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2023.06.05 16:31 sadbaroness My boyfriend M19 broke up because his mom made him choose between me F20 and her

Hey guys thats my first post and I'm new to that whole reddit thing, but I literally have to get something off my chest.
I'm F 19 and He is M 19. He is my second longterm relationship. His Family background is turkish (with conservative muslim Parents) but we live in a western country. He is taking religion not as serious as his Parents. Im not religious myself but I always respected his religion ( I even was interested myself bc I like to learn new things about different cultures).
So we met through Friends 1½ years ago. We went on some dates and we noticed we have very much in common. We share same issues withe ex relationships , same worldviews, same hobbies etc. It just clicked, after we met for a month we decided to be a couple. There started the Problems, he directly told me that we have to keep the relationship a secret from his family, because his mom doesn't want him to have a relationship (he is saying that is bc of the religion but I think its an excuse because the parents also life in many aspects very western). I think that the mom has some weird relationship to her son that she just doesn't want to have a girl in his life (I know she's a psycho).
Another aspect is that his parents are treating him like shit, they always force him to do chores and babysit his Brothers, also they are forcing him to study many hours a day. They are shouting at him if he is not behaving. He has also restrictions that he can only play videogames for 1 hour a day ( he is an adult keep that in mind ).
Half a year into the relationship we told them about us. They weren't very happy but accepted it with some restrictions. We couldn't have sleepovers, meet once a week and he just can stay for 3-6 hours when we meet. His parents also didn't really like me because I have an alternative style, tattoos and piercings. When I talked to her she was okay, but my bf told me that she was always talking bad behind my back.
Those things always bothered me bc I'll be 20, soon and I think things as Sleepovers should be normal and okay at this age. Anyways, so since then we were officially and keept going like that for the longest time. We argued a lot about these issues because we are the perfect match except for this point. Even in everyday life, the mother does everything for him. He really has no independence. We've talked a lot about it. His solution was that we let time pass until we finish school (this year) and then he just gradually becomes more independent over time.
We continued the relationship normally like that.
Then the issues started. Because I have mental problems myself and I would like more support (than once a week), we fought quite often about the mom thing.
There were a lot more things that happened because of the mother that increased my anger towards her. I was so mad at her because she manipulates him all the time, badmouths me and pressuring him into doing less with me and more with her.
Bc of the culture thing his family is his everything (what I don't understand bc they are very abusive) he also wasn't allowed to normally meet up with male friends.They controlled every thing he did in his life. He also hadn't a job thats why he was also financially dependent on his parents (even though I made him a lot presents).
He told me a lot of times that I am taking so much pain from him (bc he has a lot past trauma cuz his parents and exes and so on). We were emotionally on the same wavelength. We voiced every problem and communicated so much! We were the perfect power couple (Except of the family issue).
What also hurt me was that he always emphasized that he loves his mother more than me because it's his mother and she has done a lot (But doesn't make sense for me because she is forcing him, making him feel guilty for nothing and is abusive und toxic). I always told him that he should leave them and thats better to leave than living with toxic parents but they (and his 9 year old brother (who also loves me)) are too important for him.
But contrarily he is saying that he never got treated so good in a relationship. And that he never loved someone so much than me. We were soulmates.
We argued very much about the "I need a sleepover" topic. And generally about that it hurt me to see, that his parents destroyed him so much. Atp he got really depressed about the topic of standing between me and his parents because both partys want completely different things. But we handled every fight together and wanted to go though everything. He always was the "Lets fix it and fight for us" even if the hardest of times we had.
Lets talk about the current events:
After a lot of arguing about this topic he wanted to give me the sleepover I always wanted the whole 1½ years. We were so happy and hyped for it. Of course he had to lie to his parents and say that he is sleeping over at a friends house (what they weirdly allowed).
We were so incredibly happy and then the day happened and it was the best day we had in the whole relationship! We went for a walk, talked a lot with my mom, made a food in the middle of the night, watch movies, had very good sex.... Everything was just perfect and it was the first day where the relationship felt really complete. We also danced and had a deep talk that everything is going to get better and that we can fix everything together (very bad thing to say in retrospective).
The bad part about the story is, that he had to wake up early (7 a.m ) because his mom wanted to pick him up from his friends place ( so he had to drive with the train 20minutes to his friends place). I was awake when he got ready to leave and we talked, cuddled, said goodbye and then he left.
Because I slept very bad that night I fell immediately asleep after he left (until around 11 a.m.) . Then I woke up and looked at my phone and read just something like "I am so sorry I cant do this anymore, I am so sorry".
I opened the messeges and read a long text, how his mother found everything out got mad, and made him choose between me and his family. She said stuff like "Either you love your family and stay with us, or you have to leave her and can never meet her again"....
He apologized and said, that he can't do this anymore ( because its also draining for him what i can definitely understand) and that he is choosing his parents over me. I mean he always told me that, but that he would actually leave me because they hate me is so shoking for me. I was so numb and confusedy we chatted a bit, I thought he was joking. But then I realized that he really wants to break up. But he said he still loves me and he was thankful for my love and so on but that he can't hurt his parents like that....
We were literally soulmates and I really wanted to help him to get over his mommy issues but he dropped me for his toxic parents. I mean he loves me still and he really apologized for hurting me, but he fought with himself and also his parents. And sadly Im the one who lost that battle, and his parents won. His psyche must also suffer so much.
The day after we talked again and talked about our feelings. He told me that he loves me still, thinks every minute about me and misses me. And told him the same. But he still rejected me and still said that we can't be together anymore. I got so desperate ( because I have BPD and hardcore mental issues) and I begged him to come back and thing about it but he was stuck with his opinion, because he can't get kicked out.
But we always said during the relationship if we break up that we wanna be friends. So he asked me if we can be friends, but I told him that I need time. But I can't imagine being friends that shortly after the break up. We agreed that we would continue without contact and see if we could become friends again later.
We said out last goodbye texts and that we love eachother. Now he blocked me (I told him to bc I said its easier for me that I don't text him) & he also unfriended me in every videogame we played together (probably it hurts him too to see me online).
Yeah thats 3 days ago and I dont know what to feel and think. My relationship got fucked up in not even 24 hout by the stupid mother. It went from the best and most perfect day to horrible suffering. He always wanted to fight but he can't do this anymore and that makes me sad bc I gave him so much more than his shitty abusive parents.
I asked him if we could meet irl and talk about if face to face (everything that happened, happened through text messages). But he said, that he is really sick and cought a cold and is lying in his bed (maybe his karma?).
Anyways thats my current situation, I still love him so much and I'm so ambiguous about the situation bc on one hand we were the perfect match and laughed about other couple who "gave up so easily' bc we could never.
Im not sure if I have hope that he will come back or if its over for forever. We planned so much and we were unstoppable.
As I said he blocked me, but we are sending memes each other but I also try to be consequently with my no contact bc it hurts me so so much to talk with him without him being my boyfriend.
But I can't believe its over because of such a stupid thing...
I want to quit with having hope that he is coming back but I also can't realize that he is never coming back. Like what he always said and what he did in the end is so contrary. Its so weird to me. Because I think its sad, the parents must've destroyed him to let me go. He always told me that he is very scared of his parents and their force they have on him. It hurts me because it wasn't even himself who broke us up... It was his mother. He can't leave its like a toxic relationship. I really wanted to help him out of there.
Also a Friend of mine whos also a friend of him texted him about it. My friend asked him if his mother is happy with his decision now and he said to her: "My mom didn't see a future for me and her, my mom said Im gonna find something better someday and that my pain will go away".
It hurts me so much, I gave him the world and he still chose his mom over me.
Tbh I don't even know if anyone is going to read that or if its useless. I just needed to vent because I really don't know what to do and what to believe. If you have questions I surely will answer them. I'm so scared, sad and down. I'll visit a psychiatry in summer because of my health issues, I hope my life will be better.
My plan is, that Im trying to get over him. If he decides to come back I will take him (If he's leaving this household). But if he's not going to do it, its over!
As a conclusion: I fell in love with a mommas boy, I wouldn't recommend it except you want to suffer
I'm really desperate and don't know how I can handle the situation. Would you try to open his eyes to get him back or would you just accept that he left? What would you do in my situation? Would you just accept that he left in 24 hours?
Take care if yourself and please don't let you MIL ruin your relationship!!
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2023.06.05 16:31 Restekel Something to help with appointments

Here's a little tip I've got for people that go to new doctors or the hospital often, make a health book/binder, it helps with informing them with info about your illness. The way I've done mine is by having my personal information on the first page, Name, phone number, healthcare number and birthday. Then I go onto my list of doctors, their phone numbers and their clinic. Next is medications (it's absolutely hilarious to bring out a whole book when a doctor asks what meds you're on) within that list I've got the amount of each med and how often I take it, after is recent vaccines or inserted birth control (this whole section is the one I find most important because it's got the info that I forget the most) Then I've got 4 pages for each medical condition that's been diagnosed or suspected along with the symptoms that I feel weekly for each and the treatment I use to help it. The rest of the book for me is things that have happened at appointments (like referrals, new meds, possible new diagnosis, etc...) And weird/ concerning medical events. I got a small notebook from the dollar store, and write everything myself, it helps me to remember stuff better. I've had numerous doctors thank me for helping them out in this way, and actually having everything written down makes it harder for doctors to gaslight you. Hope this helps!
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2023.06.05 16:30 yana_c1898 May 29 - Jun 5 Good Crypto Weekly Market Summary

May 29 - Jun 5 Good Crypto Weekly Market Summary
Quick weekly news:
  • Dogecoin investors accuse Elon Musk of insider trading in amended class-action lawsuit: Read more here
  • Binance considers allowing traders to secure collateral at banks: Report: Read more here
OpenAI CTO’s Twitter hacked, shilling ‘scam’ crypto airdrop: Read more here
Other notable events include:
  • Circle will introduce the native USDC launch on Arbitrum
  • Ethereum and Bitcoin futures will launch on Coinbase Derivatives Exchange
Circle will introduce the native USDC launch on Arbitrum
Circle has announced its plans to launch a new native version of its USD Coin stablecoin on the Arbitrum network on June 8.
In a blog post, Circle revealed its intention to replace the existing version of USD Coin, which is currently bridged to Arbitrum as an Ethereum-based token, with a native token that operates and resides directly on the Arbitrum network. The new native token will be recognized as the official version of USDC within the Arbitrum ecosystem and will eventually replace the bridged version from Ethereum.
Prior to the launch, Circle intends to rename the existing Ethereum-based version of USDC to "USDC.e," while the original version will be referred to as "bridged USDC." The new Arbitrum-based version will retain the "USDC" name.
According to Circle, the primary goal of this initiative is to enhance transaction speed by utilizing cross-chain transfer protocols (CCTPs). These protocols facilitate the transfer of assets between different blockchains, enabling users to unify liquidity and support various crypto and Web3 assets across portfolios.
By leveraging CCTPs, Circle aims to enable native and fast movement of USDC to and from Ethereum and other supported chains, eliminating withdrawal delays. This move comes as the stablecoin market, including cryptocurrencies like USDC designed to maintain a value pegged to fiat currencies, has faced challenges over the past year.
Ethereum and Bitcoin futures will launch on Coinbase Derivatives Exchange
Despite the regulatory challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry in the United States, Coinbase, a prominent public crypto exchange, is moving forward with its futures contracts.
On June 1, Coinbase announced its plans to launch Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) futures contracts on June 5 through its Commodity Futures Trading Commission-regulated derivatives exchange. These futures contracts will be specifically aimed at institutional investors.
The institutional-sized contracts will have a fixed size of 1 Bitcoin and 10 Ether, allowing clients to manage their market exposure effectively. Coinbase made this decision based on feedback after introducing its nano Bitcoin and nano Ether futures contracts.
Moreover, Coinbase emphasized that its derivatives exchange is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of institutional investors by offering innovative solutions tailored to their requirements.
On May 2, Coinbase unveiled its strategic move to establish a derivatives exchange in Bermuda as part of its international expansion strategy. This exchange will enable traders to speculate on the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum through perpetual futures contracts. These contracts will provide leverage of up to 5x, allowing traders to amplify their exposure to potential price movements. Coinbase also noted that all trades conducted on the exchange will be settled in Circle's USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin, providing participants with a stable and reliable representation of value.
Also, make sure to check out the top altcoin gainers and losers of the week ⬇️
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2023.06.05 16:30 dujo1972 Trying to budget but told I'm being controlling

Since moving in with my wife and getting a joint bank account, I've been managing our finances. Years ago when going over how much we've spent, I was told that she works hard for her money and I'm trying to control what she's spending money on. I haven't been controlling, more so informing her of what we've spent money on and what we should try and stick to. And I'm talking about something simple like buying coffee when we have at home.
After being told several times that I am being controlling, I stopped bothering to tell her anything. So we've slowly been accumulating debt and it's been stressing me out a ton. I had a conversation with her on this recently and she said that she'll do whatever I say so we can cut back on expenses to pay things off. She agreed to finally stop with the biweekly house cleaner and a few other expenses that I identified. And I explicitly told her I'd clean as well, which I do anyway as it's not one sided.
However, when it came to the $80/month she's paying for access to workout videos, she wasn't giving that up. She's been doing this for a couple of years now, enjoys it, and doesn't want to stop. I paid $169 for a workout program for the year, which she can use as well, but she prefers her own.
And then on the weekend I made coffee before we had to go out. I told her to put it in her travel mug because I knew it'd get cold since she had to get ready to go out. She didn't, I put it in the mug after a while but it was already cold. She then wants to grab a coffee because hers is cold, and I told her that I made coffee and it doesn't make sense to spend money a coffee since this is how problems start. She gets angry, saying how she makes her own money and that she should be able to get a coffee. She also says how she didn't spend any money the day before when going to the mall and how we're getting rid of our cleaner.
I am currently looking into financial counselling who I feel would help to set things straight. She knows other friends who are spending thousands of dollars on activities too so doesn't think we're too bad off.
I don't think she understands how much this bothers me and just wants to live a certain lifestyle, whether or not we can afford it.
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2023.06.05 16:29 papideplantas Hiked in the Adirondacks this weekend which ended with this beautiful view!

Hiked in the Adirondacks this weekend which ended with this beautiful view! submitted by papideplantas to hiking [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:29 quanin On June 12, r/ODSP will support the Reddit API protests.

As many of you are probably aware, Reddit is introducing several changes to how its API works, including beginning to charge third-party apps for functionality. The prices Reddit will start charging on July 1 will put most third-party apps out of business. Given that apps will have two choices - begin charging their users or shut down, this is unfair to the app developers, and unfair to Reddit's users.
To advocate against the changes, the ODSP subreddit will be joining several other communities in going dark for 48 hours, starting on June 12. These changes will potentially directly impact people with disabilities, who may use a third-party app for accessibility reasons. It will directly impact people on ODSP, who may not be able to afford to continue using their app on Reddit. ODSP will not support these changes, and on June 12 we will demonstrate the same.
As of exactly 12:00 AM on June 12, the ODSP subreddit will be unavailable. It will return on or after 12:00 AM on June 14. In the event policies at Reddit have not changed and are not changing, I will use the dark time to investigate alternative platforms for the ODSP subreddit.
If you have any questions or concerns, I'll hang out in the comments for a while to answer them. If you feel you can't share those concerns publicly, you may express them in modmail.
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2023.06.05 16:28 chefglasses If you do not want to push the responsibility of loans you agreed to for a degree you benefit from to other people, you're a class traitor!!

If you do not want to push the responsibility of loans you agreed to for a degree you benefit from to other people, you're a class traitor!! submitted by chefglasses to noworking [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:27 Logical-Conclusion45 I hate working in my parents' company

Quick head's up, this is my old throwaway cause friends and such.

Sorry for formating since I'm writing this on my phone Also sorry for the long post#
Tl;dr I am fed up with working in my parent's company, I can't handle the situation I am in right now and just had a need to vent out.
My life wasn't terrible, I had food on the table, heating in the winter, financially we never struggled before. That being said, I wouldn't say I ever had any type of relationship with my parents, I was pretty much raised by my grandparents. Most of the conversations with my parents I can recall is either being yelled at for not having good enough grades in school, being told I am lazy and will never earn enough to be happy or preachy half-yelling about only knowing one foreign language and never hearing the end of it how much do they pay salespeople who know insert language, and how much could they save if I knew insert language. My sister and I were never really close, we are just to completely different characters that can't really coexist.
Besides that, my parents have always brought work home, arguing over fuckups, people from work and whatever was the issue at that point in time. At first the arguments were infrequent, happening maybe once every two months, but with time they have become more frequent and more heated with reoccurring topic of divorce. Of course they wouldn't let any of their friends or people know, so everyone sees us as a happy family that's perfect inside and out. Well, that is except for our neighbours that can hear them screaming at each other nearly everyday now.
Fast forward to present time, the company has been struggling, with people leaving and situation becoming more desperate than ever my sibling quit their master's degree course and I came right after finishing my bachelor's. Since early August last year I am working full time, doing my 8 hours at the office and finishing topics at home or through the weekends. Last month I went to my friend's who lives in a different city for a weekend hangout, and I ended up having a call for an urgent project, so I sat in my friend's apartment on an off-weekend I had, while he went to a party to which we were supposed to go together.
To sum it up, I'm not delusional, I understand that I was(and still am) privileged in life, I had the ability to travel, learn a second language to a proficient level, and probably many more things I don't even realise. At the same time I don't think my mental health and social battery has ever been lower. I quit a significant portion of things I used to do to socialise or just relax so my social circle is very narrow, and even among these people, none are people I could ever tell what I just typed out of frustration and complete resignation.
If you are here kind stranger, thank you for reading this. At least I don't have to feel as if I am screaming into the abyss.
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2023.06.05 16:27 papideplantas Found this plant while hiking in the Adirondack Mountains in New York this weekend!! It seems to be some type of bug catching plant. Anyone know what it is??

Found this plant while hiking in the Adirondack Mountains in New York this weekend!! It seems to be some type of bug catching plant. Anyone know what it is?? submitted by papideplantas to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:27 shaynaa3 Judith Wards 10 Page Exclusive in the Del Sol Star

Judith Wards 10 Page Exclusive in the Del Sol Star
TW: Suicide, Death, Infidelity, Drugs. I wrote a backstory for my in game Judith Ward. In my game she is a Kardashian level celebrity, but is quite reclusive. This is her first ever exclusive interview, covered by “The Del Sol Star”. I just wanted to show off what I spent my weekend on!
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2023.06.05 16:27 AutoModerator [Download Course] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab (

[Download Course] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab (
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2023.06.05 16:26 CodeInSpace What is the best neighborhood to buy a home in for a Brooklyn transplant?

My job (company based in Portland) has asked me to relocate to Portland. I think I'm excited but also very lost. My entire knowledge of Portland is limited to watching Portlandia back in the day. I have lived in NYC for 15 years, my entire adult life.
I will be in Portland for a week in July and I need to find the area that I will move to in that short window. Can people point me to the neighborhoods I should spend the most time in during that week.
In general how walkable/bikable Is Portland? To other ex NYers, what will I love and what will I hate about it?
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2023.06.05 16:26 Aggravating_Oil8425 AITA for boycotting my BIL’s Wedding?

I think I might be being dramatic so I’m coming here for judgement. My fiancé, Josh (28M) and I (26F) have been together for 5 years, engaged for 3. He has a little brother, James (24M) who has been with his girlfriend Sally for 2 years.
We have a great relationship with my fiancés brother and his girlfriend. We have been there for them during their rough patches and overall supportive of their relationship. Even though they live a 10+ hour drive away, we stay in touch weekly and sometimes daily. We visit them Atleast once a year and they have still never come to visit us but they live in a fun beach town so we never complain about a tropical weekend trip haha. Sent birthday gifts and Christmas gifts without getting anything in return but my love language is gift giving so as long as they were happy with their gifts, I was happy. They are doing great to the point James has a ring and plans to propose soon!
A little backstory, a few years back we went to visit them and stayed in this beautiful hotel and wedding venue. We both fell in love but at the time there was no way we could afford it.
Back to the main story, as you can tell, we got engaged pretty young and at the time we didn’t feel ready to get married. Honestly, I’m not big on weddings but my fiancé wants one so we agreed on a smaller affair to celebrate. Since we decided to wait a few years, about 5 months ago we decided to take a shot at the venue we dreamed of and turns out we can afford it!! We can afford it on our own but both of our loving families are chipping in so we are totally within budget and over the moon. 5 years and we are FINALLY getting married!
This entire time we have been keeping Sally and James in the loop since it’s in their home town. Asking for advice on vendors and just overall excited chatting about it.
Monday last week, we locked down a date and just had to pay the $1,000 deposit by tomorrow. I held off to confirm the date was good with my family since my cousin has a wedding scheduled 3 weeks after ours. We planned to pay it today after I got the blessing.
Yesterday, my fiancé got a phone call from his dad asking if he spoke to James recently. His dad further explains that James, who has no proposed to his girlfriend yet, decided to book the same venue THE WEEKEND BEFORE our wedding.
To say I’m upset is an understatement. We have been talking to them for months about our progress. They had never once showed interest in the location. Frankly, I could care less that it’s at the same place, the weekend before is just a slap in the face. I don’t think I can bring myself to forgive them, let alone attend.
Am I the asshole for not wanting to go to BILs wedding?
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2023.06.05 16:26 panserstrek Visiting Manchester this weekend

Hello all. Me and 2 mates will be visiting Manchester this weekend. Mainly for the champions league final but also just got a good shopping spree and drinking session. We plan on going clubbing on Friday night. Saturday we plan on finding a bar to watch the match. Most likely going clubbing afterwards.
I’m just wondering how busy people expect it will be on Saturday and Sunday. We were in Liverpool for the champions league final in 2019 and the city was absolutely heaving! Even at 4 in the morning the city centre was packed. Now I know that Man City do not have the same grasp over their city like Liverpool FC do. So I’m not expecting it to be as busy.
How busy will it be though? And my main question… is it worth sticking around and going out on the Sunday night too? Or are we better off just going home on Sunday morning? If it will be busy on Sunday we would like to stay.
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2023.06.05 16:25 IcyLawfulness123 I noticed that men around me finally saw me as a woman

I've always been the girl with low self-esteem. I don't know how to do makeup, my fashion sense is basic, my posture sucks, and I was thin af. I also don't use umbrellas during hot days, which resulted to a dark brown skin and a thin, volumeless hair.
Truth to be told, I always wanted to know how it feels like to have guys liking me or wanting my attention, or even the most basic thing like meeting gentlemen. Usually men (or boys, since I was in high school) see me as a tomboy and would even playfully punch me and see me as one of the bros. It's either that, or I'm invisible. I daydreamed that I am the kind of girl who's pretty even without makeup and no fashion sense. Sometimes, I believe it until I look in the mirror.
I'm now 25 and changed a little bit. I now made an effort to have skincare routine, apply face powder and lipstick. I still suck at applying eyeliners and I honestly don't know how other women managed to blend eyeshadows that made them look stunning. I also gained a bit of weight but still has poor posture and basic fashion sense.
Lately, I noticed that there are a number of men in my community who will message me and not be discouraged even if I don't reply immediately. Men greeting me, smiling at me, offering their seats, or even making sure I'm comfortable if I'm in an event. I'm still not used to it and I'm overwhelmed whenever a man offers his seat if I'm standing on a bus or a man offering me a ride home from church if he saw me walking. This is also the first time a man bravely courting me even without knowing how I feel about him (though I already rejected him kindly and I'm glad he took it well). Usually the men who will court me are either men who will take advantage of my innocence, or men who will make sure I like them first before making a move.
I look at myself in the mirror and see that there are no visible changes aside from my weight. Maybe I'm just being delusional, but somehow the changes made me happy. I'm just glad I'm finally seen as a woman and not a tomboy that guys can punch for fun.
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2023.06.05 16:25 woahcoolbeans SPOILER - Across the Spider-Verse discussion

I saw this film yesterday with my partner and he realised something which may be a plot hole and I thought it would be an interesting discussion.
We find out that Miles wasn't supposed to be Spider Man in his universe, so why does that make his dad's death a canon event in his universe?
Surley if he wasn't supposed to be Spider Man then his dad's death wouldn't be a canon, so why does this change once he does become Spider Man? I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if this is a plot hole.
I'd love to hear other people's opinions on this.
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2023.06.05 16:25 Peppington "Time tickets do not allow registration at this time. Please register within these times"???

Hi all I wasn't able to sign in to check my Time Ticket over the weekend due to the system being down. I went and check this morning and get the following message when I checked;
Time tickets do not allow registration at this time.
Please register within these times:
06/13/2023 10:00 AM - 06/23/2023 04:00 PM
It this correct? I don't have any holds or anything that should prevent me from having a time ticket.
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2023.06.05 16:25 Available_Option3912 How would I include this on my resume + Am I too late?

Hey there reddit!
I am trying to apply for a Business development representative (BDSDR) job in the USA (I am a citizen).
My questions are:
1) On my current resume, for some of the companies I previously applied to, I did not mention the company I was working for (Ie: I tried to apply to Google in October, but didn't mention that I worked for my current company for around 4 months). The reason why I did this was because, originally, I didn't think I was going to stay (I was hired as a BDR at this company as soon as I turned 18, was trained during the summer, before heading to college in D.C). I had to leave college because of my father's health condition and went back to work effective January of 2022.
A) What would I do here? Should I still apply to these companies? What would happen if I were to apply to one of these companies and they were to note that my current resume is different (not mentioning prior experience) to my previous resume?
B) Would I have a chance to explain to the company (via phone call or email) the reason i didn't mention my prior work experience after they, lets say, reject my application because they think I am lying (would that make a difference, post rejection)? How about if were to (or should) mention it to a recruiter during an interview, assuming they didn't notice the change (how would they react)?
2) I used to work on a large family YouTube channel centered in the Middle East. I had worked there for 2 years. In those 2 years, I had grown it from 1.6 million subs to 3.4 million subs and by 100 million views. I had decided to resign due to ethical issues and, with that, they are unwilling to provide verification of my work. Notably, I wasn't paid a salary and they are centered in Jordan.
A) How would I go about including this information on either my resume or in an interview? Should I? I am worried that I might include this info and then, when verification time comes around, I will be flagged for not being able to verify my experience!
B) I did apply to a few companies with this on my prior resumes. With that in mind, What would happen here? Will I ever be asked questions about why I didn't include this on my current resume, be seen as suspicious, or be required to have this experience verified?
3) I was speaking to a recruiter Thursday morning when she gave me an email that prompted me to include my resume so that she can submit it to a company. I wasn't able to submit it Thursday or throughout the weekend due to a family emergency. I still need to make edits (the information gathered from this post) and then plan to post it on Monday morning.
A) Do you think I still have a chance of being taken seriously or having the recruiter understand why I was late to submit my resume? What should I say or do?
Thank you all for your responses, I can't wait to read and respond back!
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2023.06.05 16:25 Firm_Shower_1387 Roku keep charging me.

My coworker has a Roku in store that is signed up to his email. He no longer has access to this email. I made the mistake of signing up my Apple Pay to watch an event. Now my Apple Pay info is stuck as payment method and I can’t take it off. I’m getting charged monthly when we have no subscriptions. I’ve called Roku about this with no success. Can someone help? I hate this.
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2023.06.05 16:24 Yamsyamsyams000 A week in Houston- looking for local road cycling routes

I’ll be in Houston for a conference this week, staying in the energy corridor in West Houston (almost in Katy). I see that the forecast for this weekend 6/10-6/11 will be a high of 95F. While I’ve done mountain climbs and centuries in 90F+ heat before, I’m not in as superb form as I’ve been previously, and 95F does seem a little stupid to be out in the heat riding. I currently live in the Pacific NW and would only ride in the early mornings 7-10am if the local forecast was like this, but I’m hesitating a little because I’ve never been to Houston, and don’t know the roads / paths. A few questions:
  1. Is this a stupid thought to try and bike outside in this heat? Would try to be out and back 7am-10am.
  2. Are there any advisable routes for a 30-50 mile ride in the morning? I consider myself an experienced amateur with commuter and racing backgrounds so am ok with no shoulder country roads, but just don’t want to end up in the news. I have a rental car so can drive if needed.
  3. Any good road bike rental shops you’d recommend or groups?
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2023.06.05 16:24 Live-Olive624 My BPD nearly got me arrested

Hi everyone! I hope that we are doing well today. Sorry for the long post, I just needed to get this off my chest.
Yesterday I went to the pharmacy, and while there I saw some anti zit cream. It was cheap, I could have bought it, but I decided to just take it instead. Extremely stupid of me.
The security caught me and brought me to the backroom.
After searching through my bags and doing a body search, the store clerk instructed me to wait there until the police arrived. At this point I didn't realize the implication of his words. Surely they can't arrest me for stealing $4's worth of stuff, right?
I sat in that room for 4 long hours, chatting to the pharmacy security guards who all assured me that I will not have a criminal record for such a small amount of money, the police would just get a statement and let me go.
So you can imagine the shock on my face when the mall security guard told me I was going to jail for the weekend. I started balling my eyes out, realizing that my entire life would be over because of 4 fucking dollars worth of stolen goods.
I guess the store clerk thought this too. He ended up telling me that if my parents came and spoke to the store manager, they would let me go (I'm 20 and still live with them while I study).
I was reluctant at first, because I didn't want them to know how much of a failure I was. I wanted to keep this whole event to myself and never speak of it again.
But after the security told me the police already arrested 3 people today, pure panic set in. I called my dad and begged him to come help me.
Fortunately he did. He spoke with the store manager, who afterwards came and berated me for how stupid I was (as she should have) and I ended up going home.
I cannot tell you how much shame and embarrassment I have felt over the last couple of days. I've spent hours puking, crying, and having the worst headache of my life. I feel like such a colossal dumbass. Why did I even take those items? Why??
My therapist did tell me that compulsive stealing and lying is symptoms of bpd, but I didn't think much of it. Now I think this crippling mental illness of mine is going to ruin my life forever one day, when my parents can't help me.
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2023.06.05 16:24 JundoCohen The Elephant in the Zazen Room

The Elephant in the Zazen Room
If you are bound by worldly matters, you will drown in troubles,just like an old elephant who is stuck in a swamp and cannot get out.
-- Master Dogen, Shobogenzo-Hachi Dainingaku
Tathagatas do not go anywhere, nor do they come from anywhere . . . and the true nature of dharmas does not come or go. The body of an elephant ... does not come or go. Likewise, tathagatas do not come or go.
-- The Perfection of Wisdom in Eight Thousand Lines Sutra
Here's the "elephant in the room" of Shikantaza Zazen:
What does it mean to "think-non-thinking?"
It sounds impossible, like trying not to think of "elephants" after being told not to think of "elephants."
However, it need not be a mammoth task. ;-)
Let's compare our thoughts and emotions, passing through our heart and mind, to large elephants passing through a tiny room. Imagine that you are sitting Zazen in the room, cross legged and comfy, when a huge elephant suddenly wanders in. Actually, it proves to be just the first of a great line, one after another, wandering in as the prior tusker wanders out, trunk-to-tail-to-trunk ... although sometimes with quiet minutes in between. This is our parade of wandering thoughts and many emotions.
Now here's the trick: Pretend for a moment, and truly feel, what the experience might be like if you really and deeply were not bothered by the elephants passing through the room with you, did not care, were totally cool with it, barely even noticed their presence or not at all. We do not try to stop the elephants, but neither do we summon them or play with them. What would it be like in your mind if you were experiencing sitting like that, so calm and still that it is unmoved by elephants passing nearby?
In ordinary life, our daily minds resemble a mad circus, maybe a chaotic jungle. We react to the elephants passing through our awareness, jumping on, leaping from one to the next, pulling their tails, prodding them with a stick, often tangled in their trunks. Sometimes we chase them to catch them, sometimes we run away in fear, sometimes we get trampled underfoot. What is more, all our meddling seemingly summons ever more elephants of thought and emotion into the crowded room. The jumbled circus of "thought jumbos" and "emotion mastodons" never ends, and we taunt them and stir them up more.
But in Zazen, the elephants are tamed ... just by leaving them be, letting them pass by unmolested and without concern.
Kangiten, a version of the Hindu Ganesh, adopted into Japanese esoteric Shingon and Tendai Buddhism
In Zazen, whenever an idea elephant wanders into the center ring of our mind, we pay it no nevermind, do not react, do not applaud or boo, do not jump on, neither prod it, nor hug it, nor pull its tail. We observe without judgement. We sit clear of tusk and trunk, as the pachyderms slowly pass. The elephant's entrance is no more impressive to our heart than our cat's having entered the room, or a breeze or shadow or light beam entering the window, not even that. We see but really do not notice, do not care, do not think it worthy of thought. And if we do happen to notice, we are allowing, even welcoming, ready to make room.
Remember this like an elephant that cannot forget: We are not trying for a room free of elephants, even as the quiet space between beasts may sometimes grow long. Rather, we truly feel the same stillness and space in a room filled with elephants or in their total absence. Please imagine that.
An elephant enters Buddha's mother's side at his conception.
What is more, our heart stands in equanimity even should the great creatures lurch and rear up, start to smash the glassware, the tables and chairs. Please, for a moment, try to imagine and feel what such equanimity would feel like. You are okay with it, even if you might be crushed, death met under hoof, sitting in radical equanimity whatever will be. You will let our huge friends move through, let the glass break and the furniture be turned to splinters, your bones to dust. In Shikantaza Zazen we just keep sitting, not reacting, not trying to stop events.
By and by, each thought-ephant wanders out, as naturally as they wandered in. We neither chase nor run away. Our non-reaction does cause less elephants to enter, and the quiet times between trumpeting arrivals becomes ever greater, even if the procession never truly stops. But we are not seeking a room free of elephants. In fact, there is nothing to seek, nothing to chase away. So quiescent are we in heart, that we no longer truly care or notice whether there are elephants present or not, whether they are here or not. In a famous old story (Cullahamsa Jātaka), the Buddha is said to have tamed an angry and violent elephant with calmness, unflinching in this way.
Buddha Taming the Angry Elephant, Nalagiri
Now, I don't mean to say that we are not feeling things in Zazen, for the great beasts are our thoughts and feelings themselves, both pleasant and unpleasant. However, we are feeling equanimity ABOUT those feelings felt. Some of these elephants are truly scary, ugly, tragic and/or threatening, and we should not be afraid of being afraid sometimes! Even should we react (not with calm, but) with the tension, fear, feelings of loss and sadness as is natural when faced with death and destruction charging at us in life, roaring in a rampage ... that tension, fear, loss and sadness is itself but another elephant which we can then proceed to leave alone. In other words, let's feel equanimity about our naturally being scared of the really scary elephants. Babar was right to cry when his mother died, and African elephants do grieve. Life may be ultimately like a dream of ele-phantasies, but the scary challenges are real enough. Let the tragic and terrifying herd of sickness, death, loss and losing appear ... and let any accompanying herd of fear, sadness, disappointment and longing appear ... and let them all wander by, together. The heart thereby tamed will be your own.

Bodhisattva Samantabhadra on an Elephant
Please do not misunderstand: What I describe is only a metaphor for thought elephants of the mind in Zazen. Once, visiting India (actual story), I witnessed a flesh and blood bull briefly start to panic and charge a crowd, barely reigned in by its handler, a most frightening sight! Far from sitting Zazen in the elephant's path, I ran with the others! When a worldly danger, whether animal or disease, fire or flood, presents itself, there is a time to sit quietly and accept, and a time to flee to safety or take action, taking our medicine or seeking shelter, sitting afterwards. Of course, even in the time of danger, a calm and easy heart will help the elephant keeper, the patient in hospital, the fire fighter facing a blaze.
Ultimately, if we practice these elephant tricks, letting our "mind-mammoths" pass unmolested through our little room, the room's walls themselves may come to grow translucent, even vanish, the space proving boundless, as the sitter, the sitting, the open space of the room, its light and shadows, both the cat and the breeze, inside and outside our heart, and all the elephants themselves start to soften, become like crystal, lose separation ... all things, animals, men and moments manifesting both themselves and each other. Like the blindmen who finally realize ears and trunk, legs, flank and tail as the wholeness, the open space is the heavy colossus without weight or mass, the cat is the light purring, the blindmen are the window feeling, the loudest trumpeting is silence and you are the entire herd sitting, while each bull, cow and calf is the whole of all of it passing though, like the air. The whole parade never came from anywhere, never goes anywhere. The rings of the circus prove ensos ...

... elephants-non-elephants, thinking-non-thinking.

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