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2023.06.02 08:25 blackandwhiteservice Transform Your Home with Professional Spring Cleaning in Brisbane

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2023.06.02 08:04 Aurora_Dragonback Peeved at school’s final schedule

Buckle in, long rant approaching. I teach art at a senior high school. My admin decided not to give us the final schedule, which is different for juniors and seniors until about two weeks before we’re supposed to give the exams. That’s still plenty of time right? Not if they say senior grades are due three before the semester ends. Seniors take exams first. Then junior finals are due the week after.
Well, we were supposed to give finals to two classes per day. Ex. 1st period and 3rd period on Monday. With a total of 8 periods. Friday was supposed to be final make up day. I usually give projects for my finals and thus set the deadline for Friday so everyone has enough time without rushing.
I told my 6 classes, as well as the 12 classes I’m entering grades for, that all their finals are due at the end of the school day that Friday.
On Wednesday of finals week they sent out an email that all senior grades are due by 3:00 on Thursday! We’d still have one more final to give at that time since we don’t get out until 4:50. Also, what happened to final make up day? Apparently it’s not a thing anymore.
Thankfully, I was able to get an extension for all of my classes, because I felt that was unfair to teachers and students to spring that deadline on us.
The school only thinks about the core subjects that have distinct juniors and senior classes. They never consider LoTE, Fine Arts, and CTE with our grade level mixed classes.
Now all of my classes are unmotivated these last three weeks and I don’t blame them. I had one more project to do with them that I needed done for a community project and now I’ve barely met the requirements for the number of pieces, because no one wants to work anymore.
We’re also still supposed to be giving bell to bell instruction when we’ve got less than half of the students showing up. Great planning guys 🙄
Just one of the many reasons I’m switching careers.
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2023.06.02 07:46 Kotobukiya SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN Blog: Introducing Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes]

SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN Blog: Introducing Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes]
Originally published in Japanese on April 5, 2023
Some photos have been removed from this post to fit the 20 image limit. Please refer to the official translated post on our blog for the full post.
Hey everyone! This is SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN’s promotions manager.
Two products related to Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] have been released!
I’ve got a lot to tell you about Bukiko, since she’s been released as a plastic model kit, and I really hope you’ll consider building this kit after learning more about her!

Two Different Types of Kits for Bukiko!
One is the standard edition: Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes]
It comes with Bukiko herself and accessories such as her phone, nippers, and school bag.
The other is the limited edition: Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] Modeler’s Edition
Think of this as a deluxe version of the kit that comes with everything in the standard edition, plus a bob hairstyle, a work desk and chair, tools and paint, 1/10 scale Stylet, a large hobby knife (*), and Frame Arms Girl (“FA Girl”) compatible face parts.
*This accessory can be used to recreate the key visual from the FA Girl anime when posed with Hand Scale GOURAI. It is not an actual tool.
*The package design of the standard edition and the limited edition are different.
See the following guide to see which kit suits your needs!
ー I want Bukiko! ⇒ Buy either the standard edition or the Modeler’s Edition!
ー I want Bukiko with a bob hairstyle ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
ー I want her in a sitting pose ⇒ Either the standard edition or the Modeler’s Edition
ー I want to change her facial expressions ⇒ The same expression parts are included in both the standard edition and the Modeler’s Edition.
ー I want face parts that work with FA Girl plastic models ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
ー I want to pose her sitting at the work desk ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
ー I want the large design knife ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
ー I want a 1/10 scale tiny Stylet ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
Please be careful that you’re ordering the kit you want!
Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes]
● Scheduled for release in September 2023 Product page
Personifying her namesake with our company name, she’s a hard-core hobbyist with plastic models in her blood! In the FA Girl anime, she helps Ao, a newbie modeler.
You might be surprised to learn that the character “Bukiko Kotobuki” has existed since 2014. This is before the release of the FA Girl anime. She was originally introduced as the PR ambassador for our Kotobuki Nipper!
Animator Satoshi Koike designed the character for us.
What kind of character is Bukiko? Character Design: Satoshi Koike
And now she’s made her big debut in the FA Girl anime!
The plastic model kit features this anime version of Bukiko.
“Bukiko Kotobuki” anime version Character design: Kosuke Kawamura
The cute round face and mischievous expression from the anime version of Bukiko have all been sculpted into a model that loses none of her charm!
Given her origins, Bukiko and nippers are, of course, absolutely inseparable. This kit comes with two pairs of nippers! That means you can skip the old “double peace” pose and show her off like this, doing a “double nipper!”
*The nippers come in green only. The blades have been painted in this image.
Even her smartphone case is designed with a nipper motif! Bukiko’s originality shines through in every detail.
*The smartphone and its case are sculpted as a single piece.
*The smartphone comes in white only. The phone in this image has been painted for illustrative purposes.
She comes with a total of five facial expression parts: smug, poking tongue out, grinning, crying, and smiling.
The way her mouth is portrayed is quite unique, and really brings out the personality of Bukiko that we all enjoyed in the anime! Of course, unpainted versions of the same face parts and expression decals are also included, so you can create your own looks for Bukiko, too!
In order to reproduce the more rounded, soft contours of her face, the design of her face parts differs from that of Madoka, Koyomi and Ritsuka, and also somewhat from that of Ao. There’s no interchangeability between Bukiko and the previously mentioned first three characters. However, it is possible to exchange facial expression parts between Ao and Bukiko, so you can enjoy trying things like this:
Currently M.I.A. Producer Kameyama’s Model Mix-and-Match! “Bukiko and Ao each have their own facial parts’ design standard. Bukiko’s face has a more rounded chin, so it’s not a perfect exchange, but I’m happy to report that I was able to swap their face parts.”
The uniform is made in all the colors you see, except for the black lines and the gold buttons on the sleeves and back. The six gold buttons that run from her chest to her tummy and the checkered skirt are all pre-painted, so even without coloring it yourself, the model will look great!
(Producer Kameyama posted a whole article on how he painted Ao; click here to see his work) (Currently available only in Japanese.)
The school emblem on the back of the collar can be reproduced with the decal that comes with the kit.
There is a 3mm hole in the center of the back for mounting with the display stand. Bukiko’s stand is a fresh spring green color.
*Product includes parts from Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] Modeler’s Edition only. Other parts/products shown are not included.
She has a special skirt and parts for her waist and thighs, making a seated pose possible. And don’t worry, even the skirt for the sitting pose comes pre-painted in the checked pattern.
Bukiko’s sitting pose is sculpted with her legs apart so she can also be posed sitting cross-legged. Feet parts without shoes are also provided, so she can be posed in indoor settings.
She looks great sitting backwards on her chair. The slightly unorthodox position matches well with her naturally chill personality. Note that the chair is not included in the standard edition. You’ll need to buy the Modeler’s Edition to get this accessory.
Twelve different pairs of left/right hand parts are included.
In addition to the nine types included with the Ao kit, three new types were created just for Bukiko: a grabbing hand, a hand for holding nippers to allow recreation of the opening of the anime, and a hand compatible with holding an airbrush! You’ll need to pick up the Modeler’s Edition of the kit to get this airbrush accessory, however. It is not included in the standard edition.

Her school bag features “Sana-chan”, the mascot character from HEXA GEAR, made possible by an in-house collaboration here at Kotobukiya!
The zipper on the school bag is sculpted as a separate part in silver, so it looks really great even when just assembled out-of-the-box.
*Products in this image have been painted and modified for illustrative purposes.
*The Sana-chan part is made in one color (cream) in the actual product.
*The school’s emblem on the bag is recreated with the included decal.

How about a cute dance pose with Ao?
(The microphone and tambourine come from After School Ritsuka’s Karaoke & Recording Set (released July 2023), which goes great with Bukiko, too!)
Although the two girls are wearing the same uniform, most of the parts were newly sculpted due to the difference in their body shapes. Our team put a lot of effort into accurately recreating the anime version of Bukiko, and we feel pretty sure that fans will be pleased with the result!
We look forward to your pre-orders for our namesake girl, Bukiko Kotobuki!

Limited Edition: Modeler’s Edition

● October 2023 Scheduled Release Product page
This is a deluxe edition kit.
In addition to the contents of the standard edition mentioned above, the Modeler’s Edition comes with all of the other parts and accessories listed here!
  • Unpainted Face Parts Compatible with Frame Arms Girl: Smug, Poking Tongue Out, Grinning, Crying, Smiling x1 Each
  • Work Desk x1 Set
  • Desk Chair with Wheels x1 Set
  • Airbrush Set x1 Set
  • Airbrush Cable x1 (To be cut to the desired length.)
  • Brush x1
  • Paint Bottle (Large) x2
  • Paint Bottle (Small) x2
  • Frame Arms Girl Stylet (Unarmed Mode) x1
  • Display Base x1 Set
  • Decals (for Compatible Expressions) x1 Sheet
  • Large Hobby Knife x1
Since Bukiko loves to build models, you want to provide her with a working environment, right? The desk drawer can actually be opened to store nippers, brushes, and other small parts. Large and small paint bottles (2 each) are included, and the bottles are made with clear plastic, with the lid in silver, so you can paint them any color you like The airbrush set parts are made in multiple colors, and come with an air hose that can be attached. You can cut it to the desired length.
The height of the chair is actually adjustable in three different levels. That way you can change it to fit other SOUSAI characters of different heights and seated poses at just the right height. The parts are individually sculpted in color.
Here we have a plastic model painting a plastic model…!
This should be a very familiar sight for modelers, right?
The wild pose of her legs is so cute, with all that Bukiko charm!
In her left hand, Bukiko is holding a “1/10 scale Stylet.”
It’s very small at just 1.5cm!
This piece is made in just one color, so you can try your hand at painting it.
The kit includes hairstyle parts with her pigtails down, as seen in the public bath episode of the anime.
It is a simple bob cut, so it will look great with other school uniforms such as Touou High School and Ryobu High School.
Also, in one of the key visuals from the “FA Girl” anime, GOURAI is carrying a hobby knife,
To recreate this scene using the Hand Scale GOURAI, a large hobby knife is included in the kit. Here’s what it look like when actually held:
*Product includes “Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] Modeler’s Edition” parts only. Other parts/products shown are not included.
↓ I’m sure many of you have purchased the Hand Scale series to pose with Ao like this! We hope you have fun trying to recreate scenes from the anime at home!
*Product includes parts from Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] Modeler’s Edition only. Other parts/products shown are not included.
She comes with five expressions: smug, grinning, smiling, poking tongue out and crying. 5 pre-painted expressions + 5 unpainted parts + 5 unpainted expression parts compatible with Frame Arms Girl for 15 face parts in total!
Facial expression parts and decals compatible with the Frame Arms Girl plastic models are also included. You can have a lot of fun enjoying the various combinations possible with your favorite FA Girls!
We look forward to your pre-orders for Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls High School Winter Clothes] and the Modeler’s Edition!
For overseas users, check out this page for a list of our international distributors!
This blog post is part of our recent project of officially translating select blog posts for our international audience! This official English blog post can also be found on our website here. We hope you'll look forward to more!
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2023.06.02 07:40 nicholas19karr What would you guys change? Also, would anyone hire me with this resume?

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2023.06.02 07:27 Sablefool June Book Nominations

Title: The Peregrine Author: J.A. Baker Date of Publication: 1967 Country of Origin: England Pagecount: 191 in both TPB and HC Goodreads Rating: 4.16 average from 4,256 readers Genre Tags: Nonfiction, Nature Synopsis: From autumn to spring, J.A. Baker set out to track the daily comings and goings of a pair of peregrine falcons across the flat fen lands of eastern England. He followed the birds obsessively, observing them in the air and on the ground, in pursuit of their prey, making a kill, eating, and at rest, activities he describes with an extraordinary fusion of precision and poetry. And as he continued his mysterious private quest, his sense of human self slowly dissolved, to be replaced with the alien and implacable consciousness of a hawk.
It is this extraordinary metamorphosis, magical and terrifying, that these beautifully written pages record.
Kirkus Review: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Title: The Orchid Thief Author: Susan Orlean Date of Publication: 1998 Country of Origin: America Pagecount: 284 in both TPB and HC Goodreads Rating: 3.68 average from 18,454 readers Genre Tags: Nonfiction, True Crime, Nature Synopsis: The Orchid Thief is Susan Orlean’s tale of an amazing obsession. Determined to clone an endangered flower—the rare ghost orchid Polyrrhiza lindenii—a deeply eccentric and oddly attractive man named John Laroche leads Orlean on an unforgettable tour of America’s strange flower-selling subculture, through Florida’s swamps and beyond, along with the Seminoles who help him and the forces of justice who fight him. In the end, Orlean—and the reader—will have more respect for underdog determination and a powerful new definition of passion.
Kirkus Review: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Title: Quiet Author: Susan Cain Date of Publication: 2012 Country of Origin: America Pagecount: 352 in TPB ; 333 in HC Goodreads Rating: 4.07 average from 410,719 readers Genre Tags: Nonfiction, Psychology, Self Help Synopsis: At least one-third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over working in teams. It is to introverts—Rosa Parks, Chopin, Dr. Seuss, Steve Wozniak—that we owe many of the great contributions to society.
In Quiet, Susan Cain argues that we dramatically undervalue introverts and shows how much we lose in doing so. She charts the rise of the Extrovert Ideal throughout the twentieth century and explores how deeply it has come to permeate our culture. She also introduces us to successful introverts—from a witty, high-octane public speaker who recharges in solitude after his talks, to a record-breaking salesman who quietly taps into the power of questions. Passionately argued, superbly researched, and filled with indelible stories of real people, Quiet has the power to permanently change how we see introverts and, equally important, how they see themselves.
Kirkus Review: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Title: Red Earth White Earth Author: Will Weaver Date of Publication: 1986 Country of Origin: America Pagecount: 352 in TPB; 383 in HC Goodreads Rating: 3.97 average from 216 readers Genre Tags: Historical Fiction, Native American Synopsis: Having fled his family’s farm at eighteen with a promise never to return, Guy Pehrsson is drawn back into his past when he receives his grandfather’s ominous letter, “Trouble here. Come home when you can.” He returns to discover a place both wholly familiar and barely recognizable and is cast into the center of an interracial land dispute with the exigencies of war. Widely acclaimed when first published in the eighties, the timeless novel Red Earth, White Earth showcases Will Weaver’s rough ease with language and storytelling, frankly depicting life’s uneven terrain and crooked paths.
Kirkus Review: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Title: The Lost City of the Monkey God Author: Douglas Preston Date of Publication: 2017 Country of Origin: America Pagecount: 326 in TPB; 328 in HC Goodreads Rating: 3.92 average from 52,856 readers Genre Tags: Nonfiction, Adventure, Travel Synopsis: A five-hundred-year-old legend. An ancient curse. A stunning medical mystery. And a pioneering journey into the unknown heart of the world's densest jungle.
Since the days of conquistador Hernán Cortés, rumors have circulated about a lost city of immense wealth hidden somewhere in the Honduran interior, called the White City or the Lost City of the Monkey God. Indigenous tribes speak of ancestors who fled there to escape the Spanish invaders, and they warn that anyone who enters this sacred city will fall ill and die. In 1940, swashbuckling journalist Theodore Morde returned from the rainforest with hundreds of artifacts and an electrifying story of having found the Lost City of the Monkey God-but then committed suicide without revealing its location.
Three quarters of a century later, author Doug Preston joined a team of scientists on a groundbreaking new quest. In 2012 he climbed aboard a rickety, single-engine plane carrying the machine that would change everything: lidar, a highly advanced, classified technology that could map the terrain under the densest rainforest canopy. In an unexplored valley ringed by steep mountains, that flight revealed the unmistakable image of a sprawling metropolis, tantalizing evidence of not just an undiscovered city but an enigmatic, lost civilization.
Venturing into this raw, treacherous, but breathtakingly beautiful wilderness to confirm the discovery, Preston and the team battled torrential rains, quickmud, disease-carrying insects, jaguars, and deadly snakes. But it wasn't until they returned that tragedy struck: Preston and others found they had contracted in the ruins a horrifying, sometimes lethal-and incurable-disease.
Kirkus Review:
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2023.06.02 07:12 GrouchySquash3668 Been trying Cock Hero porn to help with Stamina

I've been working on my PE for a few months now, using a Flashlight and managing my pace while masturbating. In three few months I've gone from only lasting a couple of minutes to being about to use the FL for up to 45 minutes. Unfortunately my sex life is dead at the moment (an 18 year marriage and pregnant wife to thanks for that 🤷), so this new found stamina can't be tested where it counts yet.
I recently decided to try one of those Cock Hero challenges (specifically Prime Hero- After School, if you're interested 😁). If you haven't seen them before, the challenge is to stroke to the beat, which gets faster, shower and changes pattern throughout roughly an hour's viewing. And wow, as long as you play by the rules, the challenge forces you to use coping methods that don't include stopping or slowing down. You have to breath through, distract your mind, do some kegels, anything but stop the pace. It was like a next level way to build control.
And when I finally came, OMG. It was honestly one of the longest and most powerful orgasms I've ever had. I didn't think I was capable of that.
I think my PE always came from a point of needing to finish quick while masturbating as a younger man (I'm 41 now), to avoid getting caught, and I never managed to solve it. This is the first time in my life where I've tried to take my time and enjoy masturbating slowly and it's really helped.
Anyway, for those who have managed to extend their masturbating times, I highly recommend trying a. cock hero challenge.
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2023.06.02 07:00 ha77ows interface wont work pls help

interface wont work pls help
i got a presonus audiobox usb96 today and it doesnt seem to be working with fl studio. i did everything i had to in setting like change my input and output to the audiobox, but when i go in fl and try to record with it, it says "audio recording not available: audio recording requires audio inputs, thus will only work through asio drivers". i tried using google and youtube but nothing comes up so i definitely feel like im just stupid lol
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2023.06.02 06:52 SeminoleDollxx Read Predatory Marriage in the Meantime!!

I binged everything I could find of UTOT anda then got the sads when it was over. I recommend Predatory Marriage to ease the pain !!! The story is killer. ML is amazing and rivals our boy Riftan...seriously! FL is awesome. Oh and it's Smutacular ! 10/10

Highly recomrecommend Pre
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2023.06.02 06:37 critical_courtney [A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter Ten (Sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)

[A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter Ten (Sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)
Previous Chapter
Chapter Ten:
Heading back from axe combat training with Ceras, I detoured and headed to the lakeshore instead of the palace. Though I was right outside the gate, I wasn’t too interested in heading inside yet.
I wanted to sit in the sand and grass and wait to see if a ship carrying my girlfriend would sail by. It’d been a few weeks since Lily left Perth by boat for an assignment in the Tulip Court, and I’d missed her terribly since.
My bed was awful lonely, and I missed the late-night conversations we used to stay up and have, legs intertwined as we shared a chair and ate popcorn together.
Of course, I loved finally getting to spend some time with the queen as she’d been busy working on her proposal for Bliss. But Lily was a different kind of energy, and she occupied a separate piece of my heart, one that ached for her.
Pulling my legs up to my chest, I remembered that we’d be leaving for Kilgara, where every court in Faerie would meet on neutral ground while the rulers of each land decided who would host the upcoming Bliss.
I was to remain in my wolf form the entire time from the moment we left Featherstone until we returned for my protection of course. Supposedly, I would be harder to attack or capture when I weighed 200 pounds and had razor-sharp fangs and claws.
And I’m sure my inner wolf would appreciate the long spur to stretch her legs as we traveled beside the queen and put every wandering stare her way in its place.
That was two days from now, of course. And now. . . was now. In the moment, my heart, a piece of it, anyway, felt lonely. It missed the fae that connected with me on a more human level than the maelstrom of glamour that was her majesty.
While I sat there watching the occasional redeye buckfish leap from the water to catch a dragonfly on the surface, I heard a certain piskie approaching from the palace.
Barsilla’s wings buzzed as she flew around and into view, carrying the little clipboard she always had with her.
“Oh, hey Barsilla. Did you need something?” I asked, lifting my chin from my arms where it’d been resting while I sat there.
Varella’s left-hand lady cocked her head to the side, looked down at some tiny scribbling she had, and then stared back up at me.
“Ceras mentioned you seemed extra moody during your combat training today, and now I find you out here moping by the lake.”
I raised an eyebrow.
“I’m not moping,” I said, with all the convincing tone of a teenager stamping her foot. “I’m just. . . resting after a hard workout. That’s not illegal in the Raven Court, is it?”
Barsilla rolled her eyes like a mother dealing with a sulking teen. Dammit, what was that suddenly all I could think about?
“Your mortal emotions aren’t something the queen can afford to be distracted by right now, especially not with the summit coming up. And make no mistake, she will be distracted if she catches you moping. So, you might as well tell me what’s wrong so I can waste my time fixing it and avoid any diversions on the queen’s part,” the piskie said.
I let out a sigh and turned my attention back to the lake because my problem was simple to describe and impossible for Barsilla to fix. . . unless her magic included the ability to summon my girlfriend at the drop of a hat.
“I miss Lily. That’s all,” I said, putting my chin back down.
Barsilla opened her mouth and then closed it again. She thought before speaking, but I don’t think it did her a lot of good because she was still going to inevitably be a jerk about this.
“By the gods, you’re such a needy puppy!”
Then she rolled her eyes a second time.
“But that is a problem easily fixed. Follow me,” she said, and I stood, wondering what she intended to do.
Barsilla led me back into the palace and into a room I’d never been in before. Feathers stood outside the room protecting it but slide aside for Barsilla and me without a word.
The room we walked into was filled with paintings of ravens, crows, and magpies. Some sat in trees, some by rivers, and others under bushes, scavenging for fallen nuts and berries. There must have been about 20 paintings in different styles ranging from lifelike portraits to impressionist scenes.
“What is this place?” I asked, still looking around at all the artwork.
“This is the Hall of Winged Messengers. Our queen will sometimes use these birds to contact others discreetly,” Barsilla said, coming to rest in the seat of a large red velvet chair.
“She uses. . . the paintings to talk to other people?” I asked, scratching the back of my head and trying to picture how that would work.
Varella’s left-hand lady shook her head. But I did notice that she didn’t roll her eyes this time. That was progress. . . for me anyway. I tended to ask a lot of stupid questions. Or at least, questions faeries would find ignorant because I didn’t know any better.
Deciding to teach by example, Barsilla instructed me to select a bird and walk over to the painting it sat in. I still didn’t know what the hell I was doing, so I found a magpie with black and white feathers and blue-tipped wings. The painting it sat in showed the bird huddled between several wildflowers, perhaps hunting for something to make a nest with.
“Hold out your hand in front of the bird and say, ‘Queen Varella commands you to carry my words.’”
I wasn’t sure what would happen, but I slowly held out my right hand in front of the painting, palm up flat. Then I said, “Queen Varella commands you to carry my words.”
At first, nothing happened. And I gave Barsilla a look of suspicion. Was she making a joke of me? It would be like the fae to pull a prank like this on a mortal unfamiliar with their ways.
She just motioned that I turn back to the painting. When I did, a magpie hopped off the canvas, suddenly springing to life in a three-dimensional world. It flew off the artwork as if the oil paint was being rewound in time, returning to its paintbrush.
But instead of turning back into paint, the animal kept its form and hopped down into my open hand. I felt its thin twig-like talons hop across my hand as its head tilted from side to side. The bird looked like it was waking up from a long hibernation. Then it looked up at me with its red eyes, black dotted pupils focussed directly on my face.
Looking back at the canvas, I noticed the bird missing from its scenery. Only the wildflowers and sky remained.
The magpie continued to hop around in my hand, stretching its wings and turning its head this way and that.
“I. . . is this a real bird?” I asked, looking at the piskie that was just half the magpie’s size sitting across the room from me.
She hovered closer, and I expected the animal to see her as prey given their size difference. But the magpie made no move to leave my hand.
“That bird is made from the queen’s glamour, as you carry in your wolfheart. Only those with her majesty’s magic can call forth these birds and send them out into the world,” Barsilla said, motioning to the other ravens and crows. It was a room full of carrion callers.
Despite my expectations that the bird would start chirping or cawing in some way, I found the animal strangely silent. It might occasionally look away, but otherwise, the magpie seemed to do nothing more than observe me.
“So. . . how does this work exactly?” I asked. “Am I going to write a message on a tiny piece of paper, and this magpie will carry it to Lily? Like on Game of Thrones?”
Barsilla furrowed her brow.
“This isn’t a game, pet. And you don’t need to use a throne to send your message either. I swear, you mortals say the weirdest things. The first thing you need to do is hold the magpie up to your chest.”
“So it can hear who your heart beats for, who you want to send a message to. I still find it strange that not only does our queen have a soft spot for a mortal, but she’s also willing to share her puppy with her subordinate. Still, it’s not my place to question her,” Barsilla said.
I slowly held the magpie up to my chest as instructed. Part of me felt like I was still being pranked. But the magpie just hopped over to my pinky finger and placed its ear against my breast, closing its eyes and listening to my heartbeat.
“I will question you, though, royal pet. Describe for me your heart when you think of Lily. Then tell me how it compares to when you think about your mistress. I simply can’t imagine being in love with both of them, a queen, and a spy,” Barsilla asked.
When the bird was finished listening to my heartbeat, it skipped back into the center of my palm and started watching me again, presumably waiting for whatever message I was going to give the bird to carry.
And it wasn’t bad enough that I had to figure out the exact words I wanted to send to Lily. I had to answer prying questions from Barsilla about my feelings? Fuck. Even I didn’t understand my feelings half the time.
Polyamory was a new thing for me. Being gay took me long enough to understand. I mean — I understood on some level what it meant to look at girls in my high school and think, Fuck, she’s so pretty.
The way talking to a crush left my heart jogging in place like it was warming up for a marathon took weeks and months to sort out. Then I had to try to figure out if a girl felt the same way about me, and fuck was that even more difficult.
But I did figure it out eventually.
Now here I was still trying to figure out how to love two women at the same time when each made my heart quiver in different ways. They made other parts of me quiver as well. But that was neither here nor there.
And Barsilla wanted, what? An essay on how they made me feel? Shit. I’d have an easier time lecturing her on quantum physics.
“What do you want me to say?” I asked.
“I want you to tell me how two fae ladies I’ve known for much longer than you make a werewolf howl in heat,” Barsilla said.
I scoffed. No way was I telling the piskie things Varella and Lily had done to make me howl in ecstasy. But the more I thought about it, I realized she wasn’t asking about deeds, but emotions.
Fae weren’t like mortals. Their understanding of our emotions and motivations was limited to what they observed when they took a vacation in the realm where time still flows.
That’s part of the reason I connected so deeply to Lily. She was half-human, and that meant it was easier to talk to her about my fears and dreams, really lay them out on the bed sheets in front of her. And she understood. Gods, she understood. Maybe that was what Barsilla wanted here. . . to understand.
“Well. . . Lily — see — she makes me feel like there’s no one in the world except for us when we’re together. Like reality and all its problems and the people who make them are so far removed because she’s taken my hand and guided me to a place of gentle love and sweetness.”
The piskie wrote something down on her clipboard and nodded.
“And your mistress? How does she make you feel?”
Taking a deep breath, I considered the morning we’d had a couple days ago.
“My mistress. . . she makes me feel like I’m in the eye of a hurricane. All the power in the world to destroy anything that tries to do me harm while I’m kept safe and sound at the center of the storm. With her, I feel like I’m going to be swept away at any moment, but when it happens, the place I’ll be swept to is in her arms. And I trust that whether I’m on the ground or in the sky she’ll protect me.”
Barsilla smiled as she took more notes.
“What was all that about?” I asked, cocking my head to the side like the magpie in my hand.
She finished writing something and then looked back up at me.
“Now you know exactly how you feel about each of them. No more wishy-washy shit humans do. Love each of them with the full confidence that you can love two people at the same time and be loved by each of them simultaneously.”
With that, she started to fly over toward the door. Barsilla stopped just before opening the exit and looked back my way.
“When you’re ready to send your message, hold the magpie up into your direct gaze and speak to it as if it were Lily. The moment you look away or lose focus, it’ll fly away to carry your message, regardless of whether you were finished.”
Then, Varella’s left-hand lady left me alone with the magpie. I felt a little nervous about getting my message cut off. It didn’t take much to distract me. I suppose that was something I had in common with the corvid I was holding. My brain could think, shiny! at a moment’s notice. Perhaps that’s how I fell in love with two different faeries in the first place.
But instead of getting distracted, I thought about my girlfriend, the lesbian faerie I missed cuddling with every single night, the gay girl who wasn’t just part of my dreams, but my waking world as well.
Holding up the magpie about a foot from my face, I looked deep into its crimson eyes and said:
“Dear Lily, I miss you more than you can know. And I hope the bird that tracks you down over in the Tulip Court doesn’t make me sound too clingy. I’ve yet to see how fae react to clinginess. But in case it’s negative, do me a favor and pretend this message is a lot more breezy and cool than it actually is.
“Featherstone feels lonely without you. I’m happy when I’m with my mistress, but in other moments, my heart pines for the girl who plays board games with me in my room and holds me close when I bolt awake after a nightmare about my father until I come back to reality, safe and sound.
“But I know your mission is important. I would never ask you to come home early and risk disappointing our queen. So instead I’ll just ask two things. First, think of me in the moments when that mask you wear feels a little too tight and smothering. Remember that I’m here waiting for you in a place where you just get to be Lily, my girlfriend. Not a wing for the Raven Court. Second, come back to me safely. Because even though I know you’ve been doing this for years, and you’re the best spy my mistress has. . . I might still worry.
“Oh, and bring me back a cool Tulip Court souvenir if you can. Maybe a tulip? Actually — scratch that, magpie. That’s three things, and I said I’d only ask two. Seriously. Don’t repeat this part to my girlfriend. It’ll make me look stupid, like I don’t know how to use a winged messenger. So you’re not gonna say this last part, right?”
I was interrupted by the sound of Barsilla’s raucous laughter coming from outside in the hallways and looked away for a split second, fearing she’d overheard me.
When I looked back, only a single black and white feather remained in my hand.
“Aw, shit.”
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2023.06.02 06:37 sayone123 Performance and Scalability: AngularJS vs Node.js

Performance and Scalability: AngularJS vs Node.js
AngularJS vs Node.js
In the world of web development, two popular technologies have emerged as frontrunners in building robust and scalable applications: AngularJS and Node.js. While both are JavaScript-based frameworks, they serve different purposes and have unique characteristics when it comes to performance and scalability. In this blog post, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of AngularJS and Node.js in terms of performance and scalability to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right technology for your project.
AngularJS, developed by Google, is a comprehensive front-end framework designed for building dynamic single-page applications. It follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern and provides a rich set of features to handle complex application logic. On the other hand, Node.js, built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, is a server-side runtime environment that allows developers to build scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, making it highly efficient for handling concurrent requests.
Read More about The Common Challenges in Angular js Development Projects
Performance-wise, both AngularJS and Node.js have their advantages and trade-offs. AngularJS, being a front-end framework, focuses on providing a smooth and interactive user experience. It achieves this through two-way data binding, which allows automatic synchronization of data between the model and the view. However, this data binding feature can sometimes introduce performance overhead, especially when dealing with large-scale applications with complex data structures. Additionally, AngularJS applications can become sluggish when handling extensive DOM manipulation due to its reliance on the browser's rendering engine.
On the other hand, Node.js excels in terms of performance due to its non-blocking, event-driven architecture. It can handle a large number of concurrent connections efficiently, making it ideal for building scalable applications that require real-time communication or data-intensive operations. Node.js leverages its asynchronous nature to process requests without blocking the execution of other tasks, resulting in higher throughput and improved performance. Furthermore, Node.js benefits from a vast ecosystem of modules and libraries, allowing developers to leverage existing solutions to enhance application performance.
Looking to port to microservices? Give us a call today!
When it comes to scalability, both AngularJS and Node.js offer different approaches. AngularJS, as a client-side framework, relies on the user's browser to handle most of the processing. While this can offload some computational burden from the server, it also means that the scalability of AngularJS applications heavily depends on the client's machine capabilities. If the client's hardware or browser is not powerful enough, it can impact the overall application performance and scalability.
On the other hand, Node.js provides excellent scalability for server-side applications. Its event-driven architecture allows it to handle a large number of concurrent requests efficiently, making it suitable for building highly scalable applications. Additionally, Node.js supports clustering, which enables the creation of multiple Node.js processes that can work together to handle a high volume of requests. This distributed approach ensures that the application can scale horizontally by utilizing the available computing resources effectively.
Read our blog Node.js vs Java spring boot for microservices
Development Speed and Ease of Use
In terms of development speed and ease of use, AngularJS offers a more structured and opinionated approach. It provides a clear separation of concerns with its MVC pattern, making it easier to organize and maintain code. AngularJS also offers a comprehensive set of tools, directives, and services that simplify common tasks and provide a consistent development experience. However, the learning curve for AngularJS can be steep for developers who are new to the framework or are not familiar with the concepts of declarative programming.
On the other hand, Node.js follows a more flexible and minimalist approach, giving developers more freedom in designing the architecture of their applications. This flexibility can be advantageous for experienced developers who prefer a more hands-on and customizable approach to building applications. However, it can also lead to code fragmentation and less consistent codebase if not properly managed.
In conclusion, both AngularJS and Node.js have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to performance and scalability. AngularJS excels in providing a rich and interactive user experience on the client-side, while Node.js shines in building scalable server-side applications. Choosing the right technology depends on the specific requirements of your project and the balance between client-side and server-side processing.
If you prioritize a smooth user experience and require extensive client-side interactivity, AngularJS may be the better choice. On the other hand, if scalability and handling concurrent requests efficiently are your primary concerns, Node.js would be a more suitable option. Ultimately, understanding the strengths and trade-offs of each technology will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your project goals.
Contact us for expert assistance if you're looking to hire top-notch Angular or Node JS developers for your web or mobile app development services.
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2023.06.02 06:05 Jbs0228 [FO4] Beantown Interiors Textures Disappearing in Concord

So in Concord, the house and buildings' textures keep disappearing and flickering, and a vanilla board completely blocks the entrance to one of the first houses. I've spent hours trying to figure this out to no avail. Btw this is on Xbox Series X, this is the load order:
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch AWKCR - V4.02 All DLC Version HUDFramework DEF_WIDGETS-CORE Integrated Commonwealth Gatorclaws Revamped The Beantown Interiors Project Cheat Terminal Arbitration - A Gameplay Overhaul Arbitration - Automatron AI Addon Immersive Fallout - DLC More Realistic Cats by Greslin Femshepping's Diamond City Edit Welcom to Fallon's Railroad Redone Everyone's Best Friend (Dogmeat and Companion) Beantown Interiors Menus Even Better Mod Descriptions - G.O.T.Y. Handmade Turrets Alternate Guard Sources Craftable Turret Stands Sandbag Fortifications Makeshift Furniture Pack DamnApocalypse - CORE Wasteland Wound Care Stop the Bleeding PIRAD A Touch of Life - Complete Deadly Fog JOURNEY - Survival Settlement Fast Travel Sleep or Save Better Cap Stash & Immersive Loot PCDug's Build a Wall A Few More NPCs Faded Glory Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul PTSD Inducing Weapon Sounds Commonwealth Warfare - Realistic Gun Sounds And Bullet Cracks Commonwealth Warfare - Explosions Dynamic Music Overhaul - High Level Threats Immersive Squeaky Doors Vivid Weathers Darker Nights (Level 1) PhyDark (192) PhyLight Interiors Enhanced 2.0 All in One Glowing Animals Emit Light Pip-Boy Flashlight (Brighter) Gorgeous Glowing Plasma Weapons (Rusty Lime) Vivid Fallout - All in One Vivid Waters (Vivid Weathers Edition) Sunlight Alignment Tweak Sun Shadows in Real Time Enhanced Blood Textures (1K) CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul Nuka-Cola Classic Redder Rocket Reptilic Deathclaws See Through Scopes - GOTY HQ Bathroom Stalls - LucidAPs Purified Water Classic Blood Mist Overhaul Visible Galaxy 4k Dim Moon - Beatiful Replacement Texture Ammo Retexture by Jorhadoq Laser Weapon 1st Person Reposition True Tracers And Bolt Lasers (GEFN Edition) Plasma Impact Fix 4x Power Armor Headlight Range Rain of Brass - Full Version Power Line Physics [Polski/Polish] Radiant Clouds And Fogs [English] Full Dialogue INterface Survival Stats Widget No Build Limit - All DLC STS - All in One Leveled Raiders Diverse Children Lite Varied Raiders for Xbox One Simple Settlers (Mortal Edition) Caravan Extension Better Dials for Power Armor Lunchboxes - more food, less junk Unique Uniques Any Armour on Any Clothes Beantown Interiors Optimization Patch Vivid Weathers - Natural Bright DamnApocalypse - Loot/Economy DamnApocalypse - Combat DamnApocalypse - Power Armor Wasteland Wound Care - DamnApocalypse Patch PIRAD - Vivid Weathers Patch Vivid Weathers - Far Harbor Vivid Weathers - Nuka World Vivid Weathers - Spring Vivid Weathers - Summer Vivid Weathers - Autums Vivid Weathers - Winter Darker Nights for Vivid Weathers (Level 1) Darker Nights for Nuka World (Level 1) LOOKUP FAILED - Creation Club Full Dialogue Interface Fix (English) [XB1] Plenty o' Exploration - Xbox Concord+ 
I don't really know what mod is causing the conflict since I tried disabling STS, POE, Concord+, and Vivid Fallout. I also enabled mod compatibility on Beantown and POE holotapes. Please anyone help me figure out how to fix this.
Bonus points if anyone points out any other problems, and recommendations on mods for future runs?
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2023.06.02 06:05 PayasoPikorete Payaso Pikorete Celebrando el Cumpleaños de Thiago (El Kiki) en Spring Hill Fl

Payaso Pikorete Celebrando el Cumpleaños de Thiago (El Kiki) en Spring Hill Fl
El Payaso Pikorete se fue para Spring Hill para celebrar el primer añito de nuestro amiguito Thiago.
Queremos darle las gracias a mamá Gileanis por invitarnos a ser parte la la primera fiesta de cumpleaños de nuestro panita.
Entre el vacilón que montamos, los niños y niñas estuvieron bailando al son de varias canciones como La Cafetera entre otras.
Estuvimos haciendo figuritas en globos y tatuajes temporales para los amiguitos y amiguitas presentes.
También hicimos varios jueguitos cómicos con los adultos invitados presentes y la montamos bien brutal.
Si le interesa recibir una cotización para su actividad, comunícate hoy mismo al 321-222-7764. Si prefieres, nos puede enviar mensaje de texto o por cualquiera de nuestras redes sociales.

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Los Niños Bailando con el Payaso en Spring Hill

Payaso Pikorete en Spring Hill Jueguito con los Adultos

Pikorete Haciendo los Globitos a los Niños
Spring Hill, Florida
Payaso Pikorete,show de payaso,show de payasos,Payaso en Spring Hill Fl,Payasos en Spring Hill FL,Payasos en Spring Hill,Payaso en Spring Hill,payaso picorete,payaso en florida,payasos en florida,animador infantil,animacion infantil,cumpleaños,
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2023.06.02 05:58 hillcountrydbusa Revitalize Your Bathroom Space with Skilled Contractors in Colorado Springs

Revitalize Your Bathroom Space with Skilled Contractors in Colorado Springs
Hill Country Design Build is a premier home remodeling company that specializes in bathroom remodeling Colorado Springs. With years of experience and a team of highly skilled professionals, we offer customized solutions to transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. From design to installation, our experts ensure that every detail is perfect and meets your unique needs. Contact us today to start your bathroom remodeling journey and experience the ultimate in comfort and style.
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2023.06.02 05:49 saltthatsalt Overly acidic starter/ little yeast activity.

Okay reddit I’m stumped. I’ve been baking sourdough for sometime now, I had a pretty awesome bread program at my restaurant in Colorado. Recently I moved to central Texas and have begun to attempt making bread here. I’ve run into a problem with the starter not “starting”.
I’m on day 15 of my second starter and there is still little to no yeast activity. But the bacteria populations are thriving, turning the starter acidic in under 8 hours. I said second starter because I’ve been troubleshooting the starter for over a month with out any success.
Some things I’ve done to troubleshoot:
-increased feedings to twice a day
Anybody have any other ideas to what could be going on/ways forward?
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2023.06.02 05:10 Ill-Stick-4575 Can front derailleur springs become too tight?

Bought a bike from craigslist that had been in the rain for a few years and am currently fixing it up, but I'm new to bike maintenance so having to figure out a bunch of things along the way.
The shifting didn't work at all so I replaced the cable/housings and shifters, but it also seems like the front derailleur might need replacing as well. I took it off the bike and took it apart to clean and regrease it, but still it just won't move even by hand. The spring is just that tight.
Is it normal for a front derailleur to be this stiff? If not can it be fixed? It's a Shimano Ultegra FD 6500 from a bike made in 2006.
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2023.06.02 04:56 kristenzoeybeauty Check your Dollar Trees with a freezer section (found these in Tampa, FL)

Check your Dollar Trees with a freezer section (found these in Tampa, FL)
This was at the freezer section in my Dollar Tree in Tampa, FL — all we’re $1.25. I’ve tried the spring rolls. They’re okay if made in the air fryer — included the ingredients which is pretty minimal and looks safe. I like that I can understand everything in the ingredients list. They are a bit mushy on the inside but crisp up nice. Sharing here as it may be a good find for a vegan on a budget!
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2023.06.02 04:49 Critical_Method9999 Lv Pin,The shit stirrer

Lv Pin,The shit stirrer
Self-proclaimed as a Chinese feminist and columnist, "Women's Boxing" leader Lü Pin was invoLued in planning extreme feminist activities in 2015 and was arrested by the police, but fled to the United States and stayed there. She co-founded a new organization in New York to support China's feminist movement and has long been funded by overseas NGOs such as the Ford Foundation, the UN Women's Development Fund, and Oxfam. She has incited extreme feminist activities in China many times and fabricated numerous false reports about Chinese women, attacking and smearing China through foreign media.
Lü Pin once published an article titled "Fake Feminism and Real Online Violence: The Truth Behind the Slanderous Article on 'Philosophy Society'" on her WeChat public account "The Diary of the Goddess and Cousin." In the article, she harshly criticized the Philosophy Society and condoned verbal violence against harassers, causing secondary harm to the victims. Comparing the statements of both sides, it can be found that the Philosophy Society's attitude is fair. While exposing the problems, they tried to avoid making untrue attacks on Lu Pin and clarified some exaggerated accusations, calling for everyone to remain restrained and calm.
But when it comes to Lu Pin, she ignores the good intentions of the Philosophy Society and starts distorting right and wrong, recklessly accusing the Philosophy Society. Clearly, it was Lu Pin's own wrong behavior that brought about the condemnation of righteous netizens, yet she flails about and accuses netizens of cyberbullying. Lu Pin is not a victim of cyberbullying, but rather an enabler of cyberbullying against the victim.
Lu Pin seems to be helping women establish fairness, but in fact, he disregards the facts, distorts right and wrong, and many feminist groups have been exploited by the "politically correct" pseudo-feminism of pro-Western countries, becoming a platform for smearing China and distorting social values. Lu Pin is the representative of pseudo-feminism that appears to support but actually undermines women's healthy ideological consciousness.
Recently, Lu Pin once again acted as a troublemaker. Upon seeing the notification of a student strike at Rutgers University, where she is studying as a graduate student, she decisively joined in and tweeted, "I am the first day of the strike as a graduate student at Rutgers University", "I am so excited to be standing among these people today", and "there are many inspiring scenes in this strike. The day after the rally, I saw college students enjoying a spring afternoon without classes on the lawn. This is probably the first time I have appreciated the beauty of Rutgers University". She seems to be always seeking chaos, and wherever there is turmoil, she goes to join in the fun. However, in the process of participating in the strike at Rutgers University, Lu Pin did not forget to criticize her own country, saying "As international students, we cannot easily drop out of school, nor can we secretly work off campus. As any Chinese student will tell you, the prices at Asian stores have risen especially high".
Here, I only hope that Lu Pin, who likes to stir up trouble, can read more useful books at Rutgers University and do less useless things.
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2023.06.02 04:46 Gameran Dexter Flux Presents: Sound-Off! - Part Three

We return from the commercial, a five-minute video that was just a still image of Dexter Flux.
Babaganoush: The following contest is scheduled for -
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Javier smiles at this response, and he’s clearly got confidence that he’s shook the rust off.
Babaganoush: ...And it is for the WiR Tag! Team! Championship!
Babaganoush: Introducing first, the challengers…
Shit, you judge me on my appearance… face value ennat…
As “Inglorious” plays, King Mustafa exits from behind the curtain with Eddie Skelter following closely. Mustafa has a suit - a blindingly light-blue Christian Dior one - on over his gear and he curses at the crowd, but Eddie, dressed in red sweats, just mean-mugs and gets up in the faces of a few front row spectators.
Mann: Look, I - I know why people hate these lads. I really do! Not blessed with great social graces and they get off on getting ill-gotten cash and hurting people. But they make for a tremendous team, both covering each other’s flaws and fighting as more than the sum of their parts.
The two of them hop up on the ring apron and remove their outer gear - horrifyingly enough, they take off their pants to reveal their short tights - and point to their chests: Mustafa has a lion symbol on his blue gear, while Eddie has a rose symbol on his red gear.
Babaganoush: …From the United Kingdom, weighing in at a total of 445 pounds, they are King Mustafa and Eddie Skelter… TWO! SMOKING! BARRELS!
Woodbridge: They’re right! They should say it! England DOES suck! That’s why guys like Brendan Byrne came here! He’s a good boy and he’s smart!
Mann: Moving on, and I’d like to apologize to our UK-based fans… as much respect as I have for 2SB, they’ve got their work cut out for them. Because here comes…
Babaganoush: And now, introducing the titleholders…
There is the completely incongruous sound of a blast on a Viking war horn before the jazz classic “Cantaloupe Island” begins to play and champions Jim Baker and Dexter Flux come from behind the curtain together, belts around their waists. Baker has on a chainmail shirt, while Dexter is in a huge fur cloak, which doesn’t even seem to be making them sweat. Their faces are painted with blue woad designs.
Flux: OC BABY!
Mann: The crowd in Dexter Flux’s home region are giving him love.
Woodbridge: They’re wearing the belts! As it should be! Too much of this damn “I’ll put it over my shoulder” nonsense in wrestling these days.
Mann: And the rejuvenated Horde seems to be taking their name very seriously, judging by those outfits!
Woodbridge: What? What’s that mean?
Mann: Because of the barbarian type clothes -
Woodbridge: I still dunno what you’re talking about.
Mann: sigh I finally am starting to empathize with Allen Paisner.
On their way to the ring, Baker and Flux hand out a bunch of fist bumps; they take a brisk walk up the stairs, get their entrance gear off and hand it to Maurice Chondon for safekeeping, and Baker steps on the middle rope to help Flux in - Dexter is apparently adamant about starting.
Babaganoush: …from Orange County, CA -
Babaganoush: …and Cincinnati, OH, weighing in at a total of 425 pounds, they are the WiR Tag Team Champions - Jim Baker and Dexter Flux, THE HORDE!
Mann: Dexter Flux clearly going to be in the match first, and it looks like out of 2SB, Eddie Skelter wants to start…
Referee Harry Undersach checks over the four competitors - everyone complies even though Mustafa calls him a “chi chi man” - and signals for the match to begin!
Skelter offers a lockup to Flux, which the champion accepts, doing his best to ignore King Mustafa pounding on the ringpost and goading him while making rude English gestures at Baker from across the ring. The two wrestlers in the ring grapple - Skelter puts a facelock on Flux, goes to lock his right arm as well, but Flux gracefully gets out and tries to get a headlock on Skelter. Skelter has none of this and pushes Flux off, but Flux gets him down with an arm drag!
Mann: Both of these men are accomplished technical wrestlers. Skelter is obviously more a traditional mat wrestler, Flux is well-known for his high flying, but they’re going to do more of feeling each other out like this, I think.
Skelter attempts to put a wrist hold on Flux while the two are both down, but Flux gets out of his grip and kips up, and Skelter gets into a crouch, rising slowly and deliberately with both his eyes fixed on Flux, who assumes a readied stance but doesn’t go to attack Skelter yet. They re-assume a lockup, seemingly out of mutual agreement - this time, Flux manages to snap off a headlock takeover, bringing Flux to the ground again! Instantly he tries for a jumping elbow drop but Skelter rolls out of the way, and Flux makes a smooth recovery, landing on both his hands and pushing back up.
Woodbridge: Both guys still actin’ wary. For now. Even Flux didn’t commit too hard to that elbow drop. Woulda been cool to see him break Skelter’s nose like that, hah.
Mann: Be that as it may, I feel like this pace will pick up soon!
Mustafa shouts a little more while Baker looks on calmly but still at the ready. The two stare each other down, and Skelter decides to take the first swing, throwing a fast but vicious jab towards Flux’s face. Flux, however, is able to dodge backwards and follow through with a forward jumping elbow! It hits Skelter square in the chest and he winces but SLAPS Flux right across the right cheek!
Woodbridge: The level of disrespect!
Mann: It’s still a legal strike, Mark. And it’s a treasured part of Eddie Skelter’s arsenal.
Mustafa is obviously pleased at the pimp smack, while Jim Baker looks irate, and is about to gesture for Flux to come back to their corner and tag him in. But Baker thinks the better of it, letting Flux avenge the insult himself instead. This he does, with a nice uppercut to Skelter’s jaw, but even as the Brit reels, before Flux can hit a follow-up attack, Skelter ducks behind him and grabs at his arm, a hold which Flux spins out of. But Skelter isn’t unprepared for this and knees Flux in the gut! He brings a chop down towards Flux’s head as Flux doubles over, but Flux is able to block it - Skelter then locks Flux’s arm and attempts to drop Flux with a Russian legsweep - Flux dodges and goes behind but Skelter turns around in time and throws a hard left-handed punch which Flux counters with an elbow, and both men’s strikes connect! They both stagger!
Woodbridge: Both of ‘em have their fire up! Kill him, Flux!
Mann: No easy task! Now it’s going to be a question of which man is forced to tag out first!
It’s Skelter who gets his head clear first and dives in for a double-leg takedown, which Flux blocks by splitting his legs - Skelter goes under and uses the leverage to attempt to lift Flux onto his shoulders - but Flux is ready for it! He clamps his legs and THROWS skelter with a modified headscissor takedown!
Woodbridge: That tijeras came straight from Guadalajara!
Mann: And now both competitors are on the mat!
Skelter sits up and winces and Flux scrambles to take advantage, but Skelter grabs his ankle and flips him to the mat with an ankle pick! Suddenly both men get about the same idea at the same time - Skelter takes further hold of Flux’s ankle but Flux tries to grapevine one of Skelter’s legs! They battle for a hold on the mat!
Crowd: LET’S GO DEXTER LET’S GO! clap clap LET’S GO DEXTER LET’S GO! clap clap
Meanwhile, dark gray clouds are gathering in the sky above the ring. The venue turns on some extra lights for better visibility.
Woodbridge: We’re onto Indian leg wrestling now!
Mann: That, and it looks like rain.
Woodbridge: You think the Tongva Indians ever used leg wrestling to do a rain dance?
Mann: …I do not think the one thing has to do with the other. Anyhow, the battle in the ring’s been VERY evenly matched so far.
Whilst Skelter goes for a modified figure-four leglock, Flux has something else in mind. He suddenly grips both of Skelter’s ankles, bridges onto his neck, and surprises Skelter by forcing him into a pin!
Woodbridge: DAMN!
Mann: Whoa, a flash pin attempt!
The pin catches Skelter off guard but it’s clearly not enough. Both men spring to their feet and Skelter tries another double leg takedown attempt which is fended off by a flurry of overhead elbows by Flux! Skelter holds his head and decides he’s had enough for now, backing into his corner and tagging in the furiously waving hand of King Mustafa.
Mann: His partner Eddie Skelter may have started off, but the big man of Two Smoking Barrels has wanted in all match so far.
Mustafa leaps in the ring and curses at the crowd once more.
Woodbridge: Dexter Flux is standing firm!
Mann: He did well against Skelter, who was his equal in terms of physical strength, but I have a feeling King Mustafa’s going to absolutely overpower him now!
Mustafa steps right up to Flux and proceeds to slap him in the left cheek!
Mann: The cycle of disrespect is completed by Skelter’s teammate!
Flux backs off, before returning back in for a lockup with Mustafa, who uses his size advantage to throw Flux back into his corner, where he tags Skelter back in, and the two stomp Flux down into the corner. Skelter then immediately tags back out to King Mustafa.
Woodbridge: I can’t judge. Literally can’t. Used that tag team tactic there too many times to count.
King Mustafa once again overpowers Flux, using her superior size to launch him into the hard camera turnbuckle. He attempts to charge in, but Flux skitters out of the way! Flux tries to bring down King Mustafa with a kick to the knee, but he doesn’t budge. King Mustafa blocks an attempt at a strike, and throws Flux by the arm off the ropes! As Flux careens towards the opposite end, Baker sticks out his hand, and smacks Flux on the shoulder!
Woodbridge: That’s a legal tag!
Flux baseball slides underneath King Mustafa, who is unaware the tag has been made, while Baker comes in and pearl harbors him! Baker takes control with an overhand right, a blow to the chest, and a Russian leg sweep, before attempting a body slam, which King Mustafa is too large for. Mustafa offers Baker a test of strength, but before Baker can even accept, he kicks him in the gut.
Mustafa scoops Baker up with ease, and delivers a gorilla press slam, taking a moment to flex for the unappreciative crowd before continuing his assault. Mustafa wrenches the arm of Baker, before tagging Skelter back in. Skelter climbs up to Bret’s Rope, and while Mustafa wrenches the arm, Skelter dives off, and delivers a double axe handle to the trapped arm!
Mann: Some solid teamwork here by The Barrels!
Skelter puts the larger Baker on the mat with a clubbing blow to the back, before delivering a fist drop to the skull. Skelter, relishing his small victory, backs off the ropes and prepares an elbow drop, but Baker rolls out of the way, and tags Flux back in! Flux charges in once again to meet Skelter… and is caught instantly with an arm drag. Skelter brings him down to the mat, and applies a sleeper hold…
But Baker charges back into the ring, and breaks it up! King Mustafa enters the ring to try and chase Baker off, drilling Flux with a shoulder tackle as soon as he lands on his feet with a kip-up, planting him back on the ground. Mustafa returns to his corner, while Skelter ascends a turnbuckle!
Mann: Not something we’re used to seeing! Skelter wants to beat Flux at his own game!
Skelter dives off the top, attempting a flying forearm… and falls short. As he tries to get back to his feet, Flux batters him with a closed fist, before whipping him off the far ropes, but Skelter is able to turn it around. Flux attempts a sunset flip to regain control, but Skelter simply pops down and pokes him in the eye.
While Skelter is told off by the official, King Mustafa sneaks into the ring to deliver a stomp to Flux, before skittering back to the apron. Skelter picks up Flux, to deliver a forearm, before walk-dragging Flux over to the corner by his hair, and tagging Mustafa back in. Skelter holds Flux by the hair, and Mustafa stomps his boot before delivering a knee to the stomach as Skelter heads back to the apron. Mustafa whips Flux, and as he returns, scoops him up for a powerslam, before rising to his feet, walking to the ropes, and preparing a knee drop, which Flux avoids! Flux crawls on his knees over to the corner before Mustafa can catch him, and tags Baker back in! Flux takes position on the apron, one foot on the second turnbuckle.
Finally, the sky has opened up! It begins to rain on the ring, the crowd, and even the announcers!
Mann: Didn’t I say it was going to rain?
Woodbridge: It’s not bothering anybody one bit!
Baker charges in, delivering a pair of punches to try and slow down Mustafa, but they fail to knock him off his feet. Baker tries charging in for a clothesline, Mustafa ducks, but as Baker approaches, he attempts a sunset flip!
Mann: Uncharacteristic offense from Baker!
Woodbridge: I’ll say! Baker’s a great power guy, but I didn’t think he’d even ever seen one of those!
Mustafa refuses to go down, but as he struggles, Flux suddenly leaps from the apron to the top turnbuckle, before flying in with a dropkick! Mustafa stumbles, and Baker pulls him down for the rollup!
Woodbridge: Oh shit!
Mann: Huge missile dropkick, and the mat’s slick with rain now! Mustafa had to go down!
Skelter breaks up the pin! Skelter then grabs Flux by the hair again, and darts him shoulder-first into his own ringpost. He bends the aching Flux backwards and grabs his neck for a dragon sleeper
Mann: He won’t be able to submit Flux unless Mustafa gets tagged out!
Woodbridge: I don’t think he wants to! This is gonna be Lack of…
Skelter twists Flux around and fires off a fat open-palm thrust to Flux’s throat, making Flux sputter and drop to his knees!
Woodbridge: TRUST! Nasty!
Mustafa, who has recovered from the takedown, then proceeds to deliver an elbow to Flux’s crown! The two work over their opponents in the corners- Skelter attempting to ground Flux with kicks to the knee, Mustafa using his large arms to deliver repeated clotheslines, and with Flux and Baker tied up in opposite corners, Two Smoking Barrels attempt to whip their Horde counterparts into each other! As the two partners head on a collision course, Baker suddenly drops down, in back-body drop position to Flux, who lands on his feet!
Flux continues his momentum by delivering a running knee to King Mustafa, who is in his corner, before charging back a Baker, who offers a hand, and gives Flux a launching pad to deliver a flying forearm to Skelter! Skelter flops out of the corner, and out of the ring, and with the support of Knott’s Berry Farm behind him, Flux charges, and flies through the ropes with a dive that takes out both men!
A few members of the crowd begin to open up umbrellas, including the fan who got The Milkman’s earlier
Baker approaches Mustafa in the corner, and attempts to lift him to the second rope, but gets met with a boot for his troubles. Mustafa trades places with Baker, and pops him in the jaw, before delivering another one to the ribs, and a third to the temple. Baker blocks a fourth attempt, and turns it around on Mustafa! Baker unloads with a series of right hands of his own! Mustafa powers Baker out of the corner, and throws him to the opposite. Mustafa charges in, but as he tries to charge in, Baker moves out of the way, and attempts another rollup! This time he’s able to get Skelter off balance!
Flux ascends from the grass to the apron, and Baker tags him in! Baker attempts to lift Skelter once again, but struggles to, as he breaks free, but Flux delivers a dropkick, and Mustafa stumbles into Baker’s arms, who lifts him for a scoop slam!
Mann: He did it! He slammed him!
Woodbridge: This is where Baker shines! Not only displaying his power, but being great in the clutch!
Skelter tries to get in the ring again, but Flux meets him with a superkick! Skelter tries to keep his balance, but slips on the wet Apron and drops to the grass! Flux grabs the arm, and tags Baker back in, who delivers a clothesline to the trapped Mustafa, dropping him again. Flux gets the tag back in, and ascends the ropes…
And delivers Quantum Flux! He blasts down onto the King, into a puddle of rainwater forming in the center of the ring!
Skelter tries to scramble back to the ring to make the save, Baker meets him, and holds him down! Flux scrambles into the cover!
Mann: And The Horde are victorious!
Woodbridge: And damn do they deserve it!
Babaganoush: Your winners and STILL WiR Tag Team Champions, at a time of twelve minutes and forty-three seconds, The Horde!
Flux and Baker hug it out in the ring, holding their tag belts high. Tony “The Milkman” Stevens emerges from the back, knee wrapped in medical tape and casts, limps to the ring, and raises the hands of his stablemates! Everyone is going crazy, especially because the hometown boy defended the stable’s belts by getting the pin!
Flux and Baker each get up on a turnbuckle, holding their tag belts up high, while in the ring, Stevens stands alone in the middle, one leg down, hair slicking back over his face from rain.
Mann: Fans at home, this has been Sound Off! The weather outside has turned frightful, but this show has been delightful! I have been Shay D. Mann filling in for Allen Paisner, alongside Mark Woodbridge. Take us home, Woodbridge!
Woodbridge: I finally feel confident in saying this - it has felt like a wonderful, shine-drunk dream so far - but folks, we are so fucking back. For all of the incredible fighters in WiR, for our whole staff and crew, and for my short-term broadcast partner Shay D. Mann, this has been Sound Off, and I have been Mark Woodbridge - gooooood night everybody!
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2023.06.02 04:45 Gameran Dexter Flux Presents: Sound-Off! - Part Two

Babaganoush: The following contest is scheduled for one fall…
Crowd: One fall!
And is for… the WiR Television Championship! Already in the ring, the challenger, weighing in at 235 pounds, The Suuuuuuperstar!
Banaganoush: And Already in the ring, the champion, “Guaranteed, Gabe Garvin!”
Ding Ding Ding!
Mann: And the bell rings here, and we are back underway at Sound Off! Presented by Dexter Flux.
The Superstar does a little spin as he approaches Gabe Garvin and the two back off from each other. The two wrestlers stare down a moment, before launching at each other with a collar and elbow tie-up. The Superstar gains the upper hand and locks Garvin in a headlock. Garvin, in a headlock, however, gets pushed into the ropes, where he gets pushed away. Garvin looks for a back body drop as The Superstar bounces off the ropes, but eats a boot for his trouble. Garvin tries to regain control by lifting Superstar on his shoulders, Superstar shifts back to the ground, but gets lifted and dropped on his chest! The Superstar is forced to roll out of the ring to recover.
Crowd: [Apathetic Silence]
Garvin goes under the bottom rope and gets quickly caught with a kick to the stomach. The Superstar throws Garvin into the barricade and begins to hammer away.
Woodbridge: And The Superstar turning things around here!
Mann: And folks, we’ll be back after these messages from our sponsors!
Woodbridge: Why are we going to commercial, the match just st-
The following advertisement plays
We fade back into the action with a crowd shot, which stays longer than comfortable on a shot of 40 apathetic fans. As it cuts back to the ring, we see Gabe Garvin deliver a vertical suplex to The Superstar, before going to a pin that convinces nobody of its success.
Mann: And we are back here at Sound Off! Garvin has regained control here!
The Superstar rolls to the corner and forces a momentary break. As the ref tries to restore order, The Superstar throws an overhand shot at Garvin- who blocks it and responds in kind, backing the Superstar back into the corner, and whipping him across the ring. As Superstar bounces off with a thud, Garvin hits the ropes beside him and hits a bulldog. Garvin goes for a cover, which gets a…
The Superstar flops into the corner once more, and Garvin is halted from pulling him away by the official. As The Superstar exits the corner, Garvin is right back on top of him, whips him off the ropes, and delivers a back body drop! The Superstar rolls out of the ring once more, but Garvin follows in pursuit. Garvin charges in, but gets caught with a drop-toe hold, and crashes into the announce table.
Mann: Watch out!
Woodbridge: Garvin seeking to capitalize on his newfound momentum here…
Crowd: [Does not care]
The Superstar throws Garvin back into the squared circle, and delivers a club to the back of his head, Followed by stomps and a knee drop. Superstar waits for Garvin to try and get back up, before stomping again, followed by a punch. As Garvin powers back to his feet, The Superstar looks to grab him, but Garvin pulls him in for a belly-to-belly suplex! Superstar shuffles into the corner, followed by Garvin, who eats a boot for his trouble before The Superstar storms out with a lariat. The Superstar looks for a chin lock, but Garvin is too oily, and he slips free. Superstar retaliates for this oily transgression with a fist and applies a headlock to a cornered Garvin.
Mann: And The Superstar getting some offense here, Garvin is in trouble! Can our TV champion save the match?
The Superstar works the headlock in the corner until the ref forces a break, at which juncture The Superstar turns around and throws his fists at Garvin. Following this, The Superstar lifts Garvin to his feet and goes for a whip, but as Garvin hits the other turnbuckle, he lifts his left foot to kick an incoming Superstar! As Garvin looks to capitalize, The Superstar grabs the leg that kicked him and takes Garvin down to the mat. Superstar drops an elbow on Garvin’s knee, and a second elbow, before looking for a knee twist, which Garvin pushes away from.
Mann: And Garvin fends off the Superstar’s onslaught! What a heroic effort by our TV Champion!
Crowd: [awkward silence]
Garvin sells his injured knee for a moment, before using it to pull a charging Superstar down with a drop-toe hold, flip Superstar over, and try to apply a submission, but this time, The Superstar pushes Garvin away! The Superstar delivers an elbow to a staggered Garvin, before delivering a Russian leg sweep, and going for a cover.
The Superstar is in disbelief that his leg sweep failed to get the victory, and he pulls Superstar by the arm, before kicking his downed body in the rib. Garvin throws himself off the ground to throw a punch at Superstar’s gut, but as he gets up, he is once again cut off by a clothesline, and a pin attempt.
Crowd: [Apathetic, a smattering of boos, and a single portly fan in a Shooting Association shirt attempting to start a “boring” chant]
Woodbridge: The Superstar is unable to get the best of Garvin despite some strong offense here, and the longer this goes on, the more I like the TV Champion’s chances in this match.
Mann: And all the Garvinites in the crowd cheering for their hero to make a comeback!!
Crowd shot of bored audience quickly pans back to the ring, where The Superstar is applying an arm wringer
Mann: And this match of course is presented by our sponsors, over at Mann Corporation!
The Superstar transitions to a half camel clutch, still clutching the arm of Garvin
Mann: Mann Corporation is committed to providing high-quality products to all of our loyal customers! Use code “WiR” at checkout for 3.5% off select items at!
The Superstar has transitioned into a standing headlock
Mann: If you buy within the next 7 minutes, all Gabe Garvin merchandise is 10% off! Act fast! And now, back to the action!
Garvin powers out of the headlock and whips The Superstar into a corner. He charges in, and misses, as The Superstar moves out of the way, and attempts to lock in another arm wringer. Garvin tries to power out but fails, and the hold is applied.
Superstar: ASK HIM!
Garvin does not submit, and once again tries to lift himself upwards. Superstar sees this, and shifts so that he is lying down on the back of Garvin, still applying the arm wringer. Garvin winces in agony and reaches for the rope with his free hand. Unable to reach them, Garvin Begins to power himself upwards for the third time, and this one is successful, as he slowly works his way up to his feet, Superstar now trapped in the air in a fireman’s carry. The Superstar pushes himself off as Garvin gets to his feet, and tries to throw a punch. Trying to reclaim the momentum, The Superstar goes for an Irish whip, and looks for a dropkick as Garvin returns, but to no avail! Garvin holds onto the rope, and The Superstar crashes back to the ground.
Mann: And Garvin escaping the hold! Superstar is dazed!
Woodbridge: And this could be the opening the TV Champion needs to regain control of this match! The Superstar is in trouble, as Gabe is Garving up!
Mann: It’s Garvin’ time!
Garvin bounds off the ropes and leaps for a flying clothesline!
Mann: What a maneuver!
Garvin hits the ropes again, and nails a staggered Superstar with another flying clothesline! The Superstar writhes in agony as he tries to pull himself back to a standing base, where Garvin is waiting for him. Garvin bounces off the ropes, and nails a rising Superstar with a shoulder block.
Mann: Vintage Garvin! And he has the upper hand! The fans here on their feet!
Crowd: [Silent, sitting down]
Garvin ascends to the second rope, and as a wounded Superstar ascends once more, he leaps for a double ax handle, but nobody is home! The Superstar looks to capitalize with a DDT, but it gets blocked by Garvin, who fights out, throws Superstar against the ropes, and hits another shoulder block. With The Superstar down, Garvin looks at the crowd, backs against the ropes, and hits a fist drop!
Woodbridge: And the people exploding for Garvin’s fist drop! (?)
Garvin looks almost surprised at the suddenly raucous crowd, and motions for his finishing maneuver! As soon as he indicates he isn’t going for another fist drop, the crowd dies and goes back to their silence. Superstar stumbles to his feet, gets his arm trapped, and’s he’s lifted into the air, before being slammed down with a Pump Handle Slam! Garvin goes into the cover…
Mann: And Gabe Garvin retains!
Woodbridge: His victory was all but Garunteed
Babaganouh: And here is your winner, at a time of Seven minutes and Forty-Five seconds… Garunteed Gaaaaaabeeeeee Gaaaaarviiiin!!
Crowd [Scant Murmors]
Mann: And tonight we have seen a truly memorable title defense from our heroic TV Champion, Gabe Garvin. And to watch all of Garvin’s matches from the comfort of your home, go to WWW dot Wrestle Is Reddit dot com slash Garvin for all the latest updates! And a special thanks to our sponsor for this show, JDate!
The monitor shows Dexter Flux on screen, who immediately gets a crowd pop 10x louder than anything of the past 7:45
Flux: I'm not… I'm not Jewish, but that's really not what JDate is about. It's about like… dating. JDate is what JDate is. That's what it is. I'm Dexter Flux. I'm the President of the United States. Thank you for your service.
The monitor cuts back to the crowd going bananas for Flux. A guy is screaming and beating the shit out of the old woman sitting next to him because he loves Dexter Flux so much.
Mann: And you too can be just like these happy people if you buy a Gabe Garvin T-Shirt, now 4% off at select TJ Maxx stores near you!
Garvin holds up his title on the apron while the crowd cheer for Flux, and a photographer gets a photo of the victorious champion in front of a cheering crowd. As Garvin gets down from Bret’s rope, the camera cuts to…
Something else. It's shot differently, worse cameras that pan around instead of cut. No commentary. No acknowledgment. It's a documentary shoved in the middle of a wrestling show.
We're in a church basement, or a community gym, or something like that, with hardwood floors and dim, white light pouring in through windows near the top of the room. There's a table next to the door with a coffee machine and paper cups and a door to the outside propped open, so people can step out to smoke. A voice speaks up.
Teddy (O.S.): I don't think I've ever been a good person.
We move to the middle of the room. There's a circle of people sitting in chairs, looking at one whose face is obscured but whose voice most WiR diehards recognize. The circle's watching him carefully, skeptically. A couple of them glance at the camera as it moves by, which seems like an outsider - a perverse interloper. Some of them are recognizable, heels from all over the wrestling scene. Most of them seem miserable to be here, unrepentant. One figure, dressed up, seems more warm in his posture, but we don't see his face either.
Teddy (O.S.): I don't think I've ever really tried, I mean. I've been a good guy, for a little bit. Here and there. But I wasn't who I was. I was somebody trying to get cheered, trying to make sure they loved me. And when they didn't, I just… I snapped.
Finally, we see him, the object of their attentions. He is sitting in a chair, dressed down in a t-shirt, paper cup of coffee by his feet. Teddy Coronado. There's no charisma to the way he speaks. He was a preacher once, electrifying, manic, an embodiment of television airwaves. Now, he's mumbling. The camera zooms in on his face, as he tried to put together the next few words, shaking his head. The words seem ridiculous to say and maybe that's because they're wrestling words and this man - sitting here, in the basement - does not seem to be a wrestler.
Teddy: I'm Teddy Coronado and… Sorry. I'm Teddy and I'm a heel.
Others (all together): Hi, Teddy.
He cringes at them.
Teddy: I've been…
He stops, sucking on his tongue. It's the noise of a crowd, again.
Teddy: I'm sorry, I don't think I can do this.
Spence (O.S.): It's alright.
The camera pans over to a much more shocking face, Spence Cooper, dressed like a normal person, with a buttoned-up v-neck, instead of his usual attire as one half of the Golden State Stars, wearing mesh shirts and whatever nonsense is left. The rest of the group turns to him with a sort of reverence that seems wholly unfitting for him.
Spence: This is hard stuff, Teddy, alright - this is hard stuff, everybody. I mean, when I was a member of the Golden State Stars-
Spence: Chaz.
We whip pan to Chaz Levine, who is also there. He is dressed less like a normal person.
Chaz: Sorry, bro, still working on it.
Spence: We all have hiccups, is what I was saying. This is hard work. That's why not everybody does it. But it's good work. You've been here for a long time, right?
He's staring at the ground as he said it, as if ashamed.
Teddy: Six months.
Spence: Six months and it's still hard. That should show to everyone else here that even the best of us You can do it, Teddy. You can say it.
Teddy takes a breath, tries to put it together. After a few seconds, he looks back up. And it's almost there. That spark, that fire in his eyes.
Teddy: I've… been thinking about things, recently. I've been thinking about my time as a wrestler. I've done a lot of things in this business - and I'm not bragging about that, but I'm saying it because I need to say it. I was the best guy on the mic for a long time. I was good in the ring, too. I beat some of the best people in that company and sometimes I even did it clean.
There's a chuckle at that, in the room, and he gives a rueful smile, for a second, looking back on everything. Then it fades. So does the light in his eyes. Teddy looks at his feet, again, but the rest of them are listening, now. Most of them hate this place, but they listen
Teddy: I lied, I cheated, I stole. I used every dirty fucking trick in the book - you can look. My granddad wrote it. I used weapons. I hired my own ref. I made my own matches. I attacked people from behind the scenes. I once wrestled with a cardboard cut-out, so I could move its torn-off foot under the bottom rope to get a break.
He's looking up, now, and the fire isn't in his eyes, but it's in his words.
Teddy: I gave up everything for that title, for those accolades, for those year-end awards, for my hand raised up at the end of the night. I've got a claim to being the best champion in that company's history. I went into this business looking for all of that. I said to myself that I'd be different than my family, from my great-grandfather, from my grandfather, from my…
He stops. He leaves the final word unsaid.
Teddy: But that's not what I'm saying. I had the chance to change my name. I had a shitty start, but I had my own agency. What I did was my own. And by the end, I gave up that. I gave up my decency, my integrity, my dedication to this art, I gave up everything I have - and I don't have anything to show for it.
There's a crippling silence, for a few moments, the kind of silence you only notice when everything felt so loud before it.
Teddy: I don't talk to any of the roster I was a part of. My name doesn't get mentioned in promos. The fans - the fans that used to jeer my name, who serenaded me after I was forced out of that company - they don't think about me. I gave up everything I ever had and I don't…
He takes a shallow breath, emotional, seeming to hold back tears as he rubs his temples. A man offers him a tissue box but he waves it aside. For as much pride as he has managed to put aside, he can't allow himself to cry in front of the only people he's ever been genuine to.
Teddy: I got an offer, recently. You guys know about it.
Teddy half-heartedly gestures at the camera and a couple of them glance back at it. Chaz, on the edge of frame, flexes a little bit when reminded a camera is watching him.
Teddy: I got an offer to come back to WiR. They're coming back, apparently, again. They've offered me a couple times, over the years, and I almost took it. I even said I would, once, before. Back when I still had the bookstore. And then I started training and I became what I was, again, and I gave up the bookstore, and I was so fucked up I couldn't even make it to the show, because I realized, in that ring…
He pauses and they're all listening. He hates that, because he knows why they're listening and why he's talking. Because the fire, suddenly, is there. It's there in his eyes. It's there in his voice. It's there in the way he sits in that chair, the knotting his hands do as he talks, but most of all it's there in the crowd, listening with rapt attention.
Teddy: There's the Teddy Coronado with the money, with the television show, with the betrayal and the burials, even the Teddy who dressed up like a dentist and said he hated bullies. They say I've been a lot of people, had a lot of gimmicks, but the trick is they're all the same one. They're all somebody who needs to have the whole world know that they're the best. But they're all masks. Facades. And when I got into that ring, lit by halogen lights, no one in the audience, no one facing me in that ring, no one there but me, I realized the truth.
The fire in his voice has burned away and, now, he speaks in ashes: harsh, more serious than he's ever been, and more painful. He is being true.
Teddy: I don't know what's beneath those masks. I don't. A part of me is terrified that there isn't anything there. That the shit I've done, to other people, to the industry as a whole, that's who I am. I've tried to find out who it is, out here. I tried to open a bookstore, I tried to become a trainer, I tried to get as far away from that ring as possible.
He stops, again. The crowd is fully drawn in, now, and a furrowed brow of concern on Spence's face breaks through the mask of supportiveness.
Teddy: But, when I got that email, that offer… I think I realized that there's only one way for me to figure that out-
Spence: Teddy…
Teddy turns his eyes to Spence, but there's a weariness to his eyes. He's already made up his mind. He made it up before he even entered this room, before he even entered the cameras in, before Spence even says the thing he knows he's about to say.
Spence: Teddy, I know what you're about to say. And I want to tell you in front of the group, because I know you don't want there to be secrets here. I've been lured that way. We all have, but you have to know that there is a risk to what you're about to say. Some people can recover, can re-enter that ring, Teddy, but some people can't.
There is a warmth in Spence's eyes that make you realize that this is not the same man that was a Golden State Star. Not anymore. But he knows that he can't change his mind.
Spence: This is in your hands, Teddy. It always is.
Teddy sits there, genuinely considering the words and then he smiles. Knows how absurd what he's about to say is. And then he speaks, just as resolute as before. No. More so.
Teddy: I know. But I hear it in me. I hear the roar of the crowd, with me or against me. I hear my opponent's music hit. I hear the bending of the mat, the straining of the ropes, the fight. I know that who I was in there was a monster. But I know that, if there's something of me left, beneath all of this, it's in there.
He stands up.
Teddy: This is what I'm choosing to do, Spence. I'm sorry.
Teddy walks out of the circle, across the hardwood floor, and steps out the door. The camera doesn't follow.
Javier (O.S.): Ladies and gentlemen, the Independent Champion, Diiiiiiiiick Dover!
We cut back to Knott's Berry Farm, where the crowd reacts in a mixed fashion to the announcement of Dick Dover. Prisoner of Society hits, and Dick Dover walks through the curtain with the Independent Championship over his shoulder.
Mann: The Independent Champion enters the building, he says he has an announcement to make.
Woodbridge: That’s right, Shay. We don’t know what it’s going to be, but when Dover walked into the venue this afternoon, he insisted on addressing the crowd.
Dover grabs a mic from Maurice Chondon ringside, then walks up the stairs, wipes his feet on the apron, and enters the ring. He then turns to face the crowd.
Dover: I know you all have a lot of thoughts about me, but let’s get one thing clear right now. There’s been a lot of time gone by since you last saw me. But don’t get me wrong, one thing wouldn’t have changed no matter how long we’ve been apart. I am still your Independent Champion.
Crowd: mix of boos and applause
Dover: But there have been changes. Changes in the world and changes with myself, and it’s time for me to share with you all some changes I’ve made. When WiR went on hiatus i-
Nitroglycerin hits as Joey McCarty storms out from behind the curtain holding a mic.
Crowd: Boooooooooo
McCarty: No no no no no no fuck this shit. I know what this is. I’m not stupid.
McCarty stomps down to the ring.
McCarty: Dick, you’ve talked all this talk about being a fighting champion, but I know a retirement announcement when I see one.
McCarty slides into the ring and pops up to his feet, pacing around Dover.
McCarty: and you must be out of your mind to think you can walk out of here title held high, to a cheering crowd, and go out as champion. You’re out of your goddamn mind.
Dover walks towards McCarty.
Dover: You don’t even-
McCarty: Save it, honestly. I came into this business as an outsider, and I was given the crash course. I don’t know where you learned this, it might have been in dogwater Florida, but it certainly wasn’t in Toronto.
Dover: Joey, you’ll shut the hell up if you know what’s good for you.
McCarty: What I was taught is that you always go out on your back. If you won’t do that, then I’ll do that for you.
Dover goes to talk, but McCarty slaps him.
McCarty: So what you’re going to do right now, is lie down, stare at the lights, and you can end your career the way you’re supposed to, and watch me coronate myself as a triple crown champion.
Dover: Interesting point Joey, counterpoint:
Dover hits McCarty with a spinning back elbow, sending him to the mat!
Dover: You don’t tell me what to fucking do. So here’s what we’re actually going to do, I’m going to show these people I am a fighting champion, we’re going to get a ref out here, and I’m going to whoop your ass
Mann: HOLD ON A SECOND, DOVER. YOU DON’T GET TO PROMISE PEOPLE MATCHES, I MAKE THE MATCHES but that is a good idea so lets get a ref out here BECAUSE I SAID SO.
Crowd (a little more confused): YAYYY
Jeff Boone sprints out from backstage at full speed and dives headfirst under the rope into the ring.
The bell rings, leaving both men a little stunned at how quickly this match has started. Joey moves into action first, lurching for Dover, arms outstretched in a clear indication that Joey wants to initiate a classic “Test of Strength.” Dick Dover knocks away the hands and shoots for a double-leg takedown, sending Joey sprawling to the mat.
Mann: Wow, an incredibly technical start for Dover. Sometimes I think we forget home in depth his wrestling knowhow is.
Dick Dover is slowly overpowering Joey from underneath, when a glint shines in the Canadian’s eyes. A brutal knee to the face erupts from McCarty, slamming into Dover’s nose. Dover steps back, covering his damaged face. Blood begins to drip onto the mat.
Woodbridge: Wow, Dover is absolutely busted up!
Paisner: That’s the opportunistic streak of McCarty showing. Give him an inch, he’ll take a mile and sell you back the inch for triple it’s market value.
Dover shakes his head, trying to clear up the fog inflicted from Joey’s move. Before he gets a chance to recover, Joey is behind him, snaking his arms up to lock Dover in a full nelson. Dover is in a precarious position, but he digs his fingers into Joey’s eyes, cause the hold to release.
Woodbridge: A savvy veteran move, but is it legal?
Mann: Absolutely not. It seems like this ref is going to let them play on, for some reason. Very hands off.
Woodbridge: When you’ve got two fighters who will do whatever it takes to win, sometimes it’s best to just let them go at it. Anything less than that could give the other an unfair advantage.
Dover throws a couple quick strikes to McCarty’s midsection. Joey winces and bends over, giving Dick the opportunity to hit him with a Leg Drop Bulldog that pounds Joey into the mat!
Dover capitalizes on McCarty’s grounded position, dropping some falling elbows into the fallen man. But the third elbow doesn’t land cleanly, given Joey the opportunity to flip over and nail another knee into Dover, this time right on the side of his head.
Mann: Hard to imagine these headshots won’t have an effect on Dover if this match goes long.
A quick leap to his feet, and Joey finally has the position he wanted in the beginning, locking up Dover in a contested full collar tie. He gains the upper hand, and begins controlling Dover towards the corner. A grasp of Dover’s wounded head, and then suddenly McCarty is rubbing Dover’s face all over the ringpost!
Crowd: OOOF
But Dover isn’t one to take something like this without fighting back. A wild leg flail nails McCarty right in the gonads, sending him backwards in pain. The ref looks to step in, but then decides not to as Dover runs towards his and lands an uppercut into lariat combo that sends Joey back down to the ground. Dover attempts a cover!
Joey kicks out with relative ease, prompting Dover to consider more violence towards the grounded wrestler.
Mann: What could this devilish man be considering next?
Dover sits on McCarty.
Woodbridge: A chair!
A quick pivot from Dover, and suddenly Joey is up in the air, face in anguish from the inverted surfboard stretch.
Woodbridge: A painful chair!
Suddenly, a voice rings out from the crowd.
Dover, mildly irritated by the fan, releases the hold on Joey, sending the stretched out man to the mat. He gets up and aggressively points to the crowd in the direction of the mysterious fan.
Dover: Hey Asshole! You wanna see lame? I’ll show you lame!
Dover grabs Joey’s hair and becomes slamming punches into the downed man’s face.
A frustrated Dover now releases the hold and turns his back on Joey, heading over to the ringpost. He begins to remove the cover. At this point, blood has completely covered his chest. Joey stirs and stands, sneaking up to behind Dover. A quick snatch and Joey has surprise rolled up Dover for a pin!
Dover kicks out and gets back to his feet, but Joey is quicker and grabs Dover’s arm for an irish whip, sending him into the exposed ring post!* The hard metal digs into the small of Dover’s back and he reels in pain, back into Joey who snags his wrist, twisting it into a hold. Dover is up in the air and slammed back onto his neck as Joey lands a modified Fisherman Driver on the champion!
It’s Joey’s turn to batter the grounded Dover, repeatedly sending soccer kicks into his skull. The dull sound of bone against flesh carries through the arena in a way that makes most attendees uncomfortable. Joey lifts Dover to his feet, intending to whip him into the exposed ring post again, but Dover has seen this before. He counters with a reversal, sending McCarty into the ropes, McCarty rebounds and Dover SLAMS him into the mat with a teeth-rattling spinebuster!
Mann: I’m not sure if Dover’s winning the crowd over or if they just enjoy seeing Joey get hurt, either way, Dover is red-hot!
Dover grabs McCarty, and goes into the set up for his Doverleaf! But before he can, a small figure pops up onto the apron.
Gigi appears holding a spray bottle and she sprays a fine clear mist right into Dover’s eyes and cackles maniacally!
Mann: What’s this?! It's Gigi! And she’s just assaulted Dover with some sort of liquid!
Dover drops McCarty and grabs at his eyes. Kaitlyn Casey Jones appears from the crowd, holding a sign that says “GAMER GIRL BATHWATER $279.69”, she hops the barricade and grabs a mic, laughing with Gigi. Jones pulls a card out of her pocket and starts reading it.
KCJ: Hey faaaans, if you’re looking to order some of the water that our favorite e-girl actually bathes in, it’s up on the website right now! Guaranteed to have touched Gigi’s skin, go to for more details. Fuck you, Dick!”
Gigi: I wrote that last part.
McCarty clambers to his feet, confused. He notices Dover staggering, and launches himself into the air, connecting with a superman punch to the back of Dover’s skull.
Woodbridge: I can’t believe this, Dover’s had the title stolen from him!
McCarty scrambles to cover Dover.
Mann: Dover kicked out!
Woodbridge: How!?!?
McCarty stumbles to the corner in disbelief, and collapses into a seated position onto the bottom turnbuckle, the crowd swells, and McCarty’s confounded expression turns to disbelief and then to anger, he pops to his feet and stomps towards Dover.
Woodbridge: What do either of these men have left in the bag?!
McCarty lifts Dover to his feet, cussing him out as he does. McCarty attempts his Bus Driver Uppercut, but Dover springs to life and catches him, and PLANTS him with a kneeling jawbreaker!
Mann: Cliffs of Dover!
Woodbridge: From the last of his energy!
Mann: Cover!
Mann: Dover is still Independent Champion!
Before Javier can make the announcement, Gigi and KCJ hit the ring and attack Dover, as McCarty rolls out of the ring, jumping him and punching and kicking Dover while he’s down.
Woodbridge: What the hell is this?!
Mann: Gigi still thinks she’s owed a shot at the Independent Championship, she must have made some sort of deal with McCarty to get her match!
Woodbridge: And now that her plan is up in smoke, she’s taking it out on Dover!
Gigi and KCJ continue their assault, KCJ picks up the mic and is about to speak, but before she can, Adam Raised A Cain plays.
Woodbridge: Someone else with unfinished business, Mark Dutch!
Mark Dutch runs out, Joey McCarty is standing on the ramp, and Dutch shoulder checks him out of the way! Dutch then slides into the ring, and pulls KCJ off of Dover and out of the ring! Gigi scrambles out of the ring away from Dutch.
Mann: Last time we saw these two, they were at eachothers throats, but now Dutch comes to save Dover? What’s going on?
Woodbridge: Looks like there's still lots of unfinished business around these parts.
Mann: That’s enough of this.
Mann grabs a stick mic and attempts to stand on the commentary table, but it wobbles so he instead stands on his chair
Mann: When I brought this company back, it wasn’t for what it was, but what it can become, so I can’t have you three stinking up the joint with old beef, so let’s settle this at the next show. You three for the Independent Title. a brief pause to let that sink in
Mann sits back down with a grin on his face.
Mann: I like this “making matches live” thing
Woodbridge: Could stand to work on your crowd work though.
Mann: More WiR action, after this!
Dover, Dutch and Gigi staring eachother down as we fade out to commercial.
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2023.06.02 04:45 Gameran Dexter Flux Presents: Sound-Off! - Part One

Previously unannounced press conference, May 31, 2023.

Cameras are rolling as the owner of Mann Corporation, Shay D. Mann, hair in a perfectly put-together part, adorned in a navy suit and white tie, steps forward to a podium, in front of a WiR backdrop, microphone in hand.
Mann: My name is Shay Duncan Mann. And I am the new owner and proprietor of Wrestling is Reddit. I can assure you that your beloved Allen Paisner will be returning in the future, however, he could not make tonight's show due to some…
Mann smirks.
Mann: Legal complications. But fear not, I’ll be taking his place in the booth tonight.
The crowd erupts with applause and cheers, eager to witness the rebirth of their beloved wrestling promotion, even without Paisner for the evening.
Mann: Tonight, we embark on an exhilarating journey, as WiR takes a bold leap forward. I stand before you not just as the owner, but as a “fan”—a fan who understands the passion and dedication that this community shares for the world of wrestling.
Mann tries to hide a grimace as he proclaims his “fandom”. The crowd anticipates Mann’s next move
Mann: For too long, WiR has been dormant, unable to proceed, some of the talent trapped in Europe with no way home. But this, is no more! Today, we resurrect the spirit of WiR, bringing it back to life with a bang! And what better way to open things up by “Sounding Off"! Presented by the one and only, Dexter Flux
The crowd gives an actual cheer with genuine enthusiasm at the mention of Flux, their sort of god-king.
Mann: "Sound Off" isn't just a name; it's a rallying cry! It's a call for all of you, the WiR faithful, to voice your opinions, to express your passion, and to join us in this incredible journey. This event will be a celebration of everything that makes WiR special—the wrestling, the community, and the shared experiences that bring us all together.
The press conference crowd, whose papering becomes increasingly obvious the more Mann talks, is enthusiastic, as they eagerly hang onto Shay D. Mann's every word, perhaps a little too eagerly.
Mann: Tonight, in this very ring, our talented roster will ignite your imagination, deliver jaw-dropping performances, and create moments that will be etched in your memories forever. Sound Off! will leave you on the edge of your seats, craving for more.
The crowd roars with the excitement of a hair dryer pop.
Mann: But this is not just a show; it's a community. Together, we'll embrace the highs and lows, the victories and defeats. We'll share our opinions, engage in spirited debates, and build something truly remarkable. WiR is your platform—your voice will be heard!
The crowd erupts once again, their cheers echoing through the arena, showcasing their dedication to WiR, or getting paid to be there
Mann: So, my friends, get ready to immerse yourselves in the magic of WiR once again. Open your hearts, open your minds, and let the exhilaration of "Sound Off" wash over you! Tonight, we begin a new era—one that will redefine the landscape of this sport. Welcome back to WiR, my friends. Because Wrestling… is Revived.
With a sly smile, Shay D. Mann raises his microphone high, signaling the start of the show, as things fade to a video of Dexter Flux. His face is slightly out of frame as the camera points to his chest and chin.
Flux: Hey, it’s me, Dexter Flux. Welcome, uh, welcome you know, back to wrestl- Ugh, sorry, something was like, in my throat. Wrestling is Reddit. Welcome back to Wrestling is Reddit. This is House Party.

Knott's Berry Farm, June 1st, 2023.

With that rousing introduction, we now cut back to the day of, with a drone shot of the ring set up at Knott’s Berry Farm, fans on makeshift stands in the berry field, a parking lot and farmhouse off in the far distance, before [off brand royalty free music] begins to play!
Through the makeshift curtain, Tony “The Milkman” Stevens appears, wearing a pair of off-blue tights with cow white print, a single blue elbow pad on the left side, with a pair of gloved hands- in which, he holds a pristine white umbrella. The Milkman points his umbrella right down the lens of the camera…
Milkman: Good to be back, fellas, and good to see you, Mr. Cameraman! Been a while.
Mann: And here comes the Milkman, and a huge ovation from this crowd! But no Horde jacket with him!
Woodbridge: Or any jacket. But we’re in Anaheim, its hot out
Mann You’re right. But he did prepare for rain.
The Milkman hands off his umbrella to a fan at ringside, before sliding under the bottom rope, and ascending the left hard camera turnbuckle, firing up the crowd, before doing a backflip off the top rope, and into the ring!
The Camera cuts back to the entranceway, as the music changes, to Skillet
Jericho Styles appears on the ramp, adorned in an Allen Iverson Nuggets Jersey. He blows off a fan’s high five attempt, before sliding into the ring and taking a position opposite of Stevens.
Babaganoush: WiR fans… welcome to Anaheim California, the beautiful Knotts Berry Farm! Welcome! To Sound Off! Presented by Dexter Flux.
Crowd: W-I-R! W-I-R! W-I-R! W-I-R!
Banaganoush: Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish. Introducing first, to my right… wrestling out San Jose California, weighing in at 217 pounds, Jericho… Styles!
Babaganoush: And his opponent, to my left. Weighing in at 208 pounds…
Crowd begins to rise
Babaganoush: Wrestling out of… Brooklyn, New York! Tony… “The Milkmaaannnnnnn” Stevens!
Crowd erupts into indiscriminate cheers
The Milkman and Styles circle each other as the bell rings, before Styles takes the initiative with a lock up attempt, which he quickly transitions to a rear waist lock. Milkman thinks on his feet, and grabs the arm of Styles lifting it above his head, and turning to break the lock, before using it to get behind Jericho, who uses his size advantage to overpower Stevens and apply a hammerlock, using the position to turn Stevens around, and take him down to the mat with an arm drag, maintaining control of the arm, which he quickly leverages into a pinfall…
Milkman gets his free shoulder up!
Crowd: Yay!
Woodbridge: JZ leveraging some technical skill here in the opening moments of this one, but can’t keep the Milkman down!
Mann: Only one count for Styles
Styles refuses to relinquish his grip on the arm, and as Stevens gets up, pushes him back into the corner before he can balance himself. Styles whips Stevens across the ring to the other corner, before charging in and being met with Milkman’s knee! Stevens capitalizes on his newly made opening by delivering a sharp kick to the chest of Styles, before whipping him against the ropes. Styles charges back, and tries to use his momentum to catch Stevens with a hip toss, but can only get Stevens a few inches of height off the ground before the Milkman lands on his feet, lifts and Styles up for an atomic drop, which forces him to let go of Stevens. With his arm now free, The Milkman plants himself, and delivers a [devastating lariat]. With what self-preservation he has left, Styles rolls to the outside, and onto the grass.
Woodbridge: And The Milkman just leveled Styles with that lariat!
Mann: Not something we’re quite used to seeing from Stevens, some hard strikes early in this one that really seemed to throw Styles off his game.
Styles pulls himself up by the barricade, to the direct ire of front-row fans who continue to heckle him. Back in the ring, Stevens throws himself off the far-end ropes, charges in for a dive… before Styles ducks down to avoid being hit. Stevens doesn’t change speed, and instead, throws himself between the ropes for a 6-1-9 that hits nothing but air, launching himself back into the ring, and landing on his feet. After this feat of dexterity, and with Styles on the ground outside, The Milkman takes a bow for his efforts.
Four dues in front of the hard cam: WE LOVE MILK! WE LOVE MILK!
At a count of eight, Styles, returns to the ring, and the two wrestlers square off again. Styles gets the better of the two on the lockup, delivering a stomp to Stevens’ foot, before kneeling him in the stomach. Styles lifts Stevens up for a suplex, but Stevens shifts his weight and lands on his feet behind him! The Milkman attempts a German suplex, but Styles throws a firm elbow to the jaw and repositions behind Stevens for a German attempt of his own. Stevens gives Styles a receipt with a firm, calcium-hardened elbow of his own, before bounding over to the ropes, and attempting a lionsault to a standing Styles! Styles catches him, but Stevens slips free, pushes Styles into the corner, and he takes a chest-first bump. Stevens harnesses his agility once more to get into poison-rana position on the shoulders of Styles, but Styles uses one arm to flip Milkman off balance and send him tumbling to the ground. Quickly, Stevens attempts to transition to a sunset flip but has to abandon ship as Styles tries to poke him in the eyes, jamming his finger into the canvas as a result. Stevens uses the moment to leap up to Bret’s rope, turn around, and deliver a dropkick to Styles! Stevens then rolls to the apron, and pumps up the crowd with a wave of his hand…
Guy already 4 cheap beers in: I hate this Styles guy!
…and delivers another springboard dropkick, this one from the top rope! Stevens flexes for the crowd, before rolling into a cover…
Styles gets a shoulder up!
Mann: Does The Milkman seem a bit different to you, Woodbridge?
Woodbridge: Milkman definitely wants to show off early, he looks like he hasn’t lost a step!
Mann: Maybe even gained one, and it almost feels like he’s being a bit disrespectful of his opponent, don’t you think?
Woodbridge: And what are you insinuating?
Mann: Well, maybe performing in front of a WiR crowd again has him a little more amped than usual! Trying a lot of those high-risk maneuvers early- we’re only a few minutes into this one, folks!
After the Kickout, Stevens signals to the cheering crowd, runs off the ropes, and attempts a wheelbarrow bulldog, but as he pushes himself up, Styles swivels his hips, and Stevens face plants into the mat.
Mann: And Stevens’ showing off cost him there!
Styles knees Stevens in the stomach, before putting his head between the legs, and sets up for the Styles Clash! He can’t lock in Milkman’s arms, and Stevens uses them to push off the mat to sit up above Jericho! Stevens tries throwing a punch at Jericho’s head, but he pivots his plan, and adjusts to deliver a powerbomb! As he releases, Stevens adjusts his body and manages to mitigate some of the damage by landing awkwardly on the back foot, stumbling back into the ropes.
Mann: If Styles hit that, it could have spelled an early end for Stevens!
Stevens pulls himself back to his feet using the ropes and charges back in with a clothesline attempt, but Styles sees it coming, grabs the arm and uses it to shift the momentum, and lifts Stevens for a tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker!
Mann: And Styles seems to be in control here.
Woodbridge: Stevens took some early momentum, but Styles has had a counter for everything Stevens has thrown at him.
Styles pulls Stevens up to his feet by the hair, before casually flipping one of Stevens’ arms over his shoulder for a uranage position before holding his arms out to the crowd!
Styles smirks at the boos incoming, and throws Stevens with a t-bone suplex. Once Stevens is planted, Styles stomps the stomach to force him to sit up, before stretching the arms behind for a surfboard stretch!
Styles: I’m a technical wrestler now, assholes!
Mann: Styles slowing things down here, grounding the Milkman
Woodbridge: Not a bad strategy, we saw how The Milkman was in control with a faster pace!
One guy holding up a sign with Goku: WE-LOVE-GOKU! WE-LOVE-GOKU!
Everyone else in the crowd is deafeningly silent
Styles breaks his hold and approaches the hard camera ropes to yell at the fan more
Styles: Dragon Ball is overrated trash!
Styles kicks Stevens back to the mat
Styles That one was for you, fucking weeb!
As Stevens once again rises to his feet, Styles punches him and he falls back to the mat, just for Styles to pick him back up, and line up against the ropes, for an irish whip. As Stevens returns to sender, Styles throws him straight up in the air… and football punts him in the chest on the way down!
Styles: Hey weeb guy! This one’s for you too! I saw a Japanese dude do it once!
Styles lifts Stevens up, sets him up with the arms behind the back… and delivers a slow, sloppy [tiger driver], before placing a single foot on the chest, and flexing
Woodbridge: Well, he didn’t quite get all of it.
Styles takes time to put Stevens in a Camel Clutch.
Mann: And it seems Styles didn’t want to get left out of showing off!
Woodbridge: Well, he certainly nailed Milkman with that kick, but the Tiger Driver left a lot to be desired.
Mann: Styles seems to have control of this match when it’s slowed down, wearing Stevens with this technical wrestling prowess.
Woodbridge, reaching under the desk for a paper bag: Everyone wants to be a hero in front of the first crowd in two years
Styles releases Stevens from the hold by battering him in the back of the head with a forearm, picking him up by the scruff, and bouncing him off the ropes for an Irish whip and hitting him with the kitchen sink! But Stevens wastes no motion, and grabs the leg, turning Styles over for a rollup!
Woodbridge: He almost got him with that rollup! From out of nowhere!
The Milkman tries to capitalize, but Styles returns the favor with a boot to the stomach.
Styles: I’ll show you to make a damn fool out of me!
Styles hoists Stevens up for a vertical suplex, before taking two steps and chucking him across the top rope! The Milkman bounces off the top rope, makes a deflating noise as the air is forced out of his lungs, and flops down to the floor outside!
Mann: Styles with some kind of inverted lawn-dart maneuver! Woodbridge, do you know what that’s called?
Woodbridge: Nope.
Styles: Come on, milk boy, you have anything else for me?
Stevens crawls back into the ring, holding onto his ribs, before Styles once again kicks him in the stomach, and applies a chin lock in the ring.
Mann: Styles has found his target! If Stevens can’t breathe, he can’t fight!
Woodbridge: The young Styles showing some veteran instinct here, Mann, if Stevens has the wind knocked out of him, he can’t perform those high-flying moves he was nailing Styles with earlier!
Styles turns to the side, and locks Milkman in a body scissors, using his legs to apply pressure to the ribcage. Stevens tries to use his free legs to push both men closer to the ropes, but can only move them a few feet. Stevens smacks the mat with his free hand, and a guy in the crowd does it to the barricade. Stevens smacks the mat again, and a few more fans join in.
Crowd Smacking the barricade
Stevens pushes towards the ropes again, making more progress. Styles sees this, and releases the hold, grabbing Stevens by the hair with one hand, tights in the other, and pulling him up to his feet.
Styles: You want the ropes so bad, here, have them!
Styles runs over to the ropes with the Milkman, and hurls him between the middle and top rope, dumping him to the outside where he lands with a noticeable thud. Styles follows him to the outside, taking his time to savor the boos of the crowd, before delivering a knee to a rising Milkman, and lifting him for a vertical suplex on the grass! Styles rolls into the ring… and back out again to break the count. Despite the present beating, Stevens once again pulls himself to his feet.
And Styles knees him in the ribs.
Styles rolls Stevens back into the ring before taking a moment to confront the drunk fan who jeered him earlier. After his verbal exchange, Styles delivers a scoop slam to Stevens to keep him down, and the pressure on the body, before sliding into a cover.
Mann: Forcing Stevens to exert more energy there on the kick out, after continuing his assault on the ribs. A very solid strategy by Styles in this one.
Styles picks The Milkman up once more and prepares another vertical suplex, but the Milkman slips free! Stevens lands behind Styles, hooks his arms, and goes for a crucifix pin!
Styles barely escapes! The Milkman wastes no motion as Styles rises back to his feet, bouncing off the hard camera ropes, and forcing Styles to drop back to the mat to avoid a strike. Stevens bounces off the opposite end, and Styles barely avoids him once more, this time with a slide-step that sees him almost lose his balance. Styles tries to save his momentum by charging at Stevens as he bounces off the ropes a third time, but Stevens pulls down the top rope, sending Styles to the apron! Stevens kicks Styles in the knee, before going through the middle rope to meet Styles on the apron. Styles tries to sweep out the leg of the Milkman, knocking himself down to one knee on the attempt, but Stevens jumps over it, and catches Styles with a Calcium Kiss Superkick that sends Styles to the grass below!
With his foe grounded, Stevens looks to the crowd, positions himself in the middle of the ring, and before Styles can discover where he is, Stevens takes flight, springboarding off the middle rope with an Asai Milksault! On the landing, Stevens’ left knee awkwardly hits the uneven yard, and he visibly grimaces before falling backward.
Mann: And both men are down after that! Stevens with a ferocious comeback attempt, but he may have hurt himself!
Woodbridge: Someone hasn’t been taking care of their lawn.
Stevens hears the air exit the crowd, and pulls himself up, giving them a reassuring thumbs up, before using the leg he landed on to kick Styles in the back of his knee, before throwing him back into the ring. Stevens puts one leg into the ring through the middle rope, before looking into the crowd- and deciding to ascend the turnbuckles instead! The Milkman leaps, and delivers a diving hurricanrana! As Styles tries to roll to the ropes, Stevens uses their good leg to stomp on his chest, before pulling him back to the middle of the ring, and hitting a Standing Milksault! Stevens maintains the cover!
Styles gets a shoulder up!
Woodbridge: And Stevens throwing everything into this assault on Styles, but it still wasn’t enough to put him down!
Crowd: Let’s Go Milk-man! Let’s Go Milk-man!
Stevens picks Styles up, and lifts him onto his shoulders…
Woodbridge: He’s going for the Milky Way!
…But the injured knee can’t hold up the weight, and both men crash to the mat.
Entrance Music begins to play as a small, skinny wrestler in a leather jacket waltzes towards the two downed competitors
Mann: And that’s Raven Van Loupe! Van Loupe is here at Sound Off!
Woodbridge: These two formed an alliance last time we saw them! But will it hold after the time off?
Van Loupe enters the ring, despite the protests of WiR official Tai Ni Wong, and glances at the pair as both try to pull themselves up, Stevens using the ropes, Styles on his own. Van Loupe looks back and forth… before kicking Stevens in the injured knee!
Babaganoush: And here is your winner…
Van Loupe helps Styles to his feet, and the pair begin to lay the boots on Stevens.
Babaganoush: By disqualification as a result of interference, and striking a WiR official…
Styles takes the knee of the downed Milkman, and lifts it above his head, before thrashing it against the canvas.
Babaganoush: At a time of…
Van Loupe has Styles lift Stevens by the hair once more, before she runs to the ropes, jumps off the second rope, and Styles pushes The Milkman into the cutter.
Babaganoush: Ten minutes and twenty-three seconds…
Styles and Van Loupe stand over Stevens, and Styles prepares to deliver the finishing blow as he signals to the crowd that he is looking for the Styles Clash!
Banaganoush: Tony “The Milkmannnnnn” Stevens!!!!!!
Van Loupe: Are you done?
Van Loupe gives Styles a thumbs up, but as he goes to finish off Stevens, a mighty howl plays over the speakers as a short, scruffy man runs to the ring.
Woodbridge: That’s The Werewolf!
Mann Johnny, A Werewolf, is here! And he’s rushing to the ring!
Styles lets Stevens flop back down to the mat, holding his knee, and turns to face the incoming Werewolf as he slides under the ropes and into the ring. Styles steps before Vna Loupe to intercept, but the fresh Werewolf knocks him off his feet with The Pounce. The Werewolf comes face to face with Van Loupe in the center of the ring!
Mann: Pandemonium has broken out in the first match of Sound Off! And the fans are loving it!
Crowd: WE LOVE WERE-WOLF! clap clap clap clap clap WE LOVE WERE-WOLF!
Woodbridge: The Pack Wolf and the Werewolf facing off in the center of the ring!
Mann: And these two have unfinished business! The Lifeblood exists because they took issue with being left behind for signings like Werewolf!
Johnny feints left, before throwing a right jab! The Werewolf unleashes Pack Tactics on Van Loupe! As he stops throwing punches, and signals for another pounce, Styles kips up, and levels the werewolf with a lariat!
Van Loupe and Styles begin to wear down the Werewolf, delivering blow after blow to Johnny as the boos rain from the crowd. Van Loupe delivers a stomp to the knee of The Milkman to keep him down before they and Jericho set up to finish off styles…
When an Italian Flag appears on the video screen, and an absolute guido of an Italian-American, hair dripping with greaseslowly walks out from behind the curtain, wearing a Shohei Ohtani jersey!
…A Shohei Ohtani… New York Mets jersey.
Mann: That’s The Apex! Arturo Stiglione! Stiglione is in the yard!
Stiglione slowly scopes out the scene on his way to the ring, seeing the downed Milkman on the left of the ring, the downed werewolf on the right, and the standing Lifeblood members in the middle. He slowly ascends the stairs and stands across from Van Loupe and Styles.
Wodbridge: And The Apex, not a fan of Johnny, a very terse relationship between these two.
Apex: Hell ova job ya done hea’
Van Loupe: If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stand aside, and maybe we won’t hurt you.
Apex: Dont’cha mind me, just monitoring the situation.
Styles pulls Van Loupe aside, and the two have an impromptu conference, before nodding along, and continuing their attack on Werewolf.
With The Lifeblood’s backs turned Styles looks down at his fist. He looks down at the blue and orange he’s adorned in, and loosens up his arm. He points to the back of Styles, who senses the crowd rising, and turns around… to be met with a spinning backfist!!
Mann: Styles has made his choice! And he chooses to stand against The Lifeblood!
Van Loupe hears his body hit the canvas, and turns around, to be met with the sight of a downed Styles! The Apex takes off his Mets jersey… to reveal an Angels jersey! The Werewolf is back on his feet, and he and the Apex come face to face! Van Loupe rises back up at the wrong time, as the two share a nod, and deliver a double clothesline! Seeing the situation turn against him, Styles slinks to the outside, and grabs a chair from under the ring, before sneaking back in behind the Werewolf and Apex, who have turned to the hard camera. Styles raises the chair to strike…
...And gets blasted by a Calcium Kiss from The Milkman!
The three faces are all back on their feet in the middle of the ring, standing tall! As the three begin to celebrate…
“It’s a Psychobilly Freakout!
Mann: That’s the music of Mason Saunders! But where is he?
Saunders’ music plays, but the entranceway remains empty.
Woodbridge: He’s behind us, Mann! He just jumped the barricade!
Mann: But he’s outnumbered, Woodbridge, both his allies are down!
Undeterred by the numbers disadvantage, Saunders slides behind the faces, and as they recognize the trap, Saunders is already in the ring! The Werewolf approaches first and throws a jab that almost seems to bounce off the chin of Saunders. Saunders simply stares, and when the Werewolf tries a second one, Saunders swipes it aside with a tree trunk arm, before launching into action and dropping the Werewolf with a right hook, which catches the Werewolf cleanly on the jaw, who slumps backward onto the canvas. The Milkman tries to charge to his aid, but Saunders delivers a pump kick to put him back on the canvas. The Apex tries to make a move while Saunders’ back is turned facing Stevens, but he fails to do any damage and is swiftly thrown aside. Saunders drops the Milkman again, before turning around to face Apex… who turns around, and flees the ring as fast as possible!
Mann: And Stiglione, getting out of dodge as soon as he can!
Woodbridge: And turning tail and running, Stiglione is out of here!
As Stiglione flees up the entranceway, the rest of the Lifeblood begins to pick themselves up. Saunders puts the Werewolf pack down on the canvas with a scoop powerslam, and boots him out of the ring. The Lifeblood stand united, and face the hard camera, Stiglione and Werewolf removed, and the Milkman down on the opposite end of the ring. JZ ascends to the second rope of the left turnbuckle, Van Loupe to the right, and the three all pose for the hard camera!
Mann: And the Lifeblood, although not victorious in the match, is victorious here in the aftermath!
Woodbridge: But wait, The Milkman is trying to get back up!
Mann: Stevens of course, left for the picking, as other members of The Horde are all the way on the other side of the Farm preparing for their match later!
Stevens struggles to pull himself up to his feet, knee buckling under him. Saunders perks up, and stops his pose. Stevens staggers to his feet, and before he can get very far, Saunders turns, and with blinding speed nails Stevens with a disgusting lariat that nearly takes his head off!
Woodbridge: And the Milk has gone spoiled.
The Lifeblood circle the downed Milkman like vultures, and Van Loupe drops to one knee, and picks up the Milkman’s head by the hair! JZ gets down as well, and the two strike a pose, with Milkman’s body as the centerpiece!
Mann: A statement made, by the Lifeblood
Woodbridge: To me, Mann, it looks like the statement was made by Saunders, Van Loupe, and JZ just picked up the scraps!
Van Loupe, holding up Milkman to the Camera victoriously: Take a look, WiR, this is the future! We are the Lifeblood of this company, and don’t forget that!
The camera pans out to JZ and Van Loupe celebrating over Milkman’s body, while Saunders stares from behind, before fading out to a commercial break.
Javier: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, with a 20 minute time limit. Your referee for this contest is Mia So Hung. Introducing first, from Montreal, Canada, weighing in at 119 pounds...... GIGI♥ V!
A significantly smaller but incredibly loud section of the crowd: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Music begins to swell in the background, and the crowd continues their jeering (and occasional unbridled simping) until Gigi steps out, running her hands down her body to the lewd Ashnikko verse.
Mann: Gigi here, surrounded by her legion of fans, who are then surrounded by a legion of people who absolutely despise her. As it should be here in WiR.
Gigi saunters to the ring, taking vaguely suggestive selfies with her ravenous fans on the front row, and generally seeming uncaring about the forthcoming match.
Woodbridge: And given her successes recently, it’s gonna be easy to overlook a competitor like Li Xiao, which very easily could prove fatal.
Gigi steps into the ring, as Javier starts his announcing again.
Javier: And her opponent, from Hong Kong, weighing in at 105 pounds... LI XIAO!!!
A unfamiliar metal song blasts out from the speakers, and a rather familiar hyperactive martial artist bounces out from behind the curtain!
Xiao charges down the ramp with a head of steam, hyped and ready to fight.
Mann: Xiao has some of the most devastating offense in this company, and if she’s able to keep momentum, it could very well shatter Gigi’s plans of making a statement here!
Woodbridge: Yeah, sure, but Xiao’s a tag team specialist first and foremost. She comes in to deal damage and then gets out before she takes too much abuse.
Xiao hops into the ring, and the referee pats both competitors down, before gesturing for the bell.
In an interesting turn of events, Gigi and Li Xiao start off with a collar-and-elbow tie up in the center of the ring. Gigi takes quick advantage of her height and weight advantage to gain leverage and force Li Xiao backwards into the ropes.
Mann: Gigi starting off with the basics here, knowing Li Xiao is nothing if not an incredibly explosive fighter.
Woodbridge: That’s right, Xiao wrestles like my grandpa used to make moonshine, god rest his soul!
Gigi sets herself, and when Xiao tries to push off the ropes and get Gigi off, Gigi directs the momentum into a modified biel, throwing Li Xiao across the ring! Gigi takes a moment to smirk and pose for the fans - a mistake, as Xiao rolls through the throw and hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring!
Mann: Incredible strength from Gigi!
Gigi turns around into a sprinting palm strike from Xiao, staggering backwards into the ropes yet again, and Xiao follows up with a big kick to the gut! Gigi’s doubled over, and Xiao drops her with a DDT!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s fired up, and she’s quite possibly looking to end this match before it even gets started!
Xiao with the cover!
Gigi kicks out right at 2, and rolls up, obviously shocked and dazed. The crowd in attendance is split, with the wrestling fans excited to see Gigi on the ropes, and the Gigi fans absolutely in shambles. Xiao is up quickly, as Gigi staggers to her feet - Xiao hits the ropes, springboards, and catches Gigi with a beautiful headscissors!
Gigi rolls through, runs the ropes, and comes back with a head of steam! Xiao dodges a clothesline attempt, shoves Gigi to the other rope, and gets ready for the comeback - Gigi catches the ropes! Xiao charges in to press the advantage, and eats an officially branded Gigi♥ boot to the face! Xiao is absolutely rocked, staggering backwards, and this time Gigi takes the initiative and absolutely levels Xiao with a clothesline! Xiao spirals to the mat, and Gigi blows a kiss to the fans in attendance!
Gigi: I am your future champion, and this is the match I’m booked in?
Gigi catches Xiao with a boot to the back of the head! Xiao rolls over, and Gigi drops a knee onto her throat, before going for the cover!
Xiao muscles out of the pin, clutching her head!
Woodbridge: We got two high fliers here, these women make a livin’ out of dodging attacks. Anything that lands here is going to be devastating!
Mann: And right now, it looks like Xiao is barely conscious after those blows to the head!
Gigi gets up, and winks at her fans in attendance and watching live throughout the world.
Gigi saunters over to Xiao, and plays up the boot she’s about to give - SMALL PACKAGE! SMALL PACKAGE!
Gigi kicks out, and her mood instantly changes. Xiao is staggering to her feet, and takes a full on slap to the face!
Mann: What a slap from Gigi, obviously assisted by her official Gigi♥ gloves, sponsored by Fairtex!
Woodbridge: Gigi’s pissed now, and you could hear that slap all the way in Los Angeles!
Xiao clutches her face, and Gigi follows up with a huge kick to the gut! Xiao falls to one knee, and Gigi finishes the trifecta with a roundhouse to the head!
Xiao collapses to the mat!
Mann: And Xiao’s down! What a kick!
Woodbridge: That kick nearly took her head off, Shay! I don’t know if she’s even conscious down there!
Gigi’s prepared, and is looking to finish this, climbing to the top rope! Xiao is flat on her back on the mat, and Gigi takes the leap, flipping forwards with a swanton! Xiao is still conscious, though, and rolls away in the nick of time, leaving Gigi high and dry!
Mann: I... feel like that’s problematic, somehow.
Woodbridge: Nah, ‘sfine, don’t worry about it.
Xiao grabs for the ropes, pulling herself to her feet, but is obviously still dazed from the kick!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s hurt!
Mann: You see this a lot in Li Xiao singles matches - she’s got an incredible offense, but she’s fragile at best in-ring!
Gigi is holding her back, and glares at Xiao in frustration!
Gigi: You were supposed to stay down! it was going on Tiktok!
Gigi charges forward, ready to avenge her mistake, but takes a knee to the gut! Gigi staggers for a second, only to get a chop to the neck! She’s reeling! Xiao with a forearm! Xiao with a elbow strike!
Xiao takes a step backwards, and lets out a KIAI, before charging forward with a roundhouse - NO! SCHOOLBOY FROM GIGI!
Xiao kicks out at 2.6, rolls to her feet, and is immediately back on the offensive, catching Gigi with a kick to the gut!
Mann: Xiao was going for her trademark flurry of blows, and that roundhouse could very well have ended this match!
Woodbridge: Sure, but it doesn’t look like Gigi’s in a better spot right now anyway!
Xiao measures, as Gigi slowly gets back to her feet, and steps through the ropes, stalking her opponent! Gigi’s up, and Xiao leaps onto the ropes, going for a springboard - GIGI HOOKS HER LEG!
Crowd: BOOOOO!
Xiao loses her footing, and falls neck-first onto the ropes, before collapsing to the outside of the ring!
Mann: Gigi with a lightning-quick reversal!
Woodbridge: Xiao might be seriously hurt down there!
Gigi regains some of her confidence, and gives the crowd an innocent smile, completely ignoring the competitor she might have seriously injured. As the count reaches six, Gigi finally springs into action, rolling out of the ring, and grabbing Xiao by the hair!
Gigi: That’s what you get for ruining my moment!
Gigi pulls Xiao up to her feet, and throws her into the ring. Gigi rolls in as Xiao fights to one knee, then to her feet! Gigi smirks, and stands in front of Xiao, posing for the crowd -
Xiao with a JKD backfist!
Woodbridge: River City Knockout! That’s Biff’s move! What a moment to strike!
Gigi is staggered - falls to one knee - then gets back up, just in time to eat THE CRANE KICK
Gigi is down! Xiao is staggering after landing the crane kick, and collapses to a knee herself! Xiao takes a moment to collect herself, then throws herself into the cover, hooking both legs!
Mia hits the three count, and Xiao rolls off, sure she’s won the match, but Gigi’s right hand is on the ropes!
Mia explains to Xiao, who is obviously frustrated, but nods. She takes a moment to kick Gigi’s wrist, knocking her hand off the ropes, before climbing to the top rope! Xiao steels herself - leaps - corkscrews through the air!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s Wing!
Gigi gets her knees up! Xiao lands back-first onto Gigi’s knees! Xiao bounces halfway across the ring, clutching her back and neck, and lands on her chest!
Mann: And Gigi has just enough in the tank to get that counter in!
Gigi, with what seems like massive effort, rolls over, before crawling towards Xiao, who seems to be completely out of it. She crawls over Xiao, with a knowing smirk, before hooking her legs around Xiao’s head!
Mann: Gigi looking for the Paywall, this modified figure four choke!
Woodbridge: And half the audience is looking at something else right now.
Gigi torques Xiao’s already injured neck back, cutting off all airflow! Xiao struggles for a moment, but is trapped in the center of the ring! She crawls forward, but Gigi leans back, torquing her neck even further! Xiao swings back with an elbow, then another, but her arm is caught by Gigi’s free hand! After a moment of struggling, Xiao finally relents, and taps in the center of the ring!
Javier: And your winner, at a time of 7:53.... GIGI!
Gigi rolls out of the ring, obviously the worse for wear, clutching her neck after the crane kick to the skull!
Mann: And Gigi with a hard-fought win after these two threw everything at each other in a absolutely brutal short match!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s not a singles competitor on her own, but she showed just how brutal her brand of offense is when it needs to be - if Biff has the same resilience he used to have the tag division might need to be on notice!
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2023.06.02 04:41 SchemesOfMiceAndMen [H] Assassin's Creed, Past Humble Bundles and leftovers including Hellblade, Grid Ultimate, VR games, Walking Dead Saints, Resident Evil HD and 0, Street Fighter and Ultra, Aliens, Ascent [W] games, lists, trades

Hello! I have a bunch of old Humble Bundles and some other keys up for trade. I have them organized 2 ways: 1) by specific humble bundles, 2) alphabetized at the very bottom. Hopefully that makes it easier to find what you are looking for!
I'm mostly interested in trading with people who plan to activate immediately instead of retrading later.
Humble Non-Choice Bundles :
In Your Face VR
Battle Group VR
Zenith: The Last City
Humble Spring into VR Leftovers
Star Trek: Bridge Crew
Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality
Humble VR Emporium Leftovers
House Flipper VR
Zero Caliber VR
Scary Games to Play in the Dark
The Blackout Club
Them and Us
Amazing Adventures
Beyond a Steel Sky
Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo
Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot The First Cases
Resident Evil Decades of Horror
Resident Evil HD Remaster
Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster
Humble Capcom
Bionic Commando
Street Fighter V
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Humble T1D
Walking Dead Saints and Sinners
Bartlow's Dread Machine
Super Meat Boy
Gauntlet Slayer Edition
Humble Extras
Vikings Wolves of Midgard
Gabriel Knight 3
Battalion 1944
Deadbeat Heroes
Octahedron: Transfixed Edition
Oh My Godheads
To the Moon
Sims 3
Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff
Sims 3 Late Night
Sims 3 Date Night
Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box
Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising
Medal of Honor (Origin)
Burnout Paradise (Origin)
Mirror's Edge Origin
Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising Origin
Popolous Origin
Humble Choice Bundles:
April 2023 Choice
Aliens: Fireteam Elite
Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp
Founders' Fortune
October 2022 Choice
Disciples Liberation
Epic Chef
Railroad Corporation
Golf Gang
August 2022 Choice
The Ascent
Hot Wheels Unleashed
Gas Station Simulator
In Sound Mind
Humble June 2022
Phoenix Point GOTY
Siege Survival Gloria Victis
Pumpkin Jack
I am Fish
Humble May 2022
Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom
Command and Conquer Remastered Collection (must activate by June 7th)
Spellcaster University
Humble April 2020 (5 Choices Left)
This is the Police 2
Raiden V Director's Cut
Driftland: Magic Revival
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Shoppe Keep 2
Capitalism 2
Humble June 2020 (5 Choices Left)
Grid Ultimate Edition
Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice
Felix the Reaper
Men of War: Assault Squad 2
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
The King's Bird
Humble August 2020 Leftovers
Little Big Workshop
Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition
Humble September 2020 Leftovers
Golf with Your Friends
Vampire the Masquerade Coteries of New York
Fun with Ragdolls the Game
Strange Brigade
Catherine Classic
Humble October 2020 Leftovers
Tropico 6 El Prez Edition
Iron Danger
Shadows Awakening
Fantasy Blacksmith
Goat of Duty
The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day
Humble November 2020 Leftovers
Darksiders 3
Imperator: Rome Deluxe Edition
Crying Suns
Rover Mechanic Simulator
Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt
Humble December 2020 Leftovers
Shining Resonance Refrain
Zwei: The Arges Adventure
Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection
Tabletop Playground
Humble January 2021 Leftovers
PC Building Simulator
Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
Warhammer: Chaosbane
Total Tank Simulator
Not Tonight
Vampire TM: Shadows of New york
The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines
Humble February 2021
Outward + The Soroboreans + Soundtrack
Endless Space 2 Digital Deluxe
Trine 4
The Wild Eight
Train Station Renovation
Boomerang Fu
Werewolf: Heart of the Forest
Humble March 2021
Control Standard Edition
Xcom: Chimera Squad
Kingdom Two Crowns
WWE 2K Battleground
Hotshot Racing
Peaky Blinders: Mastermind
Cyber Hook
Boreal Blade
Humble April 2021
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts
F1 2020
Shenmue 3
Main Assembly
Rock of Ages 3
In Other Waters
Aven Colony
Colt Canyon
Popup Dungeon
Humble May 2021
Darksiders Genesis
Cook, Serve, Delicious 3
Fury Unleashed
Size Matters
Family Man
Humble Alphabetical List
Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot The First Cases Ageless Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo Aliens: Fireteam Elite Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Autonauts Aven Colony Bartlow's Dread Machine Basement Battalion 1944 Battle Group VR Beyond a Steel Sky Bionic Commando Boomerang Fu Boreal Blade Burnout Paradise (Origin) Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box Capitalism 2 Catherine Classic Colt Canyon Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising Origin Command and Conquer Remastered Collection (must activate by June 7th) Control Standard Edition Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 Crying Suns Cyber Hook Darksburg Darksiders 3 Darksiders Genesis Deadbeat Heroes Disciples Liberation Driftland: Magic Revival Elex Embr Endless Space 2 Digital Deluxe Epic Chef Equilinox Evergarden F1 2020 Family Man Fantasy Blacksmith Felix the Reaper Founders' Fortune Fun with Ragdolls the Game Fury Unleashed Gabriel Knight 3 GameDec Gas Station Simulator Gauntlet Slayer Edition Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition Goat of Duty Golf Gang Golf with Your Friends Grid Ultimate Edition Hellblade Senua' Sacrifice Hellpoint Hot Wheels Unleashed Hotshot Racing House Flipper VR I am Fish Imperator: Rome Deluxe Edition In Other Waters In Sound Mind Iron Danger Kingdom Two Crowns Little Big Workshop Magicat Main Assembly Medal of Honor (Origin) Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Mirror's Edge Origin Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Niche Not Tonight Octahedron: Transfixed Edition Oh My Godheads Outward + The Soroboreans + Soundtrack Overload Oxenfree PC Building Simulator Peaky Blinders: Mastermind Pesterquest Phoenix Point GOTY Pine Popolous Origin Popup Dungeon Propnight Pumpkin Jack Rad Raiden V Director's Cut Railroad Corporation Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Resident Evil Decades of Horror Resident Evil HD Remaster Retimed Revita Rock of Ages 3 Rover Mechanic Simulator SCP: 5K Shadows Awakening Shenmue 3 Shining Resonance Refrain Shoppe Keep 2 Siege Survival Gloria Victis Sims 3 Sims 3 Date Night Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff Sims 3 Late Night Size Matters Skully Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Spellcaster University Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom Star Trek: Bridge Crew Strange Brigade Street Fighter V Strider Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Super Meat Boy Superfly Supraland Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality Tabletop Playground The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines The Ascent The Blackout Club The King's Bird The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day The Wild Eight Them and Us This is the Police 2 To the Moon Total Tank Simulator Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt Train Station Renovation Trine 4 Tropico 6 El Prez Edition TruberBrook Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Ultra Street Fighter IV Vampire TM: Shadows of New york Vampire the Masquerade Coteries of New York Vane Vikings Wolves of Midgard WWE 2K Battleground Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Wargroove Warhammer: Chaosbane Werewolf: Heart of the Forest Wildfire Xcom: Chimera Squad Zenith: The Last City Zero Caliber VR Zwei: The Arges Adventure Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection
Fanatical, GMG, other Keys:
Aragami Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gold (requires Uplay login) Atari Vault Biped Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Cat Lady Card Game Clustertruck Crown Trick Deponia Doomsday Dustforce DX Everspace Everspace Encounters Dlc Everspace Upgrade to Deluxe Edition HoPiKo Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! Horizon Chase Turbo Kill It With Fire Liberated Metro Redux Bundle Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Advanced Classes Unlocker Monster Slayers Fire and Steel Expansion Monsters Den Chronicles Moon Hunters Neon Abyss Pillars of the Earth Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Quest Hunter Shadowhand RPG Card Game Shieldmaiden Remix Skyhill Slain Back from Hell Spirit Hunter Death Mark Starpoint Gemini Warlords Swords of Gargantua VR Tangledeep The Dark Eye Memoria The Long Reach Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Wayward Souls XIII Classic
I'm mostly interested in trades. Let me know what you got! Thanks!
submitted by SchemesOfMiceAndMen to SteamGameSwap [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 04:41 Golfman74 Towel ape talks about his passive retirement income…on a company in Chapter 11. You just can’t make up comedy like this.

Towel ape talks about his passive retirement income…on a company in Chapter 11. You just can’t make up comedy like this. submitted by Golfman74 to gme_meltdown [link] [comments]