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/r/Hammers: Forever Blowing Bubbles

2011.03.01 10:12 ljx19880123 /r/Hammers: Forever Blowing Bubbles

West Ham United Football Club news and discussion.

2016.07.15 05:32 bit_novosti Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is an open, decentralized, and permissionless public blockchain, that aims to fulfill the original promise of Ethereum, as a platform where smart contracts are free from third-party interference. ETC prioritizes trust-minimization, network security, and integrity. All network upgrades are non-contentious with the aim to fix critical issues or to add value with newly proposed features; never to create new tokens, or to bail out flawed smart contracts and their interest groups.

2016.07.24 13:06 warproxxx Classic Ether Market & Trading Discussion

Ethereum has forked and moved to a new chain. This sub is for the discussion of the Ethereum chain which didn't move the coins.

2023.06.06 15:10 Declan077 LSDI Proposal to KTTA Acquisition-Getting hands on $30M Cash If Approved

Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. (“Lucy” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ: LSDI), a licensed producer of compounds for medicinal products, today announced that it sent a proposal to Pasithea Therapeutics Corp. (“Pasithea”) (NASDAQ: KTTA), a biotechnology firm focused on innovative medical solutions, to acquire each share of its common stock.
Under the terms of the offer, Lucy proposes to pay $0.60 in cash, and $0.25 cents in Lucy stock (NASDAQ: LSDI) for every share of Pasithea common stock. Given that Pasithea’s stock closed at $0.35 per share on June 1, 2023, the Proposal of $0.85 per share equates to 142% premium to Pasithea’s share price. In fact, the cash component alone represents a 71% premium.
Pasithea’s most recent quarterly report indicates approximately $30,000,000 cash on hand. Given the significant market value discount to its net cash, Lucy believes its attractive offer will create immediate value from the cash portion with additional upside participation through Lucy’s stock as it executes its business plan. In order to preserve cash for shareholders, Lucy intends to explore strategic alternatives for the divestiture of Pasithea's clinical development program.
While Pasithea’s 30-day average daily dollar trading volume is only $16,000, Lucy is an actively traded NASDAQ company with an average daily dollar trading volume of more than $1.8 million. This represents more than 100 times the dollar volume of Pasithea’s trading and could substantially improve liquidity for its shareholders.
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2023.06.06 15:10 DemodavePr YTTV and Sunday Ticket Pricing Question

I plan to definitely purchase the Sunday Ticket today. We currently have DirecTV and thinking about totally switching to YTTV. That would give the lower price on Sunday Ticket. But what if I decide not to keep YTTV, yet keep Sunday Ticket. Will I get charged the additional $100? Or would I be forced to keep YTTV thru football season since I purchased them together?
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2023.06.06 15:09 niartotemiT Chance Me, mediocre GPA High Income Male. Lots of extracurricular.

Basic Info -Demographic: Brazilian(Large Part Italian), lives in Florida, High Income, Male -GPA: 3.66 UW/4.45W (AP classes are 6.0, honors is 5.0, on level is 4.0). -Rank: Unknown -SAT: 1580 (800 Math, 780 Reading and Writing) -Senior Course Load: AP Physics EandC, AP Linear Algebra , AP Psychology, Multivariable Calculus/Differential Equations (with math club coach), Ap Bio, Honor Advanced Networking, APUSH. -AP tests: AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Physics 1/2 (both tests), AP Chem, AP Lang, AP Comp Sci A, AP Stats (five on all of them)
Academic Honors -2x STEM Student of The Year Award in my county -2x AIME qualifier -National Merit Scholarship (Pretty sure about this) -State Level Coding Competition Finalist -Placed multiple regional to state level math competitions -State and National Qualifier for Veq IQ competitions (Robotics) -Accepted to HCSSiM and SUMaC (Prestigious Math Camps)
Extracurriculars 1) Chess Club: President and Co-Founder, had several regional team based wins and few (including me) state and National High School select qualifiers
2) Varsity Volleyball Team: Student Founder and Captain, Quarter Finals in first year of its creation.
3) Volleyball Club: Founder, personally joined a national level club team. Few others in the club also joined select to elite teams.
4) Innovation Club: No position, created 2 projects which became the club focuses. 1. A chemical gas detector which monitored and tracked mice health (to help out mice research club). 2. A secondary water mill which can be used and expanded to be used from normal water pipes to small rivers. (Lots of heavy storms where I live and we lose power often).
5) Internships: Worked on a research project based on ML and it’s possible uses in streamlining traffic with a local professor at a decently well known university.
9) Track and Field: 2x Rookie of the Year (Middle and High), State Qualifier in Long jump and Triple Jump, Regional Qualifier in 100m, Mile, and 800m.
  1. Tutoring: Tutored people in my school and neighborhood from pre-alg to multi variable along with some sat Prep.
Essays: -My CommonApp is a shorter story about me realizing the balance of fun and hardship and how I saw that you need to work to be able to have fun. Goes through my creation of the chess and volleyball clubs (especially volleyball as a shorter player).
-There is one or two more essays that are based on my life relative to my parents. (Not done yet)
Letters of Recommendation: -My Councilor wrote my first. Have worked with her since elementary school and she has publicly recognized my ability to work on what I need and help others in worse situations. -My math teacher wrote about my competitions and my tutoring. -My Chess Club Sponsor and art teacher wrote about my ability to teach others and spread knowledge to a community.
Colleges (and majors I'm applying for):
1) North Eastern (CS) 2) UMass (Mathematics) 3) UF (TBA) 4) USC (TBA for academics) 5) USC (Volleyball) 6) UT, Austin (Engineering) 7) Boston University (TBA, Sister goes there)
WHAT I WANT TO KNOW -Chance me -What programs/other colleges should I apply to and am I over reaching.
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2023.06.06 15:06 frenchynerd Roommate very loud on phone, amongst other things

So, after ten years of living alone with no roommate, because of a current difficult financial situation, I had to take one in.
Let's say it's been a challenge!
He's a foreign worker. The whole thing was arranged through the company who hired him. The rent is deducted from his pay and sent to me by direct deposit. A lady working for that company came and visited the place, where I've explained to her that their employee would have access to his room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, but not the living room, as that was my personal space. The price I charge is lower than other rooms in my city because of this.
The first evening, I welcomed him after he arrived straight from the airport. As he was tired and on jet lag, he went straight to bed. The morning after, I left for work when he was still sleeping. When I came back, he had cleaned the whole living room and was sitting watching YouTube videos on my TV. I was like.... Uh ok..... I think that moment has been a mistake, I felt bad telling him he wasn't supposed to be in the living room, since he had cleaned everything, so I didn't say anything.
Since then, well he regularly uses my TV, at moments where I would like to watch it or just sit reading quietly in MY living room... I even bought him a small TV for his room, thinking he would get the message (my mistake again of not making things clear from the start), but he still uses mine.. Now that it's been a few weeks, I'm not sure how to talk to him about this issue without making it too disappointing for him.
The other issue, which is more important, is the talking loudly on the phone, speaker on, and general phone usage.
I already warned him about it. I was trying to watch a movie and he was in the kitchen, right beside (it's an open space), yelling on FaceTime, volume of speaker very loud, one call after the other, without interruption for like an hour. I told him after it was very difficult for me to focus on my movie with him yelling like that. He said he was sorry, and he was indeed more careful about it after that.
Instead, he goes on the balcony to yell on the phone, and I have to close all the windows to not hear him. I fear he might disturb the neighbors too.
Or, when I watch my television, he will come and sit at the table, and watch videos on his phone, which, even if not as disturbing as the yelling, is still not ideal when I'm trying to focus on what I'm watching.
When he takes his shower, he also puts music on his phone and cranks the volume to the maximum, we can hear it on the whole apartment.
He gets up at 4:30 am, since the bus from the place he works at picks him up at 5:00 am.
Well, at 4:30 this morning, when he got up, he was already on the phone yelling, which woke me up. It lasted until he left at 5. Not a pleasant wakeup.
Apart from that, he's a nice guy, he cleans up after himself (even if he made a tomato sauce catastrophy in my microwave and scratched my pans with metal ustensils), he makes me taste food from his country, he doesn't take drugs, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and even if he's been here for only a few weeks, he already has several friends and registered himself to different clubs and activities, so he's not often there. But when he's there, his presence can be HEARD. Loudly.
What would he the best way to talk to him about the phone issue and the living room issue (my fault, I know) without hurting his feelings and keeping a positive relationship?
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.06 15:04 subredditsummarybot /r/NFL's top [Highlights] for the week of May 30 - June 05

Tuesday, May 30 - Monday, June 05


score comments title & link
4,991 437 comments [Highlight] Chris Johnson turns three touches into 217 yards and 3 TDs, including a play where the Texans leave him completely uncovered (2009)
4,498 625 comments [Highlight] Today marks 98 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember when Sam Hubbard scored on this 98 yard fumble return for a TD in last season’s AFC Wild Card game against the Ravens. It is the longest fumble recovery for a TD in NFL playoffs history. Bengals win, 24-17.
4,267 449 comments [Highlight] Jakobi Meyers Laterals To Chandler Jones For A Game Winning Touchdown
3,045 267 comments [Highlight] After a Falcons TD, Eric Berry gets a Pick 2 off Matt Ryan to put the Chiefs back in the lead (2016)
2,075 285 comments [Highlight] Rookie QB Troy Aikman, in the process of being giga-fucked by Cardinals LB Anthony Bell, delivers an absolute peach to WR James Dixon for the 75 yard TD.
1,829 107 comments [Highlight] Deebo Samuel turns a loss into a 51 yard gain
1,589 153 comments [Highlight] Today marks 96 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember the 96 yard and 101 kickoff returns for a TD by Nyheim Hines against the Patriots last season. This was the first game back for the Bills since the injury of Damar Hamlin. Bills win, 35-23.
1,498 116 comments [Highlight] Dolphins Guard Robert Hunt's amazing effort for the touchdown . But the touchdown was called back for ineligible receiver downfield. Maybe the greatest ineligible receiver play ever ?
1,486 203 comments [Highlight] Week 6 of 1990, Jerry Rice goes off against the Falcons and CB Charles Dimry, catching 13 passes for 225 yards and an NFL record 5 touchdowns.
1,478 183 comments [Highlight] Marcus Jones outscores both the Jets and Patriots offenses in one play for a game winning punt return 2022
1,221 286 comments [Highlight] Calvin Johnson Vs Randy Moss - Top 50 Of Each
1,187 157 comments [Highlight] Today marks 99 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember this 99 yard pick 6 by the rookie Jaylen Watson against the Chargers last year. Chiefs win, 27-24.
973 264 comments [Highlight] Chiefs Intercept Brady to Seal the 2018 AFC Championship- BUT Dee Ford was Offside. Patriots win 37-31 en route to 6th Super Bowl Championship.
924 77 comments [Highlight] Today marks 95 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember this 95 yard kickoff return for a TD by Cordarrelle Patterson against the Bears back in 2018. Patriots win, 38-31.
858 125 comments [Highlight] Today marks 94 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember when Martavis Bryant burnt the Bengals defense on this 94 yard touchdown back in 2014. Steelers win, 42-21.
813 84 comments [Highlight] Today marks 97 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember this 97 yard kickoff return for a TD by Kene Nwangwu against the Patriots on Thanksgiving last year. Vikings win, 33-26.
643 235 comments [Highlight] A very injured Justin Herbert throws an absolute dime on 4th down.
594 122 comments [Highlight] Where’s Ricky Sanders?
548 143 comments [Highlight] Carl Nassib's strip sack in OT sets up the game winning TD.
548 75 comments [Highlight] Diontae Johnson makes an insane one-handed grab down the sideline in OT against the Bengals.
516 49 comments [Highlight] Frustrated Dallas secondary attempts to stop the “Fun Bunch” from celebrating in the end zone
505 56 comments (Highlight) Jared Allen makes the incredible one-handed sack while being smothered by an Offensive Lineman

Other Videos

score comments title & link
639 34 comments [OC] Play by play analysts can never actually take the time to explain what outside zone is while calling a game, so I made this to help folks understand why every single team in the NFL runs it constantly


score comments title & link
1,870 444 comments [OC] Analysis of NFL Mascots (2023 Update)

Top comments

score comment
5,500 seafoamstratocaster said Russ didn't want to hear the cuss words from the crowd.
4,890 ineedahaircutbadly said But Matt Damon told me fortune favors the brave
4,557 Twittenhouse said "Aaron Rodgers is the pretty girl that you gotta tell her she’s pretty every day" - Charles Barkley
4,548 grodges1 said > The legislation will retire $377 million in outstanding stadium bonds for Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium by the end of June — wiping out debt scheduled to be paid off in 2046 and saving Minnesota ta...
3,596 HedJoyer said There was a timeline where I didn't have to watch like 6 Broncos primetime games? Take me there
3,384 HelpfulPhotograph185 said Mahomes is clearly a man who lives with a toddler. Those were the moves of a seasoned parent, always ready to stop chaos at a moment’s notice in public.
3,341 ZachTrillson said wake up babe new packers rodgers beef just dropped
3,285 MrSuperfreak said "And he's also a pretty good passer."
3,263 MatchewRolex said Seattle vs. Pats in 2015 That final play was the first domino in allowing Matt Patricia to become head coach of the Lions
2,699 Roger--Smith said Next time, they might consider investing in something a little less volatile, like stadium nacho cheese futures.

Awarded Posts

score/comments awards title & link
7,612 - 515 comments 1 All-Seeing Upvote [Misleading] [Front Office Sports] "The Minnesota Vikings have paid off their debt on U.S. Bank Stadium 23 years early — a move that will save Minnesota taxpayers $226 million in interest."
5,518 - 504 comments 1 Evil Cackle [Leslie] As of today, June 2, 2023, it has been 10,000 days since the Dallas Cowboys last played in an NFC Championship Game.

Awarded Comments

awards score comment
1 Gold, 1 Take My Energy, 1 Eureka! 476 ThatGuyWithaReason said Gute will forever be the clown who drafted Rodgers replacement just for him to win back to back MVPs i’d want him fired as well. Packers fans siding with Gute to this day is crazy lmao
1 Gold, 1 Kiss 198 PerseusACluster said Hard not to root for Trask after witnessing his sacrifice aboard the Endar Spire
1 Take My Energy, 1 Starry 142 ThadtheYankee159 said One with the Vikings or Bills XIX cause of Marino Finally, XXXVI, to potentially butterfly away the Patriots dynasty.
1 Silver 949 whereegosdare84 said "It's an absolute pleasure to see, he's even taken it upon himself to introduce himself to everyone in the neighborhood and tell them a little about himself so they know where he is at all times."
1 Ally 181 notmoleliza said Come to Beşiktaş
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2023.06.06 15:04 upbstock preppppppppppper

Writer's block
The drama in Hollywood is heating up just as there appeared to be a breakthrough for the creative industry. On Sunday, the Directors Guild of America inked a tentative three-year contract with major studios and streamers, though the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild are still holding out. In fact, the former has been on strike for six weeks, while the latter just authorized a potential strike if an agreement cannot be reached by June 30.
What are the fights about? At issue are wages and benefits, as well as royalty payments like global streaming residuals. Artificial intelligence is also at play, with the unions fighting for protections so that AI won't replace its members. Writers additionally say that tech companies like Netflix (NFLX) are hiring for shorter stints and lower wages, which is hindering the creative process. It comes as many studios absorb heavy losses associated with streaming, making them think twice about their bottom line during the negotiations.
A walkout by the Writers Guild of America has already shut down the final season of Netflix's Stranger Things, an HBO (WBD) prequel of Game of Thrones, and paused production on Disney's (DIS) Thunderbolts and Blade. A strike by actors would trigger a broader shutdown across Hollywood, while ramping up pressure on companies that need to support their streaming services and TV programming schedules. Other studios involved include Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), NBCUniversal (CMCSA), Paramount (PARA) and Sony (SONY) - under the umbrella of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.
What's next? "For now, the studios/streamers aren't in a rush to be flexible because the strike could eventually allow them to shed unprofitable long-term deals," writes SA analyst The Entertainment Oracle, "but that's also a dangerous long-term game." If prolonged, studios could turn to reality or unscripted shows, and internationally produced content, but the financial impacts will eventually catch up. Moody's has warned that an extended strike could hurt the credit ratings of "weakly positioned" media companies, while Paramount CEO Bob Bakish has said that the situation will "ultimately depend on the duration of the strike." (16 comments)
Vision Pro
Apple (AAPL) unveiled its mixed-reality headset at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, ushering in a new era of what CEO Tim Cook called "spatial computing." Unlike joystick-powered rival devices like the Meta Quest (META), Apple's headset relies on hand tracking, with the user gesturing in midair to control the interface. However, the new super-premium device was priced at $3,499, and the overwhelming majority of WSB subscribers feel that the product is too niche for the market, with the stock closing down 0.8% after hitting a new all-time high. As previously mentioned, SA analyst Ash Anderson said WWDC would likely be a "sell the news" event for Apple following its biggest product launch in nearly a decade. (608 comments)
In hot water
The SEC has sued cryptocurrency exchange Binance and its CEO Changpeng Zhao for allegedly violating U.S. securities regulations. The news pushed cryptocurrency prices lower, with Bitcoin (BTC-USD) down 3.8% at $25.78K today and ether (ETH-USD) 2.7% lower at $1.82K. Thirteen charges were filed against Binance and CZ, as he is known, including deceiving investors about the sufficiency of its systems to detect and control manipulative trading. The SEC also accused the platform of taking insufficient steps to prohibit U.S. investors from accessing its unregulated exchange. Binance is disputing the allegations, saying it is "disappointed" with the SEC suit and "will vigorously defend" its business. (45 comments)
Manufacturing boost
New plans from General Motors (GM) will see it invest more than $1B in two of its manufacturing sites in Flint Michigan. The investment will bolster the Detroit automaker's U.S. manufacturing operations, which include more than 50 assembly, stamping, propulsion and component plants and parts distribution centers nationwide. It will also highlight the company’s commitment to continue providing customers a strong portfolio of ICE vehicles for years to come. The rapidly changing automotive market was recently discussed by SA analyst Manuel Paul Dipold, who takes a deeper dive into GM's future and market share. (16 comments)
Today's Markets
In Asia, Japan +0.9%. Hong Kong -0.1%. China -1.2%. India flat. In Europe, at midday, London -0.2%. Paris -0.2%. Frankfurt -0.1%. Futures at 7:00, Dow -0.1%. S&P -0.1%. Nasdaq -0.1%. Crude -2% to $70.74. Gold +0.3% to $19789.80. Bitcoin -3.6% to $25,790. Ten-year Treasury Yield -3 bps to 3.66%
Today's Economic Calendar
No events scheduled
Companies reporting earnings today »
What else is happening...
Supreme Court rejects oil firms' challenge to California offshore fracking ban.
OPEC+ meeting failure? Saudi output cut fails to sustain oil price gains.
‘Forever chemicals’ trial delayed as 3M (MMM) negotiates a settlement.
Intel (INTC) to sell 35M Mobileye (MBLY) shares in secondary offering.
Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) eyes 3%-6% price hikes starting 2024.
Apollo Global (APO) to invest $2B in AT&T's (T) wireless carrier unit.
Bed Bath & Beyond (OTCPK:BBBYQ) eyes sale of Buybuy Baby.
Elon Musk's Neuralink valued at $5B after private stock trades.
Spotify (SPOT) announces cuts at global podcast division.
Advertising watch: Twitter U.S. sales reportedly sink 59%.
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2023.06.06 15:04 youtubegirlie27 Did anyone else notice this?

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2023.06.06 15:03 Suspicious_Walk_704 Has anyone used promo code: TELE20AB

Has anyone used promo code: TELE20AB
Even after redeeming, I don't see the discount applied to my purchase.
This link has further details.

What seems fishy is-
  • US SSR-A Retention Promotion Terms & Conditions • Offer expires at 11:59 p.m. (PT) on September 1st, 2023. ---- Amazon promotions don't last that long.
  • Offer only valid for invited Amazon customers who have received this offer directly from Amazon through email or online display advertisements. • You will receive a phone call from Amazon that indicates the percentage of the promotional credit and that the percentage of the credit can be added to your customer account with a promo code. The call will also provide instructions on how to redeem the promotional credit. ---- why would Amazon bother to call me to apply the credit.

TELE20AD Discount
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2023.06.06 15:00 mjShazam98 $DFLI Due Dilligence + TA: Deep Dive Into This Low Float Stock

$DFLI Due Dilligence + TA: Deep Dive Into This Low Float Stock
Back in April, $DFLI hit my radar and presented an excellent trade setup, performing beyond expectations. Now it is currently in a spot where it has the potential to do something similar this month. The first part of this post is the DD of the company, and the second half goes into a TA setup that I have might enact on if volume comes into the stock today or this week. I hope you find it informative!
  1. Company Overview: Dragonfly Energy is a leading player in the green energy storage sector, specializing in the development of lithium-ion batteries. They have gained recognition for their popular Lithium-ion Battery products in the RV and Marine industries under the Battle Born Batteries brand. The company is dedicated to advancing battery technology through unique patented manufacturing processes and boasts a robust R&D department.
  2. Product Focus: Dragonfly Energy focuses on domestically designing and assembling deep cycle LiFePO4 battery packs. They prioritize effective manufacturing processes through automation and extensive quality control measures. Additionally, they integrate batteries with other innovative ancillary components into full energy storage systems, providing comprehensive solutions to their customers.
  3. Market Presence: The company has successfully penetrated various industries through its sales and marketing efforts. Their diverse market focus includes recreational vehicles, marine vessels, and off-grid installations, allowing them to tap into multiple revenue streams and growth opportunities.
  4. Cell Manufacturing and R&D: Dragonfly Energy is involved in cell manufacturing using patented and efficient processes. Moreover, their extensive research and development efforts are focused on developing nonflammable battery cells. They are set to launch a pilot line for this technology later this year, positioning themselves as pioneers in the energy storage market.
  5. Intellectual Property: Dragonfly Energy has a robust intellectual property portfolio, securing its position in the industry. The company holds patents covering various aspects of their business, including chemical composition systems and production processes. This strengthens their competitive advantage and barriers to entry for potential competitors.
  6. Addressing Grid Storage Challenges: With their non-flammable solid-state battery technology, Dragonfly Energy is addressing the challenges of grid storage. Their innovative approach ensures grid stability and resilience in a renewable energy-dependent world, positioning them as a crucial player in the market.
  7. Market Disruption Potential: Dragonfly Energy's solid-state batteries have the potential to disrupt the energy storage market. Being an early mover in this space, the company is well-positioned to capture a significant market share and capitalize on the growing demand for efficient energy storage solutions.
Trade Plan: This stock is back on my trading radar with the current price action of $DFLI. With the price near the bottom of my buy zone, the risk to reward here is too good to pass up. The price is currently at $2.74and hasn’t had a lot of movement recently. Getting in before the crowd is always some of my more straightforward trades.
Risk Management: I will implement a stop loss at $2.50, the same stop loss as the last trade setup of $DFLI. If this stop loss were to trigger, this would be a break of solid support, but with the current price, you could move the stop loss lower it is really up to you and your risk preference. My target price for this trade is for the stock to return to $4. I don’t expect this to happen overnight; definitely more of a swing trade. Make sure to take and lock in profits when you see them!
Communicated Disclaimer: Also, remember that swing trading can be risky, and it is essential to conduct your own research and due diligence before investing. Additionally, it is vital to monitor the price action closely and adjust your trade plan accordingly. This is not financial advice, and I urge you to make your own informed decisions.Sources (Stock quote +Info): 1 ,2 ,3 ,4
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2023.06.06 15:00 feetr_io Feetr Data Dump: HOTH FRZA TOP NVOS CJET ZURA

Feetr is an algorithm which analyses momentum, looking for stocks which have the potential for massive gains today. Please see here for more information.
Here are today's top picks:
Stock Impressions Average Daily Volume Current Volume Link
HOTH 1.58 232.11K 7.09M Click
FRZA 6.38 1.71M 6.87M Click
TOP 124.02 2.15M 236.22K Click
NVOS 4.02 18.91M 7.53M Click
CJET 1.04 726.91K 199.74K Click
ZURA 1.91 585.65K 1.42M Click
Here is the Feetr Screenr; a collection of stocks with higher than average volume
VEDU 5722.71 16.21M 9.11 40.41 Click
GNLN 4605.52 4.51M 1.63 1.14 Click
BREA 3372.36 28.28M 14.34 69.35 Click
HOTH 1513.25 6.21M 22.25 60.11 Click
TTOO 532.15 1.74M 6.14 22.57 Click
VEEE 382.22 17.71M 14.29 5.91 Click
FRZA 369.39 6.38 30.51M 23.34 25.68 Click
ZURA 196.23 206.40M 4.78 17.10 Click
COEP 90.01 2.55 36.84M 24.52 8.77 Click
HOLI 67.32 979.92M 1.76 6.08 Click
SECO 61.99 2.01 5.65M 2.92 12.53 Click
HTGM 56.13 3.72M 6.64 -38.01 Click
PDSB 54.10 2.11 201.28M 1.65 17.15 Click
THMO 53.79 2.00M 3.25 8.57 Click
CYXT 52.41 2.11 15.51M 4.22 5.00 Click
GROV 52.04 75.08M 3.57 478.57 Click
DUO 50.92 46.68M 13.67 6.10 Click
BRSH 44.76 3.83M 20.65 8.35 Click
RETO 41.11 8.28M 12.33 -2.60 Click
SASI 40.00 3.34M 0.44 -10.73 Click
LVTX 38.75 49.95M 1.17 4.74 Click
SEV 37.45 2.64 28.53M 179.12 -11.48 Click
AGRI 35.35 2.02 3.52M 0.35 10.25 Click
BVXV 33.65 2.11 5.02M 9.13 -6.54 Click
WEJO 32.91 9.34M 27.32 0.12 Click
KTTA 32.79 2.10 13.06M 14.41 -8.02 Click
TOI 32.59 26.37M 34.04 3.71 Click
KPRX 31.79 2.03 1.71M 1.91 -2.62 Click
QMCO 30.75 3.31 129.41M 2.13 -12.07 Click
CONL 29.91 N/A 2.50 -22.34 Click
BLPH 29.73 3.78 9.85M 3.08 -3.09 Click
ONCR 29.13 2.99M 7.78 -3.93 Click
NVOS 27.53 4.02 18.31M 1.92 18.20 Click
NOVN 25.64 32.22M 4.31 4.35 Click
AKA 22.45 51.65M 0.00 15.00 Click
MGM 20.87 14.83B 0.98 -0.00 Click
BIOL 16.92 2.54M 0.00 -9.48 Click
GROMW 16.82 N/A 0.00 15.75 Click
COIN 16.15 20.22 13.77B 1.68 -15.02 Click
U 14.71 13.75B 26.81 3.72 Click
ATXG 14.37 25.52M 0.00 2.68 Click
ZFOX 13.81 3.31 123.41M 0.89 8.65 Click
ASST 12.60 15.30M 22.64 7.14 Click
NAVB 12.42 3.16M 1.83 -2.22 Click
YJ 12.22 2.03 41.38M 6.68 -3.61 Click
CHEK 11.69 10.69M 4.42 9.44 Click
AUMN 10.53 2.17 20.16M 1.06 -1.15 Click
GTLB 10.22 14.30 5.41B 4.94 29.49 Click
INVO 10.13 2.79M 95.45 -2.90 Click
TOP 7.23 124.02 297.92M 43.27 3.65 Click
ASO 6.39 7.38 3.74B 0.47 -3.13 Click
MULN 5.86 5.34 120.24M 0.08 -5.16 Click
WLDS 4.38 5.34 32.57M 9.61 -7.94 Click
MARA 3.73 5.41 1.54B 2.57 -1.96 Click
AA 3.52 12.38 6.03B 0.00 0.06 Click
BUD 3.46 6.04 107.63B 1.48 0.33 Click
FFIE 3.37 5.83 348.24M 12.73 0.33 Click
RIOT 3.17 6.34 1.90B 2.83 -5.99 Click
Note that VOLUME (%) is the current premarket volume as a percentage of the average daily volume
Disclaimer: Feetr is an algorithm. It's math, not magic. You are responsible for any trades that you choose to make. A stock pick by Feetr is not a guarantee of a price increase. If you are new to day trading, I would recommend using these stocks to practise on a demo account or simply on paper, writing when you'd buy or sell and analysing why you made each decision.
You can view all previous stock picks at and the leaderboards can be seen at
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2023.06.06 15:00 slshyderabad2022 Discovering the Best Law Colleges in Hyderabad: A Closer Look

Pursuing a quality law education is crucial for aspiring legal professionals in today's ever-evolving legal landscape. Hyderabad, known for its educational institutions, houses several private law colleges that offer exceptional programs. Among them, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad (SLSH) stands out as one of the best law colleges in Hyderabad. This article explores the highlights and unique features of SLSH, making it a premier choice for law education in Hyderabad.
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad: An Overview:
SLSH has a rich history, founded as a constituent of Symbiosis International University. With its strong affiliation and reputation, SLSH has become a renowned institution for legal studies. The law school's vision and mission reflect its commitment to nurturing legal professionals with knowledge, ethics, and practical skills. SLSH has also received significant recognition and accreditations, ensuring the quality and credibility of its programs. Situated in a prime location, the campus offers modern facilities that foster an ideal learning environment.
Academic Programs at SLSH:
SLSH offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs tailored to meet the needs of aspiring legal practitioners. The undergraduate programs include the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and integrated law programs such as B.A. LL.B, B.B.A. LL.B, and B.Com. LL.B. These programs provide comprehensive legal education and enable students to specialise in various fields. For those seeking advanced studies, SLSH offers a Master of Laws (LL.M) program with diverse specialisations and areas of study. The academic curriculum at SLSH is designed to foster critical thinking, practical knowledge, and ethical values.
Faculty and Teaching Methodology:
The faculty members at SLSH are highly qualified and experienced, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. They are renowned for their research contributions and industry exposure, ensuring that students receive comprehensive guidance and mentorship. The teaching methodology at SLSH combines traditional classroom learning with practical exposure to real-world legal scenarios. Guest lectures by eminent legal professionals and industry interactions further enhance the learning experience, providing students with valuable insights into the legal profession.
Infrastructure and Facilities:
SLSH boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities that support a conducive learning environment. The campus is equipped with modern amenities, spacious classrooms, and advanced technology. The law library is a treasure trove of legal resources, offering access to digital databases, research materials, and reference books. Moot courtrooms and legal research centres provide students with opportunities to develop advocacy and research skills. Additionally, computer labs and technological resources are available to facilitate legal research and assist in staying updated with the latest legal developments. For holistic development, SLSH offers sports facilities and recreational amenities to ensure a well-rounded student experience.
Admission Process and Eligibility:
To gain admission to SLSH, aspiring students must meet the eligibility criteria specific to the undergraduate or postgraduate programs. The admission process includes entrance exams and a comprehensive selection procedure to identify deserving candidates. The official website of SLSH provides detailed information regarding the application process, deadlines, and necessary documents. International students can also find specific requirements and guidelines if applicable.
Placements and Internships:
SLSH takes pride in its strong placement record and industry connections. Graduates from SLSH have been successfully placed in top law firms, corporations, and legal departments. The law school's extensive network of recruiters ensures that students have access to promising job opportunities. SLSH also emphasises internships and experiential learning, providing students with valuable hands-on experience in the legal field. In addition, career counselling and support services further enhance students' employability and professional growth.
Student Life and Activities:
SLSH encourages a vibrant student life with various student clubs and organisations. These platforms offer opportunities for networking, honing skills, and fostering personal growth. Moot court competitions and mock trials enable students to develop advocacy skills and gain practical courtroom experience. Seminars, workshops, and conferences featuring eminent legal experts provide insights into emerging trends and enhance legal knowledge. Cultural and extracurricular events promote well-rounded development, creating a dynamic campus atmosphere.
Alumni Network and Achievements:
SLSH takes pride in its notable alumni, who have excelled in various legal domains. These accomplished professionals serve as a testament to the quality education and opportunities SLSH provides. The alumni network offers valuable professional connections, mentorship programs, and industry engagements. Students benefit from the experiences and guidance of these successful individuals, shaping their paths in the legal profession.
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, undoubtedly stands as one of the premier private law colleges in Hyderabad. With its rich history, esteemed faculty, exceptional infrastructure, and comprehensive programs, SLSH provides a nurturing environment for aspiring legal professionals. In addition, its commitment to holistic development, strong placements, and active student life make it a top choice among law colleges in Hyderabad. For those seeking quality legal education, SLSH is a remarkable institution that paves the way for a successful legal career.
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2023.06.06 14:59 manishmehta71 Today's overbought/oversold stock/ETF/index screener

Today's overbought/oversold stock/ETF/index screener
Useful for writing options. There is raw data with specific strikes which accompanies this.
Today's screener data. In first column, we have sets of 3 rows that have Level 1, Level 2, and Data Since labels. The Data Since rows describe the date at which valid data is available for its computations.
Next are the rows for Level 1 and Level 2. Let's look at Level 1 first. In the rows for Level 1, a number greater than or equal to 1 indicates that on a price change % versus time basis, the symbol is overbought because it moved farther to the upside and faster than 99% of all other equivalent time periods in its history. These cells are highlighted light blue in the screener data file.
In the rows for Level 1, a number less or equal to zero indicates that on a price change % versus time basis, the symbol is oversold because it moved farther to the downside and faster than 99% of all other equivalent time periods in its history. These cells are highlighted light red in the screener data file.
Level 2 is similar to Level 1 except that instead of 99% of the history, it is 100% of the history implying the stock/ETF/index has never moved that far that fast for any equivalent period of time in my data set. Yellow highlighted cells simply highlight symbols that are near overbought or oversold on a Level 1 or Level 2 basis.
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2023.06.06 14:58 Divest0911 Little less fat, little further along. Montreal today! Update

Hi everyone,
Quick who I am and what im doing for any new readers.
I am a 44m, who was 320lbs with type 2 diabetes, apnea, bad knees, bad back, smoker. I also suffer from chemically Induced anxiety disorder, bipolar 2 and a wicked case of depression.
I was raised a ward of the court in my home province of BC and they recently passed Into law funding for school for former wards regardless of age.
A month ago I decided to quit my job and bike from Moncton NB to Vancouver Island BC to take advantage of this law change. The thought being, the goal/hope is to end up in BC a better man, both physically and mentally. A week later I left.
The message, the conversation I'm trying to share is that former Wards of the Court require continued support well past their age out dates. Mental health support, addiction support, education and general health support should be provided to all wards after the age of 18. We are broken and forgotten. We need help.
My socials which have almost daily updates are in my profile.
WARNING My social updates are both high energy with enthusiasm and also dark sometimes emotional updates. These are raw, real and the thougts and feelings of someone who struggles with mental health.
Update 2.
I'm just outside of Montreal, typing this in my tent which is set up on the lawn of some random person whom I asked if I could borrow a corner of their lawn. He didn't speak a word of English, or I a word of French. Pointing to my tent and miming myself sleeping then pointing to his lawn he understood lol.
It feels like I'm making progress, Edmunston to Montreal in 8 days of riding feels like a tremendous success. There have been a couple of proper rest days and ive learned how important they are. However I have a hard time taking them, emotionally. I find it easier to just go each day. Even if it's a short day, that progress makes me feel good.
The body continues to go through changes. It feels like the fat in my belly isn't going away anymore, but my bitch tits are smaller, which is amazing. I've also noticed that I've lost a lot of the roundness to my face. It's starting to thin out and my third chin is going away.
When I started this my back would get spasms just setting up my tent. That's how bad my core/back was. Now? Nothing. Zero spasms. As I type this I'm sitting up on my ass in my tent, which I couldn't do before without pain in my back and core. So major progress here.
My knees still feel weak, however I do notice some additional flexibility in my hips and knees.
I continue to walk taller. I notice it every time I walk past someone in a store. I'd usually be hunched over, that could have been a physical thing or a mental (hiding) thing, or both. But god damn I feel tall. Holding my head higher, shoulders are back, chest is out. In a natural "strong" way not a forced "are my lats big?" Kinda way.
Mentally, it's still really tough. I'm honestly not seeing any real change in the ups or downs. The crashes still come, they still effect me the same way, I still obsessively think about the same dark dangerous things on an almost daily basis. If anything, the last week has been worse and it doesn't feel like Cycling is healing anything mentally. I'm still hopeful and to be fair I am doing a tremendous amount of self evaluation daily, which is the first step in healing. Confronting my fears and failures each day is still some amount of success. I'm big on accountability and the last few years I've put so much into other people and my work I've neglected the self evaluation and self accountability that is so important. The world is dark and dangerous and hard. But the only way out of that darkness is being accountable for myself. So in some ways no progress but in others progress.
Progress is a slow process.
I've dramatically under estimated the costs of doing this. As someone who is diabetic and has had a very unhealthy diet for years I'm struggling to find the right balance of feeling full and also having the foods that give me the energy required. Stopping at every gas station and or eating as much as I can once I get to a town has to stop, I cannot afford it. I also cannot continue with canned spam and crackers.
The Diabetes however, what a dramatic change. The first week or so I was still getting dizzy spells and have not have any until today. So this is a huge change and I'm really happy about this.
I could really use some advice on cheap meals that I can have packed in my bags that can give the full feeling while also giving me the energy I need for a full day of riding.
Ooooh shoes. Omg shoes. Okay, so I bought some cheap ass Walmart shoes the day I left. In two weeks I had worn through the bottoms. My feet were sliding off the pedals and was thinking I needed bigger pedals.
I went and bought a good $200 pair of shoes and sized down from a 13 to a 12. What a fucking difference. First and foremost my feet stay on the pedals, they stick to them, it's amazing. I feel like I can pedal harder and longer. This was a great investment.
My chain is slipping, gears are jumping, chain falling off and rear brakes I have to squeeze all the way down to get anything anymore. So hopefully these aren't expensive fixes. But I gotta get them fixed before I start Ont.
Finally, and most importantly I have to give special attention and appreciation to everyone who continues to message, cheer me on, support my videos, donated, ect. Truly, from my deepest core I appreciate you.
The hardest part of this for me is being alone with nothing but my thoughts. And each time I stop and see that you've liked, messaged, supported me in anyway it honestly and truly stops the darkness for a moment. It gives me hope and trust in the process.
So thank you.
I have written a sponsor letter and am going to start reaching out to people/companies in the hopes of getting some sponsorship and additional eyes on what im doing. BC Mental Health is working through some internal stuff but will become my first sponsor which is amazing.
If anyone has any suggestions for other people/places that would be worth speaking with id appreciate some suggestions. Those that are supporters of mental health recovery, addiction recovery, aged out, foster homes, wards. Also any biking companies or health food/drinks/gels that may have even a passing interest in a fat man biking across Canada.
Thanks again.
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2023.06.06 14:56 Gorkhali-Chelo All right guys.... we have a new competition.

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2023.06.06 14:51 Intelligent-Tip-4556 Price of Abortion Pills Ermelo

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2023.06.06 14:50 9shadowcat9 Advice for caring for a hamsters nails?

Advice for caring for a hamsters nails?
My hamster, Nyx, went into the vets today for a nail trim. Her nails used to be fine, but I took out the shelves in her cage since she seemed to be struggling with climbing them. Apparently her struggling to climb was grinding down the nails.
So her nails grew curved and I was able to get a vet appointment to get them cut before they started to go into her paws. But she needed gas to go to sleep to reduce the risk of hurting her.
She started to struggle to breathe and the vet stopped early, but the most worrisome nails were removed.
I’m trying to find a way to handle her nails at home. I’m already looking into fine sandpaper and I’m putting her shelves back in (I’m going to put the sand paper on the shelves), but is there any other advice people can offer? Nyx is really squirmy so I can’t hold her to do it. I tried a couple of times.
I’ve added photos because she’s adorable.
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