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Lost Pension Questions

2022.09.25 18:40 Hksju Lost Pension Questions

My parent and I worked for a Fortune 500 company in the 80’s and 90’s. We were both vested. I can see my pension on the app. Parent’s pension says it paid out on their 65th birthday. Parent denies this and it’s a large sum of money they would have remembered receiving. Parent did not live at the address on file and had not for some years. HR says they think the check was parked in a forfeiture account for failure to respond to letters.
Company has been “tracking it down” for almost two months now. Is there anyway to speed this up? Parent needs the money quite a bit.
Also, in the course of employment, Company sold us to a UK owned company. Part of the sale meant we were all immediately vested in pension with UK company in addition to keeping our Fortune 500 pensions. Parent did receive a payout for that. I’m not sure that I did. How would I go about checking that? I have tried looking in PGBC, but it says they cannot connect my login to MyPBA (but doesn’t say why).
Any suggestions for locating old pensions?
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