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Andy Cohen Spills Secret Kim Kardashian FORCED Him To Bury

2023.06.02 10:51 0y0zpbjr56hgh Andy Cohen Spills Secret Kim Kardashian FORCED Him To Bury

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2023.06.02 10:50 0y0zpbjr56hgh Andy Cohen Spills Secret Kim Kardashian FORCED Him To Bury

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2023.06.02 10:48 sann540 (2/2)April 2023










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2023.06.02 10:14 rClipsBot KIM KARDASHIAN Nicol

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2023.06.02 10:05 fish-n-chips99 Unpopular Opinion : The reason Janet is shown to be such a horrible human being is because she was raised by a petty and overbearing father

In most episodes Mr. Kim is constantly bullying Janet. His many attempts to be youthful just comes off as being crass e.g asking Janet to pay for her a food and board or reminding her of all the money he spent raising her. Just weird random bullying. Plus with her family having no boundaries made her just unbearable as a person. Janet is trying to overcompensate for all the trauma baggage from her parents. Done with my word vomit Carry on.
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2023.06.02 09:53 ebm_synthpop VA - Musik Music Musique 3.0: 1982 Synth Pop On The Air (3CD Box Set) (2023) 320kbps / FLAC

STYLE...... Synthpop, New Wave
DOWNLOAD in 320kbps / FLAC:
Tracklist: CD1 1. Thomas Dolby - Radio Silence (3:51) 2. The Passage - XOYO (3:54) 3. Talk Talk - Mirror Man (3:21) 4. 100% Manmade Fibre - Green For Go (3:02) 5. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - She's Leaving (3:28) 6. Poeme Electronique - V.O.I.C.E. (4:28) 7. Colourbox - Breakdown (7" Version) (4:14) 8. Blancmange - I've Seen the Word (3:03) 9. Fashiøn - Streetplayer (Mechanik) (3:51) 10. Japan - European Son (3:39) 11. Greeting No 4 - Condition (3:17) 12. Richard BONE - Digital Days (3:42) 13. Paul Haig - Justice (Original Version) (3:33) 14. Tears for Fears - Pale Shelter (4:03) 15. Arthur Brown - Conversations (4:30) 16. Die Krupps - Goldfinger (3:23) 17. Planning By Numbers - Lightning Strikes (2:20) 18. Faith Global - Coded World (3:12) 19. Aerial FX - Instant Feeling (4:03) 20. Ultravox - Monument (3:14)
CD2 1. Dramatis - The Shame (3:22) 2. Fiat Lux - This Illness (4:14) 3. New Order - Temptation (5:24) 4. Kevin Coyne - Tell the Truth (4:06) 5. Dead or Alive - What I Want (Demo) (3:07) 6. Toyah - Ieya 1982 (3:46) 7. Fad Gadget - Life on the Line (3:57) 8. Thirteen at Midnight - Climb Down (3:26) 9. Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf (5:19) 10. Yello - Heavy Whispers (3:56) 11. Zoo Boutique - Happy Families (3:11) 12. The Human League - You Remind Me Of Gold (3:37) 13. Moebius - Pushing Too Hard (3:25) 14. Passion Polka - Juliet (3:38) 15. Endgames - First-Last-For Everything (Club Version) (4:38) 16. leisure process - love cascade (6:19) 17. Drinking Electricity - Good Times (3:34) 18. Section 25 - Hold Me (6:01)
CD3 1. Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (4:18) 2. Voice Farm - Beatnik (3:26) 3. Telex - Sigmund Freud's Party (2:54) 4. Thomas Leer - Mr Nobody (5:22) 5. Kim Wilde - Child Come Away (4:05) 6. Communication - Future Shock (3:50) 7. Berlin - Sex (I'm A) (Re-Recorded) (5:13) 8. Local Boy Makes Good - Hypnotic Rhythm (3:15) 9. Mikado - Par hasard (4:32) 10. Falco - Maschine brennt (3:39) 11. Those French Girls - Sorry Sorry (3:32) 12. Nick Nicely - Hilly Fields (1892) (3:32) 13. Time in Motion - Quiet Type (3:49) 14. Ukraine - Remote Control (3:31) 15. Julie And The Jems - 1-2-3 (3:43) 16. Thick Pigeon - Subway (4:57) 17. Sergeant Frog - Profile Dance (3:27) 18. Omega Theatre - Robots Machines And Silicon Dreams (4:58)
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2023.06.02 08:39 sdstc Need association.

Need association.
Its my 2nd account. I just know how game works. And i know what to do when tournament starts. Usually finish league 1-3rd
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2023.06.02 08:28 Zealousideal-List779 Omg I can't watch this anymore

The problem with this show, is the content is so old. The time these episodes were filmed, were when kanye first lost his contracts with Adidas. So kum looks like a hero-champion talking against him. Then she starts directing the D&G spring fashion show, which i think she stole from Kourtney. She gives herself major propers, and compares it to how WONDERFULLY she did on Saturday night live...🙄 .. Scott comes to khloes, with a covid cough, and she says she would never date him if he coughed like that. Khloe tries to say that the public is an asshole for saying she "doesn't share enough about her life" .... she says that's not true . Kim is talking about pete again, trying to say he wasn't supposed to be on the show, ( a huge lie, because they had him in the premier).. .NOW kim is saying people shouldn't judge them becausewhen the Kardashians came out, there was no social media, people shouldn't judge them because Kim and khloe are always, 100 percent REAL(her words). Funny that this sub just recently said they would be ok if kim and Khloe weren't on the show at all 🤣🤣 ok ....I can't watch this any longer Kourtney is talking about her lemme products, and I can't watch anymore. Goodnight friends
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2023.06.02 07:41 CelebBattleVoteBot Hayden Panettiere VS Kim Kardashian

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2023.06.02 07:35 ilovelovecrystale Hayden Panettiere VS Kim Kardashian

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2023.06.02 06:17 Aware-Impression8527 The Kardashians Season 3 – Episode 2

At Kim's house, Kim is still overwhelmed by Kanye's behavior and would very much like to be excluded from this narrative. She says -- for the fifth time -- that she's not going to talk about what happened with Kanye for the sake of the kids but then talks at length about what happened with Kanye and how he's hitting rock bottom and will have to figure it out on his own. (God bless Kris for not saying 'at least your ex-husband didn't kill someone and turn up on the front of Vanity Fair in a corset...') Kim says North doesn't have any sense of what is going on and only lets the kids watch Apple TV ... which I'm sure Disney was thrilled to hear. The irony, of course, is that she's talking about protecting children while she's wearing a Balenciaga hoodie.
Kim arrives at her office. She decides to serve as the creative director of the Dolce show in Milan and just hope Kourtney is too busy fucking Travis to notice.
Khloé and Scott arrive at Kim's house. They discuss the press response to the last season and rankle at the notion that they don't share enough on the show which Kim doesn't think is fair because she literally talked about Pete putting pimple cream on her nose. Scott asks them if they even really want to keep making the show ... but Kim likes filming their lives because it's a way to help and inspire people who can relate to their struggles. And Khloé likes the money.
At Kourtney's house, Kourtney finally has a business that she's passionate about: cheaply made, nutritionally benign gummy vitamins. She admits that Kim's words have been ringing in her ears since their fight five years ago but now she's building something that her kids can be proud of and a part of because it's important that kids see their mom sell supplements that make vaginas taste better pursue her dreams.
Malika arrives at Khloé's house. Khloé had a surgery to remove the tumor from her face. Malika breaks down into tears, finally giving Khloé the response this kind of situation deserves but Khloé can't accept sympathy because that would mean actually acknowledging what is happening. Malika thinks Khloé should have a good cry but Khloé doesn't see the point and also her mood stabiliser won't allow it.
Kylie arrives at a lab in Milan. Kylie's public relations team would like me to note that it's fine that Kylie's hair is falling everywhere and she's pretending to drink foundation from a beaker because this is not the production facility -- it's only where the products are formulated. You can tell the difference because the staff at the factory aren't allowed to look at or talk to Kylie when she visits. Kylie says she took five years to be a mother and that was enough so now she wants to focus on work.
Kris arrives at Scott's house. Scott got in a car accident the day before. He's shaken but suffered only minor injuries and once the hangover had worn off he was fine. It's a totally mystery how Scott flipped his Lamborghini after hitting his neighbours' mailbox on a residential street where the speed limit is 20mph. Rather than go to the emergency room, he had his 9-year-old daughter clean the blood off his face. (I'm going to hell because the way I laughed when it cut to Kris saying 'Scott is such a great dad' right after this revelation made me laugh out loud.)
Kylie's tour of Europe continues with a trip to Harrods in London to see her make-up on display with Stormi. She's building something that her kids can be proud of and a part of because it's important that kids see their mom prey on the insecurities of young people pursue her dreams.
Khloé and Kris are in Kris's kitchen. Kris is head-to-toe in family brands -- Travis Scott sneakers, a Good American jumpsuit, a Skims bra and then Kris pulls out her Safely cleaning spray to clean the counter. Khloé is disgusted that Kris would put her shoes on the counter but willingly kisses Tristan on the lips ... which is actually a perfect way to educate people that OCD isn't about liking things neat or flipping light switches on and off -- it's about controlling what you feel you can to make yourself feel safe. Her doctor is satisfied that the surgery was successful and that Khloé will be fine.
Dolce of Dolce and Gabbana arrives at Kim's office. Kim is brimming with confidence and insecurity. She knows what she wants to see but isn't sure if other people will want to see what she wants to see. She's also a bit worried about how Kourtney is going to feel about it but she's not going to fight with her family ... again.
Next time on The Kardashians:
Kim texts a boy. Kourtney asks a room of people if they have any drugs. Khloé is co-parenting with Tristan. Kris feels like she gets the blame for everything. Kim no longer knows what she wants to see.
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2023.06.02 06:06 MightyDuctsTape Idea for a NEW Peter & MJ Dynamic in the Comics.

I was replaying the Insomniac Spider-Man game and was really enjoying the interplay between MJ in her reporter role and Peter as Spider-Man and thought about how that could be something translated to the comics in some way.
We have seen in the real world a “supermodel/actress” in Kim Kardashian go to school for a law degree later in her life. I think something like a lawyer or TV journalist would be a perfect way to integrate MJ into the storyline that helps avoid the “boring” storytelling tropes that the writers and editors are so sick of. We see how well a similar dynamic between Barbra and Dick work over at DC.
What do you guys think? Is this something you would like to see? What other careers could you see as a good fit for MJ?
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2023.06.02 04:45 forbiddencantaloupe2 Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra and Zendaya in Vivienne Westwood

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2023.06.02 04:09 lucybubs And her “official” 🙄🙄 name is “Siobhan” 😳(as opposed to her unofficial name)

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2023.06.02 03:57 KyloRenKardashian anyone watching this town hall with Trump ? Hannity, ""Mr President, what are your thoughts on trans rights & two genders?"" Trump, ""Roe vs. Wade was a great accomplishment""

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2023.06.02 03:07 Starr00born Kim Kardashian Is Caught Texting a New Guy Known as “Fred” in ‘The Kardashians’ Any theories on whomst Fred is?

PMK found a PR relationship for Kum. Maybe, Drake? Chris Brown? Nick Canyon? Nick Canyon would be the most hilarious. Maybe LiL baby. Tristian actually would be even more hilarious… code naming him Fred so Khloe doesn’t know.
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2023.06.02 02:35 Alternativeself0 Theory of what can happen in the passage of time between S5 and S6

– Hector is still drinking at Castillo Escondido when the "dangerous man", the one Miguel first thought was his father, enters the place. The man tells Hector about Miguel and that he didn't think he would take the news so well that he was a father. Hector doesn't understand what the man is talking about and says that Miguel is not his son then he hears that Miguel was looking for his father Hector and said he was the son of a certain Carmen Díaz from Guayaquil. Hector is upset and goes to his house to see if Miguel was still there. He enters the room where the boy stayed and sees his backpack on top of the bed. Hector opens it and finds the road ticket that shows Miguel came from the San Fernando Valley and some clothes. He searches Miguel Díaz from the San Fernando Valley on Facebook to see photos of him with Carmen, Rosa and Johnny. His anger turns to euphoria when he learns that Miguel is a karate champion and that he has overcome a paralysis and starts planning to reunite with his son motivated by the desire to make him famous and be his successor in the fighting business.
– Hector pays bribes so that corrupt cops won't interfere with his shady dealings. The police ask for more money and the moment comes when payment becomes impossible and he starts to be threatened. Hector decides to run away. He gives money to Maria so that she can go away with her son. Hector flees to Los Angeles. Arriving in the city, he comes into contact with people linked to the underworld of fights to have somewhere to hide. He already knows some details of the Díaz's life, such as Carmen's pregnancy and that Miguel is dating the daughter of a successful businessman. He also knows that the Cobra Kai dojo that Miguel was champion for was closed after a scandal of corruption and violence. Hector intends will approach Miguel without revealing that he already knows the whole truth.
– Silver is sued for the attack on Stingray and for corrupting the refereeing and his own students. To mitigate the penalty, he reveals that he has leukemia and shows tests that are legitimate.
– Johnny accuses Silver of ordering him to be beaten to death. The complaint is not accepted and the blame lies entirely with Kim Da-Eun's senseis who are arrested. Silver hires lawyers to defend them and lies that Johnny knew about from him illness because they saw each other at the hospital and Carmen works in the radiotherapy space and that Johnny wanted to take advantage of the moment when he was weakened to attack him. Johnny is furious and attacks Silver in front of the authorities, which makes his situation worse with the justice system.
– Johnny and Chozen are sued by Sllver for trespassing and damaging his private property. He still accuses Daniel of inciting teenagers to invade his dojo, but the complaint is not accepted.
– Silver doesn't sue Mike Barnes and the senseis will question Mike about it. Barnes confesses that the mansion break-in was a trap by Silver that he was forced into in order to get his furniture store back. Mike says he regretted it when he saw that Johnny was about to be killed. Everyone gets mad but forgives Mike understanding he was under pressure.
– Silver is tried and his sentence is converted to house arrest due to his health. He secludes himself on his private island. Apparently with no intention of continuing to run a karate dojo.
– Johnny and Chozen are ordered to pay a fine. Chozen is able to pay but Johnny is not and he is detained. Daniel and Chozen later post Johnny's bail.
– Kim Da-Eun once again criticizes Silver for putting their rivalries above their goals and Silver gets angry and leaves her. She also cannot leave the country and tries to survive as a personal trainer even without authorization to practice the profession.
– As Silver's plan was thwarted, Miyagi-Do's popularity increased and the Crane Kick began to be imitated again. Ecstatic, Daniel lays out a marketing plan for his dojo and is indifferent to the idea of a joint dojo with Eagle Fang. For him that was the right moment to make the lessons and name of Mr. Miyagi known to everyone.
– Carmen takes a exam clinical that ends up detecting another baby. She is expecting twins, a boy and a girl. The names chosen for the children are Santiago, in honor of Santiago de Guayaquil, Díaz family's hometown, and Laura, the name of Johnny's mother.
– Eagle Fang is far from having the same credibility as Miyagi-Do and Johnny thinks about improving the structure of the place. But he needs the money to pay for the arrival of his babies. So he goes back to work in construction and tries to adjust the schedules as sensei and uber.
– Miguel plans to save for college and gets a temporary job selling ice cream at a kiosk. He also takes a job in construction as Johnny's helper.
– Robby and Shannon travel to Bainbridge Island to spend the rest of the summer at her parents' house.
– Samantha spends more time at LaRusso Auto as an internship for her future as a dealership manager.
– An attack on a US Army military convoy kills soldiers. Mr. Payne is hit.
– Shawn finally leaves juvie and struggles to get a job. He goes back to being the man of the house.
– The All Valley commission assesses Tory's title status and concludes that she was not at fault in Silver's corruption and therefore her title should be retained. Daniel and Samantha protest, the claim that the court found Silver guilty. Tory hands Sam the trophy and leaves the room. Samantha is declared champion.
– Tory is looking for a job but her face is famous as a troublemaker and even a crook and she is not hired.
– To make matters worse, your aunt Kandace shows up to say she's going to live with her.
– The LaRusso family and Chozen are going to relax and have fun at the Orlando parks.
– The rules of Sekai Taikai become known. There is a limited number of representatives from each dojo per category. Competitors with similar profiles must fight each other to decide who should be the titular dojo representative.
– Eli was excited to be Miyagi-Do's representative but Robby's presence and Daniel's predilection for his oldest student annoy him. Eli has yet to decide between karate and college.
– Kreese has been hiding the whole time in the space where his original Cobra Kai functioned. Patiently, he waits for his name to stop appearing in the news to come out of the woodwork.
– Sid dies of natural causes at his Encino mansion. All of his estate goes towards payment of debts he left.
– Aware of Miyagi-Do's fame and interested in learning more about Johnny and his dojo, the leader of the most influential dojo in Sekai Taikai opens a betting shop in the Valley where mixed martial arts are practiced. The identity of the owner and his relationship with Sekai Taikai are kept confidential. Korea's envoy to take care of business in the Valley is their young champion from senior Sekai Taikai, who is also your son.
– It is in this environment of clandestine fights that Hector will be able to reconnect with Miguel.
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2023.06.02 01:50 Wonderful-Board-4992 Kim Kardashian is bored with 'cleansing up' after Kanye West's outburst - music information

Kim Kardashian is bored with 'cleansing up' after Kanye West's outburst - music information - Kim Kardashian not has the vitality to work as her ex-husband Kanye West's "clean-up crew" following their public outburst. Throughout the newest episode of The Kardashians, the 42-year-old received emotional as she admitted she was "caught" with the rapper's controversial habits "for the
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2023.06.02 01:40 Siya_32 Kim’s character in AHS is called Siobhan.

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2023.06.02 01:25 dirtyharrison Kim Kardashian - Rise to frame all a fraud?

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2023.06.02 00:47 EcstaticFortune6258 Looking for a drama that I will like based on what I’ve watched in the past

I watched: 1. Mr. Queen 2. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim 3. Her Private Life 4. Reborn Rich 5. Healer
And LOVED them all!! I’m on ep 20 of healer now and I’m so sad to see Ji Chang Wook go lol!! I love Park Min Young too, her acting is top notch, and of course Kim Jae Wook is a snackkk. Oh also Song Joong-Ki is pretty easy on the eyes lol! I like stories that remind me that love is real and have a strong plot. Comedy doesn’t hurt either. Any recommendations? I wanna watch the following:
Business Proposal Crash Landing on You Alchemy of souls Crazy love Vincenzo Hometown Cha cha cha The Guest Glory Lovestruck in the city Flower of Evil Queen for 7 Days
Any insights on these titles & any others I may like?
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2023.06.02 00:30 MindshockPod Kim Kardashian - Rise to frame all a fraud?

How deep do the illuminati rabbit holes go? Was Kim Kardashian's entire rise to fame based on fraud?
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