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My concept of what Sailing should be: The skill that embodies the spirit of Oldschool.

2022.12.16 14:16 Sterlander My concept of what Sailing should be: The skill that embodies the spirit of Oldschool.

I've seen lots of ideas for what Sailing should be. B0aty thinks it should be a skill that lets you access new islands, with unique content. Others think Sailing should involve player combat and basically be RuneScape Sea of Thieves. Others think it should be OSRS's version of Dungeoneering.
This is my own original thought process and ideas, and I hope you'll read it through to see what I want from a new skill in OSRS. I don't have the skills or talent to make a fancy infographic for it either, all I've ever been really good at is writing and getting my ideas down in words. I hope despite that you can still read and entertain my idea a bit.
Whatever OSRS's new skill is, it'll most likely be its last. It nicely ties off the skill menu, and it's such a controversial, impactful, and hard thing to put in. I really think if Jagex does release a new skill, it'll be the game's last. So it has to be an absolute banger. So, the goal for my Sailing concept is to make it Oldschool's banger, ultimate skill. Something that'll add tons of replay value to the game, something that is very distinctly Oldschool and something that players will enjoy.
So, without further ado!

Sailing; the last skill OSRS will ever need.

...Hopefully. That sounds a bit dramatic but you get the point I hope.
To start with, I want to clarify what this skill isn't:
This isn't a shortcut system skill. It's not like Agility, where at 70 Sailing you unlock a voyage from the Wilderness Volcano to Fossil Island. It isn't a skill that will enable you to fast travel across the map. I'm sure there could be maybe one or two? But that's not the point of the skill.
This isn't a skill that (exclusively!) unlocks new landmasses on the map. While I can see some certain islands being locked behind a Sailing level... Realistically? Every piece of content in the game is locked behind skill levels. Having Sailing's only purpose be to unlock new island that have exclusive content is just silly. We already have that, it's called literally any island locked behind skill levels / quest requirements.
This isn't (exclusively!) a PvP orientated pirate skill. I can certainly see there being a minigame behind it, though! Again, the fun concepts people have come up with for sailing can easily be implemented as side content. Kinda like how despite the main gameplay loop of fishing is reeling in fish and banking them, you can still train it by fighting a boss and having a more "action packed" experience.

Here's what it really is; An explorer's skill.

Let's get straight to it, shall we?
Milestone Sailing levels will unlock ports. At level 1, you have a port unlocked in, say, Port Sarim. At level 30 you'll unlock one in Karamja, Level 40 unlocks one in Corsair Cove, etc etc.
Ports allow you to access voyages, which is the main method of training the skill, and the main gameplay of the skill.
Voyages set you out on a randomly generated set of islands, and have 2 types of difficulty attached. Complexity and Length. These go up to, say, level 3, and can vary. In general, the higher the levels of these two difficulties, the better the rewards and EXP will be.
Length is self explanatory, it increases the number of islands you'll encounter on your voyage. Complexity increases the size and number of tasks you need to do. A Length 1, Complexity 3 voyage will have you tackling a couple of big and expansive islands. While a Length 3, Complexity 1 voyage will give you plenty of islands to work through easily.
Exploring and conquering these randomly generated islands will be the main gameplay of sailing. You'll park at the island, and are off to explore and discover what needs to be done on it. Once the objectives on the island are fulfilled, you're free to move on to the next one. Or if you're on your final island, you can complete the voyage and return to the dock. Once you turn in your Captain's log to the Portmaster, you'll receive your Sailing exp drop.

"What 'objectives'? Chop 12 logs, mine 4 iron, kill X number of spiders? Is it fetch quests?"

Not at all. Remember, the duty of a sailor is to not only take in the beauty and view of the island, but to also leave it better than you found it. If an island is in peril or is untame, it's your job to make things right!
An island could be infested with nests of cave spiders. Your objective could be to eliminate the spiders, and find a way to take care of the nests. Maybe lighting a strong torch and throwing it onto the nests? Maybe using Herblore to develop a poison to inject into the nests? Hell, maybe you just need to be strong enough to haul a big enough boulder to crush them. It's up to you!
Maybe on the same island there's a flood, and you need to use your Woodcutting, Fletching, and Construction skills to fix a dam up. Or use your Mining prowess to dig rubble and make a dam good ol' fashioned, straightforward way!
Once an island's all fixed up, you can move on to the next one. Maybe this next island is more peaceful, and scenic? That's very fine; Why not make it livable? Gather logs, rocks, procure metals and other resources to set up a camp for other traveling sailors to enjoy and use. Maybe use your Magic to set up a teleportation waypoint, for scrying, landloving mages to discover? Make the island nice and well, and move on.
Maybe half an island is on fire. Put out the fires and find whatever's causing it and stop it. Pyrefiends?! Good thing you've got the Slayer level to tackle them head on! And if you don't, maybe there's another way to deal with them? Trap them with your Hunting skills, splash water on them with Magic?

Hopefully what I want from Sailing is clear now. The most memorable moments of Oldschool RuneScape, to me, were the times I got to observe my surroundings, and come up with solutions to problems. And be genuinely surprised when it worked. Thinking "Wow, the game really let me do that!"
The times where RuneScape felt like it was being controlled by a dungeonmaster, and I had good freedom to solve problems how I saw fit. Those times felt like magic, right?
I want Sailing to tie in all other skills the player has mastered. I want Sailing to throw challenges at the player, and let the ball really roll in their field. Let them decide how challenges should be conquered and overcome.

However, given it's involvement in nearly every other skill, and with how limited our current backpacks are, I think it's appropriate to propose a new item to be added...

The Toolbelt!

No, no, not like RS3's! This won't be a permanent, constant addition to your player's arsenal. You won't constantly have an axe on you, ready to chop whenever you want. Instead, I propose the toolbelt to be a single storage item that goes in your inventory, just like the tackle box from Tempoross. You can store, say, 2-3 tools to begin with. And as your Sailing level advances, you can upgrade it and store more tools. Until eventually, at level 99, you can store all kinds of tools in it. The ultimate adventurer's kit: You're ready to take on the world!
Whether or not tools should be usable from the toolbelt, I'm not sure. I think maybe to keep it in the spirit of Oldschool's challenge, you should still have to take out tools from the belt to use them. Or maybe not! Either way, I think letting an adventurer be prepared while not gimping their inventory space is an important aspect of voyaging.
And yes, it can be used in the mainland too. A great thing to carry with you when a new quest gets released and you need to get your QP Cape back, or maybe you're a newer player that likes coming prepared for areas new to you?
And it's not like it'll be meta breaking, right? It still takes up an inventory spot, you still have to withdraw your tools, it won't save you time on power mining training or anything. It's simply there so that you can face any challenge knowing you (probably...) have the tools at hand for it. I don't want the toolbelt to enhance EXP rates, I just want it to help players be ready for whatever and island (or any challenge on Gielinor, for that matter) throws at them.

Going back to Voyages... How about we chart some islands?

Find an island on a voyage you really enjoy? Maybe it's the scenery, or a quirk in the landscape, or maybe it's that tempting 3 iron ore mining spot, or a cave with a niche patch of monsters that are hard to come by otherwise? Maybe you're just a sentimental sailor who has a hard time saying goodbye to an island forever. No matter what the case, Charting has you covered.
Islands you wish to come back to save and return to later can be Charted. Depending on it's complexity level, contents, and what port you're at, you'll be charged a fee of gold to sail and return to it. (After all, the Portmaster considers this a tourism trip, not a business trip. He / She isn't about to waste valuable resources just so you can lounge on the beach!)
The amount of islands you can have chartered at a time is dependent on your level. Achieving milestones in the skill's levels will unlock more Charter slots.
This is a part of the skill I'd be most excited to use. Not only do you get the excitement of venturing out on voyages, solving island problems your own way, gaining EXP. But you also get the thrill of maybe discovering an awesome island that you can come back to and hang out on, train on, slay on, whatever! Plus, I think it's be thrilling for early level main accounts / ironmen to discover an island that gives them, and only them, a totally unique and powerful way to acquire resources or train.
This would personalize the skill in the same vein Slayer lets you personalize via slayer point rewards. Slayer is awesome because of how much agency the player has. They can unlock Aviansies if they want, block Cave Krakens if they just don't like them, skip tasks they don't like, extend tasks they do like. I want Sailing to have that same level of freedom, and I think Charting is a huge step in that direction.

"You've brought up 'Portmasters' a couple times now. Who are they?"

Well. They're Slayer masters but for Sailing. Pretty simple to understand, right?
Each new port you unlock will have an attached Portmaster. The voyages you get from Ports / Portmaster differs greatly. A Portmaster in Morytania may send you out on more monster infested voyages, with swampy islands to conquer, while a Portmaster in Prifddinas has far more dungeoned and booby trapped voyages to maneuver and beat..
Unlike Slayer Masters though, Portmasters offer unique rewards. You not only gain Sailing xp from completing voyages, you also get voyage points to spend at the associated dock you just sailed from.
You'll use these to buy untradeables like the Tool Belt and it's progressive upgrades, for example. The Prifddinas Portmaster may sell a unique crystal sail that gives you a chance to lure crystal implings onto the islands you discover.
Or maybe the Gnome Stronghold Portmaster sells you a terrifying Gnome Child figurehead that makes all enemies on an island immediately retreat from you upon docking, preventing ambushes!

"I'm a skiller / pure that won't be able to do certain island types very well. Am I just screwed out of doing certain ports?"

Ideally, I want both skillers and PvMers to have similar exp training rates. I don't think skiller account's EXP gains should be punished by being dished out a bunch of monster infested islands, or PvMers encountering islands with nothing to use their good gear and combat levels on.
Portmasters and voyage points exist entirely to negate these problems. With voyage points you can sway a Portmaster to scout and give you more islands that are to your liking and doing. Hell, you can even up the anti by asking your Portmaster to throw you harder voyages than your Sailing level would normally intend. Maybe even voyages that break the level cap of Complexity or Length?
Again, I hope features like these will truly let the players personalize this skill to their absolute liking.

"That's a lot of text and I just scrolled to the bottom, can I get a TLDR please?"

Well, rude. Read what I wrote! Kidding, here's a TLDR:
Sailing levels unlock unique ports that let you embark on voyages to randomly generated sets of islands. These islands have unique problems that must be solved by using a range of skills of your choice. Sailing will count on you being able to problem solve and observe your surroundings well.
Unique and useful islands can be Charted and returned to later, with a fee. And unique untradeable items can be acquired by completing voyages for Portmasters, along with other means of customizing voyages to your liking. One of the main rewards of the skill will be the Tool Belt, which will allow players to store their tools in one convenient inventory spot, so you can be adventure ready!

...I'll probably be combing through it and fixing typos and adding in or pruning details. Let me know what you think! I'm not... entirely sure if the OSRS Dev Team is up to developing a system that allows procedurally generated islands, but if they are, man would I love to see something like this get put in!
Again, I really do whatever this new skill is has to be amazing, knocked out of the park. This will probably be the last new skill added to the game, for a long, long time. Jagex needs to add something totally unique, and ideally, amazing.
I believe my version of Sailing would be the ultimate culmination of everything that not only the player is capable of, but of what RuneScape itself is capable of.
edit: It's pretty late for me so i'll probably be going to bed here soon. I'll try to respond to comments when I wake up, if there are any
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2022.08.22 20:44 99SlayerTab Loot from 1,000 Pyrefiend [OSRS]

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2021.06.11 00:55 SuperBearPaws Where to go from here?

Hey all, kinda new to Runescape here (played back in 2007/8/9 when i was younger and played a bit of osrs through the years but not alot of rs3) and i bought membership a couple weeks ago. So far i've managed to get at least level 30 in all skills (minus invention obviously), level 50 in melee, ranged, and magic, and make around 20 million gold. Kind of stuck on where to go from here, i've been doing some quests but havent really been enjoying questing a whole lot. I keep hearing people say "just grind until you can do plagues end and unlock a new major hub" but plagues end requires like 80 in a bunch of stats and skills like agility and crafting are kind of making me burn out so i decided to stop doing them for a bit. I kind of want to focus on getting higher combat so i can potential get some cool gear and start doing elite dungeons but post 50 combat is such a grind and unless i'm bolting pyrefiends to train ranged i dont really make any money. Should i just focus on doing slayer tasks and dungeoneering or.... i dont know. Anyone care to share how they made it through the 50-70/80 combat grind?
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2020.10.08 20:06 LordGozer2 Trailblazer League - An extensive overview of every region with content, uniques, quest unlocks and more

Trailblazer is the 2nd league in OSRS, releasing 28 October and lasts until 6 January 2021. The world map is divided into 9 regions, where everyone starts with Misthalin (including Zanaris & Fossil Island), and Karamja as a free unlock. You can then unlock subsequent regions by completing a fixed number of tasks (task difficulty doesn’t matter), however of the 7 remaining regions you may only pick a maximum of 3, rendering about half the map inaccessible for you throughout the league. These areas may be picked freely in any order, meaning strategy and style of play is important factors when choosing regions.
EDIT: As of 16th of October there have been some changes to many of the areas, involving quest & diary task unlocks. This post should now be updated.
Other notes (from various blogs and Q&As):
There is a big uncertainty here, and that’s relics. At this point we don’t know what effects tier 2-6 relics will have, and their effects could very well influence your final decision about which regions you pick. Example could be 1 tick faster attack speed which will make blowpipe an absolute monster.
Feel free to comment on anything you’d like to see added/removed here.
Let’s get started!

Starting regions – Misthalin, Fossil Island and Karamja



Automatic quest unlocks
  • Dragon Slayer, Druidic Ritual, Elemental Workshop I, Bone Voyage (Dig Site), Tears of Guthix, Fairytale II - Cure a Queen (Fairytale I - Growing Pains, Lost City, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost) (Dramen staves added to your bank)
  • Abyssal sire/demons (abyssal whip/daggebludgeon), Obor & Bryophyta (rune items), Spria, Vannaka & Chaeldar slayer, dorgeshuun crossbow (req Asgarnia), Stronghold of Security (with 10k gp), Lumbridge swamp caves, Edgeville dungeon, Champions’ Guild shops (rune, green d’hide, req 32 QP), Ava’s devices, RFD gloves (need additional regions),
  • HAM store room for jewellery, cosmic altar, easy Puro-Puro access, Dorgesh-Kaan, Edgeville furnace & Varrock anvil, 2x tree farming patches, master farmer, lots of low-lvl stuff in general.
Notable quests (they also follow the league’s XP boost)
  • Animal Magnetism (need Asgarnia & Morytania, OR Fremennik due to DS2), Recipe for Disaster (need additional regions, full completion is impossible), Lost Tribe (dorgeshuun crossbow, req Asgarnia), Museum quiz & Daddy’s Home miniquests.
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Cow, goblins, minotaurs, zombies (all below 50 cb), abyssal demon, ankou, Fossil Island wyverns, hill giants, moss giants, spiders, sourhogs (after A Porcine of Interest, req Asgarnia)

Fossil Island

  • Addy/rune dragons (dragon cbow/bolts, visage, req Fremennik region), deranged archaeologist (black d’hide body), ammonite crabs, wyverns (granite boots/longsword, wyvern visage, rune cbow (u))
  • Fossils for xp (duh), birdhouses, ultracompost, hardwood farming, sulliuscep, volcanic mine, underwater (agility, seaweed farming, drift net fishing), good mining spots (iron/coal/mithril/addy/rune)


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Shilo Village (Jungle Potion)
  • Fight Caves (fire cape), Inferno (infernal cape), obsidian equipment, Brimhaven dungeon (giants, demons, dragons), Duradel slayer
  • Karambwans (easy access with fairy rings), gem shop (including onyx), cooking spot next to bank in Mor Ul Rek, Brimhaven agility, TzHaar pickpocketing, gem rocks, nature altar, teak/mahogany trees (need trading sticks), fruit tree/spirit tree/calquat patch, infernal eels
Notable quests
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (unlocks karambwans)
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Fire giants, greater demons, harpie bug swarm, iron dragons, steel dragons, TzHaar

Starting regions – skill by skill

  • Mining: No mining store. You can get steel pickaxe from HAM members, mith from earth/eclectic implings, and rune from Fossil Island wyverns (req 66+ slayer). Rock golem in Enchanted Valley drops addy/rune pickaxe as well. Good mining spots on Fossil Island, otherwise plenty of low-lvl sites in Misthalin. Also volcanic mine (req 150 kudos), and gem rocks in Shilo.
  • Smithing: Edgeville furnace, Varrock anvil.
  • Fishing: Fishing store in Shilo Village. Fly fishing in Barbarian & Shilo Village, lobsteswordfish on Musa Point, karambwans on Karamja. Also underwater drift net fishing.
  • Cooking: Great cooking spot right next to a bank in Mor Ul Rek (reqs fire cape)
  • Woodcutting: Bob in Lumbridge sells axes up to steel, while tree spirit in Enchanted Valley drops mithril-rune axes. Plenty of regulaoak/willow trees around, some yew trees but no magic trees. Teak/mahogany on Karamja and grown with Farming on Fossil Island (note it takes 85 hours for a mahogany tree to grow).
  • Firemaking: Can only light logs
  • Farming: No farming shops but can buy equipment from any farmer near patches. 2 tree patches, one fruit tree patch, no herb/allotment patch, calquat, hardwood, belladonna, seaweed, spirit tree patch in Brimhaven. Also ultracompost from volcanic ash. Get tree/fruit tree seeds from birdhouses.
  • Hunter: Museum quiz for 5k+ xp, then birdhouses, implings in Puro-Puro, herbiboar
  • Agility: Start with lvl 10. Access to Draynor and Varrock rooftop courses, Brimhaven & Dorgesh-Kaan agility and underwater agility. Also useful for several shortcuts.
  • Thieving: HAM members/chests, seed & tea stalls, master farmer, Dorgesh-Kaan chests for gems
  • Herblore: Start with lvl 3. Hard to train at the start without herb patches, but flesh crawlers in Stronghold of Security drop herbs fairly commonly (17/100). Otherwise herbiboar
  • Crafting: No mould shop or tannery, but there’s a sandpit in Zanaris, and along with seaweed farming, glassblowing is a good option. Need crafting to make birdhouses
  • Fletching: Fairly straight forward, can buy broad bolt/arrow tips with slayer.
  • Runecrafting: Start with lvl 5. Access to water, earth, nature, cosmic altars, and Tears of Guthix 😉
  • Construction: Brimhaven is default home, access to sawmill + materials, Daddy’s Home miniquest for some starter xp and materials, Mahogany Homes is likely disabled (but not confirmed)
  • Slayer: Access to Vannaka, Chaeldar & Duradel. Museum quiz for 5k+ xp. All slayer masters have a special set of tasks in Trailblazer, you only get tasks which you can do in the areas you’ve unlocked. Access to abyssal demons/sire and fossil island wyverns.
  • Prayer: Access to dragon in Brimhaven dungeon. Limestone altar (275% xp) is best unless you unlock Fremennik zone to get access to Keldagrim and gold leaves/marble blocks.
  • Combat training: Stronghold of security (minotaurs, flesh crawlers, ankous), Edgeville dungeon (hill/moss giants and their bosses) Brimhaven dungeon (dragons, fire giants, demons), ammonite crabs
Combat equipment:
  • Melee: Addy sword from Varrock shop, rune sword from Champion’s Guild, rune scimitar from fire giants, whip from abby demons, granite equipment from wyverns. Armour shop in Varrock and Barbarian Village, Obor & Bryophyta for lots of rune equipment.
  • Ranged: Bow & arrow shop + studded armour in Varrock, green d’hide armour in Champions’ Guild, dorgeshuun crossbow, runite limbs from iron/steel dragons, black d’hide body from deranged archaeologist (6/128)
  • Magic: Runes & staff shop in Varrock, but gear is limited. Can get nature/cosmic runes via RC, and various runes from OboBryophyta.

Unlockable regions



Automatic quest unlocks
  • My Arm's Big Adventure (Eadgar's Ruse, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, The Feud), Merlin’s Crystal
  • God Wars Dungeon (bandos/armadyl armour, godswords, acb, staff of the dead, zammy hasta (req Kandarin), dragon boots), Cerberus (BiS boots, req Desert (eternal) & medium clue luck (pegasian)), Warrior’s Guild (defenders, cheap food), Pest Control (void outfit, elite void reqs Kandarin & Tirranwn as well), Giant mole, crystal chest (dragonstone), skeletal wyverns, Taverley dungeon (dragons, obelisks, chaos druid), mountain trolls, Virgin Island (max cape)
  • Rogue/graceful outfit, Mining Guild & Motherlode Mine, Crafting Guild, wines of zamorak, farming patches (allotment, 2x herb, 2x tree patch), law altar, fire & water obelisks, some useful shops (fishing, farming, pickaxes, jewellery moulds, herblore, food)
Notable quests
  • Knight’s Sword (60k+ smithing xp), Witch’s House (31k HP xp). Slug Menace is incompletable.
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Black dragons, blue dragons, hellhounds, spiritual creatures, skeletal wyverns, trolls


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Darkness of Hallowvale (In Aid of the Myreque, In Search of the Myreque, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost), The Great Brain Robbery (Creature of Fenkenstrain, Cabin Fever, Pirate's Treasure, Priest in Peril, Rum Deal, Zogre Flesh Eaters, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Jungle Potion, Recipe for Disaster (Pirate Pete, Another Cook's Quest), Cook's Assistant
  • Theatre of Blood (scythe, rapier, sang staff, justiciar, avernic defender (req Asgarnia)), Nightmare (nightmare staff + orbs, inquisitor’s), Barrows (no teletabs this time), black mask/slayer helm, salve amulet, Slayer Tower (gargoyles, grotesque guardians, granite equipment, guardian boots (req Asgarnia)), blood shard, Shades of Mort’ton (amulet of the damned)
  • Ectofuntus, allotment + herb patch, charter ship + furnace for glassblowing, Sepulchre, daeyalt essence, vyrelord pickpicketing (blood shard), Temple Trekking, swamp lizards, sharks, teak/mahogany trees on Mos Le’Harmless.
Notable quests
  • Haunted Mine (salve amulet, 110k+ strength xp), Sins of the Father + A Taste of Hope (260k+ in xp lamps, access to Darkmeyer), Ghost’s Ahoy (ectophial)
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Banshees, bloodvelds, cave horrors, gargoyles, nechryaels, vampyres


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Desert Treasure (The Dig Site, Temple of Ikov, The Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, Priest in Peril, Waterfall Quest), Ichtlarin’s Little Helper (Gertrude’s Cat)
  • Ancient spellbook, kalphites (including KQ), Smoke dungeon (dust devils, fire giants), Sophanem dungeon (scarabs, locusts)
  • Ability to SMITH dart tips (can still fletch darts without), Ancient lectern, Mage Training Arena, Sorceress Garden, Pyramind Plunder, Agility pyramid, Nardah altar (restore stats), granite, sandstone grinder, blackjacking, tanner, hunter, teak tree near Uzer, Zahur’s Herblore services, some useful shops (Ali Morrisane, hunter, rune/green d’hide equipment, jewellery moulds).
Notable quests
  • Contact! (70k+ combat xp, keris, access to Sophanem bank), The Feud (75k+ thieving xp, access to Ali Morrisane rune shop & blackjacking), Enakhra's Lament (100k+ xp in various skills, camulet)
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Bandits, dust devils, kalphites, lizards, pyrefiends, scabarites (after Contact!)

Wilderness (PvP death treated as PvM death, gravestone appears next to your spawn point)

Automatic quest unlocks
  • Eagle’s Peak, Enter the Abyss miniquest
  • Revenants ($$$, wildy weapons), Wildy bosses (dragon pickaxe, stab/crush/prayer rings, odium/malediction ward, rune cbow), Corp beast (spirit shields), KBD, Mage Arena I and II (BiS magic cape), wildy slayer (points + Larran’s keys), lava/green dragons, ecumenical keys. LMS is inaccessible.
  • Chaos altar (prayer training), Resource area (yew/magic trees, mining, dark crabs), 2x wine of zamorak spawns, wildy agility course, black salamanders/chins, amulet of eternal glory, Rogue’s Castle chest, Abyss RC, Ferox’ Enclave, air & earth obelisks, Bandit General Store (buys for high alch price), Mage arena rune shop, many hard/elite clue steps.
Notable quests
  • None
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Bears, ents, lava dragons, skeletons, ice giants, revenants


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Monkey Madness II (Gnome Stronghold Balloon route unlocked, Enlightened Journey, The Eyes of Glouphrie, Recipe for Disaster (Another Cook’s Quest, Freeing King Awowogei), Cook’s Assistant, Monkey Madness I, The Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Village, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, Watchtower), Swan Song (One Small Favour, Garden of Tranquility, Creature of Fenkenstrain, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost)
  • Chivalry/Piety (req Asgarnia), demonic gorillas (zenyte, ballista), krakens (trident, tentacle), smoke devils (occult neck), dragon scimitar, chinning/bursting in MM1 & MM2 tunnels, NMZ imbues (buy points with GP at a 1:1 ratio, as NMZ itself is diabled, Nieve + dungeon, Ancient cavern (mith dragons), Barbarian Assault (fighter torso), ogresses, Salarin the Twisted (sinister keys for herbs), Legend’s Guild (legends cape), Myth’s Guild (mythical cape, dragons, wrath runes, BiS cooking spot, req Fremennik region), Tower of Life (herb secondaries), Wizard’s Guild (rune/staff/mystic robe shop), Ranging Guild (lol)
  • Woodcutting (teak/mahogany (2-tick on Ape Atoll), maple/yew/magic), Mining (coal trucks, several mining sites), Fishing (Barb fishing, Fishing Guild, Fishing Trawler + angler outfit, monkfish), Hunter (Woodlands, Feldip Hills including red chins/salamanders), Farming (2x allotment & herb, 2x fruit tree, tree patch), Agility (Seer’s Village & Ardy rooftops), Thieving (master farmer, ardy knights, stalls & chests), ZMI, Fishing Trawler, Castle Wars, West Ardy general store (buys for high alch price), cat delivery, house servants.
Notable quests
  • Fight Arena & Waterfall Quest (plenty of early combat xp), Dwarf Cannon (req Asgarnia), Sea Slug (35k+ fishing xp), Hand in the Sand (Wizard Guild access), Tower of Life (herb secondaries), many RFD subquests
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Black demons, krakens, smoke devils, chaos druid, mithril dragons, ogres

Fremennik Province

Automatic quest unlocks
  • Mountain Daughter, Horror from the Deep (Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl), Dragon Slayer 2 (Legends' Quest, Family Crest, Heroes' Quest, Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Merlin's Crystal, Dragon Slayer, Underground Pass, Biohazard, Plague City, Waterfall Quest, Dream Mentor, Lunar Diplomacy, The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village, Jungle Potion, Eadgar's Ruse, Druidic Ritual, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, A Tail of Two Cats, Icthlarin's Little Helper, Gertrude's Cat, Animal Magnetism, Ernest the Chicken, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost, Ghosts Ahoy, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost, Bone Voyage, The Dig Site, Client of Kourend)… and breathe!
  • Vorkath ($$$, skeletal ward, visage, Ava’s assembler), DKS (berserkeseer’s/archer ring, dragon axe), neitiznot helm + faceguard (req Fremennik Isles/Exiles), ice trolls, Fremennik Slayer dungeon (turoths, kurasks (leaf-bladed weapons, mystic robe top/bottom), god books (can get pages from clues), basilisk knights
  • Lunar spellbook, Managing Miscellania, Weiss (herb patch, basalt teleports, fire pits, req Kandarin & Asgarnia), Keldagrim (Blast Furnace (operated by dwarves, ice gloves provided upon unlocking this area), wide arrange of shops, gold leaf/marble block/magic stone which are essential for high-lvl Construction benefits).
Notable quests
  • Fremennik Isles/Exiles (BiS melee helm), Throne of Miscellania/Royal Trouble (Kingdoms). Making Friends with My Arm (herb patch, basalt teleports, fire pits, req Kandarin & Asgarnia)
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Basilisks, cockatrice, jellies, dagannoths, turoths, kurasks


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Song of the Elves (Mourning's End Part II, Mourning's End Part I, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Sheep Herder, Roving Elves, Waterfall Quest, Regicide, Underground Pass, Biohazard, Plague City, Making History, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost), Eagle’s Peak
  • Zulrah ($$$, blowpipe (need Desert to smith dart tips), swamp trident (req Kandarin), TSotD (req Asgarnia), serpentine helm), The Gauntlet (crystal weapon/armour, blade of saeldor), elite void (after hard Western diary, req Asgarnia & Kandarin, Iorwerth slayer dungeon (dark beasts, kurasks, nechryaels), Iban’s staff (req Kandarin to imbue), a single black dragon, Rabbit (lvl-2)
  • Zalcano (tons of runes, ores & bars, crystal axe (req Fremennik), crystal pickaxe (req Wilderness), req 70 Mining & Smithing), crystal shards (crystal equipment, divine pots etc.), some mining sites, Priff agility course, teak/mahogany + sawmill, lots of useful shops, red chins, fruit tree patch, sacred eels
Notable quests
  • None
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Bloodvelds, dark beasts, elves, kurasks, nechryaels, waterfiends

Inaccessible regions - Zeah

  • Chambers of Xeric (tbow, ancestral, dhcb, rigouaugury, dragon claws, buckler), Konar slayer (brimstone keys), Karuulm dungeon (hydras (tribrid ring, dhl, ferocious gloves) drakes (prayetribrid boots), wyrms), Catacombs of Kourend (arclight), lizardman shamans (dwh), Forthos Dungeon, sand crabs, Mimic
  • Farming Guild, Woodcutting Guild, Wintertodt, blood/soul altar, Arceuus spellbook, Blast Mine, redwood trees, Tithe Farm, Arceuus Library, aerial fishing, fruit stalls, Hosidius kitchen, Mess hall, reputation grinds
Notable quests
  • None
About leagues
Leagues is a seasonal gamemode revolving around completing various tasks on time-limited servers with additional rules such as area restrictions, trade restrictions and boosted xp rates. The goal is to provide a completely fresh and unique gameplay experience which you couldn’t achieve in the main game. Your league progression is entirely separate from the main game, though you can’t play on the same account in both versions at the same time.
Leagues also features tasks, relics and points. Completing tasks is the main objective of leagues, which earns you some league points depending on their difficulty. Task examples are killing a goblin, cook 100 sharks, and obtain an infernal cape. These points can be spent on main game tradeable cosmetic rewards after the league has ended. By completing tasks you’ll eventually earn enough points to unlock relics, which are powerful and permanent buffs to your character while playing leagues. Relic examples are doubled resources from gathering skills, ability to pick your own slayer tasks, and increased attack speed. There are 6 relic tiers, each requiring an increasingly amount of points to unlock, where each tier consists of 3 relics. You can pick one of the three relics, but choose wisely as this is a permanent choice.
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2020.02.11 12:56 BenCannibal I love Ironman mode, it's finally clicked for me (Long story)

Here's a little story about my Ironman after about 2 months of playing it.
I'd been in a vicious cycle with OSRS the last few years. I never tried any new updates (Raids etc., Zulcano, Bosses) because I just felt so overwhelmed but uninterested at the same time.

I was getting in a rut, I have a high level range tank, a med level one, a piety account, a pure and my main. My main had been locked as Jagex thought it had been stolen, and it took 14 appeals to get it unlocked.

In the two months of trying to get it unlocked (Wasn't interested so much in playing) I decided to make a HCIM to play on my phone afk alongside other things, get them little dopamine bumps.

It started out rough, get 50 FM, Clue gear, Wintertodt > Whatever level. I ended up getting 99 and carried on for a while, got 16m xp but sadly no Pet, Axe or Tome.

I then decided to finally box off Ardy 1 diaries for the cape teleport, did Gertrude's cat and Fished till I could do Barb fishing. All i'd do for 14 days was just Fish, drop on mobile, turn cats in for 200 Deaths from the Ardy diary, use Chronicle for another minigame TP to Barb assault rinse and repeat.

At this point I was 87 fishing and really really bored. I had hardly done anything (20 beginner clues) and didn't have the reqs for the easy/med/hard/elite yet. So anyway, I decided I needed Graceful before I started questing properly. Did Seers for so long (Still 25 more marks to go so close) to get Graceful.

Anyway, once I was 70 agility I started at Taverley Blue Dragons, I was worried but honestly it was quite chill. Killed loads, used bones in wildy altar got 52 prayer. After that I killed Twisted Banshees for Mystic gloves and some drops.

So at this point I start doing Sand Crabs for melee stats and hit 1k total and posted here!

It was a mad start, I'd actually put off levelling hp and combat for so long and burned myself out in the process. I got Trawler set, I got a Rune scim from ZMI, then I got the Lost city done and used my last 100k on a D.Long there.

I looked at my med clue and it said I needed a Mith Platebody, Adamant Square Shield and a Bone Dagger. So at this point i'm like let's get some untradeables. I get my stats to 60/60/60 at crabs and go get a Torso, I actually really like B.A and my normal top was a Black platebody.

Then while doing some agility, on the bus to and from work i'd do a B.A run for the Fighter hat. Would not recommend on mobile haha.

Got my Fighter hat and it was the first time I felt like i'd made any progress at all. I actually looked decent, my combat level Skyrocketed and I felt like i'd actually gotten to a good starting point.

So next I was like, right I need Graceful and an Adamant Square and the only way I can feasibly get that is loads of smithing and spend a month when i'm already not motivated, or go get a Dragon defender to get to basement cyclops as they drop it at a 1/100 chance.

It...was....rough. It took me honest just to get to rune about 8 hours of playing, constantly running out of food and having to fish more (Can't do Karams or Monks yet, want Graceful before I quest). Anyway, I started going for the Dragon defender on Saturday mid day, I got it 6pm Sunday after playing for about 12 hours. 2 hours later got the Addy square and I was absolutely ecstatic!

SO THEN I was like right what do I want to do now? I can't do agility I need something more afk, hey I could do with money (Lost HCIM like a month ago) so decided i'd try and kill Revenant Imps, the occasional Hobgoblin and if I was on a recently wiped world I could do a Pyrefiend but that was rare since I killed them slowly.

I got a second D.Long, a pair of Rune Platelegs (Had used Addy to this point and only bosses and high slayer mobs drop them) and a D.Med as well as my very first 5 Super Restores!

So now i'm focusing on the Graceful, then Death to Dorg to train range and get the Bone dagger to finally do this clue step, and then I can start my next journey!

I hated the early game and I think that burns loads of people out but as soon as I had a purpose and little achievable goals I started to see progress.

I love Ironman mode, I got the main account back and haven't played it once.
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2019.09.05 08:29 MinorikoRS So when can we skip the hassle? (JACCR)

TL;DR - Just Another Comp Cape Rant.
Not trying to argue anything - just expressing my views on why, as a Completionist, I'm losing the urge for wanting to Complete things on RS, and it's really saddening to me.
AKA, reducing my post-karma again when I get hate, to make up for the silly bugged Timepiece item post I did that some people liked for some reason.
Edit: Also, nice, I guess having the words "Treasure Hunter" means everything in the post is about MTX. :shrug: Whatever.
So, I'm a bit late to the party, but I kind of gave up on Patch Notes ever meaning anything other than "Hey guys we fixed like 75 typos! Give us money!"
But I only just now figured out that they have actually nerfed Chompy Bird kills by making double-chompy spawns happen from Ardougne Diaries (which are far easier than the OSRS diary that does the same thing) back on the 22nd of July, thanks to a clan-mate asking me why his Chompy Kill rates were so high. (No hate on him, but I can't really be happy for him on his Trim Reqs since they're a joke to me, now.)
So, I have to ask ... why should I even bother at this point?
Why don't they just give Comp/Trim on account creation and save everyone the trouble to begin with?
Most things that used to be an achievement aren't anymore.

Here's a few examples of things I've done that became a joke:

Livid Farm

Nerfed, then nerfed again, and now you literally never have to go there until after you've bought enough points from the Deep Sea Fishing shop.

Chompy Bird Kills

Okay, I used enhancers, I'll admit that. Still, it was a pretty decent endurance/patience test. Now? You can literally get 800 Kills in an hour. This turned an originally-20 Hour requirement into a 5 Hour requirement (Enhancers only being 10 of course.)

Mobilising Armies

Was actually a great minigame, and very fun. Unfortunately, people didn't want to play it legitimately, so they cheesed it. This made Jagex implement a really bad Rank Cap of 12 per hour, which you could hit pretty easily after everyone started suiciding the games, so you'd miss out on rank after winning 1 or 2. I tried to play whenever anyone would actually put up an effort, rather than just suiciding, but after they mentioned it would be removed, I pretty much just went for 1,337 Rating before it was wiped. The outfits and tools also had their prestige completely wiped away. What used to be about a 25 hour cost for one of the more interesting outfits in the game, is now 2.5 hours of AFKing in Castle Wars or something. Then after NXT (which was a failure, in my book. The increased render distance is the only good thing that came out of this new client tbh.) it became unplayable because the camera-controls ended up backwards, and the massive amount of moving parts (the bunch of units) caused MASSIVE frame loss. Like ... insane amounts of frame-loss, basically making the game unplayable unless you completely removed all of the units from view on your screen. I wish this could have been fixed.

Bounty Hunter

Okay, it's not a Comp. Req, but it was still a huge mess. They did literally everything wrong with Bounty Hunter and its removal - especially during the removal parts. When they announced that Ironmemes would keep their points, tons of them immediately went and literally cheated the minigame, going unpunished for it, in an attempt to break their own gamemode integrity, just so they could get a Decimation easier for farming Ascension Keys. They all got mad at me, and horrendously flamed me with some really awful things, because I attempted to play the Minigame correctly, by killing my targets.
Unfortunately as well - most of them called me selfish - without considering the fact that when I was going for Rating to attempt to get the Pyrefiend pet, I literally couldn't die to them or I'd be making no progress towards my goal - but of course since I'm just a mainscaper, my goals don't matter as much as some poor Ironmeme who can't play their own gamemode legitimately. As well as the fact that - when they skipped me, they had a 20-minute penalty .. where-as, it took me 45 minutes to over an hour to get a new target (usually them again or someone they were boosting with who would also skip me). Yet I was the selfish one. I dunno.
(One guy was even trimmed. He posts on here often, and every time I see his name, it irks me a little.)
On top of this, Revenant Pets from Bounty Hunter were pretty much ruined. Instead of having a cool unique thing about owning one originally (e.g. they mentioned having your Bounty Hunter rating on the examine) I now bleed Bounty Hunter rating every 2 weeks. I've lost 10% of my B.H. rating every 2 weeks ever since the update. It reminds me about this on login every time it does it. I have no idea how many more times I'm going to lose rating either.
The new pets themselves are cool, I guess - but the original pets are now worthless. Sure they gave a headstart for future pets, but that didn't really mean much considering the incredible amount of RNG you need to hit for a Revenant Pet drop once you get up around Hobgoblin, and I, personally, was already ~28/30 for cHaOs title by the time the update hit. Only got from Icefiend to Cyclops by the time I finished my drop-log.
The Big One ...

Castle Wars

Castle Wars is just a tragedy at this point. I can't do anything else further to discuss on this. It always reverts into a flame-war between people who know nothing about it, and me being irritated, which probably isn't good for my health, but whatever.
I attempted to actually play as many of my games as I could when going for my Trim, because I actually enjoy playing Castle Wars. Unfortunately, it became a place where people could just sit and AFK and still get rewarded for it. Instead of attempting to fix this glaring issue, and making people actually play the game - they simply removed the Trim Req, which I guess they thought would make people stop AFKing it, but some people didn't get the memo and still AFK it. I don't get the point of AFKing Castle Wars - especially now.
The community used to be really toxic around 2015-2016, which is when the Warring FC's actually still played (and people still AFKed of course, because they couldn't be bothered to actually play the game for whatever reason. There should have been an activity bar to prevent this blatant loophole in the game. Or at least some sort of measure like Pest Control has where the player has to do something rather than just AFK for a free reward. People who do that genuinely make me disgusted with them.
"Is there a right way to play RS?!?! WHAT IF I WANT TO JUST AFK EVERYTHING?" .... Well, you're doing the wrong activity for fun then. You should move on to something else in life if you don't have time to actually play the game, in my opinion.
I'm still slowly working my own way to the Professional Cape, and it should take me just over 1,100 hours still - which sure it's a lot, but I'll hopefully get there eventually. At that point, I get to hope that they don't think everyone needs that cape too, and reduce it for no reason down to a ridiculous amount.

I'd say RuneSpan esteem

but people doing AFK training to 99 Runecrafting should definitely have enough points to get Rank 1 esteem in RuneSpan, so buying the points from the Deep Sea Fishing shop for esteem is a really stupid idea. Still ... it has uses for things like the Runic Staves, and the really poorly done Wicked Robes - which have a really disappoint thing where if you have a recoloured set, it keeps the base model for the inventory, so you don't actually know what colour the set is unless you wear it. There's literally no indication of which set it is. If you have multiple sets, it can get really confusing which is which.


Okay yeah, I've used the free keys I get, and the occasional bond to try to get unique unlocks off of Treasure Hunter (it's a habit of mine to want to complete things - hence Trim Comp . . .)
Of course I got some decent BXP/XP from this, so it helped things like my 120 Construction grind (which was grueling, mind you. If you want something to complain about/being made easier, complain about Construction. My wrist actually hurt for like 2 weeks from all the clicking I had to do it. It was bad. That is something that should definitely be re-done.)
That being said, I can't wish for 120 Construction to be a thing, because I'd be A. the minority again, and B. automatically-biased because I already have it ... but I'd actually love to see 120 be a thing, because I think it could be a thing for some really insane unlocks - ranging from House Building to Overworld-Building things. Just imagine the kind of stuff we could build at 120.
Unfortunately, that will never happen, because people don't want to grind 120 Construction - even if there's content - which is the only way I support 120-level skills myself. There has to be content - but even that isn't enough for some people. I don't know why, but that's a thing.
Besides this, I've always disliked the Hunter skill, and they go ahead and nerf it. It's almost as bad as Construction was. Incredibly attention-requiring, and tons upon tons of clicks.
I'm not the biggest fan of Big Game Hunter, if I'm honest. It's different, but I really hate how long 120 Hunter will take me if I try to do it with that. It wasn't much better with tortles either, since I just outright can't stand doing them, but anyway . . . I dunno. I just don't really care much for the Dino-Hunting thing. Like it's cool, sure ... but the novelty wears off after you get caught by stupid things a few times/you get like 10 kills, and then you're just angry because you end up like 300 Hunts without a pelt or whatever. (Luckily I was blessed with decent RNG and got my pelt around 80 hunts or so, I think.)

Things that SHOULD be reduced, but haven't been

Now is the time I get sound like a hypocrite, but I genuinely think that removing the Cooldown/Rewards on City Quests for Menaphos would have been a good reward for after you've completed the Menaphos Reputation gauges. Granted, 200 City Quests shouldn't have been on the achievement list anyway, because they're not very engaging, fun, or even good content to begin with. They definitely need some sort of re-work. They're one of the least fun things about Menaphos for me.
The Soul Codex is another thing about Menaphos I hate. I got my 120 Slayer a few days before Menaphos came out. I then got to grind more slayer for some stupid-RNG rolls on something I can't even use for anything ingame. It's literally the same as getting a Trophy Head from most of the NPCs in the game. They don't really do anything, but they're rare, which sucks.
I honestly would not be mad if they stopped the Soul Codex thing. I never really enjoyed Slayer all that much. Killing the same NPCs over and over for hours on end got really boring for just getting 99 to begin with. An extra 7 times of getting 99 wasn't really necessary . . . and doing like another 1.5 99's for the Soul Codex which does literally nothing was really annoying as well.
I absolutely hated that part of Anachronia's release. I thought Anachronia was great - it was just the stupid Souls that have an incredibly high RNG roll to get - which is also incredibly annoying.
Champion Scrolls are honestly nothing compared to getting those stupid souls.

Anyway . . .

All of this is coupled with the fact that I'm the minority player-type, in multiple ways, here on Reddit, and so I'm often considered "wrong" purely because I go against making everything easier, which the majority of the people here want for some reason.
I don't get the point of them wanting Trim to be easier and easier to get. The point of the cape was for it to be a prestige-symbol, showing that you were willing to sit through some of the more obscure content and maybe even learn the best ways to complete things, or just brute force them over several hours.
(E.G. people figuring out the best ways to kill Chompy Birds/collect Champion Scrolls)
It just makes me wonder why I should even bother continuing trying to achieve anything, because it shortly becomes not-an-achievement afterwards, and it's a bit of a let down if I'm honest.
I've been here for over 15 years, and I still have goals I'd like to complete - but it just comes down to the fact that whenever I complete something - if it's something rather unique like a Dead-Minigame pet no one else has - the uniqueness of it is instantly dead and gone, and the achievement is made meaningless.
I pretty much just sit here angry all day wondering what thing will get ruined next.
  • Will it be my 100%'ed Ports, with Story Voyages being 100% forceable/completable after nerfs?
  • Will it be my bank again? Since I still had some rune bars in my bank during the Mining and Smithing rework - they said they'd try to keep people's bank values intact, but I lost somewhere around 100Mill on my bars. Luckily, I used them for progress towards 120 Summoning by making Rune Minotaurs before those were fixed. Was it bug-abuse? Nah. More of an oversight on their part - which I took advantage of considering they screwed me in the first place.
  • Will it be more of my Mini-Content rewards? Probably.
Regardless, I dunno. I get a lot of hate for wanting the game's achievements to remain achievements, and for them to stop making these joke "achievements" that aren't actually achievements.
Killing Araxxi in bronze gear isn't an achievement. It's stupid.
Tanking 30,000 Damage from the Crassian Leviathan isn't an achievement. It's stupid.
Waiting an hour between "can you give me 3 Water battlestaves?" and "can you kill 70 (insert obscure trash NPC here)" for 200 hours isn't an achievement either. It's a pain in the ass.
But yeah, to close it, I just feel like I'm losing my 'want' to complete things, and it makes me feel bad. Personal problem I guess - but I just get really irritated when people want everything easier, for the wrong reasons.
I really hoped the Comp Rework would solve at least some of the issues, like people who aren't even completionists going for the cape.
But that was like half a year wasted with nothing but the problem getting worse - so not much more to say about that.
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2018.12.01 05:02 Shadowbanish I Was Completely Wrong About the OSRS Community

As the exchange rate from OSRS -> RS3 is so high right now, I got myself into Old School to help me make some money for the Partyhat I've been grinding for for about a year. Going into this, I had a vision in my mind of Old School players as incredibly childish morons who are afraid of change and suck at RuneScape. I couldn't have been more wrong about this.
Firstly, the kindness of the Old School community immediately surprised me. As a newer player, my stats were still very low. While doing a greater demon task, I was given over 100k in prayer pots and combat potions by someone who saw me pray-flicking to save food. Later, I was given over 970k by a player who saw me killing Pyrefiends without a black mask and who demanded that I buy myself one. The Old School community is not only kind to new players but generally very open to conversation. I can even talk openly with Old School players about the fact that I am gay, that I play RuneScape 3, and even about my college major.
Now of course OSRS has a bunch of awful people in it, and I think we all know this, but I reluctantly admit that this community is closer to the original brand of RuneScape community I remember from back in 2009 than the community of RS3. RuneScape has never had the BEST community out there, and pretty much is hit or miss in both games. But I'd definitely say it's far easier to make a friend than an enemy in OSRS. In RS3, many players are too goal-oriented to talk much outside of the Max Guild or Priff Square, but in Old School you can just talk to almost anyone while casually slaying Kalphites. This sort of unprompted conversation does still happen in RS3, however it's rather uncommon, likely because the combat system requires the use of keybinds, so talking while PvMing is generally close to impossible unless you use Discord/Skype. Not only this, but scamming and luring seems less common in OSRS than it is in RS3. I've played Old School for over a month and I have yet to receive a PM from someone claiming to be a JMod who is not or been asked at the GE to come try something because the first few squares of the wilderness are COMPLETELY SAFE.
The reason why I think I saw the Old School community in this bad light in the past was because generally, any RS3-related YouTube video, post, or Twitch stream is immediately flooded with hatred from Old School elitists, and as someone who has played the same version of RuneScape for almost 10 years, that made me bitter. But after actually playing the game I realized that these cancerous players are actually a rather tiny majority.
And while I definitely need to tone down on my play time , I look forward to the 99 slayer grind in Old School and filling my friends list with a bunch more cool people.
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2018.11.22 16:04 All_About_Apes F2P Updates Megathread

I've compiled a great deal of the suggestions from this subreddit to organize them in one thread.
Why? OSRS is bigger than ever. All kinds of brand new players are posting here every day and it's wonderful. If you don't see this, sort by new and you'll see that it's flooded! This brings me to my next point: F2P updates will increase the conversion ratio to P2P and add additional revenue. At the very least, Jagex, do a cost-benefit analysis.
OSRS is a subscription-based game with a free, or 'lite' option, if you will; this pricing model is not uncommon. F2P serves as the proverbial 'landing page' where newcomers assess it and make a decision. Anyone familiar with digital marketing knows that you need a strong landing page to grab the consumer and hook them, which this game is very capable of doing after that first membership purchase.
However, we have to be careful in approaching this in order to come up with feasible suggestions that do not threaten the balance or meta, as they will be vetoed and this will be a waste of everyone's time. Many of these materials that I've compiled are the recycling of dead content, which requires little to no implementation effort and is a low investment. Furthermore, none of these are my own. I simply felt that we needed an organized megathread to have a conversation about this. I’m not even saying I support all of these, but I do support progress in F2P content. I provided links where I could, but I take no credit for these ideas. Many of these threads exceeded thousands in upvotes.

Content Section

F2P Equipment Additions & Improvements
Quick Summary for those who don’t wish to use link.
F2P Achievement Diaries
Quick Summary for those who don’t wish to use link.
Diaries consist of small xp rewards, with a hard diary possibly containing an untradable 7 day bond. Tasks include questing, skill challenges (i.e. smithing platebodies, catching swordfish, etc.) and killing Obor. Skull sceptre reward also suggested here.

F2P Wild Rejuvenation/Quality of Life
Make a doogate/hole in north wall of GE to allow easy access to wilderness at a critical point where single begins to meet multi. This would revive a dead pking spot and kickstart another area of low level wild, possibly bleeding into Edgeville and shallow Varrock.
1 minute Teleblock. It’s been polled and failed multiple times before. The most recent involving the revenants was, what many felt, a poor approach of attempting to cover up multiple issues simultaneously, leading to its failing result. F2P is not exactly profitable when it comes to pking, unless you’re risk fighting. To use all of your supplies and have someone teleport out multiple times, it’s frustrating. Currently, the wilderness activity is restricted to a few key areas: Edgeville, shallow Varrock, and deep (20+ wild) for clans. The middle of the wilderness is the problem area. There’s a ‘no-fly zone’ because it’s a waste of time. If you look at the active areas now, it’s very obvious it revolves around the lack of Teleblock. Maybe even throw this in as an achievement diary reward? I don’t know.

New skills in F2P
More bosses/Changes to existing
We have the Hill Giants and Moss Giants. Bring on the Ice Giant boss! If we were to double the key drop rate in the wilderness, it would boost the Ice Plateau corner of the wild, along with the altar. For the love of god, though, do not have it (or anything else) drop a rune scimitar. Iron men currently have very limited ways of obtaining one. This would cheapen the achievements for existing ones and likely lead to a veto. (I personally don’t have a preference, not being an ironman, but I know they certainly do).
There’s also been a slew of other boss suggestions across this subreddit and on w385. I know I’ll be missing details, but hey, I’m trying my best here to compile everything. Some of these include:
Dead places
Games Room and Trouble Brewing F2P version. These are some of the most dead areas in existence in OSRS. They would have almost zero impact and be a complement to Castle Wars, promoting community interaction and fun.

Miscellaneous Collection
TL;DR: The bottom line is that there is a huge opportunity for Jagex to increase its conversion ratio for membership and take advantage of the incoming fresh player base. There’s also an opportunity for them to repurpose content they’ve spent time on in the past and make it useful in F2P without ruining metas or pissing off the community. We have a great opportunity here.
This took a lot of time and effort. Leave any of your own suggestions here. Let’s get the ball rolling.
To the Americans here, Happy Thanksgiving!
Edit: Some seem to think that this is all or nothing. That’s not the case. This is simply a collection of what’s been suggested and generally well received on here before.
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2018.07.28 12:57 RustyMuffin444 Revenant Rework

Elite Revenants + Revenant Boss
For this I’ve decided to take this past idea and expand on it :D
Currently, despite the introduction of superior PvP armouweapons, revenants aren’t particularly good to kill, nor is there much risk involved. Compared to OSRS, revenants over there give the chance for great rewards, the area feels much more active and dangerous and isn’t as easy to escape from.
My proposal involves several things:

Elite Revenants

The entrance to elite revenants will be in the form of a Mysterious Entrance that requires 50 Dungeoneering to enter and ‘Ghostly Charms’ (see below) to damage the elite revenants. Inside is a large room similar to the surface revenant area, containing elite revenant spawns. At the end of the room is a massive locked gate which acts as the entrance to the revenant boss. To access the gate, you need to get 1000 elite revenant points (see next section) to go through it. Note that:
  • They are all immune to stuns, but not binds, stat drains or poison attacks.
  • The area is still considered part of wilderness so you can still be pked here.
  • The forinthry brace’s effects are interfered with due to the depth of the dungeon so you instead get a 50% damage reduction for 1 minute +no aggression, rather than immunity for 1 minute + no aggression for 1 hour.
  • There could be a counter signalling how many elite revenants you’ve killed so far.
  • Don’t have to get 1000 points in one go to access the boss.
  • Teleports don’t work in here, but you can exit via the entrance you came in through.
  • Ghostly Charms are rare, tradeable drops from ordinary revenants. 1 charm = 1 minute of being able to damage elite revenants. Without the charms, all your attacks to them will be ineffective. This drop ensures weak revenants stay useful.
It could be a bit like GWD1/GWD2 where once you get the kill-count required, you enter the gate into a small safe room where you can’t be attacked, and can then go further into the boss room.
Elite revenants are effectively much stronger versions of ordinary revenants, and have the following properties.
Elite Revenant Lifepoints Elite Rev. Points when killed
Imp 20k 1
Goblin 25k 5
Icefiend 30k 8
Pyrefiend 35k 10
Hobgoblin 40k 20
Vampyre 45k 30
Werewolf 50k 40
Cyclops 55k 50
Hellhound 60k 60
Demon 65k 80
Ork 70k 100
Dark Beast 75k 120
Knight 100k 200
Dragon 250k 500
For the Elite Revenant Points, 1000 points can be used up to provide you access to the Revenant Boss for a 1 hour instance. The boss can only be accessed alone.
These revenants don’t drop all the same uniques as weak revenants. Instead they have access to their own unique table (where stronger elite revenants killed = better chance for these uniques):
Unique Notes
Corrupt Dragon Ranged Equipment Tier 60 d2d items (accessable to f2p)
Corrupt Dragon Magic Equipment Tier 60 d2d items (accessable to f2p)
Brawling Gloves Drop them more commonly than weak revenants
Elite Ghost Hunter Outfit Tier 80 tradeable version of regular Ghost Hunter. This set gives tier 80 defence in all three styles and, against ghosts, shades etc. provides: 5% damage and hit chance boost, 10% damage reduction and 1-3% adrenaline gain on a kill for each piece worn. So full set = 20% damage/hit chance boost, 40% damage reduction, 4-12% adrenaline on a kill.
New Ancient Artefacts Very rare, and can be handed to Mandrith for the following amounts of gp: Guthixian Relic (40m), Zarosian Relic (35m), Serenic Relic (30m), Saradomin Relic (25m), Bandosian Relic (20m), Armadylian Relic (15m), Zamorakian Relic (10m)
Other Drops General loot drops in small quantities (e.g. some herbs, some rune stuff, ghostly essence too etc.)

The Revenant Boss

The revenant boss, known as Khullinhos, is a huge manifestation of revenant souls which takes the form of a strange humanoid-shaped creature (like a Tormented Demon).
This is a solo only boss.
General Informaton:
  • Combat level: 10000
  • Lifepoints: 1,000,000 (base amount)
  • Weaknesses: None (salve amulet, undead slayer, ghost hunter etc. will work however)
  • Combat style: Uses all styles against player
  • Speed: 1.8s (very fast!)
The Fight:
The fight has 4 phases involved: A melee phase (from 1,000,000 to 750,000 lifepoints), a ranged phase (from 750,000 to 500,000 lifepoints), a magic phase (from 500,000 to 250,000 lifepoints) and a final phase (from 250,000 to 0 lifepoints).
~~~ PHASE 1 ~~~
For this phase the revenant will exclusively be holding a large ghostly battleaxe and will only attack with melee attacks. He will also take 50% less damage from all incoming ranged attacks for this phase but 50% more damage from magic attacks.
He has the following rotation:
1-10 standard attacks > Special (Hurricane, Minions, Smash or Charge)
  • Standard attacks: His standard attack involves whacking you with his axe. He will do 1-10 attacks in between specials rather than a fixed amount (a bit like Seiryu).
  • Hurricane: He will stay in one spot and continuously whirl his battelaxe around for a few seconds, dealing massive continuous damage if you go near him.
  • Minions: He will summon 3 random ordinary revenants.
  • Smash: He will whack his axe on the ground causing the whole arena to shake, reducing your armour effectiveness significantly and dealing heavy damage.
  • Charge: Like the Kalphite King, the revenant will charge himself up before running quickly towards the edge of the arena. If he hits you you’ll take massive damage and be stunned for some time, if he misses and hits the wall he’ll stun himself for a short duration and will take extra damage during this time.
  • The revenant also has an ‘enrage’ mechanic involved whereby he becomes 1% more damaging for every standard attack he does (1.8s) that passes with no cap until the end of the phase where the effect ends, so you need to be fast!
At the end of the phase, he will summon 1 of every ordinary revenant to attack you. You need to kill them all to progress to the next phase.
~~~ PHASE 2 ~~~
For this phase the revenant will switch to a massive ghostly bow and will only attack with ranged attacks. He will also take 50% less damage from all incoming magic attacks for this phase but 50% more damage from all melee attacks.
He has the following rotation:
1-10 standard attacks > Special (Ghost Rain, Ground Spikes, Binding Shot or Collapse)
  • Standard attacks: His standard attack involves shooting ghostly arrows at you with his bow. Again, he will do 1-10 attacks in between specials rather than a fixed amount (a bit like Seiryu).
  • Ghost Rain: He will shoot a massive arrow into the ceiling, which causes several small ghosts to rush downwards all around the arena. Each ghost takes up a 1x1 tile and will have a shadow on the floor signalling it’s about to fall on a given tile, where certain areas of the arena won’t have a shadow appear. Being hit by a ghost will cause you to go into ‘undead’ mode where for 10 seconds you’re attacks a much less damaging, much more inaccurate, half the speed and you’re unable to run.
  • Ground Spikes: 10 spikes will shoot out of your location, one after the other, dealing massive damage if you’re hit by one (it’s a bit like Legiones where they throw a bolt in your location and you need to move asap). The revenant will still do their standard attacks during this!
  • Binding Shot: He will charge up and shoot a big arrow at your location with a large AoE effect. Being hit will bind you in place for some time by ‘ghostly roots’ which will choke you for constant damage until the bind ends or you free yourself from it.
  • Collapse: He will shoot a sharp arrow with a ghostly rope attached to it at the ceiling right above your location, rip a very large chunk rock out of it and pull the rock downwards towards you. If hit you take large amounts of damage and will be stunned for a significant duration.
At the end of the phase, he will summon 1 of every elite revenant to attack you. You need to kill them all to progress to the next phase. They have significantly less health than the normal elite revenants.
~~~ PHASE 3 ~~~
For this phase the revenant will switch to a massive ghostly staff and will only attack with magic attacks. He will also take 50% less damage from all incoming melee attacks for this phase but 50% more damage from all ranged attacks.
He has the following rotation:
1-10 standard attacks > Special (Shock, Blood Hands or Ice Blast)
  • Standard attacks: His standard attack involve making use of Ancient Magicks, randomly switching between the 4 types. Again, he will do 1-10 attacks in between specials rather than a fixed amount (a bit like Seiryu).
  • Shock: He will cause a strong lightning charge to run through the floor of the whole arena, dealing continuous massive damage and draining your stats and prayer points significantly. There are 4 switches in the 4 corners of the arena which can be pulled at any time during the phase. Each switch reduces this effect by 20% and lasts for 30 seconds per pull before it resets. Wearing insulated boots adds a further 20% resistance.
  • Blood Hands: He will raise his staff, after which a wide row of ghost hands (like the shadow hands from Seiryu/Nex) will form and move across the length of the arena towards you. They deal massive damage to you and heal the revenant for a chunk of lifepoints if touched.
  • Ice Blast: He will constantly and rapidly shoot icy AoE splash magic attacks (like corporeal beast) at your location for several seconds. Being hit deals significant damage and freezes you in place.
At the end of the phase, he will summon 1 of every champion revenant to attack you (see next section). You need to kill them all to progress to the last phase. They have significantly less health than the ordinary champion revenants.
~~~ PHASE 4 ~~~
For the last phase, the revenant is severely weakened and will take double damage from all attacks. His attack speed also triples to 0.6s and he will switch back to his battleaxe, dealing melee attacks only of which have 100% accuracy on you.
For this phase he has no specials, but will have an enrage mechanic like in phase one where he gets 1% more damaging every standard attack he does (0.6s) so you need to finish him off very quickly to avoid massive damage from him. He will also constantly summon random ordinary revenants to attack you throughout the phase.
Once killed, he will leave some ‘ghostly remains’ for you to search for rewards!
Unique Notes
Khullinhos’s Battleaxe, Longbow, Warstaff Tier 92 weapons that have the special attack Spiritual Connection special attack [50%]: Summons a random weakened, elite or champion revenant to attack your target alongside you. The summoned revenant will have a fixed 10000 lifepoints pool regardless of the revenant and will last for 30 seconds, or until it is killed. Note that the champion revenants will be able to use their special effects if summoned!
Ghostly Runic Scripture A pocket slot item that contains writings on the infusion of various types of runic energy into essence and multi-runecrafting techniques from ancient runecrafters. Wielding this scripture will boost all runes created at the ZMI altar by 0-300%, altars via the Abyss by 0-100% and altars via the surface by 0-50%.
Ancient Codex A very rare codex that can be used to unlock any one of 5 curses (see below)
Phantom A very rare pet drop with a 1/5000 drop rate from champions with a 1/1000 threshold.
Other Loot A variety of standard loot, e.g. hydrix bolt tips, onyx bolts, herbs, ghostly essence etc.
The Ancient Codex can unlock any of the following overhead curses:
  • Faithful [Level 60]: Prevents prayer point drain.
  • Multifaith [level 80]: Provides 33% protection against melee, magic and ranged attacks.
  • Soul Burst [level 99]: A combination prayer which provides 33% ranged protection and 80% of the healing properties of Soul Split.
  • Soul Rush [level 99]: A combination prayer which provides 33% melee protection and 80% of the healing properties of Soul Split.
  • Soul Barrage [level 99]: A combination prayer which provides 33% magic protection and 80% of the healing properties of Soul Split.

Revenant Champions (free roamers)

On top of the elite revenants and revenant boss in the forinthry dungeon, I’m suggesting an even stronger form of revenant known as revenant champions to roam freely around the outside of the wilderness to bring back the danger it used to possess. These free-roaming revenants are much stronger than their elite counterparts and much more dangerous, but provide a selection of potential useful rewards for those wishing to tackle them!
  • Since they’ll be scattered around the wilderness you can of course be pked. They are also aggressive to everyone.
  • The forinthry brace’s effects are severely interfered with due to being away from the forinthry dungeon. Activating it on the surface wilderness will give you 20% damage reduction against revenant champions for 1 minute, as opposed to immunity for 1 minute + no aggression.
  • They are all immune to stuns, but not binds, stat drains or poison attacks.
  • In single-way areas, champions can only be attacked by a single player. In Multi-way, they can be attacked by multiple players but will have 5 times the health (regardless of how many players are present) and can switch between targets randomly (so player 1 could receive 5 normal attacks then the revenant switches to player 2 and uses its special on them).
  • A multi-way champion, due to having 5 times the health, will always drop 5 lots of drops regardless of how many people are attacking it (e.g. if duoing, one person could get 3 lots of drops, the other gets 2 lots). If there are more than 5 people attacking it, then the 5 drops will go to the top 5 dpsers only.
  • Champions who spawn in a single-way area are bound to it (i.e. you cannot lure it into multi-way by attacking it then running away for example) and vice-versa for those that spawn in multi-way.
  • There are always 5 champions present in any given world. If a champion is killed, it is replaced by a random champion in a different location in the wilderness.
The revenant champions are much stronger than elite revenants and have access to a set of special abilities and effects. They have the following properties:
Revenant Champion LP (in multi) Special Attacks/Properties
Imp 40k (200k) Ward of Zamorak - 10% chance per hit for the Champion to form a Zamorakian Ward in front of itself, causing the next hit from the player to reflect damage back to the player
Goblin 50k (250k) Power of Bandos – The Champion’s will raise its fists, preparing to barge at the player in the next 3 seconds, dealing 2500-5000 lifepoints of damage - Anticipation can be used to negate the damage if used before the attack.
Icefiend 60k (300k) Deep Freeze - 10% chance per hit to freeze the player in place, binding them for 5 seconds whilst also draining the player’s run energy to 0 in the process
Pyrefiend 70k (350k) Deep Heat - Player suffers a burn effect when in combat with this Champion starting with a base damage of 50, with the burn damaging you every tick. Every successful hit from the Champion causes the burn’s strength to increase by 10% (the Freedom ability can be used to reset the burn’s strength down to its starting value)
Hobgoblin 80k (400k) Might of Bandos – 10% chance per hit for the champion to deliver a very powerful punch to the player, damaging the player for 1000-3000 damage and stunning them for 10 seconds
Vampyre 90k (450k) Bloodlust – Every hit from the Champion drains the player’s prayer points by 10% of the hit’s damage and heals the Champion for that amount (if you have no prayer points, the effect will not occur)
Werewolf 100k (500k) Beast Mode – the champion fights with very strong and fast Melee attacks only with its claws, where each attack can hit up to 3 times (like Ripper Demons)
Cyclops 110k (550k) Bodyguard – the champion can deflect all projectile damage (i.e. Ranged and Magic damage) completely
Hellhound 120k (600k) Hell’s Breath – 10% chance per hit for the champion to use its ‘Hell’s Breath’ ability against the player, mimicking the effects of the Corruption Blast ability onto the player (initial hit on the player will be anywhere from 100 to 3000)
Demon 130k (650k) Field of Flames – 10% chance per hit for the champion to summon a 9x9 area of flames around itself for 10 seconds, damaging any players caught in the flames suffer damage every tick whilst in this area, where flames closer to the demon deal more damage (from a maximum of 500 damage per tick for the outermost flames to 1500 damage per tick for the innermost ones)
Ork 140k (700k) Wrath of Bandos – 10% chance per hit to slam its fists into the ground causing a shockwave, dealing 500-6000 melee damage to the player and causing the player’s armour rating to be drained to 0 for 1 minute.
Dark Beast 150k (750k) Surge of Darkness – 10% chance per hit for a ‘patch of darkness’ to form underneath the player’s current location, dealing 4000-8000 damage to the player in the next tick if the player is still in that location(i.e. how Nex’s Shadow ability works)
Knight 200k (1000k) Warrior's strike – 10% chance per hit for the champion’s next hit to mimic the special attack of a random godsword (including the Zaros godsword)
Dragon 500k (2500k) Dragon’s Revenge – the Champion will exclusively use EoC Melee abilities (including ultimates such as Berserk) against the player in melee distance, and a mix of Ranged and Magic EoC abilities (including ultimates such as Sunshine and Death’s Swiftness) out of melee distance against the player – it cannot use stuns however
Again, these revenants don’t drop all the same uniques as weak revenants or elite revenants. Instead they have access to their own unique table (where stronger revenant champions killed = better chance for these uniques):
Unique Notes
Decimation, Obliteration and Annihilation Very rare drops
New Ancient Artifacts Very rare, and can be handed to Mandrith for the following amounts of gp: Divine Stone (50m), Divine Shard (75m), Divine Crystal (100m), Shard of the Gods (500m) – this one’s very, very rare!
Ghostly Scrolls Various very rare scrolls that give different title unlocks: Ghostly Scholl (Shadow _____) - black, Ghostly Scroll (_____ the Elusive) - light blue, Ghostly Scroll (Ghostbuster) - light purple, Ghostly Scroll (Spiritual) - light yellow, Ghostly Scroll (Divine) - light green, Ghostly Scroll (Champion) - burnt orange and Ghostly Scroll (Spooky) - light grey
Ethereal Shards Combine 1000 to create the Ethereal Sigil [30 seconds effect, 10 minute cooldown]. This sigil significantly increases your defence against all undead or ghost-based creatures.
Ghostly Residues Can be combined at 90 Herblore with a Bloodweed potion (unf), a Summoning potion and Searing ashes to create a *Spirit Potion. Drinking it boosts maximum summoning spell points by 50%, restores summoning points completely and doubles point restoration for 1 minute.
Other loot Lots of good loot as normal drops (e.g. Hydrix bolt tips, Onyx bolts, Bloodweed seeds, dragonstones etc.)

Item sink for Rev. Items

Since there is a surplus of revenant items in game due to the release of collection logs, my idea is to involve invention into this by having a new type of wilderness-themed component:
  • Name: Corrupt components - rare chance from corrupt dragon and corrupt or normal ancient warrior weapons/armour
  • Weapon Gizmo: Wild - Boosts hit chance and damage by X amount while in the wilderness, where X = wilderness level you’re in.
  • Armour Gizmo: Blood Money - Doubles all drops from killed NPC’s when in the vicinity of the wilderness.
  • Tool Gizmo: Tactical - Doubles all resources from resource plots when in the vicinity of the wilderness.

Miscellanous Stuff

  • Killcount trackers: We could perhaps have 4 separate killcount trackers for Quickchat. One for weak revenants, one for elite, one for champions and one for bosses.
  • Perhaps a variety of achievements could be added alongside this? E.g. Defeat all revenant champions at least once.
Let me know what you think!
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2018.06.27 05:02 Kitteh6660 Elite Dungeon: Wilderness Volcano Depths

With the first elite dungeon released and the second coming in the future, I'd like to come up with an idea for a F2P elite dungeon as the third elite dungeon that will test the limits and to give them the taste of high-end content not felt at KBD and Giant Mole. Particularly designed for combat level of 90+ of groups of three, or 110+ solo with t50/55 equipment.
As for the location, the entrance could be located the Wilderness volcano. This will be primarily themed after Wilderness Volcano, and you'll explore the depths at your peril.
As usual, it'll come in story mode and normal mode.
Part 1
The first part, you will face Bandit Brawlers, which are level 98. Further down the line, you'll soon come face to face with level 224 Bandit Commander, who blocks your way. He has 100,000 HP in normal mode and he will summon reinforcements every 1/4 HP lost. He's infused with the darkness hence high combat level for a human. He wields a halberd so he can hit you with melee even from 2 squares away, and uses abilities. Once his adrenaline bar hits 100%, he'll slam his halberd at the ground and you must dodge or you'll take heavy typeless damage.
Should you defeat him, the gate to second part will unlock, taking you deeper into the cavern. Checkpoint unlocked!
Part 2
You're now in the cavern that has flowing lava.
You'll come across strengthened Fire Giants and Pyrefiends. There's no Slayer requirement but they have combat level of 102. Near the end, you'll face Lava Dragons, like from OSRS.
Next up, you'll face a level 264 Ancient Lava Dragon with 180k HP. You may want to bring anti-dragon shield (or mole) or pray against magic but the dragonfire attacks are rather sparse and occasional so you can still defeat him solo even without shield. Occasionally the dragon will bring up lava geysers. You'll be given warning cues to avoid the geysers, indicated by cracking ground and rumbles.
Should you defeat the dragon, you'll gain access to the final area. Checkpoint unlocked!
Part 3
It's getting hellish in here! The final segment of the dungeon.
This is the part where you'll face elite black demons and hellhounds. With their combat level being 106, they're to be feared! Their defences are a bit low so they can be done with tier 50 equipment. Cerberus (three-headed hellhound) appears as a miniboss.
You'll also come across a boss: Cerberus Queen. With a combat level of 444 and boasting 250k HP, this is no walk in the park. She can breathe fire for magical attack and use claw attacks for melee. Two of her heads may spit rocks for ranged attacks. For every 25% HP lost, she'll summon Hellhounds to her aid. At last 10% HP, she'll go into enrage with her max hit and accuracy increased by 50%.
The Rewards
If you can best the dungeon, you'll receive the items. Most of the unique rewards are available even to non-members. It'll have decent drop table and those who mastered the dungeon can expect to make about 500k-1m gp/h. As with the first elite dungeon, you can also earn Dungeoneering tokens and XP.
Feedback is welcome as always! I hope you've enjoyed reading the long post. Hours were put into this thread.
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2017.08.07 02:25 Gwyndolynn The End of Minigames?!

Fist of Guthix, Stealing Creation, Soul Wars. Remember those? I do. I recall hours spent in my 'noob days' having my a** handed back to me on a plate only to respawn, come running back and do it all over again. I loved it -we all did. Now? Empty.
But this is old news. Jagex took a tentative step in the right direction with the introduction of Thaler and the Spotlight and we have seen SOME increased activity but it just really hasn't been enough. I don't think any one thing can revive minigames from this fate but a whole lot of small things and a change on how we view minigames.
I've recognized four major causes for the decrease in Minigame playing:
Minigames play a critical role in the health of the game's community. It's what brings us together, whole clans were once built on minigames! But so much of Runescape has become solo content. Working for that next achievement, saving for that new armor, getting that skill cape. It's a culture.
In response to this, and out of my love for minigames, I have amassed a list of fixes/tweaks/proposals to make minigames popular again. Much of this is composed of suggestions and insight from other players and forums that have been posted over the years, so I do not take credit for all of the following suggestions.
Overall Suggestions: (Note: I am just tossing ideas around so take it with a grain of salt)
  1. Afker on winning team / huge reward
  2. Hero on losing team / little reward
  3. Rewards don't reflect time/skill/effort on losing team, why should they come back? Just xp waste.
  4. Unbalanced teams
  5. Teaming
  6. Outdated
  7. Poor mechanics
  8. Ugly Graphics
  9. Poor Rewards
  10. Poor XP
  11. Degrading armor < tier 70 armor
  12. Small player base doesn't support minigames.
  13. Finding a team
    1. Combat Minigames, low levels are often putout because they cannot hope to compete
  1. Narrow the reward margin between winner and loser. Enough for it to be desirable to win but small enough as not to deter new people.
  2. "______"
  3. ”______"
    1. Instanced multi-world minigames like Cabbage Facepunch. Additionally, make all minigames ONLY have the Guthix auto dividing portal which could balance the teams. However there should be an option to organize teams for clan vs clan competition (it could function like dungeoneering ring).
  4. "______"
  5. Rework, open player feedback
  6. Rework, open player feedback
  7. Facelift
  8. Buff Rewards - EXPONENTIALLY.
  9. "_____"
  10. Supplied armors/weapons/tools like fog supplies runes so as not to waste degradable armors.
  11. Multi-world instanced minigames (like cabbage face punch)
  12. Ditto
    1. Add more alternative "aiding methods"!
Suggestion for tweaks and additions for my favorite minigames. Any suggestion for you guys? What changes would you like to see?
Stealing Creation
For Scavlord's original thread: 185-186-915-62880562
Fist of Guthix
LD or Lord Drakan's original thread: 373-374-787-65630475
Cabbage Face-punch Bonanza
Great Orb Project
74-75-454-63919035 Sorry, I don't know how to link it.:P
Castle Wars (Baked Frodo and Myself)
Merge Clan Wars concept with Castle Wars and remove Clan Wars entirely. Then make Castle Wars a F2P Minigame as a replacement and to provoke Minigame playing from future members.
Soul Wars
Pest Control Work in progress...
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2016.11.20 03:06 Kynsiana [Suggestion] Necromany, a Summoning solution for OSRS

I've been playing OSRS for awhile now, and remember the days of summoning. Pets were great, however, their implementation has always bothered me. I see a great opportunity with OSRS to have Summoning as an option, in the form of Necromancy!
Necromancy would not be a skill, it would be merged with the Arc Spellbook alongside the Prayer spells, to summon a monster you would need the following:
Where will these come from?
Players on Slayer Tasks will be able to receive the Ensouled heads as you can currently, Hunters may sometimes receive prey that is big enough for necromancy, Fishing can sometimes get large fish that are large enough for Necromancy
All pets would be similar to a Cannon, in that you need to re-fuel them. Their body is dead and the reanimation will constantly drain their health. Blood, Body, and Soul runes must be used by clicking on the monster to heal it, which can be done at range and give slight magic experience.
Combat Pets will also be able to receive Prayers from the player, at double the prayer point cost. This would be done by right clicking the prayer and selecting a 'Pray For..' option, where you click the pet afterwards. New prayers such as Healing for summoned monsters can be added at high prayer levels.
Combat pets will not follow the player around, rather they will roam the area they are summoned in and attack anything nearby. Players will receive 3/4ths of the slayer xp if their summon does most of the damage against the creature, but the player will be awarded drops even if they do not hit the creature.
Combat pets would be associated with the Slayer skill, and be rare drops for people on slayer task. The Ensouled Heads currently in the game are a great example, but obviously more and different options will be added, such as Ensouled Ashes1 for Pyrefiend that requires ashes from Demons2 instead of Bones. Here is a list of Combat Beasts that should be summonable, and would be just slightly weaker then their current in game versions.
A quick note, enemies that require a special item to kill will not be included as summonable, as the corpse they leave is to destroyed to reanimate!
All numbers are of course subject to change!
Example Levels Required - Monster - Items needed for Summon - Special Abilities or notes
1 Signifies items not currently in the game that will be added with Necromancy
2 Lesser Demons will have a 1/8th chance of dropping Demon Ashes, Greater Demons will have a 1/3rd chance to drop Demon Ashes, and Black Demons will be changed to drop them 100% of the time
I am working on monsters that will be using Hunter along with gathering skills for bonuses, the Rune costs for restoring the monsters health will be the same.
Thank you for reading, if you like or dislike the idea, please let me know! If you have anything you would like to add, please post it.
submitted by Kynsiana to 2007scape [link] [comments]

2016.11.20 02:12 verygoodshitposter My thoughts on summoning/necromancy..

I've been playing OSRS for awhile now, and remember the days of summoning. Pets were great, however, their implementation has always bothered me. I see a great opportunity with OSRS to have Summoning as an option, in the form of Necromancy!
Necromancy would not be a skill, it would be merged with the Arc Spellbook alongside the Prayer spells, to summon a monster you would need the following:
-The Kourend Spellbook -The Head of the monster (If combat beast) -The Corpse of the monster (If skilling beast) -Magic level equal to the prayer based summon for that beast -Slayer level equal to the level required to slay the monster (If combat beast) -Hunter level equal to the level required to capture the monster (If skilling beast) -Bones, depending on monster size, or special Ashes -Blood, Body, and Soul runes to keep the summon alive
All pets would be similar to a Cannon, in that you need to re-fuel them. Their body is dead and the reanimation will constantly drain their health. Blood, Body, and Soul runes must be used by clicking on the monster to heal it, which can be done at range and give slight magic experience.
Combat Pets will also be able to receive Prayers from the player, at double the prayer point cost. This would be done by right clicking the prayer and selecting a 'Pray For..' option, where you click the pet afterwards. New prayers such as Healing for summoned monsters can be added at high prayer levels.
Combat pets will not follow the player around, rather they will roam the area they are summoned in and attack anything nearby.
The players would be limited to a number of beasts, depending on a combination of Magic and Prayer. An average of 100(for about minimum Necromancy level) would allow 2 beasts at one time, an average of 160 will grant two beasts at once, and 198 will grant three summons. For combat pets, you can summon as many copies as you want, so long as you have the reagents, but Skilling pets will be limited to one individual pet at a time, thou you can have three different skilling pets active at 198 total.
Combat and Skilling pet difference:
You've probably seen me notice this a lot, allow me to explain.
Combat pets would be associated with the Slayer skill, and be rare drops for people on slayer task. The Heads currently in the game are a great example, but obviously more and different options will be added, such as Infused Ashes for Pyrefiend that requires ashes from Demons instead of Bones. Here is a list of Combat Beasts that should be summonable, and would be just slightly weaker then their current in game versions.
A quick note, enemys that require a special item to kill will not be included as summonable, as the corpse they leave is to destroyed to reanimate!
All numbers are of course subject to change!
Example Slayer Level Required - Monster - Items needed for Summon - Special Abilitys or notes
10 - Cave Crawler - Crawler Head*, Bones, 5 Soul, Blood, and Body Runes - This is a starter summon, quite cheap and should be a common drop.
17 - Cave Slime - Slimey Remains*, Bucket of Ectoplasm, 10 Soul and Body Runes, 5 Blood Runes - The Cave Slime will consume less Blood Runes and more Soul and Body runes per health point, it can also poison enemys but degrades faster then other summons.
30 - Pyrefiend - Infused Ashes, Greater or Black Demon Ashes, 50 Fire Runes, 20 Soul and Body Runes - The Pyrefiend will cost no blood runes to heal, and needs minimal soul and body runes in exchange for needing a lot of fire runes.
40 - Terror Dog - Terror Dog Head*, Big Bones, 30 Soul Runes, 90 Body Runes, 20 Blood Runes - The Terror Dog will not use its magic attack, but will drain prayer. This monster has very decreased stats and level when summoned in the Wild.
47 - Brine Rat - Rat Head*, Bones, 10 Bags of Salt, 10 Soul and Blood Runes, 30 Body Runes - These will have a fairly high head drop rate, and are fairly weak at taking hits, it will receive double damage from other monsters for each sqaure the monster occupys, this means a Bloodveld would deal 16x damage to a Brine Rat. Brine Rats will apply salt to Rockslugs.
50 - Bloodveld - Bloodveld Head, Big Bones, 60 Blood Runes, 90 Body Runes, 30 Soul Runes - This monster will not degrade very fast, and is fairly beefy. Its attack speed will be 4, aka 3.6 interval.
65 - Dust Devil - Dust Devil Head, Demon Ashes, 200 Air Runes and 200 Fire Runes or 100 Smoke Runes, 60 Soul Runes, 60 Blood Runes, 120 Body Runes - Attack speed reduced to 5, aka 3.0 interval. Attacks on other monsters only have a chance to reduce stats, which is chosen at random. When used against a player, a facemask or slayer helm will stop this effect. Not wearing a facemask will not cause massive damage and massive stat drops.
80 - Nechryael - Nechryael Head, 4 Demon Ashes, 100 Death Runes, 100 Blood Runes, 200 Soul Runes, 400 Body Runes - This monster will still summon Death Spawns, but it will cost a portion of its health. Soul and Body rune costs for healing this creature are doubled. Death Spawns can not be healed, and rapidly lose health. They should die after 4 or 5 seconds.
90 - Dark Beast - Dark Best Head, 3 Big Bones, 3 Demon Ashes, 300 Blood Runes, 400 Soul Runes, 800 Body Runes - This monster is quite strong, and does not decay rapidly.
*Signifies items not currently in the game that will be added with Necromancy
Non-Slayer Based Summons, these will require a Hunter level instead of a Slayer level to summon.
22 - Unicorn - Unicorn Head
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2016.11.17 22:36 b4dveng [Suggestion] Bring 'Ashe Urns' or 'Prayer Urns' to OSRS

I noticed a post not long ago suggesting we bring Skilling Urns to the game. I for one am for it if they're a slightly nerfed version. Many people were also for it and many against it, suggesting that it would be "EasyScape".
They brought the Bonecrusher to OSRS which you can get via the Morytania Diaries (originally you would get it from Dungeoneering). So I was thinking, why not bring Prayer Urns to OSRS as well?
With the Prayer Urns you'd also see the addition of:
All of these ashes would be a 100% drop rate (similar to bones) from demon monsters or other monsters alike which have a 100% drop rate of normal ashes. (Example: Impious Ashes from imps/icefiends/pyrefiends/etc., Accursed Ashes from Lesser Demons/Greater Demons/Nechryael's Death spawns/etc., Infernal Ashes from Black Demons/Abyssal Demons/Nechryaels/etc.)
Prayer is already a very fast buyable combat skill, the addition of these urns will not have a great impact and will not offer "free experience" as the urns will have a significant cost. For example we can come up with a recipe to make these urns with a raw material that has a steady cost, such as a Runite Bar which will always have a steady price due to the alch value of rune items (this is just an example, we can determine a balanced recipe later). So if the urns were made from something like a rune bar then that means each urn would have a steady cost of ~13k. If each Infernal earn grants 1,875 Exp then that means you're spending 6.93gp/xp (the current gp:xp for prayer is roughly 12:1).
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2016.09.11 23:33 rawktail Oldschool Runescape Q&A Transcript for Reddit [Mod TomH, Wintertodt, and Superior Slayer Encounters] - 09/08/2016

Featuring: Mod Mat K, Mod TomH, Mod West, Mod Ed, Mod Kieren, Mod Ash, and himself, Mod Archie
Questions Answers
Timestamp: What's your history with Jagex, TomH? He's been with Jagex for 10 years, and he's been mostly doing QA Testing. The first thing he tested was the summoning skill. He's mostly been on the RS3 team. He did work on FunOrb and Arcanist. He has lots of experience with testing different things.
Timestamp: Can you compare RS3 and OSRS testing? Summoning and Wintertodt are hard to compare. OSRS doesn't have many testing tools, while RS3 and Pre-eoc does and did.
Timestamp: What's it like working with the OSRS team? I've been with OSRS for 2 weeks, and it's nice to work with a team that's so close knit. Everyone has a say in every update, unlike RS3 where there are usually certain content teams that work on certain projects.
Timestamp: Favorite content in OSRS? How do you play OSRS? Favorite content is probably DMM. He's a big fan of e-sports and he's looking forward to the progression of DMM, LMS and any future modes. He doesn't play too much currently. He was always more of a quester. He quite likes the story style of Runescape.
Timestamp: What's the first project going to be with OSRS? He cannot say. We will find out at RuneFest. Send him ideas for the Hween even @JagexTomH
Timestamp: From Mod Ash: Of all the things you tested over the years what was your favorite project? Clan systems was such a huge and tough testing project.
Timestamp: Could you add a benefit on having points between 501-999? If you have 750 points, you have a 1:2 chance to hit the third drop. They can look into it. (They have may have already done this, not sure personally)
Timestamp: I feel like if you miss out on fixing the brazier or re-lighting it that you miss out on the kill. It feels way too important. It's not game breaking. You can make-up for it. You can also see when it's about to break, just pay attention.
Timestamp: Void mage buff? Now that untradeables on death in PVP have been addressed, they are more open to buffing void mage.
Timestamp: Can we get a kill timer for other bosses, similar to Zulrah? They don't mind adding it for other bosses, but it may be a bit harder for some bosses. Zulrah was easy because of how controlled Zulrah is. It may not be easily possible.
Timestamp: Can we have another Runescape mythbusters stream? It's a bit hard to fill an hour, but Archie will try to collect enough myths for another stream.
Timestamp: You said last week, send some suggestions for some reworked skillcape perks, how about these? Herb Cape: acts as a herb sack, or herbicide which automatically erodes grimy herbs and give double xp that would have been given for cleaning the herb. Runecrafting cape: prevent skull in abyss or undegradeable pouches. Defense cape: change respawn point daily, act like a ring of life. Slayer cape: can act as a slayer helm. Herblore can be done easily. Runecrafting can be done by lowering the chance of degrading pouches. Defense cape seems pointless. Slayer cape wasn't discussed.
Timestamp: Wintertodt was really well done, can we have more skilling bosses? If it keeps going well, why not.
Timestamp: Can we poll land of the goblins and path of glouphrie? It wouldn't be as fast as people think, but it can be done. Would take 1-2 weeks per quest. It's also not anything new, and the quest lines would just be cliffhangers that would take even longer to finish off.
Timestamp: Why was a new pet released without being polled? Boss pets were originally polled in 2013. Multiple boss pets haven't been polled. Skoitzo doesn't have a pet because it's a demi-boss, and they considered a jar of ice, but with jars, they now have to have an achievement gallery update with those and they didn't have time for that.
Timestamp: With the upcoming BF update, can you add it other worlds than world 58? Bad Ping sucks. If it works on 58 on release, sure.
Timestamp: Can you add surge spells? Now is not the perfect time because of the recent buff to elemental spells. Give it a bit. They do want to do them, though.
Timestamp: Can we update the spectral to have all prayer draining effects reduced? It's a reasonable thing to consider. Would have to be balanced, probably. 76% yes strawpoll.
Timestamp: Can we get rid of Nature rune chests on DMM seasonals? They are considering it.
Timestamp: Sneak Peek of the Week: Superior Slayer Encounters "Bigger and Badder" unlock for 150 points. You can toggle it whenever you want. Currently they'll come up at a rate of 1/200.
Timestamp: Can we get Canoe stations on Zeah in House Arceuus to make traveling a bit easier? Chris actually asked this meme on stream LOOOOOOOOOOOL.
Timestamp: Bank tags? You assign items with a tag that when searched for, shows that items? (Was an idea on reddit) Great idea, it's feasible as well. The preset system isn't a bad idea, but it effects XP rates meaning it's hard to justify.
Timestamp: Equipping items while banking? Sure.
Timestamp: Does the 10x XP stack with the diary reward? Yes.
Timestamp: Can superior monsters be PJed? They can only be attacked by whoever spawns them.
Timestamp: Can barrows tabs be disabled in DMM? Yes.
Timestamp: Can you poll the ability to sell individual bludgeon pieces? It's possible. But it makes the bludgeon more expensive. Also, it's involved in the story of the area with the overseer and book. Probably not though.
Timestamp: What monsters have superior slayer monsters? Crawling Hands, Cave Crawlers, Rock Slugs, Pyrefiends, Cockatrices, Basiliks, Jellies, Kurasks, Bloodvelds, Abby specs, infernal mages, nechs, abyssal demons, banshees, cave horrors, and dark beasts. Believe that's it.
Timestamp: Thoughts on teleother to POH? Group teleport to home? It's possible. Would be a pretty cool teleport too for parties.
Timestamp: Raid rewards aren't doing very well, thoughts? Poll is still early. Give it time first. They'll also take feedback and try to see why players voted no. If not, they'll have to look at what else they can offer. It needs big rewards, though.
Timestamp: Raid reward, high level entangle? Probably not.
Timestamp: When using the infernal axe, if a log burns, do you still have a chance at the beaver pet? Yes.
Timestamp: Can we get an indication of when the wintertodt is about to spawn? Why not.
Timestamp: Can you clarify exactly how burnt pages work? One page is 20 casts of a fire spell. Not just fire runes, full casts.
Timestamp: Why wasn't the pid update changed for PVM? It shouldn't be possible to tick eat bosses. Opinion was split for PVM, although it's considered buggy. They are open to changing it, but the issue of PVP vs PVM was hugely different.
Timestamp: How increased will the drop rate of skilling pets be if a player has 200M XP? Undecided. It'll be quite large though.
Timestamp: Do you think the wintertodt is OP? It's very early on for the update. They've already hotfixed a lot of buffs/nerfs.
Timestamp: Will we ever see new uses for redwood logs? I'm sure we will.
Timestamp: Will mist/dust battlestaves have new designs or be simple staves? new designs. Was confirmed on Twitter. They won't have an override to make a simple design "better" looking, such as the steam staff.
Timestamp: We didn't want larger click zones for ancient shards, we need them to be actually bigger. They can be fixed.
Link to a version of the Q&A Livestream:

Missed a previous Q&A? Click here!

Follow me @TranscriptsRS where I tweet out the most recent Q&A, as well as pinning it to my profile
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2016.01.28 21:32 Our_Legacy Creating Niches and Slowing Power Creep

I know we’re entering QOL-month and these suggestions aren’t necessarily QOL, but I wanted to post it now anyways, since Zeah was just recently added.
I made a post awhile back about things I feel should be changed. In that post, I included some ideas that would help slow the power creep of OSRS.
The main point of these new ideas/concepts was that items should provide niches that current items do not fill so that older items don’t become obsolete.
In this post, I will expand on ideas I had posted previously about, as well as include more novel concepts to the game.
Previous concepts:
Spellswords - I really like this idea and I don’t think it is “horribly broken” to quote a comment from the other post. The idea is simple: it is a melee weapon that hits magic damage, which is based on your magic/attack/strength, but it gives melee exp. Just like how some monsters, like pyrefiends and bloodvelds, have magic-based melee attacks. If implemented well, I think it can be balanced. For example, don’t make it an overwhelmingly powerful BIS weapon. Give its max damage, let’s say compared to a Dragon Scimitar, less than 3 or 4 of that. It will hit well on armor, but not so well on magic gear. Additionally, if used in PvP, the opponent’s magic level will provide stronger defenses against the weapon. The swords can be charged with runes if cost-efficiency becomes a factor in balancing.
Attack speed slow - This idea came from the Miasmic spells pre-EOC. I didn’t see many people use Miasmic spells during the little time that I played (mostly because the staves were expensive), but I think the idea of slowing the opponent’s attack speed could be a nice debuff. However, unlike pre-EOC, I don’t think that the spells (or whatever the debuff gets put on) should be the strongest spells. Miasmic happened to be the strongest ancient spell during that time, and the attack speed slow was quite crippling considering it was 50% reduced attack speed if I recall correctly.
Disease items - Disease is a pretty random debuff, and isn’t RNG the foundation of OSRS? I think it could work well in PvP situations or perhaps even PvM, in which case disease could affect the monster’s combat stats only.
Specials that make your opponents walk - Someone said this was overpowered, but I don’t see how making someone walk is as bad as freezing them in place. It wouldn’t reduce their run energy or anything, just stop them from running for a few seconds.
Player-slayer - I took this term from someone in the previous post, and I think if thought out well, it could be balanced when implemented. I can come up with more concrete details to further this concept based on my knowledge of OSRS, and re-introduce it as a separate post, but for now, consider the idea of slaying other players in the wilderness as a slayer task. It doesn’t even have to be other players, it could be knights or paladins, since slayer masters can’t assign human NPCs. The rewards from this slayer master could be slightly different, possibly more macabre.
Newer concepts:
A shield weapon - This weapon would be extremely weak, but would have much stronger defensive stats than any other offensive weapon. Think of it as the opposite of a defender. An offender... I guess. The purpose of this? Sometimes players during PvM or even PvP need to run rather than fight, and having extra defensive stats can help! Not overpowered at all and definitely won’t replace a real weapon! It can also add some new flavor to clan wars as an optional weapon for tanks. Heck, a mage could use this as a weapon while hand-casting spells. ALTERNATIVELY: Make a two-handed shield that provides a great amount of defence. Players would kick with the shield equipped.
Weight Overhaul - I’ve always found the idea of weight on weapons and items to be unique and it could definitely be evolved to change PvP, but not so much that OSRS becomes EOC. My suggestion would be to alter how weight affects your character in one aspect: the special bar recharge. Currently, the amount of weight you carry affects how much run energy you lose while you are running, but I think it should affect something else. The only other applicable trait of your character that I think it should affect (without being immensely overpowered) is how quickly your special bar recharges. Currently, you recharge 10% of your special bar every 30 seconds. What if that value became the slowest rate at which you regained special, and the lower your weight, the faster your special bar recharged? I’m not saying 10% every 10 seconds, but more like a max of 10% every 20 seconds instead, depending on your weight (possibly a 1 second decrease in time for every 4kg down to 0kg from a max at 40k). The logic in this resides in the idea that your special bar is correlated with your stamina, and the less weight you have, the faster your special bar can recharge. Some might think that agility should tie into it, but that’s a different story that I would disagree completely with. In any event, if your special bar recharged at 10% every 20 seconds, it would take 3 minutes and 20 seconds as opposed to the current 5 minutes. How helpful could this be in PvP situations (since most people are probably thinking about this)? Well, fights generally don’t last 5 minutes, and from my past experiences (which are a bit hazy since I haven’t pked extensively in a while), the longest fights I ever had allowed me to use ~150% of my special bar. I’m too lazy to do the math, but with this change, I would think that you could use up to ~180-200% of your special bar in one extensive fight assuming you had near 0 weight. This could change how people itemize! For example, different foods might be used to decrease weight or different armors as well. Having an extra dragon dagger special might encourage earlier specs from a player. Additionally, knowing that as your weight decreases, your special bar increases, eating more and more of your inventory can get you to a point where you have one last spec for your opponent. I seriously think this has potential, but I know how much work it might take on the engine to do this.
Javelins and Throwing Axes - Aside from the (often) suggested idea of making a ballista that shoots javelins, I think changing javelins and throwing axes attack style could give it a niche, similar to how my suggestion of spellswords would work. The idea would be to make the javelin deal damage as if it were a stab attack while the throwing axes could be a crush attack. Of course, the damage would still be considered ranged, and the experience gain would also be ranged. I don’t know how hard this is to do (it might be extremely difficult, in which case, scratch this idea), but I think it makes some logical sense, and it would give the two weapons a little niche in the game.
Effects on item sets - Item set effects exist, so we know the OSRS team has the ability to make it happen. I’m thinking more about sets to bring dead content back to life, such as Splitbark Armor. Perhaps Splitbark Armor could increase the damage of EARTH spells by +3. It makes some logical sense and also makes earth spells slightly viable when used with the set. Ultimately, it’s two damage points higher than fire spells of the same tier. Of course, you then sacrifice better armor and magic bonuses, but it’s still a nice buff to a rarely used set of equipment. Another item set that would benefit from an upgrade is the granite armor set. My suggestion would be to increase the damage and accuracy of granite weapons when wearing full granite armor set. Notice I say weapons, and currently we only have a granite maul. This could be the foundation for the introduction of a new granite weapon, maybe a granite mace or a battleaxe to fall in line with the logic of stone weapons.
Item synergy - Not a concrete concept. I feel like this isn’t thought about enough in OSRS. By thinking of synergy of items, it could promote more build paths and theorycrafting and bring life to some items that aren’t used much. I don’t have any concrete examples, but this is more or less supposed to make old items feel a bit more useful. Like darklight and silverlight provides a damage boost against demons. Let’s say there was a spell called “Demon Possess” where you call upon the spirit of a demon to possess your opponent so now they’re a demon-type and your silverlight and darklight will then do more damage. Sounds dumb, and I’m not saying this should be something, but it’s supposed to be an example of synergy.
Greed Sword - Alright, this idea is kind of out there, but hear me out. A weapon that is charged with coins and does more damage the more coins you put into it. Think of it as a gold sink. On death, it drops half of the coins charged, but once you imbue the coins with the sword, you can’t remove them. More needs to be done with this idea, but I’m thinking the weapon requires 77 attack and 77 strength to wield (lucky number 7), and it scales to the strength of an abyssal tentacle with the attack speed being a constant value, same as a scimitar or a whip. The niche is that it is an aggressive weapon and can train strength, but it does cost money to use. Think of coins as ammo for the weapon. It gets weaker as charges decrease. Let’s give it a max of 10mil charge, and each hit costs 1k gp? I don’t know, I’m just making up numbers at this point. It has an alch value of 0 and drops half of the coins on death. The sword itself could be a quest item (Wise Old Man?).
Weapons and Armors that take up multiple equipment slots - There are some like this already, but it would be cool to think about items that could take up multiple equipment slots but provide a nice bonus for the player.
Rapier - This is a random suggestion on one specific item (since I was looking at all the weapons we currently have), and I thought it could be interesting to add some higher defensive bonuses on the rapier (specifically against stab attacks), since it is used in fencing. This would technically make it stronger than a rune scimitar, and since it is an untradable weapon, this would make it a pretty bad change. However, if we could make it a quest requirement item to wield (you do need a quest to buy it currently), I don’t see the harm in making it tradable. Also, let’s say it only has defense against stab weapons. Then it wouldn’t be too strong against scimitars and other slash weapons. Stab weapons aren’t even popular pking weapons, except for leaf-bladed sword.
High-Risk Special Attack - How can you make a special attack high risk other than how Dharok’s armor set works? Well, you can make a special attack hit two powerful attacks at regular speed, but make it so that the player can’t eat in between the two hits so they’re risking it. The other player, knowing this, can then risk themselves and choose to not eat. It’s like forcing your opponent into a decision. If they spam combo eat, they should be able to survive? I don’t know. Whatever.
Range Debuff - Some kind of spell or special that reduces the range of your opponent’s attacks. Could be useful for PvM and PvP. Can be further improved.
These are all of the ideas I have. Leave comments/suggestions/improvements. Remember, these are only theoretical concepts. I don’t think all of these are good ideas, but the main point is to provide niches to newer and older weapons to hold off the power creep. Some of the effect-based concepts I provided above SHOULD NOT be incorporated into a BIS weapon. These are supposed to be unique and situational. More ideas and thoughts to come!
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2015.09.12 12:56 Menaceman22 Slayer assignment rework - New task weightings

Hi all, after seeing a few posts complaining about the new task weightings and the changes made to assigning slayer tasks I thought I would share what the new weightings are to those who have not seen them yet. They are found here on the OSRS forums, page 3. Anyway, the new weightings are below:
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