Dont look up common sense media

Come for the people, stay for the food.

2016.04.28 13:28 DasGanon Come for the people, stay for the food.

For all your Rimworld memes and reaction gifs. Have you ever had traders and raiders show up at your door and wonder "do they go great with some Chianti or Amerone"? Have you ever taken apart prisoners piece by piece and fed them their old allies in the process? If so, SpaceCannibalism is right for you! Come in today and we'll even throw in some totally not human leather chairs.

2013.10.20 11:26 tilnewstuff Where everyone is a quantum scientist...

People trying too hard to look smart.

2016.02.23 02:19 ReverseCold Unexpected Factorial

This subreddit is for posting when people are talking numbers, and type a number followed by an ! - making it a factorial. This is unexpected, so people usually say /unexpectedfactorial and post it here. Read the rules in the sticky.

2023.06.06 13:57 ch4rries IS HE INTERESTED

hey so at work these guys who dont normally work with me have came in( high chance of seeing them again) and for context they’re both polite and smiley, so you can get the idea of what they’re like a bit/its also worth noting some of this is a reach/extra detail thats probably pointless lol
So the first day i worked with him a little and it was just regular he was really smiley and said thank you a lot as i was trying to help him with the job we were doing/ but hes polite to everybody
Okay the next day we spoke a little bit more and just gossiped about like people our age ygm with his brother ( who is a lot more outgoing) and he seemed like he was trying to join in as well but he seems reserved so i’ve been like trying to smile at him a lot as a small hint and hes always smiling back Anyway according to my coworker we had to move heavy trees and apparently he hung back and waited til i went down as we were lifting them in pairs. We sort of hung around each other as much as we should but it’s pretty hard yk as we’re at work and anyway i asked where the nearest shop was and he explained and i was still a bit confused so he offered to walk down with me if i wanted( i said yea) and anyway when he came over to tell me he was gonna walk down ( i think he might have taken his brother maybe but not too sure) and i told him i had to finish up my job but id be like 20 minutes and was like but dont worry you can go ahead and he smiled at me and it was like no its okay i dont mind waiting and we walked down together like just me and him(we saw him brother in the car on the way and just said hi ( i think they’re close) but he didnt come with us) and we chatted but he was deffo shy ) and anyway later in the day we had to move some boards and i offered him a hand and he was like nah im good and i was are you sure as i dont mind helping:) and then i think it clicked for him and he was like ohhhh we can move them together if you want and gave me like a lot less to carry them him etc and he chatted little bits during the day. We were like looking at each other and smiling towards the end of the day
Anyway the last time i saw him was the end of last week thursday( i’ll see him soon i think but not sure when) and i came late and i noticed his brother was like chatting to him and gave him a thumbs up. His brother is really good at sort of opening conversations like getting them going so i think he finds that helpful?? Anyway we chatted a little bit but he(the guy i like) had to work with a different guy so he wasn’t really with me much during the day but i was with his brother who asked where i was during the day and said they expected me to be there and when i wasnt they were like”oh” and i was like the other guy i work with was here tho and he was like “yeah old school” anyway towards the end of the day we just chatted about random school shit( all of us are finished now) and his brother was telling me about a teacher they had and when he came over he explained what he was talking about quickly and he sort of took over like telling the story? anyway i was finishing clearing up and he offered me a hand like before he was leaving but idk if it was to be nice or more maybe? What do you think and do you have any advice for me
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2023.06.06 13:57 joeyisnotmyname You're missing the point. This is not meant to be "disclosure" or "evidence". What this is, is a major shift in the narrative and a guiding light for official investigation.

For the past 5 years, (Since the 2017 New York Times article) the narrative has been:
This lead to several major milestones like the first congressional hearings on UFOs in 50 years, the establishment of AARO and others, whistleblower protection for those with knowledge of UFO retrieval programs, and more. These are all significant steps forward in disclosure.
The narrative has now changed.
Now, David Grusch is taking the conversation 5 steps forward. We are now plainly talking about the US being in possession of non-human craft and non-human bodies. Not innuendo, metaphors, beating around the bush, or sly-face jokes. This is straight-up saying that the US has crashed UFOs in their possession and "alien" bodies.
This was never even a talking point at a high level in main stream media or in government. We are now stepping into that territory. This is significant.
This is not proof.
This is not evidence.
This is not disclosure.
But, this is a big step forward in leading the official investigation through proper channels towards what most of us suspect to be true.
My interpretation in all this is there are parts of the government and military contractors who want to keep this secret, and other parts that want the truth. David is giving them a credible lead to go knocking on the right doors. David's credentials and reputation do matter in this context, especially without proof or evidence.
We're heading in the right direction. But don't expect most people to take this as "proof" or "evidence" that aliens or UFOs exist, because that's not what this is.
It's a change in narrative, and intel for official investigation.
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2023.06.06 13:57 IronImperial1 Solo Flawless GotD/tips 🙂

Better late than never, finally got round to this after work/irl getting in the way. Honest thoughts about GotD: The opening is cool, absolutely love it's in the arcology. The biggest issue is it drags, 3 SYMBOLS would be the sweet spot as 4 extends it unnecessarily. 1st boss I'd keep the same, the fight is super unique and fun, whilst health isn't too much of an issue. Last boss is an absolute chore. I played it slow and steady here which is why over half the video is her fight but man the health is ridiculous. If bungie keeps this up I'd argue they scale boss health to fireteam size but that's just me. Finally, I LOVE the underwater traversal segments and it really makes this dungeon feel fresh. Out of the 3 dungeons released under the new model I'd argue it's the best one yet.
Quick tips: 1st boss you can dunk each round 1 by 1 if you don't feel confident doing all 3 together. Create orbs near damage before dunking final orb so proc. If you need to hide from low health it's okay to jump into the water to escape. Better to be safe than have to start over. In the Wizard fight Arc Hunter makes this dungeon 10x easier than any other class imo, especially the final fight as you can basically ignore the moths. Just start your combination blow near spawn. Before going into any of the guardian hive areas, lure an add near you to reproc the combination blow timer. You'll have just enough time to move through the water and keep it active to insta nuke them. Here's my final Boss notes I kept open whilst in the fight 😅 1. NEVER START WITH CHEST 2. ALWAYS ACTIVATE ALL 3 SYMBOLS FIRST 3. KILL 1 GUARDIAN THEN DUNK. REPEAT. 4. LOOK AT SYMBOL. THEN FINISH.
Detailed encounter maps:
DIM Loadouts: Opening/1st Boss - Final Boss - 1st to 2nd Boss traversal invis -
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2023.06.06 13:57 ImproveOrEnjoy 26F How long is 'too long' with heart palpitations?

26F. 5'4. 82kg. Heart palpitations. 5 days. No existing medical issues. No medication. No smoke, no drink, no drugs. In Uk.

Suddenly getting heart palpitations fairly frequently since 2nd june, so it's been going on multiple days. Not on any medication, not anxious, don't consume much caffeine, not terribly stressed, getting enough sleep, and there's been no big life changes so it appears fairly random. Don't have any health conditions that would affect it.
I looked up online and got the advice they're common but to get it checked out if they 'go on too long', but then they wouldn't specify 'how long' was. Days? Weeks? Do they mean continuous palpitations or having them frequently over a long time period? I just want to know when I should be worried, or if this is common and no big deal. It's weird to me it's started suddenly with no apparent cause, there's got to be one right?
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2023.06.06 13:56 mr-ahhhhh So Bill is one of those people on reddit

So Bill is one of those people on reddit
Ps:I was just coping and pasting the messages from engineer and bill cipher
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2023.06.06 13:56 OkEntertainer2839 Two pursuits towards passive income but, not sure which path to take...Advice?

Hello everyone.
I am currently looking for ways to make passive income (like us all lol). I've file and recieved my e-commerce LLC prematurely in June 2021 with the hopes of launching my e-commerce business (retail: clothes) that same summer. I have yet to launch because I have been short on capital (never applied for an loans).
Now, in 2023, I've signed up for a first home buyer program. My goal is to get a rental property (duplex, triplex, quadplex ect...)
Both these pursuits I really want to pursue (one can finance the other). Which should I pursue first? I wasn't sold on pursing both because that can be spreading me thin and I also don't want to exhaust my loan eligibility (??). Any advice?
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2023.06.06 13:56 Peter_The_Pan_Lover I'm thinking that two people close to me are in a relationship but they don't want to tell me and are hide it, but this is hurting me a lot. what do I do? (BE BRUTAL IF NEED BE)

I'll get straight to the point I liked one of these people (I'll call it A) but I was about to give up on loving A when I asked B for advice on how to get over it and they said that I should continue anyway but because of a strange situation in which I thought that A might consider that I liked or had something with B person A told me they liked person B and I was talking to B at the same time and I didn't think so and (like the good self-saboteur that I am) told and in the middle from my conversation with A already crazy and without thinking because of the shock I said that I liked A and the person reacted well but didnt want me but I feel that it wasn't and I felt really bad and in a way betrayed because I wouldn't feel that if person B hadn't told me to continue (I have traumas with constant betrayal and people using my kindness or secret things that I tell them to harm me but I know that doesn't exempt me and that I'm the asshole in this part of the story).
I told A about the situation with B and she said they had talked and everything was fine. I talked to B and she said no that they didn't like A and that she liked him as a FRIEND and that he would be there for me and that they was a trustworthy person. Now, we study in the same pre-vest but A can only go Mondays and Tuesdays and the situation had waited last Wednesday, when I'm in class I'm uncomfortable with person A but they tries to be good and act like nothing has happened but , normal after what happened, but between person A and B nothing changes, in fact they are closer only that person B seems a little worn out and tired, with each passing week they get closer and closer and on a certain day I said to person B that it was ok if she and A were dating but they repeats that wouldn't go and that they didn't want to, an outing was going to happen last Saturday and I told person B that I had sent a message to person A who hadn't delivered certain information yet , because I had already tried and they had not answered (since person A said that everything was fine, I tried to talk to them again but more on the cellphone than in person, I tried to occupy myself with other people and things to avoid since it wasn't one hundred percent comfortable in person) and person B quickly said no.
yesterday was the final straw because I swear they both almost kissed several times but person B is usually affectionate and gives a lot of affection to others and person A who seemed to pull but it wasn't because of lack of looks from B among other things, I don't know whether it's my paranoia or WHAT!!!

What should i do?
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2023.06.06 13:56 throwaway8483832 Struggling with breakup from WP

It's been nearly 2 months since I broke up with my cheating fiancé. We've been living together for the sake of the kids because we still get on really really well, we just don't work as romantic partners.
I'm struggling so much. He went away for 4 days with some friends and was flirting with girls but didn't do anything because some of our friends don't know that we aren't together anymore.
The thought of him with anyone else makes me sick to my stomach. I hate it. I just want to cry. I miss my partner, I miss my safe space, my support, my beautiful family and all the dreams we had for ourselves and the kids. I know he's not that person anymore, but he looks the same and I want him back.
Why can't he just be that person again, I want my person back.
I hate that he can go on and live his life and find someone new and see the kids when he wants and work a job he likes. Whereas I'm now really physical disabled from having kids, my body will never look okay again, I'm at home with kids 12 hours a day 7 days a week and work 40hours a week at night in a job I hate to keep us afloat.
He gets to move on, but I'm forever left with the remains of what was and what we nearly had .
I want this imposter to leave. I want my partner to walk through the door and say sorry I was gone for a while but I'm home now.
I don't know what to do or how to exist in this new normal.
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2023.06.06 13:56 lesbestie 20f looking for queer friends

Hi people! I'm a 20 yo gay girl(although I'm questioning my gender) from Russia and I'm desperate for friends as I've been in isolation for the past year and it's getting to me. I'll say in advance that due to not talking to anyone besides my family I'm kinda closed off but I'm hoping to fix this.
Things I love in no particular order: Minecraft, Skyrim, DougDoug's streams, my cat, music by Flëur, cooking, watching TikTok, writing (in Russian tho), creating all sorts of stuff when I have the energy, doing cool things for my friends (haha I'm not bribing I swear).
I have bpd, social anxiety, depression and a possible neurodivergency so I'm looking for ND folks as well because I connect with them better but anyone is welcomed of course.
I'm hoping to find someone I can just chat with and play games with. I'm very shy at first tho so I'll avoid voice chatting for some time but after I open up I'm actually quite fun! English isn't my first language tho so you might have to be patient lol. Age doesn't matter as long as you're 18+. Gender also doesn't matter but I'd prefer women or NB ppl. Also I have a set sleeping schedule so time zones might get in the way. Mine is utc+3
I don't know what else to say, feel free to ask anything and dm me!
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2023.06.06 13:55 Raiden-Super-Shogun Taiwanese Christian Professor for Genocide.
This is the university involved in this story, it is in Taiwan, and yes it recieves students directly from China. They are also epically shady. They tried to recruit my American friend for a scholarship she KNEW she wasn't qualified for in another entire situation that deserves an entire other story.

I talked to an ex professor, who is named Tony. Won't give out more details, I don't want people to go after him or anything like that, I just wanna put people on his guard. When I bought up his reasoning for calling the university China University (current situation in the world), he proudly stated he is the only university to be named that.. not.. too much of an alarm bell.. till I bought up the fact that he's Christian and that Christianity is not allowed... next thing I know I bring up the Uighurs. "Like you're Christian, I'm Christian, we both don't agree with that right?"
His argument: And I kid you not:
"There is a dark and a light. When i look at you, I see the light. But there is a dark side to China, and we just have to accept it."
And I was like: "First.. that makes absolutely NO fucking sense, don't try to be Yoda, you're bad at it.. and secondly.. You're telling me to LIVE with Genocide cause we should just accept its a part of life, whoopdeefucking doo.. never try for a better world, the Grimm Reaper comes for us all! HURAAAH.. "
(not in those precise words, but you get the gist)
Its safe to say he ended the conversation with me promptly.. But the creepiest part was when he tried to ask where I specifically work, and where I specifically live. .. After CMilk's vid about Operation Fox Hunt which Ironically watched earlier today, No WAY was I doing that.
I was so angry though, I told him "Tell Xijinping I said goodnight" on my way out. Have to apologize to CMilk and Winston since they usually advise us not to directly go after these people.. but.. I was so mad.
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2023.06.06 13:55 ProitbridgePvtLtd Topnotch Data Science Training in Bangalore: Enroll with ProITBridge Now!

Topnotch Data Science Training in Bangalore: Enroll with ProITBridge Now!
Are you struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of technology? Do you aspire to become a data scientist but feel lost in the sea of courses and institutions that offer these programs? If so, you're not alone. With the ongoing digital transformation, data science has become the backbone of many businesses and industries. And, Bangalore, being the Silicon Valley of India, has emerged as a prominent hub of IT and technical education.
Enter ProITBridge offering top-notch data science training in Bangalore. In this blog, we'll explore how ProITBridge can help you achieve your career goals with its industry-aligned curriculum, experienced faculty, and personalized attention. We'll also discuss the various benefits of data science training, its job prospects, and its future scope.
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The field of data science covers a wide range of topics including data analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and much more. One key aspect of data science is that it is a data-driven field, where decisions are made based on the available data.
In today's data-driven world, the demand for data scientists has never been higher. With the rapid growth of data and technology, companies are looking for individuals with the skills to extract valuable insights from data sets and create data-driven charts (0) and visualizations.
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Key takeaways: Data Science is an evolving field that encompasses various disciplines and tools to derive insights from complex data sets. It is a data-driven field where the decisions are based on available data. A career in Data Science is in high demand due to rapid data and technology growth, and ProITBridge offers the best Data Science courses to help learners succeed.
Data Analysis Techniques
Data analysis plays a crucial role in the field of data science and it is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful insights and information, and support decision-making. To become a successful data scientist, one must possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of data analysis techniques. In this section, we will discuss some of the most important data analysis techniques in detail.
#Exploratory Data Analysis
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is the process of analyzing and summarizing datasets to extract meaningful insights and patterns. It is an important data analysis technique that helps in understanding the data and drawing conclusions from it. It involves creating visualizations such as histograms, scatter plots, and pair plots to explore the relationships between the variables in the dataset. EDA also helps in identifying missing values, outliers, and anomalies in the data.
#Machine Learning
A subset of artificial intelligence known as machine learning enables computers to learn from data without having to be explicitly programmed. Because of its huge applications in different fields, the interest in AI specialists has expanded throughout the long term.
#Benefits of Machine Learning
Machine learning helps businesses in various ways, from optimizing processes to gaining insights about customers, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.
Intelligent automation: Machine learning models can automate repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing human error.
Improved decision-making: Machine learning models can analyze vast amounts of data and provide insights that can aid in decision-making processes.
Advanced fraud detection: Machine learning models can help identify fraudulent activities by detecting patterns in large datasets.
Networking opportunities: Joining a machine learning training program provides opportunities to network with experts in the industry.
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What are the course objectives?
The course objectives are to provide the students with an in-depth theoretical understanding of data science, including pre-processing, modeling, data analysis, and visualization.
How do I get in Connect with PROITBRIDGE?
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Reach Our Location:

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2023.06.06 13:54 flashdonut Tarp Tent - Ground Cover

Looking for advice. I think I am doing my first solo wild camp this weekend. Not going crazy, just a steady 45mins hike away from home to test everything. My preferred method this time of year is using a tarp. I have what I believe to be all the kit, and I am a hiker and camper anyway, so not unfamiliar with most of it.
But for every tarp set-up video I watch online, I don't seem to see what (if anything) people put on the ground below the sleeping bag.
What do people use? A smaller tarp?
Also does anyone have a link to a tarp set up that has part of the tarp as a groundsheet? Something like a 'triangle' pitch if that makes sense.
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2023.06.06 13:54 beachutman The recent revelations about MMY

I am just an ‘ordinary’ mediator.
I am upset to see all these revelations about MMY in the facebook groups.
For me, TM basically saved my life. I was in a bad place, and TM bought me release from nearly all my problems, and gave me a calmer more settled control of my life. I have experienced untold benefits, far too many to list.
And I am in touch with a deep inner peace and silence, a sense of a real universal eternity existing outside of my individual life, something that I had never encountered before TM.
I am very happy with the basic TM technique, and will do it for the rest of my life, although I have no interest whatsoever in the siddhis or advanced techniques. I don’t need them.
It saddens me that MMY, who I so looked up to, is now perhaps not the man we thought.
But… ultimately it doesn’t matter to me. Transcendental meditation works and it is real. I am beyond grateful for it.
MMY made other mistakes as well, for instance withdrawing teaching from the UK during the Iraq war, because he was disgusted by Tony Blair. I get that but why punish the man in the street who might wish to learn TM? Why not also do the same in the USA who led the war anyway?
And aside from MMY I am horrified by the pictures I have seen of the upper echelons of the TMO. Who sit around in silk robes and golden crowns!! It looks exactly like the Pope surrounded by all his minions at the vatican. Just so very wrong! I want nothing to do with the TMO.
So…. both MMY and the TMO were and are flawed, but the process of basic transcendental meditation is a real tangible and beautiful thing.
Let’s all never lose sight of that!
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2023.06.06 13:53 bluejay_54 Subject to Academic Disqualification last winter, might be on academic probation this spring ... :(

I'm in a tough spot right now... winter quarter I got a 1.41 GPA, just barely below the >1.5 GPA threshold for academic probation (2 C, 1 C- and an F). With my GPA < 1.5, I was given a subject to academic disqualification notice. As far as I know, the first time you get this you're given the subsequent quarter to improve your term GPA to good standing, above a 2.0. I may have screwed up big time again and might not meet that requirement. There's a good chance that I will fall slightly below 2.0 bc I'm definitely going to fail one course this spring but the other 3 are looking to be in the mid C/low B range, possibly putting me on academic probation. I will definitely be above 1.5 GPA though. Will I get academically disqualified in that case?
If anyone has been in my position, please let me know. I'm stressed as shit and scared as hell right now. This is my second to last quarter. Fall 2023 would have been the last quarter I needed to graduate and if I get kicked out, I'm going to have to wait a year to be readmitted from what I've read. Not to mention how fucking angry and disappointed my parents will be when they find out. I don't know if I can make the trip back across the country to face them ever again if that happens.
Back to studying...
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2023.06.06 13:53 pink_stardrop Can I save this molded(?) Kalanchoe

Can I save this molded(?) Kalanchoe
I got this Kalanchoe about a month ago. When I bought it, it had a white buildup in a certain spot but as a newbie I thought, it was that layer that they build to protect from sunlight. In the last few weeks that layer built up even more and a few days ago I figured, it is not that protective layer. I watered the plant once a little bit when I repotted it after buying because it was bone dry. The first leaf came off just from touching it and the bottom looks rotten (pic 2). I removed both leaves that were covered in this fungus and separated it from my other plants. As you can see, the other leaves have this stuff on them too and now I wonder if there is any way to save this in some way, even if its just the leaves for propagation. I don't want this to spread over to my other succulents so I haven't done anything with it yet. I'd be happy for any advise. Thank you
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2023.06.06 13:51 AdventurousOne5350 AITA getting mad he said I love you?

hi, throwaway account because my friends know about my main.
I (F19) met this guy (24M) off of bumble and we hit it off. He didn't want commitment, neither did I. So we agreed to start casually dating. This was in October 2021.
Yesterday he told me he loved me. And later when I was inquiring what does he mean with that, he said oh I love you like a friend even though I know we're not just that. Basically said he doesn't love me romantically. But I am in this 'exclusive tier' and that only I'm in it and his friends.
We were already discussing how I felt uncared for in our dynamic, because I had asked him to get me flowers for valentine's day and he didn't and it's June, and it's not the first time this has happened. Last year he did the same thing, he forgot to get me the bouquet I asked for valentine's day and it wasn't like I wanted a specific bouquet or anything just a normal one. We talked last night and he said he's sorry about the flowers and he'll do something to make it up to me that out of the norm.
So, when he told me he didn't love me romantically I said to him he should've known that I would take it in that sense, and he said he's not going to apologize because I'm a smart woman and I shouldve known, but he literally said to me I love you and I care about you. According to him love is subjective and I should've known, and that I keep on beating a dead horse, while I was just trying to get my point of view across how backtracking like that is wrong and he should've known not to say it.
It's something thats pretty universal, and that he should see how backtracking like that isn't a nice thing, especially when I have issues with feeling cared for in the dynamic. It makes things worse. I don't want him to say I love you to me romantically if he doesn't. But how could I have known?
He started saying things like 'well, do you want me to make a time machine and go back' and I was just like ??? He said he didn't know I would take it romantically and that he won't say it again, but refuses to apologize. Im just trying to get my point across how something like this isn't nice to hear especially when we're already having issues where I don't feel cared for. I have to ask for a bouquet of flowers for valentine's day and even then I don't get it then.
He once did something else that was hurtful and didn't make up for it.
The conversation we were having was specifically about our issues, and I thought bringing this up, because it was fairly recent, was not wrong?
He's the one who's always said I care about you and initiated saying things like that. Also from my pov, I've given him head without it being reciprocated so it's not that crazy for me to ask for flowers.
Am I in the wrong for this? Should I apologize? AITA?
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2023.06.06 13:50 I-am-a-cactus2324 TW Autism and Eating disorders

Hey, so i don't know if this is appropriate to talk about. Are there other women/AFAB that are autistic and suffer from ED? Is it a common thing that people have? I've never ever had a healthy relationship with food. And it got to the point where now I'm basically starving myself to feel a sense of control. Everything is too overwhelming it seems, i don't have control over anything but my weight and what I eat.
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2023.06.06 13:50 Curious-Cat2022 I got unceremoniously fired from my job.

I had no warning, no bad performance reviews, just not a good “fit”. They decided they found someone they liked better, which was interviewed for another job. They are offering me a severance, which helps since I was entirely under the impression all was going well. This was totally out of the blue. I know I wasn’t perfect but nothing I had done was reprimanded or criticized in any serious way. I’m struggling. I’ve never been fired before and have woken up every morning since with a sense of dread.
I forgot to mention, to get said severance I have to resign and make it look organic like it was my idea. Problem is I don’t have another job so I have to make up a story and hang out for two weeks. This is all very humiliating. Anyone got any words of wisdom to share or been through something similar? I’m feeling very low right now. But it does cycle, sometimes I feel okay and excited about the possibilities and that better things are ahead. Other times I feel like a failure.
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2023.06.06 13:50 ThrowRAbettersself Renting alone for the first time - Any tips please ?

I know this is probably more of a question that I need to decide myself but I feel like I need some feedback before I make this financial decision.
I live in manchester I'm 27 years old ,earning 32k got saved around 22k half in Help2buy isa scheme.
Due to a recent break up I will need to move out in a month, we were initially looking to buy together.
Mortgage advisor said I could get 140k so I will looking to get onto the property market next year if all goes well. But now I need to find a place to live until then for another year, due to the break up I feel like mentally I'm not there 100% and I feel like I need some solo time this is why I'm being a bit reluctant to house sharing, but at the same time I keep being told that living alone will be bad for me both financially but also mentally.
Looking at studios/flats in manchester I can see some for around £750 rent plus bills+council+internet will probably put it around £950-£1000, this means that half my wage would go towards rent.
I don't have a car, so besides the rent, only expenses I would have would be food and phone, prob an extra £300.
Well to make it a simple break down
Rent - £750
Bills & Council tax - £250
Food & Expenses - £300
Total - £1300
Wage - £2070 (per month)
Meanwhile if I were to houseshare I would probably only pay £600-£650 with bills included, meaning I would save around £350 extra per month, in 1 year that'd be £4200 extra that I could have saved.
This is stressing me so much that I just don't know what to do... I feel like I want to live alone but at that cost?
Any tips?
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2023.06.06 13:50 killslam Muzzle Brake Recommendations

I'm picking up Savage Arms 6.5 Creedmoor bolt action tomorrow. It has a standard threaded barrel so I've been looking at muzzle brakes and have narrowed it down to the Ultradyne Apollo Max and the Area 419 Hellfire Match. They both seem to perform well and the Hellfire has the added bonus of being self timing. Understood that with muzzle brakes in general you're going to be introducing volume and concussive force as the blast is redirected. And I'm fine with that when I'm at the range by myself. And while I generally don't mind when others have obnoxiously loud brakes, I have always felt like an asshole. I'm fine with it in general, but I want to avoid pulling the trigger on an over the top brake in terms of loudness and concussion.
Can anyone who has shot either or both of these speak to those two factors? Most the reviews I've come across focus (for obvious reasons) on recoil and am just looking for some additional insight. Thanks.
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2023.06.06 13:49 supplement-p Explanation for turning your NMN or NR into reduced NMNH and NRH at home with one extra ingredient

Okay, so some have been sceptical about my turning NMN, NR into reduced NMNH NRH with magnesium, so I will give a simple explanation.
When I heard about NMNH, realising NMN and NR were already oxidised, which surprised me because there are more stable versions being made and I assumed they were dealing with the oxidation problem. Otherwise I would have made the reduced forms years ago if I knew, and surprised nobody has until lately.
The science in layman's terms...
A redox reaction is taking electrons from one substance, donating to another. When something is oxidised, it has extra electron, and to reduce it, you need something to steal the extra electron... It sounds backwards, but for a redox reaction, the substance gaining the election is called "reduced", and the substance losing the electron is called oxidised in this circumstance.
So, NMN is oxidised, so I tried a few substances that enjoy donating electrons, reduction agents, like vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is the best known, but vit c didn't get the job done, which didn't surprise me. When I had vitamin C dissolved in with my NMN in water and it did nothing, I tried magnesium as I had some on hand because I make my own hydrogen water, and magnesium in water produces hydrogen gas, but the magnesium ribbon is not good enough for hydrogen water and I use magnesium powder for that instead. Magnesium and hydrogen are both very good redox agents, so I was hopeful and it worked. Glad I have found a use for my magnesium ribbon. So, I had vit C and NMN dissolved in water, and I dropped in some magnesium powder, and it fizzed away and quickly turned orange, and I knew the colour I was looking for by looking at pictures of NMNR. The powder made the water very hot, even though I felt the effect from the NMNH, making it hot is not ideal. So, I tried the magnesium ribbon instead, taking the oxidised layer off it, and it worked. Then I tried it without taking the oxidised layer off, and the acidity of the NMN was enough to take off the oxidised layer and start the reaction, and being someone who knows the value of supplementation, and how expensive it can be, and how companies will change extortionate prices for something simple, as they already are, I knew I had to share it so people can do it at home. For about 30 meters of magnesium ribbon from ebay, is $5 to $10, and that will last you years. You can just leave the mag ribbon snippet in the glass container and keep reusing it until it has dissolved away into perfectly safe magnesium oxide/hydroxide, or put some vitamin c in with it and get some magnesium ascorbate also if you like...
Use a GLASS container, because while I was stirring the powder magnesium, it was reacting with the plastic stirrer, turning the plastic blue. Agitating the container a bit speeds up the reaction. You don't need to stir it.
If you want the reaction to happen very quickly, just use a bit of sand paper to rub the oxidised layer off the mag ribbon, but I would avoid that because you don't want magnesium dust about the place because it can ignite in air, and a small spark will ignite it, and it will burn brighter than the sun and VERY HOT...
Magnesium ribbon is the stuff you may have seen in science class in school. It burns very hit and bright when exposed to a naked flame, so avoid that.
So, all you need is... A glass container. A few ml of water. As much NMN or NR as you want. You can upscale the ingredients if you wish, and drop in a centimetre piece of magnesium ribbon, and when it has turned as orange as it can, it's fully reduced into NMNH or NRH, which ever you start with.
You can't even get reduced NR at the moment I believe and reduced NMNR is selling for a high price and would be the same when it properly hits the market... Making it at home is quick, cheap, and you know that it has not oxidised again like powder will... I suppose you could evaporate it with a vacuum evaporator and have NMNH powder, but it's too much hassle to bother imo.
Scroll across the pictures to see the reaction.
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2023.06.06 13:49 Mofoman3019 AITA for not letting my sort of partner use my house when i'm away?

Really 'brief' back story - 4 years ago i met a girl, we got pregnant very quickly not by choice, she moved in to my house which i owned with my Brother at the time, he moved out (really fucked our relationship up which is now a lot better), we sold the house, i rented a house for me, the kids and my partner and then my partner had a pretty bad time, started drinking, we argued loads which was awful for the kids. She is a bad drunk and breaks shit. I ended it for my own mental well being and to stabilise the household for the kids, which she took poorly, but did my best to continue to support her emotionally (we're in each others lives for better or worse so I'd rather do it as genuine friends at a minimum) etc. and we have been Co-parenting semi-effectively since, and have been kind of 'on and off'. We have worked a lot on communication and have been 'on' in a non-labelled kind of way for the past few months.
I'm going to see a band in a few weeks which has been planned for nearly 8 months. It had been arranged that she would look after the kids that night as i have them 50% of the time. She asked a couple of weeks ago if i could arrange with my parents to look after the kids instead as she wanted to go out with a friend. Sure, no problem.
I get a phone call and she says 'You are away on this weekend, can me and my friend stay at your house when you aren't there'.
I said i wasn't comfortable with that but i'd consider it and we could discuss it later, and she pushed for a reason so I explained that i don't know her friend, it's my home and I'm protective of my space and because of previous experiences with her being a destructive drunk and being disrespectful to my home in the past.
She cut the call short and then i didn't hear from her until the next evening. She was upset that i hadn't followed up with her 'because i knew that I'd hurt her feelings', and she was upset that I didn't trust her and thought she was disrespectful, it was a problem for our relationship and she was questioning us being 'together' and thought I was being an asshole.
We spoke and i did my best to articulate my thoughts, and that i didn't think she was a disrespectful person 99% of the time but it was the 1% that made me uncomfortable. Which made things worse.
I don't feel like an asshole but AITA?
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