Ashley imperial wood stove

Solo Mesa / XL Stove and Similar Stove Wood Sources?

2023.06.02 09:27 dancurranjr Solo Mesa / XL Stove and Similar Stove Wood Sources?

Was talking to someone else about where I was getting small wood chunks for my Solo Mesa Xl.
I have a neighbor who works with wood and he gives scraps, otherwise this is a decent box of perfectly sized wood chunks from Amazon:
Best value I have found.
Anyone have a better solution?
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2023.06.02 09:10 -jAsas- [Store] Butterfly Tiger 0.006,M9 Doppler P2,Bayonet Marble Fade,Bayonet Doppler P2 ST,Shadow Daggers Sapphire,Survival Fade,Gloves Big Game 0.25fv,Gloves Overprint FT,Flip Doppler P1,Gloves Imperial Plaid 0,28,Skeleton Blue Steel,M4 print FTSTDesert Printstream ST 0.16fv,USP Kill Confirmed

Butterfly TT 0.006 fv - B/O:
M9 Doppler P2 0.009fv - B/o:
Bayonet Marble Fade 0.01fv 40 arcs
Bayonet Doppler P2 Sattrak B/O:40 arcs
Shadow Daggers Sapphire - B/O:30arcs
Survival Fade FULL Fade B/O:
Flip DOppler P1 0.008fv B/O:
Gloves Overprint FT 0.28fv
Gloves Imperial Plaid 0.28fv B/O:
Gloves Big Game 0.25FV - B/O:
M4 Blood tiger FT ST x4 kato14 4 arcs
Desert Printstream ST 0.16fv - B/O:6arcs
USP Kill Confirmed MW ST 0.10fv - B/O:12arcs
Ak Panthera Onca WW - B/O: 10arcs
M4 Bright Water MW with ibp, titan and coL kato14 - B/O: 8 arcs
Ak redline x4 ibp dreamhack B/O: 7 arcs
Awp redline ft col kato14 on scope - B/O: 3 arcs
Ak redline ft col kato14 on wood - B/O: 3 arcs
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2023.06.02 08:17 moneypip1 What Does Carbon Monoxide Smell Like: Understanding the Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can be lethal when inhaled in high concentrations. It is produced by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, including gas, oil, coal, and wood. Common sources of carbon monoxide in homes include gas stoves, furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces. It is essential to know what carbon monoxide smells like to detect its presence in the environment and take appropriate measures to prevent poisoning.
Unlike other gases that have a distinct odor, such as natural gas, propane, or sulfur, carbon monoxide does not have a detectable smell. It is why it is known as the "silent killer." When inhaled, carbon monoxide binds with hemoglobin in the bloodstream, reducing the amount of oxygen that can be transported to vital organs, such as the brain and heart. This can lead to severe health consequences, including headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, unconsciousness, and even death.
So, what does carbon monoxide smell like? The answer is nothing. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible, making it difficult to detect without a proper device. However, there are some signs and symptoms that you can look out for to determine whether there is carbon monoxide in the environment.
The first sign of carbon monoxide poisoning is often flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue. These symptoms can easily be mistaken for a viral illness, making carbon monoxide poisoning difficult to diagnose. If these symptoms persist and occur more frequently in a particular location, such as your home or workplace, it may be a sign of carbon monoxide exposure.
Another sign of carbon monoxide exposure is a burning or choking sensation in the throat and chest. This sensation occurs when carbon monoxide binds with hemoglobin in the bloodstream, reducing the amount of oxygen available to the body. The lack of oxygen can cause cells to suffocate, leading to the burning or choking sensation.
Carbon monoxide poisoning can also cause confusion, disorientation, and difficulty concentrating. These symptoms can be particularly dangerous while driving or operating heavy machinery. In severe cases, carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to seizures, coma, and death.
If you suspect that there is carbon monoxide in your environment, it is essential to take immediate action to protect yourself and your family. The first step is to get fresh air by opening windows and doors and leaving the affected area. If possible, turn off any appliances that may be producing carbon monoxide, such as gas stoves or furnaces.
Next, seek medical attention immediately. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause long-term damage to the body, even after exposure has stopped. A healthcare professional can assess your symptoms and provide appropriate treatment, such as oxygen therapy.
To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from occurring in the first place, it is essential to take preventive measures. Have all gas, oil, and coal-burning appliances serviced annually by a qualified technician. Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home, particularly in areas where fuel-burning appliances are present, such as the kitchen or garage. Test these detectors regularly and replace batteries as needed.
In summary, carbon monoxide is a silent killer that can be difficult to detect without a proper device. It does not have a detectable smell, making it crucial to be aware of the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you suspect that there is carbon monoxide in your environment, take immediate action to protect yourself and seek medical attention. Prevention is key to avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning, so make sure to have all fuel-burning appliances serviced annually and install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Stay safe and be aware of the risks of carbon monoxide exposure.
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2023.06.02 07:31 happy-reddit-user Forced air heating advice wanted

Forced air heating advice wanted
We're looking at getting a wood frame cabin in SW New Mexico. Not the coldest winter but it gets cold. The house has the venting and an old thermostat for forced air and is hooked up to a propane tank outside. However, we haven't noticed a furnace and the listing doesn't say there is one, just mentions the fireplace and wood stove. The house doesn't have a basement so not sure where it might be located either.
If we need to get a new forced air furnace, what would we look for and how much might it cost?
Are these fire places really enough to stay warm if it's freezing outside?
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2023.06.02 06:01 Former-Researcher101 What the property appraiser in Hernando County will do!

  1. Call a wood stove a fireplace then compare it to a 16' x 16-20' tall masonry fireplace wall.
  2. Call native pasture improved pasture until you call them out on it. (Field appraiser leaves notes now) 3.use different units of measurements to compare 2 properties. (Look for living to heated sqft)
  3. Will tax you more if you do not let them view your interior. 4.a will try to send attractive people after you so that they can see what the inside of your home looks like.
  4. May use Facebook algorithms to look into your post to see if you have extra rooms or areas to tax you on.
  5. May conspire against you using magistrates to set you up for an audit by the DOR. 6a look for easy mistakes such as missing pages of evidence, basic math errors, basic reading errors, it's a setup! 7.more to come!
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2023.06.02 04:53 Svyatopolk_I Genuinely - fuck Bannerlord's path finding and AI.

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2023.06.02 04:20 CDDaniels My great-great-grandparents' house isn't so unoccupied...

My extended family owns a big property down South. It sits in the flattest, dryest plains you could imagine, with the dullest house I've seen at the end of a drive that takes you through what looks to be untouched post-apocalypse. It's a two-story antebellum affair, built of planks that were probably painted a hundred years ago, but are now dried and grayed by the sun. Its windows are cloudy and floors creaky, but its interior has some charm, and we've refused to sell it, mostly since nobody wants to figure out who exactly it belongs to.
School will be starting up soon, so to put an end to the drowsy mid-August slump, I decided we'd go down and give the place a visit. I'm forty or so, work in an office job, with a wife and two kids. I gave my aunt a call, and made sure nobody was at the old place, then broke the news to my kids when they got home. One's seven and one's nine, both boys, and they were surprisingly excited. The last time we'd went had been boring beyond belief, thanks to the nearest town cancelling the annual fair, but they must have been too young to remember.
It wasn't an unpleasant drive. We stayed the night in a pleasant little inn in Kansas, and arrived around noon at the property. I unlocked the front door with a charmingly outdated brass key, and walked back a century in time. A thin layer of dust covered most of the living room. A fireplace sat on the left wall, and on the right a doorway led into a small kitchen. Against the back wall of the living room was a less-than-sturdy staircase, and two bedrooms sat at the rear of the first floor. I rolled my suitcase up against the wall to the kitchen, moving an intricately carved hat stand to the other side of the doorway. "Welcome in!" I announced, as the other three filtered in.
The room was dimly lit even with light streaming through the windows. Luckily the house had been "modernized", with electricity in some of the rooms. I flicked a switch, inviting the pleasant glow of an incandesent floor lamp on the other side of the room. My older son flopped down into a red velvet armchair, with gilded armrests, as if he'd been standing for hours. "You just spent three hours sitting in the car, Mikey," I reminded him, smiling.
"Gotta say, this isn't my kinda place. If I gotta share a room with Todd, I'm at least taking the nice chair."
He was right about it being the nice chair. A wooden chair sat opposite the fireplace, with a rough construction that seemed oblivious to the possibility of splinters. An equally robust bench sat between them, facing the fireplace, made of the same gray, splintered wood. My wife Liz sat down, stretching, while my youngest started exploring the house. I walked to the foot of the stairs, looking up at the second floor. I could see an attic door in the ceiling to my right, and at the top of the stairs against the wall sat a table, with a vase of cotton plants, which had dried out long ago. I walked up tentatively, checking each step to ensure it wouldn't buckle under my weight.
On my left was a short hallway, with a room on each side. On my right, an open space stood empty, with windows overlooking the dirt driveway. I tried to open up the door to one of the rooms, which I seemed to remember held cardboard boxes of old documents and trinkets, but it wouldn't budge. The other room seemed to have been a bedroom. Its only window was boarded up, and the only furniture, a bed, made of the same rough wood, sat against the far wall. There was a closet door opposite the foot of the bed, but it too was stuck. The house had surely shifted, especially given the unstable soil it rested upon.
The rest of the evening passed uneventfully. I cooked some delightfully rustic (my wife used less forgiving terms) food on the 1970s-vintage electric stove, and opened the windows to let a breeze in to combat the stifling warmth of the un-air-conditioned house. Not long after sunset, which we watched from the porch, I put my sons to bed, both in the bedroom downstairs, across from ours.
At some point in the dead of the night (I'd foregone my digital alarm clock, trusting the sun would wake us up), I felt something over my shoulder, standing beside the bed. The room, which had no windows, was pitch-black. I felt it drift away, and fell back asleep.
I awoke again, this time with light faintly streaming through the now open door. "Dad," a voice said. I could make out Todd, my younger son, standing shortly inside the doorway. "I keep waking up. I think someone is coming in our room."
I quietly crawled out of bed, trying not to wake Liz. "It's probably just the house settling and making creaking noises," I whispered. "Or maybe Mikey couldn't sleep."
Todd and Mikey's room, which had two windows, was slightly lighter, and I could see the beds. I helped Todd back into his, assuring him that everything was alright. I turned to Mikey's on the other side of the room, and found it empty. "Todd," I said, in an urgent voice. I heard him quickly sit up. "Do you know where Mikey went?"
"He left."
" you know where?"
Todd pointed up, in the general direction of the stairs. I walked out of the room and up the stairs, worried, trying to walk slowly on the weak planks, but rushing to find my son. I looked around, not seeing him in the open area overlooking the driveway. I opened the door to the upstairs bedroom, and saw him, sitting against the wall below the window. I rushed over to him. "Mikey, what are you doing up here?"
"I heard you tell me to go upstairs," he said, looking into my eyes with worry.
I looked around, confused and concerned. "Okay. What happened when you went up here?"
"I got in bed. I couldn't sleep. I kept seeing the closet and it was so dark and-"
Mikey trailed off. I looked at the closet door, which was again shut. I walked over and shook the handle, but the door didn't budge.
"It was open, and inside was pitch black. I was scared. I'm not lying Dad. Why did you tell me to come up here?"
I was deeply unsettled by this point. I didn't want to scare Mikey, so I lied. "I told you to come up here so you'd have your own room. I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was so scary up here." That part wasn't a lie. I led him downstairs, and put him back to bed.
The next morning, I awoke to the sun streaming in through my bedroom door. I'd left it open in case something else happened, but the events of the night before were starting to feel like a bad dream. As we all awoke and gathered in the living room, I recollected the things that had happened, considering all the ways they could have happened. I get night terrors from time to time, I talk in my sleep, and the house's foundation wasn't particularly stable. It made perfect sense that I just sleep-told Mikey to go upstairs, and the house settled just enough to let the closet door swing open for a little while.
We had a breakfast of bacon and eggs, cooked in a thick iron skillet I found in a cabinet. "I hear there's a waterpark in town," Liz mentioned. That got the boys' attention. We pulled our swimsuits out of our suitcases, and drove twenty minutes down to the town for the day. It wasn't exactly bustling with people, but there was a small waterpark with a couple of slides, and a nice sandwich place for lunch. We drove back to the house and played some card games.
Although I'd done my best to put on a good face and see the house as charming and welcoming, as the shadows grew longer that afternoon, I couldn't help but feel something gnawing in the pit of my stomach. It got dark outside by the time we'd finished playing games, and Liz and I said goodnight to our boys. As I sat on the edge of our bed to pull off my shoes, I glanced over at her. "Does something About this place?"
She looked over at me. "Last night, did you hear something?"
"Hear something?" I asked, probing, hoping it was something innocuous.
"Never mind," she replied, shaking her head.
I chose not to tell her about Mikey. Although I was pretty sure I'd just sleeptalked, I didn't want to worry her.
I walked out to the living room and flicked the light switch, plunging myself into darkness. The starlight was just enough for me to see my way back to our room, and shut the door. " 'night," I uttered, crawling under the covers, and nudging up against her reassuring warmth.
I woke to a startling crash. I bolted awake. I opened the bedroom door, as quickly as I could without flinging it into the wall, and ran around the corner. In the near pitch black room, I made out the figure of a young boy. It was Todd, on the ground under the stairs. Right at head height was a broken board, half of it hanging at an unnatural angle. "Todd!"
He sniffled. I bent down and put my hand on his shoulder as he sat up. "Why did you try to go upstairs?" I asked, with quiet restraint, holding back panic.
"It told me to," he replied, barely whispering.
Wordlessly I picked him up, and rushed to his and Mikey's room. Mikey was still asleep. I sat Todd back in his bed, and pulled his covers over him. I fumbled through the darkness to the fireplace, and grasped the fire poker. I stepped over and took hold of the stair railing, and carefully ascended, minding the broken step. When I reached the top, upon seeing the open door to the upstairs bedroom, I felt a chill. I stepped inside. The closet door was wide open.
The hair stood up on the back of my neck. Something felt deeply wrong. I turned, and ran down the stairs, feeling every board bend under my weight. I rounded the corner and catapulted into bed. All I felt was cold. I took heavy breaths, slowly feeling the warmth return, and soon drifted back to a worried, interrupted sleep.
In the morning, I wasn't as quick to shake off the feeling from the night before. I gathered everyone in the boys' bedroom, where we sat on the beds. I explained what had happened with Todd, who had some bruises, but nothing serious. There was an unspoken unease, that made us all eager to get out of the house for a while. Liz decided to take Todd to a petting zoo half an hour down the road. Mikey, who was too old for the petting zoo (since when?), wanted to go walk the property with me.
Liz and Todd took the car out to the petting zoo, leaving us waving in the driveway. We turned to our right, and headed out to the barn, a half-collapsed wooden structure that held some old tools and not much else. I grabbed an axe and Mikey took some hedge clippers, and we strolled the boundary of the plot, hacking through some brush that had popped up along the barbed wire fence. The sky, which had been cloudy for the first time that morning, started to darken, eventually promising rain as we made it half a turn from the driveway again.
As rain started to fall and thunder echoed from across the plains, we crossed the front path back to the barn. As I walked under the windows of the house, I couldn't help but feel it was watching us...or maybe that something was watching us from it. I brushed past my worries. I was toting an axe, after all. As we leaned our tools back against the rotting barn wall, heavier drops started falling, and the thunder grew louder. Not wanting to be the only other tall things on the prarie, we made our way back from the barn to the house. Lightning stuck just a few hundred feet away, with a blinding flash, burning a line into my retinas...straight down to the power line along the road.
When we got inside, as I'd expected, the light switch didn't work. The storm clouds had blocked out the sun, leaving the house almost as dark as the night before. A gust of wind slammed the front door shut. Mikey was silent. He slowly walked forward, straight toward the back wall of the living room. I followed him, at his same slow pace. As he reached the foot of the stairs, I turned. I cannot describe the shock of seeing the attic door standing open, the ladder folded down, making contact with the second story floor. Mikey gasped. I silently covered his mouth with one hand, and wrapped around him with the other. I tried to walk backward, pulling him away with me, but he was frozen, fixed on the gaping black entrance. As something moved in the corner of my eye upstairs, with sudden strength, I pulled Mikey to the side. This must have shaken him, and his feet moved. I released him and he ran, ran to the door. I followed in his path, looking back, seeing a glimpse of a shadow against the top of the back wall. I didn't want to look back to shut the door.
Mikey faltered, running out of breath, as he ran down the porch stairs and across the front path. I picked him up, holding him tightly, my arms burning, as I ran. He let out a wail, finally, and tears streamed down our faces. With some distance between ourselves and the house, I let go of Mikey and turned, and saw a shadowy figure in the upper window. Its eyes were dark, hollow. Until Mikey grabbed my arm and pulled me away, I stared, unable to move away from the figure. "What are you staring at?" he whispered, wrapping me in a hug which seemed more like a straightjacket.
Silently I reciprocated, holding him tightly, as rain battered us and thunder rolled through the barren landscape around us. With immense relief I saw headlights in the distance, and a blue SUV purred into the driveway. we threw ourselves into the car, and with a silent understanding, Liz immediately reversed out and flew toward the nearest town.
I'm not sure what we encountered in that house. I think it must have been a ghost, or some sort of reaper. I know I shouldn't have lived, that without Mikey, I would've walked back into that house. That without me, one of the boys might have had too close of an encounter with that thing. I don't know what Mikey saw in that closet, and I haven't asked him since. I don't know what Liz heard, but I think if we hadn't been sleeping in the same room, she would have gone up those stairs too. I haven't told them what I saw, and I don't know if they saw it too. All I know is, if you're invited to stay in a house that old, and you start feeling drawn to something, you get. out.
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2023.06.02 03:56 henkbas Neighbour's smoke on acreage

Wondering if anyone can offer some advice.. we're based in QLD in a semi rural area on 10 acres. We have an issue with a neighbour, a man in his 70's, also on 10 acres.
The man and his partner have lived in their property around 45 years or so and we are relatively new to the area (well, 2 years now). Every day from 3pm into the night he/they light a very old wood stove with fuel that they reignite a lot. We're not sure what fuel but sometimes it smells like hickory other times it smells like they're burning cow dung.
The smoke carries from their outside veranda area to our property and into our house and front yard where it stays. I have very poor lungs and have constant pain from the smoke.
About a month ago we asked him via text to be mindful of what they burn to which he responded with fury "If you don't like it you can go back to the city" etc. We intend to sell only being on land and having animals, finding a suitable property takes time.
We don't want to go to Council to make a complaint about the smoke because in areas like this it is likely to worsen any seeming relations we can have with a neighbour like this. Trying to let him know how it affects us definitely doesn't help.
Can anyone suggest anything we can do, at least in this interim period before we can sell and move?
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2023.06.02 02:39 TimilyNV This winter I'm only going to heat with wood. Going to swap out my guide gear stove with a full size wood stove and burn wood from my own property. So far I have this much. I think I need like five times this much! Northeast Georgia, for climate reference.

This winter I'm only going to heat with wood. Going to swap out my guide gear stove with a full size wood stove and burn wood from my own property. So far I have this much. I think I need like five times this much! Northeast Georgia, for climate reference. submitted by TimilyNV to SchoolbusLiving [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 02:26 LH99 Free standing wood stove air gap wall advice

We are obeying all manufacturer’s clearances to combustible walls. In this case we are installing a free standing stove in the corner of a standard wood and drywall interior wall.
I had planned to do cement board and mortar rock on top of the drywall.
Originally I intended to do a 1” gap between the sheet rock and cement board with the proper vent gaps at the top and bottom, but the edging I have won’t work unless the gap is 1/2”.
So since I don’t need the 1” air gap to begin with (obeying manufacturers clearances to wall), would a 1/2” air gap do anything? Or should I just put the cement board directly over the dry wall and call it a day?
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2023.06.02 02:04 malevolentslime Missing Women in Portland area

These women have gone missing since December 2022. Details, links below. Police have not said there's any connection between these cases
Ashley Real, 22
Bridget Leann (Ramsey) Webster, 31
Charity Lynn Perry, 24
Joanna Speaks, 32
Kristin Smith, 22
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2023.06.02 01:38 DrDomVonDoom Steamer Trunk

Steamer Trunk
A customer gave me this steamer he brought from east coast he was using it to hold wood for his small wood stove. He didn’t feel like hauling it back home so for the low price of saving his back from hauling it any length of distance I could have it. Is the picture of any significance or qhere would I look for a makers mark or anything about it/fun facts?
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2023.06.02 00:20 Christizzzle Healthy room temp for parrots? Heating options?

Hi! I found someone that sounds like a really cool roommate but have some concerns in regards to my parrots (amazon and conure).
She owns a house in Massachusetts with no central air and old windows. She keeps the thermostat at 60 in winter and heats using a wood stove. In a roommate situation I’d rather keep them in my room for safety but I’m concerned about them getting too cold. I’m guessing it’ll be colder in the individual room since the wood stove will be in the main area. Also idk if it’s possible to use some sort of safe portable heater? Would you continue to explore this living arrangement? I’m from the south where it’s rare not to have central aiwood stoves so my apologies for being clueless.
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2023.06.01 22:57 CamrianExplotion Invented civs: Warriors of the South

This are 3 civs I invented in my spare time, I tried my best to make them balanced and in the case of the Tiahuanacota, to bring something new to the gameplay. I hope you guys enjoy, and if not, let me know why.
1._ Non of this civs have stable
2._ All 3 civs can upgrade Halberdier into Spear warrior in the Imperial age. The bonus are the same that those of the halberdier, but has faster movemente and attack rate
3._ All 3 civs ave have sligers instead of hand cannoneers
4._ I´m not sure yet if they would have eagle warrior, but it looks very hard to make them viable without it, on this particular point, please let me know what your opinion.

- Villagers use range attack against all units
- Range units fire 15%/20%/25% faster in Feudal/Castle/Imperial
- When detroyed or deleted, your buildings return 33% of their wood cost
Castle Techs:
(tech1) Ajaka Light Basquets: Villagers +8 carry capacity +10% speed
(tech2) Curare Poison: Your range units ignore 50% pierce armour
Unique unit:
Incendiary Archer (60g 40w): Long range archer with high damage. Moves as fast as regular arches but lays on his back tensing the bow with his legs ( cant move and takes time to stand up like trabuchet) Range: 4 min-12 max. Elite has bonus damage against siege and buildings.
Team bonus:
- Archery range units move 10% faster starting in Castle Age

TIHUANACOTA: Monks and relics
- Monastery and moks (not upgrades) are avaliable in Feudal Age
- Villagers gather resources 3% faster for every monastery, up to 15%
- The reserch time and cost of techs are reduced by 10% for every relic, up to 40% (olso age ups)
Castle Techs:
(tech1) Astronomy: Outpost +5 LOS, other standart buildings +3 LOS
(tech2) Viracocha: +100 years for relic victory
Unique unit:
Priestess of Viracocha: Fast moving healer that carries relics (70g). Elite: Area healing, can be created in monasteries. Elite: area healing
Team bonus:
Up to 3 relics produce gold for all the team members

MAPUCHES(1): Infantary (centered in raids)
- 1 free barracks tha is build 50% faster
- Military buildings reserch technologies and create units simultaniously
- Spearman line and skirmisher line are afected by loom
- Infantary +12 bonus damage against palisade, stone wall, fortified wall and gates.
Castle Techs:
(Tech 1) Malon: Infantary gains +4 bonus damage against villagers and recive -33% damage from Town Center, towers and Castles
(Tech 2) Guerrilla warfare: Infantary and skirmisher line + 15% speed + 4 LOS
Unique unit:
Weichafe (60f 25g): Fast cavalry unit with low armour and hp. Bonus damage agasint villagers (+4) and satndart buildings (+10). Scout line +6 and Knight +4 bonus damage agianst weichafe. Elite +10 hp, +10% speed and can be created in converted stables
Team bonus:
Berries last 100% longer (From u/Azot-Spike concept of mapuches, great inspiration for this post)
To balance the civs I though Tupí-Guaraní should lack attack upgrades forcing them to rely on fire speed and Curare Poison while Mapuches should lack some armour upgrades so they are forced to relay on their castle techs and Loom (olso, bonus against walls means no squid walls from the enemy). In the case of Tihuanacota I belive it should be full on economic/monastery techs but none of the last unit upgrades in order to force them into Monk rush or relic victory for late game.
please let me know what you people think :D
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2023.06.01 22:29 riverkingdom LF lease takeover roommate

hi mods please remove if not allowed (i will be crossposting to local pcola fb marketplace groups as well) (on mobile)
i am looking for someone to take over my (half of the) lease. i will be moving tentatively soon but not for a couple months so i am advertising bc i know housing / jobs suck at giving head's up. i have a roommate, 26F (i think that's her age).
i am at Tanglewood Apartments, 2b2b. my lease runs through the end of November 2023 (so six months from the start of june).
rent is $1452 / month cox internet $143 / month fpl electric ~$150 - $200 / month
i split these bills evenly w my roommate, 26F. rent includes trash / water / parking / maintenance / pest control
you will need: pass credit check + pass background check + current roommate approval + total monthly income = 3x monthly rent. provide 2 recent paystubs
about the apartment:
includes washer / drier hookup public pool + hot tub access public apartment washer drier room access recently renovated apartment unit w updated cabinetry + floors wood style floors except bedrooms carpet in bedroom patio porch w sliding glass door working fireplace electric element cooktop stove and oven 2 total parking spaces [roommate has one] 2 pets allowed [none currently] either cat or dog needs pet depisot + monthly pet rent. see website for details
2b2b style is roommate setup, she has "master room" but both have private bathroom access on opposite sides of the floorplan, the kitchen & living room are in between. my bathroom is the bigger one & her walk-in closet is the bigger one. both bedrooms have the same square footage.
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2023.06.01 21:32 ReekLeekSqueakSneak New Releases: June 1

MM Romance

Kindle Unlimited
  • Worthy: A Pride Anthology by Ashley James, Marie Ann, Ellis James, Andi Jaxon, Nyla K, Riley Nash, Hayden Hall, Nicole Dykes, Harleigh Beck, Cora Rose, Jessie Walker, .T Ashleigh, Isabel Lucero - 810 pages - - (anthology, common theme of LGBTQIA+ acceptance, half of proceeds donated to the Trevor Project)
  • Enchanted Ink by Robin Lynn - 278 pages - - (fantasy, hurt/comfort, magical tattoos/tattoo artist MC, insta-connection, celebrity MC)
  • Rocked by Love: A Gay Romance by Hayden Templar - 90 pages - - (contemporary, famous MC, celebrity/bodyguard, secret relationship, hidden identity, Spain)

Other Queer Romance

Kindle Unlimited
  • Cosmically Insignificant by A.J. Beck - 328 pages - - (FF, science fiction/speculative fiction, pre-apocalypse, time travel)
  • Commanding Royal (Club Royal Book 7) by Louise East - 357 pages - - (MMX, contemporary, age gap, BDSM, D/s dynamics, family drama)
  • Off the Written Path by Natalie Debrabandere - 255 pages - - (FF, contemporary, community rescue pilot MC, science fiction writer MC, meet on a remote island)
  • What they Deserve (Desires: New Beginnings) by E.M. Denning - 222 pages - - (MX, contemporary, D/s, kink club, bartender MC, demi MC)
  • Undercover Bride: An Age Gap Lesbian Romace (All Her Little Secrets) by Alexa Woods - 239 pages - - (FF, contemporary, fake relationship, single mom MC, broken arranged engagement)
  • The Escort: In the Service of Women by Shayne McClendon - 428 pages - - (sapphic, sex worker MC)
  • Green for Love by E.V. Bancroft - 288 pages - - (FF, contemporary, CEO of big oil/environmentalist, opposites attract)
  • The Way We Wind by Halli Starling - 160 pages - - (FF & MM (two different couples), contemporary, librarian MC, grief, hurt/comfort, twins (no twincest))
  • Entwine (Shadow Thorne Book 1) by Autumn Key - 635 pages - - (MMF, fantasy, stepmothestepson, age gap, friends to lovers, sexuality awakening, hurt/comfort, “immortal stranger,” series must be read in order)


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2023.06.01 20:34 kyno1 #OTD 1 June 1918 Allied Forces under John J. Pershing and James Harbord engage Imperial German Forces under Wilhelm, German Crown Prince at the Battle of Belleau Wood.

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2023.06.01 17:13 alexscottway ASTHMA IN WINTER SEASON

Winter can take your breath away if you have asthma because asthma in winter season is worse. Asthma is a long-term disease of the lungs in which your airways narrow and swell and may produce extra mucus.
Why is asthma in winter season worse? Symptoms of asthma in winter season get worse due to the following reasons:
  1. Dry atmospheric air
  2. Respiratory illness
  3. Exercise
  4. Mold and mites
  5. Open fires and wood-burning stoves
For More Information Please Visit:
#asthma #allergies #health #psoriasis #gout #covid #chronicillness #jeragat #urgentway #clinics
asthma treatment
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2023.06.01 16:50 Serrasalmuslife42 The Stretching Guide

The Stretching Guide
Wearing quality jewelry is one of the most important parts of the stretching journey. The best material(s) for stretching first and foremost are “Single-Flare Glass Plugs” or just glass jewelry in general; while single flare implant grade Titanium and Niobium are safe to use it is important to get it from a trusted makeseller to ensure the grade labeled is true to the product. Acrylic, silicone, cheap metal, double-flared as well as natural (e.g., wood, stone, horn) jewelry should never be used to stretch piercings let alone in freshy pierced flesh. Here’s why!
Acrylic: Materials like acrylic are quite easily scratched and dented even in packaging which can lead to irritation, and while acrylic is sold as jewelry it is not currently available in a biocompatible or “medical grade” version(s) in the jewelry trade, this means it is extremely hard to know the actual quality and with all the additives used to cheapen the product and worst case scenario leach these chemicals out of the jewelry. This honestly makes them a poor choice in all scenarios. Cheap Metals: Cheap metal jewelry can be safely presumed to be low quality in many ways, either being low polished, coated in low quality metals or just not the proper grade in general. This can lead to swelling and irritation in most cases. If you are going to choose to wear cheap/low-grade jewelry it is important to be sure the area for it to be used in is fully healed beforehand. Silicone: In this case there is a medical grade silicone jewelry provider, ‘Kaos Soft Wear’. Silicone is a poor choice for stretching as it can easily lead to micro-tears, blowouts, irritation, and infection. High-grade silicone is an excellent choice for healed piercings and after stretching has healed but not during either process. Natural Materials: These materials include wood, horn, stone, bamboo, and bone. Though these materials may surpass many types of jewelry in aesthetics they make a poor choice to stretch with and for initial piercings due to their porousness. This aids in trapping bacteria which of course can lead to the worst case, infections, if a blowout were to occur and irritation because of the larger pores in the surface. Having this happen during a stretch or initial piercing can make for a very poor experience which is why it is only recommended to wear these pieces in properly healed holes.
We always recommend buying your jewelry from a well-known manufacturer. Here are some quality jewelry manufacturers:
· Anometal

Why Glass Single-Flare Plugs?-
Single-flare glass plugs are the best choice due to having a gentle but steep tapered end making insertion of the jewelry easy and comfortable when your body is ready. Being extremely smooth, non-porous, weighing less than other metal jewelry and with the ability to be autoclaved make it an excellent choice for stretching and fresh piercings alike!
O-rings are regularly available in Nitrile and Silicone. Though usually safe, some people may have allergies to either of these materials. Signs of an allergy from your O-ring will usually result in redness or itchiness at the location of the O-ring, but it’s important to note not to confuse an allergy irritation with your ears not being ready to stretch as blowouts usually result in the days to come and not so much immediately after stretching. People who do use O-rings can often have trouble keeping them on, whether it be while sleeping or throughout the day, but there is a hopeful fix! The X-Ring - Nitrile No-Roll O-Rings. These O-rings stay where you need them much better than normal O-rings... Unfortunately, they only come in sizes from 8g to 1"(25mm)
Stretching Basics-
Keeping your Piercings Healthy:
Lubrication is necessary when stretching and with everyday maintenance/care. The products below are particularly good for keeping your lobes healthy & moisturized and when mixed with beeswax, they will work for twice as long!

Always keep your lobes well lubricated!
Especially when inserting jewelry! This helps keep your skin happy and healthy, along with this the process of massaging the area is also beneficial in itself!
-How to Make "Ear Butter"
It is incredibly simple to make your own ear butter.
For it you’ll need the following ingredients:

1. You will need two pots, a large pot filled with water, and a small pot to set inside the larger pot which will float on top of the water. This is how you make a double boiler.
2. Place pots on stove, on Low heat.
3. Add all ingredients to the small pot.
4. Slowly allow all the ingredients to melt together.
5. Stir thoroughly & pour into small mason jar or other container and allow to cool at room temperature.
6. When cooled, it should be creamy to slightly firm depending on the amount of beeswax you decide to use. *If it is too hard for your liking, melt mixture back down and add more oils. If it is too soft add more beeswax.*
When you’re stretching your ears and the area has healed, it’s important while oiling and massaging them to also practice being without them. This helps promote a healthier lobe by helping with circulation and prevention of thinning. However, some people may not be able to leave their plugs out for long periods of time but the point is to allow your lobes to rest each day while still being able to gently insert your jewelry again after said period of time. There are of course exceptions such as when you are planning to or have recently stretched already. You should be leaving your jewelry in while you sleep for two to four weeks before and after stretching but should still be removed for about an hour after showering or cleaning once a day to massage and lubricate them. While youre lobes are initially stretching try not to sleep on them and instead sleep on your back if possible or use a specially made pillow like a travel pillow.
· Ear Piercing Pillow
If you happen to have had a blowout that has healed and are trying to reduce the “cat-butt” look, lubricating, and massaging your lobes three times a day may prove to be beneficial, as well, downsizing, may prove beneficial and may also help thicken lobes!
How to stretch your Piercings:
When on your stretching journey patience is a virtue!
The longer you wait in-between stretching your newly loved piercing the better the results!
Below is an approximate timeline you can follow for soft tissue such as earlobes. Remember when in doubt, wait longer.
The following is the approximate time needed to wait in-between stretching softer tissue:
Fresh Piercing 6+ months 14g-12g 1+ month 12g-10g 1.5+ months 10g-8g 2+ months 8g-6g 3+ months 6g-4g 3+ month 4g-2g 3+ months 2g-7mm(1g) 4+ months 7mm-8mm(0g) 4+ months 8mm(0g)-9mm(00g) 4+ months 9mm(00g)-10mm(00g) 4+ months
When it comes to piercings located in cartilage and or other thicker tissues it is recommended to at least double the table above. To reiterate these are just general approximations. It is important to note that some people may need to go slower. It can be VERY hard to tell if you are going too fast sometimes. Stretching is not a race. The question should never be "How fast can I go?" But rather: "How slow should I go to avoid doing any damage."
Everyone’s body is different, the same goes for various locations of the body and stretching them. The smaller the increase in size the safer the stretch will be. You should never stretch more than 1mm at a time especially since it’s become quite easy to acquire glass plugs in 1.0mm and even 0.5mm increments. You can find incremental jewelry sizes here:
Snap-Plugs are a not mentioned very often now adays but are a safer alternative to tapers when/where they can be applied. These plugs snap together in small increments, more so than tapers. For example tapers in mm starting from 4g-0g would be 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8mm with half sizes, whereas the snap-plugs from 4g-0g would consist of ten steps making it less likely for blowouts or tears when of course used properly.
Stretching Cartilage and Other Areas:
When considering stretching cartilage and other tougher areas it’s important to note that this is quite a different experience than stretching tissue like the standard earlobe. As mentioned above, healing and stretching time is about doubled when it comes these tougher areas whether it be septums, upper portions of the ear or even genital piercings like the apadravya. If you plan to stretch these areas you should consider how large you want to go with your stretching journey. If you only plan to go up a couple sizes from the initial piercing, stretching over time is definitely feasible where others who may want to go larger may consider a larger needle gauge or even get it done with a dermal/biopsy punch, area dependent. When it comes to these piercings it’s always recommended when stretching to see your piercer to make sure this is done properly even if only to get a feeling of how it is supposed to go. Stretching these areas even when going about it properly you can and usually will experience some slight pain and thereafter, redness along with tenderness in the area. Just the same, stretching these areas should never involve bleeding, swelling, consistent sharp pain, and shouldn’t feel tender for more than a week or so depending on the person and location. Using tapers should be done slowly, and with respect. Most of you have at least witnessed what happens when ears blowout and the damage improper taper use can cause, adding that experience to cartilage or other tougher areas and you can see why we are so strict with how/when tapers should be used.
Gauge and Sizes:
Once you reach about 2g you should realistically ignore “gauge” sizes as well as fractions of an inch and focus on using millimeters (mm). You can get yourself a decent caliper to measure your jewelry diameter as well as its overall and wearable area to be sure youre receiving and ordering the correct products.
There is nothing worse than buying a new set of plugs or other body jewelry only to find out it doesn’t fit properly.
Remember: It's Not a Race! Be Safe!
* I do not claim to be a professional piercer nor do I work in the body modification industry. If you are a professional and there are any improvements which could be made to this guide, PLEASE message me!* *Some additions may be made to this guide in the future* *Special thanks to TribalMethods who made the original stretching guide we have built upon! It was a huge help to a plethora of people through the years and we know it was greatly appreciated*
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2023.06.01 16:27 Skopies Ideas For Fixing Burnt Cutting Board

Ideas For Fixing Burnt Cutting Board
Hey everyone! I'm a hobbyist woodworker with not too much experience under my belt. Last night I made the unfortunate mistake of turning on the wrong stove eye. My favorite cutting board was sitting on top of it and unfortunately it burnt the crap out of the bottom. It's my wife and l's first cutting board that we got as a married couple so I don't want to toss it. This is the link if anyone needs to know more about the wood: d 8KT8ma4
Currently, I have access to Sanders, a lunchbox planer, router, hand planer, scrapers, chisels, etc. Basically the beginner tools. My preliminary thought was to run it through the lunchbox planer a couple times until the charred area was gone or at least reduced. Then sand it all over something like 100, 140, 180, 220? Not sure what all grits I've got currently. Then finish it.
Would love to hear input on what finish to use.
And please critique and share other plans or ideas as well. I'm new to this. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 16:09 Skopies Ideas On Fixing Burnt Cutting Board?

Ideas On Fixing Burnt Cutting Board?
Hey everyone! I’m a hobbyist woodworker with not too much experience under my belt. Last night I made the unfortunate mistake of turning on the wrong stove eye. My favorite cutting board was sitting on top of it and unfortunately it burnt the crap out of the bottom. It’s my wife and I’s first cutting board that we got as a married couple so I don’t want to toss it. This is the link if anyone needs to know more about the wood:
Currently, I have access to Sanders, a lunchbox planer, router, hand planer, scrapers, chisels, etc. Basically the beginner tools. My preliminary thought was to run it through the lunchbox planer a couple times until the charred area was gone or at least reduced. Then sand it all over something like 100, 140, 180, 220? Not sure what all grits I’ve got currently. Then finish it.
Would love to hear input on what finish to use. And please critique and share other plans or ideas as well. I’m new to this. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 15:39 Tigrannes On this day in History, June 1

Middle Ages
Early Modern World
Revolutionary Age
Second Industrial Revolution
World War I
Interwar Period
World War II
Cold War
Modern World
The decision to go to war is one of the most serious an American president faces. On June 1, 1812, President Madison sent a letter—later dubbed his war message—to both houses of Congress. In it, he listed a series of transgressions Great Britain had committed against the U.S. He also explained his decision not to recommend war with France at that time.
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