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Guaranteed to make you smile

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Guaranteed to make you smile.

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Fake History Porn : A subreddit dedicated to Fake History

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A sub about eating on 1500 calories total per day.

2023.06.06 15:20 mynameisrio77 Regret

I got sober from alcohol and after three years of full sobriety started smoking weed (I was 24 at the time) I was diagnosed with OCD when I was 7 and it is a huge part of my life, and one of the reasons I became compulsive with smoking- every night, for ten years. I cannot stop thinking about the precious time I have wasted. The complacency that weed gave me…I was so comfortable accomplishing nothing. I am fully aware that obsessing over this is wasting more time, but I’m just curious if anyone else thinks about this too. And maybe any tips to help relieve myself of this guilt? I am currently one week sober and with all this beautiful clarity comes so many realizations about how I was living my life. This community has changed my life. Thanks to all of you.
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2023.06.06 15:18 chrissypublic Always loved the idea , so I became a truck driver

Hey guys and gals ! Just wanted to rant/talk , ever since I could remember I dreamed of just packing up and leaving with whatever I could carry . Maybe it was my upbringing how we would always be moving around . Eventually we ended up in Texas , I grew up and that thought would always be in my head . I loved the idea of it ! Guess I was just to scared or cautious to do it . So in my opinion I did the next best thing , I became a truck driver. Keeps me moving and never really know where I’m gonna sleep .
I’ve been driving for many years now , I help out hitchhikers when I see them or just sit and talk to you guys ! Now with a daughter I know I could never live out my vagabond dream ( well at least til she grows up ) lol .
Anyways guys/gals y’all stay safe out there , and if any of y’all are near south texas and need a lift or some water or food let me know !
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2023.06.06 15:18 Acceptable_Egg5560 The Nature of a Giant [50]

Many praises to u/SpacePaladin15 for this universe.
Credit again to u/TheManwithaNoPlan for helping edit!
Memory transcript: Rolem, High Magister of Dawn Creek. Date: [Standardized human time] October 3rd, 2136
When Vulen first sent his proposal to the Magister of Land and Housing, it had almost immediately been sent on to me for full consideration. It was very intriguing. Enough so that I set up an actual meeting with him to discuss. He had some legal issues he wished to deal with through this proposal. All the more reason for me to talk in person.
Which resulted in both him and Tarlim’s lawyer sitting across from me in my office. Venric’s wool had been freshly groomed, apparent by the clean lines running across his body. Vulen…less so. It’s clear that the stresses of dealing with his former partners has taken a toll on him, but yet I could still see a determination in him. I doubted even the pressure of Venlil Prime’s core could break it. “Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, High Magister Rolem.”
I bowed to him respectfully. “The pleasure is mine, Vulen. I presume the ‘legal troubles’ you spoke of in our correspondence is why Venric is accompanying you today?”
Vulen looked like he wanted to spit. “My previous… ‘partners’ were much too used to my abilities of controlling and filing paperwork.”
“Your name was still on Tarlim’s employment contract,” Venric stated. “Thus you are still legally responsible for the illegal firing.”
“Yes,” the landlord bared his teeth, “and realizing that, my ‘partners’ decided to do the business equivalent of dragging my name through the mud before I got all the contracts fully broken. I left internal maintenance services and employment in the paws of Darula when we drafted our contract. You can see how that’s coming back to bite me now.”
I flicked my ears in polite sympathy. “Still, may you two explain Venric’s presence?”
The landlord glares at the lawyer. “Part of my proposal includes a… settlement to get me off the lawsuit.”
“And my client has given me a minimum settlement,” Venric adds, “with open field for me to agree to a settlement that exceeds on their behalf.” He bowed to me. “They felt it prudent to avoid coming here in person after the last… incident here.”
Ah yes, that was truly a regrettable circumstance, especially with the hindsight I had acquired since. I flicked my ears in the affirmative. “That is completely understandable. So long as all the correct forms are filed, that shouldn’t be an issue. Now, shall we discuss your proposal?”
Vulen’s mood visibly brightened when I said that. I would certainly be looking through the entirety of this document. “Certainly. We can begin with Section 1, paragraph 1.” With that, I started reading through the proposal. What I found ranged from reasonable to absurd, and I would certainly be making my thoughts on the latter clear to Vulen in due time. Once I had made it through in a little under a quarter claw, I cleared my throat to speak.
“Okay, let’s be clear first,” I pulled up a copy of his proposal on my data pad. “You say that you have 350 empty units that you are willing to set aside as housing for Gojid refugees.”
“Yes, and please note the specifics,” he responded. “That comes out to 150 single bedrooms, 75 double bedrooms, 75 triple bedrooms, and 50 flats. With two occupants per bedroom, that’s 1,450 Gojid that can be accommodated. And if you stretch it to three per bedroom, that’s 2,175 Gojid refugees who would then have roofs over their heads.”
“Indeed. A good range,” I tapped on my pad, “and in exchange for this, you would have this district pay you one-and-a-half rotations rent for all the units up front.”
I heard Venric whistle as they did the math in their head. It appeared that Vulen’s greed hadn’t abated even a bit since we last met. And going by the lawyers wagging tail, neither had theirs. Considering the settlement he got in Glowhallow with the human, even I would have thought his lust for credits would have been satisfied for the moment.
I leaned forward on my desk. “Can you please tell me how you can justify such a payment?”
“Well, your honor,” Vulen bowed, “for one thing, our economy has been in a rather sharp downturn. For the government themselves to purchase that number of houses, it would give a baseline for rent to stabilize around. A cap on the leak, if you will. As well as allowing me to use the influx of credits to construct and maintain even more houses and apartments.”
“Really?” I give my ears a skeptical flick. “You will actually use the money to build more?”
“It’s in section four of the proposal.” He stated, “as part of the five-rotation plan.”
That was correct. Which means he actually wrote much of this out himself instead of just tossing it to his own lawyer. Perhaps I was too harsh on his character. “Indeed it is. You must understand, though, that the sum you’re asking for is no small amount.”
“Oh, I’m fully aware, High Magister,” Vulen said, “But if I remember correctly, the Exterminators Office recently underwent some severe budget cuts, did it not?”
Venric seemed equally as enthused about the prospect of a payout, as per stated in Section 5, the settlement to get Vulen’s name off of the lawsuit would be going almost exclusively to him and his client. “I’ve run the numbers, your honor, and the costs should be zero-sum in the matter of as little as three Herds of Paws.”
The lawyer stood from his seat, standing to the side of the table. “It will be an investment, certainly, but if I may speak as a salesman for a moment, the PR potential for this is nothing less than monumental. Dawn Creek, as an industrial district, has little in the way of tourism aside from the A-Grav Arcade. With this, you could kickstart an entire sub-community, complete with the economic prosperity that is sure to follow!”
It was an impressive sales pitch, I had to admit. Of course, I wasn’t about to be distracted by the absurd parts. “Yes, an impressive sales pitch, Venric. However,” I turned to look at Vulen, “I can’t help but question the logic behind your decision on what the refugees will have to pay at the conclusion of the contract.”
Vulen, seemingly prepared for this, simply flicked his ears. “And what of it? Are you referring to the 50% increase over standard rent prices? Because there is an explanation for that.”
That was one of the absurdities to be explained, but I was interested to see how he rephrased that he wants money. “By all means, explain away.”
Vulen cleared his throat before proceeding. “We’ve already discussed that Tarlim’s wrongful termination was an attempt to drag my name through the mud, but that isn’t all that the other two have done. As mentioned, employment of the internal maintenance force was left to Darula, in one of my more questionable decisions. I figured that would be one of the first things to go after I severed the contract, so I already got around to hiring a third party to replace the jobs I knew I’d be losing. Sure enough, once the contract was severed, all of the maintenance workers stopped servicing my building. It was lucky that I had the foresight to plan ahead, but it left me at a substantial financial loss. The price hike is to pay for the more-expensive, but still necessary, external maintenance services once the sum granted by this deal has dried up.”
A good justification. Well thought out, well reasoned, almost seemed to be reasonable.
Too bad for him I saw the flaw. “And if this charge is to cover the new maintenance people, how are they being paid during the contract?”
Vulen couldn’t hide the grimace. It was subtle. A slight fall of his ears, a lip curl, a tail sag, just realizing I had caught him. “Well,” he began to try and justify again, “they are being… I am…” he fell silent under my stare. It was a telling stare. Reminding him that I already had read and would reread every word of the contract. He met my eye with one of his own for a few seconds before he signed acquiescence. “Fine. It’s to increase my profit margin.” He gestured exasperatedly. “This is still a massive risk for me. People could move because of the refugees! Brahk, I guarantee there will be people who will move because of them! “Tainted this, Humans that,” I know you’ve seen the consequences of that firstpaw. Despite the credit influx, I will still have to take loans for the new buildings, and they’ll take time to build! I need proof of future income to look good for what creditors I have left.”
“Really?” I asked, “then is that future profit the reason for the proviso that these refugees would not be able to live elsewhere for the duration of the contract plus a half rotation afterwards?”
He gave a huff before composing himself back to a professional position. “Only for the half rotation. I will be honest, the main reason for the proviso is to hedge against people like him.” He very obviously gestured to Venric.
The lawyer, on the other paw, seemed rather amused by the act. “Really? May I ask, out of curiosity?”
“I am entering into a contract with the Magistratta,” Vulen stated, “I am not about to have lawyers claiming I’m not holding up my end because some Gojid decides to abandon the housing I’m offering because of…because of Tarlim and his human friend.” He massaged his snout for a moment before continuing. “If I am to offer my rooms to refugees and humans, this upfront cost is all but necessary. You can’t expect me to take on such an undertaking without a safety net to fall back on. It’s just bad business. And besides, I’m already paying a portion of that back up front to the upfront payment in the form of my settlement. That has to count for something, right?”
I stare at him, unimpressed by his attempt to use my feelings around Tarlim to his benefit. “Your dealings with him have no relation to dealings with the Magistratta, Vulen. As for your safety net, you are correct. I cannot expect you to take such a risk without one.” I watched as his ears raised in confidence. “But a safety net, this is not.” His ears satisfyingly fall again. “The numbers you have given me would result in likely twice the profit you made as your own share in the last rotation just from the simple fact you would be filling every unit you owned. That is not a ‘safety net’ to fall back on. That is exploitation of disadvantaged peoples for your own gain, and you know it.
The landlord huffed in frustration. “Fine. I can drop the half rotation binding for after the contract is done.” I squint at him. “Don’t look at me like that! I have guaranteed in that contract that every unit could be filled! I will not be accused of breaching a contract because one of the residents decided to leave early, mark my words!”
I heard Venric whistle in amusement. “The possible payout would certainly be tempting.”
Of course he would say that. I suddenly get the feeling Vulen brought Venric here for more than just the settlement.
I shake my head to focus. “That would be acceptable, however,” I swipe my pad so it showed the rent hike, “this is also to be completely dropped. If the refugees decide to continue living in your units, it shall be considered a continuation of living rather than a new contract. Therefore, any rent increase would be done at the legally mandated rate of maximum 5% already set by the Magister of Land and Housing. There will be no negotiation on this account.” I recognize the need for changing rent. At least this way the refugees should be able to afford it after the contract is up. “Of course, you will continue to have control of the rent on the new buildings when those are built. So even without that rent hike, you will still be making a profit into the future.”
Vulen looked to be about to protest, but Vernic quickly pulled him aside and started whispering in his ear. I could hear some soft exclamations from Vulen every now and again until the two finally separated from their convenience. Vulen, with a defeated look in his eyes, addressed me. “That modification is…acceptable. On One Condition.”
I leaned back in my seat and raised my ears in interest. “You’re not really in the position to be drafting terms, but I suppose I’ll humor you. What is your condition?”
“You, and the Magistratta at large, must sign a separate, legally binding contract promising compensation for the construction of the new buildings. That was already part of my proposal, but I want a separate contract for that now, unbound by any of the terms of this current agreement.” He flicked his ears uncomfortably. I could tell that he still wasn’t happy about his profit margins being skimmed down. “If I agree to your amendment, you agree to mine. Fairs fair. Do we have a deal?”
I hold firm with my gaze. “I will have to actually read this amendment to agree. But for now, state your terms.”
“I will want to be funded 50% of total estimated building costs as gauged by a neutral third party, with another half of estimated maintenance costs for the first rotation of operations, also gauged by a neutral third party.”
I quickly thought over his proposal. “Add in a clause that you will have to pay for material overages, and in return we will allow a clause that we will pay for time overages. If that’s acceptable, we will have an agreement.”
Vulen’s face showed hopefulness once again as he bowed respectfully. “That is acceptable. You have a deal!”
I give him a professional bow as I delete and edit the appropriate sections on my copy of the contract. I then sent a quick request to the magister of Land and Housing to draw up the second contract. “Then let us reread our agreement to be sure there are no more disputes.”
Vulen sighed, seemingly annoyed that we were going through the contract once more. But it was for the best. By the end, the terms were found to be either mutually beneficial, or mutually neutral.
“Very good, Vulen,” I state, “the Magistratta approves of your proposal. Venric, if you would please also sign as a witness.”
With our paw signatures all set to the screens, the deal is done. Even though a couple thousand Gojid is only a fraction of the people rescued from the Cradle, that is still a couple thousand people who have a home once more. If other districts, or if Solgalick blesses it, other species see what we have done, perhaps they too shall follow suit.
Venric placed his pad in his lap and aimed an eye towards Vulen. “Now that that is done, there is the matter of your settlement.”
The landlord huffed as they began typing on their pad. I felt a slight amount of pity for him. It was due to the actions of his previous partners that caused him to be in this situation. But the results came for the best.
With a swipe of my paw, I saved the contract and sent off a copy for our Governor to review. The UN would work with her to find the appropriate amount of refugees to send, and we would get a message on when to receive them.
I pray to Solgalick that all goes well.

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2023.06.06 15:17 IceKareemy I had my worst experience playing JG last night

I was playing Shyvana bc I’m been crushing it with her lately!
4 minutes into a game my Xerath supp got tilted and afk farmed for like 30 minutes after complaining how he’s tired of being hard stuck bronze, my team bent over backwards to try to make him untilt even switching lanes. Nothing worked, we played hard, got all 4 drags both shells pushed the other team all the way back to open nexus. But it was a 5v4 with a fed Garen bc the supp would just run and die to him.
The last team fight we killed 4 1/2 of them but got wiped bc Hourglass, the Xerath had the chance to defend 3 towers plus inhib and just walked away losing us the game.
It felt super deflating doing such a good job ganking, pushing objectives, making sure lanes are pushed taking out the enemy team, only to lose to a player who just lost their minds less than 5 minutes in
Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do when dealing with toxic ppl who are hell bent on making this game an unpleasant experience for others, and as a JG I feel like this makes it worse.
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2023.06.06 15:17 frances999 Should I report misconduct to the business owner?

I have been working at this bar for more than a year and I became the evening manager in January. I co-run the bar with the day manager. We have the same salary. No difference whatsoever.
This guy acts like the bar is his own property.
The list continues but he is generally dodgy, he doesn't care about the business and any of us team members. He does everything right in front of our faces and knows that he gets away with it.
I am SO sick of keeping quiet because I don't want to be complicit.
I am leaving in around two weeks. We used to be friends but it all flipped when I started to realise how much of a horrible person he is.
Would you tell everything to the owner just after I have left the job? How?
Thank you for your support.
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2023.06.06 15:16 Sufficient-Task-5249 How Many Times

How many times have you and your SO split and reconciled? How old were you and your partner? Does it ever stick? I’m tired of the on/off again. We are both in mid/late 20s and I want more than 6 good months at a time.
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2023.06.06 15:16 Vast-Passenger1126 [Discussion] Bonus Book: The Vampire Lestat, Part 7, Ch 2 - Part 7, Ch 11

Welcome back blood suckers! We return with the next part of the Anne Rice vampire saga. I don’t know about you guys, but this section was a struggle for me. I was hoping Marius was going to snap Lestat back to reality and send him on his way to meet Louis. Instead, we got the backstory of all backstories without even a mention of Lestat for seven chapters. At times, I wished I could crawl into the dirt and experience my own ‘first death’, but I’m curious to hear what y’all thought so let’s dive in!
Part 7 Chapter 2: Lestat makes his way through Marius’ house and realizes it’s the first time he’s seen a vampire’s home fully stocked with awesome mortal stuff (including “giant stuffed beasts” which I originally thought said breasts). The guy really has everything: amazing murals, huge library, menagerie, indoor greenhouse, and sculpture hall. Lestat is eventually pulled away from these incredible sights by Marius’ heartbeat.
Chapter 3: Marius and Lestat sit down for the long-awaited chat and we learn that what I last week called ‘Lestat’s pity party/hunger strike in the dirt’ was actually his first death and is totally normal for vampires. Marius has such strong ESP that he can tell what’s going on with vamps all over the world, which is how he knew about Lestat (so vamp GPS does exist!). But, unlike other old vamps, Marius chooses to speak as he finds the ESP imprecise and prefers a consensual mode of communication. He also opts to move like a human as he finds this elegant and all those vamp powers tire him out. Marius wants to share his vampire secrets with Lestat and show him Those Who Must Be Kept, but warns him that he will still need to find ‘his own reasons to exist’. Forgetting all about the emo phase he’d just been having, Lestat is like, “Yeah, yeah whatever. You don’t even know how perfectly awful I am. But why me?” Marius tells Lestat he’s the chosen one since he’s an innocent and curious dude who’s happy just living in the moment. We learn that Marius was born at the start of the Roman Empire and that being born ‘on the cusp of the old way of seeing things’ also unites him with Lestat. Plus, they were both turned into vamps because they were…pretty? Before Marius will continue his story, he tells Lestat he wants to show him Those Who Must Be Kept.
Chapter 4: Marius takes Lestat down a creepy staircase to an ancient Egyptian vampire shrine where two figures are revealed. Lestat thinks they are the most incredible statues he’s ever seen until he touches the woman’s cheek and realizes…THEY’RE ALIVE! Lestat is initially spooked, but slowly understands that Marius cares for these beings and can’t really do anything else to them without being cruel. Lestat apologizes for being a rude scaredy cat and Marius tells him Those Who Must Be Kept don’t even eat anymore and haven’t had a drop of blood in 300 years. Yet even without food, they can move or control things with their mind, but never do so in Marius’ presence. At Marius’ urging, Lestat stares at the figures and tells them how beautiful they are and the woman’s name, Akasha, appears on his lips. Mesmerized, Lestat wants to KISS THE WOMAN AND SPIT BLOOD INTO HER MOUTH until he realizes he’s fucking nuts and pulls back, begging Marius to go upstairs. As they leave, one of Those Who Must Be Kept opens up the tabernacle, proving all Marius said true. Marius has a little meltdown upstairs wondering why Akasha revealed her name to Lestat and not him, her protector for the past 17 CENTURIES, but snaps out of it and is ready to tell Lestat the whole story.
Chapter 5: Marius was an illegitimate son in a rich Roman household who had everything he could desire except the love of his dead mother (but at least she gave him her beautiful Aryan looks). One evening, he’s in a Gaul tavern, so busy writing, drinking wine and doing his own philosophizing that he doesn’t notice a creepy giant staring at him. They have a long chat about Egypt and religion and, just when we’re about to die of boredom, the stranger tells Marius he is going to become a god and then knocks him out. Marius comes to in a wagon being pulled through a forest and eventually arrives at a Celtic fortress where he realizes that if he doesn’t want to become a human sacrifice he “had better try to get the hell out of here.” (Apparently, Marius also cannot keep the same speaking style).
Chapter 6: Marius’ captor, Mael, and his Druid pals are now dressed in white robes and tell Marius he will drink the Divine Blood and become a father of gods. Until this occurs, Marius is kept under constant watch and passes the time getting drunk and eating. To keep his boredom at bay, he listens to Mael tell him all about their gods, especially the god he is to become who goes by many names including ‘the lover of the mother’. This god takes blood sacrifices every full moon but on All Saints Day gets to have a yummy feast and make prophecies. He serves the Great Mother who ‘is without visible form but nevertheless present in all things’ (Ok, so Mother Earth, not a literal mother. Phew). Marius recalls others who have served this goddess and things don’t go particularly well for them (castration, dismemberment, etc.) so he’s not feeling too great about his upcoming transformation and continues to get drunk and yell at Mael. Eventually, Marius’ hair is long enough and it’s time for the feast. After a little makeover, Marius is placed in a wagon and driven deep into the forest. He is shocked to see the Druids have made two massive wicker figures and are filling them with evildoers who will be sacrificed in the ceremony. Marius is taken to the ‘sanctuary of the gods’, a grove with creepy faces carved into the trees and skulls on spikes. A voice comes from within one of the trees, double checking that Marius is indeed the chosen one, and then invites Marius to come on down.
Chapter 7: Descending a set of winding stairs, Marius is no longer afraid, but excited that all the nonsense Mael’s been spouting is true and he really is about to become a god. But this feeling doesn’t last long as he comes face to face with a shrivelled, burnt skeleton-like figure (but with beautiful hair of course). The figure tells Marius he will make him a god, but only if he promises to escape the Druids, go down to Egypt and figure out why the sun is burning up all the gods of darkness (aka vampires if you haven’t caught on). Marius is turned into a vampire and, as the blood is passed back and forth, is given his own set of vamp rules to follow. The figure drains Marius one last time and is like, “Go feast. But don’t forget to run away after. I’ll be dying now. Buh bye.”
Chapter 8: Confirming the Druids’ hopes and beliefs, Marius emerges and he is STARVING. He feasts on dozens of men and then plays judge for a while until finally the festival is over and Marius knows he must escape and go to Egypt. He tries to use his god status to persuade the Druids to leave him alone, but they’re not falling for his nonsense and try to force him down into the tree dungeon. They grab the old, shrivelled god out of the tree and casually chuck him into the fire, and his last words to Marius are to obey his command and go to Egypt. Pretending he’s a weak, scared boy, the Druids loosen their grip on Marius and he is able to break free. Sprinting into the forest, Marius finally realizes he has some sweet vamp powers but doesn’t have time to appreciate these as he's being pursued by thousands of Celtic worshippers. He still manages to escape and digs down into the Earth for his first day of vamp sleep. When he wakes, Marius is hungry and is like, “How the hell was that burnt guy only eating once a month!?” After some dinner, he decides he will go down to Egypt, but not for the gods, just to have a vamp adventure! Yet when he finally arrives, Marius realizes how alone he is among mortal men and cannot bear being ‘the relentless bringer of death’ so continues to seek out the old gods.
Chapter 9: In Alexandria, a god appears to Marius in the middle of the night and the next evening something speaks to him, telling him to come to a door. Down another windy stairway, Marius finds an underground temple where he encounters another burnt vamp god with beautiful hair who’s like, “Hey, how come you’re not all crispy?” We then meet the Elder, a vamp god that survived ‘the burning’ and who Marius recognizes as the one that came to him the previous night. Breaking his years of silence, the Elder tells Marius that vampires started BY ACCIDENT four thousand years ago. After Osiris was killed, dismembered and then put back together by Isis (except his penis of course), he became the immortal ruler of the dead and drank blood sacrifices. But who knew that drinking blood would have so many fun side effects!? So Osiris and Isis became the first vampires. Despite their blood creating stronger and stronger vamps, Osiris and Isis eventually got stingy and refused to let others drink from them, while also starving themselves. Because of the blood connection, whatever happens to Isis and Osiris happens to all other vampires, so it was not so nice of them to have these suicidal ideations. Their keeper eventually decided this must all be a big joke so left Osiris and Isis out in the sun. But surprise, surprise, it was all true and thus caused the BBQ vampire fest. The other vamps managed to get Osiris and Isis (who only got a nice suntan) back underground, but they no longer chat or eat and DEFINITELY aren’t letting anyone have their blood now. But guess what!? That’s just the version told in Egyptian mythology. Now we get to learn the real story. (And at this point I let out a vamp-volume scream and curse Anne Rice’s ghost.)
Chapter 10: Two humans, Akasha and Enkil, came into Egypt from ‘some other land’ and taught the cannibal Egyptians how to play nice and worship Mother Earth. One day, a furniture-throwing, dirty-language-loving, demon was causing problems with the royal steward so Enkil decided to go have a chat with it. After a night in the haunted house, Enkil emerged with the knowledge that demons are so grumpy because they don’t have a body! Akasha then joined her husband for another wild night in the demon house. Everyone else was terrified of the demonic commotion and ran away, except for a small group of men who were fed up with the Mother Earth ways and wanted to go back to eating people. These men entered the house in the middle of the night and stabbed Enkil and Akasha over and over. Out of nowhere, Gabrielle emerged and was like, “You done fucked up now.” Ok, just kidding that didn’t happen. But it was a horrible idea because the stab wounds were now convenient openings for the demon to enter the bodies of Enkil and Akasha. When their blood mixed, a new creature was created, with the intelligence and souls of the mortals and the mind reading abilities of the demon. But the worst of all was that they could only be kept alive by drinking blood! Enkil and Akasha also learned immediately that fire and sunlight would kill them. The King and Queen tried to keep all of this a secret, but people were a bit weirded out that they no longer saw their mighty rulers during the day and could only worship at night. Conspirators continued to try and kill Enkil and Akasha, but they always magically healed, so people instead sought to gain their immortality by taking their blood and drinking it. We learn that the vampire transformation is only successful if the mortal is near to death so we don’t know if some people figured this out or if Enkil and Akasha chose to pass on their ‘gift’ to people out of loneliness, but more vampires were created and spread throughout the world. In an attempt to rationalize what happened to them, Enkil and Akasha placed themselves within the world of myth and made up the story of Osiris and Isis. This went well for a few thousand years, until societies began to open up their temples to the sun god and let all the vamps burn to a crisp, leaving only a few places on Earth where vampires gods were left in peace. We learn that there have always been rogue vampires who don’t need no goddess and just want to have fun. But no matter what type of vampire they were, they all went crispy when Mother and Father were put out in the sun. As the story finally comes to a close, Marius is like, “I don’t believe this crap,” and storms out of the temple, laughed out by the Elder.
Chapter 11: As Marius lays in bed at night, he has to admit that the whole story may actually be true, but is still pissed because he wants to be an individual, not a host to a blood-thirsty demonic parasite. After getting drunk on blood and coming to terms with his destiny, Marius decides he has to see this Mother and Father and hide them in order to keep them (and thus all other vamps) safe forever. Conveniently, the Mother then appears to Marius, telling him to take her and the Father out of Egypt. The Mother leads Marius out into the desert where he finds a trap door and...you guessed it...another twisty staircase! At the bottom, Marius finally meets Akasha and Enkil. A burnt vamp suddenly appears out of nowhere and wants to put them back into their chamber, but Enkil and Akasha decide they’re going to move on their own which terrifies burnt vamp and makes Marius weep uncontrollably. Just to see what happens, Marius convinces burnt vamp to try and drink from Enkil, who responds by throwing him across the room. Marius feels bad so lets burnt vamp drink from him, and then tells him to get the eff out and not let anyone in to the crypt. Marius steals two mummy cases, puts Akasha and Enkil in them and temporarily buries them outside his house while he makes plans to flee Egypt. The Elder appears and it’s revealed that he was the keeper who put the Mother and Father out in the sun. Marius is like, “Don’t worry, bro. I got it from here,” but the Elder won’t let them go without a fight. The Elder is much stronger and a more experienced fighter, but Marius goes for the old eye sockets and gets some surprise back up from Akasha who crushes the Elder like a bug and lights him on fire. Sealing his fate as their guardian, Akasha allows Marius to drink from her.
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2023.06.06 15:15 Salt-Ice-9721 Was she just creepy? Or was this something more.

I’m a 22 year old woman who hasn’t spoken to my mom in a while. Throughout my childhood, she’s done a lot to me. To hurt, shame, bully, and confuse me. Throughout my childhood, she’s told me and exposed me to things I shouldn’t have heard. Everything I’m going to say, has happened from I was born until about 13.
When I was a baby, my dad left and my mom was young. Between the ages of 1-5 my mom brought over handfuls of boyfriends. Some had drug issues. Some were just mean and nasty. But some were cool. When I was a toddler, my moms ex had drugs in his bag, and I went over to grab the bag and he yelled at me and grabbed my arm.
With another ex, he had a dog. I’ve always been allergic to dogs (I’d get asthma, hives, rashes) and one day I had to go to the hospital. My mom didn’t tell him that it was because of his dog. She just said I was “sick” so he continued to bring the dog. And my mom allowed it because she “wanted the company”
I have a vivid memory of when I was about 3ish, showering with my mom and looking up and seeing a hairy stomach and penis.
When she met her ex husband, she knew him for two weeks before she dragged me to New York City to stay in his apartment with her when I was 6 years old.
She’s told me so many things about her sex life when I got a little older (like 8-13)
She’d tell me the sizes of dicks, how she’s been with two men at once, taught her friends in college how to shave their pubes and strip, and how she has the “magic tricks”
She’d show me explicit emails and pictures of her by “accident” when she’d flip through her digital camera and nudes popped up of her. She’d leave emails open on the computer I used all the time and just say “ooooops” when I saw a message of her and a man talking about licking his balls.
I slept in the bed with her until I was about 13-14 (when it was too hot in my room to sleep on my bedroom floor) because she only had AC In her room.
I thought all of this was normal, until I escaped from all of it. And I feel disgusted with what I was told, and what I saw. I have a gut feeling something happened to me because I would get these disgusted feelings in the pit of my stomach growing up when I’d dry myself off in the shower.
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2023.06.06 15:15 l0ng5temros3 Fired over a macaroni

I’m reaching out with some thoughts as I was just fired from one of NYC’s most exclusive private members clubs and the whole situation just seems very unfair. I’ll start off by saying that I’ve never received any type of warning or write-up during my last year of working for the company. I take my job very seriously and have been an asset to the team.
I have been there 11 months, I am always early. I show up 30-45 minutes before my shift to make sure I have time to change after my commute, so I can be professional and ready on the floor. I have only been late maybe 2-3 times and I always over-communicate with management if I’m in that situation.
I’m a team player. Ask any of the staff there and they will tell you I am always ready to lend a hand. If I have a free moment, you can find me tidying up service areas, running drinks or asking other servers if they need assistance. I get great scores on all of my food and beverage tests. I don’t look at my phone during service and I’m always at attention. Our members love me. I am personable, always smiling and I remember their names and drink orders.
Getting to this past Friday night. I was sectioned in a particularly large lounge without a dedicated busser. (Every other section has a server and their own busser) It was slow back there until close to 830/9 when the whole club and restaurant were full. I got 6 tables at one time and it was a bit of a scramble to get to everyone but I was trying my hardest to make it happen. A party of 2 gentlemen ordered food immediately upon sitting down, before I was able to get their drinks. I took the order quickly and Gentleman 1 asked me if what he had ordered (Minestrone soup/ Wagyu steak) was gluten free. I was moving too fast and made a mistake in telling him yes. (I didn’t think about the macaroni in the soup.) This is admittedly my error. However, he did not in fact, mention an allergy. I had many tables all at once and I had no support. The rest of the club was grooving and they couldn’t lend a hand. So im attempting to get waters, drink orders and setups for all these tables on my own. Multi-tasking as best as I could manage alone.
Gentleman 1 received the minestrone and took a bite before realizing there was pasta. He told me then, that gluten would make him sick the next day. I acknowledged my mistake and profusely apologized. I bussed the still-full soup back to dish and went straight to the manager, and told her what happened. She advised me to apologize, split the soup off of the check and send a complimentary appetizer. So that is exactly what I did.
I’m also a decent human being and felt really bad about the mistake I had made. I apologized again and spent time at the table, talking to the 2 Gentlemen. He still didn’t mention anything about an allergy, he had taken a bite and then he mentioned it might “upset his stomach.” But he was laughing and making jokes about it with me, it seemed we had good rapport and he enjoyed the rest of his meal. He stayed late, until closing at the bar with his friends.
The following day, Saturday 4/1. They allowed me to pick up a shift from another server. They allowed me work the entire shift until after 12am before sitting me down and firing me on site. The manager never gave me a chance to tell my side of what happened. I never got a word in. The GM talked over me the whole time and said it was an immediate termination. Even though I have a squeaky clean record with the company. I fully expected to be written up for my mistake. The manager who had told me to send the app was written up for the same incident.
( I know that the guest didn’t get sick because my managers didn’t even know who it was, they had to ask me which member it was the next day and I told them his name. If he had gotten sick and complained…they would’ve known his name.)
Herein lies the major issue of injustice. I know, for a fact, that 2 other servers have made an allergy mistake in the past. 2 male servers. Both who nearly killed someone because of a SEVERE nut allergy that they didn’t communicate to the kitchen. And those male servers? They got write ups. They didn’t get fired. The troll of a woman who is the Director of Operations has even joked about it at a pre-shift meeting before. Making fun of the server who “nearly killed someone” and using him as an example in the meeting. One of them actually still works for there and he is one of the Captains. A few of the other captains, all male of course, get drunk every shift. And I mean every shift. They ring in extra cocktails and they “bus” them to dish to chug. I also know there’s a couple snorting coke during their shifts. I’ve witnessed that in the locker room. It’s messy.
The boys get a pass because they’re indoctrinated with the Troll from SoHo house. She brought them all with her to open this place a couple years ago. She has her boy’s club and she lets them do whatever they want. They make more money than the rest of us and they’re supposed to be “leaders” among the servers. But they don’t pull their weight. The double standard is wildly obvious and gross.
I don’t want my job back. The culture behind the scenes here is incredibly toxic, so I’m all set. It’s a blessing in disguise for me. Truly happy to be done with the torture and anxiety of working there. I just wanted to shed a little light on how even some of the “BEST” places actually being run.
I know that the Troll has texted with another server and is spreading a false narrative that I suggested that soup to Gentleman 1. This could not be further from the truth and is extremely unprofessional to be texting about with a tipped employee. (She doesn’t think we talk?)
As I explained, I was juggling about 3 orders, 4 setups and 2 people flagging me down.. and I sure as heck didn’t have time to suggest things from the menu at that time. I could hardly get all 30 of my guests water in a timely fashion. I was not given support on the floor & was set up for failure. So to be spreading lies that I recommended that dish, really doesn’t sit well with me. It is not what happened.
The thing that really makes that membership club excellent, is the staff. The Troll is a bully and she’s going to run any good people out of there eventually, employees are looking for other opportunities, because the money we make isn’t nearly enough to make up for the way they are treated and talked down to.
Did I get to see and talk to celebrities all the time? Yes.
Did it make up for having to take our breaks in a dirty back stairwell because there’s no employee bathroom or break room? No.
Update: I’m getting my state insurance license and getting tf out of this hellish industry. Yeehaw.
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2023.06.06 15:15 hellaquin Arcana Wildcraft Night-Tripping Fairies are Back! (With a few reformulations and new scents)

Per Julia’s email:
“Welcome faefolk!
You have asked for this magical collection to come back so patiently, so many times, and it finally has. Many ingredients for the old NTF collection were no longer available, so I made new blends, which turned out to be enormously fun. I hope you enjoy them.
It's beautiful but a little complicated, so please read carefully.
  1. Night-Tripping Fairies are on sale for 15% off now through Monday, June 12 at 11:59 PM Pacific. No code is needed, discounts are already on the site.
  2. With any THREE 5 mls, get your choice of Four Days or Four Nights FREE. How it works: Place any three Wildcraft 5 mls in your cart (any 5 mls, they don't have to be fairies) and then add Four Days or Four Nights to your cart. No code is needed. Limit to 2 free bottles per order. Ends Monday, June 12 at 11:59 PM Pacific.
Cobweb: (Returning) Pistachio gelato and vanilla ice cream over soft forest mosses and wild-harvested fir tips. A sweet, atmospheric, coniferous gourmand.
Perfumer's Note: This is the original Cobweb and shares our delectably nutty pistachio note with Pistachio Gelato by Arcana Craves.
Four Days: (NEW) Sun warmed mango and fuzzy peach are whipped into coconut milk, Oaxacan vanilla bean, cardamom crème, sweet Tonka, sheer voile, and the softest musk. A rich and fruity gourmand.
Four Nights: (NEW) Opening with petrichor and sleepy French lavender, then drying down to the softest woolen blankets piled on a cool forest floor at midnight. A non-sweet, cashmere-laced atmospheric with earth notes.
Perfumer's Notes: With Four Nights, I became fascinated with exploring the alluring, animalic olfactory space where the wooly, fuzzy, lightly goaty scent of Cashmeran intersects--and even overlaps with--the fragrant elements of soft, damp earth.
Moth: (Returning) Lilac-infused champagne, wild-harvested juniper berries and boughs, white iris, dry vanilla bean soda, silken wings, and cool water. An effervescent, fresh, floral cocktail.
Mustardseed: (NEW) Dried rose petals and inky black leather with Clearwood, Moroccan rose, plenty of aged patchouli, cold rain, and Cetalox. A leathery, earthy florchouli.
Oberon: (NEW) Incense swirls through a wild forest of Noble fir and black spruce, old growth cedar trees, jasmine grandiflorum, heady ylang ylang, bundles of damp kindling, and sultry brown musk. A coniferous floral with woodiness and incense.
Peaseblossom: (NEW) Tart, sweet raspberry resin is drizzled over the warm scent of fuzziness: melting amber, creamy musk, yellow silk, silver iris, and a bit of sheer tree bark. A fuzzy "your skin but better" scent sparked with raspberry.
Puck: (NEW) A rich amber accord (labdanum, benzoin, and sweet Tahitian vanilla) is warmed with velvety plum, ripe fig, layers of incense, cedar resin, incantations on old parchment, and soft woods. A resinous amber with plum nuances and a long vanillic drydown.
Perfumer's Notes: If you tried Nott from our Hel's Belles collection, this uses a softer, gentler labdanum than Nott. However, Puck is the more animalic of the two scents.
Quick Bright Things: (Returning) Sweet lavender absolute, French vanilla, wild orange, ruby grapefruit, sandalwood, amber resin, a dash of cognac, and a hint of green violet leaf absolute. A citrusy aromatic with gourmand touches.
Perfumer's Notes: Originally QBT came out in 2016. This is the second iteration from 2019, but it is probably the only one which most people have smelled. Also, please keep in mind that violet leaf absolute doesn't smell at all like violet flowers, but is a leafy green scent.
Titania V.1: (Returning) Freshly baked vanilla cakes, sweet honeysuckle blossoms, and a soft, warm bed of summer grass. An atmospheric gourmand with floral & green touches.
Perfumer's Notes: This is the original Titania. You can tell them apart because V.1 has the alchemical symbol for air on the back of the label instead of the date. You can tell the samples apart because V.1 has a black label.
Titania V.2: (NEW) Summer storms and cotton candy with a mischievous, feminine array of heart notes: spruce tips, pink pepper, forest mosses, Tahitian vanilla, and morning dew. A sweet gourmand with salty Ambroxan and pink pepper nuances.
Perfumer's Notes: This is the new Titania. You can tell them apart because V.2 has the date (2023) on the back of the label. You can tell the samples apart because V.2 has a green label. Also, while this is in no way intended to be a dupe for Baccarat Rouge 540, it plays around with some of the same ideas. If you like BR, you may enjoy this.
What is left of the Valentine's Collection comes down June 20. What is left from Hel's Belles comes down June 30. (I know we were thinking about keeping Hel's Belles long term, but it's just stagnating on the site so it's time to go!)
As you may know, we purchased Sugar Spider Scrubs from my brilliant pal Brooke Perry (AKA Brooke Stant of Villainess Soaps) and we've been mixing scrubs left and right, so please check us out.”
Will you be picking up anything? I personally like the look of Four Days and Puck!
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2023.06.06 15:13 Ferocious_Kittyrose I can’t stand how willfully ignorant transphobes are. They fight facts like a cat fights water.

I’m not trans, but I am a supporter who’s done her best to educate herself. AND ITS REALLY EASY TO DO!!!
But these people don’t want to be educated. They just spew all these lies and harmful misinformation and when you try and correct them it goes in one ear and out the other.
It’s like, it doesn’t matter how clear you make your point, or how many sources you site, they just put their fingers in their ears and sing, “LA LA LA LA LA!!!”
I know there’s no point arguing with these people, because they’ll never change their minds, but these transphobic posts/comments get hundreds of likes and I don’t want some trans kid to see that and see no one trying to defend them.
If you are trans, please know that you are awesome and that there are people who have your back. You deserve respect and happiness. ❤️🏳️‍⚧️
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2023.06.06 15:11 anon_2185 Feel like I am doing it alone, but I’m not

I don’t know what the point of this post is but I just need to vent/rant.
My husband was so excited about our baby at the beginning and now I feel like he doesn’t care. He was so excited we were having a girl, he picked the name, always wanted to feel her kick and in the last 2-3 weeks I feel like he is ignoring the fact that I’m pregnant.
I am 30, almost 31 weeks and I feel like it just became real to him and he internally freaking out. He refuses to start anything in the nursery saying we have tons of time. I asked him to ask his dad if we could borrow his truck to pick up the big furniture, he doesn’t want to bother him. Our furniture has been sitting in the warehouse for 3 weeks waiting to be picked up. I am the one that changed our bedroom curtains and living room curtains to sun blocking curtains to cool off our house because it can get really hot in the summer and he didn’t even offer to help.
I know he is stressed because his work recently switched him to part time and I will be on maternity leave soon, we are dealing with a sick dog but I need things to get done. I am tired of boxes everywhere and it will get worse after my baby shower.
I am so mentally drained trying to get everything ready and read the books and watch the prenatal videos my midwife recommended but I feel like I am doing it alone and I really want my partner back.
If anyone has advice as to how to bring this up to him, I would be grateful.
I have my maternity photos this weekend and I am really trying to relax and feel good until then so my stress doesn’t come across in my pictures.
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2023.06.06 15:10 hey-mr-curiosity 所有精神病和情緒慾望的問題本質都是從「潛意識」對「顯意識」的「依附」開始 The root cause of all mental illness and emotional desires lies in the attachment of the subconscious to the conscious mind.

所有精神病和情緒慾望的問題本質都是從「潛意識」對「顯意識」的「依附」開始 The root cause of all mental illness and emotional desires lies in the attachment of the subconscious to the conscious mind.

所有精神病和情緒慾望的問題本質都是從「潛意識」對「顯意識」的「依附」開始 The root cause of all mental illness and emotional desires lies in the attachment of the subconscious to the conscious mind.

佛教有所謂「十二因緣(或稱十二緣起)」,意思是由「無明」所引起基於人心意識屬性所產生的各種情緒慾望和意識問題。十二緣起當中所有「緣起」 都是人心內升起的主觀感受。所謂「緣」, 其實是「潛意識對顯意識的依附」的意思。「無明」是所有人心問題的起點,意思為「顯意識被潛意識依附所引起的愚昧」。在原始佛教觀點裡,我們的顯意識很容易被自己的潛意識依附,如果我們曾經細心觀察過自己思維和情緒起伏,會發現我們常常被「另一個自己(潛意識)」影響。這種「潛意識」從我們孩提時期開始就不斷自動吸收各種各樣的資訊而不被自己所意識,由過去開始累積到現在的潛意識會形成某些性格特質從而影響我們人生所有的選擇。當在未來某刻接收到某種外在訊息後,會刺激到你的潛意識依附於你的顯意識,從而產生情緒感覺、慾望甚至幻象,令你的顯意識信以為真,而被潛意識所控制。
In Buddhism, there is a concept called “The Twelve Nidanas” (also known as “The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination”), which refers to the various emotional desires and consciousness issues arising from the inherent nature of the human mind and consciousness, triggered by “ignorance.” Among the twelve links, all “dependent originations” are subjective feelings arising within the human mind. The so-called “Nidana” actually means “the attachment of the subconscious to the conscious mind.” “Ignorance” is the starting point of all human mind problems, meaning “the foolishness caused by the conscious mind being attached to the subconscious mind.” From the perspective of original Buddhism, our conscious mind can easily be influenced by our subconscious mind; if we have ever carefully observed our own thoughts and emotional fluctuations, we would find that we are often affected by “another self (the subconscious mind).” This “subconscious mind” has been automatically absorbing various kinds of information since our childhood without our awareness. The subconscious mind, accumulated from the past to the present, forms certain personality traits, which in turn affect all the choices in our lives. When receiving some external information at a certain point in the future, it will stimulate your subconscious mind to attach to your conscious mind, resulting in emotional feelings, desires, and even illusions, causing your conscious mind to believe them to be true and to be controlled by the subconscious mind.

顯意識和潛意識的特性以及潛意識對顯意識的依附The characteristics of the conscious and subconscious mind and the attachment of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind:

顯意識的特質是 The characteristics of the conscious mind are:
  1. 理性 Rationality
  2. 沒有任何情緒與慾望的特質 Absence of emotional and desire traits
  3. 當下的覺知 Present moment awareness
  4. 可以作出一種旁觀視角、意識抽離和第三身的角度觀察 The ability to adopt an observer’s viewpoint, detached consciousness, and a third-person perspective
  5. 決定一個人可以多大程度控制自己的身體(包括大腦) Determining the extent to which a person can control their own body (including the brain)
潛意識的特質是: The characteristics of the subconscious mind are:
  1. 過去既生活經驗以及生物本能等等訊息組成 Composed of past life experiences and biological instincts, etc.
  2. 情緒、慾望和「念頭」的「工廠」 A “factory” for emotions, desires, and “thoughts”
  3. 一個人基於過去不自覺所接受的各種「垃圾」訊息 A collection of various “garbage” messages that a person has unconsciously accepted in the past
  4. 會因為被動物感官從外界接收訊息而受到刺激,甚至失控 Can be stimulated and even lose control due to passively receiving external information through sensory perception
  5. 腦內的另一把「聲音」 The “other voice” inside the brain
For example, when you’re running, you’re aware and conscious of which foot you’re stepping with, left or right. You’re aware of the temperature around you and your own breathing. You have an observer’s perspective of everything happening in the present moment, representing your conscious having full control.
But then a thought pops into your head about work this morning or something else unrelated to the present moment, and it might even trigger an emotional desire. If your conscious mind actively engages with these thoughts, it’s being attached and controlled by the subconscious, losing awareness of the present moment, and your thinking is no longer under your control or from an observer’s perspective.
When certain thoughts from the subconscious suddenly emerge and are “believed” on a conscious level or actively engaged with due to attachment, it can trigger emotional reactions. Of course, if you lack sufficient awareness of your own consciousness, you may not know why you’re feeling a certain emotion and may just think that it arises out of nowhere. But this emotion must have been generated by a specific thought triggered by some external or internal stimuli. (Emotions can be seen as the excretion of certain specific thoughts in the mind.)
This issue also affects the connections between your past and present, and the strength of these connections can vary. For example, if you had a childhood fear of insects for some reason, the connections between your past and present might cause you to faint at the sight of insects or just have a mild startle reaction.

其他例子一:對動物的恐懼 Example 1: Fear of Animals

Many fears of cats, dogs, or other insects are established in childhood. After being hurt by a certain animal, one can still feel anxious, fearful, angry, and other emotions towards that animal in adulthood. When receiving information about that animal at a certain moment in adulthood, the subconscious will try to attach to the conscious mind, causing the person to believe that the animal will immediately attack and flee the scene. Some people can even feel the “pain” of the injured area from years ago. This is the “feeling” of a certain animal lingering in the subconscious and continuously affecting our lives in the future.

其他例子二:人際關係間的影響 Example 2: Effects on Interpersonal Relationships

Our social relationships with parents, romantic partners, friends, etc. can all create many feelings that accumulate in the subconscious. For example, if one loses their father at a young age, they may be more likely to seek an older partner in adulthood. If one relies on their mother since childhood, they may be more likely to seek a partner with similar external characteristics to their mother in adulthood. Especially for people with strong sensitivity, if they experience some serious emotional shocks in their romantic relationships, such as discovering betrayal in a romantic relationship, it may cause them to have a lot of suspicion towards their partner in the future, feel particularly insecure, and even constantly imagine their partner cheating. The subconscious will be continuously stimulated by information and attached to the conscious mind until the conscious mind believes that the partner is unfaithful and this “fact” will continuously affect the person’s future romantic relationships.
The above two examples illustrate how a past “cause” can affect present or future “effects,” which is the correct understanding of “cause and effect.” The connection between “cause” and “effect” is “karma,” and “ignorance” is the “attachment behavior” of the subconscious to the conscious mind caused by “karmic force” after being stimulated by certain information. The strength of the “karmic force” represents the strength of the connection between the past and the present, which is the “attachment strength” of the subconscious to the conscious mind. The strength of “karmic force” mainly depends on the person’s value judgment of the harm or sensitivity to the harm. For example, in conservative countries, women who are sexually assaulted have a high risk of suicide, or they may go into shock at the sight of a certain animal, resulting in serious situations.

每個人的情緒和念頭產生的量和質都不同,這取決於你的意識層面的控制權有多大,以及潛意識有多強大的影響力 Each person’s quantity and quality of emotions and thoughts are different, depending on how much control their conscious mind has and how strong the influence of their subconscious is.

Populations with particularly strong sensory capabilities, such as children, women, or highly sensitive individuals, maybe more easily influenced by their subconscious. This may be because their rational guarding ability is weaker, making them more likely to be dominated by emotions, or they have suffered significant blows and oppression before their rational guarding ability has developed.
The reason why women and teenagers are prone to emotional disorders is also due to this. Due to the physiological and endocrine effects, their sensitivity and emotional intensity are too strong, and their rational guarding ability is challenged to a greater extent. Therefore, the emotions generated by their thoughts will be more intense. It’s easy to forcibly impose subconscious acceptance based on external values, causing the subconscious to eventually rebel, and the conscious mind to lose partial or complete control. This constant emotional impact of thoughts can ultimately lead to the occurrence of emotional disorders.
Many people also lack the ability to think about the essence of things. Their self-values are mostly or even completely established not by themselves, but by external social value standards that they excessively pursue. This can easily lead to the occurrence of emotional disorders. If you impose some secular values or ideologies (such as “studying is important,” “getting high grades is necessary,” “without studying, there is no future,” etc.) on your subconscious to bear, the subconscious is like a weak baby, and your oppression will cause it to rebel even more. Many emotionally disturbed patients have not established correct self-values. They rely on external value standards to locate their lives, but they do not realize that human capabilities are very limited, and they cannot even control their own bodies. Life, death, and disease are unpredictable, let alone other things. Therefore, it is essential to clear out a large number of unnecessary ideologies from your mind, examine the definitions behind these ideologies, and treat useless ideologies as garbage to be discarded.
The quantity and quality of thoughts and emotions produced by each person are different, depending on how much control their conscious has and how strong the influence of their subconscious is.

主要的解決方案 Solutions

意識控制練習,讓顯意識與潛意識的連結分離Consciousness control practice separates the connection between the conscious mind and subconscious

Consciousness practice is a training method that helps the conscious gradually separate from the subconscious and gain more control. There are two main types of consciousness control practice – “Cessation” and “Observation”.

The human brain produces approximately 15,000 to 30,000 thoughts per day, many of which are of no value and instead consume the brain’s resources. Emotions are the excretion of these thoughts, which intensify and further consume the brain. We need to let these thoughts “pass through” us and let them flow away naturally. Don’t get caught up in these thoughts and emotions, which can cause excessive brain consumption
「止」的使用方法 How to use “Cessation”?
First, observe your own consciousness state from a third-person perspective, as if you have an inner eye that constantly monitors your emotions. When you perceive thoughts, emotions, and desires, or find yourself being affected by them, immediately escape their influence and slowly return to what you are doing. For example, if you are listening to a YouTube talk show, but your attention is not focused on the show, try to focus on what you are doing, such as your breath. When you find yourself being attracted by the content of the show, slowly return to focusing on your breath. Usually, you will only know that someone is talking continuously, but it won’t affect you.
Another example is when running, you can focus on the feeling of each step, even silently saying “left foot”, or “right foot” in your mind. When any thoughts or emotions arise, you can slowly return to focusing on the feeling of your footsteps. Focusing on rhythmic exercises (such as breathing, running, etc.) usually requires you to be present and focused, replacing multiple thoughts with one thought, so that you don’t generate too many thoughts. This is also the meaning of ‘cessation’. Simply increasing serotonin levels is not enough, you need to let the conscious mind work together with serotonin (for example, by eating foods that are rich in tryptophan, then finding ways to reduce excessive thoughts). Another method is breathing meditation, focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of each breath. When you perceive any thoughts or emotions or find yourself being caught up in them, you can return to focusing on your breath.
「觀」的使用方法 How to use “Observation”?
例子一:觀察自己打噴嚏前的意識訊號 Example 1: Observing one’s own consciousness signals before sneezing
  1. 在感到自己將要打噴嚏前立即轉換第三身視角觀察自己。 Immediately switch to a third-person perspective to observe oneself when feeling the urge to sneeze.
  2. 放鬆自己的身體 Relax the body.
  3. 抽離地觀察在鼻附近的意識訊號。 Observe the consciousness signals near the nose from a detached perspective.
  4. 認知到這些訊號是身體的雜訊干擾,並不是身體運作的一部份。 Recognize that these signals are just noise interference from the body and not a part of how the body operates.
  5. 最後並不是把噴嚏「忍下來」,而是它會漸漸消失與流逝。 Finally, instead of “holding in” the sneeze, it will gradually dissipate and pass away.
例子二:觀察自己的生理排洩感 Example 2: Observing one’s own physiological elimination sensations
  1. 在感到自己有便意時立即轉換第三身視角觀察自己。 Immediately switch to a third-person perspective to observe oneself when feeling the urge to eliminate.
  2. 放鬆自己的身體 Relax the body.
  3. 抽離地觀察在大腸或膀胱附近的意識訊號。 Observe the consciousness signals near the colon or bladder from a detached perspective.
  4. 認知到這些訊號是身體的雜訊干擾,並不是身體運作的一部份。 Recognize that these signals are just noise interference from the body and not a part of how the body operates.
  5. 最後並不是把便意「忍下來」,而是它會漸漸消失與流逝。 Finally, instead of “holding in” the urge, it will gradually dissipate and pass away.
例子三:觀察自己在噪音環境的情緒 Example 3: Observing one’s own emotions in a noisy environment
  1. 在感到自己因為噪音而開始覺得憤怒時立即轉換第三身視角觀察自己。 Immediately switch to a third-person perspective to observe oneself when feeling angry due to noise.
  2. 放鬆自己的身體 Relax the body.
  3. 抽離地觀察在大腦潛意識的意識訊號。 Observe the consciousness signals in the subconscious of the brain from a detached perspective.
  4. 認知到這些訊號是身體的雜訊干擾,並不是身體運作的一部份。 Recognize that these signals are just noise interference from the body and not a part of how the body operates.
  5. 最後並不是把怒意「忍下來」,而是它會漸漸消失與流逝。 Finally, instead of “holding in” the anger, it will gradually dissipate and pass away.
以上三個例子的核心意識行為都是 The core conscious behavior of the three examples above is:
  1. 感知自己的情緒慾望和意識訊號,並立即轉換第三身視角觀察自己。 Perceive one’s own emotions, desires, and consciousness signals and immediately switch to a third-person perspective to observe oneself.
  2. 放鬆自己的身體 Relax the body.
  3. 抽離地觀察在大腦的意識訊號。 Observe the consciousness signals in the brain from a detached perspective.
  4. 認知到這些訊號是身體的雜訊干擾,並不是身體運作的一部份。 Recognize that these signals are just noise interference from the body and not a part of how the body operates.
  5. 最後並不是把這些情緒慾望和意識訊號「忍下來」,而是它會漸漸消失與流逝。 Finally, instead of “holding in” these emotions, desires, and consciousness signals, they will gradually dissipate and pass away.
Frequently, by relaxing and maintaining awareness and observation of one’s own consciousness in daily life, and establishing correct cognition towards consciousness (recognizing that these signals are just noise interference from the body), many times people can easily achieve emotional and desire control and greatly improve the efficiency of emotion control.

有益腦分泌的飲食和行為 Diet and behavior that benefits brain secretion

Diet and behavior that promote brain secretion play an important role in both physical and psychological health. While direct consumption of serotonin can increase serotonin levels, it also has many side effects.
以下是一些可行的方法 Here are some feasible methods:
  1. 節律性運動(如跑步、呼吸冥想和跳繩)可以促進大量血清素的分泌,進而幫助身體合成維他命B、色胺酸等重要物質。 Regular exercise (such as running, breathing meditation, and jumping rope) can promote the secretion of a large amount of serotonin, thereby helping the body synthesize important substances such as vitamin B and tryptophan.
  2. 每天定時曬太陽半小時以上,太陽光可以刺激身體分泌大量血清素。 Expose yourself to sunlight for more than half an hour every day at a fixed time, as sunlight can stimulate the body to secrete a large amount of serotonin.
  3. 食用營養補充品,例如每天攝取維他命B群、色胺酸、茶胺酸和牛磺酸等。建議早上空腹食用色胺酸(100mg)和茶胺酸(100-200mg),並在飯後食用維他命B群。不要一次攝取太多的維他命B群,每次最多攝取50mg,食用一個小時後去曬太陽。 Take nutritional supplements, such as daily intake of the vitamin B group, tryptophan, theanine, and taurine. It is recommended to take tryptophan (100mg) and theanine (100-200mg) on an empty stomach in the morning and take vitamin B group after meals. Do not take too much vitamin B group at one time, and take a maximum of 50mg each time. After eating, go out and expose yourself to sunlight for an hour.
  4. 多攝取富含色胺酸的食物,例如牛奶、芝士、納豆、豆漿、堅果、雞肉、雞蛋、鮭魚、鮪魚、瘦肉、牛肉和乳酪等。 Eat more foods rich in tryptophan, such as milk, cheese, natto, soy milk, nuts, chicken, eggs, salmon, tuna, lean meat, beef, and cheese.
  5. 攝取維生素B6可以幫助色胺酸更有效地合成血清素,例如香蕉、全麥麵包、菠菜、深綠色蔬菜、南瓜、燕麥、奇異果、蒜頭、堅果、豆類、乳製品和魚類等食物。 Taking vitamin B6 can help tryptophan synthesize serotonin more effectively, such as in bananas, whole wheat bread, spinach, dark green vegetables, pumpkin, oats, kiwi, garlic, nuts, beans, dairy products, and fish.
以上方法可以幫助你提高血清素水平,進而促進身體和心理的健康。但是,每個人的身體情況不同,建議在咨詢專業人士的建議後再進行相應的行為和飲食調整。 The above methods can help increase serotonin levels, thereby promoting physical and psychological health. However, everyone’s physical condition is different, and it is recommended to consult a professional before making corresponding behavioral and dietary adjustments.

對潛意識內的各種「意識垃圾」反思來建立對事物本質的認知,清除一些不必要的意識形態 Reflecting on various “mental garbage” in the subconscious mind to establish a recognition of the essence of things and eliminate unnecessary ideologies.

It is important to read and think more often, cultivate a thinking consciousness, and explore the essence behind intangible things (concepts). Extract the ideologies in the mind and examine them. For example, why should people be filial? Why should people pursue success? What is the definition of success? Explore the definitions behind ideologies. Be brave in thinking and do not let these ideologies bind your life.
Through reading and thinking, we can broaden our thinking and better understand and interpret the world around us. In this process, we can better understand ourselves, understand our position and role in the world, and promote personal growth and development. This helps us to break free from the constraints and limitations of ideologies.
Therefore, it is important to read and think more, explore the essence behind things, constantly expand our thinking, and better adapt to this complex and ever-changing world.
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2023.06.06 15:10 ragelark Debate topic - Which is better cardio: Basketball or Soccer?

I know you basement dwelling schizo's idea of cardio is fingering a keyboard while playing League but I've been involved this debate topic as someone that has played both sports.
Cardio is in short, anything that raises your heart and breathing rates and challenge your cardiovascular system.
So which is better cardio? Let me propose two scenarios.
Sprinting in intervals vs Jogging. Specifically sprinting in 30 second intervals for 3 minutes and jogging for 10 minutes nonstop. Sprinting in intervals with limited breaks is better cardio than jogging for 10 minutes nonstop because cardio is about how much overall strain you are putting on your cardiovascular system. When you are sprinting, you are exerting maximum effort, your breaths are going to be the most shallow and you are putting maximum strain on your body. If you are sprinting for longer durations with limited breaks, you are putting the most strain on your cardiovascular system and getting the best cardio.
Duration of cardio does not mean better cardio. Length of cardio does not mean better cardio. Walking 10 miles is not automatically better cardio than jogging 3 miles. Walking for 10 minutes is not better cardio than sprinting for 30 seconds.
Basketball two sports with different intensities and run distances. A soccer player on average runs about 7 miles. A Basketball player on average runs about 2.55 miles. These are heavy assumptions since there is no data but the assumption is on average a soccer player plays about 75 minutes to a basketball players 25 minutes so we can say relatively basketball players and soccer players run the same distance in an equalized setting.
Which brings us to our conclusion.
Basketball players sprint more, get less breaks, and activate more muscles in their workout since they have to jump more when playing and use their arms. The only thing soccer has on basketball is more distance and that's only because the games last longer.
The sport which requires more CARDIO(increased breath rate, heart rate, and strain on cardio system) is basketball.
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2023.06.06 15:09 SillySw4n The new morning girl is pissing me off.

So I am the night audit for a hotel. We recently got a new girl, she has been here for maybe a month or two and she’s acting like she’s my boss. It does not matter to me AT ALL what you did in the past, how many leadership roles you’ve done, you are NOT my manager, therefore you have NO reason to tell me what to do. Also, say what you want to say to my face.
She now wants to talk with management there and I’m like no bitch, this can be solved between us. This is such a simple fix yet she wants to pull fucking management into this.
She also eats breakfast when no one else is allowed to. She piles her fucking plate and makes excuses about it.
I am NOT about to let this all slide. This isn’t fair at fucking all.
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2023.06.06 15:09 bbeckyl Lenor bottles and other contains - just how necessary? 🤔

Sooooo many people seem to recommend taking a lenor bottle or something similar for tent-based wees. How far can the toilets really be?! I’m a Glasto newbie but have never had a problem at other festivals…
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2023.06.06 15:08 hyrrjinhgrrfhjj 38M with disposable income, pay down mortgage or invest?

Over the last few years thanks to covid of all things my financial situation has improved. Due to being stuck inside and not paying to commute I was able to save a deposit to buy my first property. This is on a 25 year mortgage with 3.5 years left on a fixed rate around 2% and is £400 a month
Now with WFH and wage increases I’m left with around 1k spare every month. Most of this has been going into the property so far.
I’m wondering what would be the best way to invest this or am I better off overpaying the mortgage which I can do 10% per year.
I also have many different pensions knocking about from changing jobs every 2-4 years which I have no idea about. I know things have been centralised now how do I go about tracking down old pensions?
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.06 15:07 Sm0lBean000 It’s my birthday and I’m crying

This is so stupid, but I don’t really have anyone to vent to. I was born and raised in California, but I’m moving to New Jersey to be with my fiancé. It’s a huge move and it has come with a lot of emotions and stress.
I dropped my fiancé off at work. It’s my 24th birthday and I decided to be adventurous. They have Dunkin’ Donuts close to my fiancé’s workplace, and we don’t have many of those in my area of California. I have social anxiety, and also driving anxiety because people in NJ drive very differently than people in CA. But I really wanted something sweet and treat myself on my birthday after a long day.
I got to Dunkin’ and ordered a breakfast bagel sandwich, a donut, and a coffee. When the guy handed me my bag, I noticed that it felt really light, like there weren’t enough items in it, but I was super anxious and just wanted to get out of everyone’s way, so I didn’t check the bag.
We’re staying with my fiancé’s parents until our apartment stuff is finalized. His folks live 20 minutes away from this Dunkin’. I dealt with anxiety during the drive from people basically driving like maniacs (no one here is patient) and Siri rerouted my route home because there was an accident on the main road (which occurred after I dropped my fiancé off). I drove all the way home, thinking about how this morning was a little scary, but at least I’d be nibbling some nice breakfast and enjoying my birthday quietly.
I got home and looked in the bag… the sandwich just isn’t there and the donut is completely wrong. I didn’t even get a receipt. I know this is stupid, but I started crying. I miss my mom. I miss Dutch Bros. I’m so happy to be here with my fiancé, but things here are so different it’s my first time being away from home on my birthday.
Anyway, this was stupid. Thank you for reading this.
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2023.06.06 15:07 nkonrad WhoWouldWin will be shutting down for 48 hours, starting June 12, 2023

Hi /WhoWouldWin,
Many of you are probably aware that Reddit has a new policy in place that will result in most third-party Reddit apps shutting down. This will make it more difficult for us to mod, but more importantly will mean that many reddit users will lose access to the apps they use to browse our subreddit and the site as a whole. It will also have a huge accessibility impact, as Reddit’s first-party mobile app doesn’t have the same features to support visually impaired users as many third-party apps.
You may also be aware that many subreddits will be temporarily closing down as a protest. WhoWouldWin intends to join them.
Beginning on June 12th, we will be closing the subreddit for 48 hours. I can’t give an exact time but it will likely begin around 9 a.m. EST. Some subreddits are going to close indefinitely, or close again at a later date if Reddit doesn’t walk back their policy. Currently there aren’t any plans to shut down longer than two days, or to shut down again in the future, but be aware that it is a possibility.
During the shutdown, consider checking out other online vs debate sites like the ComicVine forums, VsBattlesWiki forums, or SpaceBattles, who will not be affected by the shutdown.
With that said:
If you decide to use this as an opportunity to look into a different battleboarding community or vs battles group, I want to personally ask that you please take the time to familiarize yourself with their rules and community practices. WhoWouldWin is a very casual, laissez-faire battleboarding group, and as a result our discussions are often more of a casual conversation than a debate with established rules.
In addition, many established standards on other battleboards are not universal across all battleboards, and if you decide to use several at once, you may find that the same characters or fictional settings are viewed very differently depending on where you go. This applies to WhoWouldWin just as much as it does to other battleboards, so please be respectful of people who have different interpretations or opinions than you do - remember, this is just a fun hobby, and it’s not a matter of life and death.
As an example of what you might see on other sites, VsBattles Wiki focuses on strict character hierarchies and “fancalc” math to establish how powerful characters are. They highly value seniority and experience on their forum, and high effort contributions that usually rely on some level of math and physics knowledge. That’s extremely different to how we do things here but very important to consider if you choose to check out the site. You may end up loving or hating how they do things if you check it out, but I think it’s worth being open minded and trying something new.
I’m aware that this will be a controversial decision so I want the community to use this thread as an opportunity to voice any support or concerns, whether that’s disagreeing with this protest entirely or disagreeing with the way it’s being carried out. I can’t promise that we’ll act on every bit of feedback or that I’ll reply to every comment, but I do promise that I’ll read everything you say in this thread and keep aware of the general trend of opinions here.
Any decision to join or avoid future shutdowns related to the recent Reddit API change will be made based on your feedback.
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2023.06.06 15:07 humanarystew83 Cloud City Realistic RP QBCore Davidscloud RolePlay Non-Whitelisted Active Staff FREQUENT UPDATES

About Davidscloud: Davidscloud is a long-standing gaming community that believes in creating a place for all gamers to get together and enjoy playing various games together without worry of pay-to-win spoiling the enjoyment. Our community is friendly and works together to achieve a place everyone can find something to enjoy. Cloud City is a community of mature roleplayers who are looking to recruit other like-minded adults for some drama-free, action/comedy-rich roleplay. We have a special place in our hearts for people that are brand new to GTA RP. We’ve all been there ourselves, and know it can be hard to take that leap. We could be your first home, or your new one! Here, you’ll find a fully developed city with all the bells and whistles, with more on the way. Come join us, and see what all the fun is about!
Features: Something for everyone! -Fleshed out discord for members to hang out and communicate outside of roleplay. -QBCore framework -Actual custom content/scripts (written and actively worked on by our team). -Active Development with daily updates and planned DLCs -18+ populated city with men and women, at all hours of the day and night. Members from multiple continents. Drama and Greifer free, no shit lording tolerated. -200+ Imported Cars, 1500+ imported clothing items (Non-Esl) -Buy and customize your own house -Own/Stock/Price items at your own store -Available activities include restaurants, paintball, hunting, gambling, fishing, trucking, and more for civilian RP. Many more activities are coming in planned DLC's! -Hiring citizens for Local PD, State PD, Judges, Lawyers, Car Dealer, the highest paying jobs in the city -Unlimited business potentials! -Criminals can rob convenience stores, NPC's, Jewelry Stores and Banks. They can also start their own Gangs/Criminal Organizations -You can find and craft items and weapons at locations all across the State -You can find, cultivate, process and sell Weed, Coke, Meth, Heroin, Vicodin, LSD! -You can chop cars for useful and valuable parts! -A 30-day daily rewards system that rewards money, weapons, and vehicles -Free Casino spins every 24 hours for a chance to win casino chips, money, and vehicles, if you're lucky
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2023.06.06 15:07 humanarystew83 Cloud City Realistic RP QBCore Davidscloud RolePlay Non-Whitelisted Active Staff FREQUENT UPDATES

About Davidscloud: Davidscloud is a long-standing gaming community that believes in creating a place for all gamers to get together and enjoy playing various games together without worry of pay-to-win spoiling the enjoyment. Our community is friendly and works together to achieve a place everyone can find something to enjoy. Cloud City is a community of mature roleplayers who are looking to recruit other like-minded adults for some drama-free, action/comedy-rich roleplay. We have a special place in our hearts for people that are brand new to GTA RP. We’ve all been there ourselves, and know it can be hard to take that leap. We could be your first home, or your new one! Here, you’ll find a fully developed city with all the bells and whistles, with more on the way. Come join us, and see what all the fun is about!
Features: Something for everyone! -Fleshed out discord for members to hang out and communicate outside of roleplay. -QBCore framework -Actual custom content/scripts (written and actively worked on by our team). -Active Development with daily updates and planned DLCs -18+ populated city with men and women, at all hours of the day and night. Members from multiple continents. Drama and Greifer free, no shit lording tolerated. -200+ Imported Cars, 1500+ imported clothing items (Non-Esl) -Buy and customize your own house -Own/Stock/Price items at your own store -Available activities include restaurants, paintball, hunting, gambling, fishing, trucking, and more for civilian RP. Many more activities are coming in planned DLC's! -Hiring citizens for Local PD, State PD, Judges, Lawyers, Car Dealer, the highest paying jobs in the city -Unlimited business potentials! -Criminals can rob convenience stores, NPC's, Jewelry Stores and Banks. They can also start their own Gangs/Criminal Organizations -You can find and craft items and weapons at locations all across the State -You can find, cultivate, process and sell Weed, Coke, Meth, Heroin, Vicodin, LSD! -You can chop cars for useful and valuable parts! -A 30-day daily rewards system that rewards money, weapons, and vehicles -Free Casino spins every 24 hours for a chance to win casino chips, money, and vehicles, if you're lucky
How to get started: Join the fun! 1.) FiveM Server Address: Search “Cloud City RP” in FiveM and connect. No whitelist application needed. 2.) Join us on Discord at: https://discord.gg/wDPY5yr​
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