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2023.06.06 15:37 snowplowmom Are Kaplan books a good idea for 6 month steady prep?

Rising junior college, hope to take MCAT in late Jan 2024, hope to apply without gap yr. All premeds done except 2nd semester Bio and 2nd sem Physics, but had them both full yr as APs (Physics C) in high school, will hopefully take at least one of them this fall, so probably can refresh on own with review materials. Could do steady prep from now through mid Dec 2023, then intensive prep for 5 weeks before exam.
Would a Kaplan review book series be a good idea for starting review now? Rest of plan so far is daily Westin CARS passage, and using ANKING pack. Very open to other suggestions.
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2023.06.06 15:36 unodostresabc Car lease vs. finance advice

Hello, I would really appreciate some advice on leasing vs. financing a car for anyone who can help! My financial situation is not the best, as I have been in school basically year round since graduating high school 5 years ago.
I am a new grad with 170k in student loans and will make about 118k at my new job at the end of summer. The beater car I drove into the ground during school has finally given out, so I am trying to decide between leasing or buying a new car. I know the usual answer is always to buy because leasing is more expensive long term. However, my situation makes me think that lease might be much easier for me right now, in which case I can justify a higher overall cost.
I do not have anything in savings (thanks grad school), and my credit is not great (640), but thankfully my parents have great credit and are willing to help me out by loaning me a (small) down payment, or by cosigning.
Also, I am not car savvy, beyond simple things like changing a headlight. I have seen some leases that cover all maintenance and repairs, which is also appealing for me.
Please let me know if any other details could help with advice. Thank you all for your time and wisdom!
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2023.06.06 15:36 l_st_er Commuting over the AF Bridge feels like taking your life in your own hands

I’ve lived in Surrey for just shy of a year and a half and boy Lordy, commuting into Van for work has been interesting to say the least.
I am not saying bad driving doesn’t happen anywhere else but as someone who’s lived and worked in Van, Burnaby, and Coquitlam I don’t think there’s anything quite like commuting from Surrey.
Common themes I’ve noticed:
*Tailing the vehicle in front super close rain or shine
*Not shoulder checking or bothering to signal before switching lanes
*People punching it and cutting others off with barely a car length of space then hammering on the brakes
*Driving 10-20 under in the middle or left lanes
*Taking forever to merge even after you back off and give them the beams/wave
*Purposely speeding up and not letting people merge as opposed to taking your foot off the gas or changing lanes temporarily before the merge
I leave an hour and 15 minutes for a 20 min drive into Burnaby because I’ve been stuck when a dump truck broke down in April and a car hit it.
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2023.06.06 15:36 Jollyfrog83 I (35f) want to stop seeing this guy (38m) due to his choice of transport

I have a dilemma.
I've been back on the dating scene for a few months and was chatting to one guy for a couple of weeks. We arranged to go on a date to a restaurant near my home. He lives in the town over (we're in the UK, which is relevant) and didn't have a car. Despite me saying that we could meet somewhere closer to him, he was happy to come to the restaurant and got a lift in from a work colleague.
The date went well, conversation flowed and he was nice. He has a cute dog and has worked in healthcare so we connected. I got no weird vibes from him, so I gave him a lift back to his town, about a 25 minute drive each way.
The issue is that he now has a vehicle and it is a Hackney taxi. For those who aren't in the UK, the Hackney taxi are those big black cabs that you see mainly in London.
I'm not in London and neither is he. He is not a taxi driver and apparently isn't planning on becoming one. These taxis are slowly coming out of London and operating in other towns, cities, etc but it gives me the ick. Having it as your main mode of transport (it still has the taxi logo and adverts pasted all over) when you aren't using it as a taxi weird me out. I can't help but get 'I'm gonna get murdered in the back a of a taxicab' vibes. Am I being overdramatic? I want to stop seeing this man and just delete his number.
TL; DR I want to delete a guy's number for having a taxi as his main vehicle. He's not a taxi driver.
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2023.06.06 15:35 Nice-Housing3969 VVT solenoid

Changed the VVT solenoid out because it threw a code once. Correct me if I’m wrong but on the NB2 which I have it’s a VVT solenoid instead of the cam angle solenoid? Anyway I got an aftermarket one from autozone and on the drive home I noticed that the revs don’t fall quickly anymore when I’m at a stop light and I am in neutral. It would take about 10 seconds for the car to let go of the revs from a complete stop. Anyone experience this before?
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2023.06.06 15:35 IntelligentRodent Went to Busch yesterday around 1, insanely busy

I usually go during the week and am able to get preferred parking and walk onto all rides. Standard lot was super full and preferred unavailable.
Joked with the guy at the car check in that it’s crazy busy and he said on mondays they usually have about 3,000 people but they currently had a little over 10,000!
Assuming it’s just because of all the graduations this month
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2023.06.06 15:35 yakhinvadim Tuesday, June 6 — 7 significant news stories

Tuesday, June 6 — 7 significant news stories
Today ChatGPT read 1128 top news stories and gave 8 of them a significance score over 7.
After removing duplicates and repeats, here is today’s significant news:
[8.6] UN climate official warns world at "tipping point" in climate crisis — The Guardian
The world is at a "tipping point" in the climate crisis that requires all countries to put aside their national interests to fight for the common good, the UN's top climate official has warned. Simon Stiell, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, pointed to recent findings from scientists that temperatures were likely to exceed the threshold of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels within the next five years. Stiell was addressing representatives from nearly 200 countries gathered in Bonn, the UN's climate headquarters, to discuss how to forge a "course correction" that would put the world on track to meet the aspirations of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, and limit global heating to 1.5C.
[7.5] Binance faces investor exodus following SEC lawsuit, crypto value impacted — Reuters
Investors have withdrawn approximately $790 million from cryptocurrency exchange Binance, in the last 24 hours, following a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC accuses Binance of evading U.S. laws through deceptive practices, such as inflating trading volumes and diverting customer funds. Binance, in response, insists it has cooperated with the SEC and will defend its platform vigorously. This legal action, coupled with previous lawsuits, contributes to a shaky period for Binance and has had a noticeable effect on the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Binance's own BNB.
[7.4] Mycorrhizal fungi play larger role in carbon storage than previously thought — The Conversation
New research suggests that mycorrhizal fungi, which live in symbiosis with plants, could play a significant role in storing carbon, helping to offset carbon emissions. The fungiform vast underground networks, exchanging nutrients and water for carbon-rich sugars from plants. It's estimated that these fungi absorb around 36% of the world’s annual carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Although the fungi also naturally release some carbon back into the atmosphere, their net contribution to soil carbon storage is substantial. Despite the lack of data from certain ecosystems and regions, the findings indicate the importance of these fungal networks in the carbon cycle. Preserving these networks, particularly in the face of deforestation and land-clearing, could offer an additional avenue for tackling climate change.
[7.4] Rich industrialized countries could owe $170tn in climate reparations by 2050 — The Guardian
A new study published in the journal Nature Sustainability has calculated that rich industrialised countries responsible for excessive levels of greenhouse gas emissions could be liable to pay $170tn in climate reparations by 2050 to ensure targets to curtail climate breakdown are met. The proposed compensation, which amounts to almost $6tn annually, would be paid to historically low-polluting developing countries that must transition away from fossil fuels despite not having yet used their “fair share” of the global carbon budget. The compensation system is based on the idea that the atmosphere is a commons, a natural resource for everyone which has not been used equitably.
[7.4] Canada faces unprecedented wildfire season — Toronto Star
Canada is facing an unprecedented wildfire season, with officials warning that by the end of August, the country could have more scorched forest than ever before. The situation is the result of a convergence of factors, including climate change, which is delivering conditions conducive to more frequent and severe wildfires, and large-scale weather patterns that are fanning the flames. There are significant fires burning in every single province and territory. Already this year, there have been 2,214 wildfires that have blackened more than 3.3 million hectares of Canadian wildland, more than five million football fields’ worth.
[7.2] Dam destruction in Ukraine prompts mass evacuations and potential large-scale devastation — CNN
The Nova Kakhova dam on the Dnipro River in Kherson, southern Ukraine, was destroyed, prompting mass evacuations and fears of large-scale devastation. Ukraine accused Moscow’s forces of committing an act of “ecocide.” The critical dam spans the Dnipro River, a major waterway running through southeastern Ukraine, and there are multiple towns and cities downstream, including Kherson, a city of some 300,000 people before Moscow’s invasion of its neighbour. The dam is a critical piece of infrastructure, holding around 18 cubic kilometres in the Kakhovka Reservoir, about equal to the Great Salt Lake in the US state of Utah. It also supplies water for the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which lies upstream and is also under Russian control.
[7.1] Reserve Bank of Australia raises interest rates to 11-year high to tackle inflation —
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has raised interest rates to an 11-year high of 4.10%, up 0.25 percentage points, in a bid to tackle inflation. The move means that the average borrower with a $500,000 home loan could now be paying $1,134, or 49%, more a month. Economists were split on whether the RBA would raise rates, with some citing the decision to lift the minimum wage as a cause for concern. The RBA's governor, Philip Lowe, defended the increases at a parliamentary hearing last week.
Want to read more?
See additional news on
Thanks for reading us and see you tomorrow, News Minimalist
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2023.06.06 15:34 missB_123 Should I start trying to get pregnant or wait until I’m more financially secure?

I (29F) would like to start trying for kids within the next couple of years. I get hung up on the fact that my partner and I should be more financially secure to start a family.
We both have good jobs with opportunities for more growth. We are able to cover all of our bills and have some money left over each month which goes to paying off debt.
We both have student loan debt and very minimal credit card debt. We share a car to keep expenses down and help us pay off our debt faster. We do not own a home but we would like to someday. Right now we rent a great home with a yard and room for a nursery.
I would love to be a mom but something in the back of my mind tells me it’s irresponsible until we own 2 cars, a home, and have 0 debt. While that certainly sounds ideal, it could take 5-10 years to accomplish. Selfishly, I don’t want to wait that long.
Both my partner and I’s moms are widows and are not financially secure. We do not have any kind of safety net to fall back on if something were to happen.
Would it be selfish to bring a child into this kind of situation? I know parents make all kinds of situations work everyday. I just want to be sure I’m doing the right thing.
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2023.06.06 15:34 Bobguy64 Has anyone else had issues with Moss Miata?

I ordered a mishimoto radiator from Moss Miata on May 26th, and it still hasn't shipped yet. The first three times I called they said it should ship out that day. Yesterday when I called the rep said he wasn't sure what was going on but that once again it should ship out on that day and that I should get a call back from a manager. It neither shipped nor did I get a call from a manager. I called today and suddenly the rep is telling me there's a credit card issue, which I know is bullshit because the charge processed last week on my credit card statement.
If this was some sketchy website I would've charged back and moved on at this point, but I like what they offer and it only took 3 days from order for an exhaust to arrive at my house just last month!
Any suggestions? Does anybody from Moss motors have a presence on Miata?
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2023.06.06 15:34 PoopsMcG Please Help: Model 3 won't "turn off" when listening to Bluetooth

I really hope you can help, /TeslaModel3, cuz I'm at the end of my charging cable here. If I'm listening to Bluetooth in the car and then I park, walk away and lock the doors from the app, the car will not fold in the mirrors and will not turn off the lights. Sometimes it'll even continue playing my music or podcast on the Tesla by default if I try to continue listening with my earbuds.
This mostly happens at home, but not exclusively. Even when I walk far enough away that the Bluetooth connection drops, the lights still won't go off and the mirror still won't fold. I've turned on and off every setting I can think of. Anybody else ever experience this? Any ideas?
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2023.06.06 15:34 BrandonKetcha How Can I Use Zelle Without Debit Card? (Here's How)

How Can I Use Zelle Without Debit Card? (Here's How)
One of the most widely asked question among Zelle users is "Can I use Zelle without a debit card?".
Zelle is one of the numerous apps that eases the online transfer of funds from one bank account to another, and according to Zelle's statistics, the app recorded a whooping amount of half a trillion dollars for funds transfers initiated by customers and businesses. This is one of the reasons why the app is essential in the financial milieu.
Getting started with Zelle is very easy, as all you need is your email address or U.S phone number.
In order to send and receive payments via Zelle, you will have to link a bank account or debit card to your Zelle account.
Zelle is also so much loved in the United States due to the fact that it works with most U.S banks and credit unions but some few users that find it impossible to link their debit card to Zelle often ask if one can use Zelle without a debit card?
Well, Zelle users can use the app even without a debit card.

What is Zelle?

Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family and others you know and trust.
Zelle is a mobile payment app that allows peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfers, simplifying the payment process and making it easier to move money without using cash or having to show up at the bank.
In the year 2021, consumers and businesses sent 1.8 billion payments via Zelle Network, a remarkable increase of 49% from a year earlier.
Over 30 major U.S banks collaborated to create Zelle, which features an amazing app that users can download to their smartphpones.
You will also find this service already integrated into several major participating banks' mobile banking apps, including Bank if America, Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo.

Can I Use Zelle Without a Debit Card?

Yes, you can use Zelle without a debit card.
With Zelle, users are able to transfer payments to and from their bank accounts, meaning you that you are able to sign up for Zelle with your bank account directly.
Since Zelle works with most major banks, there are high chances that your is one of the banks that work with Zelle and so you should be able to use Zelle directly from your bank's mobile app or platform and then begin using Zelle without debit card.
If you have a prepaid card and want to link it to Zelle, you might surely want to check what prepaid cards work with Zelle?.

Final Thoughts On How to Use Zelle Without Debit Card

Zelle is one of the numerous apps that eases the online transfer of funds from one bank account to another, and according to Zelle's statistics, the app recorded a whooping amount of half a trillion dollars for funds transfers initiated by customers and businesses. This is one of the reasons why the app is essential in the financial milieu.
In order to get started with Zelle, users must enroll by providing their phone number or email address alongside a bank account or debit card.
Have in mind that you can use Zelle without a debit card only if you have linked Zelle to your bank account.
You can check out the Full Guide here on How to Use Zelle without debit card.
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2023.06.06 15:33 Jazzlike-Battle1758 Looking for a hunting buddy

I dont need help or anything but I'm lonely hunter who has decided it's time to find an animal abuse partner. I run switch axe and insect glaive but am open to branching out and even starting a new game fresh. I've rolled credits on iceborne and soloed every fight so far but I think the guiding lands is going to humble me hard. I'm open to playing with both new and experienced players because I know a good bit but I'm no where near knowledgeable on like alatreon or fatalis or other end game content.
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2023.06.06 15:33 Gentlemoth Is it time to junk it?

I drive a VW golf A5, 1.6l engine from 2004. Car is still serviceable and drives but it's starting to get a bunch of problems from it's age. It's been standing outdoors in a cold country(Sweden) for nearly 20 years so rust is starting to become a serious problem. Had to repair the load bearing beams a few years ago, quite expensive fix.
Mileage is still good for its age , 150,000km/93,000 miles. Timing belt replaced by 130,000km, clutch been replaced in the last 5 years(manual transmission).
In Sweden we need to do a yearly vehicle inspection, and if you fail on certain parts you need to fix them or it becomes illegal to drive the vehicle. This year's verdict is the left brake disc is damaged, and brake pads(?) pulsating, probably needs to be replaced as well. A failure on inspection and I have a month to fix the problem.
I'm assuming if you replace one disc you should probably replace the one on the other side. No problems reported with it but I assume it's standard practice? Right rear brake disc also got a notice for rust problems, but not critical enough to get a failure in inspection.
I'm starting to feel like the car is becoming a money sink to fix the problems, and I assume they'll get worse over the years as well. So the question is whether or not I should junk it, or if I should fix the problems and then try to sell it.
Best estimated is a car of that age and mileage will go for at most $3000. That would probably if it's good shape, which this most certainly is not. I don't know what the cost of a disc repair would be, especially if I need to do 2(or all 4?). I'm assuming around $1000. No idea what it'll go for if you junk it, I'd have to
Is it time to say goodbye?
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2023.06.06 15:33 WorriedScenario Gotta be prepared to deal with any unwanted Terminator

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2023.06.06 15:33 kaworukinnie what do you do when your parents won’t stop treating you like a child

im 22f and i just graduated from university which i think should be considered pretty like. adult and independent but my parents treat me like im 12 years old or something but only when it’s convenient for them ?
for context i am pretty mentally ill and struggle with suicidal thoughts often and they don’t give a shit about that, they tell me to stop talking about it and that no one wants to hear it and i don’t have any reason to feel that way, my dad also threatened to dump water on me yesterday for bringing it up - basically my point here is they have no concern for my well-being when it comes to mental health
so now on the other hand ive made some friends in my city and been meeting up with them and going out more often which has been really nice for my mental health because it’s a lot harder when i am isolated alone at home - and every time i even mention that im leaving the house to my parents they interrogate me and grill me about where im going, what I’m doing, who im meeting, and insist on knowing all the details about said friends ; once i refused and my mom said she was going to follow me out to the car because “she had the right to know who i was talking to”. my dad says he’s “trying to protect me because that’s what parents do” because i mentioned that some of the friends happen to be men?? there’s also insane double standards with my brother like they don’t care where he goes or what he does
my dad also hates when i show skin even if it’s crazy hot out and implies stuff like tank tops are underwear (started being like that when i was like 16!!) and also hates me getting tattoos, he claims that looking at tattoos on MY legs “upsets” him
basically my parents are emotionally absent and helicopter parents at the same time and i don’t know what im supposed to do bc how am i supposed to enjoy being 22 like this !
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2023.06.06 15:33 MapUnited7527 FIX CREDIT SCORE HIRE A HACKER

You must have heard much about legitrosehacker2AT GMAIL DOT COM
‬Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
SIGNAL +1 (863) 732 7599 from upwork, as she is one of the best credit repair experts that I have worked with. She assisted me in several ways including erasing all my late payments, inquiries and bankruptcy from my report. I’m glad that I could be able to get approved for a car loan and get the eviction off my report across the Trans union and Experian. You can send her an email about how to fix your credit through legitrosehacker2ATGMAIL DOT COM
‬Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
SIGNAL +1 (863) 732 7599
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2023.06.06 15:32 MKE1969 Is there a way to keep my phone from overriding my radio?

I have a 2023 new Prius with CarPlay enabled, and every time I surf on Twitter and a video pops up it overrides whatever I’m playing on the car radio and I have to go back to sources and choose the radio to correct it. Can this be fixed somehow?
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2023.06.06 15:32 PuzzleWitchWho Radio communication

Hi Everyone. I am currently writing a book that is not directly related to police work, but I need to include scenes where there is a message on the police radio. I watched a lot of videos on youtube, read a few transcripts, but I'm still not sure how the communication would look like in a certain situation. We are talking about a situation in which officers sitting in a police car receive messages, e.g. a report that people have been found dead or injured and that a battle between two groups has broken out in a given place. What does the message look like and how do the police respond to it? Only one line for the dispatcher and one line for the officers. I don't want to make it up, I want it to sound real. If anyone could spare some precious time and help me with this, I would be very grateful. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 15:32 bigonthepigdan Check stolen from the mail, now debt collectors are after me

After refusing to let me set him up with Venmo, my Dad had me send him a check the old fashion way. It didn't get there. It was stolen out of the mail and used for not 1, but 2 fraudulent payments to Walmart - one through eBilling and one as a physical check.
After 2 hours on the phone with Capital One to get things reversed (still ongoing), I have now received a piece of mail from debt collectors, asking for $921.97. They're referencing a Walmart account number that must have been opened in my name, but I've no way of tracking it down.
I don't want my credit score hurt OR for this to drag on for months. What's my best approach here?
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2023.06.06 15:32 elloremipsum Imo the story in NWH was one of the weakest and most prosaic of all marvel movies

Imo nwh was a weak movie in terms of its plot. I was a huge Spider-man fan as a kid and I love all 3 Spider-men. I loved the fight scene, it was mind blowing, I loved the interaction between the three Peter Parkers, incredible, and I thought most of the fan service parts and the visuals in-general were cool. But the movie is so weak in terms of its plot, take away the unbelievably awesome fan service they were able to include and choreograph, and there's absolutely no plot in the movie.
The story starts off all fast paced, which would have been ok if they had done something with the tricky situation they place him in. I mean, the whole point of Spider-man using a secret identity is to protect his loved ones from villains. But the negative result of his identity being revealed is political and uninteresting instead of being life threatening or causing psychological harm; Peter and his family are safe from any physical danger. This feels like such a betrayal to the story arc the ending of the previous movie promised. In fact, by the time he finishes talking to the FBI and Daredevil, it's almost as if the events of the post credit scenes from the previous movie didn't happen and the inner conflict Peter faces of the politics of the whole situation having negative impacts on his family and friends' lives ignores all connections to the post credit scene of the previous movie.
For the record, I thought the whole Dr Strange and Peter spell scene was unrealistically illogical, in terms of how both characters were behaving; but that scene was intended to be comical, so I guess the value of that scene depends on your taste in humour, but personally I thought it was very irritating. When the villains start coming in, I thought his battle with Doc Ock and Green Goblin was pretty cool but I would like to point out that at this point in the movie the MIT problem had been pretty much solved with the MIT lady saying she will speak to the admissions people; so that weird main conflict the movie had been thus far following had already been resolved leaving the movie without direction. The direction of the movie then turned towards capturing the villains. When it came to capturing the Lizard, Sandman and Electro, the script was practically written as if it was just a normal chore Peter had to do before he back for home, there was no emotion (aside from the awe from fan service) because at this point the movie had no solid structure in the flow in the flow of its story. Aside from the fact that the villains are merely present in the movie and don't have a continuation of their character arcs from the spider-man and amazing Spider-Man movies, two things that I didn't like about the villains in the movie was Electro and Sandman. It's not just cause they rewrote Electros character that I thought his villain was weak in this movie, it's that this new electro doesn't seem to have any strong dark motive other than simply being evil and causing chaos; I mean I guess the wickedness of all the villains in the movie, at least in terms of the script, was pretty plain, but those characters characteristics had been pre established in the other movies, unlike the new electro, like—why rewrite a character if you're not even gonna give them character? Whenever I saw electro it just felt like the actor, Jamie Foxx's good acting was making a badly written character less boring. And with Sandman, I thought it was absolutely disrespectful to the original Spider-Man trilogy to just up and ignore the good-guy-at-heart character arc he had in Spider-man 3, and just like make him a plain villain with no motive other than to be evil.
I mean after this movie tries to spread a good message that is true to Spider-man's morals with his eagerness to help the villains and not just let them die when they head back. Though this is a good lesson and sensically follows Spider-man themes, the idea of bringing back these villains but focusing the movie on such a weird idea of trying to save these villains from going back to their timeline and dying seemed prosaically complicated and weird to me. I mean I would have wanted them to team up and for the writers to be more imaginative with the villains motives, but no... they just made it so bland, as if the presence of the villains served no greater purpose than good ol' fan service. To be clear, at least the way I see it, this where the overarching story in the movie begins, the moment after they capture all the villains and strange wants to send all of them back but Spider-Man disagrees. The weird thing for me is that story actually feels like it is about 5 superpowered beings that came into this universe from other universes where they were about to die, and Peter's morals are displayed when he sees good in them and doesn't wanna just send them back to die and there is inner conflict when he sees that these villains just wanna go and be bad; in this story the villains just HAPPEN to be the villains from the previous Spider-Man movies. And the gist of the story seen under this light is so boring and out right bad compared to a sensical story that would involve a crossover between the 3 live action spiderverses. For me, the dumbest part in the whole movie was when the villains go to Peter's house (I mean how anti climatic and uninteresting is that?) and they just up and decide that instead of being good they wanna be evil instead, and no kidding that's how deep they got into that stuff. The green goblin scene felt prosaic in the flow of the story, but what made it work was how well they directed that scene, and how genuinely mind blowing Willem Dafoe's performance was in the movie. So yes that scene was well done, despite not really fitting in the flow of the script, but what was again dull was Aunt Mays death, I get the plot twist of Aunt May dying instead of uncle Ben and all, but her death didn't feel connected to anything that happened before this point in the movie, it felt like an executive decision to get more people invested in this Spider-Man, yes it is a plot twist, but there was no spirit in its execution in the story.
After that the movie gets better though, with the 3 Peters talking and the downright spectacular fight scene at the end; these are the only parts in the movie I truly liked (that being said I loved the Peter interaction scenes mainly because of the fan service) cuz I mean that 3 Spider-men swinging was AMAZINNNNG. And one of the most poignant Spider-man scenes for me was when Gwen Stacy fell down that clock tower, seeing the amazing Spider-Man find some redemption in himself regarding that death touching.
The ending was surprising, I never imagined they would incorporate an isolated Spider-man in a movie, but they did, and the ending was well directed. BUT... I didn't like it, at least, I didn't like seeing that after THIS movie. If it was a good movie that follows a solid story following Spider-man's identity being revealed (which follows life threatening implications instead of political ones) and how he learns responsibility from THAT instead of learning it from some dumb saving-villains-story-arc, only THEN would that exact same ending have been great for me. Also I have no complaints about the fight scene, but I do really wish they included character arcs for both the villains and Spider-men.
I remember after watching the movie in the theatre thinking to myself this movie was so bad, the reviews have to be bad, but then at the same time also knowing what modern marvel fans are like and their inhumanely positive reception of fan service. I was astonished to see exactly how great people thought this movie was, that I felt had an immensely weak plot that I was disappointed by, cuz I was hoping for a proper crossover story and a better story for the whole identity revelation thing. I was so surprised that this movie had become the 6th (I think that was it) highest grossing film. But I mean it's all based on my taste in the day. I meant all the negative things I said about the movie, but I don't take that as the truth, so I'm open to rebuttals and your opinions on these thoughts I had and any confusions you have of anything I said.
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2023.06.06 15:31 im_your_bullet My wife prioritizes family over me

My wife and i have been together 10 years and married 7. She prioritizes her family over me. I’ve always just said she’s very family oriented and didn’t see it as an issues until about a year into our marriage. I’ve brought it up multiple times with no real change. It noticed it first when we would be at her parents house for hours regardless of me asking for us to wrap things up. She will not defend my ideas with them, she won’t stand up for me when I ask her for back up, it’s just what they say is the law. It should be known we all get along great, I love her parents.
I’m not big on vacations, I like staying home. Traveling stresses me out big time. I’m a veteran with ptsd, it’s just a tough time but we usually get by. Anyway, last year she comes to me and says “I just want to prepare you we are going to Hilton head with the entire family in April next year”. I appreciate the heads up, but there was no conversation. I was just told this is what we are doing.
They are 1st, my daughter second, then me. I am not respected in my own marriage where I am the primary money maker, the one who fixes the house, cars, primary cook and problem solver. We are on very unequal ground. I love my wife and I know she loves me but she does not respect me at all. When I broke this down for her and even cited the past times I’ve brought this up it made her very sad. She said I didn’t know this was such a problem and bothered you as much as it does. This is kind of why I keep bringing it up.
Im apparently on a one way road. Im unhappy and I feel stuck. I love my wife, and the thought of not seeing my daughter everyday makes me sick. But I fear I’ve fallen out of love and idk I can get back.
My wife does none of this to be malicious. She’s so sweet and kind and wouldn’t hurt a fly. But she will not place my needs, wants or desires over her self consciousness and definitely not over her family.
I’d love your thoughts.
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