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2023.06.06 14:42 doctorgecko Respect Yukari Yakumo (Touhou)

"Would you like to have a near-death experience? By crossing the boundary between life and death."

Yukari Yakumo

Yukari Yakumo is a legendary youkai with the ability to manipulate boundaries. She is one of the sages who created Gensokyo in the first place, and a good contender for its most powerful resident. Despite this she is also exceptionally lazy, spending most of her time sleeping and foisting most of the problems off on Reimu or Ran. Still, her incredible intelligence and completely inhuman nature means one can never tell quite what she's thinking, and making her angry is a very bad idea.


  • Source Index
  • Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Symposium of Post Mysticism is an in universe book written by Hidea no Akyuu. She has a tendency to exaggerate and speculate, so her claims should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Yukari herself is noted to lie quite a lot, so her own claims should also be taken with a grain of salt.
  • In 15.5 Yukari makes use of the urban legend Teke Teke, but her attacks while using this urban legend are fairly in line with her normal capabilities. As it's unclear what effect the Urban legend is having, these feats will be included in this section but marked with Occult
  • Yukari scales to a large number of characters, so here is every Touhou respect thread for the games

Defining Some Terms

Spell Card System: The Spell Card Rules were put in place by Reimu Hakurei in order to make duels between everyone fair, formalized, and safe. It is also the method nearly all Touhou characters will use in-character. Spell card battles have very clearly defined rules and attacks that are agreed upon before a duel with the purpose being that the most beautiful attacks win. In general Spell Cards are characters going easy on the foe, with ZUN outright stating they're not something the characters would ever use if they were serious.
Danmaku: Danmaku are the "bullets" fired in a bullet hell, take many different forms, and are able to be fired by most Gensokyo citizens. They're an essential part of duels in Gensokyo, being used to control an opponent's movement and overwhelm them. They can either be fired in intricate patterns, or just fired rapidly from a single point.
Youkai: Supernatural beings typically born from humanity's fear of the unknown, and the primary residents of Gensokyo. Youkai can be highly varied, but tend to be highly resistant to physical attacks while far more weak to spiritual attacks, such as names and traditions.
Gensokyo: Genoskyo is the region Touhou takes place in, and is a small landlocked region of Japan. It is fully enclosed by the Great Hakurei Barrier (more information bellow). The clearest picture of it shows it containing a few mountains, with it also being noted Gensokyo is small enough to see almost all of it from the Hakurei shrine
  • The Sages of Genoskyo (of which Yukari is a member) are the beings responsible for the creation and maintenance of Gensokyo
Urban Legend Incident: Due to the occult balls various Urban Legends begin to manifest in Gensokyo, and some characters are capable of controlling an urban legend in battle that matches their tempermant. It's worth noting that the effects are present even after the occult balls are removed from Gensokyo though Reisen notes it will soon settle down.

Boundary Manipulation

General Description: Summarized, Yukari's power allows her to manipulate the boundary between any two things.This can apply both to physical boundaries (such as between Gensokyo and the outside world), or even the boundary of concepts (such as human and youkai or night and day).
Direct Combat Usage
Gaps and Warping
Great Hakurei Barrier
Gensokyo's Boundary of Reality and Illusion

Other Abilities

Note that a number of feats here potentially involve boundary manipulation, but it's less explicit
Energy Projection
Shikigami: Shikigami are spirits that have been turned into tools via a patter, that have software installed to control them
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2023.06.06 00:56 breezymoney21 3.8kg haul to USA(yeezy 350 v2 boost, jordan 1 low reverse mocha, yeezy slides, represent tee, essentials hoodie)In Hand Review

3.8kg haul to USA(yeezy 350 v2 boost, jordan 1 low reverse mocha, yeezy slides, represent tee, essentials hoodie)In Hand Review
Used pandabuy and no complaints at all great customer service. Shipped using kr-ems and took 12 days to arrive at my house.
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2023.06.05 04:42 Rhetorical_Joke [H] 500+ Humble Games [W] Diablo 4, Baldur's Gate 3

Region North America
December Choice 2019 10 Choices
January Choice 2020 10 Choices
February Choice 2020 9 Choices
March Choice 2020 10 Choices
April Choice 2020 10 Choices HITMAN 2
May Choice 2020 10 Choices
XCOM® 2 + 2 DLC
June Choice 2020 10 Choices
August Choice 2020 12 Choices
September Choice 2020 12 Choices
October Choice 2020 12 Choices
November Choice 2020 12 Choices
January Choice 2021 12 Choices
February Choice 2021 12 Choices
March Choice 2021 12 Choices
April Choice 2021 12 Choices
F1® 2020
May Choice 2021 12 Choices
June Choice 2021 12 Choices
July Choice 2021 12 Choices
August Choice 2021 12 Choices
October Choice 2021 12 Choices
November Choice 2021 10 Choices
December Choice 2021 12 Choices
January Choice 2022 10 Choices
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2023.06.05 02:51 Old-Use6388 QC Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Triple White” in hand (review)

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2023.06.05 02:50 Old-Use6388 Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Triple White” [Review]

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2023.06.04 13:29 Zeplight [H] 500+ Games, Absolver, Zombie Army 4, Deathloop, Crusader King 3, Dark Wood etc. [W] Paypal Only.

The keys on the list are global unless otherwise stated. Paypal fees if any is on the buyer side. Prices are in USD and included of Paypal Fees. Not open for game trade.
My IGS Rep Page:
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Hello everyone! Back at it again with another reddit Dhgate Best Finds List! This one might be the biggest dhgate finds list I have ever made. NOTE: I have not bought all of the items on the list, but all of them are manually collected from positive reviews and from different dhgate hauls. (Check the reviews of each item or massage the seller for QC pictures before you buy.)
  1. Stone Island Hoodie
  2. Stone Island T-shirt
  3. Palm Angels Sprayed T-shirt
  4. Palm Angels Tracksuit
  5. The North Face Puffer Jacket
  6. Balmain T-shirts
  7. Canada Goose Vest
  8. Balenciaga BB Logo T-shirt
  9. Nike Tech Fleece
  10. Moncler T-shirt
  11. Gucci Spray Letters T-shirt
  12. LV Skeleton T-shirt
  13. Supreme x Kaws Box Logo T-shirt
  14. Moncler Maya
  15. Ralph Laurent Bear T-Shirt
  16. Ralph Laurent Polo T-shirt
  17. Off-White T-shirts
  18. Stussy Hoodie
  19. Burberry T-shirts
  20. Lacoste T-shirt
  21. Vlone Friends T-shirt
  22. Vlone Flames Logo T-shirt
  23. More Vlone T-shirts
  24. Vlone Hoodies
  25. Rhude T-shirt
  26. The North Face Vest
  27. The North Face x Brain Dead Jacket
  28. Moncler Vest
  29. Fendi Puffer Jacket
  30. Long Moncler Jacket
  31. Prada Zip Pocket T-shirt
  32. Prada Puffer Jacket
  33. Drew House Hoodie
  34. Louis Vuitton Patch T-shirt
  35. Louis Vuitton Stickers T-shirt
  36. Palm Angels Velvet Tracksuit
  37. Palm Angels Pattern Tracksuit
  38. Palm Angels Bear T-shirt
  39. Palm Angels Back Logo T-shirt
  40. Palm Angels Spray Heart T-shirt
  41. More Palm Angels T-shirts
  42. Juicy Couture Tracksuit
  43. Sp5der 555 Hoodie
  44. Sp5der T-shirt
  45. The North Face Light Jacket
  46. Moose Knuckles Jackets
  47. Ralph Lauren Zip Hoodie
  48. Polo Ralph Lauren Jumper
  49. Ralph Laurent Collared Shirts
  50. Lacoste Polo T-Shirt
  51. Balmain Sweatshirt
  52. Burberry Rider T-shirt
  53. Burberry Side Logo T-shirt
  54. Bottegga Veneta T-shirt
  55. Canada Goose Jacket
  56. Trapstar Irongate Jacket
  57. Trapstar Tracksuit Set
  58. Trapstar Black And Yellow Set
  59. Trapstar Shooters Tracksuit Set
  60. Trapstar Summer Set
  61. Gucci Tiger T-shirt
  62. Gucci Sweater
  63. Fendi T-shirts
  64. Bape Shark Hoodie
  65. Bape Camo Logo T-shirt
  66. Bape x Undefeated T-Shirt
  67. Bape x Heron Preston T-shirt
  68. Nike x Fear Of God T-shirt
  69. Fog Essentials Hoodie
  70. FOG Essentials T-shirt
  71. Gucci Snake Polo T-shirt
  72. Gucci Bear T-shirt
  73. Comme Des Garcons Hoodie
  74. Comme Des Garcons Sweatshirt
  75. Comme des Garçons T-shirt
  76. More cdg T-shirts
  77. Gap x Balenciaga Hoodie
  78. Balenciaga Sweater
  79. Balenciaga Hoodies
  80. Balenciaga Reflective Logo T-shirt
  81. Adidas x Balenciaga T-shirt
  82. Balenciaga Logo Hoodie
  83. Balenciaga Spray Logo T-shirt
  84. Balenciaga I Love Paris T-shirt
  85. More Balenciaga T-shirts
  86. Kenzo Tiger T-shirt
  87. Kenzo Flower T-shirt
  88. Boss T-shirt
  89. Celine Hoodie
  90. Chrome Hearts Dagger Hoodie
  91. Chrome Hearts Longsleeve
  92. Chrome Hearts T-shirt
  93. Gallery Dept T-shirt
  94. Gallery Dept Hoodie
  95. Stone Island Sweatshirt
  96. Stone Island Longsleeve
  97. Stone Island Zip Hoodie
  98. Stone Island Jacket
  99. Louis Vuitton Pattern Jacket
  100. Louis Vuitton T-shirts
  101. Louis Vuitton Camo Logo T-shirt
  102. Nocta Jacket
  103. Fendi Eyes T-shirt
  104. More Fendi T-shirts
  105. Rhude Racing Team T-shirt
  106. CPFM YE Must Be Born Again Hoodie
  107. Kids See Ghosts Hoodie
  108. Amiri T-shirts
  109. Amiri Crewneck
  110. Amiri Cupid Hoodie
  111. More Amiri T-shirts
  112. Moncler Polo T-shirt
  113. Moncler Sweatshirt
  114. Versace Robe
  115. Moncler Robe
  116. Tommy Hilfiger Collared Shirt
  117. Alexander McQueen T-shirt
  118. Alexander McQueen Sweatshirt
  119. Carhartt Hoodie
  120. Balmain Denim Jacket
  121. C.P Company Zip Up
  122. Represent T-shirt
  123. Fendi Sweater
  124. Gucci Hoodie
  125. Gucci Polo T-shirt
  126. Gucci T-shirt
  127. More Gucci T-shirts
  128. Kith T-shirts
  129. Prada Triangle Logo T-shirt
  130. Prada Sweater
  131. Prada Shirts
  132. Prada Vest
  133. More Moncler Jackets
  134. Astroworld T-shirts
  135. Gucci Pattern Polo T-shirt
  136. Another Ralph Laurent Hoodie
  137. Moschino Italy Bear T-shirt
  138. More VLONE T-shirts
  139. Christian Dior Atelier T-shirt
  140. CDG T-shirts
  141. Prada Puffer Jacket
  142. Louis Vuitton Puffer Jacket
  143. Louis Vuitton University Jackets
  144. Revenge Hoodie
  145. Revenge T-shirts
  146. Philip Plein T-shirts
  147. Nike x Fear Of God T-shirt
  148. ASSC T-shirt
  149. Louis Vuitton Knit T-shirt
  150. Drake Nocta Hoodie
  151. PSG Tracksuits
  152. The North Face x Gucci Jacket
  1. Louis Vuitton LV Belt With Box
  2. Rolex Watch With Box and Receipts
  3. Goyar Cardholder
  4. AP Watch With Box
  5. MCM Backpack
  6. Swatch x Omega Planets Watch
  7. Gucci Shoulder Bag
  8. Prada Shoulder Bag
  9. BB Simons Belt
  10. LV Gradient Belt
  11. LV Pattern Belt
  12. Yves Saint Laurent Wallet
  13. Yves Saint Laurent Cardholder
  14. YSL Bifold Wallet
  15. Trapstar Irongate Shoulder Bag
  16. PSD Boxers
  17. Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag
  18. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
  19. LV Wallets with box
  20. Hermes Wallet
  21. Louis Vuitton Cuban Link Bracelet With Box
  22. LV Women wallet with box
  23. LV Scarf And Beanie set
  24. Burberry Scarf
  25. Iced Out Cuban Link
  26. Goyard St. Louis Tote Bag
  27. Christian Dior Saddle Bag
  28. Gucci GG Belt
  29. Gucci Snake Belt
  30. Gucci Snake Printed Belt
  31. Gucci Ring
  32. Gucci Keychain
  33. Dior Pattern Belt
  34. MCM Pattern Belt
  35. Hermes Belt
  36. Versace Belt
  37. Nike Socks
  38. Supreme Backpack
  39. Louis Vuitton Backpack
  40. Alyx Backpack
  41. Supreme Shoulder Bag
  42. Supreme Face Mask
  43. Supreme Dice
  44. Air Pods Max
  45. Balenciaga Socks
  46. Prada Necklace
  47. Prada Bucket Hat
  48. Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag
  49. Chanel Flap Bag
  50. Louis Vuitton Card Holder
  51. Louis Vuitton Pattern Duffle Bag
  52. Louis Vuitton Transparent Duffle Bag
  53. Louis Vuitton Chain Wallet
  54. Lv Purse
  55. LV Waist Bag
  56. LV Alpha Messenger Bag
  57. Hermes Blanket
  58. Hermes Pillows
  59. Gucci Towel Set
  60. Louis Vuitton Wool Blanket
  61. Chanel Bath Towels
  62. Chanel Sunglasses
  63. Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses
  64. Celine Hat
  65. MCM Leather Hat
  66. ICON Hat
  67. Amiri Hat
  68. Gucci Hat
  69. Gucci Snake Hat
  70. Prada Hat
  71. Burberry Hat
  72. Coach Tabby Pillow Bag
  73. Bottega Cassette Crossbody Bag
  74. Vevine Westwood Necklace
  75. LV Millionaire Sunglasses
  76. LV Cyclone Sunglasses
  77. LV Ring
  78. LV Earrings
  79. LV Emilie Wallet
  80. Various LV Bags
  81. LV Sunglasses
  82. LV Keychain
  83. Chanel Earrings
  84. Clear Cartier Glasses
  85. Cartier Nail Bracelet
  86. UGG Gloves
  87. Tiffany Bracelet
  88. Tiffany Hearts Ring
  89. Tiffany Solitaire Ring
  90. Tiffany Earrings
  91. C.P COMPANY Beanie
  92. Canada Goose Beanie
  93. Prada Beanie
  94. Louis Vuitton Beanie
  95. Balenciaga Beanie
  96. Gucci Shocks
  97. Balenciaga Side Logo Hat
  1. Eric Emanuel EE Shorts
  2. Corteiz Cargo Pants
  3. Essentials Sweatpants
  4. Amiri Jeans
  5. Rhude Shorts
  6. Gallery Dept. Sweatpants
  7. Stone Island Cargo Pants
  8. Lululemon Yoga Pants
  9. Flower Jeans
  10. True Religion Jeans
  11. Gucci Shorts
  12. Essentials Shorts
  13. More Amiri
  14. Stone Island Sweatpants
  15. Stone Island Shorts
  16. Gucci Shorts
  17. Balmain Jeans
  18. DSQARED2 Jeans
  19. Amiri Jeans
  20. Amiri Angel Jeans
  21. Dsquared2 Jeans
  22. Bape Shorts
  23. Palm Angels Shorts
  1. Alexander McQueen
  2. Versace Chain Reaction
  3. MSCHF Big Red Boots
  4. More Alexander McQueens
  5. Selehe Bembury x Crocs
  6. Foam Runners
  7. Balenciaga Triple S
  8. Balenciaga Speed Runner
  9. Balenciaga Track
  10. Balenciaga Slides With Box
  11. Burberry REGIS
  12. Bapesta
  13. Bapesta Sk8
  14. Gucci Ace
  15. Gucci Rhython
  16. YSL Heels
  17. Rick Owens
  18. Dior Boots
  19. Hermes Sandals
  20. Chloe Sandals
  21. UGG Slippers
  22. Gucci Heels
  23. Prada Heels
  24. Valentino Shoes
  25. Louis Vuitton Trainer
  26. Louis Vuitton Slides
  27. Dior B22
  28. Dior B30
  29. Christian Louboutin
  30. Gucci Flashtrecks
  31. Gucci Slides
  32. Gucci Floral Slides
  33. Givenchy Slides With Box
  34. New Balance 550
  35. New Balance 2002R
  36. Birkenstocks
  37. Off-White Low Top Sneakers
  38. Nike x Nocta Hot Step
  39. Nike Dunk
  40. Fragment Lows
  41. Jordan 1
  42. Jordan 3
  43. Jordan 4
  44. More Jordan 4s
  45. Jordan 5
  46. Jordan 11
  47. Air Force 1
  48. Nike x Tiffany Air Force 1
  49. Skeleton Nike Air Force 1
  50. Air Force 1 Supreme
  51. Nike Air Max Plus
  52. Nike Air Max 97
  53. Nike Vapormax Plus
  54. Revenge x Storms
  55. Kobe 6
  56. Yeezy 350 v2
  57. Cheaper Yeezy 350
  58. Yeezy 350 v1
  59. Yeezy 700
  60. Yeezy 500
  61. Yeezy 380
  62. Yeezy Knit Runner
  63. Yeezy Slides
  64. Yeezy NSLTD Boots
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2023.06.02 01:36 Volitanic My Journey To Find Comfortable Wireless PS5 Headphones

I’ve recently started a search for some new headphones for my PS5 and wanted to share my results as it has been tough to find a set that is comfortable and doesn’t cause pain.
TL:DR – Start with the Sony InZone H7 (or even the H3 or H9).
For some background, I have a child under 3 and recently became able to play a bit longer each day. I am averaging around 1 hour a day using launch Pulse3Ds. Maybe once every week or two, I will have a longer session of up to 3 or 4 hours. Prior to this, I was at about half that time. As my playtime has increased, I have found myself getting headaches and ear pain. Specifically, pain in front of each ear near my temples and my left ear gets raw from rubbing the inside of the headphones. It seems that my shorter sessions were not an issue, but these longer sessions have added up to me being unable to wear headphones for days at a time while I recover.
I also work from home and wear a HyperX Cloud Stinger headset during meetings. This equates to around 4 or 5 hours a day of additional headphone time and I have not had this pair hurt or cause headaches.
Lastly, my rough head measurements are 23 inches around, 6 inches wide and my left ear (the one that rubs) sticks out around 2/3 of an inch.
Below are my thoughts on the headsets I’ve used in the order I tried them. I’ll try and cover what helped me land on a final set as it will hopefully help others with fit/pain issues. I am not covering sound quality much and will link to RTings for that. Given my head rejects most headphones, my focus is on comfort with sound quality and features being of much lower concern. My goal is to find the best headset I can that does not hurt me and will work wirelessly on my PS5 and possibly my Steam Deck (stretch goal).

Sony Pulse 3D
--Recommendation – I bought these at launch and would only buy them now if you are not sensitive to clamping pressure, have small-ish ears and do not want to buy anything of higher cost on this list. I sold my pair as these are what started this whole journey.
--Spent - $100 + $30 for third party ear pads.
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--My Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight - .65 pounds
--Clamping pressure – .9 pounds
--Cup Friction – Some rubbing pain after long sessions.
--Testing Duration – 2 Years
--Thoughts – I powered through these for ~two years. This is the pair that caused me a lot of pain now that I have more gaming time. I thought the sound quality was fine at the price point, but the clamping pressure felt higher than .9 as the original and third-party ear cups were not soft enough. They also rubbed my ears and never loosened up. The top headband would also hurt my head if I moved around a lot during a session (getting food, water, etc). The original ear pads broke down and I replaced them about 4 months ago. These helped make them more comfortable, but the clamping pressure overpowered them. Lastly, I had to run a USB extension cable away from the console to plug the dongle in to as they would cut out randomly from some sort of interference otherwise. I do have a lot of electronics near the PS5, but most are powered off when I play and the only active WiFi thing is a Harmony Hub so I’m not sure what is causing the issue. The extension did solve the issue about 99.9% of the time.

HyperX Cloud Stinger
--Recommendation – I’ve owned these for a long time and would buy them if you have basic wired needs. I’m keeping my pair for Zoom use only.
--Spent - $30
--Type - Wired
--My Usage – Zoom, 4-5 hours each workday. Experimented with them as an option for long term gaming.
--Weight - .6 pounds
--Clamping pressure – 1 pound (these are old, so this is probably less now)
--Cup Friction – No rubbing pain.
--Testing Duration – 1 Day
--Thoughts – I bought these on a whim pre-child when I started playing PS4 games that needed a microphone. These worked fine for those rare cases. However, I would not recommend them for regular gaming use as there are many better wired options now. However, they are totally sufficient for zoom meetings as I don’t care about sound quality or the mic being excellent. The volume control on them is also handy for this use case as is the flip up mic. While it would be nice for them to be wireless, it’s not worth the money to replace them just for Zoom. They have not caused me any pain during long stints, and they have held up extremely well over the past 3 years that I have used them heavily for Zoom.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II
--Recommendation – I’ve owned these for years and I love them. Everyone with comfort issues should own a pair for anything other than gaming. I’m keeping them until they break and may stockpile a few depending on what Bose does with the QC line. Will use them as a backup set for gaming.
--Spent - $350
--Type – Wireless Bluetooth
--My Usage – Mainly travel and focused listening. Stints of up to 10 hours at a time on planes. Have been using them as a backup set for gaming on the PS5 while testing everything on this list.
--Weight - .54 pounds
--Clamping pressure – .69 pounds
--Cup Friction – No rubbing pain.
--Testing Duration – 3 Weeks
--Thoughts – These are the first set of quality headphones I ever purchased. I used them mainly for travel and focused listening and did not realize how spoiled I was. These are extremely comfortable, and I think are part of the reason that I have such high needs for comfort in headphones. The only negative is the slight “underwater” pressure feeling you get when the ANC is on. However, they do work in a pinch for gaming and are extremely comfortable. If Bose ever makes a set for gaming that works over 2.4, they will have my money immediately. They are Bluetooth and thus need an adapter or something to hook into your system. I pipe the audio through a Taotronics Bluetooth adapter hooked into the headphone jack on my TV and it works ok. I’ve owned these since 2018.

Aftershokz Trekz Air (Now called Shokz OpenRun Pro I think)
--Recommendation – I’ve owned these for many years, and you should try a set of bone conducting headphones if you have not. I will always own a pair of this type of headset mainly for their versatility in providing audio when you don’t want to fully disconnect. I’m keeping these for other uses and maybe for the steam deck on rare occasions but they are not suited for regular gaming.
--Spent - $160
--Type – Wireless Bluetooth
--My Usage – Cycling, walking the dogs, listening to things while watching the kid. Experimented with use on the Steam Deck and as a final solution for PS5, and they are meh. So basically, I will use them for listening to things where I still need to hear the world.
--Weight - .06 pounds
--Clamping pressure – .32 pounds
--Cup Friction – N/A
--Testing Duration – 1 Day
--Thoughts – They will not blow you away with sound quality, but I do love them for cases where I want to listen to something but need awareness of the world. They are weird feeling if you are not used to them, but I find I use these the most in my daily life outside of my Stinger headset for Zoom meetings. They are great for walking the dog, cycling, or listening to a podcast while Paw Patrol is on. Seriously, try a pair if you never have. Not really an option for a gaming headset though.

Steelseries Arctis Nova 7p
--Recommendation – Would buy if you are not sensitive to clamping pressure. This seems to be the best set for the price of all that I tested, and I would have kept them if I could have solved the pain issue. Ended up returning them.
--Spent - $140
--Type - Wireless
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight - .72 pounds
--Clamping pressure – 1 pound
--Cup Friction – Rubbing pain after long sessions.
--Testing Duration – 2 Weeks
--Thoughts – I was hoping these were the holy grail that everyone said. The sound was excellent, and the unit was well built. The headband was comfortable however, my ears still rubbed a tad but more importantly, they caused a ton of pain on each temple after only 1 hour. This seems to be due to the clamping pressure and the design of the pads (and possibly my head shape). My wife experienced the same issue though. I suppose I could have put them on a box to stretch them out and reduce the clamping pressure, but I experimented with manually reducing the pressure while they were on, and they still hurt my temples. It seems the pad/clamping combo does not work for me, and I really don’t want to gamble on the box method and buying third party pads as that seems like a lot to ask to make them work when there are other options.

Astro A50 2019
--Recommendation – Skip these. I was extremely unimpressed compared to the cheaper sets on this list. Also, mine came with the headband busted which seems common and crazy as these launched in 2019 and this should be solved by now. I returned them.
--Spent - $300
--Type – Wireless Dongle/Base
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight - .8 pounds
--Clamping pressure – 1.3 pounds
--Cup Friction – Rubbing pain after short sessions.
--Testing Duration – 2 Days
--Thoughts – Man I wanted to love these. They seemed full of features and of a high-ish quality. However, the headband constantly popped out, the cups kept sliding up and down when I took them off and on, my ears rubbed quite a bit and the sound was not particularly better than the Nova 7ps. Overall, I was thoroughly unimpressed by their price point and comfort. Lastly, the pads were a bit rough and had a weird smell to them that would probably go away but was noticeable from 2 feet away and was nauseating. Obviously, these were a huge letdown.

Logitech Pro X Wireless
--Recommendation – Probably skip these as they have a white noise hiss and clamping pressure issues. It’s sad as they sounded good, and I really liked the build. I returned these.
--Spent - $180
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight – .83 pounds
--Clamping pressure – 1.1 pounds
--Cup Friction – The white noise prevented a long session, but no rubbing pain after the short session.
--Testing Duration – 1 Day
--Thoughts – The build of these really impressed me when I took them out of the box. They felt sturdy and solid when moving it around. However, they hiss when turned on, which is crazy as these launched in like 2019. Apparently not everyone can hear it, but I can and it’s a common complaint for people who can still hear in that range. I tried updating the firmware sliding the volume around on them, the PS5, etc., and they just hiss. It’s like a light white noise that you can barely hear when it’s quiet. They also put a lot of pressure under my cheek bone after around 30 minutes. I’m not sure if that would be solved with some tweaking or using the second set of pads they came with as the headache inducing hiss was enough to send these back.

Sony InZone H7
--Recommendation – These were my final pick after a couple of weeks of testing. The sound was a little less full than I would like, but it’s not noticeable unless directly compared to other headsets. I also felt the surround sound was better than most and these are really light and comfortable for a long time. I’d start here if you have similar issues to me.
--Spent - $200
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight – .71 pounds
--Clamping pressure – .8 pounds
--Cup Friction – No rubbing pain.
--Testing Duration – 3 Weeks
--Thoughts – I really did not want to like these at first as they look like shooting headphones and feel cheap. Also, you cannot adjust the EQ on the PS5. However, these are extremely light and comfortable, and the spatial audio is good. I’m not sure that they are worth $200 compared to some of the others on the list, but these were the only pair that worked well over long sessions for me. The Barracuda Xs were close, but those were a little uncomfortable at first but that faded away in long sessions. The thing that sold these were the slight edge in comfort and the dual audio with Bluetooth.

Astro A30
--Recommendation – These a worth a try if you do not mind a rubbery material on the headband and earpads and have a head/ears in the medium/small range. I personally found the material bothersome, and the headband hurt the top of my head. Returned them.
--Spent - $230
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight – .76 pounds
--Clamping pressure – .9 pounds
--Cup Friction – No rubbing pain.
--Testing Duration – 3 Days
--Thoughts – At first, the material on the pads seemed neat. It felt nice in my hands but the second I put them on, I hated it. The ear cup openings were a smidge too small for me but did not hurt when wearing them. The sound profile was decent, but the headband ended up hurting me after a long session. If the cups were a tad bigger and the material on them was different, I think they would have worked and not caused me head pain.

Razer Barracuda X 2022
--Recommendation – These were my #2 choice. I really did like these to solve my comfort issues, but there was some random interference and very slight comfort issues during the first 10 minutes of wear that made me send them back. If it weren’t for that, I may have kept them as they are the cheapest set with a low clamping pressure.
--Spent - $100
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight – .59 pounds
--Clamping pressure – .8 pounds
--Cup Friction – No rubbing pain.
--Testing Duration – 3 Weeks
--Thoughts – This is a tough one. They were comfortable for long wear, but they caused interference with my controller and would cut out rarely even with the dongle on a long extension cord away from my entertainment center. I found these to sound slightly better than my #1 pick (H7s), but the Bluetooth was not active while playing and they could not have the EQ adjusted. It was by a slim margin that these went back.

Razer Kaira Pro PlayStation Edition
--Recommendation – They have a good all-around feature set, and I would try them only if you have a medium/small head and ears and are interested in the haptics as I don’t think the clamping would be an issue on a smaller head or maybe on someone with a different head shape. I sent these back but wished I didn’t have to.
-- (They didn’t have the PS5 specific review)
--Spent - $200
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight – .73 pounds
--Clamping pressure – 1 pound
--Cup Friction – Rubbing pain after short sessions.
--Testing Duration – 2 Days
--Thoughts – I really liked the idea of these with the haptic feedback, but it ended up just feeling like extra bass shake. I suspect I would have disliked it of long sessions and turned it off immediately. They put too much pressure on the front of my ears and caused pain and made them feel clogged. They also made my ears hot and both ears scrapped a bit. However, the feature set, like being able to swap sound profiles with a button, was great as was the sound.

HyperX Cloud Alpha
--Recommendation – Hello white noise my old friend. While not as bad as the Logitech Pro X, it was still enough to make these a no if you can hear it. If you cannot hear it, and are sensitive to clamping, these are a great option. Since HyperX has no fix for the white noise, I returned them.
--Spent - $200
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight – .7 pounds
--Clamping pressure – .9 pounds
--Cup Friction – The white noise prevented a long session, but no rubbing pain after the short session.
--Testing Duration – 1 Day
--Thoughts – I thought I would hate these as they looked really ‘gamer’, but the build quality was pretty good. I liked the sound profile, and they were comfortable. I would say that these would have been a front runner if not my final pick were it not for the white noise. It was just enough that I knew it would cause a headache, which is unfortunate as the cups and headband did not cause any pain. So, if you cannot hear the white noise and are sensitive to clamping, consider these.

Razer Kraken v3 Pro
--Recommendation – Basically the same as the Kaira. I was hoping that these would feel better as I like the Kiara, but no luck.
--Spent - $180
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight – .8 pounds
--Clamping pressure – 1 pound
--Cup Friction – No rubbing pain.
--Testing Duration – 2 Days
--Thoughts – I really liked the Kaira ones and was hoping these would feel different. Like the Kaira, they put too much pressure on the front of my ears and caused pain and made them feel clogged. They also made my ears hot, but it didn’t scrape like the Kairas.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro
--Recommendation – I tried these as I liked all the other Razer models other than their comfort issues. These also caused a lot of ear pain after about 20 minutes, so I sent them back. They were one of my favorites if you ignore the pain part.
--Spent - $130
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight – .72 pounds
--Clamping pressure – 1 pound
--Cup Friction – Rubbing pain after short sessions.
--Testing Duration – 2 Days
--Thoughts – Again, the Razer headsets seem to have clicked with me other than the comfort issues. I ordered this one on a whim to see if it would be better than the others, but the wire cup mountings made them less adjustable, and I think are what caused the pain so quickly. I thought these were well rounded and was a bit sad that the pain hit so early.

Razer Barracuda Pro
--Recommendation – Since the lower end Barracuda X was a finalist for me, I threw a stab at these despite the higher clamping force. Sadly, the clamping force was an issue, and they made my ears hot. I returned them.
--Spent - $250
--Type – Wireless Dongle
--Usage – Gaming, 1-2 hours a day with bursts of up to 4 hours.
--Weight – .75 pounds
--Clamping pressure – 1.1 pounds
--Cup Friction – Rubbing pain on both ears. This was the only set to have that on both.
--Testing Duration – 2 Days
--Thoughts – It’s strange that these are so different from the 2022 X lower range model. I understand they have different drivers and features, but you wouldn’t think they would feel like a totally different line. However, they do and given the shallow cups and that they cause clamping pain and made my ear hot after only 30 minutes, these were a big disappointment.
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2023.05.30 20:44 byomes [US-NJ] [H] Bauer 2 patina, Iron160 WKL plum, Midway60 LE, WRK LDR Creator Board Pioneer, GMK, KAT, ePBT sets, Bongo artisans [W] Paypal

Please comment first with a PM
Old Timestamp
Local = Bergen County, NJ

All boards will come with original packaging.Boards + keycaps will all be wiped down clean with a microfiber clothKeycaps will be ultrasonically cleaned before shipping

Item Description Price
Bauer 2 - Black/brass + Kneedeeppatina commission - soundtest Brass bottom has been patinaed by Kneedeep. Rainbow patina on polished brass. Built with L+F gat black inks, 205g0 + 105 oil on stock springs, TX clear films. Durock v2 stabs bandaid modded (mixed clear bottom + smoked stems to kinda match the black inks). Extra PCB + PC plate unused. Kneedeep commission card signed. SOLD
Smith + Rune - Iron160 WKL Plum Brand new. WKL Plum + black weight. Comes with standard aluminum and tsangan fr4 plate. One solder PCB. Black carrying case + white microfiber cloth $500 OBO + Shipping
Midway60 LE - WKL - Obsidian - soundtest Limited edition - Obsidian colorway - built with pewters L+F 205g0 + 105 on springs, durock v2 stabs band-aid modded on PC half plate. Extra full black alu plate + PCB unused. Comes with everything that came with it. Even the white gloves lol $500 / $450 unbuilt OBO + Shipping
Worklouder Creator Board - Pioneer edition 1 of 10. - soundtest Won the silent auction for #4 of the Creator Board. Custom Work Louder carrying case, Numbered base plate (Numbered 4 of 10), Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Work Louder co-founders, wrk. Legend and Blind keycaps. Built with choc yellows lubed with 205g0 + 105 oil on springs. $400 + Shipping
GMK Mecha-01 set Base, Spacebar, Novelties. Barely used, no shine $200/ $190 in bags OBO
GMK British Racing Green + novelties mounted once, never saw use, no shine $200 / $190 in bags OBO
KAT Monochrome - Hangul alphas, Icon modifiers opened but brand new $100 / $90 in bags OBO
KAT Cyberspace set (not splitting) alpha dayglow (GID), Alphas (sealed), Novelties, Icon Mods, Hangul. Barely saw any use (refer to this for kit) $200 / $190 in bags OBO
EPBT Kuro Shiro R1 + Spacebars No shine or any signs of wear. Ships in bags $80 in bags OBO
EPBT KON MOMO Base, Arrow, Color-addon x2, Mini Addon. (refer to this image for kit) $65 in bags OBO
Hello Caps Lolly Cat v2 $400
Hello Caps Necropolis II $350
Hello Caps Starburst $525

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2023.05.30 18:39 SpawnMoreOverlords_ 7800x3d motherboard pairing?

Looking for the best motherboard to pair with the 7800x3d.
Was looking @ the gigabyte x670 aorus elite for $279-
Some reviews say its great some dont.
I used to have ASUS boards but some Videos show theyve been overvolting the chip and melting it… im reluctant to go Asus again even though historically I’ve had no issues using their products.
My budget is probably $350.
Was looking into the msi x670e carbon(slightly out of budget but will pay if its worth it), the asrock x670 steel legend, or go baxk to asus x670e prime or the tuf x670
I game in 1080p 2 monitors, stream, etc. video card is a 2070 super but upgrading to either a rx 6950xtx or the 7900xtx.
Im so confused on which motherboard to go with, id like it to have 2 m.2 slots though, so I can boot off one and store the majority of my games on the other.
Also need it to be capable of running 64gb of DDR5 @ 6000mhz (OC)
Some boards I see dont have that capability supposedly according to the microcenter specs
Any help is much appreciated thank you
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2023.05.30 18:37 SpawnMoreOverlords_ Motherboard to pair with 7800x3d?

Looking for the best motherboard to pair with the 7800x3d.
Was looking @ the gigabyte x670 aorus elite for $279-
Some reviews say its great some dont and I dont like the idea of the cheap realtek audio driver it has
I used to have ASUS boards in my last 3 builds but some recent videos show theyve been overvolting the chip and melting it… im reluctant to go Asus again for this reason even though historically I’ve had no issues using their products. Im not sure if its just the mega high end x series boards either.
My budget is probably $350.
Was looking into the msi x670e carbon(slightly out of budget but will pay if its worth it), the asrock x670 steel legend, or go baxk to asus x670e prime or the tuf x670.
I game in 1080p 2 monitors, stream, etc. video card is a 2070 super but upgrading to either a rx 6950xtx or the 7900xtx.
Im so confused on which motherboard to go with, id like it to have 2 m.2 slots though, so I can boot off one and store the majority of my games on the other.
Also need it to be capable of running 64gb of DDR5 @ 6000mhz (OC)
Some boards I see dont have that capability supposedly according to the microcenter specs
Any help is much appreciated thank you
Edited: x670**** sorry
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2023.05.29 21:29 REDEEMCODELIST apex Legends Mobile 2.0 - REDEEM CODE LIST
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2023.05.29 08:38 Zeplight [H] Too many games [W] Paypal

The keys on the list are global unless otherwise stated. Paypal fees if any is on the buyer side. Prices are in USD and inclusive of Paypal fees.
My IGS Rep Page:
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2023.05.29 04:26 Yaa_buddy My Yamaha Cross Core RC Review

My Yamaha Cross Core RC Review
I've had this exceptional bike for about 8 months now and I wanted to do a review because there's so little real-world information out there. Paid $3250 with tax from a local shop that came with a factory 3-year warranty.
I was surprised how small the frame sizes run. I'm 5'10 and don't think anyone over 6' would like the large. No XL's. The medium seemed like a 5'6 and under bike. The cross bar also seems quite high.
Motor. It rips, seriously. Quite, powerful, smooth, predictable and a piece of cake to use. The torque sensor is excellent and gives you the perfect multiple of petal power. There are 4 modes, Auto will (very effectively) conserve battery life, then automatically jump to a more powerful mode if you really crank the pedal. I believe this is unique to Yamaha bikes (not their motors) and an awesome feature. The bike really takes off if you want it to, tons of torque on demand.
Range. Depending on the mode, you'll probably run out of desire to ride before you run out of juice. In ECO mode, my range reads around 84 miles left. Unfortunately, eco mode is basically like pedaling a regular 35lb bike. You'll probably spend most of your time in standard, which gives a healthy 42-43 miles of completely stress-free pedaling. Even high mode will net around 34 miles. This bike pulled me up the Mt Evans road in Colorado like nothing, the highest paved road in the country at 14,130ft. When I got back down I still had half my battery left. Though admittedly, I was taking it pretty easy and also only weigh 160.
Quality. I have a couple Low-end e-bikes as well, and although not completely necessary, more expensive bikes are just plain nicer to ride. Fast food vs steakhouse; both are good in different ways. Yamaha seems a step below the big three, but they have good products all around. The paint is also beautiful and of high quality.
Frame and Brakes. One word: Solid. When you're getting up there in poundage (62lbs) you start to notice how important it is to be able to stop quickly and not deal with flex when you don't want it. Handling gives good confidence, even with the stock fork or whatever they call that thing. Legend has it there might be a spring or something inside. (More on that later)
Components/Battery. The earlier Yamahas had a front derailleur and 2 rings. They've done away with that and rest is just middle of the road stuff, as you'd expect, they get the job done. The display is minimal but effective and you can see it in direct sunlight. There's 10 dots of battery life, each one is worth 10%. There's no battery sag and the % doesn't go up and down. What you see is what you get, very reliable and reduces range anxiety. Battery charges in 3 hours and takes about 30 seconds to remove, more in the beginning since you'll want to do it so carefully. it also has a walk mode and well-functioning headlight.
Looks. Personally I love it, the battery is well concealed and the way the top tube looks when you're riding it is way cool.
The SR Sun tour Fork. Shame on Yamaha for fitting this pile of hot trash to such fantastic bike. It's flimsy, weak, spongy, lacks almost all rebound dampening and knocks annoyingly over ever little bump. Given the fact that I had to spend $370 to fit a real fork, (on top of the $3250) it's almost enough for me to not recommend this bike, almost. But the knocking really is that bad, and Sun Tour told me that's just how their low-end forks work. I sold it for $15 dollars on Craigslist.
No throttle. For this kind of bike I don't miss the throttle at all. You get power right away since there's no cadence sensor, plus the bike isn't all that heavy so it gets moving no problem. I don't miss it, especially since it feels so much like a regular bicycle.
Class 1 limited to 20mph. For me I could care less, 20 is plenty fast but if speed is your thing and you don't have a motorcycle, or a faster e-bike, this might be a deal breaker.
Limited Dealer Support. People aren't buying very many of these and I have a bad feeling if anything goes wrong, I'll be screwed. It feels like a niche bike, there just aren't enough being sold to find forum help. The dealer I bought it from is good, but who knows if they'll be in business when I need them to be. It's been rock solid and trust it completely, but it would be much easier to get solid warranty work done on a Specialized/Giant/Trek.
Note: Changing these tires. Holy crap the side walls are insanely stiff. I don't think it would be possible to get them off the rim by hand. You'll need those plastic prybars and even those feel like they're about break. They feel like motorcycle tires.
I also ride Yamaha motorcycles so I just love seeing the logo when I look down. For me, that makes owning this bike really fun. I would buy it again, but I do think the fork and limited dealer support and lack of fellow riders are enough for me to not recommend it. However, if you don't mind dropping another $350-$370 on a real fork and the dealer thing isn't a problem, I'd say go for it. Love this thing.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.26 12:13 Ok-Computer2739 Which is the best rep of these two?

Which is the best rep of these two?
I’m about to purchase a pair but unsure which to buy from? Can anyone advise? Pk or bombline?
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2023.05.25 20:00 DTG_Bot This Week at Bungie - 05/25/2023

This week at Bungie, we’re expanding that IP family a little more, getting our PlayStation on with some fun new crossovers coming to Destiny 2, and living out our aquanaut fantasies.
What a week, am I right? Bungie’s second PlayStation showcase since we joined the PS fam, and we couldn’t be more excited to share just a smidge of what the teams here have been working on behind the scenes. The future is bright, but for right now? We deep dive for Sloane whilst wearing our finest PlayStation-inspired digs. But before we delve into the delectable secrets of another TWAB, here’s a quick look back at what we talked about last week:
  • Final Season 21 prep.
  • An in-depth preview of the Seasonal Artifact.
  • A first look at the three new Strand Aspects. (Live now!)
  • An update to how enemy shields appear.
  • The final standings of the Guardian Games Cup.
  • We have the newly announced [email protected] Inclusion Club.
  • The new Twitch Bounty emblem.
For this week, here’s what we’ve got coming down the pipeline:
  • It’s not a sprint, it’s a Marathon.
  • Sony and Bungie team up for some PlayStation crossover goodness.
    • Another cosplay challenge is on the horizon.
  • Farewell Guardian Games, see you next year!
  • A look at the Season 21 opening cutscene.
  • Save the Date: Season 21 edition.
  • Guardian Ranks reminder.
  • Don’t let those Aquanaut dreams be dreams.
  • A message from the Archives.
  • This week’s Player Support Report.
  • Community picks for Art of the Week and Movie of the Week.
All good? Perfect, let’s get into it.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

We’ve had a huge week at Bungie, and we’re excited to be sharing more. Yesterday, one of the reveals at the PlayStation Showcase event was that of Cayde-6's return to the Destiny franchise in The Final Shape. We also dropped another knowledge bomb that players have been excited for; and that’s that Nathan Fillion will be reprising his role as Cayde-6 in the Destiny Universe.
Video Link
So, get that ramen ready and mark your calendars for August 22, because that’s the date of our annual Destiny 2 Showcase. There, we will be revealing even more details on the year of The Final Shape.

It's Not a Sprint...

Destiny news wasn’t the only news we shared. It’s time to go back to our roots. That’s right, it’s time to get ready for a Marathon! In case you missed the announcement during the most recent PlayStation State of Play showcase earlier this week, Marathon is a sci-fi PVP extraction shooter where players will embody cybernetic mercenaries known as Runners. Exploring a lost colony on the mysterious planet of Tau Ceti IV, Runners – working solo or as part of three-person crews – will fight for survival, riches, and for fame.
How about a fancy announcement trailer and a new Vidoc? Roll the clip:
Video Link
We’re excited about the future and are excited to share more Marathon news with you, but as mentioned in the Vidoc we are going to be going heads down on this game for a while as we work to get it ready for prime time.
This will be the last time you hear any Marathon-specific news in the TWAB. We are going to be creating clear communication lanes going forward and you can find Marathon news on the following channels:
HaVe you ever thought to yourself, “Self, I’m pretty darn amazing, but I’d be even cooler if I could be Aloy”? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone! We’re here to tell you to not let those dreams be dreams, because now you can get your Aloy, Kratos, and Jin on in the world of Destiny 2 with the spiffy new PlayStation collaboration gear just announced!
Hunters? Boom. Titans? Straight fire. Warlocks? Yes, please! But don’t take our word for it, feast those fandom eyes on these beauties:
Image Link
So, what eXactly is available, you may be asking? Fair questioN, especially if you haven’t checked out the new PlayStation Blog post right here, this is what you need to know about what we’Ve got up for grabs, available separately and in 3 bundles:
For geared-up badassery, these armor ornamenT bundles are for you:
  • Anointed Hunter for Hunters
  • Godsbane for Titans
  • Ancestral for Warlocks
For killer finisher moves, check out the Endless RoaMer bundle:
  • From NowheRe
  • Whirling Chaos
  • Perfect Strike
Image Link
Image Link
Image Link
And you can’t forget about the CordycePs bundle:
  • Clicker Ghost
  • Blooming Terror Ship
  • Quarantine Runner Ship
All of this, plus a swanky Gadgeteer Emote to harness your inner Ratchet (or your inner Clank, we’re not choosy), which you can also get in the Eververse store.
Image Link
And don’t worry, these items are not platform-exclusive. Get your Kratos on.
Dope, right? Before diving into what’s next (hint, it has to do with cosplay), we’re going to go ahead and give you a second to collect yourselves. We can hear you yelling “boy!” from here.

Cosplay, Cosplay Never Changes

You know we love ourselves a good time when it comes to a cosplay contest. Let’s be real, when dealing with epic characters like Aloy, Kratos, and Jin, how could we not challenge our incredible community to harness their creativity? So, let’s get silly and have some cosplay fun, shall we?
We did this last year for Bungie Day and the submissions were nothing short of pure serotonin. That’s why we’re excited to see what y’all come up with this challenge. Take your best shot at recreating some of the new armor looks in Destiny 2 repping that PlayStation love, but with a twist. You can’t go buy anything, just pull whatever it is that you have at your disposal and go wild. The impressive, the weird, and the, “How did you even come up with that!?” — we want it all!
We’ll be featuring submissions from now until the end of June, so you have plenty of time to get those creative juices flowing. If your submission is chosen (or retweeted from the official @DestinytheGame Twitter account), then you’ll not only get rad bragging rights, but the highly coveted Art of the Week emblem too. And the knowledge that when you go to sleep at night, you’re nothing short of a legend, but we digress. Anyway, shoot us your cosplay, hit us with the #Destiny2Cosplay hashtag so we can make sure to see those totally cooked homages, and just have fun with it. Can’t wait to see them!

So Long, Guardian Games '23, And Thanks For All the Titan Ws

Another Guardian Games and Guardian Games Cup has come and gone. Many of you swapped classes to prioritize this year’s games with your best Titan garb to do our Commander proud. Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks all gave it their best but there could only be one winner. Congrats Titans on pulling a flawless victory, always knew you had it in ya. This one’s for you, Lance.
In partnership with the Bungie Foundation for the second year in a row, Guardian Games Cup saw teams from around the globe raising almost $150,000 for Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee. The top four teams in the Charitable and Technical categories will receive prizes for their accomplishments. Thank you to all of the Guardians who participated!
Charitable category
  • Lost City Guardians
  • Destiny 2 Japan Creator
  • Metagalactic Boomers
Technical category
  • Popcorn
  • Ursidae
  • Prayer
  • Lighthouse Community Team ##It's Time to Taken Sloane Home (After This Season's Opening Cutscene, Of Course)
You know, this is one of those “don’t ruin this moment with words” times, so let’s just get right into the opening cutscene for Season of the Deep (if you haven't seen it yet and don't want to be spoiled, please skip the below video):
Video Link
Sloane is back, but that doesn’t mean that the fight stops. Now that we’ve teamed up with Zavala to bring her back home, it’s time to jump into yet another precarious life-or-death situation. And it all began with a simple distress call... '

Save the Dave and Dive Deep into What's Happening in Season 21

Whether you’re only sticking around in this section for a new dungeon date reminder—which, valid—or itching to start planning for that Grandmasters crawl (like a pub crawl but rated T for Teen), here are a few dates you should keep in mind for the new Season:
  • New dungeon hype, new dungeon hype, new dungeon hype!
    • The new dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, arrives tomorrow!
  • Season 21 Trials of Osiris also goes live tomorrow.
    • Learn more about Trials rewards here.
  • First Iron Banner of the Season starts next week on May 30.
  • Grandmasters start early on June 13.
  • Solstice brings its sunny celebration on July 18.

    Guardian Ranks Reminder, Don't Panic

Now that we’re fully immersed in a brand-new Season and investigating previously unexplored areas on Titan, just a friendly reminder for those interested in their Guardian Rank progression and how that evolves from season to season.
Players who have already completed the objectives required to reach Rank 5 will start each new season at Guardian Rank 5. Other things to keep in mind:
  • Only Seasonal Guardian Rank objectives (the ones in blue text) are reset.
    • Get those comfy sweatpants ready, fellow fans of cozy, it’s time to game.
  • Guardians display the previous Season’s rank for the entire following season, so you will still have that badge of accomplishment.
We’ve also taken a good look at feedback regarding Guardian Ranks, the objectives tied to them, and have made additional adjustments to make them feel more enjoyable and in-line with your goals.

Don't Let Those Aquanaut Dreams be Dreams

It wouldn’t be a new Season without a new shiny title to earn and pin to snag! Take on the dangers of Titan for a chance to earn the new Aquanaut title. And don’t stop there, no... Commemorate your accomplishments with a shiny medallion that actually is like a little gift to yourself. I’m not sure about you all, but the little narrative anecdotes in each one makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
Image Link
Get your own warm and fuzzies by earning the Aquanaut title before August 22, 2023, to unlock this Bungie Rewards offer through the Bungie Store. Happy diving!

A Message from the Archives

Remember that dope playlist we shared earlier this year highlighting cutscenes from seasons past? The ever-evolving list has just evolved once more with three newly added videos of glorious narrative goodness. If you’re interested in scoping it out, you can find Season 13 (Chosen), Season 14 (Splicer), and Season 20 (Defiance) added to this snazzy playlist right here.
Video Link

Player Support Report

OMB Sloane hiiii!!!!
Image Link
Another week, another Player Support report, this time diving into the first week of Season of the Deep. On the land side of things, here is the latest update on known issues.
Known Issues List Help Forums Bungie Help Twitter
Starting with the launch of Season of the Deep, emblem ownership values were updated. For security purposes, players who have emblems on their account that do not appear in their Collections ( Collections > Flair > Emblems > General) will no longer be able to equip these emblems, and players will no longer be able to see these emblems if they are still equipped. Those who are affected by this change will need to reacquire these emblems through proper means by unlocking them in their profiles or on their platform if they wish to continue using them.
Players who have emblems unlocked on their accounts and platforms are unaffected by this change.
With the launch of Season of the Deep, new Strand fragments have become available to unlock. Players who complete the Unfinished Business Exotic quest can now speak to Nimbus to acquire a quest to earn new Strand aspects and learn more about the Veil.
The latest dungeon launches at 10 AM, May 26. To access the dungeon, players will need to own the Lightfall Dungeon Key and acquire the associated quest from Hawthorne prior to launching into the dungeon for the first time.
With the launch of Season of the Deep, Last Wish weapons are now available to be crafted. Additionally, players can visit Hawthorne each week to acquire the O Deepsight Mine quest to unlock the ability to purchase a previously obtained Last Wish weapon with Deepsight upon completion.
While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum:
  • The Electric Armor and Amped Up Artifact mods names are switched. These mods will still function correctly based on their descriptions.
  • The Until Its Return Shotgun's glare is disconnected from the weapon.
  • The Dark Decider Auto Rifle does not have firing audio.
  • Previous Season Ranks greater than 100 are displaying incorrectly in the Journey tab.
  • Some subtitles do not appear during the Season of the Deep opening cinematic.
  • When equipping a Sidearm or Hand Cannon, the player’s view will shift slightly to the left.
  • The portal in the H.E.L.M. does not open for players during the Into The Depths quest.
  • Players may experience framerate drops when opening the Eververse store pages.
  • The Season 19 clan staff has the incorrect title.
  • We are aware of reports that Exotic armor focusing is dropping with lower stats than intended and are currently investigating.
  • We are investigating an issue where players are blocked from completing the Season 21 Into the Depths introductory quest. Players who don't auto-launch into The Descent mission must complete Lightfall's intro mission first, otherwise, they will get blocked from completion.
For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help Forum.

Like a Big Taken Pie, That's Amore

Image Link
Hippy: I’m a simple Titan. I see pizza, I want pizza. I bet Oryx would totally eat this pizza when he’s chilling at his favorite spot in the King’s Fall raid: at the back of the room. 😌
Movie of the Week: Oryx, King of the Pizza
The Taken King 🎮 Song; “Used to the Darkness” #oryx #destiny2 #thetakenking #pizza #nickyatspizza #fyp #foryou #gamer #destiny #auryx
— Nickyatspizza (@nickyatspizza) May 18, 2023

His Driftiness Has Arrived

Image Link
Bruno: “So, I’m Drifter. So, that’s what they call me. You know, that or, uh, His Driftness, or, uh, El Drifterino. Or Rat, if you’re not into the whole Hive thing.”
Art of the Week: 'I rough night, and I hate the [expletive] Screebs, man.
"Sometimes there's a man, he's the man for his time and place ... and that's The Drifter, in the Last City."
Thrilled to share my contribution to @D2ArtEvents #d2springzine2023! Check out the full zine below & all the works in the tag! #Destiny2 #destiny2art #Destiny2AOTW
— SignificantOtter (@SignificantOtt4) May 17, 2023
Ivan: I’d love to have a guided Vow of the Disciple tour by Rhulk. I’m sure there are many stories to be told. This amazing art was inspired by my beloved Blade Runner 2049, so picking this entry as #Destiny2AOTW is a no-brainer for me. Congrats!
Art of the Week: First day on the job
First day on the job
Rhulk showing the Caretaker around his ship, between the amber trapped silhouettes of failed experiments, curiosities and statues
my contribution to the #d2springzine2023 organized by @D2ArtEvents#Destiny2Art #Destiny2AOTW
— Strawbaby✨🏳️‍🌈 (@RedStrawbaby) May 17, 2023
That’s a wrap on another TWAB. Now it’s time to dive back into the mysterious methane seas of Titan. And you know what, with all that liquid it’ll be even easier to remember to drink some water. (Just... please don’t drink the seas of Titan. We’re literally begging. Thank you.)
Before we let you go, be sure to follow the @Destiny2Team account on Twitter for more from Bungie devs on what’s going on in the world of Destiny 2.
And while we’re all waiting on the next TWAB, remember to keep drinking that water, prioritizing that self-care, and always lead with your kindest foot forward. Until next time, friends.
"I should go,”
<3 Hippy
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2023.05.24 21:40 Eagle_462 Review of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static Black Reflective from Coco (Getreadys)

Review of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static Black Reflective from Coco (Getreadys)
The shoes are amazing. They are very comfortable and look exactly like the original. Customer service was excellent and the delivery time was great. 10/10 I would order again!
submitted by Eagle_462 to FansOfCoco [link] [comments]

2023.05.23 14:46 yoonitrop12 Dopa’s patch 13.10 preview (ft. Gold efficiency)

If you've already read the main post, skip to 'quick reviews'. It's the only real difference. Oh, and I also try to answer every comment/question here. Please leave a comment, I love feedback.


Dopa previewing patch 13.10. This was from before the patch hit, so it’s a bit late, but I still wanted to get it out. I focused on Dopa’s interesting viewpoints, and mostly left out simple reactions. It might be helpful to have the patch notes when you read this.

Quick TL Note: Dopa isn’t in the military because he dodged(was rejected from) champ select(bootcamp) due to comp(personal health?) reasons. He may go back, or he might not, but for the time being he’s streaming League of Legends in Korea.

AP ratios (Vayne, Akshan, Kindred, Kalista) & itemization

Isn’t this just a comparative nerf to all the other ADCs that already had AP ratios? Vayne used to go Rageblade even though she had no AP ratios at all, I’m not sure why they felt the need to give these four champions buffs. Still, I like the direction of the patch. Especially the comments.

These new ratios aren’t meant to make AP builds strong or even viable on them but instead to make incidental sources of Ability Power (like Rageblade) feel like they aren’t wasted.

Itemization in itself is skill expression - you need to buy items with useful stats. This was more relevant in the past, but it’s still true today. I hate buying mage items that have health. If an item has health, you’re paying that much more gold for a secondary stat. The health is useless on a mage compared to AP, Ability Haste, and movement speed. You’re either paying more gold for the same thing or getting less of my preferred stats, depending on your perspective. Total gold efficiency is important, but equally important is knowing which stats you’re paying for. Knowing not to buy “efficient” items with bad options is a skill.

Oh, do you guys remember the version of Archangels that gave Ability Haste? Before it was changed to give a shield like it currently does. I thought that item was complete trash on champions like Victor, even though lots of people built it. Why? Because by the time you finish stacking the item, mana becomes a useless stat. Excluding champions like Cassiopeia that actually need the mana pool, you’re taking the gold you used to buy the mana and chucking it in the trash. I saw a lot of people buying the item, and thought they were all idiots. What a waste of gold.

The new changes make it so that AP is no longer a wasted stat on those champions. They’re taking the skill expression out of itemization. It’s more of a QoL change than anything else. Riot is doing a very good job of making QoL changes. I remember when buffs didn’t have timers, and there was only 1 type of ping. Not having to time drakes, being able to MIA ping, and easier itemization – these are all changes that benefit newer players. Which is good for the game, but it’s bad for older players like me, since we lose our competitive edge. I hate the changes, even though it’s better for the ecosystem. I guess that’s why only listening to older players is bad for any game. Still, they haven’t patched the mana items yet - people still don’t know how useless mana is.

Crit items

We’ve got a big update to crit itemization with the hope of creating a much more open ecosystem of crit items players are excited to buy. Currently, League of Legends functionally has two sets of critical strike mythic items: Kraken / Galeforce / Shieldbow and Infinity Edge / Quickblades / Rageblade. Ultimately, we feel that Infinity Edge, Quickblades, Rageblade, and Galeforce actually fit the role of a mythic item the best so the other items are being demoted to legendary status and re-tuned to fit that new role.

The new mythic items are quite similar to the old versions as they already served their purposes well, with a notable change in Rageblade more strongly filling the hybrid on-hit niche, which should make champions like Kayle and Teemo pay attention.

The legendary re-balancing brings down some overly strong items, such as Kraken Slayer losing its true damage, Immortal Shieldbow providing less shielding, and Bloodthirster losing its shield entirely. Meanwhile, underperforming items like Mortal Reminder, The Collector, and Mercurial Scimitar are receiving some simple buffs. There are also a slew of balance changes to epic items to buff underpowered trap upgrades (Recurve Bow, Hearthbound Axe, Kircheis Shard) and nerf overly-powerful ones (Zeal).

Woah… Whoever wrote this has a good fundamental understanding of the game. Back in the day, Riot would brute force balance by patching constantly. It felt like patches were being done by a platinum player. These days, it feels like the patches are much more nuanced. Did something change behind the scenes? More than the changes themselves, I like the explanations behind the patches. Like, low elo players don’t know this stuff. The readability of the patches has also become much better.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade – The build path is so bad. How are you supposed to buy this thing? It’s as bad as Luden’s Echo, where you can’t buy anything if you’re forced to base when you don’t have enough gold. Compare this to the assassin items – you can just buy more long swords whenever you base. And Rageknife is still bad. The mythic passive is great though, I think they put in mixed penetration to account for the fact that you can’t buy penetration items with Guinsoo’s. Which is a very good choice – Riot has definitely become better at patching. Kayle used to fall off in the late late game because of her lack of penetration, and this looks more like a Kayle item than an ADC item. You can never tell how good Guinsoo’s will be just by reading the patch notes, so I’ll have to try it out.

Galeforce & Movement Speed

Galeforce is still a mythic? Yeah, Galeforce should be a mythic. If this was a legendary, every ADC in the game would buy it at some point. (Reads notes) 55 AD, 15% AS, 7% movement speed… wait. What? 7% BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED?? Did Galeforce always give movement speed? It was the Mythic passive, right? (Reads chat) It was, what, 2% per item? Sure. But 7%? Are you kidding me? These stats are insane. What is this? The active got buffed as well. Galeforce has to be completely broken. Wasn’t this patch supposed to nerf ADCs?

Do you guys not understand how overpowered this item is? Is this supposed to be an early game buff since you can’t buy Infinity Edge anymore? I don’t get it, the power level of Galeforce 1st item is way too strong. (Reads chat) I guess I need to explain how OP movement speed is.

In gold value, 1% movement speed is roughly equal to 1.5 AD. So 7% movement speed has roughly the same value as 10 more AD. And this is the bare minimum value. Back in ye olden days, we had a rune system where you could choose from different stats. We had these things called quints, and you could choose between having 1.5% movement speed and 2.25 AD. That’s where the numbers come from. However, in the hierarchy of stats, movement speed is generally more valuable than attack damage. Of course, the value of movement speed, and all stats for that matter, depends on the skillset of each champion. I think about 80 out of 100 champions would take movement speed over AD. I would usually take movement speed quints back when that was still around.

But the thing is, movement speed is a lot more valuable on ADCs and mages. 100 out of 100 times, all ADCs and mages will take movement speed over damage. An ADC would never trade movement speed for an equivalent amount of AD. 7% movement speed is so OP, in fact, that this could be an indirect nerf to all other classes in the game. And an active damage buff on top of that? That’s insane. ADCs just keep getting faster. Still, Galeforce builds will get both slower and weaker late game compared to the current version since they can’t build Infinity Edge anymore.

(Q. Then does Cloud Soul give insane amounts of stats?) Not quite, because MS has diminishing returns. The important thing is your speed relative to your opposition. If you’re already much faster than the enemy, then you don’t need much more. Still, I value cloud drake and cloud soul very highly – I don’t understand why some people think it’s worse than the other drakes.

Lost Chapter rant

Finally, the change I was waiting for. Tome + Sapphire Crystal + 265 gold? It just got 200g cheaper? (Excitedly) That’s it? No AP nerfs?

(pauses for dramatic effect)

You may have expected me to be happy. To be elated. I… I am not. And do you know why? It’s because this is how things should have been. This is the natural order of things. When all other champions started off with 0 gold, mages have been cursed to start at -200 gold all this time. How many years have we endured this suffering? How will Riot compensate our lost mental, our lost LP points? Will all of our sacrifices be ignored simply because Lost Chapter has been buffed to 1100 gold? When I realize that the grievances inflicted upon my mage brethren shall be ridiculed and forgotten, it is not happiness that fills my heart. Instead, it is rage.

At this point, chat will be quick to decry my pains. ‘It costs 1100 gold now. The same as dirk. What else do you want? Isn’t that enough?’ And to that, I merely suggest that Riot should have given an apology to all mage players, and acknowledge that we have suffered. And yet, Riot has chosen to do the complete opposite. They have the audacity to say that they’ll be keeping an eye on Lost Chapter. This change has risk? Mages tend to be the top performers in pro play? What is this blasphemy? I cannot accept this! Buff lost chapter to 900 gold. Amplifying Tome + Sapphire Crystal + 65 gold

Short of that, lower the cost of Amplifying Tome to 400 gold. I dare even ask for 350 gold. Why must we stand by and watch as assassins start with Long Sword and 3 potions? What is the difference between Long Sword 3 pots and Amplifying Tome 3 pots? Allow me to buy 2 Tomes when I have 700 gold, just like assassins.

I’ll stop here.

(TL note: You can probably tell, but he’s not being serious.)

Early game adjustments

These patch notes are the most interesting ones I’ve seen in a while – is it because a lot of these patches favor me?


In the Midseason Patch, we'll also be making some pretty large changes with the goal of making the laning phase more about victories over your direct laner and less about external influences like junglers or roaming, especially in the early parts of the game. We still want roaming to be a powerful strategy, but currently the best way to play the game is finding ways to quickly snowball other lanes rather than decisive 1v1s or 2v2s. These changes should make the two strategies more equally rewarding.

So, they do have a clear direction of what they want to achieve with this patch. They want to nerf roaming and buff 1 vs 1 play. They’re right, the entire game revolves too much around diving bot.

Minions Gotta Go Fast: Except for the first spawn of minions, Mid lane minions will meet at the same time as side lanes (side lane minions will be sped up). This falls off after 14 minutes.

But there’s one thing I question. The crux of this patch is that they’re making minions meet at the same time in top, mid and bot, but I’m not sure if that will solve this issue. In fact, I think that this change might have the opposite effect, and increase the number of roams. Still, if their intent is to decrease the viability of mid roams, they’ll patch it right away if it doesn’t work out how they planned it. I’m not sure how this will affect my playstyle, as it’s hard to tell until you try it out.

Tunnel Vision: Minions that are currently attacking an enemy tower will ignore "call for help" signals to target enemy champions. Let them focus.

When you crash a big wave into the tower, and keep hitting the tower, there are times when the opposing laner is forced to attack you to make you stop. The minions then target the enemy champion and do about 100~200 damage. They’re removing this from the game, which will make diving much harder. It might make taking plates easier though. The other day, Kanavi told me something interesting. Apparently K’sante is the god of taking plates. In the Sion vs K’sante matchup, assuming the two players are of equal skill, K’sante will take most of the plates with no jungle intervention. K’sante can take plates off of most top champs.


Being forced to base already feels a bit sad as you take yourself out of the action, but waiting at full health as your mana pool slowly creeps up adds salt to the wounds.

‘Adds salt to the wounds’ – what a beautiful phrase. I’m crying right now. You guys knew how we felt? So you chose to increase fountain mana regen. What a great patch. When mana users base, a lot of times we’d be at full health. We had to wait for our mana to regenerate, and that took forever.

Previously, mana was a way to gate early waveclear for casters

Exactly. Mana users used to have superior wave clear, but that’s not true anymore. Champions with no costs have the same, if not better, wave clear. And nobody plays champions that can’t clear waves. Either you have wave clear, or you have some other insane advantage that makes up for your lack of wave clear. Mana skills used to have merits that made up for the fact that they had a cost, but those merits have waned in recent years.


Back in the olden days of League, 20 minutes was the "end of the laning phase". The game has gotten a bit faster and we're lining up the start of Homeguards with Tower Plates falling. We'll be keeping an eye out on how this affects wave pushing and basing strategies, but for now get excited to see those sweet Homeguard animations a bit earlier.

Wow, reading this feels really strange. These patch notes are completely different from the patch notes of old. Those patch notes reeked of low elo. The Balance team is so knowledgeable about the game now. They know about how Homeguard affects wave pushing and basing strategies? This is probably the biggest change of the patch. Most of my viewers don’t know about this stuff. You might pretend to know, or falsely believe that you do know, but you don’t. There aren’t that many people in the world that know how these strategies work – there has to be a pro gamer advising the balance team. These strategies are complicated too, explaining how they work isn’t easy either. It takes way too long. The patch notes are so advanced. Especially how they’re saying they’ll keep an eye out on these strategies.

Wait a second, didn’t they use that same wording somewhere else? Didn’t they say they would keep an eye on Lost Chapter? Hmmm… Changing Homeguard to be active from 14 minutes could be really dangerous for the game. It’ll probably be better for the winning team, so the game will be more snowbally. Each sentence in the patch notes is so on point. The very fact that they’re mentioning these things tells you how well they know the game.

Blast Cone Spawn Time

Interesting changes, but it’s a bad change for me personally. There’s a TF strategy you use when you ‘whiff’ your first ult. i.e. you thought it was a good angle, but it turned into a bad one when you use your ult. What you can do is ultimate to a blast cone, and wait for you ultimate to expire. People let their guard down when TF ultimate runs out, so they’ll walk forwards. That’s when you use the blast cone to gank them. You can probably find a vod of me doing that somewhere. I would even randomly ‘waste’ ult even when the angle was bad just to get the enemy’s guard down. The 30 second difference shuts down that strategy. A bit sad for me, but top and bot laners probably like this patch. You can ward further down the river now.

Turret plating

We've all been in the situation where a single gank, Rift Herald, or bad mistake in lane costs 2-3 tower plates, snowballing the lane out of control.

Oh, definitely. This is my area of expertise. I study how to snowball small mistakes into the lane, and then to erase my opponent from the game entirely. It’s just so fun.

Quick reviews

Bloodthirster – Lot’s of text, but it’s a nerf. Which makes sense, the shield was OP.

Navori Quickblades – The new mythic passive looks really bad. When Navori was first released, people thought Lucian would be the best user, but it turned out to be Xayah. The single undisputed best user of Navori Quickblades. When she buys this item, her W suddenly has no cooldown. It completely changed her playstyle, and it’s why she’s OP. You could say Navori uses Xayah.

Noonquiver - Noonquiver no longer builds into any Mythic items? Really? That’s actually an ADC nerf. Noonquiver is a really good item.

Phantom Dancer – It costs more now, which is probably a nerf. People buy AS crit items to move around the map earlier, and this delays that.

Rapid Firecannon – Wow. I guess I’ll have to pay 3000 gold to buy RFC on Twisted Fate now. It might be better late game though, since TF uses up his item slots pretty quickly. And AD is also better than AS on TF. Still, it costs a lot now.

Rageknife – AD is more valuable than AS early game, since AD also makes your skills stronger. This item still looks pretty bad.

Statikk Shiv – The new icon looks good. I’ll have to try it out sometime.

Collector – Collector was a bad item. The only reason that people built it was because it was a crit item that built out of dirk. The buff looks reasonable.

Zeal – Zeal was really gold efficient. And Riot knew that! If you knew that the item was OP, why did you wait so long to nerf it?

Prowler’s Claw – Talon and Qiyana can just use other items, but this change might delete Rek’Sai from the game. Are they going to compensate buff her next patch?

Youmuu’s Ghostblade – The only reason assassins can skip boots to build lethality is because lethality items give movement speed. How come assassins get preferential treatment? This looks super OP.

Ardent Censor – This has got to be a huge buff. The item got cheaper, and the passive damage got stronger. It 5-20 to 15-30 may not look like a big change, but you have to remember that this is applied with an ADC’s attack speed. 2 AD on Garen and 2 AD on Ezreal may look the same on paper, but the difference is massive. And it even has 5% movement speed!

Chalice of Blessing - Wait a second, this looks familiar. Is it finally time? Has the day come?

Chemtech Putrifier – This item will continue to be bad unless they revert the change - let allies apply grievous wounds.

Echoes of Helia – Now this, this is an item. And only 2300 gold! Isn’t this cheaper than Athena’s was? Wait, Athena’s was only 2100 gold? Huh. And 125% mana regeneration? Athena’s is back boys, with added magic damage and mana regen to AP conversion.

Imperial Mandate – They removed the health and reduced the cost, which is great. Maybe I could build this as Victor?

Redemption – Hey, it’s Ivern’s item. Does anyone else even buy this thing? (Chat: Olaf) Olaf? (Chuckles). To me, Redemption feels like a jungle item. (Sighs) If only Zoe’s bubbles still dropped Redemption. I loved that interaction.

Vigilant Wardstone – OP item. It’s sad that laners can no longer buy it.

Divine Sunderer – Nerf it harder. Nerf it to the ground.

Force of Nature – Delete plz. At least I can do some damage with Voidstaff now.

Lord Dominik’s Regard – I see ADCs continue to get QoL compensation.

Rabadon’s Deathcap – 5%? That is not enough. Buff it more. Lol.


You might have less AP, but it doesn’t matter. The support items are all so cheap anyways. Helia’s + Ardent Censor only costs 4400 gold – that’s the same as Ludens + magic pen boots. If you get free boots from runes, you don’t even need to buy boots. Ardent has 5% MS now, so you won’t be slow either. And since these items come online so early, you don’t even need to sidelane. Just stick to your ADC and mow down their tier 2 towers. As soon as the patch goes live, I’m trying this out. If only I could try it out on PBE – it doesn’t work there because PBE ADCs suck.

Think about it. Milio goes Shurelya’s, Ivern goes Redemption and Moonstone, and I buy Helia’s. The perfect comp. And top Shen goes Knight’s Vow. Perfection.

TL notes


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2023.05.23 13:58 dreftzg [Daily News] J. N. Shapiro Stuns With Promise Of Completely U.S. Made Watches, Tutima Introduces A Blacked Out M2 Seven Seas S, Laurent Ferrier Hides The Tourbillon In New Grand Sport Pursuit, AP Appoints New CEO To Diversify From One-Model Lineup

It's Tuesday and not much is on the horizon. Do check out the J. N. Shapiro story I linked as it goes very in depth on what is needed to create an entire watch in the U.S. If you enjoy these news updates, throw them an upvote so more people get to see them.

What's new

J.N. Shapiro’s Launch Of The Resurgence Causes Quite A Stir. Is It Really The First U.S. Made Mechanical Watch Since 1969?
It’s been almost 60 years since the last hand wound movement was produced in the United States. A lot of hope was put into American watchmaking, with some even claiming that it could threaten the Swiss industry. But with the failure of the Hamilton Watch Company, this dream of American-made watches has died out. At least until yesterday, if you ask Josh Shapiro. The watchmaker announced that they are making what they believe is the first fully "made in America" watch since 1969 and they are calling it the Resurgance.
This was huge news instantly. Not only because it’s a very interesting watch, but also for it’s actually unbelievable claim - that no fully American-produced watches were made since man first walked on the Moon. Following the George Daniels method of watchmaking, Josh Shapiro and his team (including five full-time watchmakers who helped with the creation of this watch) aimed to make a handcrafted, high-quality bespoke watch with traditional tools all in one workshop. After attempting to re-work a vintage Hamilton 731 movement design, the team realized the movement would actually be too small. They again utilized the Daniels method by designing their ideal dial side and working through the center distances of the movement to create something totally new.
This watch is the result of 12 years of experience of Shapiro and his team. It has all of the aesthetic hallmarks of a Shapiro watch. A highly detailed multi level dial, accented with intricate engine turning that has become Shapiro’s hallmark. What sets this watch apart, though, is the movement, which is not only beautiful to look at, with healthy doses of anglage, bridges with a distinct Damaskeening pattern (the American equivalent of Côtes de Genève), and rounded spokes on the caliber’s wheels, but has been designed and fabricated entirely in the United States. Shapiro produced his first movement prototypes in 2019, and that has led to the caliber at work in the Resurgence, which beats at an old-fashioned 18,000 BPH, features a free sprung balance, hacking seconds, and can be custom made with one of three distinct bridge layouts.
Shapiro says that all components of the movement are made in his workshop, with the exception of hairsprings, mainsprings, and jewels. While the hairspring, for example, is not made in house, it is made in the U.S. They sourced a supplier in the United States and bought what the supplier deemed their minimum order - 5.3 miles of material. Enough to make 100,000 hairsprings. Shapiro claims they are working on jewel and hairspring production, and they hope to be making those in the workshop later this year.
The dials feature guilloche patterns in multiple sectors which can be customized to the taste of each client. On the Resurgence, each dial sector is constructed from a different piece of metal, which gives it an almost sector-like appearance and adds a degree of depth not commonly associated with traditional engine turned dials.
Case options are numerous. In addition to the rose gold case, the Resurgence will be available in white gold, tantalum, steel, and dark zirconium. For the first time, Shapiro is offering the option of an engine turned midcase, a design flourish that is inspired by pocket watches, and rarely seen on modern wrist watches. Cases measure 38mm by default, but Shapiro offers some customization options here based on the request of each client. As with other J.N. Shapiro watches, there are multiple opportunities for owners to make unique requests for customization, including dial colors and the type of numerals (Roman, Hindu Arabic, and Hebrew are among the options available).
Prices for the Resurgence series start at $70,000 for steel and zirconium cases, with the tantalum case priced at $80,000 and white and rose gold versions priced at $85,000. The Resurgence is limited by production capabilities deliveries are expected to begin by the end of this year.
The Resurgence itself is a truly exciting watch, and it’s completely understandable why it shook up the watch world yesterday. To make a watch that is completely made in the United States is a unique task. In fact, the good folks over at Monochrome ask the same question as me - is the Resurgence actually the first US made watch since 1969? Go read that for an in depth look at what a manufacturer has to do to qualify for a “Made in the USA” designation.
Tutima Introduces A Blacked Out Limited Edition Of The M2 Seven Seas S
Based upon the utilitarian case design of a chronograph that was produced for the German Air Force in 1984, the Tutima M2 collection is the brand’s lineup of durable performance-oriented sports watches. Over the years, the M2 lineup has expanded to include a fairly diverse assortment of different models, and while some lean into a highly utilitarian and purpose-built design ethos, others take the core blueprint of the M2 series and turn it into something that can more easily exist in everyday life. Arguably some of the best examples of the latter variety of models are the 40mm versions of the Tutima M2 Seven Seas S that were released at the very end of 2022, which take the underlying design of the brand’s ultra-robust diver and render it in a more compact and refined overall package.
You can get the Seven Seas in a number of dial and bracelet/strap combinations. But Tutima just released a new version of the M2 Seven Seas S called the Black Limited Edition and the name says it all. It comes with an all black dial, case and strap and is limited to just 250 pieces.
The steel casa of the limited edition remains largely unchanged - 40mm in diameter by 12.5mm thick - but in the limited edition it comes in black PVD. It’s a robust watch, but you also get 500 meter water resistance. The dial is pitch black, with a date display at 6 o’clock. Unfortunately, Tutima did not opt to give it a color matched date wheel, so the white of the date stands out.
Inside is the same movement you would get in a regular Seven Seas S, the Tutima Caliber 330. At it’s core, it’s the brand’s version of the popular ETA 2824 or SW200, and as such, it offers a proven design and the familiar specs of operating at a frequency of 28,800vph (4 Hz) with a power reserve of approximately 38 hours. While it’s not the highest of ends of movements, it works fine in a diver. Although, a diver that’s a bit cheaper than the Tutima. The watch comes on a bicomponent strap made of impregnated, water-resistant leather with a rubber interior.
As said, the watch is limited to 250 pieces, but pricing is a tough nut to crack. Tutima does not have a webshop and they don’t list MSRP on their website. I did, however, find the watch listed on several other websites (as this seems to be the way Tutima distributes their watches) and it seems that it runs around $2,330. This seems in line with the regular Seven Seas S, which sells for $1,980 on a strap or $2,350 on a bracelet. That’s not cheap for a robust, but relatively basic diver.
Laurent Ferrier Hides The Tourbillon In Their New Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit
There’s nothing more baller than making a watch with a highly-desirable complication like a tourbillon and then hiding it so that only the owner can see it when they take of their watch. Come on! How cool is that? Laurent Ferrier did exactly this with their new Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit in which they hid the tourbillon in the back, behind the fantastic pink dial and inside the titanium case.
There is no doubt that Laurent Ferrier makes the highest of end watches. And for years they have ben associated with classically styled watches. However, in 2019 they experimented with 12 pieces of the Grand Sport Tourbillon, a very modern steel watch with a brown dial and a matching rubber strap. This was an instant hit, so LF just decided to keep going. In 2020 they did 12 pieces of another version of the Grands Sport Tourbillon, this time with a gradient blue opaline dial and an integrated steel bracelet, riding that trend. In 2022, they put out a Grand Sport Auto without the tourbillon, also a huge hit for the brand.
Now it’s 2023 and they’re ready to sell out again. The dial of the new watch has gradient shades of pink with an opaline dial. The watch weighs just 118 grams, thanks to the titanium case and bracelet. Inside is the calibre LF619.01, a self-winding movement with a frequency 21,600 vph (3Hz) and a power reserve of 80 hours.
Working with titainum is expensive. When making a lot of watches you can keep costs down with economies of scale. But Laurent Ferrier is doing low production numbers (I couldn’t find how many exactly) so they will have to replace many CNC tools that are destroyed by the titanium, and will have to work slowly, as the material is known to be damaged when manipulated too quickly. This means, of course, that the price will be higher. But looking at Laurent Ferrier watches they are already meant for people in a tax bracket that is not really bothered by costs.
The Laurent Ferrier Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit will take 175,000 CHF (excluding tax) out of your bank account.
Audemars Piguet Appoints Ilaria Resta As CEO To Replace F.H. Bennahmias
I swear, just the other day I remembered the warranty AP was going to offer on their watches to cover theft and thought - why aren’t more CEOs in the watch world so bold with their non-product related ideas. The warranty was announced in the tenure of François-Henry Bennahmias, and Audemars Piguet officially confirmed the departure of its boss at the end of 2023 (at the latest). And now, according to an editorial published in Le Temps, AP will be guided by Ilaria Resta, previously President Perfumery at Firmenich, a Swiss company in the fragrance and flavour business.
François-Henry Bennahmias joined Audemars Piguet some 30 years ago. He began his career at AP in 1994 and became the managing director of North America in 1999. He has led the company as CEO since 2012 and has brought revenue up to about 2 Billion Swiss Francs, making it the fourth player in the Swiss Watch industry below Rolex, Cartier and Omega, with a production of about 50,000 pieces last year.
In an article published yesterday, Swiss newspaper Le Temps has announced the name of the future CEO of Audemars Piguet; Ilaria Resta. According to her biography on the website of her previous employer, Firmenich SA, Ms. Resta was named President, Global Perfumery in March 2020. Her mission was to lead “organizational change and pioneering digital innovation to lead Perfumery into new markets, augment creative excellence, and drive sales for winning performance with our customers.” Always according to Le Temps, “She will join the manufacture next August to ensure a smooth transition with François-Henry Bennahmias and will officially take up her new position on January 1, 2024”.
Despite their recent success, AP is practically based on one product line, and the AP board looked for a female leader in order to diversify their offerings in the market.

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Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

ArtyA pushes the envelope with a proprietary color-changing sapphire
Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that ArtyA Tiny Purity Tourbillon Chameleon represents one of the tamest designs in the brand’s catalog. When you sell watches with tobacco leaves, bullets, and butterfly wings in them, color-changing sapphire doesn’t seem that wild. But put up against other brands that are experimenting with case materials, this watch can truly boast of something unique, with an impressive movement to boot.
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Thrustmaster T-gt Ii (ps5, Ps4, Pc) $943.03 $950 0% off Lowest price $799.99 on 2022-7-13
Thrustmaster T16000m Fcs Flight Pack (pc) $249.99 $300 16% off New Lowest
Thrustmaster T248p, Racing Wheel And Magnetic Pedals, Hybrid Drive, Magnetic Paddle Shifters, Dynamic Force Feedback, Screen With Racing Information (ps5, Ps4, Pc ) $399.99 $450 11% off Lowest price $389.99 on 2022-11-30
Thrustmaster T248x, Racing Wheel And Magnetic Pedals, Hybrid Drive, Magnetic Paddle Shifters, Dynamic Force Feedback, Screen With Racing Information (xbox Series X/s, One, Pc ) $399.99 $475 15% off Lowest price $358.98 on 2023-1-23
Thrustmaster Tca Yoke Pack Boeing Edition (xbox Series X, Xbox One, Pc) $628.99 $640 1% off Lowest price $349.99 on 2023-3-13
Tormented Souls - Nintendo Switch Games And Software $36.20 $55 34% off New Lowest
Train Life: A Railway Simulator - The Orient-express Edition - Xbox One & Xbox Series X $37.21 $45 17% off Lowest price $23.3 on 2023-4-10
Train Sim World 3 - Playstation 5 $51.00 $55 7% off New Lowest
Train Sim World 3 - Xbox One & Xbox Series X $40.96 $55 25% off New Lowest
Trials Of Mana Nintendo Switch $47.62 $55 13% off Lowest price $24.96 on 2021-9-2
Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge - Nintendo Switch $33.58 $40 16% off New Lowest
Undernauts: Labyrinth Of Yomi - Nintendo Switch Games And Software $50.63 $65 22% off Lowest price $19.99 on 2022-5-8
Undernauts: Labyrinth Of Yomi - Playstation 5 $66.57 $75 11% off Lowest price $54.99 on 2023-2-21
Valkyrie Elysium - Playstation 5 $34.96 $75 53% off New Lowest
Wanted Dead Collectors Edition Playstation 4 $73.40 $95 22% off New Lowest
Wanted Dead Playstation 4 $60.00 $75 20% off New Lowest
Wd_black 1tb Sn750 Se Nvme Ssd With Battlefield 2042 Game Code Bundle - Gen4 Pcle, Internal Gaming Ssd Solid State Drive, M.2 2280, Up To 3,600 Mb/s - Wdbb9j0010bnc-nrsn $108.21 $200 45% off New Lowest
Wd_black 500gb Sn750 Se Nvme Ssd With Battlefield 2042 Game Code Bundle - Gen4 Pcle, Internal Gaming Ssd Solid State Drive, M.2 2280, Up To 3,600 Mb/s - Wdbb9j5000anc-nrsn $55.74 $130 57% off New Lowest
Willy Morgan And The Curse Of Bone Town - Playstation 4 $26.94 $35 23% off New Lowest
Witch Spring 3 Nintendo Switch $42.50 $45 5% off Lowest price $39.99 on 2021-12-18
World Quiz - Nintendo Switch $20.40 $25 18% off Lowest price $20.37 on 2023-3-1
Wreckfest - Playstation 5 - Standard Edition Edition $36.03 $40 9% off New Lowest
Xbox Series S – Gilded Hunter Bundle $359.99 $360 0% off Lowest price $359.95 on 2023-1-18
Xbox Series S Console - Xbox Digital Only (disc Free) Console Latest Generation $359.99 $400 10% off Lowest price $359.49 on 2022-12-30
Xbox Series X Console $599.99 $600 0% off Lowest price $599.96 on 2022-10-30
Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition For Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, And Windows Devices $84.99 $95 10% off Matches low
Xbox Wireless Controller For Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, And Windows Devices – Shock Blue $59.96 $70 14% off Matches low
Yomawari Lost In The Dark Deluxe Edition - Nintendo Switch $54.59 $60 9% off New Lowest
Yum Yum Cookstar - Nintendo Switch $52.19 $55 5% off Lowest price $48 on 2023-4-3
Yurukill: The Calumniation Games - Deluxe Edition - Nintendo Switch $46.49 $65 28% off New Lowest
Zorro: The Chronicles - Playstation 5 $39.88 $45 11% off Lowest price $29.95 on 2022-11-20
Zorro: The Chronicles - Xbox Series X $39.77 $45 11% off Lowest price $20.8 on 2023-4-24
*History is a beta feature, only goes back as far as I've been tracking this item, and may not be 100% accurate
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2023.05.22 10:02 Zigapero Which one is better PK or Alice UBS for Jordan 1 Satin

Which one is better PK or Alice UBS for Jordan 1 Satin
I am buying Jordan 1 Satin in EU size 40 and i am wondering what seller has a better quality. PK: 145$ Alice UBS: 125$ If you have any information please let me know.
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2023.05.22 02:48 RaaVeish99 [REVIEW] • 370¥ • Yeezy 350 v2 Zebra• LW batch • WWTOP • CSSbuy

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