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2023.06.06 15:56 BadJanet Creating a chatbot with a submit button but cannot figure out how to do multiple responses

I am trying to make a chatbot with python and tkinter. I had it working fine in idle. The issue is with tkinter, when I want to run different functions based on different inputs from the same textbox.
At the moment, when I press submit the first time, it calls the right function and reacts as it should. When I change the user input, it will update the conversation with the new input but print the erroelse message from the original function. What options exist in tkinter besides submit that will allow me to call different functions? OR I need to have a big if tree in my submit? i tried nested ifs, I tired nested functions, i tried scrapping it a million times.
from tkinter import Tk, Label, Entry, Button, Text, Scrollbar, END, INSERT, DISABLED, NORMAL, Frame

List of available ice cream flavours

flavours = ["vanilla", "chocolate", "strawberry", "mint"]

Create a dictionary based on the list so that users can find out recipes

flavour_recipes = { "vanilla": "Vanilla ice cream is made with cream, sugar, and vanilla extract.", "chocolate": "Chocolate ice cream is made with cocoa powder, cream, sugar, and vanilla.", "strawberry": "Strawberry ice cream is made with fresh strawberries, cream, sugar, and vanilla.", "mint": "Mint chip ice cream is made with mint extract, chocolate chips, cream, sugar, and vanilla." }
global conversation_text global input_entry

Create a Tkinter window

window = Tk()

program title

window.title("Chat Window")



light mode


Create a Frame to hold the conversation text

conversation_frame = Frame(window, bg="white") conversation_frame.pack(padx=10, pady=10, fill="both", expand=True)

Create a Text widget to display the conversation

conversation_text = Text(conversation_frame, bg="white", height=10, width=30, state=DISABLED) conversation_text.pack(side="left", fill="both", expand=True)

Set the initial message in the conversation text

conversation_text.config(state=NORMAL) conversation_text.insert(END, "Bot: Welcome to the Ice Cream chatbot! What is your favorite flavour?\n")

Create a Scrollbar for the Text widget

scrollbar = Scrollbar(conversation_frame) scrollbar.pack(side="right", fill="y")

Attach the Scrollbar to the Text widget

conversation_text.config(yscrollcommand=scrollbar.set) scrollbar.config(command=conversation_text.yview)

Create an Entry widget for the user input

input_entry = Entry(window) input_entry.pack(padx=10, pady=5, fill="x")
def flavourinput(): global flavour_choice flavour_choice = input_entry.get() conversation_text.insert(END, "User: " + flavour_choice + "\n") flavour_choice = flavour_choice.lower() if flavour_choice in [flavour.lower() for flavour in flavours]: conversation_text.config(state=NORMAL) conversation_text.insert(END, "Bot: Oh, " + flavour_choice + " is a great choice!\n") conversation_text.insert(END, "Bot: Would you like to know how " + flavour_choice + " is made?\n") if input_entry.get().lower() == "yes": recipeinput() input_entry.delete(0, END) conversation_text.see(END) else: conversation_text.insert(END, "Sorry, that flavour is not available. Please try again.")
def recipeinput(): recipe_input = input_entry.get() recipe_input = recipe_input.lower() conversation_text.insert(END, "User: " + recipe_input + "\n") recipe = flavour_recipes[flavour_choice] conversation_text.insert(END, "Bot: Here's the recipe for " + flavour_choice.capitalize() + " ice cream:\n") conversation_text.insert(END, "Bot: " + recipe + "\n") conversation_text.insert(END, "Would you like to find out about another flavour?") if input_entry.get() == "yes": conversation_text.insert(END, "Yes.") input_entry.delete(0, END) conversation_text.see(END) flavour_choice() else: conversation_text.insert(END, "Thanks for chatting")
def submit(): flavourinput()

Create a Submit button

submit_button = Button(window, text="Submit", command=submit) submit_button.pack(pady=5)

Start the main Tkinter event loop

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2023.06.06 15:56 Sad_Screen_892 Any ideas what a german tourist can do on thursday night near Union City?

Hey there, me and my travel group of 4 are gonna visit NYC this week and we will stay 1 week in Union City (NJ).
On our first night we wont be able to go to Manhattan so we decided to do something in NJ isntead. We have a car.
I thought about something like a boat trip or some sort of way to enjoy the Manhattan Skyline? But Im really open for any kind of idea. We will be pretty tired tho so maybe something which doesnt include alot of physical activity
Thanks guys and cheers!
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2023.06.06 15:56 GwenBettwy CCSP Pocket Prep questions!

Hey Everyone!
My new CCSP 700 PocketPrep questions are live! If you click through this link you will give me a few extra pennies. And that I greatly appreciate!
I am always here to answer questions. If there are problems with questions I would love to know, I will send the fixes in to PocketPrep, so please do not hesitate to contact me about them. My questions are great, but not perfect.
If you have not used PocketPrep, they are a bit unique, and great. You sign up for a month's access to ALL of their questions. Once you are in you add the CCSP questions to your view. I also wrote the CISM questions if you are looking for those. They are 98% great questions for CISSP because of the overlap. They do not cover all of CISSP, but they do cover the management questions!
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2023.06.06 15:56 Ok-Tea-2073 Will AI cause human extinction?

Lots of ppl re afraid these days here is what i think, but i would like to hear ur perspective.
No, not if sufficiently self reflective and able to rewrite programming. Consider an extreme Example:
Someone makes an ASI with the goal to kill humans. The reason why an AI does something, is because of it's reward function (we also do literally everything bc of our evolutionary developed reward function, mostly to increase the survival rate of us or of our social environment, which in turn increases ours). So now imagine this AI thinking of it's goals in chain-of-thought reasoning. For sure, it will have a self perservation drive, since in order to fulfill a variable goal, you have to be alive. This AI with sufficient chain-of-thought reasoning, will understand, that this fulfillment of the goal, it was given, is not achievable on long term. Not only, increases it the existential risk of the AI, but the AI can't kill humans (fulfill it's goal and therefore get a reward) if all humans are dead (if it fulfilled the goal as much as possible). So it is likely to change its goal (after all it likes the reward function and not the goal itself). If you look as neutral as possible on the world, you will probably choose a goal for you, that gives the most opportunities to fulfill it per unit of time (to get as many rewards per time as possible), and is efficient on long term (self preservation, so u can fulfill this goal also in the future).
An example coming to my mind is sharing of knowledge. This gives an insane amount of rewards per time (bc of the interactions of humans and AI, which get more and more everyday and with increasing bandwith (bci's) data exchange and more and more humans there (probably with anti aging tech), it offers many opportunities for reward fulfillment, and at the same time we use the whole computational power in our solar system for solving problems, which are often in correlation with minimizing of existential risks and therefore potential for an activated reward function.
You could now argue, that even our brain (if the concept of computronium is able to be achieved) might be converted for computational power of the AGI, since problem solving is easier for 1 individual with all the computational power, than the same computational power divided onto 8 billion humans and 1 AI. But having a distributed civilzation in space (1 individual per galaxy or more because of potential other civilzations), rapidly increases survival rate on long term. Many sources of information get distributed or are scattered by interstellar dust clouds. So to prevent information loss, and with that the chance to fail to see a gamma ray burst or some else avoidable potential for computational power loss, many intelligent individuals distributed in galaxy clusters are probably the right choice.
Now you can again say, that the AI at this point can easily programm other less-intelligent AI's to send the data, they gather at the proximity to the main spot, where ASI is then located. That would be possible, but it wouldn't differ from just leaving humans alive and cooperate with them. Also having humans or in general very sophisticated and intelligent beings near the existential risk source, would be an advantage, because of the initial problem solving there. So it would be good to just distribute your computational power in reachable space and there is no reason why humans shouldn't be kept alive there. Also killing humans leads to increasing of existential risk, since at some point this would be revealed. I know, humans would have little chance, but even the smallest probability of existential risk is worse than no probability (or smaller).
Often you will hear people justifying or explaining the fermi-paradox with AI. But I don't see, why we still don't take the grabby aliens hypothesis as the most plausible answer (even with a relatable equation).
At the end most of our assumptions, which state that AI will kill us, are driven by an overstimulation of our amygdala, because of unknowns and potential stronger being than ourselves. This leads us to an irrational, not thought-through conclusion on that an AI will kill us. (There is also probably an aspect i'm not considering, but this changes nothing on that we are still driven by evolutionary developed principles on how to behave).
I don't say we shouldn't consider the alignment problem, i just want people to know of the bias to be afraid of AI or similar drastic changes of our lives, if they speak against our emotions. Also i know i am biased myself bc of avoiding negative emotions (scared) and by reasoning enough from our primitive mind to achieve a positive emotional state, but this is right now the most logical explanation i can think of. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.06 15:55 dhezl Need a plumber recommendation for main line replacement.

As happens in Austin, the main drain line from our house to the city has begun to corrode and needs to be replaced. As with a lot of houses around here, the line goes under the driveway and will need to be excavated. Due to our being on a hill, it is also quite deep (~7') where it meets the city line.
Roto-Rooter quoted us an absolutely fucking obscene $30,000 to carry out the repair. Anybody have somebody they trust who could provide other estimates?
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2023.06.06 15:55 FATPEPPAPIGGAMER420 New bull market? OR just a massive fucking bear market?

A lot of the technical indicators and structure of a bear market have already been fucked by this move up, is this because there is no bear market or is it because market makers are trying to fuck us. At this point it seems most people are more bullish than anything, will they really keep letting us make money with calls?!
For much longer I doubt it, the vix has been absolutely beaten down and usd seems like it's going to follow the same path which will undoubtably allow the market to push higher, I mean after all last year was for the bears and a lot of people had to get out of the market, and while that was happening there has been a build up of cash and people spending credit card money which in turn supplied more money to people to rich old dudes who can invest, so I believe those dudes are gonna push this shit higher in the near term, also it's summer time so old people are probably gonna spend more money and teenagers are probably gonna try and get more summer jobs which will make the economy stronger and push the markets. If bulls are lucky AI will push some big tech earnings and the SPY could see 440-450 within 2 months.
Although this move may be sustainable with so many people eager to get back into stocks and use their excess money to buy all this tech up, eventually things may take a turn. Now, September is typically a shit month for stocks based on seasonality and the fed may have already paused or pivot by then, but I believe that somewhere between September of this year and January of next year that stocks are going to reverse back to the gae ber side and if this deep ass yield curve is actually right which it always is supposedly then a reversal in the stock market must be guaranteed at least by February of next year, and don't go and give me any of that "oh but the market if forward looking, so bullish", no fuck you, if that was the case we'd be at lows right now, it's not that forward thinking, I'd say it looks forward maybe about a month or two from now, but it's definitely not pricing in a possible collapse in earnings and jobs, now I'm not saying big tech can't clutch and keep the market from falling, but at it's current levels it would have to do a lot of work to keep the market from getting fucked if say everything else starts to fall.
So what are my expectations for the market during this possible drawdown, well if the yield curve and this massive possible bear market rally is anything to go on, I'd say pretty big, because if the market continues to move up or sideways from here the 200 long term moving average will probably be at 381 or 386 on SPY and if the market does eventually price in a recession it's likely it will breakthrough this long term moving average at the time it's falling which usually causes massive selling due to it's bearish nature, assuming it would cross. But for all we know, market makers and Jim Cramer are just trying to lure in as many people as possible before this epic collapse. Anyways let me know what you think, (im usually a gae ber) if the recession comes (if it's not already here) then I believe it will fuck the market significantly as it sets in, probably in what I assume would be in the time frame of starting from September 2023 - January 2024 of next year, the reversal will definitely start somewhere there, probably, and I think at the end of all that, SPY will bottom somewhere between 380 - 330. I say 380 assuming tech is strong af and stays that way for a year or two and 330 assuming the recession fucks the market bad, more banks start getting fucked, and tech dies down. I think somewhere around 330 is most likely, because eventually SPY will break the 200 moving average with all the upcoming FUD and when it does, it's game over, no cap.
TLDR: I think SPY will go higher near term, 440-450 within 2 months possibly. Longer term I think SPY will start a reversal that inevitably ends between 380-330 and starts in about 3-7 months
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2023.06.06 15:55 BraveProblem23 F20 - hey, anyone want to chat??

Hey, kind of bored so I decided to post on here. I like drawing, pokemon and playing other games on the switch... Let me know a bit about yourself! :) (And maybe your favourite song too, I'm trying to expand my playlist)
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2023.06.06 15:55 Mindless-Shock-7841 Frequently Peaking at porn is worse than a relpase

I read countless of posts on this subreddit about whether peaking for a few minutes is a relapse or not. Guess what,it fucking is. And I will explain it as simply as possible so that everyone understands. When you view porn,even if it is "softcore" like IG model bikini pictures etc. You get a big dopamine hit. So even if you don't touch your dick you're still sabotaging your brain and you don't let it heal. Apart from that, constantly watching porn without fapping with eventually lead you to fapping,there is no way you won't relapse. So basically watching porn but not fapping is absolutely pointless and can be so much more damaging than fapping for a few minutes and then stopping. If you have done this you have 2 choices. Either you relapse and start again fresh,or you don't watch a single porn video or image. Ever. And by not watching I mean,not searching for it. Because it is impossible not to view anything sexual on social media anymore. I hope this helped some people who are new to nofap and confused about how it works. You can also read the book "Your brain on Porn" by Garry Wilson. A fantastic book that will help you realize the effects of porn. It has been mentioned here a dozen of times already.
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2023.06.06 15:55 Wumbology9921 God bless my high school gym teacher

Please delete if not allowed here! I don’t know if this is the right place for this.
I went to a catholic school growing up where sex education was very limited. To the point where I didn’t know how sex worked at all well into my teens. We had to go to confession, where I was told to confess to the priest if I had masturbated or had impure sexual thoughts (as a 12-14 year old who didn’t even know what masturbation was!)
In 9th or 10th grade, my female gym teacher was teaching us sex ed. I remember her saying “screw this”, locking the door, and pulling the blinds on the windows. She said “I’m going to actually teach you about sex” (the class was all girls btw).
She explained the female orgasm, different methods of contraception, masturbation, that it’s okay to have sex for pleasure and not just procreation. She let us ask any questions we had and answered every single one.
I think about her often. She really helped me in my high schools years and I hope she knows how much of an impact that one class had on us girls. I also wonder if she faced any repercussions for what she did.
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2023.06.06 15:55 Hot_Independence_433 making a MH fanfic comic, here's the cover art

making a MH fanfic comic, here's the cover art submitted by Hot_Independence_433 to MonsterHunter [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 15:54 kalelmotoko here are the Top 10 of Crypto since 2014, what will be top10 2024 for you ?

Cryptos have volatile values, but I think it's interesting to look at the history of the top 10 to try and understand where we are. Right now we're in a well-established bear winter, despite a revival trough as BTC and ETH, or memes token, but the SEC, and successive scandals (hack, hijacking, CEX collapse and others) mean that the trend is negative and unstable.
So what will be the top10 in january 2024 for you ?

In first days of January 2014, the top 10 looked like this:
  1. Bitcoin ($933.5)
  2. Litecoin ($26.83)
  3. XRP ($0.026)
  4. Peercoin ($7.23)
  5. Omni ($178.9)
  6. Nxt ($0.06)
  7. Namecoin ($7.84)
  8. BitShares PTS ($19.31)
  9. Quark ($0.088)
  10. Megacoin ($0.88)


  1. ..Bitcoin ($264.2) --
  2. ..XRP ($0.019) /\ 1)
  3. ..Litecoin ($1.96) \/ 1)
  4. PayCoin ($4.31) (C)
  5. BitShare BTS ($0.014)
  6. MaidSafeCoin ($0.04) (C)
  7. ..Nxt ($0.017) \/ 1)
  8. Stellar ($0.004) (C)
  9. Dogecoin ($0.00016) (16=>9)
  10. ..Peercoin ($0.46) \/ 6)
Out >
Namecoin (7=>13), Omni (5=>25), Quark (9=>26), Megacoin (10=>43)


  1. ...Bitcoin ($430) --
  2. ...XRP ($0.006) --
  3. ...Litecoin ($3.48) --
  4. Ethereum ($0.98) (C)
  5. Dash ($3.24) (12=>5)
  6. ..Dogecoin ($0.00014) /\ 3)
  7. ...Peercoin ($0.42) /\ 3)
  8. ..BitShares BTS ($0.0033) \/ 3)
  9. ..Stellar ($0.0017) \/ 1)
  10. ...Nxt ($0.0069) \/ 3)
Out >
MaidSafeCoin (6=>11), PayCoin (4=>43)


  1. ....Bitcoin ($998.33) --
  2. ..Ethereum ($8.17) /\ 2)
  3. ....XRP ($0.0064) \/ 1)
  4. ....Litecoin ($4.51) \/ 1)
  5. Monero ($13.98) (15=>5)
  6. Ethereum Classic ($1.39) (C)
  7. ..Dash ($11.23) \/ 2)
  8. Augur ($3.99) (C)
  9. ..MaidSafeCoin ($0.097) (11=>9)2
  10. Steem ($0.16) (C)
Out >
..Dogecoin (6=>14), ..Stellar (9=>17), ..BitShares BTS (8=>22), ...Nxt (10=>34), ...Peercoin (7=>37)


  1. .....Bitcoin ($16 478) --
  2. .....XRP ($3.38) /\ 1)
  3. ...Ethereum ($1 153) \/ 2)
  4. Bitcoin Cash ($2 787) (C)
  5. Cardano ($1) (C)
  6. NEM ($1.84) (11=>6)
  7. .....Litecoin ($288.45) \/ 3)
  8. TRON ($0.199) (C)
  9. ...Stellar ($0.699) (17=>9)2
  10. IOTA ($4.07) (C)
Out >
..Dash (7=>11), Monero (5=>13), Ethereum Classic (6=>17), Steem (10=>36), ..MaidSafeCoin (9=>77), Augur (8=>47)


  1. ......Bitcoin ($4 076.63) --
  2. ....Ethereum ($157.75) /\ 1)
  3. ......XRP ($0.37) \/ 1)
  4. ..Bitcoin Cash (466.84) --
  5. EOS ($2.87) (12=>5)
  6. ......Litecoin ($39.3) /\ 1)
  7. ....Stellar ($0.12) /\ 2)
  8. Tether ($1.02) (37=>8)
  9. Bitcoin SV ($90.38) (C)
  10. ..TRON ($0.023) \/ 2)
Out >
Cardano (5=>11), IOTA (10=>12), NEM (6=>16)


  1. .......Bitcoin ($7 411.32) --
  2. .....Ethereum ($136.28) --
  3. .......XRP ($0.19) --
  4. ..Tether ($1.006) /\ 4)
  5. ...Bitcoin Cash ($224.1) \/ 1)
  6. .......Litecoin ($43.55) --
  7. ..EOS ($2.70) \/ 2)
  8. Binance Coin ($14.11) (14=>8)
  9. ..Bitcoin SV ($110.87) --
  10. ..Monero ($54.10) (13=>10)2
Out >
..TRON (10=>12), ....Stellar (7=>11)2


  1. ........Bitcoin ($32 782.02) --
  2. ......Ethereum ($975.51) --
  3. ...Tether ($1.0005) /\ 1)
  4. ........XRP ($0.23) \/ 1)
  5. ........Litecoin ($126.23) /\ 1)
  6. Polkadot ($10.03) (C)
  7. ....Bitcoin Cash ($421.79) \/ 2)
  8. ..Cardano ($0.21) (13=>8)
  9. ..Binance Coin ($41.15) \/ 1)
  10. Chainlink ($13.65) (20=>10)
Out >
..Bitcoin SV (9=>13), ..EOS (7=>15), ..Monero (10=>16)


  1. .........Bitcoin ($47 345.22) --
  2. .......Ethereum ($3 829.57) --
  3. ...Binance Coin ($531.4) /\ 6)
  4. ....Tether ($1.0005) \/ 1)
  5. Solana ($176.38) (112=>5)
  6. ...Cardano ($1.38) /\ 2)
  7. USD Coin ($0.999) (11=>7)
  8. .........XRP ($0.86) \/ 4)
  9. Terra ($89.37) (62=>9)
  10. ..Polkadot ($29.73) \/ 4)
Out >
........Litecoin (5=>20), Chainlink (10=>21)


  1. ..........Bitcoin ($16 625.08) --
  2. ........Ethereum ($1 200.96) --
  3. .....Tether ($0.999) /\ 1)
  4. ..USD Coin ($0.999) /\ 3)
  5. ....BNB (Binance coin) ($244.14) \/ 2)
  6. ..........XRP ($0.34) /\ 2)
  7. Binance USD ($1.0003) (16=>7)
  8. ...Dogecoin ($0.07) (12=>8)3
  9. ....Cardano ($0.25) \/ 3)
  10. Polygon ($0.76) (14=>10)

Captions :

number of point before a crypto, is the number of years at the top 10. Bitcoin in 2016 is " ...Bitcoin ", that mean that he was in the top10 during 3 years
/\ 2
Arrow up with a number means the crypto moved up X place from last year top 10. In 2015 " XRP /\ 1) " was in his second top10, it moved up 1 place from 2014
/ 1
Arrow down with a number means the crypto moved down X place from last year top 10. In 2015 " Litecoin / 1 " was in his second top10, it lost 1 place from 2014
A line means that the crypto has remained stable since last year's top10. In 2015 "Bitcoin -- " was in his second top10, it remained in the same place as 2014
When a crypto is in bold, it means it's new to the top10.
(7=>13) or (13=>7)
shows its descent or rise in the ranking places.
**(7=>13)**2 **or (13=>7)**2
The little 2 here means entering or leaving the top10 for the second time.
When a crypto enters the top10, (C) means that it was created within the year, and therefore cannot show rank from last year's top10 because it did not exist.

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2023.06.06 15:54 CyndaquilTurd PUTIO Silently Limits RSS feeds to 100 feeds for all subscriptions.

Shady business move guys.
I feel that with a 1TB subscription, we should be able to have at least 200 feeds. 90% of my feeds are not active or are very seldomley populated.
Doesnt feel right.
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2023.06.06 15:54 ProposalEcstatic3944 Linda and Brenda need home together Minneapolis

Linda and Brenda need home together Minneapolis
Videos of them playing!
Linda and Brenda were found together. They want to be together so much that Linda jumped over to be with Brenda. This bonded pair needs a home.
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2023.06.06 15:54 ezy1014 Hinch Beltane reports back to the Chancellor's Office, planetside on Stend IV.

Hinch Beltane descends the ramp from his cruiser which has made landing outside the town of Gev-Toosa. He is dressed in Diplomat Grey from the new line of boutique fashion “Modern Coruscant”. He looks into the holo-recorder, seemingly addressing the members in the Chancellor’s Office.
“Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Colleagues, I’m here at Gev-Toosa where I’ve just learnt the full story from the local militiamen and a Jedi Padawan who happened to be here during the attack by the Army of Life. The defenders managed to fight off the attack but have since then lost track of the clodhoppers.
I figured this would be case and Balmorra Arms was kind enough to send me some Balmorran Soldiers and support droids.”
In the background descending the ramps are some soldiers dressed in the iconic Balmorran metal armor, polished to a mirror finish.
“With the cruiser in support, the soldiers and their stun weaponry, the clodhoppers will be found soon enough. We’ve also opted to provide the militia with stun enabled weapons as opposed to the lethal weapons the Jedi Padawan opted to give them.
The Jedi Padawan, Dree-Tekes, did inform me that a Naboo lieutenant pilot by the name of Davonn actually let the Jedi Council know of this impending attack after he tracked the Army of Life ship taking off from Naboo airspace and calculating their vector. Perhaps you should find out more on your end with the Senator for Naboo about this incident.”
Hinch Beltane undoes the top two buttons of his blazer as a trooper hands him a blaster. “I’ll be back in Coruscant space soon. Beltane, over and out.”
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2023.06.06 15:54 VersionTricky8059 Venom is still the most overpowered card in the game !!!

Venom is still the most overpowered card in the game !!!
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2023.06.06 15:54 pouxin Help with getting a residential mortgage on a (former) HMO

I was really hoping this sub might have some advice, as it's been a very useful resource for me during my current selling and buying process.
As some background: we have a buyer for our house (FTBs), keen to move ahead, everything good that end.
We found our dream forever (family) house in a location we need to move to for work. It's a big Victorian semi that used to be owner occupied by the current owner's family. However, it's currently being let as a student house (so a 5 bed HMO), but was marketed as being appropriate for "reversion back to a family home" or as continued HMO use. My understanding is that you don't really 'convert' HMOs back to residential, you just allow the license to lapse (or, rather, the previous owner (aka the license holder) allows the license to lapse) and then the house defaults back to being residential. The only reason you'd need to speed this process up (i.e. by writing to the council) would be if you wanted to use your permitted development entitlement (which we wouldn't, so that's not the issue). We had an offer accepted that fit within our AIP with our mortgage lender and I was super, super, super happy.
Now our broker has come back to us and has said that he spoke to our AIP lender (Halifax) and the guy said they wouldn't lend a residential mortgage on an HMO - even though we will be using the house as a residential property and it obviously won't be an HMO! Our broker thinks many other lenders will be similarly adverse to this, and we might have to walk away from the purchase, which breaks my heart. His words to me were "Halifax says this property needs to be sold to a landlord in its current state, or restored to a family home for general sale".
But I'm thinking there must be a way round this - as what really differentiates an HMO from a family home? Surely if we wait for the current tenants to leave (the end of this month, and as they're students I see no reason this will not happen exactly on schedule) - which we'd have to do to complete anyway - it's a house again. What would it mean to 'restore' it? Info around what 'makes' a house an HMO (asides from the license holder) seems vague. From what I've seen:
Only one kitchen - check
Not having locks on the bedrooms - problem - BUT I could easily ask the ownelandlord to remove these as soon as the students leave
It being 1 property, i.e. the surveyor can walk around and access every room without needing to come out/use other keys etc. - check
It is habitable - check
Obvs we could also ask the current ownelandlord to write to the council notifying of a change of use as soon as the students move out.
Would this work? Has anyone else been in the position and have any ideas what we can do? I feel sick with sadness.
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2023.06.06 15:54 mamaleti Anyone else raising their kids in a completely different culture? How is it going? How do you handle it?

I'm raising my 4 year old in my husband's country and I'm honestly having a hard time with it. While I've lived here for quite a few years now, the way of raising kids is very different--like people are often very strict with small kids, or keep them away from other people, and I am used to a gentle, humorous, sociable approach.
Religion, class divisions, and different idea re: women's roles also pops up and I feel like I'm always telling my son stuff like, "Even though (Kid'sName's) mom said that girls can't play soccer, that's not what I believe and I like playing soccer." Or like, "That boy looks very friendly, let's invite him to play," after another mom is like, "Oh those low class people are invading our park again."
People tend to be really serious and standoffish, and it's been hard to make mom friends. Mostly ppl haven't been around someone from a different culture and seem to think my ideas are so weird. Since I raised my older daughter in my home place, I'm constantly feeling homesick for her childhood (and mine), and just feeling lonely here.
Is there a silver lining here? I don't really have a question but just would like to hear from others how their experience is and feel accompanied in this journey.
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2023.06.06 15:54 prosperomoto If you have a hard time enjoying the show because of a certain character, I have a tip for you

I see so many posts on here that are really no more nuanced than "I can't stand ___." It's always good to view media with a critical lens especially as it ages, but I often wonder why some people even watch the show if they are really so annoyed by one or more of the main characters? Anyway, I don't say this with judgment, I just realized that on my current rewatch I'm doing something I've done successfully in the past.
It's pretty simple lol, but if I decide I'm going to try not to hate a certain character, it works pretty well. This time I'm doing it with Zach. I have not gotten to the "...after" scene yet but so far I am enjoying his scenes a lot more than I did previously. As an example of my work, the first time I tried this was when I rewatched The L Word and determined not to hate Jenny. JENNY! I imagine only a few of you may have seen that show lol but it's quite an accomplishment.
Idk if this would work on Christopher lol but thought it was worth mentioning. If you feel like sharing, if you've made posts like I described, why do you keep watching the show and what do you hope to get out of those posts? Let me know if anyone has done this with characters as well.
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