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2023.03.26 19:49 Darkavenger07 [Recruiting] East Mids #2GLQ22RVL TH 9+ Clan level 3 CWL Gold 2 Social and active war clan

About us:
🔸 We’re a clan starting out that’s looking for solid players to come and join us to help us grow.
🔸We have a solid leadership core who are committed to building something solid
🔸 Level 3 clan (UK based primarily)
🔸 Wars are frequent and looking to be more often and larger as we grow. We take wars seriously
🔸 Clan capital: Level 3 capital hall
🔸 CWL: Gold 2
🔸 Clan games: We participate well with many of our players achieving high scores
🔸 Discord server which is mandatory and helps with communication and structure
🔸 We also have a clash royale clan should you be interested
What we’re looking for:
🔹 Non rushed players
🔹 TH 9+
🔹 Be active and friendly
🔹 Use both attacks if opted in to wars - happy for players to opt out as needed
🔹 Use attacks in cwl when participating
🔹 Use all raid weekend attacks
🔹 Follow our rules, listen to leaders and have fun!
💬 Discord channel see the link below ⤵️
Apply through discord or DM for more info
Clan Link ⤵️
East Mids https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=2GLQ22RVL
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2023.03.26 19:47 escapeinagoodbook Shampoo recs

I have read the wiki when I joined and again just now. I am active but have never posted. I need a shampoo that will not dry my hair out, cleanse, and not cause frizz. If the waves stay or clump, it’s a bonus. Every shampoo I am using now, is causing hair fall. It’s postpartum hair loss amped up, but without postpartum. No bald patches but very thin, stringy, clumps of hair come out whenever I do brush or even put hands through. Health is otherwise fine, labs reveal no anemia, or deficiencies and I’m taking vitamins & supplements. So far the most success I’ve had just this week- Giovanni silk shampoo and conditioner but it could have been because I rinsed in epsom salt bath I was in because I was exhausted. Hair clumped and spiraled, soft,smooth. I’ve also tried the following: Giovanni 50/50, tea tree Miribel Naturals-best conditioner ever, very hydrating, but shampoo is more like co wash and I hate the tea tree and mint Innersense- gave me allergic reaction on skin Intelligent-Nutrients- strong overpowering scent, maybe plants are too concentrated or botanical is not for me? Oribe Gold lust shampoo & conditioner Olaplex shampoo and conditioner year ago, no problems or hair fall just frizz A Simple Planet- allergic reaction on skin, just like Innersense 100% Pure year ago Josh Rosebrook- balance Naturally Free- no coconut or Shea butter, but I hate the mint in it otherwise cleans well and is fine
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2023.03.26 19:47 goonluca85 More Double Kill/Camo issues

More Double Kill/Camo issues
The double kill camo challenge for the KV Broadside is locked like I haven't got the gun to level 15 yet, the gun is max level, but the other 3 base challenges are completed along with gold and platinum. . Anyone else had this happen?
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2023.03.26 19:46 Ok_World6738 50% Off BJPKPK Insulated Water Bottles -17oz/500ml -Stainless Steel Water Bottles,Sports Water Bottles Keep Cold for 24 Hours and Hot for 12 Hours,BPA Free Kids Water Bottle for School-Glitter Gold YD

50% Off BJPKPK Insulated Water Bottles -17oz/500ml -Stainless Steel Water Bottles,Sports Water Bottles Keep Cold for 24 Hours and Hot for 12 Hours,BPA Free Kids Water Bottle for School-Glitter Gold YD submitted by Ok_World6738 to AmazonPromoCodesGA [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 19:45 AutoModerator [Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description

[Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description
Get the collection here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/robert-kyosaki-ultimate-collection-bundle/
[Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection
What’s Included in the collection?

  • ABCs of Real estate investing
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  • Guide to Becoming Rich Without Cutting up Your Credit Cards
  • High Performance Selling [Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker,Bob Proctor]
  • How to predict the future
  • How To Save A Fortune In Taxes [Robert kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker]
  • Increase Your Financial IQ
  • Michael Maloney – Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver
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  • Real Estate Advantages
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad audio and book
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens_ The Secrets About Money – Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter
  • Rich Dad Secrets Of Wealth [Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield]
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  • Why -A- Students Work for -C- Students
  • Kiyosaki Live NY City
  • Robert Kiyosaki – 60 Minutes To Getting Rich
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2023.03.26 19:44 MaStrength Throwback: 2016 China Nationals, Liao Hui vs Shi Zhiyong

Throwback: 2016 China Nationals, Liao Hui vs Shi Zhiyong
Epic battle between two 69kg super stars. Both were tied in the snatch so the CJ determined the winner and who (supposedly) would represent China in the 69kg class for the Rio games. Liao won with 196 vs 195.
Liao Hui had beaten Shi Zhiyong many times leading up this point, but he wasn't selected for the Olympics. Personally I think Liao would already have 3 Olympic gold medals if he competed in London and Rio (he had totals that would've won both games easily).
And since he naturally sits at 73kg, he would be a top contender for Paris. I'm not sure if would still beat Shi Zhiyong at this date but, like Lu, definitely had the potential to do so.
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2023.03.26 19:44 MrTsquared88 My friend’s wife is taking complete advantage of him.

Not looking for advice or anything, just need to vent about it.
My friend, Craig (fake name) has always been a hopeless romantic. Great guy, but never seemed to find the right girl. That is, until about four years ago, when he met Jessica (also fake name). He was head over heels for her. About a year into their relationship, Craig told me he was moving in with Jessica. We continued the convo, and it came out that Jessica hadn’t had a job in 3 months.
This kind of concerned me, but the paperwork was already done. So they moved in together. And who would’ve guessed… Jessica never got a job. One year ago, they got married.
Now I get it. We’re living in a changing world. I’m a feminist, and I believe women should have the choice to do what they want. Personally, I think women and men should be working. But hey, I understand that if a couple mutually agreed that the woman should stay home and take care of the house and kids, then all the power to them. The same for couples where the man stays home. Whatever. BUT I believe both partners need to be putting in an equal amount of work. If one partner stays at home all day, that house should be spotless. Dinners should be made every night. If there’s kids, they gotta be taken care of. I don’t care about genders, but each partner’s gotta be doing an equal amount of work.
Jessica does not do this. She doesn’t like cooking or cleaning. She just sits around and does nothing. Craig pays for everything for her.
But here’s the kicker. She runs a fashion Instagram blog. She doesn’t even have 2000 followers. But she acts like it’s her full time job. She’s been at this for like three years, and has nothing to show for it. She takes the same pictures with the same outfits and posts them just to get the same circle of friends and family to give her likes. And they’re really Not even great outfits. And she often takes social media breaks because “she can’t handle the stress”.
When having conversations with her, it’s clear she has no plan for this Instagram. She says she doesn’t want to do reels or get on tiktok because she doesn’t want to be on camera. She doesn’t even know or follow any other big fashion/ lifestyle bloggers that are successful. Any time she’s reached out to brands about doing collaborations, and she gets an email about some kind of a contract, she has Craig handle it because “it stresses her out”. She has said that she “just wants to post and have Craig handle all the management stuff”. She also has said that she only wants to get organic followers, but I don’t think she understands what that means.
On top of that, as I said, she also jokes about how she never cooks or cleans because she hates it so much. Also mind you, they don’t have kids, so it’s not like she is taking care of them or anything.
Not to mention she constantly posts with high end fashion clothing, with including several purses, each worth hundreds of dollars. Craig is funding all of this.
Meanwhile Craig has worked very hard in his career. I knew him when he was putting in 12 hour days every day at his job, just to get ahead. He’s gotten himself in to a very respectable (and high paid) position. And yet he still has to take a second job working long hours on the weekends just to afford Jessica’s lifestyle.
I know ultimately it’s none of my business. If she makes Craig happy, then that should be enough, right? It just frustrates me seeing my friend get taken advantage of after he’s. I mean she essentially just thinks Instagram is going to start paying her for being her. She has no desire to put in any real work into anything.
And maybe I’m making up scenarios in my head right now, but I will bet anything that the moment they do have kids, she’s not going to want to do any of the work involved in taking care of them.
I don’t know what other word to use here other than gold-digger. And I question, god forbid if Craig ever loses his job and can’t fund her lifestyle anymore, is she going to stay with him?
It’s so frustrating.
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2023.03.26 19:43 PlanetToday Solutions for trading vaulted gold and silver as ETFs through brokerage accounts Economics, Podcasts, Political

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2023.03.26 19:43 griffinman01 Nintendo Power Mario Kart gold controller value?

My brother's been on a retro game jag recently for the nostalgia and we were having fun checking out how much some of our collection's worth when I remembered having a gold N64 controller that I won in the Mario Kart Nintendo Power contest. You had to beat Mario Raceway in under 1:30 in time trial to enter. I still have it and I did some research on it to find out that it's apparently really rare since it's engraved being 'made in Japan' versus China. That implies that it was one of only ~2000 made for this contest (1000 were given out in Japan and 1000 in the USA) so it got me wondering how much that's worth.
I have no intention of selling it since it's obviously got a lot of sentimental value since I worked damn hard to win it, but I'm curious. I've apparently got a lot of other rare games in my NES/SNES collection but I wonder if this might top the list as 'most valuable'. It's also in pretty good condition. It's got a little wear on it since that basically became MY controller and I never let friends use it, but I did use it a lot growing up.
Anyways, thanks in advance for any insight or if you have any stories about winning/attempting the same contest.
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2023.03.26 19:43 Drofthedead Gold JG looking for team

IGN: Dr of the dead
Gold JG looking for team
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2023.03.26 19:43 Torsades_deez_nuts [NA] D4 Jungle looking for another D4 or higher to smurf in Gold elo with

Must be D4 or higher on main. I will add you on my main, PM me your username. I have an unranked gold MMR account I am trying to climb on.
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2023.03.26 19:42 MaxxDee A Savvy Deal 5000 Gold & Spent $10 For An Upgrade Token!!

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2023.03.26 19:41 Grocery-Super Selection of DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer

Selection of DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer
One of the most important factors in controlling DC motors is the ability to adjust their speed. There are three ways to achieve this, including changing the supply voltage, changing the magnetic flux, or changing the armature voltage. Of these methods, using a potentiometer is quite common and easy to implement. Potentiometers allow users to adjust the voltage applied to the motor and, in turn, change its speed.
When selecting a potentiometer for DC motor speed control, it is important to choose one that is suitable for the specific motor being used. Potentiometers come in various types, including linear and logarithmic potentiometers, with logarithmic potentiometers being the most commonly used for DC motor speed control. It is recommended to choose the type of potentiometer suitable for equipment specialized for DC induction motors to ensure proper functioning.
Potentiometers for DC motor speed control are widely available on the e-commerce market, and many are quite cheap. However, it is essential to select a potentiometer with the appropriate power rating to ensure it can handle the voltage and current demands of the motor. Blog KINETIC POWER SYSTEM is a great resource for those looking for guidance on selecting a suitable potentiometer for DC motor speed control. The blog introduces types of potentiometers suitable for DC motors, including brushless DC motors, and provides helpful tips for proper wiring and installation.
How to connect potentiometer to get speed controller for DC motor
List of DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer for sale: DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer
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2023.03.26 19:39 Jgrupe I Accidentally Traveled to Another Dimension When I was in Eighth Grade

It was just before recess when Zach asked me to hold his egg. We were doing a school project where the goal was to keep an egg safe for an entire week, as if it were your own baby. If you dropped your egg and broke it, you got an F.
Mr. Marco had signed all of the eggs with a Sharpie, so there was no chance of cheating. Everyone in class had devised a plan to keep their prized egg safe for the week, and Zach was no exception. He was using a white and red thermos lined with tissue paper inside. It looked secure, and I wasn’t worried about breaking it. In fact, it looked safer than mine, and I was starting to consider changing my design.
Maybe because I was distracted thinking about my own egg container device, I didn’t have a firm enough grip on Zach’s thermos. When I got bumped from behind by another kid I fumbled it.
The whole contraption went flying and landed right in front of the teacher’s desk. Mr. Marco saw the egg jump from the thermos and a second later it went SPLAT, right on the floor in front of his desk.
“Jason! Was that your egg?” he demanded, leaping up from his chair.
Mr. Marco had always hated me. I had him in the sixth grade, after he replaced the best teacher in school at the last minute. Then in the eighth grade, he surprised me again by replacing the second best teacher in school and taking over for his class which I was entering. The first day I couldn’t believe it, seeing Mr. Marco sitting behind the desk where Mr. L was supposed to be sitting. Mr. L was my older brother’s favorite teacher ever. Three years prior I’d heard all the stories of how he’d taken his students on field trips every month and entertained them with his comedic lectures, using characters and voices and props that captivated even the most “unteachable” students.
Mr. Marco, by contrast, was a Phys Ed major who thought gym class was superior to everything and barely understood math or science. He was highly favored among the jocks and bullies and despised by the geeks and nerds, like myself.
That first day of eighth grade, Mr. Marco was sitting up front, and he must have seen the disappointed look on my face, because he scowled at me and yelled at me to take my seat. It was as if he had read my mind, and knew I hated him, and that I was disappointed he was my teacher again.
For almost two full years I’d suffered under Mr. Marco. He was mean, rude, and somehow managed to become friends with all of the bullies in school who regularly beat me up during recess. One of those bullies was Zach, whose egg I had just broken.
“No, Mr. Marco,” I said, showing him my egg, safe and sound. “That was Zach’s.”
I turned around and looked at Zach, then wished I hadn’t.
“Sorry,” I mumbled under my breath.
The teacher’s face went a shade redder. Zach was his favorite student. Zach was the quarterback on the football team which Mr. Marco coached. And Zach, despite being the worst student in class, was adored by Mr. Marco.
The teacher’s eyes shifted and I saw he was looking at Zach sympathetically. Zach, who was standing behind me, vibrating with rage. The freckles on his cheeks became harder to see, as his entire face went crimson.
Despite the fact that I knew he wanted to fail me, a precedent had already been set and everyone knew what had to happen next.
“Unless that was a decoy, you get an F, Zach,” Mr. Marco said, sitting back down and marking something in his notebook with a red pen. “Next time pick a smarter person to hold your baby.”
Somehow that stung worse than anything yet.
It didn’t take long for Zach to find me during recess.
His tall, lanky, hyena-voiced friend Chris accompanied him as they held me up against a wall and began to lay a beating on me. It didn’t help that Zach now had both hands free, while I had to hold onto my precious egg for dear life.
Zach punched my arm again and again, giving me a Charlie Horse that would last for weeks.
At first I didn’t protest. I felt like I deserved it. But then it started to hurt worse and worse and I needed to get away more than anything. It felt like something in my arm was about to rupture or break or worse. But no matter how hard I struggled, the two larger, stronger boys held me in place.
Finally, after what felt like hours, I could take no more, and crumpled to the ground, curling into a ball, still trying to protect my egg.
Zach said some parting words which I barely heard, no longer caring what he thought of me. Once upon a time we’d been friends. I’d gone to his house and gone to his birthday parties. But that felt like a different lifetime. A century ago, in another universe.
I walked home from school feeling crushed and weak, wincing every time someone ran past me on the sidewalk, thinking it might be Zach coming to lay another beating on me. Looking over my shoulder again and again, I had a feeling he would be coming for me. What he’d done to me at recess wasn’t enough. It would never be enough.
When I glanced back I saw him running down the sidewalk trying to catch up with me. I pretended not to notice, then when I went around the next corner I began to run.
A few seconds later I looked back to see he had several of his friends from the hockey team with him. They were running full-tilt, laughing and screaming at me as I ran away. Their threats made me certain that if they caught me they would hurt me worse than I’d ever been hurt before. And I really wanted to avoid that.
I turned onto a path, leaving the road, racing towards the forest. Immediately I regretted the decision, knowing that I was headed towards an even more secluded area, far away from the relative safety of city streets and plenty of witnesses.
But it was too late to turn back now. The bullies were right behind me, gaining on me fast. I threw my backpack to the ground, trying to gain any advantage I could, and heard one of them tumble to the ground when they tripped over it.
“I’ll kill you for that,” I heard him yelling after me, but I didn’t look back.
By the time I got to the forest I realized they weren’t right behind me anymore. They were still trailing me, but at a jogging pace now. And they were pulling binders and school books out of my backpack and scattering them everywhere as they walked.
“Man, you really shouldn’t litter,” Zach was saying, joined by jeers and laughter from the others. “All this stuff has your name on it, you should really come back and pick it up! Look, there goes your math textbook, that’s gotta be worth like fifty bucks, right?”
I winced, hearing him tear pages from it as they followed me into the forest. It probably cost more than a hundred dollars, I thought, which I’d have to pay back after the school year ended. Either way, I wasn’t turning around for the backpack. I would take my life over my school books any day.
The path was too obvious, I realized. Knowing I had temporarily lost them in the trees, I decided to veer off from it. I had to get creative if I wanted to lose them.
So I went off the path and ran through some bushes, heading away from the trail.
It didn’t take long for them to notice, and I heard them crunching through leaves as they followed after me a few seconds later.
“I SEE YOU!” Zach shouted, and I looked back and saw he was pointing right at me. “And I’m gonna fucking KILL YOU!”
It was an accident, I wanted to scream. But it wouldn’t make a difference. None of it mattered to him. He just wanted blood.
Running as fast as I could through the fallen leaves, I tripped over a branch. It was hidden by the rusted brown and yellow foliage and so I hadn’t seen it.
When I looked up, I realized there was a hiding place just beside me that I would not have noticed if not for tripping.
A large, hollowed-out log was to my right, and I crawled inside of it.
It was large enough for me to fit inside, but just barely. I held my breath, hearing the sounds of footsteps coming closer. The other boys were right outside, looking for me.
“He was here a second ago,” one of them said. “I saw him.”
Patiently I waited for them to leave, hoping they wouldn’t linger too long. The log was wet beneath my ass and I felt the rotten moisture leaking through my pants. I noticed movement to my right and looked to see a fat spider crawling on the ceiling of my hiding spot, and just beyond there were millipedes, potato bugs, and little red worms which squirmed and wriggled as they poked their heads from the decaying wood. There were probably more of them beneath me, and I realized I felt movement under me. The entire rotten log was alive with insects and creepy-crawlies.
Horrified and sick to my stomach, I nearly burst out of there, screaming. But I stayed where I was and hoped they would leave. Instead, they lingered nearby, far too close for comfort.
“Is he in there?” I heard one of them ask.
With fear overwhelming my revulsion, I set down my precious egg and clambered further into the decaying log. I crawled through thick spider webs as things skittered down my back and into my pants, biting back a scream and forcing myself to continue onward. All the way to the end, or at least, what I thought was the end of the hollow log.
Instead of bumping up against a rock or roots or cold hard ground, I kept crawling. Into the darkest place I’d ever been.
Something about it was calling to me, even more than my sense of curiosity at this strange world which seemed to be opening up all around me.
I sensed by the noise of my movements that I was now in a wide open space, damp and cold like a cave, and I felt around, realizing I could stand up now. I sensed there was something just ahead of me, and I reached out to feel a smooth wooden surface.
My hand probed the flat surface for any marker or indication of what it might be, and suddenly I felt something round and polished jutting out from it.
For a few seconds I couldn’t figure it out, because the context clues were all wrong. Whatever this was didn’t belong here. It belonged in a house, not a cave beneath the forest.
It was a door knob.
Which meant this was a door.
But where could it possibly lead to?
I decided to take my chances with whatever was on the other side, rather than risking another confrontation with Zach and his friends.
My heart was pounding fast as I turned the handle, deciding to take a chance and explore further in this strange place. Maybe it was a hobbit’s hole, my young mind thought. Or the home of a leprechaun.
As I stepped through, into another world, I forgot all about Zach and the other boys who were looking to beat me up.
As the door swung open I was hit by a blast of cold air, much more chilly than the damp basement feeling of the cave I had just been in. This new place was in the middle of winter, and it was full of blowing snow, whereas the place I’d just come from was relatively warm. I was wearing jeans and a hoodie, and I was immediately freezing cold and shivering.
“Whoa,” I exclaimed, unable to stop myself from wandering forward.
Scared of going too far from the door, I hesitantly began to explore this new place.
I pushed my way out through thick fir trees, and eventually found myself in a clearing, surrounded by forest. It was dim outside, but it was daylight. The sky overhead was obscured by thick, swirling gray clouds which dumped snow down constantly. My feet were instantly soaked and freezing cold, since my running shoes were not made for this sort of weather.
Clutching myself and rubbing my arms to regain some warmth, I decided this was too much to bear. I was about to turn back, but then I heard the sound of tiny bells jingling, and a voice speaking to me from nearby. It was a woman’s voice, soft and sweet, like music to my ears.
“Oh, dear boy,” she said, emerging from behind a tree. Her hair was dark and she was dressed in gray robes, the same color as the clouds, covered in little silver bells. “How did you find yourself stranded in the forests of Hollow’s End?”
Part of me wanted to turn and run, but her smile was warm and friendly, and the tinkling bells reminded me of Christmas, so I found myself staying.
“Oh, hello. Nice to meet you. Actually, I’m not stranded. There’s a door back there. I found this place by accident and… Brrrrr, it’s beautiful… but cold! I think I’ll have to be heading back now.”
She came a little closer and I saw she was very pretty. Her face looked like it belonged to a supermodel or a famous actress whose name I couldn’t place, and I found myself staring at her intently, despite my desire to go back to where I’d come from where it was warmer.
Then, before I knew it, she was standing right in front of me.
“If you’re cold, I can get you a coat. And some hot cocoa. Would you like that?”
I felt myself nodding, and she took my hand in her own freezing cold one, and when she touched me my entire body became covered with goosebumps, and I found myself going with her. She led me away from the door I’d come in through, and deeper into the cold and wintery world of Hollow’s End.
A little while later we were sitting inside someplace warm, although I didn’t remember walking there. I had a fur coat around my shoulders and I was sipping cocoa, staring at the beautiful woman across from me. She was old enough to be my teacher, and it should have felt rude, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away. And she didn’t say anything, only looked at me with that same warm smile.
But then her happy expression dropped and she looked away, as a tear dripped down her cheek, spilling to the floor, where it immediately froze solid. Her lower lip quivered as she said a silent apology to me.
“What’s wrong,” I asked.
“Nothing,” she said. “How’s your hot chocolate?”
And it was. The best I’d ever tasted.
“Are you hungry?” she asked, wiping away the tears which had turned to snowflakes on her face.
“Yes, I’m very hungry,” I replied. I couldn’t help it, I was starving. My stomach was rumbling and I felt like dinner should have been hours ago, and yet time was funny here. I wasn’t entirely sure how long I’d been in this world, on the other side of the door. But the groans from my belly were saying it had been a long time.
“What is your favorite thing in the world to eat?”
I thought about this for a second, and it didn’t take long to come up with an answer.
“My mom’s beef stew,” I said. “It’s the best!”
Her face lit up in a warm grin again and she got up and went to the stove. I noticed for the first time there was a black pot simmering there.
“Well, what do you know? That’s exactly what I’m making for dinner tonight. Beef stew!”
My mouth started watering at the smell. It was exactly like what I remembered from home. Which reminded me I should be going back there. My mom would be worried about me.
Something about this was creeping me out too, the more I thought about home and about the strange situation I was in. Images of Hansel and Gretel crossed my mind, although I hadn’t yet labeled this woman with the dreaded “W” word. I didn’t think she’d like it if I called her that, even if it was true.
As I was about to open my mouth to say I had to leave, she presented me with a steaming bowl filled with beef stew, and I forgot what I had been thinking about. The dish looked just like my mom’s, and the smell was overwhelming. Next she set down a board with a freshly-baked loaf of bread sitting atop it, steaming and warm with butter ready for spreading.
I couldn’t possibly leave right after she’d done all this for me, I thought to myself, and began to dig in.
The meat was tender, the broth perfectly thick and seasoned, and the carrots, potatoes, and onions had just the right amount of bite. It was the best beef stew I’d ever eaten - peppery and hot - and I quickly downed two bowls, devouring four slices of warm, crunchy fresh bread slathered in salted butter, which I used to mop up the puddles at the bottom of the bowl.
Wiping my face with a napkin, I belched loudly and excused myself, my face turning red with embarrassment.
“No need to apologize. A healthy burp is a sign of a properly cooked meal, in my books,” she said from across the table.
I realized then that she hadn’t eaten anything, and felt bad for not noticing earlier.
“I’m just not very hungry these days,” she said, as if reading my thoughts. “But I’m glad I could make you happy with a meal. The greatest joy in life is in feeding people, I always say.”
“That’s what my mom always says too!”
It wasn’t quite what she said, but close enough.
The woman’s face broke again and frozen tears began to pour from both eyes, as she let out a gut-wrenching sob.
It was startling, after our pleasant conversation so far, but obviously there was something deeply troubling this woman.
“What’s wrong?” I asked. “I’m not sure if I can help, but I’d be happy to try.”
“That’s sweet of you to offer,” she said. “But you’re just a boy. I need someone… Well, someone who can be very, very sneaky. No, I’m sorry. It’s too dangerous.”
“What’s too dangerous?” I asked, curious now.
She walked over to the fireplace and looked into the flames. Then, after some time, she began to speak.
“It’s been years since I’ve been trapped in this place. An outcast sent to live at the edge of the forest.”
Her voice was sad, and almost brought me to tears as she continued her tragic tale.
“My family once ruled this land. We were fair and just. Everyone in Hollow’s End had enough to eat. It was warm and the sun was shining every day. Crops grew tall in the soil of our lands, towering to the heights of trees. There was always more than enough to go around.
“But then a great beast emerged from the forest. It was a jungle cat, large and white, and with it came the snow. The great tiger was intelligent, and could speak and enthrall the hearts of men. He convinced them to take my crown from me, and with it, I lost my power to hold back his never-ending winter. The trees went bare overnight. The crops began to wither and fail. And soon there was little to eat, and never enough to go around.”
She showed me the bottom of the pot of stew, and the few scraps that remained, then set it down to rest on the stove.
“You gave me all of it?” I asked, stunned and heartbroken. “But you don’t even know me.”
“My mother always taught me to be kind. To help strangers lost in the cold.”
I thought about this for a few moments before making an impulse decision I would come to greatly regret.
“Well, my mom taught me stuff too! And I want to help you. Just tell me what you need me to do. If you need someone to be sneaky, well, I’ll be the sneakiest sneak you’ve ever seen. I’ll get your crown back for you from that tiger!”
She smiled at me, and this time it didn’t feel so warm. In fact, I felt a chill run up my spine as she began to laugh and nod, telling me, “Good boy. Very good boy.”
I found myself outside, dressed in a thick black fur coat and boats, trudging through the snow. There was a sword in a scabbard attached to my belt, and I had a vague memory of being taught how to use it.
How much time has passed? How long did you spend learning how to use that sword? Your mother must be missing you…
Panicked thoughts ran through my mind but they were suppressed now. They were at the back. Hidden. Far away where I couldn’t get to them. The only thing that was important now was the mission. Getting the crown. And I could see the glow of it in the distance, shining silver with the magic beacon cast by the (witch, she’s a witch!) woman who was so kind and so good to me. Heading further and further away from the door which had brought me to this strange place - but that thought didn’t really trouble me anymore. Now I was focused on my mission. Getting back the crown was all that mattered. The crown. The crown. The crown.
At some point I realized I was standing right in front of a gate. Not only that, but someone was speaking to me.
“Your NAME, sir?”
“Revere Frostborne the eighth,” I answered, the strange words coming out with no conscious effort. My voice sounded deeper, I noticed, and looked down to see my hands were lined and cracked, calluses formed at the tips of my fingers from many years of hard labor - or swordplay.
“Ah, we’ve been expecting you for some time,” the man said.
I looked him up and down and saw he was a guard dressed in a suit of armor, and there were dozens of others like him all around me. I was in a castle, like something out of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. There were tapestries on the wall and flickering torches hung beside them as I was marched down a long corridor, deeper and deeper into the heart of a grand and ancient keep.
After going through numerous lines of guards, each larger and more ornately armored than the last, we finally arrived at a massive entryway. There, the guard who had been my escort left me.
I looked up at the eight new guards who stood at the doorway, far more formidable-looking than my previous escort, each dressed in gold armor fringed with red, brandishing the sharpest and most ornate-looking spears I’d ever seen. They blocked my entrance and said nothing.
For a moment I couldn’t think what they could be expecting of me, but then the words came from my lips before I could consider their meaning.
“The armies of the Frostborne Giants have a proposal,” I said. “I must speak to him.”
The guards parted for me and I walked through their midst, entering the largest and most lavishly-decorated throne room I’d ever seen.
Sounds of clanking, rattling armor could be heard behind me and I realized the guards were escorting me the rest of the way, towards what appeared to be a huge throne in the distance.
As I got closer I realized it wasn’t a person sitting on the purple throne. It was a white tiger. Much larger than any jungle cat I’d ever seen on Earth, this beast was easily three times the size of a White Bengal Tiger. And sitting atop its head was a golden crown.
The words ran through my head feverishly, running over every other consideration like a steamroller.
Once I was close enough to smell the fish on the great cat’s breath, it spoke.
“Why did you come here?” it asked in a deep baritone voice which rattled my eardrums. “Do you seek to steal my crown for the Silver Witch of the forest?”
The command running through my mind was interrupted somehow, and for the first time in a long while, I could think for myself. But I wasn’t sure how long it would last.
“How did you know I came for your crown?”
The guards’ spears were suddenly at my throat from eight different angles, less than an inch away. My heart was pounding fast.
“I could smell her on you. Cats have much better noses than people, you know. Lower your weapons, he did not realize what he was doing. He still doesn’t. The Silver Witch is cunning, you all know that.”
The guards lowered their spears reluctantly.
“Blikjin, Frija, go. Ready the men for an attack. This is likely a diversion,” the tiger said, and two of the guards ran off. The other six formed a defensive formation all around us.
"Frederick! Come quickly! I need your expertise."
A white haired wizard carrying a staff shuffled over and immediately began pawing at my head, as if inspecting for lice.
"Ah yes, just as I would have suspected."
He pulled something out from the back of my skull which continued to emerge for a long, long time as he yanked at it. It felt as if he were pulling a snake from my brain.
As he gathered it and looped it into a coil, the great tiger began to whisper in my ear.
“She can’t hear us anymore. Now, listen closely, boy. This is what you must do…”
I was walking again. The cold wind was blowing in my face and the snow was stinging my skin, but I had my wits again. I could think for myself.
The King of Hollow’s End devised a plan to rid the land of the witch once and for all, but it would be up to me to implement it. If I failed, she would have everything she needed to take over again. And to plunge this other world into permanent darkness.
“She’s far too powerful even for me to defeat,” the king told me. “But you will have the advantage. You will be able to catch her by surprise in a way none of us could.”
The crown was in my hand, the snow crunching beneath my boots. There was a long road ahead of me, although I didn’t remember traveling it the first time, I would be present for every moment of this leg back.
Fortunately for me, the king’s throne room was imbued with a powerful magic, put in place by the wizard, Frederick. The witch wasn’t aware of his power, or his presence, otherwise she wouldn’t have risked sending me alone. But now I was in a place of advantage. All I had to do was get her to put on the crown and it would drain all of her magic, making her powerless, due to a hex placed upon it by the wizard. Without her magic, the witch would freeze like ice and shatter into a million pieces
I continued to walk, pondering my plan and every possible thing that could go wrong. For years, I marched through the cold and the snow, attacked by bandits some days while on others I had nothing to eat. There were good friends made along the way, enemies vanquished and companions lost to sickness and arrows. Yet somehow I managed to survive.
By the time I made it back to that frozen forest I was a changed man. No longer a boy - those days were long since forgotten. I hardly remembered how I had come to be in this place, and part of me suspected I’d lived here all along - that those previous memories were simply another hex placed upon me by the witch.
The sound of tinkling bells broke me from my thoughts, and I looked up to see her standing there, right in front of me. Only inches away.
“You’re back,” she said with that same smile like an eel about to eat supper. “Do you have it?”
No questions of how I was or whether I’d run into trouble. No thank you for my years - no - decades of journeying to fetch it for her.
My hands shaking with barely concealed rage, I fetched it from beneath the folds of my tattered cloak and handed it to her.
“You’re shaking,” she said, taking it from me. Her voice was nervous, and slightly suspicious. “Are you alright?”
“The years have done a number on me, m’lady. I am not the boy I once was. I’ve grown old in my quest to find this for you. And to slay the great tiger who stole your throne.”
“But you have done it? He is dead?”
I nodded.
“Yes. He is dead.”
Smiling wider, she began to put the crown on top of her head. Lowering it to the point where it almost rested there, it hovered for several long moments… But then she pulled it away.
“No…” she muttered. “Too easy…”
Her face was getting red with rage, and I realized she had caught me.
“You shouldn’t be able to tell your own age. That was part of the spell. It was supposed to keep you blind to how much time you spent here - a variation on the hex which enchants my forest.”
She raised her hand and a bolt of energy deformed the air in front of me, causing it to shimmer, and then it moved over me, enveloping me. It was pure heat. Like the air just above a fire, where you would toast your marshmallows.
I screamed as the boiling air began to melt my skin, setting my fur cloak ablaze.
“You will learn not to disobey me again,” said the witch, inspecting the crown in her hands with disinterest. “But for now. Pain.”
The scorching air got even hotter somehow, and my hair caught on fire a second later. Now I couldn’t even scream. My voice was caught, my face frozen in a grimace of sheer agony.
Time stretched out forever, although it only lasted a few instants.
Then thankfully the burning haze was extinguished by a snowy gust of wind.
“Enough, witch! You have destroyed this poor boy’s life. Now you will pay!”
It was the wizard, I realized with relief. He had come to save me. And not only that, but he was riding on the back of the great white tiger king.
Frederick leapt from his back and began to advance on the witch at the tiger flanked her from the other side. He held his staff out in front of him and cast bolts of white lightning at the witch - who in turn sent them ricocheting in every direction, deflecting them with a swirling gray cloud which she manipulated expertly.
One bolt of lightning deflected back exactly at Frederick, hitting him centermass, and sending him flying backwards. After hurtling through the air several yards, he landed against a rock, where he lay motionless.
“FREDERICK!” the tiger-king shouted, abandoning his attack and racing across the snow to his fallen friend.
The gray witch was moving towards the king, slowly closing the distance from behind, and I realized she would kill him if I didn’t do something.
And then I saw the crown lying in the snow.
I would only have one chance. And I would need to be very sneaky.
“You thought you could kill me?” the witch was saying, sending a shimmering orb of heat towards the tiger-king. “You really thought you could kill ME?”
The tiger lunged at her ankle, ducking beneath the orb of magic at the last second and grabbing hold of her leg in his jaw.
“NOW!” he yelled around the bloody flesh in his mouth. “DO IT NOW!”
I didn’t hesitate.
As the witch was distracted, screaming in pain, I jammed the crown on top of her head, twisting it further onto her forehead until it covered her eyes, and was impossible to remove.
It began to turn red, then white-hot, as she howled in pain and tried to pry it off. But it wouldn’t budge.
The witch burst into flame, and I held my hands up to the bonfire of her body to warm myself up as I watched her turn to cinders.
Sadly, a few minutes after the witch died, so did Frederick, the wizard. He managed to hang on for a little while, just long enough for his magic to send the witch back to hell where she belonged, but then his injuries overcame him. He had used the most powerful magic available to him in his effort to stop the witch - and she had turned it around on him, deflecting it right back at his heart.
A tear ran down the tiger-king’s cheek, and I held out my hand to stroke his soft, warm fur. His eyes were brimming with tears as he spoke.
“You should go home. Your family must be missing you.”
“That was just a lie from the witch. This is my home. It always has been. The rest was just a dream.”
“Come,” said the tiger-king. “Let me show you something.”
He led me towards a thicket of trees. Pushing a few branches aside with his great paw, he went into them, the sticky sap leaving brown smears on his white coat.
“In there,” he said, pointing to a strange door, isolated in the middle of the forest. “That is where your true life lies. Looking back, one day you will think that THIS was just a dream.”
Memories flooded back of my mother and father, my friends and family, and of course, the bullies who had tormented me.
“It’s been so long. There’s nothing left for me there.”
“Time works differently in some worlds - at least that’s what Frederick told me. He, himself, was from another world. And he said one day he would return there and only a few hours would have passed. Perhaps it will be the same for youu. There is only one way to find out."
I looked at him and found that now I was crying. I gave the giant tiger a hug and he lifted his paw to hug me back, retracting his enormous claws to do so.
"You are always welcome in my kingdom if you wish to return one day."
And with that, I left him behind, pushing open the door and going back into the cave on the other side.
I found myself back on Earth, and once again in the form of a boy. Unsure how much time precisely had passed, I scrambled out of the log and looked around for any sign of the bullies who had tormented me so many years ago.
Something crunched beneath my foot as I made my way out of the log, and I looked down to see it was my egg. The sacred egg which I'd been tasked with keeping safe.
It seemed so silly now.
I had a good average in all of my classes. Failing the egg project didn't mean anything, really. Except maybe for Zach, who was barely passing. Maybe he would have to be held back because of my blunder.
Suddenly I felt bad for dropping his egg, even if he had beaten me up for it. I hoped he would pass and get to graduate.
I found my backpack at the entrance to the forest, with all of my papers tossed on the grass. My math textbook was fine, though. Despite what he'd said, Zach hadn't ripped it up - he'd only torn out blank pages from a notebook. Maybe he felt bad.
After I'd gathered up my belongings, I began walking home again.
Halfway there, I looked up and saw Zach. He was on the front porch of his house, looking like he didn't really want to go inside. A man and a woman were yelling at each other loud enough to be heard from the street.
"Hey, Zach!" I called over to him.
He looked up and seemed angry for a second, but then seemed to do a double-take. He walked over to me and looked me up and down.
"What's up with you? You look different," he said.
"I've just had some time to think," I replied. "It doesn't give you an excuse to be a dick to me, but I'm sorry I smashed your egg. It was a mistake. Somebody pushed me from behind and it went flying."
"Yeah, okay," he said. "No big deal. I'm still gonna graduate. Just barely, though."
"That's good."
I thought for a second to myself.
"Hey, do you want to come hang out at my place for a bit? I've got the new Street Fighter game. And I've got some eggs and a Sharpie. After two years in his class, I've gotten pretty good at forging Mr. Marco's signature."
He smiled and nodded, and the two of us left the sounds of muffled arguments on the other side of the door and walked away down the street together.
This all happened many years ago. I'm in my late thirties now, and the memories of my other life in that other world have faded. But I still remember how to use a sword. And I still remember the terror I felt as the Silver Witch of Hollow's End set me on fire with her magic. That time while it consumed me felt like it was drawn out forever - and I realized over the years why that was.
In the case of the witch's magic, time does not heal all wounds. It makes little difference.
I think about that sometimes when I'm trying to fall asleep at night, tossing and turning from the unquenchable pain. In the darkness of my bedroom. Every time I see a shadow that looks vaguely like a person I'm still convinced it's her. And that she's laughing in the darkness, tormenting me with her magic.
It doesn't matter that she's dead.
Now I know that there are an infinite number of different worlds out there.
And an infinite variety of horrific things waiting just in the shadows out of sight.
How many doors leading to other worlds are out there?
And what do we do if someone like the Silver Witch steps through, into our world?
What if they're already here?
Or someone else much worse?
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2023.03.26 19:39 funtasticevents0101 31 and I think I'm in love for the first time

I'm 31 F and never been in love. I haven't allowed myself to feel. I worked pretty closely with 36 Male -- Josue and he's been such a breath of fresh air in a stressful work environment. When I'm overwhelmed he notices and reaches out to take things off my plate. I do the same. We work so well together. So kind and so respectful. Both a feminist and chivalrous. Politically our views are aligned even though we work in different countries. I'm in the US and he's in Costa Rica. The time I think sparked my attraction is when there was an earthquake (not a big one but it was my first one) he looked for me and held me as we walked out. I felt protected and it was so sexy. He's naturally affectionate would kiss my cheek hello and rub my back. And while both of those are normal I just melt each time with him. We had a team building exercise a few days ago and part of the activity required us all to hold hands. We stayed holding hands for a while longer after the activity was over. I noticed and pulled away. We worked together for only a year remotely, but I feel like I knew him my whole life. Recently he asked me what my type of men I was attracted to, and it took everything in me not to say you. I think hes going to fix me up with a friend 😅. He's getting married in about a week, and I'm so happy for him. I'm glad I know what being in love feels like but this shit hurts. 🥲 Anyways this is now off my chest.
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2023.03.26 19:38 l3rooklyn [WTS] East Meets West: Urushi on Pens from Aurora, Omas, Montblanc, Newton

I am continuing the process of slimming down my collection. Here, I offer four pens that merge Western brands with Eastern urushi work. First a short list, then more detail below. Prices include shipping and insurance within the US. I am happy to answer questions or share more pictures upon request. If you like a pen but not the price, feel free to make me an offer. Not interested in trades at this time unless you want to trade multiple for a cool nakaya.
Pictures and Timestamp
  1. Aurora Optima, Bokumondoh finish, EF Goccia nib, B condition - $850
  2. Omas Ogiva, OEM Urushi finish, M nib, stubbed by CY of Tokyo Station Pens, B++ condition (inked only a few times) - $800
  3. Montblanc 149, urushi finish by Taiwanese artist Kun Yang, 14C fine, B condition (includes original MB box and papers) - $800
  4. Newton Prospector, aka tamenuri urushi finish by Jonathan Brooks, F Jowo #8 nib, A2. $1150
Aurora: If only this pen were a little bit longer! Alas, the ergonomics of an unposted Optima are just a bit off in my hand. Otherwise, I would consider this a grail-level pen: a classic design from an iconic brand, elevated on the surface with texture and sparkle by a sought-after artisan. The nib is Aurora's version of a naginata-like nib for Asian calligraphy: architect-like and writing a variable width depending on angle.
Omas: This elegant design was released by Omas in the 90s for the Asian market. Omas represents a significant focus within my collection, as they have a long history of designing pens that are not just aesthetically pleasing but highly functional for their reliability, ease of service, and quality nibs. This pen is no exception. However, I am keeping several vintage and modern Omas, and the design alone can't the justify redundancy. The nib was ground by CY at last year's DC pen show. I really like what CY did with my request for a "crisp stub" -- so much so that I had him do the same on multiple nibs for me.
Montblanc: The base for this pen is a 149 produced sometime around the late 70s/early 80s as evidenced by the split ebonite feed, black plastic piston, and bi-color 14C nib. Though originally skeptical of the Montblanc brand, I have come to understand why the 149 has stood the test of time. While the lacquer work is attention grabbing, it simultaneously works as camouflage, allowing you to enjoy that classic functionality in a body that doesn't scream "look at my black and gold Montblanc." I am impressed by the attention to detail on this pen. The lettering on the cap band is filled with red urushi. Some of the ink window was left uncovered, allowing you to check on the ink level without interrupting the overall flow of the design. The lacquer on the body is ever so slightly thinner where the cap overlaps body, to minimize friction/scratching (though note that there is still a bit of additional friction when capping, compared to a stock pen). At pen shows, I have inspected aftermarket lacquer work from several artisans and think this is one of the finest examples I have seen.
Newton: Need I say more? Skip the several year wait that it would take to get one of these babies made to order. It's actually my turn in the custom queue, so I'm going for something custom from Shawn :)
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2023.03.26 19:37 TheDCUFan My DCU Slate

This seems to be a bit of a thing now and I got bored, so screw it, here's mine. This isn't gonna be like Marvel where there's distinct phases with films in those phases leading up to a massive crossover event like Endgame, it's more gonna be about making good stories that are in the same universe without having to link it to whatever huge threat. I'm also not really gonna go into the villains that much, more focusing on the major main character events that will happen. This will cover 10 years with 3 to 4 films a year which I think seems reasonable.
Justice League 1 (2025): Barry Allen's Flash, Aquaman, Black Canary, Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter team up to stop Starro, creating the Justice League.
Batman 1 (2025): Bruce becomes Batman and builds a trust with Gordon. The League of Assassins test him by sending Lady Shiva after him.
Flash 1 (2025): Wally West becomes Kid Flash.
Superman 1 (2026): Clark meets Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, and Lois Lane and publically debuts as Superman, making the suit with the help of Ma and Pa Kent and getting the name from Lois. Clark and Superman meet Lex for the first time
Green Arrow 1 (2026): Oliver takes in Roy Harper, training him to become his sidekick, Speedy.
Wonder Woman 1 (2026): Diana wins Hippolyta's tournament, winning the right leave Themyscira and act as champion to stop the impending war between Circe and Ares, taking her mother's WW2 mantle as Wonder Woman. She stays in Man's World, going to university to learn more about it where she meets Etta Candy.
Green Lantern 1 (2027): Hal fights OMAC, stopping and incarcerating his handlers, the Global Police Agency. He can't find or deactivated the Brother Eye Satellite but does manage to arrest Buddy Blank, handing him into the DEO.
Aquaman 1 (2027): Aquaman takes in Garth, an escapee from Idylis, an Atlantean penal city housed within Xebel. Together they free the denizens of the penal city from Black Manta, saving Manta's son, Kaldur'ahm, in the process. They prepare to move against Atlantis with Garth become Aqualad.
Teen Titans 1 (2027): Dick Grayson's Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash come together as the Teen Titans.
Superman 2 (2028): Clark saves a dog from Metropolis' Suicide Slums and takes him to the Fortress of Solitude to heal. Krypto begins exhibiting Kryptonian powers revealing that he had been altered by the Fortress' AI known as the Eradicator. The Eradicator plans to restructure Earth into Krypton but is stopped by Clark.
Batman 2 (2028): Bruce is confronted by Ra's al Ghul who has been watching him since his debut and wants him to take over the League of Assassins. Bruce has a night of passion with Talia. Jason Blood is called in by Bruce to explain the history of the League of Assassins and the mystical properties of the Lazarus Pit.
Aquaman 2 (2028): Mera falls in love with Arthur and joins his fight for Throne of Atlantis which he does get.
Green Lantern 2 (2029): Hal is on Earth for reasons that will be shown in a future film, so Guy Gardner and John Stewart are brought in as replacements. Guy breaks his leg resulting in him getting benched until he's fully healed
Justice Society 1 (2029): In 1951, the Justice Society includes Alan Scott's Green Lantern, Jay Garrick's Flash, Al Pratt's Atom, Hourman, Wildcat, Wesley Dodds' Sandman, Gavyn's Starman, Johnny Thunder, Shiera Hall's Hawkwoman, Hawkman, and Janos Prohaska's Blackhawk. The team becomes trapped in Ragnarok where they are in a never ending battle where they don't age. Most members die leaving only Flash, Hawkwoman, and Hawkman. Alan Scott escaped a long time ago and has been trying to find a way to get his friends out. He meets Ray Palmer in present day seeing he has the power to get his friends out resulting in the remaining Society members getting freed.
Wonder Woman 2 (2029): Diana leads Etta Candy, Barry Allen's Flash, and Hal Jordan's Green Lantern to Themyscira to stop Felix Faust from siphoning the magic from the island. The quartet are able to stop Faust and free the Amazons but Diana is banished for bringing men on the island. Donna Troy tags along with Diana in her banishment becoming Wonder Girl.
Green Lantern & Green Arrow (2030): Hal starts traveling across the country with Oliverwhere they encounter social issues as well as the villain Major Disaster who the two defeat.
The Flash 2 (2030): Professor Zoom threatens Iris' life and Barry nearly kills him. Zoom attempts to kill Iris but Barry saves her by sending her into the future before he sacrifice himself to stop Zoom, the Speedforce absorbing the two.
Justice League 2 (2030): The Justice League now consists of Aquaman, Black Canary, Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Atom, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Red Tornado, and Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein). The satellite is destroyed by Despero and Red Tornado sacrifices himself to save to save the rest of the League, his consciousness being uploaded into the League Database. During the battle, Firestorm's connection is ruptured, forcing Ronnie and Stein to limit their time as Firestorm.
Green Arrow & Green Arrow (2031): Oliver and Hal are still traveling, meanwhile Dinah discovers that Roy has a heroin addiction and helps him work through it, he retires as Speedy.
Teen Titans 2 (2031): The Teen Titans has expanded and now includes Nightwing, Wally West's Flash, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Terra, and Jericho. Terra betrays the team and helps Deathstroke defeat them but Jericho attempts to stop his father resulting in his death at his father's hand. Terra is killed and the Titans disband.
Green Lantern 3 (2031): Hal, Kilowog, and Ch'p travel to the forbidden sector to investigate a murdered Lantern where they meet Bro'Dee and battle Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corp. Ganthet gives Bro'Dee a Blue Battery to become Saint Walker, the Blue Lantern of Hope.
Green Arrow 2 (2032): Oliver's relationship with Dinah becomes more serious after her mother's death. He begins working with Huntress, teaching her how to use a crossbow.
Aquaman 3 (2032): Black Manta kidnaps Arthur and Mera's sin, Arthur the 3rd and kills Mera. Arthur quests to save his son with the help of Dolphin. He loses his hand and has it replaced with an Atlantean war-hook.
Captain Marvel 1 (2032): Billy Batson is guided to the Wizard Shazam by his father's ghost, he becomes the Wizard's champion Captain Marvel, battling Black Adam.
Teen Titans 3 (2033): Betty Kane, inspired by the Titans, creates her own Titans team called Titans West as Flamebird, recruiting Argent, Kid Devil, Bumblebee, Herald, Mirage, Phantasm, Hawk, and Dove. The team bite off more than they can choose while trying to stop Cheshire from blowing up Quarac. They fail in their mission and most of the team is decimated leaving only Flamebird, Argent, and Bumblebee who are saved by Roy Harper (now a government agent named Arsenal), Beast Boy, and the Doom Patrol.
Justice League 3 (2033): A new Justice League had been formed featuring Booster Gold, Ted Kord's Blue Beetle, Fire, Ice, Guy Gardner's Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Bloodwynd, and Maxima. The team battles Doomsday in Metropolis and doesn't stand a chance with Blue Beetle getting beat into a coma. Booster Gold tries to fight Doomsday but only Superman can really stop him, resulting in the death of Superman and Doomsday leaving Booster feeling responsible. Bloodwynd, Fire, and Ice leave the Justice League.
Superman 3 (2033): Superman had been killed by Doomsday but his body can't be found. It was taken by Eradicator to the Fortress of Solitude where it can be bombarded with solar radiation in to restart his life-signs. Pa Kent learns to his son's death and dies of a heart attack. Clark finds himself in purgatory with dark forces that wish to claim the soul of the Champion of Earth including the Demon Etrigan. Jonathan is able to save Clark with the help of the Spectre who spares Clark's soul, allowing him to return to the land of the living while Pa stays dead and ascends to heaven. During that, John Henry Irons builds his armor and becomes Steel to honor the fallen Superman and Superboy, a teenage Superman clone, breaks out of Cadmus Labs. Steel and Superboy teamup to stop Mongul and Cyborg Superman from turning Earth into Warworld, assisted when Superman returns.
Green Lantern 4 (2034): Hal Jordan, effected by the destruction of Coast City by Mongul and Cyborg Superman, goes crazy and becomes Parallax, destroying the Oan Power Battery leaving John, Guy, and the other Green Lanterns without their powers.
Wonder Woman 3 (2034): With Diana exiled from Themyscira, they decide a new warrior to become Wonder Woman, Artemis. Artemis is taken by Ares and Diana comes fo save her, sacrificing her life for Artemis. Hippolyta, hearing of her daughter's sacrifice, sacrifice's her life to free Diana from the Underworld. Diana briefly gets Godlike powers to fight Ares and banish him from the mortal plane. Diana is called the Themyscira to serve as queen but she turns it down, allowing Hippolyta's sister, Antiope, to become queen instead.
Suicide Squad 1 (2034): The team includes Bronze Tiger, Nuklon, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Enchantress, Catman, and Plastique. Barbara Gordon begins operating as Oracle for the Suicide Squad and Bronze Tiger is the leader.
Batman 3 (2034): Bruce takes in Tim Drake as the new Robin and Barbara begins helping the BatFamily as Oracle. Jean-Paul Valley is rescued from the control of the Order of St. Dumas.
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2023.03.26 19:37 KamilSta EUW looking for duo partner in ranked

Sejuani Main (Rank 738 in Euw) looking for a duo partner in gold or above
For interest dm me
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2023.03.26 19:36 FullmetalKiseki Does Relay work well for Gold-Farming with Anna?

I know it says units are set back to their original states. I don't know if that means Making a Killing won't activate or not, since you get your rewards at the end of the battle.
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2023.03.26 19:35 Shindara420 Best on curve top deck for each mana cost?

What do you think is the "best" card to top deck for each mana cost? List for me would be: 1. Peasant 2. Carving chisel 3. Wild growth 4. Flamewreathed Flameless 5. Guff 6. Skull of guldan 7. Alexandros Mograine 8. Lich king 9. King crush 10. Purified shard
Explanation 1. Always nice to start with it on the board since the opponent has to deal with it 2. Swings in the game in the even shamans favour so hard if they start with it turn 2 3. Not much to explain, ramping on curve is very good 4. A bit of a throwback, this top decked on curve could just tilt the opponent into giving up 5. Perhaps the best top deck on curve of all these cards 6. Even better if you have no hand on turn 6 7. Starts the timer on the opponent asap and puts pressure on them. 8. Great 8 drop that like peasant needs to be dealt with or else you gain an advantage. 9. Snön :) But seriously couldn't find that many gold 9-drops 10. No explanation needed.
Let me know in the comments how your list would look.
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2023.03.26 19:35 ChristIsBetter [XB] H: Rare Plans W: Junk

Looking to get any good junk/scrap/flux offers for the plans in my stash below. Not interested in much besides scrap for the plans but if you come up with something else I'll hear it!
Alien Blaster Cryo Mag Alien Blaster Poison Mag Alien Corpse Operating Bed Alien Stash Box Alien Tube Assaultron Head Asylum Light Auto Grenade Launcher Blood Eagle Paint Bear Arm Blue Ridge Caravan Flag Bottle and Cappy Statue (all variants) Cappy Clapper Chinese Officer Sword Electrified Civil War Era Dress Confederate Hat Confederate Uniform Costume Witch Hat Cryogenic Bed Cupid Cappy Sign Decoy Ducks Dense Marine Armor Torso Electrified Shepherd's Crook Getaway Wagon Glass Covered Shepherd's Crook Gulper Head Gulper Rug Gulper Smacker Halloween Skull Mask Heavy Metal Arms Heavy Metal Legs Heavy Sheepsquatch Club Heavy Sheepsquatch Staff Human Tube (both variants) Large Ultracite Shard Light Raider Torso Marine Tactical Helmet Meat Bag Stash Box Meat Cleaver Meat Hook Meat Week Flag Mirelurk High King Tube Nuka Cola Bottle Kiosk Nuka-Cade Poster Nuka-Cola Crate Stalls Plasma Gun Poodle Sleeping Bag Power Fist Protective Lining Marine Underarmor Ripper Rust Eagle Banner Salty Tenderizer Mod Science Chalkboards Sheepsquatch Staff Shielded Lining BoS Underarmor Shishkebab Sickle Ski Sword Ski Sword Skate Blade Sledgehammer Heavy Searing Sharp Rocket Spicy Tenderizer Mod Spiked Shepherd's Crook Spin The Wheel Posters Sturdy Robot Legs Super Mutant Tube T-51b (full set) T-60 Chest Piece T-60 Left Arm Ultracite Kinetic Dynamo Ultracite Welded Rebar Undershirt & Jeans War Drum Wendigo Colossus Heads Wendigo Colossus Skin Rug Wendigo Tube Witch Costume
Caramel Mutfruit Formula P Hard Lemonade Healing Salve (Mire) Lemonade Nuka-Cola Dark S'mores Stimpak Stimpak Diffuser Super Stimpak
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2023.03.26 19:34 Viz_Xero Valorant Indian skins account(4k)

Current rank- gold 2 Peak rank- plat 1
Skins: Vandal: Elderflame Phantom: Oni Spectre: Prime Operator: Reaver Few Battle pass skins
Total spent: Rs.6250
Willing to sell for Rs.4000
Account: Vermeil#UwU
We can discuss everything in discord, if you would like to. VykSi#7588
Contact the above discord
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