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2023.03.22 14:26 Great_Courage7324 [PS1][2000] 3rd person playing as a man in coat blue laser gun

Platform(s):PS1 to my knowledge
Estimated year of release:2000s
Graphics/art style:3rd person, the vibe of the game was scary, and your were fighting some sorts of aliens
Notable characters:the character you were playing was in a coat
Notable gameplay mechanics: you would shoot laser projectiles, you could climb on stuff where the game inteded, you could swap guns( i remember in the first level or so you would swap your blue laser gun for a green one which was used by the aliens on that level)
Other details: also i remember another level which was like a boss fight, where you would kite the boss through some sort of maze, he could only melee you i think.
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2023.03.22 14:26 Dream-life-4220 Is hair gloss hindering my hair health/progress? I get a gloss every 10 weeks. Been this length for a few years

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2023.03.22 14:26 King_Boo__ Barber for male hair recommendations?

I have decently long hair but wanted to try a taper fade or something - never tried it in fear of it looking silly, so I want to know if anybody has a good recommendation for something like this (or good hair styles lol).
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.22 14:25 Gurdy77 Diversity on Team Theorist?

I believe this got removed, but I’m trying again with a few tweaks:
I am a first time Reddit-poster, but after reading the rules and flairs, I think this is probably best put here.
I recently made this comment on their Style Theory episode about washing legs:
“10:53 [redacted for auto-mod purposes] on African American or different textured hair, because this is definitely a crime for anyone without straight hair. Sometimes I even condition before shampooing, and then condition again afterward”
I’m sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to put the image here.
I got a surprisingly robust response from people saying they were lacking [racial] diversity (I already know they are LGBTQIA+ accepting).
I haven’t watched every single episode on every channel, but I wanted to know if Team Theorist had ever discussed race or collabed with any POC besides Markiplier.
To be clear: I am NOT calling them racist and I am NOT posting this with malicious intent, I just wanted gather more information/resources and I figured this community would know best where to find it.
On a separate note, one of the replies said that if they do make an episode on hair types, that they have a POC or someone with textured hair on that episode, and I think I agree. I would love to see my hair type represented to their audience, but it does come with a heavy cultural history that requires nuance when discussing.
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2023.03.22 14:25 Complex_Week3697 21 [F4A] Looking for a spotify buddy

Hello! I'm planning to pull an all-nighter so that I can finish my midterms tonight. Is anyone here who's willing wants to listen to my playlist and vibe for tonight? My playlist is quite on the chill side so It won't really disturb you much. We can also talk about our day and interests. I don't really mind honestly :)
About me:
- short hair girl with glasses
- into arts, books, and animals

About you:
- college student or current working (20 - 27 yrs old)
- chill to be around
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2023.03.22 14:25 AutisticAfrican2510 Why does Ryo Fukui seem to be so popular among indie music fans?

I can remember doing a stint with the math rock community for some time.
One of the jazz players that were the most popular among the guitarists was Ryo Fukui, saying that his harmonies were a good source of inspiration for their songs and playing style.
I personally enjoy Early Summer and Horizon for the grooves and dexterity.
What would you make of this?
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2023.03.22 14:24 LongjumpingClothes3 45 [M4F] Its been awhile since I posted, I want to make some new friends today

Happy Hump Day to you!
I am Chris from North Texas, and currently looking to meet some new people and see what happens in the next few months! I am looking to meet someone that is open, honest and very transparent. I believe in communicating effectively. I want to get to know you for who you are not for what you have.
Little bit about me:
I’m a 45 year-old single dad and I’ve been a single dad for several years now and the dating sites are not working out like I planned. Here is some information about me - 6 ft. 5 inches, 260 lbs., brown eyes, brown hair, big smile, and some great dimples.
I am independent intelligent man and consider myself outgoing, and enjoys life to the fullest. I also am career oriented, I work hard and play hard. I enjoy my family, my friends and the people that are in my circle. Life is full of adventures and I enjoy to travel, seeing what the world has to offer.
What I enjoy:
beaches, traveling, sports, exercising, drinking, hanging out with friends. I am a sports guy; I enjoy playing and watching. In addition, I love to travel and go on Vacations. I like watching horror movies, anime, crime series, and enjoy comedy ( I live life to the fullest, always smiling and laughing). I love talking and getting to know others. I am very laid back and tend to take life less seriously than others.
What I am looking for:
I am looking for that bright star in my life, seriously though, I am looking for that special, unique someone. Honesty is really important to me, having a good conversation would help. I am looking for a kind an caring gal with a good sense of humor and great personality.
If any of this interests you, and if you are 21 + of age and are open to communicating with me, effectively, please send me a message , I will not bite!
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2023.03.22 14:24 cdclopper Is Devon Archane too small?

I've been reading a lot about Devon Archane from Texas A&M being too much of a shrimp for playing RB. Then I looked it up to find out he weighs 2 lbs short of 190. Seems there's a bit of exaggeration happening on this front. For reference, that's 10 lbs lighter than fellow prospect Jamar Gibbs; 10 lbs lighter than hall of famer Walter Payton.
Let's go back to Chris Johnson. Archane is not quite as fast based on combine 40 yard dash, CJ2K ran 4.24s vs 4.32s. And also he's not quite as big, 195 lbs vs 188 lbs. But I mean, come on. Are we splitting hairs here?
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2023.03.22 14:24 Weso-Reddit Looking for help on creating responsive designs in React Native.

Looking for help on creating responsive designs in React Native.
Hi Everyone, I am new to React Native and looking for some advise on designing/developing with all mobile screen sizes in mind. I created a screen and checked it on various mobile devices but proportions seem out. Are they supposed to be proportionate or are some elements bigger(smaller) on different screens, spaced out more(less)? How can I make it more responsive and similar? Thank you in advance.
import React, { useLayoutEffect } from "react"; import { SafeAreaView } from "react-native-safe-area-context"; import { useNavigation } from "@react-navigation/native"; import { ImageBackground, Image, Text } from "react-native"; import { Button, useTheme } from "react-native-paper"; const SplashScreen = () => { const navigation = useNavigation(); useLayoutEffect(() => { navigation.setOptions({ headerShown: false, }); }, []); return (    Sweet Spots  Made with love v1.0   ); }; export default SplashScreen; 
360 x 640

1440 x 3120
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2023.03.22 14:24 Kel_19 Conor McNamara **tiny spoiler possible**

I was just watching "Conor McNamara-2026" and I noticed Conor had Julia's blond hair but he had neither of his parents blue eyes. His were green, guess they put him in that tiny 1% of children who have green eyes despite both parents having blue, lol Maybe that should've been a huge hint as to Matt's parentage considering he has brown eyes and it's impossible from what I've heard for 2 parents who have blue eyes to have a child with brown...
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2023.03.22 14:24 czokalapik Ideas for Patrick Jane (Mentalist) build, but not as useless in a fight?

Note: For anyone unfamiliar with The Mentalist series, Patrick Jane was main character there, and he was indeed Mentalist (and he sucked at fighting, which I'd like to avoid :D)
First of all, hello, I'm new here, and new to DnD.
After watching melee Fey Wanderer video I checked the comments and saw something interesting: "social butterfly" idea, or rather, how I'd like to call it: The Mentalist.
And I started to build one, but however I do it, it's just useless in combat :D So I'm posting here hoping for ideas for modifications to make it at least semi-usable.
The idea is:
Core DnD build for it was:
As it stands, I have Figer 5 (extra attack), Rogue 4 (ASI), Ranger 4 (ASI), and Bard 7 (4th level spell), problem is, I don't really know how to make it decent in a fight.
I picked WIS 15+1, DEX 13+1, CHA 15, with Variant Human I chose Actor feat for CHA +1, later I picked Observant with +1 WIS, later Feats/ASI are to be discussed.
With background and all the class choices I have Expertise at Deception, Insight, Perception and Persuasion (+16, or +19), and Proficiency at Intimidation, Stealth, Sleight of Hand and Stealth.
But since I can't see how such character could be useful outside VERY RP-heavy campaigns, I was thinking about dropping Fey Wanderer as it gives the least of social potential and go into Rogue to Reliable (with Skilled feat on the way for 25 baseline for all the social checks) or at least Steady Eye for advantage at Perception and Investigation checks.
Going up to 9th or 11th level in Rogue would require me to either drop Bard level(s) and get rid of Universal Speech, or Extra Attack from Fighter, and possibly get rid of social maneuvers, but I believe with Reliable talent they wouldn't be as useful.
So, what do you guys think, any advice for it to not suck in combat? Just play as a Rogue 11 with Bard 6+ addition (I really like that Universal Speech, plus Unfailing Inspiration counterbalances only 3 Inspiration dice a bit), and what else? War Cleric dip for tankiness and bonus action hits? Gunner feat? Steady Aim and Elven Accuracy if I pick an Elf?
Keep in mind I'm really very new to this, never played single DnD session, and never really optimized any DnD build ;]
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2023.03.22 14:24 Limp_Opportunity_250 Hate being left on seen.

I hate it so much. It truly makes me feel like people only love me under condition, it's dramatic but it ties back to my father ignoring me halfway through conversations as a child.
I got left on seen by the guy I've been into for almost a year now, he's sick right now so I'm sure that's why but it still feels bad, especially since I struggle with PMDD and am very hormonal right now. The conversation was good, and what I said didn't need a response but he could have atleast liked the message.
I think he has a dysregulated attachment style like myself, I would say he leans more avoidant and I lean more anxious. We have a good relationship, I just hate when he gets into this avoidant-like state from time to time. I understand he's sick and probably just resting, but I'm still so sad. I cried over it this morning.
Any coping mechanisms??
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2023.03.22 14:24 rickyBobbby Replacement Soles

Hi all, in terms of resoling, is there an option for TPU wedge soles out there in the material style of thorogoods and I believe red wings? It seems like most PNW makers just use the vibram Christy, which wears really quickly. Thanks!
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2023.03.22 14:24 pdthrowaway104 [M4F] - Stressful day, help me unwind. 17 Prompts to pick from!

18+ only for these RP's please. I have a pretty down day so I'll be around for a long time today. Very much into tiny little fun-sized girls taking their first BWC or BBC
I tend to lean towards playing closer to my real age. (early 40's)
1 - First time doing porn : You ran away from home and moved to L.A to pursue your dreams of being a actress, only for it to never take off like so many other women. Eventually, broke and unable to get work you decide to go to a casting office for one of the big porn studios. They love you instantly and agree to use you in the next shoot. What you don't know is that the male lead they are basically feeding you to is known for breaking newcomers. Violent, rough and vicious are how people describe him in scenes.
2 - Celebrity Contest - You are a young starlet looking to get some more press. Your agent suggests that you run a contest for your fans with the reward being you. When the contract is drawn up you just sign it without reading it. Without realizing it you've now made yourself the winners slave who has to live with them for a full week, alternatively you willingly enter into a free-use situation with the contest winner. We can discuss what exactly the contest is, as well as anything else about the scene you'd like to alter. Please include the celeb of your choice
3 - The new live-in maid - You've taken a job for a very wealthy (and more attractive then you expected before the interview) single man on the outskirts of town. I enjoy this one both ways. Either it starts with a uniform sluttier then you would of liked and slowly progresses to me getting more and more aggressive. Or you decide to get the slutty outfit and pursue me aggressively.
4 - The Club - You decided to go out with your friends, all dressed as slutty as possible. They all pair off with a guy at the club fairly quickly but you head to the dance floor alone. You feel a very large man come up behind you and encircle your waist with his hands and begin dancing with you, grinding against your back. This one can go many ways, either I'm super aggressive, or I put something in your drink. Alternatively you are just a cock hungry little slut out to have some fun and its my lucky night. (A favorite of mine right now)
5 - Girl Next Door - You've lived next door to me all your life, that older single guy that seems to have all the toys and the party life style. When you got older and your parents retired and spend most of their time away, you still lived at home and spent most of your time out sun bathing. We speak often as my hot tub is near our shared fence. It was innocent when you were younger, now its flirty and I'm obviously checking out your body whenever you're in a bikini. One night you're bored and lonely and see me out in the hot tub listening to music and drinking beer from a cooler and decide to come down and ask to join me. Alternatively you could be the slutty girl next door and come over with the exact purpose of seducing me into some rough play. (This is one of my favorite ideas right now)
6 - Blackmail - You are a minor or major celebrity with a secret, it could be a sex tape or any number of other things. But someone has it now, and all you know is you are ordered to show up to a hotel room at 8pm tonight.
7 - The Party - You went to a party at some ones house you didn't know, of course between the joints and the booze being passed around it isn't long until you're completely trashed. Eventually one of the guys at the party takes you upstairs to "lay down", we all know what happens from that point. This can either be non-con, dub-con or could be that drunk you is slutty as hell
8 - Mind Control - My character has developed a app that will make people who use it completely open to suggestion from him. You could be a regular woman or a celebrity who he tricks into downloading the app, making you his own little slave.
9 - Pornstars stalker - Simple enough, pick a porn star and I'll play her stalker that eventually gets his hands on her to use like a toy. Or combine with some other prompts.
10 - Best friends girl- Your best friend has the most amazing piece of ass for a girlfriend. However one night she's hanging out, drunk and lets it slip that their sex life is less then impressive and goes on about how she just wants someone to rip her clothes off and use her.
11 - Down on your luck - You got kicked out of your house the day you turned 18. After years of not gaining any useful skills you find yourself living on the street. Until one day a man shows up offering to let you stay with him, no strings attached. Until the strings end up tied around your wrists.
12 - Need a ride - Maybe you're unable to find a taxi after coming out of the club, tipsy and alone. Maybe your hitchhiking or maybe your car broke down.
Either way I'm the first car that has stopped for you and you know what they say. Cash, grass or ass
13 - The Purge - Set to the theme of the movie, you're a hot little thing with no plan for surviving the night and decide to do what you always do. Try to get some big strong man to help you by flashing your tits and ass. Only he decides he wants to do a lot more then look.
14 - The Festival - I have several ideas surrounding this. Either spurred on by drugs or just the general atmosphere of the festival.
I don't want to go into too much detail here as I'd rather work it out with a prospective partner but it can go either very dark including non/dub-con or it could be that she is the one that comes hard for me, perhaps wants a RV to spend the festival with and views my needs as payment for it.
15 - Daughter's slutty friend - I'm looking for someone to play my daughter's slutty friend. Over the years you've gotten more and more flirty. Teasing me whenever you're over to our house or sleeping over on the weekend.
Few years pass and I get a divorce. You are staying over with my daughter and decide now's when you're going to make a run at me. Even packing something extra fun to wear when you sneak into my room later that night.
If choosing to go long term this can either be an affair or a long term sneaking around behind my daughter's back.
16- Obsessed with finding a BBC - I'm looking for a partner who wants to play a very petite woman who is absolutely obsessed with finding a BBC to see if she can take it.
Where you find me we can discuss, either a club, the gym or anywhere else you'd like. You come onto me and get me to take you home and I'm so excited to have such a tiny little thing to use I'm much rougher then you expected. Throwing you around like my own living fleshlight.
Today if you've read this far I'm really in the mood for a aggressive partner who comes for me for a change. If you want it to be a darker prompt perhaps she just wants to tease and I can't help myself once she gets me riled up.
Feel free to combine any of the above prompts if you'd like.
Only limits are bathroom play and animals. I am open to pretty much any kind of kink setup. Rough, Soft etc..
Please describe your character or include a reference picture. Please let me know what limits you have
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2023.03.22 14:23 mortaeus_vol My Poor Cat Has An Awful Cyst

I've had my cat, 19, since I was 5. She is a domestic long hair that we rescued, with no prior health concerns, and was spayed when she was first adopted by us.
About a year and a half ago, I noticed a small lump on her forehead. It seemed to be under the skin, and moved around as I felt the area.
I took her to a get immediately, but they said that 1) it was too small to get a sample of for testing and 2) just felt like a normal cyst and would probably go away on it's own.
Well, it didn't go away.
It has progressively gotten bigger ever since. At first it wasn't too extreme, but within the last year it's gotten massive compared to what it used to be.
It used to get to about 1/3-1/2 the size it is now, drain (I guess rupture, it seemed to deflate overnight) and then refill. Now it just swells and swells and hasn't shrunk down at all in months.
I took her to the vets half a dozen times and every time asked them to look at it and every time got the same useless non-answers.
About 6 months ago, she went under anesthesia to have some teeth removed. She is perfectly healthy, no issues at all, and pulled through flawlessly.
About a week ago, the vet said "oh we could probably remove the cyst but she'd have to go under for it".
I'm. Honestly really upset. My beautiful girl has this awful thing on her head and I'm afraid it's going to keep growing and hurt her or get infected, and for a year the vets didn't offer me any help or solutions. At the same time, I'm worried about having it removed because of her age.
I wish they would've offered to remove it when she had her other operation done. I didn't even know it was an option. I wish I had been more informed. I can't help but feel like either way I might be letting her down in the worst ways possible.
I don't know what to do, I'm so distressed over this. She could live a few months or a few years... and no one is any help at all, they keep shrugging at me and telling me they don't know what to do either.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I wish I could add a photo to show you, but I can't. The cyst used to grow to about the size of a 10c (Australian) coin, before deflating and growing back. Nowadays it's about a 20c coin, far larger than her eyes. It sits right smack bang in the middle of her "forehead" just above her brow.
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2023.03.22 14:23 puckpanix State of the sub

Hello everyone: This sub has been around for 10+ years and it's always been a general discussion hub for Beachbody topics of all kinds. In recent weeks I've made an effort to tighten up the description of the sub, so that people who find it know what topic it's meant to focus on.
I wanted to make clear that all manner of topics related to Beachbody are welcome here, including workout discussions, and discussions of Beachbody business model/operations, which usually comprise the most active discussions.
My style of modding is fairly hands-off, removing clear violations of subreddit rules and reddit terms of service but leaving other things to the community to determine what kinds of content are valued. Of course, if you see something troubling that I don't seem to have noticed, please use the report function to put it into the mod queue. Things I'll generally remove on sight are violations of reddit's rules on self-promotion, and requests to Beachbody "account share".
I'm always open to any feedback or suggestions on how to improve the sub.
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2023.03.22 14:23 Antique_Bluejay_2935 27 [F4M] Kausap and pwede maging besties

Naghahanap ako ng pwedeng kausap na ung pang matagalan na sana and pwedeng maging bffs tayo. Preferably sa chat lang din dito sa reddit muna, but I'm open to meet up and hang out sa future.
Just gonna be upfront din, may jowa na ako and sya talaga bff ko kaso kasi pag nagkakaissue wala ako marantan about sakanya hahahaha. Tsaka minsan gusto ko din ng ibang kausap. So sana ung ok lang dun, and open din ako actually kung may jowa ka din tapos sakin ka na din magrant or manghingi ng relationship advice hahahah
And no, di kita gagawing boy bestfriend, actually dito ko lang nalaman yang ganyan. Di kita papadalawin nang madaling araw or papaorderin ng food panda or papapiliin kung ako o jowa mo. Usap lang talaga and maybe hang out nga sa future. Bakit M lang? Para sana may input ako from a male perspective kapag may problema.
-Nakakadala ng conversation
-Nahihilo ako sa kape so sana ok ka lang sa taong di umiinom ng kape
-Di nagpaparty, drink, or smoke
-Mahilig manuod ng movies and series
-Kapag humingi ka ng input sakin, usually scientifically based ung ibibigay ko sayong sagot
-hoarder ng paperbags ng 7/11, at ng mga plastic container ng takeout/food delivery.
-Rescuer and TNVR Advocate for cats
-Di ako nacucutean sa human babies so sana ok ka lang pag occassionally magrarant ako pag nakakita ako ng baby
-Pet peeve ko ung mga nabebend ung thumb nila backward sa base knuckle, sorry ang specific
-26 up, di na kasi ako makarelate sa mga gen z huhu -Nakakadala ng conversation
-Hindi spoiled conyo baby boy na out of touch at walang experience sa buhay.
-Hindi super banal/religious
-basta ok ka sa about me ko g na hahahaha
Send "hindi nagbebend ung thumb ko backwards" para alam ko kung binasa mo full post ko. And maybe a little about you na din. Won't reply sa hi's and hey's lang.
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2023.03.22 14:23 New_Refrigerator_920 I have ruined my face

Sorry for the rant but people in my life just don't understand the struggle. Saying "just stop pulling" or "look at your face!" is not helpful... Over the pandemic my trich got really bad and I was constantly pulling. The result is some pretty extensive scarring along my jawline and about 1/3 of my face that doesn't grow hair the same as the rest. I will probably be one of those people that wear a mask forever, not because of COVID but to hide my shame. Sorry for the rant but it feels nice knowing I'm not the only one.
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2023.03.22 14:22 looks-correct sound dampening for metal thermos

sound dampening for metal thermos
I love the Stanley double walled, trigger action thermos. it's a one hand operation, insulates cold and hot great, and fits in your standard cheap bottle cage. I normally carry hot coffee or tea, but have also drank soup from them on long rides.
I want to set up a video rig to film riding through Chicago and there plenty of ambient noise to begin with, but the metal bottle bangs against the metal cages and makes it sound like my bike is falling apart. (fwiw the cages have broken in the past but no frame damage.)
causes for the noise are generally related to the cage becoming less snug of a fit - they bend out gradually from pulling the thermos out. that creates space for the thermos to bang around.
suffice it to say, I want to keep the thermoses but want to dampen them noise. I've considered neoprene sleeves for the thermos itself and using other styles of bottle cage. the issue with the sleeves - I think - is that they would create more fiction between the thermos and the cage; seems like that would make it likely that pulling the thermos from the cage would pull off the sleeve. as for the non-metal cage - is there some way of knowing if there's some standard size / clearance? seems like they might all be different by millimeters and lead to the thermos falling out.
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2023.03.22 14:22 monstertrucksmom2 NF found backup care for when I'm sick

Not a vent, qyite the opposite. Just a PHEW and a sign of relief. I've been with them for about a year and a half and usually they really struggle when I get sick since they're both WFM and the kids run around like crazy. I was sick Mon/Tues and today they said they had a babysitter take care of the kids the last few days and boy am I glad. Good for mom and dad, good for the kids, good for me.
I'm so so glad that my NF encourages me to absolutely not work when I'm sick, and now they have figured out backup care.
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2023.03.22 14:22 Rdtrend786 Get the Best Cotton Bedsheets from RD Trend!

Get the Best Cotton Bedsheets from RD Trend!
We have a wide range of top-notch cotton bedsheets that are sure to look great in your bedroom. Our cotton bedsheets are made from 100% cotton fabric, which is both luxurious and durable. We have a variety of prints and designs. You can find the different sizes of bedsheets so that you can find the perfect one according to your choice. These bedsheets can add a touch of style and elegance to any bedroom. These bedsheets are easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried.
Order no from our website for the best product.
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2023.03.22 14:21 JacksonTheBeaaaaaar Hammond sound but actually portable

Hi, do you have any suggestions for Hammond style organs (preferably with a upper and lower keyboard, but I guess 1 is fine as well) that I could actually realistically transport from show to show? Also, preferably under 1.5k.
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