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2014.09.11 19:18 Ancient Civilizations and related content

This subreddit is about the past civilizations that walked the earth. Just as us, they also altered their environments to fulfill their needs and left us clues about their lives, culture, beliefs and so on. The wonders of the past shall surface here.

2023.03.26 20:59 gorillayoung Poppers meme/gif

Hey y'all, not sure if this is the right subreddit but I figured someone on here may know what I'm talking about.
My memory is failing me and I don't have the best description, but I'm hoping this will ring a bell for someone. About a year, maybe two years ago, my friend sent me a meme/gif that illustrates the effect that poppers have on you by using a visual of some sort of blow up kids bouncy house that went from deflated to inflated. I honestly may be way off with that description, and it may have been a flower blooming or something else completely different. The point is that it was a before and after, with the before shot conveying a restricted vibe with the after shot showing what could best be described as easy access.
So gaybros, care to help a straightbro out with this? Got a new gay friend who has an appreciation for crude humor and I think this would be right up his ally.
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2023.03.26 20:58 Lovemeandbangme What was taken from me

Reviewing my life with my newfound mental freedom, I’m deprogramming. I can see I was taught: 1. Don’t trust anyone because they’ll ruin your spirituality. You view all your relationships as dangerous mentally. In retrospect, I missed out on a ton of good friendships for no reason. 2. Nothing matters. You just burn your years away waiting for the real life to start. I run a couple small businesses (one during COVID that did very well) and my business associates ask me about why I got started so late if my brain is so geared towards business. I was told by janitors to be a janitor and saw wealthy people as mentally dangerous so I never leveled up. 3. Morality is black and white and is what some guys wrote. You’re told if you are a dolphin who likes fish, you’re a sinner and God hates you. So you eat top ramen and plastic trash fragments and wonder why you never feel happy. 4. I shunned my brother for over 20 years. He’s currently my best friend. 5. Don’t prepare for the future financially.
I’m ok with doing the work. I’m just talking out loud.
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2023.03.26 20:58 stilltodo Signs of a retro gaming price bubble?

Do you think we are currently in a massively inflated bubble with game values?
I get how people say the bubble is not going to pop, games will hold their value, etc. I don't think there will be a pop where everything is suddenly worthless again... but I have come to the think that where prices are right now, just aren't reflective of the reality of supply and demand. I think they are inflated beyond the actual demand. I feel like sometime soon, a reality check will hit and prices will cool off and start to make more sense.
To me, a tell tale sign we are in a bubble, is the fact that "filler" type games, have become considerably pricey and that should never happen in a market of true supply and demand. What do I mean by filler? By this I mean, any game that's not very popular, not very sought after, but there are still a high number of copies out there that exist, so it's also not rare.
Years ago, when I started collecting games, filler games were always significantly cheaper than games that were popular. The cost was only a small fraction of what the more popular games were. Today, the cost of some of those filler games are a much larger percentage of the cost of the more popular games. I'll give one prime example of hundreds (if not thousands) just like what I'm describing. The game "Paperboy" on the Nintendo 64. Many copies of this game were produced by a major publisher Midway, it did not review well, most people did not like the game, and it has never been popular in the lore of the N64. I've personally seen copies of the game in about 3 or 4 different stores in the past few weeks, and there's tons of them on eBay right now. Despite all of this, the game regularly commands $25, as where Super Mario 64 (arguably the most loved game on the console) only fetches $40 on average. Paperboy is a perfect example of a filler game that is more than half the cost of one the best games ever. A game that almost nobody wants to own, versus a game that almost everyone wants to own.
If we weren't in a pricing bubble, the price would reflect the actual demand. In the bubble, or perhaps in a period of collecting frenzy, pretty much anything that's a retro video game, is considered somewhat valuable by virtue of being a retro video game.
My theory is that this trend is going to cool off sooner than later, and games which are not truly in high demand by those who actually seek to play the games they buy, will see the sharpest decrease in prices over time. Super Mario 64 will never be super cheap again, but it also will probably become more affordable, while Paperboy will once again be relegated to the bargain bin where it belongs, rather than being placed under glass like it's some sort of significant and valuable part of N64 history.
I feel that prices across the board are reaching the peak of what's going to be considered acceptable for most who don't consider themselves hardcore collectors. I see it often, people walking away from $50 price tags on their childhood favorites. Once many games reach brand-new game prices and beyond, a significant number of buyers drop off. I feel like we're at that point already. Copies of old games are not hold an inherent value, and it's time we stop paying higher prices when we know they don't make sense, especially in an age where any of these can be accessed without a physical copy. I predict a slow meltdown of prices to begin soon. What do you think?
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2023.03.26 20:58 Confuzzled_Chemist Graduate School Advice

I am taking a gap year between my undergraduate degree (B.S. in Chemistry) and working at an environmental testing lab. Currently, I am deciding on graduate school for next year. I have offers in environmental engineering and environmental science. My undergraduate university (in the United States) is offering me a research assistantship for a master's program in environmental engineering and the opportunity to get equivalent credit for an NCEES accreditation. Another US school is offering a fully funded Ph.D. in environmental science, and a Canadian school sounds like they will be offering a fully funded master's (the professor I have been in contact with says the approval was sent from the department for me to be accepted but the actual approval is held up in administration). I am not sure what the best option is career-wise, it seems like I should rule out the Ph.D. as I'm not sure I should commit to that without being 100%. In my research the Canadian school is ranked better academically than my undergraduate institution but might not pay for all of the classes I would need to get accreditation in the US, however, I am not sure I will need accreditation. My career goal is to work in some kind of laboratory setting testing for and developing remediation methods for environmental contaminants. Any advice on what the best option is? I don't know many environmental engineers outside of academics and would like some professional advice.
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2023.03.26 20:57 infinitygetsboring Trip down memory lane aka I’m on my 802’d reboot and I want it to stop - swearing

“Push, push!”
The amount of times I have heard words of that nature or similar. Either said to one of my many mothers or myself.
Though, of course, some of my “versions” have been created in a laboratory and they don’t tend to tell machines to push.
Hello, Reddit, the name of this version is…not that it matters but I understand human, which I’m not entirely sure I am but maybe???
Ah! This version isn’t the best at sentence structure. I understand human custom and it’s only polite to have something you can call me.
Bartholomew Antonio, an 18 year old living in a small population town of 5, 000 people. He’s a little toxic to people. Blonde hair & blue eyes.
I’d love to say that “*every version helps me grow better, feel more complete and in tune with the universe, allowing me to further humanity and realise how precious life is*.”
But, it’s not like that.
Death brings a darkness enveloping my consciousness.
This might not be the place, but given “Bart”’s interest in this subreddit and the science genre, I thought it best to post here. He has an account but I made this one specifically for this “project” I have decided to start.
This version has the best mix of interest, technology skills and science to hopefully pull this off. Though I may refer to him in the third person, we are the same person, I’m in the routine of doing that kind of pronoun usage to myself.
I want what he wants, feel what he feels, think how he thinks, believes what he believes, write how he writes, etc.
I’m not going to list all of my versions, I’ll just give you the basics.
You can also refer me to as Infinity Gets Boring, or IGB for short, if you want. I’m hoping to break the habit of 801 lifetimes and be able to communicate using this account for the rest of any future versions.
My versions live as long, or short, a life as they are meant to. They can be criminals, police or somewhere In the middle.
The first death of my original, at least the first one I have no recollection before so I consider my first, version.
He did it again. C’mon, Bartholomew. Focus. He’s thinking about porn, you see. Specifically astronaut porn.
*In space, no-one can hear you scream…*
Alright, back in the room after a quick cold shower. “Rebooting” was pretty fucking scary the first few times.
You see, whenever I “die”, there is a split second before I am, what I have realised, “conscious” again. No, not as a baby…in the womb. Or test tube, whatever the scenario is. Between 24 and 28 weeks, as that is when consciousness occurs. Test tubes are fucking weird and scary.
For the first few times and about ¼ of all versions, I didn’t survive the womb. Test tubes, I haven’t had that experience much, about 8 times. Once, I haven’t survived past a few weeks.
802 reboots/rebirths/reincarnations/versions, whatever you want to call them. Always human, never animals. I can be situated in any time period up to and including the current one humanity is experiencing. I can have one version in the current era, and the next in the 1500’s, it’s not like they are in order. I can be any gender, any background, any location.
You might be thinking “oh yay! eternal life! Stop complaining” and I would’ve used to agree with you, from about “version” one until four-hundred.
As my username will attest to, infinity gets *boring*. You see, there’s a few downsides to this.
No, not the “you’ll miss loved ones” as this isn’t eternal life, but eternal life and death.
Though I can remember all of my experiences that have happened, which in itself is too much for my brain, I don’t care about the people once I have a new “version” and, with every reboot/version, I have this inbuilt, predetermined, constant headache from the memories. Painkillers do help somewhat.
To clarify, I remember every detail, but can not learn from any of them. Every new “version” brings me an eternal existential dread.
Most people fear death, I fear life. But every new “version/reboot” brings less care, makes me less emotive and a little less…human? If that’s possible.
Sometimes I end myself in order to move on. More and more in recent ones. Less to remember.
Now that you get an idea of where and, maybe, what “I” am. Let me wrap up with what brought me here.
Bart and I are going to take a gamble here, we’re going to kill ourselves. Sorry, Bart. I guess.
Doing this as I’m in two minds of wether to post this or not.
If “we”… fuck, pronouns are complicated for me, are successful, then I hope to be able to update this draft from my new “version” when old enough to be given free roam on the internet. I hope this site is still relevant then.

**UPDATE**; Welp, Nevermind. His parents found him and now we’re in a hospital, recovering.
Oh well, I guess my experiment will have to wait a little longer.
On the plus side, now this can be posted and I can interact with you. Ask me anything you like.
What interests Bart are theories. Am I taking another consciousnesses space? Am I a massive “glitch in the matrix”? Just a creative, slightly “emo” teenager? A mistake? One of many like me?
Thank you.
PS - Sorry about the title, this version is quite indecisive. Again, apologies if any of this isn’t clear. I’m limited to Bartholomew’s skills.
I ’m hoping, with what little caring I have, that either I have a limit or this post and your replies can help me.
I want it to stop.
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2023.03.26 20:57 Diligent-Proposal-19 Sweet, Sweet Irony

Finally had enough of Caladog not giving me my due. Only was on the vote to get 4 fiefs, took 25+ and never saw my name. Left the faction and took my Fiefs. Luckily I had max relationship with him so it cost me less than a 1k to make peace. Now I’m actually money positive(fluctuates) dude was really holding me back. And now, it looks like he’s almost wiped out. Only has 3 fiefs. And now, only pathetic little clans declare war on me and serve as exp farms for my clan members.
I do have a question however, there’s a fief right next to mine that’s still under his control and another close by controlled by Sturgia. What’s my best course of action to take them? I don’t want to start an empire till I have a few mil in the bank(only at 100k). I heard about causing a rebellion but have zero clue how to do that.
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2023.03.26 20:57 twisted_daughter Help! Can't remember the name of this book :/

First time posting here on this amazing sub! :)
I'm having trouble trying to remember the name of this mm romance novel .... (I'm not even sure if it was a romance! :')
The plot was sth like this: It's a YA or NA book about teenage twin brothers , one of them was gay and the other one straight (or bi, can't remember). The setting was in a beach house, (I think) during a family summer vacation...? The thing is that they both have this childhood best friend with whom they reunite at the beginning of the story and they kinda fight over him throughout the book. They gay twin is in love with this friend and this friend reciprocates his feelings so they start a secret relationship without the other twin knowing.
I've searched every list on goodreads, on google, even on this sub! but can't for the life of me find the name of the book! Everytime I type "mm romance with twins" on a search engine, you can imagine the type of books I get as a result LOL
I don't remember much else, I think there was a carnival and that at some point of the story the FRIEND (the main love interest) mistakenly kisses the straight twin thinking he was kissing the gay one and that leads to some conflict.
I'd really appreciate any help! Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for any language mistakes!!! :) :)
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2023.03.26 20:57 Specialist-Famous Grail Sale!

Good afternoon swappers. Found a knife I really want, so I'm posting up a bunch of knives I don't really want to sell as my only way to justify this purchase. These prices are going to be pretty firm, but I feel they're more than fair. Shipped to your door. Not really looking for any other trades at the moment aside from maybe a sage 5 + cash depending on what you want. Paypal FF, Cashapp, or Venmo your pick. Yolo is king, but feel free to shoot any questions or offers. Worst I can do is say no, but keep in mind I will be pretty picky because again, I don't really want to sell any of these.


Protech Mordax - 20cv full dlc Drop exclusive. Carried, lightly used, and sharpened, but in overall really nice shape. Was sharpened by a previous owner and one bevel is decent, but the other is wonky. Should be easily reprofiled, but still very sharp. See photos. I disassembled to clean and put skiff bearings in it, but not sure where the original ones went. The action on this is fantastic, it has great acoustics, and best of all no button stick. In my opinion, this is the best button lock flipper out there. I can't find many like this one to compare pricing to. Comes in original box. SV: $220

Spyderco PM2 M4 Tanto - I bought this already used, modded, and recently sharpened. Still very sharp and slicey. The blade is acid/stonewashed with a few tiny patina spots showing through here and there, but still in good shape. The flytanium plain ti scales (not lotus) had what I feel was an ugly lightning ano applied to them, so I stripped them with Whink, lightly handrubbed, and then lightly stonewashed. They could be re-anodized pretty readily at this point, but I liked the look as is and decided to leave it alone. Has black cerakoted lynch deep carry clip, black hardware, and acidwashed liners as well. Action is very smooth. I'm not sure if the tanto blades are heavier than normal or what, but I swear this feels more like a well broken in shaman than my other pm2's. Blade favors lock side, which seems to be relatively normal for pm2's from my experience. May be able to be centered, but was happy with action where it's at myself. No lock stick whatsoever. This comes in original box, but no original clip or scales. SV: $250

Spyderco Shaman S30v Full Serrated - This thing is like new and still breaking in, but action is great and blade is centered. I disassembled to swap to Metonboss Frag Aluminum scales ($90 new out of stock) and also put on a blacksmith lynch deep carry clip. (I will sell these scales separate for $70 shipped if yolo'd before the knife.) Comes with original smooth black g10 scales, original clip in original box. Absolutely steel this for SV: $235 ---- Just Metonboss scales alone SV: $70

Spyderco Pm2 Cts-XHP Wharncliffe - This is a Cutlery Shoppe exclusive that I purchased brand new directly from them not too long ago for $199 shipped. It has been carried and used very lightly and obviously modded. The action and centering on this one out of the box was near perfect, but does have a very very slight lock stick that is still breaking in. I installed AWT scales, Flytanium bronze hardware kit, and blacksmith Lynch deep carry clip. Now the centering is off favoring the lock side as usual, but again can probably be centered with some fine tuning. I was and still am happy with it as is. This may just be the ugliest or prettiest pm2 I've laid my eyes on and it is definitely the sliciest I've handled. It came to me with a very slight roll in the middle of the edge, so I did touch it up every so slightly, but damn is this thing sharp. It does come with the original orange scales never carried, original clip and hardware, and original box. SV: $270 (much more than that wrapped up into this one and it's all pretty near new)

Spyderco Pm2 S90v - DLT Exclusive once again like new. I may have cut a few pieces of paper with this one and have fidgeted with it some, but has not been carried. I bought this with the intent to mod like the rest of them, but this is by far the best QC'd example of a pm2 out of the box I have come across. The centering and action are both perfect. Everything about this is as good as it gets for a relatively untouched spydie. Only change to this one is the blacksmith lynch deep carry clip, which is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, I have not been able to bring myself to tamper with this one. Comes with original clip in original box. SV: $150

Bridgeport 395 LL v1 - Just got this knife from a buddy of mine who bought it new and didn't use it much. However, it has been fidgeted a ton and it is absolutely great for that. Super snappy detent with buttery drop shut action. I believe these are OEM'd by Kubey. Thin and slicey, I believe these are 14c28n steel and $130 new. I know they are hard to get your hands on, semi-similar to the Asher Spiro. I won't be sad if it doesn't sell, but won't let this one go for less than I paid at SV: $125

Zero Tolerance ZT 0562ti - I bought this one new full ti 20cv model. Lightly used and carried. Edge has been lightly touched on ceramic/stropped only. (Wasn't very sharp out of the box.) It has been disassembled to install Taco bearings. Broken in nicely, sweet drop shut action with these bearings and perfectly centered. I do have the original bearings for this one as well. Comes with original box, but will come unfolded as ZT's boxes are clunky and I don't want it getting squashed on you. SV: $215

Any questions, hit me up. Feel free to send offers, but one last time if you didn't catch it, I won't be too upset if none of these sell. Just trying to fund a grail here. Have a great Sunday afternoon everyone!
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2023.03.26 20:56 SourPrivacy The Deal Of All Deals! ($25 + Free Vacations) ✈️✈️

Message to All !!

Look no further for the best deals!!

THIS IS The Deal Of All Deals
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This allows me to have a direct line with the hopper team and DEMAND better deals for you and the community.
Which is why I am so proud to present to you the following!!
As a hopper partner who discusses daily with the team over at hopper, they’ve decided to hook me up with a special code that NOT ONLY gives you $25 Credits, but ALSO a spin on the all new


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I am so proud to present this new opportunity to everyone! I’ve been working hard to make this happen so I hope you guys take full advantage of this new and exclusive system being tested by the top Partners on the App!

Click Here To Spin The Wheel!!!

Code - Alexc200

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2023.03.26 20:56 br3adst1c Scared of losing my friend

Some backstory first; I met my best friend at the beginning of middle school, just before covid happened. We shared a couple of interests, and since we were both kinda the loners in our class, we became friends over time. Up until that point I hadn't really had any friends so it was a completely new experience for me. During covid we would call each other during school hours to help with work and stuff, and had a lot of fun together! So when we got to hang out in person again, we were already pretty much best buds. Last year of middle school we had moved to the point of sharing inner secrets and have very deep conversations with a lot of pent up emotions, which we both benefited from. It was the best relationship I've ever had, better than with any of my family members. We would talk basically every day, chat on discord, play video games, watch movies, you name it.
Then, first day of high-school came around. It was like our dream class, all about art and painting. All of the other classmates had similar interests, personalities, and my friend had instantly become friends like half the class. We barely even got to talk, and I sat with my group being unable to connect with anyone at all. On the bus ride home, my friend would sit with their new friends and I didn't have anything worthwhile to say. I took the same bus as my friend, even though I would have to walk an extra 2 km, but even then it was just awkward silence most of the time. I think that's my fault, I didn't know what to talk about and they seemed socially exhausted (they're an introvert). I didn't think much of it, but after a week of the same thing over and over I broke down, cried and hyperventilated (Panic attack? Idk).
Up until present time, my friend has formed a friend group of 8 friends. I can't keep up with them, but try to say something that's not just meant for my original friend. I usually just stay silent and pretend to be interested in their conversation. I used to message her a couple times a day, but I do it once a day now outside og school to mirror her patterns and try to not feel lonely i guess. I've felt too attached the last 7 months, tried to change that and wait for her to start a conversation herself, but I don't wanna feel like I'm distancing myself either. She has so many friends to keep up with, so it's selfish to wanna have her to myself. Does she even wanna be my friend? I don't know. Everything has changed so much and I miss her, even though she's right here. Maybe ive got it all wrong and she feels the exact same way like we were in middle school. Do y'all have any advice on what I can do to not lose my only friend?
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2023.03.26 20:56 WorriedPiano740 [General] Adding GE to grain spawn lids?

Several of my grain jars stalled pretty hardcore (~3 weeks after G2G and barely colonization), whereas others had significantly more. Then it hit me: I used unmodified mason jar lids without GE holes (working loooong hours and forgot).
What’s the best route to fix the stalled jars? Presumably switching out the lids with modified ones in a SAB, no? Or would twisting them a bit be safe/sufficient? I appreciate any help.
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2023.03.26 20:56 Significant-Money-17 Hi guys, can you please help me understand if my chart says something regarding my future career? I have always been ambitious and hardworking in this sector , but I have struggled a lot in the past few years (i’m nearly 30 now). I’m currently unemployed and feel quite lost about my direction.

Hi guys, can you please help me understand if my chart says something regarding my future career? I have always been ambitious and hardworking in this sector , but I have struggled a lot in the past few years (i’m nearly 30 now). I’m currently unemployed and feel quite lost about my direction. submitted by Significant-Money-17 to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 20:56 Lori_the_Mouse Did I become cupioromantic?

I’m an asexual woman (34). I’ve always been a “hopeless romantic.” Enjoying cheesy romance novels and fantasizing about weddings when passing bridal stores. When I was younger I definitely fell in love twice: once with an older high school classmate and once when I was in college with an online guy. Neither turned into a real relationship. I’m certain I’m asexual, and always thought I was romantic, but lately I’m not sure if I am anyone. Despite entering a couple of relationships in the past few years, I felt… nothing. Well… nothing romantic or sexual. I cared deeply about my partners, and although we had no sexual relationship, I did my best to show affection to them. I figured that love would develop with time: it didn’t. For a few years I haven’t felt what I used to towards anyone. I want to, I just don’t. Which makes me wonder: did I become Cupio? Can you BECOME aro? Or am I just in a romantic dry spell. I still want romance and a long term relationship, but I feel nothing besides the desire to feel something. I’m so confused.
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2023.03.26 20:56 Roselie22 What exactly is the future after an MTech through the GATE exam? Is it a more in-depth experience or knowledge or just another better job run down?

What exactly is the future after an MTech through the GATE exam? Is it a more in-depth experience or knowledge or just another better job run down?
Hey, According to me, if you go for higher studies, you will get to learn new things and meet new people. This will help you grow both as a student and as a person. During Your M.Tech, you can go for internships so that you have a great resume once the recruitment process in your university starts. From a job point of view, you will get hired by the top organizations in the industry as they prefer students who have cleared the GATE. The salary that is paid after you have an M.Tech degree is also a lot better than if you just have a bachelor's degree. The important point is that you will have more knowledge as well as get paid a good amount after clearing GATE, so if you are thinking about it, you can go for it. To start your preparation, you should consider Physics Wallah. In my opinion, they have the best study material, and the instructors are very experienced.
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2023.03.26 20:55 PhlipPhillups A couple questions about DIY mattress that may/may not suit my needs

I'm in the planning stages of a DIY build, and have a few questions that I couldn't seem to find answers to on the subreddit.
I (6'0", 195 lb, male) bought a mattress recently that was much too firm for me. I know it says "firm" right on the ad. Turns out I had a bunch of tabs open and just flat out pushed the buy button on the wrong tab. Yikes.
First, am I a side, stomach, or back sleeper? Sounds like a ridiculous question, but the most comfortable mattress I ever slept on was a memory foam mattress that I stayed on temporarily years ago, sunk right into and fell asleep on my back. In my day to day life, I tend to flop around, so I am sometimes on my side and sometimes on my stomach. Is it possible that the mattress I sleep on dictates my sleep position? Perhaps I flop around because I don't find the mattress comfortable?
Next, what is the difference between (from the guide) "a high quality 2.8lb foam, a good quality 1.8lb foam, and a medium quality 1.5lb foam?" If the ILD is the same on each, what is it that differentiates them?
Finally, if my room gets quite cold in the winter, cold enough that my memory foam pillow hardens up noticeably, how should this affect the construction of my mattress? I'm assuming best would be to go with latex for the comfort layer, but will this have any discernible impact on the support layer? Should this push me towards/away from coils or foam?
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2023.03.26 20:55 Academic-Dog8736 Looking for anecdotal advice

Hi everyone, I found this thread while preparing to talk to a clinician, so I am pre-diagnosis and just trying to understand other womens experiences and narratives to help clarify what could be my own.
I have begun to suspect PMDD and am seeking evaluation because I notice for ~10 days, I really struggle: anxiety, feelings of low worth and inability to move forward in work. Very serious brain fog that causes challenges in my public role at work. Energy issues that cause challenges with productivity at work and home, make me skip workouts/activity. Then, all the standard 'bad PMS' symptoms such as vision blurring pain/heavy period for ~2 days, days of out of control appetite, challenges sleeping etc.

It has absolutely affected my work and relationships. But, it has never pushed me to the point of outward rage, and Ive never had specific Su*cidal ideation. At my lowest point in the past 6 months, the thoughts were "is this all there is?" and my largest concern was that I had never had thoughts like that before. However, for context, i had moved to a new place and there was a lot of environmental and relationship reasons the challenging feelings.

My largest concern is that the severity of the symptoms make being consistent on homeopathic solutions such as physical activity, careful diets, and consistent sleep/meditation feel nearly impossible. I need help for about 2 weeks out of the month in order to make that happen.

However, when I read many of the narratives around PMDD, I realize Im not suicidal or lashing out, and I am wondering things like: Is there such a thing as 'light' PMDD? Are there other solutions to stabilizing besides SSRIs and birth control? are there others like me? Do you have other advice or guidance based on the thoughts and experience I shared, such as questions Im not considering or options I havent heard of?

Open to any thoughts for you to share - I appreciate all of you!
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2023.03.26 20:55 say-psych 21[F4M] While I'm not yet near my best self, pwede mo ba akong samahan while I get there?

Hello, gandang araw pi!

I'll walk you through what you're about to subject yourself to:
My first situationship ended not so long ago and it made me realize lot of things about myself, which are —

So, while I'm nowhere near my best self yet, pwede mo ba akong samahan while I get there? We can get to know each other, study-accountability-rant buddies, talk about mundane stuff and random realizations, be each other's online support system. Basta ka-chat lang everyday, ganern T^T

About me:

About you:

Ayon, hi! Message me with an intro about you and what got you interested with giving this a try. Takits po sa DMs :>
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2023.03.26 20:55 icedmatchachai horrible cycles

hi , i will be going to my doctor to talk about this, but my appointment is a few weeks out. i just wanted to see if anyone had ideas of what i may be going through, or ideas of how to make my period not so debilitating.
when i was younger (12-18) my periods were 3-4 days and never hurt. i was so confused when my friends talked about cramp as i've never experienced them. then, after a year or two of college, i ended up having very disordered eating from being in college and having a bad body image. i think the lack and/or the over-indulgence of nutrients fucked with my period. the first day is usually light, but the cramps are beyond me. i begin to get really hot to the point where im dripping pools of sweat. then i get extremely lightheaded and either faint, or get to the point where im just hot but not going to faint. if ive fainted, i wake up shivering cold. if not, the heat usually goes down to the ice cold. and this isnt just 30 mins of almost fainting, okay im not im good! this is 2 hours of me laying in the bathroom with a fan, blanket, and boyfriend trying to regulate body temperature. these feelings usually go away if i poop or throw up (sometimes both). as someone who despises throw up, its upsetting to know that i will do it at least once a month. this also only happens on the first day, after that my period is overall normal and the flow changes. if the debilitating cramps dont happen on the first day, throughout my period i'll have cramps that arent nearly as bad but still cause me to struggle for atleast 30 min-1hr. its happened to me at work, and my coworker asked if i had endometriosis. no one in my family has period problems could this be endometriosis or another condition?
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2023.03.26 20:54 alwayscaffeinatedd Flareup around eyes getting worse :(

Hi everyone, I moved to Ireland last September and I noticed that during the past two months, my eczema around my eyes has been getting consistently worse.

eczema patches around eyes :(
scrunched up to show how wrinkle and crepey the skin has become
I'm thinking that it could be the hard water? The flareups get worse each time, and it's left me feeling really poorly about myself :( I've changed up my diet, added supplements and have tried so many creams, but none of them seem to help. As you can see, the skin is red and it has this terrible wrinkle and scaly texture. In the second photo, I'm scrunching my face so you can see how wrinkly and crepey it is. My current routine is just Avene Thermal water, Cerave cream, Zeroderm Cream and a very gentle rice water toner.
  1. What to do about the very leathery and wrinkled skin? Will it get better if it peels? Are there creams that can help fight the look?
  2. Why is it that my skin looks fine in the morning, but within an hour of waking, the skin is back to being red, rashy and irritated? I do my very best to not scratch it, I just gently cleanse with the Thermal water and put cream on.
  3. I've developed a few very small bumps, almost like white heads on the patches, do you have any experience with this?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.26 20:54 hproch Coaching Profile Tips?

Hello everyone! I’ve played college hoops 2k8 for a while. Had some pretty solid success.
Was just curious if anyone had an idea of the best Coaching Profile settings to use. Recruiting isn’t that big of an issue for me.
Thanks In advance!
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2023.03.26 20:54 Rao_Bot ( M/30) I Want to learn Martial arts in Bengaluru , help me

I have always wanted to learn one martial art , in order of preference - Taekwondo, MMA , Judo . I live near Marathahalli and ready to travel 6-8 kms on bike to any good academy that teaches adults like me. I would prefer classes in morning as i need to go to office at 9am. I am neither fit nor athletic so it would be great if the institution which considers students like me 😅🥲 ..
Any good options near where I live ?
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2023.03.26 20:54 Slake19 I wanna go from skinny fat to aesthetic looking body

I weigh currently 69kgs and i just started taking my diet and workouts seriously ,can any one tell me the best wokrout splits and how long will it take to see results ?
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