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2023.03.26 20:56 TwoBrattyCats This is the THIRD Lyft driver this week who has refused to pick me up unless I give them my PERSONAL phone number. This guy outright said he wouldn't pick me up without "confirmation" via my personal phone. What is going on?? Why are they doing this??

This is the THIRD Lyft driver this week who has refused to pick me up unless I give them my PERSONAL phone number. This guy outright said he wouldn't pick me up without submitted by TwoBrattyCats to Lyft [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 20:56 studb33fpile Traveling from UK to France as an American

Traveling from UK to France as an American
My partner and I will be traveling on vacation by rail from the UK to France next month (we fly into London). We are both American. It does not look like any VISA is necessary when traveling as an American from the UK to France (or any other western European nation, for that matter). But are any other documents required? For example, the French government website seems to suggest you need the following:
Do we really need an "insurance certificate"? Or is just a regular old American private health insurance card (United Health) sufficient? Is it okay if I just have emails showing my hotel reservations? Does anyone actually check anything beyond having a Passport? What is the customs and border control situation like for Americans traveling by train from London to Paris?
We are also traveling by train from France to Germany and then Germany to the Netherlands. I assume these have no customs or required documents (beyond a passport) since these are in the "Schengen" region?
Thanks for all your help!
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2023.03.26 20:53 DrawingCharacter2316 Haunted DS game

Ok, the very thing I’m about to tell you may sound fake, dear reader. Despite that, I can assure you that this is very real.
For context, I’m 23, I live alone and this might not sound very surprising but I’m a bit of a nerd.
I dropped out of college due to personal reasons and since then I’ve been steadily building up a collection of DS games. From Diddy Kong Racing to the much harder to find Shepherd's Crossing. I’ve sunk a lot of time and money into this. Back to the main point, recently I’ve started using Ebay, as the local thrift stores inventories have been lacking to say the very least. Most of what I’ve purchased from there have all been in great condition, it’s something I’d recommend if you’re a collector like myself.
However, things took a turn for the bizarre. As per usual, around a few times a week I get a knock on the door, thank the mailman and retreat back into my cozy little sanctuary.
(Edit: *Mailcarrier. Because god forbid the mailman ISN’T a male man.)
I ordered “M&M’s Break ‘Em” , a forgettable yet guilty pleasure of mine.
When I finally opened up the box there was a note “Thanks for Purchasing from so and so” (I have no interest in giving them any recognition after what happened.) Underneath was the case, clearly resealed with tape and a bonus “Grab Bag” of other games I’m assuming they needed to get rid of.
I peeled the tape off of the case carefully and there wasn’t anything inside. Great. $22 (Plus a hefty and unforgiving shipping fee) for nothing. I tossed it aside and impatiently sifted through the bag. Many of the games were broken. Some of them I already had. One cartridge caught my eye. It was white with no label except for residue from the sticker that was once on it before. I swallowed my pride and loaded it into my DS.
I was greeted with a bubble “Please Enter Password.” I didn’t know that you could password protect games but it isn’t completely unheard of. I tried the easy stuff first: 123, 246, 369 etc. etc. Then, other combinations: 111, 222 and so on.
666 seemed to work. I don’t know what edgelord figured that it absolutely needed a password but whatever. There was a loading screen that seemed to go on for what felt like ages when the menu finally loaded. “The Adventures of Rap Boy and..” the rest of the title didn’t fit on-screen. That’s.. Weird. I’ve never heard of this. In the background a rapid beat started to play. Its so familiar. I decided to check the save files, nothing.
I started a new game, put a fake name because I don’t feel comfortable letting tech companies know about me, its almost technophobic in a way.
(Edit: Before you get pissy with my choice of words AGAIN, its a real condition that I’ve talked about with my therapist before. I’m working through it one step at a time.)
I chose something a little stupid that I always go with “Fartbu-” It would be bubble but there was a text limit. Another loading screen but this time it was in the style of the Batman transitions. A womanly sounding voice spoke urgently “Fartbu, I need your help! Someone took my purse!” Lol. Sweet. Anyways, instructions scrolled by too quick for me to read them and I was immediately thrown into game. I got it. I’m playing some weird Batman ripoff.
The controls didn’t work very well and I’d clip through the ground a lot. I was running through a city with a yellowy tint overlay. The type of yellow you’d see on a chain-smoking single middle aged womans living room walls. It almost looked like a GTA clone. There was one objective thus far: Return the womans stolen purse.
Cars sped by, items being thrown at my character. I took varying levels of damage but no purse to be seen. It seemed really unfinished. Eventually I clipped into an alleyway where lo and behold, there was an item I could obtain. It didn’t look like the rest of the game in the way that it was lower in quality, pixelated, while the rest of the game looked more akin to the iCarly game that I was much more accustomed to over the years. This. This was uncanny valley if I’ve ever seen it. As soon as I clicked on it, I was shown “Mission Completed” along with my score. It flickered between 20-40 points. I continued on.
There was a cutscene where my character was rewarded with a shiny golden medallion for his good samaritinship. Suddenly my screen went completely black. It restarted but this time I got the Health and Safety warning. I decided to take a break because I had spent nearly all day tinkering with the faulty controls. When I looked out my window it was already dark outside. I tossed my DS aside and went to bed.
When I woke up I decided to use my laptop, checking my emails and such when I realized an unknown senders messages flooded my inbox. Annoyed, I deleted the spam. I remembered, the game. I went onto Ebay to leave a review but the seller’s page was gone. So were my confirmation emails so I couldn’t go back and check to see if maybe they had any contact information. They screwed me out of my game but its fine.
There’s the daily knock on the door. I put on my slippers and dragged myself to the door where I looked through the peephole, nothing. I opened the door enough so that the door chain would keep the space between me and the outdoors small. No package either. I must’ve been hearing things. I checked back on the game but when I once again started it up, there was another password. It had changed. I tried my previous attempts and got it eventually. Everything that happened yesterday happened again. Loading screen and Menu. The music this time did not play and there was no title. It must’ve gone through some kind of error to completely reset it. My previous and uneventful playthrough did not save. But there was something waiting for me in my save files. An untitled game that seemed to have more progress than I had made. I decided to load it up. “Are you sure you want to load this save?” Yes. I’m sure, DS.
This time the mission was a little more complicated. Even a little different from your typical Nintendo game. I had to resolve some sort of conflict that had resulted in a shootout. The screen loaded more slowly this time. The music suddenly startled me. It was distorted and quite frankly made me a little nervous. The woman called out for help once again but she sounded strange..
I ignored it and went through with my mission. The same city, same cars and same shitty mechanics. I arrived to the spot the game had been not so subtly guiding me towards. These pixel people were throwing banana peels and other fruit. It was fucking stupid but I clipped through the ground and started a cutscene. The screen flashed red and white to simulate taking damage but by the end of it they were all defeated.
Another award ceremony but this time, I could make out my characters face. Is that… Eminem?? I pieced it together. An Eminem DS game. That’s.. Really fucking stupid. I didn’t ask for this nor had I ever seen anyone talk about it.
I popped the game out mid scene and tossed it, and the rest of the games out. I messaged my friend about this because it was stupid and I needed someone to share this with. He answered immediately.
Me: Hey lol. You know how I collect games and shit right?
“L”: Yea
Me: Well this fucker scammed me and I ended up getting a weird foreign ripoff about.. You’ll never guess. Emi-Fucking-nem
“L”: Like… The rapper??
Me: Yeah and it’s super buggy. Like, it doesn’t play well and it came password protected
“L”: That’s retarded. Why would you even play it
Me: I didn’t even know what it was. It didn’t have any kind of markings or anything.
“L”: You’re lucky it isn’t haunted. Do you know how many of those Creepypasta assholes would hound you for it? Lmao
Me: Maybe I’d at least get my money back. Its too late. I got rid of it
Or did I…? I didn’t realize that I left my DS on. The game was… still playing? How is this even possible. I got rid of it and there was NOTHING in the slot either. Maybe my friend was right and it was haunted. No, its probably some weird ass virus it gave my DS. I did a full reset and it was back to normal. That’s a relief. I’d be pretty pissed if some fucking game broke my DS that I payed good money for. They’re harder to come across for a reasonable price these days. I’m rambling but what happened next was disturbing.
My DS started the game again. I didn’t touch anything… Why is it doing this.
Suddenly the title screen was indescribable.. A bloody mess of limbs and organs scattered in the background to make a fucked up pattern and the glitchy music was so loud that it violated every one of my orifaces that could be accessed. I couldn’t stop from playing it once more. I went to the saves. This is what got me. My full legal name was on the screen. My hands shook violently and I wiped the sweat from my forehead. This was no joke. How did it know who I was? The screen went black and the usual mission screen played through. There was no text but the music cut in and out with the occasional blood curdling screech. It loaded but this wasn’t just any city. I realize it now. It was MY hometown. What the fuck is going on?? Is this a joke?? If it is, it isn’t fucking funny. The streets were covered in realistic blood and innards. There were women and children screaming for help and now cars slowly cruised by yelling obscenities at me. About how I was a monster and how could I have done something so horrible but I didn’t do anything. This was the games doing. I quickly shut it and went to call the police but what for? What are they gonna do about a video game? My phone had no service anyways which added to my unease.
I had no choice but to continue. I recognized all the places. The park that was by my home, the schools and the restaurants. I know where the game is taking me.. Or.. him (my character) it’s taking us to my home. I looked outside the window, nothing. I’m not sure what I thought I’d find but that took a little bit of the tension off of me. I let the game do what it does. Realization sat in with me. This is the smoothest its run since I got the damned thing.
We were nearing my street, I chewed my lip in anticipation as I kept glancing outside when suddenly there it was. My house. I wasn’t in control anymore, it was coming up the steps. This wasn’t just my town either, this was in current time, my curtain was pulled back at the corner where I had been looking and I moved into my bedroom.
The screen went black yet again. Damnit. It died.
There was banging at my door. This has to be a coincidence. I checked through the peephole, nothing. I once again cracked open the door when a bloody hand forced its way through the space and reached for me. I kicked the door shut firmly and went to grab a knife. There was a sticky note waiting for me on the counter. “Its no use, I’ve already been inside your house. Love, Slim.” This isn’t funn- My thought was interrupted by the front door swinging open, bringing and inevitable darkness with it. I dashed towards my room and locked the door.
Music was playing, the music from the menu. Shit. My DS had turned back on and was now giving away my more than obvious position. There was more banging and then.. Nothing. It was over. Or so I thought. I glimpsed down at my DS. There was plain white text.
“I’m in the closet.”
Slowly staring up I saw the face of true horror.
Eminem with sunken in black eyes, blood stained yellow teeth and fingernails and tattered clothes. This can’t be Eminem. He hasn’t looked like this in years.
He pointed to me and beckoned me over with a long scary contorted finger.
He smiled at me with his sharp crooked teeth. “Its been a long time, ______”
“I don’t understand! Why me? Why now? What did I do..?” I dropped to my knees, pleading with him between labored sobs.
He chuckled “You really don’t remember, do you? You were always so forgetful.” He grabbed my arm and stared into my eyes
Oh my god. That’s right. My parents took me to see him in concert when I was just a toddler. That day has haunted me ever since. While performing one of his hit songs he stared right into what felt like my soul “I’ll see you soon, ____” He muttered under his breath
Memories were flooding back. I remember. He was the mysterious man in the background of all of our family photos. I met his gaze “You. I know you. You’ve been following me”
“I have, and now it’s time for my revenge. I want you to feel as alone as I felt all those years.” His jaw unhinged and then everything went black.
Its been a year since then and I’m still getting adjusted to my human flesh.
Love, Slim.
The End
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How to Hack WhatsApp messages and read without Access To someone’s Phone
WhatsApp hack can be easy and technical depending on your approach. If you need an easy way to hack WhatsApp without access, click here messenger easily without access to the phone click here WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications we have now. Boasting of over 1 billion users globally, the Facebook-owned messaging platform is every smartphone user’s favorite way of communicating with people in their lives.
What makes the IM app peculiar is the exclusivity that it affords. Enabling users to operate a business account as well as a personal one, WhatsApp allows you to chat with only those you have on your phone contact list. This means you only speak to people you have a personal connection with.
This takes away the social media trend of suggesting friends and colleagues to you and keeps the power of social connection in your hands.
If you are using WhatsApp and looking for a way to read someone’s messages without their phone, then this is the right article for you. Here, we will dive deep into all you need to know to get the information that you need easily and stress-free.
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As we mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging app we have now in the world. Users can easily exchange messages, images, videos, and voice note in seconds. However, WhatsApp like all the other social media platforms have been used for not so good things.
If you want to spy on a friend, spouse, child, or even employee, there is a simple trick you can use to get this done.
How to access WhatsApp messages without access to the phone online
We all know that WhatsApp has made it possible for you to answer your messages on a web platform so you can use popular web browsers like Google Chrome to do that. However, have you imagined that this innovation can be used to get access to your friend, partner, or even child’s messages without them knowing?
Well, we will expose you to doing this. Meanwhile, before we should you how to do this you need to be aware of two things. First is that this method is not the safest means of having secured access to your target’s WhatsApp messages and another is that you will need to have physical access to the target device before anything substantial can be done.
However, if you choose to go this route, then follow these quick-fire steps religiously to get the answers to the questions you have in your mind religiously:
To begin go to using your Chrome browser on your pc.
After that you’ll be taken to a QR code page where you will be given some instructions in order to monitor the target device.
The next step is for you to follow all instructions as provided to you and don’t forget to click the “keep me logged in” at the bottom to ensure you have access every time target comes online.
After doing this, and the target logs in, you will be able to see all their WhatsApp messages, videos, gifs, photos and any media they share with those they chat with.
This method is easy and quick to achieve but it is not entirely effective in the long-term. The first hurdle to overcome is the means of procuring the target device in the first place. If your wife or husband is super-protective of their phone, then you will need to come up with an ingenious means of getting their phone from them.
Another so pleasant truth is that the target may know that someone is going through their messages remotely (that is when you follow the instructions listed above) as messages will be marked read even when they haven’t gone through them. This can give you away.
Another is that fact that proximity is very crucial to this working out which begs the question on its effectiveness. If the user is not within a few meters to you, this may not work for the intended reasons.
Most crucial is the target may easily log you out and you end up in the dark once again. These reasons are why we want to show you a simple but effective means of spying on your partner or child’s social media messages easily without them ever finding out.
Since we are exploring every available option of reading someone’s WhatsApp messages, another means of doing this is through a QR code. It is very similar to the Google Chrome method given that you will need to physically handle the device.
To get this done, you will have to visit the WhatsApp web platform. Then you will need to pick up the target device and open the WhatsApp app. From there, click on the three dotted lines on the top right-hand corner of the app and select ‘WhatsApp Web’ on the drop-down menu.
From there, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to link a device. Select it and scan the QR code generated on your PC’s browser with the target phone. This will be automatically linking your PC to the target phone in a matter of seconds. Also important is that you will have to select the ‘keep me logged in’ box to always have access to the target’s WhatsApp account whenever they are near you and online.
However, as we said earlier this process is not too effective as the target can easily log you out from their device if they discover your activities. In the sections below, we will show you the best method of spying on anyone’s WhatsApp activities without them knowing.
Men are tech-savvy, and it can be difficult to gain access to their phones even if they decide to keep them with you. This is because of third-party security apps or app lockers that they use to secure their phones. In fact, some of them will not show any notification unless they open the app.
This can be a huge problem for you if you suspect that he is cheating on you with someone else. But you cannot out rightly confront him without having the necessary evidence to back your claims.
To beat him at his game, you will need to turn to a superior software application called technically cell phone monitoring solutions or more generally spy apps to get you the answers that you need. Spy apps are able to monitor their messages, calls, browsing history, passwords and many other things remotely without you needing to physically handle their device.
To get started, you need to know some of the best spy apps to hack your wife’s WhatsApp without her knowing. One of the best which allows you to monitor her WhatsApp messages undetected. and other spy apps we will be recommending to you are easy-to-use meaning as long as you can operate a smartphone, you should be able to use them. They are also powerful gathering all the information you are searching for.
Part of spy apps capability is that you can monitor the movement of your wife right from your office. With geo-fencing capability, you will be able to know if she went somewhere that is not part of her normal working or shopping route. Once she enters an area you did not add to her location history, you will be immediately notified.
If you want to know if your husband is promiscuous, you will need to be pretty smart to get this through the finish line. This is because some men do freeze some apps so it won’t appear on their application tray. But there is a way to be always ready for him when he decides to unfreeze them.
With Elitehackdesk, you just need to complete a three-step approach to get started.
WRITE ; [email protected] .com To do this, you have to visit their official website at to get started.
Connect with target phone. Here, it will take you through the set-up process for Elitehackdesk, on the target phone be it Android or iPhone device.
Hence, monitoring commences. Cheers!!!
Hacking has been around for some time with some stone-age techniques like jail-breaking or rooting the device. This will get you the information you need but exposes the target device to two issues; one is that the phone’s battery and performance will be affected rendering the device useless in the long run, another is that it exposes the target device to malicious hacks or viruses.
You are just trying to get information not to destroy the phone. The best means of hacking WhatsApp without victim mobile is to use spy apps. Spy apps will get you the information without you ever needing to jail-break or root the target device.
In fact, this can be done without you even physically handling the device.
Is it possible to use someone else’s WhatsApp in your phone?
First thing of note is that WhatsApp is a private social media app unlike Facebook where you can log in any account into any device provided you know the username and password. To go this route with WhatsApp will prove futile as the person using the WhatsApp will be notified. Another problem is that WhatsApp does not use a login screen like other social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. When trying to login WhatsApp for the first time, a verification code is sent to the registered number, and without using this code, it will be impossible for you to have access to their WhatsApp on your mobile.
However, there is a way around this. Using a spy app will help you do this without stress.
Do you want to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone? Then you are in luck. The best way to do this is through spy apps. This will keep your access to the target device 100% invisible as the target users will never know that you are being fed data from their device.
However, this only applies to certain operating systems. This works primarily if the target device is an iOS device like iPhone or iPad. Android devices will require you to complete a one-time installation of the spy software before you can spy on their WhatsApp activities.
Yes, it is possible. Someone can see your WhatsApp messages from another phone by either using a spy app or by using Chrome.
iPhones are known for their top-notch security as even federal agents always find it hard to gain access to a criminal’s iPhone account. However, you can still read another’s WhatsApp messages without having their phone.
To do this, you will need to only know their Apple ID and password. Once this information is in your hands, you can head to Flexispy and complete the following steps:
Create a free account on their official website.
Choose a subscription that meets your needs (they are super-affordable)
Fill in your device details (remember to select ‘iOS’ when asked for device to be monitored)
Fill in the user’s Apple ID credentials and click on ‘verify’ to gain access.
After five minutes (it may be lesser in some cases), you will be able to read their WhatsApp messages remotely.
There are a multitude of spy apps that promise to let you spy on a target device for free. We recommend that you do not use their service. This is because majority of them are malicious malwares that want to steal your information.
However, paid spy apps may offer you a free trial to check out how the app works. You can use this window to spy on the target you want to by just downloading the software into their device. Once this is done, it will be running in the background and gathering the needed data.
To continue using the service, you will need to pay for it. We recommend you stick to a paid spy app as these companies have a reputation to preserve.
Do you want to monitor someone’s WhatsApp? You can do this with easily. You can also monitor other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Telegram, and others through this.
The best way to know if someone has read your messages behind your back is to keep your read receipt on. This will automatically notify you if someone has gone through your WhatsApp messages by ticking the blue icon.
Once, you do not remember reading that message, contact WhatsApp support to report the issue.
Do you want to hack your girlfriend’s WhatsApp? You can easily do this by using instant hacker. This will let you know who she is talking to and what they discuss about.
Are you having second thoughts about the person you want to settle down with? To know what their social media life is all about, you can just hack their WhatsApp and other social media platforms with. This will give you a bird’s eye view of what kind of friends they keep and the conversations they have.
Do you feel that your boyfriend is seeing someone else behind your back? use [email protected] .com
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2023.03.26 20:48 venkarafa Prospective client wants contact details of past client to validate our work.

We are a data science firm with global clients. We are well known in our niche domain. A prospective client after dragging us through a lengthy discussion (on going since 6 months), now as a final step before signing the contract, wants us to share our past client's contact details (email and phone number) so that they could validate our work.
I find this a bit humiliating and get a sense that the prospective client is starting off on a wrong note. There is so much distrust already.
Just to clarify further, we have cited the testimonials of our clients from various countries on our website. Somehow this prospective client isn't convinced by it.
Is it normal for a prospective client to even ask for contact details of past clients? I don't quite see why any company's client (past or present) would like to discuss about the specifics and outcomes of a project with any third party.
Should we just call off this engagement at this point since we are already operating in such low trust?
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2023.03.26 20:47 GamingOddity Phone Build Number

Somebody got my iPhone build number, what can they do with it? Remote factory reset?
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2023.03.26 20:43 Purple-Concept-6058 I haven't talked to my son or dil in over a decade

A little over a decade ago my son (31) proposed to his girlfriend (29) of 5 years. My spouse and I were not happy. He confided in us some troubles about his relationship and well we just couldn't believe that he wanted to marry her. About 7 weeks before the wedding my DIL texted us both asking when we would be flying in for the wedding. (it was an out of state wedding) I asked if we could all meet up. During the meeting I said some things on behalf of myself and my spouse. I repeated what my son said about her when they were having problems, and I said that we think this marriage is a mistake. That went over as well as can be expected. We were disinvited and we have never spoke to them again. Years just went by with no one reaching out and the time and years kept passing us by. There is not a lot of family, so we couldn't even hear second-hand news about them. We did not know where they were living/working or anything about them.
My spouse and I had a conversation years ago about how we would do things differently. We talked about how we just should have not said anything and we would have a relationship with our son. It upsets my spouse quite a bit, so we don't talk often about him. About 4 years ago we moved across the U.S. I sent a text before we moved. I never heard back. More years went by...
The pandemic hit, and time seemed to slow down, but speed up at the same time. I woke up one day thinking of how we were 10 months into this thing, and I don't know if my son is doing okay. On the same side, Im hurt because he did not reach out either. More resentment builds.
About 6 months ago, I decide to text my son and DIL about how sorry I am. I tell them that if given the chance I will be better, I will do better. I don't hear anything back. I don't know if they even have the same phone number. We only had one address for them and I'm sure they moved because it was a small apartment. I sent a holiday card that christmas after I reached out on text. I got the card back with "not at this address" on it.
I can't talk with anyone about this because no one in my town now even knows i have a son. it is so embarrassing how everything went down on my end. I always thought during the years if someone reached out that resolution would be had. I never expected this to actually go on for the rest of our lives.
I am just sorry. I hope they read this
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2023.03.26 20:40 fictitious-name As a fellow (Male) bartender and one who often only visits other bars on industry nights etc, I'm curious if anyone else has had luck using a little trick I use to get a rapport going with a bartender... (Playing hangman with the bartender)

So we know how often men try to pick up on our female brethren, (sisterethen?) and we also get a pretty good insight into how little any of these guys attempts works. Between the bar being too loud that trying to carry on a conversation with the bartender leaves a lot of room for miscommunication, missing jokes, all the hallmarks of horrible first impressions and guys just being dumb as fuck, picking up a bartender is a truly commendable event.
Well typical of me, the unique snowflake that i am, i started catching the hots for this newish bartender at the local dive i like to hit after work on their industry nights, Sundays. 50% off everything. Love it.
Anyways long story short, i came up with the idea to use the cocktail napkins and the plethora of pens already out on the bar to start a game of hangman.
I pick out a word, usually bar or bartender related (at this point we have introduced each other, they know i tend bar as well, etc etc) and then i face the napkin their way and put the pen down for them to use.
I feel like it does a couple things. It takes the pressure off feeling stuck to one place, not wanting to be rude by leaving a conversation. It gives them the option to completely ignore the game and blame it on being busy. No feelings hurt, message received. I should add, during this time, I'm not juts sitting there watching them and waiting for them to play, i interact with those around me, I'd someone i know comes in, I'll talk to them. In fact, I've missed or taken longer on my turns on accident by having someone i know walk in.
Anyways. More times than not, in fact, every time I've started this game, and I've tried it both with bartenders i was romantically attracted to and those i just wanted to gauge their interest. My results:
Everytime, the bartender participated.
Sometimes they would ask "what is this?" And want a quick recap of the rules before diving right in.
Words I've used are usually names of liquors, or holidays that are job related to start off with. Then depending on how many rounds we go, i have gone on to rare exotic animals and shit lol.
As for girls i was attracted to vs girls i was just doin it for science, the one example I am proud of is of a bartender i had originally come on way to hard and asked for her number on the first night of us talking.
I got the typical "I'm talking to someone right now." After a few more weeks of coming in, one week where i met a date there and the date arriving essentially ended the game for us, and another night where i met someone there at the bar and went home with her for a one night stand, she actually preemptively ended a game early because she noticed she was about to get busy and used the empty spots to write her phone number down in. This was only this last Monday so i think I'll probably text her today or so and go from there.
The other girl. Not bad looking by any means but probably not used to getting a lot of attention from the guys at the bar. She was much more into the game, for lack of better terms. Quick to respond when it was her turn. Turned up the flirty banter that is usually dropped on industry night since they know we're both bartenders. That goes for both parties actually, almost all of the formalities go out the window, which is why i thought this was a perfect time to do this.
Tl;DR: If you want a more passive way of interacting with a bartender who is probably hit on by more men and in more ways than you can imagine, all in one night, try playing hangman with her.
Grab a cocktail napkin and a pen. Pick out a word that relates to something you two have in common or have talked about. Make the slashes for the letters and maybe put the title "hangman," the less you have to explain in the loud bar, the better.
Try out in the real world and report back.
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2023.03.26 20:38 Neither_Set_9376 Question for lawyers or law enforcement agents who work for our FBI, ICE, DEA, etc.

1- I am now moving my post to legaladviceofftopic since hypothetical legal questions do not belong in legaladvice So, sorry for posting there first.
2- I make the caveat that I am only referring to dishonest agents or maybe a few honest agents who easily give in to the influence of their dishonest partners. This is for a fiction book but I want your honest opinion if something like this were to happen to someone. The men and women who work in all branches of U.S. federal law enforcement are decent people whose reputations are unimpeachable, yet every day they put their lives on the line to protect us.
3- In my writer's mind I do not speak of conspiracies, but of potential possibilities that could occur based on real experiences and human behavior. I am hypothesizing all the time my comments, but I know that evil and dishonesty exist.

Hi, I need some guidance on when any branch of law enforcement raids a suspect.
1- What happens if the "alleged" suspect is not at home at the time? They go in, take what they are looking for or think they are looking for? What happens when they take money (nothing illegal to have)? They take DVDs (movies, cartoons, collections, tv series), power banks, etc.) with the excuse to deliver them later or never do it? Moreover, breaking property and throwing clothes or furniture on the floor just for the sake of it?
2- if the "alleged" suspect is or is not present. Would they leave some kind of note or card, honestly saying which specific agency was on the raid? Seriously they are always honest and leave the correct and accurate info? Why wouldn't they leave a note? Including the name of the agents, the name of the specific law enforcement and even a phone number and address? And what if they leave a note with false info? I.e., it was the FBI, but instead they said it was ICE, etc.? What if they leave nothing?
3- What happens when the raid was fabricated? In other words, the whole argument of the reasons for the raid was based on conspiracy information, revenge (some of those agents for years hated the target person for reason X or Y), it was mostly out of curiosity to know what that person had in the house or what the house was like inside, etc.?
4- when the person is in the house and suddenly these law enforcement agents arrive, and:
- even though the person asks them if he/she can see the warrant, they demand to enter without the person seeing it at any time or simply because there is no reason to see it?
- If these agents arrive masked or partially undetectable to avoid being identified? If some of them (even if the person remains peaceful) take the opportunity (in front of their peers or apart) to hit (because they wanted to harm him for a long time) the target person and their peers keep it a secret?
5- those agents can take away the security cameras (and never return them, or even destroy them) that are recording them in real time just to hide their traces and actions? Is that legal, honest and ethical?
6- I read that a person should not react aggressively even if the raid is unlawful, that is, there was never a judge signing the papers for such action. However, even if the raid is illegal (there was never a compelling reason for such a raid in the first place) I have read that if the person resists, then the person can legally be arrested, etc. But if it was not legal and the agents were dishonest and favored the case, why then are they still protected and the innocent victim is punished with self defense? I don't understand that. Why this imbalance in the law?
7- When pets are killed or badly hurt (dogs properly chained) and the action of that raid was simply to harm the person without finding true motives... what happens? Are those dishonest actors impugned? Is there no law to protect these animals? And if they steal (legal) pets like land turtles or other animals that are acquired or allowed by law according to the state?
I would like to know your opinions for my book, thank you.
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2023.03.26 20:38 TheMintyLeaf Need Opinions: Should I write to my ex's new gf to warn her?

Hey Moms. Not sure if this is allowed in this sub, but for those of you who got out of an abusive relationships but sadly still are linked to him because we share you ever feel scared for another woman who just entered a relationship with him? Would it be a good idea to warn her or just stay in my lane? I drafted up this letter that I intend to send to her through facebook. We do have each other's number and I only ever contact her when my ex doesn't answer his calls. Recently I threatened legal action against my ex in front of her and exposed his lies. And he did comply to avoid my lawyer filing the lawsuit. So idk if the situation is too tense right now, or is a perfect opportunity because she witnessed a lot of surprising facts she didnt know he did against a court order. Note: letter contains false names to cover up identity
Hey Stacy,
I'm messaging here because I am not sure how much Jake monitors your phone and I just want this to be a conversation between us girls. I hope you are doing okay. I'll keep this short and straight to the point: when things start to get dangerous, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. There are people out here who care about you even when sometimes it doesn't feel like it. I may not know you and only just as his girlfriend and [my son's name] future stepmom, but remember when we first met at starbucks and I said if you ever need help with anything, feel free to contact me? I mean it. ANYTHING at all. Even a safe place to stay if needed, my house is open to you.
I won't go into further details (unless you are curious, then we can meet up for lunch or dinner, my treat) but it is true that Jake and I divorced for a reason. And it is more than just him simply cheating on me. And I would hate to see that history repeats itself in someone new and innocent again. You seem like a nice person despite that we don't know each other well. Please PLEASE protect yourself. Take every wording from him as a grain of salt. Have hidden emergency savings accounts. Don't be like me, who lost nearly everything to him just for his own convenience....until he decides you are no longer convenient to him. Take care, and tread carefully. I'm just a message/phone call away if you need anything.
If you were the gf (who probably dated him for 2 or 3 years now) what do you think about the ex-wife's intentions? Would you tell your current bf about this or are you likely to keep it to yourself? I'm trying to draft it in a way that sounds helpful and not aggressive since i dont have anything against her. She just turned 21yrs old btw and is dating my 28yr old ex. They both live together at his parent's house. So how would you react in her scenario?
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2023.03.26 20:36 JackRusselTerrorist The fine folks at Pizzaville either didn’t know what they were doing, or knew exactly what they were doing.

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2023.03.26 20:33 Rain_146 Drug test

Lawyers I need some advice; but anyone advice could help too.
I work for a company that travels. Small company less the 50 employees. We travel by van to different locations thru out the U.S. We do so as a team. Could be 2-6 people at one time. Everyone has to drive occasionally. Note: everyone there is well underpaid. Salary not hourly
I’ve worked for this company for almost two years and even employees that have been here as long as 16 year have never had or heard of anyone having a drug test done.
One of the employees who we’ll call jessica. Shes recently changed jobs within the company thinks she’s HR but just an assistant. She use to be in my department.
I openly admit I smoke; but Jessica has no idea what I actually smoke.
Jessica text me and ask if we could talk. So I told her to come to my office.
She asked me two questions: She asked me if I smoked? Well yes. She asked me if I roll? Yeah; I do that too.
Almost everyone smoke or injects some form of THC including Jessica and Cathy I’m informed.
Then she goes on a power trip an said “as of today you are terminated. It will be your last day.”
then I was like No, I’m not. You have to cause for it to be random and other people have to get tested as well. Then she’s like you can go pee in a cup or be fired. So I tell her I will pee in a cup if she’d like me too and there better be other people too.
Then I bring the new CFO who we’ll call *Cathy in to my office with the conversation that was at hand. Cathy started about a week ago, but has worked for this company before in a different position.
Cathy “said that Jessica and the owner had a conversation and she doesn’t know anything about it!”
So then I’m like whatever. I’ll go take this test. when it comes back negative I can tell them I told you so.
When I get there I was informed of it being a hair follicle test not a urine test. I told her that “I haven’t cut my hair in seven year I’m not cutting it for you.”
Jessica tell me “it that or my job.”
So then I tell her to call the owner because I don’t have his phone number.
He tell me “do what’s necessary for you. If it too much hair then do a urine test.”
Jessica wasn’t having that and refused to change it to a urine test. “It’s only 1/8 of an inch.” It’s actually 3/8 of an inch,
I told Jessica that I dye my hair frequently and also take perception drugs that will come up as meth. This test would be inaccurate altogether.
Jessica just kept saying “you can fake pee” ma’am. you can fake just about everything.
She has no idea what they took off my head. Even tho she met me there and waited til I was getting ready to have it done. then left; because office hours are over.
The next day everyone was pissed for me before I could be pissed for myself.
My owner had call me 7 times on my company cell and had been calling my office all day looking for me. Trying to apologize.
I’m not in the mood to talk because I have nothing nice to say.
He must have realized that with out me most; if not all of the company would leave.
He called me all week and I haven’t called him back. I’m still working but just enough to get by.
I have a hole in the middle of my hair. It’s the size of a nickel. I think they should have some kind of repercussions.
I was then told by other coworkers that they lie and told the owner that we were getting ready to lose our insurance due to drug issues.
I feel like I was singled out and if my other coworkers hadn’t have lied to her face she would have done the same without any cause
We’re is S.C. Ik laws differ from state to state.
What should I do? Do I even have a case?

askreddit #lawyersofreddit #legalhelp

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2023.03.26 20:31 AutoModerator Bi-Weekly Advice Thread March 26, 2023: All Your Personal Queries

Ask your investing related queries here!
The members of /IndiaInvestments are here to answer and educate!
Alternatively, you could join our Discord and seek answers to your queries
If you're looking for reviews on any of these following, follow the links:
Generally speaking, there is no best stock, or fund, or bank, or brokerage, or investment platform.
Answers are always subjective to your personal needs, but use those threads a starting point for you to look at what other Redditors have to say about a company, product, fund, or service.
You can then ask a more specific question about what product or service to buy, once you are able to frame your personal situation.
NOTE If your question is I got 10k INR, what do I do to get most returns out of it?, or anything similar; there is no single answer to this question. But we will also need A LOT MORE information if we are to provide some sort of answer:
Beware that these answers are just opinions of fellow Redditors and should only be used as a starting point for your research. This is NOT financial advice, in legal sense of the term.
You should strongly consider consulting a registered fee-only financial advisor before making any financial decisions. Ideally, such advisors should be registered with SEBI, and have a registration number.
Links to previous threads.
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2023.03.26 20:30 Adept-Perspective-90 I’m exhausted. TW.

I’m making this post on a burner account. I broke up with my ex boyfriend back in October. He threatened to kill himself on multiple occasions, and it took a toll on my mental health and my ability to work. He was verbally abusive and would often throw/punch things. I ended up quitting my job in February. When we broke up, he asked if we could remain close. I told him that we could remain friends. I told him that I wasn’t interested in having a relationship with anyone.
He ended up moving back home, and he said that he didn’t want to remain friends. I told him that it was fine. I ended up blocking him on my SM and my phone. He then made a new number to call me. Again, I told him that I was done and I no longer wish to be contacted. He has been making playlists on his Spotify with pictures of us on them. He has sent me messages via email, instagram and my main Reddit. These are all burner accounts. He will leave VMs even though he has been blocked.
I ended up changing most of my social media and deleted everything on my spotify. I’m exhausted as I don’t know if I can or should seek any legal advice. (He is in the US and I’m in Canada) I’m also in therapy now, but I’m so tired.
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2023.03.26 20:27 RandomName0413 I can't block a phone number

Spectrum keeps calling me a million times a day (I don't have spectrum) so I blocked their number. Somehow the number keeps coming through. Why can't I block them? I have to block the same number everyday.
Is this a metro thing or is it my phone?
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2023.03.26 20:27 pronetogafs [WTS] Elcan C79 3.4x 5.56 Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 MRAD w throw lever & Tenebraex Emissary picatinny hand brake black MI low profile flip-up rear BUIS

Prices include shipping & insurance. Payment via PayPal F&F or add 3.5% for G&S. No notes. Items ship Monday.
Comment first then PM. Dibs means you accept asking price. No chats.
Elcan C79 AKA Specter OS3.4x. 5.56 calibration. Perfect for cloning Canadian, Dutch, Norwegian, and other service weapons. This is an old unit, manufactured 1992 assuming the serial number scheme is as obvious as it seems. There’s no tritium and the glass shows some superficial wear, with one notable scratch on the ocular lens which isn’t visible when looking through the optic. The reticle is clear and all adjustments function perfectly. The base/mount shows some cosmetic wear, mostly up front around the windage adjustment mechanism, but mechanically it’s in great shape and it clamps onto 1913 rail nice and tight. The optic cover is in fine condition and the molded emergency backup sights are intact, but I have a spare unused cover I’ll throw in if desired. Only selling because I found another one with better glass and can’t justify owning two. $750 $700. Dropping the price to encourage fence-sitters. Anything with better glass is likely to sell for $900+.
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 VMR-2 MRAD w/ Vortex-branded Switchview throw lever & Tenebraex ocular lens flip cap. I am the second owner of the optic and I’ve had it on a 14.5 AR for probably 2k rounds. Everything functions perfectly and there are no noticeable defects in the glass (Vortex lifetime warranty would cover any issues regardless). Also includes sun shade. Asking $550 for the complete package with accessories. Prefer to sell as a complete package, but will sell throw lever and/or Tenebraex separately (both also fit the Razor HD 1-6) if I have a buyer for the optic only. Optic only $450. Throw lever and Tenebraex $50 each.
Emissary picatinny hand brake, black. Excellent condition. Asking $25. SOLD
Midwest Industries Same Plane Low Profile flip up rear sight. Mounted, zeroed, and forgot. Spent a decent while on an AR pistol. Minimal salt. Functions perfectly. Asking $60.
I would potentially be open to trading the Elcan for a black EXPS3-0/2 plus cash (negotiable) or a T2 with a Unity FAST mount.
Any questions just leave a reply.
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2023.03.26 20:26 junebugjunebug123 Sabotaging my relationship (32f / 35m)

Hi everyone, I'm seeking your advice as someone who has trouble trusting her own instincts. I've been seeing someone for two months who is incredibly special--an amazing communicator and listener, super emotionally intelligent and in touch with himself, tells me often how wonderful, beautiful, smart, special he thinks I am. I truthfully haven't encountered this kind of care with someone I've been involved with maybe ever. We've spent hours on the phone together and have really opened up to each other.
Last weekend, I went away with some girlfriends who are in relationships, and something that came up was that they all felt, to varying degrees, uninterested in sex, and disappointed with their respective partners for not pulling their weight in the relationship, emotional labor, childcare, etc.
When I got back, we talked on the phone about the weekend, and I brought up the conversation and how it really jarred/disturbed me and that I was scared that the prevalence of this dynamic meant that I'd inevitably find myself in it and how i really didn't want that. This led to us talking about kids and whether we wanted them or not, and I said I did, and he said that it wasn't a priority to him--that he wants to prioritize finding real, true, stable love, that that's the most important thing to him, and having kids is secondary to that (meaning if he fell in love with someone who didn't want kids that would be fine). Entirely understandable and I agreed with him that I wanted to prioritize finding love because I want my future children to grow up in a loving and stable environment (which I felt I largely did not experience growing up). He has said a number of times that my presence in his life is making him take a real hard look at his situation right now because he feels very strongly that we could be together and that he wants to make it work with me.
Following that conversation, he mentioned to me that he was starting to feel insecure about his place in life--he's an artist and is prioritizing making his art at the moment in order to try and make his music a source of income for him (ie doesn't have a 9-5, but works a ton on freelance projects and supports himself). He said he started getting in his head about whether i thought of him as a suitable partner...and that he was starting to spiral a little bit about his work situation, and that he was really caught off guard by how early we were having this conversation. I reassured him that I thought he was amazing and also wasn't looking to get married/have a baby right now, the conversation kind of came up naturally through me recounting the weekend, and it wasn't a ruse to try to get him to like, agree to having kids with me immediately (which is how I ended up feeling like he felt). That said, I'm 32 and he's 35 and I think having conversations like this early on is almost necessary at this stage in life.
He's been telling me that he really, really likes me, hasn't felt this way in a really long time about someone, feels so connected and sees a future with me, but that he's also scared of jumping into things and wants to take things slowly because he likes me so much. I brought up feeling not entirely safe with him because he seemed so...nervous about commitment, and he kept saying that it's just way too early to be talking about that, which i get. We ended up deciding to say that we're exclusive, which he had no problem with (he said he would have agreed to being exclusive with me from date 2 and that he hasn't dated/thought about another girl since we started dating).
The next day we barely talked and I've been feeling this pit of anxiety in my stomach. We had another conversation and I told him that I needed some time to think about what I wanted as I just wasn't feeling good/safe with him and needed to figure out why that is. I wonder if I'm actually projecting and just legitimately having doubts about him and his work situation and that despite feeling this super strong connection, it might not be right. I feel nervous by him continuing to say how early it is and how little we know each other as it seems like a cope but I know I could be reading into it.
It's probably very clear from this that I have anxious attachment and abandonment issues that stem from childhood. It always feels very scary to open up to someone and I often sabotage relationships and choose the wrong men to date who end up hurting me. He is definitely not a bad guy or a womanizer in that sense, which is a good step for me, but I still worry that I'm just not trusting my instincts. I basically don't want to end up 36 and single starting all over again.
Any advice would be so welcome--thank you x a million in advance!
TL;DR: I have abandonment issues and might be sabotaging the first good, emotionally intelligent guy I've ever dated because of fear and distrust of my instincts. I want kids and he doesn't feel like he's ready life-wise/financially--but wants them someday.
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2023.03.26 20:25 Quirky-Magician731 Are these acceptable things to ask for in a four year relationship? I am 23F he is 28M.

I'm going to keep this short as possible to not give any biase towards the situation. This is the text message I (23F) sent to my boyfriend of four years (28M). We are trying to see what people say.
"If you think any of these points are unreasonable in regards to the cheating, I want you to know that I did what YOU told me to do and looked up, 'how to move forward with a cheating partner" INSERT NBC NEWS ARTICLE ABOUT HOW TO REPAIR A RELATIONSHIP WITH A CHEATING PARTNER.
  1. We start over completely and wipe the slate clean. This means we both delete the videos, recordings, and vindictive things that we have on our phones. You were the one to first suggest this before and even when I took that step you never did. I'm done with being threatened that you're going to post those things to discord, Facebook, etc. Since you did not do this previously, this is one of the things that we either need to trade phones for or that I would have to see.
  2. Once again, I want to be unblocked and added back on everything - Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Discord and etc. Even if you've deleted these apps I want to be added back before you uninstall it again or you can delete your account. For example, with tinder I uninstalled the app which was not enough for you so, I let you go through it and delete my account. So, if you decide that you don't want to add me back something and your reasoning is you uninstalled it - that will not be good enough for me.
  3. This is point three, but it's something I want to happen first and foremost otherwise, I'm done. You cheating has been the most crushing thing to me ever and no matter what your reasons, no one deserves that. It's hypocritical for you to get so mad that I installed tinder but that you got to do this to me with no repercussions. In my eyes, if youre unable to do this for me then youll never do anything else going forward in this relationship. Vanessa, Silver, Courtni, and any other girls that I don't know are deleted and blocked. This includes numbers, messages, discord, valorant, etc. - completely removed. Those three girls specifically, I want any contact information you have of theirs gone so that its no longer, I can just unblock her later if I feel like it. You did not create boundaries with these women and even if you do at this point it is obvious they don't care. It's me or them, non-negotiable and I want to be able to go through and do this to ensure you're not reaching back out to them anymore.
  4. With any other women from this point forward, you set boundaries. No more flirting with women, if you say it jokingly I understand; however, you NEED to establish that it is a joke with them. If you want to be friends with other women, establish that you are in a relationship, do not flirt with them behind my back, and no private messages unless you're telling me about them. Honesty and transparency from this point forward are going to be crucial if you're going to earn back my trust. You didn't like that I downloaded tinder and talked to other guys so, please put yourself in my shoes with how much this has hurt me, regardless of your reasoning once again, cheating is not acceptable.
  5. No more threatening each other. This point is for both of us. No more threatening to call the cops, no more shutting off the internet, no more posting stuff to discord. I will give you the login information for xfinity so, that you can have access to it as well to ensure that doesnt happen anymore. I can help you with the xfinity app as well if you want.
  6. Like I said in point four, honesty and transparency are key. Such as, if I ask to go through your phone I want to be able to do this. If you have nothing to hide this should not be an issue, you have lied to my face too many times for this to be negotiable - Im not saying this to be spiteful towards you, it's just the truth.
  7. We need to look into couples counseling. This was something you suggested, but then decided to not follow through on. Our biggest issue is communication and I think that having someone to mediate is good; however, the reason why I want that to be a counselor is to prevent any biase from our friends or from my mom. With this, I want there to be a deadline as well to ensure we are following through on this. I want the appointment to be set up by Friday - I will set up the appointments with us, I just want you to look at counselors with me, but if you don't want to that's fine too so long as you're willing to do it.
  8. You have an issue with me walking past things or not seeing things so, I want you to essentially make a daily chores list that you want me to do. For example, check cat food, check water, sweep, clean counters, things like that or anything else you can think of. This way I can get into a routine for these things.
  9. Name calling and verbal abuse needs to stop. I don't care what your reasoning for it is or if you think I deserve it. It's not right to degrade someone as much as you do and it's not fair to me. This really hurts me to be called ugly, fat, cunt, bitch, retarded, etc and I wish you could understand that. If you call me names, apologize or more preferably communicate your frustration without calling me those names. From here forward, if you call me a name I'll be separating from you or I'll stop talking to you until you apologize.
  10. Our time comes first, once again I want to be a priority not an option. However, this is another point that is for both of us because I know that I am bad with brushing you off which I am sorry for. With that being said, we need to both work on showing interest in the other person's interests. If you would like we can set up a time to go out to a shooting range or something that you want to do that involves your hobbies and have someone watch the boys that way I can take the first step with your interests.
  11. I want for us to actually be a couple. I'm jealous of our friends who call each other things like babe or other cute pet names. Matteo is a man's name and all you're doing is changing a letter in my name, please dont get me wrong because I do like being called that over Mattea, but I just want more. I miss being called girly or babygirl by you because it at least made me feel special. I would also like to be able to call you babe or baby without you getting mad at me if I do it in front of other people. Same goes with other PDA. My love language is touch and it makes me sad that I can never hold your hand in public. Lastly, I don't care is it's just a once a month thing or what, but I would like for us to have either Kalynn or your grandma watch the boys so that we can have a date night. And I'm not talking about where we just go out and eat, but where we actually go through and plan a movie night, or a trip to the aquarium, or an event that interests us, something like that.
  12. I want your permission to either get a gym membership or get a stationary bike/actual bike.
  13. If you make a list like this, I also want you to follow the stuff that you send me if applicable. This is to ensure there's no hypocrisy within these agreements.
This is all that I can currently think of, if I think of anything else I will communicate this with you and the same goes to you if you make a list and think of things."
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2023.03.26 20:24 FiauraTanks Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (FanFic) - Final (Nature of Predators FanFic)

Back First
As I discovered yesterday I will have to be more precise when posting these in the future, yes there is something else in the words but apparently you cannot edit the title of the post on this website, good to know.
Anyway, I thank you all for your comments so far, they brightened my days this week. Please, let me know what you think when you finish, I would be delighted to hear it; good or bad.

Memory Transcription: Captain Neil Campbell, United Nations ‘Black Watch’ Company #4
Date [standardized human time]: December 4, 2136
“Make very shot count, we don’t have much left!” Campbell shouted over his radio then fired at a couple of muzzle flashes in the night. Many of his troopers were using their night vision gear while others hadn’t brought it with them or had seen it shot to pieces in the fighting.
The difference between them and their enemy, they could pull back, regroup and come back. Campbell's troopers were running out of lines to retreat to. Slowly their ring around their anti-orbital interceptors had gotten tighter and tighter. Their sams fired their final missiles at a fighter and managed a final air kill. The fighter crashing into the Black Watch’s previous position now occupied by Arxur, turning them into a trail of flames, ash, and body parts.
The world around Campbell was loud chaos. Yet to him, it wasn't chaotic, it was a strange symphony, one he had prepared for and rehearsed all his life.
Campbell pulled up his rifle and fired off a few shots on his queue. Next to him a trooper was using an Arxur weapon, his own weapon having run out of ammunition. Only one mortar was still firing but Campbell wondered how many shells they had left. The Mortar was located behind them, at their "Keep". The final defense line.
Campbell saw a trooper stand up with a light AA missile only to get torn apart by a plasma shot to his face. The Arxur had learned suppression fire was useless against the discipline of the watch. Instead, they would fire off shots for their attention and then deliver a plasma shot to try to kill whoever retaliated.
Campbell picked up the missile and took aim, then sprung, fired the shot and got down before a plasma bolt whizzed where he had been seconds before. He was rewarded with an explosion and the follow up boom of a gunship slamming into the ground. The feeling of magnetism died around him.
As if the electricity in the air were suddenly ripped away. Campbell knew that was the railgun being de-powered. Its generator hit and that left them with no anti-orbital guns left or interceptors. Finally the Arxur could launch a bomb on their site and they could not stop it.
“Whose left, sound off!” His final twenty troopers replied, one after the other. He had to listen carefully above the echoes of gunshots. The original ninety-nine plus him and the Americans, reduced to twenty.
“Fall back to the keep, all troopers, fall back to the Keep.” Campbell repeated and started to move through their indentations in the ground, not really trenches but enough one could stay lower than the plane of the ground. Just enough for cover, they did not have proper time to build a real trenchline sadly.
Campbell checked his pocket for his dead man's switch, he turned it on and wrapped his belt around it to hold the switch down, then shoved it into his pocket.
They moved for the communications tent, it had an overhang of rock to cover them from above. The engineers had built a ring around it, through solid granite to make trench in the rock. Those that got there would form their final line of defense.
Campbell felt his arm, the cybernetic take another hit and fly off into the pre-dawn darkness. He shifted and resisted the instinct to go find it. It was lost to the brush and fog of war now. He arrived at the keep with his sidearm firing shot after shot, having to reload it one handed.
Only eight troopers made it to the line. Zim came charging out, firing a pistol and screaming in defiance, “Die Predator Scum!” She dove into the trench next to Campbell and continued to rise and fire, fumbling to reload when the rifle failed to keep shooting.
Campbell tossed her the last grenade he had, no longer really able to pull the pin. "Make it count!"
Zip grabbed it, yanked the pin, and chucked the time-bomb, right into a charging Arxur’s mouth and he swallowed before being torn into mist and shrapnel. Those standing near him getting peppered with the fragments pushing out of their comrade.
Campbell fired off his pistol as shape after shape of gray appeared from the darkness. The gunshots near him slowly getting fewer and fewer.
Zim laid against the trench wall beside him, pulling the trigger of her rifle. She was bleeding from an uncountable number of places and her dominant arm was hanging by her side. She was using one of her insectoid legs in place of the unnaturally twisted limp. She was bleeding from multiple places. Her rifle clicked, Campbell paused to reach over and unload the magazine for her, then slammed a new one in and she racked the bolt as he patted her on the head to indicate it was good to go.
The vestiges of dawn's light peaked over the top of the Caldera and they fought on. The entire ridge had been turned to rock-slides burying Arxur under them, now showing the desecration of nature's beauty turned into carnage. A forest fire had started and was burning out as the napalm and diesel fuel had done their job.
Black Watch lay strewn with hundreds of Arxur bodies around them. Campbell stopped hearing the crack of ’s rifle. “See you on the other side, .” Campbell felt a pang of regret for the Tilfish Mayor whom he had voluntold to be here. She was gone now, no longer could the Arxur make her suffer and she had died for her people. "You became the bravest I ever knew."
A whoosh and the feeling of extreme heat behind him had him ducking for cover. It was then he realized he couldn’t hear anything but ringing in his ears. He looked back to see the cave entrance collapsed, likely under the emergency explosives by Thompson. His helmet fell to the ground, the camera pointed back at him, watching him now as he worked down the trench firing his pistol, using the weight of it to count his remaining rounds.
A rush of adrenaline was pushing him on, despite the fact he could no longer see out of one of his eyes, half his vision just gone. He lost count of his ammo and the number of Arxur that had fallen to him.
To him it just meant he no longer had to close an eye to aim.
He saw an Arxur, nearly upon him. He pulled up his pistol and it did not fire, he looked at it to see the slide in the locked back position. Without hesitating he threw the weapon at the approaching Arxur. It smacked into the gray’s face and caused it to stagger away from aiming the rifle at him and instead to fall over when the footing became untenable.
Campbell grabbed an Arxur weapon on the ground. Just as the Arxur he hit with the pistol sat up, he put a plasma-bolt through its skull. He continued firing shot after shot, hating the slower rate of fire and feeling of heat coming off the weapon. Campbell sent three more Arxur to the ground.
Finally the rifle clicked as six Arxur approached his weapons upon him. He was bleeding from a searing burning on his temple. His shoulder had been punched but without the cybernetic arm, it didn’t make much difference. Campbell knew he was beat and fell back onto his butt, sitting down and laying against rock wall behind him.
He felt the switch in his pocket shift and went to grab it, the belt was still holding it place, just barely. It would only take a shove against it to push the belt off now. He set the switch under his thigh, against his hamstring. He secured the switch under his leg. He was sitting there, taking out his nearly empty flask of whiskey. The sounds of battle died down as he swirled the remaining liquid inside. He looked down to see his body armor had stopped three rounds by sheer luck. The rounds had hit in vastly different spots and he hadn't even noticed he'd been hit since the cyber arm had been shot off. Somehow, none had penetrated him. “Human, it is over. Surrender.”
He looked up at the speaking Arxur and considered it. They looked as exhausted as he did. Several of them were sporting wounds and bandages, thrown back into combat. He nodded to the Arxur as he slumped against the trench wall.
“Up.” One of them commanded.
Campbell laughed much to the Arxur's confusion. Campbell ignored him and casually unscrewed his whiskey flask with his lips. He took the last swig of his favorite malt. While the reptile got frustrated and jumped into the trench with him. He dropped the empty flask onto the ground between his legs and made a show of reaching for it.
“No… I don’t think I will.” He replied, sitting up and holding the detonator for the Arxur to see. His thumb now holding down the dead-man's switch. All the explosives for Sims special surprise ready to go. The Arxur looked horrified at him holding the dead man’s switch. “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit.” He spoke, two Arxur shots rang out, bullets piercing his heart and lungs. They did not know it was a bomb that would go off if he leg go of the switch.
They watched the beeping light of the switch roll between Campbell's legs to ting against his flask in the dirt. Then the light stopped.
The world as the Arxur knew it became fire, fury, and flashes. A series of explosions rippled across the Caldera. Everything a military explosives expert with a forty year long career knew how to do, was exploding.
One explosion would go off, only to set off a container of fuel to add a fireball to it and the heat would trigger several rounds of Tilfish weapons they had seized from the heat cooking it off, giving off a plasma ball. The scene repeated over and over again. Anfo, deisel fuel, incendiary rounds, Tilfish plasma, and grenades no one could carry, turned into a final send off. The Arxur scrambled to get out only to be hit by more explosives as the keep turned to a rock-slide. They had been very careful and precise to not set the charges in a way to cave in the tunnels their flock whom they were protecting were in. No explosives were within 100 meters of the entrance or any part of the tunnel that might strain it. The recording started to fade from the virtual reality simulation.
The Teacher’s Voice took over for the recording as she turned the speaker off. Her adult version of events was much more graphic than her students but it gave her extra insight into a time when all was war and chaos. The Tilfish teacher had to be prepared to answer their questions and try to tone it down for the children.
This was something the Tilfish knew she would have to steel herself for if she was to witness the events and answers her pupil’s questions. She read from the script provided by the museum to bring the class out of the simulation. As child after child ranging from grade one to four, took off their VR helmet when their individual specialized version was finished depending upon age, species, and culture.
“But Campbell was turned to ash along with most of the rest of the Black Watch bodies and Arxur on the surface. The death toll was 99 Black Watch, 11 3rd Armored Cavalry, and 1 Tilfish Mayor for 9,729 Arxur Dead, 1,277 Wounded, and 303 Missing.
"Leftenant Williams would be found in the destroyed hull of the Eisenhower IFV. He had tried to get the vehicle working before his injuries put him unconscious again. In the state of his concussion he did not realize the vehicle was inoperable. He was found alive and rushed to a UN ship for emergency medical attention. He would survive and become a teacher like me.
"Two days after Campbell’s last stand; Tia, Jellio, Cleland and Hanover would make their way into the cave to join the refugees inside. On their way in, they would find the artifact of the battle, the only surviving part of any of the Black Watch members." The teacher had to smile, avoiding the fact she meant in the literal apart of their body sense. The children would realize it at some point.
"All total survivors who had been inside the Caldera; 30 Arxur raiders, 22 of the Black Watch Company #4, twenty of which were the ones escorting the civilians into the caves. In addition to this, 1 3rd Cavalry Tanker, and 4,200 Tilfish Civilians plus 2 Tilfish Volunteers.”
Sitting in the museum were fifty children from a variety of species. A system of AI that approximated things based upon eyewitness accounts, algorithms, photographs, and footage available to create all the memory engrams. Then turned it into a more enchanting story with less blood and violence than the events that their teacher watched.
This exhibit before them was called, “The Black Watch.” It was carefully curated and preserved by the Tilfish Cultural History Restoration Society. The hand was really most of a cybernetic human arm from nearly one hundred years ago. It was inside a stasis field, still wrapped in the fragments of military fatigues it was found in. The hand was placed upright into a supporting mold and the fingers had been made into an approximation of a thumbs up.
An alarm went off as the Tilfish teacher reached down to look at her phone, 3:00 pm local time. “Alright class, let’s get to the transports so we can get all of you home.” As the children filed out, three approached the glass case and looked at the cybernetic hand inside.
On the outside, near the wrist of the human cybernetic arm were words inscribed there.
‘A Scot loved a Yank, that is how your grandmothers met. Remember, from them, it matters not what you look like inside or out, but what you do that you should be judged by.’
The words were faded on the inscription but the stasis field had managed to keep them legible since the arm was found. A holographic display called up while the three near the glass to show the arm in it's absolute pristine state it had once been in.
The three children were all of different species as they leaned in close, the human broke their silence. “So it really did happen like great-grandma said it did.”
The Tilfish smiled, “Well yes, we wouldn't be here if our ancestors were not taking cover in those tunnels. We have pictures of our family in there before our grandparents met.” They both turned to their friend, Julless.
The Arxur looked down in shame, she looked away from her friends and rubbed at the back of her hand nervously, “My… ancestor was there, trying to kill your’s.”
Leia Cleland reached up and lifted up Julless’s head to face her two friends, she still tried to look away as they both smiled at Julless warmly and nodded, “Yes but that is in the past and you are not those people.” Leia smiled as Helena stepped forward on her many legs. “Yeah, look, you are our friend and honestly, that is all that counts with us. Come on, let’s not miss the transport, maybe it can stop at the park. We can play predator and prey if you want.”
Juless smiled at Julia and turned from the Tilfish to the Human, “Hey don’t look at me, I’ll have fun so long as you don’t actually bite me or my sister.”
The group took a moment to take in everything around them. The various pieces of history on display for a single battle called, Tal Reach's Last Stand.
The room full of artifacts from that day had fascinated the children. The broken down and nearly destroyed Eisenhower IFV. Pictures of where Williams had laid and the armored vehicle crews happy and doing maintenance. The display read: "A Tank is a Tanker's Home."
The next display was a blood stained bible surrounded photographs of Grissen and O’Malley talking. Footage from O'Malley's helmet set on the desk, played with audio to headphones to show the conversation they had. The display was called: "Found friends, now in heaven."
Dozens of pieces of combat footage on a variety of screens though many were covered due to their graphic nature with an age warning next to them.
One that was left open was the harrowing walk of the recon squad survivors to get through the booby-trapped caves. The entire film was nearly two hours long and showed the footage from the helmets of them traversing the caves. It was a horror movie but suddenly turned into a relief when the radios could penetrate the rock and call down. A horror movie with a happy ending full of hugs and cheers called, "A Walk through The Shadow of Death".
The twisted remains of Thompson’s radio. The recon squad fire-team B’s detonator. Dozens of dog tags from the various members were on display with the cannon to the War Kitty sitting across the length of the display, a piece of wood and several insectoid stations to sit on as a new bench. Literally sitting upon a piece of history to show it's size and weight.
“Oh come on, Leia, Juless would never. My sister is just teasing, come on, the last one to the transport is a rotten egg!” Helena grabbed onto Juless’s clawed hand and Leia’s human one with her mandibles leading them through the halls at a brisk pace from where the centerpiece of Tal Reach's Last Stand.
"A Highlander’s Hand."
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2023.03.26 20:23 cosmogoblin Fictional version of our world where everybody can teleport at will

This is my first post to worldbuilding, so constructive criticism is welcome.
The world is modern Earth, but every human can teleport. I've considered how this would impact various aspects of society, and will add more as I write them. My main reason for posting is that I would like to write a novel, but don't have the patience, so I expressly give anybody permission to use my work to create something bigger (novel, RPG, etc) - I'd love to read it!
Basic summary
Everybody can teleport freely. This has been the case for all of human history.
How teleportation works
Teleportation applies only to the person - nothing they're touching. During teleport a person finds a region of low density - air - to swap places with. Teleporting takes energy proportional to the mass at the destination. This isn't generally a problem, but it makes it nigh impossible to teleport into solid or liquid objects. Rain is barely more dense than dry air, with no noticeable increase in difficulty. A typical healthy adult can teleport 20-30 times a day without becoming overly tired.
Teleporting does not produce cool Hollywood-style effects. There is no sound, and a person simply appears or disappears. If they teleport into an area with something in the air, such as rain or dust, this will be transported to where they were, and teleporting into wind can leave a brief gust in your absence. It is generally assumed that travel by teleportation occurs at the speed of light, and modern high-framerate cameras have confirmed this to within 0.01%, but only for distances up to about 8 kilometres (after that, the horizon becomes a problem). This, however, is just the time between disappearing and reappearing elsewhere; in practice it takes several seconds of preparation time.
Travel companies
Travel companies are nothing like what they are today. Transport is essentially for freight only, and the equivalent of commercial airlines or train lines are for luggage to be sent on ahead of a planned teleport, and collected or delivered at the other end. Holiday homes as such are rare, but wealthy people may have small rooms, wardrobes essentially, dotted around the world. Every major town and city has a few designated teleport pads, large open spaces with a soft-play surface and absolutely no structures, even temporary ones.
Clothing and accessories
Since clothes don't teleport, clothing is a status symbol. To wear fancy clothes means you don't need to travel far, you have private transport, or you have access to high-quality clothing at your destination; therefore quality clothing is worn by the wealthy to show off their status, and many people do not wear clothes as a matter of course; this means human population density is much higher in warmer regions, with colder regions having wealthy people and those who need to work there (e.g. scientists and miners). Less wealthy people who wear clothes are typically very near where they live, including those who have chosen not to interact with the world (e.g. shut-ins). Travel companies offer clothing for rent (and disposable underwear) at destination hubs; most would rent bog-standard clothing, often only for a few hours. Millions of parents tire of telling their children to put their clothes neatly away, instead of just teleporting out of them. Like clothing, jewelery and make-up are rare, and tattoos almost unheard of, but scarification and branding are common (though far from universal). These are often used to aid identification of individuals or group membership, both voluntarily and as a criminal punishment. Plastic surgery is difficult, and injuries that require stitches or casts make teleporting problematic; people often take a week or two off work to recover from relatively minor wounds. On the other hand, wounds don't often get infected, as before an infection takes hold, a teleport a few metres away can clean the wound very effectively.
Prisons don't exist. Physical security to prevent theft boils down to preventing people from retrieving items; a locked door won't stop somebody getting in, but a lockbox too small for a human to fit in might. Physical security that prevents people getting out is more common. Some secure rooms contain noxious gases, either continuously or triggered by movement sensors. But why do people steal? To make use of an item. A furniture shop, with sofas and beds, will be significantly different.
These days, physical theft is less of a problem than information theft. Patents are really the only aspect of our intellectual property laws that took off here; anybody can teleport into your office and read your notes, but they can't legally use them if they're subject to patents. Patent law is far stronger here than in our world.
Murder is at once easier and more difficult than in our world. If a person wants another dead, they can teleport into their bedroom while they sleep and catch them unawares; but they cannot bring a weapon, and will have to rely on their wits. Guns can't be brought in; strangulation is possible, but the victim will almost always wake up and teleport away. Attempted murder, on the other hand, is a lot more common, and you can't replicate what they do on cop shows, asking neighbours if they saw somebody approaching the house. With evidence harder to come by, the deterrent is extreme: if convicted of either murder or attempted murder, the penalty is death. Official and private bounty hunters track convicts down and carry out the punishment themselves, and the hardest part is often taking the body to a law enforcement station to claim their prize.
Teleportation education
Everybody needs to learn to teleport. Babies cannot, and so new parents are quite restricted, especially without the consumer-level travel networks our world has. Toddlers can be very annoying if they start teleporting before learning how to control it. An understanding of the destination is required for accurate teleportation; geography lessons are typically compulsory up to school leaving age, and teleportation lessons include:
Basic instruction:
Mid-level instruction:
Advanced instruction:
Technical details of teleporting
Only humans can teleport. Scientists and priests have pondered this for centuries. Many religious people and organisations believe this is a unique gift from God; but scientists have been trying for years to break it down and figure out exactly what it is that provides this ability. If it can be understood, and then replicated, it may be possible to create teleporters for inanimate objects, truly ushering in a post-scarcity future. But while many theories have been proposed, none have stood up to scrutiny for very long. That said, teleportation research is still a potentially lucrative career path, given the reward to humanity if the problem is solved, and billions are poured into this every year.
Teleportation takes energy, which comes from the individual's personal reserves of chemical energy. Most scientists currently believe each cell provides the energy to teleport itself, although given that not all of a human body is made of cells with energy reserves, this is clearly an incomplete theory and research is ongoing.
Some energy is required simply to teleport, around 100 J per kilogram of body mass. A change in height adds further energy on top of the base, equal to the change in gravitational potential energy: 1 J per metre change per kilogram. Curiously this amount is paid whether moving up or down, and scientists are still unclear where the energy goes when moving downward. For a 70 kg person, this works out to 7,000 J plus 700 J per vertical metre. Teleporting three floors up or down is about 14,000 J, or 3.3 kcal. The additional cost is zero when teleporting elsewhere on the same geodesic, even to the other side of the planet. This means it is easier to teleport to the same height on the other side of the world than it is to teleport upstairs in your own house, and most children understand geodesics by about age 13.
A large height change at once is very taxing. 100 metres is 18 kcal, 1 kilometre is 168 kcal, and the formal edge of the atmosphere, 100 kilometres, is almost 17,000 kcal - one week's recommended caloric intake. While teleporting is banned in most sports, athletics competitions include teleportation events in speed, accuracy and height. The best telethletes can teleport in just under a second (a typical person takes about five seconds), hit a target within 1 centimetre (typical 0.5-1 metre), and travel 1.5 kilometres vertically (typical 50 metres), though post-event recuperation can take a week or so. Recovering from one teleport and preparing for the next takes most people a few minutes, but some practised people can be much faster; the world record from sea-level to the top of Everest is 18 seconds in 6 jumps.
To teleport somewhere, it is critical to know the area. Telethletes' 1 cm accuracy is only achieved with line of sight, and they will study the area before the event. Ordinary people can achieve an accuracy better than 5 cm with somewhere they know very well, like their home or workplace. Major teleport pads are very large, and incoming travellers are cleared off of them immediately. Fortunately, teleporting into solid objects is essentially impossible due to the energy required. People "feel" the area before teleporting, and adjust their aim; schools (and parents) teach children to try teleporting into the ground, and aim gradually higher until they can do it. Aim too high however, and you'll teleport into mid-air. Serious teleport injuries are uncommon, but "teleport knee" is a frequent medical complaint, despite PSA campaigns like "Travelling? Relax!" and "Going on vacation? Bend your knees before you put your feet up!" Another complication is that a person's orientation doesn't change during teleportation, meaning that long-distance travel can leave you lying sideways. Experienced travellers can estimate the destination of others by looking at the angle they tilt their body to before travelling, and compasses and latitude/longitude/elevation markings are as common in public places as clocks.
Travel companies take pains to make their location as clear as possible, and expect (but can't enforce) travellers to book in advance. Since many people opt to go to a teleport hub before travelling long-distance, hubs have large waiting/meeting rooms, and scale models of people at different angles with their city on a sign above them. On the other hand, secure locations like bank vaults are often built at a different elevation and/or angle from the rest of the floor. Rumours that the floors are made of fragile glass with a substantial fall below remain unconfirmed.
Children learn early on that while teleporting can change your location, it can't change your velocity. A person who falls from a large height must teleport to the ground immediately, before their speed becomes too great. Some people set up a crash mat in their home, and practise teleporting onto it with precision, "just in case".
Health problems affect the ability to teleport. Mechanical implants, such as pacemakers or artificial legs, don't go with you; biological implants do, and research is ongoing into producing biological implants for all disabilities. Wheelchairs don't go with you, but can be hired from travel companies. These are not a problem for the ultra-rich who can take private transport; and indeed, being able to spend hours or days travelling is a sign of wealth.
Trade and commerce
This is not a post-scarcity world. For one, there are still limited resources, and they can't be teleported, so logistics problems still exist. And for another, post-scarcity implies that things that are not scarce now were in the past. To the extent that it could be called post-scarcity by us, these people have always lived like this; teleportation has been common throughout human history.
Important infrastructure facilities are guarded much more heavily than they are in our world. A power station will have hundreds of guards, armed with lethal and non-lethal weaponry. The kind of alarm that James Bond might set off is useless if intruders can just teleport away, so instant response is called for. Many such facilities have no front door, though of course they have loading doors for cargo.
Rail is the dominant means of overland transport, and cargo ships over the sea. Private land and sea vehicles are luxury or enthusiast goods, and road infrastructure is primarily pedestrian and cycle paths in major cities, with private taxis from local teleport hubs. People don't commute to work; if they wear clothes at work, they teleport into the changing rooms.
Money exists, and operates much as it does for us. But notes and coins are almost unheard of today. Valuable goods have to be transported physically, but few use precious metals and gems as cash. Money is controlled by centralised banks, and accessed via password.
Historically this came with various problems, and meant trade was almost as limited as it was in our world until recently. In the past, local trade typically used local city-state currency, but trading beyond walking range was as difficult with teleportation as it was in our world without it.
With the advent of global computer systems, people could memorise their usernames and passwords. Of course this meant people would have far fewer unique passwords than we do, and scams were common. Most people now use fingerprints or iris scanners, and recovery of a lost bank account is an arduous process.
Resources being in fixed locations, and transport being needed for them, means wars are still a thing. These are curious affairs for residents of our world. Military intelligence is everything. Location on the battlefield is still important, but far less so; a soldier can dodge a bullet as long as they see - or hear - it coming. If you don't take out the enemy with the first bullet, they'll be gone by the time you fire the second. Standard infantry with weapons can be outflanked without warning. A common sight on the battlefield, today and for thousands of years, is a squad of armed soldiers advancing on the enemy, suddenly being beaten and strangled by naked assassins. Point-to-point unarmed strikers are the equivalent of today's marines or yesteryear's ninjas or assassins, and can teleport with a precision of a couple of centimetres. Given the inability to take communications devices with them, strikers rely heavily on intelligence: distance and aerial reconnaissance outdoors, and spotters for enemy bases, who will teleport into a location, quickly memorise their surroundings, and return and relay the information to their comrades. If strikers are the elite, then spotters are the elite of the elite; the skills and training that go into a good spotter mean they rarely risk joining the active assault, and few striker teams have more than one spotter. Other strikers can take on the role if needed but will usually be less effective.
Since there are effectively no nation-states, nation-states don't go to war. Wars are usually carried out between different factions, such as Communities of Interest (see "Political structures" below). Standing armies as described above do exist, but are only a small part of war. Perhaps the most important part is political assassinations. A person designated at-risk by the Assemblies (see below), or a paranoid person with lots of money, will always have armed bodyguards ready to shoot to kill, even watching over them while they sleep.
Political structures
Countries don't exist, or at least not in the way we're used to. Borders can control property, but not people, and it makes little sense for a person to obey a specific set of laws just because they tend to sleep in a specific geographical region. Government is closer to a one-world affair. Rather than communities of geography, people are grouped into Communities of Interest. Each person declares themself to one Community (almost nobody chooses not to); they can change Community at any time, except during the year before the five-yearly election. Communities can be created by anybody, and organise themselves however they like, but they only have any real global power if they have membership of at least 100,000. The election is a simple count of the membership of each Community; for every 100,000 people in a Community, that Community gets one representative in the Junior Assembly (currently 110,000 representatives). Likewise, Junior Representatives form themselves into Coalitions, and for every 100 Junior Representatives in a Coalition, they send one representative to the Senior Assembly (currently numbering 800). Roughly 50 from the Senior Assembly form the Executive Committee to formulate policy, but a majority vote in the Senior Assembly is required to enact legislation. This system has existed in something resembling its present form for thousands of years, and its origins are lost to time.
An exact count of Communities of Interest is not possible due to their fluidity, but political journalists commonly quote half a million. These can include major blocks of tens of millions of people based on religion or broad political principles, special interest communities and single-issue groups with hundreds of thousands of members, minor subcultures with a few hundred people who consider their subculture more important personally than their broader political beliefs, all the way down to families, friendship groups, or even "communities" of one. Only about 12,000 Communities of Interest currently have representation in the Junior Assembly, and while this includes 85% of people, a so-called "direct rep" - a member of the Senior Assembly who is from your Community (rather than just your Community's Coalition) - is the privilege of just 12% of the global population.
There are always some "non-participatory" Communities - those who, due to political indifference, political hostility, or downright apathy, join a Community with the explicit goal of not participating. There are usually a fairly large number of such Communities, each with very small membership; but occasionally one of these can grow to the level of Junior Representation. This most recently happened in 1959, when anger over economic inequality gained the "Just Piss Off" Community 25,000 Junior and 25 Senior Representatives. They dwindled to two Seniors by the next election, and zero thereafter, but their influence is still hotly debated by journalists and political scientists.
There is no single individual at the top. The Senior Assembly forms committees with a specific purpose, and each committee elects a president from their number, but they have little specific power and their position is dissolved when the committee's work concludes. A committee president will generally be the public face of the committee, appearing in public to explain their work, but they have just their own vote during committee meetings. Committees may be a small number of Senior Representatives, but may also invite Junior Representatives and non-Representative experts and members of the public; such people have the same amount of formal power within the committee as the Senior Representatives.
Food and other essentials
Many industries are nationalised. This is not the correct word in a world without nations; the word they use is "Assembled", much to the chagrin of linguists. In particular, food and water are Assembled. These are the only goods which can be taken by a teleporter (provided they consume them first), and it is simply not possible to carry out food production for profit, nor to not carry out food production. Workers in the food and drink industries are paid by the Assembly, and very little food is distributed; people come and take what they want. Food distribution is reserved for restaurants, pubs, and special occasions, and here, payment is primarily for delivery.
The type of food produced is dictated by a standing Committee, based on voting by the Junior Assembly. This gives everybody with a Junior Representative the opportunity to lobby for an increase in production of their preferred food, and many food companies - and in particular, alcoholic drinks companies - have their own Community of Interest with substantial Junior Representation.
I mentioned linguists earlier. Language is a lot easier here. Humans, it is thought, have been able to teleport at least as long as they've had spoken language, and certainly longer than written language. As such there is effectively just one language, although people still tend to live in a particular region, and distinct dialects exist. Still, just about everybody on the planet can understand everybody else. Language evolves over time, and it is unlikely a time traveller from a thousand years ago would get on so easily. That said, they'd have a better time with written communication. Writing is pictographic; broadly, each concept has a glyph to represent it, and diacritics to add nuance. Liberal use of diacritics is commonly seen as a sign of a good education, and a complete lack of diacritics is perceived as crude and vulgar. Other written forms do exist from ancient times, and the written language of today is assumed to have developed as the human population rose, and relatively isolated cultures encountered each other more frequently.
Separate written languages have emerged in recent centuries to express mathematics and science. This was particularly important in early chemistry, as a single distinct glyph for each chemical name quickly become unwieldy. Modern mathematicians and scientists are essentially bilingual, and have developed their own form of non-scientific written communication using scientific symbols. These symbols number only about 200, many originating as chemical elements, and scientific writing is not only unintelligible to the untrained, but also significantly longer; a page of normal writing using glyphs and diacritics, translated into scientific notation, could easily run to twenty pages. Schoolchildren learn the basics of scientific notation, but only those who take advanced scientific study will become fluent.
A BRIEF NOTE: I am not a bigot. Or at least, I think I'm not; I try not to be. Many people believe in a god, and many people don't, and what I'm describing here is one version of my imagined historical revision based on a world with teleportation. I'm not an expert in any faith, even my own, and there are surely many errors in my historical understanding. The increased or decreased prevalence of a religion in this fictional world is in no way an indication that I think this SHOULD happen; I do not. If you don't like what you read, don't use it. I don't mean to cause any offense, and I apologise if I do.
Religions, as mentioned, exist. There is little difference from our own world in the desire for faith, although there are differences in how religions came about. Monotheism is less common, with many monotheists believing in a divine spirit of the universe rather than a specific individual God. Eastern Dharmic beliefs and Western esotericism have been more popular, and many modern people follow a fusion of the two, called The Path. A minority of Pathists take the name literally, and do not teleport; members of this offshoot are called Walkers.
Buddha existed, and his teachings are more or less unchanged from our world. Buddhists are relatively common.
Judaism does exist, but as the primordial monotheistic faith, rather than a distinct lineage of people. Major events in the real-world history of Judaism include the enslavement of the Israelites and their forty years wandering the desert; this did not happen, and so Jews did not become a tight-knit community, and there is no modern Israel. Today there are a few enclaves around the world, with a third of Jews living in such small groups, and the rest spread among the general population.
Islam is also founded in part on the holding of lands by Muslims and non-Muslims. These events did not happen, and if Mohammad existed, his teachings have been lost to time.
Jesus did exist, and Christianity is very similar. During Jesus' life there were autocratic religious leaders who strictly controlled what the people were allowed to say and do, under penalty of death; although food-poverty never really existed, these leaders lived in luxury at great cost to others. It was this that Jesus preached was sinful. Jesus is particularly noted for surrendering himself to the authorities, in a world where anybody can evade capture if they see it coming. Crucifixion was invented specifically for him. Christianity spread, but not as much, and there is no such thing as Catholic or Protestant; just different flavours of belief.
Atheists are less common. The simple fact that humans are unique in their ability to teleport leads most to believe in something that makes humans special, even after developing an understanding of evolution.
Technology followed a similar path to our world, with the notable exception of mobile phones. People have cabled computers in their homes and offices, but mobile devices are both less useful and less useable, since you can't teleport with a phone, but you can just teleport back home if you need to use a computer. The internet is just as widespread, and personal cloud computing is even more common; most people have an account with a hosting service, and most computers allow remote logins to access your desktop and files. Internet cafés are very common as meeting places where people can work together on whatever they want to do. Since portable devices never really took off, fixed computers tend to be larger and more powerful.
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