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2023.05.30 11:23 Vyperpunk LUA errors

I use Elvui and plater and on one character only I have started getting lua erros for nameplates, Ive used the same profiles as the ones that are working fine but its throwin up so many errors Ive had to use console command to stop it showing.
The error seems to be when I go into combat the nameplate above the enemy npc disappears halfway through killin it.
Anyone have any ideas how to solve it?
went to reinstall elvui in tukui client but that seems to be throwing .net errors at me now
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2023.05.28 14:43 LeagueofLaggin [HELP] ElvUI Updating, How To?

ElvUI came out with a new update. Why do I feel like if I delete the whole addon, add in the new files, it will delete all my profiles?
How do I do this making sure everything stays the same, including my profiles on ElvUI?
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2023.05.28 02:18 Chexmix15 [help] with Elvui

Anyone know how to make the Elvui version of the raid control bar show? Currently, it’s showing the blizzard ui version of the raid control. I’ve checked every setting I can think of and can’t figure out why it’s showing the blizz ui version. I’m currently using Quazii’s Elvui profile and shadow and light.
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2023.05.27 17:25 ChemistHorror ELVUI, nameplates and WOTLK tanking.

Hi folks,

I've recently started Druid tanking in WOTLK as I never really tanked in that expansion before, only healed back in the day. I use ELVUI, imported my profile from Retail WoW but it hasn't imported my nameplate settings.
For example, when tanking in Retail, the mobs that are hitting me are green, purple if the offtank has them and red if nobody has threat.
In WOTLK they are red when hitting me and green when not. I've looked through the settings and can't figure out how to change it besides making the 'bad' colour green and 'good' colour red but that messes with things when I play my DPS and healing characters :/ I'm assuming it's like this as Druid doesn't have a separate tank spec in WOTLK.
Does anyone have a fix for this?
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2023.05.22 15:43 Malesto For anyone else who uses ELVUI, I took a break at the beginning of shadowlands and I'm just now returning. Updating everything, I log in, and my ELVUI is not working properly, my action bars are the standard blizzard ones and its very off. I have a backup, is there any way to fix it?

Trying to return my blizzard UI to my ELVUI setup. I have backups, but trying to use them does nothing with the new UI, it just uses blizzard's default stuff with fragments of ELVUI around. Is it possible to get my old profile back through my backup, or did dragonflight require a full redo due to blizzard implementing their own?
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2023.05.09 13:15 Minimum-Marsupial240 Keybinds

Anyone knows how can I load keybinds "profile" from another character? I am using ElvUI and I am setting the keybinds from there.
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2023.05.06 22:39 Zealousideal_Act2487 Must Have Addons (Havoc DH)

Hey everyone, im currently using only bartender 4 and i dont like it, something like elvui would probably be better but i dont understand how to set it up. Also i installed weakauras but it dont seem to work or i dont know how to set it up as well.
Can you recommend me some other addons as well? For names, profiles etc. You can just tell me what your favourite and "Cant do without it" addon as well!
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2023.04.16 04:10 jiberishift JiberishUI Trenchy [ui]

JiberishUI Trenchy [ui]
Trenchy profiles now included in the JiberishUI installer! https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/jiberishui
Trenchy has made 2 PIXEL PERFECT M+ focused ElvUI profiles leveraging Eltruism & mMedia Tags. Check out our discord for more info & join the awesome UI community! https://discord.gg/jr5w8ArzAx
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2023.03.27 16:41 Snichy Invictus [UI] - Updated & Available

Further to THIS post on my ElvUI design, I have uploaded the profile to Wago, which can be found here along with details as well as the Plater profile, for anyone interested: Invictus UI Wago.io
You will need ElvUI, ToxiUI and Windtool downloaded as well as Plater & Details.
Never shared a UI through ElvUI before so if anything goes wrong or any questions, let me know.
Bonus video of it being updated with new font, which I created from Gotham called Gotham Condensed All Capital, which I can upload somewhere if anyone likes it.
(1) Invictus UI (v0.2) - YouTube
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2023.03.13 20:59 Reqquiiem [help] Shading around icons and bars?

[help] Shading around icons and bars?

meowcactus hunter aura pack
This image belongs to the hunter aura pack made by meowcactus. I noticed that it has a nice shader around the icons and bars (also the class, target and party frames). At first I thought it was something from elvui. But I installed his elvui profile and the shading is not part of the configuration. So I was wondering if it's part of another addon, plugin or masque.
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2023.03.12 21:23 SaltKick2 [HELP] Plater profile different for Raids?

I am trying to figure this out. When I am in a raid, it seems my plater profile for friendly nameplates changes: it no longer uses class colors, and I can see a cast bar.
When I am at the target dummies in a group (or raid) everything works as normal - I see player names as their respective class colors and no cast bar.
I use elvui but have double checked that the nameplates used by elvui are turned off. I do not see a separate setting for raid instance vs non-raids.
Anyone have experience with this?
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2023.03.11 22:23 MonzerK [help] How to copy specific things from Elvui profile ?

Hello everyone , I wonder if I can copy somethings not the whole profile from Elvui for example if I want to import only nameplates is that possible ?
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2023.03.06 23:34 LetWeekly9409 Enemy unit frames with weird intervals [help]

Enemy unit frames with weird intervals [help]
So I have been using elvui and i use the same profile among all my toons, but for some reason the bar on the unit frames on my dk that tracks "energy" has weird intervals. On the other hand my DH has 0-100. I am doing a tank swap for my group for mythic grimtotem and need to track energy effectively. I have no idea how to fix this or what setting it may be in my unitframes. Any help is appreciated. Apologies if the image does not really help much wasnt sure how else to show.
I did use my own toon as an example for energy show below the nameplate.
Edit: as looking as the screenshot its probably awful to help as it does not show much I will try asap if no answers to do a grimtotem kill to show the energy example (apologies in advance).
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2023.03.06 00:52 shale_is_terrible [HELP] Setting up single UI for all characters.

Hi, I'm sick of setting up UI for all of my characters separately. Are there addons that let you save variables of other add-ons and then replicated them with one button and preferably share it? Or is it not possible due to how variables are stored.
I know some add-ons have "Default" profile but it's a bandaid fix and is not applicable to all addons. Are there maybe third party tools that let you do it?
A lot of ElvUI edits have their own installers that let you set Profiles for other add-ons, so I was thinking if there are addons that can do the same thing.
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2023.03.01 14:31 Tasty_Shock_8298 Wow classic wotlk drops FPS like crazy

So this might be a long text but I can't for the love of God understand what is going on. I saw a thread about this on reddit but he got no replies that could solve the issue so maybe I have more luck. First of all I will push the specs :)
I have the zephyrus g15 with GTX 3060
AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS with Radeon Graphics 3.30 GHz
Running windows 11 pro.
Playing in performance mode (tried turbo but didnt increase performance)
When I play wow classic wotlk (which is the only game I play) I have insane FPS drops the second I go into a raid and people start casting spells and whatnot. When standind still in Dalaran, know to be slow, I have a solid 90 fps with the settings 5/10 and projected textures of In ironforge I had 200+. During yesterdays raid I was about 44-55 fps with drops down to 35ish. I ran with setting 1/10 and everything possible turned off just to try. I do not run any insane addons, just Elvui, DBM, details and Weak aura.
What seems to be the issue is that the CPU will stay at around 45-60% power. The temp is around 60-70 degrees celcius so not that it is burning up.
I have not changed anything in the bios or whatever, no overclocking (since CPU isnt running anyway near 100% I reckon it wont be of any use). I have set the game to auto select the GPU.
I have checked the power settings to make sure it runs at 100% when plugged in.
I have tried the enery scheme settings and disabled it, also tried it enabled and no difference at all besides that the fans go woosh.
I have checked so that the game isnt capped at any particular frame rate (tho I noticed when I had the settings to silent it never ever went above 60 fps in game, but much lower in raids)
In windows settings under Graphics I have "let windows decide (high performance)" for the game.
I did run the UserBenchmark and it showed nothing wrong.
My friend runs the lenovo legion 5 and he has no FPS drop whatever. Called ASUS support and they had no clue and said "well maybe dont run windows 11 pro since it is still a beta" (which I doubt it is)

Added a WOW screenshot as well as the power settings for the profile I run when I play.

Any help at all is appreciated, or any input for that matter if you have/don't have the same issues that I do.
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2023.02.09 23:30 Few-Mycologist-5969 Is there any way to recover lost keybinds and macros?

I logged in a few minutes ago and decided to level an old alt I haven't touched in a while. I had ELVUI active on that toon but stopped using it on my main characters. Not entirely sure what happened but when I logged back into my main every single addon I have installed was active, my UI was back to default settings and my bars were empty. I turned off the ones I don't use and then realized I'd lost every single keybind I had set. All I have now is 1-9 on bar 1. I'm using dominos and tried to reload my saved profile but still have only 1-9. I thought that was bad and then I opened my macro's to start putting my bars back together and they are all gone, every single one both character specific and account wide. Really hoping there's some way I can revert this as I'm on the verge of cancelling my subscription.
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2023.02.06 21:17 theDonutFox88 [Other] Non ElvUI repositories?

There seem to be a number of sites for ElvUI profile downloads. Does anyone know of any sites for SUF/Pitbull profile strings, or various other addon profiles?
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2023.02.06 21:06 queasyqtip No import profile button?

No import profile button?
I'm trying to import an Elvui profile but after I hit import profile, this pops up and theres no button to press to import the profile string. Any help?
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2023.01.30 11:48 TheRonsinkable [help]Importing addon settings on new device.

i have recently started traveling around as part of my job and am thereby away from my computer weeks on end.
I had a very customized UI catered to my liking, spent tens of hours pixelperfecting layouts etc. This is now gone when playing on my laptop. Some addons (Elvui Threatplates WA) have profiles which you can export/import, but OPIE for example doesn't have this.

My question - is there any way to fully import my PC addon settings onto my laptop?
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2023.01.21 21:35 kikoka3yf Felbite - Private Server Realms (Help Needed)

Hello everyone!
Felbite has grown a lot during the past months and we are extremely thankful to the people that chose us as their addon provider. Also big thanks to our official partners that are helping us grow.
We've recently introduced a new section on the website - Private Server Realms. On this page, you will be able to browse and learn basic information about the currently active private server realms. The page is still new and we are looking for someone who can help us populate it. If you are someone, who is playing on multiple private servers and know a thing or two about them, message us on Discord if you are willing to help us make this page better.
What is Felbite?
Felbite is one of the biggest World of Warcraft private servers websites, offering Addons, ElvUI profiles, WeakAuras, Guides, Lists, and more. The site attracts nearly 20,000 unique users and an average of 160,000 page views every month.
Felbite: https://felbite.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/EzQCEffQdB
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2023.01.19 22:23 FalconRunner11 [HELP] How to adjust NPC dialog window font? [ElvUI?]

The font in NPC dialog windows is different for one of my characters than all the others. This character in particular was created during Dragonflight pre-patch (so after the UI changes were in), while the others are 6+ years old. I feel like the issue is with ElvUI (as there don't appear to be any font options in the stock Blizzard settings), but the problematic character has copied over the same ElvUI profile as the others. Moreover, I can't seem to find any discrepancies in my ElvUI settings between this character and the others. What am I missing?
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2023.01.18 13:21 777marc Arrrgghhhh! ElvUi

Why is it, every other update to ElvUi mucks things up? This time, data texts don’t work/have gone missing for addons that are actually installed, copying from a profile doesn’t work, amongst other niggles. Just leave it alone if it works. 😡
Yes. I have given feedback on tukui. But arrrggghh !!
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