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2023.06.02 10:13 Salt_Committee1076 Help! Neighbor's 16 cats are turning my Florida backyard into their personal litter box😫 Any advice?

Hi there,
So, I recently moved to this house in sunny Florida, and boy, do I love it here! But there's this one little (or not so little) problem.. My neighbor, bless their heart, has a whopping 16 cats! And it seems like every single one of those furry friends thinks my backyard is the hottest spot to do their business.
Now, let's talk about the humidity situation here during the summer. It's like a hot, sticky, stinky combo that's killing my outdoor vibes.
So, I'm turning to you, my fellow Reddit wizards, to help me figure out how to keep those cats out of my precious backyard.
I totally get that cats like to explore, but this is becoming a real party pooper for me. Pun totally intended 😅
I'm looking for some ideas that are both humane and practical. You know, something that will make those kitties rethink their choice of my backyard as their personal bathroom
Have any of you faced this kind of situation before? If so, I need your secret sauce! What tricks, products, or magical mojo have you used to keep cats away from your land?
I'm counting on you, Reddit fam! Let's make my backyard smell like roses (well, maybe not literally, but you get the idea).
Your advice and experiences would mean the world to me. Thanks a million in advance!
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2023.06.02 09:46 elleffelle Sandblasted untreated aluminium vs sandblasted anodised aluminium

What would the visual difference over time be? I do not know of any example of untreated sandblasted aluminium left outside for a long period of time to compare to. The sandblasting already makes uneven-ness of the surface less visible, but by how much?
I am working on a piece of outdoor furniture consisting of large aluminium plates. It is going to be located in a public space right by the ocean, the alloy is 5745-H111. It is also going to be in contact with chemically treated wood and A4 stainless steel. I am just wondering if the effect of anodisation would be visible enough to be worth the extra cost.
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2023.06.02 09:01 germanky Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL

NOW HIRING Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL-https://gethiredinflorida.us/staff-perfusionist-fort-myers-florida-fort-myers-fl-d518bcc/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2023.06.02 08:55 riosmith0 Stay Cool in Fort Lauderdale with Expert AC Installation Services

Looking for top-notch AC installation in Fort Lauderdale? Look no further! Cedenos Comfort Cooling has got you covered. With their expert team and exceptional service, they'll keep you cool all summer long. Don't sweat it, trust Cedenos for all your air conditioning needs. Stay comfortable in the Florida heat!
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2023.06.02 08:19 karinebreard Karine Breard Shares The Psychology of Interior Design: How Your Environment Affects Your Mood

Karine Breard Shares The Psychology of Interior Design: How Your Environment Affects Your Mood

Karine Breard
Learn the psychology of interior design from Karine Breard, a professional interior designer. Discover how to create a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle, while also creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and calming. Get inspired with Karine's tips.


Your home is more than just a physical space—it has the power to influence your mood, emotions, and overall well-being. The way you design and arrange your living environment can have a profound impact on your psychological state. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of the psychology of interior design and explore how your environment affects your mood. Join us as we uncover the secrets to creating a harmonious and uplifting space that nurtures your mental and emotional well-being.

The Power of Color:

Colors have the ability to evoke specific emotions and set the tone for a room. We'll explore the psychology behind various colors, such as calming blues, energizing yellows, and soothing greens. Learn how to strategically incorporate colors into your home to create a desired mood and atmosphere.

Lighting Matters:

The right lighting can transform the ambiance of a room and greatly impact your mood. Discover the importance of natural light, artificial lighting options, and the effects they have on your emotions. From bright and invigorating to warm and cozy, we'll guide you on how to use lighting effectively to enhance your well-being.

Declutter for Serenity:

A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. We'll delve into the psychological benefits of decluttering and organizing your living environment. Explore practical tips and techniques to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere that promotes relaxation and mental clarity.

Personalize Your Space:

Your home should reflect your unique personality and preferences. We'll explore the significance of personalization in interior design and how incorporating meaningful objects and elements can uplift your spirits and create a sense of belonging.

The Influence of Nature:

Connecting with nature has a positive impact on our well-being. Discover the concept of biophilic design and how integrating natural elements into your home—such as plants, natural materials, and outdoor views—can reduce stress, increase productivity, and enhance your overall mood.

Designing for Flow and Harmony:

The layout and arrangement of furniture can affect the flow and energy within a space. We'll discuss the principles of feng shui and other design philosophies that focus on creating a harmonious environment. Learn how to optimize your space to promote a sense of balance and tranquility.

Mindful Design:

Mindfulness is not limited to meditation; it can also be incorporated into your interior design. We'll explore how to create mindful spaces that encourage relaxation, presence, and a sense of grounding. Discover the benefits of incorporating mindfulness practices into your home for a more mindful and balanced lifestyle.


As you can see, the psychology of interior design goes far beyond aesthetics. Your living environment has a profound impact on your mood, emotions, and overall well-being. By understanding the psychological principles behind interior design, you can create a space that nurtures and supports your mental and emotional health. Take the time to explore the various aspects discussed in this blog post and embark on a journey to design a home that uplifts your spirits and brings you joy.
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2023.06.02 08:00 germanky Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL

NOW HIRING Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL-https://gethiredinflorida.us/staff-perfusionist-fort-myers-florida-fort-myers-fl-e5c1f31/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2023.06.02 07:18 inter_metal What are the best options for wholesale furniture in Saudi Arabia?

What are the best options for wholesale furniture in Saudi Arabia?
If you're looking for furniture for your business, Saudi Arabia is a great place to look. There are many wholesale furniture options available, and you can find the best prices and quality here. At Intermetal, you can get remarkable outdoor furniture, luxury furniture and hospitality furniture in Saudi Arabia.
In this blog, we’ll tell you about the different types of furniture you need for your restaurant. So let’s get started.
What Types of Wholesale Furniture Are Available in Saudi Arabia?
In Saudi Arabia, there are a variety of furniture items that are available for wholesale. Some of the most popular items include bedroom sets, dining room sets, sofas, and chairs.
The furniture items that are available for wholesale in Saudi Arabia vary in terms of styles, colors, and materials. There are many different types of wood that are used to make furniture in the country, including oak, mahogany, and cherry. In addition, there are a variety of fabrics that can be used to upholster furniture, including suede, leather, and cotton.
The prices for wholesale furniture in Saudi Arabia are generally cheaper than the prices for furniture in other countries. This is because the furniture industry in Saudi Arabia is still in its early stages of development. As a result, there is a lot of competition among furniture retailers, which drives the prices down.
If you are interested in purchasing furniture for your home or office in Saudi Arabia, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, you should make sure that you are buying furniture from a reputable store. Second, you should ask the store to give you a written estimate of the total cost of the furniture, including shipping and handling. Finally, you should make sure that you understand the store's return policy.

Where Can You Find the Best Wholesale Furniture Deals in Saudi Arabia?
If you're in the market for some new furniture, you may be wondering where the best deals can be found. Saudi Arabia is a great place to start your search, as there are a number of reputable furniture dealers who offer great wholesale prices.
Before you start shopping, it's important to know what you're looking for. Decide on the style of furniture you want, as well as the type of materials you prefer. Once you have a good idea of what you want, you can start focusing on specific brands and retailers.
When it comes to finding the best deals on furniture, it's important to compare prices. Be sure to ask the furniture dealers for quotes, and don't forget to ask about delivery and installation fees.
If you're looking for quality furniture at a great price, Saudi Arabia is a great place to shop. With a little bit of research, you're sure to find the perfect pieces for your home.
How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Business in Saudi Arabia
When you are opening a business in Saudi Arabia, there are many things to consider. One of the most important decisions you will make is what furniture to purchase.
There are a few things to keep in mind when making this decision. The first is climate. Saudi Arabia is a hot, dry country, so furniture that can withstand extreme temperatures is a must. You will also want to choose furniture that is durable and can stand up to the high traffic levels in a business setting.
Another important factor to consider is culture. In Saudi Arabia, it is customary to offer guests a seat, so be sure to have plenty of comfortable chairs available. You may also want to consider including a few pieces of traditional Saudi furniture in your selection.
Whatever furniture you choose, make sure it is of the highest quality and will be able to serve your business needs for many years to come.
What did you need to know about luxury furniture in Saudi Arabia?
Are you a Saudi-based hospitality business looking to upgrade the experience of your guests with luxury furniture? If so, you’re in the right place. Saudi Arabia has a plethora of options when it comes to purchasing quality furniture. But before you start shopping for new pieces for your space, there are some things you need to understand about luxury furniture in this part of the world.
What type of style do you seek for your new furniture? Is it modern or classic, contemporary or traditional? What are the features and colors to keep an eye out for? In addition to what type of furniture pieces best suit your needs, it’s essential to consider other factors such as comfort level and durability.

Overview of Luxury Furniture in Saudi Arabia

As you may already know, luxury furniture in Saudi Arabia is synonymous with elegance, quality, and style. It is important to understand the distinct characteristics that makeup luxury furniture when looking to purchase it in the country. Luxury furniture can come in a variety of different forms, such as wood and metal frames, intricate designs and bold colors. Whether you are searching for hospitality furniture or just looking for something special for your home, the selection of luxury furniture available in Saudi Arabia is sure to cater to all your needs.
When shopping for luxury furniture pieces in Saudi Arabia, it is key to consider the materials used to make the pieces. You'll want something that's durable and high-quality so that your piece can remain as beautiful as the day you got it. Also, think about how your piece will fit within the rest of your home or establishment—will it match and complement existing decor? Consider these points carefully before making your purchase so you get a product you will truly love.

Benefits of Indoor Furniture in Saudi Arabia

Furnishing your home with quality furniture pieces is not only luxurious but beneficial as well. Investing in indoor luxury furniture for your home may seem expensive in the present, but it pays off in the long run with its promise of lasting quality and durability.
Additionally, hospitality furniture in Saudi Arabia such as couches and recliners can add to the functionality of your home. Strategically placed seating encourages socializing and relaxation for guests, making sure that no visitor ever feels unwelcome in your home.
For those who seek a more comprehensive interior design, Saudi Arabia offers an extensive range of options for luxury furniture pieces that can make all the difference in creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for an extravagant statement piece or a more subtle addition to your space, Saudi Arabia has something to suit every need and style.

Different Types of Luxury Furniture

Have you ever wondered what luxury furniture in Saudi Arabia looks like? Luxury furniture comes in many shapes and forms, so let’s explore some of the different types of luxury furniture that are available in the country.

Indoor Furniture

Indoor furniture for luxury homes in Saudi Arabia typically features large, ornate designs made from heavy materials such as wood and metal. These pieces look extremely elegant and opulent and often feature intricate carvings and detailing. Many pieces, such as beds, are usually made from skins like crocodile, ostrich or even python for added extravagance. Upholstering is also very popular for indoor furniture in Saudi Arabia, with luxurious fabrics such as velvet or suede used to cover sofa cushions and headboards.

Hospitality Furniture

Hospitality furniture in Saudi Arabia represents a large chunk of the luxury furniture market in Saudi Arabia. This includes hotel lobbies, restaurants and VIP areas which need to accommodate large numbers of people yet still feel luxurious. These areas include couches, tables and chairs with rich fabrics covering armrests and cushions that add comfort to the area but also reflect a luxurious ambiance.
There are many different types of luxury furniture available in Saudi Arabia that suit many different tastes. From indoor pieces with intricate details to hospitality settings with lavish upholstery – luxury furniture is sure to make any home or setting feel luxuriously stylish.

Buying Tips for Hospitality Furniture in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to buying the perfect hospitality furniture in Saudi Arabia for your home or business, there are some essential tips that you should keep in mind.

Quality Materials

First of all, think about the quality of materials that you require for your furniture. Quality materials such as solid wood, leather, and fabric can make a huge difference to the durability and aesthetic appeal of the piece. Make sure to ask your supplier about these details and look for products that are carefully crafted with due attention to detail.

Style Variety

The range of styles available in hospitality furniture is vast. From modern looks that embrace minimalism and clean lines, to more traditional designs with intricate details, there is something to suit every taste. It’s important to remember that furniture is an investment so selecting pieces which will stand the test of time is key. Choosing classic style elements such as smooth lines and subtle patterns for your luxury furniture will help ensure a timeless look.


If you are investing in luxury furniture for a hospitality space in Saudi Arabia then make sure it is built to withstand everyday use. Ask specifically about any wear standards that have been adhered to during manufacture and consider extra protective measures such as waterproof fabrics or extra cushioning where necessary. It may be worth investing in a professional cleaning service on a regular basis too – this could extend the life of your furniture significantly!

Design Tips for Creating a Vibrant Interior With Luxury Furniture

When it comes to creating a vibrant interior in Saudi Arabia, luxury furniture can be a great way to do it. But if you want to make sure you make the best choice for your space, here are some key design tips to keep in mind.

The Right Size

Size matters when it comes to luxury furniture since pieces that are too big or too small can throw off the balance in a room. Before you buy any furniture, make sure you measure the room and check the dimensions of the pieces you're considering—opt for pieces that fit best in terms of proportion and scale.

The Right Colors

Colors also play a big role in setting the atmosphere and mood of an interior space. Whether you prefer bright, cheerful shades or muted calming tones, keep an eye on choosing the right colors that suit your preferences. Be sure to take into account the existing wall color and flooring as well as trimming details when selecting different hues for luxury furniture.

Quality Matters

Of course, quality should always be the top priority when investing in luxury furniture for your home or commercial space. Look for high-quality materials like solid wood, metal and leather that will last through regular use over time without losing its functionality and esthetically pleasing appearance. And pay attention to construction details such as craftsmanship joints, firm upholstery and suitable hardware finishes to ensure the durability of each piece you invest in.
Overall, Saudi Arabia is a great place to find furniture for your business. You can find high-quality, affordable options here, and you can be sure that you're getting a good deal. When it comes to furnishing your business, Saudi Arabia is definitely the place to be.
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2023.06.02 06:30 No-Berry-3330 Residential pest control tucson Pest and termite control in tucson

How to Control Rodent in Hotel and Restaurant Areas - AZPest
Controlling rodents in hotel and restaurant areas is essential for maintaining a tidy and safe environment for guests. Rats are disgusting pests, spreading dangerous diseases to humans quickly. We will see some steps you can take to control rodents effectively:
Review and Seal Entry Points: Conduct a thorough inspection of the premises to identify any likely entry points for rodents, such as gaps in doors, wooden sheets, windows, and walls. Seal these openings using materials like steel wool, caulk, or weatherstripping to prevent rodents from entering.
Eliminate Food Sources: Rodents are attracted to food, so removing any potential food sources is vital. Store food always in tightly sealed containers and ensure that all garbage bins have tight-fitting lids. Regularly clean food preparation areas, dining spaces, and storage areas to remove unwanted scattered crumbs and spills on the floor.
Proper Waste Management: Implement a proper waste management system. Dispose of garbage daily and make sure that outdoor trash bins are kept away from the building by just a 3 to 3-meter distance and it has to be sealed tightly. Clean garbage areas frequently to prevent odors and attract rodents.
Maintain and Keep Clean: Cleanliness is mandatory in rodent control. Regularly sweep and mop floors, and clean up any spills soon inside areas. Pay extra attention to hard-to-reach areas like behind equipment and furniture. Keep the premises free of clutter, as rodents may use it as nesting material.
Install Rodent Traps: Place snap traps or glue boards in the right place where rodents are very active. Put traps near walls, corners, and areas with signs of droppings or gnaw marks. Check the traps regularly and dispose of captured rodents appropriately.
Find Quality Pest Control Company: If you found rodent activities persist there, If you need more extensive measures, Don’t hesitate to hire a professional pest control service. They have the expertise and tools to assess the situation, implement targeted treatments, and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure effective rodent control and tips.
AZPest in Tucson, Arizona, offers pest control services for different types of pests -Cockroaches, Termites, Stink bugs, Bed bugs, Mosquitoes, Rats, Scorpions, Ants, Bees, Ticks, Warms, and more creatures. Pest control Services areas include Sahuarita, Foothills, Saddlebrooke, Marana, Catalina, Green Valley, Vail, Oro Valley, and more places in Arizona.
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2023.06.02 05:00 germanky Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL

NOW HIRING Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL-https://gethiredinflorida.us/staff-perfusionist-fort-myers-florida-fort-myers-fl-03e699b/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2023.06.02 04:28 AccomplishedBike3498 Shark/snook Fishing Florida

I’m going down to Florida this summer and want to catch some nice sharks ( fort myers) if anyone is from around there, please point me to a good tackle shop. But for tackle for snook and reds i was thinking about the Penn battle combo, and for sharks the Penn senator rod and reel combo.
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2023.06.02 04:26 GravityBored1 Question for CPS Field case workers

My neighbor, a single mother mid 20's lives in a house with no furniture and has 12 dogs in South Carolina. She has had child protective services cases opened by law enforcement via mandatory reporting. She's received multiple dog related violations and has been trespassed from a neighbors property. She clearly has some mental issues.
The first incident was her putting her 3 year old outdoors to play unsupervised. He wandered into a neighbors back yard and then chased the garbage truck about 250' down the street. When CPS showed up the next day, the child was outside unsupervised. Mom flipped out on the worker.
The second instance was her abusing a puppy, hitting the child 5 times and then screaming obscenities at the child "Fuck you! I'm sick of your shit" and the like for about a minute all on video from a neighbors security system. The whole neighborhood has seen the video.
What does child protective services typically do in cases like this? I imagine these are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things, but I'm curious what the process is.
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2023.06.02 04:09 pillowprincessorland 59 F4M Ft Myers Cape Coral Sanibel Island Area... Seeking Mature M for Dinner/Date

59 F4M Ft Myers... Seeking Mature M for DinneDate
Heading down to the area this coming weekend to hang with some girlfriends. Looking for an honorable man to enjoy conversation and perhaps more Will be in town from June 2 thur June 9th 2023. Ft Myers Florida
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2023.06.02 04:04 germanky Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL

NOW HIRING Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL-https://gethiredinflorida.us/staff-perfusionist-fort-myers-florida-fort-myers-fl-677f2be/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2023.06.02 04:03 FabulousJava Having trouble deciding on chairs

Having trouble deciding on chairs
The chairs my venue provides are plastic chairs with white cover, here is a sample pic of the space with them:
Wedding reception
For some reason I've always hated the look of those kinds of slip covered chairs (I seem to be in the minority because everyone I talk to about it doesn't seem to understand why I have a problem with them). Initially my plan was to rent some white napoleon chairs for a classy look, but I can't find any available for my dates. I don't really have a strict theme but going for an art nouveau/vintage elegant vibe.
I've found an option with other types of chairs still available but with delivery it'll end up costing me about $2K so I'm not even sure 100% if it's worth it when it's not gonna be exactly what I wanted anyway. But having trouble even deciding between which of the options would be best in the first place and would love any thoughts:
  1. Steel napoloeon chairs - they might look either surprisingly nice or too industrial. I can't find any photos online that would give me an idea of whether it would look horrible once they're in the venue.
  2. Wood Saint Remy chairs - they would look nice outdoors but not sure if it might make the reception look rustic?
  3. Cristal Chair - I like ghost furniture in general, but again worried that the vibe might be off and get too modern/trendy?
There's also an option for a collapsible white napoleon chair but I feel like it won't be comfortable for the guests...
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2023.06.02 04:03 ecounltd Seeking Recommendations for a Road Trip along Florida's East Coast!

Hey Florida!
My wife and I live in northern Florida and are planning a road trip along Florida's east coast, starting from Fort Lauderdale and ending in St. Augustine. We're looking to explore and get a good feel for the different cities and towns along the way since we're considering a potential move. We're hoping to gather insights and recommendations from fellow Floridians.
We already have a few places in mind, but we would love to hear your suggestions on the best spots to experience the atmosphere of the east coast. We're particularly interested in areas that would be appealing to young professionals, are affordable, and preferably with good access to beaches and a night life (although we don't mind driving).
We came up with an initial itinerary and would love your feedback:
  1. Fort Lauderdale
  2. Delray Beach
  3. West Palm Beach
  4. Vero Beach
  5. Melbourne
  6. Cocoa
  7. New Smyrna Beach
  8. Daytona Beach
  9. Ormond Beach
We're open to adding more stops along the way or modifying our itinerary based on any recommendations. If anyone has any tips on great cities, neighborhoods, etc., we would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance for your advice and recommendations!
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2023.06.02 03:23 Capable_Mix_4418 Expert Tips for Stylish Bedroom Design


Welcome to our bedroom styling tips blog, where we strive to bring you the latest trends, expert advice, and inspiration for creating beautiful living spaces. In this blog, we delve into the realm of bedroom styling, guiding you through the process of transforming your bedroom into a serene sanctuary. With our expert tips and timeless design principles, you can create a stylish bedroom that perfectly reflects your personal taste and provides a haven of tranquility for restful nights and rejuvenating mornings.

Selecting the Perfect Color Palette:

Choosing the right color palette is essential for setting the desired ambiance in your bedroom. Soft, muted tones work wonders in creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. Shades of blue, green, and lavender are particularly popular choices, as they promote relaxation and tranquility. However, don't be afraid to inject a pop of colour through accent pieces or artwork to add visual interest and personality.

The Power of Lighting:

Lighting plays a crucial role in bedroom design, creating ambiance and enhancing functionality. For a serene atmosphere, consider incorporating layered lighting. Start with a central overhead fixture for general illumination. Add bedside table lamps or wall-mounted sconces to provide warm, soft light for reading and relaxation. Dimmer switches are an excellent addition, allowing you to adjust the lighting intensity to suit your mood.

Furniture Placement and Layout:

Efficient furniture placement and thoughtful layout can make a significant difference in the overall aesthetic and functionality of your bedroom. Begin by determining the focal point of the room, which is typically the bed. Position the bed against a wall or in the center of the room, depending on available space and personal preference. Surround it with carefully chosen furniture pieces like nightstands, dressers, and chairs to create a harmonious and balanced arrangement.

Luxurious Bedding and Textiles:

Bedding and textiles are the ultimate indulgence in bedroom styling. Opt for high-quality sheets with a thread count that feels luxurious against your skin. Layer your bed with plush duvets, blankets, and an assortment of throw pillows to add texture and visual interest. Experiment with different fabrics, patterns, and textures, ensuring they complement your overall colour scheme and design concept.

Window Treatments and Privacy:

Windows are essential for allowing natural light to fill your bedroom, but they also require careful consideration when it comes to privacy and styling. Choose window treatments that offer a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Elegant curtains or blinds can be paired with sheer panels to filter light while maintaining privacy. Consider adding blackout curtains or blinds if you desire complete darkness for better sleep quality.

Incorporating Natural Elements:

Bringing the outdoors inside can create a soothing and organic ambiance in your bedroom. Incorporate natural elements such as potted plants, fresh flowers, or a small indoor fountain to add a touch of tranquility. Natural materials like wood and stone can be introduced through furniture, flooring, or accent pieces to enhance the overall sense of serenity.

Thoughtful Storage Solutions:

A clutter-free bedroom is essential for maintaining a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Thoughtful storage solutions are key to achieving this. Consider furniture pieces with built-in storage, such as bedside tables with drawers or ottomans with hidden compartments. Utilise under-bed storage boxes or invest in a stylish wardrobe to keep your clothes and belongings organised and out of sight.

Personal Touches and Styling Accents:

To truly make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary, add personal touches and styling accents that reflect your individuality. Display cherished artwork, photographs, or sentimental objects that evoke positive emotions. Incorporate scented candles or essential oil diffusers to create a fragrant and inviting atmosphere. Pay attention to details like decorative mirrors, rugs, or statement furniture.
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2023.06.02 03:00 germanky Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL

NOW HIRING Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL-https://gethiredinflorida.us/staff-perfusionist-fort-myers-florida-fort-myers-fl-0cfb73a/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2023.06.02 02:00 germanky Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL

NOW HIRING Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL-https://gethiredinflorida.us/staff-perfusionist-fort-myers-florida-fort-myers-fl-336a44f/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2023.06.02 01:01 germanky Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL

NOW HIRING Staff Perfusionist (Fort Myers, Florida) Fort Myers FL-https://gethiredinflorida.us/staff-perfusionist-fort-myers-florida-fort-myers-fl-afbea06/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2023.06.02 00:38 Purple_Ad_8774 Need help: AC Coil Froze and water dripping throgh ceiling

Need help with my HVAC problem.
I received an alert from ECOBEE yesterday which basically said this. "For the past 4 hours your thermostat Main Floor detected that your home My Home has been calling for cool, but the room temperature has increased by 3.1 degrees."

I noticed condensation in the side walls of the AC unit and the condensation water was dripping through filter inside the duct.
The technician came today and found icing in coil(image in comment). Technician coming again tomorrow to check the outdoor unit as it was raining today) . I can wait for the AC to be fixed, but I am concerned about the condensation water dripping into AC duct.
Now I see water is dripping through a light fixture in 1st floor which is few feet away from where AC is mounted. I have collected about 3 cups of water which dripped through light fixture.

My questions are
  1. The water is dripping through light fixture in 1st floor ceiling - I was expecting to see water dripping through AC vent but not from light fixture. Does this mean something wrong with ductwork installation?
  2. The technician asked me to keep the fan running until tomorrow - I see more water dripping after the fan is running. Is this normal and OK?. By running the fan I think all the ICE is turning into water and increasing the dripping.
  3. Is this a big problem. How bad is this.? The AC will be fixed by warranty so I am not worried about AC but I am worried about water getting into ductwork. Is this a problem now or in future.? What should I ask warranty team. I called them and they said its no big deal as it will dry out once the AC is fixed and condensation stops.

Location Florida / New Construction / 6 month old installation / Carrier AC
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2023.06.02 00:24 growun Finally in remission. Only 2-3 flares in the last two months. Finally found a doctor who had a patient who had been treated successfully.

After 8 years of dealing with this horrible condition, I've found a doctor who had actually heard of this and treated a patient successfully.
My doctor started me on topiramate 25 mg 3x a day and almost instantly my symptoms vanished. I can exercise, go outside, cuddle my partner, and take hot showers. I have a new life.
I live in Florida where temperature highs for the past two months were 84 F / 29 C and 88 F / 31 C. I can go outside. I'm amazed. It is like I don't even have EM.
So grateful to have met my doctor. The side effects of the medication aren't perfect but nothing could be worse than the hell that was my Erythromelalgia. I've lost some weight because of reduced appetite but I don't care. Just incredibly happy! No more lidocaine creams. No more carrying a fan around. No more compression socks and avoiding the outdoors unless it's dead of night.
I had no idea how much this disorder took from me until I started this medication. I didn't realize how scared I was of triggering an episode, I had become afraid of human contact, different fabrics, and so many things for fear they would raise my body temperature too high and trigger an episode. I am having to relearn how to hold hands with partner... just crazy.
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2023.06.01 23:17 cancrkilla420 Marijuana Limit Exceptions

Anyone knows of a Dr. in South Florida granting exceptions to the mmj limits preferably closer to Fort Lauderdale? I used Marijuana Doctor's in Fort Lauderdale on 441 originally to get my card. They said I could walk-in to the same clinic but it wouldn't be guaranteed to get approved. I do have supporting medical records. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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