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How to convince my dad to manage his strong body odor

2023.03.26 20:40 GronkTheGreat How to convince my dad to manage his strong body odor

Here is what I already tried to do to convince him: I tell him to wear deodorant or do anything at all to at least not assault my nose whenever I'm near him, but he refused and claims that he will get cancer from deodorant. I told him it was made to be applied to sensitive areas on the skin, and if it really did cause cancer, we'd actually see cases of that happening + doctors & dermatologists would advise people not to use it. I also said that people who wear makeup which is probably worse than deodorant wear it all the time and at worst they might get allergic reactions but no one gets cancer from it. He says doctors dont actually care about people and the companies that make deodorant lie and say that its safe for the money.
Why this is important: I get that everyone has, like, rights to do what they want with their body but this is a case of hygeine, right? I feel like I don't want to be around him anymore because of his stench. I don't want to breathe in through my mouth when I'm around my dad just because he doesn't want to do a hygeine practice that everyone else does. Sometimes I feel like I just don't want to spend time with him because of the smell. It bothers me so much. I sometimes doubt that he even showers if I'm being honest.
So, yeah. My dad makes excuses to not wear deodorant and it makes me want to spend less time with him. How do I get him to do something to manage his bad smell?
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2023.03.26 20:40 ilikepamela Concerns about reoccuring fistula two years after fistulotomy

Hello, for some quick background, I don't have Crohn's or IBS, so the cause of my fistula was pretty much unknown. I don't believe I was/am at risk due to bad life habits, I eat relatively well, work out and don't smoke/drink.
I had a fistulotomy almost exactly two years ago. Recovery went well, but ever since the surgery, I did notice that most of the time, unless it's a "perfect poop" as I call them (no residue when wiping), I have to to back to the washroom to wipe after having a bowel movement and doing my business. I wipe properly until there is nothing left, but I usually have to go back for a couple more wipes 15-30 mins later. I'm not incontinent, and there is nothing on my underwear, it just seems to be a very small amount that leaks or makes its way there. On top of that, it sometimes gets irritated/feels uncomfortable and some blood shows on the toilet paper for the last 3-4 wipes.
Now, I know what a fistula feels like and what symptoms look like, the current blood amount is nowhere near what it was when I had the fistula (toilet paper red/soaked in blood vs. pink'ish residue now), and I don't have the abcess I previously had that I thought were hemmoroids or the reoccuring unbearable pain every couple of months when it would get infected and drain itself at some point.
That being said, I'm just looking for people with a similar experience who can tell me if this sounds like a sign of reoccurrence (I'm not looking for medical advice, I read the rules), or if it's "normal" and a possible consequence of a fistulotomy. I would consult, but the surgeon I had at the time told me that to make sure I indeed had a fistula, general anaesthesia was needed. So I'd prefer to get outside opinions before I get to that.
Thank you!
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2023.03.26 20:39 TheShockingSenate Got inspired by the other post to also write another verse for It's Alright Ma

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2023.03.26 20:39 surfdogg Romantic relationship and life path insight

I am in a long-term romantic relationship my gut feeling will not work out long term but has been difficult to leave. It has been a lot of fun but I think it will not be the one for me long term. Also highly dramatic, lots of near break-up/ make-ups though I've become kind of number version of myself having adapted to the craziness and excitement.
I also have become a little numb and confused in life, I remember when I did shrooms several years ago they made me realize how much I was hiding from the world and the changes I implemented in my life based on that gave me a much more fulfilling life. I feel generally confident but also stuck in my habits and life like I am not even close to living my potential.
I'm set to partake in a mushroom based ceremony in one week. It sounds like a good experienced group with good vibes.
I've been thinking it would be good to give me some insights and shake things up a bit. I'm also afraid of being dragged through limerence or painful memories. I guess the opposite could happen too. I guess there is no sense in worrying about such things as the trip you will get is the trip you will get. I overall feel that this is the right time to do them.
Wondering if anyone else has experience or words of wisdom when tripping in such a context.
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2023.03.26 20:38 Bossfightgod My encounter with Randal the Vandal

I roam the forgotten shore for 34 minutes until I find him.
I jump back, taking some hits as my health goes in the red but I charge in, firing my kinetic rifle, landing hits before he retreats.
I focus on his two shanks, one Chaos reach later and one fell, the other close to death, I shoot it to bits.
I jump and use my glide to look for where he is until I get shot, I look to the source to see him on a boat.
I pull out my rocket launcher as I land and as he charges at me, I fire, dealing 67,630 damage, but he wasn't even close to being done.
He staggers as a result of the blast, I use my arc missile and flux grenade to try and deal more damage, he doesn't even flinch as two normal shanks appear from the cave.
I shoot at Randal with my rifle as my flux grenade explodes, killing one shank as Randal is nearly at 2/3rds of his health.
I continue to go for headshots for maximum dps, I switch to my glace and fire but miss.
I then charge at the legend, I stab him in the chest dealing 10k damage, still haven't brought him to 2/3rds of his health.
I barrage him with constant melee spam, bringing down major junks of his health, but not enough.
He runs to the ship as I give chase, hungry to complete my first encounter with this legend.
I fire my glaive again, this time it hits, dealing 20k health, I jump over to him to fire my glaive again.
I pull out my rocket launcher only to find out I didn't reload, I jump back to reload it with Randal staring me down.
As I land I see a shank, I shoot it down with my rifle, resulting in a small explosion as I catch a glimpse of the Legend running, I pull out my rocket launcher, fully loaded this time.
I aim down sights and fire at the Legend's feet, resulting in an explosion erupting beneath him, dealing 67.6k damage.
I jump to where Randal was going and shoot a shank to bits as Randal aims down sights, preparing to shoot me, I jump over a rock but is hit as I see heavy and special ammo laying on the ground with an engram.
I pick them up and quickly spin around to face Randal who is charging at me with several shots from his wire rifle heading to me.
The shots hit as Randal runs past me as I attempt to shoot him, I miss all the shots, I never stopped shooting, I turn to face him as I continue to fire as I glimpse as his health: A little below half.
I reload my rifle as Randal fires at me, I jump back and switch to my glaive.
I fire but miss as I see a shank, I destroying instantly with my glaive as I follow Randal as I reload.
Randal fires at me but miss, I shoot my glaive and hits, dealing 20k damage, I get closer as I shoot my glaive again at point blank range, hitting him again, I continue to fire at him as flees, shooting at me while doing so.
I close the gap with my melee, hitting him with a combo, I switch to my rifle and fire at him at point blank, every shot hits while he's close, then he flees and I start to miss as Shanks arrive again to help this Raid Boss.
I switch my attention to the shanks and destroy them before turning my attention to Randal, I switch to my glaive and fire several shots at him before reloading.
I switch to my rocket launcher and fire near Randal, making an explosion behind him, making him stagger as he is now less than a 1/6 of his health, I reload my rocket launcher before using my rifle to tear a shank to shreds.
I shoot at Randal before turning my attention to a shank as I blast it to pieces.
i swiftly turn my sights on the Legend before switching to my glaive and firing at him, making him stagger before he starts to not be stagger, he flees and I give chase, closing the gap with my melee.
He runs as I strike him two more times as more shanks come out the cave, I blow them to bits with my glaive.
Soon we meet face to face, with one final blow...He falls limp and to the ground.
I walk to his corpse and salute him...May his legend be eternal.
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2023.03.26 20:38 TheMintyLeaf Need Opinions: Should I write to my ex's new gf to warn her?

Hey Moms. Not sure if this is allowed in this sub, but for those of you who got out of an abusive relationships but sadly still are linked to him because we share you ever feel scared for another woman who just entered a relationship with him? Would it be a good idea to warn her or just stay in my lane? I drafted up this letter that I intend to send to her through facebook. We do have each other's number and I only ever contact her when my ex doesn't answer his calls. Recently I threatened legal action against my ex in front of her and exposed his lies. And he did comply to avoid my lawyer filing the lawsuit. So idk if the situation is too tense right now, or is a perfect opportunity because she witnessed a lot of surprising facts she didnt know he did against a court order. Note: letter contains false names to cover up identity
Hey Stacy,
I'm messaging here because I am not sure how much Jake monitors your phone and I just want this to be a conversation between us girls. I hope you are doing okay. I'll keep this short and straight to the point: when things start to get dangerous, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. There are people out here who care about you even when sometimes it doesn't feel like it. I may not know you and only just as his girlfriend and [my son's name] future stepmom, but remember when we first met at starbucks and I said if you ever need help with anything, feel free to contact me? I mean it. ANYTHING at all. Even a safe place to stay if needed, my house is open to you.
I won't go into further details (unless you are curious, then we can meet up for lunch or dinner, my treat) but it is true that Jake and I divorced for a reason. And it is more than just him simply cheating on me. And I would hate to see that history repeats itself in someone new and innocent again. You seem like a nice person despite that we don't know each other well. Please PLEASE protect yourself. Take every wording from him as a grain of salt. Have hidden emergency savings accounts. Don't be like me, who lost nearly everything to him just for his own convenience....until he decides you are no longer convenient to him. Take care, and tread carefully. I'm just a message/phone call away if you need anything.
If you were the gf (who probably dated him for 2 or 3 years now) what do you think about the ex-wife's intentions? Would you tell your current bf about this or are you likely to keep it to yourself? I'm trying to draft it in a way that sounds helpful and not aggressive since i dont have anything against her. She just turned 21yrs old btw and is dating my 28yr old ex. They both live together at his parent's house. So how would you react in her scenario?
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2023.03.26 20:38 dingusduglas Double checking that I understand my options for going from untrained to EMT-P in Chicago (goal of becoming a firefighter)

I'm interested in becoming a firefighter in or near Chicago. I currently have no relevant training, and from what I've seen most local departments require an EMT-P license and that you be under 34 years old at date of hire. CFD does not, but they also apparently only take applications every 5-10 years, just did last year, and it's a total crapshoot. I'm nearing 31, and see that acquiring an EMT-P is over a year long process, so I need to get started ASAP.
As far as I understand, the basic flow is getting your EMT-B, getting 6+ months of relevant work experience, and then entering an EMT-P program.
For getting my EMT-B - I currently live in Lincoln Park in Chicago, it seems Malcolm X College's Summer session program is likely my best bet? A little over $1,000, would have me completing the program at the end of July. I have an associate's degree already, so I don't believe I'd get any help from FAFSA, but I'd love to be corrected on this or pointed in the direction of any other resources to loweeliminate that cost.
There are also some educational institute programs in the suburbs, which would be difficult for me as I don't have a car. I bike everywhere (did through the winter, not worried about weather) or take public transit if absolutely necessary.
On the other hand, I see that Superior offers an 18 week EMT-B course starting April 17th, in the same general area as Malcolm X College. That would have me completing the course in mid-August, so also comparable. The downside there is that the course is free so long as you work for them full-time for 12 months after completing the program. Given from what I've seen most EMT-P programs are looking for 6 months of work experience, and I want to get through that ASAP, that's a poor tradeoff, and I also can't find any information on what it costs to just pay for the course rather than fulfill the commitment. Lots of comments on other threads about the instruction being of poor quality compared to the educational institute courses as well.
This is where I feel like I know less. It seems like, assuming I do my own courses, once I complete the EMT-B certification, I have some options in terms of work. What considerations do I need to keep in mind here if I want to become a firefighter? I see a lot of talk about IFT, 911, and ER tech. It sounds like 911 response on an ambulance would be most relevant for me, right? And Medex and Buds are the options there? I also saw some discussion on ER tech jobs often leading to your employer paying for your EMT-P program though - what do I need to know about this possibility? While keeping in mind that the ultimate goal of all of this is to become a firefighter, not to be a career EMT or hospital employee. This is all a means to an end.
I suppose I should put in a few other bits of relevant information that might help anyone reading give me better answers more aligned with my situation. I currently have a job with a very flexible schedule that pays a few $/hr more than what I see for EMS. I can schedule it around classes. So I don't absolutely need to do something like the Superior program to keep my bills paid as I go through training. I am in excellent physical shape, I am disciplined, and I am a fast learner, so I'm not worried about being overwhelmed by anything, I just want the most efficient path to completing my EMT-P and becoming a firefighter in the Chicago area.
And I am very much open to learning about any other alternate paths worth considering - I've seen people go out of state for accelerated programs and then apply for reciprocity in their state, and some interesting things about doing volunteer firefighting to get through these programs or hired through alternate means in an accelerated manner. I just don't know much about these options, if they exist for me, or where to start on finding more information.
I am trying to do my own research here and not ask to be spoonfed, but I don't know what I don't know, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.03.26 20:37 sdchillin98 Pending still, good or bad?

I am not the statistician that a lot of people in this thread are. However, based on my own experience, this has been a weird cycle. Based on LSD, I’ve seen people who submitted later than me, with near identical stats, receive WL/R decisions from my pending schools. I’m still pending. I’d love some thoughts on why, and if this could be a good or bad sign for my prospects in the next week or two.
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2023.03.26 20:37 Romito55 Younger guy considering the field, looking to hear from more experienced professionals.

I am a mid-20s male in the midwest currently going through a career change and am interested in becoming a NERC RC or a similar role. I am having trouble finding information about this field, and am hoping some of you might be able to help me out–I’m in the ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’ stage right now.
My background: I have worked a little in IT, but primarily I have worked in media/marketing as a videographephotographer. I have enjoyed this, but it is a very oversaturated field and terribly difficult to make a living doing. I have decided to look for a more robust line of work to invest in. Medical and Law are out, as the education barriers are too high (I am speaking strictly of the on-paper requirements). I considered computer science or a similar IT role, but I am just not that taken with either of those.
Why do I want to become a NERC RC or something similar?
Now what concerns me about becoming a NERC RC?
I am looking for resources, study materials, advice, industry forums, and general things I should know about this job and this industry. I really appreciate any and all responses. I’ve been extremely optimistic over the last few days while I research this field and learn more about it, and now I need some second opinions.
Thank you all.
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2023.03.26 20:36 Doctor_of_Puns Overcoming Karma

The Theosophical view of Karma is that man can overcome his self-made obstacles. Mr. W. Q. Judge, whose writings are full of practical wisdom, contributed the reprinted article on “Environment” in his Path for February 1887, under the pen name of Hadjii Erinn. The “Aphorisms” were first published by him in The Path for March 1893. The two studied together will help an aspirant in the exercise of his power to overcome his Karma.
21st March 1932 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
TO the Western mind the doctrines of Karma and Reincarnation contain difficulties which while they seem imaginary to the Eastern student, are nevertheless for the Western man as real as any of the other numerous obstructions in the path of salvation. All difficulties are more or less imaginary, for the whole world and all its entanglements are said to be an illusion resulting from the notion of a separate I. But while we exist here in matter, and so long as there is a manifested universe, these illusions are real to that man who has not risen above them to the knowledge that they are but the masks behind which the reality is hidden.
For nearly twenty centuries the Western nations have been building up the notion of a separate I—of meum and tuum—and it is hard for them to accept any system which goes against those notions.
As they progress in what is called material civilization with all its dazzling allurements and aids to luxury, their delusion is further increased because they appraise the value of their doctrine by the results which seem to flow from it, until at last they push so far what they call the reign of law, that it becomes a reign of terror. All duty to their fellows is excluded from it in practice, although the beautiful doctrines of Jesus are preached to the people daily by preachers who are paid to preach but not to enforce, and who cannot insist upon the practice which should logically follow the theory because the consequences would be a loss of position and livelihood.
So when out of such a nation rises a mind that asks for help to find again the path that was lost, he is unconsciously much affected by the education not only of himself but also of his nation through all these centuries. He has inherited tendencies that are hard to be overcome. He battles with phantasms, real for him but mere dreams for the student who has been brought up under other influences.
When, therefore, he is told to rise above the body, to conquer it, to subdue his passions, his vanity, anger and ambition, he asks, “what if borne down by this environment, which I was involuntarily born into, I shall fail.” Then when told that he must fight or die in the struggle, he may reply that the doctrine of Karma is cold and cruel because it holds him responsible for the consequences which appear to be the result of that unsought environment. It then becomes with him a question whether to fight and die, or to swim on with the current careless as to its conclusion but happy if perhaps it shall carry him into smooth water whose shores are elysian.
Or perhaps he is a student of occultism whose ambition has been fired by the prospect of adeptship, of attaining powers over nature, or what not.
Beginning the struggle he presently finds himself beset with difficulties which, not long after, he is convinced are solely the result of his environment. In his heart he says that Karma has unkindly put him where he must constantly work for a living for himself and a family: or he has a life-long partner whose attitude is such that he is sure were he away from her he could progress: until at last he calls upon heaven to interpose and change the surroundings so opposed to his perfecting himself.
This man has indeed erred worse than the first. He has wrongly supposed that his environment was a thing to be hated and spurned away. Without distinctly so saying to himself, he has nursed within the recesses of his being the idea that he like Buddha could in this one life triumph over all the implacable forces and powers that bar the way to Nirvana. We should remember that the Buddha does not come every day but is the efflorescence of ages, who when the time is ripe surely appears in one place and in one body, not to work for his own advancement but for the salvation of the world.
What then of environment and what of its power over us?
Is environment Karma or is it Reincarnation? THE LAW is Karma, reincarnation is only an incident. It is one of the means which The Law uses to bring us at last to the true light. The wheel of rebirths is turned over and over again by us in obedience to this law, so that we may at last come to place our entire reliance upon Karma. Nor is our environment Karma itself, for Karma is the subtle power which works in that environment.
There is nothing but the SELF—using the word as Max Müller does to designate the Supreme Soul—and its environment. The Aryans for the latter use the word Kosams or sheaths. So that there is only this Self and the various sheaths by which it is clothed, beginning with the most intangible and coming down to the body, while outside of that and common to all is what is commonly known as environment, whereas the word should be held to include all that is not The Self.
How unphilosophical therefore it is to quarrel with our surroundings, and to desire to escape them? We only escape one kind to immediately fall into another. And even did we come into the society of the wisest devotees we would still carry the environment of the Self in our own bodies, which will always be our enemy so long as we do not know what it is in all its smallest details. Coming down then to the particular person, it is plain that that part of the environment which consists in the circumstances of life and personal surroundings is only an incident, and that the real environment to be understood and cared about is that in which Karma itself inheres in us.
Thus we see that it is a mistake to say—as we often hear it said—“If he only had a fair chance; if his surroundings were more favourable he would do better,” since he really could not be in any other circumstances at that time, for if he were it would not be he but some one else. It must be necessary for him to pass through those identical trials and disadvantages to perfect the Self; and it is only because we see but an infinitesimal part of the long series that any apparent confusion or difficulty arises. So our strife will be, not to escape from anything, but to realize that these Kosams, or sheaths, are an integral portion of ourselves, which we must fully understand before we can change the abhorred surroundings. This is done by acknowledging the unity of spirit, by knowing that everything, good and bad alike, is the Supreme. We then come into harmony with the Supreme Soul, with the whole universe, and no environment is detrimental.
The very first step is to rise from considering the mere outside delusive environment, knowing it to be the result of past lives, the fruition of Karma done, and say with Uddalaka in speaking to his son:
“All this Universe has the Deity for its life. That Deity is the Truth. He is the Universal Soul. He Thou art, О Svetaketu !”\*
\* Chandogya Upanishad, vi.
Aphorisms on Karma
The following, among others not yet used, were given to me by teachers, among them being H. P. Blavatsky. Some were written, others communicated in other ways. To me they were declared to be from manuscripts not now accessible to the general public. Each one was submitted for my judgment and reason; and just as they, aside from any authority, approved themselves to my reason after serious consideration of them, so I hope they will gain the approval of those my fellow workers to whom I now publish them.
(1) There is no Karma unless there is a being to make it or feel its effects.
(2) Karma is the adjustment of effects flowing from causes, during which the being upon whom and through whom that adjustment is effected experiences pain or pleasure.
(3) Karma is an undeviating and unerring tendency in the Universe to restore equilibrium, and it operates incessantly.
(4) The apparent stoppage of this restoration to equilibrium is due to the necessary adjustment of disturbance at some other spot, place, or focus which is visible only to the Yogi, to the Sage, or the perfect Seer: there is therefore no stoppage, but only a hiding from view.
(5) Karma operates on all things and beings from the minutest conceivable atom up to Brahma. Proceeding in the three worlds of men, gods, and the elemental beings, no spot in the manifested universe is exempt from its sway.
(6) Karma is not subject to time, and therefore he who knows what is the ultimate division of time in this Universe knows Karma.
(7) For all other men Karma is in its essential nature unknown and unknowable.
(8) But its action may be known by calculation from cause to effect; and this calculation is possible because the effect is wrapped up in and is not succedent to the cause.
(10) The Karma of this earth is the combination of the acts and thoughts of all beings of every grade which were concerned in the preceding Manvantara or evolutionary stream from which ours flows.
(11) And as those beings include Lords of Power and Holy Men, as well as weak and wicked ones, the period of the earth’s duration is greater than that of any entity or race upon it.
(12) Because the Karma of this earth and its races began in a past too far back for human minds to reach, an inquiry into its beginning is useless and profitless.
(13) Karmic causes already set in motion must be allowed to sweep on until exhausted, but this permits no man to refuse to help his fellows and every sentient being.
(14) The effects may be counteracted or mitigated by the thoughts and acts of oneself or of another, and then the resulting effects represent the combination and interaction of the whole number of causes involved in producing the effects.
(15) In the life of worlds, races, nations, and individuals, Karma cannot act unless there is an appropriate instrument provided for its action.
(16) And until such appropriate instrument is found, that Karma related to it remains unexpended.
(17) While a man is experiencing Karma in the instrument provided, his other unexpended Karma is not exhausted through other beings or means, but is held reserved for future operation; and lapse of time during which no operation of that Karma is felt causes no deterioration in its force or change in its nature.
(18) The appropriateness of an instrument for the operation of Karma consists in the exact connection and relation of the Karma with the body, mind, intellectual and psychical nature acquired for use by the Ego in any life.
(19) Every instrument used by any Ego in any life is appropriate to the Karma operating through it.
(20) Changes may occur in the instrument during one life so as to make it appropriate for a new class of Karma, and this may take place in two ways: (a) through intensity of thought and the power of a vow, and (b) through natural alterations due to complete exhaustion of old causes.
(21) As body and mind and soul have each a power of independent action, any one of these may exhaust, independently of the others, some Karmic causes more remote from or nearer to the time of their inception than those operating through other channels.
(22) Karma is both merciful and just. Mercy and Justice are only opposite poles of a single whole; and Mercy without Justice is not possible in the operations of Karma. That which man calls Mercy and Justice is defective, errant, and impure.
(23) Karma may be of three sorts : (a) Presently operative in this life through the appropriate instruments; (b) that which is being made or stored up to be exhausted in the future; (c) Karma held over from past life or lives and not operating yet because inhibited by inappropriateness of the instrument in use by the Ego, or by the force of Karma now operating.
(24) Three fields of operation are used in each being by Karma: (a) the body and the circumstances; (b) the mind and intellect; (c) the psychic and astral planes.
(25) Held-over Karma or present Karma may each, or both at once, operate in all of the three fields of Karmic operation at once, or in either of those fields a different class of Karma from that using the others may operate at the same time.
(26) Birth into any sort of body and to obtain the fruits of any sort of Karma is due to the preponderance of the line of Karmic tendency.
(27) The sway of Karmic tendency will influence the incarnation of an Ego, or any family of Egos, for three lives at least, when measures of repression, elimination, or counteraction are not adopted.
(28) Measures taken by an Ego to repress tendency, eliminate defects, and to counteract by setting up different causes, will alter the sway of Karmic tendency and shorten its influence in accordance with the strength or weakness of the efforts expended in carrying out the measures adopted.
(29) No man but a sage or true seer can judge another’s Karma. Hence while each receives his deserts appearances may deceive, and birth into poverty or heavy trial may not be punishment for bad Karma, for Egos continually incarnate into poor surroundings where they experience difficulties and trials which are for the discipline of the Ego and result in strength, fortitude, and sympathy.
(30) Race-Karma influences each unit in the race through the law of Distribution. National Karma operates on the members of the nation by the same law more concentrated. Family Karma governs only with a nation where families have been kept pure and distinct; for in any nation where there is a mixture of family—as obtains in each Kaliyuga period—family Karma is in general distributed over a nation. But even at such periods some families remain coherent for long periods, and then the members feel the sway of family Karma. The word “family” may include several smaller families.
(31) Karma operates to produce cataclysms of nature by concatenation through the mental and astral planes of being. A cataclysm may be traced to an immediate physical cause such as internal fire and atmospheric disturbance, but these have been brought on by the disturbance created through the dynamic power of human thought.
(32) Egos who have no Karmic connection with a portion of the globe where a cataclysm is coming on are kept without the latter’s operation in two ways: (a) by repulsion acting on their inner nature, and (b) by being called and warned by those who watch the progress of the world.
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2023.03.26 20:35 Calm-Theory3492 23 M, 23 M, Question about sex/cuddling someone you used to love ?

Maybe the title doesn't perfectly fit what i want to ask but I needed to put something there haha let me try to briefly explain
At the end of last summer I traveled to another city, met a guy there from another country, and spent a few weeks hanging out with him for part of almost every day (the other part we'd be working remotely). I went back to my city for a couple weeks then he came here for 10 days, he went back to the city I met him in, then he went back to his country. We're both 23 y/o, he's bi and I was the first guy he'd been with, he was in a relationship w a girl for maybe 4 years that ended a few months before he met me.
During that time in person he told me he loved me (also said stuff like how he got closer to me in a few weeks than he felt with his girlfriend in years and asked me to be his bf for the ten days he was in my city). I think he originally said he just wanted something casual/fwb because of him not visiting that city for super long and wanting to explore a bit in general. I also said right away that I didn't want to commit to a relationship because I didn't have high hopes for a long distance thing.
Now, I just spent a month on a vacation with him in his country so we were together 24/7. Near the end of my time there it came up in conversation that for a while he hadn't felt the same for me as he did in my country (aka not in love anymore, little to no romantic feelings). However.. we were doing sexual things frequently and cuddling daily and stuff. While his feelings for me seemed to have dissipated over time I feel like I'm really in love with him now, my feelings only grew stronger.. so in general I'm really sad but that's not the point of this post lol
My belief is that sex and physical touch grow connections, romantic emotions, and love, especially when you're dating someone or are already in love with someone. His perspective is that while he doesn't have sex with just anyone, sex is just sex.. maybe that's not a great description of his POV but the gist is sort of that he didn't feel much for me romantically when we did sexual things or cuddled recently
While this makes me feel bad, my thought about it was just that we are different types of people and even though I don't think I'd be able to have sex with someone I used to love and not continue to feel love for them, maybe that's just who he is. Even though I don't think I could love someone, then stop loving them, yet jump straight into being friends with them, while still being physically intimate..maybe he could. HOWEVER, my friend was telling me she feels certain that what he told me has happened, can't happen. Basically that if he truly loved me when he said he did in September, it wouldn't be possible for him to not have feelings for me while we have sex constantly in February...
If you've read all of this, my simple question is if you agree with my friend or if you think I can take the guy that I like for his word about what he's felt and experienced from last summer til now. Extra helpful if you can give opinions based on personal experiences of similar situations (something along the lines of felt you truly did love someone, but shortly after just wanted to be friends, yet still had sex a lot, and yet didn't feel much for them during sex. Or think this totally wouldn't be possible for you.)
Sorry long post...
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2023.03.26 20:35 Anonymous2093747264 26F in UT looking for friends near me

Hey. I’m an introvert and trying to change that. If you’re patient and also want to make a new friend, send me a message. I enjoy calls too. Not sure what else to include, I just want to have some new experiences. 26F, 5’6, thin, brown hair, brown eyes
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2023.03.26 20:35 Ok_Guy_Buddy Portugal PU is not colonizing despite having exploration + expansion and me giving them 10 ducats in subsidies?

This is frustrating, a massive money sinkhole, and I don’t know what’s wrong. It's the late 1480's and I recently PU'd them using the mission tree. By this point they had full-colonized Cape verde and were finishing Arguin just fine. I had taken some of their provinces on my first war, but that wasn’t stopping them. Then I PU'd them and it's like a switch flipped.
I subsidized them 4 ducats/month to pay for two colonists and make sure they get started. This went on for a year and a half. Then I noticed they weren't popping up any colonies.
I’ve researched and it seems since Leviathan some users have had trouble with this, since subject AI is more restrictive and only considers sending colonists if they’ll have a +2 balance after them? As one user suggested, I gave them 10 in subsidies to force them to start a colony, just to be sure. I've waited a few months for their colonists to arrive. Nothing. Their finances are fine: they have a huge balance of 14 ducats after expenses. They're expanding their armies and promoting their advisors, but they still don't think colonizing is worth my money. I have paid their debts in case that’s it. Nothing. Their settlement growth is not blocked on the subject screen. I’m lost.
Could it maybe be that they haven’t explored any provinces in the Americas or Africa, after I destroyed their fleet one time? It’s the only thing that comes to mind. This seems very far-fetched, since it was decades ago and they colonized Cape verde and Arguin. But how could I share my maps with them if that’s the case?
Or is this (more likely) just subject AI stupidity? What is the sure-thing I need to do in order to get them to pop up colonies like before?
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2023.03.26 20:35 skinteaf my ex died and i didn’t find out until almost 2 years later. i am devastated.

we had an awful relationship - and it ended poorly - but that just makes his sudden loss that much more difficult. we went strictly no-contact after we broke up, so i had no clue about where he was/what he was doing in life. i only found out after logging into my old steam account. i saw that he was still my friend on there. went to his account. saw that he hadn’t been online in over 650 days. i thought, “that’s weird, he’s always playing games?” then i looked at the comments on his account. all of his friends were saying “rip” “i miss you” “your dog is still doing well” … since 2021. they weren’t kidding.
i looked up his name, and the word “dead,” in a panic. to my horror, the worst case scenario was confirmed. The first result: “Columbia (MO) man drowns in Lake of the Ozarks.” he died in a drowning accident in 2021, at the age of 22. he walked away from a house party, intoxicated, and never came back. he couldn’t swim sober, so he certainly couldn’t swim while wasted. he also couldn’t handle his alcohol. i remember. i remember the conversation where he told me he couldn’t swim. i thought it was weird. i thought it was weird that someone his age, who was originally from southern california, couldn’t swim. we laughed about it. he was 20/19 and i was 19/18 while we were together. young love.
i would’ve been 21 when he passed. he’s supposed to be older than me. instead, now i’m 23 and he’ll be 22 forever. i’ll be visiting his grave soon, halfway across the country. i hate how sad i am about this. my partner (of 3 years) has been very patient with me, but i hate crying about this around him. i hate putting him through this. how did he even fall in the water? it took a whole day for his body to be found. he was quite far from the house he was at. did he feel any pain? or, was he at least drunk enough to not feel anything? why didn’t one of his friends stop him? he was so young. i’m still young. i’m feeling so many emotions.
** TLDR: my ex died in an alcohol-related drowning accident when he was 22. i didn’t find out under nearly 2 years later under very specific circumstances. i’m only 23 and have never experienced a loss quite like this. i don’t know what to do. ***
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2023.03.26 20:34 pheebee_13 I'm (25 F) having troubles with my best friend (25 F) and I would like some advice.

Me (25F) and my best friend 'C' (25F) have been best friends for nearly 4 years now. We've had some bumps in the road with our friendship and we fell out for 3 months once but other than that we've generally been really good at trying to communicate. We're both mentally ill with Anxiety and Depression and I have ASD (Autism spectrum disorder).
At the end of last year we fell out because C was seeing a guy and had a FWB relationship with and this was the first time she had sex with somebody. I didn't think it was a healthy situation because C wanted a relationship and this guy stated at the very start that he did not, and she constantly went into great depths about the sex she had with him, which made me uncomfortable. I tried to be there for C and give her advice but I often got angry and frustrated because she'd often complained about her problems with this guy and her mental health but when I was giving her advise she wasn't taking steps to get help. She wanted help but wouldn't take the steps to do it. It got to a point where I said to her that I needed some time apart from because we were spending 12+ hours a day together and that her not wanting to get help for her mental health was incredibly frustrating to watch. She then started to get better after getting help from her friend 'F', essentially following that same advice that I would give her, which hurt me a lot but she was getting better at least so I was happy for her.
F would spend hours and hours a day with C (from 3pm to 12am) and she wouldn't spend any time with me. (I was friends with F but now I don't like her, we had a big falling out over something unrelated). I had said I needed time apart but I still needed my best friend and I told C that me saying we needed space apart didn't mean no time together and I said that I felt alone and left out as she would go and do things with F and a mutual friend and post it on social media. My mental health became really bad and I was mildly suicidal. C was not there for me and I felt like I couldn't go to her because I would be pushed aside. I would listen to her laughing and having fun with F, a person she knew I didn't like and I would cry feeling left out, missing my best friend. It felt like she never even thought about me. When I started talking to C again and things were sort of resolved she said she didn't talk to me or invite me to stuff to 'give me space' despite the fact that I told her I often felt left out. Sometimes I didn't need space, I needed a friend. I haven't been the best friend to her in the past but I needed her and she let me down and often twisted that 'we need time apart' to make it seem like I didn't want to spend any time with her and what she was doing by not talking to me was 'for my own good' in a way.
Cut to now. F and C haven't been in a good place, F said that C had been a shitty friend to them when I thought she really hadn't been, and seemed jealous of this new guy C was seeing (Not the FWB guy but a new one). Me and C were much better and when I needed space I would state so and I would give myself time to be alone. C knows that when I go radio silent that something is really wrong with me mentally. Recently I dropped out of University and have been having trouble financially and it's been a very tough start to this year. On Monday, the guy she was seeing broke up with her. I'm really bad at dealing with other peoples sadness because my empathy isn't always great due to my autism. It happened in my room and she was really upset and I hugged her and told her that if she needed me that I was always on the other side of the wall and I asked her if she wanted to go to the shop and she said no (understandable). I then realised that she said to me after being broken up with 'What am I going to do after university now?' and I asked her what she meant and she said 'The main reason I was moving down here after University was to be closer to him.' Now I thought that she was going to be living with me and was moving to this city in order to live with me after university, so her saying this was a pretty large slap in the face. She unknowingly prioritised this guy she had been dating for not even 3 months over the person who has been her best friend for 4 years.
She then told me that she was going to see F. The same friend that called her a shitty friend, and who I've been telling to put distance apart from because they have been making C upset and anxious. It felt like another big old slap to the face because she chose this person over me who has been there for her. Since then, this is what C has said this to me VIA text message:
'I'm gonna nip to 'F's. I know what you're going to say. But I need out my room but don't want to leave our student accommodation'
'If you go to tescos before I get back, could you grab me a meal deal'
'just letting you know 'ex' is coming round tonight so we can talk and he has some of my stuff. IDK when but will be around five'
'Also did you manage to grab a meal deal?'
'you awake? I was maybe gonna order food cause i'm not in the mood to cook' (I was not awake)
'you awake?'
I hadn't responded to those messages because I was in such a bad way mentally. I haven't heard from her until today, she knew that I was going to be moving back home and she messaged me saying 'thought you were moving out today?'. This week has been absolute hell for me a mixture of feeling so alone and so depressed about where my life is at and suicidal. It's incredibly difficult to know what to do when you're not the best in social situations and you and your best friend both have depression and anxiety. I never want to downplay C's sadness at being broken up with, I've been there and its heart wrenching. But I just get the feeling that she has to be the saddest or the most depressed and always puts others above me and I don't really know what to say to her. I just feel like I don't have a single person in the world on my side. So what do I say to her? what do you make of this shitshow of a friendship because I honestly an too mentally unwell to know what I should do. This might not even make a lot of sense so if you need clarification on anything please ask. And please be kind too. Am I reading into this situation wrong? Do I have any right to be upset?
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2023.03.26 20:34 Micayne68 Just completed my first Daily ops in garrahan against unstable communists

Today was pretty much end game stuff. Tried the Pitt and Daily ops. The Pitt.....meh. Daily Ops.....fantastic. For the longest time(days flew by I think) just me, the Russian military,(dead and alive) and a Quad Tesla fighting it out. Stuck up on a top level multi storey car park and the end was near. Around the corner I ran to come face to face with the legendary enemy,all PA and guns a blazing. I'm done for I tell ya. When around the corner come the cavalry just in time, he's a gonna and the spoils are ours. Thanks guys for coming to the rescue, you made this older guys day.
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2023.03.26 20:33 Kanecharlisonski GoodGood's top quality filming and editing makes it hard for me to watch other golf YouTubers - even Shielsy

So we all know GoodGood's editing is top notch. But over the past year they've really gone above and beyond everyone else. I'm a little older than most of you so I'm more peers with the Bob Does Sports guys but their, and other YouTuber's filming and editing just isn't near GoodGood and it makes it difficult for me to watch them even though they're great personalities.
OG Shiels has great filming but the editing is a bit staid. This is going to be a bit harsh because I love Rick's channel, but I'll be honest - His editor also is a bit cheesy with the explosion graphics and has a pretty cringy sense of humor with the memes he tries to overlay. GoodGood's editors just have a good sense of humor and better thumb on comedic editing.
Anyways, the point of this post is that while most of you are aware of their great editing, I think some of GoodGood's viewers may be unaware that the superb filming and editing is part of the draw, and I hope that GoodGood is aware that their filming and editing quality is a big part of what helps their channel grow - not just the personalities on screen. On different channels, when I like the personalities on screen but the filming and editing sucks, it makes me not want to watch it.
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2023.03.26 20:33 babaykka [WTS] Benchmade Infidel, Safariland G19 Holsters, Tango Down VFG, Inforce WML, Sig P229 Mag

I'm cleaning up a bit and need to get rid of this stuff I've found just hanging around. Comment here and then PM. Payment is PayPal FF only, no notes. Should be able to ship out Monday or Tuesday morning depending on when you buy. Feel free to shoot an offer, but dibs is king. Hit me up if the prices are off.
All items -
Benchmade Infidel -
Safariland Glock 19 Holsters -
(x2) - Level 3 Retention Duty Holster (hood and thumb stick). Black, fits Glock 19 (and I guess 45s) with Streamlight TLR-1 or similar profile WMLs. On UBL holster shank. One is new with tags and I'm pretty sure the other one is damn near new. They've been mostly tossed from box to box the past few years.
$65 each
Level 2 Retention Admin Style Holster. Only has the ALS thumb stick. Also for Glock 19s with Streamlight TLR-1 or similar profile WMLs. On the paddle attachment. Used, but great shape.
Tango Down Vertical Foregrip. It's a picatinny long boi with pressure pad cut out.
Inforce WMLx White, Gen 1. Saw some use, but still works perfectly. White light only, both momentary and constant on.
Sig Sauer P229-1 Mag. It's a 15 rounder, 9mm mag.
Benchmade Infidel (full size). Pretty slick OTF knife. I got it in a trade on here. Previous owner carried it a bit. I did once or twice, but am just not cool enough. I always find myself needing a sturdier, good old fashioned folder for work. Used, but factory edge is still super sharp and it fires smoothly (see video).
$300? OBO
Let me know if you have any questions or reasonable offers. Thanks!
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2023.03.26 20:31 Sheikhonderun Don't Despair & Have Hope

Excerpt from Ibrahim Dewla’s speeches.
No one should despair from Allah. No one should complain. People who make effort for this faith should have good opinion of Allah.
My Allah is doing good for me. My Allah has provided me in an excellent manner. And Allah will continue to do good for me. Allah will continue to create ease in my circumstances. Allah will continue to facilitate me. Allah will accept me.
This is necessary! Its one of the etiquettes.
Jabir (rad) said: Three days before he died, I heard Prophet (saw) say: None of you should die except while he is having good thoughts about Allah. (Muslim)
My Allah will deal with me with good circumstances. My Allah will assist me. My Allah will make me successful. How your opinion is will dictate how Allah deals with you.
It’s in hadith. The Prophet (saw) said, “Allah says: ‘I am just as My slave thinks I am, (i.e. I am able to do for him what he thinks I can do for him). (Bukhari)
Allah’s grandeur is great. Allah’s rights cannot be fulfilled by anyone. (Due to which) Allah made way out for us. So based on your opinion decisions will be made. How easy it has become?
To have good opinion is this really difficult? To have hope in Allah is this difficult? Because Allah’s grandeur is great and his power is immense.
Allah’s rights can never be fulfilled by anyone. Allah’s favors on his creation are many. Allah’s blessings are many.
This has been explained to you that do the work of this faith with having good opinion of Allah. Reason for this is that in this world circumstances come to man, undesirable circumstances, pain comes, illness come, restrictions come. So man feels anxious and constricted due to difficulties and devil makes this man hopeless.
(This occurs) because man is unmindful of Allah’s greatness. What is Allah’s greatness? This is what man is distracted from. Its blessings of propagation of this faith through which Prophets explain greatness of Allah.
The Provider to whom you are going, the Provider to whom you are inviting others to, Provider to whom you worship, what is His greatness!
Reflect on His greatness so circumstances are alleviated. Prophets in their message explain greatness of Allah comprehensively.
And with people they (Prophets) make them hopeful. Don’t be afraid. Do (good) work. Your sustainer is such & such.
“then ask forgiveness of Him and turn to Him in repentance. Certainly, my Lord is Near (to all by His Knowledge), Responsive.” (11:61)
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2023.03.26 20:29 VizziFromANCH I’m so tired, so here’s a rant

This has 3 parts and I will number them, doesn’t matter which order you read, but this is basically just a rant because no one in my life wants to listen. I will love suggestions on how to help myself. I will not be using name Like Ma instead I will use PG (Parental Guardian).
  1. Parental Neglect and Abuse-I’ve been suffering through a lot of stress lately such as, my parents breaking up, having to pack up and entire room within a day to move out and then a day later hearing them getting back together. It’s bull shit! It’s not the fact their dating again it’s the fact my parental guardian decided to pours this on us, not tell us what the fucks going on, doesn’t help us with SHIT and then decides to fix a relationship with a woman who’s emotionally and mentally fucked me up and use me as her scapegoat since the day we moved in with her ass. I know people will tell me to think about how my PG (Parental Guardian) feels but I just can’t anymore, they’ve been together for 7 years and through that time my PG as spent less and less time with us and has also verbally and mentally abused me, granted not as much as the spawn of satan he decided to date. My father no longer gives me respect and I feel like he love me less than anyone else in this house. It’s just so stressful having to deal with his shit sometimes. I imagine curb stomping my PG Girlfriend, or killing myself when dealing with the stressful shit they give me. Like them threatening to kick me out the house if I don’t “respect them” (before to tio, I am the most respectable person to everyone I come across, they were mad I was cutting myself and a friends parent same me without sleeves on.)
  2. Disrespect-No one respects me. They think of me as the maid, I don’t clean great because of my near sight but I clean better than most everyone in this house, and I’m stuck with the chores. I’m not mad I have chores though, I get paid 150 every two weeks. But the disrespect they show me throughout my day-to-day life just makes me want to jump into spikes at the bottom of a waterfall. They never thank me no what they do is they complain at the fact it took me so long to finish dishes( after a fucking potluck). Or when they walk through my pile but trash in a empty trash can, put dishes in the sink after I JUST FINISHED, or when they laugh cause the trash bag tore on me and I’m covered in moldy wet ass food and wet tissue paper, oh and the mop rags, COVERED IN PISS. That’s a job I don’t even get paid for I have to clean up after the dogs I don’t even own. Like pick up or wipe up shit, piss, vomit, BLOOD. I know I should just do it and not complain but it’s the fact that everyone walks by the mess but if I walk by it I need to clean it up even if it’s not mine. I’m not in charge of cleaning the entire house, 3 things I do are sweep, trash. and dishes. And I will do other things it’s just they treat me more as a maid then a brother in this house and it sucks.
  3. Siblings and Substance Abuse- OOOO BOY. I have Started smoking weed to deal with the stress but it’s become a problem I smoke everyday 2-3 times a day for the past 5 months. this started when my brother let me smoke from the bong and now he’s clean, since he’s been clean he’s gotten a girlfriend and done better in school whiles it’s been the opposite for me, now he’s telling me to quit and I’m so fucking angry. he’s been pushing me off to hang with his new girl for a while and I’ll admit I’m jealous, I miss having my brother, but when I tell him this he say I’m just trying to make him feel guilty. So our relationship has been on the rock and I hate that. I really love my brother, and he’s really been the one man I’ve trusted since I was sexually assaulted as a kid (friend of the family), but now he’s pushing me away and I can’t help but feel sad. I really trust no one , don’t have many friends. And it’s been difficult, making new friends, since I have severe depression and anxiety. I again can’t help but feel angry at him for leaving me alone while I’m going through something like this, I know he’s not very emotional but I’ve just been aggravated at him ever since hes told me to quit smoking now. My withdraw symptoms are way worse than his (more easily aggravated ), mine are ( more aggravated, mood swing, unable to feel happy) I don’t want to quit and I know I should, William wants me to still dream and not have brain fog my whole family smokes too, and when he gets on to me about it..It just reminds me on how PG’s Girlfriend would always get in to me for the littlest things. I know if I had a reasonable conversation with my brother we could be happy again but he never wants to talk about it cause he’s happy, and if I talk about it , it would ruin his mood. Or how about no one ever apologizes to me , there have been many moments in my life where in someone should have apologize to me in this house but nope, being slapped? no. Taking angry out on me? no. Tell your child that their a disappointment and will never get therapy because they don’t matter as much as the rest? nope.
TL:DR I’m done with everyone’s shit and everyone’s done with me.
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2023.03.26 20:28 dateofservice Mosquitos on deck—how to best pitch bats or other solution to HOA?

I live in a condo association that is made up of a majority of residents in a high-rise building but still has a large number of townhouses—so basically for me it's like an HOA but I mention the technical name in case there is any important difference to make. Our block's backyards has a bit of grass and then goes into the woods; we all have decks but with the woods we suffer from pretty bad mosquitos whenever the weather is nice. I'm wondering if having bats could be a good solution, and if there are any ideal ways to propose this to the condo association. I am content with our HOA and the community manager has taken to past proposals of mine positively, so it's not a dysfunctional HOA situation, but regardless I worry people will just think about bats attacking their hair or spreading diseases or whatever other first impressions people have of bats. I'd like to propose buying and putting up some bat houses in the HOA-owned woods near our backyards/decks, and I was wondering if anyone had practical advice for how to best make my pitch so that it's front-loaded the first time around to avoid back-and-forth. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 20:27 Own_Singer_5201 Should I 35 M start seeing other women, soon to be ex wife 35 F

So I (35m) am currently going through a divorce with my daughters mother (35f). Anyways, we agreed to get a divorce over a year ago. She is still living with me, largely because her financial situation is poor it's good for our daughter, and she hasn't been that much of a pain, until recently.
So nearly 2 weeks ago we had a large argument because I asked her about some money for a bill she agreed to pay. The next day she asked if I was seeing other women. And from there it's been a cold war here of no communication (yes I know we should communicate, there's a reason we're getting a divorce)
Anyways, for a while I had one or two accounts on dating apps, just for browsing; I wasn't planning on doing anything. I reckon she must be going though my emails to have figured out I had accounts. That's the only way I can think she might of got the idea in her head I'm seeing other people.
Since it's been a cold war here and it's been over a year I recently started chatting to women on these apps. So this evening I got a booty call offer from one of these women. I stupidly turned it down as even though I was free to go there, I wouldn't have had a good excuse for going out and my wife would have well suspected what I was doing. I kind of hoped to keep any side relationship under wraps for a while as I probably wouldn't be too happy if I knew she was seeing other dudes.
Am I being an asshole? Should I just go see these women and have the argument if it comes?
TLDR: been planning on getting a divorce for over a year and I'm ready to start seeing people.
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