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2023.06.03 10:07 amongus420sussy Help

i did pcp and lean and i can’t tell if i have serotonin syndrome i did the pcp two days in row i think over night the first day and lean to make us go to sleep and i felt fine the next day except light headed and bowel movements and then we did unknown dosage of the crystals snorted and went and hung with ppl but i started wondering how casually if i can mix it with Lean and i didn’t start sipping i was taking big sippyz and we swam but before swam i felt absolutely amazing and almost like 30 minutes before we got to my house or like while we were here and i started getting violent sharp (liver ? Pain? Side specific spot and also before liver pain i would switch violently between hot and cold and it only kept getting worse until the pain in side was gone hours later and i felt really bad but started thinking i was starting to feel better thank god i didnt do more crystals but i haven’t been able to go to sleep and when i move my hair out of my face and my head feels brain like swell i don’t know and i was having rapid and hard heart beat and twitching and stiffness i think but i was so high and now im very tired but kinda awake because we turned on the lights and trying to see if it is serotonin syndrome because that’s the only conclusion i can think
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2023.06.03 10:05 Successful_Iron_4114 [M4F] Looking for a long term Attack on Titan rp!

Hi! So I recently reread the manga for Attack on Titan, which has put me in the mood for writing a story set in the world of AOT with somebody!
As for what that story ends up looking like, that’s up for discussion. I’m happy to play cannon characters or use OCs. And I’m open to the idea of AUs or just changing certain parts of the world to fit the story better. It could even be fun to play the characters in different settings. (Something about having AOT characters in a medieval or fantasy really speaks to me lol.)
As for the story itself, I am hoping for something more on the romantic side of things. But we really don’t have to get into that too heavily if you’re not into that, since just having our characters living through the world of aot together sounds fun on its own!
Anyway, if you are interested in this then feel free to message me with what character that you want to play. Then we can get to coming up with a plot together!
So I think that’s pretty much it. My only rule is that I ask that you only message me if you’re 18+, because I don’t feel comfortable RPing with minors.
If you’re reading this far down then I hope that you enjoyed this post, but regardless I hope that you have a great day/night!
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2023.06.03 08:34 RomeoTessaract Yes, influence me to be Jewish

Influence of the Chosen people. Does not justify means and ends. Notice most in the bible the price of sins gets courted by G-d. From my studies yesterday: When Moses killed the Egyptian. It started a chain of events. That lead to the war for freedom. The bible is such poetry. Cain killing Abel. Moses, letting the Sea fall on the Egyptian Army.
Jesus of Nazareth's life and words are the poetry to the Tanakh. He was in Jewish home until he was 13. So he remembered it(Tanakh), possibly could read it. Because I think so much about his 40 days in the desert. And how today that is the crime for dropping the Torah in Judaism. As the man called king of the jews in his birth and death.
What happened to me, is I grew up with people who accepted the poetry we call New Testament. With real life accounts, and then teachings. That went on to define the world. Therefore, he is Called King of the World. And I kneel to him, especially in his Eucharist form. Raised outside Catholicism, it is not ingrained in me to kneel when I enter the church. Prayers I think, when even I was only protestant, got answered. But my sin was believing I could self interpret. To believe something without confirmation somewhere within the church I was baptized in.
I am king of one thing. And one thing only. And it is Catholic. I am king of how I act towards others.
There is no poetry in a fake religion that believes the world will end. For, how can poetry end ? If it started with Genesis.
We learned, we Catholics, that all good things are 3. Must be of our influence of the trinity. My ideology is that the third temple be a synagogue we know where it needs to be. Does anyone really believe that is evil? Tell me in a way my ears can hear why ? Because as the King I want it.
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2023.06.03 08:15 Impressive_Pause_341 Scared to lose my parents.

Me and my parents have a very strong bond we love each other endlessly and always have I’ve never had a “bad relationship with them” I can’t ever stay mad at them. When I’m enjoying my dad this sudden powerful fear comes to me I imagine the day my parents leave me behind I get chocked up and literally cry for hours on end I don’t know what to do without I don’t think ppl understand when I say I CANT live without my parents I just can’t. At night when I’m drifting off to sleep the fear creeps up on me and I suddenly feel like I can’t breath. I don’t know how to ease the fear of loosing them ppl have told me “live in the moment” but I can’t stop my thought it comes out of no where. I cant lose them i cant lose my dear parents it hurts too much to think about. I’m not a super religious person but I do HOPE there’s a after life I PRAY that there’s a afterlife because if I can’t ever see my parents again…I’d rather die over and over again. I really do hope god is real I hope heaven is real I hope me and my parents can live happily ever after in heaven. Gosh my head hurts from these feelings.
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2023.06.03 08:03 bnegativ

I’ve been doing so well with my emetophobia. Eating well and regularly, going outside of my comfort zone, falling asleep early (if ya know, ya know) thinking I was on my way to a more normal world. And tonight I’m up with gut pain, n* and d. I’m so scared and panicking. I am so tired of this fear. I don’t have a support system so I’m placing this here in good hands. Thanks for listening. Send me v free vibes. 🌙✨
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2023.06.03 07:57 welfarecase00 Middle Aged Basketcase Wants to Improve His Life

I'm 42 and I have been living in my Mom's house in Hawaii for the past six years. She's in California and planning to sell the house in Hawaii and her house in California.
I live on the east side of the Big Island which doesn't have much going on. I find it hard to make friends and there's no jobs that are relevant to what I want to start my career in.
I studied Information Technology at the local university. I got my A+ and Security+ certificates and have been struggling to find my first job.
I have been on SSDI for about twenty years. I was approved for mental illness, Major Depression with General Anxiety Disorder. At this point in life the thought of getting off SSDI scares me, but I also understand that if I want to change my life for the better I should consider working a normal job like most people. I have been hospitalized more times than I can count, so sometimes I think I should just be on it for life. I'm confused.
I'm still applying for jobs online. I have had interviews but not offers. I was able to get a Front End Designer paid internship but unfortunately I did not learn much and it did not really do much for me.
How can I get ahead? Should I try moving to the mainland? Should I just stay on SSDI because I'm a basketcase?
I want friends. I want a good job. I want the things that come with a wonderful life. I also want security when it comes to health care. If something happens to me now, I'm covered. If I start working, well after a while that goes away and I get thrown to the wolves of private health insurance. It almost seems like I am gambling here.
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2023.06.03 07:47 xohotmessmamaox A normal Skeeter Syndrome reaction or something else?

Hi all. I have Skeeter Syndrome and even had a mosquito bite two weeks before this that was a normal Skeeter Syndrome reaction where it swelled to the size of a half-dollar coin (approx 2” in diameteping pong sized welt). Ironically right in the middle where the empty space would be.
These are progression shots from bug bites I got may 28th up to today. I’ve never had a reaction like this before and I’m not sure if it’s because there are 2 or three bites or if it’s something else.
I’ve had a head ache and runny nose, but no fever. It stopped itching yesterday and no pain unless I press on a specific spot. There is also no swelling now.
The large portion of redness though is a bit concerning.
Would love any insight! My doctors don’t have an option to send photos and I don’t really want to go to the doctor for a bug bite/normal Skeeter reaction.
Thank you for your help!
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2023.06.03 07:00 MelodicTrade144 Cat fountain water cloudy?

Hey there! I got my cat a fountain a while back. Its stainless steel and a decent size. She loves it. However, recently no matter how often or deeply I clean it the water gets cloudy within a day or two. I've tried completely wiping and drying the thing out before replacing it and I rinse the filter before putting it in. I have no idea what's causing this cloudy water and would love any suggestions as to what's causing it or how to prevent it. She's still drinking out of it like normal, but I can't help feeling anxious since the water doesn't look normal.
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2023.06.03 06:56 Environmental-Zone-4 Hey!

Bye everyone. I was a serious lurker of jeeneetard sub. You may never knew me but i am sure tumne kahi na kahi comments dekhe hoge. That sub was the only place where I could go since I had no friends anywhere. Jee prep wasn't so good. Two years are flashing back in my mind now a day before advanced. Thank you to all who helped me and Best of luck to fellow aspirants. Signing out.
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2023.06.03 06:52 Ok_Dimension_8995 The unquantifiable regret I feel for taking care of my dying stepdad

To cut it short as a kid when my mother looked at me all she could see was my father I honestly think, so naturally I gravitated more towards words him. He was pretty tough, went to nam, tropic lightning is all I know. I used to boast, “Oh he’s not my father but he’s earned the title of dad.” Corny but as time went on his health deteriorated, and eventually he retired. His condition kept getting worse, more frequent falls, no improvement in rehab just kind of a slow decline. And we’d all pitch in when we could my mom would take the brunt of course but I’d get his medicine, feed him, bring him to appointments, so I felt a little good about myself. Turns out he had been r***** my sister for almost 9 years from the age of 9 until she left for college. My mom had also mentioned he had poisoned my grandma at some point. At first like a dummy I said, “Oh of course I won’t say anything I just wanna keep the character you played not the guy you are and to do that I can’t have any contact.” He said he understood and preceded to harass me calling multiple times a day, even watching me on the camera outside. It has speakers so I could hear the fucker laughing. LAUGHING. Like he even has a right idk. So I blocked his number and now he wants to take his car back. The car I use to get to work and school, the car he can’t even drive. I know she’s not the only one looking back. I want to go over there so bad and beat the breaks off boy but he’d actually die if anybody punched him. There’s more I wish I could say but are probably against tos so I’ll leave it there.
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2023.06.03 06:04 SilverScripter Help me with airflow

So I have 3 positive airflow fans at the right side of my case, and 2 negative airflow fans at the left side, I want to put 2 positive airflow fans in the top right of my case and one negitive airflow fan at the top left of my case. I don’t know if it’s a good idea, this is my first ever gaming computer.
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2023.06.03 05:29 -dihydrogenmonoxide_ 19M [Friendship]

Hey, just looking for some friends! Super lonely in my middle-of-nowhere town, would love to get to know some people! Don’t really care if it’s long or short term, just wherever it goes, dm me :)
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2023.06.03 05:06 Altruistic-Ant-6221 Idk what to do anymore

I (21 F) have struggled with anxiety and depression since my early teen years. My anxiety was more social anxiety/ general with the occasional panic attacks. Fast forward to a few months ago I really couldn’t shake the idea of quitting my job I wasn’t sure why I loved my job (animal shelter attendant) some of the employees were ball busters and I made minimum wage. I was told I would be moving to an assistant management position soon which came with a raise yay. Needless to say that didn’t happen. The days at work got longer and longer. I stopped finding the joy in the job I loved so much. Yes it was also a sad job but I found more happiness. One day I had a panic attack at work and left early. Nothing in particular just I guess built up emotion. I didn’t go to work for another 3 days and I texted my boss that I quit. I quit just about a month ago. Since then I have barely left my home I barely eat or eat too much staying in bed isn’t comfy anymore but it’s so much better than getting up. I see no reason for me. I feel like an inconvenience to my family a disappointment even. I feel like I don’t belong in this world anymore. All my friends have slowly left which was probably my fault. My boyfriend, we’ve been dating over a year is very patient with me. I feel like me always being down if affecting him too I’m watching him lose interest in things he loves, he comes over just to sleep, he never eats. He wasn’t always like this. He used to be super social, he loved video games, he liked to workout. I feel like I’ve sucked his happiness somehow. He doesn’t deserve it. I feel like I’m hitting a new low and idk how I’m gonna come back from this one. I’ve never known feelings like this. I will say at least no one would have to deal with my funeral cause I’m too much of a pussy to end it. I’ve never felt more sad,alone,anxious,and just done with life. Sorry kinda rambled lol
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2023.06.03 04:54 ThrowRA34676432 my (19f) girlfriend's (19f) are homophobic and dont approve of our relationship

we started going out on dates roughly 2 months ago, and made it official 3 weeks ago.
i met the parents on tuesday of this week (may 30) and found out for the first time they are homophobic and don't approve of same sex relationships.
my gf says she doesnt give a shit what her parents say, and i dont mean to seem selfish, but it put me in a really uncomfortable position. we are happy, but idk what to do.
i dont want her to have no parents at all, since they threatened to never speak to her again (i went no contact with mine, so my parents wouldnt be like parents to her) and i only wish the best for her and her family relationships.
idk what to do bc i truly love her, but i want her to feel secure in our relationship without fear of never seeing her parents again, WDID?
tl;dr - my girlfriend's parents are homophobic and dont approve of our relationship and it has put me in an uncomfortable situation.
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2023.06.03 04:36 kperez48 Higher singulair dose for faster results?

I was prescribed singulair to help "treat", I guess, what might be early capsular contracture, not really sure what it's been almost a year since my original procedure and lefty still didn't want to drop so I went and did a revision where he cut open the pocket a little more, after which the implant immediately dropped into perfect position! BUT THEN...two weeks literally came right back up. I'm so annoyed. Everything I'm reading says capsular contracture happens around 6 weeks post op to up to a year so how could it have happened so soon again as 2 weeks? Anyway I'm currently taking 10mg and just wondering if taking 20mg of singulair would maybe speed up the process...I have a cruise to go on in 28 days and I don't want to be lopsided 😫 halp. I'm also wearing compression strap in like a figure 8 shape only around the needed implant so as not to cause the other "good" one to end up dropping too low - is that a possibility or is that in my head too? Please and thank you for your advice!!
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2023.06.03 04:22 PBroti Do you miss things a lot? Maybe too much?

I'm driving around my college town, and it's been about seven years but I come back often enough. I just find myself at an intersection and I think one thing I miss (dog sitting a friend's dog for a weekend), then I think of another (driving to the lake for a date and the Neil Young song we were listening to), or the time a guy lit up at a party after a long week and gave me a big hug, or the dance hall we could walk to, and on and on. I miss the mural that's been painted over on the building downtown, and the Indian restaurant that closed, and my good friend who worked at the bookstore who moved up North. The college farm I worked at is still there, and the coffee shop manager still runs the joint I used to work at, and my former professor still hosts poetry nights each week. I just wonder what I'm holding onto, and why. How much has to do with my bipolar, and how much is just getting older.
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2023.06.03 04:14 militxa How is Co-op at Level 200?

Last night I decided to make a new character as my main is extremely OP sitting at max level 713 (I originally did this to be able to try any build and experience all weapons)….
However, Not only do I want to experience a challenge from the DLC, I also enjoy helping people in Co-op and being at max level, I don’t find it very consistently…
I feel I want to take this character to level 200 instead of stopping at level 150, as I feel very limited with my stats at 150 and 200 gives me more ability to go to 80 strength, 60 vig, 25 faith (for buffs) etc…
My main question is, how consistent do you get summoned at level 200? and do you find colosseum matches consistently?
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2023.06.03 04:06 temptationaus UFC Vegas 74: Kara-France vs Albazi (Final Betting Card)

Final betting card for the event tomorrow.
Have to black out a few suggestions for the paying members of the team but like to give a few freebies. Mis-clicked the over 4.5 rounds in the main event, have edited that to reflect the real bet which is under 4.5 rounds!
If you enjoy the output, please feel free to join the team! We are proven to be profitable long-term so if you have some spare change to invest at any level, you love the sport and are interested in improving your knowledge - come over and check us out at
Good luck if you tail! Should be a fun night of fights.
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2023.06.03 03:50 chronic-venting I can’t kill myself because that would hurt others who need me.

I despise everyone around me right now expect maybe a few people. People making me increasingly irritated and angry and annoying me, I literally cannot stand to be around anyone, I hate everyone, and also everyone hurts me + everyone hurts everyone else and I can’t cope + I want to be dead I don’t feel like I have the ability to keep struggling anymore + some good things happened to me today so why do I feel the worst I’ve felt all week. my fault anyway. I feel irrational extreme rage at the thought of certain people perceiving me and interacting with me. i hate everyone.
i can’t imagine a life where not being abused. I don’t believe children who haven’t been abused/aren’t being abused exist. I don’t understand how to imagine living a life like that or how that would be like or how that could possibly exist. I struggle to believe that people are not lying when they say that. constantly overwhelmed by extreme trauma. no one gives a fuck. losing everything. can’t even die.
If I were serious about offing myself then I would cut everything off/cut all ties/destroy everything to leave no traces but I’m a coward and can’t bring myself to do that. I cut myself a lot today and I haven’t done that for a relatively long time and I don’t feel like myself, have been dissociating all week, feel extremely angry and frustrated and disappointed, suicide starting to seriously look like a reasonable and best way out, idk, feel awful
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2023.06.03 03:07 JamesJoelOwO Jealousy or revenge?

When you are sociable and like to talk to everyone, with the elderly, adults and children, I was a friend of a family, the eldest son of this family was my childhood friend (Jorge), I liked talking to the younger sister (Luz ) and with a cousin of his, but on a hot night in the middle of the park, Jorge's older sister (Juana) arrives, and starts accusing me of being a pedophile, she starts to do a theater in the middle of the park. .. Jorge's mother knows me well, she knows that I am a respectful person, we were next to Jorge's mother, we don't know why Juana was so upset. Jorge's mother tried to calm Juana down, Juana attacked me with punches and curses... At that time I was 16 and Luz was 12, I never got close to Juana again... Plus: Juana was spreading the news that I was stealing my friend's girlfriend :V
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2023.06.03 03:00 Darkhero0987 33 [M4F] CAN Manitoba/Anywhere/ In search of a future best friend and maybe a forever partner

Where do I start? Hmm, my name is Trent and I have a cute doggo.
I'm hoping to find a friend, I know right, wild! No, but I am hoping to find someone I connect with, if it grows into anything else that's cool too. I know it's not easy to build friendships and what not but there's gotta be some cool people out there, I just know it!
I'm sort of an introvert, don't enjoy big crowds or shitty people, and most of the time I'm only really hangin out with my few close friends, oh and my doggo ofc.
I like to be caring, open, supportive the best I can and I'm pretty sure that I'm a good listener or at least I try my best to be and give advice when asked.
I am not the most creative but I enjoy trying out new things even if I kinda suck at it 😌, I like to explore new places, cook or bake new things when I can. I also like to play video games, watch anime, hang out with friends.
Just to give a little more insight about me here are some strengths and weaknesses.
Strengths: I'm a very honest person, I use a lot of communication so that I can understand people and their boundaries better, their wants, needs as a friend/partner. I am also a very silly person and I will never judge anyone for their beliefs, who they are, or what makes them happy. I'm sometimes sarcastic and annoying but in a good way haha I swear! I can also be a very affectionate person to the people I'm close to.
Weaknesses: I care maybe a little too much for people, always wanna make them happy and that can sometimes be at the expense of my own needs. I try my best to communicate but I'm not the best at articulating my words (hopefully you won't hate me for that🤞), and last but not least I'm not the best with my tone, I don't mean to come off harsh with things but I think sometimes things come out as a little mean, that's never the way I intend, so I'm sorry in advance. Other than that... I've lived in Canada my whole life, I enjoy audio books, not hard back, and I'm really up to watching or playing anything, as long as it's not Barbie Life in the Dream House hehe
Oh and if you're interested I play Ark, World of Warcraft, Runescape, Pokemon, pretty much any survival game. I like to watch Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, Lucifer, Star Trek, The Boys, Rick and Morty, Documentaries, Murder Mysteries and my favorite movie is Howl's Moving Castle. I know, I'm a bit of a Nerd. 🤫🥲
Anywho, feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like and maybe tell me a little about you?
At the very least, I hope you have or are having the best day.💙
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2023.06.03 02:27 flymickey The mansion

This is my first tale of writing a short horror story, is it any good?
In the quiet town of Crestfall, a dilapidated Victorian mansion stood as a dark sentinel of the past. Rumors whispered of paranormal occurrences that plagued the house, haunting anyone foolish enough to enter. Four friends, curious and brave, set out to uncover the truth, unaware of the malevolent force that awaited them.
As they stepped into the grand foyer, a suffocating presence enveloped the air. The friends, Ryan, Emily, Sarah, and Jake, armed themselves with cameras and recorders, eager to capture evidence of the supernatural. They ventured deeper into the house, their excitement masking the growing unease within.
Ryan, the adventurous one, wandered into the parlor. Suddenly, the piano came alive with eerie melodies, its keys playing themselves. Ryan froze, unable to comprehend the impossibility before him. As the haunting melody grew louder, the lid of the piano slammed shut, trapping Ryan's fingers. The keys descended with a bone-crushing force, silencing both the music and Ryan's screams forever.
Emily, the skeptic, ventured upstairs, her camera in hand. She felt a chilling breeze whisper through the hallways. Shadows danced on the walls, forming grotesque shapes. Emily's camera flickered, capturing fleeting glimpses of ghostly figures. But as she attempted to flee, the very floor beneath her seemed to come alive. It split open, revealing a gaping abyss that swallowed her whole, leaving only a bloodcurdling shriek in its wake.
Sarah, the sensitive one, sought solace in the attic. The room was filled with an otherworldly energy. As Sarah approached an old mirror, her reflection began to distort, twisting into a grotesque mockery of her own visage. Panic gripped her as she realized she was trapped within the mirror's realm. Her hand pressed against the cold glass, her pleading eyes locked with her distorted reflection, until she vanished into the mirror's dark abyss.
Jake, the rational one, found himself drawn to the basement, where an ancient ritual had taken place long ago. The air grew thick with malevolence as he descended the creaking stairs. Unseen hands grabbed at him from the darkness, dragging him into the abyss below. He fought valiantly, but his screams were muffled by the suffocating darkness, leaving no trace of his existence.
As the night wore on, the mansion reveled in its victory, the echoes of the friends' demise haunting its decaying walls. The town of Crestfall, forever burdened by the sinister legacy of the house, knew to keep its distance. The secrets of the mansion remained locked within, a testament to the destructive power of the supernatural. And as the moon cast an eerie glow over the abandoned mansion, it stood as a stark reminder that some doors should never be opened.
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