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2023.06.02 08:58 KaspainK Left my IPad on the bus from Munich to Vienna

I went on a trip from Munich to Vienna on 27 May and I left my iPad on the bus (N136). I realized 2 days after the journey when I checked my belongings before checking out from my room. At that time, the location reported on Find My application was Bratislava, Slovakia, the terminal stop of the bus line (28 May)
I have already reported every detail above in the Lost and Found form of Flixbus and have been checking on the status, but nothing has been updated. Although, I tried to contact the staff via the chat, they don’t give me any information, only saying that the procedure usually takes up to 14 working days.
If someone has any suggestions or experience regarding my situation, please let me know.
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2023.06.02 08:56 ApprehensiveBuy111 Shower before flight

I am flying out of LAX around 10pm on a Sunday. As it is so late, I plan to go to Disney for the day before the flight. Ill check out of my hotel early that morning to make the most of the day.
As such, I don't want to be rude and smell bad on the plane. However, I don't see a way to shower before my flight.
I don't have status for an airline lounge.(Flying Delta) I see there are no Priority Pass lounges. I can't do a day room rental at a near by hotel as I won't arrive there till around 5/6pm.
Any thoughts on what I can do?
Thank you.
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2023.06.02 08:35 BJ_Fish Business Flex

Are business flex tickets 100% refundable even if you already checked in for your flight? I have a situation where I am flying into a place with a separate ticket. And the preferred flight will be Lufthansa but just in case my plane doesn't make it in time because of a delay I booked a later cheap flight just in case. If I don't end up making it for the business flex flight, am I able to cancel and refund from the app? What is the process? Already checked in for the flight.
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2023.06.02 08:22 rvrbly Youth Aviation Club Questions

I had to walk away from flying 23 years ago when after 635 hours, I ran out of money to keep building hours. I went back to school, and two years later I was a high school history teacher. I’m now doing well enough that las June I was able to start flying again, and I’ve managed around 2 hours per month since then. Just enough to be VFR safe. I love it.
I started an after school aviation club at the school where I work. It has been fun, and rewarding, but also frustrating on several levels. First, lately, kids are very inconsistent and hard to please. They aren’t being jerks or anything, it’s just that the social media and COVID really got to them over the last few years. It’s been hard to build a club because of this. Second, my school district has told me that it is a non-starter to even think of building a credit class or program around aviation. Will. Not. Happen. There are several high schools in our state with very good aviation programs, flying, building RV-12s, meeting in their own hangars, getting certification, and college credit, but I’m essentially being told to just fade away, please.
So I’m taking the first steps in building my own independent club for high school students to be able to get community, experience, free ground instruction, connections with CFIs, and help with financial costs. (The cost of flying is the one reason ten of my students dropped out of the club during the year.)
I have some pretty good contacts and ideas and things in process for making it happen, but there are two big questions that I have that I’m hoping someone can help with.
1.) What would be the tax status of the club if I fundraise enough to supplement flight instruction for student members? (I realize this is actually an IRS question, more than a flying question, I’m just fishing for someone who is doing the same thing with a club that could chime in.)
2.) What problems, pitfalls, speed bumps, and red tape am I not seeing? I feel like I’m maybe trying to do something that I think is OK to do, but that one day, we will suddenly get shut down because I’m ignorant of some nuance in the laws or liabilities that could be involved.
I have no plans to include direct flights, but part of the nature of this club is to get kids in the air with CFIs or just with individuals who are willing to work with parents to take kids for rides — why does it feel like I’m not supposed to do that? What am I missing? (Yes, parent permission release documents are being used much like the EAA uses for Young Eagles, etc…)
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2023.06.02 06:37 coolsheetmate Gold Status not living up to their own policies…

Gold Status not living up to their own policies…
Trying to upgrade my companion as a gold status member. There is availability and they say they can’t do it and that I am just added to a waitlist. SMH
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2023.06.02 05:50 Tipsy_Corgi anime_irl

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2023.06.02 05:19 Radiant-Hedgehog-695 DuckDuckGo needs to improve Instant Answers

DuckDuckGo needs to improve Instant Answers
For more than a decade, DuckDuckGo has been working on Instant Answers. In 2011, the company temporarily worked with Wolfram Alpha to provide fast, top-result answers to users' inquiries. In 2015, "the company announced the addition of 20 million new instant answers in eight new languages." And in 2019, it began touting its use of over 100 sources to generate Instant Answers, for everything from math and history to flight status and password generation.
However, in 2023, it seems like DuckDuckGo is taking the back seat when it comes to Instant Answers. Searches for everything from difficult calculus questions to simple factual inquiries bring up no Instant Answers. The following searches were conducted on DuckDuckGo and Google, on an Android phone using Firefox. Feel free to reproduce them on an OS and browser of your choice.
1.) what is the chemical symbol for water?
DuckDuckGo returned no Instant Answer. Google returned an Instant Answer of H₂O.
2.) what is the square root of 16?
DuckDuckGo returned no Instant Answer. Google returned an Instant Answer of 4.
3.) what is the most spoken language in Africa?
DuckDuckGo returned no Instant Answer. Google returned an Instant Answer of the most widely spoken languages in Africa, all bolded.
4.) who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?
DuckDuckGo returned no Instant Answer. Google returned an Instant Answer of Marie Curie, bolded.
5.) who was the first person to walk on the Moon?
DuckDuckGo returned no Instant Answer. Google returned an Instant Answer of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, bolded.
It seems like Instant Answers were the product of tons of user contributions to the DuckDuckHack project. However, when DuckDuckHack was retired, efforts were focused on other projects, giving less time to work on Instant Answers. For years, the DuckDuckHack website bragged about how "more than 1,500 contributors...produced over 1,200 instant answers."
Improving Instant Answers will help make DuckDuckGo more useful, increase user retention, and decrease superfluous use of bangs. As DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg told Business Insider back in 2015, "We believe the future of search is more instant answers." A year later, Weinberg revealed that DuckDuckGo gave Instant Answers as much as Google did, and that it was his "dream to get to 80% of the time."
I know times have changed. What was important in 2015 needs not be important in 2023. It appears that generative AI is now powering the competition between major search engines. However, the desire for quick and accurate search results from reliable sources remains strong. And Instant Answers are, well, the answer to this desire. Even if they can be merged with DuckAssist, that would still count as a win for DuckDuckGo and the privacy community.
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2023.06.02 04:43 delightsk Recommendation for everyday spending

Hello! I really appreciate any guidance. We put a pretty large amount of money on our card every month, and Citibank recently annoyed me by not bothering to send replacement cards when ours expired, so I’m wondering if there are better options out there.
• Current cards:
Citi Double cash $28k limit, opened May 2019 Alaska airlines visa signature $20k limit, opened May 2016
• FICO Score: 778
• Oldest account age: 7 years
• Chase 5/24 status: 0
• Income: $400k household, $300k me (I’m the primary cardholder on both our current cards and my spouse is an authorized user)
• Average monthly spend and categories: We average about $10-12k a month on a credit card and pay it off monthly. • dining $1300 • groceries: $1200 • gas: $20 • travel: $1000 (not every month, but when we do we go big)
• Open to Business Cards: No
• What's the purpose of your next card? Travel (for something other than flights, I live in Seattle so Alaska is a good bet), or cash back. Annual fees don’t bother me if they even out in convenience or perks.
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2023.06.02 04:36 Exotic_Collection_81 Lufthansa a380 come back in service

Lufthansa a380 come back in service
Lufthansa grounded their Airbus A380 because of Covid-19. 3 year later Lufthansa ungrounded their A380s. The first A380 that carry passengers was from Munich Germany to Boston Massachusetts U.S. This the very first picture of the Lufthansa A380 on final approach to Boston Logan Airport. I took that picture.
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2023.06.02 03:42 CompetitiveWolf5 I was just released from jury duty, but I have one reserve day (1/3) left tomorrow

Today I was placed on standby for jury duty. Tomorrow (Friday) is my last ADY 🔺 and I called to let MST know earlier, they put JURN on my schedule, which is releasing me from my last ADY1. However, I just called the jury duty phone number again at 6:30pm and was released.
I live and commute from CA, and my base in NYC. It is impossible for me to make it to NYC in time for tomorrow. (2hr drive to airport + 5 hour flight + 3 hour time difference) all to just work 1 day. And, I already got JURN on my schedule. What do I do? I’m supposed to request proof from court to send to my managers saying my jury duty status this week.
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2023.06.02 03:20 contactforsupport01 Lufthansa Pearson Terminal

The state-of-the-art Lufthansa Pearson Terminal is set up to offer travellers flying out of Toronto Pearson International Airport a full check-in experience. Travellers can swiftly and conveniently complete the requirements before boarding their flight at the terminal thanks to its shortened check-in process. The Lufthansa Pearson Terminal is redefining traveller convenience with its cutting-edge features.
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2023.06.02 02:41 eingshy03 Delta moved my flight up

My connecting flight from Atlanta to Denver was moved up, and now I have 37 min layover to make it to my next flight. I know it’s “doable” but concern for de-planing and having to “run” to my gate. And my luggage will definitely not make it. Any recommendation? I tried to talk to delta, they said that’s the last flight out of Atlanta to Denver that night and my first flight, I can’t move up. That’s the reason why I flew later.
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2023.06.02 02:02 Strong-Craft-3273 CPT to H1B RFE Success Story Comprehensive Guide to Various H1B RFE Challenges

This student graduated with one year of OPT (non-STEM, social science major) but didn't get selected in the H1B lottery. The student decided to pursue a Master's degree through CPT (Curricular Practical Training) and worked full-time for 11 months during their CPT period. After that, they applied for OPT again, but still couldn't secure an H1B. Then enrolled in an MBA program at a CPT school and worked full-time for 11 months. Later, he switched to part-time employment to avoid any impact on their OPT. During this time, he finally got selected in the H1B lottery but received a Request for Evidence (RFE) due to concerns about specialty occupation and maintenance of status. These are common challenges faced by social science majors and individuals who have used Day 1 CPT.
After a second appeal, they were eventually successful in overcoming the RFE. It took almost three months, and even though the company's attorney was involved, there was still a lot of stress and concern. He accumulated valuable experience throughout the process, and learned about common RFE reasons, how to address them, and what evidence and language to use when utilizing Day 1 CPT. He also identified some pitfalls in the application process through shared experiences. He hopes that his insights can be helpful to others who encounter an RFE and suggest following the steps outlined in the article, which have a high probability of success.
The article is divided into three main parts:
👉 Part 1: Dedicated to those who received an RFE
👉 Part 2: Dedicated to those who used CPT
👉 Part 3: Pitfalls to avoid in responding to an RFE
Part 1: Deconstructing H1B RFE
For those who successfully obtained H1B this year, did you receive an RFE? Wondering if RFEs are more challenging this year? It's possible. If the voluntary withdrawal rate after the first round is lower than the estimated 33%, USCIS may adjust the final number of approvals by increasing the RFE denial rate.
Therefore, if you receive an RFE, you can't just rely on the company's attorney to handle it. In many cases, the effectiveness of the attorney's response plays a significant role, but you should also actively participate. Here are several common reasons behind RFEs, their underlying causes, and how to address them:

  1. Specialty Occupation:
This is the most common, abstract, and challenging aspect of H1B RFEs. It predominantly affects students in liberal arts and business-related fields because these majors often have diverse career options. To determine if your job qualifies as a specialty occupation, several factors are considered, including:
⚠️ Response Strategy: Expert Opinion Letter - In most cases, the RFE notice will specify the reasons why USCIS questions the job's qualification as a "Specialty Occupation." You need to provide evidence to refute USCIS's concerns. One effective approach is to submit an Expert Opinion Letter, written by an industry expert, to demonstrate the specialty and complexity of your job and prove that the company cannot perform the job without you. This has been a powerful response strategy based on past experiences.
  1. Maintenance of Status:
This is the most scrutinized aspect, specifically examining whether your CPT and subsequent OPT during your F1 visa period were legal and reasonable. It involves choosing a reliable school and a legitimate program for your CPT. Established Day-1 CPT schools often provide students with a comprehensive "RFE package" to assist them in proving their normal study and appropriate use of CPT.
⚠️ Response Strategy: Collect reevant documentation during the CPT period. For specific steps, refer to the second section of this article. If you were unprepared previously but now face an RFE, you can gather the required documents systematically. When writing the response letter, provide a clear timeline if your CPT duration was long and you had multiple job changes. Describe the content of each job and directly state how it relates to the courses you studied. The more specific connections you can make between specific courses and job projects, the better.
3.employer-em ployee relationship:
This question essentially examines whether you are a genuine employee.
⚠️ Response Strategy: Provide documents such as employment contracts and materials that demonstrate the employer's supervision and management of your work.
  1. Beneficiary Qualifications:
This issue often arises when the degree program is too broad or versatile. It is closely related to the first issue mentioned above, and similar response strategies can be applied.
⚠️ Response Strategy: Thoroughly research the courses you have taken and your past work experience, especially the parts that are relevant to the job in question. This helps demonstrate the beneficiary's qualifications for the job. If this issue appears alongside the first issue, an Expert Opinion Letter is recommended.
  1. Availability of Work [On-site]:
This question examines whether the company genuinely needs the position and whether the workload provided by the company can sustain the H-1B beneficiary's employment for the full three years. Typically, this arises when the employer is a small company and your professional skills may not align perfectly with the company's business scope.⚠️ Response Strategy : Collect supporting documents such as business plans, information about other employees in similar positions, and evidence of ongoing business activities to demonstrate the necessity of the position.
  1. Licensure Requirements:
Certain professions that require specialized expertise, such as engineers, accountants, or architects, may face scrutiny regarding licensure requirements. If your position appears to require a license, have you obtained it?
⚠️ Response strategy: For professionals in such fields, it is advisable to obtain the necessary license.
7.Company Address/VIBE:
This issue arises when the company's address information in the immigration agency's database is not updated. It is the simplest and often an unnecessary RFE.
⚠️ Response strategy: Submit the required documents to update the company's address information.
  1. LCA Corresponds to Petition:
When applying for the H-1B visa, a certified Labor Condition Application (LCA) needs to be provided. If the occupation category, wage level, or company address on the LCA does not match the information in the application materials, it may result in an RFE.
⚠️ Response strategy: If this issue overlaps with the previous one, the process of addressing it is relatively straightforward. Submit the required documents to rectify the discrepancy and provide a clear explanation to the immigration agency regarding the reasons for the inconsistency.
  1. Availability of Work [Off-site]:
This is a common issue, but it is not relevant to individuals in the "local" category. This refers to foreign employees outsourced by an ICC (Indian Consulting Company) who mostly attempt to enter the United States through the H-1B lottery. They usually do not work at the client company's office. This is primarily encountered by Indian nationals, as it is rare for Chinese nationals to apply for H-1B visas while in China.
⚠️ Response strategy: If faced with this issue, it is highly likely that you will need to consult with an attorney and work together with your company to gather sufficient evidence. This includes demonstrating a long-term partnership, providing the company's work assignment plan for you, and indicating that the company has sufficient tasks that require your presence.

Part 2: Day 1 CPT and RFE RFE
RFE reasons may sound straightforward and solvable logically. However, if you receive a checklist of RFE materials, you will find that there are quite a few things to prepare. Usually, the detailed requirements can only be seen when you receive a physical RFE letter, so some people feel that there isn't much they can do before receiving this letter.
If possible, prepare in advance! When it's time to be a "beggar," don't hesitate, accumulate a little every day, and RFE won't be so distressing!
👉 Reach out to the school for:
👉 Reach out to the employer for:
👉 Keep the following documents for yourself:
Part 3: Pitfalls to Avoid with RFEs
⚠️ Gap between two degrees under CPT should be filled with either unpaid leave or unemployment. During this period, there should be no paychecks. If asked during an RFE, you need to provide evidence that there was indeed no paycheck. It doesn't need to be mentioned in the cover letter, though.
⚠️ It takes approximately 10 days from transitioning from online status to receiving the physical RFE letter. If it takes too long, it's advisable to inquire about the status.
⚠️ Active participation and regular communication with the attorney are crucial when responding to an RFE. Many small and medium-sized companies allow attorneys to show you the contents of the RFE and involve you in preparing the response. While only H-1B applicants (employers) can file an appeal, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be involved. The success of the RFE response often depends on the attorney's work, so it's best to participate as much as possible.
⚠️ The processing time for submitted RFE materials can be lengthy, sometimes taking several months. During this time, you can still proceed with your employment, so don't reject any job offers and avoid waiting idly. If your application gets denied and you have already started working, you will need to be removed from the company's payroll. After 60 days, you can file a new application, considering the period in between as a period of unemployment.
⚠️ There are cases where approval is received within approximately a week after submitting the RFE materials. Therefore, whether to choose premium processing (PP) should be discussed with the attorney, carefully analyzing the requirements outlined in the physical letter. There have been instances where selecting PP led to a change in the reviewing officer, who deemed the previously submitted materials insufficient, resulting in another round of RFE and ultimately leading to a denial.
⚠️ It is advisable to avoid international travel during the RFE appeal period, as the risks are borne by the individual.
⚠️ An appeal does not automatically grant legal status to the beneficiary, nor does it suspend the execution of the original decision or extend the original date of departure. Therefore, if the beneficiary lacks legal status to stay in the U.S. during the motion to reopen, motion to reconsider, or appeal period, they may face potential issues of overstaying their lawful period.
⚠️ If you want to track the approval and RFE data changes, you can find the USCIS Case Progress Tracker on GitHub. The link is provided in the sources below.

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2023.06.02 01:52 Drty994 Whiskey Tango Ep # 1 Pilot


A young man, JAKE (25), is sleeping in his seat, wearing a wrinkled shirt and a tired expression. He has a small suitcase and a laptop bag with him. A voice over the PA system announces that the flight from London to Miami is about to land.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are now approaching Miami International Airport. The local time is 9:22 a.m. and the temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened until the seatbelt sign is turned off. Thank you for flying with us and enjoy your stay in Miami.

Jake opens his eyes and rubs them. He looks out the window and sees the blue sky and the ocean. He sighs and stretches his legs.

I can't believe I'm doing this. Flying across the Atlantic for a job interview that could make or break my career. A job that involves wrestling and TV. Two things I love more than anything. Well, almost anything.

He takes out his phone and turns it on. He checks his messages and sees one from his girlfriend, LUCY (24).

Hey babe, how was the flight? Did you get any sleep? Good luck with the interview, you'll do great! I miss you so much. Call me when you can. Love you xoxo

Jake smiles and texts back.

Hey love, flight was long and boring. Got some sleep but not enough. Thanks for the good wishes, I need them. Miss you too. Will call you later. Love you more xoxo

He puts his phone away and looks around. The plane is full of passengers, mostly tourists and business people. He sees a couple of kids running up and down the aisle, a woman reading a magazine, a man watching a movie on his tablet.

I wonder what they're all here for. Vacation? Work? Family? Maybe they're all going to the same place as me. The Whiskey Tango Studios. The home of the hottest wrestling show on TV. The show that I've been watching since I was a kid. The show that I've been dreaming of working for since I was a teenager.

He takes out his laptop and opens it. He has a folder with his resume, portfolio, and samples of his work as a writer and producer for various TV shows in the UK.

I've worked hard to get here. I've paid my dues in the industry. I've written scripts for soap operas, sitcoms, dramas, reality shows. You name it, I've done it. But none of them gave me the satisfaction that wrestling does. Wrestling is more than just entertainment. It's art. It's storytelling. It's passion.

He clicks on a file that shows a video of him interviewing one of his favorite wrestlers, THE ROCK (45), at a press event in London.

This was one of the best moments of my life. Meeting The Rock in person and asking him about his career, his movies, his advice for aspiring wrestlers and writers like me.

The video plays on his laptop screen.

So, Rock, what would you say to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps and become a wrestler or a writer for wrestling?

Well, first of all, I would say thank you for being a fan and for having such passion for this business. Second of all, I would say you have to work hard, be humble, be hungry, and be respectful of everyone who came before you and who will come after you.

The video cuts to Jake nodding and smiling.

That's awesome advice, Rock.

And third of all...

The Rock leans closer to Jake and raises his eyebrow.

THE ROCK (ON VIDEO) have to know your role...

Jake gasps in excitement.

...and shut your mouth!

The Rock laughs and Jake joins him.

Oh my God! You just did it! You just did the catchphrase!

Of course I did! It's what I do!

The video ends with Jake shaking The Rock's hand and thanking him profusely.

That was amazing. He was so cool and nice to me. He even gave me his autograph and took a selfie with me.

He closes his laptop and puts it back in his bag.

But that was just a taste of what I want to do for real. I want to write for Whiskey Tango Wrestling. I want to create stories and characters that will make people laugh, cry, cheer, boo, feel something.

He looks out the window again and sees the plane descending towards the airport.

And this is my chance to do it. This is my shot at making my dream come true.

He fastens his seatbelt and takes a deep breath.

Whiskey Tango I come.


The sun is shining brightly over the busy airport. A large passenger plane lands on the runway and taxis to the gate.


JAKE COHEN, 25, a scruffy and weary-looking man in a wrinkled suit, wakes up from his seat as the plane comes to a stop. He rubs his eyes and checks his phone. It's 9:32 AM.

He grabs his small cabin case from the overhead compartment and slings his laptop bag over his shoulder. He mumbles a "thanks" to the FLIGHT CREW as he shuffles off the plane.


William steps out of the plane and is hit by the Miami heat. He squints as he adjusts to the bright sunlight. He follows other passengers down the flight steps and onto the runway.

JAKE waits in line at the customs booth. He looks nervous as he approaches the CUSTOMS OFFICER, who scans his passport and asks him a few questions.

What's the purpose of your visit, sir?


How long are you staying?

Just a couple of days.

Do you have anything to declare?

No, nothing.

The customs officer nods and stamps his passport.

Welcome to Miami, Mr. Cohen.

Thank you.

JAKE breathes a sigh of relief as he walks away.


Jake enters the bathroom and washes his face at the sink. He tidies his hair and sprays some deodorant and cheap aftershave on himself. He brushes his teeth with a travel toothbrush and toothpaste. He looks at himself in the mirror and grimaces. He should have packed another suit or shirt, or something.


Jake exits the bathroom and walks into the arrivals lounge of the airport. He scans the crowd for a sign with his name on it.

He spots three burly LATINO MEN standing together near the exit. One of them is holding a sign that reads "JAKE COHEN". The other two are wearing sunglasses and earpieces.

The three men notice JAKE and approach him with smiles. They shake his sweaty hand one by one.

RICARDO FUENTES DIAZ, 50s, a well-dressed lawyer and accountant, introduces himself.

Senor Cohen? I'm Ricardo Fuentes Diaz, I'm the lawyer and accountant for Mr. Alejandro Rivera. Mr. Rivera has arranged for you to be staying at The Villa Casa Casuarina down on South Beach for the duration of your visit.

Nice to meet you, Ricardo. And these are...?

Oh, these are Mr. Rivera's associates. This is Carlos and this is Miguel.

CARLOS and MIGUEL nod but don't say anything.

I see. Well, thank you for picking me up.

It's our pleasure, senor. Mr. Rivera is very eager to meet you and discuss business with you. He's expecting you at his office at noon.

Okay, great.

Shall we go then?

Sure, let's go.

Ricardo leads Jake to the exit, followed by Carlos and Miguel.


Ricardo, Jake, Carlos, and Miguel walk out of the airport and head towards a black SUV parked outside.

Ricardo opens the passenger door for Jake.

Please, get in.

Jake gets in the SUV and buckles up.

Ricardo closes the door behind him and gets in the driver's seat.

Carlos and Miguel get in the back seat behind Jake.

Ricardo starts the engine and drives away from the airport.


The SUV speeds along the highway
“No! No issues at all Mr Diaz. Isn’t that the former Versace Mansion?” I quizzed him. Ricardo seemed taken aback by my knowledge and started smiling.
“Indeed it is Mr. Cohen. Please don’t take offence. but I can see you’re a man of champagne taste, and beer money?”
I started chuckling at the comment. “None taken. I’d say more beer taste, and lemonade money.”
“Ah, I see. Well, I’m sure what was arranged with yourself over the phone, but Mr Rivera has mentioned that he will cover your expenses during your time here in Miami. Now, if you will follow me to the car. I’m sure we can stop off at a tailors along the way to get you a new suit. Mr. Rivera will be arriving at your suit around 4pm this afternoon. So when you get back, relax. Eat. Sleep.” replied Ricardo as he led me out of the airport and in to an immaculate deep red Bentley Flying Spur as we drive to the nearest tailors
Scene goes to commercial

COHEN, a handsome but weary-looking man in his early twenties, is dressed in a charcoal suit. He checks himself in the mirror and adjusts his tie. He walks to the living room area of the suite, where a laptop and a coffee maker are on a table. He pours himself a cup of coffee and opens the laptop.

I've never been a man of luxury. I grew up in a rough neighborhood, where you had to fight for everything you wanted. But when Alejandro Rivera called me and offered me a job as the head writer for his new wrestling company, I couldn't say no. He said he was impressed by my work as a journalist and a podcaster, and he wanted me to help him create something different. Something edgy. Something that would shake up the wrestling world.

He types "Alejandro Rivera" on Google and hits enter.

The only problem is, I don't know much about him. Who is he? What is his story? What is his vision? He said he would explain everything in person, at this fancy hotel in downtown Miami. He booked me a suite and paid for my flight. He said he had some other guests he wanted me to meet. He said it was all part of his plan.

He scans the search results, but before he can click on anything, there is a knock on the door. He closes the laptop and walks to the door.

Well, I guess this is it. Time to find out what this is all about.

He opens the door and sees BEN, a cheerful bellboy with a cart full of drinks and menus.

Good afternoon, Mr. Cohen. Sorry to bother you, but we tried calling you on your cell phone. Your guests have arrived.

Oh, really? That was fast.

Yes, sir. They're waiting for you downstairs in the lobby. Shall I bring them up?

Sure, sure. That would be great.

Very well, sir. I'll be right back with them. And here are some menus and drinks for you to enjoy.

Thank you, Ben.

You're very welcome, sir.

BEN smiles and leaves with the cart. COHEN closes the door and takes a deep breath.

Okay, Cohen. You can do this. You've been in this business for over a decade. You've interviewed some of the biggest names in wrestling. You've written some of the most controversial stories. You've got this.

He walks back to the living room and picks up one of the menus.

Besides, how bad can it be? It's just a job interview. With some mysterious billionaire and his entourage. In a luxury hotel suite. In FL.

He flips through the menu and sees some expensive dishes and drinks.

What could possibly go wrong?

He puts down the menu and picks up his coffee cup.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot...

He takes a sip of coffee and makes a face.

...this is decaf.

WILLIAM COHEN, a young and ambitious TV writer, enters the luxurious suite with RICARDO DIAZ, a slick and charming producer. They are greeted by BEN, a friendly hotel employee.
BENWelcome to the penthouse suite, gentlemen. I hope you enjoy your stay.
RICARDOThank you, Ben. You're very kind.
BENCan I get you anything? A drink? A snack?
RICARDONo, thank you. We're fine.
BENAlright then. I'll leave you to it. Have a good night.
BEN exits. RICARDO turns to WILLIAM and smiles.
RICARDOWilliam! Good to see you again.
He shakes WILLIAM's hand warmly.
WILLIAMHello, Mr. Diaz.
RICARDOMr. Cohen, I would love to introduce you to my boss, Mr. Alejandro Rivera.
WILLIAM's eyes widen as he waits for the big reveal. He hears a door open and turns to see ALEJANDRO RIVERA, a short and chubby man in a bright pink Hawaiian shirt, beige pants and brown shoes. He is wearing a fedora and sunglasses and is followed by two muscular bodyguards.
ALEJANDROAhh, Mr. Cohen. What a pleasure to finally meet you!
He takes off his sunglasses and hat and hugs WILLIAM tightly.
ALEJANDRO (CONT'D)How was the journey?
WILLIAMMr. Rivera! The pleasure is all mine. The journey was fine, thank you.
He tries to hide his disappointment and confusion.
WILLIAM (V.O.)This is the guy? The king of Miami? The visionary behind Whiskey Tango? He looks like a tourist who got lost on his way to Disneyland.
ALEJANDROI must admit, I'm very grateful for the suit, the room, and the generosity you've shown me already!
He releases WILLIAM and shakes his hand firmly.
ALEJANDRO (CONT'D)Is it OK to call you William?
WILLIAMThat's absolutely fine, Mr. Rivera.
ALEJANDROPlease, please. My name is Alejandro. Come on, let's sit and we can talk and order some food.
He leads WILLIAM and RICARDO to the living room area, where one of the bodyguards pours whiskey into glasses.
They toast and drink.
ALEJANDRO (CONT'D)So, let's cut to the chase, William. I'm a man who has a lot of pull in this beautiful city. I'm well respected. I love the bright neon lights. I love the beautiful Miami sunset. It takes me back to being a kid where I would see similar sights on the TV with Miami Vice, and even wrestling. Mi madre also loved telenovelas back then and I was hooked in. The glitz. The glamour. The violence. The storytelling. That's me, man. Yeah I watch wrestling now, but it's not the same. I want all three entities and mix them up. I saw the stuff you sent to me.
He pulls out a script from his bag and hands it to WILLIAM.
ALEJANDRO (CONT'D)This is brilliant, William. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Whiskey Tango is going to be the next big thing on TV.
ALEJANDRO: (smiling) My brother, Dario, once told me that running a wrestling company was easy. He said all you need is passion, vision and guts. Well, he was wrong. He's gone now, and he running a company in Mexico, and I'm the only one left to carry on our father's legacy. (He gestures to the table) That's why I hired you, Jake. You're the best writer in the business. You have a flair for creating compelling stories and characters. You have a knack for making wrestling exciting and unpredictable.

JAKE: (nodding) Thank you, Mr. Rivera. I appreciate the opportunity. I've always admired your work. You have a reputation for being innovative and daring. You're not afraid to take risks and challenge the status quo.

ALEJANDRO: (clapping) Exactly! That's what I like to hear. You see, Jake, I have a vision for a new wrestling company. A company that will revolutionize the industry. A company that will combine the best of both worlds: the athleticism and skill of USWF, and the drama and spectacle of WWA. A company that will appeal to fans all over the world, especially in Latin America and Europe.

JAKE: (intrigued) Wow. That sounds amazing. What's the name of the company?

ALEJANDRO: (grinning) Lucha Libre Elite.

JAKE: (impressed) I like it. It has a nice ring to it.

ALEJANDRO: (leaning in) And you know what else? I want you to be my head writer. I want you to be the creative force behind this company. I want you to work with me and help me make this dream a reality.

JAKE: (stunned) Me? Really?

ALEJANDRO: (nodding) Yes, you. You have what it takes, Jake. You have talent, passion and vision. Just like me.

RICARDO: (clearing his throat) Excuse me, boss. Jake. If I may interject for a moment.

ALEJANDRO: (annoyed) What is it, Ricardo?

RICARDO: (nervous) Well, boss, I don't mean to rain on your parade, but we have to be realistic here. We have money, yes, but we don't have unlimited resources. We have to be careful with how we spend it. We have to be smart and strategic.

ALEJANDRO: (sighing) Ricardo, Ricardo, Ricardo. Always so cautious and conservative. Don't you see? This is our chance to make history. This is our chance to change the game.

RICARDO: (shaking his head) Boss, I'm just trying to look out for you. For us. You know how tough the competition is out there. You know how ruthless they can be.

ALEJANDRO: (glaring) Who? Who are you talking about?

RICARDO: (swallowing hard) You know who I mean, boss.

JAKE: (confused) Who? Who are they talking about?

ALEJANDRO: (turning to Jake) Jake, let me ask you something. Have you done any research on me? Have you Googled me or read anything about me? Do you know who I am?

JAKE: (hesitant) really...Mr. Rivera.

ALEJANDRO: (laughing) Good! Good! That's good! Because ignorance is bliss, my friend. And trust me, you don't want to know too much about me or my family.

JAKE: (curious) Your family?

ALEJANDRO: (standing up) Yes, Jake. My family. The Cuetos. The most powerful and dangerous family in the world of wrestling. And're part of it too.

(He hugs Jake tightly)

ALEJANDRO: Welcome to La Familia de Cueto. Welcome to Reyes del Mundo, and your the prince of this kingdom, while I reign, as its beneficiator behind the scenes.
Show ends..
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2023.06.02 01:44 Comfortable_Crow_424 Traveling a lot for work starting this year. Any tips?

Context. Got a new role in my company that is travel heavy. I’ve have 34 flight from February till now (4 months), but will likely be higher the rest of the year. I prioritize American because status and upgrades seem easier. I do have the Citi advantage platinum select card. Just want to get more status as quickly as possible - I’ll hit gold in a couple days.
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2023.06.02 01:18 songs-about-the-moon Scam Email?

Hey everyone,
I received this email (see photos) about my "upcoming trip to Kansas City" but this is the first time im hearing about it...
Normally I would immediately mark as spam and delete, but the email looks legit enough that I'm curious what others have to say!
Compared to my other emails that I’ve gotten from united in the past, this one is missing my name and actual flight info which is a big red flag. It also calls it a "reservation number" instead of "confirmation number". However, it comes from [email protected] while my older ones that included all the flight info came from [email protected] and [email protected]. So maybe it makes sense that the notification one would include less info in the email?
Also, if I look at the email info it tells me:
My previous emails said for both. So besides the fact that I dont have a flight to Kansas City this detail is the one that makes me think its a scam the most.
Has anyone else seen this/know if it’s definitely a phishing email?
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2023.06.02 01:02 theblackmamiya Seeking Advice: EU Settlement Scheme Refusal - Next Steps and Spouse Visa Concerns

I need advice on an issue I'm facing regarding EUSS or spouse visa,
Here's some background information: I've been living in a European country for the past six years as a non-EU national. I'm married to an EU citizen from Ireland.
Our relationship began in January 2018 when we were both students. At that time, I rented an apartment and my partner rented a shared apartment. After completing our studies in the summer of 2019, my partner moved into my place in September. While he was preparing for a medical exam and I was preparing for a doctorate, we never officially added his name to the leasing contract. However, our landlady was aware of both of us living there and had no objections.
During this time, we were still students and never ‘formally’ shared bills, a leasing contract, or a joint bank account. However, I obtained a visa to visit Ireland, and my partner's father’s name was listed on the visa as the person I was visiting. So, we had some evidence of our relationship in this regard, but not enough in terms of having leasing contracts, shared bills, or a joint bank account. Additionally, my partner received official letters addressed to both of us at our shared address, and occasionally his father sent us physical letters with both our names on them.
In April 2020, my partner moved to the UK to work as a doctor, and due to the pandemic, we were unable to see each other for a year. I also began my doctorate studies during this time. It's important to note that he moved to the UK before the milestone date of December 2020, which is significant for EU Settlement Scheme applications. We got married in August 2022 (not in the UK), and I obtained a tourist visa in July 2022, allowing me to visit the UK for six months. I visited my partner multiple times, but my visa expired in January of this year.
Initially, we considered the regular visa application path, which required a substantial amount of money. However, I discovered the EU Settlement Scheme, which seemed like a potential option for us. Since my partner is an Irish citizen and had already moved to the UK before December 2020, he registered for pre-settled status and received it promptly (within two weeks). Following that, I applied for the EU Settlement Scheme on March 6, provided my biometrics on March 12, and submitted the required documents such as our passports, marriage certificate, photos of us together, travel itineraries, flight tickets, physical letters (stamped and dated), my motivation letter, and a letter from my husband as my sponsor.
After four weeks, I received a letter from the Home Office requesting my husband's previous passport to verify his EU national status prior to 2021 (His current passport was issued for renewal in 2021). I promptly sent the requested document, hoping it would strengthen our case. However, on May 24, I received a refusal letter from the Liverpool Visa Section stating that they were not convinced of our 'durable partnership' before 2020. I acknowledge that my initial application was weak, as I didn't provide enough evidence.
Now, we are at a crossroads. We are considering either reapplying for the EU Settlement Scheme from scratch or including additional documents such as chat histories from WhatsApp, Skype, and iMessage, more photos, letters from British friends who can testify to our relationship since 2018, my husband's previous leasing contract when he lived with a flatmate, a letter from my landlord confirming our cohabitation for a specific period, and our diplomas as proof of our student status and graduation.
Alternatively, we could apply for the regular visa path, which is expensive and requires similar documentation.
My questions are:
  1. If I reapply for the EU Settlement Scheme with these additional documents, is it likely to be granted?
  2. If I am rejected again under the EU Settlement Scheme, will it affect my future spouse visa application and its outcome?
I understand that there may not be definitive answers to these questions, but I would greatly appreciate any advice, experiences, or knowledge that could help us navigate this situation and the application process.
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2023.06.02 00:01 hahahaczyk it's gonna sound stupid af but...

I realized before my flight to USA that I forgot to fill ESTA documents. I panicked and didn't realise that I chose one of those third party websites which charge 4 times the actual fee. Of course I haven't received anything but I realized and filled it on the actual website. However, when I realised I might have been scammed I checked the status of my application on the correct website (it is possible for free when you enter your details) and there was an actual application for me. It just took a looong time, for my friends it was approved after 2h max. BUT, there was an authorisation pending. When I realised it might have been a scam I applied through the correct website, paid and received my document. Now I'm super scared that this third party website has ALL of my sensitive data, even a photo of my passport. I know I'm stupid. The problem is I can't block anything because I'm travelling tomorrow. Any advice what to do? Can I find out if they steal data or can use it to get a loan abroad or something worse?
Website is
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2023.06.01 23:53 TinyTitle7060 Locator 69 success story (6 weeks)

I have seen so many stories like this that brought me comfort when I was stressed out of my mind, so I’m posting mine, too!
4/20: Realized my passport still had my maiden name on it with DOT being 6/7.
4/21: Sent an application for name change via mail with expedited shipping
5/2: Status changed to “In Process” (I don’t know why this took so long for me)
5/19: Started getting worried and emailed my senator based on advice from here. They had me fill out a privacy form and said they notified my locator.
5/24: Called the 877 number to see if they could do anything but I was a day early (it has to be WITHIN two weeks)
5/25: Called the 877 number again and they said they sent an urgent message to my locator. I also called the locator itself and they said there is nothing they can do until it’s 5 days until travel. Guy on the phone reassured me that their urgent team is very good and to call again on the 31st.
5/31 morning: Called the 877 number to see if there were any available appointments. The only one in the country was in LA at 11am the next day 😭 I called the locator again and I ended up getting a lady that asked me to email my flight itinerary to her … seemed positive?
5/31 evening: Got an email from the senator’s office that my case was forwarded to the urgent travel team.
6/1: Passport shipped and is supposed to arrive tomorrow before noon!!!
Things I learned (if you made it this far, congrats):
  1. They prioritize cases based on DATE OF TRAVEL. Locator 69 is working really hard to get everyone’s passports to them in time, even if it’s making you stress because it’s so last minute.
  2. Contact your senators!!!! I think this was the difference maker. One lady at locator 69 wouldn’t answer any of my questions and just continued saying “contact your senator” over and over. I would contact them before two weeks until your DOT because it still puts it on the locator’s radar. I was also told not to use more than one senator because it makes the agency angry and more difficult to do their job.
  3. It doesn’t hurt to call often, because I got little bits of information from different people that really helped. Obviously some people are straight to the point, but some were extremely helpful and reassuring!
Best of luck and I hope this helps!!!
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2023.06.01 23:46 NikoEatsPancakes Full-Depth Vaginoplasty at GRS Montreal with Dr. Laungani, Part 1: Day -4

Disclaimer before I get going here that this is going to be long and verbose, because that's what I found to be the most helpful in my own research. I've labelled various sections to hopefully make this more digestible.


When I started the long journey of pursuing GRS in February last year, I made extensive use of community resources to learn about the various procedures, surgeons, and methods out there. After narrowing down my choice to GRS Montreal, I continued browsing resources to learn about their team and what to expect. This was a huge help in soothing my anxieties and curiosities about surgery, and so as I am now nearly at the finish line, it feels right to give back to the community and share my experience.
In this first post, I hope to share what the process looks like as an Ontarian in the time leading up to surgery.

Beginning the process, February 2022

I am very fortunate to have a clinic in my city with a dedicated trans health care team that knows their stuff. Because of this, there was very little confusion in the application process. The first step would be to acquire provincial funding through OHIP; there are various requirements for this that you can look up, but I met all of them at the time. That being said, they were concerned that because I had an involuntary hospitalization last November, my mental health might disqualify me for funding, even though I was mentally in one of the best places I'd ever been by that February (new antidepressants that actually worked, started my path towards education again -- overall things were looking fantastic for me at this point). I was able to connect my psychologist with them to sort this concern out, but it was a very scary learning experience: you have to be in a good mental state for them to be satisfied to proceed with funding. There's probably something to be said about how messed up it is that dysphoria-induced suicidal thoughts can disqualify you from a surgery that resolves that dysphoria, but that's for another post.
By the end of March 2022, my application for provincial funding for OHIP was received by the Ontario Ministry of Health. Little did I know that this was going to take a while.

A really, really long time of waiting, March - October 2022

As is often the case with the Ontario health care system, OHIP applications for surgery funding were severely backed up in the wake of the pandemic. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, this wait was brutal, and if you go to transontario posts from around this time you'll see a whole bunch of people stuck in the same boat where they were waiting nearly a year for the government just to respond to their funding applications. I frequently sent emails to the SRS program (you can reach them at [email protected]) asking about the status of my application, which ultimately wasn't super helpful, but they did tell me which months of the backlog they were working through at least. My application was eventually approved September 26th, 2022, but I wasn't told by anyone until I inquired again with the Ministry in mid-October. The good news is that this part of the process has seemingly improved quite a bit from when I had to do it. Applications seem to be approved in 4-6 months now, significantly more palatable than the 9-12 months that was often seen.
My advice for this part: once your application is in, try to put it to the back of your mind as best you can. Don't obsess over it like I did. Time passed fastest when I was just living my life, not constantly checking reddit and emailing the Ministry for updates. Only send emails once it feels like you should've gotten an update.

I Can't Believe It's More Waiting, October 2022 - April 2023

Before I get started here, I have to stress this was not Montreal's fault and was entirely caused by my own mismanaged expectations.
If you thought you were close to the finish line, bad news, bucko. You now get to wait on the preoperative team at GRS Montreal to evaluate your file. Once they've received your OHIP approval, they'll contact you to let you know that you have to send them a bunch of additional documents. These include:
Whew, that's a lot. Now, I prepared for this beforehand and had already send a lot of these documents during the OHIP waiting period because I was extremely antsy; don't do this. I ended up having to redo several forms because they ended up being too old. Only send them forms once they actually ask for the forms.
By the end of October, my file was sent to the pre-operative team for evaluation. I was told this would be a 6-10 month wait, which I thought was a really long estimate given I'd heard of other people being approved much faster. Nope, it actually took 6 months. I think this might have been because I misunderstood that some people getting approval faster were in the process for top surgery, but never looked into it too much. I got really antsy here and thought something was wrong when in reality it was completely fine; when they tell you 6-10 months, expect 6-10 months. I sent them way too many emails during this period because of how anxious I was (thanks for putting up with me, Brenda). Don't do this.

The finish line, May 2023

Late April 2023, I was sent an email from the pre-op team with a whole bunch of questions. This was basically to make sure that the information provided was still accurate, checking up on a few minor health concerns (I have asthma and chronic back pain, so they wanted to be sure those would be managed), checking surgery availability, making sure I'd have an okay environment to recover in, etc. Nothing crazy here but I got really excited because this was the first time they'd reached out in a while.
On May 1st, they confirmed that my file was complete and that I would get a call soon to schedule surgery dates. I was called the next day and asked when I would be available for surgery; given I'm going into university next fall, I asked for it to be as soon as possible and was offered a date of June 5th with Dr. Alex Laungani, which I accepted.
A brief note on Laungani: while he doesn't have nearly as many results posted online compared to Brassard, I was completely happy going with him due to his fairly prestigious record and a few anecdotes of very happy patients. It does bug me a little bit that I couldn't find out as much about his results as I wanted to, but I still have confidence I'm in good hands.
If the waiting before was brutal, waiting while knowing the exact date of your surgery is mega brutal. Not gonna lie, I'm extremely lucky that Tears of the Kingdom released during this period, which made it a lot easier. Same idea as before applies: the time goes by a lot quicker when you're not thinking about it, even if that's going to be extremely difficult by this point.
For transportation, I'm opting to fly there and back. I live in Southwest Ontario, and it would be about an 8-ish hour drive if I'm lucky. Flying cuts this down to a bit over 3 hours including a 1 hour layover. This was a lot more expensive than I expected for a domestic round trip, and I ended up paying over $700 CAD just for the flights. I was okay with this because I had been saving since I decided I was getting surgery, but just be aware that this option can be really expensive if you go for it.
Speaking of expenses, there are some random expenses here and there that you're going to have to pay for. There's a list of aftercare items I had to buy (you can find these on their website in one of the vaginoplasty booklets) that ended up being around $140 CAD, I had to pay $75 for post-operative medication, and I'll have to pay a $50 deposit for the hotel once I'm there (the hotel stay itself is covered). Food is covered once I'm at the hotel seemingly through a $50/day Uber Eats credit.

Where I'm at today, June 1st, 2023

Excited, antsy, a bit nervous. The fact that this is actually happening is starting to hit; before now it felt distant, like a pipe dream. Not really worried about the plane flight itself, not really worried about anything going super wrong in the surgery, but it's a big life change that will be my focus for the next few months during recovery. Probably should start loading up my Steam Deck with games instead of writing up reddit posts, to be honest.
That's all for this one. I'll write again, I dunno, whenever I feel like it to be honest lol. Maybe once I'm back home from surgery, maybe while I'm bored in the recovery home; we'll see how much energy I have to actually do stuff. I extend a massive thank you to everyone who's shared their experiences in the past, and I hope this post and the ones to follow will prove helpful to prospective patients at GRS Montreal.
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2023.06.01 22:58 anishairplane CSP approval odds for a college student

I have some large expenses coming up in July/August including $2000 of company-sponsored flights and up to $7000 of tuition so I'm looking to see if I can get a good sign up bonus out of it. Tuition would have a 2.75% CC fee but I don't mind paying a part of it via CC considering 1% cashback + sign-up bonuses would more than pay for it.
Not sure how feasible getting approved will be though, since I'm a college student with 1.5 yrs of history. I've been looking at the CSP as an option since I regularly spend a lot on Southwest and would get solid value out of the points transfer, not to mention the potential 5x points on my upcoming $2000 reimbursable flight. The Freedom Flex is also an option but I won't really be using my expenses to take advantage of a sign-up bonus if I go that route.
What are my odds of being approved for the CSP? And would it be worth to open a Chase checking account to increase my odds, even if I'd only be using it for ~1 month max before applying for the card? Other recommendations are also greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.01 22:56 Hunterdub What do spikes in graphs indicate?

Hi everyone, I’m about to get on the return flight for this plane, and noticed this on the graph. I noticed flight tracker used to have these spikes as well, but don’t anymore. Is this actually moderate turbulence, turns the airplane does, or an error in reading? Have some ptsd from the Lufthansa flight so any words of encouragement would be great!
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