New crystal ball in for Jadyn Davis! First one since mid November.

2023.01.17 21:38 mattyjhiggs New crystal ball in for Jadyn Davis! First one since mid November.

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2022.07.24 00:17 Dapper-Psychology423 Stop complaining and do something....

All I see is complaining here. How corrupt “the system” is etc.
The system isn’t corrupt it’s the people running it. These public servants have overstepped and it’s up to you to deal with it, or nobody will.
What can you do you ask?
Read your constitutions Read your states/ federal rules of criminal and civil procedures Read the statutory rules of construction which define how the legislature is intended to be interpreted. This stuff isn’t rocket science. I guarantee if you actually sit down and read all these, you will be more knowledgeable than the average lawyer.
Read your state statutes and government code. Find out the duties of your public officials.
E.g. Texas code of criminal procedure Title 1 chapter 15 Art. 15.09. COMPLAINT MAY BE FORWARDED. A complaint in accordance with Article 15.05, may be forwarded as provided by Article 15.08 to any magistrate in the State; and the magistrate who receives the same shall forthwith issue a warrant for the arrest of the accused; and the accused, when arrested, shall be dealt with as provided in this Chapter in similar cases.
See what I mean? You can literally command a judge to issue a warrant for a crime that you believe has been committed.
“bUt ThE jUdGeS aRe CoRrUpT!”
Sometimes yes but there is remedy. Every state has a statue mimicking 26 usc 7214(official oppression, under color of law).
So if the judge doesn’t issue a warrant because say, maybe it’s his buddy down at the DAs office that you filed against. Well the judge just violated his duty to issue a warrant. File criminal charges against him as well with another magistrate...
You could also sue the judge in his personal capacity for acting out of scope.
Just string everyone along who wants to save their public official buddies. Eventually your gonna find someone smart enough to not put their career on the line, or you bring it to the feds for a rico suit.
Want some encouragement from people who do this stuff on a daily basis? Below is some resources. Besides doctor frederick graves jurisdictionary course(which is cheap and absolutely recommended for beginners to learn the rules of the court), all these resources offer help to people just like me and you on a daily basis as much as they possibly can. They don’t want your money. We need help from Americans to stand up and take back their county. I would rather take money from a corrupt judge/municipality/property tax assessor over my fellow American any day of the week.
We need to stand up and fight with paper in the courts! Trust me it can be done!
P.S. Forget all the BS you learned about straw man/ secret trust etc. Trust me it’s not that deep. You’ll soon come to find out that these people we deal with either (A) know they are breaking the law and don’t care, or (B) they are stupid and are just doing their job. More often than not it’s B.
Dr Frederick graves Jurisdictionary / (ref code is for rule of law radio, dr randy Kelton pays out of his own pocket to run this radio broadcast and help people, feel free to support the show or not and remove the ref code) live radio talk show thurs/Friday nights
Alphonse faggioli
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2019.02.07 15:36 3noir South Carolina Football Operations Center

Below is a collection of images and videos showcasing the new Football Operations Center.
Gamecock Football Twitter
Five things that stand out about USC's football operations building
The weight room, featuring Jeff Dillman
Recruiting Lounge
Locker Room and Players Lounge
QB Meeting Room
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