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2023.06.02 10:30 MethuselahsGrandpa A plea to all filmmakers; …please stop with the flashlights pointing at the camera.

Seriously. I know this happens accidentally but I also know it’s done on purpose.
A lot of people watch film and TV in a dark room & the whole ‘flashlight shining into the camera thing’, even for only a second is one second too long. This has been done so many times in so many films & TV shows & there’s simply no reason for it; …it’s annoying, distracting, and for people who get migraines easily, …painful.
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2023.06.02 10:24 ThrowRA_pb Should I forgive my friend for assaulting me?

This is something that has been on my mind for a few years now. I'm still having a hard time processing this and I feel emotionally torn. This is pretty long but bare with me, TLDR at the bottom.
For context, I moved before entering my freshman year of highschool so I was pretty much the new kid in town. I didn't really know anyone but one person, who on the first day introduced me to a small group of people who had common interests with me. There I met my friend, who I shall call E. E was very short and skinny, pretty one of the tiniest people in school. We talked and hung out a lot, and at some point I trusted her enough to try marijuana with her.
Around the beginning of our friendship I had developed a small crush on E as I found her attractive, as around this time I was still discovering myself and my sexuality as I realized I was attracted to women in middle school. Being that E was a woman and Bi, I felt I had a chance with her, however I made my advances when she was taken by a guy I'll call T for simplicity. I had always thought T was an asshole and I felt that I could treat E better as a partner, to which I got my hopes up believing she would be able to see that. Because this is important later, I'd like to note that T is much older and bigger, pretty much the stereotypical senior that preys on freshman girls. From what I've heard T was quite abusive, cheated a lot and sometimes their sex was nonconsensual.
Eventually after dropping hints that I was into E and even went as far to ask for a kiss and got rejected, I stopped my advances on E and my infatuation died. As time went on though we grew closer and were very comfortable around each other; we have showered together on extremely rare occasions but it was never weird or awkward. At some point I had come out as trans and E was one of my main supporters.
Fast forward to my junior year of highschool, I started dating a guy who I shall call X. X knew me before I was trans and despite this he sometimes showed disgust when I talked about transitioning. E picked up on this and grew to dislike X and would tell me in private, which essentially put doubts in my mind about X's and I's relationship. To add to this, X was okay with marijuana, but he hated alcohol due to some of his family being alcoholics and one of them being hospitalized due to an accident that happened while they were under the influence. The time I drank with E at a party, X didn't want to kiss me or be around me as I reeked of alcohol and eventually left early.
Well, one day I planned to spend the night at E's house and drink alcohol with her. I told X my plans which eventually broke out into an argument. I forget what was said, but he was against me drinking, though reluctantly decided to come over later on after we had drank.
So I arrive at E's house with the alcohol and get myself comfy in the small fort that was built in the corner of the living room. While I'm getting comfy I ask E to make a small drink of alcohol as I had a low tolerance and I wasn't a fan of the burn of alcohol. When E comes back she had two tall glasses, which intimidated me. Turns out she took all the alcohol I had brought and split between the two of us and filled the rest with juice to make a strong spiked drink. As we're drinking and getting a buzz, I try to take my time with my drink fighting through the burn as we occupied ourselves with TV or while she was on facetime, but overtime she would say things that felt like she was rushing me, something along the lines of "If you're not going to finish that, I will" and essentially call me a pussy. Me being a teenager wanting my equal portion and feeling the need to prove her wrong, I caved into peer pressure eventually finished my drink.
Here is where I hold my conflicting thoughts and feelings. At some point in the fort, E and I were very intoxicated, though I wasn't blacked out as I still remember most of what happened. E starts to cuddle up to me as I'm on my back doing something on my phone; I don't remember what, but I believe I was texting X who was on their way over. This wasn't unusual to me and being I am a lovey-dovey drunk, I didn't mind this. It progressed to E getting handsy and groping/kneading my stomach and hips which made me feel funny. I remember getting this weird feeling of nostalgia in this moment, almost like a trance as if I was brought back to when I was first attracted to E. Before E went any further she asked if it was okay to continue, and I said yes as I was influenced by these old but confusing feelings. Eventually E went into my pants, and that's when I came back to reality. This wasn't what I wanted, but I felt that I was too far into it to tell her to stop, that I didn't want to do it anymore. I couldn't tell her no. So, I faked an orgasm and that's when things ended. Once it was over, E told me to not tell X, and we continued on with our night like nothing happened. Afterwards I checked my texts to find that X sent a message saying he waiting for us to let him in, but being that neither one of us answered and he waited for a while before going home.
After the incident with E, I felt dirty. At the time it felt like I had cheated on X, so the next day I confronted him and told him what happened. When I first initially told X I worded it as that I had cheated, which led to us breaking up and going no contact for a week. However this time apart gave me more time to process what happened, and at some point I reached out to X to explain myself and give the whole story. This is when X told me that I was raped, and after some discussion and my own personal internet searches I realized he was right. Aside from X being the first person I talked to this about, I confided in my mother as I trusted her. She asked if I wanted to get police involved, but being that we were underage drinking and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, I declined. I later blocked E on most social media.
However, I later discovered that X was spreading word around town that E assaulted me, which led E to take to social media to defend herself. She explained what happened, how it was unfair to her because she didn't remember anything on that night, and how it was impossible for her to have raped me as I was much bigger than her, and it "wasn't rape". I never responded to this, but she lost a lot of friends over that post.
A few months later I was talking to my friend L, who is a mutual friend of mine and E. I told her a little about what happened with E, and L said that she was with E at that time. That's when I decided to confront E about what happened and all 3 of us met at a park. Before I could begin to voice my thoughts and feelings about what happened, E broke down into tears and practically steamrolled me with hers. She went on to say that she lost a majority of her friends, received death threats and even received razor blades and bleach in the mail. I was never able to tell her my side of things as she was hysterically crying, quite literally on her knees, instead I couldn't help but feel sorry for her and forced myself into forgiving her, but it never felt genuine.
To this day I don't feel like I have closure to what happened, and because of it I feel that I have a strained friendship with her. The one time E had brought up this event was when her, L and I were hanging out and said that 'we fucked.' We don't talk or hang out as much anymore as we have our own lives, but because Ive known E for so long and how much support she gives me I feel guilty for cutting ties with her as I have tried in the past.
Should I stay friends with her or cut her out of my life for good?
TLDR; My friend since high school who I use to crush on peer pressured me into drinking and assaulted me when we were both drunk. When I confronted her about it she made it all about her and I forgive her when I really didnt.
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2023.06.02 10:19 YamiJanp April/May - Double the months, double the games [20/25]

I somehow forgot to post an update for April and when I realized my mistake, it was already almost the end of May, so I decided to lump the two together. These two months were mostly the months of Pathfinder. I spent whole April and most of the May playing Kingmaker and brainstorming my character for Wrath of the Righteous. I think my friends, who decided to play alongside me helped that a lot. And we even started talking about trying Pathfinder tabletop game just few hours ago, which I'll DM for. It's nice when videogames have this kind of effect on people. Other than that, I finished Hero's Hour and while I had fun with it as Heroes clone, it was lacking some depth that would hook me on it. I also played forgotten adventure A Vampyre Story, which I wish got a sequel. I finally finished Heidi: The Game. Took me like an hour in total. It was mindless 2D platformer and I still don't regret playing it. Then in May, I opened and a small game called Fridge Floppers caught my attention. It was fun in-and-out action to complete during my break. I also finally got around to play Frog Detective 3 and it was magnificent ending to the whole trilogy. I played Five Dates, which is well-made interactive movie about dating in the time of corona. And I also played the Mafia: Definitive Edition, a remake of my childhood game. At the end of the month, I started playing Total War: Three Kingdoms. Last Total War game I played was Napoleon, so it has been a while. It's fun so far. On Switch, I made some progress in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but I'm close to just dropping it. I'm not feeling it. On the other hand, I bought Fire Emblem: Engage and I'm having fun with it so far. I also played LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which is really boring and doesn't live up to the original LEGO games. I'm currently at Episode VIII, so I think I'll just quickly get past the story mode and end it there. So, let's talk about these games. This will be long update. And as always, beware of spoilers...
Hero's Hour
Well, this journey finally ended. I had to make it my secondary go-for game to break a gameplay stereotype a little bit, but I think I'm finally done with it.
I appreciate what the devs decided to do. A Heroes clone that combines stuff from 3rd and 4th entry sounds crazy, but it works. I felt like at home right from the start. The inspiration is sometimes way too obvious, for example there are structures with 1:1 design taken straight from Heroes. I don't mind it that much, I took it as a nod to the legendary series. I would say the inspiration helped me get "in" the game and understand some of the deeper mechanics faster.
The fractions in this game are a combination of Heroes 3 and 4 fractions mixed with something new. Each fraction had its own gimmick that made it unique. For example undead fraction could rise dead enemies, the barbarians could only level up their units by combat, sea fraction could dig up pearls and trade them for more units, lovecraftian fraction had powerful heroes, who could be on multiple places at once, but had to sacrifice some cultists to be able to recruit stronger units and so on... I've played about a half of maps with random fraction to try them all, but later rotated between 3-4 fractions based on my current mood. I think my favourites were undeads and seafolks.
Each fractions had multiple heroes, each one with unique skill tree. But some skills were shared by multiple characters. And with it comes one of my biggest gripes with the game. These skill trees are so unbalanced. There is OP skill that let's you fill a bar after each battle and when you fill it up, it will spawn a Red Dragon on your team. Red Dragon is one of the strongest units in the game. And that is not all. When level up, this skill also let's you upgrade Red Dragons into Black Dragons, who are even more broken than their Heroes 4 counterpart. And some characters can get this skill as early as level 2. Meaning that you can get extreme push in power within first few turns of the game and can completely steamroll your opponents. But it's not the only skill that is unbalanced. While heroes take active part in the battle, their damage is minimal and there are barely any skills that would make them better. Meaning that heroes' main purpose is to cast spells. And the problem is that some heroes only get spell skills at the top of their skill tree. While there are some good pasive skills, the ability to completely wreck your enemies with spells is just better. I mean there are spells that will basically take your opponent's units and make them yours. And once again, some characters can get these spells super early in the game or even start with them.
Which slowly brings me to battles. I had love-hate relationship with them throughout the whole game. Your units move and attack on their own and your only interaction with the battlefield are your heroes' spells. Well, you can also tell your units to retreat or move somewhere else, but it usually had no effect on the battle. So your only way to affect the battle stands on the ability of your hero to cast spells. And having enough mana to do so. As I said, some spells were crazy. There were multiple times, when I got in the battle with just my hero and small army of troops against huge army. And I won just because my hero could cast overpowered spells the whole time. Be it summoning spells or spells that make some of your opponent's unit instantly disappear or change the team or just good old meteorite rain. On the other hand, when my hero had no spells or couldn't cast them, I had to sit through multiple minutes of automatic battle, which got boring pretty fast, because each unit has one animation for movement and one for attack. Because the battlemaps were flat with nothing interesting on them, I also could strategize in any meaningful way. And it was the worst during battles I knew I'll win, just based on power and numbers of my units, but still had to sit through them. Also in most games, there was usually one huge clash with each opponent, after which my opponent could never get enough momentum again to be any threat.
Final point I would to gather my thoughts on are maps themselves. There is no campaign, only few skirmishes. Well, there are over 40 of them. Each map is randomly generated, but you always see the general skeleton the map will follow. It will show you if you and your enemies are connected by land or sea and if there are any neutral towns. But while each map was randomly generated, most of them felt the same. All of them was divided into same areas. Your starting area, where you could get the starting resources. This area was locked away from the neutral area and your opponents by either a guarded tunnel or guarded fortress. This made most of the maps look the same. I was also missing some better motivation than just "beat all of your enemies." I think a campaign would be fun.
Overall, it was unbalanced fun. It was nice watching my army completely wrecks my opponent. But I wish there was more to it. It felt a little bit shallow. 6.5/10.
A Vampyre Story
It's crazy and a little bit eerie, how many games, good games, get forgotten so quickly. Especially today, when we get hundreds upon hundreds of games daily. It's sad that there isn't enough time to play every interesting title. Or that some cool series never really sees an ending. It wouldn't happen to games I play, right? There is no way. I'm denying any possibility that this could happen to me.
Which is exactly what happened to A Vampyre Story. This P&C adventure game was planned as a whole trilogy. And they really wanted to make you want it. So you can imagine my surprise, when the game just suddenly ended with a cliffhanger. And when I wanted to get the closure the game owned me, I found out the sequel never came out. There is a prequel, but I want to know what happened to Mona! I need to know! It's my right to know! That makes me angry!
I just spent 4 hours getting to know all the characters. I wish I could do anything to experience at least a bit of what happens next. There is even a trailer for a sequel still available on YouTube. Maybe we could bargain a deal?
Is there even a point in playing games anymore? If all we get is uncertainty after enjoying a good game, isn't it depressing that there will never be a sequel?
Bur it's all gone, isn't it? I'll never meet A Vampyre Story's characters again. They will forever be locked in a cycle of escaping that cursed castle again and again. They will always end up on their way to a crazy scientist. Poor Mona. It's depressing.
But you know what? I had fun with it. I loved its art style and humour. I enjoyed exploring the castle and the town and solving the puzzles. I liked that you could use your bat companion as an item, which meant you could combine him with other items. In the end, nothing can take my enjoyment back. So, I think the only thing to do is to accept that this was one-off experience and move on.
Overall, I hope you enjoyed my [s]stages of grief[/s] review of A Vampyre Story. 8/10.
Heidi: The Game
It's strange. I got this game alongside my Game Boy Micro and bunch of other (and arguably better) games, but this one stayed in my mind and from time to time, I noticed I'm thinking about it. So it's only natural for me to pick it up again and play it.
It's a game based on a children book. I remember I read the book in primary school during classes. And I was lucky to be familiar with the story, because the game barely tell you anything about it. It don't even bother to be consistent. For example Heidi mentions Klara once out of nowhere at the end of the game, while completely ignoring her existence up until that point. Other characters are pretty much non-existing, only one of them has dialogue and that's only at the start of the game.
The gameplay is simple. It's 2D platformer, where you go from left to right. And about 70 % of the levels really felt like I was just holding a forward button and just beat the level by jumping at the right time to avoid pits and enemies. The rest had me sometimes going up or down and very rarely (in like 2 levels), I actually had to navigate through a complex layout. It's a game for small kids, I get it, but some levels could be finished in under a minute with minimal input.
Overall, for a game that lasted me for about an hour, it was fun and quick, but didn't really leave an impression. It would be cool flash game. Nothing more, nothing less. 6/10.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker
"It takes 500 hours to complete, " that was an ad for a game I was a little bit interested in. Up until that moment. After I read this ad, I moved the game to the "probably will never play" category. "An epic adventure that will take you 100s of hours to finish, " says another ad for another game. But it fails to address that that game has enough content for about 20 hours and the rest is just a boring filler.
One view, when it comes to value of games is how long it is. And it's honestly something I can't really understand. Time spent in the game is weird variable to measure the value of the game with. For example, when I finally decided to play The Witcher 3 (as someone, who played previous entries on launch, I was turned down by the switch to more traditional open-world and the promise of 100s of hours of content), I spent over 100 hours in it on one playthrougth. But, and also because of this, I think it's mediocre game with great dialogues and cinematography. I experienced everything the game has to offer in about 20 hours. But the game never built up on that, so the final 80 hours of my gameplay were really bland and boring and felt like a filler for most parts. I really only kept up playing because the general consensus about it is that it's one of the best RPG of all time and I just didn't get to the good parts yet. Which is a lot weirder, since it isn't really a RPG, but that's probably a topic for another time. On the other hand, Smile For Me is a game I've finished in one sitting one evening. It knew exactly what it wants to do, executed it perfectly and ended right when it was suppose to. And it's a game I still fondly remember to this day. The art of ending the game at the right time is really hard to master and it doesn't always apply that longer games don't know when to end. For example, Divinity: Original Sin 2, that I've played last month is long game. But it's exactly as long as it needs to be. It barely has any filler in it and leaves me wanting more. On the other side, SUPERHOT is about 2 hours long, but even that is way too much and feels like a slog and just doesn't know when to end.
Which slowly gets me to Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Kingmaker puts you in a shoes of a (future) monarch. As you progress the game, you gain the ability to manage your kingdom. And with it comes the biggest problem. The game has awful pacing. It starts good. Kill a bandit king and claim good lands. You have few days to do it. But then, you quickly get another, more personal quest. And suddenly, you have to choose. Which one will your pursue first. Will you take out your competitor and risk that the only trail you have to the bandit king will go cold? It adds so much to the game and you question whatever you've done the right thing.
But as the game goes on and you get your kingdom, these choices slowly disappear and all you're left with is "you have X days to finish this quest," which the game sometimes doesn't even tell you and then will just say you failed the objective after some time. While this adds to the overall feeling of alive world, it also introduces few more problems.
But let's talk about the kingdom management for now. You get special quests that can be resolved by you or your advisors and take some time. You basically just click, who will solve which quest and then wait. Some of the quests will lock-in your character for few in-game days. Which means if you don't finish all your personal quests first, you risk failing them. It's really a weird design choice, especially since you still can use you companions normally, while they are solving a kingdom quest, just not your main character.
Then, there is the pacing issue. When you finish a chapter, you have some time to manage your kingdom and explore. Exploring is, like in many exploring-focused games, useful only at the start. After that, you'll encounter the same looking maps, same enemies and same loot. The loot was so weirdly distributed that I've used some weapons all the way from the first dungeon to the end of the game, because there just weren't better weapons of that kind for my characters. After a while, I didn't even bother with exploring everything, because what I got during the main game was enough. So, that's one part of the game that I don't really want to participate in during this time. The second is kingdom management. As I said before, there isn't really much substance to it too. You just click and wait. Sometimes, you don't have anything to click on. So you'll have to click "Skip a day" button. Yeah, there is a button that will skip one in-game day. That's just an atrocious idea. Instead of giving you any meaningful activities to spend your time in, the game let's you click one button until it allows you to continue. And it really is an issue. In one instance, I had to skip over 400 days until the game let me continue with the main story. For the final two chapters, I had to turn kingdom management on auto, because I would have to spend another in-game year clicking skipping button.
It's really a shame, because I think the story was fun. Not something world breaking, but nice little tabletop adventure. Same goes for characters, which I enjoyed quite a lot. I even managed to swap my party members a lot, not really having a set team of 6. I was afraid some of them will be annoying, like overly optimistic Linzi or her polar opposite Jaethal. But even them managed to convince me to like them. My favourites are Harrim, Valerie and Nok-Nok. Harrim had nice twist on the typical dwarf character, Nok-Nok was fun comedic relief and Valerie was one of the best Lawful Neutral character I've ever seen. The final dungeon forced me to shuffle the party one more time, so there was no time for stereotype to settle in. I've played as Wizard, an illusionist, and it worked fairly well. Illusionists are usually RP-heavy characters and doesn't work well in these linear environments, but I had fun with it. Especially illusions on higher levels were something I never tried before.
Which brings me to the pacing issue #2. The battle system. I hate the real-time-with-pause system of cRPGs. Who's idea was it? Who likes to watch two parties missing each other for 10 minutes, while they as player has 0 input in the game? It's not how battles in tabletop RPGs work. Luckily, I was able to switch to turn-based system and it was a little bit better, but I still encountered moment, where no hit would land for 10+ rounds. And especially by the end of the game, it was tiresome to fight low-level enemies in this mode, so I kept switching in and out of it. I'm the end, it was the best idea. I let the game solve easy fights for me, while I kept the harder fights and bossfights for myself. And it was great. I enjoyed most of the chapters and their respective bosses. The final bosses were a little bit predictable, but I don't think the game was aiming at some big shocking revelation, when it comes to them.
Overall, this game has a lot of good ideas and mechanics. But it will shove them down your throat to the point that you'll actively avoid them. When I turned down/ignored all side activities, I had a lot of fun with the game. Which is weird, but it's the result of your 25 hours long game taking 70 hours to finish. 8/10.
Fridge Floppers
Fridge Floppers is a 15 minutes physics-based game made in 48 hours. Which is impressive. The main goal is to move a fridge to a van, while controlling two movers carrying it. You can move them both at the same time or let one of them jump. But the fridge can't fall off.
There were about 5 levels of varying difficulty, just scratching the edge of all the possibilities. You barely get to experience the pain of climbing up and down a set of stairs before the game ends.
And there isn't really anything else to say. The art style is simple, yet nice and feels like a good fit for this game. The controls are easy to understand and hard(-ish) to master.
Overall, I wish there were more levels added to the game, because as I already said, I love the concept. 8/10.
Frog Detective 3
You might remember me excitingly talking about the previous two entries in this series. Ever since then, I was eagerly waiting for the final part of the trilogy. Only to completely miss the release. I only recently learned about it, while browsing I have no idea how could I miss it, but made sure to play it as soon as possible.
Frog Detective is the worthy finale of the series. It picks up exactly where the previous entry ended, but you're also served quick recap of previous games. The game plays exactly like the previous two games. You're let loose in a small area and have to solve a crime. This time, you're in Wild West-themed town and you're trying to find everyone's stolen hats. You're aided by Lobster Cop, who is supposedly #1 detective in this world. But is he really? The story is extremely silly and full of plot twists and surprises. I would never expect this game to surprise with its story.
The gameplay is simple and follows the same structure as the previous games. You talk with characters, find out what they need and what can they offer and then you start exchanging items with them until you get what you need. It's always clear what to do and especially after you talk with all characters, you're just following a linear path.
Overall, this is great way to end the series. I'll be looking forward next game from these devs. 9/10.
Mafia: Definitive Edition
While I've played the original Mafia (and its sequel) when I was younger, I never really joined in the cult that worship this game and its creator as second coming of christ. It was a great game, but the fanbase and its creator are a little bit crazy. And I think that's what turned me off the series for so long. I think the last time I've played Mafia was 10 years ago and it took me so long to get to this remake. Now, while I'm writing this, I know I had some kind of point to make in this paragraph, but I forgot what it was...
So, let's move on to the actual remake. I think it does a lot of things right. I like the re-imagining of the cutscenes, the added details and dialogues. The city looks amazing. It looks like it did in my imagination back in 2002. But it also introduced some not so great changes. It completely kills "Just for Relaxation" mission. It was one of the best mission in the original game, which let you tackle the problem your own way. It also made sense from narrative perspective and was grounded in reality like the rest of the game. Now, it's stupid boring forced linear stealth mission, that betrays Salieri's character and just makes everyone so unlikable and makes them act out of character. Plus, for some reason, there is still dialogue from the original that doesn't make sense in this new scenario. Luckily it's almost final mission of the game and it has no consequences on the rest of the missions.
The gameplay is pretty much the same as the original, only tweaked a little bit to match the modern standard. I like it. The original had more opened areas and let you handle missions your own way, but I didn't mind the more linear approach. It was annoying few times, because I was so used to completing certain mission certain way, but nothing to be mad about. Unlike the mission I talked above.
Overall, I think this remake is nice alternative to the original, but scratches completely different itches, so I don't think it's something to replace the original. 7.5/10.
Five Dates
Five Dates is interactive movie about dating during the time of corona.
And to be honest, there isn't really much to talk about. The gameplay is simple. You watch a movie and sometimes pick, where to take the story. There are 5 woman to date and each of them has really captivating personality and story. They didn't feel one-dimensional at all. I didn't expect it, but the game had great writing and was full of surprises. I decided to first tackle Saffron's storyline and when the credits started to roll, I was left with my mouth opened. I had to take few minutes to really grasp what just happened in the last few minutes. It was fun and it left me wanting more, so I returned and finish all storylines. The acting was enjoyable and I'll make sure to check more games from this studio. I've actually played their Late Shift back in 2017 and it's amazing how much they improved since then. I think it was from them.
And... that's pretty much it. It was cool short game, the acting was great, the dialogues, the characters and writing was fun, there was really big attention to details, despite each shot being just a character standing/sitting in front of webcam. 8/10.
For June, I'm playing Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. I couldn't get enough of Kingmaker, despite it sometimes feeling really dragged out. But I know what settings to turn off or on to make the game more fun. The full version of HROT, Czech Boomer Shooter, was released, so I hope to get around to play it. And I hope to finish Total War: Three Kingdoms. And maybe make some progress with my Switch games. And I'll also try to put Call of the Sea somewhere in between them.
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2023.06.02 10:19 Wicked_Twist I cant keep loving like this

Im so tired im so so tired. Ive been sick since middle school (im 19 now) and I begged my parents to get me medical attention but they are neglectful and abusive I even asked my grandma but nobody would listen. I was one of the top gymnast in my state 7 years ago and now im bedbound and idk why. Im diagnosed with lupus but labs show lupus isnt the cause of my problems. Since I turned 18 I started looking for answers but I keep getting written off the first nuerologist I saw told me my numbness and tingling in my arms and legs is carpool tunnel jsut like my mom said. I have almost every singe symptom of MS but I cant get anyone to listen. Im suffering this feels like torture I spend every single day laying in bed all day long in a dark room doing nothing because if I turn on a light or the tv ill start feeing so nauseous or ill get the worst headache and my memory has completely falen apart I cant even remember the name of meds I used to be on. Everything in my brain is so foggy and jumbled and im so confused all the time and I can barely even walk to the bathroom. I keep falling asleep in the middle of the day and i cant fall aseep at night i feel so so so broken. Im only 19 this isnt what my life is supposed to look like. I just cant keep doing this I need help. I just want my life back…
Just btw I was reffered to another nuerologist so im on the right path again
Edit: title is supposed to say living not loving obviously but I cant fix it
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2023.06.02 10:17 Miknora I Finally let go

since i can remember my biological father was abusive and narcissistic, he hid behind his religion to act as if he was a pious man. he would use emotional blackmail when ever I didn't meet his standards. he would use it in the form of deals without empathy regarding the person and the situations they were in. example, my grandmother died and he wanted me to go to the college he chose and do the classes he wanted me to do, (i wanted to be a Detective for SVU so i could help catch monsters, and actually before that i had many ambitions he would put down and disregard) he would try rewriting history with any new person in his life as if he never beat or cheated on my mother. there is a lot of messed up and detestable things he has done causing my mother, grandmother, aunt, grandfather and myself to have trauma.
  1. tried to forcefully keep my mother and me by showing up with a gun at my grandparents, police had to be called and there are reports that we have copies of, I was only a year old at the time.
2.he had lost custody of me when i was 5, due to over whelming evidence of his wrong doings but before that still had joint custody. so when i was living with my grandparents (between16-21 for more personal reasons). I wasn't wanting to talk with him or do as i was told, he used the old custody paperwork to get the cops to forcefully take me from my grandparents ( i was lucky i had been out with friends) but my grandmother who had tried being on his side until the bitter end was brutalized by cops when she approached him and asked him "why not find a better way? Why do this?" he claimed that she had his him hard enough to cause damage to his face but there was nothing wrong with him. for almost a year my grandmother didn't remember who any of us was because of the cop and him. it was the hardest time for our family. he lost his case when he kept trying to take me. my aunt put a restraining order on him to keep him away from me but it didn't last.
those are just two of the many things he had done or caused.
his mother, i loved her unconditionally until now. i never realized how she used my love for her to manipulate me into feeling like i had no choice but to keep him in my life. (don't get me wrong i tried as i was growing up to cute ties with him but the adults at the time would say "that's your father" "get to know him to make your choice" just cause they didn't want him or myself to think they kept us from each other not realizing I was already aware of what he was truly like. that i was saying i didn't want to see him because i meant it. But my grandmother, his mother made me make a promise that i would let him have a chance to be in my life and possibly be a good grandfather someday.. she died a few weeks later and i had held onto that promise out of obligation for her like a idiot .
over and over i was treated like a possession in the most passive aggressive ways. he tries to force his religion down my throat and then expects me to smile. he would send letters/Emails and contradict himself a lot, I thought I was losing my mind reading all of them over the years. Because he would talk about loving me and being proud and then immediately talk shit in a formal way. Then spent any and all response letters not addressing me and just going “let’s agree to disagree, I love you although you’re gonna go to hell for not listening to me” when ever i stood my ground and would confront him.
his most resent Emails were enough, i finally reached my breaking point and the out come of me standing up for myself was the same so i sent him one last Email in response and blocked him from everything i had him on.
i don't want his ideology poisoning my son, who is only 4years old. i don't want my son seeing his mother being treated as if she was a possession or had no right to boundaries or autonomy. i don't want to be involved with someone who is a source of pain and trauma anymore. i don't care anymore if this is something my grandmother wouldn't forgive me for or would turn over in her grave for. i just want to have a healthy and happy life with my family. the real dad who raised me with true love and respect though i wasn't his blood, being seen as my sons true grandfather on my side, as a male figure to look up to, and as a healthy guide for what a father daughter relationship should be, incase my son has a daughters of his own one day.
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2023.06.02 10:14 NewGuyNotHereForLong So..why didn't Wes and Matt just team up?

I guess the rules state they can't, but they should have made that clear at some point. Or did they? Either way, it would have made for better TV. At the end of the day, I couldn't care less about the competition or the scavenger hunt that's annoying as hell because it's like watching kids search for Easter eggs for 4 or so episodes.
Anyway, Matt complaining about getting interrupted in his hunts just seems like some BS excuse for missing his shots. Dude, just tell them you'll be hunting in the area at a specific time! They know you're their one chance of getting meat (since Wes is usually lost or whatever), and they know you'll share it. And I'm surprised no one sliced their hands with all that rushed spear-making.
By the way, has Jeff ever shot anything outside of the water with a bow? I swear I used to enjoy that guy but in the past 3 or so challenges he has really turned into a villain on here. Did the show intentionally make him turn heel? What's up with that? Matt's Batman and Jeff is the Joker?
*Oh yeah, I wrote a ton. You'll probably remove my post since I always seem to post incorrectly..but fk it. I tried.
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2023.06.02 10:14 Acceptable_Shift_247 my siblings are treated better.

my brother g is 14 years old. he's only 3 years younger than me and has adhd. i 17(ftm) have major depression, anxiety, and ptsd (all diagnosed ofc).
my little brother's life has always been better than mine from the get go. i am jealous with, in my opinion, good reason. his parents are together, neither abuse him, his extended family is positive and loving, and he generally has had a better family life growing up. as one of his 3 siblings i can't say the same. all of our lives have been worse in comparison yet he gets the most sympathy. my oldest brother has a drug addicted deadbeat dad that tried using him for money/rides and was abused by my father before being torn away from his friends to move states, my step brother has an over bearing mother who cares more about materialistic things then his interests, and i was sexually and physically abused by my dad and others from 4 up.
despite this me and my siblings are rarely given attention or get to choose activities. we used to have family movie and game nights yet could never pick the movie/game. it was always "oh that movies not appropriate for your brother" or "that game will be too hard for your brother!". this meant he got to pick everything every time and we couldn't ever play games/watch stuff without including him which meant never getting to do that stuff without adjusting for him. he was always slap happy but never was really punished. where my brothers and i were pit in time out or grounded for even accidents he hit on purpose daily and was only scolded. eventually we were told to stop being tattle tails and that it didn't hurt that much. if we ever retaliated or even just pushed him away or ran away to avoid being hurt we were yelled at cause he'd cry. he always got new clothes, back packs, toys, and games while i got hand me downs and told to enjoy what i had. while he'd get $50 lego sets i would get $10 dolls that scared the crap out of me and a guilt trip for not enjoying it. his interests were always looked out for with birthday parties, gifts, and conversations. we all had to watch his favorite tv shows. meanwhile, our parents couldn't tell you what each of us liked past things from several years ago. they always complained we were too complicated or didn't know what we liked when they were the ones not listening when we'd try to talk to them about things. my oldest brother stopped playing with all of us and participating in family activities first. then my step brother who was only over for half the week stopped. when i didn't want to play with him or engage with the family any more i wasn't allowed to say no because nobody else would hang with my youngest brother if i left. i was there to distract and keep him happy while my brothers all got to enjoy their time.
things stopped for me faster than my other siblings. my step dad always liked his own kids better but it hurt a lot more to be second priority to both your bio dad and step dad. where i was told to get my own snack/drink or that i was too heavy to pick up at 7-8 years old my step brother and little brother got that treatment into their teens. my step dad never asked for quality time with me or my interests. instead i was chided for not understanding sarcasm like his sons or ignored when wanting to do something he found boring. several times he laughed when my things got ruined because i "always ruined" his kids stuff. it was only ever on accident i damaged anything any of my family members owned.
i was a "prodigy" and "gifted" as a child so i was always made to do extra homework and get good grades. my brothers got to slide by with barely passing d's and threats by teachers of summer school while i was scolded for a c+. i remember my mom telling me i wasn't allowed to watch a movie i hadn't read the book for. i liked reading but this made it into a chore. my brothers of course had no such restrictions on what they could watch/play. even today my parents are upset that im not going to college when my oldest brother lives with them and plays video games any time he's home from work. i graduated a YEAR early under stressful and unexpected circumstances. even them instead of being proud of me for getting through it despite my mental illness' they were upset i hadn't done enough. my youngest brother meanwhile just barely made it through this year and yet complained he was asked to do his homework. he was still allowed to hang out with friends and play games all day despite having all f's at one point!
my little brother also made many jokes at one point that his dad hit him/left him because he thought it was funny. my parents had "talks" with him for months until finally my step dad yelled at him. it sucks that he got to make fun of such an experience when me and my oldest brother were abused by my dad. even now i suffer daily from ptsd. even if he doesn't make the jokes now he still makes fun of me for having a dick head dad knowing it hurts me and gets away with it. he never has to take responsibility for anything and gets to scream at my parents, hit me, and leave giant messes for others to clean without any consequences.
im just so done. i feel so overlooked and discussing this with my parents even with my therapist present has earned me defensive responses and at some points them simply walking away from me. am i just a bad kid?
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2023.06.02 10:11 jobsinanywhere Injured feminine 26-year-old famous person after all cleared for her first-ever fit in WWE after showing on TV for just about a 12 months

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2023.06.02 10:05 Villageidiotcityy I almost died tonight

I was doing my last ride. Picking someone up to take them to the airport and as I was making a right onto the alleyway that is just a left turn away from the pick up spot, I did the eye contact gesture to another driver, who is partially blocking the entrance so he would know that I saw him.
This black guy must have thought it was a gang sign or some thing because he sped off and then while I was parked outside this person’s apartment, he drove down the opposite of the one-way direction at what seemed like 40 miles an hour.
I had to reverse at light speed, turning my wheel to the right and driving down the wrong way of the one-way I just came up, making lefts on red lights. Speeding, running.
Seriously people need to stop getting offended when they aren’t sure if the person is trying to offend them, and in this case, try to literally kill me by a head on collision.
I have great reflexes. Amazing reflexes. and I’m telling you that if I didn’t back up and turn left, going the wrong way from where I came from, I would have been totally obliterated from the front. I would be dead.
I called 911. But I was driving, being chased, and the police are asking me where I am and I have to open up my Maps app to figure that out and I tell them and the operator asked me if I want to wait for a police officer? How can I wait if I’m speeding, making illegal, turns etc?
I was told there’s nothing more he could do, and so I had to summarize all of my knowledge about being tailed from TV shows, and I was able to get away, but unfortunately, I didn’t cancel the ride, so the rider was texting me, asking me why I wasn’t right outside their place like I just was and so I just messaged them “I’ll be right back, there was a crazy person chasing me.”
I’m shaking. Like are people really that crazy? Like what did he think I did with my hand? And like he’s offended so he has to kill me? What an idiot.
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2023.06.02 09:52 enqueued0 Support for trans access to spaces lower in GB than in Hungary in recent poll (some results, opinions, and a request)

I had a look at the global poll from IPSOS (
1 Most in GB think trans people face discrimination
2 Most in GB do not support trans healthcare for teenagers or access to single-sex spaces, despite the fact that the global average is to support (of those who took the survey).
3 Women and Gen Z are (still) most likely to be supportive, consider discrimination serious
4 Support for trans healthcare & access to spaces in the UK is amongst the lowest in Europe, as reported by the Times (though I won't link to propaganda). For access to single sex spaces, for GB (40%), support is lower than Hungary (45%) and Poland (45%).

My opinion on this:
Disinformation campaigns from the likes of the Guardian, Times, BBC, Conservatives & Labour Party has led to people believing that trans women are just equivalent to `biological men`. This has come up a lot in discussions recently. People are startlingly misinformed.
Next time Keir Starmer or Annelise Dodds decide to go on the TV and say "women do not have a penis" or call trans women "biological men", consider that this causes genuine harm. In fact, the lack of people correcting the record has led to a state worse than in Hungary.
On the positive. Since we live in a country where LGBT+ support is relatively good, I think this comes from ignorance more than malice or hatred. The relatively large proportion of people stating that trans people face discrimination, assuming they don't think that it's good, implies they just don't understand what trans people are. For example, in Hungary, fewer (67%) think trans people should be protected from discrimination (77% in GB).
A request:
Please, reach out to your MP, local LP, Starmer, Dodds, and any other shadow cabinet members repeating disinformation on the TV. Trans women are factually not 'biological men'. It is far more complex than that, and medical transition changes a person's biology. Trans life is hard enough. This disinformation is in dangerous territory. It is most likely why hate crimes are surging. We can still stop it getting worse. Please, educate yourselves and others.

Some relevant quotes from the poll:
"Compared to other countries, Britain falls more toward the middle of the pack in perceiving transgender people to face discrimination in society and agreeing that transgender people should be protected from discrimination.
However, Britons’ support for gender-affirming measures consistently falls in the bottom six of the 30 countries surveyed. Among the 30 countries covered, support for various pro-transgender measures is consistently high in Thailand, Italy, Spain, and throughout Latin America; it tends to be lowest in South Korea, throughout Eastern Europe, in Great Britain, and in the United States where transgender rights and protections have become polarizing political issues.
Both in Britain and amongst all countries surveyed, women and younger adults are more likely than men and older adults, respectively, to say the transgender community faces a lot of discrimination. They also show higher levels of support for all types of measures in favour of transgender people, with differences of about 6 to 9 points between women and men and between Gen Zers and Boomers."
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2023.06.02 09:52 HungryHobbits I love golf but haven’t played - how do I start?

I like the sport a lot. I play Hot Shots Golf (PS4) constantly and I like watching golf on TV, and in youtube highlights.
I’m reluctant to rent clubs and get out there because it will likely be a shit show performance wise, and I don’t know etiquette. similar to my dating life. so what’s the best way to start, and bare minimum are we talking like $200+ for club rentals and course fee?
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2023.06.02 09:51 Drakolf Altered:

I had only been around maybe a few months, working as a temp for my hopefully new boss.
He's a good guy, tries to do his best in spite of all the trouble that seems to find him, and generally, he does a lot to keep the city safe.
He goes by 'Nocturne', and no, I don't know his civilian identity, nor does he know mine. It's better that way.
I perform a primary support role for him, leveraging my powers to add some versatility in his struggles against superpowered crime.
For a Powerless, he's pretty fucking strong.
Wait, fuck, I mean 'Differently Powered Individual', that's the corporate term for it.
He doesn't deal with nonsense, when he captures a villain, he makes sure they don't come back. He doesn't kill them, just directs them to his therapist and tells them he's able to keep a secret.
When I'm not out with him fighting supervillains, I'm usually around the base, doing repairs to his technology, cleaning off blood, vomit, and the occasional mutagenic goo from his spare uniforms.
That's what he calls them, uniforms. Not costumes, not Hero Suits, they're his work uniform, and he'll be damned if people say otherwise.
So imagine my surprise when, during a deep clean, I found something odd.
It was the costume of resident nutjob and shock jockey Galvin. Literally, that's his name. I took it out and looked it over.
That's when I saw others, all of them from past villains, like Mutamex, who actually mutated him into a fish hybrid that required a lot of genetic therapy to reverse, or The Victorian, whose entire MO was trying to destroy modern technology and reset society to his preferred temporal state.
Last I heard, he'd been thrown into the past, and had left a letter thanking Nocturne for helping him when nobody could.
I also saw The Crocodilian's costume, and found it weird that it was actually a costume.
The Crocodilian was a weird one, he was constantly asking for help, but he'd go on rampages like nobody's business.
It occurred to me that these were all villains he'd defeated, people who had given up their plans entirely, or had been neutralized in spite of Nocturne's efforts.
Well, Nocturne was out for a few days, some joint operation that was too dangerous for support to tag along in, and you never really get a chance to have some fun.
So, I tried the costumes on.
Galvin's had some standard electricity enhancements in it, which boosted his already present shock jockey loadout.
The Victorian's was just an old, stuffy suit, and Mutamex's was better left alone, so they went back in.
One of the costumes had belonged to Tyrant, whose entire thing was brainwashing and mind control, and wearing the costume, I could tell those powers were enhancements, and I put it back before I got tempted to use them.
The Crocodilian's, however, was actually just a lizard suit, a harness, arm and leg bands, and a collar. It had always seemed to lifelike on TV, so naturally I put it on.
Or at least, I tried to. There was no zipper and no apparent way to put it on. It was only after puzzling it out that I realized the mouth was the entrance.
One quick tug later, and a widely distended opening later, I was actually comfortably slipping it on, my feet settling snugly, my hands finding the right fingers to fill, even slipping the head over mine was simple. I moved around in it, noting that it was actually pretty hard, that I had to kind of hunch over and walk on my toes.
In fact, it was surprisingly more comfortable like that. There were enhancements, like something to make the claws capable of piercing stone and using that to climb, being able to move around on all fours quickly, being able to whip my tail and wrap it around things-
Wait, tail?
I looked at my tail, which curled up as I looked at it. I grabbed my head and pulled, but it stayed on. I hurried to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I opened my mouth, expecting to see my face, but instead I saw a crocodilian mouth.
I looked at my hands, realizing I was registering them as being normal for me, and I was very quickly losing all sense of who I used to be.
I called Nocturne.
"What?" He asked.
"I, uh, have a situation here." I said.
"What is it?"
"Short version. I put on The Crocodilian's costume and am currently experiencing rapid loss of identity."
There was a pause, followed by, "Alright, stay on the line. Just keep talking to me."
"Okay. Do you know what is happening? Do you know why this is happening?"
"That costume is a quantum superimposition matrix, at least, that's what the lab boys say it is. It was something developed with the intention of creating Heroes out of DPIs, but it got scrapped early on. That suit is the only surviving one we know about."
"Basically, the biggest issue with it is that it overwrites your existence, putting you a step outside of time while it retroactively changes who you used to be, until you were always The Crocodilian."
I nodded. "What happens if it finishes?" I asked.
"Well, that's the fun part. You stop existing, replaced by a version of you that was always this. You're aware of what you were before, you're aware that an entire life you lived has been replaced, and reversing it requires some time travel shenanigans."
I nodded. "So, what's the plan?" I asked.
"That depends on you. If you end up liking what you're becoming, you can opt to simply continue living like that. Otherwise, you can let people know what's going on and we can undo the superimposition."
Now that I understood what was happening, I wasn't as freaked out about it. I knew that my choices remained largely the same, and I was getting the sense that I was simply going to be born this way.
"Thank you." I said.
"Don't start thanking me yet." He said.
"No, I'm making the choice now that I'm fine with it."
"Good, as long as you're fine. That said, you will be telling me when I get back, because I will forget. Nocturne out."
I took a deep breath and stood up, and as the change completed, I couldn't help but feel glad that I'd done something so recklessly stupid.
Even moreso, just my existence alone meant more had been created, and a part of me wanted to see how many more would be created if other people got their hands on one.

I never forgot that there had been a point where I wasn't the person I am now.
I still had the same powers, still had the same job, the difference was that I was created in a lab, rather than born.
The scientists were surprised, of course. They knew my existence meant the suit they had made had been used, and any use of it beyond that simply never happened. Nocturne fought a different crocodilian villain, someone who had deliberately mutated themselves. I learned this because I did as he asked and told him what I had done.
He wasn't happy that I'd done something so recklessly stupid, those suits were kept there specifically because nobody would ever look there, and that my actions technically counted as a containment breach since it directly led to more of the suits being made.
I did check on the people who had been my parents, their son looked like I had, but he wasn't the same, didn't have the powers I did, was straight up a DPI.
I continued working with Nocturne, he was a good mentor, a good boss, and even though that desire to see others become like me itched like nobody's business, I kept it contained, at least, until I couldn't hold back anymore.
I started a small meme, comparing Nocturne to a werewolf. Only goes out at night, never seems to be hurt for long, comparing his usual catchphrase to how they apparently howl at the full moon.
I even managed to find a video of him doing that under a full moon.
It started out slowly, mostly people cracking jokes about it being the weirdest, most random thing ever. And because it was weird, it was noticed, being shared and eventually finding its way to the Hero's Association, where it instantly became a common joke.
Nocturne didn't like it, but he kept a stoic front on it.
I brought it up once, not directly comparing him to a wolf, but asking him what he thought about it.
"I think it's a waste of everyone's time." He said dourly. "I can't think of a single reason anyone would compare me to a bloodthirsty monster."
"I don't know." I said. "Wolves are considered loyal creatures, and it's fairly popular to subvert the whole 'werewolves are evil monsters' thing." I gave a short laugh. "Besides, I think if anyone were capable of resisting a curse, it would be you."
I proceeded to tease him a little about it, but spinning my comparisons in a more favorable light, getting him to give the merest fraction of a smile before he began leaning into it.
First, it started with him at least saying that people were going to have their fun no matter what it was, and this was just the meme of the month, then going along with it when people directly mentioned it to him.
When it was time for the yearly costume review, it was suggested that he lean into it more, that there were some designs that could be added without compromising Nocturne's rigid insistence on his uniform remaining the same.
It was the only time he agreed to a change, but remained adamant that he had final say on the design and that he would personally work alongside the people working on it just to see that it was done correctly.
It felt satisfying, seeing how people reacted to this, some saying they finally got Nocturne to change up his suit and making it more badass, others saying they liked how he just went with it.
He seemed satisfied with how it all turned out, which is why I chose to bring up the QSMs.
"I'm surprised you went along with the whole wolf thing." I said.
"It grew on me." He replied. "It helps that the villains are even more frightened of me."
"Very much a benefit."
"Get me the laser attachment?" He asked.
I climbed up the stone wall and got the attachment from a high shelf. I gave a short laugh. "Before I put on the QSM, I could have never done that." I remarked. "Life's been a lot better since then."
"Yes, that time you recklessly put on villain suits not even thinking of the effect they could have on you."
"True, it was a stupidly reckless thing to do. But it worked out in the end." I paused. "The lab that created it, created me, made some others, they've got them in holding, so nobody uses them carelessly."
He looked at me. "Why bring that up?" He asked.
"Oh, sorry. Forget I said anything."
"No, I want to know why you'd share information like that." He continued.
"It's not classified, if that's your concern." I said. "In fact, the lab wanted me to advertise them, but the Association vetoed that hard."
He nodded, eyes still narrowed. I didn't bring it up again, pushing it would have made him even more suspicious.
I knew he was investigating them during his patrols, checking for anything illegal, but finding nothing wrong. So when he asked me about them, I simply told him that they were in storage behind heavy security, and that the only way one of those was getting out was if a Hero specifically requested it. "As I recall, the suits are of a tiger and a wolf, nothing too extravagant."
The way he breathed in, that slight gasp of having understood something, told me that he had finally taken the bait.
I was with him, when the lab let him trial the suit, seeing the way he smiled, as he touched his fur and moved around, indicated to me that he was enjoying himself, that he was going to keep it. As my memories shifted, changing him from just my employer to my brother, time shifting to accommodate the company starting earlier, how the number of us jumped from one to thirty, I came to a realization, one that shook me, yet nonetheless made me smile.
I had just successfully finished my first plan as a villain, and I realized I liked how it felt.
I wondered what would happen if I could convince the entire city to join us.
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2023.06.02 09:40 yeetz1998 How to write a character who never learned to be social?

Does anyone has tips to write a character who has never learned to be social?
For context: one of my main characters has been sold to the government when he was very young because he has special abilities and they wanted to experiment with him. He managed to escape years later but being back in the world he never learned any social skills because of trauma and isolation. How would someone like that act in the world? Would he like imitate people or would he use emotions very different? Or what else? I also want to make sure he stays likable and grows his social skills when the story progresses.
Stories, books, movies and tv shows with a character like that are highly welcome too, as I can observe them.
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2023.06.02 09:38 beeemkcl Outside of those who Break the Rules of Reddit or this subReddit to the point that they get Permanently Banned, ALL viewers of "Sex Education" are fully welcome to Post and comment in this subReddit.

This Post was Reported but I Approved it. There are new and/or returning commenters on this subReddit. It's closer to SE S4's 'release'. It's seemingly close to more news about SE S4 and closer to when the SE S4 trailer comes out. That Post and Post thread is legitimate.
I fully meant it in my Original Sticky Mod Post ( It's okay to hate Ruby Matthews in this subReddit. It's okay to hate Otis/Ruby in this subReddit.
And it's obviously okay that millions of SE viewers would be disappointed that there wasn't more Otis/Maeve in SE S3 and that Maeve literally left the country at the end of SE S3 and seemingly will be away from Moordale for at least a few episodes in SE S4.
Except for those who break the Rules of Reddit or the Rules of this subReddit and eventually get permanently Banned because of either frequency of Rule-breaking and/or egregiousness of Rule-breaking, all Sex Education viewers are fully welcome on this subReddit.
I actually consider CharlieWaitress111 one of the bettebest members of this subReddit given the user makes Posts that get engagement and spark interesting and fruitful discussion.

And I encourage people to have some empathy for Otis/Maeve 'shippers. Imagine if Buffy/Spike happened before Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Angel merely made out 3 times after over 4 years after Buffy the Vampire Slayer BtVS 1.01 first aired. People watching Smallville wanted Clark/Lois to happen even though Lois Lane wasn't even first introduced in the show until S4. And I think Clark/Lois doesn't even happen until like S8. But at least Smallville viewers didn't have to worry about the show being cancelled before Clark/Lois finally actually happens. Imagine those watching Gossip Girl and were 'shipping Serena/Dan but like Serena/Nate, Dan/Vanessa or even BlaiDan all happen before Serena/Dan does. And then before Serena/Dan are even shown as actually boyfriend/girlfriend on-screen, Blake Lively announces she's leaving the show after the upcoming Season and you know that Serena's character will be a several-hour plane ride away from Dan for perhaps half the upcoming Season. Regarding The Vampire Diaries, Elena/Stefan first kiss by the end of TVD 1.02, Elena has a sex dream about Elena/Stefan in TVD 1.03, Katherine/Stefan have a flashback sex scene in TVD 1.06 and another in TVD 1.17(?), Elena/Stefan first have sex in TVD 1.10, and Elena/Stefan become boyfriend/girlfriend by TVD 1.02 and Elena considers they first started dating in TVD 1.01. While Elena/Stefan don't kiss in TVD S3 until TVD 3.22, Elena/Stefan is very reinforced in TVD S3 to the point that it seems impossible that Elena/Damon would happen after TVD S3. Elena/Stefan are relatively stronger than ever in TVD 4.01-4.04 and it seems as if they'll literally be together forever given Elena is now a vampire and Elena/Stefan effectively get engaged at the end of TVD 4.01. And then TVD 4.06 happens and the viewership numbers and ratings soon fall. But there are still strong Elena/Stefan 'teases' like in TVD 4.16, 4.19, etc. Katherine/Stefan happens in TVD S5. Elena/Stefan have 'teases' in TVD S5 such as TVD 5.04 and especially TVD 5.18. Both were effectively fan service. TVD 5.18 has the highest viewership numbers and ratings of TVD S5 because so many watched on DVR and obviously fast-forwarded to all the Elena/Stefan stuff. The ratings and viewership permanently tanked after TVD 5.16(?) because Katherine was killed off. Online outside of Reddit, Elena/Damon is clearly favored. But the actual viewership of TVD has Elena/Stefan as by far the most popular 'ship and Katherine/Stefan is considerably more popular than Elena/Damon. And the numbers show that.
Clark/Lois are endgame in Smallville, but the viewership numbers and ratings were highest in S1-S5.
Elena/Stefan 'shippers have an arguably perfect ending point for the show: either the end of TVD 4.01 or 4.04 including the deleted part of the training scene in which Elena happily states that she'll be with Stefan literally forever and it's clear that Elena/Stefan are having sex. Katherine/Stefan 'shippers have TVD S5 and can consider that TVD S8 all led to Stefan's decision to die with Katherine rather than be married to Caroline or wait to see Elena again and that Katherine and Stefan are in Peace together and thus are literally the only confirmed literal soulmates in the the TV version of the TVD'verse.
BlaiDan, Serena/Nate, Serena/Carter, etc. 'shippers complain to this day that those couples weren't endgame.
Buffy/Angel 'shippers can consider that BtVS 7.22 or AtS 5.22 is the end of the Buffyverse and that Buffy is still being Cookie Dough for Angel. Buffy/Spike 'shippers have that Season 8-12 exist.

And, yeah, 'shipping in SE is relatively mild compared to other intellectual properties. Including Harry Potter.
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2023.06.02 09:29 Old_Heart_7780 Carters word salad

Interesting interview Doug Carter did with the Hammer and Nigel Show. This interview was done back in November 2022, but I thought I’d dig it up just for the sake of discussion. I’ve picked out a short piece of the conversation because I think it strikes at everything that’s been going on the past 6 plus years. Note where Doug Carter basically confirms the Wabash River search is connected to Delphi.
This is also the interview with Carters famous quote:
“This case is unlike any that I’ve seen… there are so many different tentacles. It’s very complex.” -Doug Carter, Indiana State Police Superintendent
*so many different tentacles.. it’s very complex.. *
Tentacles and complex. I can’t see how this describes one man responsible for the murders.
Richard Allen has dropped the bail hearing. Why drop the bail hearing if you are not guilty? Instead Allen’s attorneys want to discuss a Motion to Suppress. Obviously to suppress something that puts their client in a very bad light. I think it’s what led investigators to his backyard on October 13, 2022.
If I were to guess just one tentacle— I’d say it was that trail of ashes that led from that backyard in Peru, Indiana all the way to that backyard in Delphi. That’s one hell of a tentacle tying the two men in Peru, who had been planning to meet up with Libby at the bridge that day, to the little guy from Delphi that forced the girls “down the hill.”
It’s complex because it involves multiple people. One of whom has managed to fly under the radar for 6 long years. Note— always Plead the 5th
Carter says: “We’ll continue to work… work on Kegan Kline, and whatever his connectivity might be to Abby and Libby and… “ Little Freudian slip of the tongue perhaps? Was he thinking “We’ll continue to work with… ?
”We’ll continue to work… work on Kegan Kline and whatever his connectivity might be to Libby and Abby and… almost 2100 days ago. So we will continue to work towards that.”
.. whatever his connectivity might be to Libby and Abby and… their murders? Another slip perhaps? Who knows with this darling of Central Indiana’s media and his strange doppelzüngigkeit.
Excerpts from interview published by
HAMMER: Another piece of information that came out since the arrest – and this was just the last couple of days – is that maybe this guy Richard Allen has been on the radar for a long time. Did he speak to investigators? Did he speak to police in the early stages of this investigation?
DOUG CARTER: That will all come out in due time. I’m not gonna talk about Richard Allen today.
NIGEL: Yeah. There is a story on WISH-TV, our news-gathering partners, about some police ‘sources’ and some information. Did you see that yesterday?
DOUG CARTER: I did. I did.
NIGEL: You know, the search of the Wabash River they’re saying, ‘sources’ [are saying it is] linked to the Delphi investigation. Like Hammer said about, you know, Richard Allen, how long he’s been on the radar. When you see a story like this, is it… I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but is it frustrating? Especially when you see a police source confirmed this–
HAMMER: –That’s a leak from within, right?
DOUG CARTER: It is frustrating. I will say yes, it is absolutely frustrating, because we can’t talk about what we think, and I’ve said this many times before. You should expect us to only talk about what we know. And that even changes more-so once there’s a probable cause affidavit signed by a judge for the arrest of an individual… not just Richard Allen, but in any criminal case, especially a complex criminal case. This case is unlike any that I’ve seen in almost a 40 year career. So, there are so many different tentacles to this. It’s very… it’s very complex. And you know, shame on us for saying something might jeopardize that. So whoever this, quote, “source” is, I doubt very seriously that individual is a part of the core team.
NIGEL: Wow… wow.
HAMMER: The other name that’s involved in this whole story is Kegan Kline. Now, he has not been charged with anything in regards to the murders of these beautiful young ladies in Delphi. But, we know that he’s locked up for child porn. We know that he had some sort of communication with one of the ladies the day before they passed away. Has he been speaking to police? Has he been given some sort of plea deal to help police?
DOUG CARTER: We’ll continue to work… work on Kegan Kline, and whatever his connectivity might be to Abby and Libby and… almost 2100 days ago. So we will continue to work towards that.
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2023.06.02 09:15 FragFrog101 I have a new side project for the boys. The Doughboys Podcast: The Movie - per ChatGPT

So I’ve tried a few prompts and it seems like the closest you get to the podcast is putting in a prompt to write something for the guys and then saying it to rewrite it and make it funnier (if you say it twice it’s too funny). Without further ado, here’s the script created by the picket crossing AI scab ChatGPT
Title: The Doughboys Podcast: The Movie
Genre: Comedy
Logline: When the hosts of a popular food review podcast, Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger, get the chance to turn their show into a TV series, they embark on a sidesplitting cross-country adventure, encountering outrageous restaurants, quirky guests, and the never-ending pursuit of the perfect bite.
Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger, the dynamic hosts of The Doughboys Podcast, sit behind their microphones, stuffing their faces with snacks while delivering hilarious commentary on chain restaurants.
MIKE (stuffing his mouth) Guess what, Wiger? A network wants to turn our podcast into a TV show! We might get our faces on the big screen!
NICK (chewing) Oh boy, they must be desperate! But hey, let's milk this for all the free food we can get!
Mike and Nick find themselves in the surreal world of Hollywood, surrounded by flashy billboards and larger-than-life movie sets.
Mike and Nick meet the eccentric NETWORK EXECUTIVE, who pitches their new show idea: a wild road trip across America, reviewing bizarre regional food spots.
NETWORK EXECUTIVE (excitedly) You two will eat your way through America's weirdest culinary wonders. Think greasy diners, alien-themed cafes, and maybe even a restaurant run by a robot chef!
MIKE (raising an eyebrow) Robot chef? That's a recipe for disaster, but we're in!
Armed with cameras, microphones, and an appetite for adventure, Mike and Nick hit the road, ready to uncover the culinary oddities of the nation.
Mike and Nick start their journey at a retro diner. They argue over whether ketchup belongs on a hot dog, with the waitress (a feisty, no-nonsense lady) threatening to kick them out if they don't stop their bickering.
Mike and Nick find themselves lost in a maze of food trucks, encountering zany food vendors and sampling everything from pickle-flavored ice cream to bacon-wrapped donut burgers.
Mike and Nick attempt to navigate the pretentious world of fine dining. They struggle to pronounce the names of fancy ingredients and end up inadvertently insulting the haughty waiter, resulting in a hilarious game of culinary charades.
Mike and Nick venture into a Texas barbecue joint, challenging each other to a meat-eating contest. They stuff themselves with so much brisket and ribs that they end up waddling out of the place like human barbecue sausages.
Mike and Nick arrive at the ultimate food destination: a tiny, hole-in-the-wall joint with a grumpy old chef who claims to have the best burger in the country. They take a bite and their faces instantly light up in pure food ecstasy.
MIKE (speechless) Wiger, this burger is life-changing. I might propose to it!
NICK (laughing) I think we found the holy grail of fast food, my friend. This is the pinnacle!
Back in their podcast studio, Mike and Nick record the season finale, recapping their hysterical misadventures, outrageous meals, and the bond they've formed through their love of food and comedy.
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2023.06.02 09:14 Ok_Caterpillar123 Line of Duty!!!!!

I wanted to put this out into the ether in case folks haven’t had the chance to watch it!
In my opinion Line of duty is one of the best shows ever created! Story line wise it’s hard to beat! Suspenseful, realistic and constantly engaging!
Having watched The Wire, True Detective S1 and plenty of other police dramas, Line of Duty just has a little something extra!
I’m hoping more Americans have watched this British TV show and if you liked it throw a comment!
To note S1 is good but S2/3 really start to pop and details from previous seasons are answered in later seasons!
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2023.06.02 09:13 Budget_Ambassador324 Why are most TV shows and movies so gory nowadays?

In the last years nearly every TV show I watched (in the fantasy or sci-fi genre) at some stage shows really gory and brutal scenes like spilled guts or cut off limbs. Why is that needed? In the past the camera just moved to the side or something else was shown. You still knew what happened, but just didn't get any of those images that you can't get out of your head. What are those images needed for? I at least already stopped watching some series due to such images.
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2023.06.02 09:08 GlobalHornyTraveller 26 [M4F] Edmonton/online - Distract me from the job search

Hey! Like everyone here I'm mostly just looking for some people to chat with for a bit and pass the time however we decided. I am pretty used to internet friends being temporary, but I have made time friends that have lasted years. So if you are into talking regularly, I'm very much down with that.
I recent graduated so am looking around for jobs to try and pay off my student loan I took to go study in Germany for a bit pre covid. After that, I'm not sure if I'm going to go straight into grad school for library/archive stuff, or maybe disappear to Japan for a bit to teach English, or who knows. I recent fell in love with scuba diving and have thought about maybe learning to sail for the next few years and the sailing around from dive school to dive school helping out. But who the heck knows. Equally possible I find some office job I do until I'm in my 60s.
As for how I spend my time, I try to keep up on reading and writing as much as possible. I find when I have both as a strong habit, everything in life tends to feel a bit brighter. I also try to work out daily (though I like eating an entire pizza to much for it to ever show to much lol). Right now I've been focusing again on running and body weight stuff as a rehab a back injury. But hoping to get been to lifting heavy circles soon again! I usually describe myself as a nerdy jock. I love media (movies, TV shows, anime, games, etc) and tinkering Ruth tech, but can also talk for ages about F1, hockey, both footballs, etc. Though I love learning new things so if you have a hobby you are into, let me know!!! I'm happy to explore it.
I usually write way to much so I guess I'll try to wrap this up here. If anything piqued your interest, I'm obviously happy to chat! I've been told before that people worry about time zones or age differences. Both really aren't a big deal to me, as long as you are over 18. Some of my best internet friends were much older then me, and my sleep schedule is so messed up that I often am awake in Asian or European timezones lol. So feel free to send me a message whenever you wish end I hope you find some fun people to chat with!!!
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2023.06.02 09:05 stupidbitchjerk what does this mean about what he thinks of me

I've had this crush for 9 months now. He's got a girlfriend (apparently, even though he's been flirting with me basically all this time) but we're still good friends. I hope. We're in the same school, and class, and we talk a lot and have a strong affinity & chemistry, and he's my favorite person.
The other day, he said that I was like the movie Amélie (us along with a group of friends were discussing what movies & tv-shows we gave each other the vibes of). What does this mean? What could he think of me, based on that comparison? It flattered me extremely much, I must say, and it's like I could've been on the verge of tears, then and there. I watched the movie and was even more flattered. And the tears that were once on the verge were now streaming out because of how strongly I could relate, especially about LOVE, and crushes.
But...if someone says..."you remind me of the movie Amélie". What could this mean about the way a person perceives you?
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2023.06.02 09:04 sirhc0223 34 [M4F] Toronto, Canada Looking for someone to spend time together, support each other and call. [Friendship][Voice Chat][Relationship]

I'm looking for someone to talk with throughout the day and night and do things together. There would be no expectations on what we become to each other, but whatever happens, happens. It would be nice if you live relatively close, so we could meet one day, but not required. It would also be nice if you're open minded (and open to learning new things) so we could talk about literally anything and who will also stick around. If there is something on your mind that you want to talk about, I'll be your ear. I certainly won't ditch you because you're hurting, so feel free to spill! We would be each others support system, regardless of whatever it is that we are going through and to keep each others secrets.
A little about me:
There's more I can say, but I think these are important and I would prefer that we get to know each other over a call. I super look forward to meeting you and getting to know you!
I do have some boundaries though:
P.S. Please leave at least a short introduction of yourself and why you chose to contact me. Thank you!
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2023.06.02 09:03 sirhc0223 34 [M4F] Toronto, Canada Looking for someone to spend time together, support each other and call.

I'm looking for someone to talk with throughout the day and night and do things together. There would be no expectations on what we become to each other, but whatever happens, happens. It would be nice if you live relatively close, so we could meet one day, but not required. It would also be nice if you're open minded (and open to learning new things) so we could talk about literally anything and who will also stick around. If there is something on your mind that you want to talk about, I'll be your ear. I certainly won't ditch you because you're hurting, so feel free to spill! We would be each others support system, regardless of whatever it is that we are going through and to keep each others secrets.
A little about me:
There's more I can say, but I think these are important and I would prefer that we get to know each other over a call. I super look forward to meeting you and getting to know you!
I do have some boundaries though:
P.S. Please leave at least a short introduction of yourself and why you chose to contact me. Thank you!
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