Is a macbook pro touch screen

Professional DataHoarder using MacOS, iPadOS or iOS: "Losing data is not our lifestyle"

2019.12.20 21:15 tesimbp Professional DataHoarder using MacOS, iPadOS or iOS: "Losing data is not our lifestyle"

AppleDataHoarding: we are Videomaker / Scientist / Journalist / Photographer / Designer DataHoarders, who only use Apple devices. We daily use MacOS (but even Windows), the new iPadOS or iOS and we love to keep our data safe. It doesn't matter if you use a MacPro, MacBook Pro, iMac Pro or iMac, MacMini, iPad or iPad Pro, iPod Touch or iPhone, MacBook Air, MacBook or other Mac / Hackintosh. What only matter, is that you are a DataHoarder!

2017.11.11 02:19 Eugene1026 iPhone X Wallpapers

Find gorgeous wallpapers for your shiny new iPhone with OLED display!

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2023.06.05 15:23 Awkward-Essay4575 Is there a thing like too much startle/ moro reflex?

Hello, my daughter is 7 weeks old and for the past couple of weeks she is having too much startle reflex which mostly gets triggered when she is sleeping in her bassinet/crib . I get worried seeing her getting startled so much . The only way she can have a sound sleep is in my arms or in swaddle or me co sleeping with her and putting my arm around her. Her startle reflex happens every 5-7 minutes or so and mostly Without any triggers like loud noise or movement. Is this normal ? Does the startle reflex touch the peak and then subside? I am a first time mother and very much worried. Does anyone has similar stories?
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2023.06.05 15:22 narikov How do you setup shipping zones for an area that does not have zip/postal codes?

My client wants to deliver within a certain radius for free.
But in their region their physical address ends at the city. There's no codes. If you put a field for postal code the residents will just type any placeholder number to get to the next screen.
So can shipping zones even be setup in this instance?
Do I calculate the radius and enter every road name that falls inside as a shipping zone? Or is there some other fantastic way I haven't thought of?
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2023.06.05 15:22 TooktoomanyZugZugs How am I doing? I don't know if I need a gut check, I just feel like I could be doing more

28 years old - General Contractor - $95k/year + some random bonuses here and there nothing crazy
Monthly Liabilities:
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2023.06.05 15:22 Fllaviio F

Amasawa's actions are really complex and her reasons are also layered. To facilitate understanding I will make use of several acronyms. I'll make use of them everytime I talk about her tactics and intentions.
  • Due to the White Room's 5th generation, Amasawa Ichika learned Acting Skills which she will use to express ideas [AcSk1] and for the viewer to deduce her intentions though body language [AcSk2].
  • Amasawa creates numerous pretexts [Pr1] to later use them as justifications [Pr2], most of them are lies.
  • The pretexts are correlated with the idea of advantage that she always makes use of [Ad]. Having the advantage, the other person has no choice but to obey [Ad1] and in addition to that, she also uses it to get answers from other people when she can't get from Ayanokouji [Ad2].
In addition to her tactics, we should also know her intentions:
  • Amasawa will often do things just to learn how people act, as well as to learn their personalities [Re1]. She will also do things just to see their reactions and get answers [Re2].
  • Countless times Amasawa will leave hints on purpose so that suspicions are arised inside Ayanokouji and so that he tries to question what is happening [Hi]. She does that because she wants to confirm that he is the person she worships. If he doesn't understand those hints, he was just too dumb and it's impossible for him to be that person. If he is that person, she saved him from expulsion by giving him the partner and circumstances he needed.


「“If you’re gonna go for the top spot, how ‘bout partnering up with me?”」 [Pr1]
After introducing herself, Amasawa pretends to want the top spot by showing interest in Horikita's Academic Ability and by suggesting pairing up with her [Pr1]. Horikita refuses and proposes Sudou, as Amasawa expected. Amasawa then emphasizes that in this case, there is no way to fight for the top spot; giving her the right to give conditions when accepting the proposal [Pr2, Ad1].
「“I’d say I like strong, powerful people, ya feel?”」 [Pr1]
Amasawa then says that she would like to pair up with a strong guy and suggests a ridiculous idea for them to prove that Sudou was the strongest there [Re2, Ad1]. Having successfully read how Ayanokouji and Horikita reacted and how they devised a plan to convince her [Re1], Amasawa finally decides to discard her idea, [Re2].
「Amasawa pressed her forefinger to her lips as she thought it over for a moment.」 [AcSk1]
Amasawa finally says that she likes guys who can cook [Pr1]. She asks if Sudou knows how to cook, he denies; then Horikita interferes, but Amasawa refuses her proposal, reaffirming that she wants a boy who can cook [Pr2, Ad1]. She then suggests the ridiculous idea of turning Sudou into a ‘cook pro’ and wonder if he'll have time since she is a popular girl and might settle on a partner already [Re1, Re2, Pr1, Pr2, Ad1]. Not getting an answer, she makes a new proposal: as long as a boy satisfies her appetite, she would pair up with Sudou [Pr2, Ad1]. As expected by Amasawa, Horikita lies saying that Ayanokouji is a good cook, and he plays along; the similar idea and actions Amasawa observed during their attempts to prove that Sudou was the strongest. Amasawa then shows hurry, things had to be postponed to next day [Pr2, Ad1]. Just her and Ayanokōji would have to meet at the Keyaki Mall for him to buy the ingredients and stuff, as the dish he was going to make for her was a secret [Pr1, Pr2, Ad1]


「“Oh yeah. That too~ You’ve gotta buy the stuff you’ll make for me. Do you have the points~?”」
When Ayanokōji asks about the ingredients, Amasawa purposely emphasizes the line "That too~" making him aware that she prioritized that other stuff over the ingredients [AcSk1, Hi]; then she asks if he has the points, knowing he wouldn't say otherwise [Ad1] and giving him the impression that she was too focused on the fact that he will be the one to pay [Hi].
「I could remember the first time I came here and how it was difficult to find what I was looking for right away.」
Amasawa walked straight to the shop specialized in selling home goods instead of the supermarket and then stopped by the section of kitchenware [Hi]. Finding what she wanted with ease, she purposely made him aware that she already knew in advance where to look for what she wanted [Hi]. She also purposely didn't ask for the items he already had to avoid buying new ones [Hi].
「For a couple dozen seconds or so, she stood there, lost in thought with her arms crossed, almost as if she was troubled by something.」 [AcSk1]
After appearing to be thinking about what to buy while looking at the shelf of goods, Amasawa suddenly threw several items into the shopping basket, nonstop [AcSk1].
「Her troubled demeanour from earlier was nowhere to be seen, as she proceeded to take hold of a small fruit knife without hesitating in the slightest.」 [AcSk2]
However, after displaying that uncertain behavior, she purposely looked at the Petty Knife and quickly picked it up [AcSk2, Hi]. She then says that a Petty Knife should be essential to a skilled cook, if that is true or not, doesn't matter, the intention is making Ayanokouji think about it and conclude that the difference between prices was due to the fact that the Petty Knife came with a sheath [Hi].


「If I didn’t manage to cook her a dish she was happy with, all negotiations would probably be broken off then and there.」 [Ad]
After asking Ayanokouji to cook tom yum goong, he learns that it won't be necessary to use the Petty Knife [Hi]; when asked, Amasawa simply replies that it will be to peel an apple for her [Hi].
「“It’s fine, it’s fine~ I’m the one who forced you to cook for me, so at least lemme do this much. Go sit back and relax, Senpai.”」
After trying the food, Amasawa avoids giving the veredict quickly and goes to tidy up the kitchen [Hi], saying that there is no problem because she always helped her mother in that aspect [Pr1, Pr2].
「As she thought about it, Amasawa didn’t seem to be happy with the position of the ribbon holding up her right ponytail, as she unfastened the ribbon and began to tie it back on, using her reflection on the screen of her phone like a mirror.」 [AcSk1]
Amasawa then demonstrates dissatisfaction with her ribbon on her right ponytail, she unties it and then ties it back on [Pr1]. After saying the veredict, she goes back to cleaning up the kitchen [Hi].
「[I tried asking the clerk about that too, just in case. Apparently, just as the first-year was about to pay for it at the register, somebody else showed up and stopped them from going through with the sale. Anywho, the clerk told me the student who tried to buy one looked…]」 [Pr1, AcSk1]
A day later, after sending Karuizawa to check information with the clerk, Ayanokouji learns that Amasawa had stopped Housen before he could purchase the same Petty Knife [Hi].
「“Who is it!?”」
Returning to the dorm lobby to meet Ayanokouji, due to the incident where Karuizawa found a red hair in his dorm, Karuizawa responds in his place through the speaker to Amasawa.
「She studied my expression for a moment before sending a calculating look at the shoes in the entryway.」
At the front door after greeting Ayanokouji, she takes a look at the shoes in the entryway, asks if it's his girlfriend's, and she gets no answer. She says she lost her favorite hair tie and he lets her in to look for it [Pr2]. She asks Karuizawa if she is his girlfriend, and Karuizawa avoids the question but calls Ayanokouji by his given name ‘Kiyotaka’ [Ad2].
「“Ah…Senpai. This might be a bit too naughty for me to handle.”」 [AcSk2]
Knelting down and taking a look under the bed, exposing her rear to him and increasing Karuizawa's jealousy, Ayanokouji had to replace her in the search [AcSk2, Re2, Ad1, Ad2, Hi]. She then suggests looking for it in the kitchen [Hi]; after a few minutes she appears saying that she finally found it in the gap between the counter and the fridge [Hi].
「“Speaking of which, you know what? It’s prolly not a good idea for it to just be the two of us next time you cook for me, huh?” “Obviously!”」 [Re2]
Finally, she suggests that next time Ayanokouji should cook for her and Karuizawa as it wouldn't be a good idea to just the two of them together after learning that he has a girlfriend [Ad2]. Finally she is 100% sure that Karuizawa is his girlfriend.


「From the way he gripped the knife in his hand, it was obvious that it wasn’t meant to stab an opponent. He had faced the blade upward to make it look like someone else had stabbed him.」
The plan has finally reached its final stage, Housen shows the same Petty Knife that Ayanokouji bought, and charges at him with the knife facing the blade upward [Hi]. Ayanokouji taking everything into consideration let the blade pierce through his palm making him now have the upper hand of the situation.
「“You’re the one who came up with this ridiculous strategy, but Amasawa is the one who helped refine it to perfection.”」
He then says that he is the only one to have bought a Petty Knife and that he first felt something out of place when he went to the shopping with Amasawa. He also mentions the Petty Knife's convenience due to its sheath, and how strange it was for Amasawa to find it so easily.
「“No, it was thanks to Amasawa that this plan took shape at all. Without her help, everything would’ve fallen apart.”」
Having control over the situation, he forces Housen to make Class 1-D cooperate with Class 2-D, and also forces him to partner up with him for the exam.
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2023.06.05 15:22 bimyself17 Camera app crashes

Camera app not working
I have a P20 Pro, recently my phones camera app stopped working, I try opening it and it briefly shows a blackscreen like its loading but then turns off, doesn't even give me an error pop up, nothing. Tried turning it off and on, cleared apps data (as last resort), there was no cache I could delete. Also I would like to mention that the camera works on other apps like Snapchat, Instagram, even the "mirror" app works, its just the camera app who is throwing a tantrum. What can I do about this?
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2023.06.05 15:21 Catastrophic235 Crashes during loading.

My game regularly crashes when it finishes loading, a split second after the loading screen goes black and the sound effects of the game world start playing.
About 1/2-1/3 of the time, this crashes my whole PC with a MEMORY_MANAGMENT bluescreen.
The only mod I have installed Is the one that lets the player destroy rocks with explosives.
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2023.06.05 15:21 Reep1611 Constant connection issues

So, I recently got nord, as it was rated very well, and I don’t take issues with the pricing too much. What I take issues with is random but frequent issues that make the VPN unusable.
I already went trough everything they recommend, restarting, reinstalling, DNS change etc., talked to their chatbot until it gave me an actual human and even had the ticket thing checkup done (everything works fine, obviously it does in a phase when the problem decides to go away for a day again.).
So before cancelling it I come here to you because outside of the connection issue I really like how well and fast everything works. But the random intervals of it becoming completely unusable are just to much of a problem.
So, I am using a M1 Macbook Air with the up to date version of Ventura. My Nord App is also updated to the current version.
The problem is, that despite having very good internet connection, if I try to use Nord it won’t work. But not just as in just no internet. It’s like I have a bamboo pipe for a connection, loading it but never getting anywhere. The App shows that I am connected. I try loading a site, and it quickly starts to reconnect for some time, before giving up and showing no connection, no specific failure, just a small red Error message telling me nothing.
When I manually click on reconnect, it does connect to any server again, but when loading a site the same happens.
I cannot find what the issue is, and the worst part is that it seems to randomly pop up, make it unusable for a few hours/one or two days, and then goes away again. No pattern, nothing.
I am so done with this, this is my last try at fixing it, and I really hope you can maybe point me in the right direction. Otherwise my solution is just going to another company, because me paying for something I cannot use half the time and they can’t or cannot be bothered to solve is not going to happen.
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2023.06.05 15:20 Gbreeder Information About my Higher Self - Etc

Apologies for the spam.
My higher self was one of the first groups of waves of beings to form in one particular matrix. Actually probably the first.
After that, black horned arthropods, bipedal with claws and large teeth - red eyes, celestials with flesh, wings and humanoid forms popped up. Along with many others. Frankly, being a few seconds older than others isn't significant.
Anyways, when these firsts of races were born - Google+ of the firsts of all of these races shot out all over.
"Kings And Queens" seem to refer to these firsts. They're all made up of different sources (the waves have the same sources in similar amounts of energy - you'll have beings that look near identical). It requires at least two sources to make these children. One big orb can't make children because the energy will return to them and a soul won't form.
My higher selves form, has horns, wings, large teeth, a very large hulking form that's said to have the intensity of a soul.
We are mostly energy beings. We have no metals or flesh in us.
We tended to start compressing ourselves into humanoid forms. That's because our forms were killing other beings. Other beings had that effect too.
So, golden hooded fellows whose faces can't be made out. Or ones with armor and developed features.
Our first descendants, were born / formed as humanoids who wouldn't harm others with their energy.
My higher selves one more notable descendants would be known as the Allkuul usually.
Our energy tends to burn away all impurities and toxins. Approaching us and feeling a burning feeling when going for us in certain ways or attacking our attacks. That isn't peoples energies being eaten or absorbed.
That, is simply people being burned up.
We are basically giant self sufficient batteries with no need to eat. Unless we incarnate. As flesh things.
My one cousin race from the same wave as me is mentioned in a form of literature as "The King In Yellow" or Hastur.
Back during some wars when Eldritch guys began forming after a large source came from another matrix along with others, they banged off all the sources in ours and a bunch of offspring poured off from that - bunch of waves.
This, started the Eldritch wars. A lot of them were psychotic and under the control of their source or whatever else. The white celestial source did similar stuff - regardless. A bunch of them went around trying to kill anything that wasn't them or taking people's territories.
Others, partnered up with us in large numbers.
Some of them were golden energy tentacle masses.
After the wars finished, the celestials and some other made decrees that everyone needed to kill / eliminate any of the beings formed during those wars or they'd be attacked themselves as well by them.
I didn't personally know Hastur. But, I guess he got very, very heated that we'd be doing that to our friends and to beings we adopted into our families and whatever and befriended - just to toss them out as garbage or monsters after they helped us take care of their emotionless relatives.
So. He ran off with one that happened to be his best friend. A large mass of golden / yellow tentacles.
They took others with them too and went somewhere they wouldn't be disturbed.
Anyways, that's why Hastur is shown as a yellow energy being with tentacles around himself. They're two beings that have a combo fighting style.
At some point, Hastur came to Earth and noticed the populations spiritual brains were removed, they thought they were other people.
And they were all raised with lies, planted into flesh prisons.
His main enemy would've been someone that I pieced together as "Sheogorath / Legolas". Someone else told me that's literally the Joker as well. How am I supposed to know all these names. Though, the ability to use a large wabbajack looking thing to shoot madness inducing stuff at people. OK. Maybe I should've clicked with that one.
Anyways. The planes inside of their body had 5 queens of beings known as Jabberwocky or Mi-Go and a lot of brainless / maddened or enslaved fellows.
There were probably a lot more when he incarnated, and set out to attack those guys.
Anyways, those guys I guess collect people's spiritual intermediate 3D / higher self brains.
Then they capture them and make people think whatever and drive them nuts. Literally.
And they funnel commands to them this way and whatnot.
Hastur, was unaware that this was a celestial colony and that the guy was given the resources and permission to do this.
So, he was ganked. Sure he brought a ton of forces and did some damage. But yeah.
Eventually, his origin and who he was / what he tried doing was twisted. Much the same as fellows like Jesus, who tried telling people that they're God's, that the God of the Bible was engineered by angels and that they were controlling the being in the black box using people's prayers. And that reincarnation wasn't a thing - he spiritually flew around and talked to people after his death.
The Orrenkaan, is what my higher self and others used to call the Mi-Go / Jabberwocky.
Anyways, we placed people's brains back into their higher selves, and they should break down fully after understanding that the spiritual bodies themselves are gone. They're not souled or whatever.
This means no more commands or things as well.
I probed one person by asking them questions. Few people actually. One person was attacking me and messaged me that someone was touching or messing with their "Onyx" - I was simply squishing their brain a bit. I asked them what their "Onyx" is, and they said it's a living gemstone that warns them and tells them things.
That was their spiritual brain. I was raiding "Jokers" living area and whatever 4D wise.
He'd sealed people in objects / personal weapons or soldiers that he was working on.
The person sealed in a dragon orb / thing object. After I finished clearing everything out, I found some logs. Those in that orb, broke or went too nuts while they were making soldiers.
Basically, it was labeled failed experiments.
The logs showed some fellows who were ever housed in any of the objects - lists and whatever.
In the failed experiments one, "Etika", Kanye West, recently Andrew Tate and a bunch of others were in there at some points of time.
Normally magic objects are considered illegal to make. The guy though, was under celestial supervision so nobody ever really tried raiding him because he has clearances.
Other objects had other people's brains, souls or whatever else.
He needed to know who people were in 3D to control them to higher extents. So, yeah celebrities were very common there.
This was a place seperate from his main place.
Anyways, there's no such thing as seeing your future self astrally. The next person to see my energy body and call me "Sekhmet" may be slugged. I am not a female nor a cat. I am incarnated, Sekhmet is incarnated and she's a female. We are different beings and different races. Do not call me Sekhmet, I actually dislike Sekhmet. Stop.
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2023.06.05 15:20 Popular-Lab6140 Yard Waste Pickup

Is there a schedule for yard waste pickup? I've had a can out for like a month now and it hasn't been touched.
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I play with OS community sliders on ultimate.
I know we ALL love hating on fifa for its crap. But it's good to recognize some realism when it does happen.
This is definitely something you see in games at all levels. Classic miscommunication between GK and CB plus the terrible touch by the CB.
I'm on a wrexham rebuild.
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2023.06.05 15:20 blueant1 Delta Pro Shows error code 022 in red, wont stay on.

I bought the XT60i to MC4 cable from the Ecoflow store, connected my 2 solar panels, and my DeltaPro started smoking, then showed a red 022 on the screen before shutting off.
The solar panels have been supplying power to a Bluetti before and after this incident without issue. The solar panels' output is 90 volt, 800 watts. The DeltaPro can handle "Solar Charger 11-150V 15A Max, 1,600W Max" (this is copied and pasted straight from the manual)
What is error code 022?
edit I have contacted support, and am waiting for them to tell me what happens next.
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2023.06.05 15:20 pcdocstl Completely uninstall Bitdefender (all ver) from Windows (all ver).

I've noticed many seeking to completely remove Bitdefender from their windows PC so below are links to the uninstall tools written by the Bitdefender team, and available for free download on the Bitdefender website.
Simply click on the link(s) below that best describes your installed version of Bitdefender to be taken to the Bitdefender Uninstall Tool Website. Follow the prompts on the Bitdefender website to Save the proper Uninstall Tool to your Windows Computer Desktop or Downloads folder.
Bitdefender Uninstall Tool for Consumer Products PAID -> Bitdefender Uninstall Tool for Consumer Products TRIAL -> Bitdefender Uninstall Tool for All Business Products ->
Once saved to your PC, locate the Bitdefender Uninstall Tool you downloaded on your Desktop or Downloads folder.
Right-mouse-click on the downloaded file, then left-mouse-click on the "Run As Administrator" selection in the pop-up menu, and ACCEPT the UAC pop-up window to run the tool.
Follow the on-screen instructions to fully remove your Bitdefender product.
You should read through these instructions a couple times before actually doing it to get familiar with them.
Please, don't get discouraged. It is much easier to do than it is to read!
After tool completes and computer reboots, you can either stick with the FREE Windows Defender available with Windows 10 or visit your favorite search engine to find one of many free and try-before-you-buy antivirus products available for your version of Windows.
Still having problems removing Bitdefender from your Windows PC? Describe your problem below and someone (myself included) should be able to steer you in the right direction.
Good Luck and have an excellent day!
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2023.06.05 15:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] John Crestani – Super Affiliate System PRO (

[Download Course] John Crestani – Super Affiliate System PRO (

Get the course here: [Download Course] John Crestani – Super Affiliate System PRO (
Our website:
![img](p7vbs8nxcw3b1 " Super Affiliate System PRO – It’s a unique approach that allows you to use “FREE CREDITS” (more on that in a second) to test and find other people’s “Profit Products” to sell… And then – once you start making sales – you can re-invest the money you made to generate 2x, 3x, or even 5x returns – without any risk of losing it. They say there’s no such thing as safe investment… But, this is damn close. And the best part is… Once you find your “winner”, you can just keep reinvesting your profits to make as much money as you want, as often as you want. Super Affiliate System PRO is NOT a course. It’s a practical, plug-and-play system that does 90% of work for you, so you can start making a full-time income as soon as humanly possible. ")


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.05 15:20 SandFalls_Official Call for all the local bands

Hey guys! I'm sam, frontman for the band SandFalls, we are currently looking for a local band to jump in on our Quebec city tour date as a special guesses! We are a metal band from dieppe NB and will be touring our new EP with the help of Paratomb, a metal band from PEI. So if you are in a local band or know any of them, please either leave a comment and we'll get in touch or DM us on instagram. ( @sandfalls_official ) Your help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your time -Sam
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2023.06.05 15:20 Key-Field-6115 Contact This Hacker To Hack And Spy WhatsApp, Discord, Tinder, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp spying, USSD control commands, Facebook/Messenger spying, Skype spying

You should be in touch with thIS GREAT HACKER He is capable of hacking what has been hacked before and recovered the deleted or lost files. I got convinced when he hacked into my fiance gmail account, Facebook account and at the same time,his whats app account. I know it’s kinda bad, don’t blame me. I needed to be sure. This dude gets into accounts like a ghost UNNOTICED, UNTRACEABLE AND UNTOUCHED. Information is the greatest tool one can ever have I'm so excited, I came across a brilliant and reliable hacker. I needed to be sure. My life got better, I stopped using my precious time to bother about his indiscretions and channeled my energy positively…..Contact him via; [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.05 15:20 SlyFisch Competitive Fighting Game rig

Hey all, need some help with my new build!
My PC is starting to not work quite as good anymore, and I really need to build a new PC to stabilize performance. Main games are Street Fighter 6 and Guilty Gear Strive at the moment, with Tekken 8 coming at the end of the yeabeginning of next year. I also like to play newer AAA single player games like Elden Ring.
What're we thinking?! I am leaning towards NVIDIA GPUs (most likely 4070) since that's what I know and I love the way their cards work, but I'm willing to be swayed to AMD if it makes more sense. I pretty much haven't been paying attention to PC parts in the last few years so I'm really out of the loop here.
CPU I don't really have a preference, AMD and Intel are both fine for me but my current CPU is an AMD.
Having a lot of stutters in games like Chivalry 2 and Street Fighter 6 lately which is prompting me to want to upgrade
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2023.06.05 15:20 UltimateGattai Looking at either one of the Pixel 7 phones or Samsung Galaxy S23/+

I'm looking to get a new Android phone at during the EOFY sales in Australia, and I'm tossing up between the Pixel 7/Pro or the Galaxy S23/plus to replace my Nokia 5.4. I'm tired of how buggy and problematic the Nokia 5.4 is, plus I've been buying cheap phones the past few years and always end up replacing them after a year compared to when I used flagships which lasted several years for me.
So I'm looking to upgrade to a flagship that is stable and will last me at least 3, preferably 4 years. I also hate using Android with extra crap over top like Touchwiz, so I tend to go for stock Android or Android One (I'm not happy Android One got killed off). I also like to multi-task alot on my phone, I don't really care that much about the cameras as long as they're decent enough, but I do prefer more storage.
I was going to go with one of the Pixel 7 phones without a second thought until I read that people are finding them buggy (is that true?) and the lower performance compared to other brand's equivalent phones due to the Tensor G2. Can someone point out some other considerations I should have in mind when deciding on which of these phones to choose as well as which one might be the better buy for me?
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2023.06.05 15:19 Tjmoores [Retropost] Heirposting™

General note: This post (along with the next in this series) should have come out last week. All posts in the series take place within a 40 or so year period. Note to Callum: The bulk of this post was written before spelling reform. Please do not moan about my æ, ŋ, č etc.

Part 2

Gyias ran his fingers through his thick, weathered hair, a habit he had developed over the years since moving to Bæn. He glanced at Mwač, his eyes filled with a mixture of gratitude and concern. "Do you remember the night of the storm, Mwač? It must have been a lifetime ago."
Mwač nodded, her face forming a reflection of her fear of the memories of that night. "Yes...", she solemnly replied. "It was a night of chaos, but look how far we've come. Bæn is our home, a place so much greater than Pribd ever was."
Gyias sighed, his gaze drifting towards the bustling town of Bæn beyond their home. The town had grown significantly in the past ten years, its once humble beginnings expanding into a thriving community. New houses stood where ruins once lay, and fields new and old sustained the growing population, through the crops which were cultivated within them. Life in Bæn had indeed flourished in recent years.
"Mwač, do you remember when we first arrived in Bæn?" Gyias continued, his voice thick with nostalgia.
Mwač smiled, a hint of sadness in her eyes. "Of course I do, Gyias. We were young, hopeful, terrified and passionate. But as the town grew, so arose new problems."
Gyias nodded, his eyes fixed in a gaze beyond the wall behind Mwač. "We were grateful to Vraiŋ for leading us to salvation, stepping into a role we could never fill, and for for providing us with a new home. He took control of the resources, the labour, he made sure everyone contributed to the rebuilding efforts, and we all had everything we needed to survive. We truly are blessed to have a leader as wise as he is."
Mwač leaned in closer, her voice filled with a mix of appreciation and concern. "Yes, Gyias, we are thankful for Vraiŋ's skilled leadership. He interpreted the wise old stars to ensure we had enough food, even during the harshest times. We all love him and we look up to him as our saviour."
Their conversation was interrupted by a crowd murmouring outside, seemingly with with great purpose. Gyias and Mwač exchanged curious glances, the tingling in their spines telling them that something significant was about to unfold.
"I wonder what this could be about," Gyias pondered aloud, releasing Mwač's hand and rising to his feet. "Let us head outside to find out." They had not seen so much commotion since the year the aphids invaded and took over all their beans, causing great hardship.
Gyias and Mwač stepped outside their home, joining the growing crowd that had gathered in the center of Bæn. The air was thick with whispers of anticipation and speculation. As the crowd flowed through the houses towards the centre of the town, and the grand residence of Vraiŋ, they exchanged curious glances with their neighbors, all sharing the same sense of curiosity and concern.
In the heart of the gathering, a small platform had been erected, and standing atop it was a man that neither Gyias or Mwač recognised - a newcomer. His presence alone commanded attention, with his tall stature and regal demeanor inherited from his father. The crowd fell into a hushed silence as he began to speak.
"People of Bæn," the man's voice rang out, carrying a mix of authority and detachment. "It is with a heavy heart that I must deliver somber news. My father, your Marvuč, Vraiŋ, has fallen into ill health and has departed this world to join our ancestors in the celestial realm."
A collective gasp rippled through the crowd, and Gyias felt a lump of sorrow move down from his throat and into his chest. Vraiŋ had been a central figure in their lives, and the news of his passing weighed heavily on their hearts.
"That's strange", Gyias whispered to Mwač; "I saw Vraiŋ making his way away from the fires of the city to his stargazing shelter just a few days ago". The man continued his speech before Mwač could respond, and Mwač's grip on Gyias' arm tightened as they listened intently to his words.
"As the chosen heir of Vraiŋ," Dviiþ continued, his tone devoid of emotion, "I, Dviiþ, have ascended to the position of your Marvuč. I stand before you today to assure you that I will uphold the traditions, customs, and wisdom of our ancestors. The stars have spoken, and I shall interpret their messages to guide us in these challenging times."
"But, my Pufspuj," Dviiþ's voice carried on, "change is upon us. The stars have whispered of new paths to tread, new challenges to overcome. It is through my interpretation that we shall find our way. We must adapt and evolve to thrive in and amongst the challenges of this new world."
Gyias glanced at Mwač, concern etched on his face. Dviiþ's words seemed distant, lacking the warmth and kinship that Vraiŋ had once embodied. This man called him, his wife, his friends his Pufspuj, but they had barely even seen him before now. It appeared that the community had lost a cherished leader and gained a distant ruler. He was clearly not alone in this sentiment - notes of skepticism echoed silently through the crowd, a deserved suspicion of their new Marvuč. There was an unspoken question lingering in their minds: would Dviiþ be able to fill his father's shoes? Could the people teach him to possess the same dedication and compassion for the community, as Vraiŋ had taught him to interpret the will of the stars?
Mwač leaned closer to Gyias, her voice barely above a whisper. "Gyias, do you trust Dviiþ? Can he truly guide us as his father did?"
Gyias remained silent, eventually stating: "We should go - we have much to do". Mwač nodded, her eyes focused on Dviiþ, searching for any signs of the compassion that Vraiŋ had once possessed. "It is indeed too soon to tell how Dviiþ may lead, Gyias."
As the crowd dispersed, Gyias and Mwač returned to their home, their thoughts consumed by the news of Vraiŋ's passing and Dviiþ's ascension. The weight of uncertainty hung in the air, and they couldn't shake off the feeling that their lives were entering a new chapter - one filled with both apprehension and hope.

Part 2.5

Gyias and Mwač were once again in their home, having returned after a tough day working the fields. "Months have passed since we lost our beloved Vraiŋ, Gyias", stated Mwač.
Gyias nodded solemnly, his gaze returning to Mwač. "Vraiŋ's control over the food, the resources, the labour... it all felt like it was for a higher purpose. He brought stability, but in the hands of Dviiþ it feels as if everything he brought comes at a price. We are dependent on him for everything. He demands for our lives to revolve around his."
Mwač's face grew thoughtful, lines of worry creasing her brow. "It is not only a continuation of the control Vraiŋ once held... the control has become stricter, hasn't it? The rules he imposes on us, it's almost like he doesn't trust us to make any of our own decisions, like we are under his watchful eye every waking second."
Gyias let out a frustrated sigh, his fingers tapping on his knee. "Who people can marry, where we may travel, what we may own. It's suffocating."
Mwač reached out, placing her hand on Gyias' arm in a comforting gesture. "But we must remember that he also holds our safety and well-being in his hands. When disaster strikes or when times are tough, he will surely ensure we have enough to survive, as Vraiŋ always did. The town would have perished without his father; he must remember this?"
Gyias nodded, his expression softening. "You're right, Mwač. We must be grateful for his provision and protection. I still do feel that Vraiŋ held the interests of the people closer to heart. He used to interact with us, listen to our concerns. Dviiþ acts solely based on what he is looking for within the stars and our ancestors, without reading their strongest wishes on how to solve our present struggles, or what the stars or ancestors are asking for the loudest."
Mwač squeezed Gyias' arm gently, her voice filled with empathy. "I understand, Gyias. The person we hoped we would see as a leader is seemingly not in touch with our realities. But we must have faith that he still has our best interests at heart." "And we must trust him", Mwač added, "for it is what the stars have willed."
Gyias nodded, his eyes distant as he contemplated the weight of their beliefs. "Yes, we must trust in the stars and the destiny they have laid out for us. But sometimes, I wonder if there is room for change, for a different path to emerge."
Mwač's brows furrowed slightly, concern evident in her voice. "Gyias, you know questioning the will of the stars is unwise. They have guided us for generations, and Vraiŋ has been their interpreter, and now the baton has been passed on to Dwiiþ. It is not for us to challenge."
Gyias looked into Mwač's eyes, appreciating her unwavering faith in Dwiiþ, clearly as an extension of Vraiŋ. He reached over and gently held her hand, intertwining their fingers. "I hope you're right, Mwač. We have built a life here, and Vraiŋ has played a significant role in our journey. He has chosen Dwiiþ as his heir, and I shouldn't let my doubts overshadow the progress we've made."
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2023.06.05 15:19 Luvkingdom Hard Darknell help!

Hey guys, are there any good tips for hard darknell?? I'm a wind archer and I watched a few videos on youtube and read a few guides, but still have not been able to kill him. The lowest I got him was 10% health and I died out.
I'm able to solo hard v.hilla and chaos gloom, so I definitely have damage, but survival is my issue.
The general tips I saw was:
  1. Elites attack when darknell attacks so get ready to move when he shows attack motion
  2. Archer elite who makes you unable to jump has a sound, so turn the sound on (I usually don't have any sound on, but next attempt I will try this)
  3. Try to get rid of at least one of the huge meteors that fall on the map (3~4), so you have more space to dodge and stuff
  4. Try to stay near the boss, so you can see when he attacks and the further you get, he uses that slash attack.
I think the problem I'm currently facing is:
I fail to stay near the boss at times (Which is where most of my deaths comes from), because I get overwhelmed by everything that's on the screen. For example, if I see several invincible goons on the ground, purple chains on the ground/air, magician elite ball, meteors, and 3 elites past 50% health, I kind of lose focus on what I'm supposed to be doing and basically try to move away from the boss and he uses the slash attack before I'm at the other end of the map now. I do try to save upjump + blink for slash attack, but if I don't react fast enough or I get hit by something beforehand, I just die. For pro darknell bossers, how do you guys make sure to stay near him when there are million of different things happening on the screen? The worst part for me is when I upjump to get rid of one of the meteors and I get hit by the other mini meteor and I get cced or something and I get hit by elites and die.
I appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.05 15:19 CaspianX2 JarataireRPG for Nintendo Switch - Review


Genre: Mahjong Puzzle
Players: 1
JarataireRPG, released on Nintendo Switch in 2023, is a Puzzle game that’s extremely similar to a solitaire Mahjong Puzzle with RPG elements. In this game, players face off against a series of monster gals, and must match tiles for attacks to do damage to take out the enemy before their life bar is depleted.
Players are introduced to the game via a poorly-translated prologue to the game’s story, such as it is, about a god instructing servants to fight a demon lord, but due to there being no demon lord they apparently got together a bunch of dragons and made one so they’d have someone to fight, but then decided that fighting said demon lord sounded like too much trouble so they subcontracted you to do it for them. It’s an amusing premise, but the poor localization makes it come across as stilted and awkward.
The rest of the presentation in this game has some nice elements, but seems a bit amateurishly put together. Both the enemies you’ll be fighting and the tiles you’re matching feature some well-designed anime-style artwork of cutesy monster gals, but there’s no animation to speak of, and the menus are rudimentary at best and feel somewhat slapped-together. This is all backed by fast-paced high-energy rock guitar music, which is pretty good, but doesn’t seem to match the rest of the game.
There’s another issue with the visuals, which ties in with the gameplay. The game devotes roughly half of the screen to an image of the enemy you’re facing and your lifebar, which is particularly frustrating as the enemy doesn’t really do anything. An additional sixth of the screen is dedicated to showing you the tiles that have just been matched. That leaves a corner of the screen that’s roughly a third of the size of the screen for the actual gameplay. This can be particularly galling when playing in handheld mode, as it becomes more difficult to distinguish the tiny images of the tiles on-screen from one another.
You’ll want to play the game in handheld mode though, as playing this game with a touchscreen is far more natural and fluid than moving around an on-screen cursor. Players can alter the cursor speed in the game’s menus, but this is still clearly not the way this game was intended to be played, and the way the game’s “battles” play out in real time means you don’t have the luxury of waiting for your cursor to meander over to where you want it.
The battles themselves have some good ideas, but unfortunately those ideas don’t really seem to come to fruition. As in solitaire Mahjong, you’re matching tiles two at a time, with new tiles revealed underneath as you match. Players are only able to play tiles that are completely uncovered, though unlike Mahjong, it doesn’t matter if there are tiles on either side of the one you’re looking to match. Also unlike Mahjong, you’re not looking to “complete” the puzzle, but to do enough damage to the enemy to win the battle, and you can reshuffle the board at any time to get new matches.
As for how damage works, after a second or two has passed and you’ve made no matches, the game resolves the tiles you’ve matched, dealing damage to the enemy and having them deal damage to you in exchange. The game even indicates that doing combinations of different types of tiles can make for special attacks, though it’s not exactly clear what these combinations are or what those attacks do. And as in RPGs, the damage your tiles do will “level up” after completing a battle.
If done properly, a Mahjong RPG could make for a unique and interesting experience. Unfortunately, there are plenty of problems here keeping this from being the case. As mentioned before, it’s not clear exactly what strategy there is here. It doesn’t seem like you can edit your “party” of tiles to give you greater control over your use of abilities, and exactly what those abilities are and how to use them is never clear.
However, this game fails with basic fundamentals too - you have a life bar, but your enemy does not, meaning that you don’t really know how far away from potential victory you may be. What’s worse, the moment the game takes to resolve attacks pauses and refuses to let you match tiles during that time, and it can be extremely frustrating to constantly find the game unresponsive when you’re trying to make selections, because the game froze to deal out damage just as you were making a selection.
As a $1 game, I have to give JarataireRPG credit for trying something unique and creative, giving us an interesting combination of solitaire Mahjong Puzzle games and RPGs. Unfortunately, the numerous major flaws in the execution of this idea result in a game that’s maddeningly frustrating to play, as well as failing to capitalize on this idea. As a curiosity, this game may be worth $1, but it’s too flawed as a game to be worth your time.
tl;dr – JarataireRPG, released on Nintendo Switch in 2023, is a Puzzle game that’s extremely similar to a Mahjong Puzzle with RPG elements, with players matching tiles to fight anime-style monster gals. There are some very good ideas here, but they are so poorly executed that all you’re left with is confusion and frustration. Even at $1, this game is only worthwhile as a curiosity.

Grade: D+

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This month’s sponsors are Ben, Andy Miller, Exlene, Homer Simpin, Johannes, Talissa, Eli Goodman, Francis Obst, Gabriel Coronado-Medina, Ilya Zverev, Kristoffer Wulff, and Seth Christenfeld. Thank you for helping to keep the reviews coming!
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2023.06.05 15:19 SpupySpups Is this the sensor or the battery(hopefully only a sensor)

Is this the sensor or the battery(hopefully only a sensor)
I got a smart bottle as a gift, which I was pretty hyped about. I'm curious if the water is touching the battery here or not. Wanna drink sum tasty safe water.
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2023.06.05 15:19 xKonstii Need Help (Proximity Sensor Redmi Note 10 5G)

Hey guys,
i have recently replaced the display of my Redmi Note 10 5G. Ever since, the proximity sensor is constantly activated, which makes the screen instantly turn black when i hear a voice message on whatsapp. its only turning off when the display is exposed to direct sunlight.
so i figured it must be that the new display is too dark in front of the proximity sensor, so i opened it back up and scraped a little bit off that display. now the proximity sensor has clear view. but its still not working. still constantly on.
there is no option in the settings for me to turn off the proximity sensor, nothing works on my MIUI version, and i cant change it to 12.0.4, where the option is still there.
at this point, id like to just remove the proximity sensor, can anybody help me with that? i have no idea how to do that, and i dont want to damage anything on the motherboard.
thank you guys :)
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