How much are kimbo campers

Bullets: How much are they to rent?

2016.08.23 20:11 AAbartender Bullets: How much are they to rent?

Tales, stories from the local shop and/or range.

2013.10.16 19:48 ruseweek Microdosing: sub-threshold dosing of psychedelic drugs for self-improvement, therapy or well-being

This is a community for discussion pertaining to microdosing research, experiments, regimens and experiences. The most probable candidates for microdosing are psychedelics, but we encourage dialogue on the effects of any drugs at sub-threshold dosage. No sourcing of drugs allowed! Please have a look at the 'microdosing Sidebar 2.0' (Desktop ⬇️); or select 'About' (Mobile).

2019.04.04 02:52 JacobiJones_27 Relatable ~ Memes

The meme page that reminds you of how much of a failure you are.

2023.03.22 13:13 thatcreepattheattic Can't log in my Facebook acc. Need help.

Can't log in my Facebook acc. Need help.
So, I kinda messed up. It goes like this.
My Facebook account has 2-factor authenticator and I use the Google Authenticator app for it right, I'm sure you know how it works. But if you don't it's something like this, when I log in on my acc from another device, FB would ask me for a code that GAuthenticator would generate to ensure it's really me logging in. Well, a few days ago, I factory reset my phone because I was having issues. No big deal, all my data are backed up. Then I downloaded Facebook again, but it asked me for a code so I downloaded GAuthenticator again thinking that my FB acc would still be linked in but lo and behold, my account in GAuthenticator was erased (I didn't know that accs linked in it aren't saved in Google acc back ups). I don't have a recovery code either so I can't really do anything.
Now, Facebook has this thing where they give you guides on how to log in if you don't have your phone with you so I tried doing that. They asked me for an email address and a picture of my id to confirm my identity. If approved, they would send me something on my email and from sources, I guess once they confirmed you really own the acc, they would turn off the 2-factor authenticator so you could log in. I did just that, problem is, when I took a picture of my ID and clicked the 'Submit' button, it just loaded forever and never really went through. I waited for it to submit for a couple of minutes but it was just loading and my internet connectivity wasn't bad either. I try reloading the page but it said that I made too many tries in a short time and that I could try again in 24 hrs. My Facebook is logged out on my other devices too so I can't access it through them. I use that FB acc for school so I can't really afford to not log in soon. If anyone knows what to do, please help me. I'll fully appreciate it.
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2023.03.22 13:10 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Full Course)

Chat us on +44 7593882116 Tlegram/WhatsApp if you are interested in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
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It includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch, including:
The course also comes with a custom funnels, ads, template contracts, sales scripts, agreements, and more.
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact me on
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Reddit DM - u/greetnote
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.03.22 13:09 MajStealth NAT for Multi-LAN setup

I followed several howto´s on how to get HA working. Thanks to VMWare/OPNsense shuffling my MAC/IF´s around it was a "fun"ride. the bug with the promicuous mode didnt help either..
after all that, it sort of runs now in "HA".
some stuff that might help to understand:
both now on 23.1.4, same failures with 23.1.3
all are C /24 192.168.x.y
1 DMZ (WAN-GW is here)
2, 6,..... internal ones, Net is also VLanID that works.
DMZ VIP 1.252
FW1 DMZ IP 1.143
FW2 DMZ IP 1.144
internal x.252 and 253, 254 for internal VIP
all NAT rules target the DMZ VIP
2 problems remain for me:
1 - when i test-disconnect my DMZ that interface fails over to the FW2, but all other stay at FW1 DMZ VIP is still reachable from DMZ now on the FW2. FW1 other internal IPs are unreachable ping from a client to google breaks when DMZ-master moves to the backup, internal stays on master interestingly, when DMZ breaks, the client is dead even though the FW2 is now master - if LAN breaks, HA works and LAN fails over the the backup also when i disconnect the DMZ-Link, the FW1 seems to block the HA VIP, as i see it from the FW1-console, it changes from the usual 1.143 to the 1.252 HA VIP
2 - do i NEED a NAT-rule for every lan behind the firewall to use the DMZ-VIP as a common "external"-ip? this seems to be working now that i write about it...
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2023.03.22 13:05 Zealousideal_Elk542 Is drawing equivalence between FGM and male circumcision, MGM, the way forward?

I've been trying to wrap my head around a way forward for ending male circumcision. Firstly, I have nothing negative to say about the long fought struggle to get FGM banned in many countries, it needed to happen, it is a terrible thing, so credit to all who worked on getting that legislation through. I just can't help feeling the job is half done in countries where boys are still being surgically diminished in these ways. I've seen a lot of people argue about whether FGM, in its many forms, is worse than male circumcision. Surely the basic principle, that of a surgical procedure being carried out on a child without their consent and without a medical necessity is what relates these two things? If you agree one is wrong, how can you justify the other? So does it follow that if you agree FGM is wrong, then you must surely agree male cirumcision, or MGM, is also wrong? Perhaps it's the chorus of men's voices saying "it didn't cause me any harm" which is actually the issue? Sorry, I'm trying to think this through and as a man who feels who was irreversibly damaged by what was done to him, I'm looking for some positive direction to take rather than just shrug my shoulders. Thanks.
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2023.03.22 13:05 Sgt_Sheridan PVE server

Hey There
I think DMZ should have PVE servers optionally. It would let peeps like me, who don't wanna muck around with PVP momos and just want to run the missions and stoofs.
It could be that any special weapons and such found and earned on the PVE servers would not work on PVP servers. Therefore not letting peeps get an unfair advantage over PVP players who've earned their geaperks through PVP play.
In my case, I simply don't have the time to get to a competitive level in PVP play. I suspect that many here are also in a similar situation also. Additionally, I just don't like PVP that much. I've played many shooters over the decades and just am tired of it and enjoy co-op play better. Been there, done that
It's been done with other games and I'll bet the interest is here with DMZ players also.
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2023.03.22 13:04 ibogaHS Need advice on vassal management

I started playing in Madeira ( canary islands ). I have my own religion and culture. Currently in 1200
In the process of conquering half of africa and Spain, i fought many Holy wars. I have a lot of vassals that are not of my culture&religion. When i won a war, the owners of the smaller pieces of land remained my vassal after I took they kings titles. How do I replace them without the tyranny/opinion losses ? There's way to many catolic/andalusian and ashari/batr people that are unhappy with me.
As for my family+vassals that I gave them the title, none of them converted the culture (me and them are same culture). Why did ZERO of them convert their land ?
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2023.03.22 13:02 ThomasGregorich How AI-Generated Videos are Changing the Future of Marketing - SIIT

How AI-Generated Videos are Changing the Future of Marketing - SIIT submitted by ThomasGregorich to BreakingInformation [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 13:01 banisheduser Where to Start - TV Unit

Where to Start - TV Unit
Thinking about building a TV unit.
Well, adapting a low drawer set or some ikea drawers maybe.
I don't know where to start but is there a website or guide on some basics of what to think about?
The area is in the photo. We can't orientate the current unit as the fireplace sticks out a bit too much and the leg isn't high enough. I looked at taking the bottom shelf out but I couldn't see how it was attached.
The TV would then be between the black of the fireplace and the wall.
Any other ideas?
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2023.03.22 12:58 VeenaO_uTest Online Paid Testing Project- Seeking Participants with a Hong Kong ID

Hello everyone!
We are a leading digital testing company called uTest ( with more than 700,000 global freelance testers. We are a company that helps businesses test the accuracy and usability of their websites, applications, and hardware through freelance software testing and feedback. You can get paid to help us shape the digital landscape!
We are looking for participants worldwide with a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) to join us for a functional testing project for a secured real-time automated ID verification platform.
Participants are required to test End-to-End ID & Identity Verification process/journey on different iOS or Android mobile devices. Testers will execute several test cases to test the onboarding process.
You don't need any previous experience to participate! Our team will provide Paid Training and guide you in each step, so don’t worry about it if you don’t know how to do it.
For more information or apply to the above project, please navigate to this link:
Check out the FAQs by clicking on this link to discover more about how uTest works, how money is processed, and so on. - Please visit for further information.
Please leave a comment on this post if you have any queries.
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2023.03.22 12:55 0ptimal_ Triangle problem - solving area

Hi, I’d like some help with this please. So far, I can only see that triangles NPQ and NLM are possibly similar. I’m not sure how to proceed. Thanks
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2023.03.22 12:53 Nemeissis8 Please help. I think my barber messed up my hair badly. I think he made the fade near my crown way to high..

Alright so I get my hair cut every 5 months. Pay attention the very back
How she usually cuts it:
There’s like some round ass spot in the back making me look like a Fukin egg.. completely ruins my face shape.. like she thinned out the very top back too much where my crown is. it also looks like she left the thicker part uneven or something.. like instead of fading in a straight line across she went slanted upwards or she faded it up to high in the very back
Now Instead of a square shape it’s just fuckin round. Like a big chunk of the very back of my hair is missing or something
Now I don’t know what to do if I should go back or not.. because I let it grow into this and I don’t know if it’s going to do that now.. this shit has ruined my confidence
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2023.03.22 12:50 Melodic_Cobbler8868 I broke up with my bf/bsf 6 months ago

I 18f broke up with my bf /bsf 18m that I knew for 6 years after we broke up I blocked him on everything cause everything hurt so bad I never thought I would wanna talk to him again now here we are 6 months later I’m missing my bsf and I’ve um blocked him on everything trying to reach out and apologize to him for how I acted cause it was an a-hole thing to do respectfully he also has me blocked on everything but now I’m so filled with guilt having dreams of how I hurt our friendship and I know I won’t be able to get it back. What should I do what advice can be given to at least ease that guilt.
We broke up because I wanted more focus on school and such and I was moved in with him and his family and just packed up and left out of no where which I know is an ass thing to do but we did talk it out and wanted to still be friends but for me it was hard to have him sitting there in my dms with all that history so I though blocking him would be the best idea obviously.
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2023.03.22 12:48 amedowlark 28 [F4F] CA/USA

You can call me T, I’m a 28 Femme from California. I’m somewhat of a late bloomer and I recently went through a rough break up. That being said, I’m really just looking for friendships with my fellow lesbian gals.
Alright, now that part is over with, a little about who I am. I’ve worked a wide range of jobs but more recently I’ve been in the production field. I’ve been an activities assistant, assistant graphic designer, rec leader, barista, bartender, beverage cart girl, machine operator. What can I say? I love trying a lil bit of everything. Which can be said for just about everything else as well.
Music wise, my top genre go tos are usually 90s rnb, y2k hits, the same like 4 folk/alternative artists, pop. I don’t listen to the radio much, at all really. So the only newer songs I know come from TikTok. I’d love to share favorites, I’m really an open to listening to new stuff. I’m looking to expand my horizons.
Movie wise, I’m absolutely a chicken shit but I love horror movies. Thriller, psychological thrillers. I can get down with some suspense moves as well. Honestly, I’m willing to give any movie a chance!
Prior to Covid my favorite actives were going to the movies, long boarding, wire wrapping, concerts, SF giants games, hikes, traveling when I can, and visiting any cute cafe I can. Sadly, I haven’t been able to do much of these since Covid and because work has taken over my life.
I’ve decided to quit drinking, but I don’t mind others drinking, being drunk around me, or anything like that. I’d much rather smoke a bowl.
I love dogs but I’m definitely a cat person. Big does kinda make me nervous. I have a Siamese cat named Coconut who is literally my world. She’s made ever non cat person who’s come to my house a cat lover. She will steal your heart.
I never really know where to go with these. But I’m an open person. And I’d like to think pretty friendly. So if you’re looking for a friend to chat with, someone to vent to, share music and movie suggestions with, anything! message me! I’d love to hear from you.
I do have photos on my profile if your curious, I’d prefer to chat with someone I can connect a face too. also, please no 2 sentence messages. I love chatting and i match responses. Short intros usually don’t interest me.
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2023.03.22 12:47 alpha_bionics Stock News - Its other brands include Peugeot, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep,The Eisenach plant, in the German state of Thuringia, was opened in 1992, when Opel was part of General Motors.

Its other brands include Peugeot, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep,The Eisenach plant, in the German state of Thuringia, was opened in 1992, when Opel was part of General Motors. The London-based firm, which has offices in Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe, laid off 35% of its workforce in January, citing market turbulence. Ether, the second-biggest token, has risen 50% year-to-date and is now worth $1,800 apiece. WATCH: Bitcoin at $10,000 — or $250,000?A Division of NBCUniversalData is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. "It's still very early," Argenti conceded, although he compared the development of generative AI to "the beginning of the internet. "Markets are substantially underestimating the likelihood that policy rates will move higher and then remain at higher levels for longer, in our view," Citi economist Andrew Hollenhorst wrote Tuesday. "I've been in technology probably almost four decades or so, and this is one of the biggest disruptions I've ever seen," Argenti said. "Probably comparable to the internet, apps, the cloud — it's that order of magnitude. "Everything is changed," said Komal Sri-Kumar, president of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies and a frequent Fed critic. All Rights Reserved. AI could take the steering wheel on which investment decisions to make, for example, or automate many customer service functions. To use them, customers need to link their loyalty program accounts to Amazon One, which they can do at home or inside the restaurant. © 2023 CNBC LLC. The firm launched Marcus, a standalone digital bank focused on consumers, in 2016 and rolled it out to the U. K. in 2018. These include continuing to cut excess costs, including in Europe, where we have already initiated exits and partial winds downs in certain countries. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. Data also provided by Please enable JS and disable any ad blocker"Furlong added that "we expect to continue to incur transformation charges in the first quarter of 2023, as we aggressively cut costs. "However, mortgage rates have not dropped as much as Treasury rates due to increased MBS market volatility. "Every three months, FOMC members fill out their individual projections for rates. "Now what I think they should do and what I think they will announce are the same namely, a very soft 25 basis point hike. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.22 12:46 Medium-Flounder7158 Questions for Men- has this happened to you before and why during sex?

I don’t want to make a big deal about this but I’m sorta left feeling a little self conscious since last night. I really need to ask men about this situation since I feel like my husband (29 M) isn’t being truthful. I also don’t know if this is more common but my husband last night initiated intimacy. While we were in foreplay my husband could not get erect. I tried everything I could and within 10 min I knew something was wrong cause he normally doesn’t take a while to “wake up”. When I asked him, he said he was tired and then he had a lot on his mind. It didn’t make much sense to me because he initiated. I get people change their minds but now I’m wondering if I did something wrong that turned him off. I tried asking him but he tries to lovingly assure me he still attractive to me. He also went off about how worried he was about some situation at work that is completely not his fault and makes absolutely zero sense why he is so worried. I feel like he is bullshitting me. He also said that these sort of things just happen.
I don’t know- I need advice and assurance I’m not losing my mind and my guy to ED so early on in our lives.
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2023.03.22 12:45 Unhappy-Transition39 IPTV Great: Best IPTV Subscription Service Provider 2023


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Are you sick of getting to week 3 just to have the league fall apart or the commish bail? This is the league for you.
Active and experienced Commish. Looking for active users of any skill level, only requirement is that you stay active and know how to take an L without quitting. We want to make it multiple seasons in this league so DO NOT JOIN JUST TO QUIT. 48 hour sim but we sim early majority of the time. 6 good teams available and all games get played quick. Currently in Season 1 WEEK 9. (26/32 full)
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2023.03.22 12:41 CANCELFRANKDATANK Domestic Violence

I am trying to find the video and will post the link when I do. But #cancelfrank mentioned in his lives that someone made a video about him supporting domestic violence and triggering ptsd survivors of DV. He mocked this female who was visibly upset about being triggered from his constant use of the belt. How can you mock someone?! That is PTSD they have to live with. And how does Tiktok continue to allow it?!
Who is he to decide (found out his pronouns are HE/HIM..He is not part of LGBTQ+, just prefers to cross dress and mock the community) what is triggering and what isnt?! Man to man I would love to tell him to his face but he continually blocks everyone so there's no getting to him. Let's come together and get this mockery off of social media!!!
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2023.03.22 12:37 mrmonbant Shit tests and fogging through the phone?

A basic question: Sometimes I can't see my woman for a few days due to work, and when criticism or shit tests are coming through a phone call generally I just fog them or use AM, similarly to what I'd do face to face. Sometimes fogging is not enough and she wants "to talk about it", maybe try to get an apology out of me or just rumble and puke her emotions at me, and I wonder where's the line between continuing fogging through a call without making it a big deal and between saying "No. We won't talk now, we'll do it when we see each other face to face".
Any tips? How do you deal with stuff when you're at work or away and she's throwing her emotions at you through the phone?
On another note a lot of times after her criticism and after me owning my actions and fogging I have a hard time dealing with "if my feelings are hurt, why can't you just say I'm sorry for hurting you?" even when it's face to face, so I'd love any tips for that as well.
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2023.03.22 12:25 wormboyz Moving Sydney to London: Resources to understand super, VDHG, tax, residency etc?

For such a common experience, I didn't expect it to be so difficult to find quality information.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
I'm moving to London for a couple of years to work, and I'd love to know what I need to do to minimise the drag on finances.
A little bit about me:
If you know any good resources or can help out any of the above, please sing out.
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2023.03.22 12:25 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
Get the course here:
[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
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THE WORLD IS SHIFTING Nobody Wants To Be A Commodity Are you irreplaceable?

62% of labor jobs will be phased out in the next 10 years.This is including jobs that require a high-skill level.This isn’t anything new, we are seeing it happen right before our eyes.All signs have been pointing toward individual creative work for a while now.
“If the work doesn’t require creativity, delegate it, automate it, or leave it.” — Naval
But before I waste anymore of your time with my doomsday speculations, let’s see if you should continue reading.If you do not relate with one of the bullets below, you’re free to leave the page:
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  • You are earning with your time instead of your mind and want to build a foundation to reverse that.
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I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.22 12:24 Interesting_Bad5596 Insulin requirement in honeymoon

Just curious how much insulin is required (minimum) on honeymoon phase?
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