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Fobik is the first application in crypto space that help Automotive Locksmiths, both Dealerships and Private Car Owners interact each other when looking for Key Fobs replacements for their cars.

2023.06.06 16:02 KrizJack Car seat Recommendations?

I have a NUNA Rava currently for my car, and my family that watches my 14 m/o uses our infant carrier as my tiny boy still fits in it. However, he’s about to max out the height on it. The Rava is great but a HUGE pain to move back and forth. Any recommendations for a convertible seat that is 1. Not terribly expensive and 2. Easy to move back and forth between vehicles?
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2023.06.06 16:02 suprefann 2nd Leg of TAITA Dates Announced

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2023.06.06 16:01 mysario DLC Week of June 8th

both songs are $1.99 and will release this coming Thursday for Xbox One/Series XS and Playstation 4/5
both songs are on the Season 32 Pass, also available Thursday
== Request your favourite songs here! -> Link
If you haven't heard, Reddit is basically going to kill 3rd Party Apps (such as Apollo, Reddit is Fun, BaconReader, etc) by the end of the month. If you want more info, go to this link. I'm not a mod of this subreddit (though I did ask a few times!) so idk if there will be a fellow Blackout in protest (here are the ones joining), but I will say that RIF aka Reddit is Fun has been my go-to app for probably at least 8 years (maybe longer). I'm not around a computer very much and the regular Reddit app is so incredibly garbage that this news is very upsetting. I'm sure I'll keep posting these threads when RIF dies ( on mobile browser 😵‍💫) but if I do stop and someone else takes over, please understand. Keep rocking on and request "Run Away with Me" by Carly Rae Jepsen as DLC! \m/
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2023.06.06 16:01 shalaolao Hyundai/Kia workshop?

Does anyone know a specialised workshop in Korean cars? I seem to have a complicated electrical issue
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2023.06.06 16:01 camillesee SONGS TO BLAST WHILE IN THE CAR (NIGHT VERSION)

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2023.06.06 16:00 appletechgeek [Question] alternative to Activator for ios 15? automate button presses.

heya good day.
is there a version of activator which works for ios 15? .
i got a iphone 7 plus here that i want to use as a in car multiscreen system with the use of carplay.
which ideally requires me to disable the lock screen all together.
as far as I've seen disabling the lock screen itself is not possible.
but a alternative would be "press the home button when plugged in" would achieve the same result.
same with "press power button when unplugged" to go into standby mode. .
which i think is something activator is able to do? .
thing is.. I've been unable to figure out if activator works on ios 15. or if there's any alternative that could do the 2 simple task's I'd want it to do.
i did give activator a try but it sadly does not run. it freezes the phone after install. and after a reboot. activator icon is blank and does not launch.
but that's the original Activator from original source. maybe there's a fix for it? i've been unable to find any references of that though.
the device will not have a passcode or anything setup anyway.
as far as i've seen this seems not possible with the build in shortcut's app. and even then. not too sure if they are allowed to be run while "locked"
thank you in advance for your suggestions and advice!
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2023.06.06 16:00 OnceAteALego Stolen Valor

Just another thing you can add to the list of reasons why John is one of the worst human beings on the planet...
This man would rather climb a tree and tell a lie, than stay on the ground and tell the truth. He went from lying about NOT being a substitute teacher (which included cussing out a poor woman on Twitter), to now lying about being a fully certified teacher, bragging about making more money than any other teacher in history, and even going as far as saying that he's calling parents of only the students who made good grades (something a real teacher would never do) and will also be calling out names at culmination. People are literally posting public records showing that he is merely a substitute teacher, and he is still doubling down and saying that his "haters and trolls" are the ones who are lying.
While arguably none of this is as bad as running a fake cancer charity, posting video footage of himself drinking while sitting in a car (with his seatbelt on), scamming people out of money for a trip to DC, verbally abusing women, sending veiled threats to people he doesn't like, using fake accounts to praise himself and insult others, doxxing people, trying to ruin marriages (Bob and Gina Levy), talking about people's kids even though that is his one thing that's "off-limits," lying about literally everything, and being an all-around horrible human being... if I were a teacher, I would be pissed.
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2023.06.06 16:00 Agile_Ad_5561 How to deal with my best friend

(22F) I’ve been friends with my best friend since Freshman year of college so it’s been about 4-5 years now. I moved around a lot growing up so this was my first real friendship that lasted long-term. In the last couple years I’ve made an effort to improve myself by transferring schools, going to therapy, working out, and getting back to my hobbies/interests from before I got extremely depressed and anxious in high school and college. After making these changes to my life and trying to have a more positive mindset, I realized that my friend and I probably bonded over being depressed and feeling lost. But once I started to see great results from therapy and working out, I casually suggested that maybe she try therapy, which she adamantly shut down.
She’s constantly complaining about things like the terrible men she lets into her life, being overweight, being depressed, and being poor. She also likes to make remarks towards me about my family having more money than hers even though my parents have taken her in as their own at times and I was raised to never behave superior to anyone because of money. I try to offer her solutions to her problems but she just gets mad at me and says she doesn’t want to leave these men, lose weight, etc. Obviously it’s her choice but why keep complaining to me Ive run out of things to say. When I don’t support her poor choices she’ll run to her acquaintances for validation by leaving out the worst details for her own sake and making me look like an unsupportive friend, which is hurtful to me.
I also realized recently that she has no hobbies besides scrolling on social media and she complains that her life is boring and depressing. She doesn’t know what her interests are so I try getting her to join me in reading books so we can discuss them or being gym partners in hopes that we can find something she likes. But she always shuts me down.
She has a lot of issues at home so I regularly let her stay at my apartment. At one point I gave her the door code because she was coming over while I was in class. But she started taking advantage of this and coming over whenever she pleased when I wasn’t there, without letting me know. The only reason I knew was because of the excessive trash, my lack of snacks, and the crumbs/stains in my bed. In an attempt to set a boundary, I asked her nicely to stop letting herself in without my permission and she got angry at me, saying that it doesn’t matter because my parents pay my rent.
I never really ask for her help because I’m fortunate to have supportive parents who I can call. But I did need a ride to the dealership when my car was getting fixed and I would’ve used their Uber service but she offered to take me. Then she made it seem as if she did me the biggest favor ever and like this was a regular occurrence or something. Despite the fact that I’ve literally let her live in my home for weeks at a time.
It’s getting exhausting and draining for me having to listen to her complain when she has no interest in making any changes. I am trying to have a more positive attitude but it’s hard with her constant negativity. Some of my close male friends have told me to cut her off. The reason I haven’t is because only I know what she’s been through and that partially contributes to how she acts. But I feel like I can’t keep making excuses for her. I’m only 22 so I don’t know the right things to do all the time. I’m not sure how to proceed in this friendship when I’m constantly being mistreated while trying to be a good friend.
I’m sorry this was so long! It’s been bottled up for a long time.
TLDR // 22F, My best friend of 4 years constantly mistreats me and complains about being unhappy with her life yet won’t make any changes. Being someone with a history of depression but trying to make positive changes, the negativity is draining me. I try to offer solutions but get shut down. I don’t know how to proceed with this friendship.
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2023.06.06 16:00 lirael_22 Ranting about not understanding how caring parent can be neglectful

I love both of my parents they were/are kind and loving people but only my mum was supportive in the ways I needed. I have adhd and I was diagnosed as a kid with ODD. I think my mum had a grasp on what I needed she would take the time to help me clean my room by breaking it down into individual actions, she would push me to do things like sport and music without forcing me to. But she was unwell and worked so her ability to do these things was limited and she died when I was 12ish and while I think i would of had a hard time even with her help without it things collapsed.
Dad is kind and loving too but he is like a friend to me not a parent, his mood is unpredictable never fully going over the line but enough that I have problems with hyper vigilance,being touched to the my brother-in-law was worried our dad was physically abusive which I don't think he was but he would randomly get angry sometimes when we would ask for help or over some small thing slamming a door so hard it put a hole in the wall, bending a steering wheel but never hitting us and after he calmed he would 90% of the time apologise.
He also really struggled being a parent the house and life after mum passed was chaotic I had no bed for ages just a mattress on the floor not as a punishment but it was a he'll finish the tiling and then get a nice bed but 5+ years later the house is still horrible and I had no bed no flooring. My sister would try and cook for us, she would fight dad to do things to help me and the house and his response would be to tell his daughter who was asking for help to not be controlling.
I hated having friends over but I also feared leaving the house. I woke up with dead animals next to me from the farm next to us my cat had caught and dad never helped me clean it up. My cat who I was very close with basically my primary emotional support got super close to dying because of not looking after the house. I was very lucky to have him until he passed at 21 years old.
I moved out in my early 20s and it was really freeing thou I struggled and ended up going back home and getting sick from the house, I remember crying asking for a cleaner because I'm quite allergic to dust and I could feel my brain fog getting worse every day until I didn't have the energy to care I didn't realise at the time but it got so bad I struggled to walk from my bed to the desk in the same room.
It wasn't till I moved out again and had to basically relearn to walk that it occurred to me how bad it was, like I still struggled with things but I was able make progress. But I got sick again and basically did nothing until rent up so much I had to move back home.
I made a deal with dad saying he must get a cleaner before I come back which he never did and i had to keep fighting him the day I hopped in the car to go back home I was pushed over the edge of moving away from the cat my room mate had adopted and I just sat in the car crying from stress and fear of moving home.
It hasn't gone as bad this time I've been able to for the first time progress I decided to stop avoiding things and try and fix my problems one by one.
I decided to deal with the fact that I'm trans, fix my health both physical and mental and in less than six months I've done more than in the last 10 years. I got a cpap machine, I have been working with a physio to fix my legs, I started down the path of informed consent, I've been able to understand why I have some of the mental health problems i do and have even been able to work on them while I wait for a psychologist appointment.
The thing I'm most happy about is that I have the energy and ability to look after myself for the first time in my life I have been able to see a problem and take steps to fix it and not fail at the first step.
I understand my dad's problems better and while I've helped him a bunch I don't feel like I have to fix him, I can offer help but its on him if he takes it.
I was able to sit down and tell him why I'm upset he deflected and tried to justify why he couldn't help but that's his problem I got it off my chest and I legit feel less tension in my shoulders.
I still have so far to go but I don't feel like I can't do things.
I want to say I don't hate my dad as an adult I get that he has heaps of his own problems and he has always been accepting of me and my sister no matter what. He has never been hateful only so caught up in his own problems he can't see how it affected his kids. I love him very dearly and i think he and mum instilled good values in us but he hurt me and I don't know if he'll ever really get it.
After that huge rambling rant I wanted to say I've learnt that loving and caring parents can still be neglectful and if I understood this early I likely would of been able to fix it sooner. Also if you're pretty sure your trans don't do nothing about it for over 10 years like I did.
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2023.06.06 15:59 Altzux What is this car? It's in my neighborhood.

What is this car? It's in my neighborhood.
Only photo I got.
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2023.06.06 15:59 Virtual_Perception18 The MBTI types of American cities (Part 1: The Northeast)

I’m typing every major American city. I’m breaking it up into parts because I don’t want the posts to be super long. This is part 1 of 4, which will focus on cities in the northeastern part of the country. Part 2 will be the South, part 3 will be the Midwest, and part 4 will be the West
When I type cities, I type them using a mix of the city’s culture, it’s history, it’s overall vibe, along with the general attitude of that city’s people. Oh yeah and this is just my opinion, feel free to disagree and debate this in the comments.
New York City, New York - ENTJ. Yeah, this one’s pretty straightforward. NYC is a city focused on hustling, grinding, and networking. People in the city are extremely goal oriented as well (high Te-Ni). Doesn’t matter if you are a guy selling hot dogs on the street or a Wall Street worker trying to climb the corporate ladder, everyone in NYC has a clear goal and vision on what they want to get out of life, and they will go to great lengths to achieve those goals.
Washington, DC - INTJ. DC is very obviously an Ni Dom in my opinion. It has a very clear vision of what it wants. DC was built for the sole purpose of being a capital city. No building can surpass the height of Capitol Hill, the city is divided up into perfectly straight grids, and the city (at the time of being built) sat perfectly in between the Northern and Southern US, so it could equally represent both sides of the country. Also, the process of making laws is a very Ni-Te process
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - ISTJ. Preserving history and tradition is a large part of Philly’s culture (Si). Philadelphians also value authenticity and don’t sugarcoat things. They’re not afraid to tell it how it is. Like many other East Coast cities Philly’s economy is very Te focused (finance, manufacturing, etc)
Boston, Massachusetts - ISTJ. Boston has been described as cold, blunt, and not very friendly city which is a stereotypical IxTx quality. Boston, along with the rest of MA holds education to a very high regard which is a very xSTJ/Si quality as well. Much like Philly, Bean town is a very straightforward, “what you see is what you get” city. Boston’s economy is also very finance and business related, 2 stereotypical Te lines of work.
Baltimore, Maryland - ESTJ. Baltimore at its core is a blue collar, hard working city. Construction along with the shipping industry shape Baltimore (Te). Baltimoreans have been described to be a little bit more extroverted and outgoing than their northern counterparts as well, but still retain that stereotypical East Coast bluntness (ExTx). Baltimore also values tradition and history to a large extent (Si). We see this with the many well preserved historical buildings in the city.
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2023.06.06 15:58 El_tus750 Power question

I’m researching my next sports car. I haven’t owned a sports car in some time. Had in the past a couple of mustangs and a 350Z. Currently own a truck but looking to add a car to the garage. My question is: how does the car feel bone stock? Is it fun to drive? Or does it need to be heavily modified right away?
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2023.06.06 15:58 Tayo826 Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway car 904 is running a Dundee route service in the late 1940's. Car 904 was one of eight cars built in the O&CB shops in 1912. It was converted to one—man operation in the early 1930's, and was scrapped in 1951.

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2023.06.06 15:58 csguydn Garage door will not lower/close with ANY remote.

Recently my main garage door stopped closing with remotes. Literally all remotes we have for it, don't work. We have two car mirrors that won't work. Two handheld remotes that won't work. A wall mounted exterior remote that won't work.
All of these remotes open the door just fine however.
The button inside of the garage controls the door just fine as well.
The eyes are in alignment, and they're not dirty. The door functions completely fine from the button in the house and opens fine. It just will no longer close.
I've tried a few things, including unscrewing the lightbulbs from the door (thinking it could be a frequency issue). I tried reprogramming a few remotes. Nothing has worked.
How do I fix this without replacing the entire opener?
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2023.06.06 15:58 dangimenes Looking for a pet veterinarian

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I received the dreadful news that one of my dogs is unfortunately terminally ill. I’m afraid she doesn’t have much time left and I’m looking for a veterinarian that goes to people’s houses to perform euthanasia. I already asked her vet here in HD if they provide this kind of service and they do not.
We want for her to go as tranquil as possible, so we don’t want to stress her out in her last day by putting her in a car.
Does anyone have any recommendation for a vet in the region or know if that is even something possible here in Germany? We are aware that it’s going to be very expensive but we don’t care, so any recommendation would be appreciated.
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2023.06.06 15:58 luanneclatterbuck How to remove this rusty stuff from my car

How to remove this rusty stuff from my car
I park in a deck during my work day, and it’s in terrible shape and this orange stuff has been dripping on my car. I just washed it by hand this weekend but that barely touched this stuff. I think it’s rust-based but who knows. Is there anything I could use to remove it that won’t damage my car’s paint? This is so gross and ugly and I’m tired of looking at it. Thanks.
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2023.06.06 15:58 HappiKamper Stumbled upon personal health info about my therapist online

Hello, beloved community.
I have been seeing a trauma therapist weekly since February of this year. My trauma is related to a childhood where I was over-doctored by my mother, who also made me responsible for reassuring her about her mental and physical health problems/anxiety. As a result, I have struggled with health anxiety as an adult (focused around the big C, which I don’t have but am anxious about having/getting). My therapist has taught me SO many new tools. I’ve gone from feeling super stuck to enjoying lots of new headspace and healthy self-focus.
After my session yesterday, I needed to Google her name to find her website for an administrative reason (and I can never remember the name of the counseling group she works for). I was shocked to see, as the 5th result, a set-to-public Caring Bridge site about her big C treatment journey. I didn’t even need to click on the link to see her diagnosis type and date (which happened to be just weeks after I started seeing her). Even her photo was next to the site description! I broke down crying right there in the car.
At this point, I see no other option but to disclose to her that I stumbled upon her diagnosis online. And I have so many emotions about this, one of which is sadness because I have a feeling it will lead to the end of our work together. Also, I feel it’s the right thing to do to let her know her Caring Bridge is set to public — she very likely does not know.
Any supportive words and advice about how to handle this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.06 15:57 Tayo826 Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway car 904 is running a Dundee route service in the late 1940's. Car 904 was one of eight cars built in the O&CB shops in 1912. It was converted to one-man operation in the early 1930's, and was scrapped in 1951.

Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway car 904 is running a Dundee route service in the late 1940's. Car 904 was one of eight cars built in the O&CB shops in 1912. It was converted to one-man operation in the early 1930's, and was scrapped in 1951. submitted by Tayo826 to ailways [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 15:57 OkMeaning528 Tung Chung in HK

Tung Chung in HK
I swear to my life, sobrang refreshing netong area na to in HK. Not that much cars and first time to ride double decker na bus + trains na pucha ang luwag na laging on the dot pa.
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2023.06.06 15:57 G0d_Reaper How do i save my 15 year old car ?

So in 4 months my car swift dzire 2008 model vxi will have its rc over. I live in gurgoan and there is a stupid 15 year old rule here. The car has barely run on the roads ( only 50 k on meter in 15 years) i dont want to sell this car as i can't afford to buy another one at the moment and i love it too much. What can i do to save it ?
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2023.06.06 15:57 RareIndependent1184 New transmission

Should I buy a new transmission on my Chevy Malibu LTZ 2014. It has 142k miles on it. I rather buy a new transmission then get another pre-owned car. I want to keep this car. So if I buy a new transmission how long with the car last after that? Everything else on my car is in good condition just need a new transmission.
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2023.06.06 15:57 utahnow Should I sell a 3 yo Tiguan

Subj. It has about 33k miles on it and other than its insanely glitchy tire pressure sensor there’s not much wrong with it (knock on wood). I prepaid for the brakes replacement which is coming up and it’s been well cared for and regularly serviced. It has another 12 months of warranty left.
Several people independently advised me to sell it because according to them these models develop issues after 3-4 years.
Given the state of the market I would much prefer to hold on to the car, particularly since I also happen to like it very much and most other comparable cars I have ridden in or driven left me unimpressed in comparison.
Any thoughts are appreciated… is it really gonna get bad or is VW poor aging more of an urban legend?
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