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2023.03.01 06:12 Main-Ad-6166 Is it possible for me to get an ATI account to practice questions for med surg and other classes ? My school uses elsevier’s sherpath and i don’t particularly find it helpful :(

Any help is appreciated !
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2023.02.06 06:18 HowToCook40Humans How can I ensure a good grade on a test when lecture material and sherpath aren't helpful?

I have a pathophysiology exam tomorrow. I studied for 6 hours today, kept up on reading. I slacked with daily studying but never fell behind on assignments. The things I understand well, I can easily answer. However there are some detailed, specific things that did not appear on lecture slides nor Sherpath reading that popped up on the practice exam. I got a 74% but that had double the questions and I need a 75% to "pass". Should I just prepare to actually read the entire book?
I'm going to sleep and get up early in the morning so I can get some studying in based on questions I got wrong but I don't know what to do. My professor doesn't upload all her edited slides and many times in class states that some stuff isn't needed because "It's just showing you before you take pharm". Tips? This is the 1st exam but the end of semester exam is cumulative so I obviously need to learn it. Thank you.
Edit: The exam was very similar to content gone over and focused on in class along with the Sherpath reading. Crisis avoided.
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2022.10.12 04:07 Advanced_Worker_513 Should I buy extra study resources?

Our school provides evolve elsevier sherpath, which I do EAQs from. I don’t find them super helpful. We also have Kaplan and I sometimes use it but feel like I hardly have any questions or sometimes the rationale is weird. We were given the Saunders nclex book with online access to their question bank. I was wondering if I should purchase something like ATI, uworld, etc. to help me with questions… I graduate in may
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2022.07.02 00:53 cowgirl_meg More detailed quiz-making apps?

Hi, so I'm on Anki and Quizlet already, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any free (ideally) or cheap apps/programs/websites I can use to make review materials which I can share with my classmates.
I'd like the ability to have things like matching questions with an answer bank (Quizlet has matching questions, but often times by necessity since it selects random terms from the set, these are really obvious) and questions where multiple answers are correct, and questions where you can arrange terms in a correct ordeprocess. Basically just more ability to design my own exam and share it with others.
If anyone knows of any utilities like this, please let me know! I have access to Sherpath EAQ but I cannot figure out how to use it. Any help is appreciated!
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2022.03.21 16:16 E11i0t First failed test

Just here to commiserate. I’m in my 4th class and my 1st med surg class and failed the first exam. I did not prioritize it because I had 2 other exams yesterday. My low score is my fault and it is just frustrating.
I could not figure out how to study for this and hopefully I’ll do better now. Our instructors only posted “active learning” worksheets with Sherpath case studies for the first unit and old 2020 lectures for the second. Is anyone else experiencing this lazy type of instruction?
I am obviously having trouble adapting to it.
That’s all. Just a bit distraught but planning to start the next unit this afternoon and better prepare.
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2022.02.21 23:16 lizifer93 Failed 2 exams in a row, help

I’m in med surg 1 and I’ve failed the first two exams. In my program you have to get an 80% average to pass. To pass the class I’ll have to get at least 83 on the next 4 tests. Obviously I’m freaking out right now.
My study methods are to read my chapters, write out and answer the chapter objectives, and put all terms into flash cards on quizlet. and then take notes during lecture. After lecture I use the online questions from our book (we have Lewis 11th edition so I’m using the Sherpath online quizzes). Oh and I’ve done the ATI modules on both test subjects before testing. After I failed the first test I bought the Saunders NCLEX prep book and used that to read their chapter review, do the questions in the book and take their online quizzes as well. I still bombed this test.
I feel like my teacher is vague on what content the test will focus on and therefore I’ve focused too much on stuff that she barely covers on the test. Like for example this test was on diabetes and she made a huge deal in lecture on knowing all the info about DKA, HHS and the different types of insulin. The test was a ton of questions on different meds and barely anything on insulin, and only a few questions were on DKA and HHS.
Any recommendations for how I can adjust my studying? I’ve sent a message to her and to my class group chat asking for advice as well. I feel like I’m the only one struggling so bad and idk what I’m missing. I got a 91 in fundamentals so this is really shocking to me.
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2021.09.11 17:41 VanlachO_o How can I display a certain tag on cards?

I'm wondering if there's a way to display certain tags on the front of cards. I'm trying to do something similar to how the Tango N5 and N4 decks do it:

While this works, it's not very elegant with lots of tags or hierarchical tags. Maybe I'm just using hierarchical tags wrong. I usually do tags like: Pathophysiology Pathophysiology::Unit_1 Pathophysiology::Unit_1::Sherpath
Is there a way that I can display just the first tag listed without having to create a specific card/note type for each subject?
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2021.08.26 23:09 StrawberriesEatKiwi Health Assessment Questions are Confusing me.

I started my first semester of nursing school this week. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the platform, but my professor makes us use Sherpath and take the quizzes. I do the reading, take the notes, the textbook stuff is fine. But… when it comes to certain questions, I’m almost useless. For example, “which statement by a patient would the nurse document as health promotion?” And I didn’t select, “I wear my seatbelt every time I’m in the car,” because to me, when I think health promotion I think physical and emotional status, not technically safety precautions like wearing a bungee when you go rock climbing. It was marked incorrect because I did not select it.
I feel like my critical thinking skills are TERRIBLY low. I was going to ask my professor for office hours so we could go over these questions I’ve got wrong and help me understand why the answers are what they are, but how can I improve the way I think?
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2021.07.16 02:09 reddbearpanda [REQUEST] Nursing School Textbook PDF

Hello! If anyone has these please let me know! HELP

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook (12th ed.)
ISBN: 9780323551120

JARVIS Physical Examination & Health Assessment (8th ed.) - LAB MANUAL
ISBN: 9780323532037

Fundamentals of Nursing (10th ed.)
ISBN: 9780323711340

Understanding Pathophysiology (7th ed.)
ISBN: 9780323681704
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2021.02.05 20:40 madmax79818515 New nursing student here. Our fundamentals professor wants us to use the textbook over the powerpoints... Advice?

Im in my first week of nursing fundamentals and we are using sherpath fundamentals online via elsevieevolve. Basically each chapter comes with an ebook of the chapter, a powerpoint, and a set of condensed lessons that have mini quizzes and a quiz at the end.
If all i had to do were the lessons and the powerpoints i would be happy. The lessons are so much easier to get thru and easier on the eyes opposed reading giant blocks of text.
But our prof recommends reading the ebook to give us better understanding to help us pass our exams. It will take forever to do lessons AND read ebook.
Should i follow what she says or can anypne recommend a better way?
I heard someone here mention ati fundamentals content mastery series pdf but i can't find a downloadable version anywhere. I heard it takes the big chapters and condesnes all the important crap to like a few pages.
Any help would be great :)
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2021.02.05 05:15 animecardude Starting to hate Sherpath. Not the only mistake I've seen in their lessons and EAQs.

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2021.02.02 03:16 docstu2020 Research study on adaptive learning (Sherpath)

Hello Nursing Students!
I am a doctoral student at Capella University. My specialization is nursing education. I am conducting research on student nurse’s experiences with adaptive learning technology.
If you:
Are 18 years or older
Are a nursing student in a prelicensure nursing degree program (associates or bachelors)
Have used adaptive learning technology in any nursing course
Are willing to participate in an interview via Zoom or Skype
Then you are eligible to be in the study and I would love to talk to you!! Ph: 773-666-1081 or Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
This study is confidential and will not include the use of any personal information or nursing school information.
How to enroll in my study: You can email or call me. I will ask you a few questions to confirm your eligibility. If you qualify, then we set up a time that works for you for a one-on-one interview using Zoom or Skype. You will be asked to sign an informed consent form. This is a voluntary study, and you may withdraw at any time.
All participants will receive: A $25 Starbucks e-gift card as a token of my appreciation for your time.
Thank you for your consideration,
Ph: 773-666-1081
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2021.01.27 00:23 animecardude First Exam Success! + Personal Study Tips

Shoutout to this sub for all of the advice given here! Finished my first nursing school exam (Fundamentals) and received a 90% on it. I never thought I'd be so happy to get a 90% since I'm used to getting higher scores during prereqs, but I'll take what I can get. Here are some of the tips I used provided by this sub and from other places:
Find the learning style that works for you. Reading straight from the textbook is possible, but holy hell is the content boring and dry; so much unnecessary fluff that (in my opinion) isn't needed. I read through each of the lessons once, then pounded away on the practice questions. Do them every day! Really hoping to carry this momentum for the rest of Fundamentals.
Hope this helps!
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2021.01.14 17:23 animecardude Fundamentals - Elsevier Adaptive Questions

Hi Y'all!
I'm finishing up my second week of fundamentals. My school uses Fundamentals of Nursing, Yoost (2nd edition) for the book and Elsevier Sherpath EAQs for the NCLEX-syle program. So far, I've completed around 500 practice questions and averaging upper 60's to mid 70's for each chapter covered. I've also reached "intermediate" difficulty questions for all chapters covered at this time.
Is anyone else here using this particular book and Sherpath? I'm wondering if my numbers are pretty decent. Some of my classmates state the questions in Sherpath are a little difficult. I would think the scores I have currently are not too bad for my second week since 77% is passing at my school.
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2020.08.28 18:07 jilltherese80 Sherpath for pathophysiology

Has anyone used Sherpath for patho? If so, how did you best utilize it?
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2020.08.25 04:28 chewy01234 Least expensive legal way to access SHERPATH

Sherpath is the innovative teaching solution featuring an Elsevier eBook tied to interactive digital lessons with built-in assessments and adaptive quizzing
Our class is requiring us to complete assignments in the SHERPATH environment. Does anybody know the cheapest way to get access to this? I already have a used textbook but it doesn't give access to a SHERPATH account for the class.
Are there coupons for Elsevier or can you rent access? I'm just looking for some money saving tips if anyone is familiar with SHERPATH.
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2019.08.27 22:33 Welldonegoodshow Does elsevier/sherpath access code come with ebook version of iggy for med surg?

In APHY we used McGraw-Hill connect, and the access code for connect came with the ebook for my course. Does anyone know if Sherpath/elsevier works the same for the text for med surg 1? The text I’m using is the Iggy medical-surgical nursing: patient centered collaborative care.
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2019.07.24 01:37 edtechx2 Elsevier Sharing

I start my nursing program in a couple weeks and Elsevier (Skills for Nursing and Sherpath for Fundamentals) are both required...and expensive. I was wondering if it is possible to share a login with several classmates and spread the cost.
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2018.10.11 11:32 mollztothawall Surviving Boring Subjects?

How do you all get yourselves to buckle down and (effectively) study subjects that you have absolutely zero interest in? Strategies? Tips?
I am currently struggling to absorb anything from's just not for me and I'm trying to push through. It's like reading the back of a corn starch box in Chinese to me. I sit down and open the power points and my books and kind of just stare at it.
We use HESI and basically all of the Evolve/Elsevier stuff so I've attempted to use the Sherpath quizzes to study. I usually do well for the first 5 minutes and then get bored and blindly guess at answers to get it over with.
PLEASE HELP! thank you.
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2018.01.18 03:57 WookieKook Would the Saunders NCLEX review book be beneficial for a first semester student, or would it be over my head for now?

Hey guys! So I've just entered my first semester of nursing school, and I have read all about the Saunders NCLEX review book on here and how helpful it can be. I'm learning pretty quick that I prefer studying through practice questions, and through my program we use the whole Sherpath EAQ questionnaire website. It's okay, but I feel like I could supplement my learning even more with some other practice questions. Would using Saunders online practice questions be pretty useful for a first semester student, or is it mostly just for those approaching the NCLEX?
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