Basement waterproofing easton pa

Power Armour Tips Pls

2023.06.05 15:09 Character_Newt_2309 Power Armour Tips Pls

Hi best peepses of the internet. I'm asking for helpful tips on transitioning into a PA build.
I've played my 500 or so levels as a VATS sneak Commando, with only the shortest of stints in Power Armour to farm flux or get safely out of Earle's basement.
I'm bored of hiding in the corner and spamming crits while others look to be having more fun, in the thick of the action, so I'm making a big change and looking to build a max HP/tank, PA, Gauss shotgunner (having previously dropped and stored 2x great guns)
I know the basics, as a player of the other FO games, but I'm hoping you beautiful lot can throw some helpful pro tips to help me make the switch a smooth one. Non-obvious things I might otherwise overlook.
Place your tips onto me. Anything and everything much appreciated!
If it helps, I'm going to be wearing T-65 and rolling for Overeaters, I think. Weapons will be AA Gauss shotgun and Vamp Gauss shotgun. I want to be able to stand in front of anything and go toe-to-toe.
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2023.06.04 22:00 Chasmic_ Phobia Season 23: Radiophobia - Episode 2

Phobia Season 23: Radiophobia

Episode 2


Welcome back to Phobia, an Ultra Hardcore group organized by Chasmic_, jamieNCL, MarcC5M & 5kylord, that exposes its players to a new fear each season. In UHC, health does not regenerate normally, and players must instead use golden apples or health potions to heal. The last player or team standing wins.
For S23, we're keeping medicated over Radiophobia!
  • Rigged Teams: We made teams of 3.
  • New City World: It's city world, but not that one! This newer generation features; more vanilla terrain outside of cities including vanilla caves, greater building variety, interesting structures like giant subway networks and basements full of spawners, and grand highways!
  • Radiation: In episode 2, the metaphorical bombs will drop and irradiate the surface. This radiation is a silent killer, slowly building up in players on the surface and giving them unusual & cryptic effects. Some of these are good, but many are bad. You can find a list of them here with some vague time estimates. You can never tell how much radiation you have at any time, so keep some medicine on hand to cure your ailments. Supply drops will restocked in certain locations that'll give you more resources as well as medicine. Just avoid the surface, right?
  • Risky Retrieval: WRONG. Any gold or diamonds you mine will not give you their items. Instead, these drops are sent to ender chests in each quadrant. In order to collect your hard-earned materials, you must emerge into the radioactive ruins above.
  • fruitlogic (Contest loser)


BOLD means highlighted episodes!
The Cast Video Links
Team 1
Cyonal Episode 2
Micale Episode 2
ThePeridotKnight Episode 2
Team 2
Emerric Late
MarcC5MOnYrMarcsGtSetGO The Bombs Have Dropped!
oworca Episode 2
Team 3
ColdBac Episode 2
WIBB0Ldwebbol Episode 2
itsWingu Elton John Destroys Phobia
Team 4
Chasmic Surrender To The Nukes
fruitlogic Episode 2
Greeples Episode 2
Team 5
I_is_cheesecake Episode 2
ShutUpBrick Will be lateNo Audio
VintageBeef Coming soon
Team 6
5kylord Oppen Heimer Style
Brodator Risky Retrieval
SidGarcia Episode 2
Team 7
KatyLawsonBeckaty_Lynch I'm The Bomb
Havenhand Episode 2
Jakekub Calculated Risks
Team 8
buttergolem1 The Future Without Us
Flouzemaker Tactical Nuke
NTBama Episode 2
Team 9
5hup Episode 2
Bacan Episode 2
H_L_llama Late
Team 10
BSBrent Episode 2
SimplySam Episode 2
TastyBaconZ Big Phobia Wants You To Watch This Episode
Team 11
Jahrod Episode 2
jamertxn Episode 2No Mic Audio
ShyGus Episode 2
Team 12
BBR_ Episode 2
Kubaslov Episode 2
Maxwellfifty Episode 2

Previous Links

Match Specifications

  • Version 1.19 (Arctic's 1.8 combat)
  • Rigged Teams of 3, New City World, Radiation, Risky Retrieval
  • Fire Aspect and Flame disabled
  • Golden heads enabled
  • Absorption disabled
  • Notch Apples enabled
  • Pearls deal one heart
  • PvP on starting Episode 2

Special Thanks

  • DJoee for creation of the intro
  • Potsie for creation of the logo
  • SidGarcia for the intro art
  • LeonTG for hosting and providing plugins
Enjoy the season!
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2023.06.04 19:48 cousinlurky My first CETs Experience

Will delete this post once I wake up. Advance thank you na lang sa nice comments niyo hehe:>
Additional: long post ahead hehe.
I took the UPCAT yesterday at UPD. Ang usapan ng mom ko is 8 or 9 am kami aalis ng bahay bc 12:30 pm exam ko (and you guys know kung gaano ka-traffic pag ganito + maghahanap pa ng parkinv at pipila pa outside your designated test area). Ang kaso, di natuloy yung usapan kasi 8 na ako nagising. Mga 10 am natapos na ako mag-ayos. Nakita ko na rin yung mga kapatid ko na naka-bihis na so I was expecting na ready na sila dun sa baba kaya binilisan ko lalo yung kilos ko. Kaso pagbaba ko, I saw my mom na nakaupo at may inaasikaso sa laptop. I asked her kung maliligo pa siya and she said "syempre!". Akala ko naman bihis na lahat.
I was so mad kasi anong oras na. Late na nga kaming nagising tas ganyan pa sila kumilos. Hindi naman sila yung magta-take ng exam tas sila pa hihintayin ko. After niya maligo, sinabi ng tita ko na mauuna na sila sa UP. I told her na sasabay na ako kaso sabi niya "Eh mabagal mag drive si tita ***** mo. Dun ka na lang kay nanay mo kasi mas mabilis siya." I'm alr on the verge of crying kasi nga anong oras na, so I told her na gusto ko na nga mauna kasi ayokong ma-late. My mom heard me and she got mad. Pinagalitan niya ako. Bat daw ako nagmamadali eh ihahatid naman daw nila ako. In her own words, she said "Nagmamadali ka eh ihahatid ka naman namim! Anong oras pa lang oh! Kung gusto mo, mag commute ka mag-isa!"
I cried. Di ko na napigilan. Tinanong ulit ako ji tita if sasama ba ako. I stormed outside the house and got in their got. Otw sa UP umiiyak ako (buti waterproof mascara ko HAHAHAHAHA). Ang sakit lang kasi wala namang masama na nagagalit ako. Syempre UPCAT yun! Hindi naman yun basta-bastang exam lang. Aside from the other factors I've mentioned kanina, kaya gusto ko din makapunta as early as possible is bc I want to familiarize myseld w/ the place para mawala kaba ko. I only had a week to prepare for UPCAT dahil sobrang hectic ng sched ko sa school. Hindi na nga ako confident mag-exam kanina tas ganto pa mangyayari. I didn't received any good luck to them (sa lahat ng kasama ko.) Kahit congrats after test wala din. Yung isang tita ko lang nagsabi at nag ask sakin kung kamusta exam. Tas ngayon, makakareceive pa ako ng chat sa isa ko pang tita na bat daw "Para sa Bayan🤍" yung nasa story ko. Kesyo di naman daw Bayan nagpapa-aral sakin simula kinder hanggang ngayon (full scholar po ako this shs) blah blah. Jusko naman! Pati simpleng story inaano niyo pa sakin. Urat na urat na talaga ako dito.
I'm so pissed and sad na ganto nangyari sa first CETs experience ko. I was really looking foward pa namN on this day kahit di ako ganun ka-prepare. Thanfully, wala akong kaba na naramdaman kanina while taking the exam.
I have a doubt na baka nga ganto mangyari. And it did happened. On my next CETs, magco-commute na lang ako. Okie byee. Make good decisions ppl🤍
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2023.06.04 09:47 SaltyCurrency4006 helping words

i was watching some true crime with my SA/PA partner today by JCS, it was about a man who was deeply twisted, he murdered his neighbor and they caught his reaction on live tv! people are sick! but he was severely addicted to P, and it escalated exponentially and to alarming rates.
when they were talking about the woman he killed, they had mentioned how she ‘sensed danger, but felt as if it was all in her head, but deep down she knew something was truly off’ She could tell he was stalking her but only had slight suspicions, and unfortunately her slight sense wasn’t enough to save her, but the way JCS worded it really spoke to me about what we go through with our PA/SA’s.
he worded it like this:
she didn’t trust that feeling
but that’s the key word
she had no proof of the danger she was in
only conviction
which unfortunately wasn’t strong enough
when it was most needed.
it made me realize a little, we’re not stupid or blind for being unaware, these men build LIVES around protecting their lies and their secret sexual basement, but this made it clear to me, we have no proof of the lies, only small feelings here and there, our conviction wasn’t strong enough until it was too late.
trust any whisper of conviction, even though we have matured and evolved as a species, we have naturally occurring abilities that this day and age has made us question.
use your gifts, and trust your convictions no matter how small.
conviction is always there, we silence it sometimes but it’s still there.
unfortunately with conviction, as JCS Criminal Psychology put it…
conviction isn’t strong enough when it’s most needed.
trust yourself above all… betrayal never comes from enemies…
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2023.06.04 04:08 GiversBot /u/ovom [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-06-04 (t3_129szxd up 62.33 days, LONGTAIL)

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Active loans

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[REQ] ($200.00) (#Easton, PA, USA) (225 by 04/26/2023) (Cash App)

Post contents

Hey Guys, unfortunately after paying all my bills this month i’m short on $ for groceries. i live alone and this would help so much, willing to fully communicate and cooperate!
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2023.06.03 07:10 tdkerabatsos Two mice in 24 hours, one with some pretty odd behavior.

My wife and I bought our home in 2015. It was a foreclosure, so no disclosure documents, but there were mousetraps and poison out when we saw the house. We are in rural PA so it’s no surprise that there would be some mice activity. We have also have a cat whose litter box is within 10 feet of the back door.
All that being the case, in the last 7 years I have found a dead mouse in both the attic and the basement, saw one live mouse in the basement, and saw evidence of mice in the attic once. Other than that, no evidence of mice in the house whatsoever.
Within 24 hours, we had both:
The first mouse stayed by the back door despite people going in and out the door. I thought maybe it was dehydrated (it has been unseasonably hot) so I gently sprayed some water from the hose on it and it still didn’t leave. I scooped the mouse up with a garden shovel and carried it 50+ feet away from the house to a field.
My questions are twofold I think. First, are these two incidents related? Second, whether they are related or not, is this just a coincidence or should I be concerned of a larger problem?
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2023.06.03 04:32 freakazoid810 Potential Termites in finished basement? Any way to check?

Central PA, 9 year old house.
I saw subterranean termite swarmers for the first time today. Lots of them were flying around one area of the house for a few minutes, before disappearing. This is adjacent to an above ground finished basement. Going around the house outside, no mud tubes anywhere. Inside is tougher to check with the basement being finished. But I did pull up a bit of loose carpeting on the side I saw the swarmers outside, and saw a single small pale yellow bug on the concrete floor by the wall. Like 1/8"-1/4" in size I'd guess. It disappeared further under the carpet/padding pretty quick. I held it up for a few minutes and didn't see anything else.
How likely is it this could've been a termite worker? I wish I could have taken a picture. Is there any way to check for a potential issue, other than tearing the drywall down? Should I schedule an inspection, even if that area is finished with no access to the lumber? I just bought this house, so I'm kind of freaking out at the chance of termites!
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2023.06.02 15:08 Mosso3232 Looking for UE Megablast successor

Points I like
Points I don’t like.
-Battery life is short, at 6 hours, and the battery has already degraded. I need it as a speaker for a street market so 10/12 ish hours should be good. -Bass… meh. I understand how hard It is to have good bass on a small enclosure and on a 360 degree setting but I’d rather have clarity via a twitter than ultra mega room shaking bass -When maxing out and one step below you can hear that it’s not getting louder, rather compressing the sound, so it looses definition. I should be able to work 80% and be a bit louder than my current option.
Also an attaching point is good , like a d ring or something and has to be backpack sized , not like a Bose small pa speaker, maybe the size of a small loaf of bread? :)
Thanks for helping out.
Bonus points if battery is serviceable or easily replaceable, also cool if waterproof although not necessary
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2023.06.02 09:51 nakaso8397 Exterior Water Proofing service

Exterior Water Proofing service
Premium Construction Pro is a leading provider of top-notch waterproofing services. Here, we will deliberate the various waterproofing services offered by our waterproofing company, the materials we use, and the process we follow. We will also summit the assistance of our technicians for your waterproofing requirements.

Exterior Waterproofing

External waterproofing is a method of protecting the foundation and walls of a building from water ingress and damage. It involves applying a liquid hydrophobic membrane or coating to the outer surface of the earthwork walls, creating an excellent barrier between the foundation and the surrounding debris.
This barrier prevents water from seeping through the foundation walls into the basement or crawl space where it can cause mold and structural damage. It is often combined with an internal seal to provide comprehensive protection against water ingress.
For more details:
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2023.06.02 05:46 chrodo7 [WTS] Sierra Designs Studio 2, MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2p

Hi all! I'm selling two different 2p tents to try and consolidate the amount of gear I own.
First up is a Sierra Designs Studio 2 Tent w/ footprint. $200 shipped.
Tent weighs 49.1oz including all 12 included stakes (please don't bring all 12 stakes with you), poles, and stuffsacks. Footprint and stuffsack add an additional 7.2oz.
This has been an absolutely great lightweight tent, and I've used it for 2p along the JMT, and as a 1p along the O circuit in Patagonia. Purchased new in 2020, this tent in still in fantastic condition, and comes with everything as new, plus the additional footprint.
The only flaw is a small tear, about the size of my thumbnail, on the inner mesh - see white spot in the last photo. I stuck a piece of tape as a quick repair with the intent to more professionally repair it later, but the quick tape repair has held up for over a year now. Everything else on the inner tent, as well as the rainfly, poles, and footprint, is still in great shape.

Next up is a **Hubba Hubba NX 2 w/ additional pole set. $300 shipped. SOLD
Tent weighs 58.1 oz including all 8 included needle stakes, poles, and stuffsacks.
This tent was purchased from REI Used at the end of 2021 and is IMO better than the new version. Notably, this NX version is slightly roomier, has a 30D floor (instead of the current 20D), has more mesh for better ventilation and visibility, and has line tensioners at the tent corners. This version of the tent originally came with the new composite Easton Cyclone poles, but many people (myself included) prefer the reliability of the older poles. I've since picked up a pair of the aluminum DAC Featherlite poles, and am including both sets of poles with this tent. The two pole sets have identical dimensions and the tent can be set up with either pole set - see photos. Use whichever ones you prefer, and keep the other as a backup should you ever have a pole snap. MSR charges 1/4 the cost of a new tent to replace just the poles, so in this case about $140.
The only flaw with the tent was that the rainfly had a small hole (which is why it was returned to REI), which I immediately repaired with an inner and outer SilNylon adhesive strip. It has had no issues in the two years since and has remained fully waterproof even in some torrential downpours. While the weight is a bit heavier than some other comparable tents, I'd personally call this closer to a 3.5 season tent - it's been bomber in some crazy wind and rainstorms, and even handles winter camping with some light snow loading with no issues.
The rest of the fly, as well as the inner tent/mesh, poles, and stakes, look almost brand new.

I believe I've priced both tents reasonably, but if you feel I'm off base, please let me know. I'm always open to reasonable offers. If you have any questions or would like any additional photos, feel free to let me know that as well. Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.02 04:54 cptpedantic Suggestions for PA set up

So my regular jam has the opportunity to move in to a slightly larger space than the basement rec-room we currently use. We consist of 2 guitars, myself on bass and a drummer. Drummer uses an electronic kit and his amp is not really adequate, we also have to use a crappy spare guitar amp for vocals, which doesn't really work too well either.
So i'm hoping for some ideas on a PA set up that would work for both vocals and e-drums. Guitar guys use a blues junior and a Vox (AC15 i think) and i'm using a 300W Ashdown combo. So it doesn't need to be crazy loud. Not sure what our budget is, but the cheaper the better.
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2023.06.02 03:15 imezz00 DIY Outdoor Kitchen - Landing and Perlite Rendering

DIY Outdoor Kitchen - Landing and Perlite Rendering
Hey folks,
Another update on the P85 oven built. Next step in the process was building the landing for the front of the oven and tiling the landing before I could start the done rendering.
I had left over bricks from building the kitchen cabinets so I used those on it’s side to build up the landing. We decided (by that I mean my wife) to go with a tiled landing instead of granite. She lovingly picket out a hexagon shape with a pattern. She also wanted to wrap that pattern all the way around…. NOT ONE tile was installed without needing a cut.
I tried using a scorer and a wet saw and nothing gave me nice enough cuts. I found that the same diamond pads I was planning on using to polish the countertop can be used to polish the cut edges to a factory like finish. So I ended up polishing many of the exposed cuts. Used a hand grinder to cut the tiles.
I went with a flexible cement based sanded grout. The idea is that it can withstand more expand and contract being outside and by the oven.
The perlite render’s first coat was very enjoyable and easy. Wife actually got in there with me and we knocked it out in about an hour. I hoping to do it all in 2 coats but the first coat isn’t half of the needed 2 inches so let’s see how the second coat goes.
Next up is finishing the rendering and waiting a few days to dry before we can start some curing fires!! I am so excited to potentially be able to cook by the following weekend.
Kitchen wise I still have items to go. Mainly finishing the countertops, wrapping up some small plumbing, and building the wood cabinet doors. I have come to the realization that I can’t continue to do this much work myself without ignoring a lot of responsibilities (wife also is tired of the war zone) so we are going to hire a friend to do the roof covering. It’ll be nice having it done in a few days time.
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2023.06.02 03:06 gosnowbear Should we do it in this market?

Hi, everyone Please tell me what you guys think? We live in lancaster,PA My son and his wife are both Drs , so they both are doing okay financially They currently live in a townhouse bought for $195k , still have mortgage on it but low interest, monthly payment of $1400 They are looking to buy a bigger house but apparently in lancaster, it’s a very hot real estate market , anything decent gets 10 or more offers and it gone so we ponder upon this community of custom homes built for you After talking to the builders and we’re looking at one million, don’t get me wrong. It will be our dream house, 3 cars,3400 sq ft with screened in porch and finished basement. We will rent out our townhome after we move The mortgage payment should be on $7000 a month with a 5.5% 5 year arm Our original budget for a new home is about $650k One million in a small central Pennsylvania town is scary to me Just worried about over starching our budget and if the economy tanks more So what do you guys think?
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2023.06.02 01:54 Theoldbees007 I am beyond tired of living at home and i feel like I'm going crazy

I know what the title sounds like. Some free loading twenty something complaining he has a roof over his head. I know. I am extremely grateful for the fact that i have a roof over my head and a place to live but i cant take it anymore. I want out.
We'll start with the easiest thing i hate. It's cold. I live in the basement. Yes I'm technically a basement dweller too, not aiding my argument. It is so cold down here. I got an indoor thermometer and it is 65⁰ down here, on a good day. I am not allowed to have heaters because my mom knew a guy who knew a guy in the 80s that died in a space heater fire. So I'm stuck, freezing. I shouldn't have to have 3 blankets to feel comfortable. I had the opportunity to get a rescue cat as well from my girlfriends grandmother but i was told "it's too cold for a cat down there." Ok what about me? It drains my energy with how cold it is.
Secondly we have a dog. We've had this dog for about two years. He is aggressive, territorial and untrained. He has bitten numerous people including myself twice. My mom refuses to get him trained. I can't have friends or my girlfriend over because he'll most likely attack them.
Third, we moved into this house to take better care of my 96 year old grandfather. I love my "Pa" to death. He is easily one of the best people in my life and I'm so thankful to still have him. Unfortunately my mom uses him as constant guilt against me. We have only 1 bathroom in our house and i can hardly take showers because I'm told "pa might have to use the bathroom." Before we moved i started cooking a ton as well but I've almost completely stopped cooking unless it is Kraft Mac and cheese because "Pa wouldn't like that." My mother and Pa play cards with each other nearly every day, i asked if i could join and spend quality time with them, i was told "Pa wouldn't like that" because it would be "too much for him to handle" It's exhausting and it discourages me from doing a lot of things around the house all because my mother speaks on behalf of my grandfather.
Finally the basement itself. It's effectively split into three, my room/living room, a separate office/studio for my dad and i's musical equipment, and a laundry room. This sounds nice but the basement is littered with boxes and boxes of junk everywhere. I asked if i could donate some of my grandmother's clothes that were still in my closet or at least put them in the attic so i had room for my clothes. I was screamed at, my mom cried. We didn't even need to donate them. I offered an alternative, i was told no. It's hard to walk around sometimes down here because of the junk everywhere. And everytime i bring home a nice piece of furniture from the store i work at, or a fun decoration, there's a comment about where I'm going to put it, why do i need it, what's the point. It feels like i cant even make my own space feel like a home to me.
I have a full-time job, i make $17 an hour in a supervisor position at a retail chain and i pay for most of my schooling yet I'm told i haven't been doing enough. I go out with my girlfriend and my friends in what little free time i have and then i get told I'm never around to spend time with the family. I'm trying, i really am.. I'm terrified to even bring up the idea of me moving out too, the amount of guilt tripping that would happen, the amount of comments and prying questions.
I have a decent amount saved up too but im just so scared to even try to leave. I dont want to live like this anymore, i want to be comfortable, i want my own space that can't bee affected by others, i want to have a place for my friends to go if they have nothing to do. I want to give my girlfriend a space to relax with me without fear for her physical safety. I don't like feeling this way either because i feel like i sound like a basement dwelling freeloader who doesn't appreciate what he has but i cant do this much longer or i might go insane.
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2023.06.01 21:27 No_Account4304 Rant RE: SKY

Posted this sa adultingph a few weeks ago and dapat dito kasi mas appropriate pero kulang ang karma sana okay na ngayon, but anyway mini rant na din ito kasi nakaka high blood ung situation ko ngayon.
S/O and I are renting an apartment with Globe as our ISP. After a year, we were given notice to leave kasi they were "renovating" the whole building AKA gagawing transient. This is a common tactic to increase $$$ sa city namin kasi tourist city, and we got the rent at a good price that time kasi mahigpit pa ung quarantine rules nung nag move-in kami.
They gave us 1 month notice to vacate and unfortunately wala kaming mahanap na pasok sa criteria namin. I have 2 WFH jobs while s/o is on hybrid set-up. Simple lang naman sana: 1BR, near CBD, pet-friendly and madalang outage (city namin laging may outage). Now, we were offered to buy their family friend's condo unit kasi nag migrate na sa US. They are offering it at a steal price and is generous sa payment terms (tamang tao lang kami ni S/O, not high income earners). We said yes to avoid getting kicked out na and pasok sa criteria. Bonus pa top floor kami with good sunlight (mid rise lang naman), kasi ung current namin eh basement and moldy AF, plus may generator sila. The current tenant is moving out by July and naki usap kami sa current landlord to extend, kasi dapat June wala na kami.
Papers are gearing and a few weeks ago we visited the unit. Hindi kami pwede pumunta punta basta kasi may current tenant pa, and okay naman lahat until we asked if okay ang signal ng Globe. Originally, ang plan namin is ipalipat lang. Pero malaman laman namin sa Sky lang daw ang internet doon. We were like wtf?? As first time condo soon to be owner, nagulat kami na may ganun pala. Apparently Sky locked ung condo building. I mean oo siguro fault na namin kasi hindi namin chneck beforehand, pero ineexpect namin na kahit pangit ang Globe eh we can choose different ISP's kasi hello 2023 na??? 30mbps lang ang max speed and coax cable pa ang gamit. Imagine our headache.
Currently, nagbabasa kami ng workarounds dito sa reddit and general internet and yun muna ang gagawin namin (change DNS, get 3rd party router, prepaid wifi backups). The current tenant and a few owners na nakausap namin also vouched na sobrang pangit ng Sky doon. Pinasurvey namin anyway sa PLDT (kasi acquired naman na nila ang Sky) and ang sabi challenge daw ang conduits papunta units. Matagal na daw nirereklamo ng unit owners and mag mmeeting daw pano magiging arrangements ng conduit. In short, mukhang hindi maayos before kami mag move in July.
At this point, wala na talaga kaming choice but to wait and it is nerve wracking. Wala na din kaming choice because hindi na pumayag na mag extend ung current landlord and while we are continously looking for other places, wala kaming mahanap padin. Once we move in and walang progress, i'm considering emailing na din sa DHSUD kasi bawal naman na talaga ung ginagawa nila as per anti competition law. Pero ayun lang, for Sky users, damayan niyo naman kami T.T
tldr: sky suckz
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2023.06.01 15:19 Tim_DaToolmanFailure Interior drain tile system to protect an old stone foundation, or purely for comfort?

My old (120 year +) stone foundation has some walls that are starting to bow out. We recently bought the place so I don't exactly know when it started or how fast it's progressing, so I called out a structural engineer to advise. The engineer said the bowing is definitely not great but not an imminent danger and could stay basically like that for another 100 years. The engineer said the best thing to do is get the water away from it to make sure it doesn't get worse so we called a basement waterproofing specialist.
The basement guy said that the best thing to do would be to put in an interior drain system to pump the water out after it enters, since stone walls were never meant to really be water proof and water can absorb in anywhere along the height of the wall. Pumping it out from the interior would help reduce the buildup of water inside the wall. This seems a bit counter intuitive to me but I don't know a ton about basements or stone foundations. He advised against a french drain around the the exterior as that at best would remove water from the top 2 feet or so and he said our lot grading looks fine anyway.
Just looking to get a sanity check on this advice. Does it seem reasonable? There are not a lot of basement specialists in our area so hard to compare quotes. We had a few other landscaping / excavator people out but they seemed to just be spitballing and suggested a few things the engineer said definitely not to do... so I think we won't go with them.
The main reason we would do work in the basement is to protect the foundation and keep it from bowing further. We don't really care about using that space for much honestly. It's unfinished and the floor is gravel. If the interior drain won't actually do much to help the foundation but will just make the basement nicer I don't really care enough to invest thousands of dollars into that right now. If it will actually significantly preserve the life of the foundation I would happily invest in it.
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2023.06.01 12:19 guardianrepair DIY vs. Professional Basement Waterproofing - Guardian Foundation Repair

DIY vs. Professional Basement Waterproofing - Guardian Foundation Repair
Whether you should consider diy or professional basement waterproofing, the decision depends on factors such as your budget, experience, and available time. When waterproofing your basement, consider hiring professionals at Guardian Foundation Repair for lasting results. Choose expertise over DIY for reliable solutions. We specialize in exterior and interior basement waterproofing. Say goodbye to unreliable DIY methods and safeguard your home with Guardian Foundation Repair in Knoxville.
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[REQ] ($200) - (#EASTON, PA, USA), (03/29/2023), (Cashapp)

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running a bit behind on my credit card bill, this would pay off my card completely. i get paid every two weeks on wednesday with chime bank, willing to fully communicate and cooperate!
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[REQ] ($200) - (#EASTON, PA, USA), (03/29/2023), (Cashapp)

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little behind on my credit card bill, just need to pay this months bills and then i’ll be set. i get paid 6-7pm every two week, willing to fully communicate & cooperate!
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looking to pay my CC bill, i get paid next week the 15th. willing to fully communicate !
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[REQ]($200)(#Easton,PA,USA)(Zelle, Cashapp)

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just got paid and i don’t have enough for my credit card bill, looking to just pay the full thing. I get paid 15th of this month. willing to fully communicate!
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2023.05.31 22:51 Joadzilla North Korea satellite plunges in sea in 'rushed' failure, more launches expected

SEOUL/TOKYO, May 31 (Reuters) - A North Korean satellite launch on Wednesday ended in failure, sending the booster and payload plunging into the sea, North Korean state media said, and the South's military said it had recovered parts of the launch vehicle.
The new "Chollima-1" satellite launch rocket failed because of instability in the engine and fuel system, state news agency KCNA reported.
The flight was the nuclear-armed state's sixth satellite launch attempt, and the first since 2016. It was supposed to put North Korea's first spy satellite in orbit.
It prompted emergency alerts and brief evacuation warnings in parts of South Korea and Japan but no danger or damage was reported.
South Korea's military said it was conducting a salvage operation to recover what is believed to be parts of the space launch vehicle.
The military shared pictures of a large cylindrical object floating in the sea about 200 km (124.27 miles) off the west coast island of Eocheongdo.
A U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the satellite flew less than 10 minutes, for several hundred kilometres. The launch occurred from the northwestern space launch facility and fell into the Yellow Sea, the official added d.
George William Herbert, adjunct professor at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies and a missile consultant, said the images showed at least part of a rocket, including an "interstage" section designed to connect to another stage.
It is most likely a liquid-fuel rocket, and a round, brown object inside is likely a propellant tank for either fuel or oxidizer, Herbert added.
Officials from the United States, Japan, South Korea held a phone call, where they "strongly condemned" the launch, Japan’s foreign ministry said.
"The three countries will stay vigilant with high sense of urgency", the statement said.
North Korea had said it would launch its first military reconnaissance satellite between May 31 and June 11 to boost monitoring of U.S. military activities.
South Korea last week placed satellites in orbit with a domestically designed and produced rocket for the first time, and China sent three astronauts to its space station as part of crew rotation on Tuesday.
The North Korean rocket plunged into the sea "after losing thrust due to the abnormal starting of the second-stage engine," KCNA reported, in an unusually candid admission of a technical failure by the North.
Pyongyang's National Aerospace Development Administration will investigate the "serious defects" and take action to overcome them before conducting a second launch as soon as possible, KCNA said.
North Korea appeared to have rushed its satellite launch after Seoul's recent space rocket launch, a South Korean lawmaker said citing his country's intelligence agency.
Lawmaker Yoo Sang-beom told journalists that North Korea's leader was believe to have observed the launch and Pyongyang may need several weeks at least to fix its rocket's problems.
"Even if this satellite launch is a failure, General Secretary Kim Jong Un himself has made clear that this satellite is the first of many," said Atsuhito Isozaki, professor of North Korean studies at Keio University in Japan. "This won’t be the end of those efforts."
Lee Choon Geun, honorary research fellow at South Korea's Science and Technology Policy Institute, said it was a rare opportunity for South Korea to retrieve part of a North Korean rocket, and perhaps even the satellite. Analysts say North Korea's capacity for constructing sophisticated satellites remains unproven.
In data provided to international authorities before the launch, North Korea said the rocket would fly south, with stages and other debris expected to fall over the Yellow Sea and into the Pacific Ocean.
Air raid sirens wailed across the South Korean capital of Seoul as the city warned citizens to prepare for a potential evacuation. Later alerts said the city warning had been a mistake.
"I was so panicked," said Lee Juyeon, 33, a resident in the city of about 10 million who was preparing to shelter in a basement with her young child before learning it was a false alarm.
The Japanese government also issued an emergency warning over its J-Alert broadcasting system for residents of the southern prefecture of Okinawa to take cover indoors early on Wednesday morning.
It later said the rocket would not fly into Japanese territory and lifted the warnings. Japan had this week vowed to shoot down any projectile that threatened its territory.
The White House condemned the launch and said it was assessing the situation in coordination with allies.
Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said North Korea's rocket disappeared from radar above the Yellow Sea and did not make it into space.
Japan strongly condemns the launch and has lodged a complaint to Pyongyang through diplomatic channels in Beijing, he said.
U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also condemned the launch, a spokesperson said, noting any launch by Pyongyang using ballistic missile technology breached Security Council resolutions.
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