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A place to share many of the Split-Depth GIFS, you know the ones with the 3D effect by using white lines.

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Good morning Paul. What will your first sequence of the day be?

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Post deals for manga, anime, anime figures and other related items!

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2023.06.06 15:05 gracienyx For my man who was

I miss the way you used to call me bobe.
A nickname only you and I could know.
My favorite gift from you a Hogwarts robe
you gave me just to see my smile glow.
On Saturdays your waffles woke me up.
You always were a culinary king.
You'd pour my morning coffee in my cup
and hum a tune while doing your own thing.
You put up with my moods and held my hand
through manic episodes on several wards.
I didn't have to make you understand.
It's so unfair that death was your reward.
You widowed me too early closest friend.
The hole you left me only time will mend.
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DTE 20 yr Pure White MD (drops tonight at 5pm MST)
Good morning 101! Today I sampled this fine White MD from Down To Earth Botanicals for breakfast. For the sake of transparency, I want to state that I rarely use whites. Not that they aren't good, but they don't seem to work as well for me as greens and reds. However this was not the case with DTE's 20 yr Pure White MD. This has an insane burn, and I can still feel the uplifting energetic side. I haven't felt this good, this early in the day in longer than I can remember! I really like the way it tastes as well, my cup of tea was gone in a flash today. Many of you already know that DTE never disappoints, but if you are new around here this is your sign! This product, along with 2 greens and a red will be available this evening at 5pm MST, so if you are on the east coast like me, it'll be 6pm. This is now my favorite white, get it before it's gone! 💚
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Good morning all,
I have some knives that need new homes to clear out space for others. Obviously see the descriptions, but these LNIB bangers could be yours if you feel like shaking loose some cash. Onto the goods.
This is the CMB Darma in M390, titanium and aluminum carbon fiber. I'm the first owner and it has only been an occasional fidget toy and still has plenty of breaking in to do. That said, action is damn good and there are many deployment methods. Edge is factory and it has not been used to cut, carried or disassembled. Comes with factory box etc.
Get this LNIB fidget toy that's also a very good knife for SV $157
PMP Spartan XL:
This is the PMP Spartan XL in micarta and N690. These are absolute beasts and I was not expecting it to run as good as it does. It front flips amazing for any knife, let alone a big girl like this. Very comfortable in hand, plenty of blade for any task and is perfectly happy just being a large fidget toy. I have only played with it sparingly, but I'm getting rid of most of my big knives. LNIB and comes with factory case. SV $99
James Brand Chapter:
This is the James Brand Chapter in S35VN and DLC handle. This guy was picked up straight from JB and is in LNIB shape. It's been flipped a bit but it's just not my thing even though it is quite high quality. I just prefer more opening methods. Everything is like new and includes original box and factory included stuff. SV $175
Trevor Burger Customs Urban XL
I would say this needs no introduction, but people are sleeping on these big time. This is the Urban XL in fat carbon weave/titanium and M390.
This has darkened titanium hardware and a gorgeous hand rubbed satin blade. Detent is snappy and the carbon show side makes this guy super light. This is perfect in every way and the action is superb. Don't forget that these deploy with a reverse flick off the blade due to the great hollow grind. No carry, disassembly or cutting. Comes with pouch and COA. Step up to the best front flipper in the game. Coming straight out of South Africa for SV $625
Timestamp & Videos
All knives will ship out next day after payment with USPS tracking. Payment will be Paypal F&F with no notes, Venmo or Cashapp. Yolo is king! No trades at this time. I prefer chats over PMs, but either works. Know your local knife laws and thanks for looking!
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So I saw an item that I was interested in buying, and I messaged the seller on sunday asking if it was available & they told me yes. I clicked the offer button to show them that I'm willing to pay for it, and I noticed they would reply really slow.. And when I'd chat again 30mins later asking about another item in interested in they just told me they will check the item, then I said ok. Hours later they didn't reply so I messaged them again and asked for their MOP & MOD they just seen my message.
Felt confused that they didn't reply but I just thought to myself that maybe they're busy so I'll give it time. I made another message on monday morning confirming that I just wanted the first item only and they just said, "okay."
Since they just sent one message, I messaged them again saying, "Okay then :) so where and when can I pay?" & then they just seen my message again. Now it's tuesday night over here, so I waited a while to send another message asking for a follow up.
I don't know if I am being impatient but I feel a bit upset & confused whether they want to sell me the item or not? Because their texts are just vague to me and they aren't giving any details either.. I don't want to spam messages since I think know that they are busy, but at least send a reply instead of viewing my message only..
What do I tell them, should I wait more?..
(their account has many good reviews & buys, 4.9 rating so I know it's not a scam.)
Sorry for the format.. I'm on mobile 🥲
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2023.06.06 15:02 misanthropic-penguin 18 months

Well here I am, Took my last drink on the evening of Dec 5, 2021. Went to my first meeting on the 6th
It's been 18 months, some good, some pretty rough, but all of it sober.
A few things that have got me through this far:
  1. Hard candy (Jolly Ranchers for me) I must have gone through 20 lbs of more n the first couple of months! I still keep them to hand
  2. Talk to your sponsor. I am in contact with mine nearly every day. I have missed one or two but not many. just making sure I do this has kept me out of harms way more than a few times. If you don't have a sponsor, get one.
  3. Meetings, Don't just go to as may as possible, take part in as many as possible. There are days just showing up is the best I can do, but most I try to talk to others before and after and be a part of the process.
  4. Read the Books. Definitely the Big Book and the 12x12 but don't worry if something isn't "Conference approved" take your sobriety where you find it. My morning reading is the 12 step card I was given at my first meeting coupled with a few pages of other material.
  5. Learn to talk to your Higher Power. Faith was not a problem for me, actually talking to and having a relationship with the God of my understanding is a daily effort to maintain humility and seek his will not my own.
  6. Work with others, Going through the book and working the steps with my Sponsor got me walking towards sanity, doing the same with another alcoholic has kept me on the path and learning more every day.
I am sure I could keep adding and others could as well. but this is enough. When I started the Idea of 30 days without drinking seemed like a very long time.
Now... well, it still does but it's time I am willing to put in.
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2023.06.06 15:02 IaProc [First of Our Kind] - Chapter 31 - Part III

When Quin awoke the next morning to his alarm, he felt drained. He hated the mornings when he slept soundly through the night only to awaken feeling like he needed to go back to bed. Judging from Mae’s puffy eyes and the downcast look on her face, she felt the same way. They woke up the same way they had gone to sleep, Mae’s head resting on Quin’s chest. He surmised that this was a heavy night’s rest, no tossing and turning. Mae gave him a quick squeeze of a hug, and then swung herself upright, sitting on the edge of the bed. She then got up and trotted over to the sink, splashing water on her face and massaging her eyes. Her short hair and habit of wearing it wildly meant that her bed head gave her a natural mohawk, fitting for her style. Wiping her face down, she returned to the bed and sat down next to Quin, who had begun to make his effort to get up. They sat side by side silently, relishing the quiet offered by Quin’s chamber.
“C’mon, breakfast,” Mae said, pushing herself up off the bed using Quin’s shoulder. “Maybe we can beat the crowd?”
Quin sluggishly stood up and strode toward the door behind Mae, unsure how and if he wanted to greet the day. As they exited the room, several officers from different sections eyed them suspiciously with sly grins. Mae seemingly ignored everyone, though Quin couldn’t help noticing some passers-by with a nervous glance. They strode through the corridors, heading toward the cafeteria. As they were entering, Quin stole a glance around and immediately saw Pepper, surrounded by a few of her Military crew as well as Liza. He felt a tug on his sleeve and saw Mae’s head inclined in the opposite direction. He followed her away from that group and sat down with her at a bench on the perimeter of the room. He must have looked glum as he sat down, because Mae leaned over the table to whisper to him.
“Hey, don’t worry, I’m positive the rumors will die down soon,” she said reassuringly.
“It’s not just that,” he said as he tapped the tablet at the end of his table and a tray of food shot out across the table to land in front of him. “Pepper didn’t seem to be interested in talking to me.”
“Oh,” Mae said stiffly. “What did she do?”
“Well, nothing really, I don’t think she even saw me come in,” Quin admitted. “But I haven’t spoken to her since we got back, not even with a message. And I’m sure that the rumors aren’t helping.”
“Yeah, plus you came in with me,” Mae sighed.
“Well, uh, what do you mean?” Quin asked.
“Liza and me breaking up is going to do you no favors with Pepper, Quin,” Mae said, rolling her eyes.
Quin sighed and glanced over at Pepper’s table. Her head was down, exchanging with Liza and the rest of the people gathered in the group. She wasn’t even stealing a look over at Mae, let alone Quin. He grew a little more worried. He tried a few bites of his food but found that amount was about all that he could stomach. Mae was similarly not eating much. He pushed his tray away and leaned back, head tilted fully backward, staring at the ceiling. After sighing deeply, he swung out of the bench and stood up.
“Well, there’s no delaying it. I should get to the lab. You’ll be okay?” he said, looking at Mae. She gave him a weak smile and a wave.
“Meet me here for dinner?” she asked.
“Definitely, seven o’clock,” he nodded and turned, making toward the double doors. He purposefully avoided looking anywhere around the cafeteria, though he did feel eyes following him as he made his exit. I’d give anything to have an invisibility cloak, he thought. Just as he got to the door, the moment of relief at his fingertips as they whisked open, he heard a shout from behind him over the din.
“Quin! Hey QUIN!” came a higher voice. He looked around over his shoulder and saw Pepper coming straight at him at a brisk pace. She slid to a stop in front of him. “Hey, can we talk?” Her head was inclined toward the open doors, indicating that she meant privately.
He acquiesced and followed her as she walked out through the doors. They kept walking down the corridor, silent, not looking at each other but both seeming to be searching for a moment when a third party wouldn’t be around to interrupt them. Finally, after a few minutes of aimless walking, Pepper turned toward him and asked, “Where are you headed?”
“Um, research section, I’ve got lab the first shift,” he said, thumb over his shoulder pointing down one pathway.
“Oh okay, I’m this way,” she said pointing in a different direction.
“Okay,” he said, falling silent. He didn’t know what Pepper was going to say, and was hesitant to start lest he assume she was mad, or upset, or confused, and he would in turn put his foot in his mouth. You’ve got to say something though, he thought, the silence has been too long.
“So, um, I, uh,” she said suddenly. “I heard about what happened with Nova.” Her eyes were boring into his, the deep brown color making him feel like he was filled with ice. Her tone, however, seemed to show more warmth than he was expecting.
“Yeah, um—" he said, nervously clutching the back of his right arm with his left hand. “Yeah, I imagine that’s gotten around already, the way this ship is.”
“I can’t imagine how stressful that must be. Was Fuentes pissed?” she asked. Again, her eyes said coldness but her tone was almost gentle.
“Like you wouldn’t believe. Nova’s on full lock down. I’m surprised I’m not as well, though there aren’t a lot of places around the ship I’d like to go right now. I think everyone is mad at me. Not just Fuentes. Save for maybe Mae.”
“Yeah…” Pepper said, stopping short of continuing. There was another steady pause between them as they both looked around anywhere but at each other.
“Shame about what happened between her and Liza, right?” Quin offered nervously, hoping that they could just break the tension and put it to rest.
“Yeah, they’re being stupid,” Pepper nodded.
“Well, I don’t know about stupid,” Quin said without thinking.
“What do you mean?” Pepper challenged sharply.
Quin gulped and continued tenuously, “Well, I mean, uh…well, Liza fooled around with someone else, right? They broke up ‘cuz Liza betrayed her.”
“Mae’s not a total saint, Quin, despite what you may think. I know you are friends, but Liza said Mae was overbearing sometimes.” Whatever warmth that was in Pepper’s voice evaporated. Her voice matched the coldness of her eyes. To add to the effect, she crossed her arms, an act that somehow made her seem much taller. Quin shrunk away a little bit.
“That doesn’t justify cheating on someone. If that’s how Liza felt, she should have said something,” Quin shot back, though he found his voice was much less sure of itself than his words were.
“You have no idea what you are talking about. You haven’t been around for any of their dinners. You’re always in that lab, or wandering around clueless, with that distant look in your eyes. If you tuned in from time to time, you would know that theirs wasn’t a healthy relationship.”
“I’m not that distant, and I know only what Mae told me. So yeah, I’ve got her side on this, but she’s my friend,” he said, his tone growing more and more sharp.
“So that’s it, you’re just gonna take her side on this, regardless of what I say,” Pepper shot back.
“Well, you haven’t been too fair either, given what each of them has done,” Quin said, his hands now on his hips.
“I said they were both being stupid. BOTH,” she retorted. “And so are you.”
“That’s great,” Quin said acerbically, though his voice was breaking and he felt his eyes watering a bit. What the hell is wrong with me, he thought as he reached up to wipe his eye. “You can fit in fine with everyone else. That’s great for you. Tell me how I’m being stupid.”
Pepper let his hurt go unnoticed, as she pounced, “You’re being stupid because not everything is about you, Quin. You don’t always have to be the victim, and you don’t have to cry about every injustice in the world.”
“And you don’t have to kneejerk your way into being so mean anytime someone challenges you on something,” Quin sniped back. Bostwick was right that the stress was starting to pile up so high that it was becoming unbearable. Quin couldn’t believe that he was lashing out for no apparent reason, other than that yet another person was mad at him. But she’s not another person, Quin thought. This time, it’s Pepper.
The look on Pepper’s face told him that she had had enough of their conversation. “You can be Mae’s friend without thinking her shit smells like roses. There’s a difference between friendship and blind loyalty. Stand for something.” She turned to walk away.
“At least I have someone worth being blindly loyal to,” Quin half-shouted after her, though he felt like his reasoning was getting away from him. Here he was, at war with his own emotions for what felt like the dozenth time in the past twenty-four hours.
“OH, GROW A SPINE AND DEFLATE YOUR HEAD!” she ended the argument by shouting over her shoulder.
He spun on his heels and stormed off to the research section, arriving while there were still only a few people scattered around the lab. By the time he had reached the bay doors, his temper had given way to the dejected feeling driving him through the day. No one greeted him as he trudged over to his workstation, though he noticed at least one of the techs stealing a glance at him. Pulling up his workscreen, he logged into his email. At the top of his docket, he found a blinking email from Captain Fuentes marked urgent. Opening it, he found a reiteration of the rules she had laid down verbally in the Logistics bay. He could hear the measured anger in her voice as he read the email in his head.
He sighed heavily as he began the day’s work, clearing through all the ship’s systems and making sure that no other damage was done during Nova’s occupation. A few times throughout the day, he thought of pulling up a dialogue box and trying to speak to her, to reach out to Nova and try to get through. But he found that he was unable to think of any good words to start, and his head was already full and fuzzy with the voices of Fuentes and Pepper shouting, Mae’s deep sadness, and Bostwick trying to gently reassure him.
Quin skipped lunch, though he couldn’t tell if the nauseous feeling in his stomach was from hunger or from a repulsion at the thought of food. Throughout the day, techs and officers came and went in the lab, though Quin kept his head down and his eyes fixed on lines of code, acting as if anything he was reading was being processed by his brain. He found that most systems were in working order, though he decided to do a double-check on the Logistics bay. In the files, he found a folder created by Nova with several different video clips, some of which she showed while they were trying to negotiate with her. He scrolled through them and flicked one open. Then another. He couldn’t tell if he was mad at her for what she did, or himself for being the inadvertent cause, or her again for not simply thinking it through.
When Quin finally pulled up from his workstation, the room seemed a bit dim. Though they were in full flight and had no external point of reference, Quin felt it was late. A glance at his workstation clock confirmed it was just about dinner time. He transferred a certain amount of work to his tablet so that he could return to work after dinner in the privacy of his own room. Nova didn’t appear all day, though he couldn’t blame her, given how he was feeling. He stood, turning around toward the doors and saw no one in the lab. What he really wanted was to have another conversation with Tess, but all he could do was write her a message that would eventually be transferred once the relay was up. It would pale in comparison to the face to face time he had back on Rhea. Then again, he found himself promising to write the message once he got back to his chamber. He trudged out of the bay in the same manner that he entered, at once nervous about encountering other people, dejected at the thought of the many people who held him with the ignoble title of “Creator of Nova,” and frustrated that he had handled the conversation with Pepper so poorly. I wish I was famous for creating something that wound back time, he thought, because I would certainly use it right now to redo the last forty-eight hours. That would make his life a lot simpler. There’s a sci-fi movie for you, he remarked to no one, though he shook his head, disagreeing with the other voice. Nah, time travel flicks always end up with the writer’s head up his own ass. He glumly strode through the corridors, not meeting the gaze of anyone passing by, half-tempted to return to his chamber and skip dinner. No, you agreed to meet Mae for dinner and you can’t back out of that. A promise is a promise.
Dinner passed relatively painlessly. Mae had found the same seats at the edge of the crowd, so they had relative privacy. She had also taken the liberty of punching up his dinner in the tablet, and he found that she had apparently been observing him. Though the Standard Issue meals were all uniform and technically synthetic foods, the designers thankfully allowed enough variation to pick the flavor of what they would be eating. Quin always preferred the Latin American meals for the spicy and savory flavors over the richness of Eastern European or the saltiness of Southeast Asian, especially when he would have to force himself to eat. He realized he had barely taken in anything all day and his body was screaming at him. He began to scarf some food while Mae gazed absently at his tray. The conversation had quickly devolved just before.
“I saw you leave with Pepper,” Mae had asked.
“Yeah, it was…a complete disaster,” Quin said.
“Don’t tell me you guys broke up too,” Mae said, shocked.
“We would have had to have been ‘together’ to break up, but yeah, I would say she isn’t happy with me,” Quin said, his face in his hands. He quickly recounted their conversation to Mae. As he gave her the line by line, a smirk showed through the tired and saddened expression that Mae had seemingly worn all day.
“What?” Quin asked, taken aback.
“Well, Quin, you are remarkably sweet, but I have to agree with Pepper, as much as I wouldn’t like to,” Mae said. “You were pretty stupid.”
“What do you mean? Not you too…” he said, completely astounded.
“I mean, you can’t tell someone you like that you trust someone else more than them,” Mae said, shaking her head and smiling.
“So, I’m just supposed to throw you under the bus, in order to make Pepper happy and avoid an argument?” Quin scoffed at the thought.
“Well you could have approached it with more tact,” Mae said. She dropped her voice a little to mimic how she thought Quin sounded and continued, “’Of course Mae was a bit stupid, Pepper, you are right. But maybe she was feeling hurt and look I’m all sensitive and in touch with people. Now could you please devour my face, blah blah blah,’—whatever you two say to each other when making out would follow.”
Quin scoffed again, angry at the thought of Mae suggesting that he would betray her like that. He didn’t appreciate that Mae was getting a kick out of the struggle he was having. Apparently, she caught on, so she stopped laughing and reached across the table to take his hand.
“Oh, stop pouting Quin,” she said. “Look, I am really happy at what you said to her. Really, I am. That was very noble of you. But you could have been a little more graceful in walking the line. I wouldn’t have been too put out if I had learned that you said something to her in order to keep your relationship going. But as it is, I don’t see that there has been too much damage that can’t be undone.”
“Really?” Quin asked, a little sign of hope giving him something to seize on for the day.
“Sure, I mean, give it time, and yeah she’s pissed, but in a few weeks, you can apologize and she’ll think about dating that inflated head of yours again.” She chuckled again and gave his hand a squeeze, then returned to her own tray. They remained silent for the rest of the meal.
When Quin got back to his room, he stood just inside the door after it whisked shut. One nice part of space travel and the design of the ship meant that, once enclosed, most rooms on board were sound-proof. That meant that Quin had total silence, a fact that he relished as he stood with his eyes closed, basking in the nothingness that surrounded him. He trudged over to his bed and jumped down onto it, landing with a thud. He snatched his tablet and pulled up one of the tasks remaining on his docket, though he only managed to get about halfway through it before his eyes glazed over and he found himself looking at the same line three times.
He was staring at the blinking cursor before he found himself wandering into the system log and typing out a message to Nova, which included items like “should talk” and “please respond.” Seeing no immediate response pop up, he opened the ESS messaging application and wrote out a long account of what had happened over the past few days since Tess and he had talked. He remained scant on the details about him and Pepper but went in depth about the situation with Nova. Satisfied with his long-winded story, he hit the send button, logging the message into the ship’s outgoing queue the next time they fired up the light-speed transmission. He sat back and curiously hopped back over to the syslog. Therein, he found a terse response from Nova.
syslogUser:QuintonHammond[GuestUser] 20:48 Listening.
Quin started typing furiously before realizing this would be much easier face to face. Despite the orders of Fuentes, he launched Nova’s display applications.
“I know you are there, Nova,” Quin said. “This would be a lot better for both of us if we talked about this face to face.”
The was a brief pause before a voice came from the tablet. “I am not so sure about that, Quinton. It seems I am a much better communicator via the system log. At least, it is on that platform that I am able to express myself fully without feeling the burden of the conversation’s subtle points of nonverbal communication. In other words, I believe you listen to me better when you are unable to see me.”
“Please Nova,” Quin begged, looking at nothing in particular.
Another pause, and then Nova’s fully-fledged form materialized onto Quin’s desk chair. She was seated inert, her hands resting on her thighs, feet flatly planted onto the ground. Quin sat down on the edge of his bed to meet her eyes.
“Thank you, Nova,” Quin said, smiling wearily.
“Your message indicated that the need to speak to me was urgent,” Nova said, unacknowledging of his greeting.
“Well, yeah, I wanted to see how you are after what happened,” Quin said.
“I am, of course, in perfect working condition. Based on my systems analysis, no permanent damage has been done to the Nemo or to any of its inhabitants. I am complying fully with the restrictions of Captain Fuentes, though I must admit that I am currently in breach of this protocol, and I would kindly ask that we keep this brief.”
“Well, okay, that’s…okay, that’s fine,” Quin said, struggling. He was trying to form what he wanted to say, though he couldn’t quite get it right in his head. For lack of a clear train, he decided to plunge in, despite himself.
“Nova, what were you thinking?” Quin asked, with a pained sigh behind it.
“I was under the impression that my acting parameters included the need to defend this mission against any and all who would jeopardize it,” Nova said flatly.
“But you attacked someone. You attacked a crew member—“ Quin remarked, but Nova cut it.
“Who was in the process of absconding with a variety of assets vital to the completion of the mission,” Nova finished the sentence for him.
“But you can’t act on your own like that, Nova,” Quin said.
“I believe that I AM able to ‘act on my own like that.’ He made his choices, and I reacted accordingly, wherein he was given his just punishment. Though I do understand how you and the rest of the crew appear to be uneasy with my reaction; this is, how you say, getting his just dessert.”
“But you can’t kill someone just because they stole,” Quin replied. “We don’t have capital punishment anymore.”
“His life is rendered no longer useful if he is putting at risk the survival of many others,” Nova replied, again rather flatly. Her face seemed devoid of any expression that would indicate she was seeing Quin’s point.
“That’s too strict of an interpretation of utilitarianism and is kind of against the humanitarian principle of this mission,” Quin retorted. “You can’t look at people in the way of a math equation. That type of calculation is…” Quin stopped before finishing, knowing where that sentence would end.
“Inhuman,” Nova finished for him. “Tell me, Quinton, do you think that I am human, or a computer?”
“Why would you ask me that, Nova?” Quin replied tiredly. “You know that my response would have to be somewhere between them. Surely you’ve thought about that.”
“But when you are talking to me in the way that you are, are you lecturing me as your newly-brought-to-life crewmate, or as your learning operating system?” Her tone was as bitter as she probably could make it sound.
Quin didn’t know how to proceed with her. He honestly had not thought this far into the argument, and frankly, had not even previewed that Nova could be found in this sort of situation. Timidly, he tried a new tack.
“If I’m lecturing you, Nova, it’s because of the choice you made,” Quin said.
“If I am your computer, then my choice is moot, because I only arrived at an end that you programmed me to achieve. If I am a life produced by you, then you are only by orders of separation responsible for what occurred. That would be a product of my choice, thus my responsibility. Again, I ask you Quin, am I your computer or am I someone?”
“Well, fine, let’s assume that you are a person, because that is the route that leads you to assume some sort of responsibility for the consequences of your actions,” Quin said snidely.
“Then, am I not free to make my own choices, including to act in a time of crisis to defend what I perceive is the greater good?” Nova replied, her tone unchanging. “That would be the assumption of my supposed humanity, right?”
“Yeah, but, Nova, if you are human, then you must see that human life is a paradox,” Quin said.
“Please explain,” Nova said, purposefully knitting her brow.
“I mean, sure humans have free will, but we are governed by a set of rules all the time. We have laws, we have social norms, all of these things confine us to a certain set of choices that humans over time have established to promote what is acceptable behavior. You know this. We are free, but we are not completely free. There are always consequences. Like if I go kill someone, I won’t just get away with it. We all have choices to make about whether we live within that set of rules, and we all have consequences to those actions.”
“And I was acting within the set of rules that I had at the time, including Captain Fuentes’s directives, the standard operating protocol of NEMO, the—“ Nova began listing, but Quin interrupted her.
“Yeah, well, now you and I both have the new restrictions from Captain Fuentes, and they are a result of what you did.”
“What we did,” Nova said, correcting him
“What do you mean?” Quin asked, confused.
“You said before that your response to whether I am a computer or a human would be in between. Therefore, you are partially responsible. And not just in a programming sense, Quinton. You systematically ignored me over the past weeks in such a way that I was unable to have your guidance on how to act. Therefore, you set a program in place and then ignored it until it reached its inevitable outcome. If I am culpable, so are you.”
“I uh,” Quin stammered. “I admit that I was a bit distant, Nova. I’m sorry. I had a lot on my mind, and I was trying to figure it out.”
“You were trying to get in the good graces of Commander Bostwick, and you were dealing with the psychological impact of being responsible for the technology side of our medical mission, and you are infatuated with Ensign Penelope Jefferson, and—“
“Woah, woah,” Quin said, waving his arms.
“AND you continue to interrupt me, well before I am finished speaking, Quinton,” Nova said. The fact that she raised the volume on the speakers to cut him off had the intended effect of putting a sharp emphasis on her tone. She was angry, and Quin got it. “You have quite the unfortunate habit of interrupting me before I am able to properly conclude my part of the conversation. For someone who is ill-equipped at times to participate fully in the nuances of communication, it would seem to be appropriate that you would afford me some leeway in making sure that I am able to say what I mean.”
“I’m sorry, Nova,” Quin admitted. “I know that’s my fault. You just have a blank expression a lot of the times, and I forget that you are not human.”
Nova’s mouth opened, then closed again. Quin had learned to read that this meant that she was either processing something or upset. He ventured it was the latter.
“Quinton, that was insensitive. Have you not read any of my syslogs? Just because I do not articulate everything or wear my emotions like a human being, does not mean I do not have thoughts or ways of processing what is around me.”
“Again, Nova, I’m sorry. I forget sometimes. I guess that means my response to your earlier question is that I lean more toward the idea that you are human, even if I forget it occasionally.”
“That is a very weak apology, Quinton, and pales in comparison to the amount of inattention to which I have been subjected over these past weeks. Maybe in order to solicit the appropriate apology, you must be subjected to the same amount of inattention, in order to provoke an appropriately emotional response.” With that, her image evaporated and the tablet went dark.
Quin was left seated, facing an empty chair, his hands in midair as he was about to respond. He dropped his hands onto his thighs, though his mouth remained opened as he stammered, struggling to articulate in his mind what his retort would be. Perfect, he thought, just perfect. The perfect way to end an otherwise monumental day in the life of Quin Hammond. He kicked his shoes off and threw himself down onto his pillow, throwing the blanket over his shoulders as he scoffed into his pillow.
“Perfect,” he said aloud, before punching the tablet and cutting off the lights.
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2023.06.06 15:02 Slurp_123 Garmin weather

So I know watch weather data is obtained from the connect app, which is then obtained from (somewhere?), and that's why it's different than the phone data. Usually I don't care because it's always accurate to within a degree or two, and the stuff like dew point and air quality is all good. Right now however, I'm in Canada and because global warming decided I shouldn't go on my run this morning, it started a bunch of fires around me, not close enough to burn me, but close enough to get an AQI of 317 which is reaaaaally bad. I checked my Garmin, and right there is big letters is "Air quality: Good". Bro what. So I was wondering where connect obtains it's data from.
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2023.06.06 15:01 RebelTheKid20 This lil guy followed me during my morning smoke stroll and let me snap a pic before fluttering away. Good sign😌

This lil guy followed me during my morning smoke stroll and let me snap a pic before fluttering away. Good sign😌 submitted by RebelTheKid20 to entwives [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 15:01 Bsnipexy Change of the partner's heart hurts like a truck

My girlfriend (22F) and I (22M) broke up very recently.
We had been together for almost 2 years.I am disabled and I do not have the easiest time finding a partner (she did say that the break up has nothing to do witht the disability).This was the first relationship in which I was constantly completely happy in the relationship, and so was she from the ways she acted and from everything that we talked about, always smiling always saying she loves me and we have always had a great time.We communicated through every problem because we're both very rational and objective towards everything... It really showed me (no offense to anyone) that there are smart, rational and funny people in the world.Since the first few months of the relationship I started feeling that she is the one, and from all the talks about the future, she did too.I helped her through a quite a lot of stuff and have helped her with all my being to become the person that she is today, she was here for me if I ever needed anything aswell.
But she started "hiding" (from me) the fact that the last 4 months of the relationship she as a person and her feelings for me have been shifting in such a way that she does not feel like I am the one for her anymore and that she was not truly happy. She told me this on the day of the break up which was very recently.Up until the last two weeks of the relationship she acted as if everything was still great not showing any "negative/other" feelings nor communicating about them. The last week of the relationship she told me that we need to talk next weekend. At the day of the talk she told me that she wants to break up and that she as a person and her feelings for me have just... changed. That I am not the one for her and that she is looking for something/someone else. I asked her what/who that is, but she said that she is not sure yet.
I completely understand that nobody is able to do anything about stuff like this, where the one's heart knows what it wants and that it knows that the current person is not it. I definitely will not ever force anything with her. I also understand that we are not coming back together.

We are currently taking some time away from eachother and have stayed in very friendly terms. It just feels, so very hard. This great relationship just snapped in one day for me and I couldn't and will not ever be able to do anything about changing her heart. I feel so sad and helpless about it. Horrible feeling which I have not felt in past break ups, probably one of the worst feelings I've felt since the unfortunate passing of my close ones. It really did hit me like a truck and it hurts so really much. Every girl I see reminds me of her, I open her last messages every morning and read them all over again, I look at our pictures together everyday. I have to stop doing it but I can't... If I do post anything on instagram I just wait for her to like the story and I reopen instagram every hour hoping that I'd see any notifications from her. I know that all of these things are not healthy things to do after the break up because it holds you chained to the other person mentally and does not allow you to heal but I don't have the strength to help it yet.
I understand that I just need to let go and let the time do it's thing. I understand that we obviously were not destined to be, otherwise this would not have happened. I am waiting for my strength to regain so I can start working on myself for the next few months. I talk to my friends but they don't have all day just to support me so I guess thats why I'm posting this here, hoping to hear some kind words and some good life advice.
But even though both of us had our weaknesses, we worked together and every moment felt so great for such a long darn time, god damn it. I want to cry so hard but I haven't any tears.
Thank you people of the internet.
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2023.06.06 15:01 cfitzpatrick55 Clinical math help

Good morning,
I'm currently an EMT-IV in the ER here in Colorado. This fall I am starting my pre-reqs for nursing school. In high school I was a strong student in biology and English but struggled with math. I was hoping to get some replies with common equations/uncommon math that is harder so I can get some practice with the day-to-day math. Also, any tips on good books for clinical math. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 15:01 nightwing612 Ollie, Dinah, Bruce and Selina work together. (Detective Comics #559 - Art by Gene Colan)

Ollie, Dinah, Bruce and Selina work together. (Detective Comics #559 - Art by Gene Colan) submitted by nightwing612 to blackcanary [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 15:00 wild_siberian I made a free open-source brew timer app. Please try it out!

Hello, fellow Aeropress lovers! Like many of you I'm a big fan of brewing my coffee at home. Since I'm not a professional barista who can brew with his eyes closed, I often relied to different brew timer apps, however all of them had some flaws, therefore I decided to develop my own (with some help of ChatGPT and Stackowerflow)!
Instead of focusing on other apps' disadvantages, let me tell you what makes Timer.Coffee special:
  1. It's free and completely open-source, source code is available on github. I think open-source matters not only from ideological perspective, but also because it gives a community a platform to build a better app together. For me specialty coffee was always about community and connections, therefore I think this is a crucial aspect. Also, open-source guarantees that the app won't just disappear from the App Store (as it happened with some apps I used).
  2. The app currently supports 7 brewing techniques and 20 recipes with more to come. When I started developing, I quickly realised that it would be much easier technically to assign one recipe to each brewing method, but I didn't want to limit user's choice. Actually, the situation with Aeropress differs – there are some really good apps with a lot of great Aeropress recipes. However, with Timer.Coffee you can brew more than just Aeropress :)
  3. You can adjust coffee and water amounts an brew as much as you wish! App will automatically adjust all the recipe steps to reflect the desired amounts.
Also, you can:
- Mark your most-loved coffee recipes as favorites for easy access.
- Instantly revisit your last used recipe.
Coming soon:
- Tetsu Kasuya 4:6 brewing method for Hario V60
- More recipes!
I would be happy if you'll try my app and it'll help you to enjoy your coffee more. Also, any feedback is highly appreciated.
Here are the links:
App Store
Google Play
Also, there's a web app, which you can use directly in your browser.
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2023.06.06 15:00 NuGoddess80 Help Please 😩

Good Morning y'all. Can anyone tell me how to clear my video media links? Please and thank you!
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2023.06.06 14:59 markbrev Wife played ‘prank’ on me but is now pissed off that I didn’t appreciate it

Wife played a prank, but I’m in the doghouse for it.
Bit of background. I have several health conditions, arthritis in my spine, deaf in one ear, angina and terminal cancer (the results of the surgery for I’m still struggling with). I’ve never stopped working and still do, although now my business is based out of my barn. Mornings are a struggle as when I first wake up, my back is in bulk.My alarm goes off at 7, I roll over and take my first dose of pain killers, then roll back and wait for them to kick in before getting up around 7.30, leaving the house around 7.45 to take the boy to his bus. The wife leaves for work around the same time, having got up around 6.45.
Last night I managed to surprise her as she stepped out of the bathroom, making her jump. Deliberately so, getting my own back from earlier.
This morning she decided to get her own back again. By doing the James Brown ‘I feel good prank’ by placing the Bluetooth speaker next to my head. At 6.45. Of course someone shouting “OWW!” down my ear whilst fast asleep led me to jackknifing up, instantly wide awake. Immediately the pain kicked in and I fell back down.
I look up and she smiles and says “revenge is sweet’. To which I reply through gritted teeth ‘fucking really Norah?” (not her real name). Thing is we never use one another’s actual name unless we are pissed off with the other, it’s always a term of endearment, such as babe or sweetheart or honey.
Cue her instantly getting pisses off and turning her back to me. She then tried to leave for work without a goodbye kiss (which, if I’d have done it, would have been a capital crime in our house) but I stopped her and got a brief peck before she left.
I’m now 3 doses of painkillers (180mg of codeine, 3000mg of paracetamol) deep, when I should really still be ok on the wake up dose, maybe a second at the most, and hungrily eyeing the tramadol bottle, which I never touch before evening.
And I’m still going to be in the dog house when she gets in.
Not an advice request, just a rant.
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2023.06.06 14:58 homerenovationca How to Renovate Your Basement into a Productive Home Office

Working from home has become more common these days, but finding a suitable space to work can be challenging. If you have a basement that is unused or cluttered, you can transform it into a functional and comfortable home office with some creativity and effort. Here are some tips to help you with the renovation process.
1. Figure Out the Space You Need
Before you start renovating your basement, you need to determine how much space you need for your home office. Consider the size and number of your office equipment, such as your desk, chair, computer, printer, etc. Also, think about any other functions you want to include in your office, such as a meeting area, a storage area, or a coffee station. This will help you plan the layout and budget of your project.
2. Choose Office-Friendly Paint Colors
The color of your walls can affect your mood and productivity. To create a professional and calming atmosphere in your basement office, opt for light and neutral paint colors, such as beige, gray, or white. Avoid dark or bright colors that can make the space feel dull or distracting.
3. Upgrade the Lighting
Basements tend to be dark and gloomy, which is not ideal for working. To brighten up your space and make it more inviting, invest in high-quality lighting fixtures that provide adequate illumination. You can also use natural light if you have windows in your basement. Add desk lamps and other task lighting to enhance your work area, and use ambient lighting, such as recessed or floor lamps, to create a cozy ambiance.
4. Insulate Your Walls
Insulating your basement walls is essential for making your home office comfortable and energy-efficient. Proper insulation can prevent drafts and keep the room warm during winter. It can also help reduce noise from other parts of your home, making your work area quieter and more conducive to concentration. You can also use thick rugs and solid core doors to improve insulation.
5. Divide Your Space into Work Zones
If you have a large basement, you can divide it into different work zones to optimize your productivity and organization. For example, you can have a main work zone with your desk and computer, a meeting zone with a sofa and a coffee table, a storage zone with cabinets and shelves, and a relaxation zone with a mini-fridge and a snack bar. This way, you can have everything you need within reach and switch between tasks easily.
6. Add Some Personal Touches
To make your basement office feel more like your own, you can add some personal touches that reflect your style and personality. For example, you can hang some artwork or photos on the walls, display some plants or flowers on your desk, or use some colorful accessories or cushions to add some flair. These details can make your space more enjoyable and inspiring.
7. Maintain Your Basement Office
Once you have renovated your basement into a home office, you need to maintain it regularly to keep it clean and tidy. Dust and vacuum the floors and surfaces frequently, organize your files and documents properly, dispose of any trash or clutter promptly, and sanitize your keyboard and mouse often. By keeping your basement office in good condition, you can work more efficiently and comfortably.
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2023.06.06 14:58 napoleonswife Partner has covid

Hi guys, my partner started feeling sick on Sunday night, got progressively worse until he was having chills and heavy coughing this morning. I got worried and gave him a covid test; it’s the most positive test I’ve ever seen. I have a huge work event tomorrow that I help manage but felt I had to stay home from the office today out of fear I might be contagious, even though I’m testing negative so far. We live together so there’s a good chance I am carrying it. I guess I am just looking for validation that I made the right choice; I feel so guilty working from home today but also would feel extremely guilty and unethical to go into work knowingly possibly being contagious. Official guidance is so flimsy that it’s practically useless. What do you all think?
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2023.06.06 14:58 FroggyChild Good whole-bean coffee?

Hello! Does anyone know of a good place around here to get good roasted coffee beans? I know I could always order online, but I love local places that rotate different flavors and let me buy them by weight so I don't have to always commit to a pound of one type. TIA!
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2023.06.06 14:55 pkmncouple5 [MF4A] Couple for pets

Good morning I hope you are doing well! This post will be about a Gallade and Gardevior couple obtaining human or pokemon pets. This will tend to be a slow burn roleplay where you could either be a fresh pet and slowly broken or you are already trained and receiving lots of love and attention. The split between story and smut will be reasonable mostly will look for an 85/15 split where 85% will be story.
The Gallade will be male, while the Gardevior will be female. More characters could be introduced like a male Gardevior as well but I will stick to 2 main characters. The Gallade’s name is Raul and the Gardevior’s name is Titania. If you have any questions on them please do ask!
Hello from Raul and Titania we are looking for some lucky humans or pokemon to be with us here today! We have some nice plots in store for you so please look below and shoot us a message!
  1. Lost to a Gym leader: You have been hard at work training your pokemon hard to beat this next gym that’s a double battle featuring a Gallade and a Gardevoir, you think you have assembled the best team that you could and quickly run in. When you get up to the leader the pokemon come out. Its a hard fight as eventually each of your Pokémon go down as the Gallade is the heavy hitter while Gardevior softened up your pokemon’s defenses.
You are out of money and the leader let his pokemon decided what to do as the pokemon think and talk about it they nod and face you to give judgement. In your head you hear the pokemon in clear english say to you: “You shall be our human to train, you may also choose to have your pokemon train beside you.” Will you accept this deal?
  1. Alternate starters: In this world pokemon have come out on top and humans are captured and used to fight against each other or kept as pets for the general public. Gallade and Gardevior had recently evolved together with Gardevoir gifting the male Kirlia a gift of a dawnstone just after her evolution. The couple wanted to finally tackle the world together and adopt a starting human to take through the world.
We would love someone who can play up to 6 characters for this with both of us being the rivals we face and narrating the story and you would be playing the humans we catch and add to our party, with what they bring to the table.
However if you want to just be a pet we don’t mind settling down together and living our life.
  1. The Human world: Gallade and Gardevior were in a heated battle as they were swiftly dropped through a portal and brought to the human realm in the modern day. A little scared by their environment but pressed on. They noticed humans wearing clothes and thats something they would need. Gallade quickly made some from empty garbage bags with a crop top shirt for his wife, a shirt and pants for himself.
They stepped out into the public and scanned the people’s thoughts and mimicked their movements through the world.
This can go many ways we will leave this open ended as they are both human enough and will not be obvious that we are Pokémon especially wearing clothes.
  1. Your plot!
Thank you for reading my post hope to speak to you soon!
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2023.06.06 14:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Duston McGroarty – 24 Hour Salesman & Clients Tonight (

[Download Course] Duston McGroarty – 24 Hour Salesman & Clients Tonight (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Duston McGroarty – 24 Hour Salesman & Clients Tonight (
Our website:

What’s ClientsTonight™ all about?

In one word, it’s about FREEDOM.
Freedom to do as you please.Work when you want. Where you want. For whoever you want.To write your own paycheck.To live life on your terms.Come and go as you please.Take vacations on a whim.Pay cash for a brand new ride.Pay off your house.Buy a second house.Buy a beach house.Donate to charity.Do whatever you want.You deserve it.And you’ll be helping desperate local business owners who really need your help.You’ll feel good about what you’re doing.Excited to wake up each morning.You’ll see life in a whole new way.


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.06 14:54 FastingMoonkissed 40 Day Fast Day 8

Good Morning I am at 180:41 hours fasted as I write this I currently weigh 345.4 pound. I only lost .4 pounds yesterday and have been expecting the scale to slow down. I lost 17+ pounds and figure my body needed a rest. Yesterday my mom made some food and left it on the stove. Normally I just put it away for her. I caught myself reaching out to grab a taste. I had to have a discussion with myself. I had to say hey you haven't eaten in over 7 days you if you eat that you will regret it. I then had to tell my mom she had to put it away herself. Earlier I had no problem cooking for my grandson. Go figure.
Hope everyone has a good day.
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