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2023.06.06 14:37 Specialist_Sun_5830 My friend masturbated next to me while she tough I was asleep and tried to touched me

We were sharing a one room flat, I didn't see any problem of sharing a bed because I have never tough that this could happen and in previous experiences with other friends was uneventful. Usually I'm a deep sleeper and nothing awake me... until that. I was fully sleep when heard light skin slapping noises and felt movement in the area, I though I was dreaming or something and continue sleeping. Next day same thing with higher noises (the wet squishy sound) and a hand in my back. My first though was ok this is real and my friend is masturbating. I felt so shocked and panicked that I put my hands in my ears to stop hearing it ( I know was stupid but I'm really bad at confrontation) then, I moved to living room and stayed there the rest of the night. After that I just played it cool and I though that maybe was one time I can live with that. Third day in a round the same situation, I woke up took the blankets said wtf is going on, no response. In the morning my friend is acting as usual. Me not knowing what do do acted as cool as possible thinking that any confrontation would be uncomfortable. After reflection and sharing the situation with a friend, I feel really uncomfortable and left the apartment. I’m feeling very violated and depressed and want to know how to get over it, I would be grateful for any advice
My friend is contacting me to further plans like going out for food, but I do not want to talk
To consider: I do not have high sex drive (then wasn't sexy or hot), I never gave my consent.
TLDR: friend masturbated next to me without consent, want to know how to cope +wondering if I should drop the friendship
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2023.06.06 14:36 xXx_myspace_emo_xXx Immigrant SAHM. No village, no breathing room. Am I just weak?

I'm an immigrant living in Japan with my husband and our son (7.5mo). I lost my job at the start of the pandemic and became a housewife. I was totally on top of cleaning, cooking, and household management and it felt like a breeze.
It was a struggle to get into a survivable rhythm, but once my son was sleeping better, I was starting to enjoy being a SAHM. Then, 2 weeks ago, I got really sick. I almost passed out while feeding our son, but my husband couldn't take time off so I had to power through til the weekend. I got a "break" from baby duties on the weekend, but I still wasn't recovered by Monday so also lost out on decompressing time. It wasn't the best week, but we all made it.
Last weekend, my husband needed to finish up a research paper for his PhD and was on a time crunch. Even though I was drowning, I tried to give him the weekend to focus on research. I lasted til Sunday afternoon solo parenting before breaking down. Then, this week started and I just can't do any more. I sobbed off and on all day because I'm so exhausted and overwhelmed. I fantasized about falling asleep and never waking up again.
My husband's workday is 10-12+ hours. He also is working on a PhD. Despite this, he does bath/bed routine and insists on handling overnight wakes. When he isn't swamped with research, he will do more than his share of baby care so that I can focus on non-baby tasks. He is an amazing partner and is stretched so thin. I feel terribly guilty about how much he does, and I really miss quality time with him. He knows this and has filed to transfer to a different section in his company with fewer overtime hours, but it will take time to go through.
My family is in my home country. My in-laws are neither interested in nor capable of helping. My friends do not have children, and their availability rarely aligns with ours. Because I'm unemployed, it's impossible to get our son into a daycare unless we pay a huge sum of money (which we don't have) for an international or private one. Nannies are rare and in high demand. Gyms in our area don't offer childcare. There are storytimes at the local library, but my baby is in a screeching phase that is not socially acceptable here.
I'm alone with my baby from 6am-6pm. He is very vocal, which is adorable but sets off my anxiety, since Japanese culture is very strict about not disturbing others. This means we have to close all the windows in our apartment when he is crying or getting off the train/bus if he won't stop screeching. I try my best to balance both of our needs, but it feels like no matter how much I try, he always needs more than what I can give.
I desperately want to be a good SAHM. I want to be cheerful and fun for my son, but I am struggling so hard. When he scream cries, I soothe him, but inside I just feel dead. I have been losing my patience and end up sobbing with him. The jealousy I feel of other parents with more support is embarrassing and ugly. I don't know how to get past this besides just waiting it out, and I'm worried that my stress and mood will impact my son negatively, even though he seems happy nearly all of the time.
Advice I have adopted from this sub:
This advice has helped me go from daily drowning to drowning only after a series of bad days. Maybe there are other things I could do more efficiently? Or maybe I am not cut out to be a SAHM...
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2023.06.06 14:36 ecohubmap The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant was destroyed, Ukraine

The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant was destroyed, Ukraine
The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station was destroyed, tons of water poured out, and a flood occurred.
The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant was destroyed, Ukraine
The factors of such destruction are virtually identical to a nuclear explosion, except for radiation contamination:
  1. evacuation of the population, destruction of companies and facilities with harmful and poisonous substances (chlorine, ammonia, oil products, etc.);
  2. Destruction of water supply, sewerage, and power supply facilities, collapse of food and medical logistics;
  3. Pollution of part of the Black Sea water area and other consequences.
Read more:
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2023.06.06 14:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator (

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2023.06.06 14:35 Kimsys Visiting Fukuoka for 2 1/2 Days - Seeking Advice & Recos

Hi! I'm 25F traveling to Fukuoka with my 58 y.o. dad next week. It's our 4th time in Japan, but first time in Fukuoka/Kyushu. Would love to get your inputs on our itinerary and some advice on some stuff at the bottom of my post:
Day 0:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3
Also looking for advice/recos on:
  1. Pocket wifi vs. e-sim: I'm thinking of using Ubigi. I see people recommend this but it only has 8 reviews on istore so..
  2. Summerainy season essentials/etiquette: I'm from the PH where it's very hot and humid so I was wondering if I can just wear the same outfits or if it'd be cooler there at that time. When it rains, are there places that lend umbrellas or is it something that I'd have to buy? Where do you put them when you enter a mall or resto?
  3. Local fashion brand (womens): I'll be doing some shopping so I wanted recos on Japanese clothing brands other than Uniqlo or GU (but around the same price points)
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2023.06.06 14:34 tsscarrierss The Ultimate Guide to Renting Hiab Trucks for Construction Projects

The Ultimate Guide to Renting Hiab Trucks for Construction Projects
If you're embarking on a construction project that involves heavy lifting and transportation of materials, renting a Hiab truck can be a game-changer. Hiab trucks, equipped with hydraulic cranes or booms, offer the versatility and power required to handle various construction tasks. However, renting the right Hiab truck for your project can be a complex process. In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about renting Hiab trucks for construction projects, ensuring you make an informed decision and maximize the benefits they offer.
1. Assess Your Project Requirements
Before starting the rental process, it's crucial to assess your project requirements. Consider the types and quantities of materials you need to lift and transport. Determine the maximum weight and dimensions of the loads. Assess the terrain and site conditions where the Hiab truck will be operated. Understanding your project requirements will help you choose the right Hiab truck with the necessary specifications to meet your needs.
2. Choose the Appropriate Hiab Truck Model
Hiab trucks come in various models, each with its own specifications and capabilities. Research different models to find the one that suits your project requirements. Consider factors such as load capacity, reach, and maneuverability. Ensure the Hiab truck model you choose can handle the weight and dimensions of your loads and can operate effectively in your project's environment.
3. Verify Insurance Coverage
When renting a Hiab truck, it's crucial to verify the insurance coverage provided by the rental company. Accidents and damages can occur during construction projects, and having comprehensive insurance coverage will protect you from potential liabilities. Confirm that the rental company's insurance policy covers both the Hiab truck and the crane or boom. Additionally, check if there are any additional insurance requirements specific to your project.
4. Evaluate Rental Terms and Conditions
Carefully review the rental terms and conditions before signing any agreements. Pay attention to the rental duration, delivery options, and any additional charges or fees. Understand the responsibilities and liabilities outlined in the contract. Clarify any questions or concerns you may have with the rental company. A clear understanding of the rental terms and conditions will ensure a smooth rental experience.
5. Consider Maintenance and Servicing
Reliable and well-maintained Hiab trucks are essential for a successful construction project. Inquire about the rental company's maintenance and servicing practices. Ensure that the Hiab trucks undergo regular inspections and maintenance to minimize the risk of breakdowns or delays. Ask about the rental company's response time for servicing requests and if they provide 24/7 support in case of emergencies.
6. Operator Training and Support
Operating a Hiab truck requires specialized skills and knowledge. Check if the rental company provides operator training and support. Qualified operators can ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Hiab truck during your project. If you have your own operators, inquire if the rental company offers familiarization training specific to their Hiab truck models.
7. Compare Rental Companies
To find the best Hiab truck rental for your construction project, it's essential to compare different rental companies. Research online and read customer reviews to gauge their reputation and reliability. Seek recommendations from industry professionals who have experience with Hiab truck rentals. Compare pricing, rental terms, available models, and the quality of their maintained fleet. Choosing a reputable and experienced rental company will contribute to a smooth rental experience.
8. Plan Ahead and Reserve in Advance
Hiab trucks are in high demand for construction projects, especially during peak seasons. To secure the availability of the Hiab truck model you need, it's advisable to plan ahead and reserve in advance. Waiting until the last minute may result in limited options or unavailability. Contact the rental company early on and provide them with the necessary details of your project to ensure a seamless rental process.
Renting a Hiab truck for your construction project can greatly enhance your lifting and transportation capabilities. By assessing your project requirements, choosing the appropriate Hiab truck model, verifying insurance coverage, evaluating rental terms, considering maintenance and operator support, comparing rental companies, and planning ahead, you can make an informed decision and rent the perfect Hiab truck for your needs. With the right Hiab truck at your disposal, your construction project will benefit from increased efficiency, improved safety, and successful completion.
1. Can I rent a Hiab truck for a short-term project?
Yes, Hiab truck rentals are available for short-term projects. Rental companies offer flexible rental durations to accommodate varying project needs. Discuss your project timeline with the rental company to determine the most suitable rental duration for your specific requirements.
2. Are there any licensing requirements for operating a Hiab truck?
Operating a Hiab truck may require a specific license or certification, depending on your jurisdiction. Check with the local authorities to understand the licensing requirements for operating a Hiab truck in your area. The rental company may also provide information or assistance in obtaining the necessary permits or licenses.
3. Can I rent a Hiab truck with an operator?
Yes, rental companies often provide the option to rent a Hiab truck with a qualified operator. This ensures that the Hiab truck is operated safely and efficiently. Discuss your operator requirements with the rental company during the rental process.
4. What should I do in case of damages or accidents during the rental period?
In the event of damages or accidents during the rental period, immediately inform the rental company and follow their instructions. Thoroughly review the rental agreement to understand your liabilities and responsibilities. Depending on the insurance coverage provided, the rental company may guide you through the necessary steps for filing an insurance claim.
5. Can I extend the rental period if my project takes longer than expected?
If your project takes longer than initially anticipated, you may be able to extend the rental period. Contact the rental company as soon as possible to discuss the extension. Keep in mind that availability may be subject to other rental commitments, so it's advisable to plan and communicate any potential extensions in advance.
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2023.06.06 14:33 Kimsys 2 1/2 Day Fukuoka Itinerary Check + Other Recommendations Needed

Hi! I'm 25F traveling to Fukuoka with my 58 y.o. dad next week. It's our 4th time in Japan but first time in Fukuoka/Kyushu. Would love to get your inputs on our itinerary and some advice on some stuff at the bottom of my post:
Day 0:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3
Also looking for advice/recos on:
  1. Pocket wifi vs. e-sim: I'm thinking of using Ubigi. I see people recommend this but it only has 8 reviews on istore so..
  2. Summerainy season essentials/etiquette: I'm from the PH where it's very hot and humid so I was wondering if I can just wear the same outfits or if it'd be cooler there at that time. When it rains, are there places that lend umbrellas or is it something that I'd have to buy? Where do you put them when you enter a mall or resto?
  3. Local fashion brand (womens): I'll be doing some shopping so I wanted recos on Japanese clothing brands other than Uniqlo or GU (but around the same price points)
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2023.06.06 14:32 Artistic-Teaching395 What would be the best way to personally prepare for peak oil?

I suppose one could start with the usual frugality and debt reduction. Then one should probably get used to biking and home gardening for a personal food supply.In the world of work try to be in necessary industries. My big question is how urban or rural you should locate yourself. Urban areas have jobs and with better design can be more pleasant but there is higher risk of crime in an economic downturn. Rural areas might have cheap land for the personal farm but the distance to cities will be extraordinary in price.
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2023.06.06 14:28 mmmhhefjwj Seller agent not responding

Been looking for a few months. Lost a couple of houses. This one we liked and asked our realtor to contact seller agent. Realtor reached out by leaving text message and voicemail. But seller agent is not responding. It’s been more than 48 hours. Our realtor says we shouldn’t ping again as that will show eagerness and we will loose negotiating powers. But most houses in the area we are looking goes from “sale” to “pending” in less than 4 days. Any suggestions? Don’t want to loose this house.
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2023.06.06 14:28 Tough-Jaguar8524 2nd thoughts

hi :) i’m an incoming freshman that’s really having doubts about davis and could use some guidance/ advice on if anyone has ever felt this way. (i’ve already committed, and gotten approved for housing just haven’t filled out my roommate form yet) ever since i visited and committed to davis i felt like it was never really the school for me, and only did so because everyone in my life told me it was the best option i’ve got. i always wanted to go to a school with a setting like SC but thought that davis had a pretty good amount of nature, only thing is the lack of the beach but anyways, for background i’m from LA, did pretty well in school but didn’t really learn too much as i’ve slacked or for a good majority of it. but anyways, if i were to go to davis i know i would really struggle to adjust to the lifestyle and rigor. but maybe this could be good for me, as for a lot of HS i’ve just gone to concerts, shows and, parties caring more about that than school. but then again i’m paying around 14,000 for a school i’m more so forcing myself to go to. the lifestyle i want is still to enjoy all of that but become more focused on school. i initially wanted to go to ucsb to be close enough to LA but far enough to be on my own but i didn’t get in. then got off the waitlist for SC but it cost me another 10,000 so that offer didn’t really change much. so i’m really considering staying in LA and going to CC but i’m worried about my work habits, and family not wanting me here. another thing this is i’ve always wanted to live in/ by the bay area so that was one thing i enjoyed about davis but i don’t know how realistic it would be to travel there frequently. i rlly wanna pursue art and psych and haven’t heard too much about that at davis. i just know davis is an amazing school but it just doesn’t feel like me. if anyone had a similar experience/ gut feeling before moving to davis can you let me know how things ended up going for you? thank u :)
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2023.06.06 14:26 Snudwoner No Easy Going: Chapter 6 (reuploaded due to formatting error)

Torvan Nikolsim, Shipmaster of Scientific Vessel SE-89.
We had managed to dodge the patrol that found our shuttle. It was evident that the sentients pursuing us here were hostile, given their toting of apparent firearms. However, Talvak and I had managed to find a recess in a nearby geological formation. The engineer was fiddling with the antenna, seeing if he could hotwire it to send at least some signal.
“Talvak, why are you still fiddling with that scrap metal?” I said, still irritated at the uncomfortable heat in the air around me.
“There’s no point in not trying, sir.” He said, some technical piece of metal trapped gently in between his jaws, giving his speech a puffy quality.
“We don’t have any kind of datapad. Even if the antenna was functioning properly, we don’t have a terminal to use it with.”
“We don’t need a terminal.”
My head tilted at this, swallowing a suspiciously thick glob of saliva. Perhaps some water for me?
“What do you mean?”
Talvak looked at whatever he was holding, another green piece of conduit or like, and then turned to me.
“Sir, since there is… well… Can I tell you this in confidence?”
Talvak took a second, and opened his maw again.
“I’ve been running something of a data smuggling business back on Enceres.”
My ears twitched in alarm, myself suddenly sitting upright. Smuggling of any kind was a serious crime in the Enceric Union.
“What?!” I bellowed, somewhat outraged. “Do you know how long you could be rotting in a cell if you were caught? You’re idiotic.”
“Well, I… Uhh.” Talvak quieted down at this, sheepishly flicking his tail behind him.
“Look, I don’t care. I’m not a GSPA officer, I’m a scientist. I’m just concerned for my crew. What do you know?”
“I’ve figured out a way to manually run an antenna without using a terminal. The terminal is what reads the data transmissions, so by bypassing it, I can download and transmit data without it being logged. It’s rather a nifty little trick.”
That was, undoubtedly, a smart little hack.
“Talvak, out of curiosity, who were you smuggling data for?”
“Do you really want to know that?”
“We could very well die, might as well do it with a somewhat clean conscience.”
Talvak paused for a moment.
“I’ve been smuggling media and stuff for the Salroan Concord. Mostly cinematics and music and other stuff banned in the Union.”
“You committed treason?!” I shouted, shocked at Talvak’s bold move. “That warrants the death penalty!”
The Salroan Concord occupied a large swath of territory on Enceres, namely on the continent of Salro. They and the Enceric Union were sworn enemies, namely due to massive ideological differences. Accordingly, Spies and other collaborators were not afforded the luxury of a prison cell.
“Eh… Well, technically, still committing.”
“You’re really an idiot, you know that?”
Talvak again looked away sheepishly.
“Look,” I began, “I’m sorry for lashing out. We’re both under a lot of stress. And heat!”
Talvak chuffed.
“So, what exactly are you doing?”
“Well, as I said, I needed a way to bypass the terminal’s logging system, so I’ve figured out how to hotwire something directly to the antenna. It’s fairly simple if you know what you’re doing. All I need to do is loop this here circuit,”
He gestured at some part of the antenna that I couldn’t see,
“And get it so that it sends a looping distress signal. The antenna has a battery charge, so it’ll broadcast for a while. We won’t be able to transmit specifics, but it’ll convey distress, and our position.”
Talvak sat back from his little diatribe, looking somewhat proud of himself. He relaxed his ears and bared his teeth in a relaxed manner, gently drawing back his lip, just barely showing the tip of his canines. I’ll admit, that was a pretty smart thing, even if he did learn the skill by committing a crime.
So I left Talvak to finish his technological fiddling, and I moved to the edge of the cave, staring out. There wasn’t any particular thing I was looking at, I was just trying to pass the time. Nonetheless, I still took more time to stare at those spire-like plants. Annoyingly warm or not, this planet has beauty to it., I thought. In the back of my mind, there were still several concerns floating about.
Why had this operation gone so badly? Establishing outposts on worlds in the Ca’an system was relatively simple; Send a probe, await results of the atmosphere’s makeup, and then send the first colonizers. The weird thing is, not once were any of Cavara’s drones able to transmit atmospheric information, leaving us in a scientific dark. In addition, I was to blame for the deaths of about four crewmen in the shuttle crash. But these were overshadowed by the more immediate concern; intelligent life.
I saw distinctly non-San’tari life forms clambering out of that noisy air transport, weapons in hand, before I darted off into the foliage with Talvak. Sapient and intelligent life would give a very clear answer as to why the drones couldn’t last ten minutes in atmosphere without being destroyed. Sapience explained the lights of cities on the surface that some idiots thought were bioluminescence. But these were violent life forms. Like us. The reaction of blasting a drone out of the sky is completely rational. Enceric Union air defenses wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing in a similar situation. But there was a worrying aspect to the lack of hesitancy; If they didn’t hesitate to destroy a drone, would they not hesitate to kill me or Talvak? Or would horrifying scientific experimentation await us, things only reserved in the minds of a GSPA interrogation officer?
My musings were interrupted by a sudden cough, leaving me bent over, wheezing for breath. Maybe taking off the hazard mask wasn’t a good idea. When I got back into a sitting position, I realized I needed to relieve myself, so I wandered off a couple paces, and emptied the contents of my bladder against a rock.
However, I noticed a growling in my belly, disrupting my peaceful waiting, so I wandered back inside the cave.
“Talvak, did you happen to find any rations, anywhere?” I said, aware that I probably couldn’t eat any food here, given the biochemistry.
“No sir, you?”
I flicked my ears in the negative.
“Well, this might be an issue.” Talvak said, curling his tail. “But, I’m almost done wiring the loop. We should be out of here in a couple day-night cycles.” Suddenly, an Idea hit me.
“Talvak, this planet obviously has life, right?”
“Well, on Enceres, glucose is needed for any sort of biological reaction capable of sustaining life to occur.”
“Sir, with all due respect, I’m a technician, not a biologist.”
“You’re also a data smuggler. What I’m saying, Talvak, is we should, in theory, be able to consume certain flora here, and the flora should use glucose. Temporary rations.”
“Is that really the best idea, Shipmaster?”
“Absolutely not, but I’m hungry, and I’m developing a strange cough.”
With that, Talvak turned back to the antenna, and I turned to the mouth of the cave. It was time for some basic foraging.
Colonel Samuel Greene, Douglas MacArthur Airbase
The telescope results brought back from NASA were definitely not what I had expected. I had assumed the high atmospheric transmissions were from some foreign power’s spy satellite, but this was definitely unique. I turned my gaze from my office window to my monitor, and stared at the image again. Two long, sleek objects were visible on the monitor, with a large mushroom-like formation protruding from the front of one of the objects. The images were stills, but I had to assume these were vessels of some kind. One one of them, I could barely make out a small protrusion, not too different from the barrel of a gun.
Sighing, I turned off my monitor, and rose from my chair. The command center had seen a sudden influx of personnel, from NASA scientists to even a few of the kooks from SETI. But with the recent developments, were they really kooks? China was fervently denying any spy activity (reinforced by our own intelligence), and Russia didn’t have enough resources to maintain a space program after the War. Mongolia, The Ukraine, Namibia, and Kazakhstan were too young as space-capable nations (not to mention their friendly terms with the US), and the ESA would have notified us if they were doing something this large.
“Colonel Greene, sir.” “Captain Myer. What’s the results with our ground recovery operation?”
The aging air captain shifted.
“We secured the wreck’s crash site, but we’ve found something concerning.”
“What might that be?”
“Corpses, sir.” Myer shifted again, patting his pockets as though searching for something. Finally, he stopped searching, and gazed around the room. His sight fell on something, and he walked over, procuring a tablet.
“Look at this, Colonel,” He said, signing into the tablet. “This isn’t a human cadaver.”
It took a second to process what I was looking at. The corpse of… whatever it was on the screen was charred to a very severe degree. Through the carbonized material, I could see the white glint of bone, or at least what I assumed to be bone. The corpse had been placed next to a measuring device, like something from a crime scene. A small caption under the image noted that this… thing was at least six feet and five inches tall. The corpse had legs that were similar to a human’s, with the addition of an extra joint above what I assumed to be an ankle. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make out anything from the hands and feed, given that the corpse was charred beyond recognition. At the head, the only distinct feature was a large protrusion from the mouth area, possibly a snout.
“What are your thoughts, Myer?” I said, attempting to pass the tablet back to him.
“Wait, here.” The captain responded, gently pushing the tablet back to me. He swiped the screen, revealing three similar corpses next to the first, obviously moved from their original position. I said a small prayer that whatever these things were had suffered a quick and painless death before being carbonized.
Myer swiped again, pulling up an image of what I assumed to be the craft that air defenses had shot down. It was more interesting looking than the objects on the satellite image, with an aerodynamic shape. It was actually not too dissimilar from a small helicopter, minus a rotor system.
“Fascinating, isn’t it?” A feminine voice said from behind me.
Startled, I wheeled in my spot, and came face to face with a dark-skinned woman wearing a modest blouse and a visitor badge. Thick black plastic glasses rested on her nose, and the lanyard around her neck informed me that she was with SETI.
“I’m sorry, who are you?”
“Naomi Charleson, SETI.”
Oh, one of the maybe-not-kooks.
Without prompting from me or Myer, she began, “It’s definitely extra-terrestrials. No earth animal has a body like that,” She said, stating the obvious. “This is huge! We aren’t alone in the universe! Think about the scientific implications. The cultural ones. Hell, even theological!”
“Well, thank you for your opinion, Miss Charleson-”
“Doctor Charleson.”
“Thank you, Doctor Charleson, but we’re a little far away from declaring aliens. There’s a lot of scientific work that needs to be done, as far as I’m aware.”
“That’s why I’m here,” she said matter-of-factly.”
“Eheh, thank you, Doctor, but-”
“Colonel,” Myer interrupted, “This just came in from one of the combat recorders from the recovery team.”
He shoved the tablet back towards me. There was a video queued up on screen. I pressed the play button. The camera feed was shaky. It was only a ten second loop, and the video was edited, zoomed in on a tree line. I saw it; a gray figure just beyond the trees, stalking away into the darkness.
“I’ve already dispatched a second recovery team that specialized in tracking terrorists in the wilderness. We’ll have a result by nightfall.” Myer said.
Regardless of whatever this special team that Myer spoke of brought back, whatever was brought back would determine our response. What that would be, I couldn’t say.
Torvan Nikolsim, Shipmaster of Science Vessel SE-89
My scavenging was relatively uneventful. I had gathered a series of green leaf-like plants from various foliages around the cave, and brought them back to our lair. Talvak had gotten the antenna up and running, and, according to him, either SE-89 or CX-13 would pick up the distress signal.
“So, here’s dinner.” I said, poking some leaves around the floor. The greens did have a visual appeal to them, and my stomach growled eagerly knowing that some form of sustenance was incoming. However, I couldn’t risk dying from toxins, so I broke open the plant, rubbed the inside of the plant against my lips, and waited. Nothing happened, aside from a vaguely distant scent drifting up to my nostrils, eliciting more saliva in my already desperate maw. Waiting a little more, to rule out the possibility of any ill reaction, I finally caved, and began to eat the improvised salad, Talvak following suit.
The leaves were nothing special, they were literally just common ground plants, better suited for some herbivorous animal. But, they were preferable to starvation. Finishing our meager meal, Talvak slinked off to a side of the cave, and curled up. I followed suit, except with the opposite rock wall making up my dormitory for the evening. There was no need to huddle for warmth, nor was there any equality in rank to warrant such physical closeness. I closed my eyes, and allowed oblivion to consume me.

I awoke with a start.
Was Talvak awake?
No, too many.
I sat up, and gazed around the dim cave. Something was wrong. I had sworn I had left a small beacon on, but it was turned off. My heart only dropped when I heard a pair of heavy steps stopped right in front of my face, and I felt a cold, hard cylinder press itself against my head.
First Previous Next
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2023.06.06 14:25 Sybernova11 Disneyland/sea Observations/Report - June 5 and 6, 2023

A few things from my stay: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel - beautiful. Everything is clean and amazing. Highly recommend staying here if you can. The short walk to the front entrance is unbeatable.
June 5- Tokyo Disneyland -I arrived to the security line at about 7:15 and there was a pretty long line already there ahead. Most people were sitting while waiting so maybe bring something soft to sit on for entry waits and parades? -Employees asked people to not run at park open. They proceeded to run whenever they passed the employees lol -volume on all rides is on the loud side so prepare accordingly for those sensitive to loud sounds. -people WILL just walk right in front of you, no "excuse me" no "oh sorry". Just, walk right past and in front of you on the way to rides (note: we were power walking so its not like we were going slow) -book it STRAIGHT to the beauty and the beast ride. Prepare elbows if needed. It's easily the best dark ride Disney has ever made. Speakers were well hidden, scenery and music was amazing and each "scene" didn't clearly show where you were going next. I remember always thinking "where is the next room?" but it was always themed so well you couldn't tell. -poohs hunny hunt is cute and enjoyable. The bounce scene is my favorite part. -monsters Inc ride was enjoyable. The competitive part of me wishes they had some score or indicator who had the most flashlight reveals/points but still very great fun for all ages. -the staff were all proficient enough at English to help us out with ordering or paying anywhere on property. Most just knew to speak English by looking at us -my capital one venture credit card worked just fine through the park. Even the food carts accept card -papago app helped a lot with non-english menus -at most food places, there is a "pre-order" person that writes down your order on a paper that you take to the register to pay/receive your food. The paper has English on it so you could always just point to the paper if there is a communication issue. They get food VERY fast at all locations and are super nice. -people show up EARLY to stake a spot for parades(like, 2 hours). They are very worth it so consider setting up a bit earlier than you would think to get a good view. Don't panic if you are behind an umbrella, people put them away right before the show. The show music WILL get stuck in your head. -Plazma Ray's and Tomorrowland Terrace have outdoor seating areas that offer shade and a GREAT view of the parade thats out of the heat (hint hint). Get there early if you plan on viewing there. They also have AC inside so it's a great easy resting spot. -most food locations have a free water station with small cups next to them, so don't fear on the water front (you can refill your own containers too) -people straight up brought food and drinks through security. If you need a snack or morning coffee they will just let you take it in if its in the bag going through the security scanner (note: "officially" you are not supposed to, but...) -the pirates and haunted mansion rides seemed to have more "empty space" between scenes than the American counterparts but maybe I am remembering wrong.
June 6- Tokyo Disneysea -there are two security and ticket areas (north and south). If you have the early access pass, when exiting the disney resort line gates, GO LEFT to the Northern lot area (towards miracosta hotel if you follow the signs). There are no signs that tell you early access is this way and its not printed on the ticket. After going left to the security gates, go to the VERY FAR lane and be sure to line up early. Again, there were ZERO signs telling us this and we waited an hour on the wrong side just to see people on the opposite security side entering, and we had to ask a cast member where to go. By the time we got over there into the correct line, it was already enormous with every school child in a 70 km radius in the line. At that point, they were letting in everyone else before we even got to the security check point, making the whole point of the ticket moot. Morale of the story: GO LEFT -the line for soarin' was astronomical by the time we got in and never let up at any point in the day. -we went to journey to the center of the earth first and it was a walk on DESPITE our blunder at security. It was fun, but could be a bit intense for younger ones since it was very loud and had some scary animatronics. I also didn't expect it to be as short as it was. Enjoyable but a very quick ride. -20,000 leagues opened right at 9 and a short line already formed before open. -the seashell ice cream is sold at a large number of ice cream stands throughout the park for 400 yen (about 2.50 usd) It is very cute and yummy without being overly filling. Great for a small snack and photo-op. -Sinbad ride was cute and enjoyable. Similar to it's a small world but more of a storyline. -go in the single rider line for Indiana Jones. It saves a lot of time and there's a small chance you might wind up in the same car as your party anyway -Indiana Jones ride has incredibly comfortable seats? Weird detail but they were super nice lol -curry popcorn from the arabian coast cart is amazing. That and honey popcorn were our favorites. They are both sold in Disneyland as well -creme Brulee churro is amazing. Sushi roll at Port of discovery was a hard pass from us but YMMV -the Nemo ride was a slightly less intense star tours but enjoyable. -the afternoon show has similathe same music as the Disneyland afternoon parade. It's just the characters dancing on a boat so it's an easy skip if you would rather ride more rides.
Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.
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2023.06.06 14:24 louied91 E-Cite Motors Releases Terms of Offering Allowing the Public to Directly Invest - Discloses Bonus and Perk Structure going Live June 15th, 2023

News Link:
BOTHELL, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 6, 2023 / E-Cite Motors Group, (OTC:VAPR) a privately held subsidiary of VaporBrands International, Inc. has released terms of it's planned offering as filed with the S.E.C. which will allow the general public to invest directly into E-Cite Motors L.L.C. for the purpose of financing the manufacturing of its production vehicles expected to be in its dealership showroom Q4 2023.
The offering is expected to go live on June 15th, 2023, and significant bonuses are being offered to both early and large investors. The offering under the valuation is limited to $1,235,000 which once reached, the valuation is expected to increase significantly.
The offer is for Common Membership Units in Ecite Motors, L.L.C. and are priced at $2.50 per unit.
For more information and a detailed description of the Bonus Units, and Perks, visit
Direct links to the offering will be provided once it is open to the public which is expected on June 15th, 2023.
Gene Langmesser E-Cite COO stated: "We are ready to begin production of both the EV-GT and our truck. We are thankful to all of our supporters and are glad to be able to give the general public a way to invest and share in our success."
Last week E-Cite announced that it has received a pre-money valuation of Seventy-Five Million Dollars for the purpose of raising money for the manufacture of its production vehicles. The valuation was ratified in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Form C) This valuation was reached following E-Cite becoming the first vehicle manufacture under the Low Volume Manufacturers Act to receive approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to proceed with the certification process that will allow it to manufacture and sell new EV vehicles in all 50 states.
Previously E-cite was also the first company to get any vehicle approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of which is has three distinctly different vehicles approved. This allows E-Cite to produce its own VINs for production of new vehicles. In addition, E-Cite was the first to receive a World Manufactures Identifier (WMI) registering it as a manufacture for the sale of vehicles worldwide.
In anticipation that E-Cite's prototype vehicle will become certified as a zero emissions compliant vehicle by CARB making it legal for sale in all 50 states, E-Cite is moving forward with its plan to begin manufacturing of its production vehicles. It is expected that all certifications will be completed in time for E-Cites launch of its production vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2023.
As this was the first time in history that a manufacture had reached the point of applying for certification from CARB under the Act, and there was no process in place to do so, E-Cite has worked closely with CARB while they defined the process, paving the way for future vehicles to go through the certification process.
Note\ E-Cite's vehicles are in no way categorized as "Kit Cars" as they are manufactured new vehicles.*
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2023.06.06 14:23 Callpo Wondering about my deficit

Hello ! As the tittle suggest, I’m wondering about what my deficit should be like.
I’m 21 Female, 164cm (5’5) and weighing 56.5 kg or 125 pounds
Basically, I’m used to spending most of my day at the computer, although I do walk to most places as I live in a small town (average 7000 steps last month). Besides that, I work part-time in a food truck 15hours per week, but it’s mostly just standing up not much walking. Finally, I started to go to the gym a month ago and go around 4-5 times a week around an hour each time, doing cardio and a bit of weights.
I’m sorry if it seems like I’m asking you to the work for me, but the truth is I’m not sure what kind of lifestyle I live, if it’s active, light, and if so what would my deficit be like. Thank you for reading and I’ll appreciate any input 🙏
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2023.06.06 14:21 adoringtheclouds I want to leave this country so much

TW: Mention of suicide.
I feel like I am stuck in the middle with my current situation and idk what to do. I (22F) currently don’t have a job (I’m currently employed but am temporarily laid off work) so I end up staying at home all day waiting for HR to call and see where I’ve been reassigned. I am currently living with my grandparents (75F and 74M) and my step-sister (9F) while my mother (49F) and aunt (her sister) (42F) both have work in the day. My step-sister has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and she has been a very stubborn kid. Lord, I apologize for all the things I am about to say but she is dumbest kid I have ever seen for a 9 y/o. She complains about her food being too hot when it’s been sitting in a bowl for more than 15-30 minutes and doesn’t bother blowing the spoon (it’s not what comes in her mind) and my grandparents, especially my grandmother, isn’t that much help either. She would easily get pissed off with her actions, so much to the point where she tells my step-sister that she was better off dead (and unironically, she doesn’t react much about it or so I think.) my step-sister would then end up asking her, “What did I do wrong?” like blowing the spoon is not in her instincts either. My grandmother then walked out from the dining area and then whispered (I overheard) that she would want me, my mother, and my step-sister to just kill ourselves. Because I currently don’t have a job, I am forced to listed to this all day (yes, at this point this is a normal occurrence here) and looking for a job isn’t the best option yet since I’ll be out of the country next month for 28 days and work from home jobs are impossible to look for where I am, so it would be better for me to just apply by August when I get back. I don’t really have a proper place to stay at as I can’t stay in my room too often so we could save electricity. I know I feel bad for calling my step-sister dumb but I hope someone can understand where I come from. We teach her several times to think of other options on her daily activities and yet she still forgets EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. It’s like her mind is a vacuum without the storage. I just wanted to get this off my chest guys. Apologies. PS. For anyone wondering, I am from an Asian household, so short-temper and mental health issues will be everywhere.
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2023.06.06 14:19 withwavelets This Week in Coffee; Tuesday 6th of June '23

This Week in Coffee; Tuesday 6th of June '23
"The Brew" using a bypass pour-over method that, in theory, allows the machine to extract the optimal flavours and compounds from the coffee during the brew, and then add additional hot water directly to the brewed coffee.
Competition is open to all cafes that opened during 2023.
El Niño is a climate super cycle that will affect global temperatures and rainfall - this will ultimately pass through into the coffee market. WaPo explores the potential impacts.
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2023.06.06 14:18 withwavelets This Week in Coffee; Tuesday 6th of June '23

"The Brew" using a bypass pour-over method that, in theory, allows the machine to extract the optimal flavours and compounds from the coffee during the brew, and then add additional hot water directly to the brewed coffee.




Competition is open to all cafes that opened during 2023.


El Niño is a climate super cycle that will affect global temperatures and rainfall - this will ultimately pass through into the coffee market. WaPo explores the potential impacts.
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2023.06.06 14:15 Familiar_Work1414 Company is selling my division, I have to make a choice, but which one?

Long story short, my company, that I just joined 3 months ago, is selling the division I work for. I was warned ahead of time this could happen, so it's not a surprise. I have been given a choice to make though in if I go with the sale or if they find another place for me within the current company.
My dilemma is that my background is in an area that I didn't really love. I took this opportunity in the new role to transition out of the previous area I worked in for 5 years. I am almost certain if I choose to not go with the sale, I'll be put into my old field/background area as my company is hiring for a lot of those roles and they're somewhat niche. I also have no idea what role they'll put me in if I go with the sale, but I do interact on a daily basis with SVPs and VPs, so I feel like there might be better growth opportunities. The other question about the new company is if they'll make us relocate, which I absolutely don't want to do because we just purchased a home.
Do I risk it and move to the new company or do I play it safe and stay with the company and likely get put into a somewhat mundane role again?
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2023.06.06 14:13 davidhply My thoughts and ideas for the game so far. (Spoilers on gameplay)

So I'm playing barb and really enjoying it so far - level 66. Story is good, world is good, side quests are great! I actually love the level scaling as it puts more time and thought into items not just power leveling and smashing through the game. I don't mind the gaps in mobs when roaming the world but maybe an increase in some dungeons would be nice, not by adding more small mobs but making larger mobs more spread out an area, so you pull them into each other. in the open world its fine as it makes me look at the world instead of the monsters.
Nightmare dungeons
Gets very boring after awhile but the challenge keeps you going back? Or is it just because its the only real option of its kind. Needs some work.
I think if you beat a tier of a dungeon you should be able to have that unlocked and the affixes available to choose from. Get a key of sorts. So the point of beating higher dungeon tiers remains the same (rewards etc) but you also have a dungeon you like with good affixes to "farm" - higher item drops, gold find etc that you can go back to. You will out scale it but its nice to farm if looking for items to increase your power. Maybe cap this at a certain tier, can cause problems at endgame leaderboards etc.
Maybe add a rouge like option? or game mode? You go down the dungeon and pick buffs and debuffs. Or add elemental type damage to certain skills etc as you progress and go deeper. Keeps changing every run and makes them feel unique.
Have a menu or list to see which nightmare tiers you have completed. good to see rewards I've missed you get when beating a new tier.
Fun! great concept but not rewarding enough, these should have increasing drop chances and increasing difficulty. Eg. going for a specific ring - current cost is 75 as you farm and as you collect more shards you can invest the shards into the chest to change the tier. So 75 is tier 1 with "x" drop rate (sometimes you get garbage from the box)you can choose to increase the tier by "buying" and moving to tier 2 and so on. costs 85 shards now and increased drop chance and more items. Have limited time with the helltides so I think this will be more rewarding for the player and more focused on speed and the time of the event running out. Very much a risk reward here. Get to tier 4 and the time runs out as you just don't have enough shards and can't open the box. :(
World Bosses
More frequency of them - Very fun though
Great! - leave them alone (don't get why people are complaining about traveling between vendors etc)
Bit clunky - need to improve pathing (does feel good when you get it right though and are flying through the world)
Remove cooldown if you dismount on purpose.
Able to level up horse as you ride around to get another boost? Often you need just one more boost.
Reduce the speed at which the horse slows down after a boost ends, make it more gradual.
Happy but I think they should add a few more skills - not a new "branch" but maybe some longer improvements on each or a few more branches off each skill. More variety in choices and different gameplay options. Probably come with time.
Paragon Board
Can't quite put my finger on it but feels like its missing something. I like the concept. Maybe they need to add some unique runes or something that changes up a skill or something. Not just percentage gains and reductions but I'm not sure here tbh.
Good, enjoying so far. Drop rate is very good! When you start to complete your build it feels very rewarding after grinding for hours but need to add more legendary's and tweak some that are terrible. I think the seasons will fix this though and as the game goes on.
Add a gem pocket! for the love of god. Increase the sale price of gems also?
Scale back the gold cost increase on rerolling enchants, should still increase but not so quickly. I think should also increase gold dropping in the world from mobs so you don't have to keep picking up everything to sell. Just tweak the world tiers percentage gain? Seen as you need to improve your gear consistently as the world scales you need to role better gear more often.
Barb class
Increase barb weapon mastery to 20 from 10 but scale back each level and buff 20 a bit more than 10. I finished them very quickly and they are very cool to see improve as you play. Not sure on other classes yet.
Chest or storage box
Search function
A tab you can create that's the layout of your equipment slots for your character - I can put in there for upgrades I'm wanting to do but don't have the right affix maybe - or need more of those shards to put sockets etc currently just make my own in the box. Quite useful.
Allow us to transmog uniques?
Add more colours to choose from?
allow us to change colours of weapons?
Tree of whispers
Good concept but should allow choice of all available gear boxes instead of three but make the legendary type box still random. Eg - there is a ring I'm hunting for, I can keep going for rings. Doing the challenges for the tree doesn't feel rewarding enough but if this was available i would be consistently running them if I need a certain type of gear.
PVP event thing - I haven't done it and probably won't so don't have an opinion on it, yet.
Option to adjust scaling of zoom on minimap. Just a bit too close sometimes. This might help with people complaining about no overlay. I don't care for the overlay - happy how it is - keeps me looking at the world and not a map.
Interactive map - allow us to select and search what we looking for.
8/10 lots of potential
Edit - formatting
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2023.06.06 14:11 26boxhead26 CSU remediated with Xolair and no tomatoes? My urticaria recovery story.

I'm sharing my story on here as a prior requester of assistance in the hope it may help someone else who reads this may be able to work out their own CSU triggers. Mine is a combination of how both diet AND medication work together.
I was suffering with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria for 4 months from late January (note I had COVID in October 2022) as it spread from being certain limbs or areas to being throughout my body. The usual suspects in terms of terminal illness, allergy blood tests and detergent/bedding/pets/cologne were ruled out Adding OTC antihistamines (Zyrtec) and prescription medication (montelukast & nizatidine) from my dermatologist did help stem the hives but they would then over power it as the days went by. I was recording my UAS7 score in a spreadsheet every day (look this up if you do not know how to do it, it is useful and in Australia a requirement for Xolair approval) and it was constantly between 32-42. I had tried the 'exercise induced gluten' hives elimination test, but there was no change.
So thus I was approved for Xolair and by the start of May I had two injections. It had helped a lot but CSU was still present and I was still stuck working from home and not going out much, and my UAS7 score being still in the 20s. Then on a good day (10 or so weals) I went to a lunch at a pizza place, ate a lot pizza with salami on it, that evening I broke out with 50 weals and felt the itch as it happened. Simultaneously a few days earlier speaking to a workshop owner I go to, he said he had CSU 25 years ago and got rid of it by 'eliminating all red foods'. Granted Xolair and a lot expertise in this area did not exist back then. Then I thought back to a time in early April before my first xolair injection when I ate a souvlaki with tomato in it and felt the same itch 30 minutes later.
My own conclusion based on a couple of events - it made me think it wasn't purely spontaneous, there was a cause - and it was high histamine food. Tomato and salami (well, processed meats) are on the high histamine list to avoid (such as citrus fruits, chocolate, chorizo, pineapple, strawberries, mayonnaise). I've searched the web for high histamine foods and made a list, simplified my diet, and had my UAS7 score drop to 0 - no weals, no itch in 7 days. The other day I had some mayo on a Korean salad and 1 hour later had a small cluster of weals on my wrists that went away in 3 hours. I expanded my UAS7 spreadsheet to start tracking what I eat, and see if any outbreaks occur. If they do, the food eaten is added to the blacklist.
As of today I've had my third Xolair injection and I'm approved for three more. After that I'll go back to my dermatologist and determine if it's still needed, preferably so if there's even a hint of CSU lingering and/or I'm still on antihistamines. I'm removing an antihistamine each time I have a 7 day clean run and will run this basic bitch diet for at least 4 months to let my body lower its histamine hissy fit before even attempting re-introduction. I am also awaiting results from a naturopathic food allergy test, but I suspect this will tell me what I already mostly know through experimentation.
The moral of the story is to compliment the medication you are given by doctors with what you eat, try removing things on your own because GPs and dermatologists will tell you that CSU from food is too rare to even contemplate. However a basic diet doesn't have to be nothing but rice and chicken, look for what is giving you triggers. Finally, Xolair is very effective but does require patience for it to kick in, and this isn't a catch all to allow you sit back and not try things in the interim.
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2023.06.06 14:08 Steelsoldier77 Week 12 Recap + Power Rankings

We had some real exciting games this week and some real chaos going on in both conferences. What looked like a one man race for first place in the east is suddenly not so sure, and in the west 3 games separate first from last place. As we near the end of the season and teams start to get eliminated from contention, I would like to do a weekly post about the playoff picture, like I did last year.

Tucson Sugar Skulls (5-4) @ Vegas Knight Hawks (4-6) 42-41: What started out as kind of a dull game, in which Vegas led by two scores for a long time ended in a 14 point fourth quarter comeback thriller for Tucson. Down by 14, Ramone Atkins ran for a 15 yard touchdown with 7 minutes left in the game. The Sugar Skulls got a lucky bounce on the following kickoff and tackled the returner for a rouge point. This would prove to be the difference, as standout DB Rashie Hodge intercepted Daquan Neal in the end zone as Vegas was trying to seal the win. The Sugar Skulls drove down the field and scored another touchdown, with the extra point putting them ahead for good. Vegas had time to attempt one last field goal, but it went wide and Tucson emerged victorious. Of note, Daquan Neal left the game before Vegas' final drive, but I was unable to catch why. Will be interesting to see if this is him reinjuring his ankle.
Player of the game: Rashie Hodge, DB, Tucson

Frisco Fighters (8-2) @ Massachusetts Pirates (7-3) 58-72: It's almost impossible to believe the Pirates who got absolutely thrashed by the worst team in the world a few weeks ago are the same Pirates who have just notched 3 wins in a row, including 2 double digit wins over the other top teams in the East; QC and now Frisco. Anthony Russo is on fire, and I firmly believe he should be the starter going forward even if Bennifield is healthy. The rookie QB threw for 201 yards and 8 touchdowns, beating his 7 touchdowns from a couple weeks ago. Frisco had an amazing night running the ball, but part of that is due to the Pirates' defensive backs locking down the Fighters' receivers the entire game. TJ Edwards had his worst game of the season as he had pretty much no one to throw to. On the plus side, RB Martez Carter had a monster game, rushing for 134 yards and a touchdowns. Also of note for Mass. was kicker Josh Gable who made I believe 5 deuces on the night.
Player of the game: Anthony Russo, QB, Massachusetts; Josh Gable, K, Massachusetts

Green Bay Blizzard (5-5) @ Iowa Barnstormers (1-9) 43-17: I tell you what, it's games like these where I am just so glad I am so dedicated to watching every single game every week. This was probably the most boring game of the year. Green Bay kind of limped out to an early lead just thanks to the ineptness of Iowa's offense (Zach Reader being pulled with -1 passing yards, as an example) and then the two teams just futzed around the rest of the game, mostly running the ball. Even Iowa giving newcomer Henry Ogala more playing time wasn't enough to make this game interesting. The dude had zero time in the pocket and when he did throw, it was nothing anyone wants to sit there and watch. 2/10 would not recommend watching Green Bay at Iowa again.
Player of the game: Terrence Smith, RB, Green Bay

Duke City Gladiators (4-6) @ Bay Area Panthers (7-3) 52-69: I have a hard time figuring out what Duke City is. Their offense always looks so lost and uncoordinated on the field, like they have no chemistry, but they somehow score a lot of points? Anyways, they kept up pretty well with Bay Area for the first half, but BA was able to get a quick score before half and then return the opening kickoff of the second half for a touchdown. They then coasted the rest of the way for another solid win. Justin Rankin was incredible, running for 100 yards and 4 touchdowns while Dalton Sneed (Daltons Speed?) was efficient as usual, spreading the ball around to his receivers. A couple of late interceptions by the Panthers off of McCollum sealed the win and dashed any hopes of a DC comeback.
Player of the game: Justin Rankin, RB, Bay Area

Tulsa Oilers (1-9) @ San Diego Strike Force (4-6) 55-56: This turned out to be a really entertaining game, as the Oilers started a new quarterback, Andre Sale, who they signed earlier in the week after having spent part of the season in Duke City. Sale played great, and looks to be in the same mold as Nate Davis- that is, a pure pocket passer who is great at finding the open receiver and putting it on target. And I don't know if Tulsa did anything different with their offensive scheme, but it seemed like dudes were getting way more open than they had up to now. Still, it wasn't enough as Nate Davis dragged the Strike Force to a touchdown with less than a minute left to take the lead. The Oilers were then able to drive down to the goal line with 3 seconds left, but their kicker sliced a chip shot field goal to the right as time expired to give SD the win.
Player of the game: Nate Davis, QB, San Diego; Edward Vander, RB, San Diego

Arizona Rattlers (6-4) @ Northern Arizona Wranglers (5-5) 63-62 OT: For whatever reason this game is unavailable on YouTube, and it looks like it was the best game of the week, so that kind of sucks. The two teams went blow for blow for the entire game, with NAZ scoring a game tying touchdown and 2 point conversion to send it to overtime, where NAZ missed a two point conversion, allowing Arizona to score and just kick the PAT for the win. It looks like both quarterbacks played great, combining for 11 passing touchdowns and 5 rushing touchdowns between them. RCB had a great receiving game for NAZ, as did Braxton Haley for Arizona.
Player of the game: Drew Powell, QB, Arizona

Power Rankings:
  1. Frisco Fighters (8-2) ~
  2. Bay Area Panthers (7-3)~
  3. Massachusetts Pirates (7-3)+1
  4. Quad City Steamwheelers (7-3)-1
  5. Arizona Rattlers (6-4)~
  6. Tucson Sugar Skulls (5-4)+1
  7. Northern Arizona Wranglers (5-5)-1
  8. San Diego Strike Force (4-6)+1
  9. Vegas Knight Hawks (4-6)-1
  10. Sioux Falls Storm (5-4)~
  11. Duke City Gladiators (4-6)~
  12. Green Bay Blizzard (5-5)~
  13. Tulsa Oilers (1-9)~
  14. Iowa Barnstormers (1-9)~
Not a whole lot of movement, as to be expected at this point in the season. I know Frisco has lost two in the past few weeks, but I still feel like they are the best team in the league. I think an argument could be made for the order of 2-4, and maybe even you could include the Rattlers in that group as well. It's going to be a real exciting last few weeks for sure.
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2023.06.06 14:08 Significant_Shop_364 Top Guide To Select Party Venues In Hong Kong

Top Guide To Select Party Venues In Hong Kong
Make party arranging simple with our manual for the best settings and occasion spaces in Hong Kong.
Arranging a major occasion? To make it somewhat more straightforward to find the right space for you, we've assembled a definitive rundown of the party venue. Whether you're commending an extraordinary event, a major birthday, an occasional occasion or even a work, we take care of you. Searching for someplace comfortable and private? Or on the other hand what about a party adrift, or on the top deck of a cable car? Anything you're searching for, we're certain to have every one of the containers ticked.

Metropolitan Studio

In the event that you're searching for a space that can take special care of any sort of occasion, Metro Studio may only be an ideal one for you. Found only two minutes from the Focal MTR station, the scene is appropriate to private occasions and gatherings, but on the other hand, is ideal for more conventional business dos. Whether you're facilitating a work occasion, meeting, class, or studio, Metro can situate up to 60 individuals (or 100 standing!), and is accessible to lease for only $2,000 to $2,500 each hour. You can likewise utilize a 100-inch projector, Apple television, remote receivers, and theater-style seating. Looking for corporate event venues find the best ones here.

R ONE Space

With areas in both Boulevard Sound and Kwun Tong, any place you're hoping to have your next event, R ONE will take care of you. Exceptional and geared up for whatever might happen, the space can be utilized for a different cluster of occasions, going from workshops, meetings and gatherings, shows, merry gatherings, and even yoga classes - the potential outcomes are huge! Removing the issue from arranging, the group at R ONE can likewise assist you with sorting out catering, embellishments, and decorative designs and that's just the beginning, making your occasion a breeze.

The Space

Found in Wong Chuk Hang, The Space is a confidential occasion space by Pirata Gathering. Crossing 4,000 square feet, the space can serenely fit up to 80 individuals and is ideally suited for corporate occasions, cozy individual festivals, and energetic gatherings. Different menus are likewise accessible, including all that from breakfast dishes to informal breakfast top choices, sharing-style snacks, debauched meals, and even outdoor grills. With dishes on offer from city top picks, for example, Pici and TokyoLima, quality is ensured. Email [email protected] to book.
The Space, 1/F, The Production line, No. 1 Yi
Assuming you're needing to couple your occasion with sea sees, look no further than The Rebuff Sound. With various, cafés, bars, and occasion spaces, there are a lot of decisions to suit your requirements, whether it's a birthday celebration, a confidential occasion, or even your important day! Track down more data here.

ABOVE by Komune

Set in the Ovolo Southside Inn in Wong Chuk Hang, ABOVE by Komune is a cool housetop bar highlighting all-encompassing perspectives and creative mixed drinks. Some degree indoor, to some extent outside scene is perfect for private occasions, fitting up to 70 visitors. Taking special care of everything from huge birthday slams to corporate classes, drink bundles, and canape choices can likewise be dealt with by the scene to remove the problem from arranging!

Chalk Party

Situated in the core of LKF, Chalk Party is a confidential occasion just scene, great in the event that you're searching for something somewhat unique (and beautiful!). Wear all white and attract all over yourselves and the walls the blacklight party room, prior to moving outside and appreciating shisha, brew pong, and BYOB on the selective roof party region. The most extreme number of individuals the scene can hold is 60, with a three-to-four-hour schedule opening accessible for every occasion.

Three Visually impaired Mice

On the off chance that you're searching for good food, a lot of beverages, and a casual space for a pleasant occasion, Wan Chai's Three Visually Impaired Mice is for you. The supportive and cordial group will exceed everyone's expectations to oblige your solicitations, and alongside a scope of free-stream food and beverages bundles accessible, the confidential higher-up room (fits 16 to 29 visitors) or even the entire eatery (fits 40 to 50 visitors) can be reserved for your occasion. More data can be seen as here.

The Blending Bowl

The Blending Bowl is a baking studio in Sheung Wan with classes covering everything from cupcakes, bread, and bagels, to Hong Kong egg tarts, macarons, and pizza and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Decide to either join a class for a pleasant evening out on the town or book out the entire scene for your own confidential occasion. You can likewise tweak a class as indicated by your inclination, and all classes incorporate the fixings, gear, and recipes you really want, alongside the opportunity to plunk down with your prepared post-class, or bring them back home to appreciate later! Figure out more data here.

Crossfire Field

Get ready to get dynamic and somewhat serious with Crossfire Field for your next slam. With bubble soccer, bows and arrows tag, dodgeball, and laser label on offer, consolidate a scope of games and fight to dominate the competition at this invigorating occasion space! The space can hold a limit of 100 individuals, and costs range from $250 to $500 per individual.
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