Today what time moonrise

For those who did everything our parents told us to do... now what?

2009.08.04 21:23 youngfight For those who did everything our parents told us to do... now what?

For those who did everything our parents told us to do... now what?

2013.10.03 23:22 nursemommy Food_Storage: Longterm Food Storage and How to Prepare It

A place to share news, recipes and ideas related to long-term food storage and emergency preparedness.

2009.02.26 22:05 identify unknown objects

For Identification Of Unknown Objects, i.e., Weird Creatures, Ancient Kitchen Gadgets, Funny-Looking Screwdrivers, Other Random Artifacts. When you ask what is this thing, idea, state, person, bug, event, time, remark, etc.

2023.06.05 16:00 Iildaisy Tips please, tiredness etc

Things I need help with: Tiredness Overeating
The first time I gave up I just powered through everything and made it to 4 months. I never craved a vape after the 2 months mark and I just felt so amazing. Then after a bad influence from a friend “one hit won’t hurt try the new flavour” I was hooked again.
This time I want this over with. I’ve given myself excuses of deadlines and stressful times but now I have none of that. Please what can I do to combat the tiredness ?? And the overeating ??
People say water and chewing gum is some holy grail for everything but this doesn’t help me whatsoever
Edit; currently on day 2 btw
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2023.06.05 16:00 wydrubz Rental / Sublet Advice

Hi! I’ve been renting a studio apartment in the cbd for almost three months now. The apartment is fully furnished. However, the TV and fan wasn’t working when I moved in and I highlighted this multiple times to the agent and kept asking for updates. The agent said he would check and follow up regarding this matter but it’s been almost three months, the broken TV and fan is still at my place and no replacement was given.
Another thing is I’ll be away for 7 months so I asked my agent on the process of subletting but he said subletting is not allowed. I referred to my contract and searched online and it says that “the rental provider cannot unreasonably withhold consent to assign or sublet the premise”.
Is he allowed to reject my sublet request? What should I do with the TV and fan that’s not functioning? Any ways I can settle this matters without going through the agent? The agent takes very long to get back to me which I think is quite inefficient.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 15:59 Pitiful_Presence_846 Name change

I’m looking to change my name legally, found all of the information and forms on the government website. I’m a minor so there’s a few extra steps.
I’m aware I can do an unenrolled deed poll, but I’d rather not.
I spoke to a solicitor today, as I need one to witness it and sign the paper for me. They rang me back and said they weren’t able to do it because they haven’t known me for 2 years. I haven’t read about this anywhere, I have no idea what she means. I didn’t think that was necessary.
I was wondering if anyone has any information or advice about changing my name, I’ve been researching it but it’s difficult to find any real information online. I’ve never read about what the woman I spoke to said, so obviously I’m missing important information.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.05 15:59 loveorleavekpop Can you all help me figure out the reason my friend's weird behavior?

We are not very close friends. We haven't been in touch since 3-4 years until now and were middle school classmates. We were taken to the auditiorium of the school for some seminars. Almost 200 students were present there.
Btw She has helped me a few times in studies and other stuff. She tells me about important stuff to write and learn, explains things to me, tries to make me not feel alone as I have very few friends,i am an introvert and other than my 2 bffs i just talk to her and her bff (and 3 other girls). She also helped me and motivated me a few times.
But a few days ago I found a glitter pen under my seat in the auditorium. I really needed one to underline important stuff in my notes. So when I saw it under the seat I picked it up and told her that I am going to keep it but she asked if it was mine then she asked to see it and refused to give it back. She wasn't rude or anything but she wasn't eager to give it back at all and I had to fight and snatch it from her. I had already let her keep my new (and not expensive) blue pen bcoz she needed it (the pen didn't cost ME anything so I didn't care too much and this wasnt any sort of big compromise from my side).
The same day I found a new pencil abandoned by its owner on the seat after everyone left. I took it bcoz I lost mine. She asked to see it and didn't give it back. I had to 'pressurize' her by saying "I found it first" and "I gave u my pen". I felt awkward at those moments and I was thinking why she would be so hellbent on taking those things.
Now today she wanted a colored pen for her notes so I gave her my pen case. It had the new pencil in it and she has the same colored smaller pencil too (this brand is very common over here and everyone has those pencils). She took the pencil out and kept it at the other side. I saw it all. When I said that all of my pens have ran out of ink and I need my pencil and I can't find it in my case, she gave her smaller (so small that it was inexistent) pencil and told me it was mine. I said no and took mine and started to work. She gave her pen to me instead and said I should use IT and not the pencil and tried to persuade me by saying that I told her earlier that I don't like using pencils.
Okay I know this is so middle school like 'stealing pencils? What the heck?' But I was shocked by this weird behavior. Like why would u act like that over a cheap pen and a pencil? I know those aren't mine (and u all can drag me later for just taking the lost stationary😅) but I haven't seen someone suddenly go so insane over something like this and even try to steal it.
I don't know about her financial conditions. She often borrows colored pens from me to underline stuff but thats it.
That's why I am here to ask whether there is any explanation to her behavior. How can a supporting and genuinely kind seeming person try to fool me like this over cheap stationary? Those weren't hers too, but why did she feel the need to keep those?
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2023.06.05 15:59 cdowd9006 6/5 Monday Masters Workout - Long Course Meters

6/5 Monday Masters Workout - Long Course Meters
For those that would like some variation and/or a more structured workout, I provide for you our groups workout from today. Our workouts are split into 5 different skill levels. Choose the column that most closely aligns with your skills and abilities and ignore the other 4. For those that are newer to swimming, columns 1-4 are time based and any rest you get is built into the predetermined interval. Column 5 is rest based and though your overall interval may very you’ll take a predetermined amount of rest before continuing or moving on. Because this is Masters, feel free to add, subtract, or modify in anyway you see fit. As our group likes to say, you have to do everything in the workout, unless you don’t want to.
Here is a link to my google drive with previous workouts- (Tuesday workouts are in the Monday folder; Thursday's are in Wednesday)
If you live in the US and are interested in joining a masters swim club here is a link to help you find a local club near you -
Notes for this set:
-Parenthesis ( ) are optional modifiers to the number in the set. For example, columns 3-5 will do 2x50 Drill/Swim instead of 4.
-Square bracket italicized [ ] are optional sets that were not part of the original workout.
-Triple Switch = Push off the wall and kick on your side. The arm lower in the water should be straight out in front of you in a streamline-like position. Your other arm should be at or above the surface of the water at your side as though it's in a pocket. Keep your face looking at the bottom of the pool turning to breath as necessary. After 6-8 kicks take 3 strokes, 6-8 more kicks, then 3 more strokes. Wash, rinse, repeat.
-Underwater Switch = Push off the wall in a tight streamline and take one stroke, but your hand/arm stay in the water during the recover portion of the stroke. Keep your hand as close to your body and your centerline as possible. Once you feel your body naturally rotate in the water start your next stroke and repeat the underwater recovery on the other side. Wash, since, repeat
-Bow & Arrow = Push off the wall in a tight streamline. Take 1 stroke and pause your arm at the peak of your recovery when your elbow is at its highest point. Kick 6-8 times and finish your stroke. Go right into your next stroke and repeat the process.
-DPS = (Distance Per Stroke) Maximize the distance traveled for each stroke while minimizing the total number of strokes to complete the distance
-Variable Sprint = #1 1/2 Fast-1/2 Easy, #2 1/2 Easy-1/2 Fast, #3 All Fast, #4 All Easy
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2023.06.05 15:59 nutellablumpkin Need Advice: Off-Putting Hook Up

Hey GBs,
So, last night and this morning I hung out and hooked up with a new FWB.
Everything went great, we have great chemistry and fun conversations, we laughed a bunch, share so many interests and views, and seemed to just both really enjoy each other's company.
It was our first time hooking up, and I led off with that I prefer not to have sex on the first night just to leave something to be desired, and just off principle. I was also tested negative across the palette 3 weeks ago, and he said he did one week ago, and that he tests monthly with the military. That said, last night in bed in the dark we made out and blew each other like savages, swallowed each other, and feel asleep into each other's arms.
Fast forward to this morning, we wake up and the morning hormones had us picking up right where we left off. I shot my load down his throat and he immediately followed up saying he was cumming, so I flipped around and got my face down onto his cock and he came in my mouth. Except this time the room was filled with morning light and I could see his ejaculate was a bright orange, going-on red color, and had an off taste to it. It was apparent there was blood in his ejaculate and I was directly exposed to it. I'm also concerned as I don't know if his load was the same last night in the dark.
He was visibly concerned and he said it had never happened before. I was internally freaking out but played it off very calmly. We got water, cleaned up, he spent a bit of time in the bathroom, and then we cuddled for another hour before he headed home. I made sure he was OK and reassured him all was good, and I just wanted to make sure he was alright.
Now I'm trying to figure out what to do. I don't know what could have caused this in him, or what I could have been exposed to. I don't know how long to wait to get tested or if there is anything I can do preemptively to protect myself? I do not take prep because of the side effects I experience so I may be opened up to additional risk there.
Thanks in advance for your advice and consideration.
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2023.06.05 15:59 -_iv- Here’s the discount keys

Here’s the discount keys
Wawa is a trash ass fuc*ng company and they literally don’t give a shit about you
I got fired bc this ghetto ass chick tried to attack me with a spreader and corporate got involved and fired me too lmao what a load of dicks. She got charged with battery tho so it’s alright 😂😂
IDK if all stores are the same but self checkout pin is 3121
My old store- - 1771 s congress Palm Springs Florida
If you need to get into the office or trash or electric room the code is 1 and 4 (same time) Then 3 Shit should open right up!
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2023.06.05 15:58 David4Nudist Jurassic Park Raptors

I don't know what happened to my original post, but I'd like to share another one here (hopefully, this one will get published).
JURASSIC PARK is my all-time favorite movie. I've loved it ever since it was released in 1993. But, I feel that this movie (and the sequels that followed) has hurt the reputation of the animals I love the most, the Raptors. I love them so much that I'm literally obsessed with them. I consider myself an #ObsessedRaptorFanatic for that reason.
Everyone (or nearly everyone) thinks of the Raptors as the villains in this film. According to them, the Raptors are "scary, vicious, killing machines" (or "monsters"). I used to think that as well when I first saw the film back then. In fact, I held on to that belief until some time after the release of THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK (1997).
But, I've since done a big turn-around. I realized how wrong I was to think of the Raptors like that. If I could go back and change the Jurassic Park films with my current viewpoint of the Raptors, those films would be much different than their original versions. Let's go back to the original film and figure out what happened in the opening scene.
As we've seen in the film, the workers attempted to transfer a Raptor (mostly unseen) into a tightly secure Raptor pen. But, when Jophery opens the gate, the Raptor rushes out and attacks him, leading to his death. A scary and intense scene, right? But, was it REALLY the Raptor's fault that Jophery was killed in that scene?
First of all, we don't see how the Raptor was even loaded into that little crate. Maybe, she was lured in there with bait. Maybe, she was tranquilized. There are several things that could have happened. Then, there was the bumpy ride from her original location to the Raptor pen itself. That must have been rough on the animal inside. No doubt that she was likely confused, disoriented, and frightened. She had no idea what she was getting herself into.
If you capture any wild animal...particularly if it's a predator...stuff it into a crate, haul it around, and try to transfer it to a new unfamiliar location, how do you think the animal will react? It would defend itself, wouldn't it? That's all the Raptor did in the opening scene. She learned not to trust humans after that incident. That's why the rest of them behaved more aggressively than they would have if they had been left alone.
Although the so-called "Big One" killed most of the pack, no one seems to question why she turned that way. They just assumed that she was "vicious" and did it for sport or dominance. I feel that she did it for another reason. I believe that she was abused by her handlers. Maybe, they teased her or riled her up before the feeders came, hence why she had the remaining Raptors attack the fences when the feeders came.
Just something to consider. What do you think (assuming this post gets published)?
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2023.06.05 15:58 Neither-Phone-7264 Permanent out of bounds countdown bug

Sometimes when I’m broom flying, I’ll go faster then the LOD can update (this is on xb1 btw). This normally doesn’t do anything, but near places where you can’t fly, like hogsmead or the mountains, the barriers preventing you from entering don’t load until you fly in them. When you do, no matter what you do, you get the out of bounds countdown, and it won’t go away, even after it hits zero. So far, the only solution I found is to revert to another save, which isn’t ideal in the middle of a quest, or after you’ve just done some grinding for some time. Does anyone know a solution to this bug?
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2023.06.05 15:58 flatgreysky Single large muscle twitch/spasms in healthcare worker throughout body daily since COVID or COVID vax - doctors unable to diagnose/address?

First - I will not entertain antivaxxers or vaccine injury nonsense. I’d rather have twitches the rest of my life than be dead from Covid, though I’m still not sure that caused this. Fine to discuss vaccine side effects of course.
38/F, medical hx of HTN (resolving w 40lb weight loss) HLD (same), PCOS.
Prescribed meds metformin (PCOS, not DM), BCP, Spironolactone, Topamax and Phentermine (weight loss), Losartan-HCTZ, Lexapro.
Supplements, some prescribed: Mag, Vit D, Vit B complex, Glucosamine/chondroitin, Fish Oil.
History of present illness: I am not verified, but suffice to say I’m not a doctor but I’m in healthcare. I contracted COVID in the early days (2/2021) from a patient due to inadequate PPE and delayed vaccine availability in my area. I got it bad, but not badly enough for hospitalization. I was vaccinated (Jannsen) as soon after as I could be.
Around this timeframe, not sure exactly when because on its own it’s such a small symptom, I started having twitches. It’s just like an eyelid twitch, but in a large muscle scale, and never more than once single twitch per muscle at a time. I can’t predict what muscle it will be, or when, except it only happens in a more relaxed state. So if I am walking or working, it doesn’t happen. If I’m sitting or resting, the twitches happen. Muscles involved are calves, thighs, belly, butt, occasionally chest, and forearms. Never my face.
My provider has attempted large doses of vitamin D, and magnesium. Both of which I still take. Nothing has changed the rate or frequency. I have tried various alternate therapies (massage and the like) with no effect.
It is a bit annoying, and rarely it comes into play by pulling my hand sideways when I’m trying to draw blood. But primarily I’d like to know the science behind it and where it came from. My long term fear is that I may develop facial twitching, or that the rate may increase to the point where it is noticeable by a casual observer or that it stops me from completing my work or ADLs. Currently if I am sitting still, it happens up to twice or three times a minute.
I welcome both anecdotal and professional opinions, as well as anything I might be able to research or follow up on! Just no pseudoscience please!
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2023.06.05 15:58 budgetcanoe New Player Advice

First time playing a souls like, was seeking some advice on when to respec/what to respec to. I’m currently level 52, just beat Rennala using the bloodhound fang. I THINK my plan is to eventually start using dark moon great sword because it looks cool and I hear it’s good. I know it’ll be a while before I get there. My questions are 1) how long until I should find a different weapon and how much should I upgrade bloodhound? (Currently+3). 2) at what level could I reasonably get the dark moon and have enough stats to use it effectively? 3) if my goal is to be a “winter knight” (kinda Stark-ish from GOT) is this a good build? I’m happy to use magic or not. Thanks all, appreciate the help
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2023.06.05 15:58 AMG-Life Why would a girl (23f) end up sleeping with someone she's not that attracted to (24m)? And why feel ashamed of it?

So I've had a good friend tell me that she once went over to a guy's place, a guy "who's been chasing her for a long time" (her words) and she decided to finally give him a chance. She supposedly knew this guy from high school. At the time of the event she was around 20-21 (if that matters). This happened about 2-3 years ago she said. She's now 23.
At first when she told this story she claimed it was after a second date (we were in a group with multiple other friends then, her bf included). But when we were talking about flings and ONS etc. just the two of us a while later, she admitted that it was their first time meeting one-on-one and there was no actual 'date'. Just knew him from high school. She also admitted to feeling ashamed about it and that's why she lied when others were around.
Keep in mind that this is a girl who continuously talks about how guys have to put in the effort to get her in bed, she won't kiss on first or second dates, etc.
She said she pulled up to his house not knowing if they were gonna do something outside or just hang out.
Eventually, as you'd expect, things happened and they started kissing, feeling each other up, and he went down on her.
She said how she started thinking to herself "what am I doing?" as this went on.
So when things moved on to actual sex, she said it lasted for just a bit before she kicked him off of her and she started tearing up and left his place immediately.
She also mentioned how he "wasn't her type" and that he "wasn't a bad looking guy, just not really my type". "The attraction just ain't the same".
This might seem weird, but I'm genuinely curious of the psychology behind this. The reason I'm asking y'all is because I don't want to hurt her feelings asking her about this further, because she obviously thinks she should be ashamed of it or something. I don't wanna add to that, I genuinely want to understand how a woman processes things like this. Once I get an understanding, I might be better able to talk to her and a future girlfriend about stuff like this without them feeling judged or something.
I mean, it's perfectly fine for people to experiment with their sexuality and do whatever they want if they're single.
What would cause a girl who prides herself on "making guys work for it" kiss a guy when meeting one-on-one for the first time, at his place?
And then proceed to feel each other up etc?
Again, I'm not trying to judge or anything, I'm genuinely curious how this works in someone's mind.
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2023.06.05 15:58 Jet_Black_Jets Help.

I’m hanging on by nothing more than a thread. It’s been a rough few months for me. My girlfriend of two years broke up with me, and we maintained a friendship for a little while, and it looked like we may have gotten back together but I made a comment in poor taste while drinking that we had a fight about and I asked her not to text me again. It gutted me. I just wanted time to get myself on track, mainly stop drinking. I never stopped thinking about her. I’d constantly save cat memes and things I thought she’d like on Instagram to send to her when we started talking again. I guess I thought even with the hiccup we belonged together. That she completed me and made me happy.
Well in the month or so we weren’t talking I guess she totally moved on and found someone new. I found out when she came to drop some clothes by yesterday. I haven’t eaten since. I shamefully begged her for her back. I can’t fully process it. The emotions are hitting me like a tidal wave and I don’t have a bottle to numb them anymore. I refuse. It already cost me the love of my life. She only wanted simple things too, just wanted me to be there for her. I was so excited for her to finally meet the real me. I’m more talkative and goofy than she knows. I might say even hyper, though it’d be hard to believe. That’s all gone now and I struggle to see the point anymore.
I’d be about two weeks sober today but on top of everything, my boss (who is already a horrible influence regarding alcohol) took me out to lunch on Friday , put a drink in front of me, and told me I better start job searching because I’ll need a new one soon. I’m so stressed about the future and I feel like I’m suffering all alone. I only have two other real friends in this state and one moved in with his gf and I hardly see or talk to him anymore and the other I can’t really talk to about things like this.
Someone tell me it’ll be okay. Tell me I can get back on my feet one day, that I’ll eventually stop feeling like this. That I won’t be heartbroken forever. Tell me I’ll find another incredible, loving, sweet, loyal, sober woman like her. Tell me that I can be enough for someone genuine and I wont get stuck in one of those relationships from /relationship advice or /marriage .Tell me I’ll be able to find a new job soon to provide for my cats. Tell me there’s something worth it at the end of this suffering. Please.
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2023.06.05 15:58 Riftbunny Looking for some guidance to make the last push to dia for set 8.5

I'm playing since set 8 and reached plat, this set it is the same, however I really want to push to dia, my last try ended up on plat 1 with 66lp and then the inevitable happened, I dropped to plat 2 with 0 LP, and every time I try to push something on my plat 4 (I have multiple accs) I fail. My boards seem always weaker than others, obviously I get contested for the comps and I seem to lack the knowledge of how to play the strongest board. I try to go with the flow regarding my econ, sometimes I push hard and make it to 1st with not saving econ for the first half, sometimes I do the opposite and it works great.. but then there are games where I cant read the lobby and no matter what I try I fail.
So if anyone has time to "free" coach me and explain a few more things to me while I play I would be rly happy. As the season ends this is my last chance to get dia in a considerable easy set I believe.
Discord: Vanil#6252
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2023.06.05 15:58 Existing-Debate- Am I overreacting? Is texting other people consider cheating? We've been dating for over a year now. [F23] [M25].

Long story short, I've found some messages between my bf and other girls, although I think none of them seemed sexual or flirty (I didn't have enough time to read them cause he almost caught me with his phone).
I kinda feel guilty because in some way I feel like snooping his phone is betraying his trust, but for some months I've noticed he's extremely suspicious with his DMs on IG, and I finally found out why.
How do I fight this urge to snoop his phone again? I feel that if I snoop again I might find something worse (cause again, I didn't have enough time to read). What do I do, I feel physically sick, dizzy and don't want to eat anything. Any advice?
TLDR: I found some messages between my bf and other girls but none of them seemed wrong
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2023.06.05 15:58 RainbowPandaDK Is my Diesel particlefilter actually clogged/damaged?

Hello. Back in mid April I noticed a new yellow engine light lighting up in my car, one I had never seen before. Turns out it's the one for clogged/damaged diesel particle filter. Weirdly enough it started appearing literally the day after the bi annual expection of the car.
The light turns on only for about 10-20 seconds and then disappears again. It only shows up once on every trip, and I feel like it appears at a specific time interval(it's always within 15-20 minutes of the trip). I tried pouring dpf cleaner into my fuel tank and after a while it did help. But the problem reappeared about a week and a half ago. Same deal, turns on briefly for 10-20 seconds about 15-20 minutes into the drive, then disappears. So far Dpf cleaner hasn't helped this time around.
I don't lose any acceleration, and my exhaust pipe is clean on the inside. I kinda figured the warning light would be on somewhat consistently if there was an actual problem?
I drive a bmw 118. It is about to hit the 250.000km mark(no idea what that is in miles). I have about 50 min each way to/from work(I know that it can regenerate during long trips).
So, what's up here? Should I be worried or is it more likely that the sensors are acting up?
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2023.06.05 15:58 sagexlea It's hard to start dating when you're unsure about yourself

f24 here and I haven't been in a serious relationship. Within my 24 years, i think I've only been involved with one person but with no label for 2 years lol so I guess NBSB.
I've never been interested in dating until now. I don't know what happened, I just felt like I'm ready and I want to be intimate with someone, but as the title says; it's hard for me to start dating since I feel unsure/insecure about myself.
Of course when u want to find someone to date you need to put yourself out there but that's where it gets difficult for me. My insecurities are eating me up. I'm insecure with a lot of things, first is my looks. I don't consider myself attractive nor do I find myself unattractive, parang meh lang plus I'm "thick". I've been trying to loose weight in some places to make myself feel better hahaha.. Anyways... I consider myself as someone na you need first na makilala in order to get the "vibe" yk.
Second insecurity is me being an introvert that sometimes I'm very bad at holding conversation sa tao na kakilala ko lng pero I try to engage namn as much as possible na hindi maging dry ang conversation. I consider myself to have good sense of humor plus I like to send memes lol. So, if someone is really good at holding a conversation(not cringy topics but engaging) for the both of us gahh ur so hot i wanna kiss you hahaha
Third, well I don't really consider this an insecurity but it triggers me to be unsure in dating; my sexuality. I'm a closeted bi. I'm attracted to men and I also attracted to women but recently I've been so attracted with women that I want to start dating women. Pero PERO hindi ko sya magawa since I'm afraid that if I involved myself with a woman and closeted pa ko I'll eventually hurt her feelings since I'm not sure kung ready ako to reveal it to my family and friends that I LIKE GIRLS. (Tbh, this is like the first time na sinabe ko that I'm Bi to someone at dito pa talaga sa mga redditors hahaha *pats back)
Anyways, those are just some things that hinders me to start dating. Idk what to do but I'm really trying to make myself feel better about these things and trying to also work on things sa self ko so that when I pursue someone or get pursued(char) I'll feel more confident.
So, yeah ^
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2023.06.05 15:58 EchoLocation8 Constructive Summon Necro Feedback after first weekend, needs some work blizz.

Decided to play summon necro as it was rated bottom-tier by basically everyone.
To preface, are summon necros as bad as people say it is? Not really, I cleared the campaign in WT2 with only a few instances of minions dying too easily. But when it happens its pretty painfully bad, there's no recourse. Nothing you do generates enough corpses and since you put all of your eggs into the minion basket, you can't really do that much damage on your own to start getting them back up.
My minion kit is:
That being said, there's still some glaringly huge problems with minions that need addressing:
-- Minion Health
Even fully invested in all minion passives, running the priest 24/7 every chance I can, even with the latest buffs, there are some mechanics that simply decimate your minions and you have absolutely no control over it. It's better, but clustered elite packs once you hit WT3 will kill your minions, and if you don't have corpses handy, you're screwed.
No one else has this problem, it is unique to summon necros, there are conditions in which we become fully unfunctional and there has to be some way to deal with this. It's not like we're crushing damage meters and blowing up the world so this weakness is warranted, it's just another nail in the coffin of a kinda bad build.
Suggestion: Either increase the base healing of the priest or tie it to a passive to heavily improve how much the heal does. 2% life per second doesn't cut it when minions are taking 30% of their life every hit, the passive that makes it heal them for 60% of their life after 5 seconds is great, but it requires so much forethought and setup in a game where an elite minion might just spam AOE's and instakill your dudes, there is no reactive way to save your minions. Which seems like something we need.

-- Minion AI
Minions are dumb as hell. In fact part of the reason they die so much, I think, is that they often just stand there getting beaten to death while doing nothing. They seem to get locked onto enemies and then, if there's other enemies in their way, instead of changing targets, they just stand there or try to run around to get to it and fail to do so.
Skeleton Mages sometimes lag so far behind that they don't engage enemies with the rest of your minions.
Golems suffer this the most. Their activated ability has to make them ignore enemy colliders, they should rush to the location you used it, trigger their ability, and then go back into a normal state. Currently, the number of times I've used a golem ability and honest to god had no idea where my golem even was is way too high. I walked past a group of enemies, used my golem to try and force move him past that first pack, and it took him in the realm of 10-15 full seconds before he actually got to me. Not to mention, if you use the golem's ability on top of certain monsters, like towers, they run in circles around it doing nothing for like 30 seconds.
Suggestion: Please improve this, make them more aggressive, make the golem not such a complete moron. Minions need something, like ignoring each other's colliders, or being able to walk through enemies, something. They get stuck in packs and stand there like idiots all the time.

-- Minion Damage
Of all the things, this is the best part. I absolutely melt bosses and single targets. Getting to the boss in WT3 Nightmare Dungeons is the hard part, the boss basically dies in a couple seconds. They suffer in packs because none of them really have AOE besides the golem, so I supplement them with Bone Spirit to clear most trash out and let them focus on the elites.
That all being said, it is insane to me the hoops summon necros have to go through to upkeep their keystone passive and some other passives that are huge contributors to minion damage. If I get hit, by anything, I lose 30% attack speed on my minions. I have to not take damage for 3 full seconds, in a screen full of bullshit, to get my keystone passive. There are fights I never even see this, because of the sheer amount of projectiles floating around.
And want me to stay close to my minions to give them a 30% damage boost. And want me to stay about 70% hp to give them another attack speed boost.
So I have stand in melee range of enemies with my minions, not get hit, and not take too much damage, or literally all of these huge buffs to my minions go away.
Suggestion: Rework all of the big damage passives. For minions to already be this weak, with this many problems, to pile on that you basically need to stand next to them and not get hit by anything, is completely insane. All the other keystones either don't have conditions or have extremely minimal conditions that are easy to satisfy, why is so much burden put on minions?

-- Army of the Dead "Ultimate" Ability
I cannot stress how painfully bad this skill is even after the buff. Unless this does giga-damage then it'll be a perpetually awful ability because it mechanically is bad. If it didn't rez my minions and if there wasn't a legendary power that made it a 7 second long 140% attack speed buff to my minions, I would snap remove this from my bar.
Army of the Dead spawns skeletons far away from you, near the edges of the room. The skill clearly targets any targetable thing. Not enemies. The overwhelming majority of your skeletons are lost to: blowing up on boxes, crates, jars, or just blowing up in the middle of nowhere on nothing. Very few skeletons actually make contact with an enemy.
Suggestion: Rework Army of the Dead to specifically only target enemies. Like monsters. Not boxes. And make sure they actually get to their target before exploding. Also, why only a 15% chance to spawn a corpse? It's a 70 second long cooldown, just let it drop bodies.

-- Enemy AI
Enemies don't seem to care at all about my minions, and that's insane. Rarely do enemies actually target them. The Butcher, for instance, does not target your minions, ever. And as a necro, you can't kite him, he runs faster than you do, and you can't tank him or at least I can't. I managed to kill him once because he got caught in a ring of my minions and they just beat him to death while his AI struggled to reach me (re-iterating again, the AI in Diablo 4 is bad). When he did reach me, I took some hits, popped blood mist, healed up, and tried to get him bugged into my minions again. It works, it's just extremely tedious, and my minions seemingly stop hitting him regularly because they seem to struggle with targeting moving enemies.
This creates an interesting problem, where I have seen on multiple occasions enemies basically funnel through my minions to gang up on me. And as much as I try to kite back, expecting any of them to engage any of my minions, they refuse to do so, meanwhile--because my minion AI is so god damn bad, they are in a constant state of trying to figure out where to walk and what to do, that they just slowly die from AOE's and don't really kill anything.
This doesn't always happen, but when it does it's infuriating.

-- Summary
The minion build is fairly fun, keeping up the damage buff, using the golem, watching army of the dead wreck a single target is all great--when it works. But the consistency in which it doesn't is overwhelming. I don't think it's crazy far off, but there are mechanical changes that need to happen to make minions really function, the pathing issue is so painful on the golem it absolutely kills me.
Also, why can we see the HP and damage of the golem, but not skeletons? This would be very helpful and appreciated.
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2023.06.05 15:58 unfortunate_banjo Has anyone moved out of systems engineering?

I got a BSME in 2016 with an "aerospace emphasis", so lots of extra fluids/aero classes. I had a rough time finding a job (no car, living on couches, rough time) and I found a job in 2017 writing interface documents. I've been at a few different jobs since, but mostly as a systems engineer.
I've been at my current job as a contractor since October, and while I really love the company, IBM DOORS and shall statements aren't exactly what I had in mind when I was in college. I'm hoping to at least stay here for a while just to get away from being a job jumper. I might do more schooling one day, but right now is not a good time.
Has anyone gone from systems engineering to more design work? We've thought of moving away from Utah to somewhere like Huntsville, since all non-systems engineering offers I've gotten here are really low (worst one was $25k less than what I currently make)
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2023.06.05 15:58 Salt-Ice-9721 AITB For wanting to expose my mother and possibly ruin my siblings life ?

I’m 22 and for the past few years, I’ve been dealing with realizations about the abuse my mother put me through. She struggles with mental illness, and is a nasty person whose wronged everybody in my family. To the outside world, she seems like the picture perfect mom. My younger siblings go to Catholic school now, so of course she paints herself as a religious wealthy struggling mother.
My mother chose me to be the scapegoat. She’s done some awful things to me that would take hours to type out on here. Just to brush on the surface, from when I was born to about 13, she was cruel. Made me sleep and eat on the floor like a dog for years, locked away food in her closet, force fed me until I threw up, didn’t buy me an essentials (pads, deodorant, etc) , didn’t let me shower whenever I wanted to. I had to every other day. She’d turn the water off after 5 min.
Anyways, my mom isn’t as bad to them as she is to me. But my oldest brothers are 13&14 now and they all sleep in the same room because she takes childhood fears of monsters and ghosts, and threatens them with it as punishment. So they are scared to sleep alone.
My younger sister is 9, and on the spectrum, and she doesn’t know how to bathe herself. My mom doesn’t take the time to teach them anything or explain anything to any of them. And my sister is extremely behind.
I heard a few months ago she was still locking food away. But in her car And she sleeps with the key. The kids do seem to be fed enough tho, unlike me.
She lets them do whatever they want now, since she claims to have “learned “ from her mistakes with me. But I still worry about the constant screaming and anger from her 24/7. The kids seem to be checked out emotionally.
I want to file a report on her. But since she has the kids so brainwashed, I don’t think they will ever speak up as they probably don’t even know it’s wrong. Since they live in it.
Would I be the bf for getting help involved? When I know she plays the picture of a perfect mother. I don’t want my siblings to end up with strangers. But I don’t know what else to do.
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2023.06.05 15:58 Gravyboat_Stowaway Is it possible to get my son motivated in school/invested in his future?

I am so incredibly frustrated with my 17 year old son (HS junior). He's a pretty smart kid who has always been, at best, a mediocre student, with questionable social skills. Well, in the past year, his social life has gotten exponentially better. He's over time developed a pretty large group of friends who all seem very loving and supportive of each other. (This all happened in the aftermath of another friend taking his own life.) I don't know the kids well, but they seem like a pretty diverse group in all ways: ethnically, sexually, economically, and academically. I guess it's not entirely surprising that, as his social life has improved, his grades have gone completely down the toilet. I worry about him graduating next year. His dad and I have tried various things over the years: grounding, loss of access to devices, bribery, appeals to his vanity, gentle, nurturing encouragement...nothing moves him. He just hates school (always has, since day 1 of preschool), and routinely misses assignments. His dad and I are at our wits' end. We could try locking him in the house, I guess, but he is very stubborn and won't do things he doesn't want to do. (Even when he was little, when we would put him in "time out", we'd sometimes forget about him because he would just stare at the wall with utter placidity. He's a very "don't tell me what to do" kind of guy.) I am so worried about him wasting his potential. I really love him (he is very funny, and can be very sweet and loving, and I genuinely think has a great brain), and I just want to make sure he eventually launches, and has a fulfilling and successful life (whatever that means to him). FWIW, he developed pretty severe OCD at 10 that has been successfully managed with medication for 7 years. He hates talk therapy, though I am reaching out to family therapists. (As well as an alternative private school for senior year, that he is pretty resistant to, as well.) I guess what I'm looking for is: were YOU this kid? What would have been helpful to you? Or have you raised this kid? Did anything help?
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2023.06.05 15:58 Actual-Obligation728 SOLID RUINS

SOLID RUINS: This is what Temporary Occupied Popasna in Luhansk Region looks like today
About 200 people remain in the town. Before the full-scale Russia’s invasion, almost 20,000 people lived there.
There are no communications and no shops in the town, the Luhansk RMA reported.
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