12400 toscana way charlotte nc 28273

Violin Lessons in Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC

2023.06.01 13:36 musiciansinmotio Violin Lessons in Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC

Violin Lessons in Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC
Violin lessons in is a great choice for anyone 6 and up. Violin is known as one of the most challenging instruments to learn, but our knowledgeable staff is experienced and ready to make your learning the violin a joy! Currently, we offer studio lessons and in-home lessons near our studio on Carmel Rd. Visit the website:https://in.pinterest.com/pin/904731012623297635/

Violin lessons
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2023.05.31 15:48 bloomingbrandi Living out of a car with two dogs and looking for help!

Im recently homeless and I’m still trying to figure some things out. Im homeless with 2 dogs and living out of my car which just makes everything that much harder. I’ve lost everything in the last 3 years. My two dogs mean everything to me and have really been there for me in the last 8 years that I’ve owned my oldest and the last 3 years that I’ve owned my 2nd. They also are very attached to me and get separation anxiety. They are my actual children. No, I don’t have human children of my own. But I don’t want to lose them too. And imagining them wondering why their mom left them and never came back hurts my heart so bad. So giving them away is the last thing I want to do.
I’ve only been homeless for a few weeks now but I hate it for them every minute we’re in this situation. They do get lots of walks now and we spend a lot of time outside. They’re huskies so I know their loving that at least. But there’s no many reasons why this is not a suitable living situation for them and it’d be nice if there was some place for me to leave them until i was no longer homeless. The weather only getting hotter day by day is one of the biggest reasons. I’m located in Charlotte NC. Also I can’t get a job and get us out of the situation because it’s not like I can leave them in the car while I work and boarding or doggy day care is expensive.
So after my long story, I’m asking Reddit if anyone could think of something that might help. I tried doing Uber eats delivery to make money but it scared me leaving them in the car every time I had to go in to pick up or drop off an order. Someone could steal them, I always hear of huskies getting stolen. I could also just be a little paranoid. They’re my babies! Plus I was worried a customer or restaurant employee would see the dogs in the car and complain because food and dogs are gross to have together obviously. Even if I kept it separated well.
I’m now looking for a remote job and I can get a portable wifi thing and make money that way but it really would just be easiest if there was a place or someone that could take my babies for a bit. I’m only surviving off of the money my mom gives me which isn’t much so I can’t afford much. She does everything she can to help but unfortunately she’s in a bad situation herself. if I don’t come up with at least a plan here soon I will have to think of finding them a new home :(
Edit: Also to add: I’ve been thinking about going up north in a cooler climate but then I’m away from my mom who helps me out a lot. Also my car is older and I’m scared if something goes wrong with it I’m stuck somewhere with nobody to help
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2023.05.31 10:55 Post_Crash_Earnheart ~SetList Slide~ Charlotte, NC (5/30/23) I have the slides for the whole tour up to this point if anyone wants them. Dm me.

~SetList Slide~ Charlotte, NC (5/30/23) I have the slides for the whole tour up to this point if anyone wants them. Dm me. submitted by Post_Crash_Earnheart to deadandcompany [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 10:52 Post_Crash_Earnheart ~SetList Slide~ Charlotte, NC (5/30/23)

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2023.05.31 04:56 Burdwatcher In honor of Oakland fans, here is a list of all the failed MLB relocations I know of

This is not a comprehensive list, but it's as close as I could get to one from research and memory, and it includes quite a bit of Bay Area shenanigans. The Superdome appears fairly often as well:
1941 - The St. Louis Browns attempt to move to Los Angeles, but the winter meetings where the move's approval is set for a vote are scrapped by the attack on Pearl Harbor two days prior
1947 - NL President Ford Frick suggests to good friend and St. Louis Cardinals owner Sam Breadon that the team, currently renting Sportsmans Park from the Browns, should move to Chicago so it can finally have a successful NL franchise, but the White Sox and another area team stridently object so the team is instead sold to Fred Saigh
1953 - Facing federal tax evasion charges and bedeviled by Browns owner Bill Veeck loading the payroll with old Cardinals favorites and starting some wild promotions to shove his stadium's NL tenants out of town, Redbirds owner Fred Saigh nearly sells the team to a group in Houston before Gussie Busch floats in on a river of beer to save Stan Musial from a move to Texas
1953 - Saigh also nearly sold the Cardinals to a different beer baron - Fred Miller of Milwaukee - but as mentioned previously, the Budweiser guys saved the day instead
1953 - Unable to compete with the new Anheuser Busch money, the St. Louis Browns nearly move to Milwaukee instead, but Bill Veeck is blocked by the other owners. Milwaukee consoles itself by watching the ex-Boston Braves, who have just relocated there and will stay for a little over a decade. The Browns, who had started out as the original Milwaukee Brewers, move to Maryland and take on the Yankees franchise's original name as the Baltimore Orioles
1956 - The Washington Senators are courted by Los Angeles before the Brooklyn Dodgers enter the fray, then ultimately move to Minnesota five years later instead
1956 - New York Giants consider a move to Minneapolis before settling on San Francisco once the Brooklyn Dodgers' move west is solidified
1956 - The Kansas City Athletics owner, having just moved the team from Philadelphia, immediately regrets his decision and explores Los Angeles before being usurped by the Brooklyn Dodgers. He sells the team to Charles Finley a few years later
1958 - Incensed at having lost the Dodgers and Giants, New York mayor Robert Wagner enlists William Shea to try to poach the Phillies, Reds, or Pirates, before switching tactics and instead attacking MLB's antitrust status until they agree to allow the Mets as an expansion franchise.
1962 - Charles Finley tries to move the Athletics to Dallas but gets blocked by other owners
1963 - Charles Finley tries to move the Athletics to Louisville but gets blocked by other owners
1964-1966 - Charles Finley tries unsuccessfully to move the Athletics to Atlanta
1964-1966 - Charles Finley tries unsuccessfully to move the Athletics to San Diego
1964-1966 - Charles Finley tries unsuccessfully to move the Athletics to Indianapolis
1964-1966 - Charles Finley tries unsuccessfully to move the Athletics to Seattle, before ultimately moving them to Oakland in 1968
1965 - The Cincinnati Reds are nearly sold to San Diego by Bill DeWitt (father of current Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt) before local investors step in
1966 - "Singing Cowboy" Gene Autrey tries to move the Los Angeles Angels, formerly of Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium, to Long Beach, but when the city refuses to pay for a new stadium unless they are called the Long Beach Angels, he moves the team to Anaheim instead so he can use a name that will appeal to a larger southern California base. (Arte Moreno eventually makes a mockery of this entire naming debacle by restoring the Los Angeles name despite the team still being in Anaheim, which the city objects to, leading to the team briefly being called, at least in Spanish, Los Angeles de Los Angeles de Anaheim)
1968 - Bud Selig lures the White Sox to play some home games in Milwaukee and tries to buy the team and move it there, but the sale is blocked by other owners. Two years later he takes the Pilots from Seattle instead
1970s to 1990s - George Steinbrenner threatens to move the Yankees to New Jersey, also halfheartedly flirting with the New Orleans Superdome on a few brief occasions, particularly during a two-year stretch when the Yankees played at Shea Stadium (along with the Jets, Giants and Mets)
1973 - The Padres ink a deal to become the Washington (DC) Stars to replace the Texas Rangers version of the Senators, but after uniforms are designed and baseball cards printed, Ray Kroc of McDonalds fame steps in and keeps the team in San Diego
1975 - Charles Finley tries unsuccessfully to move the Athletics to Chicago's Comiskey Park...
1975 - ...because the White Sox' planned move to Seattle falls apart. Instead, baseball settled the debacle from the Pilots' quick exit via the Mariners expansion.
1976 - The San Francisco Giants try to leave Candestick Park for the warmer environs of Toronto, but a sale to the Labatts beer folks is blocked. Toronto gets the new Blue Jays franchise instead
1978 - Charles Finley tries unsuccessfully to move the Athletics to Denver
1979 - Charles Finley tries unsuccessfully to move the Athletics to New Orleans to play in the Superdome
1980s - Charles Finley tries unsuccessfully to sell the Athletics to Phoenix and/or to Denver again but is blocked by the city of Oakland after they lose the Raiders
1981 - The Pittsburgh Pirates entertain an offer to move to the Superdome in New Orleans, before the mayor threatens legal action
1981 - The Pirates entertain an offer from Tampa, which does not yet have a dome to offer and is ultimately rejected
1981-1985 - The Pittsburgh Pirates spend several years flirting with Denver, with talk dying down around the time of the (probably unrelated) MLB drug trial in the city, which implicates several players and the team's literally cocaine-addled parrot mascot
1985 - The Pittsburgh Pirates owner also flirts with a sale to Indianapolis, who has just stolen the Baltimore Colts from the NFL, but the mayor threatens to sue and scares both sides out of the deal
1987 - The Chicago White Sox flirt with the idea of moving to a new state-of-the-art dome being built in Tampa but ultimately settle for another Comiskey Park instead, thus narrowly helping the Windy City keep a professional baseball team
1990 - The San Francisco Giants attempt to secure funding for a new stadium in Santa Clara but it is voted down
1992 - The San Francisco Giants attempt to build a stadium in San Jose but the proposal is voted down
1993 - The San Francisco Giants again try to escape the bay area entirely with a move to Tampa's still-vacant state-of-the-art dome, but the other owners block the deal. The dome is eventually occupied by the Rays, who will eventually threaten to half-move to Montreal in part because they hate that dome
1995 - The Pittsburgh Pirates are nearly sold to a DC owner before being saved by Kevin McClatchey, who would eventually taint his legacy by making way for Bob Nutting to supplant him as owner in 2007
1997 - The Minnesota Twins try to move to Charlotte or Piedmont, but both this and Bud Selig's attempt to kill the team outright ultimately fail
2003 - With MLB taking ownership of the Montreal Expos the prior year, various moves are considered. The team plays some games in San Juan, Puerto Rico and kicks the tires on Portland OR, Monterrey Mexico, East Rutherford NJ, Norfolk VA, and Charlotte NC before finally convincing Orioles (neé St. Louis Browns, who started this whole list) owner Peter Angelos to give DC a third bite at the MLB apple.
Lately there has been talk of the Rays and A's moving, as well as Manfred threatening to kick the Brewers out of Milwaukee. It's fascinating to me how many of these prior relocations have involved Milwaukee, the A's, and Tampa... anyway feel free to call me an idiot for any of these you think may be incorrect or for any big ones I missed. Keep the faith, A's fans...
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2023.05.30 23:21 themeppenator01 [SETLIST THREAD] Dead & Company, PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC, 5/30/23

Weather : Cloudy with a chance of tunes
Temperature : Warm enough to cover your heels in tar
Bobby Shorts : Well broken in with some pre-show stretching ofc
Days Since Last El Paso : 322
Days Since [Mickey Last Licked the Beam](https://i.imgur.com/4a19UWa.gif) : 351
**SET 1 [7:14 PM ET - 8:40 PM ET ]**
Shakedown Street 1 >
Cold Rain & Snow
Dire Wolf
Loose Lucy
The Wheel 2 >
Let It Grow
**SET 2 [9:12 PM - 11:03 PM ET ]**
Help On The Way >
Slipknot! >
Franklin's Tower
Fire On The Mountain 3 >
The Other One >
Drums 4 >
Space >
The Other One
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia
US Blues
1 Crew Chatter
2 Reggae Vibe
3 with Oteil on Vocal Lead
4 with Oteil on Banjo Bass & Singing Scat
[Video Stream](https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-dead-and-company-pnc-music-pavilion-charlotte-nc-05-30-2023-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/32661-WEBCAST.html)
[Set 1 Preview](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BydX8MPGm6Q)
[Dead AiSet 2 Preview](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXlbfrFmx4k)
**Pre-Show Tunes to Check Out**
"Peggy-O", "Me & My Uncle" - Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros Live From The Capitol Theatre 2/11/23
Phil Lesh & Friends (with John Mayer) - 6/12/15
Dead & Co. - Times Union Center - 10-29-15
I got a few rules in this here setlist thread:
  1. Be Kind. You don’t have to agree with everybody, but there’s no reason to be rude.
  2. Please don’t skunk up the thread by asking for or sharing miracles. If you choose to share links, keep them in the DMs/PMs. You just gotta poke around.
  3. Please don’t award this post. While I appreciate the thought, your money is better spent on a good cause. A cause near and dear to my heart is [Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism](https://www.flutiefoundation.org/).
  4. ​​No spoilers! If you caught soundcheck or a flash of the setlist, please spoiler tag it or do not mention songs by name!
  5. If someone says the word "tempo" we all have to take a shot (or hit, or drink of your choosing (alcoholic or non))
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2023.05.30 19:53 Direct_Couple6913 How to find a doc like Peter?

New to this subreddit! I'm sure this has been asked before, but I scrolled back a few days / searched and couldn't find a post soooo here we go.
I live in Charlotte NC, one of the 25 largest cities in the US, and I am struggling big time to find a doctor like Peter Attia. I'm 29 y/o and *relatively* healthy, so I'm mostly focused on 1) prevention, and 2) achieving *optimal* health. A few things I'm finding that aren't quite right include:
  1. Concierge practitioners who seem more focused on coordinating care for complex, sick patients
  2. "Functional Medicine" practitioners who are anti-medicine and pro-essential oils
  3. Health coaches who lack the qualifications and prescribing powers of an actual doctor
I want an actual MD/DO who can and will write prescriptions, isn't afraid of modern medicine, is highly knowledgeable about and able to guide nutritional and exercise choices, and takes a robust approach to prevention and testing / tracking. Has anyone here found a doctor like this? Do they fill the role of a PCP? Do you have any tips of google search keywords or other ways to find doctors like this in cities where - apparently - they are scarce?
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2023.05.29 13:41 malak_jewelers_info 3 Types Of Famous Judaica Jewelry..!!

The art of jewelry making has been practiced for thousands of years. Sparkling and colorful gems and metals are cut and designed into gorgeous pieces of jewelry to make a statement to your overall attire. Today, you can also opt for jewelry appraisal near me to create magic with the existing jewelry you own. Among the various kinds of jewelry, Judaica jewelry has gained popularity over the years.
Judaica jewelry is a beautiful and meaningful expression of Jewish culture and tradition. It is a testament to the rich history and heritage of the Jewish people, with roots dating back thousands of years. Throughout history, Jews have used jewelry to express their faith and identity.
Today, Judaica jewelry remains a popular way to connect with one's Jewish roots and show pride in one's heritage. From Star of David pendants to Hamsa bracelets, Judaica jewelry offers a wide range of options for you to embrace your Jewish identity through fashion.
Judaica jewelry has a long and rich history that can be traced back to ancient times. In fact, the earliest examples of Jewish jewelry can be found in the Bible, where many apex figures are described as wearing jewelry as a sign of their wealth and status. For example, King David was said to have worn a gold crown, while Queen Esther wore a silver scepter.
Over time, Jewish jewelry became more intricate and meaningful, with each piece often telling a story or conveying a message. So here are the top three Judaica jewelry pieces that you can opt for apart from wedding bands in Charlotte, NC.
Chai Necklace It is one of the most popular Judaica jewelry pieces. The word "chai" means "life" in Hebrew, and this necklace is often worn as a way to celebrate the gift of life. The chai symbol is typically displayed on a pendant or charm and is often combined with other symbols, such as the Star of David or the hamsa hand.
Mezuzah Necklace The mezuzah is a small parchment scroll that is placed on the doorpost of a Jewish home as a reminder of God's presence. The mezuzah necklace typically features a miniature mezuzah pendant and is often worn as a way to bring God's protection and blessings with you wherever you go.
Evil Eye Necklace The evil eye is a popular symbol in many cultures and is said to protect the wearer from harm. The evil eye necklace typically features a small pendant or charm that is designed to ward off negative energy and protect the wearer from the evil eye.
Judaica jewelry is not only a way to celebrate Jewish culture and heritage, but it is also a way to express one's faith and connect with God. Whether you are looking for a traditional piece of Judaica jewelry or a modern and contemporary design, there are many different options available to suit your style and taste. So why not explore the world of Judaica jewelry and find a piece that speaks to you and your connection with Jewish culture and tradition?
Malak Jewelers is one of the best jewelry stores offering a massive range of Judaica jewelry. Apart from that, they can also be the solution to your jewelry repair near me. Visit their website to know more about the products and services offered by them.
Original Source:
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2023.05.29 12:43 tunicsandleggimgs15 Open caption pre-sales for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Will continue to update this post as more markets/theaters are added and more sales data becomes available.
(Update 6/1, stopped updating this post and called it in a new post)
# of Tickets/# of Markets 831 69 12.04
# of tickets/#of theaters 831 100 8.31
#of tickets/#of screen times 831 283 2.94
Took a different approach this time. Set up a spreadsheet to measure open caption pre-sales in a new, automated way. Currently, the only reason the number of tickets sold is this much is because a handful of superstar locations sold quite a bit; most are still in the 0 to 3 ticket range (As of Monday 5/29). Since this is the first time for this new method of measurement, don't know yet how high the averages need to be to be able to judge if a movie is going to sell well. Will work on increasing # of markets and # of theaters to see if that improves the data. As a rough rule of thumb, open caption screenings tend to sell better in major cities with larger populations and therefore more people with and without hearing loss who can benefit from open captions.
These are the markets being tracked: Appleton (WI), Atlanta, Aurora (CO), Austin, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Bridgeport (WV), Boston, Burbank, Charlotte, Chattanooga (TN), Chicago, Colorado Springs, Council Bluffs, Danbury (CT), DC, Denver, Eagan (MN), Fairfax (VA), Fayetteville (NC), Fitchburg (WI), Fullerton, Gaithersburg (MD), Green Bay (WI), Houston, Huntsville (AL), Indianapolis, Kansas City (MO), La Crosse (WI), Lakewood (CO), Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Mesa, Miami, Minot (ND), Mobile (AL), Morgantown (WV), Newark (DE), New Brunswick (NJ), NYC, Noblesville (IN), Novi (MI), Oklahoma City, Olathe, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portage (IN), Portland (OR), Rochester Hills (MI), San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Sheboygan (WI), Skokie, Spokane, Tacoma, Tallahassee, Tampa, Tempe, Towson (MD), Tucson, Tulsa, Webster (NY), Westminster (CO), Winston-Salem (NC)
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2023.05.28 18:04 Johnstockton1992 Could have done a tad better. But a good week nonetheless.

Could have done a tad better. But a good week nonetheless.
Couple things.
1) Miles: some of the days I forgot to turn the app (Gridwise) off after driving. For example, finished the shift and going back home etc. for the most part those days are mostly accurate.
2) Hours: If someone could tell me if there is a way to find ACTIVE TIME on the app that would awesome. Why the hours are so high is mainly due to the fact I do a lot of reservations. So being online 40 min prior, also the airport reserve rides require being online 1hr before. So next week I’ll try to manage the active time.
3) Gas: $170 and I’m in the Charlotte,NC market.
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2023.05.27 16:18 noahkhelms Trying to decide if I want to cover up my current tattoo or try to incorporate it into my sleeve. More in comments. (Repost for new title).

Trying to decide if I want to cover up my current tattoo or try to incorporate it into my sleeve. More in comments. (Repost for new title).
So I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a traditional-ish patchwork sleeve. My first tattoo (pictured) would need to be covered up since I don’t think there’s really any way to incorporate that into my sleeve (any ideas on how would definitely be appreciated). I’m not torn up about getting it covered considering it’s not a very well done tattoo.
The second picture is the color scheme im thinking for the sleeve. Im not opposed to other colors such as red. I only have black and grey tattoos currently so don’t know if it would look good. I am also a pretty small guy, so any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. Artist is Mickeyputts on instagram from Charlotte NC.
3rd picture was what I was thinking. At first I was thinking about going for a sick ass panther /s
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2023.05.27 05:14 gothicraccoon how to find players/hotspots for shadow raids without being creepy??

my boyfriend & i are looking for hot spots in NC for shadow mewtwo raids. we know we need a good amount of people to be successful, worried we are going to struggle to find others playing this weekend. also know it would be hella weird to ask for exact coordinates and times people will be places, not trying to get killed. but you see my point. how are you guys planning to be successful in these raids if you don’t live in a populated area? i know an obvious answer is to travel to a bigger city, but even in say raleigh or charlotte, i fear if we drive all the way out there we may still not be able to find enough players to be successful by chance.
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2023.05.26 23:16 Sufficient-Skin6876 Like minded feminist friends

Hi everyone. I’m not sure if this is allowed but my boyfriend and I are in search of friends. We moved to a new city a few months ago but even before then we didn’t really have many friends. We are located in Charlotte, NC. We would like to meet people and find some friends but it’s very difficult. We are feminists. We don’t tolerate misogyny and it’s very ingrained and normalized in our society so it’s soooo hard to find people that aren’t sexist in some way. I also want him to be able to have guy friends but we never meet guys that aren’t disrespectful to women in some shape or form. We want to meet likeminded women and men to become friends with so I wanted to see if any of you are in this area :)
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2023.05.25 15:12 loiju12 Jubilation Gardenia, anyone know if there is something wrong with it? Seems too bare to me. Sees morning sun all the way to about 3 o’clock. I have 4 just like this. Charlotte, NC.

Jubilation Gardenia, anyone know if there is something wrong with it? Seems too bare to me. Sees morning sun all the way to about 3 o’clock. I have 4 just like this. Charlotte, NC. submitted by loiju12 to plants [link] [comments]

2023.05.24 22:10 scubasky What do you recommend for this soil result?

What do you recommend for this soil result?
8,000 sqft Bermuda near Charlotte, NC. Got my results back and it is way low on P and K. What do you guys recommend for a fertilizer to bring this up? It’s hard to find fert with high P,K and no nitrogen as I handle that separately and with the amounts I need hardly any nitrogen in the same bag would be too much. Is there such thing as a 0-25-25 or what should I do and how much? Thanks!
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2023.05.24 19:42 ElYewii Semper Imperialis - [Ch.1]

Nothing of what happens here is canon unless u/bluefishcake says so, please enjoy.
March 15, 2019, Houston TX, 8:00 P.M. UTC-6
"Come on hurry up mom."
"Why do we always have to be late to everything." said Miranda, my sister.
"You don't get to complain after leaving things for the last minute." I said.
“You two quit it.
“Now come say bye to your dad.” said mom
“Mom we are just going to be separated for one day, ONE.” I said
“Just ask for your blessing.” mom said while picking up her handbag
“Fine.” we collectively said while rolling our eyes
Bendición papá.” we said simultaneously
Que Dios los bendiga, y que todo me les salga bien en el viaje.” he said
“Now let’s go we have to go through TSA, and knowing Miranda she probably brought all the things prohibited on a plane” I said while walking backwards and towards the security checkpoint
“See, they haven’t even started boarding” said mom
“Still we shouldn’t keep this habit of being on the clock every single time.” I said while taking a seat at the gate and looking at the tv that was displaying the news.
The several channels displayed reporters and interviews with astronomers talking about weird objects detected outside of the solar system right beyond Pluto.
“Crazy right?” I asked
“What do you think they are?” asked mom
“I say aliens.” said Miranda
“I back you up on that one.” I said
Flight 352 Houston - Charlotte Now Boarding at gate C3
“That’s us.”
March 15, 2019, Charlotte NC, 11:30 P.M. UTC-5
It had been a rough day for everyone and all they wanted to do was sleep, that’s why they busted through the hotel room door as soon as it unlocked
“Finally.” We all said
“Now to sleep.” I sleep
“But I’m hungry.” said Miranda
“And I am too tired to even feel hunger.
“Good night.”
Good night son.”
"Buenas noches ma."
March 16, 2019, Charlotte NC, 9:00 A.M. UTC-5
I was the first to wake up, had this bad habit of waking up early when I can sleep in, but this gives me the chance of going down to breakfast early and have the fresh food.
That until I moved the curtains and looked outside.
There were columns of smoke all throughout the city, other than the confusion from waking up to something like this was ‘damn these room has great noise isolation’ then I looked up and I kid you not what looked like a covenant super-carrier from halo just on a way smaller scale, purple and everything.
I decided to go out to the balcony and peek to the street below, and then I saw them a convoy of what looked like purple mechs, giant purple humvees and on foot soldiers and they looked tall even from a sixth floor.
Then one of them looked up at me straight in the eyes, though I couldn’t tell, they had helmets on, did they even have eyes?
But at that moment all my brain could say was “holy shit” so I scrambled to the balcony door and slammed It shut and rolled the curtain over the glass.
Miranda was already awake and in a mix of confusion and panic after seeing me scared shitless pushing they already closed and locked door.
“What’s up with you?” she said in a half worried half laughing tone
“Ah- a.”
“Spit it out!”
“Did you have a clown for breakfast or something?” she said after containing her laughter
“I’m serious!”
“Yeah right and Michael Jackson is throwing a concert down the street.”
“Look out for yourself then.” I said while still recovering my breath
By this time mom had woken up “what is it with you two now.”
“Jeriel says there are aliens outside.” said Miranda.
“There are, look outside!” I said while pointing at the closed curtain.
“Whatever just get dressed and let’s go down to breakfast, we can talk about aliens and apples if y’all want” mom said while stretching and getting out of bed.
When the elevators door to the lobby opened I almost fainted, at ripe age of 17 I wasn’t a tall person coming about 5’7 I was even a little below average, so when the elevator doors open and I see this 7’ish foot tall masked soldiers I was by all the meanings of the word ‘intimidated’.
We all just stood there like a deer caught in the headlights, and even more shocked when it spoke English, a really broken one at that but with a surprisingly female voice a ‘human’ female voice, it took my brain a couple seconds to process what I was hearing and seeing.
For starters ‘she’ that’s what I assumed she was, was a muscle unit with her ‘armor?’ making a good silhouette of her body, especially her upper chest.
It took all my brain power to grab both my sister and mother’s hands and tell my legs to work.
She guided us to the front desk where there were even more of them on seated behind the front desk of the hotel and without her helmet, it looked just like a woman in her twenties give or take, but I didn’t know neither how years worked for them or their anatomy, but they did have purple skin, and tusks.
So if they all looked like this it meant two things, one: we had been invaded by purple space orcs, and two: they were hot.
Then they put us in a line and she asked if we came to the hotel together in a somewhat better English, after I answered yes she asked me where did we normally reside, and before I could answer I felt something clang to my leg, when I looked down, I saw mom.
I saw mom in shock, looking at the television, when I looked I saw a news broadcast with the emergency message at the bottom, but what mattered was the news themselves.
They were reporting amongst the invasion itself, at nuclear attack on the city of Houston.
‘DAD!’ was everything I could think of, I wanted to scream but nothing came out, I wanted to cry but again, nothing came out.
After a moment of confusion for the soldier at the desk she asked if everything was ok, all I could do was point at the news broadcast with my shaky hand and say “there.”
We later learned that it was the U.S. Navy who had nuked the city, surprisingly it was not the alien invaders.
After a while we checked our phones and mom had received a message from dad, it was sent overnight while we slept, it was him telling us about the invasion and the chaos there was and how the aliens had taken over, it ended with him praying for us to be safe and hoping to seeing us soon, it was sent 2 minutes before the nuke hit.
The aliens didn’t take him from us it was the humans.
‘Other humans.’
Humanity 1 - 0 Aliens
Hey everyone, this is my first time writing so all the criticism and corrections are welcome as English is not my first language, and any writing tips in general.
Hope to be able to continue this series.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.24 15:10 loiju12 Jubilation Gardenia- How is this doing? It seems a bit bare to me. Had more growth in the winter. Sees morning sun all the way to about 3 o’clock. Charlotte, NC.

Jubilation Gardenia- How is this doing? It seems a bit bare to me. Had more growth in the winter. Sees morning sun all the way to about 3 o’clock. Charlotte, NC. submitted by loiju12 to plants [link] [comments]

2023.05.24 07:59 RaynaMoody Outfit help!!

Outfit help!!
Hi! So I am going to the Charlotte, NC tour stop in June, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with accessories for my outfit? I would’ve gone with blue shoes but they were out of stock at the time I bought the outfit. The outfit is k-12 inspired, and I want to do a mix of crybaby and portals with the accessories but in a way everything flows together. My shop of choice (lol) is Amazon, so if anyone has some suggestions please post the link below!!! Thank you!!!!
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2023.05.23 16:47 RedPanda1987 Trip Report 9/16-9/20 (Second Honeymoon)

Second Honeymoon Explanation: Our first honeymoon was at Disney last September during Hurricane Ian. We had a wonderful time in spite of the hurricane, but missed out on Epcot and a lot of the resort offerings because things were closed. Disney extended our park ticket for a year, so we scheduled another trip :) I also just finished my masters degree, so it was a double celebration!
We drove down from Charlotte NC, splitting the trip and staying in Savannah for a night. Went to Buc-ees on the way, which was my husbands only request. He could have spent all day there. The 8-hour car ride isn’t too bad, especially if you break it up like we did.
We spent 5/13 - 5/16 at Universal Studios and stayed at Royal Pacific. I’ll write a full trip report in the UOR subreddit if you’d like to see that. Overall, there were a few things we felt Universal does better than Disney World: the convenience between the 2 parks, being able to walk from our resort to the parks (yes, you can do that at DW, but not without paying a buttload of $$… we’re a brewery manager and a teacher, so we usually stay at Moderates), and being able to find water in the parks. Universal has Coke Freestyle machines everywhere, which made it super easy to fill up our water bottles. Universal is also very doable in two days, especially if you have express pass. We were done with everything by the middle of the second day, and went back to our resort to chill at the pool and eat sushi.
That being said, we definitely like Disney more. The cast member service can’t be beat, the food is better, and the rides are more cohesively themed. So many of universal’s rides are screen rides - they put you in a vehicle, plop you in front of some giant screens, squirt some water on you, and call it a day. The Harry Potter worlds are the best part (we’re not huge roller coaster people, but Hagrid’s is possibly the best coaster I’ve ever been on), and I would argue that the immersion in Diagon Alley is better than Galaxy’s Edge, but the rest of the park feel a bit flat for me. I’ll put it this way - we’re already talking about the next time we go to Disney. I can’t see us going back to Universal until they add Nintendo/Marvel stuff.
Wednesday 5/16 - Disney Springs and Trader Sam’s We checked out of RP and drove over to Port Orleans French Quarter. We’d stayed at POFQ during the hurricane and loved it, and we wanted to experience all the resort offerings. And get more beignets. After parking and dropping our luggage off at the front, we had breakfast at Sassagoula’s and hopped on the boat to Disney Springs. We had lunch reservations at Jaleo - they have an AMAZING lunch special for $35pp that includes 4 courses and the ability to have $5 sangria. It was my favorite meal the entire week, and a great deal compared to their regular menu. I would definitely go back, although next time I won’t have breakfast beforehand! By the time we finished lunch, I had a text that our room was ready. We took the boat back to POFQ and got our luggage in our room, then took an Uber to Poly to get our names on the list for Trader Sams. By 3:30pm, they already had a 2.5 hour wait. We ended up sticking it out (we’re both pretty stubborn, and we’d failed in our attempt last year), and got Dole Whip and walked around the resort. After 3 hours of waiting and a couple cocktails at Tambu, we finally got in. Totally worth it. I won’t spoil the experience for anyone, but it’s worth going at least once. Next time, we’ll be more prepared with monorail hopping plans, or getting there earlier. We took a Lyft back to POFQ and had a small bite to eat there, then went to sleep pretty quickly.
Thursday 5/17 - Epcot Woke up and took the first bus of the day over to Epcot. Rope dropped Frozen and got LLs for Cosmic Rewind and Ratatouille. The rides were fantastic, though my husband wasn’t a huge fan of CR - turns out he doesn’t like dark coasters that spin around. We also took the “Behind the Seeds” tour, which I highly recommend! It’s only $35pp and you get to walk through the Living with the Land greenhouses and learn about how they grow the food. We had lunch at Brunchcot, which was good but messy, then headed by to POFQ for a midday break. I’m a big fan of the midday break - it gets us out of the park at the busiest and hottest part of the day, and gives us a chance to recharge and cool down in the pool. I don’t think I could do a full open-close day without a break in the middle. After an hour and a half, we headed by the Epcot to do the festival booths and World Showcase. We shared drinks around the world and food from a few of the booths - France has the best food!! There was torrential downpour as soon as we got to England (realistic), so we went into Rose and Crown to get a beer. I just lost my dad a couple weeks ago, and he was British, so this was a good tribute to him. The rain luckily stopped in time to watch Epcot Forever, which we really enjoyed! I know it’s a placeholder show, but it’s still fantastic fireworks and music. I’m glad we stuck around to see it. After coming back to POFQ, we got boozy beignets (delicious) and promptly feel asleep.
Friday 5/18 - Hollywood Studios Rope dropped Slinky Dog, my husband’s favorite roller coaster, and mobile ordered breakfast tots from Woody’s - these were delicious! Then, we headed over to Galaxy’s Edge and did Smugglers Run (we got to be the pilots!) and walked around for a bit. LL’d Mickey and Minnie’s, watched the Muppets (I know it’s cheesy, but we love it. They need animal ride in Muppet Land so there’s more to do….), then headed over for Indiana’s Jones Stunt Spectacular. For some reason, they only did the first scene and Cairo, then ended the show. Not sure if this show has technical difficulties, but I was sad we didn’t get to see the ending scene with the plane. Lunch at Ronto Roasters, which was delicious. We shared a wrap, and it was enough for both of us. After that, we did Rise (always amazing) and headed to our reservation at Oja’s. Being a couple, we stood at the bar, which we prefer because we always have fun with the bartenders. We headed back to our hotel for our midday break and swim, then back to HS around 4:30pm. I had booked us the Fantasmic Dinner Package at Sci-Fi, and it ended up being really fun! The food was ok, nothing spectacular, but the atmosphere can’t be beat, and the prices weren’t too bad. After dinner, we did the frozen sing-along (loved it!) and I did Tower of Terror by myself. My husband doesn’t do heights and, up until recently, didn’t do elevators, so he stayed behind for this one. The last time I did ToT was in 2001 when they had lap bars, so the seatbelts were new! Luckily, I was next to the wall, so I held onto that the entire time. After that, we waited around for Fantastmic - there was a big storm coming through, so they ended up delaying it about 15 minutes. Luckily, the storm held off, and they did the entire show. It was AMAZING! I’d definitely recommend doing a dining package - we had a whole section in the middle of the stadium that was roped off. Any seat is a good one, but it was nice not to have to wait in line and have good seats. After going back to POFQ, we went to the Scat Cat Club for a drink and listened to the live band, then headed to bed.
Saturday - Boma and Departure Day We snagged 8:55am reservations at Boma for breakfast - I’ve always wanted to see AKL, and we’re considering staying there next time for our first Deluxe Resort experience. It didn’t disappoint! The resort is gorgeous and the buffet was delicious. We had enough sustenance to make it back to Charlotte by 6:30pm that evening.
Overall, we had a wonderful trip and are looking forward to coming back. Excited to see the 2024 deals and dining plan details!
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2023.05.23 03:53 anonymouswan1 Bass Fishing in NC

Can we talk bass fishing in NC? I have been in Charlotte now for a couple years and have been working my way around the state looking to catch some bass. I have started with just local ponds around Charlotte, and have slowly been working my way around all the reservoirs off Lake Norman. I even bought a kayak to help myself cover more water.
I am originally from PA, we had pretty good fishing there. Perch and Walleye out of Lake Erie, and good sized bass no matter what pond you went to.
Bass fishing here has been brutal for me. I keep changing different locations, driving further and further outside of Charlotte thinking it's a lake problem, but I get the same results everywhere I go. Either skunked, or I will catch a couple dinks. There's just no good sized bass in any Norman connected waters. I have tried to do google research, but there just isn't a lot of info on bass fishing in the area. In PA, you wouldn't struggle this much to get on bass, and good sized too. Every pond would have 2lbs+ bass in them no matter what the size and they would hit on just about any lure.
Are there any 2lb+ bass in the western part of NC? Google says head to Jordan Lake which is a bit of a hike and doesn't look very kayak friendly, but I am desperate to catch anything at this point. I have even thought of just switching to doing catfish as that seems to be more popular here.
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2023.05.21 17:03 HealingIsTheJourney Suggestions Needed: BP 1 assisting newly diagnosed neighbor (I also just need to get this off my chest)

TLDR at the end
I am 34 and was diagnosed Bipolar 1 about a year and a half ago, around the time that we were moving into a new neighborhood.
Shortly after we moved in, we woke up one morning to find a huge but adorable Pyrenees at our back door, the address on the tag was for the house two doors down. Long story short when we did make contact with the owner, he was standing out in his back yard talking about blowing up his house and yelling slurs, he had all four gas burners on his stove turned on with no flame as he waited for the house to fill with gas to blow up the bad guys. He was having an episode. We called the cops and he was taken to a behavioral health facility and treated for a week or so.
When our neighbor returned he was "normal". Happy, Healthy, lucid and aware. He's a really great guy, single, lives alone, works from home, about 45-50 years old. He lends us his lawn mower, my husband stops over and chats with him about wood working from time to time. He's an active person, he takes his dog for hikes, plays tennis with a local group, goes to the casino a few hours away every couple of weekends.
Fast forward a few months and he has another episode when he was out of the house, his dog was locked in the house for 2 weeks before I got a call from a mental health facility and I connected all the dots, I climbed through a window because the police refused to help in any way to get the dog out, knowing full well he had been in there for quite some time and his owner would not be returning for another week. The house was absolutely destroyed - I cannot express how bad the conditions were after having a 150lb juvenile dog locked up with no one to be with and nothing to do. When he came back from this visit, he told me he thinks family issues are causing the episodes he's having and how he was diagnosed with Bipolar and was now being medicated and seeing a psychiatrist. He gave us the key to his house in the event something like this happens again we can make sure his home and dog are being taken care of.
I told him the most important thing for him to do is take those meds every single day, like it's a multivitamin. It's not optional. I know so many of us struggle with our relationship with our condition and medications, especially when first wrapping our heads around the diagnosis
I was speaking from my own personal experience and 20 years of being undiagnosed and treated for other things, going on and off meds. I have my own story and my own journey. I don't have a lot of capacity to be a caretaker to another person, I have 2 kids and a spouse who just recovered from cancer and didn't have a job for a year, I work full time from home and my job can be quite hectic and stressful. Life has been hard, stress is not good for me. I have to be really careful how I extend myself.
He has had a total of 4 episodes that resulted in him being admitted in the past 8 months. He had another one last night when our other (very new) neighbors were throwing a party for their kids. He came over and started telling them he had a body and they were understandably very concerned. The cops were called and he was taken away by medics. We went and picked up his dog that was left in the backyard last night.
I'm really at a loss, when he is admitted there is no one he has as an emergency contact, they won't ever let me contact him because I have to have a patient number and the only way I would be able to get that is from him. It's very frustrating every time and also concerning because I care about my neighbor and his overall wellbeing. I see him struggling, and I see him losing more and more of himself as he struggles.
What can I do, what resources are available to me? At this point I feel like we are really the only people in his life he can rely on or who step up when things like this happen. He had mentioned making us emergency contacts, but no one has reached out to us and that only counts if he's taken to the facility he was taken to where he made us his emergency contacts. My biggest concern is that he is at risk of losing everything if this continues to happen at the frequency and severity which it has. If he loses his job, he loses his house, he becomes homeless. Every single one of these interactions he has with strangers is an increased safety risk for both him and those around him. He's black. I'm worried he might get hurt or even worse shot and killed. I'm worried about his dog being able to have the proper care when he is not able to provide it. I'm worried that his condition will progress and he will no longer be able to reliably care for himself, and no one will be able to put him in a place where he would be cared for and safe.
He will fall through the cracks and be forgotten, another statistic, another number in a report on mental health.
As a community, what can we do to help him? We live in Charlotte, NC.
TLDR: My neighbor continues to have manic episodes requiring psych admission. He lives alone and has no reliable family or close friends. What things can I talk to him about putting in place for these situations? What resources are there for taking care of a non familial person struggling with mental health? I want to make sure he continues to have proper and safe care if he continues on this decline and want to make sure we have options for him if he requires extended care.
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2023.05.20 08:59 CarolinaGolfgirl Does IC have a process for shopper complaints?

I agree with so much I have read here and would like to add that it is unethical, maybe even illegal for IC not to give shoppers batch pay for every order. More often than not the batches available have 2-3 orders shopped and delivered to 2-3 customers. I'm happy to do this if I get batch pay for each one. When IC does this they only pay the shopper for one "batch". In my area (Charlotte, NC) that is only $7. In the 3 batch scenario all 3 customers are paying fees, but I am only paid one batch and IC takes the rest. This should be illegal. I have tried calling shopper support and there is no way to reach anyone else. No corporate email or phone for Human Resources, no corporate headquarters. Does anyone know how to take this to the next level?
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