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Sound Effects Libraries A subreddit for discussing SFX libraries, sound effect vendors, and sound effects for film, television, and games. Indie libraries are welcomed here! Make your youtube, TV program, commercial, or application sound great with ambience / atmospheres, special effects, and sound design elements. Know about some free sound effects? Tell us! We'll also cover how to make and market your own SFX.

2023.06.05 15:08 saturnbabie Vyvanse 40mg - should I go back down to 30mg?

I (25f) was diagnosed with ADHD combined type in February and started Vyvanse 30mg. I noticed an amazing improvement to my ADHD symptoms, as well as my mood and frustration tolerance. I stayed on this dose for a month or so with minimal side effects (some appetite suppression, dehydration unless I drink lots of water, nothing major). The main thing I remember noting is I just felt so clear, calm and able to function.
I did notice there were a couple things re my focus etc that hadn’t quite cleared up, and we wanted to see if we could find that sweet spot, so in late March we upped my dose to 40mg.
Initially this was working great, my executive function was good, without physical side effects or impacts on my mood etc.
However in the past 3-4 weeks, I’ve noticed an uptick in my anxiety levels. I do have a history of some anxiety, but I’ve had therapy and hadn’t experienced feeling this low level anxiety in ages. Circumstantially, I am having a particularly stressful time in my work-life etc - so this will play a role, but I don’t feel that fully explains this. Is it possible/common for increased dosage side effects to show up a couple months after switching?
The past few weeks, I find myself with an anxious, nervous feeling in my abdomen, beginning about 3-4 hours after I take my Vyvanse. It kind of feels like I can’t relax. It does normally start to taper off throughout the day. I notice this especially at weekends, when I’m just hanging out with friends/family and there’s nothing to “focus on” / no to do list to get through - I just feel a bit wired? The fact I’m feeling this the most at times I have the least to stress about feels indicative.
A couple weeks ago my 40mg prescription was late, so I took a couple days of an old 30mg supply from March, and I think I did feel better. Then, after feeling anxious on the 40mg on Saturday, I took my last old 30mg on Sunday and again, I don’t think the anxious feeling really cropped up.
Does it sound like I need to try and go back down to 30mg to see how I feel? Note that I’m also quite short/small (5 foot 4 and 57kg) - so it’s possible 40mg may just be too much for my body to metabolise?
I’m also unsure whether to ask to reduce dosage to 30mg for my whole next months script - or whether theres an option to take 40mg on days I have to be at my best focus wise/mentally, and 30mg at weekends/any slower days? Note: I definitely don’t want to slip my dosage altogether at weekends.
Any advice or experiences hugely appreciated!
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2023.06.05 15:08 kakanseiei How dangerous are the throws?

Hello, I’m really interested in starting Sanda. I really like how the striking system looks like and how it doesn’t look (at least to me) as savage looking as Muay Thai and I liked that it had grappling but it wasn’t a purely grappling system like Judo that focuses completely on slamming your opponent. I know this sounds stupid but I was looking for a martial art that is very effective but causes the least amount of damage to an opponent as practically as possible. That’s why I originally looked at Judo thinking that since there is no striking then it’s fine. Boy was I wrong, from what I’ve heard around, if it isn’t in the confines of a padded training area then most Judo moves can be absolutely devastating if done on pavement. Now I’ve looked some of the grappling on Sanda, and stuff like the top video on the subreddit look absolutely brutal? Sorry for the stupid post but anyone care to chime in? I don’t really mind the striking damage that much but stuff like breaking other peoples bones sounds horrible to me
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2023.06.05 15:00 AppliableCation Official "Yogeshwaraya Mahadevaya" Isha song hidden in YT search

Yesterday I was looking for the official YouTube video of the "Sounds of Isha" song "Yogeshwaraya Mahadevaya" but all I could find was unofficial reuploads in 480p and 720p that looks horrible compared to the official HD one, and some random guy making a cover on it. I was searching for a good 15-20 min with no luck, but right now when making this post I managed to instantly find it using Google search, and I also noticed that if I switch from Brave Browser to Firefox I can easily find it on YouTube with the first search query but not if I only type the song name. I have tried completely clearing the browser etc. to no luck, very frustrating and odd, at first I thought maybe it had been unlisted but apparently not. Isha should really contact their YouTube guy (every big channel has a YT guy kinda) about this because it severely hinders certain people from finding the video, I literally couldn't find it yesterday and I have been using computers my whole life imagine if some old lady or average boomer tried finding their favorite chant they would definitely not succeed lmao.
Very sad and weird to see YouTube behaving like this, Isha is also a charity organization that helps the world tremendously and diverting viewers to unofficial channels will negatively impact their economy, it's literally like stealing from a charity. I would also like to add that even if I type "Sounds of Isha" instead of "Isha" I still couldn't find it yesterday but I am SOMEHOW able to find it today if I type the full name, seriously wtf has happened to Google/YouTube's search algorithm!?? I mean it's even common knowledge now since around 1 year ago or so that Google doesn't give you the answers you want as effectively anymore, there was even a viral video about this problem, get your sh1t together Google.
Is it just me or does anyone else have same problem? wtff
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2023.06.05 14:59 adeelarsahad Experience the mesmerizing show of La Perle By Dragone

Experience the mesmerizing show of La Perle By Dragone
It is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a region of the Middle East known for its extravagant lifestyle, the latest technology, and commitment to providing visitors with amazing entertainment. It is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a hot spot for amazing shows that leave viewers stunned. In this article we'll review the top 10 most memorable shows in the UAE including a special review of La Perle of Dragone.
La Perle by Dragone
The location is in the heart of Dubai in Al Habtoor City, La Perle by Dragone is the first permanent exhibit in the city and was arranged for Dubai by Al Habtoor Group. Amazingly creative performances, breathtaking images, and cutting-edge technology are a part of one stunning exhibition.
La Perle By Dragone 's amazing action and thrilling special effects are influenced by Dubai's rich past, vibrant present, and a bright future. La Perle from Dragone is performed in a custom-built, aqua theater that has 270-degree seating to provide an immersive experience. The stage is filled with water, and it completely fills up within seconds, immersing audience in breathtaking aerial and aquatic adventures.
The audience is stunned by the stunning performances, including terrifying falls from a height that exceed 25 metres. They are awestruck by the spectacle. United Arab Emirates (UAE) has proven once more its commitment to re-inventing and innovating live entertainment with the premiere the show La Perle performed by Dragone.
Dubai Fountain
The gorgeous Dubai Fountain is just below the world's tallest structure which is The Burj Khalifa. The fountains are lit, accompanied by music and coordinated water sprays make for an unforgettable experience. People of all ages will be awed by the fountain's performance and choreographed to music. The Dubai Fountain represents what is the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) determination to create big-scale tourist attractions.
Dubai Opera
Dubai Opera Dubai Opera is a state-of-the-art theater complex that hosts drama, ballet, opera as well as performances. This stunning architectural masterpiece, modelled on a traditional dhow is located at Downtown Dubai. The world-class acoustics as well as cutting-edge technology of the Dubai Opera draw world-famous performers and performances, offering visitors an unforgettable experience in the world of culture. It is a must-see. Dubai Opera has performances from traditional to modern, meaning there's something for everyone's palate.
IMG Worlds of Adventure
Dubai is a city in the middle of Dubai is the home of IMG Worlds of Adventure, the biggest themed indoor park anywhere in the world. Anyone of any age can take advantage of the thrilling entertainment options available in this park. Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure, and IMG Boulevard are just a few of the themed zones that are located in the park. IMG Worlds of Adventure promises an entire day of fun and adventure, with its adrenaline-pumping rides, energetic performances and thrilling attractions inspired by beloved characters.
Dubai Miracle Garden
The Dubai Miracle Garden is a spectacular floral display that includes exotic plants and floral displays. Over 150 million flowers are carefully arranged in intricate patterns and arrangements across the vast garden of Dubailand. The UAE's passion for enhancing the beauty of nature and wonder is evident in Dubai Miracle Garden, which has awe-inspiring flower sculptures as well as floral arches and pathways of flowers.
Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi
It is located at Yas Island, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is a top notch water park. The waterpark offers more than 40 thrilling rides as well as slides and attractions that make it ideal for adventurers and families. Yas Waterworld has various attractions such as slides that are able to defy gravity and a lazy river and an underwater pool. Based on local legends The park's attractions also take visitors into Emirati culture through a re-examination of the rich history of the country and customs.
Al Ain Oasis
The oasis is located in the middle located in Al Ain, the oasis is a tranquil and lush sanctuary. Nearly 147,000 palms of date carefully laid out within a traditional falaj irrigation system, comprise the UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can learn about the history of agriculture in the region. In addition they enjoy the time to stroll through the paths lined with trees, cycle through the oasis or take part in guided tours.
Travelers who visit in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can enjoy the peace at Al Ain Oasis, far from the bustle and hustle of the city. They can reconnect with nature while watching firsthand the commitment of the country to safeguarding its culture as well as natural treasures.
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
Explore the fascinating falconry world, an integral aspect of Emirati culture at The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. It is the largest Falcon Hospital within the United Arab Emirates. Visitors can take part in guided tours to discover more about the significance that falcons play in Emirati tradition, watch falcon examinations, and experience one of these amazing birds. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital exemplifies the United Arab Emirates (UAE) commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage and celebration.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
The largest mosque around the globe among the largest mosques in the world, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is an architectural wonder. It is a stunning illustration of Islamic style and architecture featuring a white marble exterior with intricate carvings, as well as a lavish interiors with chandeliers as well as Persian carpets.
Visitors are able to be able to take part in guided tours which guide them around the vast mosque grounds, through the impressive prayers hall as well as into Islamic tradition and culture. The cultural and spiritual services at Shaikh Zayed's Grand Mosque are a symbol of what is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) determination to promote diversity and respect for each other.
Experience the ultimate experience with the best tour guide service in the UAE
There's no better guide to tour other than Captain Dunes to guide you through what's best about the United Arab Emirates and all its treasures. Discover the pleasures of this exotic land as never before, by having the Captain Dunes in your guide.
Whatever your desert travel objectives are--adventure in the desert, a glimpse into the region's rich heritage in culture or simply a relaxing admiration of the breathtaking sights, Captain Dunes will create the perfect plan for your trip. Your time with Captain Dunes will be filled with exploration, adventure and unmatched hospitality as you tour the Burj Khalifa and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, in addition to the stunning dunes of sand in the Arabian desert.
Captain Dunes will make sure that your trip to the United Arab Emirates is one that you'll remember forever due to their experience and enthusiasm to show the stunning landscape of the country.
There is a lot to see in the United Arab Emirates is a modern nation that is proud in offering its visitors and citizens with extraordinary opportunities and entertainment. Its United Arab Emirates' top 10 shows have an experience for everyone, from the breathtaking performance from La Perle by Dragoneto the grandness of Dubai Fountain, Dubai Opera and much more.
It is the United Arab Emirates' thriving entertainment industry promises a thrilling journey through the realms of creativity, art and imagination, regardless of whether you're seeking exciting experiences, cultural immersion or moments of peace.
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2023.06.05 14:56 B1ACKT3A How to get better in PVP?

Before I begin, let me give you some information about my experience in Guild Wars 2. I've played around 550 games and won about 280 of them. I have a ranking between gold 1 and 2, occasionally dropping to silver after a losing streak.
Many guides on YouTube cover the basics of gameplay, such as learning to rotate, surviving, understanding map mechanics, using a build, and knowing your skills. While these tips are important, they may not fully address the problem.
In a 5 vs. 5 setting without communication, these basic tips might not be as effective, especially if you're not playing a carrying role like a side-noder or roamer. Learning to rotate can be challenging when facing overwhelming crowd control and damage from the enemy team, especially if your team lacks support. As a roamer, your success often depends on the outcome of team fights, as being outnumbered by 3-4 enemies while decapping can be difficult to handle.
Surviving and fighting effectively in the mid area without support or healing can be tough due to the chaotic nature of battles with area-of-effect damage, crowd control, and clones. It's a delicate balance between engaging and focusing on survival. Not doing enough damage while focusing on survival can lead to losing team fights and nodes.
Understanding map mechanics is crucial, but it becomes less helpful if your team members don't follow up on strategies or play as a cohesive unit.
Using a well-optimized build is essential, but it can be challenging to fully grasp all the intricacies of different abilities. While you may understand the general aspects of your build, such as boons, damage output, burst combos, and cleanses, it can be challenging to determine when, on whom, and how to use them effectively, as well as managing cooldowns.
Most fights in Guild Wars 2 involve a large number of players, making it difficult to manage everything. Often, your best option is to focus on bursting down a singled-out enemy. Duelling on side nodes can be enjoyable, but it becomes challenging when additional enemies rush in and you've already used your escape abilities. Escaping from a thief, warrior, and ranger simultaneously is difficult due to stuns, cripples, and roots.
The tips people mentioned don't address how to win fights, understand the skills and movements of multiple players, know which skills can be dodged, or learn how to bait opponents. Games like League of Legends are easier to understand because each champion has a well roundet clearly defined kit, allowing for a gradual learning process. Guild Wars 2 feels overwhelming due to its complexity.
This is not a rant post, even if it sounds this way. I just dont know where to get good resources. Even when i watch replays of players i often dont know what is happening. It all happens too fast and i am not able to focus on what is important. How do you guys do it? How do you guys get to Platin? I have a slight feeling that its allot of RNG since the amount of players is very little and to be matched up against Platin players as gold/silver is quite common.
Do you think they will ever rework the matchup and reward system? I would be really glad about good video, class and guide suggestions. Not the basic stuff please! I think I´ve watched all of it already.
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2023.06.05 14:54 ImmortalJormund Final Ember of the Afterglow

Captain Khan of the UNISG second task force leaned on a windowsill and sighed. In the building ahead, the large greyish white apartment block, their enemy laid low somewhere. The famed stalker Strelok, who had been assigned as Khan's bounty target by his employers. When UNISG, the original one led by Major Hernandez, was liquidated, to Khan's dismay they had uncovered very little actual information he needed. But Strelok? He had been an advisor for official Ukrainian state researchers, and if the stories were true, he knew more about it than anyone else. Capturing him would be a jackpot, and Khan desperately needed one. His unit was a mere shadow of its former self, the blasted Redeemed had killed so many of his men, even his second-in-command Clarke had died in those reed-covered swamps by the crimson-armoured bastards.
Not that Khan really cared. Only Clarke and Bauer had been long-time co-workers of his, pushing along the Belt and Road initiative in Central Asia and dealing with potential hiccups in a very subtle ways, or running heavy-handed security on the mines owned by their benefactors in Asia. But neither was someone he considered a friend, in this line of work such was rare, and Khan was here merely to make money. The rewards were astronomical, but trapped here in an empty city, their allies having abandoned them and no clear way out even if Strelok was caught, Khan was beginning to wonder if those rewards were worth all this.
His clients wanted to gather as much information of the Zone and possibly blackmail Ukrainian authorities into co-operation, but every passing day a successful mission seemed less likely. Still, Khan was not one to give in so easily, he would see the mission through out of sheer boneheaded determination. Growing up in the vast and harsh Mongol steppe had not made him a quitter, and he had earned the nickname Khan among his peers for a reason. Khan sighed as Sergeant Němec entered the room to inform him of the squad being ready. Nine men left alongside Khan. They would have to be enough, for he did not know if their mysterious allies would ever return. Taking his rifle, Khan followed his Czech sergeant downstairs to begin the mission of a lifetime.
Not far from the UNISG hideout, Redemption squad that had caused them so much harm was on the move. And while Khan was not aware of his survival, the greatest menace to UNISG so far marched on with them. Never in his, admittedly short life, had Dimka been anticipating a fight this much. All the feelings of being tricked, betrayed and used built up to a crescendo of wrath boiling inside him, and Dimka could feel himself bursting from seams. Finally, after all this hide and seek bullshit, Dimka would face Khan in battle and hopefully kill him, avenging his fallen comrades and perhaps allowing him to find some information that made him, Sevka and Maus free men once more. Yet now was not the time to get all giddy with excitement over it, getting to that point would require winning the battle rapidly drawing closer.
"Dimka, you alright? You look a bit, eh, anxious.", Sanyok asked, walking beside Dimka.
"Sorry, it's just... We are so close to getting some closure. It's been so long that I've held my breath, being sure I would never leave the Zone alive."
"Ah, makes sense. Reminds me of the battle against Sin at the Generators, so much at stake...", Sanyok reminisced.
"And I missed it because of some Sin fucker decided to smash my arm to pieces! Suka blyat!", Dimuha groaned.
"You did get to mastermind a jailbreak of a century afterwards. And shoot bandits, which is super fun.", Dima noted.
"Aye, giving Livid the good news was satisfying, but had I been there at War Lab, perhaps... Perhaps Micha would still be alive.", Dimuha sighed, and Dimka could feel a shift in the group's mood.
"No, you would not. None of us knew what would happen there, and we all knew Micha's fate could have been our own. Had you been in his stead, we would still be inside that spatial anomaly.", Boris explained, and Dimuha seemed to ponder on it for a second before hesitantly nodding.
"Past is not something to dwell on too much. Hindsight is a wonderful tool but also a trap of thoughts and hypotheticals.", Meeker chimed in, having marched in silence beforehand.
"Robot man is right. There's things I'd wish I had done differently, but ultimately there's little we can change. Sometimes the best we can do is take heed from those events.", Rogue remarked.
"Indeed. And make those responsible pay.", Boris muttered quietly.
They continued on in silence, the conversation having turned sour for many of the veterans of the northern campaign. Dimka took the chance a look around him more carefully now, given that this could be one his last days in the Zone. They were travelling down an overgrown road, building blocks reaching for the clouds around them. A couple vehicles had been abandoned by the roadwalks, including a bright yellow DU-47 paving machine. Weirdly enough, moss had began to grow on parts of it, even those seemingly completely metallic. The Zone's flora was a wonder in itself, and especially out here in the Pripyat it seemed to take bizarre forms. Dimka felt some sadness about leaving, this truly was the frontier he had always wanted to find. But he had duties elsewhere... Or at least, he thought he had. Perhaps they would turn him into a desk jockey after this epic of a failure, Dimka pondered.
The scenery changed to a small park. There was interesting, cacophonic statue standing on a yard of a tall and dilapidated building. It was made with the finest Soviet visual styles, meaning it was as blocky as a gopnik's Lada and almost as filled to the brim with depression and broken vodka bottles. Boris signaled for everyone to spread out, and Dimka joined Sevka and Meeker on the left flank. They moved quickly through the bushy area, passing by a couple blind dog corpses. The gunshot wounds on them indicated that either Strelok's entourage had finished them off or the uninvited guests had made their way here before Redemption. Thankfully the former turned out to be the case, as a man in Sunrise/exosuit hybrid waved his hand at them. Seeing Rogue and Stitch among the squad, the man breathed a sigh of relief.
"Thank the Zone, we thought you were goners. Quickly, come inside, Strelok is on the second floor.", the man said.
"We're not that easy to kill. Ran into a few hiccups on the way, that's all.", Rogue replied.
"Like locking yourself into a metal closet.", Dima mocked.
"Alright Kamaz, let the others in but keep this one out. He is a threat to our sanity above all else.", Rogue ordered, and the stalker acting as welcoming committee scoffed.
After some back and forth insults and jokes, the entire group, Dima included, made it inside. Boris ordered Dimuha, Dimka and Dima with him to Strelok's hideout. On the way, Dimka noted that the legendary stalker seemed to only have two men with him, the Kamaz fellow at the door and Yakut, a man in a SEVA suit, guarding another entry into the building. Strelok was not a fan of security, or just confident in his abilities, then, Dimka wondered. On the second floor, Boris led them into a room where Strelok was sitting on an antique, ruined sofa. Dimka was quite surprised at seeing the legend himself, the man was nothing extraordinary by the looks. In fact, had Dimka ran into him in the Big Land, he would've probably taken the man for some lowlife, given his scrawny appearance.
"Boris! I am glad to see you again. I heard Rogue and Stitch got here alright, yet the international agent problem persists?", Strelok asked.
"Indeed. And on top of that, there is a Secret Service force looking for us and them here in the city. Led by Degtyarev of all people.", Boris answered, and Strelok's expressionless face contorted.
"I see. I'm fairly certain he isn't here only because of the interlopers. He's here to bring me back to the Institute.", Strelok sighed.
"Care to elaborate? What beef do you have?", Dima questioned.
"I deserted my post there. Too much oversight yet too little reaction to when I notified the higher ups of alarming development. The complacency of Ukrainian Ministry of the Zone of Alienation is incredible, I warned them years ago that the source of emissions could be utilized as a weapon and they repeatedly denied funding to an expedition to find it. So I took matters to my own hands. I am sure Alexander would have approved personally, but he also has to fulfill his duties. Now, it seems that those duties have brought him to capture me.", Strelok explained.
"If so, you can trust on us to keep your back. I respect the Colonel, but you and I are stalkers while he is a jarhead.", Boris said in a solemn tone, but Dimka did wonder that part of this declaration had to also be related to the two UNISG fugitives within the ranks of Redemption.
"I thank you, Boris, you are as steadfast ally as ever. I hope it does not come to violence, but if we must face him in battle, then so be it. But now, let us prepare for those... UNISG, was it?", Strelok said, and they quickly formed a plan based on Dimka's insight of Khan's character, Strelok's knowledge of the surrounding terrain and Dimuha's battle instinct.
Twenty minutes later orders were barked and battle stations mounted, but just as they were rushing towards the battlefield, an announcement on PDA network made all of the group's devices beep. Pulling out his PDA, Dimka looked at the message and a picture next to it. The SSU cross clearly visible on it, the message ordered Redemption and Strelok's group to stand down as the building was surrounded. Dimka shot a glance outside, seeing men in dark blue Berill and Skat suits mount up weapon's nests and sniping spots.
"Chyort, they got here faster than expected!", Boris shouted in anger and frustration.
"There's a launcher on them, get down!", came a shout from Yakut downstairs.
"This is your last chance. Surrender now and you will face no charges of treason.", Colonel Degtyarev's voice rang in the cold morning air.
"Do we resist? What do we do now?", Sanyok asked.
"Hold the line. Strelok, get the hell out of here, he wants you captured, but we may be able to bargain with him. Rogue, Stitch, Kamaz and Yakut, cover his ass.", Boris ordered.
"But the place is surrounded!", Kamaz protested.
"Not the tunnels below. I used them once before, and I checked this place before. There is an access hatch here. Stalkers, on me, we'll flee for now. Boris, I cannot thank you enough.", Strelok said, gratitude strong in his voice, and Boris only nodded.
"What now?", Dimka queried, looking anxiously at the outside.
"Now, we go out there and convince him that it's not worth his while to be fighting us.", Boris said, grinning, and Dimka gulped.
"That's in-...", he started, but the exoskeleton frame of Boris had already disappeared through the door.
Dimka watched Boris walk over the courtyard. The SSU agents pointed their guns at him, but lowered them once the familiar helmetless Skat-wearing man stepped between them. Degtyarev looked at Boris disapprovingly, as the hiss of his exoskeleton servos and powerpack faded between the husks of buildings. Boris raised his hand as nonchalantly as possible, stopping on his tracks a couple metres from the line of various special operative weapons.
"Good morning, Colonel.", Boris greeted.
"I presume you've come to surrender.", the secret service agent said, raising his eyebrow.
"Not really. You see, we were sitting here, on a picnic, and then you decided to pop in and ruin the fun. How very rude.", Boris replied in a mockinly paternalistic tone.
"Cut the crap, Boris. You disobeyed my orders, breaking the agreement we made in Zaton. And now you're actively helping a fugitive. I know you and Strelok have history, but me taking him back to the Institute is for the best of us all.", Degtyarev said, infuriated.
"I broke the agreement? Colonel, we agreed to be allies. Then you spat on that by telling me that my men were no longer welcome, after we had fought and bled for your cause. We have been nothing but loyal this entire time, yet we are discarded us the second we had done our task.", Boris retaliated.
"It was becoming harder and harder to keep it under wraps, especially when I had to bail your man out from Zhurov's custody. He lost a lot of good men in Cordon, I was in boiling hot water afterwards. But you are right, I should have been less blunt about it. And I apologize. But I also know you are stalling. As a sign of goodwill, hand over Strelok and your men can return to Meadow unharmed.", Degtyarev proclaimed.
"No deal. Strelok himself told us that he was merely shackled by the Institute, not allowed to combat threats to the Zone and Ukraine due to big shots withdrawing funding. Yet ever since coming to the Zone, he has led an effective raid against the resurgent Monolith, blocked Sin's grand plan and is now allowing us to finally cut down UNISG by voluntarily acting as bait.", Boris countered, adding the last point as a little white lie.
"That may be true, but I have my orders, orders which I have had to bend far too much already. I'm sorry, but it has to be this way.", Degtyarev sighed.
"Then it must. Cut me down then, for I will not abandon my allies. Unlike you.", Boris spat, and he could see even Degtyarev's facade of calm splinter slightly as he flinched at the insult.
Boris held his breath, knowing that death was staring at him from the rifle barrels of Degtyarev's men. The colonel hesitated, torn between duty to the government and personal feelings towards the inhabitants of the Zone. It was as if he was reconsidering the entire fabric of his being, and what he had actually been sent to the Zone to do. Boris would never learn what his decision had been, as the rightmost SSU agent was struck by a bullet cracking his helmet open. Two grenades landed on the feet of the group, and Boris lunged onward by instinct, kicking one of them further away. The blast from the other one tossed him to the side, his Absolver armour sheltering him and the special forces operators from worst of the blast. They were disoriented and stunned by the explosion, however, and gunfire rained on them. Two more SSU agents died, when Boris began pushing them towards the building, out of the fire.
"It's UNISG, they found us!", Boris shouted over the fire as the six survivors of the ambush darted across the yard towards the building.
Sniper fire struck the ground around them, and finally the foes showed themselves. Two UNISG troopers from Khan's squad, clad in looted Monolith Nosorog armour, jerked upwards from a nearby basement and began advancing. Their movements betrayed inexperience with exoskeletons, moving too quick and risking injuries to themselves or others around them, but the venerable armours would still protect them greatly. Dimuha led a charge out of the building block to buy some time for the retreating SSU, Sanyok and Sevka blasting at the UNISG stormtroopers while Dimka, Dima and Meeker kept the heads of the snipers down. The Nosorog battleplates took a beating, but given that their armour was thicker than a renegade with brain damage, they continued on unhampered. One flicked the launcher sight on his rifle and took aim, Dimka realizing a second too late what he was attempting to do.
"Grenade, spread out!", he screamed, but just that second he saw one of the SSU agent's Skat armour take a direct hit.
Dustcloud settled over the entire yard, and gunfire continued. Through it, Boris emerged to the half-circle formed by Dimuha's trio, dragging Degtyarev behind him. Another SSU agent limped out of the blast zone as well, holding a butchered but alive operator alift. Rest of the UNISG force had appeared, and they now pushed over the yard. Dimuha's armour took a hit, yet he soldiered on despite a broken rib and kept shooting at the advancing Nosorog pair. One of his shots lodged itself between the ceramic plates, keeping enough momentum to break through and strike the man's heart. Sergeant Němec breathed his last sigh and fell down.
"Fall back inside, we can't fight them in the open at this state!", Boris ordered as Degtyarev started to come back to his senses.
"We were fools, letting ourselves get ambushed like this.", the colonel muttered.
"Well you are special forces, alright.", Dimuha growled and shot his last burst as the machine gun ran dry.
They stumbled inside, where Meeker took the wounded SSU trooper further in for emergency treatment. Seeing the ex-Monolithian after such a long time, Degtyarev gave him a slight nod and Meeker smiled faintly. The others took positions on the windows, trying to remain in cover while the building was peppered by bullets. Dimka tried to spot Khan among the attackers, but the swarm of angry lead mosquitoes made it difficult. The lone Nosorog trooper lumbered on, struggling to control the suit. Boris told Dimka to focus on him with the Vykhlop, given that it had the best chance of punching through, while the others kept pressure on the other infiltrators zigzagging between cover towards the defences.
Dimka did as ordered, waiting for the agent to make a mistake. He was clever about using cover, only exposing himself for a brief second, but his inexperience with the large machine wrapped around him showed. When darting between a broken car and the corner of commieblock, his exoskeleton shot upwards with too much force. Shocked momentarily by the strength of the machine, this second of confusion gave Dimka enough time to center the scope. Aiming between the breastplate and Spartan helmet, Dimka squeezed the trigger and felt the kick of his rifle. Blood spurted from the wound, and the man slouched down like a powerless automaton. Yelling triumphantly, Dimka cycled the bolt of his rifle and took another target. With the armoured spearhead of UNISG broken, their attack slowed down, giving the initiative to Redemption.
"Target left, Dima and Sanyok, hose it down. Dimuha, Sevka and Degtyarev, on me, let's counter-attack!", Boris shouted.
"Since when are you ordering SSU officers around, stalker?", the lone surviving SSU trooper asked angrily.
"Since when my men did not run into an ambush and require the assistance of the men they were supposed to arrest.", Boris retorted and Degtyarev groaned.
"We wouldn't be in this situation if you had surrendered.", Degtyarev commented.
"Or if you had allowed us to ambush the UNISG.", Dima replied.
"Shut the hell up, all of you, and let's drive the fuckers back.", Dimuha ordered in turn, and this time everyone shot back into attention, realizing the folly of bickering in the middle of a battle.
Boris' Absolver ran through the dust and smoke, followed by Degtyarev, Sevka and Dimuha coming out of the building guns blazing. Dimka managed to squeeze a shot between car windows into the shoulder of a UNISG rifleman, killing him on the spot. The shoe was in the other foot now, with three heavily armoured stalkers bearing down on the internationals' force, Sevka giving fire support behind the spearhead. Three UN troopers keeled over after a sustained barrage of sniper and shotgun fire, all the while Boris and Dimuha suppressed the others with their machine guns. Degtyarev was not idle either, having used the suppression to flank around using the dense bushes. He was now at the same monument Dimka had admired earlier, and his Abakan racked up a tally of two more spies when he sprung the trap. These two had been hiding behind a rusting hulk of a ZAZ car, when two bursts from the odd rifle struck them down. That was when a pack of blind dogs and pseudodogs burst from the foliage, attacking Boris' group. They had to redirect their fire towards the mutants, with Dima and Sanyok opening up on the last hideout of the remnants of UNISG.
Now, the last two UNISG troopers were visibly panicking. Having expected to smash the defenders in a calculated ambush, they had missed the Redemption squad in the building and paid for it. They took off in a desperate last ditch attempt to escape. Dimka was watching them through his scope, angling for a shot yet failing to get a proper view of them through all the junk and flora dotting the field ahead. He was sure Khan wasn't dead yet, and seeing the battle draw to a close, the hotheaded part of him let loose. Anger gripping him, he left the Vykhlop on the windowsill, grabbed his handguns and stormed out with vengeance on his mind. Dima yelled after him but Dimka was already far ahead, racing across the asphalt to be the one to strike the final blow. Memories of the betrayal, his dead comrades, the framing of his allies as traitors and the attack on the checkpoint in Jupiter flooded to his mind and quickened his pace. Gripping the guns, he made it past Boris, Dimuha and Degtyarev who were still fighting the mutants.
"What the hell are you doing?", Boris shouted to him.
"Getting my payback.", Dimka replied quickly and continued.
He heard Boris shout something more, but more gunshots masked the order. Dimka continued, unwilling to let his most hated adversary escape. The two survivors were running ahead, towards the grocery store, when Dimka opened fire. He was using both guns simultaneously, so the fire was as accurate as that of a drunk bandit, but using the time old classic tactic of "throw enough shit at the wall and some of it will stick", he managed to cut down one of the UNISG troopers. Bullet hole in his back, the man fell down face first like a ragdoll. The last survivor made it inside, jumping over the makeshift barricade and forcing the wooden doors open.
Dimka was hot on the man's heels, and soon stepped inside as well. Turning on his night-vision in the dark corridor, he found the store to be a mess of doors and small rooms. A proper labyrinth. He continued down the corridor, guns trained on any possible ambush location. But the further he went, the more nerve-wracking the experience became. He saw no sign of his enemy, yet every shadow, every dark corner, seemed to hide him. Then, crossing one corridor, three shots rang out and Dimka felt sharp pain surge into his brain like a sledgehammer striking it from the inside. Dimka dropped to his knees, blood flowing down his leg. Khan stepped through the door, where three bullet holes had now appeared on the old wood.
"Torodov? You traitorous bastard, you're helping the enemy?", Khan said in an astonished tone.
"You would know traitors, you lapdog. The blood of my comrades is in your hands.", Dimka growled.
"So? You're soldiers, we're soldiers, our task is to kill one another by any means necessary. You got bested, and now the last of your company of idiots will die.", Khan replied calmly.
"Wrong.", someone else said, and a shotgun blast struck Khan in the centre of his torso, tossing him against the wall.
Sevka stepped out into the corridor and saw Khan attempt to reach for a sidearm despite his grievous wounds. Dimka, wounded and bleeding yet still sound of mind, fired him in the limb. Khan screamed in pain and let go of the pistol.
"It's your company that meets its end here.", Sevka said, and raised the shotgun.
"Perhaps... But... We are not the only ones after Strelok. You'll... see.", Khan replied, barely able to speak due to the agony of his wounds.
Dimka had had enough, and his revolver fired once more. The last of UNISG infiltrators died with a simple sigh and .45 ACP bullet in his skull. Major Hernandez's men, the original unit of Dimka and Sevka, had been avenged. Sevka stepped next to his friend, stuck a stimpack into his arm and bandaged his wound. Once colour began returning to the Bulgarian stalker's cheeks, Sevka sighed and reprimanded his comrade.
"I thought you learned from that scuffle with Skull that rushing off alone gets you killed."
"I'm a slow learner, alright?", Dimka argued, grinning.
"That much is clear. Now, let's check his pockets for our "get out of jail free" card.", Sevka proposed, and Dimka nodded.
They went through Khan's belongings, checking through the various pockets of his Mk. II suit. There was little to find there, but in his backbag, there was a document detailing some of the mission parametres set by Khan's employers. The liquidation of original UNISG was mentioned among them, and Dimka also pocketed the encrypted PDA of the traitor, hoping that Maus could decrypt it.
"That alone should help, but this here might be a jackpot. Alright, Mr. De Luca, seems like we're off the hook now.", Dimka commented, shaking the PDA.
"Let's hope so. But what do you think Khan meant when he said there are others looking for Strelok?", Sevka asked.
"Those men in black suits perhaps? I wouldn't worry, they ran with their tails between their legs when we stormed the hideout yesterday.", Dimka scoffed.
Sevka nodded hesitantly, looking at the dead captain laying on the floor. Yet Dimka's comment was quickly revealed to be dead wrong, when the sound of a helicopter engine echoed through out the city. Outside, Boris and Degtyarev raised their eyes towards the sky, and the black helicopter they had seen leave before now approached yet again.
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2023.06.05 14:43 draigon01 Sudden Disappearance of skin textures?

So I have a modded play through going and it’s all been working perfectly fine for a long while now (level 43 save) but all of a sudden I’ve noticed that all NPCs and my character have missing skin textures/meshes. If I remove clothing and armor there’s nothing there. Except heads.
My question is what could cause this? Bearing in mind, I haven’t changed the mod load order in any way, in fact. Once I had my stable load order working I turned the Xbox offline and haven’t re-connected it since. So the modded load order was working perfectly fine with no bugs, and even though nothing has changed with the load order at all, this bug has occurred and I can’t seem to get rid of it.
Any thoughts on how and why this might have happened and if it’s fixable at all?
Here is my load order. The game runs perfectly smooth, level 40 character without a single crash after multiple long play sessions. And suddenly all bodies have now disappeared!
Master Files (ESM)
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch [USSEP] [XB1]
Cutting Room Floor [XB1]
Campfire: Complete Camping System [XB1]
Creation Club Patches
Survival Mode Improved
Cheat Functions
Cheat Room (XB1)
Dragon Souls To Attributes XB1
50 pct More Perk Points [XB1]
Foundations/Low Conflict
DMH Busty Skeevers
Hotkey Controller
Convenient Horses
Economy Overhaul & Speechcraft Improvements
GET Immersive Merchant Cheats (a Game Environment Tweaks Mod) [XB1]
Staff Enhanced Magicka
Sneak Tools
My Mod Bundle 2
Race Record Changes
Imperious - Races of Skyrim [XB1]
Perks & Leveling Changes
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim [XB1]
EOSI Ordinator Patch
Magic Additions & Changes
Phenderix Magic Evolved [XB1]
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim [XB1]
Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion [XB1]
Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul
Mysticism - Ordinator Patch
[XB1] Many More Spells
Spells by Chaszyrr
Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch [XB1]
Items Obtained By Crafting
Wearable Lanterns [XB1]
Bandolier: Bags and Pouches Classic XB1
Loot Leveled Lists
Better Shrouded Armor - Replacer Version
Enemy NPC Leveled Lists
Improved Bandits - Complete Bandit Overhaul By xxcontric
Diverse Dragons Collection XB1
Item Attribute & Effect Changes
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim [XB1]
User Interface/HUD/Fonts/Menus
Nordic SkyHUD
Sovngarde a Nordic Font (Light)
Horse Camera Tweak
GET Immersive Cheats (a Game Environment Tweaks Mod) [XB1]
Immersive Sounds Compendium 3.0
Sounds of Skyrim - Complete Edition [XB1]
Music of Tamriel
Phenderix Magic Sounds Improved [XB1]
Airgetlam - Modern Magic Sounds
Airgetlam - Immersive Sounds Patch
Vivid Weathers Definitive Edition - a Weather and Visual overhaul for Skyrim SE
Far Better Sun
Improved Shadows and Volumetric Lighting
Veydosebrom - Grasses And Groundcover - Normal Version
Interior Lighting
Divine Interiors: Shadows and Light
Remove Interior Fog
Mesh Fixes
Dead Body Collision Fix (XB1)
Meshes & Textures - General
SMIM - Essentials
Skyland - Architecture AIO
Skyland - Landscapes AIO
Divine Texture Pack - Trees
Meshes & Textures - Armors & Weapons
Old Kingdom - Armor Overhaul
Epic Vanilla Weapon Retexture (1k Version)
Better Shrouded Armor - Replacer Version
Royal Armory
LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons SE XBox
changes npc clothes ( Elaborate Textiles )
Praedy’s Staves AIO
Praedy’s Staves USSEP Patch
Praedy’s Staves Apocalypse Patch
Meshes & Textures - Effects
Frozen Electrocuted Combustion Realistic By Powerofthree
Enhanced Blood Textures
VAE - Visual Animated Enchants
Magical Forces & FX Bundle - Lite
NPC AI Alterations
Run For Your Lives [XB1]
Follower Framework
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Animal Companions & Mounts
Better Horses [Xbox One]
New Creature & NPC Encounters
Splendor: Dragon Variants
Immersive College NPCs
Beards, Brows & Hairs
Superior Lore-Friendly Hair
Unique Items Added to Locations
The Rings Of Old - Morrowind Artifacts For SE XB1 Edition
Cheat Chests for Apocalypse [XB1]
Skeleton Frameworks & Nemesis Outputs
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended Plus
Combat Overhauls
Hardcore Dragons: Difficulty Expansion [XB1]
Single Area Edits
Magical College of Winterhold [X1]
Sjel Blad Castle - v1.44c (Xbox One)
Exterior Lighting Mods
Enhanced Lights and FX - Exteriors [XB1]
New Quest Mods with Area Edits
Project AHO [XB1]
Trees & Flora with Area Edits
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods
Idles & Animations
VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE [XB1]
Bottom of LO Required
Divine Interiors Self Patching Patch
Visible Favorited Gear
360 Walk and Run Standalone
Movement and Behaviours Enhanced 2.0
(Lite) Guard Armor Overhaul
(Super fast) Immersive Animated Looting
Alternate Start - Live Another Life [XB1]
TPOS Complete
Skyland LODs
Cathedral Water - Updated
Alternate Start Patch for TPOS
Exterior Enhanced Lights and FX Patch for TPOS
Campfire - Survival Mode Fix
Grass Ini For Xbox
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2023.06.05 14:41 Fequiniton How many sounds are there in the game?

I’m making a sound pack of replicating every sound in the game with my voice. So far I’ve done just under 150 in a few hours (all cave/nether ambience). How long until the suffering ends?
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2023.06.05 14:33 TaluneSilius Infinite blocking and skill gain sound effect.

Recently started having an issue where when I block with a shield or gain a skill point, the sound effect repeats infinitely. Even when in menus the sound will repeat. Loading a save will fix the bug until I gain another skill or use my shield. Has anyone had this bug or know of a fix. I am using immersive sounds compendium but it's never given me issues before now.
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2023.06.05 14:30 PurpleyPineapple Can the Tapo H100 Hub and T110 Contact Sensors really NOT be armed when away from home?

Hi all,
I have been going through the process of setting up a small scale alarm system for my home. I have bought a C110 camera, H100 hub and a number of T110 contact sensors thinking this would give me the functionality of being able to put them all in away mode when I go out so the alarm would trigger should someone try to open a window or door while it is armed.
After setting up the sensors and hub, I have realised that there are no options in the Tapo App to add the sensors and hub to my Away Mode actions. There only appears to be the option to add the motion detection and alarm functionality of the camera (which is fine I guess, but really not ideal as by the time the camera alarm is triggered, said intruder will already be well and truly into the house and can easily silence the camera alarm). I would like the hub alarm to sound when the sensor is triggered if I am not home.
With regards to the sensors and hub, they also don't talk to Google Assistant, (I thought they would but apparently only the camera does) so I can't add it to any of my routines, nor can I effectively tell it in any way when I would like it to be armed and when I wouldn't. I can apparently only set them to be armed during specific hours at night which are pre-dictated (between 12:00-07:00) according to the single option available to me in the Tapo App. So I guess I'm out of luck if I choose that option and want to open my own window at 6.45am instead of 7. Am I missing something in terms of navigating the features or is it truly this limited? If so, this is monumentally disappointing.
Is it just me or is this a breathtaking gap on desired functionality with the hub and sensors? Please forgive my ignorance as I am in no way an expert on IoT. I am just a casual layperson who it's trying to make their home a bit more secure. I am also experiencing issues with my C110 camera as I am currently unable to view the camera when not connected to my home WiFi and therefore am unable to view my camera feed when away from home but I am troubleshooting that separately (my virgin media router might the the source of the issue so am awaiting the arrival of a new router so I can convert that to modem mode and access DNS settings in the separate router). But if there's no way around these issues, I am giving thought to simply sending everything back for a refund as it simply won't be fit for my needs in any way ☹️
Any help or advice would be appreciated!
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Having trouble Calming the mind?
Incense burning for meditation and prayer is an ancient tradition. Burning incense for meditation decreases stress, and it is believed that different types of incense, like sandalwood, lavender, jasmine – have the power to cleanse negative energy, ease tension, and elevate your meditative state.

Incense burner, May Help you in Calming the Mind and cleaning the energy in your environment. Our splendid, Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder, Back-Flow Incense Burner has been carefully handcrafted of beautiful, glazed ceramic.
When the incense cone is lit, the trail of smoke mimics a waterfall flowing down a mountainside. This lovely, ceramic incense burner is ideal for burning your favorite incenses while providing a relaxing and decorative touch to any space.
It's also a great gift for all meditation and yoga lovers. Choose between two colors: Mystic Blue and Desert Tan don't forget to order a pack of our assorted, incense cones. These scented incense cones are specially made to work with Ceramic Back-Flow Incense Burners.
Bullet shaped and produced with a small hole in the base, and a hollow interior, these cones will produce the beautiful smoke 'waterfall' type effect when burned in our Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder.
Did you know?
Incense burning for meditation and prayer is an ancient tradition. Burning incense for meditation decreases stress, and it is believed that different types of incense – frankincense, sandalwood, and sage – have the power to cleanse negative energy, ease tension, and elevate your meditative state.
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2023.06.05 14:16 jipax13855 I keep hearing about BPC-157. Would it help this injury?

tl;dr would BPC-157 help this lower leg injury?
Late 30s/F/US here. Came to this sub because I started microdosing tirz a bit under a month ago. Absolutely thrilled with the results so far. It's opening up a new world for me. 9 pounds down since May 12 and I will be titrating up a little bit starting tomorrow.
But anyway, in browsing this sub I keep hearing about this BPC-157 as an injury-healing peptide.
Last year, long story, I was stupid and basically walked into an uncovered manhole while hiking. My right calf was in the bent/lifted position (left leg went straight down into the manhole and was untouched) and the only thing stopping me from going all the way down was my right lower calf slamming onto the metal rim of the manhole. I lifted myself out, but got a nasty goose egg and of course it was a bruised mess for a couple weeks. No broken bone, but I'm sure the muscle got remodeled a bit. I did not get it looked at because what is a doctor really going to do about a bruise? I did take a Vitamin K supplement for a week or two and that accelerated the bruise healing.
This was about 11 months ago, and I still feel a little knot in that spot as well as a slight darkening in the skin. I also find that my right ankle/foot swells slightly more during the day than my left ankle/foot. I already have lipedema in my legs/upper arms and I'm told that swelling at the end of the day is part of the lipedema worsening process but I think the injury may have messed up my lymphatic drainage in that area as well. I don't want it to turn into lymphedema in addition to the lipedema. While the tirz is helping with the general end-of-day swelling as a side effect of taking weight off, I might need something more specific for this old injury.
Does this sound like something BPC-157 can help with but not add risks to? If so, who do you like for finding good deals on the type I can reconstitute and pin? I am totally open to shopping from China etc, and plan to order some tirz from there after we relocate later this summer and have a more permanent address.
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2023.06.05 14:09 MidOceanRidgeBasalts First chemo tomorrow and I have one major fear…

Before I start, I know this is a bit stupid and silly. This is too long of a post for this little issue. But honestly I just need some reassurance here so I can freak out a little less.
I am starting ABVD tomorrow for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Gotta get used to it because this is my life for 6 months. But. One of the side effects I have heard is pretty much guaranteed is causing me a little stress.
The idea of constipation, quite honestly, freaks me the fuck out. No idea why. Even as a kid I didn’t like blood tests specifically because I was scared of being anemic, because I had heard iron pills can make you constipated. I have no explanation. It is just, to me, one of my least favourite things to experience. I dread it more than anything. I would take any other symptom first.
I’m not prone to nausea or vomiting. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what nausea feels like because I don’t know and I haven’t thrown up since I was 9 or 10 maybe? So because of that I am totally convinced that if anything’s going wrong with my stomach… it will be the constipation… And I am scared…
This all sounds pretty dumb when I read it back but this whole thing is causing me a lot of stress. I have been rolling with the punches (so many punches…) for the last few months but this one thing is truly driving me crazy with anxiety. I can handle the cancer, I have been handling all the symptoms that come with it. But I know that the big C (constipation) will break me emotionally. And physically?
I have been prescribed 3 different laxatives. I have been instructed what to do if this symptom causes me major issues or distress. But can someone just tell me that it’s not as bad as I think?? Or that maybe it will be that bad, but I will have bigger things to worry about?? Anything to make me worry slightly less…
Again, I know this is pretty stupid. It’s just that I have taken the whole cancer thing pretty well so far, and it seems that all the anxiety of the last four months that has laid dormant is rearing its head about this of all things… so humour me a little, if you can.
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2023.06.05 14:04 AsymmetrikLeverage Classroom of the Elite / Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

I watched both seasons of Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e, also known as Classroom of the Elite. At the time of writing the third season has not yet aired. Here are my thoughts:

This anime is about classes of exceptional students who compete with one another for ranking and currency within their school system. The story feels like it was created in the mind of a teenager, but it is watchable and does create suspense. The plot is sometimes impressively intricate and does a good job of weaving together the actions of many independent parties in a competitive environment. That's essentially what Classroom of the Elite is about – the behaviour of people in a competitive situation. There are some interesting strategic dilemmas with regard to the point system used by the school. In fact the elaborate strategic thinking that is effectively presented in this show is its best feature.

Classroom of the Elite is an extremely juvenile show even by anime standards; the target audience is clearly teenage boys. A lot of screentime gets occupied by dreadful childish comedy that is usually crudely sexual in nature – it's barely a step above toddler-tier toilet humour. This anime is quite corny and often hard to take seriously. As you might expect, there is some crude sexualization in this, mainly in the form of tits and ass prominently featured. Most of the female characters have huge bolt-on gattling-gun tits that are borderline comical. Also, I know this is an unreasonable complaint given the title and premise of the show, but I found the focus on exams and academics to be tiresome, mainly because I've seen it done so many times in anime. I find it difficult to care about trivial schoolyard drama.

Everything about this anime feels dated to me – the OST, the art style and character designs, even the plotline feels like a 2000s anime. The second season is overall more modern and well produced than the first season, although neither has impressive production value. Similarly, Classroom of the Elite has some of the ugliest school uniforms I have ever seen in anime, and that's a high bar to clear. The colour choices are just absolutely hideous, good heavens. Yikes honey, like OMG. I thought they were parking-valet elves at the Ritz during the holidays. At least the voice acting is overall decent, albeit sometimes cheesy. The voicework for most of the lead characters is solid and everyone suits their roles. The soundtrack isn't terrible but it does sound dated to me, and not in a charming way.

Despite the large time gap between when the first and second season aired, there is a lot of plot continuity between the seasons. The first episode of Season 2 basically feels like Episode 13 of Season 1 – the story picks up immediately where Season 1 ended. Of the two seasons, I liked the first slightly more. The story of Season 2 just wasn't as compelling as the first. I appreciated the deserted-island story arc in Season 1 – that was the pinnacle of the series in my opinion.

I enjoyed the interactions between Horikita and the MC – they have weirdly good tsundere chemistry and feel very natural together. They are an entertaining duo. Horikita is a good character – I enjoyed her stoic practical approach to the challenges she encountered.

My personal ratings are as follows:
Season 1: 5/10
Season 2: 4/10
Classroom of the Elite has a complex yet well-written story, and the episodes pass quickly. It does an okay job at creating suspense, and the strategic aspects are somewhat interesting, but good lord it is often so absurdly juvenile it's borderline intolerable.

If you're looking for a psychological thriller-type show, Classroom of the Elite isn't a terrible choice. If I were a 14-year-old boy, I would probably enjoy this anime way more. I'd recommend this to teenagers, but someone older than that might have trouble enjoying this anime due to how juvenile it is.

This review probably sounds conceited but I think others can relate to feeling exasperated by the immaturity of shounen-oriented works like this. I know it comes with the territory but I am just being transparent about my viewing experience.
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2023.06.05 13:49 Sammynole82 Happy Manifesting Monday! #motivationmonday

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2023.06.05 13:44 shmalphy What annoys you most about the app?

My top 3 are:
1) the sound of the alert not being changeable, and the volume going all the way up.. so obnoxious if you use the phone over Bluetooth for music or go into a store
2) making it so easy to accidentally accept an order
3) giving me an order right before I arrive at a location, effectively blocking the map and distracting me while driving.
This one is the worst if you deliver on a motorcycle, you simply have to wait for the alert to pass and then take a bunch of extra turns to get back on course because you cannot operate the phone with a leather glove.
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2023.06.05 13:27 deliriations I am a scientist who was tasked with recording dreams.

A dream is a mental construct. Whenever one falls asleep they experience vivid hallucinations. These are impossible to record or properly re-account.
Psychosis is a mental condition where the victim experiences very disturbing hallucinations or thoughts. Think of things like schizophrenia, Then take the effects of that condition and amplify it. Psychosis victims report hearing whispers, Seeing bugs crawl on their skin and see the faces of people they have never met.
When I studied psychology I learnt about these things and they fascinated me. I went on to get a degree in psychological study and have been working as a psychologist and health scientist for 17 years.
I was contacted by my facility about a matter of a psychosis patient, While rare I have stumbled upon many of them and they act the same. In-consistent nonsensical babbling and severe PTSD. Most of the cases are results of tripping on acid but some are caused from depression and schizophrenia. This case was different.
When i arrived the patient seemed to be normal. When i sat down with her she opened up before i could even speak. "Doctor. Alexander." She took a deep breath. "I see dreams when I'm awake, Not hallucinations. Right now when i look at you, All i see is spots across your face. Like polka dots." I had to process this for a moment. "Dreams you say." I started to think.
"Y-Yeah.. Dreams, Nothing is normal, Every piece of furniture in this room looks different from each other, Like that vase behind you, It’s not right.. It looks.. Folded in.. Like an origami vase.. I can't describe it."
I didn't understand her. Dreams? This doesn't seem like psychosis.After a few hours of talking about what she has been seeing, How she feels and if her mind is feeling foggy, The only thing i could partially diagnose was severe schizophrenia.
"Take this prescription of Haloperidol, Take 2 a day, 1 in the morning and 1 at night. If you have more issues, come back here and we can discuss it. In 2 weeks I will do a mental health re-evaluation so I can see progress."
There were no issues for around a week until I got an urgent call. "Sir. One of your patients, Jane, Shes gone batshit fucking crazy, Like seriously she cant even talk without screaming that something is taking her soul, we need you down here NOW.”
I rushed down to my facility, Thoughts raced through my head "Has she stopped taking her meds?"I shook all those thoughts off as i swerved into the parking lot, As i darted inside the familiar jingle of the bell above the door startled me "Fucking bell.." I whispered under my breath as I ran faster than I have before.
When I arrived at the emergency care block I heard the screaming from the entrance. It was deep guttural wails that filled with so much dread it hurt my heart to listen to. When I stormed in there, Jane stood there on the ground covered in blood.
She was screaming bloody murder and her mouth was bleeding. When I saw her state I immediately asked one of the nurses for a sedative to reduce her condition.
As she went I stood there with her trying to comfort her."What do you see jane." I overcame her wails with a calm demeanor and all of a sudden everything stopped. She seemed normal.
"They.. They stopped. They are staring at you."I looked at her calmly. I knew these were psychosis symptoms and I started to comfort her."Jane, You are experiencing very vivid hallucinations. It is called schizophrenic psychosis. Have you been taking the prescription I gave you?"
"Y..Yes doctor i have but.. it doesn't work, Everywhere i go i see the same things i saw before, Except this time everything seems more cold.. Beforehand everything seemed more colorful. Now it is damp."
"Jane, I am going to have to check you into this facility for a full psychiatric re-examination and study. If this is not schizophrenia, I will have to figure out what it really is so I can properly diagnose you and get you the help you need."
She began to cry terribly. "w..why can't i just be normal, why me? what have i done?" I began to pat her back as i sighed. "Let me help you up" as i stood i reached my hand out. As she grabbed it i almost yelped. She was extremely cold, Almost frozen. My hand felt pain as she held it but I pushed on as she stood.
"I will have some nurses check you in and we will begin tomorrow. Please signal for help if you see anything, we will try and get you the right medication to stop it.. But I can't guarantee anything, We don't know what we are dealing with."
As I walked off to check out I signaled to the front desk to call the nurses for Jane's psychiatric re-evaluation. They nodded and they called into the intercom "We need 3 available for psych unit 7"
The sounds muffled as I walked out, I felt really bad for jane. But I knew she was getting help.
As i arrived home the warm smell of the autumn trees luminated like a light. I felt more calm as I walked through my door. The gentle creaking of the hinges made me cringe as I shut the door. The warm air rushed out of the room as I walked to the kitchen.
As I grabbed my bottle of rum I got a call. "What the fuck is it now.." I sort of just waddled over agitated. I checked the caller ID and noticed that it was an unknown caller. Out of habit I declined the call and went back to my bench. As I poured the rum the iridescent smell of pleasure filled the air.
The phone rang once more. As I sighed I walked over and answered the unknown caller. "Hello Dr. Alexander, How may I help you."
"Good evening Dr. Alexander, We are here to identify a patient of yours, Jane Myers correct?"
Confused, I confirmed his assumption "Yes that's right, What is it?"
"Sir I work for a certain agency, I can't tell you its policy. Tomorrow we will be at your front desk awaiting your arrival. It's to do with her condition. If you believe this is a wrong contact, please confirm so we can move on."
I was extremely confused at this point, I thought it was a prank at first but it all seemed serious. There was no underlying tone to his voice, it seemed raspy, he sounded too old to be a prank caller.
"Uh.. Okay? I'll make sure to be there by 12:00 PM."
The call ended abruptly as I whispered to myself.
"What the fuck..."
I kind of shook it all off, Maybe it was her family? I don't know but I'll figure it out tomorrow. The rest of the night went uneventful and as i faded off to sleep i thought of jane. I dreamt about terrible black figures standing above me and Jane on the floor of the psychiatric unit. They were almost fuzzy, like blurry, I couldn't properly conceive their appearance, they were just human shaped blurry structures.
When I finally woke up it was 10:30 pm. I woke up later than usual so I rushed to get ready. As I finished getting dressed I poured myself some coffee, as I sipped on the hot beverage the aroma of earth filled my nose. I felt relaxed, I thought to myself "Today will be a good , happy day." I was trying to make myself feel better about the coming events.
When I arrived at my facility I saw a black car with tinted windows outside the front. "Must be them." I said to myself as I wandered through the door, The bell startled me and I kind of froze for a second. I finally collected my thoughts and I saw 2 men in plain black suits. They stood up to greet me as if they knew who I was.
"Hello Dr. Alexander, My name is Harry and this is my partner Sam. We are here about your patient Jane Myers, It is to do with her condition. May we see her?" I said "Why do you need to see her?"
They both adjusted their positions and Sam said
"We are with the government, We are here to review this patient's condition. We cannot tell you why but it is important, It is research and we believe she has a rare condition. "
I thought for a moment before finally obliging. As I led them down the plain white halls I started to get more anxious, I started to overthink "Are they here to kill her?" I shook off the thoughts. They were stupid, Simply just speculation.
As we arrived at psych unit 7 we walked in to see Jane on the bed being talked to by some nurses and another psych doctor. As they walked in they shut the door behind them. "What we are about to tell you is to be upmost classified among only you"
Everyone looked at each other extremely confused but before any questions were asked they opened up.
"Jane, You have a condition called petriscarphy Dream Psychosis. It is a condition where well.. Instead of you falling asleep to dream, You see them awake. You are the only known suspected subject with this rare condition. We want to record what you see. A team will be arriving soon to set-up the right conditions for this to be possible."
As Harry finished his sentence I almost couldn't believe what I was hearing.. Were they being serious? Before I could do anything, The other psych doctor in the room, His name was Terry, Stood up and got in the 2 men's faces. They remained calm as he spouted off at them.
"What the fuck do you think your doing? Are you joking? That is nonsense, I request you leave immediately before I call security."
The 2 men stood there silent as Terry stared at them. He had a crazy look in his eye and then he shoved harry. The moment he touched him, Sam grabbed a pistol out from the underside of his jacket and aimed at Terry.
"Sir. Calm down, I assure you this is not a joke. We are being perfectly cooperative with you but if you try to do anything like that again then I will be forced to put you down."
I remember the phrasing of that sentence "Put you down" He spoke like he was a higher being and was about to just.. Phase Terry out of existence.
As Terry backed up, shocked he sat back down and became silent. I swear I could hear the air in the room, Not for long however. Jane began to sob and wail softly. "They are back.. They are upset, They don't want you recording them, Please.. Go.. Don't do this. They will kill me. PLEASE"
She pleaded with the men but they stood in silence. After 5 minutes of Jane's agonizing wailing we heard the sounds of frantic footsteps and before long, men in white coats and masks entered the room. They had a label on their coats. It was a blue circle with black in the middle, It had the initials above it "N.A.O.S"
"We are here for Ja-" They stood silent as she continued wailing
She grew silent as she sat there un-moving.
That's when she slipped unconscious, Slouching over into her bed and making no sound. We sounded an alarm that a patient had fallen unconscious and nurses rushed in ignoring the men. After around an hour we stabilized her.
The man stood around in silence and once everyone was out but me and Terry, They got to work. I watched as one of the white coated men pulled out a small vial with a blue liquid in it. He grabbed a syringe and started to draw the liquid. It looked viscous and bubbled at the top as he finally pulled out the syringe.
After he was done the 4 other men in the room grabbed out small pieces of equipment and started to arrange it. The parts clacked together and made the same sound as metal being dropped onto a hard surface. The echoes of the screeching sound made me cringe once again.
When it was done it looked like a microscope was attached to a plate with glass in the middle. A camera lens was attached and the coated man squirted a small amount of the viscous blue liquid onto the plate and then he grabbed another device. It looked like something out of some saw movie.
It was a dome shaped metal helmet with tubes running out from 4 holes surrounding where the head should go. These tubes ran to a socket in the device. I started to feel sick "What the fuck is all this" I murmured angrily. "This is a device that is used to transmit the electrical waves inside the patients head and can be transferred to this magnoscope to then print out the photographs. The liquid you see is well.. I actually can't tell you, It's not that simple, But it's classified."
I started to boil with anger. This was inhumane, Finding someone's terrible condition and using it for research instead of helping them? I was considering trying to stop them but I knew they had guns. There's no way I was leaving either.
Finally after a few minutes of assembly they attached the device to Jane's head and a sound started to play. It was like the sound you expect electricity to make, a little quiet constant zapping with the occasional crackle.
As i watched jane she started to twist and turn in discomfort even though she was unconscious, I felt so fucking bad for her, Everything about this was so twisted, It seemed so.. Wrong.
As she squirmed and fiddled the sounds started to fade as the liquid that was on that glass plate had turned to a deep red color, almost like blood. As I stood looking at it I smelt the sensation of chemicals, like bleach and drain cleaner.
I started to feel like I was going to break down. My mind was literally foggy as I stared at this contraption. Another sound started up, It was like that of a printer but much quieter, I could barely hear it. As I stared at the pictures being pushed out from the side I started to feel more nauseous. Something about this felt wrong. I couldn't describe it.
Finally the coated men approached the pictures and they examined them. The moment one of them looked at one of those pictures he froze in place and looked shocked. I could see the look of fear in that man's eyes. As he stared longer and longer he started to shake uncontrollably. After an agonizing few seconds he grabbed the syringe with the remaining liquid and screamed.
The man's once professional manor turned into malice and hatred as he injected Jane with this syringe full of this liquid. She immediately started to seize, a Black goo was coming from her mouth and she flatlined almost immediately.
Sam and harry immediately upholstered there weapons and aimed at the man
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Sam screamed at the man, Finally he lunged at them, Immediately 2 ringing gunshots sounded as the man fell, Everything went to shit, Screaming and crying occurred throughout the unit and that was when i took my chance to run, Not before grabbing the photos however. As I ran the screams echoed and the sobbing and crying of other patients sounded.
I made it out to my car and swerved out of the lot. I almost hit another car but i managed to narrowly avoid it and race home, My heart was beating so fast it felt like i was about to have a heart attack. As I made it into my driveway I took no time grabbing the photos and my bag and rushing right inside.
When i made it in i slammed my door shut, The creaking didnt phase me this time, Nothing did, I was focused on getting away from whatever the fuck had just happened.
When I finally calmed down enough to function I sat down with the photos and looked at them. Dear god, The terrors this woman must have faced.
The first photo had a black and white vivid pattern, In amongst it i could see an opaque face, It was perfectly symmetrical, Almost too perfect, The faded patterns ran through it like a vintage photo but the only detail i saw were the eyes, In the pupils i saw another cascade of photos, It was the same perfect face over and over. I counted how many I could.. I counted 9.
That one disturbed me, It felt ominous and had an almost aura around it, It was clearly a sinister vision, It was... Really odd to me however, This wasn't what Jane had described to me as her visions.
The next photo is why I'm writing this. Why I'm ready to accept death from the organizations that conduct these inhumane things. I saw a structure, In around it was a show with white fade, But the center had a very recognisable shape. It was a single long line with more lines stretching off of it, they formed a pattern that looked like a spider, well kind of. The thing that disturbed me was the one word that stood under it.
It was in an almost unrecognizable state, it was scribbly, faded and pretty much blurred, but I could read it. There stood the single word: Universe.
That was when i thought i was hallucinating, I started to feel sick, I dry heaved and eventually vomited as i stared at the photo, It doesn't sound disturbing when i put it into words but when you look at it... It almost seems fake, like a vision of its own.
It's been a week since then. The facility is closed and I doubt it's gonna open soon. I've been staring at this photo for a long time, A very long time. And I swear whenever I look away I see blurry dark faces staring back at me.
They will be here soon to take what's theirs. This is my final message. Goodbye.
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2023.06.05 13:26 derrickstepus Derrick Stephens Shares 5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Derrick Stephens Shares 5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur
Derrick Stephens Shares 5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur
Derrick Stephens understands the risks associated with entrepreneurship and has shared his insights on how to become an effective entrepreneur. He encourages individuals with a desire to be successful business owners to take the leap into entrepreneurship and provides five steps of actionable advice. Becoming an entrepreneur involves countless hours of hard work, sound financial planning, and careful decision-making. However, both investors and entrepreneurs must have a passion for creating something new while paying attention to detail in order to turn their idea into a profitable venture. By following Derrick's five steps, individuals can create a business strategy that sets them up for success.

Find the right business for you

Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy but it can be incredibly rewarding. Derrick Stephens says to ensure success in your entrepreneurial endeavors, you must first find the right business for you. It is important to identify a business that aligns with your interests, values, and goals so you can invest both time and money into it to achieve optimal success. Identifying the right business can help set yourself up for success, allowing you to get the most out of your entrepreneurial journey. A great way to find a business is by using an entrepreneur's guide. An entrepreneur's guide can help you decide which type of business will work best for you, and provide lots of helpful information that you might need in your journey.

Determine if you should get an education

Derrick Stephens believes becoming an entrepreneur is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. There are certain steps you must take to ensure success in the business world. First, you need to determine if you should get an education and what type of education would suit your business needs best. Education can provide invaluable knowledge that will help inform your decisions and guide you toward the right path when making important choices for your business. An entrepreneur who has gone through the rigors of obtaining a degree is likely to find more success than someone without one, so this should always be at the top of the list.

Plan your business

Are you dreaming of starting your own business? It can be challenging, but at the same time very rewarding. Derrick Stephens says the key to success is having a well-defined plan and strategy in place. Planning plays a major role when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur. In this blog, we will discuss the steps necessary for developing a successful business plan that can help you achieve your goals. We will also explain why it is important to plan your business, as well as what you should include in your business plan and how it can help increase your profits. So if you want to become an entrepreneur, let’s get started!


Becoming an entrepreneur requires more than just having a good business idea. Networking is essential to becoming an entrepreneur and finding success in the business world. Establishing contacts with other entrepreneurs and forming relationships with potential customers, partners, and suppliers can be critical to finding success as an entrepreneur. But how exactly do you build a successful network? Here are some tips for setting yourself up for success when building your entrepreneurial network.


Entrepreneurship is an attractive career option for many people due to the potential to make money, have flexibility, and be your own boss. To become a successful entrepreneur, understanding market dynamics is essential and will help you develop valuable insights into business decision-making. Whether it’s analyzing data to predict customer trends or scouting potential business opportunities, market analysis plays a key role in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses. But before entrepreneurs can begin to analyze these markets, they need to understand the mechanics of starting their own venture. For those interested in becoming entrepreneurs, here are a few steps to get you started on your journey:
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2023.06.05 13:23 TELMxWILSON New Music! Pendulum, Metrik, Satl, Amoss, Workforce, DJ Sofa and more! Review include some Hiddem Gem bleeps & bloops as well as some deep liquid from Geostatic. [+weekly updated Spotify playlist] New Music Monday! (Week 23)

Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
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Retroactive Playlist H2L: Retroactive New DnB
Last Week's list
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Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

1. Niallo - Dreamland EP 💎 [DIVIDID]

Recommended if you like: [BORDERS], The Caracal Project, Tom Finster
It's no secret I'm a big fan of the innovative, all-around strange sounds that come out of the newschool movement, spearheaded by the likes of IMANU and The Caracal Project. While these two, especially the latter, already come up with some truly puzzling sound design that would cause your nan to lose the last bits of hope she might have had for future generation's music, the up-and-coming artists inspired by them arguably push the envelope in that regard even further, making even millennials scratch their head sometimes. Or should I say millen-nial-lo? You guessed right, we're once again talking about Bristol-based badboy Niall Overend, better known as Niallo!
After talking about his introspective debut EP in 2021 and taking a closer look at his unsettlingly good follow-up EP in 2022, it has basically become an annual (an-niall?) tradition to expose you guys to the weirdest of bleeps and bloops that the scene has to offer. However, since we last talked about him, he has been expanding his sound even further! After an excursion on Incurzion and a double tracker on Surveillance Music, he realised how hard it was to find a home for his most out-there stuff, eventually leading him down the path of self-releasing earlier this year. Still not quite creatively satisfied, he even started another alias called Everdone just last month, for the less club-oriented side of the Niall. In the midst of all this (positive) creative turmoil, he managed to reinvent himself and his sound once again, this time dreaming up a whole new, more uplifting aesthetic, while still retaining the otherworldly alien-esque sound design he has become known for at this point. That unique combination of flavours got the attention of an imprint Niall has been looking up to since basically forever, DIVIDID, promptly resulting in label manager ABIS signing him on for a full EP! Let's see what the fuzz is all about then, shall we?
We ascend into the ethereal sky islands created from Niall's wicked sound design wizardry, with the title track Dreamland. After easing into it all by synths so dreamy they immediately earn the track its title, a most wonderful, distinctly retro-futuristic and otherworldly choir makes it clear that this release is different from most others. I can't quite explain why, but this whole intro gives off such strong retro-futuristic dystopia vibes that I just can't help but picture BioShock Infinite in my head. Following this unique introduction to it all is an equally, if not even more so, eccentric drop, driven forward by a syncopated, ever-changing flow and brought to life by all sorts of different bleeps and bloops.
As residents of the sky islands, we of course don't have any clouds blocking out the sun, so we end up becoming early risers and Niall already has the perfect anthem prepped for us: Holding On (6AM). With slightly dissonant chords, injected with strong white noise, creating a real sense of unease in a matter of seconds and the heavily processed, high-pitched vocal expanding on this experimental atmosphere, the rather strange journey continues. While I already kind of love this intro, the real highlight is what follows. Slow-moving, swinging drums act as the foundation for an incredibly catchy melody, whose each and every hit carries multiple waves of dissonance with it. Might sound weird, but it absolutely works. Throughout the drop, Niall effortlessly switches back and forth between this swinging, multi-layered madness and the chords from the buildup, with the occasional fake-out thrown in for good measure, really pushing the levels of dissonance to their limits. I absolutely love it.
With what sounds like a Japanese vocal sample, which has of course been slammed through various processing pipelines, and dissonant piano chords, Niall welcomes us to the next level of existence: Hyperreality. Even more syncopated than before, with little rolly bois chiming in every now and then, and an avalanche of melodies falling over each other, somehow forming a coherent rhythm in the process, this third stop makes you feel like you are living inside the glitchiest but simultaneously also prettiest videogames out there. EP closer Blue Snake takes this glitchy idea and runs with it. You know that sound you get, when you are watching something and your OS crashes on you, that millisecond-long snippet of audio just looping forever? That's what the buildup is like, but somehow melodically pleasing! As if that wasn't enough, we continue by hopping on a fast-paced joyride up and down the bleepy bloopy scales, with seemingly randomly appearing gaps in the melody creating an unpredictable yet well-flowing rhythm that will wrinkle your brain. Not only do we get loads of variation in the same tempo this way, Niall even pumps the brakes in the second half so hard we end up in a Half-time rhythm!
I have been a fan of Niallo's sound from the start basically, but this new direction is such a bold departure from the norm and just so wonderfully strange that I can't help but be even more ecstatic about his future projects than I already was before. Undenia(llo)bly one of the most unique releases of this and probably also previous years.
Other bleepy and bloopy things from this week: - skantia - Politics - A.way, Moment - Inception - B3D3-R, Asli, SEMPLE. - Summer Bounce EP

2. Geostatic - Worth Fighting For / Unpredictable [Celsius Recordings]

Recommended if you like: Sub:liminal, Invadhertz, Alix Perez
While he's slowly gaining a more sizeable audience and thus technically not a Hidden Gem™️ anymore, Geostatic is still incredibly underrated in my eyes. So, let's talk about him a bit!
Straight outta Austria's second largest city and one of its many DnB hotspots Graz, Philipp Hochegger aka Geostatic has been making geological, expressedly non-static waves in the DnB scene for years now. As part of the ehrliches BUM BUM or EBB crew, he is responsible for all sorts of ablaze Dancefloors not just in the area, but also at festivals like Outlook, Break & Lake and LakeSide. Inspired by the likes of Alix Perez, Phil of course also eventually wanted to fill up his playlists with tunes of his own. Around 2020, it was then finally time for the Geostatic project to ascend to the next level, with debut releases on Italian imprint Delta9 and its sister label DLT9. In the same year, Phil also participated in a competition for Graz-based artists, organised by springfestival graz, and managed to become one of the winners, with his track New Horizon even being used to promote the project on national television! After this first, already quite successful year, the Geostatic project swung into the next few ones with quite a lot of momentum, leading to releases on Transparent Audio, where he became a pivotal part of the ensemble, Ekou, Incurzion and, of course, Delta9, and collaborations with fellow Austrian talents Moekel, Screamarts and Anthropic.
After his arguably biggest EPs so far earlier this year, the Power Of Knowledge EP on Transparent Audio, which I kind of regret not covering here, Philipp continues his hot streak with some double trouble action on legendary Dutch label Fokuz's sister label, Celsius Recordings. And that's what we're here to talk about today! For the opener, Worth Fighting For, Phil recruits a certain someone, who has been making some serious moves in the scene lately: Dresden-based Scurrow. Together, the newcomer powerhouses craft a rather lovely roller of a tune, with soft pianos tugging at your heartstrings, a gentle vocal allowing your mind to drift away from the dreadful problems of day-to-day life, and warm bass to soothe the most anxious of souls. Speaking of bass, the flipside Unpredictable shows the polar opposite side of the Geostatic sound: Uncompromisingly huge, goosebump-inducing basslines, with a menacing atmosphere and forward-driving, rolling drums for maximum effect. What remains from the opener, albeit amped up to 11 here, is the soulfulness of it all, thanks to the wonderful vocal sample and its sublime processing.
Magnificent vibes, precise production, simply great! This is your invitation to also jump on the Geostatic hype train. Trust me, you won't regret it.
Other liquid and deep stuff from this week: - Trail - Resident EP - Satl, Brandy Haze - Today - Duskee, Deadline, Slay - CHICA - Reburf - In Deep EP 💎 - Amoss - A Stroke Of Luck EP - Waeys - Objection VIP / Simula Remix - Apparition - Guardian EP

New Releases

General DnB / Mixed



Deep / Tech / Minimal

Jump Up


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2023.06.05 13:21 Jibboldino How many marks would I get for this creative writing on the unexpected

The sun shone brightly, casting a golden hue over the tranquil park. The air was crisp, and a gentle breeze rustled the leaves of the towering oak trees. It was a picture-perfect day, one that seemed destined for a serene and uneventful afternoon. Little did I know that within moments, the calmness would be shattered by an unexpected turn of events that would leave me astounded.
I strolled leisurely along the park's winding path, relishing in the serenity of nature. The sound of birds chirping and children laughing filled the air, creating a symphony of joyous melodies. Lost in my thoughts, I marveled at the beauty surrounding me, completely unaware of the impending chaos.
As I approached the park's central fountain, I noticed a commotion up ahead. A small crowd had gathered, their faces etched with a mixture of curiosity and concern. Curiosity got the better of me, and I quickened my pace, hoping to catch a glimpse of what had captivated their attention.
As I drew nearer, my heart skipped a beat. There, in the middle of the fountain, was a young boy, no older than ten, clutching a small kitten. The kitten, clearly terrified, mewed pitifully, its tiny body trembling in the boy's hands. A sense of urgency emanated from the crowd as they realized the dire situation unfolding before them.
Without hesitation, a middle-aged woman, clad in a flowing summer dress, stepped forward. With gentle yet determined movements, she reached out towards the boy, her eyes filled with compassion. In one swift motion, she scooped the trembling kitten out of the boy's hands and cradled it against her chest.
The boy, stunned and unsure, watched as the woman expertly maneuvered through the crowd, her long strides purposeful and confident. Like a guardian angel, she weaved her way towards the park's entrance, where a waiting van stood, its doors open and ready.
As the woman disappeared from sight, the crowd slowly dispersed, each person undoubtedly touched by the unexpected turn of events they had just witnessed. In the aftermath of the chaos, a profound silence settled over the park, a silence laden with a mixture of awe and gratitude.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, but the memory of that fateful day remained etched in my mind. I couldn't help but wonder about the mysterious woman who had intervened so courageously. Who was she? What had driven her to risk her own safety to rescue a helpless kitten?
My curiosity got the better of me, and I embarked on a quest to uncover the truth. I made inquiries with the park's staff, seeking any information that could lead me to the woman. After weeks of dead ends, my perseverance paid off. I discovered that the woman was no ordinary individual but a renowned animal rights activist, known for her tireless efforts to protect and rescue animals in need.
Through further research, I learned that the kitten she had rescued in the park was only one of many lives she had touched. Her organization had saved countless animals from neglect and abuse, providing them with loving homes and a second chance at life.
Overwhelmed by her selflessness and compassion, I reached out to the woman, expressing my admiration and gratitude for her incredible act of kindness. In her humble response, she shared her belief that unexpected moments of compassion could spark a chain reaction of love and empathy, creating a ripple effect that could change the world.
And so, as I reflect on that unforgettable day, I am reminded that life's most profound and transformative moments often arise when we least expect them. The unexpected has the power to challenge our perceptions, ignite our spirits, and remind us of the extraordinary capacity for compassion that resides within us all.
In the weeks following my encounter with the woman, I became increasingly involved in the cause she championed. I volunteered at local animal shelters, helping to care for and find homes for abandoned and mistreated animals. The more time I spent immersed in this world of compassion and empathy, the more I understood the transformative power of unexpected moments.
Through my experiences, I witnessed countless acts of kindness and saw how they had a ripple effect, inspiring others to take action and make a difference. I realized that the unexpected could be a catalyst for change, urging us to reevaluate our priorities and consider the impact we can have on the lives of others.
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2023.06.05 13:21 abyzco Benefits Of Instrumental Music On Stress Relief

Music has long been known for its healing properties, particularly its ability to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Instrumental music in particular has been found to have a significant impact on stress relief and depressive disorders.
As a result, many therapists and mental health professionals have started incorporating music therapy into their treatment plans. In this blog post, we’ll explore the scientific research behind the benefits of instrumental music on stress relief and depressive disorders, and how you can incorporate it into your daily routine to promote better mental health.
So sit back, relax, and let the calming power of music wash over you as we take a deeper dive into this fascinating topic.
Relaxing music can be a powerful tool when it comes to managing stress and improving mental health. It has been proven to have a calming effect on the body and mind, and can help promote a sense of tranquility and peace.
When listening to relaxing music, the body releases endorphins, which are natural feel-good chemicals that help to reduce stress and enhance mood. This can lead to reduced levels of anxiety, improved sleep quality, and an overall improvement in emotional well-being.
In addition to its psychological benefits, relaxing music can also have physical benefits, such as reducing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. This makes it a great option for those who struggle with cardiovascular issues or other stress-related health problems.
There are a variety of different types of relaxing music to choose from, including classical, nature sounds, and spa music. Whatever type of music you choose, the key is to make sure it is something that resonates with you and helps you to unwind.
Whether you listen to relaxing music during your morning commute or as a way to wind down before bed, incorporating it into your daily routine can have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. So why not give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself?
Meditation music is a popular form of instrumental music that has been proven to benefit people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depressive disorders. It is a form of music that is composed specifically to induce a state of deep relaxation and inner peace.
The calming and soothing effects of meditation music have been recognized across cultures and traditions, with this type of music being used in spiritual practices across the globe. When music is combined with meditation practices, it can help people to clear their minds, relax their bodies, and achieve a state of mindfulness.
Studies have shown that meditation music can have a significant impact on the body and brain. It can help to reduce stress hormones, such as cortisol, and increase the levels of endorphins that promote a sense of calmness and well-being. It can also lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and improve sleep quality.
Meditation music has a range of different styles and sounds, including ambient, nature sounds, and Indian meditation music, to name a few. The choice of music largely depends on individual preferences, but it's important to choose something that feels comfortable and facilitates relaxation.
Incorporating meditation music into daily routines can help to promote better mental health, reduce stress levels, and improve overall well-being. It can be enjoyed in a variety of settings, from home to the workplace, and can be a powerful tool to help people manage their stress levels. So why not give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself?
Sleep is the foundation of good health, and a lack of it can cause a host of disorders. In today's fast-paced world, however, getting enough sleep can be a challenge. The good news is that music can help you get the restful slumber you need by calming your mind and relaxing your body.
Sleep music is a type of instrumental music that is designed to induce a state of deep relaxation and facilitate sleep. It is typically slow and repetitive, with a soothing melody that lulls the listener into a peaceful state. The music is played at a soft volume to avoid disrupting sleep.
Sleep music has been proven to be an effective tool in helping people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It can lower stress hormones, reduce heart rate, and promote a sense of calmness. It can also help to block out external noises like traffic, barking dogs or loud neighbors that could disturb sleep.
One of the most effective types of sleep music is binaural beats. Binaural beats are a type of sound wave that can help to synchronize brain waves and promote relaxation. They work by playing two different sounds at different frequencies into each ear, creating a third frequency that the brain synchronizes to. This synchronization can help to induce a state of deep relaxation and sleep.
Sleep music can be enjoyed in many different forms, from traditional instrumental music to more modern ambient and nature sounds. Whatever your preference, it's important to choose something that resonates with you and helps you relax. Incorporating sleep music into your bedtime routine can help you get the restful slumber you need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.
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