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2023.06.05 16:39 MonsterRideOp Supermicro server, bad fan?

Checking my servers I noticed a red info light on one of my older Supermicro boxes. Checking the IPMI event logs shows Fan10 as "Lower Non-Recoverable" and taking a look at the sensors Fan10 shows 0 RPMs. I dug through the motherboard, an H8QG6 per dmidecode, and chassis, a 828TQ+-R1400LPB, manuals and found that the chassis has only 6 fans installed and the motherboard has only 9 fan headers. I then visually inspected the PSU fans, using my smartphone slo-mo camera, and all were spinning at what seemed about the same speed. The only work done on this system, hardware wise, is one of the PSUs was replaced after the original died so I visually checked the PSU connectors for any dust or debris in the connecting pins and found nothing. Lastly I pulled the FRU data for the PSU and all fans showed running in the 7200-7700 RPM range. For comparison Fan11, the second "extra" fan in IPMI, shows a reading of ~5400 RPM.
Now on to the questions. First does anyone know what the "extra" fans in IPMI are for? My first guess is they are for the PSUs though there are two fans in each so I'm guessing if they are then they report as a single fan. Second, assuming my guess is correct, does anyone know why a new PSU would not be reporting the fan speed? And lastly if I cannot fix this does anyone know if, and how, I can set IPMI to ignore that fan reading? I would rather have one fan reading ignored so that the info light stops blinking leaving it free to report on other, more important, issues.
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2023.06.05 16:35 Samskihero Shrink or Disable the minimap?

Diablo 4 is another one of those games where I find myself looking a the minimap more than actually being immersed in the game and its atmosphere, when you realize you do this, it bugs the hell out of me, no pun intended.
Combined with the camera zoom level and Minimaps zoom level and the size of the Minimap on screen, I can't walk 2ft without needing to look at it for guidance just to walk forward it feels.
It's too late now for my first playthrough but for my 2nd and future sessions I'd still LOVE to see either a better zoom on both camera and minimap or way to shrink or turn off the minimap entirely and use off-screen objective icons to lead my path or a line in the game not the minimap.
The games too damn beautiful to be looking at the top right of my screen nearly all the time.
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2023.06.05 16:32 wellthatseemslikebs What the hell happened to this sub?

Everything here either reads like fan fiction or has been answered 200 times. If you lose your erection because of condoms buy bigger condoms, if you hate cramped underwear buy pouch underwear, etc. Use the search bar for god sakes.
Also no one is buying your super cool story about your massive dong distracting a whole flock of women and ruining marriages. It’s a dick not a million dollars and a wish granting genie.
This sub used to be for people trying not to hurt their partner or giving advice on how not to embarrass your family when you take pics by wearing less revealing clothes.
For you weirdos texting everyone for proof, get help.
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2023.06.05 16:31 C22_H28_N2_O Is it illegal to warn drivers about red light cameras?

I had this idea of starting an initiative to equip some of the homeless with signs to warn drivers of red light cameras at intersections. I see a lot of drivers rolling through red lights and getting tickets. The idea would be to use the signs better alert and save drivers. And while stopped, the homeless could pander while also having just saved the driver $100+.
My non-legal fear is that the police would quash any attempts regardless of whether or not it is or isn't illegal. My legal fear is that they would have a leg to stand on in prohibiting this.
Would something like this be illegal if it was altruistic? Would it be more or less illegal if the individual was also pandering for money?
Florida btw.
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2023.06.05 16:28 craxols Help finding Artist

Help finding Artist
Hi Everyone!
I am in love with this fan-art drawing of Sora and have been wanting it as a tattoo. Problem is, I want to ask the artist permission first. I believe they used be very active in the KH community before and went by shield_draws. I dm’d them on IG, and found their Twitter but it seems like they haven’t been active for a few years. Does anyone know if they go by a different name now? I’d appreciate y’all’s help!
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2023.06.05 16:28 splitmint Total beginner -- need the best hybrid camera (photo & video) ASAP

Hi, I am leaving out of the country in a couple days. I am tasked to take high quality pics and film a promotional video overseas, but I do not have much camera experience at all. I am completely winging it, I would appreciate any camera recommendations that can do both well and not the worst to handle/use. Thank you so much.
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2023.06.05 16:27 splitmint Total beginner -- need the best hybrid camera (photo & video) ASAP

Hi, I am leaving out of the country in a couple days. I am tasked to take high quality pics and film a promotional video overseas, but I do not have much camera experience at all. I am completely winging it, I would appreciate any camera recommendations that can do both well and not the worst to handle/use. Thank you so much.
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2023.06.05 16:26 splitmint Total beginner -- need the best hybrid camera (photo & video) ASAP

Hi, I am leaving out of the country in a couple days. I am tasked to take high quality pics and film a promotional video overseas, but I do not have much camera experience at all. I am completely winging it, I would appreciate any camera recommendations that can do both well and not the worst to handle/use. Thank you so much.
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2023.06.05 16:25 joeebats Marcus Semien

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2023.06.05 16:24 Available-Maybe-5141 GoPro/Action cams in Siam Park

Hi guys,
We'll be heading to Tenerife at the end of they year and plan on visiting Siam Park etc, I plan on taking my goPro but have a couple questions:
Do you need any special permission to use a GoPro at the waterpark?
And do you think a magnetic necklace mount would be enough or would they want a full chest/head mount with straps etc?
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2023.06.05 16:23 Macchioa Arlo Go 2 Model = the MOST Bang for the Buck, Post Arlo's Flushing Out Us OG Customers?

I see that the Arlo Go 2 model has an SD slot on board. That make has me thinking that this'd make this model the MOST bang for the buck, seeing as I could continue using this camera even if they were to drop cloud support, no?
⏫ That being said, do they still offer somewhat "reasonably priced" cloud storage service for this model, OR would one be required to unmount their device, eject the SD card and wipe it when it is FULL? ...+ Would one be able to review said SD card's content, and its current card usage, on the Arlo app/website while it is still mounted?
Thanks in advance my fellow, once OG, arlo(nians)! 👊
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2023.06.05 16:23 sophiemacg Advice as to which camera to buy as a journalist

I’m a 20 year old multimedia journalism student in the UK, and I’m keen to purchase a camera I can use for both photo-journalism but also for filming interviews.
At uni, we do use industry cam-coders, but understandably, such equipment is not affordable for a student.
I’d love any advice as to which sort of camera to look for, because right now I’m pretty clueless.
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 16:21 VittorioJedi [GUIDE] Optimized settings and control for consoles - a deep dive 🔧

[GUIDE] Optimized settings and control for consoles - a deep dive 🔧
Hello everyone, this guide stems from the realization that the default options and controls for console HLL are lacking in several areas, bugged in most of the cases, and greatly contribute to the low quality of console matches. We’ll take a look one by one at the option tabs and I’ll try to give my best advice.
- Manual bolt cycling: OFF > you wouldn’t want it ON in any case, it’ll just slow you down and you cold not be able to fire when you really need.
- HUD Display mode: ALWAYS ON > this is the first of the *really* important things to change if you don’t have it already. Having it set to auto or on demand can make the game more immersive for some people but you’ll lose A LOT of vital information that will make you aware of the current state of your squad, command, sector weight and will also allow to spot friendly and enemy supplies easier. Don’t know how many people do not realize that we started losing a sector and they need to head back immediately, just because the HUD is off at that moment.
- Show command messages/show chat for new messages: OFF > it’s useless clutter, we can’t write in the chat on console, and having these messages popping up every few seconds only steals screen space.
- Hide markers with HUD: YES > this is another important setting, and is frankly poorly explained. by activating this you can press (Double long press, it’s bugged) the right arrow on the d-pad to have the SL markers appeadisappear again on demand, really useful in tanks and for building garrisons, I like to mark the nearest garrison with observe mark and use the dpad to have the mark appear for 15 seconds so I know when I’m more than 200m away from the marked garry.
- Nameplate view distance: 250m > any more than that it’s just blue dots covering your screen at unnecessary distance, no matter your setting, the blue dot and name will alway appear on their head anyway when aiming at them.
- Vehicle nameplate distance: 0 > unnecessary clutter again, you really should know the difference between a German/US tank
- Nameplate icons only: You usually don’t need to read friendly names at great distances, keep it low so you can read the names of your teammates in proximity.
- Nameplate opacity: Makes the blue and green dots more/less transparent, it’s a personal choice and I personally find the default options really distracting.
- Use nameplate occlusion: OFF > this option makes blue dots and names completely disappear when friendlies are behind cover, I personaLu find it not working really well and you can have some really bad accidental team kills because of this.
- Motion blur: OFF > having motion blur active in any kind of multiplayer game makes you lose track and sight of enemies and objects while moving the camera, should alway be off.
- Brightness: it’s up to you and your screen settings, I personally change it depending on the map as they don’t seem to have a common brightness balancing (Snow maps are blinding bright for me at 100%)
This is the tab that I really hope people start tweaking more. It’s a matter of respect for the people hearing you and for yourself as you don’t want people being rude to you because you sound like a angry cyborg.
All my suggestions assume that you’re using headphones with a mic.
- Master volume: 100% > general volume for all things, lowering or raising this will lower or raise by 10% all of the other things
- SFX Volume: 100% > gunshot sounds, footsteps, artillery you want to hear this.
- Voice volume: here comes the messed up part of these settings, the default values are WAY too high and they contribute to the in game chat to sound really bad and distorted. Raising this or any of the other voice options won’t make them sound better or louder, just MORE DISTORTED. This option alters the value of ALL the other incoming voice chat options, and you’ll want them:
- Proximity 70%: Preference, proximity has a mechanic where the closer you are the louder you sound, altering this option won’t change that.
- Unit 80%: this is your primary chat, what you want to hear clearly
- Leadership 50-60 %: or higher lower depending on your current role (when tanking the engine noise makes you less likely to hear what’s going on in command chat, when playing recon you usually have less noise around you a can hear command chat clearly even at lower values)
- Microphone Volume: 30% This is the one of the biggest issues on console HLL, this value by default is completely wrong and anything above 40% makes your microphone sound really bad, distorted and crackling. If someone tells you that your mic is low, it’s probably because they’re accustomed to wrong options or it’s an issue on their end. PLEASE CHANGE THIS.
Last but not least the control tab. I’ll highlight some glaring issues with the default controls but won’t give any recommendations on the rest because for the most part they are personal preference.
- Aim assist: OFF> in this game aim assist barely works, and all it does is slow down the aim in close quarter, sometimes too much making you lose gunfights.
- Scoped sensitivity: this option for some reason is only tuned on 4x scopes, other game have “universal sensitivity“ where the scope, no matter the zoom will move by the same amount of pixels. It’s not the same in HLL console and if you want a similar sensitivity when using a Karx8 scope you need to go in the options and halve this value.
- Acceleratio: Oh boy. Acceleration is the biggest enemy of muscle memory, you want your stick movement to always be equal to a certain amount of movement on your screen and acceleration prevents that, it adds another layer, and the longer you push your stick the faster will be the time to reach the full movement (bear with me, a bit convoluted). Adding to this, HLL has this setting completely backwards compared to any other FPS ever created, to remove acceleration in other games you need to put the value to 0, in HLL to remove acceleration you need to turn the value to 100 for some reason. ACCELERATION = BAD.
- Movement deadzone: this is the value of your left stick and it doesn’t need to be low, it’s just walking and running you don’t need to be accurate, having a medium high values also prevents some problems people on console have with BIPODS not staying put after deploying them (Any amount of movement will dismount your bipod) and HOLD BREATH (Interrupted by any movement)
- Look deadzone: 10-20% (preference) After having tested with multiple controllers I’ve come to the conclusion that this value is also bugged And anything between 0-4% makes your aim move without any input.

Hope this helped.
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2023.06.05 16:21 just-now-now Your thoughts on CBDCs

This is a pretty broad question but I kind of am curious if these are even on the radar of South Africans.
Do you have any thoughts on CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and does this factor in of your current or future finance decisions?
My current (not completely unstructured) summarised thoughts on this topic is that it's unlikely that SA will move in a large way in using its own CBDC (which is apparently being researched) as we have a huge cash user base. But that could change if government grants are moved to digital. Adoption would not be as big a challenge then. Then there is also the global impact of other countries moving to CBDCs and pushing out the power the dollar has of the global economy.
So yea any thoughts on the topic as a whole?
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2023.06.05 16:21 ABCDelicious1278 OPPO Find N2

Hey Everyone, just wondering if anyone is using/rocking an OPPO Find N2 like me So I had been using a Fold 3 and am totally on board with foldables(don't think I can go back to candy baslab phones again) and I was deciding what to get as I felt the Fold 4 was more of an iterative upgrade and while I loved my Fold I didn't like typing on it when it was closed as I felt like it was too tall/narrow which made typing not the best. Other phones I thought about were the Mate X2(too expensive), the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2(no flex mode which is important to me), and also the Vivo X Fold 2(kind of expensive). I was also thinking about the Pixel Fold but didn't want to pay $1999(512GB) so I decided to get an OPPO Find N2 and was able to pick it up for $1077 off Swappa. So these are my impressions of the Fold since having/using it for a little under a month:
Pros: I love the shortewider form factor when closed, for me it makes typing a lot easiebetter and I don't feel like I'm sacrificing anything when it's folded. The crease is significantly less noticeable on here compared to the Fold and when folded the device side completely flush unlike the Fold 3. I also don't know how to explain it but when closing/opening it just feels bettemore secure than compared to the Fold IMO. I also enjoy how light it is, and my hands/arms don't get tired from extended use like they did with the Fold when they are unfolded.
Cons: mainly the software. It's a China phone only so there's no Google on here, but it is easy to install Google Play store and everything runs fine. Also a lot of China Bloatware which again, can be removed from the phone. The first thing is, sometimes when unfolded an app won't fill up the whole screen and when you force it to it will rotate it the wrong way. Also on the Fold series you can split apps vertically/horizontally, you can only split them vertically on the OPPO. In addition on the Fold you can have three apps open simultaneously and change the size that each takes up, you can't do that on the OPPO Find N2(as far as I know). Minor annoyances, but not deal-breakers for me would be the lack of water resistance or wireless charging on the OPPO Find N2. Another one would be no pen support for it, but I never used that on the Fold 3 so it's fine for me. Some people would also say the cut off for the selfie camera interrupts the screen but that doesn't bother me. Hopefully Android 14 can fix some of the problems I listed.
Overall I am enjoying my time with the phone and may get the Pixel Fold when the price drops, the Pixel Fold 2(smaller bezels, pen support etc) or another phone. Anyways hopes this helps and I would love to hear if anyone else bought the phone and their experience with it. 📱📱♥️♥️♥️♥️
PS - Shameless plug of my OPPO Find N2 unboxing/first impressions video:
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2023.06.05 16:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Grant Cardone – How To Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate (

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2023.06.05 16:18 Throwapandan Nightmare work experience, abuses, mobbing. Now they want a refund from me. Do I need a lawyer?

Hi, I just worked for almost a month in a really toxic work environment as a member of the entertaining team in a hotel. The experience has been so stressful that I arrived to the last day (yesterday) with the true and real fear of dying. After all the continuous verbal and psychological abuses, that day things degenerated to physical, but no one believed me because it was from a girl. It was 3 o clock in the night, I was in my bed while the girls came back from a night out drinking since it was our free day. They came in my room and screamed at me because I didn't accept to go take their laundry. When I responded in the same tone they started insulting me and try to undermine me personally in many ways. When they noticed that I didn't want to submit, they started hitting my bed with their hand, and that's the point where I stand up and tell them to stop otherwise there would have been consequences. One of the two starts to push me multiple times and then slapped me in the face.
At this point I immediately reported the thing to someone in a higher position in the hierarchy of the company. They made me prepare the bags without telling me why and made me jump on a car with the chief of my team and a collegue. They plotted it behind my back without telling me anything. We arrived at another hotel, where the person I reported it to was. They went to talk together and left me behind, not letting me listen, interact, or try to defend myself. After 1 hour and a half they come back with the person I reported the facts to, plus 2 members of the other team that were not necessary or involved and just wanted to know the situation and make fun of it (mostly at my expenses).
The chief starts talking and basically says that I'll have to work until Monday (yesterday), when someone from the office of the agency will decide what will be of me. No one mentioned about the consequences of the other part. I was the only one under process. With absolutely no tutelage. Just because they felt that the other person was more useful than me, while I was probably too unconvenient. We go back at the hotel where I worked at about 6:30 in the morning, and at 9 I had to start working again until 12 PM (Like we did everyday)
That morning, during one of our usual pre-work team meetings where we decided what to do, the chief tells me to do an activity I never did before. I ask "where is it?" since I was never told before. The chief, that since the first day I started working with him always showed anger management issues but somehow always managed to contain them, this time started physically assaulting me, telling me "go or I kill you, I break your face." Since I didn't know where to go I just said "yeah but where? It's the first time I do it". That's where he starts holding my neck with both of his hands and pushing his head towards mine with a psychopath look on his face and his eyes straight towards mine. I recorded the whole situation on audio. I haven't sent the audio to anyone yet.
I am safe now I escaped that insane toxic place and I'm in a b&b preparing my trip home.
The company wants from me refund of the outbound flight that they paid me to reach the workplace (which is in another country than my original one) and to keep my salary as a refund for food and accomodation.
Now, do you think I should just let this go and refund them or go through this with a lawyer? I am sure I did nothing wrong except leaving the workplace suddenly because I felt genuinely in danger both physically and psychologically. During lunch time that day I literally passed out on the bed in my shared room and woke up with shakes like if I had a fever of 40°. I was insanely sick and was seriously afraid for my life since there was no respect for human right. We had to ask for permission even when we wanted to drink water or go to the bathroom and the chief once literally said "you're not allowed to pass out".
Even if I wasn't the only one in this situation because obviously I was in a team, it felt like there was some sort of gang dynamic and I was being targeted because I tried to complain a couple times with some of the other members of my team, which I found out that besically always told to the chief everything I said. Needless to specify that the situation was clearly a mobbing towards me.
The verbal abuses, undermining, debasement and humiliations were everyday, but after the aggressions between that night and the day after just because I tried to defend myself and not let them submit me, I couldn't stay there anymore.
What steps would you people take from now if you were in my place?
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2023.06.05 16:16 AutoModerator [Download Course] Grant Cardone – Unbreakable Business System​ (

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2023.06.05 16:15 System_idea2023 Speed-Dome-Camera-In-Bhubaneswar

A speed dome camera, also known as a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera, is a type of surveillance camera that is capable of capturing high-quality video footage and providing a wide range of movement. It is commonly used in security systems for monitoring large areas such as parking lots, airports, stadiums, and city streets.
Bhubaneswar is home to a wide variety of products. In Odisha, there are various companies and Idea Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of them. We provide different types of cameras such as PTZ wireless cameras, Network Speed Dome Cameras, CCTV security cameras, and much more. So, We are the provider of Speed dome cameras in Bhubaneswar.
Here are some key features and functionalities of a speed dome camera:
  1. Pan-Tilt-Zoom: Speed dome cameras can rotate horizontally (pan), vertically (tilt), and zoom in or out (zoom). This allows operators to remotely control the camera's movement and focus on specific areas of interest.
  2. High Zoom Capability: Speed dome cameras typically have powerful zoom lenses that can magnify distant objects without sacrificing image quality. The zoom capability is measured in terms of optical zoom (e.g., 10x, 20x, 30x) and sometimes digital zoom (which enlarges the image digitally but can result in a loss of quality).
  3. Preset Positions and Patrols: Speed dome cameras can be programmed with preset positions and automatic patrol routes. This means they can be configured to move to specific locations or follow a predefined path, providing wide coverage of an area without manual intervention.
  4. Motion Tracking: Advanced speed dome cameras may have built-in motion tracking capabilities. They can automatically detect and track moving objects within their field of view, ensuring that the camera remains focused on the subject.
  5. High Definition and Night Vision: Speed dome cameras are often equipped with high-definition (HD) image sensors, allowing for clear and detailed video footage. Many models also feature infrared (IR) LEDs or other low-light technologies to enable night vision and surveillance in dark environments.
  6. Remote Access and Control: Speed dome cameras can be accessed and controlled remotely using dedicated software or mobile apps. This allows operators to monitor the camera feeds, control the camera movements, and adjust settings from a centralized location or even from a mobile device.
  7. Integration with Security Systems: Speed dome cameras can be integrated with other security systems such as alarms, access control systems, and video management software. This enables comprehensive surveillance and efficient management of security operations.
It's important to note that specific features and capabilities may vary depending on the brand, model, and technology used in a speed dome camera. Different manufacturers may offer additional functionalities or unique features to suit specific surveillance needs.
For more information visit our website:
Contact us at +91 9040888808.
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2023.06.05 16:14 Seamoose_Art NoP 2177: Ashes to Ashes [10]

Credit for the original story goes to u/spacepaladin15.
[First] [Previous] [Next]
Memory transcript subject: Tressa, Venlil civilian
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 30th, 2177
Location: Lower sprawl of City 23, Venlil Prime
If they were spotted, there was little anyone could do to save them. Tressa’s pistol could maybe pick off one exterminator before the rest rushed them down, if his aim was solid and he didn’t fumble the shot entirely. With their current luck, the chances of his final stand making even the slightest difference was slim to none.
What they needed more than anything was stealth, tact. Slip in silently, act decisively, rush out with Beast before anyone could take notice. So when James managed to sprawl out on the sidewalk over a miniscule crack in the concrete and let out a cry of pain that drew the attention of all 3 or 4 other people on the street, Tressa knew they were truly already dead.
He decided not to voice this grim conviction as he helped his human compatriot to his feet. However, James’ slight limp when he got back to walking didn’t exactly lift his spirits. At a time like this, a sprained ankle was effectively a death sentence. If they got caught (when they got caught, at this rate), James wouldn’t be able to run. He alone was now condemned to an agonizing, slow death by immolation that the exterminators relished so dearly.
He’d stick by him, Tressa decided then and there, defending him pistol and claw until the last moment they fell together. As far as dying alongside each other went, burning was... well, it was far from romantic, but he’d take what he could get. Anything would be better than capture.
He’d seen what they did to the ones they didn’t just incinerate on the spot… The thought of James being tortured into one of their empty-eyed puppets, little more than a pet with the shock collar to match, filled his every step with furious determination. If he shot back, they’d be forced to try and kill both of them. It would be a mercy.
His bleak thoughts were silenced by a cloud of dust as Sasha carefully kicked in a dilapidated door. They’d snuck through another war-torn abandoned building, this one an apartment complex, to get a good look at the Tipped Quill before simply rushing Beast. From here, they could form something more resembling a plan of action.
Grabbing a pawful of coat fabric, Tressa wiped grime from the miraculously unbroken window to get a clearer view. He took a look through, and wiped harder. Then wiped his eyes with his other paw for good measure. The sight before him didn’t change.

A patrol vehicle sat outside the building, lights flashing and cabin empty. The cycling orange and yellow illuminated the rest of the scene, casting sharp shadows and harsh spotlights on the bare concrete. From his vantage point, Tressa could see the whole street lit in a garish blood-orange glow. It was empty. Not a single exterminator lay outside.
It had to be a trick of the light. Or a trick of the mind. Or perhaps they were already in the burned-out apartment, having spotted the group and lying in wait for the most dramatic moment to strike. He braced for impact. A rapid clicking noise behind him; he nearly drew his pistol before realizing the sound was familiar. It was nothing more than the sound of a keyboard.
While the rest of their group was pressed up against the cleared spot of the window to try and get a look outside, Trish was frantically typing something on her pad. Eyes widening enough to see their whites, she lashed her tail against the crumbling floor tiles to get their attention as she turned her pad around for them to see.
It was a video of the Tipped Quill. Live camera footage; Trish briefly wondered how she’d gotten access. Only briefly, though; the reality of what he was seeing chilled him to the core as soon as it registered, his brief spark of curiosity replaced with a dull, lifeless horror.
Stalking the bar were five figures clad in black combat armor, kinetic weaponry in hand. Exterminator emblems on their backs. One of them, a Venlil, walked up to a crumpled spiky fig…
Burai. One of them walked up to Burai, and just stared. Blue blood pooled beneath its boots, and it kneeled down to get a better look before getting up and walking away, leaving indigo footprints across the once-cleaned floor and flicking its tail in satisfaction. Tressa felt bile rise in his throat, and had to step away before he ruined the pad.

Sasha looked a second away from throwing up herself. Trish was seemingly too shocked to even react, simply staring at the pad blankly. James, however, had a gleam in his eyes. Not just tears (although those sparkled in the dim light of the pad as well) but intelligence. The beginnings of a plan were forming in his mind. He moved back to the window, and Tressa followed his motion as he began to mutter, apparently thinking aloud to himself.
"Those… those aren’t flame suits, are they?”
“It’s combat armor. If I tried to shoot them, I’d have trouble taking down a single one.”
“No, no, that’s not what I’m getting at— you think they keep those firebombs in their vehicle?
“I doubt they— Wait. You don’t mean… You think that could work?”
“It’d be fitting if nothing else. Yeah, if we can seal the front door… just need to get Beast out of there quickly before she gets seared as well.”
Sasha stepped over. “What are you two… no. That can’t be your plan. Do you really think they’ll just sit and wait? They can probably just shoot out the door, no matter what you try to block it with. And that’s assuming they haven’t already discovered the Den… although, even using the fire escape would buy us enough time to take Beast…”
“Will one of you tell me what you’re all muttering about over there?”
James wheeled around to face Trish, a cruel smile starting to break across his face. “We’re thinking the Tipped Quill could use a bit of a makeover. The standard exterminator fare, but this time…” His smile widened as he paused for dramatic effect, the spirit of Burai apparently possessing him for an instant. “...This time, they’ll get to enjoy the flames firsthand.”
“...You want to burn it down to kill them. That’s what you’re suggesting?”
Yeah, when she put it that bluntly, it did sound like a pretty dumb plan. They were exterminators; of course they’d know how to deal with fire. Maybe they’d be better off trying to use the patrol vehicle as a—
“I can keep their attention for a moment with the speaker system, when the time comes. Just give me the word.”

There weren’t any firebombs in the trunk. Or regular bombs, or even so much as a lighter. There was a storage case for the flamethrowers, but it was predictably empty. Tressa nearly slammed it closed in frustration before remembering their need for stealth.
“Nothing in this box either.” whispered James. “Do they just have their equipment on them at all times? Shouldn’t they at least keep spares somewhere?”
“If they did, we should have found them by now.” Tressa finished rummaging through a secret compartment under a cushion; they packed extra water, ammo, cuffs, even some medications. Everything except for a goddamned lighter. His tail lashed with such frustration that James understood instantly. He leaned out the door to talk to Trish, who was still keeping an eye on cams in case the exterminators found the Den or started approaching the front door.
“Trish, you think you can start some sort of electrical fire? There’s that panel on the wall right behind all the high-proof drinks; a strong spark’d be all you need.”
“Not a chance. The circuit breaker would stop me from doing anything remotely. And besides, those bottles are sealed. The alcohol won’t burn unless they’re broken. Maybe you could throw something at it? Something metal that could cause a short?”
Throw something? And just… hope I don’t miss entirely, and hope it hits the right spot to cause a spark, and hope I can get out in time?”
“Then by all means, keep looking in there for a lighter. I don’t see any other…”
Trish halted mid-sentence. Her eyes went wide, darting between Tressa and the bar several times before she managed to make a noise. It was hard to call speech exactly, and while there were words mixed in, it held no meaning that the rest of them could discern. It took multiple failed attempts to string together a coherent sentence before she finally forced herself to stop and breathe. After several suspenseful moments spent gathering composure, she finally managed to find the words.
“Tressa, you brought your pistol, right? Do you think… would the panel spark enough if you shot it?”

Some part of his mind was vaguely aware of the herd at his back, nervously awaiting his move. Of the cold wind biting at his ears. Of the soft orange lighting, or the chatter he could just barely make out from inside the building, or the frigid door handle. But that part was very small. As far as his conscious mind was concerned, only two things existed. The gun in his hands, and the panel on the far wall. He could already imagine it, even though he was on the other side of the door. He lined up the shot in his head. His grips on the handles in both of his paws tightened.
“Make some noise for them… now!
Trish clicked something on her pad, and flattened her ears before covering them with a free paw.
The speakers blared a harsh static tone, covering the sound of the door slipping open as Tressa peaked in just enough to take his shot. The exterminators were looking elsewhere, attention captivated by a flickering screen and sensed dulled by the cacophony around them. Despite their ample peripheral vision, none of them noticed as Tressa took aim.
The gun in his hands, and the panel on the far wall. Lower right side was where the cluster of capacitors he needed to hit would be, and that shot would strip right through a bottle of high-proof lureroot gin, the one Burai was always fond of. He forced his paw to stop shaking, twisted his head to get his eye aligned with the sights, and found his mark.

The trigger depressed with a satisfying click, followed instantly by the harsh kick and savage warcry as his shot rang out.

Tressa rushed to close the heavy wooden door, but out of the corner of his eye he saw the pandemonium he was leaving behind. A violent blue spark gave way to a grand jet of flame as the alcohol ignited. The exterminators wheeled around, apparently not noticing him in the slightest due to the sudden presence of a fire they hadn’t started. One of them started to back up, tail pressed against the ground in panic.
That was all Tressa was able to catch before he got the door closed. Even with his ears buzzing from the shot, he could hear the click of the lock automatically re-engaging. He dove backwards, letting himself fly head over heels for a pawful of meters before righting himself and taking aim at the doorframe with bated breath.
From the other side of the door, he heard a roar of flame. An agonized cry. He steeled himself, preparing for the door to fall away and the wrath of a pissed-off extermination crew to fall upon them like a thunderbolt. His aim was steady, head-level. He held his breath, ready to shoot anyone who made it out.
The sound of fire and the sounds of pain intermingled, one single furious, horrified roar of agony and hatred. There was a noise like a jet taking off. There was a shriek of pain in many voices. The door shook from the impact of a shockwave inside, then jittered violently from the impact of several bodies, fists and claws and boots all trying to break it down. A desperate wave of flesh and fur, slamming against the frame with less strength each time.
There was a noise like pleading, although it could have been the wind.
A few shots rang out from the inside of the bar, a couple piercing through the door. The bullet holes leaked with blood. One final, solitary howl of torture barely distinguished itself from the blaze for a few more seconds before choking out with a final gunshot.
Then, it was just the hushed crackling of flame.
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2023.06.05 16:14 hugoc7x7 Best way to protect your Camera? (XT - 5 has some scratches on bottom)

Hey all,

Just wondering if folks put skins or have Brackets they put/keep on their cameras when handling them. I have a bag that i keep my XT-5 and lenses in during shoots and travel but sometimes i dont take it and put it in a crossbody or my work backpack and have noticed a few scratches on the bottom plate of the camera. I was wondering if people use certain things to protect them better. Was thinking of this and keeping it on actually -

Thanks! Happy shooting out there
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2023.06.05 16:14 Visual-Outcome-3709 I'm TIRED of trying to communicate with my family

We literally can't have a normal conversation. It either turns into a fight or they flat out ignore me. They judge every single thing about me in the pettiest way possible. Mind you, I'm about to turn 22.
I love makeup. People always compliment my makeup looks. My family will make fun of me and call it too much.
I love cooking. I love making bowl-style dishes cause it feels healthy. My sister who is obese and can barely eat anything remotely healthy judges me, my mom who always calls us fat and barely finishes her own food judges me, my cousin who literally almost always snacks and can only cook pasta judges me. Why? Bowls are stupid! Why do you make weird food? It came to a point where I literally only mixed mushrooms with butter and I was STILL judged. I was just talking about how I found it delicious.
I love fashion. I don't ever spend much money on clothes despite my love for it. I always use old clothes of other family members. They still judge me when my outfits scream normal. Literally nothing crazy going on.
I love spending time on different hobbies and always add a new hobby to my life. For example, they found it weird when I wanted to try origami. What's so weird about that exactly? Or that I tried playing the kalimba. Only made fun of me.
I try my hardest to enjoy life and share these things with people yet they keep making snarky comments. Mind you, all of these people are extremely social yet some of the most judgy people I have ever met. It just makes no sense to me.
I literally wanna cut them off so bad just cause they affect me so much but damn this economy and damn my sensitive heart that thinks I can't take everything they did for me for granted. They use that against me quite a lot.
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