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2023.06.06 14:42 Harry________- North Korea and SwampAss

North Korea and SwampAss
Somebody needs to show her this film because I believe it’s the only way her 140 IQ brain can learn about North Korea. But it would still probably fail due to her short attention span, gorl will probably end that movie thinking Kim Jong Un doesn’t have a butthole and that’s there’s also fat kids in North Korea.
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2023.06.06 14:41 LifeguardAny3665 If you could have any vehicle from a movie or TV show, which one would it be and why?

Have you ever gotten lost in a strange place? What happened?
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2023.06.06 14:41 LeatherWind5505 What's the funniest dream you've ever had?

If you could be any character from a TV show, movie, or book, who would you be and why?
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2023.06.06 14:40 Any_random-dude 18M CAN looking for more guy friends

Hi, I’m looking to write to guy, age doesn’t really matter to me, but it would be good if your my age or older. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit lonely, and I miss writing to people!. So I want to email someone maybe once a day and just talk about all the things we enjoy! I want to hear about what life is like in your part of the world even if you may not think it to be interesting. I also want a guy who I can share my thoughts with. Here’s a few good reasons to write to me!. I check my email semi religiously, I’m a first year university student majoring in kinesiology, and I am very good at holding a conversation and can keep questions coming very fast. And finally I’m really polite. I’m from Canada btw so that’s probably where it’s from! A few things about myself! I am interested in hockey, wrestling, working out, running, tv shows and reading. My favourite colour is pink, and I follow hockey snd football (fav teams are the leafs and chiefs) I’m also interested in trying new things, So I’m open to trying one of your passions aswell’ Looking forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.06 14:39 sernandefgdf What Is ‘Partridge Family’ Actor Danny Bonaduce Age And Net Worth 2023? The Untold Truth About His Marriage And Illness; Movies & TV Shows

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2023.06.06 14:37 NoBodybuilder2117 If you could live in any TV show, which one would it be and why?

Have you ever had an experience with a ghost or spirit?
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2023.06.06 14:34 ReasonableVanilla633 [chat] 20f looking for some new ppl to talk to

hii im just bored and looking for some new ppl to talk to, im from europe, i like videogames, tv shows, but i can talk about anything so hmu if u want^
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2023.06.06 14:34 film-bookdotcom AND JUST LIKE THAT: Season 2 TV Show Trailer - The SEX AND THE CITY Trio Embark on a New Adventure [Max]

AND JUST LIKE THAT: Season 2 TV Show Trailer - The SEX AND THE CITY Trio Embark on a New Adventure [Max] submitted by film-bookdotcom to tvshowtrailer [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:34 film-bookdotcom AND JUST LIKE THAT: Season 2 TV Show Trailer - The SEX AND THE CITY Trio Embark on a New Adventure [Max]

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2023.06.06 14:34 film-bookdotcom AND JUST LIKE THAT: Season 2 TV Show Trailer - The SEX AND THE CITY Trio Embark on a New Adventure [Max]

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2023.06.06 14:32 Access_Effective Incoming gush about you guys…

I seriously love this sub so much. You guys literally make my day. This is one of the few subs I feel legit comfortable posting in because I know everyone will be so nice and respectful.
Y’all are so sweet to each other, and it’s to the point that the sexy Pedro content is just a bonus because I love talking to you all:)
Plus some of you are freaking hilarious, the one redditor who dresses like Pedro and then the other who created the complicated MFK…you guys have me rolling!
It just goes to show you how great of a guy Pedro is, as his fan base is so freaking sweet.
***Side note: I just watched Bloodsucking Bastards and holy shit that was hilarious! Honestly Pedro was the reason I watched it, but if I was exposed to it prior to my Pedro obsession I’d still love it! It’s really dumb and funny.
If you like workaholics, you will love this movie, gives off a similar vibe.
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2023.06.06 14:31 Alongattach Seeking advice on outside activities to keep children away from excessive TV watching

Hi everyone,
I have two kids, a girl (6) and a boy (4). They're smart and good kids that haven't delivered any problems. But lately, it seems like my children are increasingly drawn to TV, and it's becoming a bit of a struggle to encourage them to engage in other activities. I'm not against TV since they watch lots of educational shows and learn new things, but I want to ensure they also get plenty of fresh air, exercise, and hands-on experiences.
Frankly, I have no idea how to handle this. The toys I bought are abandoned in the backyard, and they haven't even touched them. Both don't seem interested in running around or playing hide and seek. I tried introducing them to sports activities and outdoor games, but they always quickly returned to the TV. They only enjoy the inflatable pool, but I'd prefer something else given the risks.
Their mother (we're recently divorced) says that I should leave the kids alone since they don't make any trouble, but I'm not sure that being stuck inside the whole day is good for them. When I was their age, I loved playing outside and exploring the surroundings.
My friend said I should get them a dog, but my ex is categorically against it, and I can't say I blame her, given that she has a lot on her hands. Someone at work suggested that I buy something like a mud kitchen, saying that his niece spends all her time playing with it. But I'm not sure it would be appealing enough for my kids and compete with the cartoons.
Do you have any ideas for outside activities or toys that could captivate the attention of children their age? I'm open to any suggestions you may have, even if it's a DIY playground or game. I'd greatly appreciate any tips, personal experiences, or recommendations you can provide.
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2023.06.06 14:31 Odd-Calligrapher1620 Steam deck on big screen

Looking to get a steam deck soon I play Xbox every now and then nothing major wanna get back into gaming so thinking of getting steam deck good for when away with work have one question so play Xbox on a 50 inch 4k tv would there be any problems with having the steam deck hooked up to it as in tv to big or won’t show fully on tv
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2023.06.06 14:30 Krol_IBK 28F - 32M couple looking to make friends after moving to Galicia

Hey guys ! As the title says, we moved in Galicia (1h away from Lugo and 1h30 away from A Coruna) a few months ago and we are looking forward to build a new circle of friends here ! :)
Our Spanish isn´t very good yet, but it´s a work in progress which will go even faster once we found buddies to hang out with. We also both speak French and German, if that can helps in any way. We´re into DnB, Goa, Dub, Punk, Metal, Reggae, Ska,... and most definitely down for some concerts and parties. We like to hang around with friends, chilling, playing video games, taking care of our garden and pets, watching TV Shows/movies/animes and laughing at stupid stuff...well like any normal person, I guess. My bf is into trading cards games and would love to find a friend to play with. My thing is acrylic painting and I´d also love to find people that are into art too !
Anyway, if you´re in the area and feel like having two new friends, feel free to contact us :)
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2023.06.06 14:30 AutoModerator Wildcard Tuesday: Shreddit's Off Topic Discussion and REC Center -- June 06, 2023

Greetings from your AVTOMOD. I am very happy to welcome back our Off Topic discussion thread and REC center. This thread is designed to foster community from regulars and lurkers and possibly get more people to participate, as we realize that it's awkward being the person who talks about car repair in the daily discussion thread when everyone else is talking about metal. So we are bringing this back as an experiment to gauge interest and see how it fairs.


Any kind of discussion is welcome here as long as it follows the general guidelines of being decent and civilized. Talk about anything you'd like whether it be something going in with your life or a particular book, tv show or movie you want to discuss.


You may be asking "Why not just go to other music subs to get those recs?" Great question Steve. We think for people who have spent a considerable tiem here that certain users will be known for their knowledge and taste when it comes to metal. This would perhaps lend itself to a sense of trust when it comes to recommending non metal. Additionally, like mentioned before, finding other connections between users strengthens relationships and empowers synergy to a collective acumen. The goal here, like any other thread, is to help other people find new music whether it is metal or hip hop, new or old, on obscure 78 or on spotify. We all love music and probably talk about it too much compared to our peers so lets get even more strange and have more things we can only talk about to strangers on the internet.
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2023.06.06 14:28 hideonhood What are everyone's thoughts on the characters?

I've just recently poweread to catch up to the manga after taking a break since the movie arc, and have been wondering how people feel about the character's progression since then. Do you like the characters and how they do things? Do you hate some of them?
I believe I may have slightly controversial takes on some, and was hoping to compare.
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2023.06.06 14:28 Anonymous_SA I think my partner has an ED

My gf is wonderful, the most authentic, lovely, caring and beautiful person you could ever meet. Her heart is made of pure gold, but she struggles to see the value in herself. She (27) and I (26m) met on social media, about 4 months ago and everything went well: we became friends and eventually fell in love. She used to send me cute pictures of herself regularly, and we used to get on quite well. Initially, I thought she was single, but when we met, I found out that she's been in an unhappy relationship. She has been dating this 31 year old manchild, who uses her car to drive around, and still does ever since they broke up. They dated since she was 15 and she was unhappy with the relationship two years before she and I met. Being together 12 years, he was her first in everything, but she wasn't happy. Let it be known; she didn't cheat on her former bf with me, she eventually broke up with him. And a month later, she and I got together.
The ex still stays in her parents' house, in a separate flat. He drives around with her car wherever he wants; yet she doesn't have access to it. Her dad works constantly until very late in the evening, and when he's not, he goes mountainbiking. He promised that he will help her ex look for another car, but nothing has yet come from the endeavour. When he is at home, he seems to only be present when they have a BBQ every Saturday. Moreover, her brother gets a shit ton of attention from her mother, who constantly breaks down and cries because of him. He had a psychotic episode (not more than a month ago) that rendered him absolutely manic! He had to go to a psych hospital and is now on medication: he also had to leave his weed, because now he is on anti-psychotic meds and constantly depressed after all his friends graduated with their degrees, but he didn't (because of said circumstances). She is always there for him, but nobody ever supports her, I try my best to.
She also still stays with her parents, she has no degree, no stable job, even though she has her own business that seems to sometimes get clients (sometimes not). It doesn't seem like she's actively cultivating clients towards attaining her independence. Her parents are also still financially supporting her ex-boyfriend, and are helping him look for a vehicle after he (initally) sold his a few years back, in order to get another one - yet he didn't. Now, she's stuck without her car, her parents aren't doing much about it. And she bears the brunt of her absent parents who pretend like everything is fine. And so do I...
Now the issue of a (possible) ED comes along: for context, my gf has been diagnosed with anxiety. She drinks sleeping medication, because she also has insomnia, and takes other meds for her hereditary low blood pressure. She's a "walking pharmacy", as she sometimes jokes about it. She slept over at my place twice before, and we have been seeing one another, once every week consecutively, since we met - yes, we are intimate. When we didn't, we would video call in the evenings and watch our favourite TV-shows together, or we'd just have deep conversations.
About two weeks back, she came to sleep over at my place and everything was normal, until I suggested we watch a funny (yet, educational) TV-show about sexuality. She wasn't really receptive to the idea, but later conceded when I suggested politely that we could watch something else, if she'd like. We watched the trailer of the first episode, and I immediately paused because she felt uncomfortable: I tried to inquire why, and she told me that her ex used to watch porn and hide it from her, when they dated. She felt that it violated her, and that he was receiving pleasure from other women's bodies, and subconsciously felt he was comparing her with them. She became extremely self-conscious and started working on herself, because she picked up weight (weighing at most 70kg) and brought it down to 50kg. She was healthy and at peace with herself after being very hard on herself and her exercise routines.
To what extent she was hard on herself, I don't know. All I know is she has a fear of being "fat" again and simultaneously doesn't want to pick uo weight for that reason whilst still building muscle. Since our weekend together, and the TV-show episode (pardon the pun). She withdrew from me, and has since been lost in a vicious cycle of dieting and exercising. She drinks coffee in excess, she drinks fatburners. She always mirror-checked herself, when she was at my place (even before what happened - happened). Eventually she told me that what happened triggered her, and that she needed a little time. And that I need to be patient, she will eventually get over it...
I honestly try my best, but I notice that she's not eating properly (even though she tells me she does), she obsessively works out every day. She weighs herself every day, after her workouts. And she counts calories, while eating half or very little of certain foods. Now she's scheduled for a minor invasive eye surgery, and this brings along a new set of issues in and of itself. She's doubly exercising, drinking excess caffeine (more than she does normally) and all our conversations are either about food, or exercise: there's no depth to our relationship anymore, giving me the idea that she has an ED (a form of Anorexia). She doesn't communicate anything to me, beyond superficialities. And even when we do chat, she's exhausted from her exercise routine! Even when we video call, she keeps her camera off because she feels that she doesn't look her best. And I feel as if I've lost her...
It was her birthday that same weekend we spent together and the trigger episode happened. I gave her a promise ring, last week, when we talked through everything that happened and things felt like it became normal. No matter what I say or do, nothing seems to work. I can't seem to reach her, because she's sucked so far in a void of her own body dysmorphia, and I feel like I can't reach her. Aside from the fact that she has severe trust issues and no friends, this makes things even more difficult. I don't want to give up on her, because I really care for her, and I just need help. Her medical aid is exhausted and her parents can't afford expensive treatments now.
What do I do? Do I do nothing? Do I leave it in her hands? She's on a path of destruction that will ultimately destroy her. Sorry for the long writ, I just have nowhere else to go.
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2023.06.06 14:26 No_Class2481 Have you ever been convinced you were a different animal in your dreams? Share your story.

If you could have any pet from a TV show or movie, which one would it be?
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2023.06.06 14:26 PassengerLast3297 Revolutionize Your Screen-Time With GetPremierIPTV: The Ultimate Destination for Quality Entertainment

Revolutionize Your Screen-Time With GetPremierIPTV: The Ultimate Destination for Quality Entertainment

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2023.06.06 14:25 Shadow_Warrior97 Don't know what I want in life anymore.

Lately I've been trying to find some reason or purpose to my life. I've been trying to take a step back and go one day at a time. I've tried to pick up some old hobbies. I used to like building model cars. I started getting back into this one that I've just been collecting parts for and letting them sit around. I find myself getting quickly frustrated because screws break and or they don't go in, parts don't stay how their supposed to.. I tried to get back into some gaming here and there, but quickly get bored. Tried treating myself to a whole day of binging TV shows/movies I've been wanting to see, but end up feeling like I'm wasting a whole day, and I end up consuming too much unhealthy foods while watching. Kinda bored of malls, especially by myself. But with the increase in mall shoot outs, it's not worth it. Tried really thinking on what I could go to school for or what else I could leave my current job for that would be more enjoyable. But I don't think I'd have enough training or skill to do what I'd want to without going back to school, and that would be expensive and tough with the hours I currently work. I just feel like I'm always working my whole life away, and never have time to just sit back, take a breath and make things better. It's like I need to keep asking for a week off here and there, just to feel like I have an even work/life balance. 2 days off a week isn't even to do everything. It's always "I'll go to the gym next weeken", "I'll check out that museum next weekend", next weekend, next weekend.. it never happens. Working to live and living to work is such a joke.
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2023.06.06 14:25 reddituser070707 Warning about doxycycline

This is a warning to anyone taking or thinking about taking doxycycline.
I know everyone has a different experience with antibiotics, but just something to keep in mind!
I was taking doxycycline not for HS but for a tooth abcess. I know Doxycycline is commonly prescribed for HS.
Just please just know that this antibiotic can cause psychological effects. It can cause anxiety, psychosis,hallucinations and suicidal thoughts.
I thought I was going crazy. I was getting an insane amount of intrusive thoughts, suicidal ideations, and just feeling like a zombie. It was the weirdest and most uncomfortable feeling I've ever felt. It felt like I was actually losing my mind. And it was terrifying. I couldn't even finish my round of antibiotics. And I almost checked myself into the hospital. I couldn't even watch a movie or show on netflix without getting extremely irritated with the actors and things the did and didn't do, or if i felt like they were speaking too slow. It was so fucking weird!
I had no idea that antibiotics can cause psychological problems until I searched it, because that was the only new thing I've changed in my routine. And seeing the reviews people have left about it, confirmed exactly what I was going through.
People that weren't even depressed or had any previous mental health problems were experiencing these side effects! Which is crazy to me. Thankfully I started to feel somewhat normal again 2 days after I stopped. I will do everything in my power to avoid taking antibiotics in the future. They are horrible for your body anyways.. and clearly can be for your brain too!
Some people feel less intense side effects as well, just some anxiety and mild depression.
I just felt I needed to come on here and warn people!
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2023.06.06 14:25 supergiantnerd Father Tries to Save Daughter from Satanic Cult.

There's a movie I saw back in the early 2000s that I would like to find and watch again. I'm fairly certain it was a made-for-tv movie.
My memory is vague, but the strongest parts for me are a 20-something woman an older man (possibly her father) are running from a satanic cult that wants to use her to birth the anti-christ.
If I recall correctly, the movie ends with an uneasy feeling where the bad guys win.
Thanks for any information that may help me find this movie.
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