Meadowood dr

If Subway connected their locations with subways

2023.05.10 01:20 Epicapabilities If Subway connected their locations with subways

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2022.03.03 14:34 chachiiiing0724 Is it rude to message the realtor and ask why a property has been in the market for 6 months?

I am not looking to buy. I am just so so so curious why an absolutely beautiful house in my area has not sold yet! I personally don’t think it’s overpriced.
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2021.10.12 01:01 autotldr Former tobacco field where MLK Jr worked to be preserved

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 55%. (I'm a bot)
SIMSBURY, Conn. - A plot of land in Connecticut, once a thriving tobacco farm where Martin Luther King Jr. worked as a college student in the 1940s, will be protected for its historic and cultural significance to the state's civil rights history.
The nonprofit Trust for Public Land and the town of Simsbury plan to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony Oct. 16 for the Meadowood site.
The rest will be saved for future needs of the town of Simsbury while two acres will be kept for historic preservation purposes to tell the history of the property.
"Together we will ensure that a cornerstone of Connecticut's agricultural and cultural legacy remains intact."
Historians believe King's experiences in Connecticut influenced his decision to become a minister and civil rights leader.
He was among a group of students from Atlanta's Morehouse College students who were recruited by tobacco growers in Connecticut to work in the fields so they could earn money for tuition.
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2020.12.22 17:09 palashsarif Brother Cart

Brother Cart
BrotherCart a completely new platform for people to shop in the 21st century.
We’re transforming the way people shop in the United States. There is no need to leap from one store to another in search of the latest PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Printers,
and Accessories, etc. when you can find it in a single click.
103 Meadowood Dr, Burlington, NC 27215, USA
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2020.08.16 00:15 jon74 Should I build a house on a lot that sits behind other houses and is not visible from the neighborhood cul de sac?

This is the lot in question: 12503 Meadowood Dr Silver Spring, MD 20904 Apparently, has been listed on and off for years. There are next to no 1+ acre lots in our area. The story on this one is that it's on a "paper road" but the developer never moved ahead w/ development and now the county says this is the only approved lot to build upon. There is an easement to access it from an adjacent street, going over a pipeline that runs next to and behind a neighbor's house.
Other options in the same price range are completely flat lots (no possibility of walkout basement); smaller lots ( ~.66 acres instead of our desired 1+); or further away (adding an extra 30-40+ min to work commute / distance from family); or being in not so nice neighborhoods / school districts.
Any advice or considerations we should be aware of when considering building behind other houses? Would this affect resale if we decided to sell later down the line? Are houses behind other houses generally less sought after? Decreased "curb appeal" since it wouldn't technically be on the curb?
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2019.06.08 17:53 antikarma98 Best breakfast in the Madison area

We've all seen posts here asking, "What restaurant serves the best breakfast in Madison?" Well, my intent is to answer that question more than to ask it, but you're invited to tell me exactly what I'm full of, besides hotcakes and an omelet.
I love breakfast at a good diner. It's the ultimate treat of living in the first-world, right up there with freedom of speech and certain sexual kinks and the American flag. So I've tried most of Madison's diners, cafés, and restaurants, and since I almost always order the same breakfast, it's easy to compare the food and service. Also, the more times the waiter or waitress calls me "Honey" or "Sweetie," the bigger the tip.
My usual order is a Denver omelet (with cheese? yes, please) and hash browns with (usually) toast or (sometimes) an English muffin, plus a short stack of pancakes on the side. Also, coffee with refills, please. And yes, that's quite a large breakfast, but I have it only once or twice a week, and eat sanely at home, so my body lets me get away with it.
TL/DR — It all comes down to either The Curve or Pat O'Malley's Jet Room.
First off, let's consider the chains — it's breakfast and it's adequate, but the food and service, flavors and ambiance, seats and décor and everything else is exactly the same as the last time you had breakfast anywhere on earth under the brand name on the sign. Maybe that's a good thing, if you're new in town or want something reliable.
Among the chains, the Original Pancake House in Monona has good food, good service, and easy parking, but also has caked-on dust on the overhead fans, which suggests to me that they might be lackadaisical about cleanliness in the kitchen as well. Better, and recommended if you're choosing only between the chains, is the Original Pancake House on University Avenue in Madison, which seems cleaner and dependably brings out a good breakfast.
After that, my second choice among the chains would be Perkins over Denny's or The Egg & I, with IHOP in last place. To tell the truth, I'd rather skip breakfast than eat at IHOP — we had scary-bad service and food on multiple occasions at both the eastside and westside IHOPs. But more to the point, in Madison you can do much better than the chains.
Next, let's list some restaurants I've tried but sadly eliminated from the competition, and why:
Copper Top Restaurant — Service is friendly, the waitress will call you "Honey," and your breakfast is going to be good, occasionally excellent. Coffee refills are frequent and generous. It's definitely a good choice if you're in the neighborhood, but I'm rarely in that neighborhood and it's a long drive from home. I'd recommend the Copper Top, but there are better choices. Eliminated in the semi-finals.
Fair Oaks Diner — With checkerboard tiles on the floor and old-style stools at the counter, this place looks like the perfect all-American diner, and I wish it was. But my wife and I had breakfast there twice and lunch once, and all three times they lost our order in the kitchen. All three times, we waited forty-five minutes while folks who came in and ordered after us finished their meals and left. All three times we were polite in our inquiries, but we never heard an apology beyond "I'll check to see what the problem might be." Third time's the anti-charm; never again.
Lazy Jane's Café & Bakery — Top notch food and service, at reasonable prices. My wife and I happily ate there at least twice a month, for years. So what's not to love? Folk music — two of the last three times we went, there was a guy with a guitar providing live music, accompanied by an amplifier turned up to eleven. We politely asked the manager if they could reduce the volume, and she just as politely declined. We took our plates to a far-distant table, but the music was inescapable. After the second time, we simply stopped visiting Lazy Jane's, but we never stopped jokingly reciting the lyrics to "Freight Train," the folk song that nudged us out the door both times. "When I die, oh bury me deep / Down at the end of old Chestnut Street / So I can hear old Number Nine / As she comes rolling by…" It's been several years so let me know, please, whether Lazy Jane's still has too-loud entertainment — if not, maybe I'll give them another chance.
Monty's Blue Plate Diner. Madison seems to love this place, and the food is never disappointing but, to me, never truly great. Their leisurely opening time (7:00 AM during the week and 7:30 on weekends) makes it difficult to beat the rush, and there's always a rush. Whenever we've eaten at Monty's we've waited at least ten or fifteen minutes for a seat, sometimes longer, and because of the crowd the eventual service always seems (understandably) rushed, with little attention to detail and no hope of coffee refills. There's also something about the architecture (it's a converted gas station) that makes the restaurant almost painfully loud when it's busy, which is always. If the folks in the next booth (or even several booths away) are chatting even with normal "inside voices," every word bounces off the wall until the sound becomes a cacophony, making breakfast at Monty's more tense than relaxing.
Ogden's North Street Diner. I adore this place, highly recommend it, and it's right in my neighborhood. Walking distance, so I don't have to worry about parking (and that's a plus, since there's no parking lot). The food is always excellent, the ambiance is warm and welcoming, the service is sparkling, and don't forget to order their fabulous pie to go, for later. Ogden's loses points, though, for being in such a small building, since that usually means you'll wait for a seat. And it loses points for a more personal reason — it was my wife's favorite place for breakfast but she passed away, damn it, so the idea of eating at Ogden's seems sad to me now. Eliminated in the semi-finals.
The Parkway Family Restaurant. Good selection, good breakfast, good service and the waitress will probably call you "Honey." Bonus points for having the earliest opening time in town — 5:00 AM — so if you wake up early you can beat the rush. Everything is consistently good but just as consistently never quite great, and coffee refills are often hoped-for more than poured. Eliminated in the quarter-finals.
Sunroom Café on State Street. Recommended — quite good, borderline great, no real complaints. Eliminated in the quarter-finals.
And as a disclaimer, let's mention a few restaurants I haven't tried, but have heard good things about:
Basset Street Brunch Club — You tell me: I've heard rave reviews from some folks, and dire warnings from others, so I'm unsure and haven't yet tried it. Also, it's a Food Fight place, and I've never forgiven them for what they did to the Avenue Bar.
Circ, at the Madison Concourse Hotel. As a firm rule, I don't dine at places where the menu lists prices with only whole numbers — dollars but no cents, and no dollar sign. From sad experience, a menu that says "Eggs Benedict / 10" or "Omelettes / 13" is a clear warning that the service, ambiance, and prices will be a bit snooty for my taste; the opposite of a relaxed, "down home" diner.
Bennett’s Meadowood Country Club — Folks tell me their breakfast is yummy, but they used to (perhaps still do?) serve porn with breakfast, and that's impossible to get out of my head. Not that I'd object to porn, especially since I used to work in that industry, but I prefer porn in private, not with eggs and hash browns.
Marigold Kitchen — See Circ, above.
Mickie's Dairy Bar. This place must be good, since there's virtually always a line of folks on the sidewalk, waiting to get in. Soon as someone goes in the door, more people join the line. And that's what's kept me away — I want to walk in and sit down, place my order, and relax sipping my coffee, but it would be hard to relax when so many people are eyeing my seat. Does that line ever end? I could eat a lazy, leisurely breakfast anywhere else in town, finish, tip and pay and be on my way, while I'd still be standing in line at Mickie's.
Short Stack Eatery — I've had excellent milk shakes and malteds "to go" from Short Stack, but never tried their breakfast. Which is weird, since I love breakfast and that's their claim to fame. I'm put off by the perceived (but perhaps not real?) difficulty of parking in that busy area around State Street, and I've also hesitated because while they offer lots of hotcakes and scrambles, there are no omelets on the menu. Anyone can scramble eggs, but I can’t make an omelet, so for breakfast at a diner I want an omelet, darn it.
For me, the showdown for the championship is between The Curve on Park Street, and Pat O'Malley's Jet Room at the airport. Who wins? Read on, if you care or if you dare:
At The Curve, breakfast comes quickly, it's always excellent, their coffee is the best in town and frequently refilled, the service is astoundingly homey, the waitress always calls me "Honey" or "Sweetie," and the tab is always just a little bit less than you'd expect. The Curve does have a bit of a dingy look, especially from outside, because the windows are washed about once every other year. Other than that, though, it's hard to find anything to criticize at The Curve. Their breakfast varies between awesome and excellent. The vibe is friendly, the staff is friendly, the other customers are friendly, and the owner is frequently there and he's friendly too. So conversation is available if you're in the mood, but if you'd rather just sit and eat or read, nobody's feelings will be hurt. The experience is like eating breakfast in TV's Mayberry, but without the implied racism — people of all colors seem welcome at The Curve, as opposed to the all-white universe of The Andy Griffith Show.
At Jet Room, breakfast comes quickly too, and it's always excellent, the coffee is frequently refilled, and the service is astoundingly homey. The waitress never specifically calls me "Honey" or "Sweetie," but it's always implied. The bill is perhaps a buck or two more than The Curve, but still quite reasonable, and Jet Room includes bacon or sausage with you order hotcakes, while at The Curve the hotcake stands alone, so that explains the slightly higher tab. The English muffin at Jet Room is spectacular, perhaps the best I've ever had — it's much larger than a "standard" English muffin, much yummier with a firmer texture, and I'd wager they make it from scratch instead of pulling it from a plastic bag. Jet Room's windows are cleaner than at The Curve, presumably because the view of the airplanes is a big attraction (and nobody really wants to see the traffic on Park Street through The Curve's window). Also, Jet Room's menu promises that the pancakes are "light," and they deliver on that promise — they're light and fluffy and delicious.
It's a close call, but I prefer The Curve's "heavier" pancake and slightly more wonderful coffee. The Curve serves the best breakfast in Madison, for what little my opinion might be worth, and it's worth twenty bucks or so to me every Sunday morning, cash only, including a $5 tip.
I'd be surprised if nobody disagrees, so — please disagree, and explain the errors of my ways.
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2017.11.18 03:08 dontfukwithme6969 Michigan Congressmen who voted in favour of tax reform bill on Nov. 16, 2017

David A. Trott:
248 642-2671 (Personal Cell: Verified); 239-455-3736; 231-526-0207; 
Known Addresses:
158 Lake Park Dr. Birmingham MI, 48009; 31440 Northwestern HWY MI 48334; 158 Lake Park DR MI 48009-1202; 4045 Meadowood CT MI 49740; 2227 Laurens DR NC 28027; 3771 Whidbey WAY FL 34119; 2709 Indian Mound TRL MI 48301-2259; 1139 Thoroughbred PL NW NC 28027; 9906 Mossy Rock CT NC 28078; 2563 Old Ashworth LN NW NC 28027; 4895 Pine TRL MI 49740; 412 Kingsport DR NE NC 28025; 807 Summerlake DR SW NC 28025; 148 Larchwood DR OH 43402; 58 Fountain CIR FL 34119; 23750 Woodlynne DR MI 48025-3461; 30300 Telegraph RD MI 48025-4508; 29555 Laurel Woods DR MI 48034; 6659 Glen Arbor WAY FL 34119; 1500 Sandringham WAY MI 48301-2248; 
Kathleen Trott; Courtney Trott; Taylor Trott; Robert Trott; Kappy Trott (Wife); 
Takes money from
Goldman Sachs; Edward C Levy; Cunningham-Limp; Prudential; Flagstar Bank; etc. 164.7k PAC money
Foreclosure terrorist (Dual Tracking); 4th richest congressman; Lots of LLCs;
Justin A. Amash:
616 464-9092; 734-623-0673; 
Known Addresses:
1760 Watermark Dr. SE Grand Rapids MI, 49546; 6550 Shady Brook LN TX 75206-1231; 3 Black Birch RD CT 06062-1805; 2000 Devonwood LN SE MI 49546-6432; 8200 Southwestern BLVD TX 75206-2181; 359 Saddleback DR NE MI 49525; 106 Robertson ST CT 06010-5547; 2019 N Mohawk ST IL 60614; 1881 N Nash ST VA 22209; 625 Waymarket DR MI 48103; 5460 Brattleboro DR SE MI 49508; 
Amy Amash; Kara Amash (Wife); Attallah Amash; Jeffrey Amash; Marie Amash; John Amash; Melissa Amash; 
Takes money from
 Koch; Fox; Club for Growth; Amway; Michigan Industrial Tools; etc. 
Jack (John) W. Bergman:
Known Addresses:
N 3465 Sylvan Isle Dr Watersmeet, Mi 49969; 13729 Oakley LN LA 70775-9503; 22 E Garden AVE IL 60067-2714; PO Box 3418 LA 70775-3418; Watersmeet Township MI 49969-0000; 5070 W Cisco Lake RD MI 49969; 655 Woodcreek CT MI 48176-1171; 2475 Sanctuary DR LA 70114; 102 Constitution ST LA 70114; 206 N Huron ST MI 48197-8417; 2234 S Goebbert RD IL 60005-4277; 13729 Oakley LN LA 70748-0000; 
Rebecca Bergman; Cynthia Bergman (Wife); Tanya Bergman; Molly Bergman; 
Takes money from
 Knapheide; McKinley; CMS Energy; Majority Cmte PAC; More Conservatives PAC; New Pioneers PAC; Quicken Loans Inc. PAC; etc. 
259.7k PAC money
Michael D. Bishop:
248-400-2882 (Personal Cell); 248-652-6235 
Known Addresses:
883 Great Oaks Blvd Rochester, MI, 48307; 607 S Putnam St, Williamston, MI, 48895; 803 W University Dr, Rochester, MI, 48307; 3700 S Livernois RD MI 48307; 1444 W Silverbell RD MI 48359; 1250 Tennis Place CT FL 33957-3705; 2332 W Avon RD MI 48309-2464; 5170 Howe ST MI 48317; 2368 Longview AVE MI 48307; 6708 Fredmoor DR MI 48098; 1090 W Huron ST MI 48328-3733; 312 E ST MI 48307; 640 Davis AVE MI 48009-2016; 
Christina Bishop (Wife) - maiden name: Platt; Rebecca Kedzie; Mary Bishop; Gary Bishop; Steven Bishop; Scott Bishop; Susan Bishop; Nancy Bishop; Benjamin Bishop; Donald Bishop; 
Takes money from
 Amway; Fox; GM; DTE; etc. 
555.7k PAC money
William P. Huizenga:
616-355-6363 (Not in service) Alternative Numbers: 616-748-1663; 616-772-2609; 616-748-8441; 
Known Addresses:
441 Williams Ct Zeeland, MI; 229 103rd AVE MI 49464; 334 W Central AVE MI 49464; 227 104th AVE MI 49464-1525; 45 Sanford ST MI 49464-1836; 117 W Cherry AVE MI 49464-1607; 15 Central PKWY MI 49426; 466 W 16th ST MI 49423-3742; 400 Gordon ST MI 49464-2014; 
Harvey Huizenga; Almira Huizenga; Sieger Huizenga; William Huizenga; Adrian Huizenga; Natalie Huizenga (Wife); Gary Huizenga; Gerald Huizenga; Garrett Huizenga; 
Takes money from Nasdaq; Cantor Fitzgerald; Metlife Inc; JP Morgan Chase; Bank of America; etc. 1.2 million in assets
Paul Mitchell:
989-245-4610 (Personal Cell: Verified); Alternative Numbers: 231-753-2415; 248-572-4807; 810-637-6100; 313-823-6449; 313-527-2349; 313-886-4381; 
Known Addresses:
4128 Lake Grove Rd, Petosky, MI, 49770 (vacation home); 4068 Hough RD, MI 48428-9781; 1760 Glencairn DR, MI,48609-9214; 300 S Riverside AVE, MI, 48079; 2033 Durham DR MI, 48609-9237; 862 Bluff CT MI, 49770-8570; 1180 Vista DR MI, 49770; 1364 Lakepointe, MI, 48230-1014; 1015 N Riverside AVE, MI, 48079-4269; 898 N Adams RD, MI, 48009-5664; 825 Grosse Pointe CT, MI, 48230; 20820 Greenfield RD, MI,48237-3051; 
 Sherry Mitchell (Wife); 
Takes money from
 Majority Cmte PAC; Centra INC; Edward C Levy; DTE; Ford; Ryan for Congress; Dow; GM; etc. 
158K total PAC money
John Moolenaar
989 600-4163 (John Moolenaar for Congress number) 989 835-7643 (Home phone number: Verified) 
Known Addresses:
4809 Jefferson AVE MI 48640 4410 Linden DR MI 48640-2614 
Amy Moolenaar (Wife); Audrey Moolenaar; Annmarie Moolenaar; Margaret Jacob; 
Takes money from
 Dow; New Pioneers PAC; Assciated Builders and Contractors; Ford; GE; Ryan for Congress; etc.; 
180.7k PAC money
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