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2023.06.02 10:33 thrownaway174887888 I've lost my friend today and it's all my fault

'e I used to be friends with a woman I work with, we will just call her Kate. Kate and I started out as being friends about a year and a half ago. When I first started working there She and I didn't really used to talk, she had her friends and I was just on my own for the first nine months. We started to get closer when we started to close the store together. we had simple ice-breaking converstations but it was a start. then we started to get closer when I got close to another of her friends. After that we started to talk much more, to the point that I had started to develop feelings for her. after about six months I confessed and told her my feelings. In the time that I knew her, she was never really one to either express or talk about her feelings, no matter how much I would try, but I accepted that. after we went on our date she expressed her feelings, that she didn't feel the same and that if we could, we should stay friends. I wont lie, I was hurt and in pain after that, but my mother taught me I have to talk these rejections with grace and I did just that I told her that I was hurt that I couldn't get her to have those feelings for me, but I would still have loved to be her friend because she was such a great friend. For months we stayed like that, me being jealous of any guy that talked to her but never truly interfering with her love life, but one night we were texting and saying dumb stuff, before we got to a point that she had invited me to be intimate with her for a night. I jumped at the chance and the day after she had admitted that she was drinking and that had to be a one night thing. I was heart broken and had tried to ask her if we can do it one more time. She had said no and I respected her, but she had told me that people can't know about what happened. I had told her that was fair, but then I asked a question, if she would say that she was still a virgin, and she said she would countine to say she was. I don't know why but something in me had broken, telling me that she had regretted that night no matter what she said, I was just a drunken regret. I told her that I would not say it was her I slept with but I wouldn't claim to be a virgin because I had slept with someone I truly liked and wanted to have my first time with. she said fine but it couldn't be her. We had stayed friends after that, probably because I was terrified of losing someone I grew so close with. But a few days ago, I was asked the question, If I was a virgin, and I answered like I said I would, I wasn't. The people who asked had wanted details so I told them the events that led to my night with kate, only saying that It was a girl from my UNI (She doesn't go to my school). I had only said the bare bones and not say details, but they had asked me questions and I had answered with one-word answers. I did not know the story would go public in my work. People would ask for the story and I would repeat it, thinking that because no one in my work goes to my school and the story was believable , Kate would be fine. but I would text her and after days of no replying from her and her calling out today on a very busy day, she had told me that people were asking if she was the girl in the story. She had denied it and left it at that, but the damage had already been done. in the message she had finally told me her true feelings, she had told me that she couldn't believe that I didn't think that some people would put the pieces together and imply her. She had laid into me, telling me that she had seen bigger, that I was extremely sweaty during the activity, that she was mad that I even answered the detailed question even if they were one word, that she had been talking to someone for weeks now and she saw them as someone who she could see in a relationship. Everything that she had told me, I had already told myself or figured it out, I was hurt, but I had felt it before and moved on. But one thing that was never said but I knew was felt was that I had betrayed her and it was only after I realized that did I start to feel a pain in my chest. After everything she had said, she told me that our friendship is over, only hi and byes so people wouldn't get suspicious.
Again, I was hurt and there was nothing I could do about it besides feel it. at first, I replied to her saying that I had done exactly what I had said, claiming I wasn't a virgin. But then I stopped and thought to myself that I deserve this for opening my fat mouth, if I hadn't said anything I stood aginst the people, I'd still have a friend. I apologised to her, telling her that I regret my actions and that i would respect her wishes and hope for nothing but the best for her and whatever relationship she has. She never told me to do anything, and i know that the damage has been done, but I started telling people that I was still a virgin and everything I told them was me just reciting some porno I watched, they asked why and I told them that that I've told so many different things of the same story that I just can't keep track anymore. they laughed and started making fun of me, but I took it on the chin and moved on to work. there are a lot more people that need to know and I am more than willing to face the ridicule, I just don't want Kate to be pulled into this anymore. I know that this won't fix anything between me and kate and I can live with the fact that our relationship is over and done with, I've already moved on and accepted that she doesn't like me, and I've long accepted that she likes someone else. but I just need to do something, even if that means being the but of everyone's joke for however long. I posted this here to hopefully feel just a little better, but I know that this will take a lot more time to "heal". ill probably see her tomorrow and i know ill need to apologize in person, but I just don't know what to do with myself right now.
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2023.06.02 10:31 CaroteneCommander Tears from a Tornado

Sweet Pea,
There were two years of unhinged lust, two years of quiet happiness, two years of loud sadness, and a year wrapped in silence. For us all told, seven years at sea.
You like to remind me I once said “No one has ever loved me as much as you” as if to make us both remember it’s true. It probably is, and it’s enough to last our lifetime, you’ll remain the wind beneath my wings. I know it’s still true when you tell me I’ve made you hate yourself, when I’m desperately trying to grab your hands and pull you out of your depths.
You are beautiful, but dark in a way that gives me chills. In a way we both know sticks to me like tar. Your intelligence betrays you with existential sadness. There are so many possible futures you could have seized. You insulate while the world swirls around you, while I swirled around you like a tornado.
We thought we’d meet in the middle, I’d be water and you’d be wood but if I’m gas and you’re breaks, you held me back and I ground you down.
This year should not have come to be. Today I meet with an attorney for you, because you asked for a divorce but couldn’t follow through. You said “It’s not because I don’t love you.” And I know that’s true. It’s true for me too.
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2023.06.02 10:30 Key_Extension_6003 Request for World Truths

Hey everybody, I'm experimenting with using chatGPT to make creative plots for a world based the World Truths. My creativity has hit a wall though so I'd be interested in seeing other peoples World Truths and seeing if generates any useful plots. I'm looking at both Ironsworn and Starforged.
If you post your world truths in thread I'll reply with what chatGPT thinks are some good plots. I'll share mine to start.
Ironsworn: Chaos Star
Beings of immense destructive capability broke through the walls of reality and started the ‘unmaking’.
Immune to any weapon and impossible to capture they were drawn toward the densest populations of human beings.
The only way to escape was an experimental drive that was rushed from a crackpot theory in an underfunded and fringe university research department to being installed in tens of thousands of colony ships.
Many scientists warned of dire consequences but their cries went unheard as humanity itself scrambled to escape the attacks.
The few survivors are scattered to the solar winds, eeking out an existence in a cold and lonely universe that feels to some like humanities swan song while others believe that order will emerge from the chaos.
A weird ore appeared in the universe after the Chaos Entities appeared. Oath’s are sworn upon it.
The forge is a lawless place were only power holds sway.
Faith is as diverse as the people that made it out.
Chaos energy is magic. The quantum engines were inspired by fundamental forces that few have learned to master. But in this new universe, those who work with chaos are growing and may just be able to fight the entities.
There are no communications hubs, no infrastructure. The only communication is word of mouth as ships pass in the deep of space and share what they know.
Healers are rare and generally ill equipment with no means or knowledge of how to build advanced medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
Vestiges of AI are coveted and generally wielded by those in power.
Ships desperate enough for AI install Clippy.
Resources are far to precious to support organized fighting forces.
Latent Chaos Mutation (LCM) impacts all lifeforms but especially embryos. Working with livestock grown from cloning pods can be an especially risqué proposition.
Nobody knows if anything came before, if anything worth knowing about survived. Perhaps the survivors of the forge will uncover these secrets.
Many insist they aren’t real but those spacers that still explore the expanse of space have theories.
GPT Plot ideas...
  1. The Last Sanctuary: The story follows a small group of survivors who managed to find refuge on a hidden planet, shielded from the Chaos Entities. As their supplies dwindle and tensions rise, they discover that the planet holds a dark secret, and they must confront the horrors lurking in the shadows before they consume them all.

  1. The Quantum Seekers: A band of renegade scientists and explorers embarks on a perilous journey through uncharted space, searching for remnants of the ancient Precursors. As they delve deeper into the unknown, they encounter bizarre phenomena and nightmarish creatures, all while struggling to maintain their sanity and trust in one another.

  1. The Cursed Healer: A desperate community in need of medical assistance pleads for the help of a renowned healer rumored to possess extraordinary powers. However, as the healer arrives and begins treating the sick, their true nature is revealed, and the survivors must face the terrifying consequences of relying on forbidden chaos magic for salvation.

  1. Shadows of Betrayal: A faction of ruthless scavengers and pirates seeks to harness the power of chaos energy to control the remaining colonies and establish their dominance. As their influence grows, a group of unlikely allies, including former enemies and outcasts, must unite to uncover their plans and prevent them from plunging the fragile remnants of humanity into even deeper darkness.

  1. Echoes of the Past: A haunted colony ship drifts aimlessly through space, with its AI malfunctioning and its crew mysteriously disappearing one by one. A group of survivors aboard a passing ship responds to its distress signal and boards the derelict vessel, only to find themselves trapped in a twisted labyrinth where reality warps and nightmares come to life. They must uncover the ship's dark history and find a way to escape before they too become lost in the abyss.

  1. The Oracle's Call: Rumors circulate among the scattered colonies about an enigmatic figure known as the Oracle, who possesses the ability to commune with the Chaos Entities. Desperate to find answers and a way to fight back, a group of survivors sets out on a dangerous quest to seek out the Oracle's hidden sanctuary, unaware of the horrors they will encounter and the sacrifices they will have to make to gain the knowledge they seek.

  1. The Soulforged Blade: Legends speak of a mythical weapon capable of slaying the Chaos Entities and bringing an end to the unmaking. A group of warriors, mages, and scientists embark on a treacherous journey across hostile territories, battling both the Entities and other factions vying for control of the fabled weapon. As they struggle to unlock the blade's true power, they must confront their deepest fears and face the question of whether the price of victory is worth paying.
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2023.06.02 10:30 Gila_Hank Best alternative for Google Maps/My Maps?

I have started using GMaps WV for looking up businesses and trying out Osmand+ Pro and Organic Maps for general navigation and research.
What I haven't found yet is an alternative to My Maps, the Google Maps feature that allows you to import data from a spreadsheet to create custom maps that include names, addresses, labels, etc. I imagine this is possible with one of the OpenStreetMap variations since it is literally based on people adding places to the map, but I want something that keeps my additions to the map private, only available for me to see.
Before I start researching options and going down rabbit holes I figured I would ask here first. Has anyone found the best alternative for My Maps? OpenStreetMap vs Organic Maps vs Magic Earth vs Osmand+ vs ???
I use this for work and need something that allows me to import batches of locations from a spreadsheet , usually between 50-200 places per custom map. And just to repeat, I am not looking to add to the public map, it has to be private.
Thanks for any help.
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2023.06.02 10:30 reddithenry 2022 La Mondotte

"Blackberries and blueberries with chalkboard and dark earth aromas. Flowers, too. Lead pencil. Full-bodied and very deep in the palate, which is reserved and texturally sophisticated. Chalky, too. Silky and very polished. 80% merlot and 20% cabernet franc. From organically grown grapes."
97-98 points, James Suckling
“The 2022 La Mondotte is complex, vibrant and beautifully layered. Inky dark fruit, graphite, lavender, dried herbs and bittersweet chocolate abound in a Mondotte that impresses with its energy and vibrancy. A very early start to harvest and a pulled back approach in the cellar yielded a Mondotte that is wonderfully dynamic in its presence.”
95-97 points, Antonio Galloni, Vinous
93-95+ points, William Kelley, Wine Advocate
17 points, JancisRobinson.com


Not a wine i track, dont know anything about this
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2023.06.02 10:29 GuiltyStomach8694 bought a 4090 so need the other kit to go with it.

my current pc spec:

so I purchased an RTX 4090 FE and its arrived new and sealed. but cant actually test it as I havnt bought the other suitable parts, im guessing i need a complete new overhaul?
so far for the new build I have the 4090 and I have a proart z790 creater wifi mobo. I probably should get the i9 13000k to go with it. im planning to be gaming and editing on this pc so I do have some questions.
should I buy a 990 pro for my OS drive. does the heatsink version fit under the heatsink panel on the mobo or is that really unnecessary? or is there something better? and why do people buy 2x or 3x m.2? why not just buy like a 4TB over 2x 2TB?
also RAM is a bit confusing. any reccomendations? am i right in thinking that 2 sticks still perform better than 4? would 32GB or 64GB perform better?
PSU? obviouly need something decent here. be quiet dark power 1200w?
AIO im thinking possibly the nucleus or kraken? though I havnt decided on a new case yet out probably o11D
should i run a push pull on the AIO or just push with some exiting fans?

this is my first ever build so would love to hear some thoughts
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2023.06.02 10:28 lostbluefox Crap teen horror movie with decent looking monster

I've wasted hours combing through my Netflix watch history and I still don't have the faintest idea what it was called. It was anywhere between 2017 to 2019, but the movie could be older. It was on Brazil netflix, which is unhelpful cuz they pull things in and out all the time
The movie opened with teenagers (13 to 16~) watching either a movie or a scary online video on a slumber party. Spooky video talks of some game or challenge, obs the pitch for shenanigans. There's a blackout. Their mother is out (I believe) and the mother f pizza delivery man comes to tag along for the ride- which is when I gave up and clicked off because of the barely cohesive dialogue and pre-school level acting
All I want is to see if the monster was as cool as it looked in the thumbnail, which was some long limb guy in a mask with weird hands.
Please send help and let me bury this TT_ TT
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2023.06.02 10:28 WisdomFountainChild Why must it be this?

First of all, please don't offend me but being insulted makes me feel traumatized from my past, so please don't leave any rude and distasteful comments and please note I am not from America. It starts when my younger brother was born, but fast forward later, and here it starts. My younger brother always gets gifts on our grandma. She brings food from other places, which is nice but why not a little alarm clock or anything like that? Besides, my younger brother gets full with his gifts when he's done using them, and takes space in the storage closet we have. And when I try to tell him not to bite me which left a ton of marks on my skin, he cries and goes to his babysitter, points at me, and she gives me a lecture. That including my school back then, made me feel very open to hurtful words. When MY birthday was coming up, they ALL focused on HIM. It was literally 1 day away from my birthday, and when I tell them it's almost my birthday, they defend him and say stuff like "You have to give him a gift, because he did (insert good thing here, anything) unlike you!)." and "At least HE doesn't make me stress more!". The only good thing I did to prevent this was to lock myself up in my room and talk with my friends. But since my dad thought I was being INFLUENCED by my friends, he banned me from talking to my friends. And when I first started in the high-school I was in, he told me make friends! And guess what? My family has a very big TV in the living room and the place where we keep snacks nearby. Well what happened, you say? The place where we stored snacks was filled with snacks I didn't like but my YOUNGER brother liked very much. And to say the least, here's what my younger brother was watching: music videos. And bad music at that. And what bummed me out was that he would put the music to the max that I could hear it from the bathroom. And barely with my Switch, I played because the tv would always be occupied. Now the only place I can watch in peace is in my bed with a very tiny phone. Now, during MY birthday, (yes my birthday) they ALL did something with my younger brother. And what do you know? Barely the tip of all of this. They all ignored me and my friends said happy birthday at campus, but still, it was heartbreaking to see THEY favorite my younger brother. My mother who recently divorced my father, gave me a VR headset. I still use it to this day but just ONE single gift, from my distant mother. And one time, we were in a car ride. My cousin was there, she told mee "I'm gonna buy the recent game on the Switch, and it's not for you!". That was around my other birthday but what matters anyway? So I got a few games on Steam for past months, and I'm enjoying it in my room, but still a bit sad. Who knows if I might encounter problems again? Maybe there might be a Part2. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.02 10:27 itsallalittleblurry Good Times

There was to be an excursion, organized by Base Special Services. A night out for any military wives who wished to attend, with transportation provided, to and from.
The venue the what I understand was the original Chippendales in LA. And Momma wanted to go.
So I prepared for an evening of watching our two boys while Momma had a night out with the other ladies. I gave her a good deal of money to take along (lots of ones), and told her to enjoy herself.
Gotta admit, she looked Good. But then she always did.
The night grew late eventually, and I bundled our Littles up and drive to the pickup point on Base from which I’d dropped her off earlier.
The bus was on time, and watching the wives disembark, it was obvious that the evening had been a smashing success, since a good number of the giggling schoolgirls obviously Were smashed. And so was she.
She only occasionally drank, but it was quickly apparent that this had been quite an occasion.
I got us to our domicile without incident. Got the sleeping Littles tucked in. And got her inside, ensconced upon the couch. And she was talkative.
“I had Such a nice time, OP!”
“Glad to hear it. You have enough money?”
“Oh, I still have most of it.”
“How so?”
“Well, I did spend Some. You know, how you tuck it into that little jockstrap thing the dancers wear?”
“Uh-huh. That’s the usual procedure.”
“And I bought a drink.”
“Yeah - one drink. You had a lot more than one, Dearest. I can tell.”
“But I only had to buy the first one, OP. After that, they just kept showing up at my table……Do you know, a lot of Men go to that place? They kept sending me drinks! Wasn’t that Nice of them?!”
“That Was nice.” Bastards.
“……….You told me you had to pay for those - Whaddaya call ‘em………Lap dances!”
“You do.”
“I didn’t.”
Of course not. Sonsabitches.
“There was this one guy - Randy. He was so Sweet and Nice, OP! He kept coming back, and he wouldn’t take my money!…….I think he liked me.”
“I’m sure he did, babe. I’m sure he did.”
“Sigh……..I’m tired, OP.”
“You should be. Glad you went?”
“Yes! I had Such a good time! Thank you!”
“Anything for you, babe. You know that. Ready for sleepy-by?”
“I think so”, and she tried to get up: “Ooops!”
“Here - let’s get you to bed.”
I more or less held her up the whole way. Got her undressed and tucked in. Put her on her side - just in case. Probably best if I stayed awake and kept an eye on her. Saturday, and no duty this weekend, so that was cool.
Maybe I should take a trip to LA myself. Go check the place out. Maybe kick Randy’s ass.
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2023.06.02 10:27 Newreddituserrrrrrr My Brother Left a Cult

My 22yr old brother just left a cult and came back home to live with the family. I've been helping him start his life again; got him new clothes, shoes and a phone because he didnt have anything. I am slowly trying to take him out to social events so he can be exposed to society. He said he missed being able to do whatever he wants. However, he is still very impulsive and hyperactive just as he left when he joined his cult at age 18. I'm sure he was brainwashed into thinking he learned a lot about life (but everything is just common sense and they made it complex to suck people into it). He lived over there for free but didnt earn any money. He left the cult and he now started smoking weed again (like he did before going into the cult), he is now money-driven and wants to "build his wealth" but I am worried because he has difficulty communicating, explaining his thoughts and also lacks some common sense. He believes he can make millions in 2 years because he started following Grant Cardone (he's full of bs and is also part of the cult), and I'm afraid he is going to get easily scammed and waste his money/time trying to buy and learn the courses he promotes. AND NOW he wants to move to florida (were from CA) to join his organization or whatever (a very impulsive decision) Can anyone give me any life advice on what I can do to help him? I don't want to discourage him but I also don't want him to follow that path because I know he won't get anything out of it. I think he may have some form of ADHD but he doesn't believe into going to a doctor. I truly don't know what to do.
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2023.06.02 10:27 TAc20220920 Will you negotiate a price cut for these? If so how much or will you just pull out?

Summary of Survey report needing essential remedial works (Repair Rating: 1; based on SCSI Type 2 standard report) or issues that require further investigation/action:
➢Unblock the Living room wall vent.
➢ We noted tile cracking at the threshold of the sliding door. The floor slab appears to have settled slightly overtime. We also noted a loose tile towards the centre of the Dining area. Further appraisal by a specialist pyrite engineer is advised. Pyrite testing is advised given the risk profile of the property.
➢ Service the windows.
➢ The front, right Bedroom window sashes do not provide for escape or rescue in the event of fire and should be replaced. The rear Bedroom sash hinges should be swapped out from units that provide a greater clear opening with.
➢ Treat mould accumulations on the ceiling above the vent in the front, right Bedroom.
➢ We noted heavy creosote accumulations on the Living Room smoke chamber and lower flue, the cause of which will need to be confirmed, particularly as the fireplace does not appear to have been used as an open fire.
➢ Address water weep from connector below the automatic air release valve in the Hot Press as soon as possible.
➢ The window board in the rear Bedroom is too high above ground level, 1140 mm compared to the maximum height required by the Building Regulations of 1100 mm. Install a step below the window to overcome this.
➢ A humidity regulated mechanical extractor fan should be installed in the Bathroom.
➢ Insulate the light shaft illuminating the first-floor landing and remove the cover.
➢ Screw-fix the first-floor landing and rear Bedroom floors.
➢ Roof Space: Improve insulation coverage.
➢ Roof Space: Remove all bird nesting material, disinfect the roof, repair the felt and replace any damaged tiles.
➢ Roof Space: Cover the water storage cistern with a correctly fitting lid and insulate.
➢ Roof Space: Close the gap in the party wall in the front, right-hand corner of the roof.
➢ Repair the rear door lock.
➢ Properly complete the boiler flue opening and finish to match surrounding wall surfaces.
➢ Double the number of soffit vents.
➢ Replace the rear wing fencing that is in poor condition with the cooperation of your neighbour.
➢ The boiler condensate drains directly onto the ground. Construct a small soakaway.
➢ Install a new exterior light.
➢ Replace the missing service box covers.
➢ Replace the damaged doorbell.
➢ Replace the damaged Porch felt underlay.
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2023.06.02 10:25 askpritee 8 Key Digital Marketing Skills to Help You Become the Best Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow

8 Key Digital Marketing Skills to Help You Become the Best Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow
In today's digital age, businesses in Lucknow, like anywhere else, rely heavily on digital marketing to reach and engage their target audience effectively. To become the best digital marketing company in Lucknow, it is crucial to possess a diverse skill set that enables you to stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional results for your clients.
Best digital marketing company in lucknow
In this blog, we will explore eight key digital marketing skills that can help you achieve success and stand out in the digital marketing landscape in Lucknow.

8 Skills help you become best digital marketing company in lucknow

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is the foundation of any successful digital marketing strategy. Mastering SEO skills will allow you to optimize websites and content to rank higher in search engine results, driving organic traffic and visibility for your clients. Understanding keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization techniques, and staying updated with search engine algorithms are essential skills for SEO success.
  2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: PPC advertising is a highly effective way to generate immediate results for clients. Skills in creating and managing PPC campaigns, keyword research, ad copywriting, bid management, and data analysis are vital for driving targeted traffic and maximizing return on investment (ROI) through platforms like Google Ads and social media advertising.
  3. Content Marketing: Creating valuable, relevant, and engaging content is essential for attracting and retaining an audience. Skills in content creation, storytelling, copywriting, and content distribution across various channels such as blogs, social media, and email marketing are crucial for building brand authority and driving conversions.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Social media platforms offer immense opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience. Skills in social media management, community building, content curation, social media advertising, and analytics are essential to create effective social media strategies that drive brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.
  5. Email Marketing: Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for nurturing leads and driving conversions. Skills in creating compelling email campaigns, list segmentation, personalization, and marketing automation are crucial for building and maintaining strong relationships with customers.
  6. Data Analytics and Reporting: Being able to measure and analyze the performance of digital marketing campaigns is vital for making data-driven decisions and demonstrating the value of your services to clients. Skills in data analysis, using tools like Google Analytics, and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) will help you optimize campaigns and provide actionable insights.
  7. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): CRO is the process of improving website or landing page performance to maximize conversions. Skills in user experience (UX) design, A/B testing, heat mapping, and data analysis are important for optimizing client websites, increasing conversion rates, and improving overall customer experience.
Read Also: 10 effective ways to rank your website in lucknow


In conclusion, to establish yourself as the best digital marketing company in Lucknow, it is crucial to possess a diverse range of digital marketing skills. Search engine optimization (SEO) expertise allows you to enhance website visibility and increase organic traffic. Content marketing skills help in creating valuable and engaging content that resonates with the target audience.
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2023.06.02 10:23 Dry-Entry2056 Plato's closet taking more clothes than what they paid me for...

Hello!! i'm so mad!!! decluttered my closet. Decided to take 2 full bags of clothes came back with only one bag after they "bought 8 items" came home to find out they took to be exact 27 items. (i know this because i'm a reseller and i take pictures of all my clothes) has this happened to anyone else? what is there for me to do?
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2023.06.02 10:22 Plushytoonz There is a town called Necro town

An old friend of mine once told me never to go to Necro town. I asked him why but he just never gave me the answer. Looking far from my home town, Necro town looked abandoned and was never owned by anybody nearby. Whenever I look out into that town, I wonder about it. The unknown and its many mysteries.
My old friend seems to have lived in that place but he never did. It's as if he was making up a horror story about Necro town. But, I did what he told me to. Never go there. Ever.
I asked my parents about that place. They never knew anything about it except it's just a wasteland. Grandpa never knew about it either. Such a mystery as to why would my old friend prohibit me from entering but my dad said otherwise. "If you want to go there and explore the place, I guess you can. But you better be careful from strangers alright kid."
By the time I turned 14, the bully in my school keeps getting worse on me. I get slammed into a locker, get my head knocked out, and even beaten up. I really don't want to go back to school but how am I supposed to convince my parents that?
The reason I don't have any friends at school was mostly because they don't like me as a person. I expressed myself for who I am and yet I get mocked by them all the time. calling me many names like freak, loser, norm, or even Melvin the idiot. Was it because I'm different? I have no clue about them at all.
I tried to fight back but they just keep winning every time. So then, I run away from school in the middle of classes, lunch breaks, and activities but every time I do, a teacher always caught me down and send me to the principles office. I lied to them and said "Because I wanna get candy." Or "I forgot my books back home.". I don't want to tell them the truth because I knew how much big trouble I'm going to have if I do.
I tried escaping all over again and finally I made it one day. And whenever I escaped, I always go to my old friends house. We go into the woods to go fishing in the pond. I love seeing those shiny blue fishes in the waters because they're just so beautiful when I look at them in the afternoon.
My old friend's name is Brandon West. He's of course much older than me because he's about 64 years old and for some reason he got so much energy to keep himself moving. He always have his brown firm cane with him everywhere he goes. He tells me tales of ancient beings, heavens and hells, the Sturgeon, and the blue turbo.
I've asked about the blue turbo and all he said was. "He's a sad man." Sad man sounds like he's been through a lot.
The blue turbo was born in a world where flame people live. They all have special powers depending on their shape and colors of their bodies. Green flame, blue flame, red flame, etc. He grew up with lovely parents who have similar powers to his. His power is both his parents powers. In his childhood, he grew fond of his friends and family that he devoted his life to protect the good in life.
In his teenage years, he became an officer. Protecting the people who are in danger. It was starting to get dangerous for him, but that never means he won't give up.
In his late 20s, he became a well devoted guardian, fighting against the evil dark powers from beneath the world's surface. He loved everything that is good in life. He had a wife and son while being a guardian. Their relationship was strong and they did whatever it takes to enjoy life. But then one day, the world around them turned into a warfare. The evil dark powers are killing people whilst they fight back. He fought hard and won. But it was at a huge cost. He lost his wife and child right in front of his eyes. Lost what's left in the world. He fell to a deep depression, which he quit being a guardian and was never to be seen again.
Brandon always looked sad whenever he told me the blue turbo. It's as if that felt real and it did happen. But, it is compelling. I asked him about where did the blue turbo go. He said. "Don't know. But wherever he is, he'll still devote himself in life."
One day when I was 16, I escaped school again and this time it didn't go well. By the time I walked behind the basketball court, I was caught by the bully and his gang. "Well oh well. Looks like Melvin the idiot is trying to leave the school all by himself. You're really going to leave again just so that you'll get away from us? That ain't happening norm." They were going to beat me up badly, so I didn't waste anymore time as I ran away from them. I didn't know how fast I was at this point.
They kept following me as I ran on the sidewalk. I didn't want to look back because I knew very well that if I did, I'll slow down. The running footsteps behind me kept pacing towards me. I can hear the loud steps as if they're like the golem's foot. My breath is getting shallow the more I keep running and my legs began to grow numb and sore. But I never slowed down nor stop. I just kept running until I finally lost them.
"Get back here you freak!!"
"We're going to kill you loser!!"
Then, a road towards Necro Town appeared before me. The words from Brandon echoed inside my mind not to go in there. My heart beats in fear. The bully and his gang chasing behind me like I'm their food to eat. The thought of it made me stop at my tracks. My legs are about to surrender to my exhaustion and I can feel every pain coming from my muscles.
I can hear the footsteps behind me as I think of any other options. There are no other ways to go except into Necro town. I don't want to be beaten up or killed. Then, every memory of myself being bullied by them flashes into my mind, making me very angry. I'm sick and tired of being their boxing bag. It's time for me to fight back!
They stood on their grounds before me. Laughing at me with mockery. I stood my grounds and prepared myself for the worst. "I'm tired of being your boxing bag! It's time for me to stand up for myself! I'm not afraid of you!!" But I lied. I'm still scared of getting beaten up. All I want is for them to stop bullying me forever.
The bully rushes towards me and I was ready to punch him at any moment given. By the time he's in front of me, I missed my shot. The punishment for my failed attempt to punch him was getting knocked out by his punch in the face. I fell to the ground, knocking my head against it. My body passed through the limits of entering Necro town. My head and shoulders lay on the Necro town grounds.
I was then slowly dragged into Necro town by the bully's gang. I can feel the painful sting on my back as I get dragged. Suddenly, before I went to sleep mode, I heard screams. The bully's scream fades far away and his gang gets slowly decreasing. My arms are dropped down. The hands that held me tight are loosened from my arms so fast. I can hear each of them screaming in fear as piece by piece they disappear. Then I blacked out.
I woke up to find myself in an empty dark room. While my vision was getting clear, I slowly stand back up. When I got back my conscious, I gagged from the awful stench that just came from inside this room. I looked around to see where's the door for my escape and there, I see the shining golden knob reflecting my sight. I ran and grab hold of it, then twist it to open the door. To my very eyes, I've witnessed the most insane horror I've ever had in my life.
The sources aren't just in the room I was in. It was also in the living room because there are 5 dead bodies hanging like pig meat. Their flesh cut and sliced so disgustingly brutal that I can see their organs and tissues beginning to slip out of the sockets. Blood and bones are spread around the floor, shining the cold light that shines through the curtains of the outside. When I look at the top of their corpses, there are eyes looking directly at me with fear. Then I realize that they're still alive.
They suddenly screamed everywhere with the pain they share. I blocked my ears with my palm as I felt the twist in my stomach getting worse. Tears rapidly escapes out of my eyes that I shut my eyes tight. I quickly ran out of there and arrived to a room that is full of random colors. The colors are wrong. They're all wrong in many different ways that I can't describe so well about it. The screams and the colors made me vomit all over the floor. I nearly fell to the ground but I kept myself back up in hopes of leaving this place. I want to go home. I want to see Brandon again and tell him I'm sorry for entering this nightmare. I wished I'd rather get beaten up than coming here to lead my bully and his crew to their unholy demise.
I spun around in a frenzy and saw the bright and weird door before me. I quickly opened it and I was met with a freezing atmosphere. The world turned into some sort of hell. There are large stone spikes all over Necro town, crushing through the houses. The sky all grey and the sun is smiling at me with an empty mouth. Its eyes glaring at me in those sockets. The Sockets are too big for the eye balls that I thought it'll fall to the ground but it didn't.
I don't see anybody else outside. There's only the deformed flesh like trees and broken homes. My heart begins to panic. The world is making me crazy and horrified at the same time that I froze in place.
Something was walking behind me. They felt wrong, all wrong like it's not human. I turned around to see nothing. Literally nothing. There's no room filled with colors and the screaming stopped. Far away from myself is the darkest room I've ever seen. All dark. No light. Nothing.
I closed the door behind me and checked the room that was hanging my bully and his colleagues but they're all gone and the wall is stained with blood. The writing gave me enough chills and fear that drives me mad. There is no god to save you, Hermit
I spun around in a frenzy as if someones looking at me. I can feel the eyes are at me and I don't know where it is until a stomp noise can be heard right in the room I woke up in. At first, there were loud footsteps, and now it's banging on the door like a maniac. I didn't wait for it to come out of course. So I ran away, outside in the hellish Necro town.
I'm running on the road now and something is coming for me. Thoughts popping inside my head about whatever is coming for me, it won't lose my tracks as it can smell my very soul. Until I was very far away from the house I was in, a loud scream booms from that house. The scream is like the thousand souls tormented in hell for all eternity. I can feel its gaze at me with its hellish intentions.
I didn't stop to look back. I just kept running until I get into my home. How far is this town? Because I've been running for much longer and the town shouldn't be so far. The footsteps are getting closer as my heart beats faster with every second of its footsteps getting closer.
My legs became so sore and numb, and my lungs became so shallow from the burning air. I suddenly coughed so much that I fell to the ground, hitting my elbow. I tried to crawl away but it was already too late as the thing behind me has already come to get me. I rolled on my back and looked forward to see a tall hideous figure.
It was a tall humanoid with coal like skin. Its skin tightens its bones and I can see its red blood veins pulse around its deflated muscles. Its legs are of a goat's legs, resembling the creature to be something demonic like the devil. The arms are so long that its length is from shoulder to feet. Snd its fingers are way too long that it's like a monstrous claw. Its head is not human, more like a hood connecting to its shoulders. It's not the long and impossible stretched jaw that made me scream. The eyes are because there's nothing in them. Nothing but darkness of Sheol.
It's reaching me with those hideous claws while screaming like a wild demonic animal ready to pounce on their prey. Is this really how I was going to die. To be brutally mauled by its claws and jaw. Will I share the same fate as the bully and his comrades? I don't want to know and I never want to live like this. I'm scared. I don't want to die.
By the time it reaches me, something bright hits it. It's like I'm looking at a fireball? It was big. Bigger than my torso. I looked upwards to see a bright blue figure approaching me. It's like I'm looking at someone from the afterlife because its whole body is in flames except for a recognizable coat, pants, and a cane.
"It's been so long since I've fought these creatures." It was a voice of an old man I recognize clearly. But this doesn't make any sense at all. It's so strange for this guy to sound like Brandon but his voice matches him.
The creature growled at him like a dog and I didn't waste anytime to get away from it. But the smoking smell in my lungs prohibit me to get away. It's like I was dying. But my eyes are alright.
The creature jumps over me, attacking the savior of my life. He shot another fire ball at it and that makes the creature soar back. The creature stands back up wildly before the stranger appeared before it as if he teleported in a blink of an eye. He wack his cane at its head which rips off from its neck. This stranger killed that creature like its nothing but when he turned around I can see fear on his face.
His face, I can see his eyes and mouth. There's also 2 triangular scar at the sides of his chin and they're not burning in flames. "Melvin. I can explain later but right now we have to leave." He said my name just like Brandon does. This is insane, I don't know if I was dreaming or it's real because everything is going mad.
"Let me help you up." He held me by the arm, pulling me up from the ground as I tried to take a breath. My legs are too tired for me to walk. But when he pulled me from the ground, I felt a great sensation of cleansing in my lungs and my legs and muscles began to relax. His hands doesn't hurt nor burn me as if it's a regular hand with no effect on me. I look at him and still he's in fear. Why would he be scared too?
"Brandon?" I said with fear and question in my voice. He looked at me with defeat as if he can't hide that away anymore. That's how I knew he's Brandon. "Well. Looks like you got it right. But come on. Lets move now. You don't want the fish and chips cold." As he ran, I followed in pursuit. My legs felt reborn and my lungs have increased somehow. This felt so real. Everything does. I'm not dreaming at all. It's really happening. I kept asking Brandon with many questions from my head. "You're the blue turbo?"
"Yes. I am."
"Where were you after you quit being a -"
"Melvin. Now is not the time. We have to go. I'll answer them until we reach home ok."
We were suddenly blocked by 5 more of these creatures. They're just like the one I met before when I was being chased. I hid behind Brandon for safety as the creatures screams. I stepped far back from them, not wanting to turn into their puppet or something worse. I looked around to see more of them approaching us with hungry mouths. We're surrounded.
We stand with our backs facing each other. I'm horrified to see more of these demonic creatures all around us, ready to pounce at any moment. When I turn to see Brandon I thought he would be scared but he looks like he knew this would happen. "Melvin, when I say go, run away and don't look back. Keep running no matter what."
"What? But I don't want to leave you."
"I know. But this is the least I can do for you to live. You know my story Melvin. You know why."
My heart sank from the message. Leaving him here with all these creatures, I don't even know if he'll live on after this. But what can I do against these creatures. I'm just a human. I felt so much fear and guilt. After for what I've done to myself and Brandon. I wished I never come here ever.
The monsters are creeping in. I can hear the chatters from their jaws and the footsteps around us. The creatures are ready to kill us because their backs are lifting up as a sign of predatory nature. Then suddenly when Brandon pierces his cane to the ground a loud boom vibrated around us as blue circular waves from the cane emerges out. The waves created a gravitational force that the creatures started floating in the air. Except we weren't floating. "GO!!"
And with that, I ran away as fast as I can, far away from this hell, far away from the only friend I have in my life. I can hear the sounds of vibration turned shut quiet and the screams of the demonic creatures so loud I ran even more faster. Tears are falling from my cheek with the guilt squeezing my heart with pain.
When I finally escaped and was on the clear road, I cried. I cried so much that I can feel everything around me started to fall. I've lost my best friend in Necro town and it's all my fault. I've lost him. I was lying on the ground with the deepest depression in my soul hurting me. I can't bare to lose my friend. I just can't. What am I even supposed to do? I can't save him. I'm not strong enough. I'm just scared.
I'm now sitting at the front porch of Brandon's home. Waiting for him to come back for days. I haven't eaten anything nor come back home or school. I just stayed there waiting for him to come back. I'm alone and scared.
I kept being bothered by random people. They ask why I'm still outside. I never did answer until they called the hospital or the cops. I told them there's nothing to worry about but they don't believe me. If I tell them the truth, they'll die in Necro town and I don't want that for them. I don't believe the cops would understand.
From every hospital or cops I went through, I just kept coming back. Even my parents told me to stay home, I snuck out in the night waiting for my old friend. I did eat sometimes but not really much. I just went to my room until night time arrives.
Then, one day, at midnight, he's back. He's really back. I was so happy and glad he's alive just the way he is. But when I approached to hug him, he collapsed down to his knees. I was exploded with fear and worry. I helped him up and asked him what just happened. "I don't have much time Melvin. Lets go inside, we have a visitor I think you would like to meet. Meet Judith Wednesday." Behind him was a girl who's the same age as me. Her hair is black and she wore a grey hoodie with a logo I've never seen in my whole life. She was covered in dark red blood. The blood that is definitely from the creatures in Necro town.
We all went in and I gave Brandon a seat on the couch. Judith sat next to his left. And me, I sat next to his right. "Brandon, what happened?"
He looked at me with a smile on his face as he begins to change form in front of my eyes. His body changed like he was glowing and the flames form around him. His form now just like the form I saw while at Necro city. "Well. With the help of this young lady, we've defeated all the monsters. But, for me, it didn't go well for me. I'm slowly dying you see. I'm not going to have much time in this world."
"But you can't die. You're like spiritual aren't you?"
"Yes. But that doesn't mean death can't happen to me. I don't know where people like me go when they die. Nobody does."
I can feel my heart race as the tears slides on my face. I can't help myself but to cry before him.
"I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have go to Necro town. I shouldn't have."
"Melvin. It's not your fault. I saved you because I wanted you to live a life I protected. It's my choice. And I'm glad I did. Now. Lets go fishing together. One last time."
I wiped my tears away, trying my best not to ruin this very moment but I just couldn't help myself. He reached out his arms and I took it. I hugged him tightly whilst crying so deeply that I don't want to let go. We've stayed like this for couple of minutes until I finally let go with my soul finally relaxing but with small sadness. My guilt is free.
We grabbed our fishing equipment and went to the river in the forest. Judith follows us with a fishing rod in hand. I don't feel anything like talking to her but at least we both have company. To share the moment together I guess. But this is for Brandon and I hope she knew that too.
When we arrived at the jetty and started placing worm food at the hooks. Brandon was the first to throw his fishing hook. The fishing hook was glowing blue, just like his flames. The pond glowed so bright like a lantern. It was beautiful. The fishes shine so bright from the light. It's as if the world around us is gone and all that matters was this very moment before death.
Judith was struggling to put the worm food at the hook. I went to help her but she said. "It's ok. I got it." By the time her finger was nearly stabbed by the hook, the tip of her finger turned into metal. But that didn't bother me because at this moment, it felt like home. We just laughed. I don't know why we were laughing and it's like being a kid again.
We threw our fishing hooks in the pond, waiting for a fish to bite. The shiny blue fishes. They're more beautiful than I'd remembered. The stains of my tears fades away. "Melvin. You promise me that you'll stay strong?"
I heard Brandon said and I didn't believe it at first. How can I be strong for those that really need help or even myself? "I'm not strong."
"You are. You're strong the way you are. It's ok to be scared because that's a part of how we live. You're a good man Melvin. You just got to believe in yourself."
With a smile on his face, he replied. "You find ways to make yourself better. Achieve your goals. And enjoy life." His words are so convincing that I begin to believe that. My eyes caught my attention to Judith with a warm and sad smile on her face. For some reason, that helped me believe too. I think I can be strong if that's what he said. "Ok. I'll be strong."
"Good. Remember Melvin, you're not alone." And with a sad and free smile on his face, he faded away before my very eyes. His body evaporated into nothing as the last bits of his flames disappear. The tears in my eyes slowly fell as I look into the the pond and the sun beginning to rise.
"I know how it feels." I heard Judith said.
"I've lost my mom and dad to cancer. My mom died when I turned 8. My dad died when I'm at the age of 16. I felt so depressed when my parents die right in front of me. I can't do anything except watch."
"I guess we both got the same moment then. I wish I could just get him back." She looked at me with sad eyes. This very moment makes us feel so calmly sad like its a funeral or somewhere quiet.
"I know. But there's nothing we can do. We just have to move forward with the memories."
It was nice to have someone with me who had similar stories like mine. She was right, we can't do anything about it. We can't get them back. It was hard for me, I know well. Like she said, I had to move forward and keep the memories I had with Brandon. I looked at the sky and prayed that wherever Brandon is now, he's at peace with his wife and son. In a good life he deserved.
It's been a few weeks. I stopped trying to escape school because my bully's are gone. But that didn't make me feel better at all nor felt good. Their parents looked everywhere for them, even the cops but they're not found. Some of the cops went into Necro town and was never heard of again. I wished I could warn them but they don't believe me when I did.
Judith came to visit me every now and then whenever I left school. We exchange stories of our past lives and other stories shared by others. We became close as friends as we kept hanging out with each other. I'm very glad and happy to have a new friend. She's not like any other teenager I've ever met. She's really good with cutting wood. She even shot an arrow directly at the fish in the river.
She's really cool but also depressing. She doesn't have any other friends and doesn't even go to school. Her mom died first, which is the reason she stopped going to school. So that she'll spend more time with her dad just like with her mom. She didn't want any friends. She only wanted her mom and dad and they're enough for her. Until she lost them. They were everything to her. But as time goes, she moved on and came here.
I knew how she fought the creatures with Brandon. At first I thought she was lost like me too but she's much stronger than I'd think. She told me she got a robot spirit within her spirit. A fusion. She can form into the form of her spiritual companion. Her name was Athena and in every single dream she kept coming over in her dreams, babbling random stuff. She's inside of her head, which means she's the everyday annoying voice in her mind that she cannot get away from. I felt bad for her at first but she shrugged it off, saying. "But hey, we got along with each other. Even that I don't like her at first, she's a person too."
One day, we went to the woods at night with our flash lights. It was horrifying for me because we could get lost so easily here. Sweat poured down on my forehead as we kept walking into the woods. Until suddenly, a bright blue light in front of us glows in the night. When we approached the light, it was the pond.
The pond was glowing the same light as Brandon's. This never happened ever in every night or day. Unless he did something or he somehow resides there. But I don't feel like he's there. But I can feel something else.
We walked to the jetty until we stopped near the edge. The pond is as beautiful as I remember with the blue shiny fishes swimming around it. I wonder what happens if I put my hand in the pond. Will I feel something warm or something else. Maybe my arm will glow. I don't know. But then something grew within my soul. A connection. As if the pond wants me to put my hand in. It felt amusing.
So I did it without hesitation. It felt warm as I swim my right hand in the water. The water suddenly jumped on my arm. I thought I was going to panic but I didn't flinch. Instead I let it do what it does. Judith tried to pull me away but I told her not to. She then watched as the glow of the pond gathered around the water that is holding my arm. I felt a great sensation of warmth and heat. I felt a stinging pain all over my arm but it quickly turned into a cold feeling.
All of the glow of the blue flame from the pond is now on my arm, glowing as small flames flew up from my arm, just like Brandon's head of flames. As the glow fades away, I can see clearly that my arm is stained with bright blue.
The pond is now empty of normal water and the fish swims peacefully. We were both shocked as to what happened. Did the glow of Brandon's flames just fused with my arm? I can definitely feel the power from my arm coursing with my soul. "How did it feel?"
"It felt like, painful at first but went normal. I don't know." A realization hit me that I forgot where my flashlight was. I looked to find nothing. Judith helped me out by lighting around the place but it wasn't enough. Suddenly, I felt something in my arm. I lift my hand up and gripped tight, making a bold fist. When I opened my hand, a bright blue flame appeared before me. A bright orb of blue flame glowing our surroundings.
It's as if I knew what I was doing. It's like my soul is connected to this power. When I looked at Judith, her face was a surprised look. I'm surprised as well. So I think I have Brandons powers now. I think I know the reason the glow came tonight. Brandon gave me his powers because what's the point in keeping them when he's living in a peaceful life. I understand now.
I looked around and found my flashlight dropped in the pond. I was frightened that it could've electrocuted the fishes but it didn't. I wasn't paying any attention to it. Accidentally dropping my flashlight. But it looked to be drained off somehow. When I was grabbing in for it, the pond created a vortex beneath the touch of my right palm.
It was shockingly beautiful to watch. The vortex flows so smoothly. I then put my foot on the ground and the pond made space for me to be able to move around. The fish swims all around the pond as I stepped on the ground of the pond beneath me. It was dry. All dry. I grabbed my flashlight and looked up to the jetty. To Judith. With a smile on her face, she said. "This is so cool."
I smiled back as the pond begins to glow and my right hand glows with blue the blue flames. I stand on the ground of the pond my old friend and I loved going to. I have the gift from Brandon and now, I think I'll use this power for good.
I looked up into the night sky, watching the stars shine above whilst a shooting star appeared with them.
I'll be strong Brandon. I'll overcome every obstacle I come across and overcome the suffering. I'll be strong for who I am. And no one is going to stand in my way of doing that.
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2023.06.02 10:22 Lopsided-Spot4733 Just ate Waffle House and have never had a more fun/weird experience.

Ok so it’s me and my homie and his 14yr cousin were otw to cookout first but then we drive past Waffle House and have a sudden change of heart and decide to go to Waffle House.We’ll we eaten it’s chill I’m sitting facing the glass my homies and his cousin facing the opposite direction these two girls stand I notice this girls ass and I think those can’t be leggings first I think maybe there just pink and I just see her underwear thru them I ask my friend who’s starring you see that man .He confirms both girls are not wearing pants double cheeked up in Waffle House they leave no one really cared abt it whatever that was weird.Then we get to the car a homeless man says quietly one of you guys got a cigarette I tell my homie yo that guy wants a cigarette.My friend then gives him abt 6 or 7 cigs and we start talking to him he tells us his dad worked for record label and ask if we got a phone with time on it then proceeds to tell us to look up a band it was the band that his dad played in was pretty fire from 60s or 70s he instantly starts singing along to it .Then he starts pointing out swastikas on the grass and Orion‘s belt on the concrete he’d go 1 2 3 skip 4 5 Orion’s Belt.At this point we realized he was skizo but we’re pretty accepting ppl so we continue to talk and he smells like farts btw.Then he says you hear those tones my friend says yes he shows us a light reflecting off a car and tells to watch we watch for 20s to our surprise the light was moving but we didn’t hear what he heard.Then he asked if we got high at this point we was a worried until he said weed I was scared he was gonna pull out a crack pipe he was just waning some pot .He looked very malnourished I felt bad for him me knowing he wasn’t really a crackhead just sadly a man mentally unstable I give 20$ and told him to get himself something to eat we left he proceeded to get some Waffle House .
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2023.06.02 10:21 No_Spell4330 frequent visiting asia-expats convening on Hanoi

I'm tasked with organizing a group of China-indo-australia-based expats who've all been in china together for 20+ years to come to Hanoi (since it's central, and awesome) for a pretty special 3-day getaway. Everyone's been to hanoi many times in the past 20-30 years--but of course in the last few years we are all out of touch.

Is there anything particularly amazing to organize for the group that doesn't quite fit into the normal realm of tourist activities? I know we have many similar things for thailand/indo/china but haven't thought about it for Hanoi in particular. Any recs appreciated, from wild activities to absolute gems of secret food spots.
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2023.06.02 10:20 RepresentativeChip79 Problems switching to power weapon

I have been having an issue recently that when I switch to my power weapon from my kinetic weapon it pulls out my energy weapon real quick before going to my power weapon. Has anyone else been having this problem or know how to fix it?
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2023.06.02 10:18 haberdashcollect State of The VTuber World - Early June 2023 (7.7-1)

Debut Thoughts

Cries of Crisis, Pangs of Hope

Fall of 2020 was the inflection point of Hololive, the series of crises and the pending restructuring along with the boom of HoloMyth then AREA15 gave an odd form of synergy that made Hololive one of the most robust companies that ever existed. As I said before, the greatest trick Cover has ever pulled is making that poster think 'Hololive is winning by doing nothing.'
To quote the words of Todd Howard - It Just Works.
Anycolor did not get that single time of epiphany. Not many companies do, but every long-standing termination (because I don't think Raito changed anything) has eventually led to great changes to the company as a whole. Meiro was thought to be the impetus for VTA, which has shown great dividends as we march on to 2023. Ara's rampage directly led to the Great Merger of '22 which was very beneficial at least to KR members who stuck around and some who haven't.
So it should be no surprise Zaion will also point the path to a positive direction for Anycolor, and I think we are seeing the benefits right now, with the coming news.
The fact that NijiEN management was terrible should be no surprise since at least the time of Ethyria, which I have talked at length, and will do again because it was instructive to what kind of failure of EN managment was back in '21/'22. Ethyria was billed as a singing group, kind of like LazuLight, there was an early attempt to do kind of ping-pong between singing and gaming, getting two new gen per audition, but Ethyria was not built to be just a singing group. They were just... too good for that.
Enna Alouette's design is one of the best 'gap' designs in the VTuber world, but with all the fiasco, I seriously wonder if the management just simply had no will to properly see through Enna's facade. Then again, Gibara exists, so I wonder if they just didn't care or did care.
Anyways, early fracas with Ethyria made an impression on me that only grew more true over the years that NijiEN management was oddly pessimistic about the nature of internet communities.
Sidenote - I made a comment about Selen's comment to a delusional poster and at the cost of being incredibly pretentious, it created an opportunity to talk about one of the many ways many observers get Nijisanji 'wrong' so to speak (and there are many reasons why)
One of the common refrains from NijiFans is that 'you should not be obliged to watch everyone', and people think it means that you are supposed to only focus on a few people, but that is not the case.
The point is to focus on all the people, some of the time. As in, you will naturally create a tier-list system of differing priorities in which to watch. At the center will be your oshi, who you will turn to every stream, then around it are their buddies, which you will watch some of the time, and then further around them will be the buddies' buddies, which you will watch once in a blue moon, and then further out you have people you know from tournaments and such and have vague understanding but still feel an appreciation for their talent and hard work.
With that framework, you will come away with at least passing familiarity with every Nijisanji member, at least to the point you can point to an arbitrary Liver and say 'hey, it's so-and-so'.
The whole structure of Nijisanji, which was thankfully copied onto EN with the help of Ethyria, is designed to dissuade people who equate Nijisanji with a monolith group. That's why I mock someone who thinks NijiEN is the only Nijisanji. The point of 'you should not watch everyone' is not to permit people from narrowing their vision but to stop the obsessive nature of EN viewing patterns entirely.
There is a tendency of individualization in the West that leads to high levels of toxicity, because individualization leads to narrowing of people's worldviews, leading to more clashes because you get a larger variation of interpretations of reality, which is actually not a good thing.
This is what should make Nijisanji more robust than Hololive, because Hololive permits more of this individualized obsession, although in truth Hololive has been focusing on integration a lot.
But that is not the case, because do you know who does not understand the sidenote I wrote above? That's right, the NijiEN management. The behavior NijiEN management team did was very much copied from a flawed idea of what they thought made HoloEN and others successful. The narrow focus on 'content' from each gen, from the idea of PuchiLuxiem, to the rapid disinterest in people like Yugo and the great mistake of hiring someone like Zaion, and the slow pacing of allowing foreign collabs.
NijiEN betrayed what made Nijisanji great and it has slowly and surely costed them.
Back in May, I emphasized the off-hand remark that said they merged the oversea management with the local one. I believe this was the easiest and best way to combat this problem. It's like NijiEN is operating abroad, unlike HoloEN, so there is no need to bring people in or hire new people.
And the fruits of this secret merger is coming out with more JP content on the EN official channel and invitation of JP members in Canada, France and Korea, with former Korean members finally attending a convention and also return of former ID people to Muse Indonesia as well. It seems the clock is working again and I believe the things might turn around for the foreign branches... who knows? Maybe ID and KR might be revived and we might get that ID/KR audition after all.
But that is a far stretch, honestly most of it is. But that is par for the course for here, eh?
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2023.06.02 10:16 Fancy_Variety_1009 [Get] AdPreneur Academy – Jess Brookes

Visit Here: https://bestgraphicai.com/go/adpreneur-academy--jess-brookes

Here’s what you’ll get in AdPreneur Academy

Setting Up for Success in Module One
Growing Your Ads Business, Module 5
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2023.06.02 10:16 Prior-Cookie391 in another life

I miss you so much. I miss seeing you everyday, talking to you every night, but it’s too good to be true for that to last. I don’t think our friendship will ever be like before, but I don’t regret anything I said. I needed to tell you , like I owed to tell you, because it would’ve hurt both of us. I owe it to you to let you go too now. It’s been 11 months almost and I still think of you so much. I’m still down to hang out again, but after this year I connected with myself so much more and love myself. It’s less that I couldn’t get you to fall in love w me or anything, but more like that you missed out, and that’s ok
The first few months were hard, the grief coming in waves, getting pulled back to the ocean. But as time passed I was anticipating it, and it became a lot easier. A part of me will always love you,and so it’s enough to let you go. Putting a rule that you should be in my life is a selfish rule, and I owe it to you to move on too. I’ll still always be there for you as a friend too, and I honestly cherish a friendship a lot too
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2023.06.02 10:15 itsLocky The One Relationship That Can Make Or Break Your Growth

When we think of relationships, we usually think of other people: family, friends, partners, co-workers, that f*cker that keeps playing the organ at midnight next door, the dog, etc.
Relationships are super duper important to living at least a somewhat decent life. I doubt many people will disagree.
Yet the most important relationship is the one that is commonly most overlooked:
Your relationship with yourself!

Your relationship with yourself

Don't worry, I'm not going to come out with some hoo-hah "love yourself" bullshit. I promise.
Not long ago there was only one person I hated in life. One person that I thought was the most pathetic, weak, lacking, and bruh-inducing human that I knew. And who was that?
Was thinking this healthy? No. Did it benefit me in any way? No. Did it benefit others? No. Was it conducive to my goals? No. Did it make me feel any better? No.
But my past depressed self made this a reality. Whether it was true or not, I believed it, so it became true to me.
My past self rationalised this thought pattern. I made it appear reasonable to talk to myself like this - to have this I'm-such-a-loser-all-I-do-is-lose internal dialogue. Compared to so many people around me, I felt behind in life. Really behind.
My mental health was in a laughable state. I was physically as fit as my 70yr old neighbour (the one that plays that f*cking organ), lonely, depressed, hopeless, and didn't have much going for me. And to put the cherry on top, I habitually played the comparison game with people online.
Now that is a loser's game.
After a while, I'd had enough. I said, "f*ck this, I'm sick of myself for hating myself, and I've got to do something about this". I took the plunge into rekindling my relationship with myself.
Why Is This Important?
If your goal is improvement, you must be someone that wants to improve.
When I treated myself like a foe:
And other people are going to notice this. It is reflected in everything: posture, work ethic, body language, etc. You will never be able to subconsciously rationalise improving someone you hate.
And to add, not many people will want to be around you either.
To try to be a better person yet speak to yourself as a problem is counter-intuitive. Don't you think? It's bound to create a form of mental incongruence. And as long as your actions for yourself do not align with your thoughts about yourself, you will always feel a kind of dissonance. And this shit isn't what we want.
Oh wow, this is cool and all, but how tf do I start liking myself a little more?
Firstly, you've got to be aware of the problem. How do you speak to yourself regularly? Like you would to a friend? How about when you do something well or badly?
Start to develop a perception of your thoughts about yourself more and assess them. This could be some of the most beneficial introspection you do. Take note of how much is positive and how much is negative. And don't just skip this shit - it's important.
For example, here were some of mine that used to be all too common: "I'm pathetic", "I'm stupid", "I'm weak", "I'm a sorry excuse for a man", "Why would anyone ever like me?", and "Why should I bother?"
Pretty rough, huh?

Next, you have to want to become someone that you like.
Perhaps you don't want to. Perhaps this seems a bit lovey-dovey.
Make no mistake, I'm not saying you should love yourself all of a sudden. That obviously won't work. Not a single cringe "love yourself" affirmation or quote changed shit when I was a doomer.
If you're suffering right now, why should you love the person who's put you there? It's more about thinking positively and reshaping your identity so it aligns with your goals.
You should find a nice balance between loving and hating yourself - too much hate, and you'll never get shit done; too much love and you'll get too comfortable with where you currently are.
Your beliefs should be as self-serving as possible. Ones that aren't will compound and weaken your mind. Because ultimately, your beliefs become your reality.
Here are some next steps you can take:
  1. Only compare yourself to yourself. Easier said than done, I know. But it's a biggie. Deleting - or at least distancing - yourself from social media will help. All these "successful" nerds will make everything you do seem futile. Instead, compare your progress to where you were in the past.
  2. Look after yourself. But take it gradually, step by step. Overwhelming yourself will cause a reset, or prevent you from starting altogether. Do some simple things: take a shower, drink some water, meditate for 2 minutes, journal 1 thing you're grateful for, go for a walk, etc. Do these little things, let them compound, and see how you feel after a week or two.
  3. Envision the person you want to become - the dream version of yourself. How would they treat and speak to themselves? Really use your imagination and paint as vivid a picture as possible. The more detail, the more emotion you can tie to it, and the more powerful it will be. Now act and think in alignment with how they would.
  4. Intercept negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Unfortunately, emotions are addictive, so many people get stuck thinking negatively. This will take practice, but you can get there. One tip is to write a reminder on the wall to think good thoughts. The less tolerance you have for non-serving thoughts, the easier it will be.
The most important thing
The one thing that gave me the most progress was changing my beliefs about myself. It seemed stupid to have beliefs about myself that made life harder.
So, I removed all tolerance for negative beliefs and replaced them with positive ones. I would constantly reaffirm these beliefs, no matter how arduous it seemed. This is some biohacking, neuroplasticity, and reprogramming your mind-type shit.
I found results the most, however, when I proved these beliefs. That is the key. Because then you get a nice feedback loop and a positive memory to add credence to the belief.
The idea goes: Form a serving belief -> Act in accordance -> See the Result -> Get mental feedback.
Then the feedback either strengthens the belief or weakens it. It's these feedback loops that can be the difference between feeling on top of the world and like a fat sack of shit. This is why it's paramount that you understand this! These beliefs can make or break you.
Don't worry if at first you don't act correctly or get the desired results. Remind yourself that you are evolving into the person who believes x about themselves, and with time it will come true.

Some concluding notes and stuff
Speak to yourself like a friend. Behave how you would want your child to.
There is a lot more to cover on this topic, such as affirmations (which can help immensely but are almost always incorrectly done and misunderstood), identity and the ego, belief, victim mentality, feedback loops, etc. But I think these deserve their own posts.
One of the biggest determinants of success for most things in life is how much you believe in yourself. Be someone that you can believe in.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thx for reading.
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2023.06.02 10:15 MilkbottleF Two Stories

The Castaway

The man on the raft had only hope to keep him alive now. The bones showed through his thin face. An endless moan escaped his trembling mouth. His eyes were bright with fever. He had been clinging to life for more than a month now on this wretched collection of planks.
All at once a new sound reached his enfeebled brain: a buzzing noise imagined in his delirium no doubt. But it wasn't —it really was a helicopter approaching slowly, flying over the raft. Saved! He was saved! The castaway danced about clumsily.
In the meantime a rope-ladder had been lowered from the helicopter. A man dressed in rags, his emaciated face overgrown with a coarse beard, was pushed brutally on to the top rungs.
The helicopter turned away and disappeared.
Now there were two castaways on the raft.

Happy Are Those, Like Ulysses...

Some people feel an unhealthy attachment to their native town; and if circumstances force them to settle down away from home they cannot bear the thought of dying so far from their birthplace. Alas, things are not always easily remedied. In the past, many unfortunates realized, too late, that they would breathe their last many miles from the consolations of home.
Fortunately, progress has changed all this. Nowadays, the dying are conveyed to their home towns by express train. A miracle of devotion and organization now makes it possible for them to die at the very spot where they were born; but few are aware of the altruism and self-sacrifice required to enable the near-defunct to make this last journey.
Let us make a brief survey. The dying are collected from hospitals and homes and loaded into an ambulance coach. As the departure time approaches, the coach is taken from its siding and coupled to the train. Old people brought in by van keep arriving. At last the whistle goes and the train starts.
This marks the beginning of a period of real torment for the ambulance men. The express runs at full speed. The ambulance coach is connected fore and aft to other coaches and its weight, together with that of its contents, reduces the cushioning effect of the springs so that it waltzes madly with each piston-stroke of the engine. Despite all this jolting and bumping, the ambulance team have to complete the sorting which was only partly done before departure. Their job is to arrange and classify the bodies into compartments, each carrying the name of a station. Crowded together and almost unable to move their arms and legs because of the obstructing stretchers, the unfortunate ambulance workers forage in the enormous heap of the moribund, feverishly classifying them, breathing air that is wholly noxious.
During the seven-hour run from Paris to Bordeaux each ambulance clerk must sort, on average, fourteen thousand old people without a break. Since most of these special trains run at night, the work has to be done in the smoky flickering light of wretched oil-lamps. New coaches lit by electricity have been put into service but the bulbs often prove defective. Only last September a team making the return run to Paris in one of these coaches had to use candles fixed on syringes.
And sorting is not all they have to do! The bodies for each station have to be put into sacks, tied and put aside. There's not a minute to lose. The hands of the clock turn relentlessly, the thermometer mounts inexorably, the end of the journey approaches. Furthermore, an express does not stop at every station along the line, so when it passes through a station the sack or stretcher must be thrown out of the coach. Two or three minutes before the expected time an ambulance man pressed against a door peers questioningly into the distance. Opposite him a delivery man stands doubled over against another door, clutching a bulging sack to his chest, ready to throw it out at the word of command. 'Now!' shouts the first man, and the sack is catapulted into the darkness on to the platform or track where it is soon collected by employees of the local funeral service.
This expeditious method of delivery is not free from its dangers and risks. Accidents are still common. Only recently a policeman on duty on a station platform was knocked down by an old man falling on top of him. Another time, at the spot between Abbeville and Calais, where the train runs over a series of bridges only a few miles from the sea, the ambulance man, misled by the darkness, tumbled a stretcher into the mouth of a river. This only came to light the next day when the stretcher was recovered floating in the open Channel several miles away, ripped open with three-quarters of its contents pillaged.
-- Roland Topor [Tr by Margaret Crosland and David LeVay]. Published in Stories and Drawings (Peter Owen, 1968.) See also: "Feeding the Hungry"
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