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2023.06.06 14:14 FriendlyPhotograph 79 Years Ago, on this day, June 6th. The largest amphibious landing, Operation Overlord commenced with the combined efforts of the Western Allies of the United States, Britain, and Canada. May those who have sacrificed their lives on those beaches rest in peace. For freedom and democracy.

79 Years Ago, on this day, June 6th. The largest amphibious landing, Operation Overlord commenced with the combined efforts of the Western Allies of the United States, Britain, and Canada. May those who have sacrificed their lives on those beaches rest in peace. For freedom and democracy. submitted by FriendlyPhotograph to sabaton [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:14 cris_luna_whane imagnative stories{fiction}

just a thought(no hate)
long ago... before the earth,before the entire milky way.there existed satan,and any star that died went to hell;at that time there was no day satan found that a star was showing signs of none ha heard of and from that star was born god...satan was amazed and thought very highly of god,he tought him everything...almost everyting.over the centuries god's health began to decline as there was not enough magic or spirituality in the world...eventually god was gone.satan thought god was too good to be just "gone" so he said to god"as there is hell for the bad there should be a place for the good..i grant you the ability to create paradise...on one must make a 'planet' and life if there is anyone who ccan do so it is you...i wil guide you so..will you exept my offer?"..."yes" and so from that movement on god and satan worked on the milkyway,life and "paradise".god made some friends along the way 'the fates' made peoples destinys ,athena gave power,aphradioty granted beauty,ect.
eventually god got a bit tired of humanity seeing the world crumble,everthing he had worked on...humans fightin among themselves...and that is when he realized....he had never escaped hell...this was his etanal suffering,watching everything he loved fall....he was never truly free he hd only went for a 'prisoner'walk...
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2023.06.06 14:14 ReviewFantastic4612 Service to Humanity

Service to Humanity
Blood donation camp held in the presence of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on Kabir Parmeshwar Manifest Day, became a topic of discussion
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2023.06.06 14:14 Rocket_raccoon_fan THE MEAT RIDING IS ACTUALLY INSANE WTF😭😭😭😭😭🙏

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2023.06.06 14:14 sleepybean92 Work anxiety

I've been at my job for almost a year now. When I first started it was very tough on me. A lot of anxiety and self doubt. I had to miss a couple of days because my anxiety was so bad that I had to go to the hospital. I am on medication.
I still get really bad anxiety. I still feel like I'm not doing a good enough job, feeling stupid when I ask for help, and a lot of panic.
The thing is, my work place is great. I love my boss, and all my co workers are nice and helpful. It's just me who's making it more stressful than it needs to be..
My boss said that I'm doing really well in my role and she's very happy. I don't know why I'm still thinking I'm not good enough.
My boyfriend is very supportive and is always there when I need help. He reminds me that it is just a job. Not my entire life.
Sometimes I feel alone, but seeing this subreddit shows me that there are a lot of people who feel this way too.
I'm writing this post just so I can get more reassurance, and tips on how to not stress myself out too much.
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2023.06.06 14:14 blindsideman 39 [M4F] #katy married looking for a long term affair partner/fwb and a real connection

I am currently in a dead bedroom situation. I am Hispanic and I’m 6’1. Yes I have to be discreet but I do have availability throughout the week and on the weekends. I like to be outside and do outdoor activities. I want to be the reason you want to text me in the morning and share your day. Talk about the good days and bad days but also feel the desire of being wanted.
I am located on the west side of Houston. I am close to the Katy area. This will only work if you are close in order to meet or have the ability to travel to meet.
I do not mind if you are single or if married. I am only interested if you understand that I am not trying to change my situation or change yours. Just trying to find that connection with someone and possibly if we vibe and have an ongoing affair. This is something I would like long term.
If you made it this far then I hope you reach out and see where it goes. Just know for an on going conversation Reddit is not the best platform. I do use telegram.
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2023.06.06 14:14 IQGAMEZZXZ I got a glitch on youtube

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2023.06.06 14:14 hbeebs Advice

Any single parents out there pursue a real estate license? Would you recommend? My current job brings in enough income, but it is very physically & mentally demanding with little room for further growth. I want to find something where I can still provide, but with more energy to play at the end of the day & more financial growth potential.
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2023.06.06 14:13 Squode_the_Toad im a total and utter loser

I'm 26 years old. Depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, PTSD, Middle school dropout, no GED, no friends, hardly any close or supportive family left. I live at home with my sibling and their partner that make me feel worse about myself and my elderly mother and I am still dependent on for everything. I never leave the house for anything except groceries and the rare healthcare visit.
I was removed from my insurance when I turned 26 and I neglected to handle any of my business until I broke my hand in december when I had to rush to get everything set up, but I am too stupid to handle it myself so of course I had to rely on her to handle everything for me.
I've sought help from therapists and psychologists. Been medicated, recommended treatment and self care shit but the medication exacerbated my mental illnesses and my motor cognitive impairments are too severe for me to help myself on my own at the current time.
Time moves so fast for me that I can hardly even process whats going on around me. A month feels like a few days. I can hardly take care of myself at all.
I've had suicidal ideation since I was in elementary school. My schools were largely neglectful to me and my siblings. My healthcare providers were not helpful to us either. My dad abandoned us, and his side of the family ceased communication with us after that. I never had friends in person. Not real friends. Those I thought were my friends later went on to abuse me, steal from me or sexually abuse me or my sibling. My only sexual experience was when I was 12 and it was coerced by her, and she proceeded to insult my body. I've had self image problems ever since. I hate myself.
My mother blames herself for everything, but she's the only person in my life who ever even tried. She's depressed and hates herself and also suffers from suicidal ideation at times. She will probably die full of regret and self hatred. As will I.
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2023.06.06 14:13 HansWorst7 [Program review] Tactical Barbell II - Base Building - Strength first ... on a cut

Hi guys. Please bear with me for a minute. I'm not an active redditor nor am I a good writer at all. Still, I wanted to give feedback about my run of Base Building with the strength first template, while I was undergoing a cut.

About me

I've been lifting for a long time now. Last winter, I ran a 6 months bulking routine about which you can read here. I had great success. After that, I ran Candito's 6 weeks program and tested out my 1RM. Numbers:
Starting date 04/04/23
Height 174cm/5"8
Weight About 78kg/172lbs
Squat Max 165kg(363lbs) x1 / 155kg(341lbs) x4
Bench Press Max 105kg(231lbs) x1 / 95kg(209lbs) x4
Deadlifts Max 180kg(396lbs) x1
Total SBD 450kg/990lbs
After that, I decided to give Tactical Barbells Base Building a shot. I had terrible conditioning and actually never ran LSS style.

How I ran TB - Base Building

I sticked to Base Building with the strength first template. The reason for that is simply that I didn't want to miss lifting weights. I enjoy it too much to skip it for 5 weeks. No other reason in particular. As for the Maximum Strength template, I used Firefighter. My circuit consisted of Squats, Bench press, BTN Press and Chins.
In the first 3-4 weeks, I cycled through different LSS exercises. Usually I ran, rode by bike or swam. Sometimes I had an extended table tennis session, at another point I rode an AirDyne at the gym. At about week 5, I basically only ran. I noticed that I had the hardest time simply running so I sticked to it.
Starting in week 6, I added the recommended HIC sessions. I sticked to HIC#1, #2, #3 and #10.
Lastly, I went against the recommendation in the book and ran Base Building while in a caloric deficit. I was in desperate need to lose some fat and I thought this is a great fit.

How everything went for me

Considering I have no running history at all, it's no wonder I was dying on my first LSS run in week 1. I finished the 30 minutes without a break but my heart rate peaked at 194bpm towards the end with a pace of about 8'02"/km. Biking and swimming went better to some degree but I still felt it. Towards the end, my LSS sessions got WAY easier. I ran 60min with a constant heart rate of about 150bpm and hit 7'07"/km. When riding the bike, I rarely got above 130bpm heart rate. My legs would give in before that happened so I sticked to a constant pace of about 22-25km/h. That's also the reason I ditched biking for Base Building and sticked to running. The only exception were Saturday where I did LSS up to 120min. I will definitely get back to cycling though because it's fun for me.
Lifting was very straight forward. I used the recommended 90% TM, ran the 3 week cycles and added 5kg for squats, 2.5kg for bench press and BTN press and 1kg for my chins per cycle. I also took the ~3min break between each working set as recommended. I never had any problems with my lifting sessions. The lifting sessions took about 1 hour each. Honestly though, they felt like I did a bit too little. I missed stuff like supplemental sets or AMRAP sets. But I understand that recovering is easier this way so I sticked to it.
As for my HIC sessions - they basically meant death. I did my fastest 5k with a 5'46"/km pace. I also had to stick to the basic version of 600m resets. My heart rate went through the roof, taking 5min breaks between each rep was barely enough to go down to 130bpm heart rate - after my first 600m. I did enjoy the short hills though and I can't wait to do HIC#16-19. They felt extremely effective as well. Even though I ran Base Building on a diet, I managed to recover very well. I was never too exhausted and felt fresh before each workout day. I did not count calories. Instead, I reduced the amount of meals I ate. The only extra calories besides breakfast, lunch and dinner were protein shakes and protein bars.

The result and how I'll go on

Well, I almost told you everything there is to know. I improved my LSS time from "never ran" to 7'07"/km in an 1 hour run. I lifted consistently and never failed. I did a 5k in roughly 28min.
What happened to my weight? Well, I lost 4kg/9lbs in 8 weeks and ended Base Building at 74kg.
Before at 78kg
After at 74kg
Obviously, I still have wayyy to go but there's progress! And my belly is just that stubborn.
I will follow up Base Building with Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 - Bodybuilding the UppeAthlete the Lower from the book 531 Forever. I will change the runs and prowler workouts with some LSS and HIC stuff instead - I love TB conditioning!
I would definitely recommend everyone to run Base Building at least once in their life! If you didn't do it yet and you have no idea what you want to do next - do this!
Thank you for reading this. I hope I didn't waste too much of your time.
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2023.06.06 14:13 novacosma Eustachian Tube Dysfunction vs Sudden Hearing Loss - 2 different doctors - 2 different opinions

29M, 76 kg weight, 176 cm height. No history of diseases or allergies.
Last week Wednesday evening I felt my ear was getting blocked so I did the Valsalva maneuver and my left ear just wasn't "deflating" after the "inflation" from the Valsalva maneuver.
I immediately went to the ENT doctor that night, he looked in my ears and asked me to repeat the maneuver. He saw no movement on my left ear which, he said, is a sign of eustachian tube dysfunction. Did a pressure test and the left side was "flat" (i.e. the eardrum wasn't pushing back as it normally would). He said this is the start of an infection which has led to eustachian tube dysfunction.
He prescribed antihistamines, antibiotics and nasal spray.
Next morning (let's call this the first day) I woke up with severe diziness/peripheral vertigo (puking even if I tried to move my eyes, couldn't get out of bed) and the doctor said this is part of eustachian tube dysfunction (after a google search he seemed to be correct so I had no reason to doubt him) and if it doesn't improve we will change the medication.
The second day I was still very dizzy so he changed the medication - gave me a stronger antibiotic, removed the antihistamine. He also repeated the pressure test, still flat on the left side. I asked if we should do an MRI, he said no no, this is standard infection & Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.
The third day my dizziness had subsided quite a bit, I could actually move my eyes/head without vomiting, could slowly get out of bed etc.
I am now on my 6th day and my left ear is still stuffed, I feel a little dizzy (sort of like a tipsy after 2 long island ice teas). Decided to get a 2nd opinion from a very famous ENT specialist.
This ENT specialist forced me to do a hearing test (despite me telling him that I can't hear shit from my left ear, why waste money on a hearing test) - it said the obvious, I can't hear shit from my left ear.
The pressure test however showed a slight improvement - what used to be flat now had a peak that just barely made it into the rectangle.
This ENT specialist said the previous doctor is totally wrong, there is zero chance of this being Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, it’s sudden hearing loss. Immediately prescribed steroids (prednisone) and signed me up for an MRI. He said this is very very serious and it’s unfortunate that I might be losing my hearing at this age and there’s a good chance it might be permanent.
So now I took my first handful of prednisone, waiting for the MRI.
Called the first doctor and told him and he said, yeah the eustachian tube dysfunction/infection can lead to sudden hearing loss, it’s okay to go ahead with the steroids but insists the first diagnosis was correct since we had those two pressure tests. He says hopefully it’ll be fine.
I am conflicted.
The first doctor is younger and his reasoning made sense. He is telling me to remain calm, this happens, takes time but you will be fine.
The second doctor is older, more experienced, more famous, has his own clinic, etc. but is saying this is very severe and the previous doctor shouldn’t have never diagnosed this as Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.
Wtf to do now with such differing opinions?
Have a third doctor’s consultation tomorrow, worried that he will say even more different things, confusing the hell out of me.
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2023.06.06 14:13 AlmostGone15 Urgent help needed

Hey, I’m about to go to a water park with three of my friends in about 30 minutes to an hour and can’t get to a store or anything for a bandage. I relapsed two days ago and most of my cuts are in process of healing or healed. Hiding them isn’t that huge of an issue since my swim trunks cover it fine, and I’m assuming infection I shouldn’t have to worry about with the chlorine, but I still am and idk what to do I don’t even want to go anymore but I can’t back out now it isn’t an option
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2023.06.06 14:13 saidfgn Update 2: Help me find my lost cat

Here is the original post.
Day 5, almost 120 hours ago I saw him last time. Haven't found my poor baby yet :'(
Flyers on the walls were successful. Almost everyone that I talked to yesterday and today said that they know because they saw flyers on the wall.
Yesterday one of the neighbors allowed me to search his yard. I looked at the trees and possible hidden places. He also had semi open barn with lots of old stuff. I searched carefully there, still no traces of him.
Also searched for him today with my cousin in the morning between 4:30 and 6 a.m. I tried to call him and played his brother's voice on a speaker. The weather was windy and there were stray dogs barking. Which made search way worse.
Later today made one more search. Two more neighbors allowed me to search their yard. Still no result.
One of the neighbors approached me and said that I should probably search close to the place where I lost him. Just ask neighbors and search for him in their yard.
Do you think it is a good idea? Is he close to the place I lost him? I just assume he is close somewhere hiding in some secret place, not answering my calls or not hearing them. He was very passive and sleepy when I brought him to vet's office
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2023.06.06 14:13 Soopa17 Cricket aka Richard

Cricket aka Richard
We found a momma and her litter under our porch last year. We fed them and gave them water. After a day momma disappeared with all the kitties but left us this guy. She would come check on him (still does) but never took him back, so he has become a member of our household. Its safe to say he has definitely acclimated to being a house cat. Its been a year and he shows zero interest in returning to the streets lol.
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2023.06.06 14:13 37elqine Crossovers Is there a grandfathered rule?

Crossovers Is there a grandfathered rule?
Hello Seeking for advice
Neighbor and I (parents) just got a letter in the mail yesterday from the council to build a crossover. Because it is not up to standards. They the council are planning to build a footpath. Not sure why there has never been a footpath and owners on the street really don't want a footpath. Plenty of Pot holes down the road we want to be fixed. But apparently we need a footpath.
  • Parents (still living there, I grew up there) owned the house for nearly 20 years.... When they bought the place back in 2005 there was a cross over just grass instead of concrete. (neighbors and us ) have kept it this way.
  • Council have given us 90 days to build a cross over (super realistic). The neighbors are doing a knockdown rebuild and have been told to fix their portion of the driveway. This makes no sense as they will need to put a new driveway & cross over in once the house has been built anyways. So no point in doubling up
  • Since the driveway is a duo two standard driveways combined, we are hesitant to build a driveway just yet due to the fact it will get damaged during the neighbours rebuild so makes no sense. we dont mind doing the cross over after they have built if the price is reasonable. (praying)
  • My friend's dad is a concretor and said good luck trying to find someone in 90 days to build one and this is stupid. He said if they have images pre a certain year they cant enforce a cross over to be built as 3/4 of crossovers in this suburb use to be grass.
Questions I have for reddit
  • Is there a law that states crossovers before a certain year can be grass? I assume pre idk a year 2010?
  • What can I do to ask the council for extra time to put a pause on this 90 day compliant BS blitz
  • Who can I lodge a complaint about to to the council for being super unrealistic
  • Also I don't have 40-50k as this is the cost of a my savings for a deposit to drop on a new driveway if architect and engineers are required. Neither do my parents.
What I am hoping for is a grandfathered rule? Or what can I do. We live in Suburb western sydney
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2023.06.06 14:13 Mockbubbles2628 F3 menu

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2023.06.06 14:12 Confident-Monkey Would you accept a job that pays 40k more but required 2x RTO per week?

Current company: pay is good, madaming downtime, midshift, full time wfh, cons: outdated ginagamit na tools, stagnant in terms of career growth
company B: 40k more base pay, atleast 2x a week rto (30 mins drive), day shift (flexi), opportunity for career growth, opportunity to learn new tools/technology na in-demand sa job market
Would you take company B’s offer?
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2023.06.06 14:12 putstheitchinbitch Survivorship Struggles

Hi breasties. I transition into survivorship this week. Thursday is my last Herceptin infusion and then I'm on maintenance (anastrozole) for at least five years.
I'm struggling. Hard. I'm worried I'll have a recurrence. I feel out of control so I drink alcohol because I feel like I can control that- and having that buzz calms me down. Until the next day when I spiral and ruminate in my hangover. Then I wait a couple of days, drink again, spiral again, and repeat.
I'm lonely. My family and friends don't know how to deal with me. If I talk about my fears they dismiss them and they keep saying things like "it's so good to have you back to normal". I'm not normal. I don't recognize myself in the mirror. I hate how I look. I hate what I've gone through and I'm terrified it will happen again. And so I drink to cope. And the more I try to stop- listening to sober podcasts and books, etc. it just makes me feel more out of control and so I drink.
I just needed to vent somewhere that others may feel the same. So that we don't feel so alone in this shit show.
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2023.06.06 14:12 dreftzg [Daily News] Citizen Surprises With Smaller 37mm Promaster Diver Collection, Zodiac Unveils Two New Incredible Colors To the Super Sea Wolf Diver, And Nomos Teams Up With Wempe For An Icy Blue Dialed Tangente

Should we call this big news Tuesday? Both the Citizen and the Zodiac are nice!

What's new

Citizen Surprises With New, Smaller, 37mm Promaster Diver Collection
If I were a betting man, I would put the Citizen Promaster line at the very top of divers when it comes to popularity. It is not an expansive collection of watches like Seiko tends to do, and it is an absolute bargain if you are looking for a tough sports watch that will take a beating. However, the line of people who could never wear one is just as long, if not even longer, due to the size of the watch - 44mm is just a huge watch. Well, no longer. Citizen just announced a new Promaster Diver line in 37mm in three colors - black, blue and pink.
Despite shrinking down the watch below 37mm (and 11.6mm thick), the Citizen Promaster remains a capable diver with 200m water resistance. Actually, it retains most of the functionality and looks of the bigger watch. It still has the very recognizable hands, a 4:30 date window, dive time bezel and the legendary rubber strap. Inside the watch is the Eco-Drive E168 movement which is solar powered and gets you six months of power without the need for light exposure.
All three variations – black, blue, and pink (with a rose gold-toned steel case) – will set you back $375.
This watch comes at a perfect time where a lot of watchmakers are skewing smaller to keep up with changing tastes from consumers. To have such a popular watch in such an appealing package and at such a price, this will have to be a huge hit for Citizen.
Zodiac Unveils Two New Incredible Colors To the Super Sea Wolf Compression Diver
Most divers are a sea of blues and blacks, with the occasional silver and a splash of color. Zodiac has a different philosophy. They are on a mission to create the most colorful and out-there diver. And boy, are they good at it. Now they’re introducing two new core colorways into its Super Sea Wolf Compression collection - the Seafoam, obviously a seafoam green with black, white, and a touch of orange, and the Gulf, which takes on the classic light blue, orange, and silver colorway of the Gulf oil company which served as one of the most iconic racing car livery ever.
Both models feature the same 41mm × 13.4mm steel case with a water resistance rating of 200m, and both have the STP 1-11 movement inside. The Gulf model comes on a five-row stainless steel bracelet with a butterfly clasp and a spring-loaded extension while the Seafoam has a color matching tropic-style rubber strap with a pin buckle.
The Gulf has a light blue bezel with an orange minute track that frames a bright silver dial. If the photo’s of this watch look familiar, it’s because this is a callback to the vintage Zodiac Sea Wolf 1781W, one of the most desirable Zodiac models. While this watch is up from the original’s 35mm, it’s still a close-enough recreation that it makes for a good alternative.
The Seafoam also leans vintage, not so much into the Zodiac back catalogue, but rather into popular culture of the late 50’s and the guitars, fridges and cars that came in an almost identical color. The watch has a seafoam green dial, matching strap, a black bezel, and a pop of orange on the minute hand.
Both models are available for purchase now and the new ZO9304 “Gulf”on steel costs US$1,595, while the ZO9305 “Seafoam” on rubber will set you back US$1,295.
Zenith Blings Up The New Defy Skyline Skeleton With Just Enough Gold
The Zenith El Primero movements really are iconic and Zenith knows this. I guess that’s the reason why they are making some of the best skeleton watches today. Following the earlier Defy Skyline Skeleton model which featured symmetrical black and blue open dials with a four-pointed star formed by the cut-out and the Defy Skyline Boutique Edition with silvery-grey finishes, zenith is now releasing a new Defy Skyline Boutique Edition, this one with subtle touches of gold that make the watch even better.
Just like the previous models, this new skeletonized Defy comes in an angular-shaped 41 mm case with a 12-sided, faceted bezel inspired by the Defy models from past times and a screw-down crown. The colorway, as mentioned, is similar to the previous model with silver-grey finishes, but it also has a slightly darker chapter ring and applied gold-plated baton hour markers filled with Super-LumiNova, and matching hour and minute hands, only now there’s less dial and more movement.
Inside the watch, visible through the dial, is the El Primero 3620 SK, with the 3620 as a base, reworked, featuring the 1/10th of a second sub-dial at 6 o’clock, right on top of the watch’s 5Hz escapement, and it comes without the date indication. It has a stop-second feature for accurate time setting and a power reserve of 55 hours. The watch comes on either a steel bracelet or a rubber strap with a starry sky pattern.
The watch costs CHF 10,900, which, all things considering, looks like a very fair price.
Nomos Teams Up With Wempe For An Icy Blue Dialed Tangente For Hot Summer Days
There seem to be two trends this summer in watches. One is something that Zodiac is embracing fully - going all out on color; while the other is one specific color that we have now seen on several watches - ice blue, a color that seems to be the color of the summer. Nomos has teamed up with famous retailer Wempe to create a special edition Tangente Neomatik Update 41 for Wempe Signature Collection in this exact color.
It’s still a Tangente Neomatik. This means a 41mm stainless steel case that’s only 7.9mm thick with straight and angled lugs. The narrow bezel that holds the sapphire crystal serves as a visual trick to make the watch look much larger than it is. The main difference comes from the dial and it’s ice-blue dial, whose light tones are offset by blued hands and black indices and numerals. The darker blue colour is also found on the date complication, which shows each date through cutout sections in between the date digits on the outer rim of the dial.
The reason for the date being displayed in this unique fashion is the Calibre DUW 6101 inside the watch. To keep it as thin as possible and not have to stack the date disc on the movement, Nomos moved the date disc outside of the outer edge of the movement. The date can also be adjusted in both directions through the crown, while the movement itself stores 42 hours of power reserve. The watch comes on a very nice blue-black textile strap with a stainless steel pin buckle
This is a limited edition of 200 pieces, all of which are exclusively sold through Wempe’s showrooms for a price of EUR 3,400.
The New Credor Goldfeather Is An Uncommon, Pricey And Gorgeous Option For A Dress Watch That Will Be Hard To Get
From 1960 to 1969, Grand Seiko was Seiko’s top brand, both in quality and price. However, with the advent of quartz watches, Grand Seiko was dethroned as the most expensive watches. In 1974, Seiko separated their most high-end quartz watches into a line called Crêts d’Or, which literally means Golden Crests, but «Crêts» is a french word that applies more specifically to the summits of the Jura Mountains, a chain of mountains spreading between France and Switzerland, known to be the birthplace of watchmaking.
After alternating the name between Crêts d’Or and Credor a few times, Seiko finally settled on Credor (Credor and Crêts d’or have the exact same pronunciation in French) in 1978 but it still was just a separate line of watches within Seiko’s catalog and was branded with a simple SEIKO logo below the 12 o’clock position. In 1978, Credor became its own brand, with the dial that said Credor Seiko. Since then Grand Seiko and Credor have been the pinnacle of Seiko watchmaking.
It’s not often that you get to se a Credor watch, and they are even more rare outside of Japan. However, the folks over at Fratello have dug up a new, very interesting, release from Credor - the new Credor Goldfeather. The Gold Feather, as Seiko spelled it at launch, is a watch from 1960 which focused on absolute thinness. With the hand-wound caliber 60M it was just 2.95mm thick and was all the more impressive because it had a central seconds hand.
The reissue, named the Credor Goldfeather is thin, but not that thin. The 18k gold case measures 37.1mm wide and 7.7 thick. The watches are powered by the hand-winding 6890 caliber. The 6890 is just 1.98mm thick, and in this watch, the movement is attached directly to the case to keep the thickness to a minimum. However, the new Credor does not have a seconds hand.
The Credor Goldfeather will come in two variants. The first model, reference GBBY982, is in 18K yellow gold limited edition of just 30 pieces. The second model, reference GBBY980, is in 18K rose gold and will be a regular-production piece. The limited yellow gold model has a sunburst brushed dial with engraved hour indices, minute track, and Credor name. On the rose gold variant, Credor chose to use applied indices and a painted logo.
Reference GBBY982 will be released on July 8th in Japan as a pre-sale with availability in April 2024 at the Credor shop. Pricing is not for the faint of heart at approximately €22,700. For the reference GBBY980 pre-orders start on August 11th in Japan and also available in April 2024 in the Credor shop. Pricing is slightly less at roughly €22,000.

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Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

The Stella Breslin revives the linen dial for the here and now
All of those features would be nothing if it didn’t have a good base, and the Stella Breslin’s linen dial is breathtaking. Linen dials are a little bit of a lost art in watchmaking, although there’s nothing in theory which makes them more difficult than any other highly textured pattern. The Classic Blue is richer than the Felix’s Dress Blue, and is paired with crisp white lume instead of the cream colour. There’s a Silver dial which almost looks made of polished meteorite, and would be best suited to more formal situations. The most fun option however is the Raspberry dial, hovering somewhere between a hot pink and a crimson red. It’s a truly great colour that you don’t see very often in other watches which boast pink or red dials, making it a unique display of personality.
People loved the Seiko Alpinist giveaway! That's why I'm doing a new one. This time, we're giving away four Hamilton Khaki Field Automatics in a color of your choice. Head on over to the newsletter if you would like to enter.
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2023.06.06 14:12 1000001cha1001 bilateral agreements with us & eu

Hi everyone! I am spending 3 months in Barcelona from July and I was wondering if I can use the EU Bilateral agreement to stay an additional 90 days in Spain? I have researched about this but I have not seen anyone do this within the same country. I found this on the EU website with a list of agreements and Spain & US have a 90 day agreement. Has anyone done this and if so how did they go about it? Any advice is really appreciated!
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2023.06.06 14:12 Unlucky-Money-4064 pc - Deathzone UK - Deerisle - 3PP/1PP - PvE/PvP zones

[PC] DeathZone UK PvE/PvP Deerisle 3PP
Welcome to DeathZone UK!
DeathZone is a unique survival server that embellishes the standard DayZ with cool fresh content, Awesome MODS, and new Custom Built Content!
Can you survive the DeathZone? Come find out!
We have super active admins online 24/7, An active discord, and a great in-game community.
Come jump in-game and join our fast-growing friendly community! See you guys out there!
-Love the Admins-
Server Mods:
RedFalcon Helicopters
Our very own Quest's for the deer isle journey!!!
Durable Suppressors
SIX DayZ Auto Run
Unlimited Stamina
Unique Vehicles!!! Plus SOOOO much more!
Find us on our discord here:
Map: DeerIsle
Mode: PvE/PvPzones
Capacity: 100 (3PP+1PP)
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2023.06.06 14:12 wendlingmike Argos Celebration Day

As promised, here is the unique link for discounted Argos tickets:
There are three games to choose from including the Home Opener (with championship ring giveaway) and a CNE game. Feel free to share with anyone in your network but just a reminder it's good for TODAY only.
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