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2023.06.06 16:08 TheRetroWorkshop VIS: Vision, Inspirations, & Styles (of Aion): Overview of the Overall Terrain & Setting Style of the Game, & the Origins Thereof

I had actually first decided to use the term 'Vis' to refer to the military (e.g. Space Vis), before changing it, briefly. I finally inserted the English (via French) term, 'military', and also ran with navy and army, with the modifier of Aionic (i.e. relating to or characteristic of Aion or its inhabitants). It's my understanding that 'vis' is from Roman mythos and is a female demi-god (though I may have confused my metaphors here). Either way, I believe it means 'physical strength'.
Vision In the first place, this made some sense, given that I wanted strong Roman/Latin and Greek roots. However, in keeping with my belief in a singular vision for any project, I removed that as to stick closely to all things Babylonian and Akkadian. (I didn't want to do this to begin with, as I didn't want a 1:1 mapping, but when I shifted Aion from our real universe to a wholly fictional one, this became anon-issue.)
This is what I mean by vision. It's the author's vision for the project, where all elements must be aiming in the same direction, to the same point, theme, and purpose (though there can, of course, be different cultures, genres, styles, and so on, you should aim for harmony and unity between them).
As I just alluded to (and spoke about in another post, here), the core inspirations are from the Near East (namely, the Neo-Babylonian Empire). Beyond this, the sources and inspirations for A I O N are many and varied. I can mention some direct inspirations, both hard (imitation) and soft (intimation), for (a) the game; (b) the story; and (c) the overall setting. Here is the primary list:
Now, onto the artistic styles, sub-genres, and related realms, as it were. Again: many and varied, but fairly in keeping with the overall vision, theme, and bedrock (i.e. a modern Babylonian construct mixed with generic space opera). Of course, much of this is flexible, as the player decides the exact direction and feel and style of the game, primarily given by the miniatures, coupled with the gaming area and overall theme/setting. But, here is the primary list, for me, at least:
A Note on the Above The game itself has many secondary sources for game rules and such (I shall talk about this at a later date).
The primary visions and focus for Aion is one of seriousness and darkness; whereas, for War Arena, it's to be more funny/satirical and bright. As such, you can clearly see where the sources are going. But, again: this can be modelled in either direction. As a result, I coined the term 'dark space opera' to generally describe the type of space opera we're dealing with when it comes to Aion in general (notably, the game setting). This has more of a dramatic and tragic feeling to it, due to its core story and events. Of course, it's technically a military sci-fi, which some reject as being space opera at all. I use the term 'space opera' more for a low-resolution image view (i.e. quick understanding), though it does apply, for the most part.
The heavy focus on Batman is not only a connection to the darker side, with the Dark Deco style and Burton's style for 1992, but also because I was taking a more Batman comic view of Aion when I was working on a comic version. Some of this remained -- mostly with the style.
For those interested, my exact Balzarian style is an admixture of (a) Art Deco; (b) dieselpunk; (c) steelpunk; (d) Stripped Classicism; and (e) general sci-fi/fantasy motifs and symbols.
A simple example of moving in the right direction would be Star Wars (1-6), along with Blade Runner (1982), and really any example of Near Eastern dictatorship (such as X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)). In particular, I'm fond of the ziggurat, and plan on using it heavily within Aion.
Further, all things polygonic are welcome. Very squared and triangular. A good source would be Alan Lee's Dwarven style for The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) and The Hobbit (2014-2016). Beyond that, connections can be drawn to any major city-driven culture, such as the Romans and Americans (U.S.), along with sci-fi in general (i.e. futuristic humanity). (Of course, there are clear examples of curved shapes and elements, but most of Aion is polygonic.)
In the first place, the reason we have such a -punk connection to the style is because, within my setting, a giant God-like man falls to Earth and unites America through his arcology network, which is within a kind of futuristic dieselpunk style. This ultimately defined Aion itself some time later (through its founder, High King Balthazar I). By the time of High King Balthazar II, this was their entire culture and history. Naturally, the reason I did this was because I, as the author, wanted it so (I shall speak to this at a later date). However, Aion does have some elements of generic sci-fi -- but, the way I held us firmly within this older framework is by gifting us an old ship as the primary mode for the game (Gridlock). This is a dieselpunk-like ship, and very old. This grounds us nicely in this way, whilst some elements of Aion are hyper-advanced and different in style. Most notable would be the vast arcologies and space stations, that are more generic 'utopian' structures (i.e. harmonised and white, like typical sci-fi often shows).
For those interested in said older style (either for your own imagination, or for terrain-building and miniature design, etc.), this would be many-fold, and in various ways, depending on the style, form, function, type, and time period. See below.
Of course, it's not that simple, but it gives you a general sense of the futuristic, polygonic, functional, stripped system and style of Aion, as a space-faring military empire, firmly grounded in both Babylonian and Akkadian values and motifs.
Naturally, this style, which I shall simply term Aionpunk is artistically driven by Symbolism, Futurism, Gothic, Cubism, and Babylonian, and more minor movements and styles, across the arts, music, and literature.
But, again: just think of the Empire from Star Wars, and you're 60% of the way there, generally speaking.
Best would be to fully nest this within the overall Mesopotamian style and culture, in which case, I can coin the term Fasctamiapunk (though, it's a bit of a mouthful). In-universe, I simply use the term Balzarian (that is, of the people themselves -- with the clear root being Balthazar), Balthazarian (of High King Balthazar I or II), or Aionic (of Aion as such).
In terms of terrain-setting, you get 60% of the way there via Games Workshop's Necromunda (or otherwise generic cyberpunk terrain you can buy). In reality, the player will only require (a) playing boards; and (b) miniatures, etc. But, this is just extra info, from a narrative standpoint: and it helps to have it in your mind, to fill out the entire setting -- even if you cannot physically represent it for the game.
Of course, I shall better inform you of the key points when I am close to actually publishing the Rulebook! :)
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2023.06.06 16:08 TKInstinct I started a new job last week and I'm not sure how to feel about it, i could use some advice.

I started as a temp at a small science facility last Tuesday. I feel ok here, it's just a weird position to be in. I get along well enough with my manager and the sr admin on site. The Sr admin likes me but is already pushing for me to get brought on full time. I've gotten good feedback from them so I know that I'm doing something right.
It doesn't feel right that the sr admin is already pushing for me to go full time after only a week. I don't even know what would come of this, the manager seems a little resistant to this but I imagine that's because it's only been a week. I can't tell if anything is wrong or not but I could use some sage advice. I think if I got it, it'd be a good opportunity for me to be a jr. I came from a background of Helpdesk / Desktop support with sysadmin duties mixed in so I have a lot of experience with what they do and I could use more.
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2023.06.06 16:08 gorgeously_me4ever For anyone here who’s considering studying at NEU, please read xoxo

If you’re trapped like me, studying at NEU will feel suffocating. We can’t deny the beauty of the school physically or the image they project outside like free from fraternities, peaceful inside, no rallies etc. but here are some of the things that’s actually happening inside the school that’ll probably help you picking the best school.
  1. NEU is boring asf. Fun events only comes once in a blue moon like NEU fair but the rest of the school year will be like you watching cars pass by.
  2. Homophobic professors are everywhere. If you don’t wanna get PTSD because you’re still in the closet, go find a more open university.
  3. They say they don’t force non-inc members to join the cult, but from what I’ve experienced, one of my class was cancelled and my prof at that subject brought the whole class to AVR to listen to their bullshit doctrines (this even happened twice in a day, and even tho we said we already attended, they just said that its okay because it will be a different lesson lol), a friend told me that their prof ask her to secretly told the class that if they attend pamamahayag, they will be exempted for final exam.
  4. Expect that INC will be brought up by the professors during lesson (maybe in a way they boast the image of the cult or share some of the mind blowing doctrines about homophobia)
  5. Bunch of plastics everywhere. For an instance, a lady at the cashier was yelling at us for not lining up properly, then she said to her co-staffs that they should pray first. What an angel<33. And even the profs, after they said something bad about the green school in front (most of them hate this school, one even claimed that they are devil there), or traumatized the whole class, they will pray. As if God will hear you.
  6. Professors who are actually good are rare to find. Some are just lazy fat fucks who likes to give their responsibility to teach to the students in a mask of reporting.
  7. Education system is also fucked up. Ever wonder why NEU has low passing rate (at least in our department)?
  8. You will encounter A LOT of BEM students. 50% of what you’ll encounter are pussy hungry freaks so always be careful from their sexualizing looks.
  9. “Are you non-inc? Okay I’ll give you 1.5 grades for the midterm. Be sure to attend the pamamahayag, okay?” “Did you attend the pamamahayag? No? Okay your grades is 3.0, better luck next time”
  10. Discrimination between INC and non INC students are sooo fucking real. They give better treatment if you’re INC but if you’re not, meh.
  11. Their system is slow. A lot of students are complaining about their slow processing specially the paper works, but nothing has changed! They don’t usually update the students with the school’s official fanpage so there are times that we are so clueless (ofc they don’t forget to post anything related to INC. slayy)
  12. Professors has grudge against the big four schools. They just say mean things about the school in general as well as the students and profs there. Like most of those are intelligent people but one requirement to be the devil is to be intelligent therefore they are, profs there teach students to be activist, they join rallies, they allow fraternities which is against the law (funny bcs afaik we rendered are rights to the lord so we don’t have any??), they produce NPA’s who fight the government, etc.
You guys can add more if you have personal experiences inside this school. Help the young people avoid this church in a best way they can. Xoxo
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2023.06.06 16:07 Training_Mud3388 Have surgery in a week. Had a really serious panic attack last night reading this sub.

Hello folks, 31F with a 7mm stone in the lower ureter. I was given a month and a half to pass it, but times up and it has to come out now. I have surgery (laser lithotripsy) in about a week. I was reading this subreddit last night and some of the stories about being in extreme pain and "pissing razorblades" really freaked me out and I had a severe panic attack that I have never experienced before.
I feel like my kidney stone experience is different than some of the ones I've read here because I haven't had too much pain. I had UTI symptoms starting in march, a bout of pain for about 1 day which landed me in the er in April, and not much since. I have had gallstones, cluster headaches, and appendicitis and I would say all three of those were worse pain-wise. Additionally I have had surgery to have my gallbladder removed.
Normally I face these things with bravery and humor, but guys I'm scared. I'm scared of the stent, I'm scared of peeing blood for days, I'm scared of the pain. All the stories I read here seem awful and now I'm really dreading it.
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2023.06.06 16:07 AStrangerWCandy Another Akaza vs Rengoku Thread

Relatively new DS watcher here and just finished season 2 earlier this week. Started reading up on Akaza vs Rengoku and all of the debates on if Akaza was really trying or did Rengoku actually come close to killing him, etc...
My interpretation of the events of the anime is that both are true. Akaza outclassed Rengoku in terms of power and if he was serious from the beginning with intent to kill he probably would have done so pretty easily BUT he is not so much more powerful that he is above making tactical mistakes. He screwed up by meeting Rengoku's Form 9 head on and letting Rengoku get in close and trap him. He was legitimately trapped and had to pull a desperation move to escape so despite Rengoku being less powerful and dying as a result of his battle wounds he "won" by forcing Akaza into such a desperate act and getting him to flee the battlefield because if he didnt flee he would have died. I think Tanjiro even says this as Akaza runs away no?
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2023.06.06 16:07 ThePlanner I just completed the Wastelanders main quest! (and thoughts on balancing events with quests)

Spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you’re still working on the main quest. We good? Cool.
Okay, I just finished the Vault 79 raid and chose to side with Meg and the Raiders. I played both factions up to the final decision but was totally sold on the Raiders as by far the more interesting crew to pull a heist. And I have to say that I’m pretty darn pleased with the whole shebang. The quest to find the Overseer, building trust and relationships with the various factions, especially Rose’s preposterously unrewarding missions to ultimately get access and an in with Meg. I enjoyed the mining-related quests with the Moderlode and all the mining-related lore that unearthed (pun intended). Ultimately, when it was time to pull the heist I felt like I had actually accomplished something and the introduction of the secret service mini-faction and the gold reserve location I can now visit to spend bullion with Regs felt like a reward in its own right.
What I’m getting at is that as a longtime Fallout fan, right back to ‘97 and the original release, I can confidently say that this was a great main quest for a Fallout game. I enjoyed it, it introduced some memorable characters and moments, and I felt there was a genuine payoff at the end, both experientially and gameplay-wise. Solid two thumbs up from this guy.
Now, here’s my other comment. After a couple months I finally feel like I ‘get’ how to play FO76 my way. For a big chunk of my time after my initial few weeks with the game I’ve felt like I was being forced to ignore the main plot and quests in order to focus on the MMO part of the game. By that I mean that I got caught up in power levelling through XP farming, gaining script and bullion as fast as possible by doing nearly all the events back to back, racing through the Scoreboard, managing and keeping my vendor stocked, and vendor hopping to chase down plans, resources, and build-appropriate weapons and armour. Don’t get me wrong, all that is good and fine and I have a lot of fun doing it. But it led me to feel like I was missing out on something and ‘using’ the world instead of playing within it.
So here’s what I’ve learned. At the beginning of a play session I decide if I’m playing the story and exploring, basically playing a Fallout single player game. Or, am I doing events, character growth, and Scoreboard stuff, basically playing a Fallout MMO. Once I’ve decided, I simply ignore the other option (including other players) for the duration. I will alternate from session to session, or do every third or fourth session as a single player experience if I’m focusing on some MMO goals.
Bottom line, this is going to work for me and keep me engaged and having fun long-term. This is going to be how I play FO76. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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2023.06.06 16:07 3d_Printer_Newbie VAPOR LOCK? UPDATE TO LAST POST

Here's an update to my last post (link below). Pretty sure its a VAPOR LOCK.
Here's why: I have an issue while driving around; sometimes, when I start it, it's a really low idle and crappy power, and it takes about 20 seconds of driving before it goes back to normal.
Additionally, when it dies, I'm at a complete stop or going slow, the idle goes down really low, and the jeep almost dies, but if I rev it up and start moving, it will continue until I come to a complete stop.
I can only restart it when the Jeep cools down or if I jump it.
Based on research, it sounds precisely like a vapor lock.
Any suggestions on a fix?
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2023.06.06 16:07 arcani81 Awful First Prenatal Appointment (super long story sorry)

Just to be clear..SHE'S DOING GREAT. SHE'S FINE. But my obgyn sucked. She talked to me like I was some child she was irritated with and it felt like she was rushing me out. I barely asked any questions cuz with each question I could tell she was getting irritated. Idk why. Anyway she asks if I want genetic testing. I say yes despite planning on saying no before because I tend to faint when I get my blood drawn. But in that moment I was like "screw it, I want what's best for my baby". Anyway we go in the lil blood testing room and the person who was gonna be drawing my blood starts grabbing a bunch of vials. So many vials. My estimate was like 10-12 vials. I said "Dang how much blood are you gonna take 😭" and she just laughed. Then I said "yeah im definitely gonna pass out today.." Now..I let everyone know beforehand that I tend to pass out when I get my blood drawn. But each one of them said "you're not gonna pass out. You'll be fine. I promise!! 😊" idk if they were just trying to make me feel better or they were just straight up not listening. They start taking blood. And im doing fine up until the last few vials. I said "I think im gonna pass out". At this point she's chit chatting with a few co-workers so she couldn't really hear me. I repeat myself. She goes "no no your gonna be fine." And then I lean back against the wall and everything goes black. I'm in and out for a bit but even when I'm slightly conscious I can barely hear or see or speak. Then I go back out and I can feel someone's fingers in my mouth trying to grab my gum so I don't choke. (It was my mother in law and apparently they were telling her not to because I might end up biting her). Then I'm completely out. Thinking about Family Feud for some reason. Then I open my eyes and there's a bottle orange juice right in front of my face. I try to wake up more but I can't. I tried by trying to read the label of the orange juice but I still couldn't see. I close my eyes again and when I open them there's a trash can I my face cuz they thought I'd throw up. Finally I start to feel better after they make me drink some more orange juice. They want to send me to the ER because of all that. Plus my pulse was very weak for a bit. But they want to ask my doctor first (rude lady from the beginning). She comes in and is like "I don't see why I'm here. Like if you think she should go to the ER that. What do you want me to do.." and the nurses were saying "well she's your patient. You're the doctor so we wanted your opinion." And she was like "...okay??" Then she turns to me with that annoying voice (once again speaking to me like I'm a child) "do you think you want to go to the ER or no 👁👄👁?" And I said I'd go ahead and go. So they put me in the ambulance and take me to the hospital, hook me up to an IV (they had to stick me twice cuz they didn't get it right the first time). Then after that's done, a doctor comes in and tells me they're gonna check on my baby again to make sure everything is okay cuz I was worried about that. He leaves the room. Never ends up checking on the baby. But I do have a uti (great 😐) so they give me a shot in the ass (fuckin GREAT 😑). And then I finally get to go home. (Actually great 😁👍). The end
TL;DR: baby is fine. doctor's mean. bloodwork. passed out. hospital. Hooked up to IV. Have a uti so..shot in my booty cheek. Got to go home. I'm so done with needles.
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2023.06.06 16:07 JoshAsdvgi THE OLD WOMAN OF THE SPRING



This tale about the gifts of corn and buffalo to the Cheyenne is related to the legend which follows it about Arrow Boy.
In the Cheyenne manner, a storyteller will say, "Let's tie another story to the end of this one," and go on from there. North, as it is spoken of at the beginning of both tales, is a nostalgic reference to the Cheyenne hunting grounds in north-central America, from which
they were driven by invading tribes, probably the Ojibway.

When the Cheyenne were still in the north, they camped in a large circle at whose entrance a deep, rapid spring flowed from a hillside.
The spring provided the camp with water, but food was harder to find.
The buffalo had disappeared, and many people went hungry.
One bright day some men were playing the game of ring and javelin in the center of the camp circle.
'They used a red and black hoop and four long sticks, two red and two black, which they threw at the hoop as it rolled along.
In order to win, a player had to throw his stick through the hoop while it was still moving.
A large audience had already gathered when a young man came from the south side of the camp circle to join them.
He wore a buffalo robe with the hair turned outward.
His body was painted yellow, and a yellowpainted eagle breach-feather was fastened to his head.
Soon another young man dressed exactly like the first came from the north side of the circle to watch the game.
They were unacquainted, but when the two caught sight of each other they moved through the crowd to talk.
"My friend," said the man from the south side, "you're imitating my dress.
Why are you doing it?" The other man said, "It's you who are imitating me.
Why?" In their explanations, both men told the same story.
They had entered the spring that Howed out from the hillside, and there they had been instructed how to dress.
By now the, crowd had stopped watching the game and gathered around to listen, and the young men told the people that they would go into the spring again and come out soon.
As the crowd watched, the two approached the spring.
The man from the south covered his head with his buffalo robe and entered.
The other did the same.
The young men splashed through the water and soon found themselves in a large cave. Near the entrance sat an old woman cooking some buffalo meat and corn in two separate earthen pots.
She welcomed them: "Grandchildren, you have come. Here, sit beside me."
They sat down, one on each side of her, and told her that the people were hungry
and that they had come to her for food.
She gave them corn from one pot and meat from the other.
They ate until they had had enough, and when they were through the pots were still full. Then she told them to look toward the south, and they saw that the land in that direction was covered with buffalo.
She told them to look to the west, and they sawall kinds of animals, large and small, including ponies, though they knew nothing of ponies in those days.
She told them to look toward the north, and they saw corn growing everywhere.
The old woman said to them, "All this that you have seen shall be yours in the future. Tonight I cause the buffalo to be restored to you.
When you leave this place, the buffalo will follow, and your people will see them coming before sunset.
Take this uncooked corn in your robes, and plant it every spring in low, moist ground.
After it matures, you can feed upon it.
"Take also this meat and corn that I have cooked," she said, and when you have returned to your people, ask them to sit down to eat in the following order: First, all males, from the youngest to the oldest, with the exception of one .orphan boy; second, all females, from the oldest to the youngest, with the exception of one orphan girl.
When all are through eating, the rest of the food in the pots is to be eaten by the orphan boy and the orphan girl."
The two men obeyed the old woman.
When they passed out of the spring, they saw that their entire bodies were painted red, and the yellow breath-feathers on their heads had turned red.
They went to their people, who ate as directed of the corn and meat.
There was enough for all, and the contents of the pots remained full until they were passed to the two orphan children, who ate all the rest of the food.
Toward sunset the people went to their lodges and began watching the spring closely, and in a short time they saw a buffalo leap out.
The creature jumped and played and wIled, then returned to the spring.
In a little while another buffalo jumped out, then another and another, and finally they came so fast that the Cheyenne were 'no longer able to count them.
The buffalo continued to emerge all night, and the following day the whole country out in the distance was covered with buffalo.
The buffalo scented the great camp.
The next day the Cheyenne surrounded them, for though the men hunted on foot, they ran very fast.
For a time the people had an abundance of buffalo meat.
In the spring they moved their camp to low, swampy land, where they planted the corn they had received from the medicine stream.
It grew rapidly, and every grain they planted brought forth strong stalks bearing two to
four ears of corn.
The people planted corn every year after this.
One spring after planting corn, the Cheyenne went on a buffalo hunt.
\Vhen they had enough meat to last for a long time, they returned to their fields.
To their surprise, they found that the corn had been stolen by some neighboring tribe. Nothing but stalks remained-not even a kernel for seed.
Though the theft had occurred about a moon before, the Cheyenne trailed the enemy's footprints for several days.
They even fought with two or three tribes, but never succeeded in tracing the robbers or recovering the stolen crop.
It was a long time before the Cheyenne planted any more corn.

-Based on a story reported by George A. Dorsey at the turn of the century.
The loss of corn described here may symbolize how the Cheyenne abandoned planting for buffalo hunting in the late half of the eighteenth century.
The "wings" given the Plains tribes by the arrival of guns and horses at this time not only allowed them to move from being gatherers to being hunters
(the reverse of the more common cultural evolution) but opened up the possibility of a more elaborate-and transportable......material culture-hence the term, golden age of the Plains Indians .
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2023.06.06 16:06 misplacedsoutherner JNMIL last day of visit. Always the victim, never the villain. Or so she thinks.

I do not give consent for this post to be shared outside of Reddit.
I'm finally able to update after my JNMIL and JNSIL visit from hell. Emphasis on the, "hell" part. Mostly because of them, partly because I ended up in the hospital on their second to last day here.
There was an incident while we were out and I got a really bad sting/injury (purposely keeping this vague because it's not a common occurrence and could give away my identity). I ended up going into shock and had to be rushed to the hospital via ambulance. It was without doubt, the most painful experience of my life.
I ended up being admitted to the hospital so my DH dropped JNMIL, JNSIL and her kids off at our house and then came back to be with me at the hospital. The entire time JNMIL was blowing his phone up asking when he was coming back because, "They were all hungry and what were they supposed to do about dinner?". Mind you, the fridge was fully stocked, they could've had pizza or other food delivered, but apparently, since they were so graciously gracing us with their presence, they needed every meal to be served to them on a silver freaking platter. He told her to figure it out and that he was busy. She called a few more times after that, but he didn't answer. I was seriously so proud of him lol! He left around 9pm and said he'd be back in the morning and to call if I needed anything.
Cut to the next morning. DH texted that he would be back at the hospital to see me at 10am. He was bringing everyone with him so they could all see me and then go to lunch before JNMIL and JNSIL left to go back home. 10am rolls around. 10:30am rolls around. I text him to see if everything is OK and he responds at 10:45am that they're walking out the door and his mom is, "in a mood". Oh yay.
They get to the hospital and it's obvious JNMIL has been crying. Is it bad that I really didn't care? I really didn't. And still don't. JNMIL immediately walks into the bathroom in my hospital room without even a glance or a, "Hi". Nothing. I ask JNSIL what happened and she said she'd tell me later.
Come to find out, DH told JNMIL starting at 8:30am that she needs to be ready to go by 9:30am. He kept calling out a countdown of how much time she had left every 10 minutes. When it got to be 10:30am, AN HOUR after he wanted to leave, he told her that if she wasn't ready in the next 2 minutes, he was leaving her there at the house and that he needed to get to HIS WIFE WHO WAS IN THE HOSPITAL. She made this big scene that he didn't give her enough time to get ready, why was he rushing her, blah blah blah. She told JNSIL that, "he screamed at me. He screamed at me for no reason!". JNSIL told her, "It wasn't for no reason. If it had been me, and my husband was in the hospital, I would've left your ass after 10 minutes". Oh to be a fly on the wall for that conversation lol! Apparently JNMIL then made some comment about how no one ever has her side and her kids were ganging up on her and poor her (barf).
No matter what, JNMIL is ALWAYS the victim. And I HATE people like that. She literally cannot stand if someone else has an iota of attention. I had a shoulder injury and was in a sling for one of our visits. Next thing we know, she's got a cane and is hobbling around. Even though she was walking just fine with no issues not even an hour beforehand. She saw my sling and had to make up some bullshit reason for her foot "suddenly" hurting so people would ask about her, if she was ok, etc. I'd rather not be injured and not have to answer questions about what happened, but then again, I'm not a psychotic attention whore who thrives off of drama and playing the victim.
Just wanted to put an update out there and vent a little more about how ridiculous JNMIL was on her visit. I shouldn't be surprised that she played the victim card, even though I was the one in the hospital and she had ample time to get ready. But my DH "screamed at her" for "no reason"?! Gtfoh.
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2023.06.06 16:06 Diogenes_xiii 23 [M4F] A page, a chapter, or a book.

At this point I'm tired of beating around the bush and individuals that are not sure of what they want or act the opposite way they claim to be.
I am here to look for human interactions. A one time thing, a casual thing, a setup, or even a long-term. Although I prefer the lattermost, as I'm tired of the inconsistencies and this hopeless crusade.
I am a working professional so if you're also looking for something constant, I'd prefer we'd have the same schedule and offs (M-F8-5)
About me : - Straight (Ally) - 5'4" - Slim (Works out) - Wear glasses & rings (if that's relevant) - Looks Fil-Chi (as they claim since I have squinted eyes/ singkit, but from my knowledge I'm unfortunately pure Filipino, I also look young for my age) - Technical Engineer (Computer Engineer graduate) - Gamer (mostly Valo and MC nowadays, would love to explore other games with u) - Music: Laufey, Matt Maltese, EDEN, Pale Waves, Joji, Niki, Juice WRLD, Blackpink, Twice, Taylor Swift, iann dior, Keshi, Luke Chiang, Ado, Eve, Yoasobi, glaive, ericdoa, Avril Lavigne, Jeremy Zucker, P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, Mayday Parade, SWS, MCR, Honne, The Ridleys, Melanie Martinez, various OPM (and many more) - Anime (Tensura best), Movies (Action, Horror, Thriller), Series (GoT) - Furdad of one 🐶 (would want a cat in the near future) - Writes (poems and letters) - Emotional and Academical intellect (still have a lot to learn) - Cooks and versed in every household chore (raised by a single mum things) - Feminist (Tumindig 🌷) - Agnostic (formerly had faith) - Demisxual - INFJ-A - Scorpio (can send chart) - Gives all love languages (Primary is Physical Touch, Quality Time, and Words of Affirmation, respectively.) - A giver in general - Very transparent and level headed - Empath - Mostly converses in English (expressive and communicative) - Nice voice and hands (if that's relevant, again)
Preferences that are NOT a requirement but a plus if it's the case: - Same beliefs and opinions (can be explored more in conversation) - Water sign (not much into astro but these are I'm most compatible with based off exp as well) - At least straightforward - Same or complement interests - Self-aware - Shorter than me - Normal BMI - Not religious (nego) - Not a CIGAR smoker (non nego)
These are mostly for a constant so unless you're a non-nego, you're welcome to hmu.
If you're interested do let me know your intention and add a short intro about yourself along with any traits that I have mentioned, I'll ask anything else I'm curious about and you're comfy with.
Just to admonish, if you hmu with half-assed interest, unsure/indecisive, or without reading the whole thing I'll automatically lose interest. AND if looks matter to you (you don't have to pretend) we can exchange pics right off the bat to save each other's time.
I'll be waiting for you!
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2023.06.06 16:06 Terrible-Winter-1936 My (23F) boyfriend (29M) won’t speak to me after I told him he needs to work on his hygiene because it’s impacting our sex life.

My boyfriend and I have been living together for 2 months, but have been dating for 8 months. Everything has been great and I love him very much. The only problem is that I’ve seen a decline in his hygiene since I’ve moved in. Back when I used to just come over to visit or stay the night, he would always get ready for me, so there was never any issue with his hygiene that I could see. Now that I live here I notice that sometimes he won’t shower or won’t brush his teeth. He drinks and smokes a lot so it’s a lot more noticeable if he doesn’t keep up with his oral hygiene. I’ve tried to teach him hygiene tips subtly because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I’m really into self care so I buy him a lot of stuff that I use on my day to day, but I don’t think he’d always pick up on why I was buying him these things (I understand that he can’t read my mind, that’s why I eventually said something). One of the biggest issues is that his hygiene is impacting our sex life. It’s just hard to get turned on like I used to if i see him going days without showering and brushing his teeth. I enjoy having sex at night, but he won’t even brush his teeth at night so I’m turned off. Sometimes I’ve even want to kiss him, but I can’t because of his breathe. Last week, I noticed several days that he didn’t shower. I also could smell his bad breath in public while he was talking from far away. Also recently, I’ve seen stains in his underwear and he’ll still put them back on. I decided to tell him this weekend that he needs to work on his hygiene and that is why I don’t initiate sex anymore. He told me that he hasn’t been feeling great about his self esteem since I haven’t initiated in awhile and that he feels like I’m not attracted to him. I really tried to explain to him that that’s not the case, but all he took from it was that I “called him dirty”. I kept saying sorry, but now I don’t know what to do. I just couldn’t ignore the issue anymore. He hasn’t spoken to me in two days going on three and he’s been sleeping on the couch. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t have said anything, but I really couldn’t put up with it any longer. He told me he doesn’t want to talk to me, but should I try again?
TLDR: told my (23f) boyfriend (29m) that his hygiene is turning me off and he hasn’t spoken to me since.
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2023.06.06 16:06 pink_biretta Today I came across this superb little article...

For about a decade, in my youth, I was involved in SSPX culminating in me becoming a seminarian at Écône. My life’s dream did not come true, and I confess that I will probably never fully get over it (and it all happened centuries ago now in the 1970s!).
Today I came across this superb little article, and it got me thinking that everybody here is likely to benefit from reading it in some way or other. Naturally, I do not agree 100% with everything Dr. Taylor says, but most of what he says makes some sort of sense to me. I hope it helps you too.
In my posts and comments in this subreddit, having known Monseigneur Lefèbvre personally, I have always been at pains to correct facts and impressions when I have known them to have been false. What Dr. Taylor says is applicable to Putin as well as Abp. Lefèbvre, BUT one must distinguish between the two types. The one had benevolent, the other has malevolent, intentions.
I would be interested to read your reactions to the article.
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2023.06.06 16:06 EquivalentGrand7273 What Are Some Beautiful Viewpoints or Attractions to See During the Kudremukh trek? 🌳👀

What Are Some Beautiful Viewpoints or Attractions to See During the Kudremukh trek? 🌳👀
"Unveil the captivating beauty of nature's canvas as you traverse the Kudremukh trek, where every viewpoint and attraction is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered."
Embarking on the Kudremukh trek is a nature lover's delight. The picturesque landscapes, lush green forests, and stunning viewpoints make this trek a memorable experience. In this blog, we will explore some of the most beautiful viewpoints and attractions that you can encounter during the kudremukh trek. So, put on your trekking boots and let's delve into the natural wonders that await you! 🚶‍🌿
1. Kudremukh Peak: A Majestic Summit 🏔️📸
The Kudremukh trek is named after the iconic Kudremukh Peak, which resembles the face of a horse. Reaching the peak offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding valleys, mist-covered hills, and dense forests. Capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the Western Ghats from this majestic summit and immerse yourself in nature's grandeur.
2. Hanuman Gundi Falls: Nature's Cascading Marvel 🌊🌳
Located within the kudremukh National Park, Hanuman Gundi Falls is a mesmerizing waterfall that enchants trekkers with its pristine beauty. As you make your way through the trail, take a refreshing break at this picturesque waterfall. Marvel at the cascading waters amidst the verdant greenery, and allow the serene atmosphere to rejuvenate your senses.
3. Somavati River: Serenity by the Riverbank 🏞️🌅
The trek to Kudremukh takes you along the banks of the enchanting Somavati River. As you walk alongside the river, witness its serene flow and soak in the tranquility of the surrounding landscapes. Take a moment to pause, relax, and connect with nature in this peaceful setting.
4. Sunset Point: Nature's Painting at Dusk 🌇🎨
At the end of a fulfilling day of trekking, make your way to the Sunset Point to witness a captivating play of colors across the sky. It is the best kudremukh places to visit. As the sun begins its descent, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant hues, creating a breathtaking spectacle. Let the beauty of nature unfold before your eyes and capture this magical moment in your memories.
5. Bhagavathi Nature Camp: A Riverside Retreat 🏕️🌿
Located near the Kudremukh National Park, the Bhagavathi Nature Camp is a serene and picturesque camping site. Set up your camp here and wake up to the gentle sounds of nature. The campsite offers a perfect vantage point to admire the surrounding hills, the glistening river, and the lush greenery that embraces the area.
6. Belkal Theertha: Mystical Pond in the Forest 🌳💦
Belkal Theertha, nestled amidst the dense forests of Kudremukh, is a natural pond surrounded by towering trees and serene tranquility. The crystal-clear waters of this mystical pond are said to be sacred. Take a refreshing dip or simply sit by its shores, immersing yourself in the serene ambience and connecting with nature.
7. Shola Grasslands: A Carpet of Green 🌾🍃
As you trek through the Kudremukh region, you'll come across the enchanting Shola Grasslands. These unique high-altitude grasslands offer breathtaking views and an opportunity to witness rare flora and fauna. The undulating meadows, dotted with colorful flowers, create a mesmerizing landscape that's worth capturing in your camera lens.
8. Kadambi Waterfalls: Cascades of Beauty 🌊🌴
Situated amidst dense forests, Kadambi Waterfalls is another hidden gem along the Kudremukh trek. The gushing waters cascading down the rocky cliffs create a stunning visual treat. Take a moment to bask in the splendor of this natural wonder and feel the refreshing mist on your face.
The kudremukh trek packages is a treasure trove of natural beauty, offering captivating viewpoints and attractions at every turn. Immerse yourself in the serenity of these breathtaking spots and let the wonders of nature leave an indelible mark on your soul. Happy trekking! 🚶‍🌄
To know more about best place for trekking Click Here !
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2023.06.06 16:06 ParticleToasterBeam What music/lyrics have helped you with deconstruction? Here are a few of mine! (includes links to Spotify & lyrics)

Hey friends! Big pop punk/post hardcore friend here. I love music and would love to know what music you have found to help cope with the fun times of going through deconstruction. Here are my contributions with lyric previews:
(song links go to Spotify // lyric links go to Genius lyrics)
Light With a Sharpened Edge - The Used (alternative rock slow song, 2004)
[Verse 1]
Free from the torment of sin
All this I'm giving up much as
The sun would decide to give in
Explode into orange and
Hear all the voices sing praises with hymns
Mark the birth of a changeFree from the torment of sin
All this I'm giving up
It's not me
Buried wreckage my soul
It's not me
So who am I now?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Honestly, anything by Streetlight Manifesto (ska but not ska imo)
Forty Days (2007)
[Verse 1]
And it's been forty days
I've tried forty ways
You will never quite leave your sins behind
They'll haunt you, taunt you until the day you die
You will never really go
You think about it much but you need to know how the story ends, so you sit around, even though you should just go!
Tell your friends what you have heard, show them all the lies unlearned
And when you really go, you will really know you were never meant for Earth
What's it worth?
If we're going to break it down with any logic, it's absurd
[Chorus] X2
And no matter where we go, we are not alone
When the silence turns to cries of "Why?"
What a way to begin: we inherit sin
And nobody's going to quench your thirst when the well runs dry, the well runs dry
And nobody's going to hold your hand on the day you die
- - Another Streetlight Manifesto Song - -
Down, Down, Down to Mephisto's Cafe (2007)
[Verse 1]
I can't seem to see the seal we're breaking (I can't seem to see the seal we broke)
I refuse to recognize your views
Someone shouted "Everything's for nothing" (Somebody shouted, "All is lost")
But I can't buy that nonsense too
Way back when the prophecies began
Do you think they really had a master plan
Or were they merely writing fable stories?
I don't know but it has occurred to me —The punishment that they threaten constantly
It's only real if they could just convince me
We're going down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe
Down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe (We're going down)
And the gears will spin and the sinners sin,/ but at least we'll give them hell
And the righteous few will spit on you,/ so bid them all farewell
We're going down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe
We're going down (Right?) (Right!)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Cemetery Gates - Driveways (punk/post hardcore, 2020)
[Verse 1]
I know that we're different but I can't relate
I don't think I would make it inside of the gates
With the best of intentions you thought you could help
I just can't stare at a headstone and talk to myself
As if it were somebody else
But hell I could gloss over memories
And get lost in a melody
I wrote to cope with a past that was dead to me
I'd deal with the devil if I could forget
And be ignorant rather than cynical
Innocent rather than miserable
Difficult tragic decisions were dissonant static and rhythms
Conditioned to quietly die
Feel like I’m fading I’m dying away
When I let go
Write something meaningful I wouldn’t say
On my headstone
Go through the rituals make them believe
That I’ll be remembered forever
And try to pretend I was better
In words that if I wasn’t dead, you would never recite

I would love to hear any songs you all have found!

Edit: On PC... trying to fix the line breaks -_-
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2023.06.06 16:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Hollywood VSLs – Eliminate Competition And Maximize Sales (

[Download Course] Hollywood VSLs – Eliminate Competition And Maximize Sales (
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By following our step-by-step course, you’ll create your very own high-converting Movie-VSL that generates income on autopilot.
Worried about lacking funds, connections, or marketing experience? Fear not! Some of the most successful ads come from those who:
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Our comprehensive course covers:
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.06 16:05 FinanceOk1768 To Natalia!

You keep parroting the same old pity party line "everyone else comes on here to make money but you all only pick on me for it" We've heard this BS line from you at least 5 times/week for the last 6 months and we are sick of your manipulation tactics. Yes, 100% other people use TikTok as a revenue source. The difference between other content creators and you is that those respective creator's did not lie, cheat, steal, scam, manipulate and gaslight to make a few bucks. YOU DID!
P.S. I know that you read these reddit posts so have a shitty day!
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2023.06.06 16:05 Accomplished_Comb182 Halal Ribfest Tour 2023 Comes to Edmonton! FREE Admissions for All!

Hey fellow Edmontonians!
Get ready to indulge in a mouthwatering experience because the Halal Ribfest Tour 2023 is making its way to our city! From June 9th to June 11th, you won't want to miss the North America's largest Halal Barbecue and Fast Food Truck Festival right here in Edmonton.
The festival offers a wide range of halal international cuisines, live entertainment, cooking competitions, influencer meets and greets, carnival rides, shopping stalls, and other family-friendly activities.
The best part? Admission is completely free for everyone! Yes, you read that right. You can come and experience the tantalizing flavors, enjoy live entertainment, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere without spending a dime.
Mark your calendars and bring your friends and family along to enjoy a culinary adventure like no other. From sizzling ribs to mouthwatering grilled treats, there will be something to satisfy every craving.
Location: Sir Winston Churchill Square 100 St NW Edmonton
Date: June 9th - June 11th
Timings for Friday: 4PM-10PM
Saturday: 11AM-10PM
Sunday: 11AM-9PM
Admission: FREE for all!
So, gather your appetites, spread the word, and join us at the Halal Ribfest Tour 2023 in Edmonton. Trust us, you don't want to miss this finger-licking extravaganza! Reserve your spot here
Feel free to ask any questions or share your excitement in the comments below. Let's make this an unforgettable foodie experience together! Visit website for more info Halal Ribfest
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2023.06.06 16:05 Diogenes_xiii 23 [M4F] A page, a chapter, or a book.

At this point I'm tired of beating around the bush and individuals that are not sure of what they want or act the opposite way they claim to be.
I am here to look for human interactions. A one time thing, a casual thing, a setup, or even a long-term. Although I prefer the lattermost, as I'm tired of the inconsistencies and this hopeless crusade.
I am a working professional so if you're also looking for something constant, I'd prefer we'd have the same schedule and offs (M-F8-5)
About me : - Straight (Ally) - 5'4" - Slim (Works out) - Wear glasses & rings (if that's relevant) - Looks Fil-Chi (as they claim since I have squinted eyes/ singkit, but from my knowledge I'm unfortunately pure Filipino, I also look young for my age) - Technical Engineer (Computer Engineer graduate) - Gamer (mostly Valo and MC nowadays, would love to explore other games with u) - Music: Laufey, Matt Maltese, EDEN, Pale Waves, Joji, Niki, Juice WRLD, Blackpink, Twice, Taylor Swift, iann dior, Keshi, Luke Chiang, Ado, Eve, Yoasobi, glaive, ericdoa, Avril Lavigne, Jeremy Zucker, P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, Mayday Parade, SWS, MCR, Honne, The Ridleys, Melanie Martinez, various OPM (and many more) - Anime (Tensura best), Movies (Action, Horror, Thriller), Series (GoT) - Furdad of one 🐶 (would want a cat in the near future) - Writes (poems and letters) - Emotional and Academical intellect (still have a lot to learn) - Cooks and versed in every household chore (raised by a single mum things) - Feminist (Tumindig 🌷) - Agnostic (formerly had faith) - Demisexual - INFJ-A - Scorpio (can send chart) - Gives all love languages (Primary is Physical Touch, Quality Time, and Words of Affirmation, respectively.) - A giver in general - Very transparent and level headed - Empath - Mostly converses in English (expressive and communicative) - Nice voice and hands (if that's relevant, again) - Switch, leaning more on dom (soft Dom). "Above ave". Barely experienced (Other NSFW deets can be asked directly in dm for your own comfortability)
Preferences that are NOT a requirement but a plus if it's the case: - Same beliefs and opinions (can be explored more in conversation) - Water sign (not much into astro but these are I'm most compatible with based off exp as well) - At least straightforward - Same or complement interests - Self-aware - Shorter than me - Normal BMI - Not religious (nego) - Not a CIGAR smoker (non nego)
These are mostly for a constant so unless you're a non-nego, you're welcome to hmu.
If you're interested do let me know your intention and add a short intro about yourself along with any traits that I have mentioned, I'll ask anything else I'm curious about and you're comfy with.
Just to admonish, if you hmu with half-assed interest, unsure/indecisive, or without reading the whole thing I'll automatically lose interest. AND if looks matter to you (you don't have to pretend) we can exchange pics right off the bat to save each other's time.
I'll be waiting for you!
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2023.06.06 16:04 glo-frog Hanging cigarette out car window in Drive Thru???

Just now, before I clocked out, a woman pulled up to the drive thru window holding a lit and smoking cigarette out her driver side window.
It was basically touching our metal outdoor windowsill and the smoke was drifting inside as she waited for her drink. (Our window does not close all the way unless we lock it at closing).
Our pregnant SSV asked “is she really hanging a lit cigarette in our drive thru window?” And I responded that we can tell her to put it out or pull around and have her drink brought out instead, but she legally cannot smoke in the drive thru. (I saw this information on one of the Starbucks subs and confirmed it to be true).
Our SSV confronted her and said “ma’am I apologize but we have a no-smoking policy in our store and drive thru, you can either put it out or pull around.” The woman responded: “how can you possibly have a no smoking drive thru if there’s a window??” (HUH??)
SSV closes the window on her, and when DTW hands out her drink anyways, the woman says to DTW after SSV walks away: “You can tell that b**** to go f*** herself, I’m never coming back here!” And speeds off.
I hate interactions like this when I’m not involved in the conflict, because if it were either me or the SSV who walked away, we would not have given her the drink and would have offered a refund instead and then banned her from our store for blatant disrespect for our rules and our health.
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2023.06.06 16:04 caminator [Hiring] Freelance Graphic Designer For Amazon Advertising SaaS

Company: Merch Jar
Merch Jar, an innovative SaaS company specializing in Amazon advertising solutions, is seeking an experienced Freelance Graphic Designer. You'll play a crucial role in helping ambitious Amazon sellers navigate the complexities of advertising by creating compelling video and social media graphics that clarify intricate Amazon advertising concepts. This role is project-based, offering the opportunity for ongoing work for the right candidate.
- Create visually engaging video and social media graphics, including backgrounds, titles, and lower thirds, along with blog post visuals, infographics, email marketing assets, and animation vectors.
- Develop design elements for our socials, adhering to and expanding our brand guidelines across different platforms.
- Manage multiple projects and deliver high-quality designs under tight deadlines.
- Professional designer with experience designing for SaaS companies.
- Proficiency in Figma and other relevant design software.
- Strong understanding of design principles, latest design trends, and techniques.
- Excellent communication skills, with the ability to work independently and adapt quickly to changes in project scope.
- Strong English language skills.
- A portfolio showcasing relevant work, particularly video and social media graphics.
Additional Considerations:
- Experience with Amazon Ads is a plus but not required.
- Availability to start immediately and commit to a flexible schedule to meet project deadlines.
- Comfortable working asynchronously and using Slack for communication.
- Acceptance of an hourly rate of $15-40/hr, with flexibility for the right candidate.
About Merch Jar:
At Merch Jar, we understand the challenges Amazon sellers face because we've experienced them firsthand. Our mission is to streamline ad management, reclaim valuable time for sellers, and empower them to focus on business growth. We've helped Amazon sellers generate over $80 million in sales, offering a simple, proven plan: connect ad accounts, automate your advertising workflow, and reclaim time to focus on business growth. We're looking for someone who can communicate these core values through engaging, empathetic, and persuasive graphic design.
To Apply:
Please fill out the application form [here]. The form includes spots to link your resume and portfolio (required), along with your desired compensation (prefer hourly).
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2023.06.06 16:04 michaelb1397 Anxiety Is Railroading My Game

Folks, last year I ran my first campaign in around 10 years. Seven stalwart lads from where I work took on my homebrew world that blended real Anglo Saxon history with a roman legion invasion and some Sci Fi elements. It was so much fun. And weird. And very deadly.
All was going pretty well until our next to last session, where I had a panic attack and had to leave the room to calm down. I don't understand what triggered it, but I've dreaded the table ever since. Our very last session suffered as a result, and while folks said they had fun and want us to pick it back up when we're all back in the fall (I work at a university), the way it ended just felt hollow. Like being anxious overtook our progress and the story we were telling.
Flash forward to last week, we're on summer hours and a plan to play someone else's game was in the works. It fell through, and I volunteered to run Star Wars (d6) for us. And here comes the anxiety. I can't even think about the game without getting short of breath and a pang in my stomach, an increase in heart rate and some sweat. It's awful. I've written out our first session, talked through character ideas from folks. They are excited, and invested in the setting.
I want to run this game; d6 SW is a passion from my high school days I really wanted to share with this group. But I'm genuinely worried I'm not going to be able to do this, and we start this week.
For context, I am talking to a therapist. I survived a scary medical situation two years ago and I definitely have PTSD. I need some help though, so I'm putting it out here. I'm an introvert, hold a master's degree in English literature, and have an adaptive personality and love telling stories. I should be able to do this, it's fun. Any support or advice appreciated.
submitted by michaelb1397 to rpg [link] [comments]