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2023.06.02 09:57 Substantial-Habit772 near by spa

td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}If you're looking for a way to unwind and pamper yourself without having to travel too far, then a nearby spa might be just the thing you need. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's important to take some time out to relax and recharge your batteries, and a spa day can do just that. Luckily, there are plenty of spas located near you so that you don't have to go too far.
The benefits of visiting a nearby spaare endless. Not only will it help you de-stress and rejuvenate, but it can also improve your overall health and wellness. From massages to facials, body treatments to manicures/pedicures - spas offer an array of services that cater to your every need. Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up or a full day of indulgence, there's something for everyone at the nearby spa.
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2023.06.02 09:54 BeltLow238 Strange Noises/Voices in the Woods

Every now and then I like to take a walk at night and smoke some green. I usually smoke as I walk but on this day I waited because I wanted to make it to this small park adjacent to a school. This school was only a couple streets away from my house and happened to be next to a big hill and forest. Living right on the border of NH there is plenty of forests around so I wasn’t bothered. So, I get to this park that’s in the middle of a field and there’s a couple trees that I can sit behind so no one can see me from the road (Even tho it’s so dark they wouldn’t even be able to). From where I sat down the tree line to the woods was probably 50 yards away. Right as I’m sparking up the joint I hear a bird call coming from the woods. It stood out because it was louder than all the other bird noises I’ve heard until then. I didn’t pay it too much thought until it started sounding mixed up and mumbled. As if it couldn’t get it right. It turned into a different bird call and then sounded as if a lady was just talking. I couldn’t make out any words but it sounded incoherent. I started to get pretty weirded out but was also intrigued. I was sure no one would be able to see me and being so far from the tree line I would be able to react if someone did come out. Then the mumbled words seemed to have turned into soft laughter that quickly turned into a cackle. After that I decided it was best to GTFO of there and I walked home. I smoke a lot and have never experienced something like this so I doubt it was some auditory hallucination. Thought it was interesting and wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this? To me it seemed like whatever it was trying to imitate the birds. The calls were spot on most of the time.
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2023.06.02 09:54 autobuzzfeedbot "She Was So Rude, My Family Is No Longer Allowed To Listen To Her Music": 34 Of The Absolute Best And Worst Celebrities People Have Ever Met

  1. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I’ve met Harry Styles several times, and he is so nice and considerate. He actually put off going out with his team just to sit and talk to my 15-year-old daughter and me. I’m sure he was exhausted, but he seemed to enjoy relaxing and chatting with us. My daughter will most likely live on that memory for years to come!"
  2. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "Jennifer Aniston is a sweetheart. She seemed very genuine and kind. I met her in a restaurant bathroom of all places. We talked for so long, her friend had to come and find her."
  3. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I met Lorne Michaels when I worked at a 5-star restaurant. Everyone who worked with me knew I’d been a fan of SNL since I came out of the womb, so when I picked up the phone to make the reservation and spoke with his assistant, I told them I was Lorne's biggest fan. When he arrived with his wife and son (who went to a local boarding school), they were so kind, and he said, 'Oh, I heard you’re my biggest fan, and that’s amazing because I don’t have fans — the cast always has fans!' I almost died. I gave them my favorite table, which they were thrilled with, and when he got up to leave, he left me an envelope with a pretty sweet bonus tip inside. I wasn’t usually tipped doing my work, so it wasn’t necessary, but it was so thoughtful and appreciated. All three were true gems. You’d never know he was famous or rich at all."
  4. TOTAL NIGHTMARE: "I met Roseanne Barr for work once. I went to shake her hand, and she looked me up and down and said, 'I don't shake hands,' then walked away."
  5. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I met Matthew Gray Gubler after he did a talk years ago at my college! Only the first 100 people who got tickets were supposed to be able to do a meet and greet. He said 'rules were made to be broken' and that he would stay and meet with everyone until they kicked him out. Not only was he incredibly sweet to me (literally introduced humble and posed for a goofy pic), but he seemed so genuinely kind to everyone there. Just amazing energy all around."
  6. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "A friend and I visited my boyfriend while he was doing security at a jazz festival in Malibu. He told us Adam Sandler and his family had been there all day and tons of people took pictures with him. We ran back to the car to grab the digital camera, looked up, and saw Adam, his pregnant wife Jackie, and their toddler leaving. We went up to them. Adam was clearly done for the day, but his wife said, 'Honey, let me hold [toddler's name] and you can take a picture.' We handed him the camera and he took a selfie with us. Still have that picture on my fridge. Love the Sandman!"
  7. TOTAL NIGHTMARE: "My little cousin played one of Rob Schneider's kids in 50 First Dates. Rob was stuck-up, never got to know the children or their parents, and always went straight to his dressing room. I'm an introvert, so I like my alone time to recharge, but apparently the vibes he was giving off were that he couldn't be bothered to care about anyone else there. Also, the little girl in the movie was apparently a spoiled brat who threw tantrums and made them have to redo so many takes. I can see why Rob maybe didn't want to play with her, but the other kids were great!"
  8. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "My husband met Rihanna years ago and said she was super nice. He was working as a ground handler at an airport and was setting up something on the ramp for her private plane. She came out, approached him, asked him about his job, and they chatted for a few minutes. Not sure if she was killing time until the gate opened, or if she went out of her way to talk to him for the heck of it, but he had nothing but nice things to say about her."
  9. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I met Jerry Springer while bartending almost 20 years ago. He was thinking of getting back into politics and had a meeting in our private dining room on the second floor. It was happy hour and the bar was packed. Someone spotted him and started chanting, 'JERRY, JERRY,' while he was about to walk up the stairs. He then came to the bar, ordered a $2 beer, walked through the entire bar, shook hands, and took pictures. When he finished the loop, he set the full beer on the bar and handed me $40. Regardless of his show, I will always think of him as a class act."
  10. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "My story is that I was actually horrible to a celebrity. In the '70s, I was obsessed with Donny and Marie. They were playing at our state fair that year. My dad tried to get tickets, but it was sold out. He took us to the fair anyway. A few times we could hear the music, which infuriated me at 7 years old. When we were leaving, my dad had to stop the car because there was a big crowd of people. As they cleared to let us through, two people popped their heads in the car window to apologize. It was Donny and Marie. I refused to believe it was really them, and I told Marie, 'You're not Marie. She's a lot prettier than you.' My family was horrified."
  11. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "Hands down nicest celebrity I've ever met was Taylor Swift. I met her at a concert as part of her security at the Houston shows. She was polite and introduced herself to everyone. She was obviously very busy, but she seemed interested in what I had to say and signed an album cover for my son."
  12. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I have been lucky enough to meet Sir Ian McKellen twice: once after a performance where I also met Simon Callow and Patrick Stewart, and once during his tour of 80 shows for turning 80. Absolutely lovely man. He is my #1 dream dinner guest. I wish I was his friend."
  13. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I did a photo-op last year at my local con with Ewan McGregor and, even though it was so quick, he was super sweet. We shook hands, and he asked how my day was. He’s gorgeous in person!"
  14. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I met Matthew Lewis at a local con at his booth and he was lovely (and gorgeous in person). I told him how jealous my Harry Potter-obsessed sister (who was working that day) was going to be, and he told me to tell her he sent his regards! It totally made her day at work when I texted her about it after!"
  15. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I met Pink around 2000. She performed at a teen club I was at, and she was a sweetheart. After her performance, she even danced with us for a little bit."
  16. TOTAL NIGHTMARE: "I’ve heard nothing but bad things from people who've met Bill Nye. One friend said he was at some children’s art show and made fun of the artwork in front of the youngsters. What a jerk."
  17. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "When I was in college in Boston, I was making a late-night Taco Bell run. As I was walking in, this white limo pulled up in front. I went inside and placed my order, and a guy in a white jumpsuit with a white bandana tied around his head came in. There weren't that many people in the restaurant, but he stopped and signed autographs and was chatting everyone up when I left. It wasn't until a few years later that I realized that person was Steven Tyler. This was in the late '80s before Aerosmith had that string of hits."
  18. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "The most genuine interaction I've ever had with a celeb was with Bert Kreischer. I saw a show (during which he mentioned his grandma was in the hospital). Then, he told the audience he would be going to the bar next door after the show if anyone wanted a picture. When he arrived at the bar, he waded through CROWDS of people and made sure everyone who wanted to was able to get a pic or a moment with him. I stayed at the bar for a drink until he was on his way out (by this time the crowd had dispersed). I called out as he passed, 'Hey, I didn't get a chance to say it before, but I hope your grandma does well.' He stopped, turned around, and had a very genuine conversation with me."
  19. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "Jason Momoa was really fun to meet in person when I saw him at a Nine Inch Nails show. Really fun guy!"
  20. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "Jennifer Lopez. I went to where they were filming Air last year (I live in LA) because I wanted to meet Ben Affleck. I met Matt Damon as he wrapped before he left. He was a SUPER nice guy. I waited for Ben as his Escalade pulled up, but I DID NOT expect JLO to get out. She got out right next to me. She was only with her driver and he didn’t tell me to move or anything, so when she got out, I was like ‘Jen! Can I get a picture?' and she said sure. We talked about Selena because I’m Latina and she’s super important to me, and the movie means so much to me. She was SOO nice and sweet. She didn’t give any vibes that I was annoying her or that she had to Go. We also spoke in Spanish. We took our picture and then she went inside to get Ben. When they got out, Ben was NOT HAPPY (I don’t blame him. He was acting and directing), so I just stepped aside."
  21. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "In 2004, I met Tony Curtis. He exuded 'old Hollywood.' He made his way around the room, speaking to each person, and when he approached me, he extended his hand and held my hand through the entire conversation. He focused on our conversation as if there was no one else in the room. As we said goodbye (he was still holding my hand), he raised my hand to his lips and kissed it. He was dressed impeccably and was in fine form. I have had many celebrity encounters, but nothing rises to the level of Tony Curtis. Absolutely the best celebrity encounter I've ever had."
  22. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I met Sir Patrick Stewart at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando. We were both hanging out with friends in the lobby. He told stories, made lots of jokes with his friends, and included us in the conversation."
  23. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I went to college with Muhammad Ali's twin daughters. He came with them for move-in day, and they arrived in a chauffeured Rolls Royce. He was gracious and took as many pictures and signed as many autographs as people wanted. I even have a picture where he is pretending to punch me. I told him that I grew up down the street from the house he had in Chicago before he donated it to the Nation of Islam. He asked me if they were good neighbors and laughed when I told him not really."
  24. TOTAL NIGHTMARE: "My sister met Katy Perry at a restaurant, but she was being rude to the bartender and all the employees who came over to help, so now my niece and nephew aren't allowed to listen to her music."
  25. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I met Tori Amos, and she was an absolute sweetie pie. She hugged me and told me she liked my shirt. We spoke briefly. I was starstruck, but it made a lasting impression on me."
  26. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I grew up in a tiny town (pop. 3,000), and every year for his twins' birthday dinner, Michael J. Fox would bring his whole family to the restaurant my mom worked at. She almost always ended up being their server and she said he (and his family) were the nicest people. They were unobtrusive, friendly, and excellent tippers."
  27. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "James Earl Jones was super sweet. My father and I met him when I was young. His voice is deep, but sweet!"
  28. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I met Dennis Quaid, and he was the nicest guy ever. We chatted about dogs for a while, and he was more than happy to take a few pictures!"
  29. TOTAL NIGHTMARE: "I helped host a book signing for Bobby Flay, and he's a jerk."
  30. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "Every time Dave Matthews plays at the venue across the street from our bookstore, people want to be working in the cafe because he randomly shows up for coffee the morning of his concert and gives the people waiting on him free tickets."
  31. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "Nicest celebrity I've ever met was Cole Sprouse. This was way before when he probably got sick of being on Riverdale and decided to just show his true colors. He took the photo of us together because I was shaking from nerves and excitement."
  32. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "I was a bartender at the Troubadour for five years and have so many stories! Jeff Bridges was the first celeb I met. His band was playing. Before we opened, after his sound check, he made a point of coming down to us bartenders to introduce himself and thank us for helping out that night. SUCH A GEM!"
  33. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "Jason Schwartzman came into the bar I worked in on a night that had a bunch of teenage bands playing and was super sweet to any of the kids who came up to him."
  34. ABSOLUTE DREAM: "When I was young, I went to an Olivia Newton-John concert. I grew up watching Grease on repeat and had always loved her. At the concert, me and another young girl were invited on stage to give her flowers and introduce ourselves. On stage, l asked to get her autograph and she told me she would after the show. Post-concert, I waited with my family to get an autograph and she invited me and my dad into her fitting room and no one else. Once back there, I was so starstruck and amazed that she remembered my name! She was so kind and took pictures with me and my dad, signed a photo, gave me the set list, and wrapped it up by giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek. She spent probably an hour with us just hanging out in her room and chatting. To this day, it's one of my most cherished memories."
Link to article
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2023.06.02 09:54 spaandmassage02 Spa and Massage Service in Andheri East

One of the primary reasons people seek out Spa and Massage Service in Andheri East is to achieve relaxation and relieve stress. Massages help release muscle tension and promote the production of endorphins, the body's natural "feel-good" hormones.
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2023.06.02 09:53 bagnet_momb Having some trouble arranging a song for acappella...

I'm trying to arrange If It All Goes South by Sammy Rae and the Friends for acappella and the rhythms are really tricky. I've listened to it ad nauseum and I can't tell if the soloist is dragging intentionally or if it's swung sometimes, especially in the intro. Also I'm pretty sure some parts are swung while some other parts aren't? I don't think the bass part is. The swing seems to switch from eights to sixteenths when the chorus kicks in. Even the time signature is hard to nail down, at least I'm trying to do it in 4/4 but it either looks really ugly or sounds too choppy, though the bass part looks pretty clean in unswung 4/4. Can anyone else help me suss this one out?
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2023.06.02 09:53 murtigupta007 Check out the new reply!

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2023.06.02 09:52 BlasphemousRumour Making A King Crimson-Themed Sgt. Pepper’s Album Cover. Poseidon References have been added. Other Faces don't really fit into composition

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2023.06.02 09:52 TheOminousArtist do nailbeds reattach?

I usually have my nails short, but I decided to grow them recently. Then, my friend pointed out how short my nail beds were and that's when I looked for solutions to reattach them. I know it's not as bad as other people's, I just want to improve my own.
My habit is that I clean under my nails too much. I've done this since I could remember. It's really satisfying to have no dead skin or dirt under them, but I think I've pushed my nail beds too far back.
I like to cut them really short as I noticed the whites of my nails look strange when grown out, due to my bed-whites ratio. Sometimes I cut them too short.
I also use cuticle cutters to cut the skin under and on the sides of the nail (the part where you can't feel anything if you remove it) and I think it worsened my problem.
Both my parents and my sister have long nail beds, so I know it's not genetics. I just started about 2 days ago to try and stop this habit.
I will be trying my best to be more cautious with my nail beds. Would it be likely if they reattached?
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2023.06.02 09:51 Talking-Tulip Will they still do this even if we prepaid gratuities?

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2023.06.02 09:51 Beautiful-Cable-407 Thumbs up for pointy red nails! Also, a sad farewell to my thumbnail. My thumb tip is broken and the bone popped the nail off of the nail bed.

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2023.06.02 09:49 Maceyyy_12 Affordable Ozempic Options with (or without) BlueCross in TX?

Does anyone know of any websites, pharmacies, doctor offices or places that offer Ozempic or the other comparable weight-loss medications at an affordable price? I currently receive mine at a med spa near me but it's hundreds of dollars a month & gets pretty pricey. I initially decided to get it through this med spa 6 weeks ago bc it was recommended by my Dad and step Mom. My Dad paid for the first month but said he would only be paying for 2 out of 4 weeks after that & that I would be responsible for paying for the other 2 weeks if I still wanted to get it.
Obviously this is completely understandable and I'm very grateful that he's even paying for any of it at all. However, this does mean that I'm still paying a few hundred dollars out of my own pocket each month. I currently only have time to work part-time at my job as I'm taking summer classes full-time and like most other college students, I don't have a lot of money 😅).
I really do love the med spa I go to but if there are other, cheaper alternatives then of course I would like to pursue those instead. Any input, suggestions, or advice would help a lot & would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!
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2023.06.02 09:48 woofwoofbro im 26, i got a job at my local daycare, and the lady who trained me instantly recognized me as one of the kids she took care of 20 years ago.

she recognized me within the few minutes we spoke to each other. i dont even remember being at a daycare growing up. i dont really know the word for the feeling it gave me but it was insane to think that for a moment i grew up with this lady and now here i am, two decades of experiences later, under her supervision again lol. things really came full circle.
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2023.06.02 09:47 cloudsandtreks How’s the long weekend going?

Hello ladies ! How’s the long weekend going so far ? All plans worked as expected so far ?? I wanted to make a trip to ganugapur, wake up by 5 and start when it’s still not hot. I woke up at 730 and stayed home !!!
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2023.06.02 09:47 mshan95032 Blair Foster's Comparison with a Past Blacklister, and my Speculation about Blair's True Season 10 Purpose/Significance

Foster feels very similar to Anna McMahon (Blacklister #60) in multiple ways:
1- Is a long haired Caucasian lady,
2- Has aligned herself with a US politician (in Anna's case, it was Diaz; in Foster's case, it's now Hudson)
3- Is incredibly sneaky/corrupt in her day-to-day dealings with others
4- And is smart/competent/ruthless enough to act as a rival of Red, while also embodying the "behind every great man there's a great woman" archetype.
And on a separate, but related, note: Season 10's "Four Guns" episode deliberately went out of its way to remind the audience, "Hey, do you guys still remember President Diaz?"
I wonder if Hudson and Foster's subplot (and newfound alliance) is meant to somehow foreshadow/culminate into a rematch between (freed from prison) Diaz and Red?
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2023.06.02 09:46 Flat_Newspaper4466 7 biggest challenges for tourism marketing

The travel industry is booming. For other travel businesses worldwide, there are now better ways to serve customers and target them with relevant online marketing messages. However, along with all these new opportunities, do some challenges. In this article, VietISO outlines seven marketing challenges in the tourism industry today and how they will impact the future of businesses in this sector.
Personalization has become very important in many different aspects of the travel industry. It is not only necessary to capture the attention of your audience with your marketing message, but also to provide a good customer experience.
Regardless of whether someone is traveling for business or pleasure, they appreciate and expect personalization, and businesses are doing everything they can to incorporate it into their offerings. For example, Delta Airlines uses personalization technology to help flight attendants support their business customers and includes services such as in-flight amenities, special offers, information on connecting flights, and more. trip, etc.
Hotels can also collect extensive micro-data about their guests and use it to deliver a more intimate experience. Guests interact with the hotel in many different ways during their trip: at the check-in counter, at the hotel's restaurant, with room service, at the spa,... These are all opportunities to collect Collect data and learn about guest preferences.
However, capturing and utilizing this information are two completely different things.
Hotels need to have systems in place to collect this data and connect it to a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to automate personalization activities to encourage repeatability and upgrades. book room. Let's say a previous guest spent the day of their week-long vacation on the golf course. They can be retargeted with a relevant marketing message promoting discounted tee times.
Advertising is no exception to today's traveler's need for personalization. According to a recent travel advertising report, personalization is the number one challenge for travel marketers today, with nearly half (46%) reporting that delivering offers and promotions Real-time personalized reporting is the top challenge for 2020.
Perhaps the greatest personalization opportunity for travel advertisers is catering to the interests and desires of each audience. For example, today's youth are less concerned with luxury and relaxation and more concerned with the experiences they have when they travel: does this very well with the targeted ads shown above. They also track onsite with MyAruba, an interactive feature that allows you to build your own itinerary of favorite places and experiences:
Personalization is more than just ad targeting. It's also about giving people the autonomy and customization features they need to build the travel experience they want.
Keeping Up With New Technology
Technology is constantly innovating industries decade by decade, but the real impact of new technology on tourism over the past 10 years has been dramatic. Back in 2010, hotel and airline apps were just getting started, but now they're just as important to the travel industry as other big businesses.
One prominent example of new technology that travel businesses need to catch up on is dynamic pricing. Airlines and hotels can use factors like time of year, day of the week, and corporate versus tourist travelers to estimate the right rates to drive conversions. Using technology powered by artificial intelligence, it is possible to make these adjustments based on day-to-day changes in market demand. Some pricing engines have the ability to update fares as often as every 15 seconds, and businesses are starting to notice the big difference this makes in bookings.
The problem travel marketers face, however, is that taking advantage of dynamic pricing requires more than just investing in new technology. The challenge businesses face is to redo their entire data management process, including CRM integration and revenue analytics.
New technologies bring new opportunities for marketing and sales, but they also bring new competition. Airbnb is a prime example of this. The home and room rental platform helps travelers book accommodation at a fraction of the typical hotel price. It also excels at meeting individual needs by providing rentals with co-working and pet-friendly spaces, kitchens, and all the other “home” amenities that people need. want that most hotels do not provide. 49% of Airbnb users use it as an alternative to hotels.
Seize New Opportunities
Marketing channels are constantly introducing new features and content formats that businesses can use to advertise their services. This is especially true of social media. Airlines and other businesses in the travel industry have a presence on social media, but they often have trouble keeping up with the latest marketing opportunities on these platforms.
For example, take a look at Facebook's travel ad. These are dynamically generated ads that contain information based on an individual's travel interests. Let's say someone browses hotels or watches flights. Airlines, hotels, and other travel businesses can target Facebook ads based on dates, specific destinations, and other trip details.
Other new ad types like Story Ads on Instagram or Short Video Ads on TikTok also offer businesses a unique opportunity to reach audiences directly. However, since this is primarily a video format, travel businesses need to be prepared to invest in creative marketing to capture attention and encourage action. Once done, businesses can also take advantage of Facebook video ads as well as ads on TikTok and YouTube to reach their audience with more engaging marketing messages.
Competition on search networks is so fierce that most travel businesses invest the majority of their marketing budgets in paid search, largely ignoring social media. However, they can't really ignore new features and social targeting anymore.
Google is a problem for travel marketers that most don't realize they have. Google offers all kinds of features for marketing: paid search ads,Google Hotel Search, Trips, Maps, and more. But these opportunities also essentially serve to give Google a marketing monopoly in the travel space. The Google products ecosystem tends to be in its own favor. Google Flight is a feature that allows travelers to make reservations right from search results. Having it appear above the organic results actually encourages people to use it over other options like Expedia or Kayak.
What Google considers to be a feature that improves the user experience is actually just encouraging people to use their other properties. Another example of this is Google Trips, which offers travel recommendations to people based on information gathered from their Gmail accounts.
The growing monopoly of the tourism industry presents businesses with a conundrum. Many people feel they have no choice but to invest their entire marketing budget in Google products. And even then there's no guarantee Google will suggest their business in search results.
There's still not much businesses can do about this particular marketing challenge, other than maintaining a diverse and patient strategy. Google has been fined for favoring its own products in the past, and the issue of tourism exclusivity is currently being discussed with law enforcement.
Voice search
Voice search is a growing concern for search engine marketers in every industry. Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Cortana, and other technologies encourage and empower people to use voice search to get the information they need. This is especially true for travel related queries. According to research by Travelport, nearly half of travelers have used voice search to help manage trips. It takes a lot of work to optimize your content for search engines in general, and considering voice search even more of a challenge. People use voice search differently than they do regular search queries. Here are some key things you can do to optimize for voice search today:
Conversational Keyword Targeting
Voice search users are more likely to use longer keyword phrases in their queries. For example, instead of saying “hotels in Da Nang”, they might say “show me hotels in Da Nang near Dragon Bridge”. Travel businesses should create pages optimized for these long-tail queries to get more traffic. Creating a detailed FAQ page is a great way to do this.
You can explore voice search keywords using Google Search Console. There are also many third-party tools designed to help you brainstorm long-tail keywords. For example, Answer Public shows you common questions people ask related to specific keywords.
Use schema markup
In order for smart devices to provide your website information as query results, it needs to make sure your information is really the type of content people are looking for. Instead of letting the machine guess, you're better off encoding your content to help the machine determine what the information really is. This is commonly done using schema markup. It's a standardized vocabulary that you embed in your website's HTML code. It effectively labels your content. For example, say you have a hotel suite listed with two bedrooms. Using schema markup to indicate the number of rooms helps ensure your listing shows up when people search by voice for “hotel in Boston with two adjoining rooms.”
Optimize Google My Business
Optimizing my Google My Business information is a good idea for SEO in general. When people specifically search for your business, Google My Business information will immediately show up in the search results.
In today's digital environment, with nearly all voice searches going to local businesses, it's even more important to keep this information up to date. Including relevant information like your address, availability, and amenities makes it easier for voice search to display your listings when referring to specific voice search queries.
More detail
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2023.06.02 09:44 auserhasnoname7 Can you trim a cats claw in a bad way, without hurting the quick?

I gave my girl a trim a the other other night and a day or two later I noticed she's been walking funny. I only trim the front claws and the limp is on the front so I suspect it's related. Not the first time this has happened shortly after a trim either
She's otherwise acting like her usual self it hasn't stopped her she's zooming around the house like usual, I can only notice the limp when she walks.
I wonder if it's the trimmers I use getting dull and it cracked up a claw. I have kinda seen a crushing, fraying effect when I used them sometimes. But no blood or anything I've never hit the pink part her nails are clear so it's easy to tell.
And yes I'm calling to schedule a vet appointment in the morning, but I can't sleep and this is running through my mind I'm hoping the internet can give me it's wisdom.
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2023.06.02 09:42 WearyDragonfly6386 HO is funny...

There are a couple ladies being highlighted at shareholders. They're known in all the area stores as always complaining about walmart and about losing their former positions and pay. We all think it's hilarious.
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2023.06.02 09:41 electronictravel980 F17 Aussie girl trying to find friendship <3

Hey! Once again Lainey is BACK ladies and gentlemen, a 17-year-old Aussie girl who hasn't quite found what she's looking for!
I'm bi (with a bit of a leaning towards other girls, lol) so please be LGBTQIA+ friendly if you want to talk with me!
Just so that I know you read this, please mention the word doorhandle anywhere in your message :) DMs are open, so please come and say hi, but at least try to be a little more interesting than just that. And please, PLEASE be between the ages of 15 and 18. NO OLDER, NO YOUNGER! I will report anyone who texts me who is older than 18!
Can't wait to meet you <3
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2023.06.02 09:41 DarkGeass [Waybound] A Very Seriously Serious Theory

Not sure if any ones mentioned this already but I wanted to see what people thought.
I believe it is quite obvious that Lindon, Yeirn, Dross, Little Blue, Orthos, and Mercy are all in fact Oz.
We all know that Oz was weakened by his time in a mortal body on cradle. But that alone wouldn't weaken Oz, unless of course something else was at play. Like say, he slit his self into multiple parts. Scattered his self across Cradle and then erased his own memories to prevent his self from intervening with them. The man that hates surprises left a nasty one for himself. But it truly was the only way forward.
Let's take Lindon. A no name nobody from the middle of nowhere pops up, gains favor from one of the stongest beings in the universe, and becomes a equal with Monarch in like five years. Who else could that be but Oz.
Yerin fought back a bloodspawn as a child... Something that is apart of a Dreadgod, and even consumes adults. She process to befriend it, and merge with it to become a Overlord Herald. The very first to do so. Who other then Oz could do that.
Mercy always wanted someone who would treat her as a friend without fearing her status. Whereas Oz wanted friends who would advance alongside him. Guess what, Mercy is Oz.
Dross is arrogant, but with the ability to back it up. He has a witty tomfoolery that either charms or annoys the masses. You guessed it, Dross is Oz.
Orthos is a dragon among dragons. I know of only one person who is a dragon among his peers. That right, it's Oz.
And now for the finial nail in to coffin. The piece that brings this all together. Little Blue IS Oz. Not just a part of him, but the core of his being. He didn't just erase his memories of spreading himself across cradle, but all of his memories. What better way to change yourself other then starting over both physically and mentally. What better way to get the joy icon then by becoming such a joyful little creature.
My evidence is the blooper at the end of reaper when little blue is given the marble. We also see a blooper in Soulsmith that predicts the future. Coincidence, maybe. But I think it's a very well hidden hint by Will.
Eithan kelp most his memories as Oz, but thought he was the only one. He's meant to protect the plan incase; well you know, someone like the Mad King shows up. Oz almost thought of it all. But in trying to change his self and find talent, he didn't realize he was gathering the most talent person on cradle. His self.
When they all ascend, they'll fuse with Oz once again, and at that time he will finally change in the way he wants. He'll defeat the mad king, kill the hound, and start the executors again. He would have achieved all his goals. And Zeil will be his forever friend.
Thanks for reading to the end.
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2023.06.02 09:39 pinkheartfad Here it is ladies and gentleman… this is the REAL Shannon Ford.

Here it is ladies and gentleman… this is the REAL Shannon Ford.
The fake accent, the awful condescending tone, filming an old lady most likely without her knowing and putting it out there for her hundreds of thousands of followers. She is an awful, vile human being and this really isn’t the flex she thought it would be. Her true colours are finally showing
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2023.06.02 09:34 ViolinistShot7995 Gusii Ladies.

I (M30s) follow this gusii lady on TikTok. She's called Beth Okeiga. There's something about her. She's not exceptional in any way compared to other ladies but I can feel an underlying current of a genuine vibe that I've seen around the Gusii ladies I've had the pleasure of knowing in the past and it triggered this post. I've never dated a Gusii woman but would love to. What is your genuine experience if you've ever dated one as a male (or female doesn't really matter) or know one personally. I have none around my immediate circle at the moment.
Don't give me unhelpful stereotypes but just genuine experiences. I know everyone is unique but I also believe that the society someone grows up in, shapes and instills some inherent values.
Are they good homemakers for example. How do they view money/financial matters? How do they relate to in-laws? Do they bring drama in relationships? How supportive of their spouses are they in a general sense.
Honest, genuine comments are more than welcome.
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2023.06.02 09:32 Uberantwild Uber and Lyft Synchronicities

In Lyft I noticed I got the same group of people from same house that I took to same concert two years apart. I remembered it was them because there was a funny midget dude with them both times. I don't live in the city I picked them up, I live in a farther away city.
In Uber I noticed everytime I was passing by freeway the same doctor lady requests and I get matched with her. She has a huge rich looking house too so it's unmistaken. This happened 7 different times and I don't live near that area. There's also tons of drivers but somehow she is in sync with me and requests before I miss exit to her house.
I also noticed one day I had Michael or Mike back to back for near 8 hours. Another day I had guys from Chicago for hours and my city is a few states away from Chicago.
I strongly suspect our physical world doesn't occur by random chance. Our Universe doesn't occur by chance. God created this holographic hyperverse. The electrons of the atom orbit the nucleus at 6,000 miles per hour, any slower or faster and we would not exist and stars wouldn't exist either.
All the laws of physics we know are from a mind greater than our own. God knows advanced mathematics way beyond our own minds and the result is our real physical world and Universe.
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