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Fan Dubs: English Anime Dubs by fans!

2014.07.20 23:24 ldgoisdhgio Fan Dubs: English Anime Dubs by fans!

This is a subreddit where you can offer to join up with other users to dub anime. I had this idea when I found out a few tricks for dubbing over episodes. For releasing of dubbed over content legally. I believe we'd have to make a you tube video with just audio that can be synced up to the video. I hope this takes off. It can be great fun for anyone who wants to become a voice actor.

2023.06.06 14:27 WorldAwayTweedy I’m in my first semester at a prestigious university, and I've noticed that students keep dropping out of their classes.

I first noticed it in my 100-level Political Science class.
Week one, the class was absolutely packed. There was energy. Debate. Discussion.
Five weeks in, and now it looks like nearly half the class is gone.
Mind you, Professor Weldon was not only an exceptional lecturer who explained concepts with passion and great insight - he was also a very easy grader. It made no sense to me that people were transferring out of his class. A couple of stragglers dropping off once they realize that Poli Sci isn’t for them? Sure. But this was ridiculous.
It happened in my other 100-level classes too: four weeks in, and a little over 40% of the class transferred out of English 101. Psychology? A lecture hall of roughly 200 people had been reduced to 120 or so.
I brought it up to my friends on campus who were also in their first year.
“People dropping classes in their first few weeks is totally normal,” replied Dinesh. “If I saw you sitting there in one of my classes with that dumb expression on your face, I’d drop it immediately too.”
Ha-ha. Very funny.
I turned to Mallory. She just shrugged and said “I don’t know man,” and went back to reading her book.
I’d known both of them for close to five years now. While none of us were in the same program (Dinesh was a robotics geek, Mallory was obsessed with history), we’d all been very close since high school. We were outcasts who clung to each other over our shared love of D&D, video game music, and badminton. After weeks of nervousness hoping all of us would get admission to this university, we were thrilled to find out that we’d all made it - our little trio would get to continue.
“Guess I’m just overthinking things, then. Don’t know why this isn’t sitting well with me,” I responded to both of them.
As we continued hanging out in the mezzanine, I couldn’t shake the fact that the campus, as a whole, looked much emptier than usual for a Monday.
As usual, I showed up early for the Poli Sci lecture. Yes, I am a tryhard, and yes, it’s important to me that I’m as close to a model student as possible in this new chapter of my life.
I watched as students shuffled into class. I also paid attention to Professor Weldon’s pre-class demeanor. He was his usual chipper self.
I took the opportunity to go up to him and ask a quick question.
“Hey, Professor Weldon…”
“You can call me Michael!”
“Right, hey… Michael, so obviously, we’re only like five weeks into the class and it’s my first year so I’m new to this whole thing… just wanted to confirm it’s normal for students to transfer out of their classes in the first few weeks? I’ve noticed a really big drop off in all of my classes including this on–”
“Totally normal! I mean, students are still figuring out what their interests are and what their overall class workload needs to be, so this is all very standard stuff. Great question though!”
Well, alrighty then. I think I just needed to hear it from a professor. I started questioning why the whole drop-off thing was even bothering me in the first place. I turned to go back to my seat.
“Don’t ever ask that again, alright?”
I turned around. Did the prof just whisper what I thought he did?
He doubled down with a hushed response.
“I’m not gonna say anything about it, but a word of advice. For your own good, just listen to the material and study it. You really don’t wanna be asking people around here questions like that. Are we clear?”
All I could do was muster up a nod and walk back to my desk.
And with that, the lecture kicked off. As Professor Weldon discussed the various types of political systems around the world, I tried my best to forget the weird exchange I just had with him. To his credit, he defaulted to his regular sunny disposition throughout the presentation. I even answered a few questions he posed to the group, and he called on me as if nothing had even happened.
There were moments though, as I looked around the class, where I felt like I wasn’t alone in my… hypervigilance. Most of the students were tuned in or dozing off as usual, but I spotted a couple of faces who seemed… nervous? Like they were anxiously contemplating something?
In the midst of my surveying of the room, my eyes were drawn to a student sitting near me: a student who I remembered being quite outspoken in earlier weeks of the class, but who now seemed very reserved. From my vantage point, I could make out some of the notes he was scribbling in his notebook:
Follow up Q’s for the Dean:
- Has my drop out request been approved?
- Am I allowed to tell my family?
- Why are only some students notified about this?
- Does it emerge from Williams Hall?
As you can probably tell, these questions had absolutely nothing to do with the class.
I wrote them down in my journal. It was time to do some research.
After class, I invited Dinesh and Mallory to my (unfortunately) tiny dorm room for an evening conversation about everything that happened today.
While I waited for them to arrive, I spent my time doing online research to see if I could uncover anything that would shed light on the happenings - looking up things like “dropoff rates increasing” or “odd occurrences” at my university. I unfortunately wasn’t able to uncover much of anything - everything online was very boilerplate and sanitized.
The note - “Does it emerge from Williams Hall?” - from class earlier was the only thing that led to something of moderate substance. After searching through our school intranet, I realized that Williams Hall had been more or less designated as “off limits” for a number of years now. Outside of being the location of some of our final exams and student body meetings, the building had been cordoned off so that construction and renovations could be completed there.
Strangely enough, my research also showed me that prior to Williams Hall being sequestered, it used to be the hub for our Faculty of Arts, and was the former homebase for a lot of our major university clubs (theater, debate). These classes and clubs had all been moved into other buildings at the university over the last fifteen years or so.
As I continued digging, Dinesh arrived.
“Hey cuckoo bird,” he said as he came in. Before I could cut him off and tell him that this was kind of serious, he continued–
“So, uh, something happened actually and… maybe you’re not totally completely nuts.”
“Okay…,” I responded.
“So, we’re in week five right? Up until last week, my robotics class was basically at capacity - one or two stragglers dropped off in the first few weeks, but we were more or less a full group. Today, I shit you not, half the class was missing. I asked the prof, and he said they dropped out, and then he just changed the subject. I looked into it, and if you drop a class after week three, you’re required to pay a full refund. Why the fuck would anyone drop a class this late?”
I nodded. “It’s not just dropping classes and switching into other ones. I think it’s–”
“People dropping out of the university altogether,” Dinesh said, cutting me off. “Feels like there’s… less people in general now, at the campus.”
A rush of anxiety hit me as I realized that Mallory hadn’t responded to any of my texts today. I shook it off.
“So… something really weird happened in Poli Sci class today.”
I filled Dinesh in on everything. He was a bit incredulous, and didn’t totally believe the exchange I had with the instructor (his interpretation being that Professor Weldon was simply offended I was pointing out that people were dropping his class).
Nonetheless, he helped me with my research.
We scoured the web, searching up old Reddit posts, blog posts, discussion board conversations - anything at all that mentioned Williams Hall or bizarre events at the university. Aside from jaded former students calling out the difficult grading scale here, everything we came across was useless. But, we did notice a suspicious trend…
The year 2008 was very interesting for the school… in that there was no record of anything happening here that year. No campus events that took place here (or events that were hosted at the university in general, for that matter), no sports records, no graduation records, the list goes on. Nothing. Were there any professors that taught here in the year 2008? Not that we could find. A 2008 yearbook? Nope.
Dinesh and I went deeper and deeper down our rabbit hole, as I tried to push aside concerned thoughts of still not hearing back from Mallory. Dinesh mentioned that we should hone in on the year 2008 and try to use the Wayback Machine, in case that could help us find anything that might’ve been archived or deleted since. It took a little while, but we were able to dig up an old message board conversation, which I’ll share below.
Thread: So are we going to talk about that?
06/10/2008, 12:03PM
Title says all… June 8 at Williams Hall. won’t say more at risk of exposing myself, but I know there are lots of others who go to this school or went here, and were there when it happened. Why the actual fuck is no one talking about this?!?
06/10/2008, 4:33PM
This some Skull & Bones Society shit? :)
06/10/2008, 4:46PM
06/11/2008, 12:00PM
06/12/2008, 12:05PM
06/15/2008, 8:49PM
Yep. Count your blessings and stfu. Nothing more you can do. Remember what they said happens if you blab about it.
06/16/2008, 9:52AM
That’s insane.
that no one has called the cops in this whole fucking time is insane.
also I swear to god they told some kids to get out of dodge before it happened. Knew a bunch of ppl who pced out a few weeks before. linguistics class with a certain hot professor was emptyyyyyyyy. No one else had a clue…
btw: Have any proof you were actually there? Also wtf is reality? Like that actually happened.
06/16/2008, 7:46PM
I’m sure people tried to call the cops.
I was the only guy that crawled to the door when it was all over. Apparently the rest of you just stood up and walked out. Maybe different reactions to shock for all of us?
06/16/2008, 11:18PM
heard about this through a friend, friend knew a guy who went there and said something really messed up was happening there and that the rumor mill was in full swing, like the *final exam* wasn’t normal, he tried to drop out but they wouldn’t let him(?), but left nyways. Apparently they found his body later.
I never believed him tho lol my friend says shit a lot of dumb shit when he’s blazing >_>
06/17/2008, 7:20AM
Thread locked due to inappropriate content.
We also found two other threads on a different message board, both created by the same person in 2008. The posts didn’t mention Williams Hall or the university explicitly, but they did mention the June 8th date. The post was of a mother claiming that her daughter randomly disappeared after going to the campus one day. The mother detailed how she didn’t buy the official story she was told by the police that her daughter simply “ran away”. She said that she was speaking with other parents in the area who were dealing with the same situation, and that she would provide updates as they came. Both threads were locked soon after posting.
As I jotted down the recurring date that was coming up in these threads (June 8th, 2008), I heard the door open.
Dinesh and I exhaled as Mallory entered. But that relief washed away quickly - something was off. Mallory was not herself. She’s always been quiet and reserved, preferring to be 'near people but not participating', but this time felt different.
We slowly started filling her in, trying to find a way to make our disconnected musings make sense. She listened as we talked about the student drop-offs in our classes and the overall campus feeling more empty, the peculiar goings-on in my Poli Sci class earlier in the day, and the archived message board posts we discovered during our online research. As we detailed our findings, we realized that we both sounded a little crazy… all of these things were, ultimately, random occurrences that we were stitching together like some sort of conspiracy theory.
But then Mallory spoke up.
“I had a meeting with the Dean earlier today. I’m going to drop out.”
The hours after Mallory said that were stressful. Obviously, Dinesh and I were shocked, confused, and most of all, deathly curious on what spurred this on for her.
Frustratingly, she wasn’t giving us too many details.
She asked us if the Dean had organized a meeting with either of us earlier in the week. When we both said no, she looked really, really miserable. Her reaction only added to our confusion.
We asked her if her reasons for dropping out were similar to what we were researching, and she begrudgingly said yes. When we asked her to elaborate, she said she was sworn to secrecy and couldn’t speak further.
“Why can’t you tell us what’s going on?!” I asked her, for probably the 30th time in our back-and-forth.
“I just can’t. If I say anything more…”
Her eyes trailed off, as if suggesting there was some terrible fate that would befall her if she elaborated further. Most of her answers to our following questions were just a simple “I’m sorry.”
Our one-sided conversation with Mallory continued for quite some time. Eventually, Dinesh asked the question that was lingering at the back of my mind. A question that seemed utterly ridiculous but also very necessary.
“Do you… do you think we should drop out too, maybe?”
It took a while for Mallory to respond. She chose her words carefully.
“I guess it’s random,” she started. “It’s random… which students they explain this whole thing to, and which ones they don’t. If they call upon you, you’re given the option to drop out. But if the Dean didn’t meet with you…”
“What the fuck does that even mean?!” Dinesh responded.
“It… means that I don’t think they’ll approve it. Even if you want to leave.”
Dinesh turned to me with a look of bafflement.
“I mean… we could just, like, leave though, right? Like… physically get up and leave? Like, how could they actually stop us from doing that?”
I saw Mallory’s eyes widen as Dinesh spoke those words to me. I knew that she wanted to say so much more to us, but she just couldn’t. The look in her eyes made it clear to me - us running now would be a mistake.
We struggled to get anything more out of Mallory. Eventually, I jumped in with a softball question that I prayed she’d answer. Referring to the research we were doing, I asked her plainly –
“If Dinesh and I keep digging, do you think we’ll be able to figure out what’s going on?”
She paused for a moment, and then nodded.
And that was all I needed.
“I think it’s time we go on an adventure, Dinesh,” I said.
“Goddamnit,” was his reply.
As we all left my dorm room, the three of us reluctantly gave each other a group hug. We’re not the mushy, touchy-feely types, so this was the first time we’d ever done anything this sentimental. It was awkward and not great, but everything felt too serious for us to not do it. As we let go of each other, I saw the first tears I’d ever seen Mallory cry.
“I”m really sorry I can’t say more. I’m really, really sorry,” she said. All good, Mal.
And with that, Dinesh and I headed out on a nighttime trek towards a certain building.
We made our way through the nearly pitch-black, empty courtyard, towards a bunch of construction signs and scaffolding that suggested we were getting closer and closer to Williams Hall. Dinesh, continuing his research on his phone, was chiming in with some “fun facts” –
“This building’s been under construction for like over a decade… how?”
“It’s probably just an excuse,” I responded.
Past a collection of tools and barriers, we arrived at a side door to the building. To my surprise, it wasn’t locked.
We entered, using our cell-phone flashlights to maneuver through the dark. Past the scent of old wood and peeling wallpaper, in a hallway that I can best describe as “rickety”, a word that I’m aware doesn’t make sense in this context but is the only one that comes to mind -
We arrived at the foyer. The ceiling stretched high above us. We maneuvered around a wet spot on the floor reflecting back at us (probably a leaky pipe somewhere) as our phone lights illuminated the dusty engraving above us that read Faculty of Arts.
“Which way do you think we should head?” I asked as our lights spun around the room, taking in every inch of the once-bustling building. The beam from my cell phone cut through the air, creating a glow that illuminated relics around us: various seating areas that seemed carelessly assembled, abstract art installations that were now covered in grime, and a collection of aged plaques adorning the walls, preserving the wide smiles of professors and administrators of years past.
A sign off in the distance that read Final Exam Room caught my attention. I motioned to Dinesh and he followed.
With our footsteps across the marble floor of yet another hallway that had seen better days, we approached our destination. Along the way, we encountered empty classrooms on both sides of the large corridor. Our brief peeks into all of the rooms revealed perfect preservation and consistency: desks and chairs neatly arranged, and the boards in each room having only one simple message written on them:
“Does every class do their final exam on the same day?” I asked Dinesh.
He didn’t reply. He was drawn to the large doors at the end of the hallway. I flashed my light at the engraving above them -
Huh. Weird combination if ever I’d seen one.
“I feel like coming here was beyond stupid,” Dinesh said.
“Yep. But we’re here now.”
Dinesh shined his phone light on a small sign posted up beside the doors.
Final Exam Room
Most Recent: June 8, 2008
Next Exam: June 8, 2023
Don’t forget to study!!!
We froze up. The obvious question for both of us was why a seemingly abandoned and under-construction building would have a note about an upcoming final exam scheduled for just a few days from now… an exam taking place only half-way through the semester, mind you.
“Do we go in?” Dinesh asked.
I wasn’t voted “most inquisitive” in high school superlatives… because it wasn’t a category. If it was, I would’ve secured it, no competition. This whole thing had been nagging at me from the first couple of weeks. I needed to know what was going on.
“Yes. We go in.”
We opened the doors, revealing a large room with hundreds of desks, all perfectly spaced out from each other. It was an exam, after all.
The hall stretched far and long. As we inched our way in, a pungent smell flooded my senses - like nothing I’d ever experienced before.
I pointed my phone light from desk to desk as I walked on by, realizing why the abandoned room felt so “lively” to me from the second we opened the door.
Nearly all of the desks were occupied by the headless and decayed bodies of students seated upright. Hands on the table. Coats on the chair behind them. Bags under desks.
Before the shock of the sight could overtake us and force us to get the fuck out of there, the sound of footsteps from the other end of the large exam hall caused us to redirect our phone lights to the source of the sound.
A figure emerged from the shadows, dressed in attire that was unmistakably formal. His hands were clasped behind him, a posture of composure and control. A face that I hadn’t seen since my first week orientation. The Dean?
He addressed us.
“Gentlemen - the exam isn’t for a few days now. I suggest you get back to studying.”
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2023.06.06 14:25 Popular-Research3740 can flux alone get a me a b5025 epr (aligned auto, stab stock, reflex sight)

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2023.06.06 14:25 Iron_seaz How much did development cost?

I'm curious, do we know how much did the development of Star Citizen cost? Is it close to the total funds raised? Is it possible that CIG won't have enough money in the near future?
Because it seems to me that we often talk about the funds raised rather than the cost of development.
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2023.06.06 14:24 Themistocles_gr Any support links for the robot vacuum?

My Techlife vacuum stopped charging recently. Not bought directly from Realme. Sending an email to [email protected] only returns an auto reply saying to contact [email protected]. I did but they told me they don't do vacuums...
Any ideas? I'm in the EU btw. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 14:24 Accountkiwigirl77nz Peppers very weird choice for Breakfast A Fave Breakfast but never seen her make it until today

To me Peppers are a very weird choice for breakfast she has picky eaters so i don't see most of the kids eating them. Then you have a big Slice of ham i would of at least of done Eggs Lose and put some toast in the mix so there is options instead of a big Pepper. also she does apples nearly every lunch but i find it funny that we only see her cut up the apples once in a while the rest of the time she just throws them in their lunch box
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2023.06.06 14:24 Sweary_Biochemist Semi-late game biter issues

Hi all,
Preface to establish that I am _not great_ at this game, but using a combination of badly-designed city blocks and post-hoc spaghetti (the spaghettiblock model), I have finally achieved a long-held ambition to surpass 1k spm (in theory I have the assemblers to get to 2k, but it's holding steady at ~1.7k).
But: my horrible mess of spaghettiblocks generates just ridiculous amounts of pollution, and the biters are getting incredibly annoying (and it's a desert world, so not a lot of trees).
I've got walls around everything, artillery range 9 (I think) and flame damage...lots, but it's not enough for the patient waves of idiot biters: flame turrets don't seem to respond quite quickly enough to prevent steady erosion of my dragon's teeth screens (and then the perimeter walls). If I set up bots to auto repair, the idiots get themselves immolated near instantly. By the time I've wandered over to one side of the base to fix up walls/repair flame turrets/etc, the bugs already breaking back through on the other side, and it's getting miserable.
(all this is vanilla factorio, btw)
I know the best solution is just to push beyond the pollution cloud and lay down a massive defensive perimeter, but...it's a big cloud, so it's going to be a big perimeter (by my standards at least), and every second I spend building it is a second I can't spend firefighting some bullshit attack miles away.
So: advice from experts would be much appreciated!
My current plan is:
1) shut down all the things! I think space science is my rate limiting step, so just stopping rocket launches should back up the entire factory and massively drop per-minute pollution generation, letting the cloud recede a bit
2) stop carpeting things in concrete, because concrete stops a tile absorbing pollution (I only found this out this morning)
3) make a dedicated war factory that exists purely to churn out as many artillery shells as I can make, and just push out flame-protected artillery bases as far as I can, and then further still
4) make a wall slightly behind those
5) make more spidertrons so I can assign them to perimeter regions for repair
6) turn stuff back on

I mean, the alternative would be "disable biters via console command", but I'd like to avoid that if I can.
All tips and tricks would be much appreciated.
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2023.06.06 14:23 Meth_Hardy The Jaws series

So, I decided to watch all of the Jaws movies since they are currently on Amazon Prime where I am (UK). I have seen the original multiple times and consider it one of the best movies from the 70s. I had seen Jaws 2 before and remember thinking it was ok. I hadn't seen 3 of 4 before, so they were new for me. Here are my opinions.
Great movie. Solid cast, great story, less-is-more approach to the shark being on screen (thanks to production problems), amazing and memorable score. All in all a superb movie with tonnes of rewatch value. I can't really say a whole lot about this movie that's not been said before. I've read the book and I enjoy the changes the movie made (removed Hooper's affair with Brody's wife & didn't kill Hooper at the end).
Whilst it's not Jaws, it is a solid sequel. The storyline is fine. New shark, same old Amity Island. Same mayor ignoring the same warnings. Same kid going sailing after Brody tells him not to. This time the idea of the teens being stuck adrift in their locked together boats is interesting. The shark taking down the helicopter scene is one I remember from when I watched this film as a kid. All in all it's not brilliant but it's a perfectly serviceable Jaws sequel.
Boy, this is a crap movie. Even Dennis Quaid, Louis Gossett Jr. and P. H. Moriarty (Hatchet Harry in Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels) can't rescue it. I know it's mid 80s but even that can't excuse some of the "special" effects. Having a frozen shot of the shark being slowly moved closer to the camera wouldn't be acceptable for me shooting a movie on my phone, let alone a multi million dollar cinematic release. The movie felt like it was sponsored heavily by Seaworld (it was shot there) and Coca Cola (so many Coke shots). The 3D effects weren't in the 2D version I saw, but you could see what they were and how bad they were. 80s 3D was mostly pretty bad but this seems especially so. Annoyingly, they set up some interesting scenes with no pay off. Like the shark stalking a water-ski display team, only for all of the skiers to survive and the shark going off to stalk people in bumper boats... only for them all to survive too. There are also parts that make zero bloody sense, like the shark swimming backwards (they literally can't) with enough force to use it's tail as a battering ram to bend metal and break oven an underwater gate. And the ending! With multiple people having been eaten by the shark in front of them 2 minutes ago, Dennis Quaid and his love interest celebrate the fact that the dolphins have survived.
As much as I disliked Jaws 3 (I never plan on watching it again), Jaws: The Revenge makes Jaws 3 look like Citizen Kane. It's awful. Even the usually enjoyable Michael Caine can't rescue it. It starts with Sean Brody (youngest child of the Chief and wife Ellen) being eaten by a shark. Coincidentally, this is the 4th movie that the character of Sean Brody has appeared in, and it's the 4th different actor to play him. Anyway, he dies and mum Ellen is distraught, convinced that the shark has a vendetta against their family. Eldest son Michael (4th movie starting Michael, 4th different actor) invites mum to move in with him and his family in The Bahamas because "sharks don't live in warm water". This is bollocks, but let's ignore that. Anyway, the shark somehow follows them to The Bahamas where it proceeds to attack the family. Michael Caine somehow lands a non-sea plane on the ocean perfectly. It ends up eating Michael's friend and colleague before Ellen rams the shark with the boat which somehow leads to the shark exploding. Then the guy the shark ate actually survived being eaten, having no beathing apparatus and being inside the shark as it exploded. It is complete bollocks. Also, it was so clearly shot in a water tank on a studio back lot. Your can literally see the water ending in the near distance, and the "sky" being a painted non-moving wall. If I never wanted to see Jaws 3 again, this movie I want to actively remove from my memory.
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2023.06.06 14:23 RabbytHeart does my cat want me to chase him?

hi everyone!
three weeks ago, i adopted my first ever cat! he's five years old, and for some context, his previous owner unfortunately passed away. he was SUPER timid in the shelter, refusing to let anyone even near him. he's opened up so so much in these last few weeks. he struts about like he pays rent, sleeps on our beds and snuggles up in the evening. hes a good cat!
but he does this thing where he looks at me, comes close to me and the moment i turn or even move a muscle he runs farther away, then repeats. i've read he maybe wants to be chased, but he's also very skittish. he HATES loud noises. he'll turn his head at ANYTHING, runs when the door is knocked and is still warming up to being in our house.
his ears aren't folded and he doesn't hiss or try to scratch me. i'd love to play with him, but if he's genuinely trying to make sure i'm not a threat then i'd hate to scare him. he slept next to me last night, if that's anything!
any and all advice welcome! being a first time cat owner is hard but so so rewarding!
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2023.06.06 14:23 Strict_DM_62 Anyone else disappointed at how psykers work in 10th?

So I gotta say that I'm really enjoying where the new 40k is going. I for one have railed against just how bloated the game had become, in particular the main culprits (IMHO) were Strategems, and sub-factions within each army had made the game nearly unplayable to me.
But, I'm actually extreme disappointed in how psykers work in 10th. Like, they trivialized them entirely. I'd have been fine with getting rid of the psychic phase and rolling it in with the command phase. But to seemingly eradicate psychic powers from the game?... way off. Now, admittedly we haven't seen all the data cards, but we have seen the Librarian and the core rules. The librarian has effectively no powers, one is smite and the other is an ability comparable to a captain. That's in. Presto! It sucks.
Now, I'd agree that psychic powers contributed to the bloat. But I don't think it was the way that powers were implemented, it was because they came out with like a billion new psychic disciplines. Literally every time they released a new psyker it came with its own unique discipline.
If they could have kept psychic powers as they were, but had like 5-6 universal ones, with 1-2 unique army ones, I think it would have been better. But as it is, I think they've largely trivialized and absolutely demolished the core theme and identity of at least four armies (Tsons, Tzeentch Demons, Eldar, and Grey knights), and many iconic units within each army.
Maybe it'll change a bit when we see the datacards for Tsons or Eldar; but I'm not hopeful as I would have expected to see something on the Librarian. I'll definitely enjoy 10th, but I can see myself shelving my Eldar for the entire edition because of how lame, and unimaginative psychic powers seem to be in this new edition.
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2023.06.06 14:23 Mobile_Occasion8533 Bad judgement while driving

I (27F) have recently had 2 bad near misses while driving home in the dark after work. Both times I misjudged the car lights coming towards me thinking that they were further away than they were. The first time a couple weeks ago was so close I don’t know how there wasn’t an accident. The second time tonight it was really foggy and I couldn’t see the turnoff and there was a cars right behind me so I tried to get over but ended up crossing both lanes so I wasn’t even on the road. This is on a main highway. I’m starting to doubt my judgement. I’ve started a new job recently and am tired but the lack of visibility at night is really affecting my judgment. I just panic and do stupid things. Now I keep replaying the scenario in my head for the last 4 hours. 😔
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2023.06.06 14:22 ffman5446 A post I made, just in case

I’m writing this ahead of time on June 5th to send in response to anyone who has been led to believe certain things about my character or feels it necessary to go on the offensive or smear me in relation to my last relationship. I know I touched a wound when I asserted my boundaries and denied this person access to me emotionally, so I anticipate that there will be some aggressive reframing and villification in response. I will make this public in such an event.
Today you realized that the person you loved has been slowly eroding your boundaries. Belittling your hobbies. Criticizing the people you hang out with. Using you for emotional support but telling you to “talk to your friends, not me” when you’re going through something. Resenting you for being content in your own skin, embarrassed of you for enjoying being silly and not taking things seriously. Telling you that you aren’t ‘making an effort’ with their friends and family but being threatened, jealous, or embarrassed of you when you actually do. Not owning their feelings so much as expressing them as character flaws in you. Many such examples.
Other things I ignored and accepted were the fits of rage they experienced whenever they made an honest mistake, the way they’d list off all the ways they’ve been wronged by a person whenever they’re the recipient of gentle criticism (this goes for anyone in their close group of friends as well) and the kind of impulsivity and excuses you’d expect of a child. Also, I happily listened to them speak about their interests and was enthralled and fascinated by our differences - while they would tell me they had “no interest in hearing about [X, Y or Z interest of mine]”. It was really a one way street, and they wanted me to know it and accept it. I also ignored the clear indications of relationship sabotage early on - the hints they dropped about the reason they would ultimately choose to leave the relationship, before doubling down on their commitment and putting the idea of a house and kids in my ear.
They are a mental health professional so they were extremely good at being covert and making me believe they were listening and communicating. I now see that this was a pretty textbook case of idealization followed by discard (if you don’t know, look it up in your preferred attachment/personality disorder literature). Even at the end, I made this mistake of wanting to fight to show them that I could change, not yet seeing the forest for the trees.
I’m not perfect. I struggled a lot to get to a point where I recognized my own triggers and what they mean, started trying to honour peoples boundaries and become less judgemental of them (and myself). As well, realizing that things that upset me in others were my own insecurities and that there are unmet needs that I need to express if I notice these things crop up. Basically, integrating the shadow self. It’s been my life’s journey. I have made mistakes, as we all have, because I am a full - and hurt - person. But I am not a victim, and I recognize that in my mistakes I am human, and in my effort to account for those mistakes I am as well.
Since this step in the process I’ve realized that I have a long road ahead in honouring my own boundaries. Which is difficult in its own right - you push too hard, you’re vindictive, and it’s easy to lose sight and say something you might regret when you feel threatened. You push too little and people walk all over you. But I felt a ‘click’ today when I asserted myself, and I felt the old me I had missed seeping back into my being. I realized the energy I felt before the relationship, my spark, what they had criticized me for losing, was still there. I’d been drained for so long dealing with this person.
Like I said, this is not a perfect science so obviously it’s possible I have been clumsy with my words but, I am still a work in progress. Ultimately it isn’t important to me what someone else thinks, but I am sorry if I said anything hurtful. These are just the facts of what I experienced. Whatever you want to believe is totally up to you. I am not blameless or perfect in the relationship (or out of it) but, I made every effort to be nonjudgemental and kind and to treat them with the respect they deserved - you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who will say they saw otherwise (with the exception of some relatively tame confrontations said in the throes of heartbreak). I just forgot to treat myself well, too.
I do not think that this person is a bad person, and you’re free to believe their truth instead if you’d prefer. I think that they are a hurt person who is confused and has made mistakes that I am all too familiar with. And that they are on the right track. But I am being firm on not wanting to be in their life in any capacity because I am honouring myself. The way they acted during the breakup, insinuating that they’d like to open the relationship, sending mixed signals - telling me one day that they’re gay and the next that they just think my hobbies and personality are a turn off - should raise some red flags. And let’s not forget the light infidelity that occurred near the end, the rage fit when they received a text to tell them of that boundary violation - followed by devaluing that friend and saying they’re thinking about cutting them off; this was of course all about them and I had to ask them whether they were going to apologize to me, their partner. And when I gently expressed that they should maybe respect their friend’s gentle criticism, more rage - and the accountability they denied was chocked up to ‘being in denial of gay feelings’. Oh, and the way they said they were in “no rush to leave” our shared apartment after breaking up with me, and called me “awful” for being polite and pragmatic about their imminent move. This person wanted me heartbroken and pining for them - a source of love that doesn’t threaten their fear of intimacy. It’s sad, but I deserve better than to hang around and grant them their fairytale breakup and continue to be emotionally taken advantage of while they find themselves. I hope this person heals and if you’re in their circle I hope you help them on their way. But please respect my space and privacy and let this whole thing go so that everyone can move on.
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2023.06.06 14:22 Late-Difficulty-5928 Getting out of a funk

Tldr: This got a lot longer than I intended. A lot to catch up on! The first part is about where we were. The second is what we are doing to fix it. We organically folded into a holistic method of dealing with clutter and made a lot of important connections while doing it. The kitchen experience has been, by far, the best and most healthy decision we have made.
It's been a while since I have participated here. Some pretty sad things happened and I had not made much progress. I've never been good at sharing when I am being a fuck up or asking for help. I wasted away my entire winter and now warmer weather is rolling in, which is going to prevent me from working in the garage until this coming winter.
Its not all bad, though. I managed to avoid backsliding and engaging old coping mechanisms that compound the hoarding situation. I managed to hold the house together during a time of grief and while it wasn't ideal, it's about a lifestyle, not a meal. Right? It's not that I haven't felt any guilt over not moving forward. I definitely have. It just hasn't been a particularly helpful or motivating feeling.
Depression and grief wreck everything, though. While that part of my life held the line, I still have a drinking problem and I don't really eat my feelings, but I do care less about my body, in general. I quit being active and let my diet slip enough to gain thirty pounds of organ strangling fat, caused by pouring 2-5 beers on top of 3-6 shots of booze every night. Then day drinking on the weekends. I have never been a day drinker. I've always been a functional alcoholic - meaning I can abstain, but when I start, I dont stop until it is all gone and most of the time I want more. The majority of my life, I would probably drink once every few months. The drinking every day is relatively recent. I know this isn't AA, but I will get to how it's related.
About a month ago, I woke up and thought, living like this is going to kill me. What if something happens to my partner? Because he is right there with me. Along with the unhealthy choices and their consequences, I was not sleeping well. That hard, visceral fat makes it incredibly difficult to breath and get comfortable. That's on top of serious health problems I already have. Six months of this and something had to give.
We woke up and started searching for a healthy eating challenge. You know the whole ADHD thing and turning things into a game usually yields some type of immediate success. We made a grocery list and cleaned out the fridge. We took three garbage bags of expired food out of the fridge. I'm not a food hoarder, even. I could give a shit about anything in there. We've both just been too depressed to worry about cleaning out the fridge - for six months. He went to the store. I did a deep clean on the fridge, which was nearly empty. We unpacked the groceries together, and let me tell you. I was super giddy over seeing all the fresh produce and how clean and organized the fridge was. I opened the fridge a few times, just to look at it, it was such a beautiful thing.
We have carried on this schedule for a month. Wake up on the weekend, meal plan for the week and make a grocery list. He goes to the store, I clean out and wipe down the fridge, check the pantry, and print any recipes we need for the week or grab them from our binder, and put them on a clipboard that hangs on the kitchen wall. Only recipes we love go in that binder. Life is too short to eat mediocre food. If we don't love it, the recipe goes in the trash.
The first week, I started meal prep, which is something I have never done before. Like having smoothies for breakfast - buying just enough bananas for a week, cutting them up, splitting into servings and freezing means zero bananas go in the trash. I haven't thought about making banana bread, that I am obviously not going to make, all month. I also spent enough present and sober time to notice the walls were getting a little dusty and grimy, so I washed most of those. The one left requires moving furniture, so it had to wait.
During the second week, I did some more meal prep and did a cursory clean out of the pantry, checking dates and organizing where everything could be easily accessed and seen. That was another trash bag of expired food out the door.
I used to get so angry because I would spend a week cleaning and organizing the kitchen. He would just stuff things in there, not paying attention to how things were organized. Yesterday I opened one of the cabinets and it struck me. Seeing the contrast between the pantry and fridge and these cabinets, I don't think any of those spaces have ever been organized in a way that makes much sense. We don't have upper cabinets, but instead two six foot tall floor cabinets. One cabinet has been things we use often and the other things we use less. Kind of. Then two cardboard boxes of plastic. God knows what. Then we have a lower cabinet, with random shit shoved in there.
I spent the day reorganizing and keep in mind, I've been through all this stuff at least once in the past two years. Barely anything in the cardboard boxes has been used. Lots of tupperware from the 90s. Lids with no bowls. Stained bowls with no lids. Don't ask me why I didn't toss these last time, because they were gross looking, even when clean. All of that went away and there are no longer two cardboard boxes stuffed in my cabinet. Two trash bags and a box of (recyclable) plastic later and you can see and access everything easily and like items are together. Everything has a place and it's evident where everything goes.
So . . . Now there is no more cabinet, fridge, or pantry Jenga. It's more pleasant to cook in there, easier to clean the fridge, easier to put the dishes away. With food being such an integral part of living, it just makes life easier. I hate to admit it, but for the first time in my life, I understand why having highly organized cabinets matters. And for the first time in a long time, I am not just ready to get rid of things. I feel like going through this process is gently rewiring my brain to think about objects and space a lot differently. I felt nothing but excitement over the prospect of an organized space, as I was tossing all that plastic in the bags. I've been motivated sans the period of depression. I've never been this motivated. I have been aware for a while that I wasn't going to organize my way out of the garage hoard or the house clutter. I believe cleaning out a space, where the objects inside were meaningless to me and seeing just how much of a difference it made has highlighted how much I need to get rid of if I want the rest of my life to be as beautiful as my refrigerator.
Health wise, we quit drinking beer and went from six shots a night to four. We are cutting back as we lose weight. We no longer buy booze for Sunday. We chill and have a few glasses of wine. Cleaning and organizing, I am on my feet more and getting more activity. I'm eating a Mediterranean diet and three meals instead of two. I weighed in this morning and I have lost a total of 12 lbs in a month. I still have another 18 to get to my weight before the depression and another 20 for a healthy weight. My body is squishy again, which is better. I sleep better. I have more energy, which feeds into being able to do more work around the house. I feel better mentally and physically.
So, yeah. I missed out on garage season. It's house season, though and I have a very productive Summer ahead. It's amazing what focusing on my nutrition has done for us. That's not in the general sense that just eating better will fix your mental illness or disorder. But focusing on the entire experience of nourishment and making it easier and more pleasant to cook healthy meals. Bonus points are that we are having fun cooking together and actually saving money by not overbuying and doing a little meal prep. That also resulted in a very insignificant amount of waste over the past month.
Over the Summer, I hope to add a kitchen island for more counter space, give the cabinets a fresh coat of paint, get the brand new dishwasher hooked up, and continue to make my kitchen a pleasant place to spend time.
Anyway . . .
If you made it this far, thanks for joining me on this journey. I know it was a novel. I appreciate you!
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2023.06.06 14:22 BarniK Recommend me some good custom songs that don't require memorizing notes?

So my gf and I have been playing beat saber for a couple of weeks now, and we both enjoy a specific type of song - that is, a song where you can, going purely by reflex, complete a song on first or second try (she usually picks hard, I pick expert - we both are nowhere near skilled enough for expert+). Just installed some mods (SteamVR version of beat saber), can anyone recommend me custom songs that fit this description? No memorizing notes to complete, possible to complete on the first try, and not absurdly hard (ultragigaexpert-twitch-stream-lolicore-remix-hard, you know what I'm talking about)
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2023.06.06 14:21 Shahed1987 Recommendations on next reads. Rough overview on what I've read so far

Recommendations on next reads. Rough overview on what I've read so far
Hi. Was wondering if i can get some ideas on what you think i should read next. I'm relatively new to the genre and I've read a few things. I'm now at the point where I've gotten used to the styles and tropes and have a better idea of what i like and what i don't .
Based on what I've read so far, I'm definitely a story first kind of guy. When new i liked the 'spice' initially, but after some time i found myself often skipping or skim reading them for any dialogue that might be relevant. I like stories with an overarching plotline. Slice of Life can be okay, but don't catch me as well.
To probably no suprise, I'm a bif fan of KD Robertson books. Spellblade is my favourite series I've read in the genre, and Demon's Throne got better and better after a slow start. I love the world and almost empire building aspects. The only real issue with Roberrsons books is how the harem or spice elements seem almost forced into the books. Almost like since it's part of the harem genre, they have to be there. I feel like the books might have been better if they weren't harem, and having near every woman pretty much instantly decide they wanted to have sex with MC felt jarring.
Which takes me onto relationship progression. As i said, I am here for the story. Relationships are fine, but I'd like them to feel more meaningful. When they happen to fast, they feel devalued to me. I prefer more development. For example in Spellblade I liked Seraph the best, and similarly Fara in Demon's Throne. I'd much rather have a smaller core of well developed women and relationships, compared to a large checklist of near interchangeable women. This is one thing i really liked about Mastering Magic by Kirk Mason. It's no exaggeration to say the relationships and the way women were written in that were so much better than anything else. I could definitely do with the women having more agency and focus.
One of my other favourites was Paladin of the Sigil by Marvin Knight. I also really liked Dungeon Diving from Bruce Sentar. I've liked the rpglit elements I've came across so far, and the dungeon aspects are interesting. I've liked a lot of Bruce's other books and just finished Saving Supervillians. The issues i have with them though is they stray towards harem creep. I haven't read Dragon Justice yet, but if there's going to be 8 books at least, I imagine it'll most likely have 10+ members and I start to lose interest. About the only series that has worked for me with so many members is the one that got me into the genre. Three Square Meals.
I've heard good things about Wolf Kings Lair and especially anything by Cebellius. Except I'm somewhat apprehensive as I'm not really a fan of monster girls. I prefer humans, or at least humanoid. Elves are fine. So are are like cat or fox girls. But anything more than say a tail and some ears puts me off. Especially once bug girls and other stuff come into it like in Herald of Shalia.
Lastly there are two authors I'm interested in, but haven't read any books from as of yet. William D. Arand and Daniel Schinofen. Thing is they have so many books that are actually highly reviewed, i have no idea where to start.
So yes if you've made it this far, sorry for the long post, and thanks for reading. Just wondering if people have any advice on what to read next. Ideally they'd be books that are finished or near finished. I have attached screenshots of what i have currently borrowed in KU to give an idea of what books I'm considering
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2023.06.06 14:21 GreatWarder The Nolvus auto installer seems odd

Been trying for three days to give Nolvus a try. Tons of errors. Tons of frozen downloads. Okay. Cool. Whatever. That happens. But the striking thing to me is that the installer absolutely grinds my computer to a halt like nothing I've ever seen. Maybe it's because I'm comparing it to Wabbajack or whatever but damn did this thing feel like a mess.
In any case I've given up on even trying Nolvus because of this issue. If I can't even run the installer I have no hope for the list running anywhere near satisfying on my computer. I really should just get the patience to manually put together a load order again. Too spoiled on modlists now.
Anyway. Yeah. Odd experience with Nolvus and I can't say their discord helped much either.
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2023.06.06 14:21 Hazza711717 I’ll have about 150-200k after I sell players in my auction house,thinking of getting a new pf,what should I do?

I’ll have about 150-200k after I sell players in my auction house,thinking of getting a new pf,what should I do? submitted by Hazza711717 to MyTeam [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:21 shinypotatoz 6 month old golden retriever biting/nipping is not getting better

Hi all, to start, my golden retriever is currently 3/4 through with his teething. Most of his adult teeth has already came in. He has had a nipping/biting problem since he was 9 weeks old, which i have been trying to train him out of since the very start. Nothing has ever worked. He will show improvements, then suddenly regress. Its not even a matter of accidental nips during play, but all out attacks on me, ignoring any kind of redirection unless put into timeout. Here is what i do for the common reasons that puppies go into full biting mode.
Not enough rest/enforced nap: everytime before i bring him out of his play pen, i always ensure he has at least 2 hours of rest/naps. His rest may sometimes be interuppted as it can get quite noisy in my house hold
Being out too long/Overtiredness: i usually bring him out for 1h to 2hr at a time. However, his biting can be completely random, even 5 mins after he is let out
Overstimulation: the common reason for overstimulate in the household is when he is playing tug. After a short while, he will completely ignore the tug rope and only go for my hands(basically his crazy biting mode) or he likes to bite near where my hand is holding(I use a long tug rope) and always nips my hand. This is why i do not play tug with him unless i am behind a babygate or on a high area like the bed. Even when i use a flirt pole to play with him, i have to be hiding behind a babygate as he may just suddenly go crazy biting mode on me.
Other than the above reasons, here are the other things that may trigger his crazy biting mode
I would like to add that very frequently his biting starts off as small, not painful nips. However, no matter what i do, his nips will always escalate into full biting mode.
Redirection? He will bite on the toy for 5-10 seconds, and go back to biting me, but this time he is even more riled up.
Walking away? He will continue jumping up and trying to nib my hands and legs until i go behind a babygate.
Ignoring him while he nips? He will slowly get rougher and rougher, but i rarely ignore it as i do not want him to think its ok to nip hands.
I am basically at my wits end here. I have watched tons of videos on stopping puppy biting, but nothing has ever worked out. I learned about 1/2 month ago that no matter what i do, consistency is key. Thus now I always just go behind a babygate in another room. If he follows me in, he will be put into timeout. If he stays outside(which he does as he knows he will go into timeout), i will close the door and ignore him for 30-60seconds, depending on how fast he finds trouble elsewhere. I would say there has been some improvements, in terms of his bite inhibition when he is tired and at night during. But other than that its pretty much as i stated in this post.
I am getting increasingly worried as his teething is coming to an end, and i do not see an end of his crazy biting anytime soon. This is definitely not a habit that i want him carrying into his teenage and adult years. Any tips or view on how i can do better is appreciated and deeply valued!
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2023.06.06 14:21 ringadingding12 I Hate my new job.

I took on a shipping/receiving and wearhousing role for a heavy duty parts company. It seems like an intriguing offer at first and the only reason why I'm still there is the pay. Comparatively speaking to other jobs I've had, it's a solid raise. I've worked at a auto parts store and video game store. Both jobs were good and bad in their own respects but the didn't pay well. Most recently I was doing dispatch which was a really cozy job but it didn't pay well.
This job that I have now started off decent. However as I continue to work there, they are quickly giving me way more responsibility then I'm capable of. I've been there for about 3 months and I'm still trying to wrap my head around some of the procedures while they give me two people to train doing separate jobs. All the while, I'm supposed to fulfill multiple orders a day and keep the warehouse clean.
The other day was an emotional roller coaster. I got written up and a raise in the same day. I was written up for refusing to stay overtime which led to lack of Engagement. It wasn't made explicitly clear at the start that over time was expected. A few hours later I was told that I would be given a raise. Huh? It threw me off.
As I mentioned at first the only reason why I'm still there is because of the pay. I'm taking a mental day today and see how I feel tomorrow. There's a part of me that just wants to stick it out until I am caught up with all the procedures and the system they have in place. Apparently this is the slow season so I can only imagine what it'll be like when it picks up. On the other hand, I am genuinely not happy there and I'm realizing I would rather take a lower paying job that I like.
My girlfriend has been so supportive through this thought process but I just wanted to vent a bit. I'm going to ramp up the job search for sure and I'll see how things play out here
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2023.06.06 14:20 Sshaikh191 PlayStation Plus- Grand Theft Auto Online Mercenary DLC June 13th

I need someone that can private DM me a PS Plus code. I need PlayStation Plus so I can prepare for the Grand Theft Auto Online DLC on June 13th.
Someone be generous and help a brother out.
[Private DMs only]
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2023.06.06 14:19 Quick-Following-8261 Breathing method in polluted cities?

Hi guys, I was practicing the breathing method in the past. In the last 2 years, there is rising air pollution here where I am and that left me abandoning breathing method practices.
So, is it safe to do breathing method in polluted cities? Does it help to move to the park or near the river, there are fewer automobiles? How do I approach this?
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2023.06.06 14:19 nknownConclusion Premature Menopause - help!

This feels like a long story to me, so I’ll try to keep it brief. For now, I’ll focus on the physical effects, because the mental and emotional ones are a whole other issue.
I went through premature menopause without the doctors diagnosing what was happening until it had finished.
Last year, I was officially diagnosed as being post-menopausal and told I needed to get on HRT to avoid early osteoporosis. I’d been suffering mild menopause symptoms for almost 5 years. Hot flushes, sleeplessness, depression and anxiety, brain fog, heart palpitations, irregular periods, and a whole raft of other things which I am now able to attribute to peri-menopause. I had blood tests done and saw a specialist, but was told they couldn’t find anything wrong and that I should just monitor and report back if it got worse.
Then covid hit and depression, job loss and other things got in the way and getting in to see a specialist wasn’t high on my list of priorities. My last period had been in 2021 and last year I finally felt mentally strong enough to re investigate what was going on. My suspicions were confirmed. My new specialist put me on HRT, but I delayed starting it a few months while I wrapped my head around it all. Analysis paralysis. All my symptoms had already stopped, except the sleeplessness, and I actually felt great. My mind was clear, I had the amount of energy I had as a teenager, I was super positive and I’d lost 10kg.
I started the HRT in January and it has not been going well. I’ve got near constant headaches, weight gain, constantly tired, feeling foggy and more. 3 months in I had a checkup and my specialist increased my estrogen because she said all the symptoms were estrogen deficiency. I’m on a estrogen gel and progesterone tablet. We chose this because I don’t like the idea of patches and I get really awful mood swings on the pill (also I haven’t given up on the teeny tiny hope that a miracle might happen, so I don’t want to be on birth control). The headaches are less but not gone, I’m still gaining weight, I’m still constantly tired but I’m less foggy. A new symptom though, which I hadn’t noticed before is that I’m losing my hair. (I noticed I was losing more than normal, but I had such thick hair before that I didn’t realise it was a problem until I could start seeing my scalp in places.)
Everything I’m experiencing seems to go against the stories I’ve read of HRT. I’m now about 6 months in and I can’t imagine staying like this for another 10 years.
I’d love to hear your advice, stories, thoughts and suggestions. I’m at a loss. I’m dreading going back to the specialist again to be told there’s nothing else she can do. Please help.
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