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BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to

2023.06.06 15:34 -dogtopus- Tips to lose weight/eat healthier as someone who gets too obsessive and has food texture issues?

Hi everyone! I hope some of you can help give me some tips, I've struggled with this my whole life and now that I'm nearing my 30s I want to be in better health as I get older. I've been overweight the majority of my life, and at this point I've accepted and love myself for how I am and I'm not agonizing over it like I was when I was a teen. However, the times I've (physically) felt best were definitely when I was losing a bit of weight and taking better care of myself physically. I also used to be able to keep it somewhat in check working at warehouses and various other physical jobs. But now I work from home and just feel constantly mentally depleted, leading me to not really take care of myself the way I should.

Anyways, growing up and even while I've been an adult, it's been REALLY difficult not to obsess when I'm "dieting". I also struggled with purging what I ate in my teens, and it definitely "flares up" if I'm restricting(thoughts, mostly). There's something about constantly tracking every little thing, weighing every bit of food, logging it, logging tomorrows meals, weighing myself, keeping a visual calorie goal, dealing with all these macros, etc. Seeing how much weight I lost this week turns into how much weight did I lose today...then how much weight did I gain after lunch? I just peed, how much do I weigh now? How many calories are in my vitamins? I didn't weigh my spinach today, I'm going to gain weight! Etc, etc, etc, until I can't take it anymore and drop it altogether.

When I'm not "dieting" I can eat pretty normally, don't feel guilty or anything like that but if you add in numbers to everything I become obsessive to a fault. I also have issues with the textures of a lot of veggies and all fruit except bananas (most of the time). I absolutely can't eat raw veggies or veggies that are crunchy, the texture will make me gag. Meat is generally okay, but if I find one weirdly textured bit I will not be able to eat the rest of it or anything else on the plate. Smoothies are VERY hit or miss, can't have anything that has any crunch or grit in it. Anything with oatmeal in it I will not be able to get down. This extends to a lot of other foods. I feel like all of the fitness info I find online doesn't take into account that some people are neurodivergent and can't handle it the same way as others might. Having such an issue with the textures of 90% of healthy food (veggies, fruits, etc) has made it much harder to eat healthy. I really want something sustainable, a healthy diet I can eat comfortably and not worry about numbers and textures. Sure I can lose weight eating crap, but I'll feel like shit and be unhealthy in the long run.

Please help a girl out :) for reference I'm 5ft 7 probably around 240lbs. I use to be a bit more "muscle" when I worked in warehouses, but I have an injured back now (don't recommend working in a warehouse) so lifting is not as easy as it was.
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2023.06.06 15:33 expensiveblonde Role reversal [f24]

I had been broken up with my ex for nearly a year, but I still hadn’t been able to get him out of my head. We had been together for three years, and it was a tumultuous relationship. We had broken up and gotten back together multiple times, and even though it was over, I still had feelings for him.
One night, I decided to take a chance and reach out to him. I sent him a text asking if he wanted to come over and hang out. Surprisingly, he agreed. When he arrived, I could feel the tension in the air. We both wanted to talk, but neither of us knew how to start.
Finally, I broke the silence and asked him if he wanted to have sex. He hesitated for a moment, but then agreed. We started making out and it felt like we were back together again. I could feel my heart racing as he kissed me.
I wanted to do something that we had never done before, so I asked him if he wanted to try something new. I had recently bought a strap-on dildo, and I wanted to use it on him. At first, he was hesitant, but eventually, he agreed.
We started off with me fingering him, and then I lubed up the dildo and slowly inserted it into his ass. He moaned in pleasure as I thrust it in and out of him. I could feel his tight ass gripping the dildo as I moved it in and out.
I was enjoying it so much that I started to move faster and faster. I could feel his body trembling as he reached his climax. Afterward, we lay in bed for a few moments, both of us exhausted from the experience.
We talked for a while and eventually, we both fell asleep. In the morning, he left without saying a word. I knew that this was probably the last time that we would ever be together, but I was happy that I had been able to experience something new with him.
That night was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It was a reminder that even though we had broken up, there were still some things that we could do together that we had never done before. I will never forget that night, and the amazing experience we shared.
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2023.06.06 15:33 Jazzlike-Battle1758 Looking for a hunting buddy

I dont need help or anything but I'm lonely hunter who has decided it's time to find an animal abuse partner. I run switch axe and insect glaive but am open to branching out and even starting a new game fresh. I've rolled credits on iceborne and soloed every fight so far but I think the guiding lands is going to humble me hard. I'm open to playing with both new and experienced players because I know a good bit but I'm no where near knowledgeable on like alatreon or fatalis or other end game content.
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2023.06.06 15:33 MapUnited7527 FIX CREDIT SCORE HIRE A HACKER

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2023.06.06 15:32 RementoMori 35 [M4F] New York - Seeking Genuine Connection

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my post! My name is John and I am a litigation attorney from the great state of New York. Don't assume that I mean New York City either. There is a whole wide world of New York out there that doesn't revolve around the five boroughs!
I have my life together and am at a point where I want to share it with someone special!
I have a wide variety of hobbies and I am always trying to learn new things and hear about the passions that other people have. I enjoy reading, writing, bike riding, hiking, visiting new places and road trips to name a few!
I am also caring, a great listener, a hopeless romantic and can reach things on high shelves for you.
I am not immune or ignorant to the fact that physical attraction is an important facet of any potential relationship. For me, I am 6'5, blonde hair, blue eyes and on the huskier [though height/weight proportionate] side of things. I am happy to exchange verification pictures so we can both prove we aren't Nigerian princes and princesses.
I have heard all the height comments before. So, before you ask, the air is better up here, I did play basketball and you have most definitely nearly decapitated me with your umbrella during a heavy rain storm.
I am aware this is Reddit and so my expectations are low, but I am still optimistic! Ideally, I am looking for a long-term relationship. If it ends up that I make some new friends? Great! But, my focus is on establishing something for the long haul. I would ask that you at least be in the EST time zone or be willing or heading to New York in the near future!
So, you've read this far [I hope]. You want to message me, but you don't know what to say? Tell me about yourself! Tell me the last book you read, movie you watched. Tell me your favorite hobby. Tell me something funny that happened to you this week. Tell me how you're even feeling at the moment. I'm sure we will find some common ground and potentially the start of something truly special.
It also wouldn't hurt to send a picture of yourself in the opening message and I will do the same. At the very least, a physical description of yourself would be great!
I would be remiss if I didn't mention my patent pending anti-ghosting policy. Look, I understand real life can get in the way of fun Reddit messaging. I know the anonymity of the keyboard can make it feel like you're not even talking to another person. But, we are both people. If, for whatever reason, you're just not feeling it, just say so! We can part ways amicably and wish each other well.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Sincerely, John
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2023.06.06 15:31 Muffinlessandangry First time in Belfast.

Despite having lived in the UK for 16 years now I've never gotten around to visiting NI. Work are sending me over for a few days week after next and I'm extending to stay for the weekend. I'll be staying near the airport but I assume there's good public transport links. What should I do?
I've already decided I'm doing the Botanical Gardens, The Ulster Transport Museum and the Museum of Orange Heritage, as I really like gardens, trains and citrus fruits. Are any of the big touristy attractions a must see for you? And what are the non-touristy things you'd do? Restaurant and pub recommendations welcome, although I'm traveling alone so probably won't be doing much drinking
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2023.06.06 15:31 PieSieze3 My child won’t stop leaving the bathroom…. Dirty.. things are about to implode.

I’ve posted elsewhere also, I am desperate.
Im sorry for the long post and format, I’m on mobile and at my wits end.
I’m about to lose my mind, my partner, and everything we’ve built together. My son is 9. Since he was out of diapers we’ve had issues with his BMs. His bio dad tried to force potty training too early (we were already broken up at this point so I had no control over what went on in his house) and have suffered the ramifications ever since. Periods of purposeful constipation from very young age to now. He just doesn’t wipe properly. I’ve talked to him, I’ve talked to medical doctors, he is currently and has been in therapy. I’ve reached out to other parents, including my own, for advice. NOTHING is working. Dirty underwear, dirty toilet seats, dirty marks in the shower. Beyond the expenses of packs or underwear and Lysol wipes, toilet wipes, new shower luffas… I’m lost. My partner and I have been together for almost 4 years and the two get along generally speaking but he has a major issue with all of this and I don’t blame him. Doesn’t want LO to touch his stuff, doesn’t like sharing a bathroom, doesn’t even go near his bedroom “in case”.. he broke yesterday and told me he doesn’t want to leave me or lose me so the only solution he can think of is to get a nearby apartment so we can still see each other but doesn’t have to share a living space where he’s constantly anxious that feces are touching things he uses if things don’t change. I’ve already been dealing w this for 7 years and I don’t know how to fix it. I have no advice, there’s nothing medically wrong, he’s not autistic or on the spectrum accept for an ADHD diagnosis. I keep getting told “it’ll happen on its own.” Well I’m about to lose my house (my partner pays for our living costs) and the one person I’ve EVER been with that I see as a husband. He’s kind, generous, loyal, supportive, respectful.. you name it.. I felt like I found a diamond in the rough when we met and things have been so amazing… except this. I fully understand how gross it is when it’s not your child (even if it is, let’s be honest..) and I feel so helpless bc if I can’t get my 9yo to understand what he’s doing I’m going to lose EVERYTHING. My person… yes, my child, I love him unconditionally ofc but I found a partner in life that helps me thru all of my anxiety and issues and you can say what you want but adult support is so important. I did it alone before, I’m capable but it’s SOO not what I want… I guess I just need some advice. I don’t know how to make him realize how gross and unhygienic this is. Beyond my own problems, this will be a reason he gets bullied. Kids are going to start noticing the smell or if he goes to a friends house and leaves their bathroom a foul mess… he showers twice a day bc of this (I have to make him). I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to get him to understand.. he acts sad/sorry but NOTHING changes…. Please tell me I’m not alone. Please tell me there is a solution… I can’t lose this relationship. I will end up in a ward.
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2023.06.06 15:31 RiskyBiscuits150 I'm so confused - pregnancy of unknown location

I am hoping to find someone who might have experienced something similar to me but it feels like a long shot.
I tested positive on 15th May. It was the month after an egg retrieval, but before we had done a transfer. It felt like a miracle. I've had two previous losses so got my hCG checked and initially it was going up, but only doubling every 60-68 hours and overall was quite low. I had a scan at what should have been 5w3d by my ovulation date (which I am sure of) and they couldn't see anything at all, not even a gestational sac. They kept checking my hCG and it was doubling at 60 hours, then 99 hours then 270 hours and finally 171 hours.
I was scanned again on Friday (6w) and there was still nothing visible in the womb and only a very small collection of fluid near my right ovary that suggested possible ectopic. They carried on taking hCG over the weekend and scanned me again yesterday morning (Monday). This time they said there was a definite ectopic pregnancy at the top of my right tube. They showed me it on screen and measured it, saying it was 2cm. By this time my hCG was 3249 (far too low for 6w3d but still rising).
I was given the option methotrexate or surgery and chose surgery as they said the tube was almost definitely damaged and it would be a definitive resolution. They got in there, and to my surprise found absolutely nothing. No ectopic, both tubes looked fine externally, there was a tiny bit of endometriosis but that was all. My uterus is enlarged consistent with a pregnancy of 6-8 weeks (they've written this in my notes).
They now want me to come back in on Friday for a further scan. The diagnosis right now is missed miscarriage. Can hCG keep on going up with a missed miscarriage? I have had no bleeding at all, and still have sore boobs which have been my only symptom so far, but I know all that can be normal for a MMC.
I know this pregnancy is almost certainly not viable. I am concerned though that they have stopped me taking heparin, aspirin and progesterone that I would need to support a pregnancy as I have antiphospholipid syndrome. In the absence of a definitive diagnosis I wonder if I should keep taking them.
Has anyone else been in this situation? I'm not looking for success stories as I don't think this possibly can be one, but right now I feel like a medical mystery.
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2023.06.06 15:30 Caryaati08 Dubai Car Rental Near Me

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2023.06.06 15:30 k3y2b what could’ve been wrong with my kitten?

this is a little long but please read if you think u could help me find out.
I’m unaware of her exact age but it was said to be around 6 weeks, she was a female calico and I’m unsure of her body weight but she seemed pretty thin.
so this happened in October but i never really got an answer on what could’ve happened to her.. so I thought I’d ask here. so like I said in October (on Halloween actually) I had plans to pick up a calico kitten. I had gotten pictures of her the night before and she looked completely healthy and normal. when I opened the door a guy handed me a bag with a towel and a kitten in it. found that weird but I went to the car n put the bag on the car floor to take her out, immediately I was scared because one of her eyes was completely red. there was no pupil it looked as if it was completely filled up with blood or just damaged. one of her eyes had a little bit of red in it, very concerning but wasn’t as bad. I put her on my lap n quickly found out she was struggling to breathe, there as mucus coming out of her nose really bad, she would go into sneezing fits and there was just sm mucus stopping her from breathing, and u could hear how stuffed her nose was. I had no idea if she was able to see in her left eye, but it literally looked like a completely red marble. she wasn’t panting or anything, she honestly looked like she had no energy and there were a couple times in the span of 30 min where I thought she stopped breathing because her heart beats were so slow. I kept my hand near her heart to make sure and it didn’t feel like it was a normal pace. she just seemed so weak I felt terrible. me and my mom drove to one of the only vets near us and they looked at her and said they weren’t an emergency vet so they wouldn’t be able to take care of her but basically told us it didn’t look good. she ended up dying so I never got an answer on what could’ve happened. if these symptoms sound familiar to anyone please lmk.
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2023.06.06 15:30 Easy-Discipline-7521 Texting anxiety

I think I have texting anxiety because I either don't want to text at all but if I do then I get really anxious thinking that the other person doesn't want to text me or I just start thinking about it and I can't do anything else until they reply. I usually deal with this problem by not texting 😂 but obviously texting is necessary to start a relationship and continue it especially if that person is not near you. I just feel really awkward about all of these small things you are supposed to do in dating like texting and going on dates and paying for meals and things. I don't know how to behave and I don't know how to talk about it so I just get really anxious and I think my main response is to kind of shut down and shut off the other person which makes the other person feel like I'm rejecting them when actually I'm so scared of being rejected that I just completely loose my shit and don't know how to do the most basic things like how hard is it to ask somebody out on a date or text them to ask them how their day was? I think I'm good at the deep stuff like all the deep emotional and conversational and partner things, I'm good at making deep connections with people that match my energy I just feel like in relationships there are some of these steps that I want to be able to do because they're important in a relationship but I don't know how to do them or like how to not get so worked up about these small things? Why am I good at the complicated things and so bad at anything simple that everybody else finds so easy????
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2023.06.06 15:30 Couuurtneeey Individual Quick Queue

If what I understand is true you can buy individual quick queue passes for one ride somewhere near the ride entrance. Is this true? If it is does anyone know if Pipeline has this option? I know Universal doesn't do fastpass on their new rides for a long time after they open. Going on Sunday and want to ride but will have a 4 year old and a 6 year old with me. I don't mind waiting for the ride but would rather pay to skip the line so my family doesn't have to wait around for me. (I mean they'd probably just go to sesame street land either way lol)
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2023.06.06 15:30 iAmJimmyRechard Just want some opinions

Context I (26M) love my parents unconditionally, maybe this isn’t the place for me. Maybe my shit is just concocted in oldest sibling problems, not really sure figured I’d post on here on a throwaway. My dad who we’ll just call D is the youngest child of 4. From all I know my dad had a very “old-school” raising and my grandfather was ex-military, my dad is still close with his eldest sister but both other siblings he’s had fallings out with. In the defence of him I can vouch that she is more the issue than anything from what I can see. The issues with his brother far far predate myself. As I’ve said I do think my parents are stellar and maybe this isn’t the subreddit for myself but we’ll go into some of the issues from here.
I’m the eldest of three, I wouldn’t say I’m the smartest guy out there but I’m a good bit away from the dumbest. I guess my issues start back to elementary school, I vividly remember every report card season like clock work C’s for the most part across the board, lots of comments saying. “Could do better doesn’t apply himself”-ish. In these moments my father would snap his chain so to speak and it’d be a barrage over and over, I’m an idiot. I’m the “garbage man” (a constant term of his). I recall being no more then 12 and I had something go shitty (maybe school maybe sports) and I remember sitting upstairs and hearing my dad shouted at my mother “you wouldn’t get it (my mother is an only child) every family has a black sheep. For mine it was B (my fathers brother) for us it’s, me… it was me.
I can tell you the exact spot when I was 10 years old my father told me I wasn’t going to make it to the NHL (Canadian) yet on my last trip home (I live 16hrs away now) that if he we’re a couple inches taller, he’d be in the NHL as I stare at his collection of custom goalie helmets that our dad paid for him to have when I simply just wasn’t allowed to be a goalie.
I’ve tried to covey on several different occasions over the years to my parents their preferential treatment of my younger siblings to I (25F) (22M) but most come with yeah, but they did this. You didn’t do this, an example would be where I live now (different side of province to them) I was never given a vehicle, during my university career I had a bus ticket so I didn’t need a car unlike my two siblings whom also got bus tickets through their uni student fees. But for all of COVID while I walked through -30 weather to attend work to pay rent, my siblings lived at home and were given cars to use at their leisure, I can recognize that’s just a product of staying near home. But now as I sit here writing this I’ve been in my new city, home for all purposes and my parents have yet to come here as I approach a decade in this city. Yet they plan their Rivera trips hoping that my brother goes and plays pro hockey in Italy.
I love my parents, they’ve allowed me and pushed me far out of my comfort zone and given me so much but yet. It eats away at me to know I’m the least, I’m the black sheep, they just give less of a F about this one.
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2023.06.06 15:29 zellt5 The Tale of the Unbearable Bear Druid and the DM's Girlfriend

This incident happened a few years ago, but the memory of it is as fresh as a dragon's breath (and almost as hot).
Our group was made up of a fairly typical mix of RPG enthusiasts. There was me, a Half-Orc Barbarian; Dave, the Elven Ranger; Hannah, a Dwarven Cleric; and then there was Ted. Ted was a newcomer to our group, but seemed friendly enough. He was playing as a Bear Druid, which should have been a red flag in hindsight.
Ted had a... peculiar playstyle, to say the least. He was convinced that as a Bear Druid, he should be allowed to do whatever a bear could do. And I mean anything. He would interrupt the game, insisting he wanted to hibernate mid-battle, forage for berries in a dungeon, and mark his territory on every tree we passed. It was annoying, but at first, we all just laughed it off, thinking it was a bit of good-natured role-playing.
Enter the DM's girlfriend, Sarah. She joined the group a few sessions in, playing a Human Rogue. She was new to D&D, but eager to learn, and we were all more than happy to guide her along. It was all good until Ted decided that his Bear Druid was attracted to Sarah's Rogue.
Now, in the spirit of the game, a bit of romance isn't necessarily a bad thing. But Ted took it to a whole new level. He started role-playing very uncomfortable interactions, insisting that his character was just "acting like a bear". It got even worse when he attempted to "court" Sarah's Rogue by bringing her dead rats, birds, and other "presents" in-game. Sarah, understandably, was uncomfortable and asked him to stop, but Ted insisted it was "just his character".
Things came to a head during one session where Ted's Bear Druid attempted to "protect" Sarah's Rogue from an attacking goblin, causing a total party wipe because he refused to attack, saying he was "too busy guarding Sarah's character".
After that, the DM had a serious talk with Ted about his behavior and, thankfully, Ted agreed to dial it back. But the damage was already done. Sarah didn't return to the game, the group atmosphere was sour, and it took us quite some time to find our groove again.
TL;DR: A Bear Druid player took his role-playing too far, made the game uncomfortable for everyone, especially the DM's girlfriend, and caused a total party wipe due to his overprotective bear antics.
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2023.06.06 15:29 Xabre1342 Armored Spearhead: how-to?

Good morning!
So I've never played HH, though I've been playing 40k since 4th, so I know the culmination of how 7E worked. I've been considering dipping my toes into the new version of HH, and since Chaos Knights have not come over to 30k, my next thought was to try an Armored Spearhead.
I was curious if people had any good tips, tricks, suggestions, or otherwise to do so.
For instance, what I've found through initial research is that Death Guard seem like a solid pick as a Legion that gets a good benefit from an Armored Spearhead. I recently saw that IF get that cool new Sagittar upgrade, but their legion benefit doesn't feel very useful if I wanted to go all in on tanks.
Which brings me to my next question: CAN you go 'all-in'? I understand that I probably want 2-3 squads in Rhinos, but if I just wanted to go with all armor, using Predators as my compulsory units and a Sicarian as my Command tank, and then add in stuff like a Kratos (or 2) and a Glaive, can it work? Or is it pretty definitive that there have to be some fleshy bodies to hold objectives?
Also, this one might be a stupid question, but can I go the Armored Spearhead route without a Praetor granting the Rite of War?

Thanks for your time answering newb-o-rific questions.
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2023.06.06 15:29 sunghooter First Koschei visit with randoms was great!

Since the season reset is looming on the horizon, I decided to give squad fill another shot after playing solo since DMZ launched. Since everything is getting wiped I figured why not try it again since I still love playing this mode. Its been pretty hit or miss over the past few days but today was weirdly different in a good way. It was weird in that my other two squad mates both had mics but didn't use them and instead communicated via constant pings. At the beginning of the round I had no idea their intention was to go to Koschei Complex since they didn't talk and I just sort of hung around them and helped them taking out bots and operators while supplying ammo boxes and revives and calling out comms vest pings. I, as a solo player, avoided Koschei since I figured survival alone would be difficult. One of them pinged an LTV and I jumped in with them along for the ride to parts unknown.
We were spawned east of the quarry close to two other squads I spotted on the scope and followed them across the terrain towards the small area in between the quarry and Rohan with a hospital. After raiding the hospital and nearby structures, one guy pinged an LTV and we all got in and he started driving south. A ping appears on the tac-map at the airport 1,800 meters away at the control tower so I figured they wanted to raid the weapons case. When we arrived at the control tower, neither player had a key for it and were trying to glitch inside. After that didn't work for a few minutes, it was back to the LTV to somewhere else. It was low on gas from the long ride over so I pinged a gas station in Akdar to refuel and repair and find some plates. After getting gas we load up once again and begin heading north and one of them pinged a location way up top of the map in the middle of the desert. The long ride and stiff resistance forced us to swap LTV's near Hydroelectric and it dawned on me they want to go into Koschei. I was fully kitted and armed ready for whatever but had never been there so I was about as useful as a sweater in summertime. With both players maintaining radio silence, I radioed that its my first time here and I have to say they responded really well. In each room and door and corridor they were constantly pinging where their going and it allowed me to keep up while keeping up the caboose. They went prone and crawled under lasers but waited before going until I was right behind them.
I fell slightly behind them sometimes a few times in the long corridors and sudden turns with dim lighting along with countless bots. Each time I did they noticed quickly and waited for me to catch up. This worked well for us since I had several revive pistols and the few times they went down I was able to quickly revive them. Eventually, the complex meanders into an area steeped in darkness and me without my night vision goggles. I was able to follow them using their pings and the reports from their weapons firing and even managed to revive one in the darkness. Suddenly, we were in an elevator with the slowest damn door I've ever seen and then it was over with without either of them saying a word. It had to be one of my best rounds ever with 29,999 xp.
I didn't quite understand why the didn't use mics despite having them at all but it was a weirdly good time. I'm not entirely turned off of squad fill and may use it in season 4. I wonder if they were not using comms to avoid PVP because DMZ has been really PVP heavy lately and we didn't have to fight a single operator. I'd like to try Koschei again sometime soon.
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2023.06.06 15:29 Bulky-Opinion1090 HP G1 800 as Rhel 9 server with couple vm. How to get more security going.

Hello There,
I am running a Rhel 9.2 server with gui at home and it works perfect! When i don't touch it
Now i want to get more security in place and started googling and came at FreeOTP from Redhat itself.
Now i made test environment on a windows pc with Rhel 9.2 running idm from rhel (ipaserver) and now i can indeed activate T OTP for users but since i am the only one i want to protect my server with OTP with every login root admin users etc but i don't thinks that is possible from what i read. How can i protect my server for every login? How is this done in the real world?
This for educational purposes and the could be a short answer with install this and do that but there is a reason behind everything. For instance not use OTP text based any more because its not safe any more with a standard password.
I am not an expert in Linux nor active. My main job is drawing Electric installation for apartment's and building. Autocad and stabicad. Just really eager to learn what the best way or what the right way is
OS: RHEL 9.2 server with gui
VM: 1.Windows 11
2.OPNsense (for acces wiregurad vpn to my servehome network from anywhere. RDP into windows)
3.TRUEnass (storage samba share to vm windows 11, iPhone, iPad.)
4.Home assistant (Tasmota knx, and some Knx modules)
I acces my server remotely with my iPad true vpn and then rdp into windows or the server.
Now i log in with root, i know i should disable it but when I started with Linux there was so much to get running en getting to work even with fstab problems here and there.
I also saw YubiKey but remote its difficult i was reading about it.
I don't use ssh or not really familiar with. Is that better anyway then a password?
or ssh key + (T)OTP
Let me know you're thoughts or experience to give me knowledge or keep each other updated for the rest!
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2023.06.06 15:29 volitantmule8 Boot Camp help For 10.11.6 El Capitan

So what I need help with is trying to use Boot camp to install Windows 10 on my Mac, I have the Windows 10 iso file, and I have a 128GB external USB drive, I am using macOS 10.11.6 El Capitan with a 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

I only have two tasks that can be selected, there is no third task allowing me to create the Windows installation disk.
What I am getting to asking is, What I can do to use a version of Windows 10 using boot camp or something similar?
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2023.06.06 15:28 AriCapVir How do you make physicians take your symptoms seriously?

I hope this doesn’t break the “is this cancer” rule, but I’m not asking if I have cancer. I’m pretty sure I do, I’m just seeking advice as to where to start.
I am a 33F mom of two little boys. Since April I have lost about 20lbs, not dieting or exercising. I developed a random antibiotic resistant UTI that required a 10 day course of IV antibiotics at an Infectious Diseases infusion clinic. I am in nearly constant pain that starts in my right hip and radiates upwards into my back. I urinate probably 50 times a day. My primary doctor did a full abdominal and pelvic ultrasound at the end of April, which revealed nothing significant. Also in April, I lost consciousness in public and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. They did their own full work up but found nothing. In May I saw a urologist about my urination who told me everything looks fine. I finally convinced my primary doctor to order an abdominal CT with contrast because of my constant pain and discomfort; that’s next week. I scheduled an appointment with another urologist and gynecologist but that’s not until next month, and I have to travel quite a way to get there (I live in a small town). I get bouts of extreme nausea but don’t throw up. I also get dizzy frequently, and a weird confused feeling like I cannot focus on anything and just want to sleep. I am SO fatigued. I know something is not right with my body. Prior to all of this, I have always been healthy. Never smoked, never drank, had two healthy pregnancies. Something feels so off inside me. I stepped on the scale again this morning and I’ve lost more weight.
Am I doing all that I can? Is there anyone else I can contact? My primary last did blood/urine lab work in November of 2022, which was normal except I had trace blood in my urine and low Vitamin D. I would assume the ER when I went in April also did labs but they never contacted me about the results. I don’t know if I’m being proactive or not, and I really don’t know how much more I need to advocate for myself. I just know something is wrong with me and all I can assume is some type of cancer.
Thank you, and please let me reiterate this is not a “is this cancer” question; more so, a question about where to start with doctors. How did you get them to take your symptoms seriously and preform the necessary tests?
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2023.06.06 15:28 fuckthatshit506 Fighting….I need help…

rabbits….I need some of your wisdom!!
I have owned Willow and Waffles since they were both about 16 weeks old. They took to each other almost immediately. They have been the bestest of buddies and inseparable until about 10 days ago.
I woke up to a tornado of fur and hate in my living room. I immediately separated them (thanks for biting me, Willow) and let them cool down. I’ve tried to introduce them to back to one another, but they end up fighting immediately. They even “box” each other through barriers. Any time they can get near each other, they want to fight.
Willow has been spayed, and Waffles neutered. There has been no change in diet, environment, enrichment, or attention. Now they seem to hate each other. I’m hate it for them, as now they have to be separated all the time, and I don’t want them to feel lonely. I made the careful decision to raise two rabbits together because they are social creatures, and I cannot spend my every minute with them (sadly).
What would cause this sudden change of behavior? Is there something they need that I’m failing to provide? Will I have to bond them?
I’m lost. Thank you for any advice!
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2023.06.06 15:27 musicismyadderall My interpretation of old friend since I’ve been again listening to that song repeatedly.

Though the song “Old friend” is from the album “Be the cowboy”, two years after the previous album “Puberty 2”, there is still a connection between the song “Old friend” and “Once more to see you.” With the song “Old friend”, there seems to be some sort of rekindling of friendship or a relationship from years back.
“We nearly drowned For such a silly thing Someone who loves me now Better than you” The opening of the song in which mitski is now talking to the person that she meets up with, downplaying (maybe) the issues in the relationship that they use to have, maybe joking, trying to start somewhere. Or another interpretation of this line could be that they nearly drowned from the manatee societal pressures that were put upon them or even maybe the societal pressure they unknowingly put onto themselves. After the comment of “nearly drowned, for such a silly thing” she informs this old relationship that the person that she’s dating now treats them better than how they treated them when they were dating. This could be Mitski commenting on the fact that they didn’t treat and respect the fact that she wasn’t ready to be a public couple with this person and they may have kept pushing and pushing and mitski just couldn’t fulfill the request of what they wanted. And so when they “nearly drowned”, that was their relationship sinking and sinking down everytime this was brought up, they broke up. This new partner could perhaps be okay with Mitski wanting to be in a quiet non-public relationship. “And that pretty friend is Finally yours,” These two lines could be an observation that mitski made about her ex-partner and how that friend and them could have had a relationship. That “pretty friend” gave her ex something that she couldn’t and may have assumed that they would be a better couple than the relationship that they had. The first few lines before the next set of lines could have been a text message that Mitski sent or even a letter to the ex that she wanted to reconnect with, to talk, to catch up. She sings and offers this old friend a time and place in which they could do this: “I’ll be around on Sunday, if You’ll meet me at Blue Diner I’ll take coffee and talk about nothing, baby At Blue Diner, I’ll take anything you want to give me, baby” Though they ended things that may have been rocky at the time, the feeling nostalgia may have overwhelmed her. She tries to get what she can from this “Old friend”, but still keeping this “Opened closeness”. Diners have been known to be a place that holds secrets but it’s still open about it, everyone knows it’s the place that can do such thing, but nobody says anything. It’s a town known secret. “I haven’t told anyone Just like we promised Have you?” Again, though she’s out of puberty 2 in the feeling of need to hide the relationship and the fact that this may have been why it ended she’s still so self conscious about it. She’s still hiding. “Like we promised” sounds more like a onesided thing, though they both probably made that promise, it was more for her than the other person. She then quickly changes the subject, a touchy one to maybe bring up the feeling that she still gets from her ex-lover “Every time I drive through the city where you’re from, I squeeze a little” She goes on to another form of repetition of meeting up. It seems more like begging, like she needs to closure of wanting to talk to them, some one may know something. This could also be due to her missing the way that her ex made her feel compared to her new partner. It’s not the same love. She misses them. “Meet me at Blue Diner I’ll take coffee and talk about nothing, baby At Blue Diner, I’ll take anything you want to give me, baby At Blue Diner, I’ll take coffee, talk about nothing, baby Blue Diner, I’ll take anything you want to give me, baby” This could still be a continuing text message or letter, she’s hoping, wanting them to meet her. At this point she just wants to talk to them no matter what they give her. “Blue Diner, I’ll take anything you want to give me, baby.” Ending the text message, letter, maybe even call with the word “baby” could be her trying to grab one last thing from the now drowned relationship. She’s coming back into the Puberty 2 stage of her life again.
(I know this is very long but this is one of my favorite songs)
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2023.06.06 15:27 r5m7c9 22M, need a room in Brookline for Sep 1 (max $1200/month)

Hello, I'm a graduate student at BU and I'm moving out of my current apartment at the end of summer. I'm looking to rent a room near Coolidge Corner or Brookline Village. I'm a quiet and clean roommate (I have lived with both male and female roommates). Let me know if you need to fill a room! If this post is still up, I'm still looking.
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