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2023.06.06 13:54 Financial-Thing-1912 First MMC at 10 weeks - Completely Devastated

Hi all,
After about 6 months of intense tracking with apps and OPKs and a delightful heavy dose of anxiety, my husband and I finally got pregnant. We were overjoyed but I know the rough statistic of 1/4 for MCs. We went in for first ultrasound at 6w3d and everything looked fantastic. Since then I had no symptoms, still felt very and extremely pregnant.
Since getting pregnant I have had severe anxiety about MC. So much so that when I found out that I was not getting another scan until 12w5d.... I straight up asked my doctor for a scan and I will pay out of pocket to calm my nerves.
Yesterday morning I went in, the sweet tech tried abdominal, couldn't get a clear picture. I was 10w1d. She did internal. I looked at the screen and knew immediately it was wrong. It was almost like just a still picture, where as before the little heart was going crazy and there was movement. She was so nice and said out loud what was truly my worst fear and I was hysterical. I paid $200 to find out that my baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and didn't have a heartbeat. No symptoms at all. My husband was on a work trip, he kept waiting for me to call but I didn't. He immediately started driving home when I told him.
I had already bought all the announcement stuff in Etsy and it all is coming in the mail today and tomorrow. We had just told my parents this past weekend and they were over the moon. We were planning on tell his his parents on Friday. This was going to be the first grandbaby on both sides.
I can't stop crying. I am almost too sad to sleep I just stare at the ceiling and cry, get a couple hours and wake back up. They are suppose to call me to schedule the D and C today.
For those of you who have been through this, first of all I am so sorry that you have. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. How did you make it? My instagram ads and reels are all baby related. It's all I think about. My anxieties turned out the be correct, I can't imagine how anxiety ridden I will be in the future. Thank you
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2023.06.06 13:54 UncleDuckjob So I am brand new to the game, and I am absolutely in love. BUT...

HELLVA learning curve!!!
I remember when NMS first came out that it wasn't received all that well, so I kind of just forgot about it. After a few years though I kept hearing from random places online that it's a lot better now and a great exploration game, so I gave it a shot and... wow.
So now I'm flying around trying to find knowledge stones because I'm trying to learn as much of the Gek language as I can. I practice my language with every Gek I meet, but I don't really understand the 'practice language' thing. I know traders like the 'Trader' word choice usually, but it honestly seems so random.
Q1 - Is there a better way to learn the languages? It's so hard just hearing gobbledygook and not having any idea what's going on.
Q2 - How does the 'practice language' option work? Right now the words I choose are random, but I know to stay away from certain words like 'Sportigek' since those seem to piss them off.
I also just got access to the galaxy map, so I can jump around, but I want to make sure I'm prepared before I do. My primary mission is 'Awakenings (Find Us, Hear Us)' and so far I'm just walking around my main planet stockpiling minerals.
Q3 - Are there things I need to be doing in the beginning of the game? Things not to leave behind, or to do? Any pitfalls I need to be aware of?
Q4 - What are some of the most important upgrades to purchase first, and which can I generally wait on?
Q5 - Is there a way of knowing if I should sell something, or keep it for later? I don't want to sell anything important that I'll need, but I'm also constantly running out of inventory space.
...and the most important question I have, other than just playing the game and reading the wiki sparingly (I'm afraid of spoilers) - what's the best way to learn these things for myself? I'm used to playing games like Warcraft, Minecraft and The Sims. I've never played a space exploration game like this, and even though I'm overwhelmed, I'm not giving up. The ingame guides are helpful, but are there any sites or places I can go as a new player to get a hang of the game and it's systems?
Thanks so much everyone for reading this wall of text and coming to my Ted Talk. I appreciate any feedback or advice anyone has to offer.
Man this game is awesome.
Thanks again!
i love you
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2023.06.06 13:54 buttersoap69 How much would you expect to currently pay for a house in Lenah Valley, that is two storey, bottom floor converted into a flat, and 3br with a garage and a backyard? Brick veneer, could use renovations. What would you expect it to sell for? Cannot include photos at this stage

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2023.06.06 13:53 Sinobear How a Favorite Person is Sourced - My Experience

Read this post earlier, , and I thought I'd go through how my wife (uBPD) selects her "favorite person." I've watched the same pattern emerge time-and-time again, and I think she's got it done to an almost HR science.
Step 1 - The declaration. We've been married for 15 years (which is another theme that seems to be very common in this subreddit). I work. I pay the bills. I do the laundry, the bulk of the housekeeping and household purchases. We've got two kids and a dog. I get tired. I've been tired. There's not much time or energy for partying like the teenager she still believes herself to be - and hopes to be again if it weren't for those darn kids that she wanted so much. I digress.
The declaration is made, "I am bored." This signals the beginning of a search online for the next kink, fetish, or any other interest that gets her piqued (her fancy will be tickled later, but that's another adventure on the riverbank). Once she's chosen her newest theme, on to step 2.
Step 2 - The on-stage entrance. She will join every forum, site, chat group, etc., that pertains to her new theme. She will make it known in her profile, that she's female and available. The trawling net is cast. The thirsty boys quickly start commenting on her posts, and, of course, make their availability known. She will go through their profiles and conduct an almost FBI-like profile of each of them to narrow down her list of potentials (by region, by attraction, etc.). Once her target acquisition radar has locked on to one future-ex-lover, she will move on to step 3.
Step 3 - The mirroring process. She will then seek out all characteristics of the target - preferences in music, food, art, spiritual beliefs, literature, movies, fashion, makeup, interests, hobbies...anything that she can glean from her investigation. She will then adapt herself in kind. Listen to the same music, study the same art or literature, purchase new clothes, change her hair style or color, eat the same foods, watch the same movies. Now she's ready for step 4.
Step 4 - The Initial Hook-Up. This is, apparently, the most exciting time for her as she holds both the role of the interviewer and interviewee. She got the above cultural aspects mirrored as best she can, she's managed to avoid mentioning or giving any signs away that she's married with kids, and now there's going to be fireworks! She will either go to them, or they will come to her. All she needs is...
The EnableFamiliar - a little aside. My wife has always had enablers, including her own mother - who was opposed to our marriage from the outset - and her best friend, or a familiar who I never know personally enough to contact, but is, well, familiar enough, to make her excuse for going out/away plausible enough.
The initial hook-up will involve a dinner, walk in the park, even something as banal as meeting at a salon where she's getting her hair or nails done. If all goes well, it's sex in a hotel, in the park, what have you. That's hook #1 implanted in the favorite person. On to step 5.
Step 5 - The Admission. Now comes the tricky part, admitting that she's married with kids. This is done by, of course, explaining that, as all married cheaters say, "I got married too young and for the wrong reasons. I was trapped into having kids." Instead of running away immediately, the sex has insured that the favorite person will now don the silver armor and become a white knight. The gauntlet has been thrown down and the fair maiden must be rescued from the evil dragon (plus, the sex). Step 6 is not of her design, but mine.
Step 6 - The Cock-Block. By the time I'm aware enough of everything, happens when your own radar is running 24-7, I will start to reinforce boundaries. That, of course, makes the already evil dragon controlling and abusive. Her actions are challenged, her tone commented upon, her attempts at going out challenged. This always leads to a crying session, usually post-midnight, followed up with selfies of her blubbering. This, of course, results in further white-knighting and the pay-off! Promises to take her away from all her suffering.
Step 7 - The Attempt to Solidify...and the Downfall. Here's where the whole thing falls apart. The guy wants so badly to "rescue" her but that means taking on not just her, but the kids and the dog. This means taking responsibility for a family that is not his. Where I am, his parents would never accept their son marrying a divorced woman with two kids, especially whose relationship was founded upon, and based upon, cheating. Furthermore, other than unbridled sex, she brings absolutely nothing to the table.
Step 8 - Rinse and repeat.
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2023.06.06 13:52 ComfortablyNomNom So Does Wifey Just Not Realize Ambuh Will Do the Exact Same Thing to Her and Air Her Dirty Laundry Publicly When the Inevitable Breakup Occurs??

One thing that really struck me after watching some clips of yesterdays live was, how does Wifey not recognize that Ambuh will 100% do this same thing to her and put her on blast? Wifey is sat off to the side, listening and maybe even reminding her of dramatic things to bring up. Shes def at least chuckling, smiling and egging it on.
Wifey started this whole relationship based on the lie that she wasnt a viewer and had no real idea who ALR was before stumbling on her Insta and thinking she was cute or something. We all know thats a lie and Wifey was a viewer. So shes seen time and again how Ambo breaks up messily, turns on her exes and eventually runs to her audience and puts it all out there for pity points and sometimes for pure spite.
Wifey watched in real time as Ambo did this breakup, then put everything on blast/blame cycle to Bex. She legit cannot claim ignorance to the fact this is what Ambuh does to every single ex, every single time. Shes done it to 3 of her last exes in a row.
Wifey seems to value her privacy obviously. Yet she can sit there and watch as Shamber legit holds her phone up to her livecam to thousands and expose private texts she was just sent from Duster. An actual photo of her. And Wifey doesnt get she will be on the receiving end of the same thing?? She thinks shes special here??
I guess I was giving her way too much credit, thought she was smarter than that. She can keep chuckling while Ambuh airs out all the Duster drama, thats fine, but she cant act shocked when a month after their inevitable breakup Ambo is sitting in front of her camera telling thousands all her business while the newest live in caretaker yucks it up laughing at her just off camera. Real time karma in action baybeeee.
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2023.06.06 13:52 ana2902 Am I not being understanding enough?

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry this is a long one.
I hope someone relates to me or can help me. Me and my partner 21 F and 22M have been dating now for 10 months.
Before I start, i would like to say that I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression before this relationship started. I could not continue therapy during this relationship as it got too expensive for me. My boyfriend has now a month earlier been diagnosed with ADD. So I'm making this post because I am not sure if I should be more understanding with him.
At first it started off great right like all good relationships do. At first we had a lot of time for each other, especially him despite being a full time worker. We met at work, and fell in love after like 5 months of never saying hello. When I started first talking to him, he had just gotten out of a 2+ year relationship with his ex, and i think it had only been 1-2 months of their breakup before we dated.
I was really hesitant to date him even though i really liked him because of this short gap. I thought that he had not taken enough time to fully heal, so i didn't respond to his question of dating until I felt like I was okay enough with his past relationships. Maybe I jumped in too quick despite this, however I really fell for the person he was.
I am a super studious person, I care about my future and especially my career and I have always been like this. He on the other hand was a carefree spirit, he loved to go with the flow. He is the sort of man who likes being happy and will try his best to avoid conflicts. At first we would have these amazing nights almost like 3-4 times a week where it was not even a fancy place or anything. We would simply just sit there, talk about ourselves. Getting to really know each other and connecting, and i truly felt that before I committed I knew exactly who he was. At least I did think that.
So after dating for a few months, of course issues arise. One of the issues I has and one of my needs which i had communicated before dating, and which he agreed too as well, was that we will try our best to call each other. From my last relationships I know that when i get a call from my partner, it makes me feel wanted, loved, and cared for. It is a really simple ask at least in my opinion. We solved this issue and he promised he would call me more. And for a few weeks after that, he did. Then it stopped.
Another issue I had was how i was ignored every time we were around his friends. I understand that I may not be his number 1 priority as he probably values them over me simply due to their shared experiences and the longevity of their relationship. But one thing I also asked him was how he prioritises his partner and how he expresses that. He had assured me that he does, that he loves his friends but in a relationship, the partner matters more. We had both agreed that a partner to us meant that we would essentially choose that person for life till death, marriage, kids the whole spiel. So that person to us meant most.
Anyways I had noticed that ignorance for me during the first month of our relationship. I had then told him straight away because from therapy I have learned how I can tend to internalise other's behaviours to me as my own faults. That day he was so perfect. I walked away from that conversation feeling like we communicated in such a healthy way. I was so happy, because he told me what he felt and I found a good solution so that I am not ignored or feeling ignored and so that he does not have to deal with me annoying him about it.
However 10 months in, calls stopped after a month of him "calling". I forgave it, because i was like yeah he just doesn't enjoy calling fair enough. So why is he on discord all night calling and playing with his boys? Why is he late for our dates which I always plan because he sleeps in and through his alarms when he does the whole staying up playing games thing. Still forgiven, because in other aspects he has been a great bf.
But one night instead of crying at his behaviour towards me, I just laughed and shook my head in disbelief. I sat there alone until 2am just thinking about everything he has done and what i believe is disrespect. Some of the things are below:
- The most crucial thing for me was that he was invited to go to a long trip with his boys for like 10-11 days. At first he told me that he won't go if i don't want him to, but when he did that i ended up relenting and saying he should go because i don't want to make him miss his experiences. We had also as a couple gone on a 5-day trip so it's only fair. But maybe i made a really big deal out of how much i didn't want him to, or how much i was unhappy with his inconsideration of how I'd feel. I mean when I said I'm only hesitating so much because Id be missing him, he told me "he would be too distracted to miss me". That one was a was a big ouch. Anyways now he's already paid and stuff so it does not matter what I think. He was very sweet about it. He bough the most expensive internet package so that he could text me. But now after thought i also realised i can go trips with my girlfriends and wanted to go on a same distance one, he said it is not fair that he can't make a big deal like I did about it. I just did not know what to reply to that.
- Secondly I dont feel very comfortable when my partner goes to clubs, parties etc heaps especially without me. I'm usually never invited. he makes it very clear that his friends would hate me being there and hate him for bringing me. I have been cheated on previously, and as someone diagnosed with seasonal depression and anxiety I try my very best to not let it impact my relationship but it does. So one day he told me he is going to a party and he will essentially leave before the girls (other random girls) come. He also promised he won't drink. So i agreed to this party, because i dont want to hold him back and lose experiences with his friends because of me. But he drank, and stayed when other girls got there, and proceeded to then speak to a girl who makes me uncomfortable. when i brought this up, he pulled the "she is a friend babe, I was helping her".
- To compromise with him and make it fair, I skipped going clubbing, bars, drinking because it would make him uncomfortable. I even avoided my friends bday and let them know up front that I can't because i want my boyfriend to also see that I respect our agreement. A month later he ended up starting to go bars/clubbing anyways so not like it matters
- The worst part was after telling him this, I was told that I am being unreasonable, that I'm always complaining, "I'm always mad" at him. I don't know if i communicate wrong. However my general approach to telling him something is firstly saying I want to talk about something, discuss how I feel, wait for him to reply/react/respond and then find a solution. But one day i got so sick of finding solutions, and being the only one who spoke out and found solutions like I was legit talking to a brick wall who nods.
There are many more situations, where he tends to support others over me in an argument that I tell him about, where our dates are getting shorter and shorter because "he's too tired", he's "not bothered", etc.
Now I have said before that he has ADD and the psychiatrist has not said depression, but we suspect it. Despite all this, I know we are a young couple, in other regards he has been very loving and been there for me when I was breaking down because of my own issues. But its mainly like how they say, when it's good, its REALLY good. But when it's bad, its REALLY bad. Anyways, he suspects the reason for our recent rift and these feelings is our distance and his workload. he believes that when he drops his hours at work, when he moves closer we will be okay. Do I wait and have more understanding? Do I leave because it is getting really painful when it does? Or do i give it more time?
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2023.06.06 13:52 Linoa3381 Question about player skills

Does player skills affect hidden stats in the game ? Let's say I have a player with 70 passing and the Through ball skill added, how much improvement would it deliver to a player and is it quantifiable somehow?
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2023.06.06 13:52 Glacial_Shield_W Kids in ski masks (home by eight)

Author's Note: Trigger warning. Depictions of self harm, suicide, violence and neglect towards children depicted throughout.
Kids In Ski Masks (Home By Eight
God damn it Meghan, late by ten, Don't make me fuckin' nag again.
The drugs won't drown out your misery, It's just a prescription conscription consiracy.
Youthful rage, Is the way the cool kids act at your age.
Janie's a freak, Because she fell in love and gave her boyfriend a pre-marital peek.
They got her picture up on the bathroom stall, With a number, saying where to call.
Underage sex and pregnancy, What's next for you is stagnancy.
The hormones and the puberty, But your still just an ignorant squirt to me.
Your vegetables will save you from the rot, Then society intends to ring you , for all you've got.
Learn to be something that you are not, Accept that you must do as you are taught, your future is already bought.
Anorexia or dyslexia, All you brats are just a little bit extra.
Timmy is just a little bit dim, but we haven't given up on him, We might be able to salvage this if we push his anxiety to the brim.
Suzy is a little too obsessed with the mobsters and the uzi, If she isn't cut off, it could lead to another doozy.
It used to be firecrackers in the halls, Now it's opened fire and cracks over 911 calls.
Little Jill, buried beneath the willow on the hill, Her pictures won't age, up on the windowsill.
Who knew that kids can understand suicide, Who knew the pressures of life can leave them nowhere to hide.
Pushed to swing from a rope, Children shouldn't know how it feels to abandon hope.
So, please just be home by eight, We get nervous if you are out to late.
We don't know who is teaching you how to hate, When it comes to teenager's, what is a life's going rate?
Held up outside the grocery store, The clerk cut and screaming on the floor, and you thought they were just going to hold the door.
It's not so easy to act snide, When they rip open your driver side and steal your ride.
After all, we raised the kids of today, And at some point, there is a debt to pay.
Ski masks and a stolen blade, They're in such a rush for their own innocence to fade.
Mommy is piss drunk and passed out on the couch, And somewhere in your developing mind, you've already figured out that she is just a slouch.
The man of the house is out fucking his mistress, Because his spawn was always so easy to dismiss.
But, Daddy forgot to set the lock, which concealed his glock, And Zack will make sure we all learn that truth at the chiming of the clock.
Because, at twelve he believes that he can't forget, And lying in a pool of his own blood is as close as he can get.
Going on thirteen and taught to use an opiod pen, Have we calculated yet, when they will get to be naïve again?
The kids aren't kids anymore, They are just new pawns for your never ending war.
They can't learn how to spell, Before they are taught which opinions will get them sent straight to hell.
A generation raised without peace of mind, Keep up with the latest outrage or be left behind.
We have faith in you, So we will be monitoring every little thing that you do.
And you are doing your part, So long as you aren't falling apart, and working on becoming a sterile little piece of art.
Curtis is just the worst, The adults in the room tried to control him every time that he cursed.
A dollar in the jar, A spanking behind his parent's car.
The lesson was worth the scar, And some day, he will show it off, while drunk at the bar.
They say it's a cycle, Lather, rinse and recycle.
And we turned out just fine, Living in a society where we have to tip toe around every landmine.
Every phrase is a trigger, And the taboos are just getting bigger.
And crushing down on them, Damaging the plant at the stem.
Before they can flower, They are molded, shaped and condemned by those who are in power.
It has always worked before, So leave your doubts at the door.
Make sure to tip the kid working the table, Don't wonder if their home life is stable.
Don't worry yourself about the screams in their head, Just tuck them into bed.
The arrogance and the contempt, To think that we will be exempt.
The worst is yet to come, The monster always comes back to where they are from.
But, society refuses to believe that monsters are created, Their urges just need to be sedated.
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2023.06.06 13:51 zauraz David Grusch - Why?

I am not going to lie, having watched need-to-know and it being the introduction towards this thing, alongside my general trust for Ross did make me postively aligned towards David. However that is not to say that he offered conclusive proof. Its more a continuation of pre-existing information that we have heard multiple times.
The main difference here is his credentials. Having been working high up in the intelligence community, and outright interacting with the president. The Debrief and Ross provided much better investigations into these credentials than I ever could. But I have little reason to doubt even there.
Now reactions to this has been mixed, fully understandable. NewsNation barely aired any of the interview which Ross has stated approached 7 hours and will be out later in the week.
I get the frustration. Especially after Corbell and other UAP people this last few months hyping up nothingburgers. Even James Fox. To me however I have never put much faith in them but I know Ross by now. I know he has made mistakes in his career but he tends to be a very calm individual advocating caution.
This still illicits the same feelings of anger however that all of this is another grift. I will freely agree with you, IF the interview is not published before the end of the week. But I trust Ross and I know it will be out there. And if it isn't we'll go from there.
Why then did NewsNation show so little? And why isn't the interview out? What I have read implies that its some deal where they get to break the story first or some other stupid thing. I don't get how stories work like that but it seems reasonable albeit infuriatinf.
At least reading Bryce analysis of the piece did give me some more optimisim, because News Nation treated it seriously. They didnt downplay it even if they confirmed it was just talk. They presented it as actual news. Doesnt change that I wanted more of the interview but eh.
Then we come to another crux. He might be a grifter, a liar for fame. Its all over this sub by now and I get the feeling. We'll know more moving forward. But I still want to pose this question.
What is he actually gaining from coming out like this? He has no book that we know of. Fame? No most people ridicule the notion of UAP still. Even here we see people dismiss him as ridiculous. I imagine he will get quite a lot of abusive texts and mail. And if he is lying and is found out it would ruin any credibility he has towards everyone. If what I read is correct and he quit his job over this, why would he if he didnt think it had value? He was hired as one of the highest in intel, its a valuable job salary wise I imagine. I doubt the "UAP fame" would ever pay in the same ballpark.
Prestige wise the intel job would be much stronger famewise than any UAP nutcase thing.
And mental health reasons? Sure we can't dismiss it but he was vetted by multiple highly trusted journos who have worked in this field for long.
Do you think they would have gone this far if they thought him fake? Not to mention that Leslie Kean who dropped the first of all this in 2017 was part of it.
I get the skepticism. I get the desire for clear, unquestionable proof. I am with you. this might turn out a nothing burger. But I did want to just offer some of my thoughts on his credentials.
He is another in a long line of people vouching for this. As someone else mentioned, if this is a psyop, then that would still be a huge weird one historically significant. Everything points towards David being trustworthy. Only time can tell if he is and I will accept if this is false.
But this is the first time in forever I have actually felt confident in something relating to this topic.
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2023.06.06 13:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023 (

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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.06 13:48 auto_generated_nick Free browser extension that reads YouTube subtitles aloud. Useful for passive foreign language exposure and contemporary cultural exposure.

I've developed a free browser extension that reads YouTube subtitles aloud on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox without any ads. It's designed with language learning in mind, as studies (linked below) have shown the benefits of passive exposure for language acquisition. Realistically speaking, for more than picking up some words and phrases (for example hearing “securidad”, then hearing “security” in subtitles, and connecting, passively that it’s the same thing, but for way more words), it takes thousands of hours.
That’s also how I learned English, as a Slavic language native speaker – by consuming material even when I didn’t fully understand it, I learned from context, just as kids do when they learn their first language.
This extension can also benefit the blind community, offering easier access to foreign content and passive language learning. Personally, I use it to watch foreign videos, allowing me to focus on other activities while still absorbing the content.
After installation, voice selection/speed/volume sliders show when you click extension’s icon. To make it play "voiceover", one would need to select a checkbox next to language name underneath a YouTube video. It has to be a checkbox though, as above that field, the links will be just for downloading subtitles. If no subtitles are provided with the video, then it will be written underneath the video that no subtitles are available. Generally, some channels are better than others with providing subtitles.
Chrome Web Store link (will work with Edge browser too)
Firefox Browser Add-ons
For non-English languages, Edge offers high-quality AI voices, Chrome supports various Google Translate voices, and Firefox has a very limited selection. Additional voices installed on your system should also be detected.
If you try the extension, your feedback is highly appreciated. It took me loads of time to make it from a point where it was useful for me only, to the point to make it usable by other people.
I'm open to ideas. My goal is to create unique and useful stuff for my portfolio, enhancing my prospects of getting a software development job. Rather than cloning existing software, like many other people who also want to get a job, I would rather develop practical and beneficial tools, which definitely helps with motivation. Often, sadly I get an idea, only to find out that something like that had been already created.
Links to related scientific studies follow:

Minimal Permissions and Open Source Code

I structured the extension to require minimal permissions and the source code is open for inspection. I believe in transparency. By keeping permissions to a minimum, we ensure that your browsing experience remains secure and protected.

Resource Efficiency

The code of this extension has been developed with resource efficiency in mind. I have some formal software engineering background, which allowed me to optimize the code for performance. For example, I employed binary search algorithm to enhance an array search functionality, minimizing resource consumption. I made sure the code does no more than it's absolutely necessary.
submitted by auto_generated_nick to languagelearning [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:48 davesimpson99 Sentient Jewel

The wiki isn't very clear to me. I have a weapon that can be sentient. No idea where you get the jewel. I am subscribed but don't own much content. Don't have Ravenloft.
Level 22. Where do I go to get a jewel?
From what I can tell from the wiki the areas I need to visit are level 32. So how does that work?
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2023.06.06 13:48 0gravitea (F4A) I want to write a romance thriller!

Hello!! I’m Mina, 23F, and I’m looking for someone to write dark romance, drama, and thriller stories with me!
What I’m looking for: - Someone 18+ - Semi-lit/lit (2-3 paras average), 3rd POV — Overall, I tend to copy however long my partner writes, but I will not dip below a paragraph. - Writing Male/Masculine characters — (I’ve been craving a little F// lately, but I will only write this with other F writers) - Uses Discord!
My word bank is currently:
Horror, toxicity, unstable romance, power dynamics, stockholm syndrome, eldritch entities, yakuza, gods and goddesses, monsters, one-sided love, love triangles, hanahaki-like themes, yandere, opposites attract, otome games, etc.
Some plots, with my character being A, and yours being B:
Some other things I would love to write are: Good Girl (A) x Bad Guy (B), Fan (A) x Idol/Celebrity/Band Member, Civilian/Innocent (A) x Mafia (B), Priestess (A) x Demon (B), Angel (A) x Demon (B)
If you’ve come this far, please tell me your fav color in your message!
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2023.06.06 13:47 PigeonBoiAgrougrou I relate so much to the core of the truscum ideals.

I think I've said it in past comments, but I'm fairly mild when it comes to truscum ideals. I support non-binary identities, can tolerate some neo-pronouns, will not misgender someone even if their pronouns don't match their presentation, and overall don't care what people do with their bodies. I prefer the term transgender over transsexual. I'm probably the mildest truscum user you can find.
However, people calling themselves "trans" and celebrating it when they mostly have a cis experience sits so wrong to me. That's where I start getting uncomfortable, maybe even angry sometimes.
Being trans comes with a baggage. It's not just about wanting a curvy ass and boobs or a deeper voice, it's something you are born with, grow up with, and die with. I don't care if someone transition for whatever reason but if they are non dysphoric, we aren't even remotely the same.
I grew up in an environnement where I could be a tomboy, I played with boys and boys toys, and although I almost don't remember much of my childhood because of heavy dissociation, I was stable. But puberty was hell. Non dysphoric people will never know about the pain of going through this.
The dissociation, the silent agony, the sheer disgust. The confusion, at not understanding why everyone seems so fine with it, and yet you aren't. Searching for answers everywhere. Thinking it's normal teen insecurity, when it's not. Trying to lose or gain weight, to be into fashion, to be different, to find a fucking answer, to no avail. Not being able to find any escape to that beast dysphoria is. The depression, anxiety, missed opportunities and experiences. I was filled with anger and confusion and hate. At myself, at other people, at the sole concept of feminity. And yet, weirdly, it felt all muted because I became apathic to everything. Apathic to life itself. I probably wouldn't be alive if it hadn't be that way, dissociation was my coping mechanism.
Learning about what being trans is was a liberation. There's a solution to my problem ! Modern medicine allows me to look like a man, and I can even get surgery and prosthetics ! I feel hope for my future for the first time in my whole life. All of these are vital to trans people. Not an aesthetic, not an option. It's a need.
I wanna be respectful to everyone. I hate holding grudges, and I'm very non-confrontational. Who even has enough energy to pick fights with everyone anyway ? But seeing people who live as cis, present cis, only change their pronouns but want to appropriate the experience of being trans, celebrate pride as trans, taking ressources when they don't need it ... It feels like spitting at my face, at the face of all our siblings who didn't make it, and all of us who went and are still going through everything.
I can't stand it. I don't care what someone does about their body or how they wanna be called. But if you don't have dysphoria, we just aren't the same, our experience isn't the same, and it's purely disrespectful to say that we are.
Just needed to get that off my chest. I have a lot of repressed feelings I guess lmao.
submitted by PigeonBoiAgrougrou to truscum [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:47 transcribersofreddit assholedesign Image "API hijack"

assholedesign Image submitted by transcribersofreddit to TranscribersOfReddit [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:47 phaattiee Thoughts on Skull-Port side quest for my players.

I'm running Misker as an old Beholder mage who resorted to magic as he began losing his natural eyestalk powers to old-age. He's hold up in his 3 story mansion since the Xanathar took over that can only be accessed by collecting 3 keys that can be found in each of his 3 warehouses. Needless to say the warehouses are going to contain some obscure puzzles and booby traps. Misker put out a notice at the Heralds meet years ago claiming that any that are worthy of challenging him for ownership of what's left of his empire must first succeed in finding the keys. Which Isn't a whole lot since its been at least 20 years since anyone last saw or heard from him most of his empire has disbanded or been absorbed my the Xanathar. The warehouses will contain ample reward for the players along the way as well as the deeds to an old rundown pub (Trollskull Tavern). Here are my ideas for the warehouses, any thoughts and feedback is much appreciated, the vibe is harry-potter goblet of fire tasks.
Warehouse 1.
Once the party enter the warehouse via finesse or brute force at first glance it will be filled with ordinary stored contraband, silks, metals (not precious), maybe some simple weaponry, tools, rope, canvas for ship sails etc... general goods nothing too fascinating... canvas sheets cover most of the boxes with a couple decades worth or dust sitting on top, they'll notice a small stone pedestal in the centre of the room, perched on which is a modified "bear trap" with one of the skeleton keys perched within. If the players investigate they'll find that it is booby trapped to go off once the key is removed... for the rogue easy peasy... if they successfully disarm and remove the key however this will trigger the stereotypical "bear trap" in which an owl bear is summoned directly above the player with the key... queue Professor Lupin boggart theme music (or similar) coming from a nearby record player... the owl bear lands for bludgeoning damage, Dex saves are rolled, initiative is rolled. However the key is also cursed to affect whoever is in the room with Bane, saves rolled once then and every hour there forth until the curse is removed or dispelled from the key. Throughout the fight with the Owl-bear, petrified goblin garden gnomes hidden throughout the warehouse will (as a reaction) cast vicious mockery on the players every-time they attempt to attack something in a whiney irish accent "you couldn't hit the floor if you fell over". Think of the gnomes from Fable, this will be a running theme. Finding and Destroying the Gnomes ends the effect. On completion the players will attempt to leave from whence they came if they dont try to leave sooner. On doing so if they leave through the doors they came (the only legitimate way in or out), they'll get sucked in momentarily to a demi plane (Feywild), a lush glade with a large willow tree in the centre, above the door one of the gnomes says "You'll think twice about going back through there" with the idea being if they were to return back through the doors they would end up back on the streets of Skull-Port a cheeky clue/bluff. Successful Perception checks from a distance will show a hidden passage at the base of the willow tree trunk. any attempt to get close though will result in them getting "Whomped!". the tonal shift from sunny flowery glade will then go full prisoner of Azkaban showing decade old skeletons tangled up in vines around the glade. The terrain is considered difficult and the players have to roll against being grappled at the beginning of each turn whilst fending off Whomps from the willow. If they make it to the secret passage beneath the tree this will conclude the puzzle resulting in a moderate amount of Booty and plunder.
Warehouse 2.
Same jist only this time its a key in a Bowl of Sand, just as a player is about to touch it the key sinks into the sand and the ground turns to quicksand, the sand reaches up engulfing the players arm (roll against grapple) as a Sand elemental (Statblock will be a combination of Earth and Water elementals combining the burrow and whelm abilities) starts to form around the bowl and pedestal. This time they have to roll twice against the bane effect from this key and the other in their possession (If they haven't dispelled or removed the curse from the first one) and the penalty will increase to a d6. no Gnomes this time though as it might be a bit harsh idk let me know. Initiative starts they'll soon find that the best they can do is keep the elemental at bay for a round if they deal enough damage in one combat round, the abundance of sand pretty much makes it invincible. The answer will be to let themselves get sucked down beneath the sand to a room below. Insert Harry potter chess game with petrified adventurers as pieces/constructs that have attempted Miskers challenge in the past... the key now hangs around the neck of the king. A game of chess ensues (I'm 1700-1800 rated so it wont be a walk in the park for them). Everytime they wish to take a piece or be taken a single round of combat will take place between the player and the constructs Stat blocks to be made still until they are subsequently defeated. This is only the case for the players normal chess rules apply for all the other pieces for the sake of time. If they attempt to break the rules, all the constructs will attack them at once. Misker is actually watching them through a scrying eye gem stone on the far side of the wall and controlling his pieces at this point. Once they get a hold of the key they will be teleported out of the room into a seperate hidden warehouse in Skullport that has some BOOTY and loot. A cheat is to ignore the game of chess and go straight for the key, with no conceivable entrance or exit however they will probably feel required to play Miskers game before moving on.
Warehouse 3
Misker recruited a coven of Portal Hags that control the eb and flow of the underground water caverns via portals to the plane of water for this one.
The last Warehouse doesn't have anything in it other than a mirror in the centre of the room. on a close inspection. The mirror is almost liquid and metallic in appearance and touch. Above the mirror is a Goblin garden gnome, it speaks a riddle, the players answer correctly it lets them enter through the mirror... only when they reach the other side they are in an identical room... alone.
This part I will carry out in 1-1 sessions with the players...
The room is identical to the previous and has no ceiling and extends upwards indefinitely into darkness... metallic statues of adventurers are set in alcoves in the walls all with horrified looks on their faces (think Han solo frozen but as a statue not a slab). A metallic silhouette of themselves appears in the mirror, the gnome gives each of them a riddle that is tailored to their characters personality/backstory somehow. they have a 1 minute timer to answer, if they dont answer or answer incorrectly the metallic silhouette figure will lunge forth and attack them (identical stat-block to themselves), the task ends when they either answer the riddle correctly or defeat/are defeated by their reflection.
If they lose this battle they will start to feel a cold metallic liquid begin to engulf their body as they drift off into unconsciousness, their blurred vision will show the silhouette begin to fill with colour and material as though its fully becoming them, just as they close their eyes this dopple-ganger of themselves will step back through the mirror, this will be the last image their character see's as they step through the mirror.
I'm at odds how to continue the players character progression here my ideas are as follows, they roll a new character sheet and I RP their character as an agent of the Portal Hags or, they continue as their character only they are now tethered to the Hags as a sort of Warlock/Patron-Esque relationship, I know there are lots of controversial thoughts on forcing classes on players but they failed the task and effectively died or are in a cryogenically frozen state currently so if they want to continue as their character there need to be repercussions If not forced class levels it could be in the form of a curse binding them to the Portal Hags Coven etc IDK hit me with ideas.
When they step through the mirror finally im in two minds. Either they enter into Miskers Manse where they will have to fight the beholder as his thoughts are... only those that can defeat me are worthy of my Booty/Legacy... he wants to die fighting than of old age as old age is undignified for a beholder, The whole reason he resorted to magic was to try and become an undead beholder Lich but has come to the realisation that it is too late for him, the whole reason he set this game up is to have greedy adventurers and treasure hunters come to him to he can absorb their life essence and sustain his existence longer in the hopes of still becoming a Lich, part of his egomaniacal personality believes this is still possible whilst the other half, his more logical/genius pragmatic sort recognises the reality, and thus this whole process appeases both aspects of his personality.
I was thinking of running one more challenge as part of the 3rd warehouse, after stepping through the mirror I was thinking of having a final treasure room (where the bulk of Miskers loot is), that has a replicating item enchantment on it (Bellatrix Vault) only these turn into swarms of tiny mimics and raggamoffyn's. But this might be too much right before fighting Misker...
Go straight from fighting themselves to fighting misker? or collect the final key in the final vault and give them a chance to rest before then heading to Misker's Manse... They may need to be at full strength to fight a few century old Beholder pirate lord mage.
Thoughts? discussions? all constructive criticism welcome!
submitted by phaattiee to DnD [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:47 kingman123 I (26m) started going out with a (25f) recently, don’t feel too excited about her yet, can it change?

Started going out with a girl a month ago. She’s not my ideal type, but found her cute enough, and luckily she feels the same. I can be myself around her comfortably, have decent conversations with her, and generally have a good time with her (also physically) One huge plus is that we share very similar values and an outlook on life, and she’s so sweet and loving. I told her after the first date, that I didn’t feel too much of a spark, but she wanted to keep going to see if it developed. I agreed.
Yet, with all that being said, I’m having some doubts. I don’t think about her all that often, and am not jumping at the chance to speak or see her. Does this spell doom for a potential future? I’ve had other girls occupy my mind space like mad before, so this feels different.
Am I being immature in searching for excitement and romance? I’d love that, but also want something long term. Am I being realistic?
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2023.06.06 13:47 AutoModerator [Download Course] Matthew Neer – Broadcast Mentor (

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2023.06.06 13:47 M8ghtyOwl How can I (27M) better deal with my girlfriend's (27F) harshness when she is angry?

I (27M) am currently in a relationship (27F) for 2 years. The relationship requires a lot of work and communication, but it is mature and beautiful. Unfortunately, my girlfriend goes through phases where everything angers her, and it can escalate quickly. No matter what I do or even just my mere existence, becomes annoying for her and I become a target. I have been trying for a while to take the statements she makes seriously but not let them affect me emotionally because most of the time, the situation resolves itself, and she apologizes afterwards for what she said. I genuinely try to approach these situations with understanding and to be helpful, but I haven't been successful in developing a consistently effective strategy to avoid getting into an argument about the things she says or does or to not feel sad or discouraged. If I am understanding, what bothers her gets projected onto me, and I become the "villain," receiving hurtful remarks that I have to "swallow." If I say nothing, I am not taking her seriously enough, and I suffer from the negative atmosphere that I can feel. If I disagree with her or mention that her statements are harsh and hurtful to me, it leads to a huge fight in which I try to explain why her actions and words hurt me, but she interprets everything as an attack.
I am currently facing one of these situations, with the additional fact that she is on vacation and I can't simply hug her (which has helped in the past). The vacation is not going as planned, and everything is bothering her. I am alone in our apartment and planned to join her tomorrow. Today, I told her that my best friend is coming over this evening after work, and we might play games, chat, and cook something. I know she has issues when there's company in our apartment, especially when she can't be present to control the visitor's behavior. We have discussed this many times and compiled a list together of what I should and shouldn't do, clean, or pay attention to so that she feels comfortable. I gladly abide by those guidelines.
Of course, she is currently under a lot of stress and rage, and she is projecting it onto me. During our phone call, I just wanted to talk normally and help alleviate her stress through company, but suddenly, all she cared about was not wanting my friend to come over, and I have to respect that. I tried to be understanding, told her that I will adhere to our agreements and be extra careful to earn her trust, and that it is important to me to see my friend again. Although my friend and I see each other regularly, even with our girlfriends, and we all get along great, I can count on one hand the number of times we have met just the two of us at my/our place, since I started living together with my girlfriend last year autmn. I enjoy having company though... Well, she responded with, "If you don't accept my wishes, you don't need to come tomorrow," and hung up. Since then, she has been ignoring me. I have canceled plans with friends several times before due to similar situations, which was difficult for me, even without them planning to visit our aparmtent. But this time, I really don't want to cancel because it would hurt me and I don´t think it is fair. However, I don't know how to deal with the fact that she adamantly doesn't want that. I'm in a real dilemma and don't know how to handle it, which is causing me stress. On the one hand, I want to be understanding and help her when she is stressed, but I also don't want to feel terrible or have to listen to things like she doesn't trust me and i am not willing to help her fulfill her wish etc. Either way, I feel bad about it now, even if I'm 80% sure that everything will be okay tomorrow... hopefully... But how can I deal with it? How can I prevent feeling down about it? Should I respect her wish and cancel my friend's visit today? ... One sentence from the phone call keeps replaying in my mind: "If nothing goes the way I want here, at least I want my wish granted that your friend does not come today."...
Sorry for the long text; it was necessary for me to type out some of it. Thank you for reading or whatever. Sorry for mistakes and grammer not my native language and i used chatgpt for help
submitted by M8ghtyOwl to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:46 Bhallu_ Any way to buy the Newly announced MacBook Air 15" without paying a premium?

Hello everyone,
I am a Flutter Developer who is looking to buy the newly released MacBook Air as it is needed for my job. I want to buy the one with 512 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM for future proofing, which comes up to 5Lac. Furthermore, I know that If I buy from these shop sellers, they are going to charge their premium too and it would become unaffordable for me. And It's not like things are going to get cheaper in Pakistan in anytime. So, I want to buy it now. Is there any way to buy this without paying any premium. I have no relative who is outside of Pakistan. So, I can't afford that. I have saved up this much money by working very hard. I am not earning in dollars and I am seeing my savings depreciate in value every day. So, I am thinking of buying this as soon as possible. Any guidance and help will be appreciated.
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2023.06.06 13:46 dublin20 Understanding Variable deletion

Hey all,
new here and coming with a strong C/C++ background. I currently use Swift to develop my first very own, but always dreamed of, SwiftUI application. Still doing little steps in also understanding differences to the things I learned.
From the current perspective: Swift is really awesome! There is a lot to it and I never thought I could be more productive than ever using this language.
Still having sometimes some *simple* questions that I cannot answer myself or think to much about it, just like the following:
How does variable deletion exactly work? For example:
@State private var cat: Catalog? // somewhere later in a function let _catalog = Catalog() if _catalog.whatever(path: file) { = _catalog } 
Do I need to set _catalog to nil or does Swift automatically delete this now unused object? Or do I just give a reference and I get in a danger zone when setting _catalog to nil?
Probably pretty simple question for you out there, but I would really like to understand how that works in the background also to avoid memory leaks (even though Apple provides Instruments, which is a great tool).
Many thanks!
submitted by dublin20 to swift [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:45 JustLike_OtherGirls WIBTAH if I tell my friend to postpone on having her first kid

My friend(30F) got married 2 years ago to her long-term boyfriend(33M). She told me yesterday that they're planning to get pregnant before the end of this year. I didn't say anything much but I'm very concerned for her and the potential baby.
Her husband has some problems. He's not a bad person but there are things I find to be quite alarming. The guy cannot hold a job. He's not agreeable, stubborn, and the biggest problem is that he has very low tolerance for inconveniences and hardships. At every job, he always has a reason to resign. It's too demanding, or he has to travel too much, or he has to work night time, or his colleagues and managers are dumbasses that don't appreciate him. In the last job, he woke up one day and decided he didn't like it so instead of driving to work, he drove to a coffee place and enjoyed himself there, essentially just quit the job no notice, didn't even care about getting the pay check for the days he worked. It took him 8 years to graduate uni because he dropped out 2 times due to "the major wasn't right". He's so proud of being quick witted, he thought he could be a good salesperson, so he tried to be a real estate agent thinking he would make good money, but well, he wasn't smart or persistent enough to keep up with the customers and the market, hence, he quit after 4 months due to not making enough money. The guy also complains about the pay isn't good enough (he's not expecting above minimum wage, he's expecting senior-level paychecks) but only want to put in minimal effort, so a year ago he got himself into debt trying to invest in some shady stocks that he heard was promising. My friend ended up paying it from her own savings.
After that, he was out of work for months, getting some income doing miscellaneous work for his friends. He tried to apply to a lot of companies in various industries but none invited him to an interview. My friend had to ask me for help since I know a lot of HR people. One of them accepted him for an hr admin position with an above market pay. But not long ago when I was over for dinner, I heard him complained about how "difficult" the hr manager is, and knowing her, I can guarantee that even though she has high expectations for her employees, she treats them very well and very generous to them. He has only been there for 3 months but I'm afraid he may quit again.
That's why I want to tell my friend to postpone her plan of getting pregnant. I think she should wait until he settles in the new job and make sure he can hold it down. She will need a lot of support when she's pregnant and after the baby is born. They are paying mortgage too, it's gonna be too much on her if he ends up jobless again.
However, do you think I'll be an ah saying that to her? I'm worried about her, I don't want my friend regret her decision, but at the same time, it's not my business. I don't think it's my place to have a say.
What do you think?
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