Noelle x asta fanfic

What's your favouwite Nijika contest submission?

2023.06.05 14:45 DomoandFinch What's your favouwite Nijika contest submission?

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2023.06.05 11:21 jess-angel101 Naruto X bleach

Naruto with a sword
Hey everyone, I am writing a fanfic a Naruto X bleach.
I need help thinking on a sword to give him, both shakai and bonkai.
Any help would be appreciated feel free to post pics in the comments.
If I pick your idea I'll even add your name as a thank you!
The premise is this: When Ichigo is trying to escape the shattered shaft, he finds him self as the reincarnation on Naruto with the kurma inside of him. That will be is sword spirit. Naruto died of old age, but because of who Naruto is and the fact the Ichigo is still a teen, it's going to be a mix of Ichigo and teen Naruto, but in battle his battle IQ will be high and the serious side will be shown.
Edit: I was thinking as a sword Samehada but instead of "shark skin" it's "fox fur" it can be soft to the touch or hard as steel.
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2023.06.05 10:43 jess-angel101 Naruto with a sword

Hey everyone, I am writing a fanfic a Naruto X bleach.
I need help thinking on a sword to give him, both shakai and bonkai.
Any help would be appreciated feel free to post pics in the comments.
If I pick your idea I'll even add your name as a thank you!
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2023.06.05 09:29 Astra_Arc Faust The White Mist

I've been thinking about this idea the whole night. First fanfic I've ever written. Final ID for Faust during her chapter
Faust L.corp remnant, uptying tier EX, The White Mist
Uptying requirements: 500 threads, 300 Faust EGO shards, chapter 12-x to be completed, special item (guiding thread Faust perhaps)
Story: Despite the absurdly huge amount of individual you can encounter in the city, it's almost impossible to find someone you really need
Our research facility slowly grows, but we've encountered a seemingly unbreakable ceiling
To extract matter from human subconscious, a phenomenal task requiring the most exceptional individual
Who knew we encounter one of them in the backstreets of all places?
While giving one of my speeches to the city folks, we've been stopped by a grade 2 fixer
White hair, pale skin, a high quality silk that made her clothing and eyes staring into the void, as if thinking about something grand
She seems out of place in this dusty and gloomy area, as if she somehow escaped the incurable disease that have been plaguing the minds of everyone in the city for ages
My words has caught her attention and she proposed to join my side
Her unusual intellect and wit was already enough to give her a position as a executive of the wing
But she chose the life of fixer
Gathering intel, giving valuable advices and eliminating threats in the city
Getting to this high grade and progressing even further seems almost trivial to her
And yet she chose us
Perhaps she's already knew who we are?
My friends and colleagues protested inviting her in, pointing out high possibility of her being a spy, sent to destroy us from the inside
But i knew that wasn't the case
Carmen: "Faust, I have an amazing news for you!"
Faust: "Have Faust's instructions finally paid off?"
Carmen:"Exactly! Using the right dosage of Cogito we've managed to extract a special equipment"
It was a solid black scythe emitting eerie sound with each swing
It's painful to hear it, nevermind actually wield it, yet holding it produces a weird melody that only wielder can hear
A soothing yet sinister music, trying to break wielders mind
Carmen: "While this weapon might be crude and even weaker than a sword you have right now, it's certainly have a near infinite potential, given the right wielder"
Faust: "Faust's knowledge in music is not as great as you might think, however I guarantee that with enough time, Faust will be well acquainted with this power"
In the midst of battle, a cacophony of painful screams, broken bones and grinding metal is broken by indescribable melody
Each swing tore the air in the most beautiful yet terrifying way, stunning any combatants senseless
Child swiftly slash enemies trying to escape the dreaded song
Each of her steps, her breath and even blinks was in rhythm with the melody
After the battle a weapon starts talking to the child
Not a rare occurrence, but something that have been happening quite a lot since child grow familiar with a scythe
???: "Da capo! From break and ruin the most beautiful performance begins"
???: "You shall become the conductor for the most beautiful performance this world is yet to see"
???: "As the symphony would come to an end, a new one would emerge from the ruins"
???: "An endless cycle of immortal art"
Faus: "Faust respects your admiration for the art of music, yet I must decline your proposition"
Faust: "To live in an endless cycle, means endless stagnation"
Faust: "Inability to move forward and experience something new, a true hell for researcher like me"
Faust: "Thousands or millions of years in a loop would bring only pain and despair to everyone, a fate more horrible than anything the world can give"
In a bright light, followed by resonating humming, child unlocked something new
In the midst of battle, the area came to a complete silence
Child, wearing a set of complete EGO, cover the entire battlefield in the mist
No sound can be heard, combatants slowly losing their mind enable to see or hear
A coloured fixer swiftly slides from enemy to enemy until nothing remains
Only the music that no one can hear, but everyone can listen to stays
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2023.06.05 06:36 Silent-Moose-72 12x5 AR 55 Asia Server LF: Hu tao + Yelan both with sig

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2023.06.05 05:48 satiricalquip Hello. Does anyone want to hear my X files fanfic idea? I just be high and pondering aliens. It’s not the whole story just a lengthy idea. If not that’s cool it’s a lot of words man.

Fun x files fanfic idea: The typical depiction of aliens that we know with the big head and big black oblong eyes 👽 are just us from the future because of millions/billions of years of evolution. The massive big eyes are from evolution because now we all use screens so much and use our eyes until they ache and dry out that they eventually we evolved to be big ol wet hardly blinking eyes. Hands loose digits and end up being three long creepy fingers because we don’t use our hands as much and don’t need detailed digits because telepathy evolves to be a real thing hence that big ol head for big ol brains. The grey skin could be from adapting to lack of vitamin D or whatever because it’s dark there cuz the sun don’t hit anymore idk.
So aliens are not aliens they’re us evolved billions of years in the future, okay cool right. So Mulder be searching for aliens his whole life like he do and he starts to learn conspiracy theories about how lots of people are starting to believe aliens are just us from the future. Maybe the one of the lone gunmen guys finds super compelling proof of it and tries to tell Mulder but he’s in denial but it’s becoming a community on Reddit and a movement in conspiracy groups. Many people are on board to believe aliens are just future us based on sightings or some shit maybe. But Mulder eventual meets with the aliens and it’s kind like huge for him like meeting god and he’s happy but then he’s angry because he feels his wholes life’s work was bullshit because they tell him that since aliens is us we really be alone in this universe and their science found the end of the universe so it’s a big ol box or something like we’re just gods fucked up terrarium blah blah I won’t get into that.
So we’re the only planet with human/human esque life or any life at all. Like maybe there was many rad liveable planets that we eventually found that were ripe with life but some human bullshit happened and everyone is gone and we’re the last remaining life on the planet. Idk. That seems like it hits more because I think that is totally plausible in reality. But all that makes Mulder spiral into this fuck everything depression like my whole life I’ve just been searching for alien life and it’s just us kinda thing (or he is sad it’s all gone idk) and he’s like “its nothing Scully! this is nothing and we’re it!” So that really don’t hit for him but after a while Mulder gets his shit together and stops drinking or whatever he be doing because of sadness and he realizes he can try to work with the aliens to help the future and help other dead planets idk.
But all that being said he starts to think covid or some covid like panini was done by the future aliens now to try to kill some of our worlds worst people or kill masses because their future population is insane and they gotta cull masses because everyone is starving (them long gray skinny bodies bro, they ain’t got no nutritions) and he has to deal with the ethical dilemma that helping future us could hurt innocent people now and that whole back and forth and he is down for the death because he is like this is the only “us” in the universe and we gotta save future us but Scully is like as a medical professional this is unethical I won’t stand for it we can’t let it happen and that whole back and forth. But like maybe a shitty alien that has to save his future kid or some shit leaks the virus out anyways or commits some wild atrocity in history for the same reason. And like some missed assassinations can be blamed on aliens with bad sir or some shit, and like any attempted on on sHitlers life in the past were future aliens that really fucked up.
But it’s a super creative idea to think that alien sightings are just future humans because we learned time travel.
Thanks for reading ✌🏻 (edited for some typos)
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2023.06.05 04:21 Ocean_Cringe A friend has depression and I'm getting really concerned for them

So I (FtNB, 13) have a friend, let's call them A (trans FtM, 13) who was diagnosed with depression last year. He has a Wattpad account and I just got one and then followed their account. When I checked their community tab everything was normal (for him), like thinking of drawing a sexy version of the lorax, going nuts over a style (stan x kyle) fanfic, until April 27th of this year. It was talking about how he feels terrible trying to make other people happy and 'attention hogging' and how he feels selfish for trying to get attention from people who are much smarter and prettier than he is and that nobody likes him. Honestly, he avoids attention from people that aren't his friends, he is the prettiest from our friend group, he is much smarter than me (he gets straight As while I get As and Bs), and I literally have a small crush on him. He also back in December had a post about hoe the only thing preventing him for doing... you know... was that Young Royals season 5 wasn't out yet. I don't want him to do anything drastic but I don't know what to do. I can't come forward about my crush on him since he is dating someone. He is already going to therapy, and I can't think of anything else. He has so many posts before those ones so if I tell him he'll think I'm weird. I really need help here!
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2023.06.05 04:19 urgod42069 No way 😳! Karthus dug up my long-lost Gragas x Garen fanfic! And I think he's a big fan, too! 😁 (check it out in the comments!)

No way 😳! Karthus dug up my long-lost Gragas x Garen fanfic! And I think he's a big fan, too! 😁 (check it out in the comments!) submitted by urgod42069 to GarenMains [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 04:17 urgod42069 No way 😳! Karthus dug up my long-lost Gragas x Garen fanfic! And I think he's a big fan, too! 😁 (check it out in the comments)

No way 😳! Karthus dug up my long-lost Gragas x Garen fanfic! And I think he's a big fan, too! 😁 (check it out in the comments) submitted by urgod42069 to GragasMains [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 02:50 theryman Zoo map

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2023.06.05 02:32 Worldly-Mission8840 Harry Potter au evillious Chronicles lust arc idea

Evillious Chronicles lust arc x Harry Potter So what do you guys think of what if sateriasis/cherubim venomania was a wizard
So I had fanfic series idea seeing how harry and cherubim are similar since they have been abused
But yea imagine sateriasis/cherubim doing wizard school and while I'm at
What Hogwarts house would fit every character from evillious Chronicles lust arc
Would gumina be in Slytherin or Gryffindor ravenclaw Hufflepuff
So feel free to comment your opinion of this fanfic idea
Hope you guys like this au idea
And should cherubim venomania be in Gryffindor or Slytherin what you guys think
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2023.06.05 00:20 Kekibon Tagged as spoilers cuz it's their past selves but have some Yoruko and Hajime art because I seriously love Hajime x Yoruko 💀 aside from megumi x yoruko I've possibly made more fanfics and art of them than their actual other ships 💀

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2023.06.04 23:16 urgod42069 No way 😳! Karthus dug up my long-lost Gragas x Garen fanfic! And I think he's a big fan, too! 😁

No way 😳! Karthus dug up my long-lost Gragas x Garen fanfic! And I think he's a big fan, too! 😁 submitted by urgod42069 to LeagueOfMemes [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 23:01 S-h-o-k-v-a-l-u Question(s) about the next time?

So, I know most are talking about how they don't seem to be interested in the fight or know where they're from, but as someone who keeps hearing a lot of good things about Hunter X Hunter but needs to check it out, feel it's a good push for me to actually watch some before the episode comes out (did a similar thing with the Deku VS Asta announcement, a big push to finally watch Black Clover in the hype). Considering the same for Misaka, but need to ask from those who know he well in the sub, what's the actual first entry in her series (can't seem to tell the differences between Magical Index, Scientific Accelerator, or Scientific Railgun).
Also curious which symbol people think this is. Can see the beaker since I hear science being a big factor in some places and previously bought into the counter clockwise thing on the cipher, but since I don't know much about them, am curious to hear people's thoughts.
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2023.06.04 19:25 C4RD_TP_SG Thanks to this game, I finally got my first commission as an artist

So I recently posted my Kafka x Stelle fusion on Pixiv, and i started getting requests from people to make fusions for them and the first one who actually DMed me his request was to make a Stelle-Asta-March-7th fusion.
See y'all later when i finish it
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2023.06.04 18:13 lunamoonvenus What kind of FanFics do you like Self-Inserting into?

Do you Self-Insert only in FanFics that are Reader x Character? Or on Character x Character too? ^-^ On Character x Character FanFics do you prefer OCs or Canon Characters to Self-Insert into or any is fine? ^-^
For me any is fine... :3 I can Self-Insert well in most Characters written in a Female or Gender Neutral/Gender Ambiguous way... ^-^ Reader x Character or Character x Character are both fine by me! ^_^ Canon or OCs are all fine too! :3 ^-^
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2023.06.04 10:34 Missytp2 Does anyone know anything like this? Very loosely based on this

So theres this fanfic type that I really need. Its basically where another girl (literally any girl, another classmate, a new student, even a villain) likes Izuku and wants to get with him but Uraraka obviously likes him too, lots of jealously. (Idk if izuku likes this girl back or likes Ochako or what, just anything like that) Preferably izuocha endgame but idm. Thanks x
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2023.06.04 07:52 My_Darling_Aspen Fanfics

Anyone know of any completed fanfics? Specifically YoonBum x reade y/n Or YoonBum x Sangwoo x y/n? I have been searching on Wattpad for the longest time and I have read all the good ones I had. If you have any suggestions please let me know 🖤🖤
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2023.06.04 06:58 Competitive-Hall3176 creo que mi amiga me robo y no se que pensar

creo que mi amiga me robo cuando me quede a dormir en su casa.
una noche me quede a dormir en casa de mi amiga, cuando me desperte de mi mochila faltaban mi labial faborito y algunas cosas de cotillon (veniamos de una fiesta) yo le pregunte por mi labial y las otras cosas y ella me dio largas como: seguro se te cayo- capas que en la fiesta te abrieron la mochila etc. etc. se desentendio, pero yo estoy muy segura de que esas cosas no se quedaron en la fiesta, las vi por ultima vez en su casa antes de dormirme. pero ignore mi instinto y le dije que despues le preguntaba a la anfitriona de la fiesta (una amiga en comun) por las cosas perdidas y no pense mucho en eso porque en realidad eran solo unas pocas cosas que no valian nada (almenos no economicamente) si no fuera porque ocupaban bastante lugar en mi mochila no me enteraba, lo que me duele no son las cosas, es que en ningun momento desconfie de ella y crei ciegamente en su versión de la fiesta
pero todo hizo clik cuando hoy nos vimos en un evento y asi de la nada saco el tema super nerviosa preguntando si lo encontre y que me dijo x amiga en comun... soy su amiga se cuando miente
con este "clik" me acorde que un tiempo antes encontre otra cosa mia en su casa pero como era algo insignificante lo deje pasar como un error, igual que cuando veia mis utiles en su mochila pensaba que solo se le olvidaba darmelos cuando se los prestaba y que todo era un error o un descuido igual que esa noche, nunca me imagine que fuera intencional (asta el dia de hoy) porque bueno, es mi amiga ¿no?
¿estoy sobrepensando mucho? ¿o ella tiene un problema real? sobrepienso las cosas que me ponen mal y me gustaria una opinion imparcial.
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2023.06.03 23:54 Stop-Hanging-Djs I don't like how Bleach fights are structured and paced

So with shonen I'd say a majority of fights are decided by hax or bigger number. But even in those series that abuse those story beats, there are usually a decent number of moments in which power or hax aren't the deciding factors. To my memory, this isn't the case in Bleach. Most fights in Bleach are determined by bigger hax/number. Let me try to demonstrate other factors utilized well with other series, that Bleach lacks.
The momentum of the fight and how it shifts
So, in most interesting fights you want to shift whoever has the advantage around or at the very least shift how much of an advantage the overdog has around to keep it interesting. Bleach does do this but usually only in one flavor. It's “I'm winning because now my Hax is stronger or number is bigger due to this power up”. Here are some alternative examples for context
In Hunter X Hunter there were fights in which the winner or person who held the most advantage won not because one power was stronger or had overwhelming hax off the bat, but because the winning combatant was patient and slowly built their advantage. Morel vs Cheetu for example and Knuckle vs Youpi. The momentum of the fight slowly, strategically and meticulously shifted.
Or multiple characters working together in which one uses their power to make a sacrifice or open up an advantage for their teammate to exploit and win the day. Black Clover does this a ton and One Piece is pretty good about this too. How many fights in Black Clover in which the Bulls or other make a play to give Asta an advantage? Or side characters running interferance or supporting the Straw Hats? Doflamingo vs Luffy and Kaido vs Luffy for example.
In contrast Bleach is almost always “I'm overwhelmingly winning, no I am overwhelmingly winning” 1 v 1s. The push and pull in the pacing of the fights are usually too binary in that one combatant has a overwhelming advantage until the other does. Fights aren't usually too close, the momentum shifts are almost always dramatic and they're almost always in the configuration of 1v1s
And on that note
Applying powers creatively
Alright Imma use the easiest straightest example of Bleach not doing this you've all heard before. Ichigo Kurosaki. All he does is slash hard and shoot beam. That's how he fights, and he almost never really does anything different. I don't like it cause it got dull real quick in my opinion. And a lot of characters apply their power sets in straightforward limited ways
Jojo's in which a not outwardly fatal power applied creatively in the right environment can prove deadly. Survivor, Both shrinking stands and most of Jolyne and Josuke's fights etc. Hunter x Hunter with Knuckle, Morau, Kurapika and many others.
There are a lot of examples of novel and interesting applications of powers so I won't go too much farther
An environment in a battle can be written to be integral. And this usually adds a dynamic and unique element to fights as the environment shifting can change the parameters of the fight or the environment can add or subtract a huge advantage to the combatant. Jojo's for example has a ton of fights in which the setting defines the fights. The “cat and mouse” hunt with Josuke vs Kira and the rat fight. Bruno vs Pesci and his brother on the train. In these fights the environment can be a physical hazard that can kill a combatant or grant one combatant a huge fight defining advantage over another.
Even DBZ on occasion tries to have the location matter. Don't believe me? Remember the times the Z Fighters go “Oh shit we can't fight here! He'll destroy Earth!” or “Let me run and hide while we come up with something”. Vegeta was making false moons to power himself up, Picollo and Master Roshi have destroyed the fucking moon to prevent the enemy from gaining an advantage. Villains would blow up the planet because “I can breathe in space and you can't”. Hell even with Frieza, Goku was using the water and the fact Frieza didn't really have good sensing skills to get some good hits in.
In Bleach since they're all float ghosts with DBZ movements, as far as I can remember the environment don't really have any characteristics and as such the setting doesn't matter for the fights in Bleach. For the most part in Bleach if the fights were in a DBZ empty field, an arena with ring outs or a confined house and it wouldn't make a difference. Most we got of acknowledging location in Bleach is the DBZ trope of “we can't fight here because collateral”
Final thoughts/ TLDR;
Do fights always need these factors to be good? No not necessarily. Are these metrics objective criteria for good shonen fights? Of course not. But the frequent absence of all off these factors do make Bleach's fights dull in my opinion. Mostly because imo they're mechanically and environmentally simple and can get real predictable with the pacing and “flow” of the fights.
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2023.06.03 21:37 ComfortableTie60 Any suggestions

Any suggestions
How could I make him ?
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2023.06.03 18:55 Medium_Ad2512 Como una película de miedo

Esto me pasó hace muy poco, yo estaba en mi cuarto y me quedo viendo video y luego me acuesto, apago la tele. yo estaba sola en casa y mi casa es parecida a una "vecinda" ya que ahí un pasillo con muchas casas y todo cerrado el tema esque yo voy a la sala a buscar el cargador y escucho como alguien se ríe, desde mi cuarto al principio pienso que es la tele pero escucho que se ríen más fuerte y ahí recordé que yo ya había apagado la tele agarre mi celu y salí afuera, estaba muy asustada y con miedo le iba a avisar a mi padre pero tenía 1% y yo me quedé afuera. intentaba ver x la ventana pero alavés tenia miedo pasó una hora y yo abrí la puerta pero era algo que no me dejaba. Me asuste y subí al techo ya que había una escalera la cual llevaba arriba. Me quedé ahí asta que vino mi padre yo no le conté nada. Pero ahora me quedé con la duda que fue lo que escuché xq al principio, pensé que la tele se podía aver prendido sola pero nunca lo sabré y esperemos que sea que la tele se allá prendido y no otra cosa y algo random fue que yo siempre pensé que eso de que tu teléfono siempre está sin carga en un momento importante solo pasaban en la prliculas pero confirmo que no es asi. Ustedes que dicen que fue?
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