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2023.06.06 15:34 BaephBush 7 days sober. But..*very* fricking lonely.

When I had a bottle, I could sit in front of my computer and not worry about whether or not I was going to be able to shut my brain down or have a good time (for maybe 2 hours anyway...after that comes the emotional overload, crying, blackout, and then the hangover etc). I don't connect well with people on text-only bases. I have CPTSD and avoidant personality disorder, and the last group I tried was a PTSD group a few weeks ago.
I'd joined this meetup group 2 years ago but avoided actually doing a Zoom meetup because I was scared. When I finally mustered myself up to do it, the first group was fine, and I'd intended to do it again. I went the following week, and got so massively triggered that I felt 5 years old and right back to being the selfish awful person I was shown I was (when I wasn't that, and I never was). I completely saw red and dissociated.
The details of the trigger are more suitable for the CPTSD sub, but the issue here is that I have trouble making friends. People on here can say they are my friend, but I am extremely distrustful due to the trauma, and thanks to the PTSD group trigger I'm even more scared to do Zoom groups, though obviously I need connection (Note: I am not participating in in-person stuff mostly because of COVID--my brother has had long COVID for over a year and I'm his identical twin, and he has an extremely hard time functioning with basic things each day, so I'm being extremely careful).
It doesn't help that the group organizer hasn't maintained email communications with me. They are a good person very clearly. Maybe I need to remind them I've emailed them? (it's been over 2 weeks)
So I'm afraid I'm going to go get wine, sit in front of this computer, play games well into being drunk, and black out and cry and etc etc. I'm already planning to get a B complex (I've run out) for tomorrow, to help prevent wet brain.
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2023.06.06 15:33 Skies_Black Brotherhood Of Steel: Warborn Chapter, Knight/Scribes Needed! (MULTI-PLAT)(FO76)

As a representative of the Brotherhood of Steel, I extend to you an invitation to join our noble cause. Our mission is to preserve the wonders of technology and knowledge, and to defend humanity from the dangers of the wasteland. Our members are the finest warriors, scientists, and engineers, and have access to the most advanced technologies and weapons known to man. If you are willing to embrace our strict code of conduct, and to put your life on the line for the greater good, then we welcome you to join our ranks and become a true hero in the eyes of the people.
Your Brotherhood Representative
✔︎CODEX - Archives, instructions, and lore.
✔︎SCROLLS - Personnel roster and background.
✔︎RANKING MODEL - BOS friendly to PA paints.
✔︎QUARTERMASTER - Ammunition and materials.
✔︎PATROLS - Member managed events/missions.
✔︎ROGER MAXSON - Responding smart AI.
✔︎LORE ACCURATE - Designed and maintained.
✔︎CORPS PATH - Knight/Scribe roleplay.
✔︎END GAME - A focus for when you are bored.
✔︎NO PATROL REQS - Activity promotions.
✔︎BROTHERHOOD ALLIES - We have your back.
✔︎LIGHTHEARTED - Roleplay before milsim.
➤English speaking server.
➤Experienced Discord server owner.
➤Minimum age at least sixteen.
➤Over 18 start as Initiate.
➤We want other Brotherhood Org affiliates!
➤Affiliates default Initiate/Knight/Scribe.
➤Divisions for PC, XB, PS.
➤Leadership positions are open, apply now!
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/w67HY8gQU5
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2023.06.06 15:31 Skies_Black Brotherhood Of Steel: Warborn Chapter, Knights/Scribes Needed!

Brotherhood Of Steel: Warborn Chapter, Knights/Scribes Needed!
As a representative of the Brotherhood of Steel, I extend to you an invitation to join our noble cause. Our mission is to preserve the wonders of technology and knowledge, and to defend humanity from the dangers of the wasteland. Our members are the finest warriors, scientists, and engineers, and have access to the most advanced technologies and weapons known to man. If you are willing to embrace our strict code of conduct, and to put your life on the line for the greater good, then we welcome you to join our ranks and become a true hero in the eyes of the people.
Your Brotherhood Representative
✔︎CODEX - Archives, instructions, and lore.
✔︎SCROLLS - Personnel roster and background.
✔︎RANKING MODEL - BOS friendly to PA paints.
✔︎QUARTERMASTER - Ammunition and materials.
✔︎PATROLS - Member managed events/missions.
✔︎ROGER MAXSON - Responding smart AI.
✔︎LORE ACCURATE - Designed and maintained.
✔︎CORPS PATH - Knight/Scribe roleplay.
✔︎END GAME - A focus for when you are bored.
✔︎NO PATROL REQS - Activity promotions.
✔︎BROTHERHOOD ALLIES - We have your back.
✔︎LIGHTHEARTED - Roleplay before milsim.
➤English speaking server.
➤Experienced Discord server owner.
➤Minimum age at least sixteen.
➤Over 18 start as Initiate.
➤We want other Brotherhood Org affiliates!
➤Affiliates default Initiate/Knight/Scribe.
➤Divisions for PC, XB, PS.
➤Leadership positions are open, apply now!
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/w67HY8gQU5
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2023.06.06 15:29 InfinitePolygon I need help recording as an red phantom. (PSX) (COOP)

I'm making a series of videos where I show the wildlife in elden ring in the style of a classic nature documentary, but to record footage for it I need to be able to invade another world and run around for a few hours because enemies won't aggro onto me if I'm a red phantom. All I need is someone to summon me with a duel sign and just leave the game running for a while on a save that hasn't yet burned the erdtree (just for the background).
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2023.06.06 15:29 Justhegirlnextdoor I think I've got a stalker... And he sends me sticky notes.

I'm not really sure where to begin, but I do know that I need some advice....
So, it all started with a sticky note. First it was one... Then two... and now I've got a whole drawer full of them. Maybe I should give you a little background information. I moved into my first apartment about a month ago. It wasn't anything special, but it was mine. I noticed the first sticky note when I was stocking up my refrigerator with the copious amounts of Chinese takeout I'd ordered for the night. I was tired after all the unpacking and decided to just order a little bit of everything. I don't know how long the sticky note had been on my fridge before I noticed it, but midway through putting my egg rolls in there, I noticed a plain yellow note with one simple word scrawled across it in thick black ink.
I glanced at it and didn't pay it very much mind. It was midnight at this point and then only thing I really wanted to think about was getting into bed. Honestly, I figured it was either a note from the previous tenant or the landlord. Crumpling it within the palm of my hand, I discarded it and headed off to bed. The next morning when I stumbled into the kitchen though… There was another one.
“Hi there.”
A look of complete and utter confusion was plastered across my face. Frantically, I ripped it into shreds and shoved it into the trash. I know I hadn’t heard anyone come into my apartment any time during the night. I’m usually a very light sleeper. There’s no way anyone could have snuck in without me noticing. Then again, I was exhausted that night... So maybe? The next night I laid in bed and stared at the ceiling for hours waiting to hear the sound of the front door creaking open. I never heard a single thing, and before I knew it, I’d dozed off. The next morning, I crept into the kitchen expecting to see another note. The second I rounded the corner though, a nervous giggle bubbled from my lips and I sighed a breath of relief when there was no sticky note on my fridge. I thought I was just scaring myself. It must have been there with the one from the night before and I just hadn't noticed it? Making a beeline to the bathroom, I hurriedly began to get myself ready for the day. Since I’d stayed up so late, I slept in a little later than usual. Squeezing some toothpaste onto my toothbrush I lifted it to my mouth and immediately dropped it into the sink when I noticed something stuck to my mirror.
“You look beautiful today.”
Chills raced over my arms and it took all I had not to work myself into a full blown panic attack. My heart was pounding and my breathing was shaky. My hands gripped the side of the sink as I stared up at the sticky note and then quickly scanned the bathroom. I called in sick to work that morning and tore apart my entire apartment looking for some type of explanation. Some part of me thought I might find some sticky note pads or pens stashed away somewhere, but I didn’t find any of that.
I’m not sure what I should do if they continue, but I do know I can’t afford to move out right now. Any advice on what I should do is welcome. If I receive another one, I will keep all of you posted. It has been a week since that incident and I haven't received any more. Up until then they appeared in my apartment like clockwork though, so I'm sure there will be an update.
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2023.06.06 15:28 Sir_Muffonious I just finished running a 3-year-long level 3-20 campaign, including advancement beyond 20th-level, using XP! AMA

Hi all - I've always looked forward to posting one of these threads! My campaign of three years just wrapped last night and I wanted to share my experiences.
The game featured (not all at once) 8 players who played a combined 16 characters over the course of the campaign. We began at 3rd-level and went all the way to 20, then kept playing for a few additional "levels" (using epic boons, ASIs up to 30, and feats, as described under "Epic Boons" on page 231 of the DMG, plus I allowed them to take levels in any class in which they didn't already have 20). The game started towards the beginning of quarantine in May 2020 and ended last night.
The game was mostly custom adventure content but I did run them through modified versions of Tomb of Annihilation's Fane of the Night Serpent, Princes of the Apocalypse's Sacred Stone Monastery/Temple of the Black Earth/Black Earth Geode, and Storm King Thunder's Forge of the Fire Giants. I also tried to get them into ToA's Tomb of the Nine Gods, but they realized what it was and noped out of there. They were overleveled for a lot of that content, so I had to scale encounters up.
Over the course of the campaign I killed I think 5 characters, and petrified 3 of them. They fought slavers, demons, rival adventurers, a cambion, ogre mages, a mind flayer, a necromancer and her zombie beholder, behirs, bandits, yuan-ti, an adult black dragon, liches, a young red shadow dragon, a nightwalker, umber hulks, earth elementals, giant four-armed gargoyles, a medusa, fire giants, efreet, iron golems, the Elemental Prince of Fire Imix, the Archdevil Bael, a demilich, and beholders.
We had quests to find a spelljammer, a Moonblade, and Blackrazor. One character became a lich (i.e. I came up with a procedure for how he could become a lich and he applied himself over multiple years of the campaign and actually achieved it in-game) and created two new 9th-level spells. In their epilogues, one character founded an adventurer's guild, another became a king, two became gods, and the last one tracked down and ate the tarrasque so that he could become the new tarrasque, possibly ending the world? Long story.
I learned during this game that I actually really like 5th edition, but as a DM you have to be willing to hack it to pieces and change the things you don't like (for example, I had to change the way polymorph and shapechanging work - it just wasn't right for me). It is totally playable in the later tiers if you know what you're doing and are open to the players having more control over the setting, and more flexibility to resolve adventures/encounters (I thought they would fight the lich at the end of their last adventure - instead they convinced him to let them wish his lair was somewhere more out of the way where he could study in peace). Being a DM is actually really fun, and I loved spending the time between sessions figuring out what the consequences of the party's actions would be, and how my world might respond. It's the longest, most successful game I've ever run, and my players said it was the longest, best game they'd ever been in.
We're still figuring out what to do next. Another DM might run Starfinder, or he or I might run AD&D 2e, or OD&D, or someone else might run Warhammer Fantasy, or I'll convince everyone to play Pendragon. Somehow, I feel like we'll end up playing 5e again, which I would honestly be totally fine with!
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2023.06.06 15:26 anonacc27 What struck me about this rock it it's elongated shape. It's white and rough on the outside, black with red spots on the inside. Identification would be appreciated.

What struck me about this rock it it's elongated shape. It's white and rough on the outside, black with red spots on the inside. Identification would be appreciated. submitted by anonacc27 to whatsthisrock [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 15:25 pauldec80 Rose Byrne - insidious. the red door poster

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2023.06.06 15:24 Desperate-Day5877 Honor Magic 5 Pro vs Xiaomi 13 Pro

I had the opportunity to test the two devices side by side, so i wanted to share my thoughts. I paid 90 Euros more for the Xiaomi (850 vs 940 Eur).
Display (Honor): I like the Honor display more. It looks more edge to edge and is nicer to look at probably because of the very high PWM. Both are great displays, xiaomi is more narrow, so it's easier to work with one hand. However it's easier to type on Honor.
Battery life (Honor): Honor has a slightly lower resolution, bigger battery and runs less hot (more throttling probably) and lasts quite a bit longer. Both are pretty good, but Honor is great. Probably gets like 1-2 hours more SoT.
Speakers (Xiaomi): I just like the speakers on Xiaomi more. They have more bass and depth. Also one of them is firing forward. On Honor both of them fire sideways and that's not optimal.
Cameras (Xiaomi): This is my focus, so i spend a bit more time on that topic.
Cameras general: In general Honor has capable HW that is let down by weak software and processing. There are also not many settings to adjust the picture and filters are reset when you restart the app. Problems with processing - too vivid colors (not always), but specifically green and red pops too much. Heavy (and i mean HEAVY) noise reduction - Honor doesn't allow any noise to be in the picture (probably good for DxO mark score), so prepare for the water paining effect. Xiaomi's processing is pretty mature. Colors in Leica authentic mode are true to life and Leice vivid is vivid in a very sensitive manner.
Selfie camera (Honor): Honor's selfie camera is just much better quality. It's super wide, nice and crisp, has 4k and 3d face unlock. There's no competition here. Xiaomi's is like a mid range phone.
Main camera (Xiaomi): Honor has a stronger background blur (faster aperture). HW wise they're on par, but Honor's consistency is bad. The motion capture on Honor I consider a gimmick. It only captures some very clean action like jumping. It didn't capture 80% of what I tried. Xiaomi's focus and shutter is super fast. I've never had phone that can capture action like Xiaomi. It catches faces, eyes, movement almost like a Sony camera. Xiaomi however has a bit weaker HDR (it's better in Vivid profile) and much worse portrait mode cutouts. But I think the most important think is to actually capture the moment.
Telephoto (Honor): I really like Honor's tele camera. It has a bit more reach and therefore better compression and better natural background blur. The 10x digital zoom is also better, but both are pretty mediocre in this regard. I have to repeat again that Honor is inconsistent. When it hits, it's one of the best photos on a phone zoom camera, but you have to be lucky. Xiaomi has also the superior focus on the tele. Similarly fast like the main cam. Also colors are more consistent across the lenses on Xiaomi.
Ultrawide (Tie): This is the smallest sensor on Honor, which you see right away. Xiaomi uses the same JN1 as the zoom, so it's pretty consistent. I would say they are on par in terms of quality. Not the best on the market. Bettery than let's say S22/23, but worse than vivo x80 pro, x90 pro plus or S23 Ultra.
Software (Xiaomi): Look, both Xiaomi and Honor are know for mediocre software, so the winner is like "one eyed among blind". I lean toward Xiaomi. Much more customizable, better security and I had the latest security patch (on Honor it was 2 months behind).
Anything else you can probably look up. As for performance, they're both 8 Gen 2, so day to day task differences will be marginal. If you game....check out some throttling tests.
Overall I'll stay with Xiaomi, but Honor is pretty damn close. If camera is not your number 1 priority, you will most probably get the Honor cheaper, which makes it basically the price/performance winner.
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2023.06.06 15:22 I_Love_Cyndaquil2 Reality is wrong… almost artificial intelligence levels of wrong…

It feels like something changed, like a coding change…
I never believed in the matrix… but something just happened…
We were taking a 15 minute walk for a family that got hit by a car, during the walk my head suddenly got heavy and tight, as if my body was trapping something in.
And the colour around me distorted, I am completely clean of drugs mind you. The grass got a blue tinge, and everything looked pale.
I felt dizzy now, when we got back the 15 minute walk took 32 minutes, from 8:22to 8:54.
Yesterday I changed the song to Paradise Lost by Hollywood Undead at exactly 8:54, today Paradise Lost started playing at exactly 8:54.
On Friday, yesterday, and today I have sat in the same seat, the seating plan is randomly generated with exactly 32 students in the class, why did I get the same seat three times, and why is the number of students the same as the minutes on the walk…
In class I distinctly remember a black and white paper rainbow as the teacher has no pronouns and rainbows fill our class, today when I walked in the rainbow was fully coloured. The clock is misplaced, I could have sworn our class was 218, not 216…
Suddenly all body proportions feel off, including mine… my hand was covered in scars, now it’s perfectly smooth.
My teacher.. he had a black and white shirt, not red white and blue…
Something is off… this world is wrong.. I feel off here, like I’m supposed to be somewhere else…
Where am I right now… At school, duh… but where, what street am I on.
What’s going on…
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2023.06.06 15:18 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 richard the cockroach jail 2 the creepypasta

it skipped the theme song and the title card called JAIL 2
background of the dragonfly i think episode was Chris
it showed Chris in the hotel and he destroyed everything with a rock
he began to sob i need you back dad
he soon began rip out the skin and scoop out the flesh
DAD COME BACK!!!!!! he screamed
he got to the kitchen and got a knife he words said i am god on his arm
he was struck by a lightning and the screen turned black
he was scared he was didn't want to the play
no credits showed computer got a message said
the end is near
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2023.06.06 15:18 Apocrisiary China at it's best! Couldn't be more wrong (S.Duncan clones)

China at it's best! Couldn't be more wrong (S.Duncan clones)
Red and black, series connection. But get this. Red is negative and black is positiv.
Then Green is hot and white is ground.
Lesson for the day, always identify the wires, before making yourself go slightly insane.
Other than beeing slightly microphonic, they are actually pretty colse to originals.
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2023.06.06 15:16 Vast-Passenger1126 [Discussion] Bonus Book: The Vampire Lestat, Part 7, Ch 2 - Part 7, Ch 11

Welcome back blood suckers! We return with the next part of the Anne Rice vampire saga. I don’t know about you guys, but this section was a struggle for me. I was hoping Marius was going to snap Lestat back to reality and send him on his way to meet Louis. Instead, we got the backstory of all backstories without even a mention of Lestat for seven chapters. At times, I wished I could crawl into the dirt and experience my own ‘first death’, but I’m curious to hear what y’all thought so let’s dive in!
Part 7 Chapter 2: Lestat makes his way through Marius’ house and realizes it’s the first time he’s seen a vampire’s home fully stocked with awesome mortal stuff (including “giant stuffed beasts” which I originally thought said breasts). The guy really has everything: amazing murals, huge library, menagerie, indoor greenhouse, and sculpture hall. Lestat is eventually pulled away from these incredible sights by Marius’ heartbeat.
Chapter 3: Marius and Lestat sit down for the long-awaited chat and we learn that what I last week called ‘Lestat’s pity party/hunger strike in the dirt’ was actually his first death and is totally normal for vampires. Marius has such strong ESP that he can tell what’s going on with vamps all over the world, which is how he knew about Lestat (so vamp GPS does exist!). But, unlike other old vamps, Marius chooses to speak as he finds the ESP imprecise and prefers a consensual mode of communication. He also opts to move like a human as he finds this elegant and all those vamp powers tire him out. Marius wants to share his vampire secrets with Lestat and show him Those Who Must Be Kept, but warns him that he will still need to find ‘his own reasons to exist’. Forgetting all about the emo phase he’d just been having, Lestat is like, “Yeah, yeah whatever. You don’t even know how perfectly awful I am. But why me?” Marius tells Lestat he’s the chosen one since he’s an innocent and curious dude who’s happy just living in the moment. We learn that Marius was born at the start of the Roman Empire and that being born ‘on the cusp of the old way of seeing things’ also unites him with Lestat. Plus, they were both turned into vamps because they were…pretty? Before Marius will continue his story, he tells Lestat he wants to show him Those Who Must Be Kept.
Chapter 4: Marius takes Lestat down a creepy staircase to an ancient Egyptian vampire shrine where two figures are revealed. Lestat thinks they are the most incredible statues he’s ever seen until he touches the woman’s cheek and realizes…THEY’RE ALIVE! Lestat is initially spooked, but slowly understands that Marius cares for these beings and can’t really do anything else to them without being cruel. Lestat apologizes for being a rude scaredy cat and Marius tells him Those Who Must Be Kept don’t even eat anymore and haven’t had a drop of blood in 300 years. Yet even without food, they can move or control things with their mind, but never do so in Marius’ presence. At Marius’ urging, Lestat stares at the figures and tells them how beautiful they are and the woman’s name, Akasha, appears on his lips. Mesmerized, Lestat wants to KISS THE WOMAN AND SPIT BLOOD INTO HER MOUTH until he realizes he’s fucking nuts and pulls back, begging Marius to go upstairs. As they leave, one of Those Who Must Be Kept opens up the tabernacle, proving all Marius said true. Marius has a little meltdown upstairs wondering why Akasha revealed her name to Lestat and not him, her protector for the past 17 CENTURIES, but snaps out of it and is ready to tell Lestat the whole story.
Chapter 5: Marius was an illegitimate son in a rich Roman household who had everything he could desire except the love of his dead mother (but at least she gave him her beautiful Aryan looks). One evening, he’s in a Gaul tavern, so busy writing, drinking wine and doing his own philosophizing that he doesn’t notice a creepy giant staring at him. They have a long chat about Egypt and religion and, just when we’re about to die of boredom, the stranger tells Marius he is going to become a god and then knocks him out. Marius comes to in a wagon being pulled through a forest and eventually arrives at a Celtic fortress where he realizes that if he doesn’t want to become a human sacrifice he “had better try to get the hell out of here.” (Apparently, Marius also cannot keep the same speaking style).
Chapter 6: Marius’ captor, Mael, and his Druid pals are now dressed in white robes and tell Marius he will drink the Divine Blood and become a father of gods. Until this occurs, Marius is kept under constant watch and passes the time getting drunk and eating. To keep his boredom at bay, he listens to Mael tell him all about their gods, especially the god he is to become who goes by many names including ‘the lover of the mother’. This god takes blood sacrifices every full moon but on All Saints Day gets to have a yummy feast and make prophecies. He serves the Great Mother who ‘is without visible form but nevertheless present in all things’ (Ok, so Mother Earth, not a literal mother. Phew). Marius recalls others who have served this goddess and things don’t go particularly well for them (castration, dismemberment, etc.) so he’s not feeling too great about his upcoming transformation and continues to get drunk and yell at Mael. Eventually, Marius’ hair is long enough and it’s time for the feast. After a little makeover, Marius is placed in a wagon and driven deep into the forest. He is shocked to see the Druids have made two massive wicker figures and are filling them with evildoers who will be sacrificed in the ceremony. Marius is taken to the ‘sanctuary of the gods’, a grove with creepy faces carved into the trees and skulls on spikes. A voice comes from within one of the trees, double checking that Marius is indeed the chosen one, and then invites Marius to come on down.
Chapter 7: Descending a set of winding stairs, Marius is no longer afraid, but excited that all the nonsense Mael’s been spouting is true and he really is about to become a god. But this feeling doesn’t last long as he comes face to face with a shrivelled, burnt skeleton-like figure (but with beautiful hair of course). The figure tells Marius he will make him a god, but only if he promises to escape the Druids, go down to Egypt and figure out why the sun is burning up all the gods of darkness (aka vampires if you haven’t caught on). Marius is turned into a vampire and, as the blood is passed back and forth, is given his own set of vamp rules to follow. The figure drains Marius one last time and is like, “Go feast. But don’t forget to run away after. I’ll be dying now. Buh bye.”
Chapter 8: Confirming the Druids’ hopes and beliefs, Marius emerges and he is STARVING. He feasts on dozens of men and then plays judge for a while until finally the festival is over and Marius knows he must escape and go to Egypt. He tries to use his god status to persuade the Druids to leave him alone, but they’re not falling for his nonsense and try to force him down into the tree dungeon. They grab the old, shrivelled god out of the tree and casually chuck him into the fire, and his last words to Marius are to obey his command and go to Egypt. Pretending he’s a weak, scared boy, the Druids loosen their grip on Marius and he is able to break free. Sprinting into the forest, Marius finally realizes he has some sweet vamp powers but doesn’t have time to appreciate these as he's being pursued by thousands of Celtic worshippers. He still manages to escape and digs down into the Earth for his first day of vamp sleep. When he wakes, Marius is hungry and is like, “How the hell was that burnt guy only eating once a month!?” After some dinner, he decides he will go down to Egypt, but not for the gods, just to have a vamp adventure! Yet when he finally arrives, Marius realizes how alone he is among mortal men and cannot bear being ‘the relentless bringer of death’ so continues to seek out the old gods.
Chapter 9: In Alexandria, a god appears to Marius in the middle of the night and the next evening something speaks to him, telling him to come to a door. Down another windy stairway, Marius finds an underground temple where he encounters another burnt vamp god with beautiful hair who’s like, “Hey, how come you’re not all crispy?” We then meet the Elder, a vamp god that survived ‘the burning’ and who Marius recognizes as the one that came to him the previous night. Breaking his years of silence, the Elder tells Marius that vampires started BY ACCIDENT four thousand years ago. After Osiris was killed, dismembered and then put back together by Isis (except his penis of course), he became the immortal ruler of the dead and drank blood sacrifices. But who knew that drinking blood would have so many fun side effects!? So Osiris and Isis became the first vampires. Despite their blood creating stronger and stronger vamps, Osiris and Isis eventually got stingy and refused to let others drink from them, while also starving themselves. Because of the blood connection, whatever happens to Isis and Osiris happens to all other vampires, so it was not so nice of them to have these suicidal ideations. Their keeper eventually decided this must all be a big joke so left Osiris and Isis out in the sun. But surprise, surprise, it was all true and thus caused the BBQ vampire fest. The other vamps managed to get Osiris and Isis (who only got a nice suntan) back underground, but they no longer chat or eat and DEFINITELY aren’t letting anyone have their blood now. But guess what!? That’s just the version told in Egyptian mythology. Now we get to learn the real story. (And at this point I let out a vamp-volume scream and curse Anne Rice’s ghost.)
Chapter 10: Two humans, Akasha and Enkil, came into Egypt from ‘some other land’ and taught the cannibal Egyptians how to play nice and worship Mother Earth. One day, a furniture-throwing, dirty-language-loving, demon was causing problems with the royal steward so Enkil decided to go have a chat with it. After a night in the haunted house, Enkil emerged with the knowledge that demons are so grumpy because they don’t have a body! Akasha then joined her husband for another wild night in the demon house. Everyone else was terrified of the demonic commotion and ran away, except for a small group of men who were fed up with the Mother Earth ways and wanted to go back to eating people. These men entered the house in the middle of the night and stabbed Enkil and Akasha over and over. Out of nowhere, Gabrielle emerged and was like, “You done fucked up now.” Ok, just kidding that didn’t happen. But it was a horrible idea because the stab wounds were now convenient openings for the demon to enter the bodies of Enkil and Akasha. When their blood mixed, a new creature was created, with the intelligence and souls of the mortals and the mind reading abilities of the demon. But the worst of all was that they could only be kept alive by drinking blood! Enkil and Akasha also learned immediately that fire and sunlight would kill them. The King and Queen tried to keep all of this a secret, but people were a bit weirded out that they no longer saw their mighty rulers during the day and could only worship at night. Conspirators continued to try and kill Enkil and Akasha, but they always magically healed, so people instead sought to gain their immortality by taking their blood and drinking it. We learn that the vampire transformation is only successful if the mortal is near to death so we don’t know if some people figured this out or if Enkil and Akasha chose to pass on their ‘gift’ to people out of loneliness, but more vampires were created and spread throughout the world. In an attempt to rationalize what happened to them, Enkil and Akasha placed themselves within the world of myth and made up the story of Osiris and Isis. This went well for a few thousand years, until societies began to open up their temples to the sun god and let all the vamps burn to a crisp, leaving only a few places on Earth where vampires gods were left in peace. We learn that there have always been rogue vampires who don’t need no goddess and just want to have fun. But no matter what type of vampire they were, they all went crispy when Mother and Father were put out in the sun. As the story finally comes to a close, Marius is like, “I don’t believe this crap,” and storms out of the temple, laughed out by the Elder.
Chapter 11: As Marius lays in bed at night, he has to admit that the whole story may actually be true, but is still pissed because he wants to be an individual, not a host to a blood-thirsty demonic parasite. After getting drunk on blood and coming to terms with his destiny, Marius decides he has to see this Mother and Father and hide them in order to keep them (and thus all other vamps) safe forever. Conveniently, the Mother then appears to Marius, telling him to take her and the Father out of Egypt. The Mother leads Marius out into the desert where he finds a trap door and...you guessed it...another twisty staircase! At the bottom, Marius finally meets Akasha and Enkil. A burnt vamp suddenly appears out of nowhere and wants to put them back into their chamber, but Enkil and Akasha decide they’re going to move on their own which terrifies burnt vamp and makes Marius weep uncontrollably. Just to see what happens, Marius convinces burnt vamp to try and drink from Enkil, who responds by throwing him across the room. Marius feels bad so lets burnt vamp drink from him, and then tells him to get the eff out and not let anyone in to the crypt. Marius steals two mummy cases, puts Akasha and Enkil in them and temporarily buries them outside his house while he makes plans to flee Egypt. The Elder appears and it’s revealed that he was the keeper who put the Mother and Father out in the sun. Marius is like, “Don’t worry, bro. I got it from here,” but the Elder won’t let them go without a fight. The Elder is much stronger and a more experienced fighter, but Marius goes for the old eye sockets and gets some surprise back up from Akasha who crushes the Elder like a bug and lights him on fire. Sealing his fate as their guardian, Akasha allows Marius to drink from her.
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2023.06.06 15:12 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 richard the cockroach jail the creepypasta

so the theme song ended and the episode titled jail in a black background the episode began
it showed Richard doing some orders lots of money quamire blasting out of the door
customer:can i take your order
quamire:what did you need
customr:you are welcome
Richard froze the time card saying 1 day later Richard want to see Brain anymore
it showed Richard getting a bug spray and he was goes to the the drunken clam
quamire was in the office i told you i can't come here anymore
quamire:wait what are you doing with that bug spray
Richard:need the corpse to play
Richard sprayed quamire w hy rich ard w hy
quamire had died and Richard took out with the eyes
Lois heard from the quamire's office opened the door to find the Richard feasting on quamire wing
Lois ran out of the the drunken clam he got home and phoned 911 and said police police what's your emergency you know Richard i found him in the office he was feasting on wing he's at the the drunken clam okay i will be on the move goodbye
the police goes to the drunken clam and shot Richard with a dart they got him into the jail find himself in the security camera
no it can't be said the Joe
he did it Chris sobbed
they sobbed and episode finished the credits were gibberish the text saying driven at nights and it was over
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2023.06.06 15:12 SomeRandomDude___ What to do next?

I wanna get the no god cube achievements but I'm stuck at this marble red place. Did I miss something or what, I feel like I checked the whole area and there's no black stuff to remove. I'm at the place with a bunch of pipes and stuff.
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2023.06.06 15:12 Femuscleblog Sharon Bruneau in Flex Magazine

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2023.06.06 15:09 llibie My Anxiety and Fear is Holding me Back

BACKGROUND I have been teaching in a variety of positions for the past ten years.
I interviewed for a tech support position at a local university last week and was offered the position on the spot. I tentatively accepted yesterday, after having the weekend to think about my next steps. Now, I'm in a salary negotiation phase.
I have the potential to make a higher yearly salary, and to have comparable PTO. The people I interviewed with seemed nice, and I got a general good vibe. But I am hypervigilant about potential red flags that I don't think are actual red flags, but I am scared af.
I think I'm dealing with some work-related trauma. Over the years I've experienced:
MY PROBLEM I'm nervous that I will be walking into another toxic environment. I'm sure this is a byproduct of workplace trauma, but it's really hard for me to not be completely terrified of moving on. After all, if I stay in teaching I at least know what I'm in for right? (I recognize that this mindset is very unhealthy!)
Although I will miss the kids, at this point, this is not holding me back. It's fear of going through more trauma, and I know that this fear is likely not based in objective reality.
MY NEXT STEPS I am in therapy, and am working on trying new methods of anxiety recovery.
I guess I just need reassurance that it will be ok.
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2023.06.06 15:09 Confident_Daikon8134 How do I [F33] reach out to an important family member [M45] I lost touch with nearly 10 years ago?

Throwaway account, ages and some other details changed since I don't know if any of them are on reddit.
Growing up, I [F33] had the coolest uncle [M45]. I'll call him A. He was always very into a certain hobby (don't want to be too specific here) and really skilled at it. When I showed interest in it too, he spent a lot of time helping me learn and bringing me to events related to it. He gave me books/tools related to it and always encouraged me to stick with it, and even though my current career path isn't directly related, his help had a lot to do with why I chose it. I still use a lot of what he showed me, and A just had a big impact on me overall.
We lost touch about 10 years ago and there are several reasons I can think of for it happening, so here's a bit of background:
My parents divorced when I was in high school and it was very messy. I tried to keep a relationship with my dad, but he crossed a lot of lines (that's a whole different post, probably for the raisedbynarcisists sub) and it became pretty much impossible. I cut him out completely, but he seemed to stay pretty close to his family (my dad is A's brother). One of my other uncles from that side had a lot to say about me 'abandoning my father' and being a horrible daughter, and I was previously pretty close to him as well, so I just sort of assumed my dad must be telling them all things like that. That time was really hard for me, especially because I was worried about running into my dad at family gatherings, so I just stopped going to them.
I also got into a very emotionally abusive relationship not long after high school (I think I really wanted to leave my parent's houses because both of them were toxic, awful environments), and I just became a recluse. I eventually lost touch with everyone, even friends, and was completely alone and reliant on the person I was dating. I finally got out of that relationship around 6 years ago, but it's been really difficult to try to build those relationships backup. I don't even know where to start with most of them, and I've only seen members of my dad's side of the family at rare events like weddings.
Another thing is that I never felt like A's wife (who I'll call C) liked me. I'm not sure if that's in my head or not, I've always been a pretty awkward person and had trouble relating to her, but it leads me to the biggest reason I'm having trouble wording a message to A: I got married last year and invited A along with C and their kids, and even checked in with them to ask if they thought they'd be able to make it so I could get a head count. They have a joint social media account and I wasn't sure how to reach either one individually, so I just used that. C said they would be there.
The day of the wedding, they didn't show up, and there was no message from C or A. I was bummed of course, but I know things come up, no big deal. Later on, my grandma (A's mom) called to ask how it went and said that A told her he didn't even know he was even invited. My grandma is a bit of a gossip(er?), and my other aunts were unhelpful when I asked if they knew if A had gotten the invite. I think I messed up here because instead of asking how I could contact A directly to let him know he was invited, I just asked my grandma to let him know. I never got any message from their joint account or anything, but I never sent anything either.
A few days ago, another member of my dad's side of the family got married. At this point my dad has been excluded from their group entirely so I decided to go. A came up and talked to me for a minute there, but I was too awkward to bring up the wedding thing, so we just made some small talk. The rest of the time he was talking to others and I didn't want to interrupt so I didn't even say goodbye when I left, which was fairly early anyway.
I know I should've cleared this up when it happened, but things came up and I am very non-confrontational and shy. Would it be strange to send A a message letting him know that he was in fact invited, even though my wedding happened last year?
If not, I'm not sure how to word it without sounding passive aggressive or implying that his wife kept it from him when I'm not sure she ever did, and I don't want him to feel bad for not being able to make it. I also wanted to ask him about his hobby (which is now a successful career for him), but I just don't know if I've wasted too much time. He's never reached out either, so maybe he doesn't care to hear from me. But at the very least, I want him to know that I appreciate all the things he did for me when I was younger.
TL;DR: Disappeared from my dad's family's life for 10 years due to drama with my dad. Lost touch with cool uncle but invited him to my wedding last year anyway. Uncle's wife might've kept invite from my uncle. I'm shy and didn't reach out when I should've. If it's not too late, how do I let my uncle know that he was invited without implying anything or sounding passive-aggressive?
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2023.06.06 15:08 LeWhiteVampire Is there any way to farm a lower tier monster part after you've scaled beyond the spawn levels?

I am at a point where I've just unlocked the great fairies but am unable to upgrade the royal guard uniform because the red boss bokoblin doesn't spawn anymore for me and i am only able to get the black boss bokoblins at every camp, is there a way that the game can spawn base level enemies ?
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2023.06.06 15:06 hellrocket [LFA] gunslinging Monk Yuan Ti

[LFA] gunslinging Monk Yuan Ti
My character Gwyndielle is a Yuan Ti Kensei Monk who’s adopted her temples Dnd version of gun Kata.
For her appearance, I was imagining a faint olive tinge to her skin and classic snake eyes as her clues that she’s not human. Black long hair, though with a few dreadlocks that look, but aren’t, like snakes -Medusa like. Fit and tall build to fit the intimidating aura expected though a bit young so not fully scary. A few scars around her body but not the face (other party member is the face scar guy)
For clothing I was picturing a mix of classic cowboy with just a few hints of monk. Sash for a belt under a 4 gun holster. Shirt reminiscent of a monk top, can show skin or not, depends on theme. The hat though should be similar to the classic flat top like rattlesnake jake from rango.
Below is just a bit of story to hopefully fill in the why’s.
She started as an outcast pure blood, who was thrown aside early in life. Thankfully that’s how she ventured west and found the WestCedar Monks. The aforementioned gunslingers. Who’s teachings revolve around a more classical western vibe but with a strong moral centering. Their biggest teaching being the power of the gun and the art of its use as an extension of one’s self.
This led to her learning a style of monk meets bounty hunter, both in ideals and tactics, which she claimed as her own when she began her pilgrimage. Taking a bounty Hunter job as her first outside contact since joining the temple years ago. A perfect fit to remain neutral in the worlds order yet find a place.
Guns in the campaign are still fairly rare, and it’s the critical role rules so she’s forced/expected to carry multiple guns in case they jam and she can’t fix it quickly. Her main source is likely to be a gunslinger crafting them.
As for the theme well, For a new one shot campaign my regular group finally got to invite a friend who rarely gets a chance to join. So we let him hsve full control over the theme a bit and otherwise let random chance flavor our characters. He’s a big reference and meme guy so that’s part of the story now. And a random generator filled in the basics.
So when I got a yuan ti Kinsei monk, and another player got lizard folk gunslinger we brainstormed and reached rango and rattlesnake jake. The twist is that it’s in the vibe of post movie exploration. So my monks fairly experienced in her art, while the fighter is more reserved and not so fighty.
Still a fond fan of the character anyways so I still would be fine with a humanized genderbend Jake as a starting point.
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2023.06.06 15:03 beturass Yesterday's Grade

Yesterday's Grade
Back at 1230 est Tomorrow my time changes to cst. .
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2023.06.06 15:03 hail2theredhead Is LR hell or heaven?

I have operated out of LR my whole waking life (was out further from town when I was a babe)... and I am convinced it is a black hole/hell portal kind of like in that Buffy episode. I have friends that agree!
What does Reddit think?
I think it has something to do with the fact that we are in a blue county in a red state. We are also one of the overall poorest states in America. So LR feels so optimistic and cool and even...progressive. We have a cool alt scene. Sometimes I feel like I'm in Mr. Rogers's neighborhood. Esp.when I lived in Quapaw QuarteSoma (despite the people living in the gov. mansion)
But eventually... things get wobbly... poverty and trauma demons come out and chain ya here. 👿
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