (water) 103. Kingler (Krabby evo) 104. Pancup (normal Dionysus panther) 105. Vinether (Pancup evo, add grass type) 106. Troody (Trojan horse grass, psychic) 107. Nickit (Regional, Teumessian Fox, dark fire) 108. Thievul (Nickit evo) 109. Bronztrot (Hippoi Kabeirikoi steel type) 110. Totbot (Talos steel fighting) 111. Colosust (Totbot evo Collosus of Rhodes) 112. Munchlax (regional, lotus eater, grass normal) 113. Snorlax (Munchlax evo) 114. Charow (Charon ghost water) 115. Chopclang (Empusa fire steel) 116. Maidagaunt (Philinnion ghost, fairy) 117. Turtwig (regional grass water, island sciron) 118. Grotle (Turtwig evo) 119. Torterra (Grotle evo) 120. Magikarp (regional automaton water steel) 121. Gyarados (Magikarp evo) 122. Ravegle (Phoenix fire flying) 123. Cluckslash (Ares Rooster fighting) 124. Stabcrow (Cluckslash evo) 125. Paroostie (Stabcrow evo flying 2nd type) 126. Regalreal (Alcyoneus, water flying) 127. Ducklett (Regional Apollo symbol, pychic water) 128. Swanna (Ducklett evo) 129. Kricketot (Regional Bug grass muse locusts) 130. Kricketune (Kricketot evo) 131. Locustra (Krickrtune evo bug dark) 132. Vullaby (Regional flying fighting Ares symbol) 133. Mandibuzz (Vullaby evo) 134. Liftrane (steel flying Crane Hephaestus symbol) 135. Calket (Milktank pre-evo ice normal) 136. Milktank (Regional, Hera symbol) 137. Mudray (Regional, fire ground Hestia's symbol) 138. Mudsdale (Mudbray evo) 139. Weaverqueen (Arachne spider psychic bug) 140. Tapegy (Weaverqueen evo) 141. Disccharge (Discus, Olympics electric) 142. Shock-put (Discus evo Shot put) 143. Joltelin (Shock-put evo Javelin) 144. Smoliv (regional, grass psychic, Athena symbol) 145. Dolliv (Smoliv evo) 146. Arboliva (Dolliv evo) 147. Ekans (Regional Erichthonius pyschic poison) 148. Arbok (Ekans evo) 149. Draeggin (revive from Egg fossil ancient "eevee" dragon egg evo of every type, dragon type) 150. Firake (Draeggin Firestone dragon fire evo Helios's Dragon) 151. Infragon (Firake evo) 152. Wavyn (Draeggin Waterstone dragon water evo Ketos) 153. Vortegon (Wavyn evo) 154. Thundra ( Draeggin Thunderstone dragon electric evo Draco) 155. Raigon (Thundra evo) 156. Glacephis (Draeggin Icestone dragon ice evo Scythian Dracaena) 157. Blizagon (Glacephis evo) 158. Fortung (Draeggin Twisted Spoon dragon psychic evo, Ouroboros) 159. Taroagon (Fortung evo) 160. Arauchi (Draeggin spell tag dragon ghost evo Kampe) 161. Skelagon (Arauchi evo) 162. Terrorasque ( Draeggin black glasses dragon dark evo Manticore) 163. Panicgon (Terrorasque evo) 164. Flufapuk (Draeggin silk scarf dragon normal evo Python) 165. Furagon (Flufapuk evo) 166. Pupaborus (Draeggin silver powder dragon bug evo Pryausta) 167. Cicadagon (Pupaborus) 168. Toxilisk (Draeggin Poison Barb dragon poison evo Hydra) 169. Smogon (Toxilisk evo) 170. Nimatrice (Draeggin sharp beak dragon flying evo Amphisbaena) 171. Stratogon (Nimatrice evo) 172. Garnamat (Draeggin Hard Stone dragon rock evo Basilisk) 173. Gemagon (Garnamat evo) 174. Helmepent (Draeggin Metal Coat dragon steel evo colchian dragon) 175. Kniteagon (Helmepent evo) 176. Dirtler (Draeggin Soft sand dragon ground evo Cerastes) 177. Mudagon (Dirtler evo) 178. Obelotan ( Draeggin Roseli Berry dragon Fairy evo Ladon) 179. Titagon (Obelotan) 180. Dracorex (Draeggin Dragon Fang pure Dragon evo Drakken) 181. Tyrannogon (Dracorex evo) 182. Barbernaga (Draeggin Black Belt dragon Fighting evo Ismenian dragon) 183. Besergon ( Barbernaga evo) 184. Cloracoatl ( Draeggin Leafstone dragon grass type Demeter's dragon) 185. Amazogon (Cloracoatl evo) 186. Cyloth (Revive form tusk fossil Cyclops Mammoth fire steel) 187.Glarclops (Cyloth evo) 188. Pardrap (Revive with neck fossil Girafarig ancestor Camelopard psychic rock) 189. Sableye (regional, Amethyst rock dark Dionysus) 190. Geoglare (Sableye evo) 191. Onix (regional fairy, rock Aphrodite coral) 192. Corallix (Onix evo, fairy rock) 193. Snubbull (regional fairy steel Hephaestus) 194. Granbull (Snubbull evo) 195. Applin (Regional Pomegranate Persephone, grass ghost) 196. Appletun (Applin evo Hades/Winter form, sweet apple) 197. Flapple (Applin evo Demete Summer form, tart apple) 198. Houndour ( regional hellhound fire/ghost) 199. Houndoom (Houndour evo) 200. Gothita (Regional Night Sky Polaris Nyx, Pyschic Dark) 201. Gothorita (Gothita evo, Consellations) 202. Gothitelle (Gothorita evo, Moon Phases Astrology) 203. Frogurt ( Frozen "Greek" Yogurt pokemon Fairy Ice) 204. Yofreeze (Frogurt evo) 205. Marastem (Marathon/Fennel fairy grass 206. Fenneline (Marastem evo) 207. Tiarafrost (Ice crown ice ghost) 208. Aborown (Tiarafrost evo) 209. Nimbele (Nephele electric fairy 210. Voltox (Io Auroch Electric Normal) 211. Amproch (Voltox evo, Electric Steel) 212. Parispet ( Paris Trojan War fighting rock) 213. Hecturret (Parispet evo) 214. Circeror (Circes Sorcerer psychic water) 215. Calwitcho (Circeror evo Calypso) 216 Icsoarus (Icarus flying bug) 217. Dedalas (Icsoarus evo ghost bug) 218. Narsunkis (Narcissus ghost water)
Constellation Pokemon, only catchable after you get a Gothitelle and show it to the Astronomer in the Athens themed town. He gives you a star map, that helps leads you to pokemon or items to evolve previous stages:
  1. Virgilent ( Virgo Artemis Fairy Fighting)
  2. Libringo ( Libra Flamingo Pychic Flying)
  3. Scorpopult (Scorpio Catapult Bug, Rock)
  4. Cratron (centatrench sagistone evo, chiron/sagittarius artillery, fighting fire)
  5. Caprinami (Horntide evo water rock)
  6. Dromorius (Aquarius Camel water ground)
  7. Eelces (Eel Pisces Water Dark)
  8. Ramries (Aries Ram Fairy Grass)
  9. Taurecane (Tidull evo water wind)
  10. Castlox (Gemini twin monkey fire water, Castor Pollux)
  11. Kraggly (Kingler evo, Cancer)
  12. Leroar (Leo, Electric Fire)
  13. Starriursa (divergent Teddiursa, fairy normal)
  14. Ursanova (Starriursa evo, fairy dark)
Heroic Pokemon, you receive a Novlous after becoming Champion for post game.
  1. Novlous (Novice Hero, Iolous normal fighting)
  2. Herocles (Novlous evo, when you lv up after defeating a Pyroar, Hercules steel fighting)
  3. Percilade (Novlous evo, when you lv up after defeating a Goriper, Perseus poison fighting)
  4. Jasonaut (Novlous evo, when you lv up after defeating a Armograve, Jason water fighting)
  5. Thesyrinth (Novlous evo, when you lv up after defeating a Minoforge, Theseus fire fighting)
  6. Odyssequest (Novlous evo when you lv up after defeating a Troody, Odysseus physic fighting)
  7. Bellerfought (Novlous evo when you lv up after defeating a Chirage, Bellerophon flying fighting)
  8. Atalantrace ( Novlous evo when you lv up after defeating a Fenneline, Atalantra grass fighting)
  9. Anklelles (Novlous evo, when you lv up after defeating a Hecturret, Achilles rock fighting)
Legendary Pokemon 242. Maiarth ( Box legendary, Gaia Grass Ground) 243. Urasphere (Box legendary, Uranus Flying Electric) 244. Tartapitus (Box legendary, Tartarus, Dark Ghost) 245.Ptonolus (legendary quatro horse, Southern wind Nolus Ptolemy Egyptian flying fire) 246. Seleurus (legendary quatro horse, Eastern wind Eurus Seleucus Mesopotamia flying electric) 247. Lysiboreas (legendary quatro horse Northern wind Boreas Lysimachus Mongol/Rus flying ice) 248. Caezarus (legendary quatro horse Western wind Zephyrus Cassander Roman flying grass) 249. Aeolxander (Charioteer of the winds Aeolus Alexander the great flying fighting) 250. Monstidna (Echidna legendary monster duo fairy dragon) 251. Typhonster (Typhon legendary monster duo dark dragon) 252. Charybdmaw (Charybdis legendary navigation duo water dragon) 253. Scyllajaw (Scylla legendary navigation duo rock dragon) 254. Handalotcheire (leave Monstidna and Typhonster in the Daycare, egg, Hecatoncheires, steel dragon)
Muse Legendaries 255. Calliomuse ( Calliope epic poetry muse fairy pyschic) 256. Cleomuse (Cleo history muse fairy ground. 257. Eratomuse (Erato love poetry muse fairy water) 258. Eutermuse (Euterpe music muse fairy grass) 259. Melpomuse (Melpomene tragedy muse fairy dark) 260. Polymuse (Polyhymnia sacred poetry mise fairy stone) 261. Terpsimuse (Terpsichore dance muse fairy fire) 262. Thalimuse (Thalia comedy muse fairy grass) 263. Uranimuse (Urania astronomy muse fairy flying) 264. Orcheus (Orphues fairy ghost, cave unlocks near 8th gym after encountering all 9 muses)
Mythical 265. Vindra (Vine Indra, Dionysus India pilgrimage)
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2023.01.03 21:03 Ok_poop872 Orders of Fae and how they replenish

In ZA 8, we finally figure out how Cerberus replenish their orders. which took forever for us to find out how they do.
but now i wonder if anyone has a master list of how all the orders of fae replenish their orders and even though some haven’t been officially announced of how they do, i want hear how y’all think they replenish their ordepowers
here is the list of fae TAENIA (Parasitic Orders) Vampire Siren MUTATIO (Mutating Orders) Dragon Manticore Griffin Cerberus Pegasus Werewolf Nemean Lion Hydra Caucasian Eagle Chimera DIVISUS (Spliced Orders) Minotaur Medusa Centaur Cyclops Sphinx Harpy
EXTINCT ORDERS Hydra Kraken Phoenix Arian Dolphin Empusa Ophiotaurus
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2022.12.16 00:04 greeneyes3091 Fatal flaw

I asked myself a question about fanfictions where Annabeth leaves Percy. It seems to me that Annabeth has another fatal flaw in these fanfictions: and it is the search for power, that is, she would do anything for her own ends, even betraying. In the books she is seen in Hercules and in Thalia: in Hercules when she flirts with Zoe for the golden apple and Thalia when she is tempted by the power of Bessie / Ophiotaurus. Am I the only one who thinks so?
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2022.11.06 22:59 dumb_potatoking Shouldn't it have been relativly easy to find the Ophiotaurus? [Pjo]

It's a sea monster, so shouldn't Poseidon be able to sense it, or at least locate it? Why send Artemis to find a seacreature, when you have the literall god of the seas on your side? That's just really bad planning on Zeus's side.
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2022.10.02 05:36 No-Eye-9491 Mythical creatures

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2022.09.02 23:32 johan38473 100 What If…? Pitches [all]

Exactly what the post says. I’ve categorised the scenarios by timeline divergence and I’ll be using the fandom starting date of 2006 to simplify this, with everything pre-TLT being divided into three eras. Also I’ve excluded MC and KC because honestly I don’t remember them well enough.

Ancient Times-1899 (Scenarios 1-4)

1900-1987 (Scenarios 5-8)

1988-2005 (Scenarios 9-14)

The Lightning Thief (Scenarios 15-20)

Sea of Monsters (Scenarios 21-25)

The Titan’s Curse (Scenarios 26-32)

Battle of the Labyrinth (Scenarios 33-38)

The Last Olympian (Scenarios 39-44)

The Lost Hero (Scenarios 45-49)

Son of Neptune (Scenarios 50-55)

Mark of Athena (Scenarios 56-60)

House of Hades (Scenarios 61-66

Blood of Olympus (Scenarios 67-75)

The Hidden Oracle (Scenarios 76-81)

The Dark Prophecy (Scenarios 82 and 83)

The Burning Maze (Scenarios 84-87)

The Tyrant’s Tomb (Scenarios 88-93)

Tower of Nero (Scenarios 94-96)

Gag Scenarios (Scenarios 97-100)

Bonus 101st scenario

The team is Atheneus, Roman!Thalia, Greek!Jason, Witch!Annabeth, Buff!Hazel, whichever Olympian got punished in place of Apollo, Chuck Hedge and God!Clovis all teaming up to fight either Son of Tartarus!Percy or Herald of Kronos!Percy
If you made it this far, congrats! Feel free to write any of these up if they catch your fancy, I’d love to read them!
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2022.08.18 02:39 mossbrooke Mythical creatures

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2022.08.18 01:58 londonspade Mythical creatures

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2022.07.05 21:33 chiken379 All 373 named characters in [PJO], [HoO], and [ToA]

I made a list of all characters in the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles who are mentioned by name. Please let me know if I missed anyone!
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2022.06.10 16:30 Jibrish Things I wish I knew as a New / Returning player guide / list.

I'm a somewhat recent returner (Few months) and noticed a lot of folks struggling with current guides and missing some things that I found to be extremely important for a new or returning player. I happened to write down what I wish I knew going through the lost and confused stage over the last couple of months. For general purpose newbie guides this one is pretty good and mostly relevant. Some of the information in this list is also in this guide. For whatever reason I've noticed a lot of people missing it however. Here's my list in no particular order.
1: Grab a linkshell from the linkshell concierge ASAP. You can take one per day - any you wish - and equip up to two at a time. For non FFXI / XIV players a linkshell = guild. Very large linkshells exist and a huge portion of public chats have moved to these linkshells. I strongly recommend doing this before RoV 1-9 where you fight Ophiotaurus. He is the newbie destroyer. Shameless plug: Odin Server - DKOB linkshell
2: You can convert sparks and unity accolades into 2 million gil per week (combined). Buy Arch shield and sell it to a vendor. For accolades, purchase Prize powder and vendor it. You can spend 100,000 sparks and accolades per week. Resets Sunday.
3: I would recommend not buying i117 spark gear that a lot of guides recommend. Sparks when just returning or coming back are very hard to come by and one of the only sources of gil you have starting off. Instead you can buy i119 gear (weapon and armor) for around 13,000 bayld total. You can turn those copper vouchers you've been getting from RoE into 1k bayld each. You only need to do the very first few missions of Seekers to unlock the gear. Vendor 1, Vendor 2
Alternatively here's a good gearing guide to skip the sparks with.
4: After you get the Bayld gear, try to find an ambu group or simply just do ambuscade. If you're antisocial like myself, you can solo a full set of basic ambuscade gear in just a few hours doing v2 ambuscade - very easy (Maybe higher, depending on the month and how much research you do). Note: During peak hours some people frown on soloing due to limited instances. Do what you gotta do, but do try to get a group that is newbie friendly! Solo this has 2 options from the ambuscade vendor. Items purchased with hallmarks, and items for total hallmarks. The total hallmarks option are unlocked and free to claim once you reach that amount in a given month. This gear will be your bread and butter for awhile. Unlike the i119 bayld gear, it has accuracy which you will need to get far better XP in places like Reisenjima or lower level Apex monsters (with some upgrades / accessories). If you plan on doing enough Ambuscade to get the +1 options it might be wise to save the NQ (No +1 in the voucher) in case you plan on leveling an alt that month. Otherwise, one of the options (Voucher or Token) is free for a full set each month so it's not a big deal to just use the NQ on your main job.
5: Only characters 45 days or older can see this one. You may have to complete Tutorial > basic > "Exploring the trove" first. In your RoE quests check Content > AMAN Trove. Do as many of these as you possibly can in a given month. 5 silver vouchers turns into a Mars orb. That Mars orb can potentially be worth many millions of gil or save you a lot (20mil or so) of gil upgrading your ambuscade weapon to the highest tier. Trove is very simple to do, and you can simply bank the vouchers + Free orb till you're ready to gamble.
6: On that note also do Quests > Other > Monthly objectives. All characters should be able to see this. These award 10 deeds of heroism each. You might not be able to get them all done in your first month or two but you can definitely get most of them done. The rewards work similar to 'total' hall marks. You can claim everything up to the total amount you've earned. This unlocks things like a free pulse weapon (Fairly hard to obtain, expensive to buy for a new player, needed to upgrade your ambuscade weapons to max) or one of (if not the best) healer trusts in the game.
7: Even if you don't plan on touching it for awhile - make sure to both zone into your Mog Garden once per day (do the initial tutorial) and spend your Imprimaturs once every couple of days. These are needed to prevent hitting time gates locking your progression later on in RoV / Seekers content. Hint: You can go to the Task Delegator inside the building in Western Andoulin (G-7) and select the mission type "Frontline Support" once progressed in the Seekers story enough (Not far needed). Select the furthest zone away that you have a waypoint to and select between 1 and 3 imp's to use. I just use 3 as the bayld difference for one at a time is typically not worth it. Simply teleport directly to the camp in the target zone, talk to the NPC next to the waypoint, waypoint back and turn in. There are ways to min/max this better, but for now just make sure you have less than 15 imprimaturs as that is the cap. They generate one every (6: I think) hours real world time.
8: Use this guide to figure out where to level and when. I disagree with some of the level ranges, but following it exactly will get you to 99 without too much trouble.
9: Buy a warp ring with conquest points ASAP. Also purchase an Empress band. Note: This can be refilled once per tally period (Couple of days to a week or so, off memory) by trading it to the guard you bought it from. It will consume some conquest points but they are basically free and you should not worry much about spending them on things like this.
10: Unlock your Mog Sack and Mog Locker as soon as you are able. This is a free 30 inventory out in the world each and is upgradeable to 80 each. Note: You can purchase Gobbiebag (EG; Inventory space upgrades) via the quests here or by purchasing a Stew from your mog house while the Mog Gardens campaign is going on. Note: Some people price gouge gobbie bag quest items and the items are often very easy to obtain. Look them up as you go.
11: Do Domain Invasions once per day (Rarely twice, if you get less than 100 points). This amounts to going to either of the Escha zones, or Reisenjima, and basically hitting a boss. Usually its just a zerg. Zone in, talk to the silt vendor, select "Receive Elvorseals" and then accept the teleport to the boss. Summon trusts and hit it when it spawns. Don't stand behind them, stand to the side. Note: These spawns every 10-15 minutes in a rotating fashion. Your unity chat boss should announce where the next one is going to be with a 10 minute warning. The rotation is Reisenjima > Escha - Zi'tah > Escha - Ru'anne. You can get a maximum of 100 points per day and purchase very useful armor / weapons / accessories / sellables in Norg with them.
12: voidenjoyer (lol) summarized this better than me. Accumulate voidstones via a passive process ASAP.
Hopefully folks will chime in with other tips and tricks in the thread. If you think something should be added to this OP please let me know. Happy hunting!
Here's another tips and tricks thread.
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2022.05.10 23:00 Mighty-nerd Episode list for every book in PJO and HOO [PJOTV] I made it up

I made a full episode list for every book in PJO and HOO. Most are 8 episodes but some are smaller because not quite as much happens in them. I merged SoN and TLH. Tell me what you guys think. I didn't really include dreams just actual events. The dreams would go next to their corresponding parts.
The lightning thief 8 episodes
  1. Everything up to killing the minotaur
  2. Meeting CHB/ Capture the Flag/ Claimed and getting a quest
  3. Oracle to killing Medusa
  4. The Gateway Arch
  5. The whole Ares arc
  6. Crusty, Lotus casino, all that stuff. Ends with Cerberus' snarling face
  7. Everything in the Underworld
  8. Fight with Ares and conclusion
The Sea of Monsters 6 episodes
  1. Everything up to killing the bronze bulls
  2. Tyson getting claimed/chariot races/Clarrise getting her quest/ talking to Hermes
  3. Up to Hydra getting exploded
  4. Ship explosion/Circes island/ Sirens
  5. getting the Fleece
  6. Getting it back to camp
The Titans Curse 6 episodes
  1. Up to Annabeth falling
  2. Biancas choice, capture the flag, a quest Percy decides to escape CHB
  3. Up to killing Nemean lion
  4. Flying Pig/Bianca dying
  5. Dam problem/Ophiotaurus safe
  6. Fight with Atlas
Battle of the Labyrinth 8 episodes
  1. Getting back to Camp/Meeting Quintus
  2. Everything up to actually setting foot in the Labyrinth the second time.
  3. Janus/Hera/Jailbreak/Labyrinth stuff. Ends with them exiting into Geryons ranch
  4. Everything at Geryons ranch
  5. Sphinx/Hephaestus/Labyrinth/Mt. St. Helens eruption
  6. Calypso/New guide/Beating Anteous/ Escaping Labyrinth
  7. Awakening Kronos and seeing Pan
  8. The Big battle
The Last Olympian 8 episodes
  1. Rachel/Princess Andromeda/Poseidon's palace/ burning Beckendorfs shroud
  2. Styx arc-Above world
  3. Styx arc-Underworld
  4. Initial fighting, breaking bridge
  5. Everything up to and including beating Hyperion-Pigs/Prometheus/Hyperion
  6. Silena dies, and Clarisse comes, party ponies, getting driven back.
  7. Getting up Olympus, having trouble, almost dying. Ends when Poseidon comes to fight Typhon.
  8. Beating Kronos and conclusion

The Lost Hero/Son of Neptune 12 episodes
  1. Grand Canyon and getting to camp TLH
  2. Seeing camp, getting a quest, and getting Festus/ finding Bunker 9. TLH
  3. Defeating Gorgons, Carrying Hera, losing invulnerability, meeting Reyna SoN
  4. Boreas TLH
  5. War games and getting a quest. Also meeting Nico.
  6. Medea and Midas TLH
  7. Quest up to Percy drinking gorgons blood
  8. Hunters and Mount Diablo TLH
  9. Amazons and Laistrygonians
  10. The Wolf House and unraveling the mystery TLH
  11. Freeing Thanatos and beating Alcyoneous
  12. Big battle
Mark of Athena 8 episodes
  1. Reunion, eidolons, Kansas
  2. Narcissus and Eidolons out
  3. Charleston
  4. Everything up to and including kicking Hercules's butt.
  5. Chrysaor
  6. Archimedes and Annabeth's quest (Up to defeating Mithras people).
  7. Nymphaeum and Annabeth's quest (Up to actually getting to Arachne)
  8. Otis and Ephialtes and the rest of Annabeth's quest
House of Hades 8 episodes Reyna's journey might come in dream form-not sure.
  1. Hecate and Kerkopes/Starting Tartarus journey
  2. Katoblepones/Meeting Bob and Rest stop.
  3. Sciron, Cupid, Arai and Damasen. Shows Reyna accepting mission.
  4. Khione and Ahklys. A small snippet of Reyna's journey.
  5. South Wind, Calypso, and Nyx. A small snippet of Reynas journey
  6. In the House of Hades up to Hazel and Leo getting separated/Getting to the Doors of Death. Ends with Tartarus getting up. Small section with Scippio dying.
  7. Defeating Pasiphae/Everything else in Tartarus. Reyna and Diocletians temple.
  8. Defeating Clytious and Conclusion. End of Reyna's journey.
Blood of Olympus 8 episodes.
  1. Ithaca/Pompei/ Octavion's rise
  2. Nike/Meeting Hades and Lycaeon
  3. Sparta/Orion's trap
  4. Kymopelia/Beating Bryce
  5. Twins and Asclepius/Leo tells Frank and Hazel his plan
  6. Getting to CHB with the Parthenon and defeating Orion/ Getting to Athens, and getting trapped (Before gods arrive)
  7. Sabotaging Octavions army and beating the Giants when gods arrive
  8. Battle with Gaea/Conclusion.
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2022.05.01 23:36 spider-venomized Just an idea but AOS Man O' War?

Just an idea but AOS Man O' War?
It's an idea I had of what if AOS had it's own Man O War? Where all the various faction have a naval battle across the mortal realm. I would like to hear people's option on it and if anyone has any deep lore or ideas of what each navy would be please comment down before.
just image this happening in the mortal realm
  • Stormcast Eternal
    • Hyper gold holy ship that almost look like a starship
  • City of sigmar
    • Typical galleon with a sigmar figurehead (didn't want to use the Scourge Privateers because it seem double dipping with DOK)
  • Seraphon
    • a temple mounted on a gigantic Mosasaurus
  • Sylvaneth
    • A floating moving mangrove island
  • Daughter of Khaine
    • Black ark ship
  • Lumineth Realmlord
    • typical LOTR elven style ship with the wind Aelementor providing power
  • Idoneth Deepkin
    • Triton from WHF resurrected by the Idoneth
  • Kharadron Overlords
    • A Titanic warship
  • Fyreslayers
    • A Trireme with a fyreslayer drummer
  • Slaves to darkness
    • Gigantic demonic black ship with Archaon figure head
  • Disciples of tzeentch
    • a silver tower
  • Blades of Khorne
    • A bloodied viking longship with werekin drummer
  • Maggotkin of Nurgle
    • Gutrot Spume & his Drownmen riding a plague kraken
  • Hedonists of Slaanesh
    • A regal Arabic Dhow
  • Skaven
    • a clan skryre U-boat
  • Beast of chaos
    • A mutated giant Ophiotaurus (mere-minotaur)
  • Ironjawz
    • A crudely made ironcald that look like they pounded the iron together
  • Kruleboy
    • a spiky black slave ship
  • Bonesplitterz
    • surfer orks riding with the two head shark Skwidmuncha
  • Ogor mawtribe
    • Firebellies on a Hōkūleʻa
  • Gloomspite gtiz
    • a coral reef being pull by ocean troggoth
  • Sons of Behemat
    • A Kraken eater
  • Ossiarch Bonereaper
    • The bone of the sailor who wrong Nagash now constructed as a sentient bone ship.
  • Soulblight gravelord
    • Vampire coast
  • Flesheater court
    • A little rafts made of corpses
  • Nighthuant
    • Haunted sunken ship similar to Awlrach the Drowne
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2022.04.19 14:30 reproachableknight [PJO] Move over Dan Brown! The Merovingians aren't the descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Its more likely they're Percy Jackson's extended family.

The seventh century chronicle of Fredegar (written no later than 660 AD) claims that the Merovingians - the kings of the Franks who unified Gaul in the late fifth and early sixth centuries - were descended from a chap called Merovech. The story goes that Merovech's mother was a Frankish queen who was walking by a beach when a "beast of Neptune" that had the appearance of a "quinotaur (basically another name for an ophiotaurus)" abducted her and she later gave birth to her son, Merovech. No subsequent chroniclers mention this story, indicating it was not widely believed, though people did think there was something special about the Merovingians that, until Pepin the Short (the father of Charlemagne) deposed the last Merovingian king of Gaul/ the Franks in 751, no one challenged the dynasty's right to rule.
Dan Brown uses this to claim that the Merovingians were descended from Jesus Christ. To jump from Fredegar's account to such an wild theory as this, of course, requires an insane level of mental gymnastics only a tinfoil hat conspiracy nut can manage. But, lets imagine here that Fredegar really was telling a true story which, in the Riordanverse, he could easily be. Perhaps it would require less of a suspension of logic to suggest that Merovech was an Olympian demigod and that his son Childeric I (d.481) and his grandson Clovis (466 - 511) and all subsequent Merovingians were legacies.
At a very superficial glance, Fredegar's story looks like the story of Zeus and Europa. But note how it says that this happened at the beach, just like when Poseidon first met Sally Jackson back in 1993 - the beach is, understandably, his default place for seeking out mortal lovers. And unless Zeus was being incredibly clever and secretive about it, he wouldn't go disguised as a beast of Poseidon, nor do I think would Poseidon allow him into his realm. So I think we have good reason to think that, in the Riordanverse, Merovech would be a demigod son of Poseidon and his descendants legacies. This in turn would mean that Percy would be the half-brother of Merovech and the great-uncle of Clovis, one of the most successful kings of the Franks.
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2022.02.23 01:05 Locomule Ophiotaurus - mythic half bull half snake reoccurring in GTA V

Ophiotaurus - mythic half bull half snake reoccurring in GTA V submitted by Locomule to u/Locomule [link] [comments]

2022.02.19 09:58 Tough_Ad6990 I find kinda funny how BlackJack is always on the cover of the Titan's Curse. [Pjo]

In every book cover I have seen of the Titan's Curse Blackjack is always on the cover and I find that absolutely hilarious. I'm not gonna argue how big of a role he played in TTC because we can argue HE DID seeing as he was the one who alerted Percy of the Ophiotaurus and helped Percy sneak into the quest and brought them home in the end.
Yet there are so many other moments that totally could've taken precedence and they instead chose the comedic black pegasus and I LIVE for that.
I love Blackjack with all my heart, that crazy horse.
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2022.02.14 12:04 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 10 top Nickelodeon villains to a talk

10 plankton
work at a Krusty Krabs restaurant it is certainly not a roach the plankton is a ownership of a chum bucket
9 hagfish
most deep sea hagfish can feed on a carcasse to order to clam kill his sperm whale's husband sea fly
8 morag
morag can inlcudes his a Nickelodeon's animated feature 61st Netflix film loud house movie
7 mouse
mouse can feed on its a wood and pesticide food that can causes of its a mouse trap
6 Henry phantom (dark Henry Danny phantom)
unlike a Danny phantom the first epic movie that will find the monster Cerberus trap an its a police vehicles however Henry Phantom gets angry most of a then they called a dark Danny to rule his word to kill his superhero Danny Phantom
5 shadow buffalo
regions of a shadow monsters most shadow buffalo most species of a its male mythical monster they called a ophiotaurus
4 the wolf
wolf find his a flooded palace to leave his snails on his den mostly the male wolf are the 1st ruggrats villain who are a mammals after a wild dog hyena mouse and Vietnam V Wendigo however they walked a forest to enters a coral can crab can reach inside that clam their is a back of a lair the female arachnid they called a spider
3 Spongebob Sandy Mr Krabs Patrick and Squidward
the creation of a lava the wrasses who are a invertebrates and animals such as a barrel sponge water vole spider crab starfish and coloosal squid they are a built some anti characters to misbehaves a bikini bottom
2 mad scientist
creation of a Nickelodeon's animated TV show jimmy and the space pals however the mad scientist to create museum as a animals to attack on a people
1 hyena
the hyena is a 1st ruggrats canid that includes a wild dog the hyena againsts a wolf to attack a people at a rug ledge the male colossal spotted hyena to kill the people as he is a cameo of his a Nickelodeon's sitcom film ruggrats movie the return of a wolf
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2021.12.11 01:36 ArthurDrakoni Riordan Retrospective: The Titan’s Curse and The Battle of the Labyrinth

Everyone really seemed to enjoy the first two installments of my Riordan Retrospective, so I think I’ll share the next two. Combining two into one post worked last time, so we’ll do it again here.
To recap, this is my look back at the works of Rick Riordan. That means Percy Jackson, it’s sequels, and its spin-offs. It’s less of a formal review, and more of a casual look back. Also, given the nature of this retrospective, and that we’re discussing books three and four of the original Percy Jackson series, there will be spoilers. So, consider yourself warned.
Now then, let’s jump right in with a look back at book three, The Titan’s Curse
It's Christmas Vacation, but there's no rest for Percy Jackson, the demigod son of Poseidon. Along with his fellow demigods Annabeth Chase and Thalia Grace, the newly revived daughter of Zeus, he's on a mission to locate a pair of newly discovered demigods. During the mission, however, Annabeth is kidnapped by an manticore. Worse yet, the goddess Artemis is also being held hostage. An important meeting of the Olympian Council will occur during the Winter Solstice, about going to war agains the Titans, and Artemis could prove to be the swing vote. It's going to take everything Percy and the gang have got to brave to fearsome odds to get Annabeth and Artemis back in time.
The Titan's Curse is often considered to be a turning point for the Percy Jackson series. I think that, all things considered, that's a fair assessment. We're introduced to several characters who either leave a big impact, or go on to play major roles later in the series. We also get set up for events and plot-points that play a big role later in the series.
Once again, given the nature of these retrospectives, there’s going to be spoilers ahoy, so just keep that in mind as we move forwards.
One of the big changes that comes with The Titan's Curse is that it marks the first time we witness characters die "on-screen", and two main characters at that. Granted, previous book have discussed demigods getting killed, but always in reference to the past. This time, however, Plot Armor is not guaranteed from the get-go. I does deliver the harsh, yet still true, message that sometimes even heroes die in the line of duty. It also serves to up the stakes and makes thing a bit more interesting, as everyone's survival is not a forgone conclusion.
Now then, let's talk about those characters. First up we've got Bianca di Angelo. Despite only making it about halfway through the book, she leaves a huge impact on the series. Her death proves to be a huge source of motivation for her brother Nico. Speaking of Nico, Bianca often catches a lot of flax for her decision to join the Hunters of Artemis, but I think she deserves more sympathy. She's been looking after Nico for quite a while by the time Percy and company find them, and she's only twelve-years-old.
Well, physically, she and Nico have been in the Lotus Hotel since the 1940s, but time passes slower in the hotel than in the outside world. Point is, she definitely loved Nico, but she was just a kid herself. She knew that he'd be safe and cared for at Camp Half-Blood, and the Hunters would be able to give her the freedom to just be free and actually be a kid, just like she'd always wanted. Plus, she knew that she wouldn't be saying goodbye to Nico forever, just goodbye for now. Granted, that's not how things played out, but I can at least understand her thought process.
In other characters, we've got Zoe Nightshade. She makes it almost all the way through the book before she bites the dust. Bianca's death has more long-lasting impacts, but Zoe's death makes more of an immediate impact because we've spent the whole book getting to know her. She also helps expand the worldbuilding. For example, we learn that she's one of the Hesperides, the daughter of the titan Atlas. However, the reason she never made it into the mythology books is because Atlas disowned her for helping the hero Heracles. I liked how it gave the impression that, while all of the Greek Myths are true, they might not all be completely accurate accounts of what happened. It's a clever way to handwaving any discrepancies; well, that and the fact that consistency was never a strong point of Greek Mythology.
Next up, in important characters, there's Annabeth's dad. Throughout the first few books, Annabeth has had a strained relationship with her father. So, what's he like when we finally meet him? He's goofy and silly, but he also clearly cares about Annabeth, and he's there for her when the chips are down. Now, consider that Percy is goofy and silly, but also cares about Annabeth, and is always there for her when the chips are down. Studies have shown that women often uses their fathers as a template for choosing a husband; the same holds true for men using their mothers a templates for choosing a wife. This isn't an Oedipus Complex, or anything like that. It's more that these kinds of people often bring with them the comfort of familiarity and feelings of safety.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, maybe one of the reasons Annbeth became attracted to Percy is that, subconsciously, he reminds her of her father. On a similar note, I like to think that Percy's mom was a bit like Annabeth in her younger days.
So, there is that supercool scene at the climax where Mr. Chase rides in on a World War I biplane, and shoots monsters with Celestial Bronze bullets. However, that scene raised an interesting question: why don't demigod use guns. Now, from a Doylist, or out-of-universe point-of-view, the explanation is probably that sword fights are cooler to read about than gun fights; though that is subjective. It's also possible that, given Riordan's political views, he simply doesn't like guns and doesn't want to glorify them.
Okay, so what about the Watsonian, or in-universe, explanation? There could be quite a few reasons. It could be that swords are more reliable than guns; gun need to constantly be reloaded with bullets and might jam at critical moments. There's also the question of how many bullets it would take to kill a monster. On the flip side, it only takes one or two bullets to kill a demigod. Perhaps the thinking is that it's best not to give the monsters any ideas. Curiously, in The Heroes of Olympus, the Camp Half-Blood arsenal is mentioned to contain a shotgun, so maybe it just hasn't occurred to anyone yet?
In other speculations, let's talk about the Ophiotaurus. First of all, hats-off to Rick for not underestimating his audience. The Ophiotaurus is definitely not a creature most people would think of when listing creatures of Greek Mythology. Now, Percy convinces the gods to spare the little beast on the grounds that it is wrong kill it for something it might do. It probably didn't hurt that the gods were also having a very similar conversation about whether or not to kill him at this time. Perhaps, however, Percy's motives weren't as altruistic as they seem. By this point, Percy is more than aware that the gods can be major pricks when they want to, and that demigods are often powerless to do anything about it. So what if he saved the Ophiotaurus to use as a potential Sword of Damocles if the occasion ever called for it?
Don't think he wouldn't go through with the ritual. If there one thing you should never do, it's mess with Percy's loved ones. He'd probably use it as an absolute last resort, but if he were pushed far enough, I believe he'd go for it. Though, I concede, this is all speculation on my part.
To a certain extent, The Titan's Curse follows the pattern set by the previous books. Like the previous books, someone significant to Percy has been kidnapped and he needs to rescue them. In The Lightning Thief it was Mrs. Jackson, in The Sea of Monsters it was Grover, and this time it's Annabeth. Similarly, whereas last time we got The Odyssey 2.0, with a bit of Jason and the Argonauts, this time much of the action is inspired by the Labors of Heracles. Percy and the gang battle the Nemean Lion, our heroes hit ha ride on the Erymanthian Boar, and holding up the sky is, of course, the titular Titan's curse. In the previous book , we also got the Stymphalian Birds and the Hydra. We also get some more of this in The Battle of the Labyrinth, but we'll talk about that next time. Like I've said, it ties in with the theme of history/mythology repeating. We also got other cool monsters, such as the Spartoi.
All of that having been said, The Titan's Curse also diverges from the other books in that it is clearly setting things up for later books more so than before. For example, we get the first few sparks of Percy and Annabeth's eventual romance, as well as set up for the eventual war with the Titans. We're also introduced to characters like Nico and Rachel, who play major roles in subsequent books.
The audiobook version was as excellent as always, and the Hoover Dam scene becomes even funnier. If you're reading the text, it's obvious that the characters are saying things like "the dam snack bar" or "the dam bathroom". In the audio version, it sounds slightly racier, as though they're saying "the damn snack bar" or "the damn bathroom". I knew what the joke was from the start, but it's fun to pretend, and I love Uncle Rick for including it.
Let's now take a moment to analyze the book covers. First, we'll start with the original . It's very purplish-blue, and we see Percy and his pegasus Blackjack atop the Chrysler Building. Fun fact, when Blackjack was first introduced in The Sea of Monsters he was described as female, but in all subsequent books he is described as male. It is unknown why this is, probably just a typo that never got corrected, or something like that. We see some vines from Mr. D attempting to stop the duo from going to Washington D.C. When Rick first showed this cover to some kids to promote the book, he had a memorable experience where a kid shouted out "Percy's riding a war moose!" because of how fat Blackjack looks.
Moving on to the new cover , we see Percy and Blackjack front and center. In this version, Blackjack decidedly does not look like a war moose. In the background we see the Golden Gate Bridge, since the climax takes place in San Francisco and thereabout. It also notable I contrast to the previous covers. The first two covers had very dark and ominous color schemes; this time, however, the colors are bright and triumphant. Curiously, the books are numbered using Roman Numerals, even though the Romans don't appear until The Heroes of Olympus.
Next up we have a look back at book four, The Battle of the Labyrinth .
Percy Jackson is feeling a bit down about having to go to freshmen orientation in the middle of summer. His mood doesn't exactly improve when he's nearly attack by a pair of empousai. Percy soon finds himself back at Camp Half-Blood, where there's trouble brewing. The war against the Titans is drawing closer with each passing day. Worse, the Labyrinth of Daedalus is back, and one of its openings is in the middle of Camp Half-Blood; a perfect sneak entrance for the Titan army. Percy and his friends are going to have to brave the twists and terrors of the Labyrinth to find Daedalus and get him to close the Labyrinth once and for all.
As I've stated many times before, but I'm going to state it again, there will be spoilers of plenty beyond this point. Turn back now if you don't want anything spoiled. Now with that out of the way, let's talk plot.
As the penultimate book of the original series, some serious shit goes down in Battle of the Labyrinth. This is, of course, in order to set things up for the final book, The Last Olympian. The changes that The Titan's Curse started only continue to mount in this book.
Perhaps the biggest shocker was when our heroes finally find the god Pan. Grover's entire character arc has been based around finding Pan and convincing him to come back and save the wild. However, Pan has grown so weak that he no longer has any will to live. Still, he passes his spirit to Grover and friends and encourages them to keep fighting the good fight, and defend the wild. Again, this has been what Grover's entire character arc has been building towards, and you can just feel how absolutely crushing this was to him.
And yet, even with this crushing blow, Grover still dusts himself off and soldiers on with his new. I think it really goes to show how strong-willed Grover is, and how many people often underestimate him. To me, Pan's death was even more shocking than Bianca and Zoe, because it showed that even gods can die. Granted, this does raise quite a few questions. For example, Pan claims to be dying because wild places are being destroyed. Problem is, there are huge swaths of America that contain wild and undeveloped lands; that's not even getting into all the places in other countries with wild and untamed lands.
Now, let's change gears slightly. Throughout the Percy Jackson series there's always been a bit of a subtle environmental message. For example, there are a lot of times that Percy winds up in a river and will remark on how polluted it is, and of course there's Grover's occasional commentary. There's also a couple other occasions that Percy will note the ways humans have effected the natural landscape. You get the message, but it never gets too preachy. This contrasts nicely to how Riordan would go on to tackle other serious topics, but again, we'll get to Magnus Chase eventually.
It is also in this book that we get an explanation for how Athena has children, despite being a virgin goddess. Apparently, they're created from thought when Athena finds a mortal mind that matches her own. So, I guess you could say that a child of Athena is literally a brain child. Admittedly, it does seem a bit odd that Riordan took so long to get around to explain this, given that Athena having children would raise most mythology buffs' eyebrows. I think it is a good and clever explanation. It also had the benefit of expanding the pool of goddess mothers beyond just Demeter and Aphrodite.
Speaking of children of Athena, let's talk about Quintus. It was certainly an interesting dynamic to have an adult demigod be one of the major characters. In fact, this is the first, and only, time in the original series that we see an adult demigod. It has been strongly implied that most demigods get killed by monsters before reaching adulthood. Though, admittedly, this is somewhat contradicted by how many famous historical figures are mentioned to have been demigods. It does seem like a bit of a missed opportunity that we never got to meet any other adult demigods. What sort of wisdom and perspectives could they have offered to Percy and company?
Of course, we can't talk about Quintus without discussing who he actually is: Daedalus. It's mentioned that Daedalus was a son of Athena, though this is purely an invention of Riordan's. Then again, the myths were never very consistent, and as I mentioned in my retrospect of The Titan's Curse, it's implied that not all myths are accurate accounts. Hephaestus more or less says as much when Percy meets him, so there's that. His major character arc is learning that wisdom and book-smarts aren't the same thing. As Annabeth points out, children of Athena are supposed to be wise, not just clever.
There's a bit of early installment weirdness, as TV Tropes would put it, at play in this book. The biggest offender being when the characters encounter Janus, a purely Roman god with no Greek counterpart. The Roman gods and demigods didn't appear in full until the sequel series, The Heroes of Olympus. I suppose it can be excused somewhat, as it is possible that Riordan hadn't workout all the lore and/or plans for sequel series. Though, if nothing else, Janus serves as (possibly) unintentional foreshadowing for what was to come.
I probably should have brought this up before, but a lot of the characters' names are actually pretty significant. They either nod to their parentage or reveal something about their personality or motives. For example, we have Nico di Angelo, son of Hades. In Italian, di Angelo means "of the angels", like how when someone dies they're often said to have become an angel. Theologically speaking, this is inaccurate, but you get the point. A very fitting name for a child of the god of the dead, especially one who was originally from Venice. That brings us to Ethan Nakamura, son of Nemesis, the goddess of justice and balance. In Japanese, Nakamura means "middle village", or to put another way, neutral. He also wears an eyepatch over one of his eyes, due to it having been stabbed out, bring to mind the old saying "justice is blind". Ethan is also notable in that he is the first child of a minor god we are introduced to. His entire motivation is based around the fact that the minor gods, and by extension their children, get no respect. The minor gods don't have thrones on Olympus, nor do they have cabins at the camp. Their children as forced to bunk with the Hermes campers.
Just a side note, just why didn't the minor gods have cabins? I can understand not having thrones, but no cabins for their kids? Children of minor gods aren't exactly rare, and even taking into account how bad the gods were about claiming their kids, surely, they'd need somewhere to sleep at the camp? Was there some rule that said only gods with thrones could have cabins? I'm getting off track, let's get back to talking about Ethan.
You get the impression that, at heart, Ethan is a good kid. However, his circumstances forced him to join Kronos' army in hopes of bringing justice to the minor gods and their children. It's related to one of the things that makes Luke such an effective villain. A lot of the things he says do have at least some legitimacy to them. There also a really great scene where Percy is on Ogygia and is having dinner with Calypso. He ask how she could have sided with the Titans during the Titanomachy. She replies that they were her family and she felt obligated because they're her family; then she asks if that's really so different than why Percy fights for the Olympians.
Percy himself have a pretty significant name, but we'll get more into that when we get to The Last Olympian. In more on the nose names, we've got Rachel Elizabeth Dare, who is a redhead. I liked the way she factored into the plot, and showed that mortals who can see through the mist can still do cool things even without demigod powers. I also enjoy the fact that the other characters didn't get derailed just to make Rachel look more competent. Annabeth's plan for finding Daedalus wasn't without merit, she was just looking at things from the wrong angle. This contrast very well with a similarly scene in the later books, but we'll get to The Blood of Olympus eventually.
Also, let's take a moment to appreciate how, when faced with the newly revived Kronos, Rachel tossed her hairbrush at him without a second thought. Even Kronos himself was a bit impressed that she was so bold. Don't think I've ever brought this up before, but I've always thought that The Mist was a really cleaver way to explain why most regular mortals don't notices the mythological goings on.
Leaving aside names, let's talk about the Labyrinth itself. It was actually a pretty great way to get the character across America in the blink of an eye. My only minor criticism is that it seems like it could have gone a bit further. For example, why not have it take the characters to other nations? Granted, the gods are currently living in America, so that probably explains it. Still, it does seem like a bit of a wasted opportunity. Interestingly, The Trails of Apollo would later confirm that, yes, that Labyrinth can go to other nations. I will also add that I loved how the scene with the Sphinx satirized standardized testing.
As a side note, in this book we finally get some scene set in Riordan's native Texas. I bring this up because, as of the posting of this article, he's never set any of his book in San Antonio, the city of his birth and where he spent most of his life. We've got scenes set in San Francisco, where Riordan lived for many years, and Magnus Chase is set almost entirely in Boston, where Riordan currently lives. We've also, in other books, had scenes in Houston and Austin, but not San Antonio. It just seems odd that San Antonio has yet to appear in any of Riordan's books.
As usual, you know I'm going to plug the audiobook version. It was just as excellent as all of the other audiobooks in the series. The only minor criticism I had was that Jesse gave Ethan an Asian accent, even though nothing in the text suggests that this is the case. Like I said, just a minor point, it is still a great audiobook.
In other things that you know are always do, let's analyze the covers. The new cover features a group of buildings that eventually turn into the Labyrinth. Looming over it menacingly is Kronos; at least, I'm fairly certain that's him. If you look closely you can see our heroes on the run.
The old cover features crimson red as its primary color. We see Percy pearling into Kronos' sarcophagus, which is overflowing with energy. Below, we see a miniature version of the Labyrinth and miniature representations of some of the major stops in the novel.
Well, I think that wraps it up for now, just one minor order of business to attend to. Technically, The Last Olympian is the fifth book in the series, however, there is short story collection set between it and Battle of the Labyrinth. This collection, known as The Demigod Files, will be the focus of the next edition of The Riordan Retrospective. Not only is it chronically set between books four and five, but it actually plays a pretty significant role in the sequel series, The Heroes of Olympus.
Link to the original retrospectives on my blog are here, but they’re just the same as what is here.
The Titan’s Curse: https://drakoniandgriffalco.blogspot.com/2017/10/riordan-retrospective-titans-curse.html?m=1
The Battle of the Labyrinth: http://drakoniandgriffalco.blogspot.com/2017/10/riordan-retrospective-battle-of.html?m=1
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2021.12.08 11:07 Haematinon Map of the Ophiotaurus Ocean inspired by red-figure pottery

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2021.10.27 02:51 KRMoaten Returning Monsters and who in western mythology they can represent

So I've been making something of a mental list of possible returning and new monsters on top of who we know from promotional material and who or what in western mythology they represent, and here are some results of mine (speculation ahead):
Malzeno, Vampire Shogun Ceanataur, Grim Reaper Odogaron, Hellhound Lagiacrus, Loc Ness MonsteOgopogo or the Leviathan Thunderbird Werewolf Dalamadur, Jormungandr Agnaktor, Salamander Zamtrios or Velkhana, Jotun Kirin, Unicorn Fatalis trio, Christian Dragons Icthiyo/Ophiotaurus Najarala, Horned Serpent or Coatlicue Medusa Vaal Hazak, Hades or other keepers of the dead Nakarkos, Kraken Behemoth and Ziz of Hebrew Mythology to go along with Leviathan Nerscylla, Arachne Nef-Garmat, Anubis Dire Miralis or Zorah Magdaros, Vulcan among other Volcanic deities Alatreon, Elemental Namielle, Neptune
There are some others tinkering around in my head but these are some I felt would be the best matches given the theming of Sunbreak from what has been told to us
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